Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, August 11, 1919, Page 9, Image 9

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Tent Will Seat 800 and Pro
gram Compares With Best
* on the Larger Circuits
Camp Hill, Aug. 11. Camp Hill
is completing preparations for its
first annual Chautauqua to be held
August 26 to August 30.
The announcements are to the
effect that the Chautauqua is a
"League of Neighbors," and that is
just what the coming gathering will
be, for it is being financed and ar
ranged entirely by the people of
Camp Hill, who have undertaken a
program that is far and away in ad
vance of what is ordinarily attempted
| by a town of this size. The Chau
. tauqua tent will seat an audience
of 800 and will be watertight so
, that the program will be carried
out rain or shine. Some of the best
attractions on the Chautauqua cir
cuit have been engaged.
The program will include a series
of lectures by noted speakers, con
certs by the 1919 revue company,
the McKinnie Opera Company,
comic operas, a concert by the
Batting-llahler Company, and a
pageant, "The Wop," presented by
the Junior Chautauqua. Among the
lecturers will lie Peter Mac Queen on
"Peace and Heeonstruction," Dr. A.
IS. Turner, on "From the Ground
Up"; Edward Franklfn Reimer, on
"Mr. Emerson Walks Back Home";
Miss Edith Granger, Captain Leslie
w Vickers, on "The Great Crusade and
Afterwards," and Dr. Andrew
Johnson, on "Eli and Dennis." The
program by days will be announced
this week.
Charged with stealing corn from
a war garden, Victor A. Palmer was
arrested this morning. At the time
of his arrest Palmer had several
bags of corn in his possession, which
he is alleged to have taken from
the garden of J. F. Bowers located
near Third and Division streets.
I Comfort
I Gari'ir^py
1,000,000 STRONG
Are Now Taking Tanlac
the "Master Medicine"
Some of the best-knowrr men
and women in this very town and
community have publicly testified to
the powers of this great health
compelling remedy—Tanlac, in
overcoming nervousness, indigestion,
debility, lost appetite, sleeplessness,
catarrh, backache and derangements
of the stomach, liver and kidrreys.
Tanlac gets right down to the scat ,
of the trouble —it builds up the sys- j
tent, vitalizes the blood, promotes i
digestion, creates a healthy appetite i
and brings back color to the cheeks j
; and the sparkle of health to the j
eyes. Sold here by all leading drug- j
gists. j
Kosine Relieves
You want to be restored to your
old time self—freed from the danger
of terrible Epilepsy or dreaded Fits.
The Kosine treatment lias, for
nearly 20 years, successfully com
bated Epilepsy, or Fits. It will re
lieve you. toning up your nerve
racked system, driving out this
* wretched malady.
Large bottle $2. If not satisfied,
after using, your money will be re
funded. Write for free treatise on
1 Epilepsy. Kosine Co., Washington,
" D. C. Sold in Harrisburg, by Geo. A.
Operate withone hand!
No risk of errors by laying doira
Eapers, or removing eyes or left
and from column of figures. Key
board band gets sub-totals, clears
machine, makes corrections —does
Only 10 lev. to operate—all at finger tlpa.
You add, multiply, aubtract, divide—falter,
eaiicr, more accurately. Ask for practical
demonstration in your office on your own
U|i>. Orpkcuiii Theater
Srleaofficm and asrvirm station* in principal eitim
Board of Grounds and Build
ings to Go Over Final De
tails With Brunner
Members of the
' V\\ ® //J Board of Public
1 x\.W Grounds and
! fl> Buildings will
I j meet Arnold W.
i Brunner, archl
tect, to-morrow
vjSS93S& afternoon to dis-
I flilSiyWSW cu s s details of the
- erection of the
' i ii 1 Memorial Viaduct
the State is to
erect in conjunc
tion with the development of the
enlarged Capitol Park. Governor
Sproul is expected to be In attend
ance. Advertisements for bids for
the bridge will be published on Fri
day of this week.
Rclistrk'ting — George F.
superintendent of State Police
held a conference to-day with the
captains of the five troops relating
to the enforcement of the State auto
mobile laws. Establishment of sub
stations for Troop E, with head
quarters at Lancaster were also dis
cussed. The re-distrlcting of the
western part of the State, made pos
sible by the taking over of Central
1 ennsylvania territory of the new
troop with headquarters at Harris
burg, was outlined, Greensburg and
Butler troops hereafter to confine
their operations to the western pari
of Pennsylvania.
Public Service Complaints.—Com
plaints against the pressure of water
supply provided by the Pennsylvania
Water company was filed to-day
with the Public Service Commission
by the Bruston Board of Trade. The
Butler Railway company filed notices
on an increase of fare, operative
September 10, from 6 to 7 cents
with tickets 5 1-2 to 6 1-4 cents and
school tickets increased from 12.25
to $2.50. R. tv. Peters and wife, of
Erie, complain against the refusal
of the Pennsylvania Gas company to
make extension to their properties
and the company makes reply that
due to the diminishing supply of
natural gas it would be unwise to
ma lie additional extensions. Com
missioners Rilling. Benn and Cle
ment will go to Erie Wednesday for
grade crossing hearings, following
an executive session to-morrow,
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was appointed to arrange for getting
the goods to Harrisburg and plac
ing the food on sale.
Each of the eleven tirehouses on
the first order will get the follow
1,200 cans of corn.
1,200 cans of peas.
1.200 cans tomatoes.
48 cans bacon.
24 0 cans corn beef.
2 4 cans roast beef.
The subcommittee at the fire
houses will be in charge of the fol
lowing chairmen who will name his
Fi rehouses
Friendship, No. 1, Third and
Cherry streets, J. W. Rodenhaver.
Hope, No. 2, Second below North
street, Edward Halbert.
Paxton, No. 6, Second near Vine
street, Dcwitt A. Fry.
Good Will, No. 7, Calder and
Sixth streets, Capt. Richard Robin
son, W. B. McNair.
Mt. Pleasant, No. 8, Thirteenth
and Howard streets, William
Susquehanna Hose Co., No. 9,
South Cameron street, Harry F.
Reily Hose, No. 10, Fourth and
Dauphin streets, J. W. DeChant.
Shamrock, No. 11, Fifteenth and
Ilerr streets, Captain Leo Luttinger.
Allison, No. 12, Fourteenth and
Kittatinny streets. Captain George
Drake, P. T. Miller.
Camp Curtin, No. 13, Sixth and
Reel's Lane, Herman F. Huwn, J. A.
Royal, No. 14, Twenty-first and
Derry streets, John Houck.
The Mayor's Explanation
The meeting was presided over by
Lieutenant Colonel Edward H.
Schell. At the opening Mayor
Kcister asked privileges to make a
statement regarding the delay in
buying the foodstuffs from Harris
burg. He referred to the complaints
because of other cities buying and
said in part:
"I want to say to gentlemen of the
committee and others that this is the
first time we have had any business
proposition to consider. Heretofore,
we have had only meat prices to bid
on. No canned goods were offered
us. Prices were given at one time
but withdrawn. We were offered to- 1
matoes at one time at $1.38 per
case when they could be bought for I
$1.07, but no other vegetables were I
mentioned. The prices given to me I
this morning and which will be read
to you are the first received on
vegetables. Wo did not buy because
the committee found the prices were
no attraction. To-day we are in a
position to sell to the people of
Harrisburg canned goods and bacon
at prices below present retail
Plan Second Order
Other members of the committee
quoted prices at retail stores and
after a general discussion Mayor
Kcister was authorized to purchase
a supply at the above prices. These
goods will be purchased on terms ]
made public last week. The city will
get the goods without the necessity
of putting up funds, and will have
thirty days in which to pay for
them. If the first order meets with
the approval of the people of Har
risburg and all goods are disposed
of, a second order will be placed.
Goods purchased from the Gov
ernment must be purchased at an
early date, because of the large ship
ments to go west and south. This
morning Lieutenant J. R. Boyle re
ceived an order from the War De
partment to ship to Atlanta, Ga.,
8,248 pounds of bacon, and to Phil- |
adelphia, 871,000 pounds. With the
big orders made public on Satur
day and those of to-day the Reserve
Depot at New Cumberland will be
cleaned out this week. However, I
Lieutenant Boyle has promised Ma
yor Keister that Harrisburg will be
looked after, and if a second order
is probable it can be filled. For
this reason the local committee
hopes there will he a prompt re
ense when goods are placed on
sale Thursday.
liy Associated Press
Tunklinnnock. Pa., Aug. 11.—Three
children of Abe Sherman; Dark
Hollow, near here, are dead from eat
ing toadstools in mistake for mush
rooms. Sherman, another child, and
Stewart Richards, a brother-in-law,
are critically ill from the same cause.
They ate toadstools for dinner on
Friday. All soon became violently
ill. two dying on Saturday, and one
New Haven Lines Are
Forced to Drop 200 Trains
New York, Aug. 11.—Thousands
of commuters who make a round
trip daily from their homes In
Cluster county and their places of
business in New York were cor.-
jl 'The Live Store" "Always Reliable" I
I What A Busy Week This Will Be— I
No other store can boast of having
such continuous crowds daily as this "Live Store" has
had for the past ten days since we started this greatest of all semi-
Where Everything Is Marked Down Except CCollars and Interwoven Hose')
i Harrisburg can be justly proud of a 1
store that has the confidence and good will of so many Jfc
thousands of loyal supporters and is held in such high repute
among the buying public as DOUTRICHS—We give you "good
values at all times and at the end of each season we dispose of
everything in order to make room for the next season's goods. Ipfe,
I Hart Schaffner & Marx f
I Kuppenheimer & I
I Society Brand Clothes I
I Are all included in this Mark-Down Sale. i
This year manufacturers tried to persuade us against wKs jlj
having a complete clearance sale— They told us to go slow and
hold on to what we had on hand on account of the scarcity of u
clothing, hats, shirts, etc., but we don't believe in "swapping horses YjP%lr i
in the middle of the stream" —• We have had a very successful iPy
career since we started business in Harrisburg—We can't afford to •;? !
break faith with the people—Our customers depend on us to guide
them right and we never fool them We told our customers our m 44
sale would be held this month regardless of what we had to pay to > L^jlk
M replace our stocks —So come here where there's full and plenty I
I All B. V. D. Union Suits .. $1.19 | All $1.25 Work Shirts 99c 1
I All Shirts, Hosiery, Underwear, Pajamas, '• 1
I Trousers, Neckwear, Sweaters, Bathing Suits, I
I Hats and Caps and All Boys' Clothing &LJF \ # I
1 and Furnishings Marked Down I
fronted to-day with the problem of
finding other means of transporta
tion than the trains of the New
York, New Haven and Hartford
Railroad. Service on the Harlem
River division, which was suspended
yesterday owing to the strike of the
railway shopmen, resulted in the
twenty-five traijis usually run on the
Harlem River division daily each
way being discontinued.
To relieve the situation, the ma
jority of the buses which were
brought from New Jersey to Brook
lyn last week on account of the
strike there were being rushed '.o
points along the Halem River
division. In addition private auto
mobiles were pressed Into service m
the emergency.
The seriousness of the strike sit
uation upon the lines which run
into this city was intended in a
statement which showed that two
thirds of the system car men had
walked out. Two hundred trains al
ready have been dronped from the
AUGUST 11, 1919.
timetables temporarily, with pros
pect of further curtailment if tliq
strike continues.
It is desirable to have a very large
group of colored people take part
in the grand parade and singing in
the ail-American pageant on the
island to-morrow evening:. Crosa
Market street bridge and be on tha
island at 7.30.
From any LUNG TROUBLE, do not
delay. See Demonstration at Gor
gas" Pharmacy, 16 North Third St.
—Adv. '