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Turkey's Part in Great War
Told Chamber of Com
merce by Louis Heck
The spacious ballroom of the
Penn-Harris was crowded to-day
with representative Harrisburg men
and women, for the fair sex had re
ceived a special invitation to the
Chamber of Commerce luncheon
where the speaker of the day was
Lewis Heck, a native son just re
turned as American Commissioner to
Turkey. E. J. Stackpole presided as
temporary chairman, after Secretary
Jackson had announced two big
events for the Chamber of Com
merce, namely, a "June oyJ Jaunt"
next week to Colonial Club,
starting at 4 p. m„ with special, cars
Triangle Pepperroinls are made
from the/inest "XXXX" pulverized,
su£ar and pure super oil mini!
compress ea into
good coQ/ection
TheV ampcicKigd in tin^)il..lined
Waji paper, jhen>3ePeryfresK.
Handy to
Peppermint Vifelagreeo CloVe Cimaroon
m . * m - i
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.il jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimi^^
See the New Hudson Super-Six
It Is Jast Such a Quality Car As You
Might Expect—Yfe Are Now Showing It
How often you must have heard users say The development in beauty kept pace with
the Super-Six is potentially the finest auto- the improvement in mechanical detail
mobile that is built.
. , . . Hudsons became pattern cars that the whole
Four years with 60,000 cars in use have industry recognizes,
shown how to free it from many of the annoy- J 6
ances regarded as inevitable to all cars.
It expresses the attainment of an ideal long Un That Experience
cheri-rhed but never before possible. A New Huson Was Built
Experience Showed Such a car would be impossible of any
the Way Other organization. The men responsible for
the Super-Six are likewise responsible for its
Hudsons have been leaders for ten years. development. They have retained all its
The Super-Six was the result of six years' ex- earlier advantages> It is th fi
perience. It marked a new advance M motor 1 b . MM nne car
cars, for it minimized vibration and added to you know> but lt 1S enhanced tn ways that
endurance without sacrificing simplicity or meet the standard of our ideal,
increasing weight.
It gave 72% more power than other motors The New Price Is
of equal size. $1975 f. o. b. Detroit
A new motoring pleasure resulted. There Every season has seen a Hudson shortage,
was power for any emergency. There were Buyers have waited months to get the car of
speed possibilities beyond the needs of any their choice
That was shown in its establishing speed- . the " ew Super-Six gets into its nat
wav records that are known to everyone. " ra u U^ C if S have to wait their
turn. There has been a marked Hudson short-
As a result the Super-Six became the larg- age for more than a year,
est selling fine car in the world. .
This new price would in itself create a big
Each year saw an advancement over pre- demand. But that $1975 buys a finer Super
vious models. Six must mean more people will want it. Its
What was learned from cars delivered over sale bc tremendous
served to make subsequent cars finer and For that reason you will want to see the
more durable. new Hudson Super-Six as soon as possible.
Gomery-Schwartz Motor Car Co.
Salesroom Service Station
116 Market St. Court and Cranberry St*.
Harrisburg, Pa.
carrying the patrons from Market
Square, and the regular August pic
The secretary gave as the number
of members 940, and said the total'
of 1,000 will soon be secured.
' Mr. Stackpole gave the speaker
of the day a rousing welcome to his
home town. Mr. Heck was roundly
applauded as he took up the descrip
tion of Turkey as she was, is and
will be. When he reuched the point
of the Turkish women big uudi
ence relaxed into hearty laughter at
his information that polygamy is
getting very Scarce because "it is too
expensive." He stated that only
twenty per cent, of the Turks lux
uriate in plurality of wives, the very
rich and the very poor. The latter,
he said, get a second or third wife
chiefly* from the hope of making
workers of them, much as they
would buy a donkey. A divorce in
Turkey is secured simply by the man
repeating three times, just like this:
"I want a divorce." He gets it in
jig time, but has to pay something
to the lady's father. Women do not
have this privilege.
The speaker told how highly
America is regarded by Syria and
Palestine, and how they count on
Uncle Sam conducting an immense
trade with that region, instead of
the paltry commerce of yore.
Ho related that Constantinople is
waking up that men of substance are
admitting foreigners to their home,
that women are getting more free
dom, the veil being nearly done away
with in Constantinople.
An interesting feature was the
telling by Mr. Heck, whose home is
at Hecktown, near Harrisburg, of
Germany's energy in pulling the
Turks into war, for the country
really did not want to fight England
or France. German officers ran the
army and found the Turks very
brave because they all believe they
will go direct to their heaven if
killed in battle, so they have no fear
of death. They are sorry now they
allowed the Huns to ruin their coun
try, for It Is not only a "sick man"
but a "dying man." When Mr. Heck
left Constantinople sugar was $2,50
pound: kerosene $9 a gallon: ovor
shoee sl7 a pair. The country is
materially exhausted: even the his
toric cedars of Lebanon- hnvo all
been out down for fire wood. The
speaker predicted & huge trade with
the near East and he says America
can have all of it, so popular is
Unole Bam with the natives of every
country in the near East.
HjaiBJBBUKU jfiHh TEOammnf
[Continued from First Pago]
Brunner; substitute, Grace FTeeburn.
About 200 will attend from our
Some changes have been made In
the general program and the Tele
graph to-day gives thp line of events
so that all may realize what a "Jazz"
day it is going to be:
Points scored will count: First
place, five points; second place,
three points; third place, two points;
fourth place, one point. %
Points doubled for p'lace winners
in spelling match.
9 A. M.—Cars arrive to given
points for children.
9.30 A. M.—Cars arrive at Park.
10.00 A. M.—Bo-yard dash for
boys' third and fourth grades.
(Heats if necessary)
10.10 A. M.—Bo-yard daah for
girls, third and fourth grades.
10.20 A. M.—3o-yard egg race for
girls, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth
10.30 A. M.—3o-yard egg race for
girls, third and fourth grades.
10.40 A. M.—Peanut race for small
girls (fifty feet In length).
10.50 A. M.—Sewing contest for
11.00 A. M.—Long distance relay
race for Boy Scouts from Telegraph
building to Paxtang Park.
11.10—Shoe race for small boys.
11.20 A. M.—Three standing
broad jumps, fifth, sixth, seventh,
eighth grades; three standing broad
jumps, third and fourth grades.
11.30 A. M. —50-yard dash for
boys, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth
11.36 A. M.—so-yard dash for
girls, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth
11.50 A. M.—Obstacle race for
boys, all grades.
12.05 P. M.—Long distance run
aronnd lake for seventh and eighth
12.10 —Tug of war by boys of all
12.30 P. M.—Mess call for dinner.
(Long ball game for two good
girl teams and volley ball games to
be run off at the convenience of the
field marshal).
1 to 2 P .M.—Band concert and
all schools massed on lawn to sing
the "Star Spangled Banner" under
direction of Professor Rose.
2.15 P. M.—Show in theater.
4.00 P. M. —Spelling match;
speakers of the day; award of prizes.
6.00 P. M.—Massed schools sing
ing patriotic songs.
[ConUntied from First Page]
the end agree to the terma. Those
familiar with the changes in the
Treaty say the German leaders can,
If they wish, make It appear they
had gained concessions through ne
Americana Ready to Invade
Marshal Foch, commander-in
chief of the Allied armies, has Is
sued orders that preparations be
made for an advance eastward from
the Rhine bridgeheads as soon aa
the Germans refuse to meet the Al
lied terms. If that action should be
taken. American forces are all
ready and. If the occasion should
require, can start on short notice in
battle formation toward the Interior
of Germany-
Austria Makes Reply
The Austrian reply to the frag
mentary Treaty submitted at St,
Germ&in has been handed to the
Peace Conference and is being trans
lated for submission to the Council
of Five. Nothing aa to ita nature
has been made public at Paris, but
Vienna dispatches say that news
papers there are publishing a sum
mary of the reply, which seems to
consist largely of objections to the
territorial clhuses of the Treaty.
Foreign Ministers Meet
With President Wilson in Bel
gium and Premier Lloyd George at
Verdun to-day and to-morrow, the
Council of Five will mark time. The
only Peace Conference body in ses
sion to-day was the Council of For
eign Ministers. Final consideration
of the Austrian terms Is planned for
Friday, and it Is believed that the
Austrians will receive the full text
of the terms on Saturday.
stained glass; vice-president of the
Landis Savings Club Company, sec
retary of the 801 l Bros. Manufactur
ing Company and former president
of the Slxteeners Association of
Pennsylvania. He was a member of
Robert Burns Lodge, Free and Ac
cepted Masons; Harrlsburg Consis
tory, Zembo Shrine and Grace
Methodist Church.
Funeral services will be held I' ri
day afternoon at 4 o'clock under the
allspices of the Masons. The Rev.
H N. Bassler officiating in the ab
sence of Dr. Bagnell.
Pittsburgh Wants Games
With Harrisburg Team
Pittsburgh, Pa., Jun 15 Would
you kindly inform me if there are any
good semipro or steel league team
playing ball in Harrisburg this sea
son, or any league of any kind?
I would like to have the address of
one or two managers who handle
good teams in that section.
I will be very glad If you will let
me know. Thanking you In advance
X remain.
Very Respectfully,
524 West Jefferson street-
Boy Scouts to Play
For City Championship
Troop It. B. S. A., evened up the
series for championship of the city
of Scout teams by winnlg a forfeit
game from Troop 22 by the score of
9 to 0. The manager of the Troop
22 team is asked to get in touch with
the manager of Troop 1 team to ar
range the final game, which will de
cide the city's championship. The
game to be played on the H. A. C.
grounds. •
On Thursday, June 26. Troop
Eleven's team will go to Duncannon
to play the Scout team of that place.
All the players are asked to report
at Market Square not later than 4.30
p. m.. to go by truck to Duncannon.
Boy Scout teams desiring games
with Troop 11 should get in touch
with Manager Rodgers, 1298 State
An inspection ,was made to-day of
the Philadelphia division of the
Pennsylvania railroad. The inspec
tion party included N. W.' Smith,
general superintendent of the East
ern divisions, and William Elmer,
superintendent of the Philadelphia
division. It is understood that ex
tensive repairs and improvements
will be taken up at an early date.
Hempt's Home Run Won
For Electricians in the
Bethlehem Steel League
Hempt's home run over the left
field fence With two men on bases
gave the Electricians the decision
over the Machine Shop in last even
ing's game. This is Peacock's sixth
straight victory, and gives the Elec
tricians a lead of two games. G.
Zerance played a great game at third
base, Landis and rtooks did the
best work for the Machine Shop.
AB. R. H. O. A. E.
Krout, cf 4 0 0 0 0 0
Gardner, ss...z 3 0 1 2 1 1
Books, lb 3 0 1 8 0 0
White, c 3 0 0 6 0 0
Landis, p 1 0 j j j ,
to ~e r' 2 2 0 2 0 2 0
Sellers, 3b .... 3 0 0 0 1 0
Nesser, If 3 0 0 1 0 0
Push . rt 3 1 1 0 0 0
Totals 25 1 ~6 18 ~5 ~2
AB. R. H. O. A. E.
Murphy 3 0 0 0 2 0
G. Zerance .... 3 1 2 2 7 0
Hempt 3 1 in 0 0
Hornbergcr .... 2 0 0 2 1 0
Wagner 3 0 0 0 0 0
Sheafter 3 0 1 4 1 0
J. Zerawce .... 1 0 0 0 0 0
Peacock 2 0 0 0 1 0
Totals 23 3 4 21 13 0
Machine Shop . . 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
Electricians .... 0 0 0 3 0 0 x 3
Home run, Hempt. Sacrifice hits,
Etter, Hornberger. Struck out, by
Landis, 6 Peacock, 4. Base on balls,
off Landis, 1; Peacock, 2. Left on
base. Machine Shop, 6; Electricians,
4. Stolen bases. G. Zerance, Reily.
Passed balls. White. Umpire, Tag
Lemoyne Beats Marysville;
Enswiler Strikes Out 16
Lemoyne, in a very fast game,
eclipsed Marysville yesterday by a
score of 10-2. Sanders also twirled
a fine game, but the hitting was
hard by Lemoyne batters. Lemoyne
will play Shiremanetown on the'
S. S. S. Clears Skin of Erup
tions—Drives Poison From
the System
Get it fixed in your mind that
skin eruptions. Eczema, burning,
itching skin, and all skin diseases
are due entirely to impure and in
fected blood. If the trouble was on
the outside of the skin, by simply
washing and keeping It clean you
could obtain relief—not even oint
ments, lotions, and salves would be
necessary. Agree with us in this
belief, and your trouble can be re
lieved —you can be entirely restored
to health. 8. S. S. is a purely vege
table treatment that you can secure
from your own druggist—it is a
blood tonic that will purify your
"I Was Sick and Run Down
All Over, Weak, Worn Out"
Another Williamsport man who
had faith In the pure, safe, Nature
remedies he knew about and could
trust, has found quick relief from a
miserable condition, he tells in a
splendid endorsement given to Nat
onex, the Nature medicine that
we ik, ailing, nervous, run down men
and women here are publicly en
dorsing every day.
The statement of Daniel Hain. of
23 Dußols street, Williamsport, will
bring encouragement to so many
sufferers here.
"I have had kidney and bladder
trouble for a long time," Mr. Hain
explained. "These organs were in a
very weakened condition and nat
urally would not perform their
duties. Any one who has suffered
from disordered or weakened kid
neys will know how miserable I felt.
"I did not have any sharp pains.
I was Just sick and run down all
over. I was weak and worn out.
"I finally read of Natonex in the
papers and I recognized the roots
and herbs that I have great faith in.
I started on Natonex and it went to
work quickly, purifying and invigo
rating my kidneys and my whole
"I have been BO greatly benefited
that I know my system needs a real
cleansing and I am going to keep
on with Natonex a while longer.
"I am leaving the latter part of
this week to visit my daughter in
Texas. I have not seen her in ten
years, so I want to feol my best and
I am going to take Natonex with
"These Nature remedies in which
Mr. Hain had such faith are the 12
most famous of Nature's gifts and
they are all combined in Natonex,"
said th'c fjatonex representative who
Mowers, Binders, Hay Rakes, Hay Loaders, Corn
Binders, Tractors, Quality Seeds
Every kind of Modern Farm Machinery and Equipment.
We have furnished entire equipments to those just start
ing farming. We are prepared to furnish you anything
ydu want for your farm.
Make Schell's Seed Store your dependable headquarters.
Right prices, quick delivery, pleasing intelligent service,
for square satisfaction in everything, very liberal terms.
If you have a used machine you wish to trade in on a
new one see us about it.
Plows, Disc Harrows, Manure Spreaders, Cultivators,
Grain Drills, Ensilage Cutters and Shredders, Silos,
Wagons, Dairy Equipment, Milking Machines, Separa
tors, etc.
Quality Seeds
They Grow Better—They Yield Better
Both Phones
home ground Thursday evening. The
AB. R. H. O. A. E.
Kutz, 2b 5 0 2 2 1 1
Zimmerman, 3b 5 12 12 0
Thomas, lb 5 2 3 5 0 0
Fair, c 5 ,1 0 16 0 0
Myers, as 5 0 0 3 2 1
Enswiler, p... 5 1 1 0 1 0
Free, If 2 1 1 0 0 0
Moul, rf 5 1 0 0 0 0
Beistllne, cf- ... 5 2 2 0 0 0
Strine, If 3 1 1 0 0 0
Total 44 10 12 27 6 2
AB. R. H. O. A. E.
E. Roberts, lb . 4 1 2 10 0 0
F. Sanders, 3b.. 4 0 0 0 0 l
R. Benfer, ss. . 4 0 1 1 2 0
D. Clendenin, c. 4 0 1 6 0 0
D. Sanders, p.. 4 0 0 2 1 1
M. Willard, rf .. 4 0 0 0 0 0
D. Bear, cf ... 3 0 0 1 0 0
O. Dickers, 2b . 3 1 1 3 1 2
J. Benfer. If ... 3 0 0 1 0 0
Total 33 2 5 24 5 4
Lemoyne 00030313 x —lo
Marysvllle 002000 0 0 o—2
Two base hits—R. Benfer, Kutz.
Sacrifice hits—Myers, Kutz. Struck
out—Enswiler, 16: D. Sanders, 6.
Base on balls—Zimmerman, Strine.
Hit by pitcher—Fair, 2: Strine, My
ers. Time—6.4s. Umpire—Deshong.
Yesterday's Results
Chica'go, 7; New York, 2.
Pittsburgh, 6; Philadelphia, 0.
Brooklyn at St. Louis, rain.
Boston at Cincinnati, rain.
Standing of the Clubs
W. L. Pet.
New York 30 14 >2l
Cincinnati 27 18 .60 r
Chicago 25 21 .547
Pittsburgh 25 21 .547
St Louis 21 24 .'67
Brooklyn 21 26 .447
Philadelphia 15 26 .365
Boston 14 28 .333
Schedule FOP To-day
Boston at Pittsburgh.
Brooklyn at Chicago.
New York at St Louis.
Philadelphia at Cincinnati.
Yesterday's Results
i New York, 5; St. Louis, 2.
blood arid cause a most decided
abatement of your trouble, and fin
ally make you entirely well. Fifty
years ago S. S. S. was discovered
and given to suffering mankind.
During this period it h..s proven its
remarkable curative properties as a
blood purifier and tonic, and has re
lieved thousands of cases of disease
caused by poor or impure blood.
You can be relieved, but you must
take S. S. S. Take it if only pim
ples appear, for they denote bad
blood, and may be followed by the
sufferings from tc-*-<ring skin erup
tions. Therefore be sure. Don't
take chances, don't use lotions. If
yours is a special case, write fir ex
pert medical advice. Address Medi
cal Director, 258 Swift Laboratory,
Atlanta, Ga.
is here. Each Nature remedy is
noted for a special relief, and com
bined, they are designed to purify
and strengthen the entire digestive
tract so that Nature can create a
better digestion, purer blood, real
nerve vigor and bodilv strength.
Nothing secret about Natonex.
You do not have to be convinced
that Natonex will be good for you.
You know these Nature remedies
too well to question them. Your
conlmon sense tells you it is safe —
no alcohol or narcotics.
These are the Nature remedies:
Dandelion Root, Nature's liver tonic;
Gentian Root, for indigestion and to
mildly increase the force of blood
circulation; Juniper Berries, to
cleanse and purify kidneys and blad
der; Sarsaparilla Root, for the blood.
Jamaica Ginger Root, to warm the
stomaoh, increase the flow of diges
tive juices and nourish the stomach
blood supply; Peruvian Bark, to sub
due feverish condition; Rhubarb
Root, to dislodge the waste matter
that causes acute constipation;
Prickly Ash Bark, for a languid run
down system.
Valerian Root, to tone the nerves
and reduce the sleeplessness of
stomach sufferers; Linseed, to re
lieve congestion; Cascara Bark, the
bowel tonic, and Bicarbonate of Soda
to sweeten acid stomach, stop food
fermentation and relieve gas bloat
You can even test Natonex free by
calling on the special representative
at the Gorgaa Drug Store, 16 North
Third street.
Natonex is now sold by the lead
ing druggists in every town. If your
druggist can't supply you, don't take
a substitute and don't wait, address
the Gorgas Drug Store, Harrlsburg.
JUNE 18, 1919.
Chicago, 7; Philadelphia, 6.
Cleveland. 4; Boston, 3, morning.
Cleveland, 3; Boston, 2, afternoon.
Washington, 2; Detroit, 1.
Standing of the Clubs
W. L. Pet.
Chicago 30 15 .666
Cleveland *#o 16 .644
New York 26 15 .634
St. Louis 22 22 .500
Detroit 21 23 .477
Boston 18 23 .439
Washington 16 27 .372
Athletics 9 32 .219
Schednle For To-day
St. Louis at Boston.
The World Demands, Strong, Vigorous,
Keen-Minded, Men and Women ;
It has been said of Americans that they work their habits over
Many become nervous and inefficient by overwork.
By worry, despondency, social affairs, robbing brain and body
fof needed rest; excessive use of tobacco, indulgence in strong alco
holic drink—excesses of every kind that burn up the vital powers
so necessary in these trying times to make both men and women
lit to be of help to themselves and others.
It is time to be temperate in all things. The man or woman
with impaired nerves caused by impoverished blood lacks vigor,
the ambition, the endurance and the keen mind of those who avoid
excesses, r
Timldness, despondency, fear, trembling linnds. want of confidence and
even cowardliness, are due in a large measure to abused nerves.
People with plenty of red bleed cerpaselea and strong, healthy nerves here
ne desire to shirk work and lean on others far guidance and support.
There Is hardly a nerve-sliattered man or woman (unless of on organic
disease) in America today who cannot become alert and clear in mind; vigorous
and energetic in body in & very few weeks aud at trifling cost.
Te became strong and aahitioas, to feel that wark Is not drudgery; ta
have steady nerves, abandance of red blood and power of endaronee; ta be not
only O man bat as men now go, a superman, yon mast take seven tablets af!
Bie-feren every day for seven days—and take them faithfally.
Take two after each meal and one at bedtime and after seven days take '
one oniy after meal unUl the supply is exhausted.
Then If you feel that any claim made In this special notice is untrue—lf
your nerves are not twice as steady as before; if you do not feel ambitious,
more vigorous and Vcen-mlnded, the pharmacist who dispensed the tablets to
you will gladly hand you back just what you paid for them.
Bio-feren Is without doubt the grandest remedy for nervous, rundown,
weak, anaemic men and women ever offered direct through druggists and is
not at all expensive. All druggists la this city and vicinity have a supply on
hand—sell many packages.
Th ot fi" "M"I p T7M rinv jjf T
■ I BROADWAY, * 32d A 33d STS. N I
I 4 YORK ' - .
I One Block from Penna. Station. 600 B
Baggage Transferred Free ROOMS \
I e** 400YBATHS J
II Direct Entrance to B'wuy Sub- I
I Hmbon Rates; —From $2 Per Day j
1 2| ISS PLEASANT ROOMS With Private Bath j
Vffl# . s3y Pert Day U •
V KfljtjH / . The Martinique Restaurants Are WeO Known far Good I
Food and Reasonable Prices *
<► - "Harrisburg, Pa., June 17, 1919. <f>
❖ International Harvester Company of America, #.
♦ Harrisburg, Pa % ♦
❖ Gentlemen:—Referring to the INTERNATIONAL Motor Trucks ♦
<♦ we are using, wish to say we purchased the first truck from your ♦
jf Company about, three years ago. This was a one-ton capacity and ♦
T gave, us such good service that we gave you an order for another ♦
v truck the same year. v
♦ This second one-ton truck we found equally as good as the first. *
Y We have used it now around two years and the results of both trucks X
T were so gratifying that in May of this year our business demanded X
2, another truck and we again called on you for a Model H. three-quar- T
T ter-ton INTERNATIONAL truck. X
X The durability of your motor trucks and the good service ren- X
3, dered by the International Harvester Company to their truck owners a.
X is OUR reasons for using INTERNATIONIi. X
X Yours very truly, X
#► By F. W. Graupner, ♦
♦ Manager."
| Next week we will hear from another Baker in this town *
♦ Service Station, No. 27 X. Cameron Street ♦
t 4
N to your dealer and pass him 7t,
and then he will give you your
money's worth of real smoke
John C, Herman & Co,
Harrisburg, Pa.
To-day Try One
■ - ———■——!
Cleveland at New Yorlf
Chicago at Washington
Detroit at Philadelphia.
Waynesboro, Pa., June 18.—To
have lost and after six months re
covered her 8400 diamond and pearl
cluster ring, is the unique experi
ence of Mrs. Isaac H. Bloom, wife
of a well-known local merchant
The jewel was recovered from a
young woman livir|T at Greencastle,
■ to whom it had been given by tho