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Prominent Luymen Plan to
Back Drastic Prohibi
tion Legislation
Determined that Pennsylvania's
prohibition legislation shall actu
ally prohibit sale and use of intox
icating liquors in the State, repre
sentatives of the State Federation of
Bible Classes to-day outlined plans
for enforcing the laws along these
lines, at a meeting held in the
Penn-Harris Hotel. Committees
were appointed to see the Governor,
the legislative leaders, and to draft
a program of activities not only
for the coming year but for the
years to come.
Appreciation of the work of
Governor William O. Sproul in the
temperance question was expressed
in a minute adopted by the meet
ing and presented to him by a dele
gation from the organization. The
minute, addressed to the Governor,
say s:
"Representing 12,830 Organized
Adult Bible Classes of Pennsylvania,
with 340,000 member, we desire to
emphasize our appreciation of the
administration of William C. Sproul.
as Governor of our loved Common
wealth, and to assure him of the
continued loyal support of the moral
forces of Pennsylvania, as he may
continue to represent the lofty
To Reduce Your Weight
Quickly and Easily
If you are too fat. or if your tigure
lias become llabby and you are carry
ing around a burden of annoying un
healthy tlesh. the cause is. ten
chances to one. lack of oxygen carry
ing power of the blood and faulty as
similation of tile food. Too little of
the food is being made into good
hard tissue and muscle and too much
into little globules of fat.
Every man and woman reader of
this paper who is too fat, whose llesh
is soft and flabby should try the new
preparation, Phynola. a simple, but
remarkably efficient formula put up
for convenient home use.
Go to Gorgas. the druggist, stores,
IS N. Third £rt.. Third and Walnut Sis.
and Penna. K. It. Station to-day and
get a box of these wonderful Phynola
tablets; take one after each meal and
one at bed time. They are pleasant to
take, entirely safe and give splendid
results quickly and easily. No dieting,
strenuous exercising, drastic mas
saging or appliances. Just a simple
Phynola tablet four times a day and
in a short time your weight is reduc- ,
ed on all parts of the body to what
it should be.
May 18
Special Excursion Train
Front Fare Lv.A.M.
Harrisburg ... $2.70 6.25
Hummeistown . 2.70 0.40
Swatara 2.70 6.45
Hershey 2.7" 0.48
Palmyra 2.70 6.54
Annville 2.70 7.02
Cieona 2.70 7.05
Lebanon 2.70 7.12
Avon 2.70 7.17
Prescott 2.70 7.20
Myerstown .. . 2.59 7.25
Richland 2.4 8 7.30
Sheridan 2.38 7.34
Wontelsdorf . . 2.27 7.39
Reading Terminal Ar. 10.05
(War tax included in above
RETURNING —Special Train
will leave Philadelphia, Reading
Terminal, at 7.00 P. M., same
date, for above stations.
Philadelphia & Reading Railroad
Lawn Mowers Sharpened
Court and Cranberry Scs.
We believe that we can SOLVE ALL YOUR COAL
TROUBLES with our NEW HARD COAL. Ask any
one who has tried it what they think of it.
Coal is expensive. Why not get what you pay for— I'j
the Best? £
There's no slate and bone in
Our New Hard Coal—Burns
down to a fine white powder
—no more big ash piles S
From a hundred or more new customers who have tried
our New Hard Coal, we have had but one answer—
A trial order will convince you that we have THE mi
567 Race Street Both Phones |j|j
fUESDAY EVENING, hjlrrisbuhg TELEGIUPK MAY 6, 1919.
Ideas and ideals to which our State
is now rising,
"We recognise in our Governor
tt hißtl of strong convictions and
sterling character—transmuted —for
the highest fvelfaro of the people
, Into offlolat activities,
. 1 "We desire to go on record in
1 hearty approval of our Governor's
) firm stand on great moral questions
and especially for his attitude and
' activities on behalf of the ratlflea
. tlon of the prohibition amendment
to the National Constitution which
j was endorsed by both branches of
our Legislature.
"Wo respectfully call upon Gov
■ ernor Sproul to help pass Vlckor
mun House bill No. 1142 and Fox
; llouso bill No. 072 to secure neoes
sury enforcement of prohibition,
i with complete conildenco In his
willingness und In his tirnt oppo
sition to all efforts to nullify hinder
ing legislation."
The convention will continue un- |
til 6 o'clock to-night. Discussion
! of the work to be accomplished oc
' cupled the convention during the
afternoon discussion.
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ing. Fifty uniformed members are
I expected to be in attendance at the
t latter event.
Six commanderies of Harrisburg,
Steelton and Middletown have
named their delegates to the meet
ing. The Harrisburg commandery
representatives are: Thomas Me-
Cutcheon, No. 96: William F. C.
Liesmann, No. 113; John W. Gris
singer. No. 114; Harry M. Askin,
No. 125. Ray Shaffner will repre
sent Commandery No. 10S, of Steel
ton. and H. O. Lindemuth, No. 132,
of Middletown.
Warren J. ltaffensberger. of York,
is Grand Commander of the order in
Pennsylvania this year. S. Ray
mond Snyder, of Chambersburg. will
serve in the same capacity during
the next year. The order was ex
tended during the past year, despite
the war. four new commanderies be
ing instituted. All are located in
Lancaster county.
Gets Heavy Sentence For
Stealing Penn-Harris Silver
Pleading guilty to a charge of j
stealing silverware and linens front j
the Penn-Harris Hotel, valued at
$350. Charles Droneberger. who had
been employed there as a night
watchman, was sentenced in cout i
yesterday afternoon by President ;
judge George Kunkel to a peniten
tiary term of fourteen months to j
two years. i
James Green, who entered a pica j
' of guilty to a charge of assaulting
and robbing Moaes Yoffee. was
given a penitent ary term also of j
fourteen months to two years. Other j
sentences imposed follow; Frank |
Franando, larceny, three months; i
Sonny Washington, felonious entry, j
seven months; Joe Contradics. lar- !
cerny. six months: Henry Williams,
larceny, four months; George j
Moran, larceny, six months; Ward ,
Sheetz. three months; George Cook, i
larceny, two months.
Scouts Will Report to
Assist in the Parade
All Scouts of the city will report !
to Scout Executive Virgin, at Front j
and Market streets, to-morrow, as j
: soon as they are free front morning
school duties.
The Scouts have been asked by !
Mayor Keister to have charge of
keeping back the crowds Afftf 'pa-'
troling the streets over which the
pard.de will pass.
Physician Believes a Genuine Rem
edy for the Disease Has Been Found
Kheuma, the wonderful rheumatism {
remedy, now sold by all good drug- i
gists, gives quicker ana more lasting !
relief ilian other remedies costing
many tunes rs much.
Uiieuma acts with speed; it brings i
lin a few days tile relief you have!
prayed for. it antagonizes the pois-!
ons that cause agony and pain in J
: wie joints ana niuocies and quickly i
ilie torturing soreness completely dis- ■
Read whul a leputable physician
says about 1-theumu; "1 have made a
'must careful investigation of the j
formula employed in the manufacture
of Kileuina, and 1 heartily recom
mend it as a lemedy for all forms of
j rheumatism. 1 tind Kheuma far in ]
! advance of the methods generally em-I
ployed in the treatment of rheuma
tism, and altogether different in com
position from the remedies usually i
prescribed."—Dr. M. C. Lyons. This j
certainly should give any rheuma-I
Huttic sufferer confidence to try this j
harmless and inexpensive remedy.
If you have rheumatism in any I
form don't delay try Rheuma to
! day. Kennedy's Drug Store will sup-j
I ply you and return your money if it |
does not give you quick and joyful i
relief. !
Boy Scout Sells $13,000
in Victory Bonds; Breaks
Records For One Day
Richard Johnston, enthusiastic
member of the Boy Scouts, of Harrls
i burg, sold $13,690 In Victory Bonds
i yesterday afternoon after school and
I thereby broke all records for the
. Scouts of the city for one day's bond
; sales.
j Richard is a eon of Paul Johnston,
iof the Johnston Paper Company. He
1 was detailed to sell bonds and of
i course approached his father. His
father hud "bought his limit," he
.•aid, but Richard argued with him
for an hour ut noon. Finally Mr.
I Johnston said: "Toil you what I'll do.
If you sell Homo other man In Har
j rlsburg 55,0000 worth, I'll take $5,000
worth more myself, but it must bo a
I bonifldo $6,000 sale to one man."
Richard determined to do It. He
got out of school early, and started
, out. He was after big game. One
I man bought $3,000 wortft from him,
| but that would not do. so he tackled
I one of the wealthiest men In Harrls
; burg and poured out his' story. So
I impressed was this man that he took
' out his pen and wrote Richard a
| cheek for $5,000 on tile spot. So it
j happens that Richard's father had to
j make good last evening and Richard
| ran the total subscriptions of the
Scouts up by $13,000.
[Continued front First Page.]
I near the steps when found by Charles
Greene, 312 South Cameron street,
and Jack Weibel. 30 Balm street. The
two men, working on the flatboat,
noticed it in the water. It was pulled
in on a flat and brought to the hank,
and now is at the undertaking par
lors of C. H. Mauk, Sixth and Kelker
stioets, awaiting identification. Cor
oner Jacob A. Eckinger, is conduct
ing an investigation.
Fifty 8 ears Old
The body is that of a man about 50
years ago, and probably 5 feet, 6
j inches in height. He has a gray
mustache, and a bald head with a
little hair around the edges. The
j color of the hair is black, sprinkled
with gray. The man wore black
shoes, with cowhide laces. The shoes
probably are of the size 7 or S. The
! tabs at the back of the shoes bore
I the name "Nettleton."
Two pairs of socks were-found on
the botlv, one being a light weight
biown pair and the other gray wool
len. Heavy white underclothing was
j on the body, which weighs about .50
pounds. The man had also worn
three vests. The body is thought to
j have been in the water from four to
j six weeks. In the vest pocket aas
| found a Valley Railways Company
I refund slip.
Tooth Out of Muutli
One tootli is out of the mouth on
! the upper ieft side. A pair of dark
trousers with white stripes, v ere
! worn. Three handkerchiefs we-e
j found in the pockets. A blue and
! white handkerchief was tied abound
j the neck.
\o Mark* of Violence
I An element of mystery surrounds
j the finding, since there are no narks
of violens on the body. It is just
j barely possible, said authorities to
i day, the body may be that cf one of
I the two New Cumberland men. who
| it is understood, were to start aeioss
j the river below the dam, whereas.
I the body was above the dam. It is
j thought probably the men changed
i their minds and began their journey
across the river above the .iam.
j The body of the man found to-day
! is well dressed, like that of a work
man who is going out into tile cold.
125 Loads of Rubbish
Taken in First Day of
Annual Spring Cleanup
I Notices are heing sent to owners
: of vacant lots and to persons beltev
-1 ed to have been dumping in alleys and
i small unpaved streets, according to
| officials of the city health bureau and
the bureau cf ash and garbage in
| spection. as part of the "cleanup"
'week campaign.
Yesterday 125 loads of ashes, rub
ibish and other refuse were removed
I from two big sections and to-day the
j gangs moved into other districts and
'continued the cleaning up process.
An appeal was made to have a
large let near the Open Air school
cleared so that the children could
' use it for school gardens. The ground.
|at present is covered with piles of
: ashes, rubbish, tin cans, paper and
refuse of all kinds. H. F. Sheesley,
i superintendent of the collection hu
j reau, said the city will clear away
I the rubbish so that the ground can
|be plowed and laid out into small
'garden plots for the Open Air school
City Council Prepares
Amendment to Building
Code Outside Fire Zone
| City Commissioners to-day directed
! City Solicitor John E. Fox to prepare
• an amendment to the present build
; ing regulations in the city so that
;dv elling houses of "brick veneer"
j construction can be built outside the
i fire zone.
Harold A. Hippie, a contractor and
| builder in Harrisburg, appeared be
| fore Council at an informal meeting
! and said that as he construes the
j present regulations he cannot pr.i
-| ceed with the erection of a number
| of new houses to be built at Twenty
!'sixth and Derry streets. He explained
j in detail the brick veneered construc-
I tion and called attention to a num
ber of other dwellings in the city of
that kind.
The commissioners decided that the
present regulation that all new
dwellings must be all brick or all
frame construction, was too vague,
and did not apply, but to make the
clause of the ordinance clear it will
be amended.
Fun to Wreck a Fast Train
Was Idea of Two Boys
Pittsburgh, May 6.—Declaring that
their love for excitement prompted
them to place a tie on the tracks of
the Pittsburgh & West Virginia Rail
road, at Avella, Washington county,
last October, causing the wrecking
of a fast passenger train and placing
in jeopardy the lives of more than
200 passengers. John Bonevitch, 15
years old, and George Dickanovitcli,
13, living near Avella, unfolded an
unusual story to-day in the office of
United States Marshal Short, follow
ing their arrest.
According to their story, the boys
sought adventure, excitement and
"just a little fun." and on the after
noon of October I they carefully
planned the wrecking of the train,
going to the tracks of the railroad,
where they placed a heavy tie across
the rails. Hurrying to a secluded
spot near the tipple of a coal mine,
they picked o'-' a vantage point,
they said, and awaited the arrival of
the fiyer.
Use McNeil's Cold Tablets Adv.
Mercantile Appraisers' List
Of Harrisburg and Boroughs and Townships of Dauphin County For Licenses Due May 1, 1919
[Continued from l'ugo 13.]
Lehrman, S., 865 8. Front, groceries.
Losanec, Lewis, 638 8. Second, meat,
Leone, Ralph, 380 8. Front, restau
Leone, Hulph, 380 S. Front, cigars,
I-ipsitz, 1., 473 Myers, merchandise.
Lichtonstlno, Jan., 7 S. Front, Jew
Lehman, A. J., 37 S. Front, merchan
Llpshltz, Sam., 651 S. Fourth, junk.
Llnta, Yanctive, 662 S. Fourth, cof
fee house.
Llpsheetz, Morris, 759 S. Fourth, gro
Lipshitz, N".. 632 S. Fourth, groceries.
Leone, Max., 506 S. Third, groceries.
Lehman. Lewis, Second and Chestnut,
Malegoff, Tcny, 203 Francis, pool.
Miller, Jas. G., 341 S. Second, real es
Martin Bros., 424 Mohn, meat.
Muurus, Abe. 327 Francis, general
M.::;nulls, A. F.. ID N. Front, merchan
Malleus, It, 259 Christian, groceries.
Morris, Jacob, 450 Mohn. groceries.
Jlilke. Dan. 413 Main, produce.
Mursieo, Jus., 361 S. Front, groceries.
Muff Bros.. 244 S. Front, uuto sup
Margin, Stogan, 7f9 S. Second, cigars,
Margin, Slogan, 719 S. Second, pool.
Murtz. W. K.. 35 N. Front, drugs.
Mursieo, Frank, 121 S. Front, fish und
Morris, Howard F„ 373 S. Front, ci
Mars, Ada, US S. Front, millinery.
Malegoff, Tony, 203 Francis, cigars,
Mangolis, Nathan, 274 Frederick, gro
Morrison. D„ 4 S. Front, shoes.
Mumma, Mark. Steelton. real estate.
MeCurdy, J. A., 9 N. Front, merchan
McN'ear, B. F., Jr.. 301 Main and Con
ostoga, groceries.
Newbaun, Gustave, 393 S. Front, pool.
Newark Shoe Store, 36 N. Front,
Newhaun, Gustave, 393 S. Front, ci
gars, tobacco.
Newkam Bros.. 403 S. Front, hard
Napoli, August, 311 S. Third, ice
c ream.
Nauss, Geo. It., 4S N. Front, art store.
Overcash, Michael. 243 Main, cigars.
Orth, John G., 11 S. Front, confec
Poor, J. L.. 147 N. Front, drugs.
Pereff. N„ Co., 401 Myers, pool.
Prowell, T., 385 S. Front, drugs.
Pisarov, John, 17 Holler, pool.
Prowler. Ben. 227 Christian, junk.
Pesut, Geco, 857 S. Front, pool,
l'esut. Geco. 837 S. Front, cigars, to
Pisarov, John, 17 Hoffer, ice cream.
Peters, H. L., 189 S. Front, drugs.
Polakoff, A„ 121 S. Front, optician.
Polston, Lloyd. 120 Adam. pool.
Poloff, Geo., 263 Franklin, pool.
Poloff, Geo., 263 Franklin, soft drinks.
Popi, Marki, 485 Myers, pool.
Popi, Marki, 485 Myers, cigars.
Poilar. John. 48S Mohn, cigars.
Pastatak, Samuel, 626 S. Fourth, pool.
Pastatak. Samuel, 626 S. Fourth, ci
Pereff. M.. & Co., 401 Myers, cigars.
Palace Theater, 190 N. Front, public
Podnar, John 220 Main, pool.
Podnar. John 220 Main, cigars.
Rettberg llros., 450 N. Front, mer
Ross, C. It., K. Front, gas and oil.
Richards & Brashears, 23 S. Front,
cigars, tobacco.
Roden Grocery Store, Harrisburg and
Ridge, groceries.
Restak, Louis. 244 Main, groceries.
Romanic. Jacob, 332 1-2 Third, cigars,
ltcehling Bros., 302 Myers, general
Romanic, Jacob, 332 1-2 Third, pool,
ltakic, Luke, 227 Christian, cigars.
Ream, John H., 663 N. Front, wall
Richards & Brashears, 23 S. Front,
Rosenberg, I. N.. 192 N. Front, cloth
ing. , ,
Raskenskey, F., 102 N. Front, cloth
ilis -
Restak. 1., 663 S. Second, pool.
Rohrer. laandis, 35 S. Second, confec
Romberger. E„ 311 Bessemer, gro
ceries. , , .
Robin. Joseph, 357 S. Front, clothing,
ltittner Bros.. Conestoga and Main,
cigars, tobacco.
Rittner Bros., Conestoga and Main,
Sukish. Geo., 451 S. Front, cigars.
Styanoff, Dimo. 503 Franklin, ice
cream. . .
Steetlon Store Co., Front and Locust,
Smith. John A., 555 N. Second, gro
Stine S. T., 130 S. Front, milk.
Sastar M. A., 526 S. Third, merchan
Sharosky. M., 149 S. front, clothing.
Silver, Joe. 755 S. Third, general
Starastinc, 596 S. Third, general
Sobel B 654 S. Fourth, merchandise.
Sharosky, M., 635 S. Third, meat.
Spooner, A., 512 S. Third, produce.
Schmidt, Geo. A., Steelton, stoves.
Silver. Joe. 755 S. Third, merchandise.
Svetariott, Ordan, 419 Main, pool.
Svetanott. Ordan. 419 Main, cigars.
Szabo Paul, 412 Mohn. merchandise.
Slovinac, J.. 233 Main, meat.
Smith David, 143 Main, groceries.
Sharavsky, Jennie. 2u2 Frederick,
Shelly J P.. ISS N. Front, restaurant.
Shellv, J. P.. 185 N. Front, cigars.
Shelly. J. P.. 185 N. Front, pool.
Stevenson, Chas. 0., 215 N. front, ci
Shannon, M. K., 30 S. Front, flowers.
Shellev, Kirk, 135 S. Front, cigars.
Shelley. Kirk, 135 S. Front, pool.
Sultzaberger, D. 0., 13 conestoga,
Strand Theater, 17 Pine, public amuse-
Standard Theater, 17 Pine, public
Steelton News Agency, la 2 N. front,
news dealer.
Stevenson, Chas. 0., 21 o Is. Front,
pool. „ „
Sproviors, G., 529 S. Second, groceries.
Singer D„ 317 S. Front, furniture.
Solomon. M.. & Son, 177 S. Front,
Sherman. S., 419 S. front, candy.
Steelton Store Co., Front and Locust,
wholesale merchandise.
Steelton Store Co., Front and Locust,
Steelton Store Co., Front and Locust,
Steelton Store Co., Front and Locust,
Teperson, S., 369 S. Front, groceries.
Taleff & Todaff, 401 Myers, pool.
Taleff & Todaff. 401 Myers, cigars.
Tomasic, Cilika, 241 Frederick, meat.
Talef, Mick, 51 N. Front, pool.
Talef, Mick, 51 N. Front, cigars.
United Ice & Coal Co., Cowden and
foster, ice, coal.
Ulrih. Geo. M., 158 S. Front, auto sup-
Ve'rbas, Katie, 538 Third, groceries.
Vetek. Jos., 429 Mohn. pool.
Vetek Jos.. 429 Mohn, cigars.
Vilcoff. Geo., 257 Franklin, cigars.
Vasaloff, Peter. 420 Main, groceries.
Watts Bessie, 472 Myers, restaurant.
William, W. A.. 164 N. Front, pool.
Whitebread, W. H„ 159 N. Front, sta-
Sons, 50 S. Front, furniture.
William, W. A., 164 N. Front, cigars.
Woolworth, F. W.. 21 N. Front, mer
chandise. „„„ _ _
Yoselwitz, Theo., 868 S. Second, mer
Young, C. J-. 203 S. Second, merchan-
Yon'cheff, Lubomir, 196 S. Front, ci-
Yencheff. Lubomir, 196 S. Front, pool.
Yoffee M„ 170 N. Front, furniture.
Yanch'uleff, Tony, 448 Myers, cigars.
Yanchuleff. Tony, 448 Myers, pool.
Yetter Leßoy. 307 Myers, restaurant.
Yetter. Leßoy. 307 Myers, cigars,
Yovanivlck, V., 608 S. Third, station
Zelgler, Paul, 358 N. Front, drugs.
Zimmerman, A. E., 15 S. Second, mer
Zimmerman. Philip A.. 405 S. Front,
Zoll. Martin. N. Second, real estate.
Low, Preston, Main and Francis, ci
I' XIO N TOW N nOHOliiai
Bingamnn, John T., plumbing shop.
Butilngton, Klmer M., auto supplies.
Hohner, Mrs. David L, groceries.
Bo liner, Win. 11., mdsa.
Buyer, Levi & Son, flour and feed,
Detainer, 91. K„ gen. store.
Kopponhavor, C. M., gen. indse.
l.utsliH, J, J., indue.
Noblet, Chas. M., restaurant.
N'oblot, Chas. M., cigars, candy.
Bunk, Horry, hardware.
Snyder, Thoinue, hardware.
Snyder, I.ydla A„ millinery.
Spotts, Dull lei, mdse.
Troutinan, Elmer, produce.
Wlest. S. F., meat.
Weaver, Geo., produce.
Adams, A. K., auto supplies.
Adams, C. M., plumber.
Adams, Clayton f\, cigars, candy.
Adams, Clayton F., pool.
Adams, It., groceries.
Bordner. Wm. C., groceries.
Blanning Hardware Co., hardware.
Buggy. M. E. gen. store.
Blanning. J. Roy, stationery.
Berry. Edward, art store.
Condell, John, cigtirs, tobacco.
Condell, John. pool.
Chester. Mrs. H. A., gen. store.
Cooper. M. H., Jeweler.
Durbin, J. W. & Son, gen. store
Devichock. John, cigars.
Darby. J. A., cigars.
Day. It. \V„ gen. store.
Edwards. Mrs. Harriet, cigars,
f.b.v, A. N.. jeweler.
Fowler. John J.. mdse.
Fickincer, S. F., wholesale flour.
Fickinger, S. f\. feed and coal.
Fitzpatrick, Mrs. Ella, millinery.
Griffiths, John, cigars.
Gelst, John, cigars.
Griffiths, W. J., mdse.
Donley, Cyrus, moving pictures.
Hughes. W. L>„ cigars, groceries.
Hines. Mrs. Maggie, cigars, groceries.
Hall, Wm., cigars.
Hancock, It. J., clothing.
Hoffman, M. M., mdse.
Harner. It. J., drugs.
Hummel, Mrs. C. E„ mdse.
Kelly, William, cigars, groceries.
Kelly, William, pooi.
Klinger. H. C., confectionery.
Kingston, S„ shoes.
Klinger, 11. C., wholesale confection
Keen, Wm. D„ groceries.
Lester. Joseph, musical instruments.
McAuliff, D. J.. groceries.
Maiden. Albert, cigars, candy.
Mitchell, Peter, cigars.
Meehan, Michael, drugs.
Moyer, Arthur, groceries.
Miller, L. & Son. meat.
Miller. H. 10.. fruit and groceries.
Miller, 11. 10., wholesale fruit.
Moyer. John, ice cream.
Morris. Miss Lizzie, mdse.
Nash. C., gen. store.
Newton, James, groceries.
New Era Cash Store, gen. store.
Pahairo, Chas., cigars.
l'ritehard, Florence, millinery.
Rank, Edgar D.. supplies.
Ralph. Allen, cigars.
Row. Ed. S., hardware.
Roberts, Mary, cigars, candy.
Row, W. 0., meat.
Stokes. Wm. G., wholesale cigars.
Shammo, Aaron, pool.
Shatnmo, Aaron, cigars, candy.
Susquehanna. Collieries Co.. coal.
Selfridge. R. J.. stationery.
Thompson. J. C., gen. store.
Thomas, David J.. gen. store.
Thompson, D. L., clothing.
Williams, It. W„ pooi.
Williams. B. W., cigars.
Williams, B. W., restaurant.
Wren. Mrs. G. R.. cigars, candy.
Walkinshaw, A., gen. store.
Walkinshaw, Claude, pool.
Walkinshaw, Claude, cigars, candy.
Williamstown Co-Operative Store.
gen. store.
Walkinshaw, M„ novelties.
Whittle, Mrs. Joseph, gen. store.
Williams, William C., groceries.
Williams Valley Amusement Co.. mov
ing pictures.
Zimmerman, J F., cigars.
Welsh. K. T., eigars. candy.
Welsh, R. T., pool.
Budd, William, confectionery.
Fry, Samuel, cigars.
Riever, Abe, dry goods,
ltiever, Abe, junk.
Snyder, John N.. autos and supplies.
Burkhart, N. J., Newville, Broad St.
Market, Harrisburg, produce.
Barnum, David A., New Cumberland,
Broad St. Market, Harrisburg. pro
Beckley. Mrs. W. It., New Cumber
land. Broad St. Market, Harrisburg.
Baker. C. M„ Meclianicsburg. R. D.
No. 1, Broad St. Market, Harrisburg,
Hotnberger, H. K., Palmyra, meat.
Cromer, J. W„ Dillsburg, Broad St.
Market, Harrisburg. produce.
Danner, J. L.. Siddonsburg, It. D. No.
1. Broad St. Market. Harrisburg,
Drawbaugh, C. C„ Dover. Broad St.
Market. Harrisburg produce.
Erford, C. H., Camp Hill, Broad St.
Market. Harrisburg. milk and pro
Eichelberger, G. V., Camp Hill, Broad
St. Market, Harrisburg. meat.
Emjg, L. G., Welisville, 't. D. No. 2,
Broad St. Market, Harrisburg, pro
Eshenbaugh, Emma, Shotmnnstown,
Broad St. Market, Harrisburg, pro
Eichelberger, Chas.. New Cumberland,
No. 1. Broad St. Market. Harrisburg.
Freysinger, Calvin, Siddonsburg. I;
D. No. 1. Broad St. Market, Harris
burg, produce.
Goodbart, 0., New Kingston, Broad
St. Market, Harrisburg, produce.
Grosz, Edw. ,Camp Hill. R. D., Broad
St. Market. Harrisburg. produce,
Gruber, N. J., Palmyra, Broad St.
Market, Harrisburg, meat.
Garland, M. H., West Fairview, Broad
St. Market. Harrisburg, produce.
Casswint, Calvin C., Dillsburg, Hill
Market, produce.
Hoover, f. 8., New Cumberland,
Broad St. Market, Harrisburg.
Hess, Stewart. Dillsburg, R. IX No. 2,
Broad St. Market. Harrisburg, pro
Harro, D. A., Mechanicsburg, R. D.
No. 3, Hill Market, meat.
Kimmei, W. J., Mechanicsburg, egg
Krater, L. H., New Cumberland, R.
D. No. 1, produce.
Landis, Mrs. S. A., Allen, meat.
Logan, Smith A., Boiling Springs,
Leach. Jacob S., Siddonsburg, Hill
Market, meat.
McGuire, Minnie C., Mechanicsburg.
It. D. No. 4, produce.
Miller, Chas. S., New Cumberland,
Broad St. Market. Harrisburg, meat.
Messinger. C. F.. Mechanicsburg, R. D.
6, Broad St. Market, Hbg., meat.
Molilar, C. fl., Shepbardstown, Cum
berland Co., meat.
Nelson, Geo., Dillsburg, Broad St.
Market, Harrisburg, meat.
Hunk, H. J., Rossvllle, produce,
ltudy, Wm. A., New Cumberland, R.
D. No. 1, Broad St Market, Harris
burg, meat
Ritter, Benj., Mechanicsburg, R. D.
No. 1, produce.
Smith, L. 8., Lewisberry, York Co.,
Sidle, S. T. Siddonsburg, Broad St.
Market. Harrisburg, produce.
Shaffer, Chas. W., Shiremanstown.
Broad St. Market, Harrisburg,
Simmons, F. S„ Lemoyne, Broad St.
Market, Hbg., meat.
Shetter, T. F., Camp Hill, Broad St.
Market, Harrisburg, meat.
Shanibrook, John, Bowmansdale, pro
Suavely, J. U„ Palmyra, R. D. No. 2,
Broad St. Market. Harrisburg!
Sliettei, Mrs. Catharine, Mechanics
burg, R. D. No. 1, Broad St. Market,
Harrisburg, produce.
Shaffer, H. E., Shermanstown, meat.
Wagner, David, Palmyra, meat.
Weaver, H., Lebanon, Hill Market,
Williams, Mrs. John, Dillsburg, R. D.
No. 3, Hill Market, produce.
Yost, T. A., Etters, Broad St. Market,
Harrisburg, produce.
Buck, Wm. G., Middletown R. D. 2,
Eshelman, J. S., Bachmansville, ma
Foltz, J. Ezra, Deodate, produce.
Koltz, C. M„ Deodate, produce.
McCorkle, J. L., Bachmansville, gen
eral store.
Nye, Di H„ UachmansYllle, auto sup
Slienk, JacobNNt, t Ellzabethtown R. 4.
Techudy, 1, B„ Uaoliniaiisville, Sad
Urownstono Store Co., Waltonvlile,
general store.
Buchlgnant, A., Swatara Station, cl
Brendllnger, Wallace W., llcrslicy, ci
BButtu, Frank, Hernhey, grocery.
Boiifautl, Frank, Hershey, grocery,
llalshuugii, S. H., Swatara Station,
Curry, Conrad K., Swatara Station,
geiierul store.
Curry J. 8., Est.. Swutara Station,
Hour and feed.
Curry J, 11., Est., Swatara Station,
Erb, I. C„ Hershey It D 2, general
Frombaluti, 0., Swatara Station, mer
f'rombalutl, 0., Swatara Station, pool.
Gruber, Ed., Hershey, Jewelry and ci
Gingrich, Clem, Palmyra, meat.
Hess, J. C., Hershey, auctioneer.
Hess, J. C.. Hershey, auto supplies.
Hershey Chocolate Co., Hersuey, ci
Hershey Chocolate Co.. Hershey, res
Hershey Department Store, Hershey,
Hershey Department Store, Hershey,
general merchandise.
Hershey Men's Club, Hershey, mer
Hershey Men's Club, Hershey, res
Hershey Park Restaurant. Hershey,
Hershey Chocolate Co., Hershey,
Hershey Chocolate Co., Hershey. pool.
Hershey. A. E., Hershey, feed.
Hitz, Cyrus, Hummeistown R 2, mer
Manari, Antonia, Swatara Station,
Miller. J. 11., Palmyra, grocery.
Moyer, John C„ Hershey, restaurant.
Moyer, John C„ Hershey, grocery.
Patrick. Robt., Hershey, merchan
Shaffer, H. 8., Hershey R. D. 2, sad
Truffarell, Thomas, Swatara Station,
Viele, Oiesta, Hershey, grocery.
Vuvone, Doniinlck, Hershey R. D. 1,
Witnian, F. S„ Swatara Station, gen
eral store.
Weltmer. Ulrich, Hershey, produce.
Wagner, Harry S., Palmyra, autos.
Yingst, Geo. W., Hershey, general
Ziolii, Zoraide, Swatara Station, gen
eral store.
Uoyer, H. A., West Hanover, furni
Brennerman, J. H., Scheilsville, ci
Buyer, John A., West Hanover, gen
eral store.
Cassel, J. 11., GrantviUe. who'-sale.
Gerberich, H. A.. GrantviUe, auction
Hess, Bros., GrantviUe. furniture.
Hummer, G. a., Linglestown, R 1,
Hess, Wm.. Hershey, R. D. 1, meat.
Hawkins, A. 11., West Hanover, mer
Kuntz, John H., West Ilanover, gen
eral store.
Lingel, John 8., Harrisburg, It. D.
I. feed.
Lingle, Titos. M.. GrantviUe. pump.
Loudermilch, W. J., Hershey R. D. 1,
Laudermilch, S. G., Hershey, R. D. 1,
Lingle, I. D., GrantviUe, cigars.
Rhoades, E. N., GrantviUe, R. D. 1,
Runkel, Irvin, Linglestown, feed and
Shenk. John H., Linglestown, R 1,
Shertzer, W. 8., GrantviUe, general
Shertzer, B. F., GrantviUe, harness
Walmer, A. J., GrantviUe, auto sup
Bower, Samuel M„ Halifax, R. D. 1,
Bowman, Cornelius, Powells Valley,
general store.
Glace, Chas., Powells Valley, general
Meredith, D. F.. Powells Valley, gen
eral store.
Meredith, J. E., Powells Valley, can
Rutter. H. W„ Halifax. It. D. 2, pro
Serncsak, Martin, Powells Valley,
flour and feed.
Wolfgang, F. E„ Powells Valley, pro
duce. ,
Wolfgang, F. E.. Powells \ alley,
Batdorf. Henry F., Fishervllle, mer
chandise. _ .
Bowerman, C. M„ FishervtUe. gro
Enders, C. C., Enders, general store.
Enders, Thos. F„ flalifcix. It. D. 1,
File, O. M., FisherviUe. general store,
licit, Ira M„ Enders. produce.
Herman, J. M., Halifax R. D., feed.
Helt. John W„ FisherviUe, imple
ments. . ,
James, Abraham, Detrich, merchan
Katzmiller, Harry C., Enders, gas and
Koons, Galen. FisherviUe, cigars.
Wise. W. R., Halifax, R. D. 1, merchan
Zearing. Samuel. FisherviUe. cigars.
Aldinger, John 8., Elizabethtown,
Barnhart, H., Middletown, R. D. 2,
Brinser, A. M., Middletown, R. D. 1,
Barnhart. Abraham. Middletown. R.
D. 2, cigars.
Barnhart, Abraham, Middletown, R.
D. 2. restaurant.
Kbersole. S. S., Middletown, R. D. 2,
Eisonburger. Mrs. Jacob. Middletown,
R. D. 1. grocery.
Gingrich, H. F., Middletown, R. D. 2,
auto supplies.
Lesher, Ada. Middletown. R. D. 1,
Mumma, Millard, Elizabethtown. gas
and oil.
Itutt, Ed., Middletown, wire fence.
Broseus, W. E.. Lykens. produce.
Daniels. Simon, Gratz, R. D., produce.
Gunderman, Frank, Gratz, It. D., pro
Harris. John E., Gratz, R. D„ produce.
Hartman, Jos. 11.. Gratz, produce.
Heller. Howard H., Gratz, R. D., milk.
Riegel, Jacob D„ Gratz, R. D., pro-
Riegeh Isaac M., Gratz Star Route,
produce. „ _ ,
Riegel John, Gratz, R. D.. produce.
Sminkey. J. F. M., Gratz, merchandise.
=meltz Henry, Gratz, R. D., produce.
Shade, M. Albert, Gratz. R. IX, milk
Troutman, James, KlizabethviUe, R.
IX, merchandise.
Klock. Albert C„ Berrysburg. produce. ,
Cassel. Jonas U, Linglestown, mer
chandise. . ,
Care C. 8.. Linglestown. real estate.
Care! C. 8., Linglestown, general
Drawbaugh, D. W., Harrisburg. R. D.
No. 4, meat. •
Davis, Geo. S., Harrisburg. R. D. No.
4. merchandise.
Fishburn, S. A.. Penbrook. feed.
Fackler John A., Linglestown, florist.
Horst, S. It., Linglestown, automo-
KoonV Will, Linglestown, merchan-
Bazzarine. David. Linglestown, cigars.
Lenker, 1., Linglestown. cigars.
Lenker, 1., Linglestown, restaurant.
Mixel, Fleck P.. Linglestown. mer
Mixel, Fleck P., Linglestown, pool.
Mixel. Fleck P.. Linglestown. restau
rant. ....
Ramsey. Thos., Linglestown, mer
Rudy, D; K., Harrlsburg R. D, No. 4,
Stuekeyi Isaac A., Linglestown. pro
Sheesley, H. F„ Hill Station R. D. No.
4, flour and feed.
Seltzer, Ellas, Harrlsburg R. D, No. 4,
general store.
Sheesley, 11. F„ Hill SUtlon 1L D, No.
4, wholesale.
Unger, Geo. A., Harrlsburg R. D. No.
ii. meat,
Wagner, T, D., Linglestown, hard-
Colver, Wm. 11., Speecovllle, general
Chubb, Chas., Harrisburg It, D. No.
X, cigars.
Esllngcr, Grace, Dauphin R. D. No.
1. meat.
Fertig. CJias.. Dauphin, cement.
Fitting, M. C., Harrlsburg R. D. No.
2. general store.
Hoist, L. P., Jr.. Harrisburg R. D. No.
2. meat.
Hoover, Chus. 0., Linglestown It. D.
No. 2, merchandise.
Manning, c. H., Dauphin R. D. No. 1,
Minnich. John, Specceville, cigars,
bwergurt Michael, Linglestown R. D.
No. 2, merchandise.
Struw, Isaac, Harrisburg R. D. No. 2.
Strieker, H. E., Daupliin R. D. No. 1,
Wade, C. R., Linglestown IT. D. No.
2, produce.
TVengel, Geo., Pikctown, merchan
Wort, Win. W., Dauphin R. D. No. 1,
Shoop, J. L., Dauphin R. F. D. No. 1.
Emerich, Levi F., Hummelstown.
Fackler, John 11., Hummelstown R. D.
No. 2, general store.
Fausnacht, John, Union Deposit,
Fasnncht, Uriah, Union Deposit, ineat.
Ho trick, D. A., Union Deposit, meat.
Hunimuker, A., Union Deposit, gas
and oil.
Isenhour, Israel, Union Deposit, hard
Kuylor, Harry, Union Deposit, cigars.
Peiffer, H. P., Union Deposit, general
Rapp, Ella J., Union Deposit, general
Shakespeare, H. A., Hershey R. D. No.
1, produce.
Stuckey, Joseph, Hershey R. D. No.
1. meat.
Shakespeare, Wm., Hershey R. D. No.
1. general store.
Wagner. Clayton, Hershey R. D. No.
1. meat.
Lundis. C. 11., Union Deposit, meat.
Bonny Meade Farms, Harrisburg R.
D. No. 1, feed.
Bishop, w. J., Oberlin, milk.
Bomgardner Bros., Hurrisburg It. D.
No. 1. meat.
Dunn, Thus., Oberlin, cigars.
Hess. Sam'l. Harrisburg R. D.. meat.
, Hackman, 1,. 1,., Oberlin. groceries.
I Holtzman, John E., Hummelstown.
Kramer, it. S., Rutherford Heights.
Kline, Jacob K., Enhaut. grocery.
Kline. Jacob K., Enhaut, restaurant.
Kcnipf, P. L., Steelton, groceries.
Kuse, Henry, Rutherford, candy,
i I,ingle, J. H., Oberlin. ice cream.
; Long. Mrs. B. M., Rutherford Heights,
i store.
Loyd, John, Middletown It. D. 3, mer
Peck, J. H., Oberlin, cigars.
Paul, Elmer 0., Enhaut, groceries.
Peck, J. H., Oberlin, pool.
Rupp, F. C., Harrisburg R. D., mer
Stengler, C. A., Oberlin. general store.
Shupp, Earl, Enhaut, groceries.
Shultz, R. A.. Brcssler, merchandise.
Solomon, 1.. Steelton, general store.
Sternberger, Geo. TV., Enhaut. mer
i Stauffer, H. S., Oberlin, meat.
Szwerre, Deheodor, Enhaut, produce.
Singer. Geo. TV., Oberlin, meat.
Wolf, Eva, Enhaut, ice cream,
i TVignnd, Henry, Steelton, groceries.
Waidley, Annie 11., Enhaut, merchan
TVeiszling, Conrad. Steelton, grocer
/. >l. C. A.—P. & R. R.. Rutherford
R. D. No. 1. pool.
Bates. R. E., Harrisburg R. D. No. 2.
Bossinger, Fred, Harrisburg It. D. No.
2, cigars.
Cover. M. V., Harrisburg. 1929 Boas.
meat. .
Creamer, F. W„ Harrisburg 11. D. No.
3, merchandise.
Cramer, Chas. N., Harrisburg R. D.
No. 2, produce.
Crone. W. J. & Co., 3355 N. Sixth, Har
risburg, coal.
Dehart, Ed., Rutherford, merchandise.
Dry, Paul. Progress, meat.
Enders, Amos E., Harrisburg R. D.
No. 5, produce.
Good, O. 10., Progress, merchandise.
Gruber, S„ Harrisburg R. D. No. 2.
produce. . . ....
Garman. Mrs. Mary, Harrisburg 11. D.
No. 2. produce.
Horst. Levi P.. Jr., Maclay Street, No. 2,
Harrisburg. meat.
Hoover. C. K„ Fort Hunter, pool.
Hoover, C. K., Fort N'uhter. restau
Hoover. C. K„ Fort Hunter, cigars.
Hooker, L. A.. Harrlsburg R. D. No.
Holtzman, H. It.. Harrisburg R. D. No.
4. milk.
Horstick, Ed. M.. 1903 State. Harris
burg, cigars.
Harlacher. A. 8., Progress, cigars.
Horstick, Ed. M.. 190= r;tate, Harris
burg. pool.
Harlacher. J. A., Progress, cigars.
Harlacher, J. A.. Progress, restaurant.
Harlacher, J. A.. Progress, pool.
Hoover. J. C. & H.. Fort Hunter, gen.
Ilarro. J. M., Maclay St., R. D. No. 2.
Heppford. D. G., Harrisburg. R. D. No.
3. produce.
Heppford, TV. L., Harrisburg, R. D.
No. 2, produce.
Ilouser, G. TV., Harrisburg, R. D. No.
2, indse.
Kramer, R. S., Rutherford, indse.
Knowles, Frank S., Lucknow, R. D.
No. 2. junk.
Kramer, Calvin A.. Progress. meat
produce. .
Klingler, C. TV., Harrisburg, R. D.
No. 3, produce.
Koons, Irvin. Penbrook. mdse.
Lentz. David V. M., Penbrook, gro
Leese, O. 8., Linglestown, mdse.
Longenecker. Mrs. D. R„ Progress,
Loser. H. A.. Progress, gen. store.
Lontz. Clara A.. Harrisburg. R. D.
No. 3, produce.
Meminger, J. F.. Lucknow, groceries.
Miller. F., 1904 State. Harrisburg,
gen. store.
Matzinger, TV. J., Harrisburg, R. D.
No. 2. produce.
Miller, J. H., 1830 North, Harrisburg,
Mi'garis, L., 1922 Walnut. Harrisburg,
Manning. H. C., Progress, milk.
Miller. Mrs. TV. H.. Harrisburg. R. D.
No. 2, gen. store.
McN'eal. E. R.. 2128 Boas, Harrlsburg.
McHargue, D. B. A.. Harrlsburg. R. D.
No. 2, mdse.
Nissley, Simon S., Harrisburg. R. D.
No. 2, mdse.
Orr. L. G.. 2017 Forster. Harrisburg.
Owens, Mrs. Minnie. Harrisburg. R.
D. No. 4, gen. store.
Paxton Flour & Feed Co., Harris
burg, flour and feed.
Kunkel, C. E., 19.4 State, Harris
burg. groceries.
Rudy. Wm. H„ Progress, meat.
Rudy, Wm. TV.. Jr.. Progress, meat.
Roden Grocery. Harrisburg. R. D. No.,
4, gen. store.
Relchert. H. L. t Harrisburg, R. D.
No. 2. produce.
Stoulter, J. TV., Harrisburg. R. D. No.
3. mdse.
Sponenberger. Frederick, Harrisburg,
R. D., produce.
Stahler. H. M.. Fort Hunter, pool.
Stabler. H. M.. Fort Hunter, cigars.
Sh NS P 'B. H "ea y t, A> H " r 'bur gl R. TJ k
S. product' Harrlsburg, R. D., No.
Sl Juce, MrH ' Lewl!l ' Harrlsburg) pro*
Sturtevant, L. L.. Lucknow, milk
eery, ' r °Krosg, gro-i
1260 liar*
Silver, Kam'l., 1948 State IT ,
srroccrles. tate, Harrisburg,
Smith, R. TV. lint n
groceries. ' Boas, Harrlsburg,
'^ , NO. S '3, 1 ' ~arrl b " rg. R. 1),
U ?i b Agate. Kara
U r 0 p d roduce."'-' Maclay St - R - R. No,
Zimmerman, J. g 70 , Rn „. _
brook, coffee. Ranks, Pen*
gen. J store* I ' orster ' Har.
" A " Kort Hunter, gro,
Rove r ,, V. , H U e. , ' AX ,OV TWNS,P
| 1. mdso * M 'llcrsburg. It. D. No,
I,ll Wnde^twine l . ,llerSbUrs ' R " D ' '<
No''' °j',' r o'j' uce!' Mi " ersb urg, R. U(
Ronawitz, H ,\f um
! No. 2. mdso. • Ml "wburg, R. T><
Cunimings. H \ MIM. ,
I'Vidt, C 1, Mn'ier K * mi,k
gas and oil ®. R - D - No. 2.
Hoy b A rn M M J?-' PoXtOn - m^3e -
Ben. store. Sbur ®' R - D - No. 1.
"TLTI poultry*"" J,illcrsb rg. It.
cat'tle •
°yj e . J- M iUersburg P No .
l K ihloT'' I°' M " ler ' sbur e. mdse.
I tallo'tv. Millersburg. hides and
| E " Millersburg, R. D <
'".-"tore: J ' E " M 'llersburg. R. D „ g on .
''mdse. Millersburg, R. D . No. i.
j L NO.' ■; pl-o'd'Cc": Mi,lersb urg. It. o.
I N Na^'produie - : Mi Hersburg, R. lK
| Ro'mberger Bro^Aß?,* 10 ?' '
i No. 2, mdse' Millersburg. R. D .
1 No? r " a milk U " Millerabur s, R. D.
Sh l. nfe B en A s d C. H'l'crsburg, R. D. N„.
Spous! " 111n i AI *MnV!!-°V sbUrsr - produce,
produce:' lersbu rg. R. D. No.
produce'. Millersb urg. R. 1).
produce 0 "' Hillorsburg, R. D. No. 1,
"NO:"T; produce • "•
W.n,. .Millersburg, produce.
Ronawitz, chas uiiV^ S ')!"'
I'. No. 2. wholesale **
ffisKs sv- iasaa>_
Guijderman. Michael. Loyalton, pro-
Grove *r\m" VS>' ulton . mdse. '
d^^^ R k ProdU -
K°o. U
Itow e A nT" L, l oyalton - mdse.
in i. ;• Loyalton, mdse.
jhadle, Uayton. Loyalton. cipar*
Snyder. H. H.. Loyalton, gen store
Swah Vo°th" ?"! loyalton. milk.
wholesale U meat. K " Klizabeth vllle.
S 0 e l tz, r Harvey 13.. Loyalton ,milk.
Swab, Isaiah. Llizahethville, produce,
x eager, L. fc Son, Millersburg. K D
No. 2, Hour and feed.
A'mmcrman, Oscar, Klizabethville.
Zerbe, Jonathan. Loyalton. cigars
Dimpscy, Austin. Halifax, R. D No
Jury, J. E„ Halifax. R. D. No 3
groceries, '
Keiter. Aaron M„ Halifax. R. D. No 3
wholesale. *
Keiter. Aaron M., Halifax, R. D. No 3.
mdse. f
! Strieker, Mary, Enterline, gen. store.
Ashenfelter, Rebecca. Linglestown,
U i u - No. 2 candy and cigars.
• uck, J. TV., Linglestown, It. D. No.
1, meat and produce.
Fox, Geo. W. l'ikctown, gen. store.
Hess, 11. M., Linglestown, R. D. No 1
_ meat.
Koons, John P., Hershey, It. D. No 1
gas and oil.
Massimer, I!. Hummelstown, It. i\
No. 2. mdse.
Perkey, John E., Harrlsburg, It. D
No. -i, meat.
Schaffner, A. M., Hummelstown, It.
H. No. 2, gen. store.
Schubauer, J. 0., Linglestown, R. L).'
No; 1, groceries.
Allinger, Mrs. TVm., TViconisco. lea
Batdorf, Mrs, A. M., Wiconisco.
Beadle, John M., Wiconisco, cigars"
and candy.
Batdorf. John H., Wiconisco, sta
Deitrich. W. TV., Wiconisco, pool.
Deltrlch, TV. W., Wiconisco. groceries.
1 'odd. A. A., Wiconisco, groceries.
Esterline, J. R„ Wiconisco, flour and
I-lardman, Aaron H., Wiconisco, milk
and ice cream.
Fritz, Julius, Wiconisco, restaurant.'
Fetterhoff. Edward. Wiconisco, candy
and cigars.
Formun Bros., Wiconisco. clothing.
Fritz, Julius, Wiconisco, cigars.
Harman, Edward, Wiconisco, hard
Kissinger. W. H. & Co., TViconisco,
gen. mdse.
Keen Bros., Wiconisco. mdse.
Kelley. William, Wiconisco, gro
Koppenhaver & Son. Lykens, meat.
Long, J. J.. TViconisco. groceries.
Muciier, John J., Wiconisco. shoes.
Miller, John H., Lykens, candy and
Miller, Samuel Est., TViconisco, gen.
Miller, Adam. TViconisco, mdse.'
Muciier, Geo. M„ Wiconisco, mdse.
Murphy, John J., Wiconisco, cigars.
Pontius. J. 11., Wiconisco. cigars.
Prout, J. S.. Wiconisco. drugs.
Rowe, Geo. W., Wiconisco. dry goods.
Row, J. Allen, Wiconisco. pool.
Row, J. Allen. Wiconisco. cigars.
Seifert, Leland, Wiconisco, cigars.
Susquehanna Collieries Co., Lykens, ,
supplies. '
Shadle, Wm. L„ Wiconisco, groceries.
TVelker. B. J., Wiconisco, cigars.
Bordner, Jacob. Carsonville. mdse.
Lukens, Mrs. Mary. Buncannon, It. D.
No. 4, groceries.
Berrysburg Roller Mill, Berrysburg,
Kebaugh, J. Mark, Ellzabethyille, R.
L)., meat.
Minnich, H. 8., Berrysburg, produce.
Rombergcr, H. H., Berrysburg, Star
Route, meat.
Romberger, Mrs. H. A., Millersburg,
R. 11. No. 1, gen. store.
For the purpose of hearing appeals,
and to correct any errors in appraise
ments. the County Treasurer and
John N. Snyder. Mercantile Ap
praiser. will be at the County Treas
urer's office, Harrisburg, May 20, 1919,
from 9 A. M. to 3 P. M.
Mercantile Appraiser.
Williamstown, Pa,
May 1, 1919,