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Social and Personal
Notes of Hummelstown
Miss Mary Ella Hartwell, of Wash
ington, D. C., spent several days with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. W.
Mr. and Mrs. Grover C. Buser spent
■several days at Baltimore and Wash
ington, D. C. .
t Mr. and Mrs. Esaias S. Kline, of
lHarrisburg. spent several days with
rthe former's sister. Miss Barbara E.
\ Richard Davis returned yesterday
from a week's visit among relatives
•at Port Carbon.
Misses Katherlne and Sara Setple,
.of McDonald, 0., are spending the
.week at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
tAlf red McCall.
, - Mrs. Smith and three children, of
are visiting at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Wolf,
t Mrs. Charles Hoffman is spending
'to-day at Middletown, the guest of
her sister, Mrs. Geary Rife.
Mr. and Mrs. ft. Goodman returned
.yesterday from a two weeks' visit
to their sons, at Clarksburg, W. Vs.
Carlisle, Pa., Aug. 21.—-Selection
•of jurors to serve at the October
'session of Cumberland county court
. show Lower End men again the fa
, vorites. Criminal court opens on
October 6 and common pleas a week
'later. Much business is on the cal
' endar. Ten extra jurors were
'drawn for the common pleas ses
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three ounces of Orchard 1
• White for a few cents. Massage this
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{l'ace, neck, arms and hands each I
.day and see how freckles, sunburn, 1
• windburn and tan disappear and t
"how clear, soft and white the skin
I becomes. Yes! It is harmless. '
Albert H. Yungel, General Manager of
DandY Line Shoe Stores for Devine &
Yungel Shoe Manufacturing Co., of this city,
has returned from military duty in France,
and will resume his duties, taking personal
• | charge of their new store at 27 South Fourth
• I street.
Devine-Yungel Shoe Co.
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Troup Building
Mother of Harold Gillingliam
Called to Detroit by
Ilis Illness
Will in mstown. Pa., Aug. 21.—Mrs.
William Gillingham and son, George,
left for Detroit, Mich., to visit her
son, Harold, who Is confined in a
| hospital in that city with typhoid
| fever.
Miss Bessie Moffet has gone to
Baltimore, where she has secured
Mrs. Elizabeth Lightner and grand
daughters, Florence Bowman and
Hazel Flynn, are visiting relatives
in Harrisburg.
Mrs. John Williams, of Philadel
i phia, made a brief visit to the home
of Mrs. Elsie Bowman.
Roy Evans, Percy Fitch, Harry
Messner axe delegates to the United
Mine Workers convention at W'ilkes-
Barre this week.
Miss Margaret Watkins and Miss
Elizabeth Lapworth returned to
Philadelphia after a vacation of two
weeks at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Harrison Watkins.
Mrs. Roy Evans is spending the
week with relatives at Harrisburg.
Howard Moyer spent Sunday at
Dr. Harry Shaffer spent Tuesday
in Harrisburg.
Mr. ,and Mrs. Edward Brown and
children, of Philadelphia, are spend
ing their vacation with Mr. and Mrs.
Simon Brown.
Thelma Miller, of Harrisburg, is
spending her vacation with her
aunt, Mrs. George Drum.
Samuel Stinner returned to Le
moyne after a vacation of two weeks
with his parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Allen, of
Lincoln, spent Tuesday with rel
atives here.
Mrs. John Bressler, an aged wo
man of East Market street, frac
tured her leg when she fell from
the hay loft of a barn.
John Rautzen is sreiously ill.
John Rautzen is seriously ill.
Kinsey. of Philadelphia, attended
the funeral of their mother at Har
Arthur Klingcr is spending a ten- (
day vaeaton at Atlantic City.
Mrs. George Duncan Has
Number of Guests
(I Lykcns, Aug. 21.—Frank Maurer
: is the guest of his sister, Mrs. A. E.
Mr. and Mrs. Fitzgerald and child,
lof Norfolk, Va., are spending the
I week at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
I Ura Moon.
Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Stence returned
from a week's visit at Harrisburg.
Mrs. John Lehr and daughters,
Misses Alma and Sara, are spending
. the week in Philadelphia.
Miss Anna McAliff is visiting at
| Steelton and Hershey.
Mrs. George Duncan is entertain
ing her sisters, Mrs. Harry Snyder,
!of Shamokin, and daughters, Mercy,
Irene and son, Clarence; also Mrs.
Frank Kratzcr, of Columbia, Pa.,
with her daughters, Kathryn, Carrio
and Marian.
1 1 Mrs. William Gray and child left
to-day for harrisburg to join her
husband who is employed there.
Abraham Stuppy and family spent
Sunday at Lenkerville.
Milk men are now selling milk at
12 cents per quart.
Miss Cora Stuppy is spending her
10-day vacation with relatives at
Finaqua, Freeland, N. J., and Phil
Mr. Shofct, of Jersey City, is a guest
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. F.
Fennel. \
A number of our people contem
plate attending the Lebanon fair on
August 28.
Miss Henrietta Thompson is now
one of the employes at the postof
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Shultz are vis
iting friends at Shamokin and Sun
Lebanon Again Knows
Which Way Wind Blows
Lebanon, Aug. 21.—The weather
vane has been restored to the spire
of Salem Lutheran church, at Eighth
and Willow streets. For more then
half a century this steeple has fur
nished the community with infor
mation as to the veering winds all
year around, and when it was blown
down several weeks ago during a
heavy gale, hundreds of citizens were
discomforted and inconvenienced.
There was something wrong. Just
as the water is not fully appreciated
until the well runs dry, so nobody
seemed to know just what the ar
row meant to them until its guid
ance was blown out of existence.
Personal and Social
Mention on West Shore
j Mrs. H. M. Rupp, of Shiremans
town, attended the funeral of Jacob
E. Kister at Goldsboro.
Mrs. Brook E. Stare, who under
t went an operation at the Harrisburg
| Hospital on Friday, is getting along
i Mrs. Gilbert Starr and son, Ken
-1 neth, of Shiremanstown, were Har
risburg visitors on Tuesday.
' Miss Tillie Krone, of New Cum
i berland, and her guest, Mrs. Barron,
i of New Jersey, were weekend visitors
• at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Calvin
Krone, at Shiremanstown.
Miss Jennie Hollis, of Columbia,
| is being entertained by Mr. and Mrs,
' C. B. Ising and Mr. and Mrs. Her
! Bert Price Hunt at their residence
• at Shiremanstown. f
; Mrs. William W. Bmught, of
1 Shiremanstown, is home from a
1 visit with Mr. and Mrs. Metzler in
' Lancaster.
; Mrs. Martha Greenawalt, Mrs.
Roy D. Hoch, son Donald and
j daughter, Martha Jane Greenawalt,
i of Penbrook, spent Wednesday with
' the former's sister, Miss Kate Noell,
! at Shiremanstown.
Kdward Cooley and daughter,
I Sara, of Pittsburgh, were guests of
; Mrs. Farmer and family at New
Cumberland this week.
Miss Tillie Landis and Miss Car
rie Garver, New Cumberland, are at
Atlantic City.
Miss Elizabeth Sloat and Miss
Mary Kerlin, of New Cumberland,
have gone to Toledo, Ohio, Niagara
Falls and New York.
Welcome Home Boosters Will
Meet at Dunannon on
Wednesday Evening
Duncannon, Pa., Aug. 21.—Penn
township school board has let the
township schools for the ensuing
term commencing Monday, Septem
ber 1, to the following teachers:
Lower Duncannon grammar, Miss
j Sara Swisher; first intermediate,
| Miss Pearl Lightner; second inter
j mediate. Miss Grace Haas; primary,
I Miss Alida Buckaloo; Michener's,
Kinzer, Shearer, Hickory Grove,
| Miss Louise Achenbach; Mount
Pleasant, Mrs. Frank Steele; Middle
Cove, Miss Gladys Lewis; Lower
Cove, J .L. L. Burke.
Ralph Steele, passenger brakeman
on the Middle Division of the Penn
sylvania railroad, spent the Week
end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
John G. Steele, of Watts township.
William H. Heffley, of this place,
who was operated on for appendicitis
at the Harrisburg Hospital on Mon
day, is reported getting along nicely.
The ladies of the Aid Society of
the United Brethren church will hold
a pastry and candy sale on the
church lawn on Saturday evening,
August 23.
A meeting of committee chairmen
and all members of the several com
mittees in charge of the welcome
home celebration will be held at Ho
tel Johnston Wednesday evening,
August 27, at 8 o'clock.
The local Boy Scouts baseball
team will play the Marysvllle Jun
iors on the local ground Fridav eve
ning at 6.15 o'clock.
Entertain in Honor of
Philadelphia Guests
Hlilrrmanntonn, Pa., Aug. 21. Mr.
and Mrs. John W. Wolfe entertained
at their country place at Shiremans
town on Saturday evening, in honor
of Miss Alice Peiffer, Miss Florence
Kohler, Mrs. Stevens, Mr. and Mrs.
w. H. Spahr, all of Philadelphia, the
guests having stopped at the Wolfe
residence on their return from Nia
gara Falls. The evening passed
pleasantly with lawn frolics and vo
cal and instrumental music, after
which refreshments were served to
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Spahr, Mrs. Stev
ens, Miss Florence Kohler, and Miss
Alice Peiffer, of Philadelphia, Mr.
and Mrs. John W. Wolfe, Mr, and
Mrs. John R. Nebinger. Mr. and Mrs.
Ray E. Wolfe and daughter, Janet
Louise Wolfe, Mr. and Mrs. Leon R.
Zerbe, son Keith Eugene Zerbe and
daughter Marian Arlene Zerbe, Mr.
and Mrs. Paul L. Wolfe and daughter
Myra Marcella Wolfe, Miss Hulda
Sutton, Miss Rena Nebinger, Ross
V. Wolfe and Arthur C. Wolfe.
Lycoming Soldiers Plan
Legion Membership Drive
Willianisport, Pa., Aug. 21.—This
is American Legion week in Lycom
ing county. The five posts in the
county began an intensive campaign
yesterday to enroll every one of the
service men in Lycoming. There
are 3,300 men entitled to member
The Williamsport post, which is
designated as No. 1 in the State of
Pennsylvania, now has an enroll
ment of 700. An effort will be made
to secure 300 more which will in
clude all soldiers and sailors in the
city. The total membership of all
posts in the county is 1,600.
Lebanon's Mayor Acts
to Quell Disorder at Mill
I<-bonon, Aug. 21.—Mayor Spang
yesterday ordered Chief of Police
Cyrus Nye to assign three men for
duty on each turn of day and night
duty to assist in preserving order at
the plant of the Lebanon Valley Iron
and Steel plant at Hebron during the
labor controversy. Disorders were
reported yesterday, when Fred Feg
ley was assaulted by a number of
men when he attempted to work at
the plant. The accused men will
be arrested. Several State police also
will be on duty continually.
Willamstown Soldiers
Seek Charter For Post
Willlamatown, Pa., Aug. 21. Sol
diers from Williamstown who served
in the World War hare made appli
cation to the American Legion for a
charter for a local post. As soon as
the charter is grr.nted a membership
campaign will be started. It is ex
pected the post will be a strong one.
More than a hundred ex-service men
are now living in Williamstown and
there Is much enthusiasm for the
Legion among them.
Fifty-Seven Aspire to
Office in Little Adams
Gettysburg, Pa., Aug. 21.—The last
day for candidates to file their peti
tions for office for the coming prim
ary elections shows little Adams
county with fifty-seven candidates
for ten offices. For some of these
places there are two or three men to
be elected, but the petitions show a
goodly list of men willing to hold
places. Of these fifty-seven, thirty
one are Democrats and twenty-six
Lewistown Citizens Visit
Carlisle in District Tour
Carlisle, Aug. 21.—About 50 promi
nent citizens of Lewistown, motored
here' yesterday to visit Carlisle and
to learn how Carlisle conducts its
municipality. The party were the
guests of the Carlisle Chamber of
Commerce. They were shown the U.
S. Hospital and different places of
interest in the town. Last evening a
big dinner was served at the Hotel
Meehanlcnburg, Pa-, Aug. 21.—The
engine of the Citizen's Fire Company
is out of service. It will be some
time before it can be made ready
for service, as the parts that are
needed are not to be had, as the
firm which made the engine being
out of business.
Chnmbersburg, Pa., Aug. 21.—After
lying in a state of coma for eighty
hours, George F. Spahr, who sua
taltned a fracture of the skull when
thrown from his bicycle In a collision
with an auto truck, has recovered
consciousness and has a good chance
for recovery.
(Other State News on Pace a
Will Demobilize Flag
at Church on Aug. 31
New Cumberland, Pa., Aug. 21. t
At Trinity United Brethren church
on Sunday evening, August 31, the
service flag will be demobilized.
Congressman Krelder will make the
address. A splendid program has
been arranged.
Services will be held on Sunday
at this church.
The band will give a concert from
the new band stand on Friday eve-
V. L. Huntzberger has purchased
the Family Theater from Edward
R. R. Kohr will speak in Camp
Hill Methodist church on Sunday
On Sunday morning the Rev. J.
Merill Williams, pastor of Camp
Hill Methodist church, will preach
in Baughman Memorial Methodist
| church.
Funeral services were held for
Dennis Kane at his home near
Pleasant View school house, eon
-tlucted by the Rev. A. R. Ayres, pas
tor of Trinity United Brethren
church. A number of persona from
this place attended. Mr. Kane was
taken ill with appendicitis on Sat
urday and died on Sunday. He is
survived by his widow and three
married sons and daughters.
Absence of John Herbster
Worries Parent in Mifflin
Lewi* town. p a „ Aug. 21. John
Herbster, of Yeagertown. Is much
worried over the disappearance of
his son, Irving, who is subject to
spells of epilepsy. He spends much
time fishing along the Klshacoquill&s
creek. The young man, who is 17
> ears old left home on Monday morn
ing and had not returned up until
yesterday. Some one reported he had
at Burnham Park on Tues
Columbia, Pa., Aug. 21. While
walking on the tracks of the Colum
bia and Port Deposit Railroad, a half
mile south of Peach Bottom, Miss
Nora MeOarty, 73 years of age, was
struck and instantly killed by a
north bound passenger train yesterday.
It is believed the woman was on her
way to a woods to gather berries.
The victim lived alone at Whittek
er, a small station near Peach Bot
Hagorstown, Md., Aug. 21.—The
following marriage licenses were is
sued here to Pennsylvania couples:
Harry D. Null, Enola, and Mary H.
Kocher, Marysvllle; George M. Gos
sard and Myrtle C. Engle, both of
Waynesboro; Harry Wilmer Shields
and Catherine E. Moul, both of Le
inoyne; Crawford L. McNew and
Margaret L. Bracken, both of Fay
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Highspire's Branch of
. W.C.T.U. Holds Session
Hlglisplrc, Pa., Aug. 21, —Mem-
bers of the local W. C. T. U. met at
the home of Mr. E. S. Poorman
with the president, Mrs. D. L. Kauf
man, presiding. An excellent paper
on "Some Diseases That Affect Our
Local Members" was read. Reports
were heard from committees and
election of officers and delegates fol
lowed in order: President, Mrs. D.
L. Kaufman; vice president, Mrfi. G.
Gross; recording secretary, Mrs.
Frank Bamberger; treasurer, Mrs.
Frank Miller; pianist, Mrs. Clarence
Leiter; chorister, Mrs. Ivan Hoff
mcister; current events, Mrs. Sarah
Buser; press superintendent, Miss
Nina Wensell.
Delegates to the county conven
tion at Hummelstown next month
are Mrs. E. S. Poorman and Mrs.
Frank Miller, with Mrs. C. Leiter
as alternate. No delegate to the
I State convention at Euston will be
j sept.
Lebanon Girl to Wed
Man From This City
Lebanon, Aug. 21.—At a dinner
party held at the home of Mrs.
Mary lVolfe, \>t 915 Church street,
the engagement of Miss Itosa M.
Wolfe, daughter of Mrs. Mary Wolfe,
to Harry Wilhelm, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Clarence Wilhelm, of Harris
burg, was announced. Mr. and Mrs.
Wilhelm were present at the dinner.
York Haven, Pa., Aug.-21.—York
Haven Castle No. 204, A. O. K. of
M. C., has arranged to hold a festival
on Saturday, September 6, at Pyth
ian Park A number of novelties
will be introduced and a band will
furnish music for free danding. This
committee is in charge: S. A. Hum
mer, chairman; Charles E. Bear,
Charles Coble, Isaac Clemens,
George Spangler, Charles Miller and
Clarence Cassel.
Mccliniilcsburg, Pa., Aug. 21.
S. Harper Myers, East Main street,
has broken ground for a large two
story brick and grandolithic build
ing on the rear and adjoining his
business place. It will be 120 feet
long and 21 feet wide. The large
Increase in business necessitates
more room for the establishment.
New Cumberland, Aug. 21.—The
service flag of St. Paul's Lutheran
church, on which appear eight stars,
will be demobilized on Sunday morn
ing at a special service hold in con
nection with the regular Sunday
school session. Special music and
addresses by visiting speakers will
be given.
AUGUST 21, 1919.
York County Voter#
Approve Road Loan
York, Pn.,\ Aug. 21. The good
roads loan carried here by 2,700.
The State will now put up $2,500,000
to match the loan voted by the peo
ple yesterday.
The total vote cast was light, but
in some districts a heavy vote was
polled. In Fawn township it was
reported that the vote was the
heaviest ever polled in that district.
In addition, the voters in that town
ship also sanctioned a township loan
of $20,000, to be used in building
State-aid roads. In Fawn Grove
borough the voters cast a big vote
for the county loan, and besides this
favored a borough loan of SB,OOO,
also to be used in the construction
of State-aid roads.
ido tpuhngw
u tu
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Busy Mr. Smith Hails
From Little Maple Grove
Cliambcrsburg, Pa., Aug. 21. J.
B. Smith ,a young merchant of
Maple Grove, near here, operates
two farms, presides over the destiny
of a general merchandise store, takes
tnips through Horse Valley gather
ing eggs and poultry, brings to a
creamery here every day a load of
milk which he collects from dairy
men, occasionally holds a public sale
and is health oflieer for three town
ships of this county.
Hagerstown, Md., Aug. 21.—Lewis
Ostcr, a brlckmason by trade, one of
the oldest residents of this section
of the Cumberland Valley and the
oldest Odd Fellow in Maryland, died
I here yesterday, aged 94 years.