Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, May 21, 1919, Page 9, Image 9

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Huge Fund Certain to Be Raised For Benefit of the City's
' Pure Milk Fund
Hundreds of Harriaburg men and
women—and all the Harrleburg
babies who are going to require pure
milk during the coming summer
months —are rooting to-day for fair
weather to-morrow. Only that Is nec
essary to make the Skylark at Wllla-
Villa (Lemoyne), a complete success.
"Why must It rain so much?"
mourned one of the members of the
executive committee this morning,
gazing sadly at the drizzling skies. "1
never dreamed it could rain so
It seemed several times to-day,
however, that the eun would succeed
in breaking through the clouds, and
the indications for to-morrow" are
apparently favorable, so far as the
- weather is concerned. They are cer
tainly favorable so far as the Skylark
itself is concerned.
Supper reservations closed to-day
at noon, and Caterer Rutherford
will have plenty to do to-morrow
evening. The Skylark Is to be "in
Expenses Are Guaranteed
It has been announced that the
expenses of the Skylark have been
guaranteed by friends of the Harris
burg babies so that all money receiv
ed from the sale of the $3 tickets
will go direct to the fund for certi
fied milk, ice and the services of a
"The sale of tickets continues tre
mendous." declared Treasurer George
Whitney this morning. "I'll predict
that the Skylarking crowd Thursday
afternoon and evening, will be a
Members of the executive commit
tee this morning were at Wllla-Vllla
in large numbers, superintending the
work of decorating the large pavil
ion. The floor has been reflnlshed and.
is in perfect condition. Artisans are
placing the huge, flower-covered, re-
Safe Pills
have been the ideal Family
Laxative for 40 years—a guar-":
antee of - reliability. Gentle
in action, they are. entirely,
free, frojn . injurious, drugs,
and-ace. intended, especially
■ biliousness, • indi
gestion, torpid liv
er or inactivity of
the bowels!.
sells them.
Yazaer's S! lea4lt> C.,
locktiOr. N. T.
How to Bathe Face
to Remove Wrinkles
Since Its remarkable astringent j
and tonic properties became known. \
clever women all over the country i
have been using the saxolite face |
bath to "tone up" their faces, re- ,
move wrinkles and draw flabby cheeks
and neck back to normal. After us
ing the solution, the face immedi
ately feels much firmer. The skin
tightens evenly all over the face,
thus reducing lines and sagginess.
The formula is: Powdered saxolite,
one ounce, dissolved in witch hazel,
one-half pint.
These ingredients are of course
perfectly harmless and there is no
difficulty In obtaining them at any
drug store.
Cause of Stomach
Hew to Relieve Stomach Distress In
a Few Minutes. Money Back If
Treatment Does Not Overcome
Any Form of Indigestion
If you feel as though there was a
lump of lead at the pit of the stom
ach, take a couple o£ Ml-o-na stom
ach tablets and In five minutes you
should see that all stomach distress
bat vanished.
If you belch gas. have heartburn
or sour stomach, you need Mi-o-na. f
If your stomach feels upset the morn
ing after the night before, take two j
Mi-o-na tablets and see how quickly j
you get relief.
If you have shortness of breath, |
rain In the stomacn, waterbrash or
oul breath, you need Mi-o-na and )
the sooner you get It, the sooner your
stomach should perform its duties
If you use a box of Ml-o-na tablets
gnd feel that it has not overcome
your Indigestion or stomach t-ouble, I
take the empty box to your dealer
and he will refund your money. For
aale by H. C. Kennedy and all lead
ing druggists.
The Luncheon That
Proved a Success
"Mary," exclaimed Mrs. Gordon to
her new maid, in dismay, "what in
the world are we going to do! Mrs.
Redfern has come for lunch. You
might be sure she'd hit upon the very
day we had planned on Just a pick
up lunch. We might manage, but
there isn't a thing we can have for
dessert at this short notice."
"I can manage, Mrs. Gordon," re
plied Mary, confidently. "Just you
leave it to me."
Luncheon time arrived, and Mary
brought in a delicious, smooth mould
of rich chocolate blanc mange. She
had saved the day!
"How in the world did you do it!"
•aid Mrs. Gordon. "Your dessert was
, delicious."
"Why," replied her maid, "I made
It with Puddine."
/ "Puddine?" questioned Mrs. Gor
don. "Do tell me about It."
"It's a dessert that always turns
out right and isn't a bit of trouble
to make. All you have to do is to
add milk, either fresh or condensed,
and sugar, and boil for three min
utes, and then when it is cool, you
have a rich, creamy mould of des
"Does it come in more than one
flavor?" asked Mrs. Gordon.
"Oh, yes, indeed—chocolate, rose,
vanilla, orange, lemon and in several
flavors. And it only costs 15c for a
box which will serve 15 people."
"Well," said Mrs. Gordon, "it cer
tainly Is delicious."
"I use it for cake and pie fillings
too." said Mary, "and it makes ice
cream.smooth and rich."
"Well," exclaimed Mrs. Gordon
emphatically, "there is one thing
■nre. In the future, we will never
£e without puddine!"
For sale at all ffrocers.
volvlng drums between the steel gir
ders. One section of the sidewall has
been removed, and a 20-foot stair
case has been built to the lawn. This
will be hung In blue and white, the
Skylark colors, and carpeted in red.
The carpenters are finishing their
work on the willow pagoda, wherein
the mystic from New York Will read
the future. Thousands of morning
, glories are being hung and scores of
1 dozens of gold and blue Iris are being
' placed. The stage is a mass of color.
| There are to be tents with canopies
for dressing rooms. Absolutely noth
ing is being overlooked.
Reservations for supper have been
closed, it was announced to-day, but
tickets may be purchased at Rose's,
Harry's hat store, and the Penn-
Harris hotel up to to-morrow even
Additional Patrons Announced
Mr. and Mrs. H. 8, Luiz, Mr. and
Mrs. Robert H. Irons, Mr. and Mrs.
C. H. Burtnett, Mr. and Mrs. 8. F.
Dunkle, Mrs. Annie Stmonettl,
Thomas T. Wlerman, W. Harry
Raker, Mrs. J. A. Greenawalt, Col.
Frederick M. Ott. Miss Bertha M.
Fink. Miss Ida F. Swope, Miss Helen
B. Espy, J. E. B. Cunningham. Mr.
and Mrs. F. F. Davenport, D. D. Ilain
T. IV. Smnllwood, Mr. and Mrs.
Harry T. Nealc, Dr. and Mrs. T. E.
Munce, Mr. and Mrs. W. Frank Wit
man, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Troup, L.
V. Larkin, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Harris,
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Jeffers, Mr.
and Mrs. H. L. Colton, Forrest Hunter,
Dr. and Mrs. J. B. McAllster, Dr. Hiram
McGowan, H. O. Miller, George Y. Carl,
; S. W. Fleming, Mrs. Sue Myers Africn,
I E. A. Heffelflnger, Mrs. Anna C. Doehne,
Mrs. Elizabeth D. McCormlck, Dr. and
I Mrs. Harvey F. Smith.
' M. W. Fager, the Rt Rev. Philip R.
McDevitt, Sol. Kuhn, George W. Kehr,
i Mr. and Mrs. James C, Thompson, Mrs.
C. A. Kunkel, Henry A. Kelker, Jr.,
Miss Mary E. Hotter, H. A. Gable, Dr.
and Mrs. John J. Moffit, Herman P.
Miller, Miss Mary Jennings, Dr. John
C. Stevens. Mrs. T. Rockhlll Smith, Mr.
and Mrs. William M. Haln, Mrs. Edward
F. Dunlap, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Crlspen.
Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Sponsion Mr. and
Mrs. J. Austin Brandt, Mr. and Mrs.
John S. lulling, Dr. and Mrs. C. L.
i Trulllnger, John C. Soutter, R. 8.
; Care, Burton VanDyke, Mr. and
I Mrs. George E. Etter, Parker T.
i liarnes, Dr. r.nd Mrs. George B. Kunkel,
Miss Fannie M. Eby, T. J. Opperman.
Franklin Suydam, Mrs. L. W. Kay, Mr.
i and Mrs. Joseph W. Morrow, Mr. and
Mrs. Frank R. Leib.
Mr. and Mrs. Ashton D. Peace, Mr.
and Mrs. Robert G. Goldsborough, Dr.
and Mrs. Charles S. Rebuck. W. W.
| Caldwell, Vance C. McCormick, Mr. and
Mrs. George S. Reinoehl, John A. Af
fleck, E. G. Slabach, Mr. and Mrs.
George X. Barnes, Miss Sybil M. Weir,
Louis Baturln. Maurice A. Caplan, Mr.
nnd Mrs. X. E. Hause, H. C. Koons. Dr.
R. F. L. Rldgway, Miss Isabel S. Wll
helm, Alexander H. Roberts, the Misses
! Pearson. Captain and Mrs. Henry M.
| Gross. Mrs. Lillian K. Zeigler, G. Irwin
Beatty, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Marks, Mrs.
William B. Schleisner, Mr. and Mr 3.
S. G. Jean, Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Ibach,
Mrs. W. O. Bishop. Mr. and Mrs. George
B. Tripp, Mr. and Mrs. C. Floyd Hop
kins, Miss Minnie E. Bailey, Mrs. Hen
rietta A. Disbrow and John A. Rose.
The Misses Pearson, Mr. and Mrs.
William Pearson, J. W. Schroth, Mrs.
Anna Simonetti, Harry M. Gensler,
J. M. Cameron, Mr. and Mrs. Horace
M. Witman, Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Ent
wistle, Samuel Gardner, Neall H.
Trout, Mr. and Mrs. D. Bailey
Brandt, R. W. Fair, Mrs. W. R. Dene
hey, J. P. Harris, T. G. Calder, Mr.
and Mrs. Herman F. Hahn, R. W.
Moorhead, B. B. Drum, Mrs. Sarah
E. Deeter, Mrs. Emma P. Knisely,
Mrs. Pricilla D. Harrington, J. T.
Hambay, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Hepler,
Mrs. G. W. Creighton, Mr. and Mrs.
Farley Gannett. Mr. and Mr 3. W. E.
Seel. Dr. G. W. Hartman, Mrs. E.
Walzer. L. V. Fritz, Dr.. David S.
Funk, Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Dunkle, Dr.
and Mrs. John C. Stevens, Mrs.
Catherine S. Dunbar.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis F. Haehnlen,
George E. Whitney, Daniel C. Herr,
Spencer Gilbert Xauman, Mr. and
Mrs. William Henderson, Mr. and
Mrs. W. B. Hammond, E. M. Green,
Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Bent, Dr. John
H. Fager. Jr., Mr. and Mrs. W. D.
Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. John C. Orr,
H. A. Robinson, W. L. Stoey, Robert
McCormick, Dr. John F. Culp, Mr.
and Mrs. Victor F. Lecoq, 3d., Ed
ward Keister, Mr. and Mrs. Fred R.
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H.
Bailey, Silberman Bros., William
Strouse, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Staek
pole.Mr. and Mrs. F. Herbert Snow,
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Hull, H. A.
Rutherford. Dr. and Mrs. "F. E.
Downes. Mr. and Mrs. R. M. H.
Wharton, Dr. and Mrs. C. C. Cocklin.
Miss Anna E. Kolbenschlag, Ashmer
M. Blake. David S. Blessing. Mr. and
Mrs. A. W. Moul, Mr. and Mrs. W. N.
Dr. Thomas E. Finegan
Pays First Visit Here
Dr. Thomas E. Finegan. the new
Superintendent of Public Instruction,
made his first appearance in the Capi
tol to-day.
He came here from New York to
look ever the situation and expects to
assume his new duties as soon as he
can wind up his affairs in New York.
The expectation is that he will suc
ceed to the office made vacant by the
death of Dr. Nathan C. Schaefter about
June 1.
"The Governor of Pennsylvania
made it clear to me." said Dr. Fine
gan. "that this State presents the
greatest educational opportunities in
the world. That is why I am here.
"I had a congenial position In New
York, where I could do good service
and was contented to stay there, but
came to Pennsylvania at the sugges
tion of Governor Sproul."
Dr. Finegan was taken on a tour
of the Capitol by Harry S. McDevitt,
secretary to Governor Sproul, and was
introduced to the heads of the vari
ous departments. In the Senate, W.
Harry Baker, secretary of that bodv
presented him to the Senators. He de
clined to discuss any phase of the
educational system In Pennsylvania,
and said he would have no plans *or
the future, until he had Inquired Into
the situation thoroughly.
The Board of Pardons took a recess
to meet the new Superintendent.
Westmoreland County
Farmers Fight Wolves
Grronsbnrg, Pa., May 21.—Harvey
Dixon, a farmer, shot and killed a
wolf on Dry Ridge, three miles south
of Greensburg, according to a report
received here.
Another farmer la reported to have
shot at three wolves and missed. The
wolves turned on him. The farmer
managed to keep the beasts a safe dis
tance until neighbors, attracted by his
cries for help, responded and drove
tne animals away.
Use McNeil's Cold Tablets Adv.
Motive Power to "Take
Away Dark Brown Taste"
With a "Regular" Show
"We are going to take the dark brown
taste out of boxing," chorused Mana
gers Reindell and Runk. of the brisk
Motive Power Athletic Club, last even-
- p
"The Live Store" "Always Reliable"
Clothes for Graduation
That Everybody Is Talking /I
■/ !
4 |
By the way, you young Graduates might "look father over" a few
days beforehand and be sure that he's going to be dressed as a parent of a graduate should be—lf /
you think he needs one, we have plenty of suits for father. Graduation day ought to be a "Big" day for him, too, / 1
and if he wants the best he had better come to this "Live Store" for
Hart Schaffner & Marx, Kuppenheimer
& Society Brand Clothes /j
304 Market Street M Harrisburg,- Pa.
u Is Always Reliable fej
- "" ■ 1 ■ . irn,'. '
lng, after Dee, Roller bad demonstrated
that a man can be a giant at the age of
4). They referred to the next sparring
fray at the Motive Power arena which
takes place May 28.
"We won't try to get any Lew Tend
lere," explained Runk. but we will have
a regular llin-dandy program, with no
SI,OOO stars to gum the cards. First,
there will be Jimmy Pappaa, the phenom
they are all talking about, hooked up
with "Little Bear," Than thire will be
Jack Wllport and Young Fulton iDlck
Conlon and Young Peakos and two bouts
of local boys.
The Motive Power attracts (he belt
patronage In the city, Its bou's alwuyß
being clean and fast; no smoking In al
lowed and the fair sex are In plentiful
patronage. In taking away the "dark
brown" taste this show will be effective.
SENT Z1P,500,000 HOME
..fj* ? ra * k * ~ Approximately 818,-
300,000 has come back to the folks at
home from American doughboys in
trance, Germany, England and Rus
* a since January I, 118, through a
single channel. It Is estimated that
postal ana express money orders for
that sum would have cost the boys
$60,000, but the bureau of soldiers'
remittances of the Y. M. C. A. War
may nam
Work Council transmitted the money
without charge.
At the cloee of business on April
21 last the bureau had handled 323,-
3fl accounts. Every one of the asso
clalton e B,ISO representatives with
the American Expeditionary Forces
Is an agent of this remittance bu
reau, and the "Y" has been able to
receive the soldiers' money for trans
mission to America while no other
agency was available. By virtue of
its central department In New York.
In which forty-five' ptrmu are em
ployed, and lt thousand* of raprsssn
taUTa 1n every Hart at tbc eoumr*,
the "Y" has been able to deliver flfc
mlttencee to any iDdttltfHl, in any
locality specified.
Two months ago the* total of un
delivered remittances was l.f St. Co
operation of newspaper* In publishing
lists of payeas who eotild not lis
found has resulted in .a marked re
duction. '