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    mftraihian Artillery Bombards City of l emberg; Fires Poison Gas Shells
(Ehc olac-3to&ci>cn&fnt.
Matter at the Post Otlice at llarrisburg
Permits Issued During Pasl
Month For .'ss New
Ileal Estate Operators .ook
For I'nusual Aetivil
During Year
l'oi r.iit. .for the ero'Lon of irty
' the iltvcilillK houses wi re is "'I ill
the <-it\ during March, uccar ift to
the monthly report compiled t the
office of f.uilJingr Inspector antes
11. drove. Tlie total cost • the
stru tares will he $124,000. of the:
number, twenty-four ore to be of
tj brick construction, nine of Tame
mid stucco and only two of fi Hf.
According to contractors and
realty men, the situation in the city;
looks much more em oura-'ing with
almost two score new tioust start
ed. some of them bring re > I to
completion, it is believed t dur-j
ing the coining months man nore
dwellings will lie started, as eent-i
ly builders who had been tent-1
plating house constru ion t , jec(.s t
;i few years ago but postpon them:
because of the war have a out
permits and started opcrution-
Mnrdi a llig Montli
Inning March of this year :• irty
nine tniilding permits were -sued
and the eost of the projects ' lie
completed will total SlSO.9l' l-ast
year thirty-one permits were : ejt
for buildings which cost s■' '"
It is noted, however, by ren ' men
t bat of The big total in Mart 'is.
. represented the no c thej
| new Edisou school liuilding
I -teenth and Chestnut street :
OOO for an addition to the M ri>-
" urg I'ipe and Pipe Itendin ; mi
iany plant, and $25,000 tor k mid
ling the building used by trr "ty"-'
udependent Company l><W "ing
ds total of s 454.000 fro )i the
lonth's record of $-.13,fb. V
lions that twenty-eight (mis (
ere issued for work costing $-9 -
05. Realty operators are nt 'he
pinion that the building bo wtlt
ontinue throughout the year,
r 1,, addition to t4o eiptov i 5
fa. ts shown in the bouse
tioom. other developments of lar
inter, -i to builders and restd I - oft
tiie city are noted in the reo t !Ot\
.March. '
Nine permits were issued f- on-,
sti action of additions to liom-t and
l.uiidtugs, one of tin m lor a_ u> ;
I at tlic MoCormttfk home, : 'tn
Front street, wliieli will cot L- j
(pan. Three remodeling l aits;
were issued, one of then for ■ t iori
, iinprovetnents to setae tio i in
I Susquehanna street, v. ia lt t I ost
a f5,000 to complete.
Various Types
J t'f the thirteen garage • its.
I only one was for a frame s ro,
4 while lour of the rentainin- ive
l L were for largo brick struetui ' lie
[. of these will eost $5.00" and be
located m the east side o m
f eron street nortli of State et.
Another, to cost $l,OOO, will in
struct! d on the east side o en
street south of Emerald. ird,
will lie a private garage at t ar|
of the residence of Hornard h dt.
Seventeenth and Forster sti
One of the larger brick bigs ;
* which is to lie completed u be
used hy tlic United lee ami ial '
Company and is being eons' ert
on its property north of Cotvi nd
Forster streets.
The new dwellings which .e
-ing built are located in vurle i is- :
tricts of the city. in such U< iesj
ns Seventeenth and lit ill; j
Paxton and Seventeenth; 1' ry,}
near Tweuty-tliird; Zarker. |. en;
Nineteenth and Twentieth: en. i
soutli ot Knierald: Eigleen nd ;
Forster. Twenty-sixth and V y-j
seventh and Dorry streets.
Dies of Injuries ai F.R.R.
Depot on Way to H< pital
I T'tetro Colaizv. t, of Figa s
State, wlio was struck on t d
Sunday during . tight with i
> nico Carracino, died this > n
in tlic baggage l oofn at t i ; .. n
Station on his way to Phi ipt.i.
where lie was to liate unci- >_• . n |
operation ut the Inherson si.. ,|..
in an effort to sav< ills life. TP i> ,•;>•
is being held here pending ... ;
• rival of relatives, fcolaizzo i „ .
so very ill on the train it wa ~i_l j
ed to remove him lierc in ( • to! i
administer medical treatment . |
oner Eekingcr is conducting
For IfnrrlKliurs znl iiclnit.v; l ni r ,
continued cold ti-nlxht, uitti
LOM*T tcmpcrnlifc *IIIIOIN J-J
dcurccM: Wcclncftriiy fnlr, hlsln.
ly unrmcr.
Fur KfiMtVrn l*pnn*| Ivnuia: I'air.
continued rnhl xvltli
fro.it: V qiliit-stlit.i fair,
sliv. litly uarnit'ij mot rat
iiorthufNt to nurlfl uindo.
lllvor I
Vnxqucbaiinn nnd i I i|.
1 briinrhcM MIII continue ( f H ||
*li\|y. \ Mtauc If tihou r,.,
, fret In l ii TlL rii(cl fnt Ilnrrlf n
i M (Mlnraday morninft.
Cacnrral ( ondiloni
i From (he I'lnina Stun* prh( J-,j
| to the Atlanllo co:i( there lias
f brrn n ficiDrnl full of 2 t u i
tfisrroi In tr 111 per**lire /|||,.,.
h< report, except ft Soatiern
f rift>riin, where it Un little
m i rmer. Frcexinff tnipemtiire
f net - iirred ns far Moiitli nn \orth
eri t.eoraia till* iiioriln*t. It is
4. to 12 deitreen wnnier tliflii tin
■f Monday niorriiiiK in lie Middle
4<l 1 pper MiKoiiri Valley. Ue;t
* OI tlie fCoeky MOIIIIIIUIIM (em
pernture chnnKcx xv'rti not .tie.
5 1 • 1' '
Wonder What Can Be Detaining Her?
I f" ,f YOU nifli J \ i
I DONr WVE M what WE I \HI7 I if' /IWlll \///
I I (WANT IS (J l mW//
, PLUMBER ji A PEACE' -J ' 1 ! M/ 7/ r
I *>5.92 AN MOdP ; THAT w l u L M* W/// IDA'RS
1 VEXL trO \ MKB \ /, To"cOME<5 yT
| r Par!^iRA,PH
! IRELAND ( /jft ' I TAL -Yf
WEu'rvOT fcdV^uT^l
WANT TO \ \ nations
,r>v v wuhe t \) or <sive
Hoy Scouts to Distribute Post
ers to Brighten City's
(I reelings
All liarrlsburg is interested in the
War Camp Community Service
; which lias taken form hero in he:
distribution hy the Hoy Scouts of ]
I; over IG.f'OO posters which ".vil! bo .
placed in the windows of our homes
as a greeting to the returning sol- j
cliers. This poster represents three j
smiling faces of boys in different)
branches of the service and contains|
the words "Welcome Home." As the)
poster is gummed at both the top'
, and bottom for immediate use in j
| the windows there ought to ho not
j question about these greetings bios- '
' soming forth at every turn in tips b
patriotic commit 'ity.
It ought to / understood when I
the Boy Scotiv. /cave the posters at j
your doors the greetings should be j
| immediately posted on the windows)
] so there may bo no question about
tlm atmosphere of welcome that will
pervade the entire community in i
'day or two.
Every day the boys are coming]
back singly and in groups and while;
ihe large number will return with I
the 2Sth Division in May there is stilt j
reason for making the welcome of i
those coming back daily as cordial I
and as heartfelt as possible.
Every family in llarri-burg will j
be presented with one of the posters,
through the activity of the Boy)
Scouts and the distribution will be
gin 'next Monday. Additional posters,
may be had at the headquarters of)
the War Camp Community Service. 1
307 Market street. Scout Executive j
J. F. Virgin will have charge of the 1
boys in this latest bit of war ser-1
king khama shuts off
Kulcr of Bechuanulmid Follows Lead of I'niled Stales in
Fighting Booze in Drastic Dry Order
Loudon, April 1. —Willie nil im
portant section of the London press
never misses an opportunity to poke
fun at the United States for adopt
ing the prohibition amendment, the
newspapers to-day were called upon
to chronicle the Interesting fact that
within the empire there is a native
king who not only endorses tlic pro
hibitory principle, but insists that
his people shall agree with hint.
King Khama, ruler of Bechuana
iand, South Africa, was informed
that a government commission had
recommended the sale of light wines
and heers to the natives, lie imme
diately declared that if the plan was
carried out lie would forhid his sub
jects from working In the gold
mines. The industrial situation, al-
By .-tssociattii Press.
Cobicnz, April I.—finable to
obtain Germans to work volun- I
tarily on several of the Third j
Army supply depots which are I
under construction near Ben- !
dorf, American military author
ities to-day requisitioned 300 I
laborers through the German J
civil officials. The men will be
paid nine marks a day, with the
privilege of receiving half this
amount tn food, if desired.
Five Per Cent. Added to Cost
of timepieces. Telephone
Calls and Medicines
It willV'ost those with newly found
; jobs live per cent, more to get up j
I in time tq go to work, commencing J
to-day, thin those who located posi- j
jtions sometime ago and made satis- j
factory preparations. Commencing
jto-day, alarm clocks in every store i
■ in the city took a jump of five per I
j cent, in price.
To-day the five per cent, govern-!
j ment jewelry tax went into effect ,
as did a new internal revenue tax
on certain telephone messages. Diu- !
; mond rings for the bride to-day cost,
I the happy bridegroom five per cent,
more than they would have cost i
yesterday as did jewelry of all
' kinds, clocks, watches, opera glass- i
[Continued on Pago 17.]
ready hindered almost intolerable bv j
the loss of thousands of native work- I
ers through the ravages of influenza, '
would thus become alarming, for!
those who know King Khama real- ,
ize that he would not hesitate to
carry ott his threat. The temper- ;
a nee patty, led by the king, is strong *
in South Africa, where the king is
known as a strong temperance mon. ;
arch. Aiso they know him in Kpg- j
land, wliere he lias often appeared '
011 temperance platforms.
The decision of the commission to i
allow th blacks to buy intoxicants 1
was due lo the fact that white men !
employed 1 in the mines would buy |
Intoxicants, and the prohibition j
against tse blacks had given rise
to a lurg< illicit trade in drink. |
BEATEN, 139 TO 20
House Voles Down Kl't'ort lo
Place Measure on Hie
An attempt to overturn tlio au.
j Lou ot' the Mouse judiciary spoi .ai
I committee in reporting the Koike
j bill lo permit Sunday concerts an !
I moving picture shows with a neg t
. tive rccommendution and to put tho
j I iP on tlio calendar was overwhclm
i i>:g!y defeated by the House just bo.
I fore the close of the-morning scj
j s-ion. The motion to place ihc mil
j rn the calendar was made by Sir.
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] . 1
j Accommodating Nice Looking
riiml'lamtiHT Willi Ilis
i hut It's Gone Now
| Persuaded by a stranger to entrust
| ?20 with him about eleven o'clock ,
this morning, John Jezeltn, an alien j
of this city, is that much poorer as a
! result of ins credulity, played on by
two clever flim-flammers, strangers,
| to him.
I John was met on Market street by
one of the men, who asserted that
I lie was hunting a Spanish contractor, j
i Jezeitn did not know anything of tile:
[ party for whom tho other was look
ing, but wag induced to aid in the,
search. Proceeding on Market street
(toward the Square, they wore met l>y
a second si ranger to whom the first!
! told that John was aiding in the
i search,
! The" trio then walked about the
! city for H time- when at Second and
State streets, the second stranger j
| suddenly remembered that lie had j
| left $!IJ)00 at his hotel and passed I
lover $1,200 in bills to Jezita. request
ing him to keep it for him until his
1 return. The first stranger and .le
-1 zita then walked .about the city I
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Root Amendments Meet
Approval of Americans at j
Paris Peace Conference
Paris, April 1. —Commenting on '■
| the six amendments to the covenant j
of the i.eague of Nations suggest- |
od by Elihu Iloot, it was stated to- i
day by otto of the legal specialists j
associated with the American Peace !
Conference delegates, that ho be- !
ileved that nil the amendments were i
acceptable to the American delega- !
Hon. '
Soeiriiis From Duupliiii and
Surrounding Counties Ar
riving Hero Today
Number of Workers Expected
to Exceed Two Thousand
a Mobilization
| I
t Fully one hundred ntul twenty-flve
'Christian Kiuleavor Societies of Dau
phin and surround in a eou titles have
• '.nude arrangements to seiul one. five,
1 ton. twenty-five, fifty ami s*v nty-flvc
delegates to represent their interests at <
; the big mobilization of societies to be
hold in the Messiah Lutheran Church,
this city, beginning at six o'clock this
The Dauphin county and llarri.sburg
C. K. rnion are third largest unions (
in the Keystone State, and wilt make a
great demonstration at the gathering
! to-night. The county union has an en
rollment of 115 societies including the
! two recent additional societies—namely.
the Shilolt Lutheran, Riverside, ami;
t (.amp Hill Presbyterian. The member-}
ship of the union is approximately 10.- J
; ihio endeavors. Among the visiting del- i
i nations will l>e a number of societies
from the Carlisle Union, libation, Perry
and Berks counties.
The registration thus far has reached
the I.Boa mark, with the expectation of
going "over the top" of the 2,000 aim.
, The windup of the preliminary work has
[font ivtticd on I'ago I-.]
I Suffering Is Terrible
' in Armenia and Syria,
Capt. Morse Tells Workers
Captain <K. Morse, represent inn
the American < 'ommittee for Relief
;in Armenia and Syria, depicted
graphically the suffering in these
i eountries, before an audience in
j Fahnestock Hall last night. lie np
' pealed to the. people of Harrisburg
and Dauphin county lo respond to
i the call for funds which will come
! lo them when a drive will open Sun
day for $3K,hOO in Dauphin county,
i Of this amount, $12,00 a will bo rais
' ed in the county and the remainder
in the city proper.
Captain Alorse served two and a
half years overseas in the lltli Ca
j ttadian Infantry. C. \Y. liui'tnett
i presided over the meeting;.
WouHut Hnrcau Forecasts
Another Killing Frost
l or lonight
' Tlie killing- frost forecast by the |
Weather Bureau for to-night with the;
j "'fair and continued cold weather" ex- j
pected. is not feared lo a great extent,
as probable cause for damage to any |
; orchards and gardens in this territory. i
Officials at tlit: Stale Zoologist's otiice j
stated today that the lnids have not j
opened up in the orchards and gardens |
1 and that all Pennsylvania trees and j
j shrubbery are in fair shape to with- j
I stand such weather as lias prevailed j
| tlie last few days.
it was said there today that no re- I
j ports indicating any serious damage to
fruit trees have been received as yet. '
inquiries Inn do in the apple and peaeti i
growing districts is stated today not to j
have produced reports of damage done. I
The lowest temperature recorded |
| within the past twenty-four hours was |
] 2.') degrees at six o'clock. Since then ;
it lias been rising gradually through I
the morning and early afternoon. Hut j
slight trace of the snow that fell last |
| night was visible here today, although j
j it is covering the ground in the rural !
• sections.
Another "Blue Laws"
Amendment Presented
i An amendment to the "Blue Lawn" i
jo? 1791 to permit Sunday baseball,'
I football, tennis. golf, skating and I
I other outdoor recreations where no
j admission fee is charged or fee re-1
quired to pay or voluntary eontrihu- 1
j tion or collection taken was Intro-'
dticed |n the House today by Mr. j
jHatigh, Allegheny;
The bill also provides that these]
games may bo played only bctweenX
' J .and 7 o'clock
Py Associated Prcx\
Warsaw. April 1. —The bombardment of l.cntljerji' con
tinues. the Ukrainian artillery firing poison if as sheila into
the city.
At a conference held oil March 17 between Allied del elates
and representatives of the. Polish and Ukrainian armies the
Ukrainians refused to enter into negotiations while the Poles
were present.
The negotiations were interrupted to give the Polish dele
gates time to consult their government.
Famous Editor Says Wilson Is Ambitious For Third Term and
Has Wrecked the Democratic Parry; Leads
Country Toward Brink of Ruin
I*liihil4'l|lilii, April I.—Henry Wat
terson, veteran editor of tlu Louisville |
Courier-.]onrnr.l mul one of th staunch
est I M niocrats. in a signed article in |
the North American today, denounces '
President Wilson's European policies in
strong terms, Mr. Watterson says: i
"1 think events, helped along; by the
President himself, will verify my fore-1
cast that he is not merely a candidate j
for n third term in the White House, j
hut that for a nomination to such he
holds all Urn winning curds in his.
"The Democratic party, so called,
in* long; ago abolished, having previous
ly much debauched it. Nothing of it
survives except the tattered label, and
lie holds that betwixt l\is thumb and
forefinger. I am inclined to believe, j
1 owever, that he Ims eliminated the
' I'nited .States from his immediate ac- 1
j tivlties as an established conquest, and
' is now giving Ids mighty thought to the
sublimation of the world.
I "A virtuous, right-minded man tlitis
situate would emulate the humility of
a Washington and the humanity of a
Lincoln. .Mr. Wilson sees nothing but
himself and his personal exaltation;
, lives for nothing except his own advan
tage: seeks nothing save power and
• authority, the concrete things of ruler
ship represented by the regal splendors
'and feudal glories, which, who sonio-
I what frazzled anil faded, still go on
; | about him.
| "As a consequence of ids maladroit
|'• tinkering Europe will find itself the
I middle of tho earning summer in
('times. Then we shall have Idm home
i again urging intervention. It has been
ids mission in life to make trouble wher
i ever lie appeared.
| "AVhen the great Jehovah interjected
| such a sinister spirit into our affairs
j it must have boon to punish us for our
( manifold delinquencies as a nation
a people.
I "We should steer clear of European
Twenty Years or $l,OOO Fine
if This Measure Be
comes Law
The administration anti-sedition hill
l made its appearance in tlio House to
i day, being presented by Mr. Klynn,
j Elk, the oldest democratic member in
j point of service.
j The bill defines the word sedition to
i mean "any writing, publication, print
t irig, cut, cartoon, utterance or conduct
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Miss Mary Pilkay,
Public School Teacher,
Killed by Automobile
j Miss Mary Pilkay. well-known school
I teacher, was so seriously injured in an
| automobile accident early this aftcr
| noon at yerheko and Green streets, that
j she died on lite way to the llarrisburg
| hospital.
Miss Pilkay was struck by an auto
!'mobile driven by Holds Degeifel as she
; was crossing 11 le street on her way to
! school. Slie was unconscious when
| picked up and died in the ambulance.
| Degeifel at oneo hunted up Coroner
! Kckinger to give him his version of
| ilia accident. lie told the coroner that
i Miss Pilkay stepped d I recti j in front
of the eur and thnt while he was run
| ning at onry a moderate rate lie was
| unable to get the machine under con-
I trol until It struck her.
Miss Pilkay. was not only prominent
! and popular in public school circles but
she distinguished herself as a volunteer
nurse during the influenza epidemic lust
fall, juidlug greatly in putting down the
disenjbe. She resided at 2e."> Hamilton
She was
I'ari.H, April 1. —Somebody stall
ed a Ft >ry this morning that t'olt.-
nel L\ M. House had announced
that the peace treaty had been
j signed.
Th- report rapidly spread all
over Paris and tlm telephone
wives to the Anmvh'un headi|iiai
tor."i in the Hotel Do iTillon be
t-aim* hoi with Inquiries as to the
truth of the rumor.
It did not take Ifuig. however, for
inquirer.-* to roalba* the eharuci*r
i. the report when t hey worn
minded that to-da\ was April l
! complications. Never has there been
a time when the admonitions of Wash
ing. Jefferson and Monroe carried irreut
• r weight. Mr. Wilson's mediocre mind
and colossal vrnity have already c; r
ried hhn far to sea. It is ours to look
to it .that Im Goes not curry the country
; to the shipwreck of its institutions."
*2r "'2* r 2 4• 4' •jHM' -'&■ 2* *i- "2* "2® 2*4* 4 44©
I |
It kevokted froM bucha- !!
<k-rf * f
4 ■ ">f V'- A bf s *'
'4 ■ A ""
§• *
I *
j? " -VS TO DAY. J*
|X g—The Senate passed finally the Baldwin 1 .
I t ft a
I•> resolution providing lot the appointment ot a Joint J !
* Committe ;J. the House and Senate to imoetigate the J |
#• proposed • ilary increase for public school- teachers. The • ►
the Philadelphia charter , t
T t • -re- * *
•4* i
i * K h
,4 . - -
T Hotel, * I
i 4* * *
* ;;
4 !
X nellsvftloj Walter E. Greenwood, Mayor ' f
4* Gorry; Mayor Kitts, of Erie, and other gp
X third-class city officials, defended the non-partisan clause ?
k act before the legislative committee having {
4* ' he bill to repeal the non-partisan feature < *
J* *
<g : class city government at a hearing thL j
T *
I +
t 4*
4* 4
• charges St the army reserve depot here in order that the X
>' a peace-time basis. O'.V ,j £
♦ c an estimate of the
T me believed to be several h * *
T* •
4 need for men arises at the two Middle+awn tipcts ol 4
ficials at Nvy Cumberland are recommen-
Mid-1- • * ►
"I* 1 rnnkJJiremf and Kllmbrth ML Hrokkc,
French Commander
Leaves With Full
Power to Force
Hun Consent
Revolution Looked
Upon in Paris
as But Test
Paris, April 1. Armed with
full powers to negotiate with
the German representatives.
Marshal I'uch will leave Paris
for Spa to meet Mathias Erz
berger to discuss with him the'
allied demand that Polish troops
I he permitted to use the port of
Danzig, lie will he in constant
communication witty the Coun
cil of Four. The Inter-Allied
shipping commission has com
pleted preparations to transport
the Polish troops to Danzig.
Ibm/.lg Question at Front
The Danxfg question is uppermost
in the minds of p*nce delegates at this
time, for ir is believed that upon the
solution of the problem depends in
large measure the somowhql mooted
I question of Hermany's determination,
to hold out against the allied demand
I hat Polish troops he permitted to
march over Teuton territory. It is the
conviction hern there will he no seri
ous deflection on Germany's part from
1 tin- policy of the allies In dealing with
problems preliminary to peace* Thcro
is no doubting either that Mars ml
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