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National Holiday Parties at
Country Clubs Will Attract
Members and Friends
The Colonial Country Club promises
a flag tournament as a special feature
of the Fourth of July celebration there
on Friday, with tennis, bowling, cards
and dancing on the wide veranda to
the music of the Vpdegrove or
chestra of seven pieces. The
steward will serve luncheon from l
to 2 o'clock, and a chicken and roast
beef dinner from 5:30 to 7 o'clock to
all those who order it in time.
At the Country Club of Harrisburg
there will be informal open-liouse
luncheon at noon and table d'hote din
ner from 6 to 8 o'clock with informal
dancing following. Afternoon tea will
also be a pleasant feature of this club s
Rhrman B. Mitchell and Miss Mary
Mitchell entertained the employes of
Beaufort Farm and their families last
evening at dinner at Beaufort laidge.
May Hawkins, of Findley. Ohio,
tests were enjoyed all through the even
Mrs. Russell Miller, of Kdgewater.
West Shore, is enjoying a brief visit
at Pen Mar.
Plant Decorations [
If It lias to do with i
Flowers or anything the f
"grows," consult us— }
Locust Street at Second j
[Come On In the Water]
Is Fine
I Shower and a Swim in the Pool i
I For the Summer Months, 50c I
I WOMEN'S DAY—Mondays, I
| 10 A. M. to OP. M.
r Open All Night For Men j
J Russ Building I
q1 Your Special /
6 Representative ?
0 in New York City •
I ! "Oh, here's Miss Sachs," remarked a New •
0 York manufacturer recently when I walk- 0
a ed into his show room, "the lady from a
V Harrisburg who selects each model with •
0 a certain customer in view. Your clientele 0
1 certainly ought to appreciate that kind of a
service, Miss Sachs." "
0 0
• Of course he exaggerated/ I don't select I j
U each model with a certain customer in "
A view, but Ido buy a great many that way. ' Q
. Time and again I catch myself exclaim- • j
0 ing: ' 0
y "Oh, that's exactly suited to Mrs. Brown's Z i
Q coloring." Or "Wouldn't Miss White look 0
• stunning in that color?" And that's how Q
y the speaker gained the idea that I bought !
A everything for certain specific individuals. j
• But one thing is sure, after you've dealt A
0 here awhile you'll be surprised to discover •
a items in my stock which seem to have 0
• been made just for you. And the fact is A
0 it will have been bought for you. There •
a is of course no obligation to take it. But 0
• probably it will appeal to you so strongly A
0 that you will, just the same. •
a 0
i '' ID
This store will be open all day tomorrow (Thursday). ji
a 1 Closed all day Friday, July 4th, and Saturday, July sth. IU
—j So he will know what a 1 jljl ""' '""^™
\ heartbreaking job his wife has
tt— to g Q through once
WASHDAYS? M E ON Use a Voss Free Next Week A CL HDAY APPEAR '
South Second Street
Members of S. A. E. Society
Esjoy Dauphin Houseparty
Members of the S. A. E. Society, of
' Central High S9IIOOI, class of 1919,
have returned to their homes in this
' city after a week's houseparty at their
j Dauphin cottage. Mrs. Charles Al
i bright and Mrs. Annie Monroe were
! chaperons for the parly, including
j Ethyl Mummert, Annie Siemons, Ueor
j gianna I'arthemore, Dorothy Shefffley.
I Frances Todd, Mildred Wells, Kathleen
j Martin, LeXore Fulton, of Duncannon.
Eyler. Ida Frock, Helen Stoner. Blanche
i The following guests spent Thursday
| evening at the cottage : Sterling Har
: ris. Behind Diehele. Charles Hennofaus,
' Ray Dong, of Dauphin ; Walter Hauck,
lof Enhaut; Paul Huntsberger, Anothony
j Wilsbach. John Keller. Carroll Walden,
l Jerry Frock and Charles Albright.
Mrs. William Meinel who is visit
j ing her mother, Mrs. John Groff at
! Mt. Gretna, sails in August for
j China to visit her relatives, Mr. and
j Mrs. A. L. Groflf, formerly of Old
i Orchard.
I Dr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Munce
! and Thomas E. Munce, Jr., of 1034
South 18th street, are home after a
motor trip through New England.
Miss Lucy Munce, a student of
Smith College, accompanied them on
the return trip.
Miss Mary Enright, Miss Helen
Enright and Miss Nancy Kesack are
enjoying a ten days' motor trip
through the Blue mountain range.
Kenneth. B. Clyde went home to
j Pittsburgh this morning after a
week's stay among old friends in the
I vicinity.
Mr. and Mrs. Hcbert F. Wise, of
Pittsburgh are visiting their rela
tives, Mr. and Mrs. Norman B. Hut
ter, of North Third street for a few
Miss Estelle Ramsey went home
to Portland, Oregon, a few days ago
after spending several months in the
East, visiting her aunt, Mrs. Edward
G. Young in this city enroute.
Miss Grace Bender, of Buffalo,
N. Y., is a guest of Mr. and Mrs.
Donald M. Caldwell of Market street.
Miss Helen Zimmerman, a mem
ber of the faculty of Pnn-Hall,
Chambersburg, is home after a trip
to New York, and will visit in the
West during the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Jones, of
Camden, N. J., are visiting Mrs.
Mrs. Jones' parents. Mr. and Mrs.
I Park Shearer, 1822 Bellevue Road.
Roger Irving and Paul M. Irving,
|of Rochester, N. Y„ are visiting
! their sister. Mrs. Richard B. Fellows
I of North Third street.
! Miss Elizabeth Lealtway, a stu
i dent nurse of the Presbyterian Hos
; pital, Philadelphia, who visited her
j grandmother, Mrs. J. J. Nalen at 423
i Herr street, left to-day for Bangor,
I to be a guest of Mrs. J. D. Grant.
Ralph Fordney, of Natchez, Miss
j issippi, is in the city for a month's
i stay among friends of his"boyhood.
Ceremony Performed Yester
day by the Rev. V. T. Rue,
at New Cumberland
There was a pretty home wed
ding in New Cumberland yesterday
when Miss Jeanette Mae Sipe, daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Sipo, ol
Bridge street, was united in mar
riage with Harry L. Bowers, by the
Rev. V. T. Rue, pastor of the Baugh
man Memorial church, who used the
ring ceremony.
The bride was attired in a frock
of pink Georgette crepe with pic
ture hat to mutch and carried an
arm bunch of pink and white roses.
Miss Esther Bowers, the bride
groom's sister, wore a dainty white
frock and hat, and carried garden
flowers. Raymond Westhafer, ol
New Cumber'and, was best man. A
wedding supper followed the service,
served to the following guests:
Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Sipe, Mr. and
Mrs. Harvey Bowers. Mr. and Mrs
Maurice Dunkle, Miss Esther Bow
ers, Miss Flory Bowers, Miss Evelyn
Garber, Clarence Bowers, Raymond
The bride, a gifted musician, is a
graduate of the New Cumberland
High school and the Central High
of this city. Mr. Bowers, a son of the
late Mr. and Mrs. 11. C. Bowers, ol
New Cumberland, recently returned
from France, where he served with
Company K, 112 th United States In
After an Eastern wedding trip,
the newlyweds will reside at the
bride's home.
Miss Julia Graydon and Miss Alice
A. Graydon, of 1709 North Second
street, are leaving the last of the
week for Buckhill Falls in the Po
eonos, to remain for the summer.
Miss Esther Wilson, of Kennctt
Square, Is visiting Mr. and Mrs.
Harris B. Wilson, at 934 North Sec
ond street.
Mrs. Charles J. Wood. Jr., and
Miss Evelvn Wood, of 2218 North
Third street, left to-day for Atlantic
City, where they will spend two
weeks with New York friends at
their cottage.
Mrs. Sharon Stephens has gone
home to Sunbury after a visit with
Mr. and Mrs. William Fairchild
Bushnell at 812 North Second street.
Miss Dorothv Whittaker, of Sec
ond and Hamilton streets, is at
tending the summer assembly in the
Poconos, with a party of school Sij's-
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Myers, of 1(00
State street, spent the past several
davs in New York city. Mrs Myers
is home while Mr. Myers is making a
business trip to Scranton and vicin-
Miss Frances Burtnett. of North
Sixth street, is home after an ex
tended western trip of six weeks,
going as far as Omaha, Nebraska.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Clay Thomp
son went home to Memphis, Tenn.,
this morning after a short visit
among relatives in the West End.
Joseph Wright and Miss Elsie
Wright, of Brooklyn, are guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Homer B. Grant, of
Penn street.
Walter Marvin and Miss Kathleen
Marvin are stopping for a while with
their aunt, Mrs. Percy Houser, of
Market street.
Mr. and Mrs. Abram Fortenbaugh,
of 1713 North Second street, came
home from Schenectady, N. Y., a
day or two ago, where they were
visiting at the home of their son,
Samuel Byrod Fortenbaugh.
Top Segeant George Sutton, who
has been stationed at Camp Stew
art, Newport News, Va„ for several
months is at his home, 1440 Market
street, for a ten days' furlough.
Miss Edna Sprenkle, of North Sec
ond street, has gone to New York
city to attend the summer school of
Columbia University.
Miss May Penman, of .Mount Cnr
mel has taken the position of ofliee
secretary at the Y. W. C. A.. Fourth
and Walnut streets.
Miss I-.au ra Garni an, Mrs. Edna
Mann and Miss Sylvia Zerbe. teach
ers of the city schools, are attend
ing the summer courses at State Col
Hershey, Pa.
Rubin & Rubin:
Enclosed lint" payment in
full for my glasses, which I
.received O. K. and which give
me splendid benefit. I feel
very grateful to you Mr. Rubin
for the greut relief they give
me, as 1 have had no head
ache since I wear them. I
certainly cannot praise your
work enough.
Thanking you again, I am,
Mrs. Chas. W. Kocher,
54 Derry Road, Hershey, Pa.
We can do the same for
you. There will be no
charge for examination
neither will we use drops.
Over The Hub; Hell I'lione 42-j
Open Wed. nnd Sat. Kvea.
KMtnhllfthed 15 Year*
' :. / - -
Miss Clark Entertains
Members of C.A.o.Club
Miss Sabra Clark entertuined
! members of the C. A. O. Club of
I Centrul High school last evening at
| her home at Dauphin. Hammocks,
| benches and cushions were attrac
| tively arranged on the lawn where
the girls enjoyed an informal good
I time. Dancing and music afforded
: part of the evening's entertainment.
Tiny hugs were given as favors and
i refreshments were -served to these
Miss Helen Wall, Miss Margaret
Landls, Miss Gertrude Wilson, Miss
[ Katherine Kelley, Miss Lillian
i SpeaHman, Miss Helen Leady, Miss
i Ethel Fornev. Miss Helen Wallis.
| Miss Ruth Richards, Miss Martha
1 ! Cress well, Miss Helen Miller, Miss
i Anne Miller, Miss Agnes Hess, Miss
j Mary Alma Allen. Miss Evelyn
Speakman, Miss Ruth Beatty and
! Miss Katherine Braekenridge.
Triangle Club Dance
Tonight at Willa-Villa
I The Triangle Club will hold the sec
j ond of its series of summer dances this
! evening at Willa-Villa. Hall s Super-
Jazz Orchestra, of Wtlkes-Barre, will
j be on hand to furnish spirited music
I for the dancing, which wfll begin at
i 8:30 o'clock and last until 1 o'clock,
i when a special car will leave for the
I city. A great number of acceptances
have been received by the committee
in charge of arrangements and if pres
ent indications hold good the event will
be the best of the season.
Miss Jeannette Bachus, of Canada,
will arrive here to-morrow to be the
guest of Miss Marian Strouse, 1632
North Second street. On Saturday.
Miss .Strouse will entertain at luncheon
at the Penn-Harris in compliment to
Miss Bachus. Both Miss Strouse and
j Miss Bachus are students of the Mrs.
| Scoville's School, Fifth Avenue, New
! York.
Dr. and Mrs. John Oenslager and
Miss Betty Oenslager. of the Riverside
i Apartments, North Front street, are
| home after an automobile trip to New
| England. At Exeter they attended the
| commencement of Phillips Academy.
: where Donald Oenslager was a member
| of this year's graduating class and at
I Harvard Cniversity Dr. Oenslager at
j tended a reunion of his class.
! Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Martin,
I Miss Co relit Martin, Miss Irmadelle
| and Miss Churleen Martin,
j 1212 North Fifteenth street, and
William H. Jones, of France, have
, returned to this city after spend
ing some time as the guest of George
W. Mumma, Sr., at the "Owl Cot
| tage," Alt. Gretna.
j Mr. and Mrs. Reinhold Zettler, 931
South Nineteenth street, has return
ed to his home in this city after
serving overseas for eleven months
with Battery B, Tenth Field Artil
lery, Third Division. He saw active
service at St. Mihiel, Verdun, Ar
gonne-Meuse and was also with the
Army of Occupation.
I Miss Mary Maxwell, Miss Eliza-
I beth Woods, William Heinltsh, Rob
ert Brown and Joseph Brenneman,
[ all of Lancaster, will be the guests
of Miss Katharine Beidleman over
the weekend at the Beidleman coun
: try home, "The Elms," near Dau
1 Miss Annabelle Swartz, of the
[Central High school faculty, leaves
Saturday for Boston, Afass,, to at-
I tend the summer sessions of the
| Emerson College of Oratory.
j Mr. and Airs. Edward Willis, 2032
I North Fifth street, have returned
] after spending the weekend at the
j "Goldenrod Cottage," Alt. Gretna.
I Mr. and Mrs, Howard Shelley and
Miss Rebecca Lydla Shelly, 221 Boas
street, are visiting friends and rela
tives in Pittsburgh.
Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Hunter, 303
Woodbine street, are spending a few
days at Alt. Gretna as the guests
of Mrs. Alartln Golden.
Leland Baum and his daughter,
Miss Clare Baum started to-day for
a western journey, stopping at Chi
cago and St. Louis on the way to
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Charters
went home to Portsmouth to-day
after a week's stay with Mr. and
Mrs. Simon V. Jackson of Green
Miss Florence Abson has gone to
Newark, N. J., after visiting Aliss
Sara Carpenter of Cottage Ridge.
Charles Hassler started for a
southern jaunt this morning, ex
pecting to stop at Old Point Comfort
and pleasure resorts in that vicinity
for a week or two.
Air. and Airs. Rupert Newton, of
Toronto, Canada are guests of Air.
and Mrs. Ramsey T. Willetts of
Penn street.
Mrs. Frank J. Consylman. 224 North
Third street, left the city to spend the
remainder of the summe rat Pen Mar.
Mr. and Mrs. I. H. Doutrich, of Mid
dletown, have gone to Mount Gretna
for their summer vacation.
Mrs. Charles Holsberg. 610 North
Second street, and Mrs. Paul E. Dout
rich. of the Shope Apartments, are
among the local people, who aVe spend
ing their vacation at Mount Gretna.
Miss Caroline Hahn, Cottage
Ridge, is spending two weeks in
Mrs. Helen B. Buffingt.on, 1009
North Third street, is visiting friends
in Buffalo, New York and Erie.
Columbia, Pa., July 2. Private
Paul R. Smith, who lost a foot i n
battle, in France, and who was
taken to a hospital at Rahway N J
for a second operation, is just re
covering from an attack of inter
mittent fever which followed close
on the operation. He has been in
i the hospital practically all the time
since his return from overseas, and
has shown remarkable courage in
battling disease as he did 4n facing
; the fire of German machine guns
! He is one of the youngest men in
i Lancaster county in the service dur
ing the war.
The junior partner was harried.
"I shall have to get another typ
ist." he lamented. "Miss Talke is
continually interrupting my dicta
; tlons to ask how to spell a word."
| "Dear, dear!" said the senior part.
: ner. "That seems a great waste of
I time."
| "It's not that I mind." responded
the other, "but It's so bad for dis
cipline to keep on saying, -T j„ n .[
Mrs. inna Madcr Receives
Gifts '{in<l Congratulations
From Host of Friends
Mrs. .Vnna Muder celebrated her
sixty-first birthday anniversary at
"Breezy Hill," the summer home of
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Mader. Many
friends gathered in honor of the
occasion, bringing with them a
shower u f beautiful gifts. The house
was decorated with roses, daisies,
larkspur, and ferns. Games, music
and dancing were features of l "e
evening. Dinner was served to these
Mr. and Mr* Norman Monahan,
and daughter Helen, Mr. and M''.
John Rowan, Mr. and Mrs. William
Doblin and son Howard, Mr. and
Mrs. Harrv Sansom and son, Rich
ard Fox.' Mr. and Mrs. Albert
Hoopes, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Madcr
and children. Frank and Richard.
Mr. and Mrs. William Mader and
[children Samuel, Charles. Alice and
[Lloyd George, Mr. and Mr 3. FranK
| Bowman. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Mc-
Connell, Mr. and Mrs. Roy H. Hat-
Held. Mr and Mrs. Jacob Brestie,
Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Stemler. sr..
Miss Carrie Stemler, Miss Anna
Kroh. Mrs. David Sherman, Miss Mi
i nerva Sherman, Miss Margaret Lau
ver, Mrs Harvey Mottor. Mrs. Eliza
beth Stuart, Mrs. William Hamaker,
Miss Bertha Stemler, Miss Hazel
Benner. of Newport; Miss Jean Saul,
Miss Ruth Smiley, Mrs. Adelaide
Martin and son George, of Altoona.
Miss Hettvo Stemler, Mrs. Elizabeth
Snell, of Cleveland, Ohio, Mrs. Otto
Fox, Mrs Millie Holohan. Harvey
Kroh, William Waltz and Stiles Ma
Mr. and Mrs. Leo. F. Kriner, 2424
North Fifth street, announce the
marriage of their daughter, Miss
Helen V Kriner, to Benjamin 1'•
Brandt, of Steelton. The ceremony
was performed in the Little Church
Around the Corner, New A ork ( it/.
•Monday, dune 26. Mr. and Mrs.
Brandt will he at home to their
friends Jnlv 10, after a honeymoon
sent in Atlantic City and New York.
ml£t XTaccon^pan'ed bynam J* to ain
Air. and Mrs. James Walker, of
Edgomont. l'cnhrook announce the
birth of a son, James Henderson
Walker. Jr.. Tuesday, Jul/ E •
Mrs. Walker was lda
May Hawkins .of 1- indley. Ohio.
Mr and Mrs. Ellis B. Greene, of
Cortland N Y.. former llarrishurgers,
Announce .he birth of a daughter. Sara
Marie Greene. Monday. June 30. 1919.
Mrs. Greene is remembered hep. as
Miss Esther Bradley.
\ Pail Missing
"Rantinpion Roarer, the eminent
tragedian, will not be able to pla> ,
'Richard 111' tonight. j
"What's the trouble? Isn t he up |
In his lines?" . . ~
"Letter-perfect, but the stupid
property man has mislaid the royal
hump."—Birmingham Age-Herald.
Lots Georgie Io It
"How does Lazenby play golf?"
"By proxy. He sends the caddie
over the course, while he sits on the
club-house veranda." —Boston Trans
Quite Amicable
"Why did you quit your job? Did
you have a disagreement with the
boss.'" I
"Oh, no, not at all. I told him I
had to have more money or 1 would
quit, and he said that was mutually
satisfactory."—Boston Transcript.
"This furniture is antique."
"Did you inherit it?"
"In a way. My grandfather bought i
it from a man on the installment ;
plan, and I took over the payments." j
—St. Louis Globe-Democrat.
Having recently returned from the j
Army, 1 will resume practice at |
321 Market Street, over Kennedy's j
Medicine Store, about July 1.
Dentist. j
Dr. R.L .Perkins
llos Reopened His Offices nt
2001 N. Second St.
} Consultation Hours:
2 to 4 P. M.
(1 to 8 P. M.
Under personal supervision of I
Fred B. Aldlnger. furnishes a I
most excellent
Table d'Hote Luncheon j
Daily IL3O to 2.30
—At 75 Cents —
Also a la Carle bill of everything
in the market dellctously prepared
Chicken and Waffle Dinner
Every Thursday
Get Your
ing Done
H the
IJJ jffi : " Man Who
Does the Work
You can save a great deal
W'e do Renerai . umiturc repairing
In all branches.
We also buy and sell second-hand
Newmark & Cown
Hell 4,05-lt Dial 4820 I
C jxestown Heroes Are
Honor Guests at Dinner
'he returned soldiers end sailors
®T the Coxestown Methodist, Episco-
R Church were the honor guests at
! eception and dinner given in the
"kj rch hail. The speakers for the j
e '< it were the Rev. John G. Davis, I
J V. Miller, a veteran of the Civil |
Spunish-American Wars, C. F. !
Gt< enawalt, Miss Edna Mae Buck-|
w '*ller and the Rev. G. M. Klepfer,
the Riverside Methodist Church. |
'""leant George Hepford, who saw j
ac l4e service and was injured by a
jfiijhine gun bullet, thanked the
honie folks in behalf of the returned
boyt for the support given them.
'wo of the lads. Charles F. lvrebs
ond George Strohm, who were sent
°"t from the community, paid the i
s "l>reme sacrifice and the others j
who saw service were:
1-eo Gruber, George Hepford, "Wil- I
liani Hepford, Harry Clouser, Harry
Behm. Andrew J. Heck, Otto M.
Garnian, Clarence H. Shutto. John
Shtntz, Charles Fitting, John I. My
or -\ Samuel Myers, Abner Leonard,
Miles A. Moyer, Johh E. Meas, Wil
liam Krebs, John Strohm, Arthur O.
Henry, John Morgan, Charles Stauf
fer and John Stoner.
Miss Ivy Alay King and Charles
William Hosan were united in mar
riage last evening at the parsonage
°f the Augsburg Lutheran Church,
the Rev. Amos Stamets officiating.
Mr. and Mrs. Hosan will reside at
North Sixth street.
Iris Troop. No. 8. Girl Scouts, of
Messiah Lutheran Church, will hold
Its weekly meeting on Thursday even
ing. at T o'clock, at the church, instead
of Friday.
if ~ \
Dinner Wednesday Eve., July 2
Stouffer's Restaurant
•• J*. Court St. 5 to 7.30
Chicken \oodlc Soup
Creamed Chicken Pork (°hon M
I Plaint
llanitiurg Stcnk, toinatoed ltoant
Unshed or An ({rutin Potatoes
I.iinn ilenns Egg Plant Salad
lee Cream, Pie or Padding
Coffee, Ten or Coeon
* -ft if ★ ★ ★ ★ ★★
* *
J Music for the Glorious %
Surely you will want music for your Fourth of July celebration,
and of musical instruments nowhere in the city will you find a display '
equal to that shown here.
J Pianos and Players *
Of recognized leading make to meet every price requirement and
many rebujlt instruments priced away below their real worth. Pianos
as low as $165; Players as low as $390. Any of which may be paid for
on very easy terms.
* j July Records and Music Rolls S jt
of new, popular, patriotic) dance 111
I and classic selections ready NOW
* J. H. Troup Music House
y Troup Bldg. (Est. 1881) 15 S. Market Sq. J
* #■* J*** * * * * * * * * * * ** *
JULY 2, 1919.
Honor Charles Blessing
Home For a Furlough
There was a delightful gathering
at the home of George P. Satchell,
905 North Second street, Monday,
in honor of Charles K. Blessing,
home for a ten days' furlough from
the U. S. S. Texas.
Dancing, games and refreshments ■
I were enjoyed by the following
| people: the Misses May Shoop, Mil
■ drcd Snyder, Alice File, Mildred
lteel, Edith Hockley, Helen Heel,
Louise Yuengling, Wesley Booth,
Frank Iteisch, Jay Motter, George
W. Satchell, Charles E. Blessing,
I Earl Bolton, Joseph Fox, Newton
| Swails, Thomas Eagle, Mr. and Mrs.
Chas. Blessing, Mr. and Mrs. George
P. Satchell.
llth Annual Summer
| Harrisburg Academy!
July 7-Aug. 15
Open to Boys and Girls j
For students planning to
enter High School or j
College in September
who need additional
! courses.
Individual Instruction
No Big Classes
> In charge of Masters
with years of experience.
Harrisburg Academy
Bell 1371-J.
Bell 2325-W.
t •
Miss Edith L. Hoover, 100 Ever-
I green street, left yesterday afternoon
for Chicago to attend the national
convention of the Alpha Chi Om<"rfa
Sorority of which she is a memDer.
Miss Hoover expects to visit for
about a month in Indiana and Mt.
The natural
0 % f|oo
| System
! You can just see how easy it
would be to figure on this
■cientifically arranged key-board.
Only ten keys arranged in natural
one-two-three order. Makes the
touch system of writing a reality.
1 See the Sundstrand perfetm en yeur
figure jub. Ytu 'will tee figure nvorb
ynu never theught ptniblt en a mere
Geo, P. Tillotson
205 Locust St.
(Opp. Orpheum Thenter)
H AltlllSftlßfi, PA.
Iloth I'honcM
I General Office and Factory. Rockford, Illinois <