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8,762 ACRES OF
Mining Expert (lives Extenl
of Anthracite Deposits
to I'. S. Senate
Interesting 1 statistics of the enor
mens extent of the coal fields in thi
eleven anthracite counties of Penn
sylvania have been supplied by T
Kllsworth Davies, of Scranton. min
ing expert, in a complete report t(
I'nited States Senator James A
Ueed, of Missouri, chairman of the
Senate committee investigating tin
coal situation.
It will be remembered that thii
committee met in Pottsville recentli
where Mr. Davies testified at lengti
on the ertent of the coal deposits
■r He was retained to make a complete
detailed report which has been done
Mr. Davies is at present in the enr
ploy of Dauphin. Lebanon ant
Northumberland counties to make
valuations of coal fields in these dis
I tricts, similar to the ones made b;
him and his assistants in Lacka
wattna and Luzerne during the las
few years.
In Dauphin county, with a sttr
face area of 520 square miles, thert
are It square miles or 5.762 acres
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Zemo is a wonderful, penetrating,
disappearing liquid and is soothing to
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is easily applied and costs little. Get
it today and save all further distress.
The E. W. Rose Co., Cleveland, O
s| "Workman" asks: "I am so affected
v with painful kidneys that I cannot
k work regularly. My sleep is disturh-
Sv cil by frequent calls, only to yold
5f small amount anil follows burning,
P- sumriinif pains. Backaches and often
chills and. fever making me teal sick
r. r a day.
k? \nswer: A Rood tonic, soothing and
S neutralizing medicine for such com
" plaints is Mainmort Tablets. Try them
t a nil continue a few weeks and 1 ant
r sure you will write me of \our re
i envery.
- "C. G." writes: "If you know of any
t thing that will cure dandruff, itching
scalp and premature baldness, please
let me know what it is."
| Answer: I'or several years 1 have
I prescribed plain yellow .Minvol as sa
fe parlor to anything known for the
I treatment of diseased scalp. Get it
v in four-ounce jars with full directs
f~ ions. It quickly overcomes all dis
c cases of hair and scalp and gives new
( vigor and intense natural color to
the hair.
"Mildred" writes: "I am constantly
embarrassed because of the fact of
i nil" extreme thinness. I have abso
lutely no color in my face and Hps
and I am dull and lifeless most, of
the time. Please advise me what to
Answer: If yon are so thin and pale
and your lips and cheeks are colorless
it is because your blood is so detioieni
in red corpuscles. This can he easily
overcome by the use of three-grain
J Hypo-Nucl.ine Tablets, which can he
hud from any druggist in scaled car
tons with full directions for taking.
When the blood is enriched bv the use
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! mat ism all th P time and I shall be
very glad If you can tell me some
thing to relieve me."
worn in connection with W. B.
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/ / "fl slenderize bust-lines add the
I * grace and finish at bust that the
■ 7 ,TI / 7 corset accomplishes below, and
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Bolero, Bandeaux and Surplice patterns,
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t _• ~ >KB„, with ' ace and embroideries; making W.
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Sold Exclusively iO >J
In Harrisburg at
THURSDAY EVENING ' Rarrbbbho <£& TELEORArc - MARCH 13 1919
within the coal measure, Mr. Davies
reported. "It is entirely controlled
by the Susquehanna Collieries Com
pany and the Heading Coal and Iron
Company," the report continues,
"and originally contained 562,299.-
912 tons of which 32,5ai1,000 tons*
have been removed, leaving 528.-'
747,912 tons remaining in the
ground. •
"Northumberland county, that lias
an area of 469 square miles, 50
square miles or 32,102 ucres, is with
in the coal measures. The coal de
posits iq the county are controlled
by the Reading Coal and Iron Com
pany, the Lehigh Valley Coal Com
pany, the Susquehanna Colleries
Company, the- Girard estate of Phil
adelphia. and it originally contained
4.044.552.000 tons, from which 241,-
141,035 tons have been removed,
leaving 3,803.710,965 tons remaining
in the ground.
''Schuylkill county, having an
era of 840 square miles, contains 19,1
square miles, or 123,592 acres, with
in the coal measures. This vast de
posit is controlled by the Reading
Coal and Iron Company, the Lehigh
Coal and Xuvignton Company, the
Lehgh Valley Coal Company, and the
Schuylkill Coal and Iron Company, i
principally, however, by the former.
Contained originally 41,040.576,000
tons, of which 831,987,669 tons have I
been removed, leaving 40,208,558,- i
331 tons remaining in the ground. I
"Lebanonn county, which has an!
area of 330 square miles, contains 1
eight square miles, or 4,728 acres of!
coal lands, exclusively controlled bv
the Reading Coal and Iron Com
pany. It originally contained 653,-
243,912 tons from which practically
no coal lias been removed, leaving
653,243.912 tons remaining in thei
Mr. Davies made similar detailed!
statement about coal deposits in!
Carbon. Columbia, Lackawanna, Lu
zerne. Sullivan, Susquehanna and,
Wayne counties, and in closing his
report says: "We find that these
eleven counties originally contained
57,168,813,112 tons, from which a ;
total of 3,440,137,292 tons or 6 per ,
cent, of the original has been re
moved, leaving a total 0f53.729.675,-i ]
320 tons or 94 per cent, of the orig-I'
inal quantity still remaining in the *
ground and that Schuylikll county 1
controlled practically by the Read-'
ing Coal and Iron Company, still has'
.•> per cent, of the coal remaining in M
the ground."
The questions answered below are
general in character; the symptoms
or diseases are given and th„ answers
. should apply to any case uf similar
| nature.
Those wishink further advice free
address Mr. I.civ is Baker, follege
. Building, iol lege-Ell wood streets
May ton, 0., enclosing self-addressed,
stamped envelope for replv. Full
name and address must be given, but
only initials or fictitious name will
be used in any answers. The remed
ies can be obtained at anv well
stocked drug store. Any druggist
; can order of wholesale,.
] Answer: This is my favorite rem
d> and from the number of letters
received from people who have used
• The ~t s va,ue in rheumatism.
well iiin made by mixing
Mmi, a 1 easpoonful at „,eal
i times and again before retiring
! l0 !lVf sence Cardiol. 1 oz.; comp
fluid Balmwort. I oz.; syrup sarsa-
Li' . , c '°? l|> -. •' ozs.; iodide of potas
i slum. . drams; wine of eolchieitm
I drains oU| tve; sodium salicylate, 4
| "Free Advice" writes: "1 want v6ur
ree advice. I seem to have gone all
• ,v 1 am irritated and antioved
i b> dizzy moments, tickle appetite no
: strength and life has not pleasures
lor me any more.
Answer: There arc thousands who
in vour nHe-hT " nd themselves
ill lour plight. the nervous vigor
i'filo ? n a' le : ,anBre ?; A tonfc invigor
ating medicine called three-grain Fa
dotnene Tablets will afford aid to
Nature by supplying mor P fond-en
ergy and give your system a chance
to recuperate, when calm nerves
nerves. place of "battered
Farmer's Wife asks: "Will vou
obesity ?" n,e "° W ,0 ov "come
Answer: Obesity is burdensome. Ex
cessive fat on tlie human bodv j s un
natural and frequently results ser
"est and safest method
to i educe is to take regularly five
gram A rbolone Tablets. Tliei- are
put up in sealed tubes with directions
for home use. and any well-stocked
druggist can supply them. aIOLKCU
„ '? ! L ,a C '" t fites: "I am constipated
and have a greasy skin. Suffer from
headache, indigestion and some kid
ney trouble. I Wish you to recont
mend a remedy.
Answer: The best remedy to relieve
a ". d , ma ,f. ter chronic constipation is
called three-grain Sulplierb Tablets
made from sulphur, cream of tartar
and herb medicines. Taken regularlv
the blood is purified, the bowels anil
liver stimulated into healthv action
and health established. They are
packed in sealed tubes with full di
rections. These tablets are splendid
sicken ' 3!< 1,0 not Br 'P e or
d'fr' a 'ilV 'nfgh whore* Gmi"!,Ill a' 1 ti'.e .liTVe^
a'will the :V5?" * VJ ' e '"■ ""° t ' i " K l ° murry " off to an 10ulin e. when h?a lveurt is et H A mine an"'
an,! atlractive'girl's. '* ll?s ui rounded these eminent artists with an exceptional high ray of musical talent, and a beauty chorus of young
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seen by a llarrisburg Telegraph rep
resentative at the home of ltis fa
ther, E. Wallower, Front and Ma
clay streets, this.morning. The lieu,
tenant was connected with the 74tli
"1 went over in July, 1017," the
lieutenant narrated. "I served in the
French Camion Service, working
mostly wit If the artillery. We were
on the Aisne front. We spent sev
eral months in preparing for the
Chemfn des Dames attack, the bril
liant little coup of the French. I
went through the attack with the
French. In January, 191S, I receiv
ed a commission in the American
Army and my honorable discharge
from the French."
Lieutenant Wallotver was then at
tached to the General Staff at head
quarters. He was later sent to the
British front where he was warmly
welcomed, lie stayed on the British
front until the first German at
tack March 21 when he was sta
tioned directly in front of St. Quen
tin, where the Boche made the heav
iest attack. The British retired to
a depth of about thirty-five miles
and then made a stand. This was a
very critical situation, he explained,
but the fighting afterward brought
brighter days when the great push
began. It was here Lieutenant Wal
lower commanded a British unit a.f
ler all the British officers had been
killed. He acquitted himself with
high honors.
After the lirst offensive Lieutenant
Wallower was sent hack to the Gen
eral Headquarters Staff. He went
to the Totil front, remaining there
until the St. Mihiel offensive when
he moved up. following the German
retreat, remaining in this section
until the armistice was signed. His
unit was slated at the first to go
with the Army of Occupation but
the plans were changed. He was
detached from his regiment, the 74th
Engineers, and went to St. Nazaire,
arriving in New York on the Mon
There was an air of uncertainty
about the situation the day the ar
mistice was signed. Lieutenant Wal
lower said. The Allied troops didn't
know whether the Germans would
keep the terms but they were soon
reassured when the Germans be
gan to fraternize with them. He
went over to the forbidden terri
tory of the Germans, and Germans
trooped to their enemies trenches.
The Boche desired American food
more than anything else, it appears,
and they returned to their lines
heavily laden.
Lieutenant Wallower escaped with
out a scratch. He paid high tribute
to the French for their kindly hos
pitality and expressed himself warm
ly in appreciation of their courtesy.
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permit to remodel, the houses at
1821, 25, 27, 31, 35. 39, 41 Susque
liartnn street, at a cost of $5,000. As
contractor for Herman E. Marts he
will construct a one-story brick and
frame garage at the rear of 315
North Second street, at a cost of
The permit for the four brick
houses was issued to D. F. Bander.
Mr. Bander will erect these on the
southside of Zarker street, between
Nineteenth and Twentieth streets.
The estimated cost of the project is
$1 2.000.
E. M. Wagner, contractor for A.
A. Warfield, was given a permit to
build a one-story brick garage at the
rear of 1003 Berry-hill street, at a
Cost of $360, and E. N. Lebo, con
tractor for Bernard Schmidt, to con
struct a garage at the rear of the
latter's residence at Seventeenth and
Forster streets, for $1,500.
Since March 1 building operations
totalling about $130,000 have been
started in the city, a large amount
of this representing investments in
new dwelling houses which are to
be erected. An optimistic view of the
future is taken by most of the build
ers and contractors.
Your Liver is
out of Order
You know the signs—a
neavy head, sick stomach,
bad taste in the mouth,
latent dyspepsia. Pay strict
attention to these symptoms
and get prompt relief by
using Beecham's Pills. A
few doses will stimulate the
liver, help the stomach, reg
ulate the bowels and make
a great difference in your
general feeling. Nothing
will put you on ycur feet so
quickly as a dose or two of
Itffaet Sale of Any Medicine in the Wetid.
Said #t err-where. In ho tea. 10c„2£c.
! anrt C aSS Vaudeville Stan Stanley
! eoiiieHt- PPtent co, "Pny in a big
I medj offering; four other acts.
I Saturday, matinee and night, March
' West *• " lUI Jeff lhe Woll>
Tuesday, night only, March IS Eu
' ant f GIH Hand - lllG Three llun
vvvrfnl < Sixty-ninth infantrv.
.J nesdaj matinee and night. March
I .• . Elliott, Conistock and tie.it
j and'"producUoni" """ ° lißlnal
| Afterma"tli.~
! to * m °rrow and Saturday
' on the'*, nd'ox."'' IWjman 1Wjman
' M, in Ua n,e'Vf n lles , d "V " Marlon Davis
■w ,i., . Bel . lp ot Now York."
] tdncstay—Bert L.vtell in "Faith."
', 15 KG EXT
! T °Chest ~ Dorolhy Gi " h in " ThR Hope
I l 'ind y i 1 "* 1 Satllrda J' Shirley Mason
I !.. Ernesi. Truex in Good-bv,
I've'rv ml a . I ,'. laB K comedy, "Ono
I 'Aer \ Minute.*
\vm V ' T ". esda >- nd Wednesday
j Women"" Blad - V Presents "Little
! T ° : uu. y . ,r % A"neue Kellerman in
| yuit-n of tlie Sea.
,vi|Y , ' , | !npid >'. March 19, "Oh. Boy:"|
1 bo Presented at the Orplieum
•*Ch r "rater for a matinee I
. Moj. and night performance."
|.pln,,„a„ rr, .' s Ihe fourth annual:
l , rl ' G nter success, produced bv'|
i k ," nd William Elliott. I
a„rt 1■ c L l u 1 yr 1 cs, by Guy .Hoiton"
' . , ,' '' " odehouse. are replete withi
' while,\"' or an<J "Parkling situations, I
, i.,, C,„l! ~L S i lo \ Jerome Kern, is I
h' best .If this brilliant voting com-'
V;.T, r " Tili the ciouds:
, v ,r An ,„t>ld-I-ashioned Wife,"
oi lv 11 rel r in '•"bitbush." are l
the piece many song hits in
cin '.V v. to v ,,o , Be 'on bere is the ori-|
I'rmnin fork Princess Theater i
' Players, reassembled lor|
f ff tour of a f<w selected cities
[and includes: Anna Wheaton 11-fi!
t m i% 11 Wi,son . Charles ('omp-1
lard ' G,l r''. Augustus Havl-i;
o'Rr'e C r ' ay>k " Mm n rtatpli i
;and Heieii Erances. I*' 1 *' MarsurPt Mason j
LJIW " ame delightful comedv in"
which tor many months last season!
i,... , .appeared at theli
'•> cl Empire Theater, in New I
ll.irryu.orc York, Ethel' Barry more !
.!'■ . 18 to make her welcome'
on t linnee" reappearance here at 1
the Orplieum Theater foe i
two performances, Saturday. March <
.L- e >; ent marking her first visit
to this city in two years. Her corn
r.~Y ,s H C-carton's "The orr Chance.' 1
l lie oh Chance" was Hie most pro
nounced success of the group of,
I plays included in Miss Barryinore's 1
repertoire during her engagement of
|an entire season in Xejv York last
I year, not even excepting Edward
Sheldon's "Belinda." So emphatic, in
ded, was tlio success registered bv
Miss Barrymore in Mr. Carton's pla'v
that when her present tour was laid
out. it was agreed immediately bv
Miss Barrymore and the Charles I
Frohman Company that this comedv
Should be her vehicle. Since during
I this tour Miss Barrymore is to ap- 1
pear only in the principal cities in 1
many of which she has not been seen i
for several years, these engagements ,
promise to be little less that! a series
|of triumphant ovations. No American '
actress coming to us in the course jf '
the theatrical season is more welcome 1
than Miss Barrymore. she is easily !
the most beloved of our plavers and in
the esteem of American playgoers she i
hoids a warm place. 1
The Charles Frohman Company has 1
surrounded Miss Barrymore with a I
j distlnguihed company, including- Eva
I.e Gnllienne. Antlonette Hanson. An
ita Cecelia Hadcliffe, Mary
| Balfour, William Boyd. Edward Em
ery. Harry PUmmer, Albert Gran Jo- 1
soph Hrennan. T. Wignev Percvval C
M;:of,can Suvage, John M. Troughtoti
and }■.('. Rutler. The comedy, need
less to say, has been produced with
all the exquisite good taste and pains
taking attention to detail character
istic of Charles Frohman presenta
The new bill of vaudeville- that
opens at the Majestic to-day, features
Stan Stanley and a compe-
At the tent company in a big com-
Majestic ed.v offering. Stanley is a
clever comedian, who suc
ceeds in keeping his audience in up
roarious laughter all the time. The
Novello Brothers, variety entertainers-
Lachman Sisters, two charming girls
in an artistic song and dance offer
ing; ("arietta and Lewis, presenting a
breezy little skit, and one other act
complete the bill.
Another episode of "The Lure of the
Circus is also being shown.
The Colonial Theaters opens a
three-day engagement with the
"Woman on the Index,"'
Pauline with Pauline Frederick
Frederick This is Miss Frederick's
nt Colonial llrst appearance as a
Goldwyn star, and is
seen in a highly dramatic role, that
gives this beautiful star splendid op
portunity to display her talents
Monday and Tuesday, Marion Davis
will be seen in the great role as a
Salvation Army lassie, who became
a society queen, in "The Belle of New
'We will never have Kaiserism in
America so long as we can laugh at
it. Had Germany
"(lootl-by. Bill," been able to laugh
nt Urgent. the silly preten-
Clevcr Comedy sions of the Hohen
zolierns would have
disappeared long ago. "Good-by.
Bill," the second John Emerson- Anita
Lcos production, which will be shown
at the Regent Theater to-morrow and
Saturday. with Shirley Mason and
Ernest Truex in the star roles, frank
ly bludgeons all the best pretensions
of the Junkers with good, old-fashion
ed American laughter. "Funnv?" said
a man privileged to see an advance
showing this morning, and he wiped
the tears from his eyes. "Holy mack
erel, H's the funniest thing I've ever
seen." And then, with a reminiscent
chuckle, which broadened out Into
salvo of laughter, "Remember that
dope about the Kaiser. Why. that was I
the best comedy stuff o've ever seen"
Such is the spirit of those who have
seen the private exhibitions of the
itilm, nmt tlie Regent confidently an
| nounoo? that this is the funniest war
comedy ever produced.
Dorothy Gish. in her beautiful pic-1
\ Rttc. "The Hope Chest," is being i
shown foi the last times to-day. The
e\i|uisite artistry of this dainty fa-
Jvorlle attracted hundreds to the thea
ter yesterday, and all indications arc |
;■-.that to-day will bring a record-i
I breaking house. A Flags comedy, I
• "One Every Minute," will also be j
Battles in the air, on the earth and
; under the waters will be waged he- (
twecn Boreas, master i
K('Herman of storms, and Ati
rieture l.nst Anette Kellerman,
TIIIAVN To-duy "Queen of the Sea,"
at the Victoria Thea- I
tor. showing for the last times to-day.
Sensational swimming and htgh
j diving feats, for which Miss Keller-!
I man is internationally famous, are;
combined with the genuinely dramatic;
story, which brings fairylore right up I
to date with the latest destructive ap- !
plinnees on land and sea. in the 1.1K 1
scene Miss Kellerman dives eighty- |
live teet from a high wire.
Mow'd you like to fall eighty-five'
feet live times? j
Once would he enough, wouldn't it?,
well, then what would you think'
ef /t woman who did it four extra
times, and not only did it voluntarily, ;
nut insisted that she be not interfered
with ?
NN bv did she insist? Solely because
the llrst four falls didn't suit her—a
real woman's reason, you see. She;
wanted to look right "in the picture.'?
■ And she does—as everyone with
j ha f an eye for the fitness of things'
will be perfectly able to see when i
Annette Kellerman takes her plunge,
into the sea from a thin strand of!
wire in the latest of William Fox's (
great spectacles. "Queen of the Sou." i
Gottschee Peoples Ask
Leave to Form Neutral ' t
Republic Under Yanks
By Associated Press
Vienna, March IS.—The inhabit-i
ants of tlie German language, islet
of Gottschee, in Carnlola, consisting
of one fair sized town and 171 \ il- 1
lases, lias preesnted the American
commission under Prof. A. O. t'ool-|
idgo, which is in this city studying!
Aust ro-Hungarian problems, a mem- j
orandum for transmission to Paris!
and Washington, asking permission j
for tlie formation of a neutral re- !
public under the protectorate of the!
American people.
The memorandum embodies a i
complaint of oppression by the Slo-j
vene authorities. It points out that j
half the population of tlie Gottschee!
district consists of former emigrants!
from it to the Cnited States, many
of them American citizens, and that!
the preivar relations between Gott-1
schee and the Pnited States were! -
such that the dollar circulated near-j
iy as much as the crown and was]
accepted by everyone.
Poilce Charge Four
With Being Anarchists;
Woman Caught in Net
By Associated Press
New York, March 13. —Charges of
being "avowed anarchists" were pre
ferred by the police to-day against?
thre emen and one woman, the only 1
persons held after a raid last night
on a building in East Fifteenth
street, in which 162 men and wom
en were arrested on suspicion of I
their being eonnecled with Bolshe
viki and other extreme radical or
The four detained are Molly 1
Steimer, 21 years old, sentenced to '
fifteen years' imprisonment for vio
lation of the espionage act, but at
liberty pending appeal to the Su- |
preme Court: Marcus Ordowsky, 24, |
The Honey Boys' Jazz
Sat. Uvf„ March 15,h.
Admission 50c and 75c
Private I.CSSOIIM by Appointment
(| Louisa M. AlCOtt'S famous Story
& (paramount Special
from Louisa M. Ale oil's famous book
A super-extraordinary production with an
======== ALL, STAR CAST ■
Including GEORGE KELSON, KATE LESTER, JULIA Brings to life the four sweetest girls in all American
HURLEY, DOROTHY BERNARD, ISABEL LAMON • fic * ion: shows Meg and Jo and Beth and Amy in a sun-
TTT TTAM UATT „ ' shine story of love and life and laughter. The homely.
, FLORENCE FINN, MRS. ANDER- everyday story of a homely, everyday family which the
SON, CONRAD NAGEL HENRY HULL FRANK de whole world has read and loved. 2,600,000 copies of the
VERNON, and LYNN HAMMOND '' e r °° k h"™ b "" by ma " y ,ta " ™ mb ° r rCld -
Philadelphia theater showed "Little Women" to 75,000 delighted patrons in two
weeks'run; jammed New York theaters with 100,000 enthusiastic theatergoers.
NO ADVANCED PRICES Bring the kiddies
manager of "Bread and freedom "
.a periodical; Peter Binuneo, 27, sec
retary of the Russian I'nion of
I Peasant Workers of America and
Arthur' Kelezes, 22, a printer
Thursday Friday
in her first Goldwyn picture.
A thrilling drama giving this
emotional star ample oppor
tunity to display her talent.
The Woman
in (lie picture that pleased nil
Ilarri N hit ru,
PI.AIKi COM in Y "One Every
Mill ute,"
fcnltirinV Shirley Mil won it ml
Ernest Trues, the runniest tvnr
eotnetly ever writ (en. See Kalner
Hill nntl (lie NcrenmliiKly runny
way In which he I.h mill treated.
Wow! It mnkew. you xhnkc with
Inughter. Come in and watelt the
fun. And I'limn comedy, ••tine
Every Minute."
Wm. Fox's Super-picture
r lhe spectacular sub-sea picture featuring
Come early to see this beautiful, spectacular picture drama of love
and intrigue. Come early. This picture is playing to big houses.
Victoria Jr
Stan Stanley and His Relatives
I out orin.lT DIG ACTS '
Gus llill Offers
A l.augli a Second—A Shout a Second
Positively Everything New and Vp-to-date
PPIPEQ Matinee— 7stf
rlUlXd Night—2so, 50<, sl.oo
"Surely this ~iORPHEUM i Flic band that I
mtiMt be the €Jen. Cioiirnrd
bent regimental „f Illc French
hand in our Matinee, 50c to $l.OO \rmy per Non.
Army. Cert njnly xr;_L f en- 4 am cry ally requested
it IN the l>Ct Night, 50c tO $1.50 Cien. Pershing
one 1 have to return to the
hoard I" T J firing lines from
K 1 uesday in&sr
March 18th
The Inspiration of the *T)ougb lloyn*' in the trenches, rent billets nnd
liospitalM, this hand wim the amsieal sensation of tlie war cone and
has hut recently returned from aliroad.
and the
Presenting a real inimical treat for the mimic lover with enough of
the Miinpp.v JAZZ melodies to take .YOU out of youraelf and oivny from
nil that IN Met and Molemn.
Tlie one opportunity to hear this hand of Khaki Jns.rerM that eheered
FHAM'IJ in its darkest hour nnd was often billeted in liberated vil
lages among poor folks who never dreamed of being happy again, yet
found themselves laughing and trying to dance to the hypnotising
intisie of tliis hand.
This Band of the "Hell Fighters" was the
Favorite Joy Tonic of our Fighting Men
Don't Fail to Hear Them Uncfc> the Direction of Their
Fighting Bandmaster