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Sister's Christmas Gift Mailed
in Texas Follows Soldier
All Over the Country
('•lnmbla. Pa.. March 10.—A letter
nailed at Ranger, Texas. December
S, 191S, by his aister. containing a
Bum of money intended as a Christ
maa gift, was received by Emerson
W. Kane, in Colombia, yesterday, af
ter having traveled all over the
country for three months. Mr. Kane
was a sergeant in the Two Hundred
and Eighth Aero Squadron of the
United States Army, and was sta
tioned at Brindley Field. I* 1., when
the letter was mailed. On the 19th
of December, Sergeant Kane was dis
charged from the service and came
to Columbia. Later he accepted a
.position at Harrisburg. but retained
his temporary residence here. The I
letter reached Brindley Fie' alter
he had left and from the.-' it was
sent to nearly every air service sta
tion in the country, going as far as
In the meantime Mr. Kane s sister
had written about the letter and
stated that she was tracing it from
her office. He did the same from his :
post office, and after three months
of shifting from one place to the
other, the letter came to Columbia
and was delivered to him yesterday.
It was so much marked np that his
address was scarcely discernible, but j
when he opened it the money was.
there, and he at once notified his I
sister that her Christmas gift had J
been received.
Memorial Service Held
For Private Hartman, Who
Gave Life For Comrade
For sacrificing his life to save a J
comrade. Private Allen Stewart Hart-j
man was eulogized in special mem
orial services held in Second Reform-)
ed church last night. Letters were |
read from his comrades in ranks and j
high tribute was given him for his'
splendid bravery. Private Hartman j
was the son of the Rev. and Mrs. J. j
Stewart Hartman, the former being!
at one time pastor of the Second Re- j
formed church. The Rev. Alfred)
Nevin Sayres, pastor, was in charge;
of the services.
Private Hartman fell mortally)
wounded, in action October 14, of:
last year at Nantillois. France. He
died the same day at Bethincourt.
He lies in the American cemetery
at that place which is by tlie Meuse.
His captain writes that "Private!
Alien Stewart Hartman was wounded)
by a shell fragment at Xantillois,
October 14. 1918. He was helping to)
carry a wounded man to a lirst aid
station when a shell burst and
wounded Allen, a bugler, and the
man who was wounded before. Priv
ate Hartman was a cool hand under
fire and I might say that he had
been hit on the bridge of the no3e
by a small fragment a few minutes
before he volunteered to help carry
back a wounded man. He was so
badly hurt that he was left at Beth
Private Hartman went out with
the first unit of drafted men. thirty
five in number, April 30, 19IS. He
arrived in Camp Lee, Petersburg,
Vo., May 1. He was placed in head
quarters company, 314 th Field Artil
lery. and celebrated his 23th birth
day May 17. by receiving his over
seas equipment.
Private Hartman was a member of
Second Reformed church. Phoenix
Lodge No. 59, and the Uniformed
Rank, Knights of Pythias. Stale
Capitol Lodge No. 70. and Daupliin
Encampment No. 10, I. O. O. F.
While at camp he was elected a
member of Salem Lodge No. IJ6, F.
and A. M., but his regiments prompt
sailing for France, gave him no op
portunity to receive his Masonic de
• liiimber*burg, Pa., March 10.
Work at the Hollinger Planing Mill
here came to a stop on Saturday,
when the engineer at the plant was
ordered to "draw fire." The finishing
department of the plant will remain
open a few days yet. giving employ
ment to several men. but after that
the entire plant, with the exception
of the lumber yard operated in con
nection with tlie mill will be closed.
Mexico City, March 10.—Establish
ment of closer diplomatic relations
with England by Mexico is sedn in
the appointment of Rafael Ruiz as
second secretary of the Mexican le
gation at London.
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Cumberland Valley News
j Flags to Be Marked and Re
turning Soldiers Will Reg
ister Their Records
Cliaiiiberslwrg, Pa., March 10.—
i Plans forx future undertakings in
| Chambersburg were discussed by the
i local committee of the War Camp
Community Service at a meeting yes
terday afternoon, when the Rev. Jo
seph L. Garvin, a representative
from headquarters of the War Camp
Community Service, was present and
offered suggestions. Among the
things to be undertaken are: Public
exercises for the demobilization of
service flags, community sings, reg
istration of discharged soldiers, two
enlistments each week at the local
soldiers' canteen and a recreational
institute. Representatives from the
factories, shops, churches, lodges
and other organizations of town will
be invited to attend the next meet
ing of the committed on Sunday af
ternoon, March 23, to plan for the
service flag demobilization exercises
and the recreational institute.
At the service for service flag de
mobilization every factory, office,
shop, church and lodge of town will
be invited to bring their service flags
to the service and place a silver bar
over the star of each soldier who has
already been discharged. This ser
vice will have an appropriate pro
gram and addresses.
Once a month after that the ser
vice flags will be taken down and
silver bars placed for those who re
turned from service during the
month. The registration of dis
charged soldiers will be conducted
by the committee with a booth in
Memorial Square. Every discharged
soldier will be asked as register, giv
ing his name, period of service, or
ganization and information concern
ing his membership in churches and
lodges, etc., and his employment. Af
ter this registration each soldier
registered will be sent a personal
invitation to make the soldiers' can
teen his clubhouse and with the in
vitation will he sent a card entitl
ing the soldier to admission to the
canteen at any time.
Soldier Surprises Folks
by Coming Into Housej
Mex-lianiesburg, Pa.. March 10. —
After almost one year's absence, do
ing duty for the United States on the
battlefields of France. Howard S.
Bittinger surprised his home folks
when he walked in the house on Fri
day evening. Trained at Camp Han
cock, he went overseas as a mem
ber of the famous 2Sth Division,
112 th Infantry. While in action he
was gassed and after being taken
to the hospital was blind from the
effects for twelve days. His sight
gradually returned but his eyes wers
bandaged for three months. He re
turned to America with a casualty
company and was mustered out of
the service at Camp Dix. N. J. Pri
vate Bittinger is a son of Jacob S.
Bittinger, South Market street.
Play For Benefit of the
Christian Endeavor Society
Mcolionicsburg, Pa., March 10.—
"When the Boys Come Home" was
the subject of a two-scene playlet
which was presented by members
of the Christian Endeavor Societv of
the Church of God on Friday even
ing, under the direction of Mrs. Wil
[bur Forney, assisted by Miss Ree
Zug. Miss Manilva Zug and Miss Nell
| Myers. Prior to the presentation
! of the play. Miss Helen Bcntz sang
j "A Rose In No Man's Land."
Those who took part in the play
I were; Wilbur Forney, Lloyd Baker,
: Miss Florence Bentz, Miss Jessie Hol
linger. Mervin Keller, Jack Seal. Miss
Rose Bowman. Miss Catherine Bentz,
Milton Wolf and Miss Martha Ander
son. The parts were well taken and
tlie play was a great success. A so
cial hour followed.
Chambersburg. Pa.. March 10.
Franklin county citizens have been
summoned for jury duty with the
United States court at Scranton. Two
of them S. Z Hewbecker, of Williams
son and A. B. Zerger. of Antrim town
ship, will serve as grandjurors, leav
ing here on March 17. The other two,
.John P. Young, of Marion and W. L.
Thompson, of Fayettville, will go the
following week to serve as traverse
i jurors.
Long, Heavy Roots Damage
Chambersburg Sewers; May j
Prohibit Planting Thereof
Chambrrsburß, Pa., March 10. —,
While borough council procrastinates ,
in taking action against the planting j
within the borough limits of any |
trees of the North Carolina poplar i
family, the borough sewer depart- ]
1 ment continues to experience much i
trouble with the roots of such trees '
entering and clogging the sewer I
pipes of the system.
Recently in one street a root from ,
one of the poplar trees ran across :
a street, entered a lateral sewer pipe
and was about to creep into the main '
sewer when borough workmen dis- j
covered and removed it.
Complaints received from residents j
of another street led Borough Man- )
ager of tilities J. Hase Mowcry, who |
has recommended the adoption of an i
ordinance prohibiting the planting of 1
poplar trees, to make an investiga- |
tion in that street, and he discovered j
that the trouble there was poplar!
roots. The sewer in the street was
opened at three places, and at each
opening masses of roots were re
moved from the sewer. The largest
of these masses required a horse to
extricate it.
When it was found by borough I
workmen, they experienced difficulty
in removing it and finally had to
secur e a horse, which they hitched
to the roots. The horse, too, had
difficulty in pulling the tangled mass
out of the sewer. This bunch of roots j
n easured forty-two feet in length.)
and was of the thickness of a man's
Mecluuiicsbursr. Pa., March 10.—
Mrs. Catherine Hamme Wilson, wife
of William Wilson, died on Satur
day night at the home of her!
daughter, Mrs. W. R. Porter, 12 i
East Cover street. She was aged 80 j
years and death wus due to diseases '
incident to old age. Mrs. Wilson j
was born at York and moved here j
about one years ago, from near Bow- j
mandsdale. She is survived by her !
husband, two daughters and one son. \
as follows: Mrs. W. R. Porter and j
Mrs. Alice Zimmerman, of Mechan- ;
icsburg, and Edwin Wilson, of Camp ;
llili. i
No funeral arrangements are made
at this time.
Meclumicsburg, Pa.. March 10. — '•
With the close o? this conference ,
year, the local Methodist Episcopal j
Church, the Rev. J. Ellis Bell, pas- i
tor, has realized the most successful j
year in the history of the church, i
From a financial standpoint, the ;
church has gone "over the top," $961 ;
in excess of last year.
The amount raised by the church
expenses, or for the local church
was $1,810; for missionary and
benevolent purposes, $1,649. In ad
dition to this, the Sunday- school,
besides contributing to the above
missionary fund, gave something
over SIOO for current expenses; the
Epworth League, SSO and the La
dies' Aid Society, S3O, making in all
a total of $3,639.
Waynesboro. Pa., March 10. A
large quilt the work of the Junior!
Red Cross and women of the Church
of the Brethren, is on display in the ;
window of one of the local stores. !
and Is attracting considerable atten
tion. In the center of the quilt is a
large red cross with a white back
ground: radiating from the center are
fifty-two patches, each one eight
inches square: -in each patch are
twenty names, each letter in each
| name embroidered in red—all hand
work: around the entire quilt is a
[ blue border four inches wide;
each name represents ten cents—the
I amount given by the man or woman
! whose name appears in red thread.
Waynesboro, Pa., March 10.— The
I recent sale of what used to be known
as the Wayne Academy in South
Waynesboro, before that section was
taken into the borough by the last
extension of the boundary lines, was
ratified by the board. The purchaser
was Harry R. Smith nad the price
paid was $1,700.
Waynesboro, Pa.. March 10.— The
■ Landis Machine Company's official
! staff has moved into the new office
building completed by the com
pany. The building is of concrete,
brick and steel and fireproof. It is
52x132 feet, three stories high and a
model office building in every way.
Chambersburg, Pa., March 10.
j Seventy guests were entertained by
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Miller at their
home near here in celebration of their
twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. A
dinner was served and after dinner
a program of music, toasts and reci
tations was rendered. Many valu
able silver gifts were received by the
bost and hostess.
Chambersburg;, Pa., March 10.
Maurice Ritchey. who was attached
to the French army as an athletic
director, has arrived at his home here
after a year's service in France. His
duties were to instruct the French
men in the Athletic games as they
are played in America. The French
men, Ritchey says, caught on to
everything except baseball.
Wayneabere. Pa,. March 10.—Mrs.
C. W. Brookens, wife of Bookkeeper C.
W. Brookens, of the Emerson-Brant
ingham Company, was given a sur
prise party by a half-hundred of her
friends as a farewell. Mr. Brookens
has been assigned to the Harrisburg
office of the company and will short
ly move to th e capitol city.
Chambersburg. Pa.. March 10.—The
Rev. J. W. Yohe, secretary and pas
tor for the interdenominational board
which has charge of Protestant work
at the White Pine tuberculosis san
atorium at Mont Alto, near here, has
Issued an appeal to the public for
contributions to sustain the work at
tbe sanatorium.
Chambersburg, Pa., March 10. John
WithergpOon, a prominent Franklin
county resident and a former mem
ber of the State Legislature, is crlti
ically ill at his home at New Frank
lin, near here, with pneumonia.
Suburban Notes
Thomas Green, of Camp Hill, was
a recent guest of his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Thomas Green. Sr.
Miss Margie Reeser returned from
York, where she spent several days I
with friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Strievig. of I
York: Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Ea
shied, of Lemoyne: Ervin Strievig.
of Philadelphia, came here on Friday
to attend the funeral of William
The entertainment given in St.
Paul's Hall on Saturday night, under
the auspices of Class No. 7, of St.
Paul's Lutheran Sunday School,
taught by Emanuel Shepp, proved a
success, the hall being filled.
A group photograph of |h e pupils
of the York Haven schools was taken
on Friday afternoon by a York pho
tographer. The individual schools
also were photographed.
Miss Ruth Walton;-- captain of the
local Girl Scouts has presented the
organization with a library of sev
enty-five volumes.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Roberts left!
on Friday for Harrlsburg, where they i
will make their home.
The Mount Wolf band has procured 1
Cold Springs park for a band carni- j
val to be held on Memiorial day.
The chicken and waffle supper
served in the K. G. E. Hall on Satur
day night by th e Mount Wolf Eagle
Fire Company, was a success. The
committee in charge was composed of
Harvey Rohrbaugh and Harry Living
Mrs. Charles Hummer and son
Charles,' Jr.. end Mrs. Charles Bren
neman and . daughter Anna, were
called to the bedside of the former's J
grandmother, Mrs. Rebecca Holler, j
at Dover. Friday.
Robbers were frustrated in a re- j
cent attempt to enter the home of j
Michael Holler. When about to en- t
ter the house, after cutting a pane ;
of glass from the window, a milk ,
bottle dropped to the floor, frighten- j
ing the burglars.
Mrs. A. H. Diehl and daughter Sar- j
ah, wer e recent visitors to York.
Mrs. Edgar Reed, of Philadelphia. !
is visiting her parents. Mr. and Mrs. I
Isaac Nissley.
-•Edgar Shuey. of LingelstOwn, who j
recently returned from France, spent j
the weekend among friends in town. \
The following were entertained at j
the home of Mrs. Annie Hemperly, j
yesterday, Mr. and Mrs. John Lau- j
dermileh and son Cassel. Mr. and |
Mrs. Isaac Biever, Mr. and Mrs. Per- i
rival Spancake and Mr. and Mrs. Bie-j
ver Laudermilch, all of Palmyra, and ;
Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Hemperly, of
Mrs. Frank Keller left yesterday (
for Philadelphia, where she will j
spend the week as the guest of Mr.
and Mrs. Alonzu Philips.
Mr. and Mrs. Abner Demrny, of,
Carlisle, spent the weekend with j
Mrs. Demmy's parents. Mr. and Mrs. '
Edward Deimler.
Yeager Shoemaker, of Bloomsburg. i
spent Sunday with his parents, Mr.!
and Mrs. William Shoemaker.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Holsberg, of;
Harrisburg. spent yesterday in town.
Miss Lillie Deimler, R. X., of Al
toona. is spending some time with
her parents.
William Rigor, of Chester, spent
yesterday at the home of Mr. John
H. Greenawalt.
Sergeant Borer, of Annvllle, called
on friends here yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Fox spent
the weekend at Lancaster, the guest
cf their daughter, Mrs. Victor Dip
Miss Emma Witmyer. of Annville.
spent the weekend with the Misses
I Kilmer.
Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Gollant en
tertained a number of friends at
dinner on Sunday in honor of their
thirty-seventh wedding anniversary
and also the return from France of
their son. Leroy Gollant and his
first wedding anniversary. The
guests were as follows: Mrs. Anna
Carpenter, Miss Allie Carpenter, Mr.
Harvey Carpenter, Mrs. Edwin
White, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Miller,
Mrs. Cavanaugh and son. Joseph:
Mr. and Mrs. William Gollam and
daughters, Marion and Ruth, all of
Lebanon: Mrs. Mae Sholley and
daughters, Dorothy and Margaret;
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schmuck and
children, Sydney, Pauline and Made*
line, Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Gollam, ali
of Annville, and Mr. and Mrs. Leroy
Gollam (and daughter, Margaret
Luciie, of Lebanon.
Prof, and Mrs. S. O. Grimm and
sons, Henry and Robert, spent Sun
; day at Middletown where they were
the guests of M. H. Bachman and
Miss Mary Brightbill, of Philadel
phia, a trained nurse, has returned
to her home after a severe attack
of influenza. Miss Brightbill ex
pects to remain home for some time.
Miss Merle Saylor spent several
da.s at Lebanon.
Miss Helen Smith, of Coatesville,
visited Mr. and Mrs. George Coyle
Prof. S. H. Derickson and son,
George, were recent visitors at Har
Chaplain Paul D. Witman visited
friends at. Pottsville.
Miss Edith Lehman visited friends
at Baltimore, Md., recently.
Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Coover are
spending several weeks at Atlantic
Charles Christeson, Jr., of Pine
grcve, visited his parents, Mr. and
s're. Charles Christeson, of this
place, recently.
A community service was held in
the college chapel on Friday even
ing. The speakers of the evening
■were: Chaplain Paul D. Witman and
Captain Harry Barnhart.
Benefit Performance to /
Be Given For Reception
To raise funds for the receptions
to be given Harrisburg soldiers on
their return from France, a bene
fit performance will be held in the
near future, it was announced to
day by H. W. Long, chairman of the
general committee on arrangements,
the Home Folks Victory Association
of the World War. A meeting will
be held Thursday 'vening in the
armory when this pliM> will be gone
into detail.
Among the features on the pro
gram for the reception is a chicken
and waffle dinner to be given In the
Chestnut Street Auditorium.
Lieutenant Ira X. Kellberg. who
was wounded in action and has re
turned to Harrisburg, stated yester
day that the'-e will be many new
faces In the "Old Eighth" Regiment
when it comes home, and there will
be many faces missing.
NINE (Tablets). It stops the cough
and Headache and works off the
Cold. E. W. Grove's signature on
each box. 80c.
Evangelist at Lemoyne Re
vival Also Claims Girls Start
Down From Dance Hall
Lemoyne, Pa., March 10. —The Le
moyne Church of Christ is conduct
ing a revival which is attracting large
crowds and gives promise of becom
ing the greatest meeting in the his
tory of the church. It is being held
under the "auspices of the Mingca
Evangelistic Company, which con
ducted a like campaign in Lemoyne
tlve years ago and resulted in the
present church building.
William John Mingcs is the chief!
evangelist of the party and is ue-!
companted by five talented singers]
and personal workeis.
Three services were held yesterday
and a number of converts were made.
The afternqpn service was for wom
en only and a largo crowd listened
while the evangelist told them of
their'faults. He struck hard at the
dance and said that Eva Booth,
Francis E. Willard and Clara Barton
had declared that 85 per cent, of the
fallen girls with whom they had
talked had testified with their own
lips that they had tfieir start down-]
ward on the ballroom floor. He also!
condemned the community dance and I
told of the testimony of a soldier in I
one of his recent meetings, who said!
that in his opinion the community]
dance was doing moie harm to thei
soldier than drink and asked the!
Christian mothers to be careful how]
they support it. "Men are what their
mothers make them," he declared. |
"Many of our gamblers are born so. i
because their mothers were gamblers 1
before them."
In shattering the double'standard,
he stated that there were ten fallen
men to every falleh woman and that
if a line was to be drawn by society I
against the woman who lives in sin ]
that line must also be drawn against [
the man.
Xo services will be held to-night, I
but to-morrow night his subject will j
be "Knockers." Mrs. Minges and Mr.
Jarman will both sing. .
New Cumberland, Pa., March 10.
-r-A large audience was present at .
Trinity I'nited Brethren Church last '
night when fifty young women,
members of the Otterbein Guild, I
gave an entertainment. The prin- j
cipal parts were: "Greenland's Icy ;
Mountains," twenty-six young ladies '
in costume took part in this exer- i
cise. "America" was also represent- !
ed by ladies ir. costume, which was -
; very effective. A choir, composed of !
young girls, members of the Guild, j
sang. They wore appropriate cos- |
tumes. An address was given by !
Miss Florence Urlch on "Missionary j
Work." A solo was rendered by Miss j
Helen Lechthaler and the church |
choir gave several anthems.
Enola, Pa., March 10.—The Ladies'
I Aid Society of the Methodist Episco
pal church will hold an apron social
in the church on Tuesday evening,
March 18. The committee in charge
Mrs. Charles H. Milter, Mrs.
Samuel W. Kreider and Mrs. Howard
It. Wagner are arranging a very in
teresting program.
Enola. Pa., March 10.—Mr. and
Mrs. William L. Troup, of Altoona
avenue, entertained the following
guests at their home at a birthday
dinner in honor of their daughter,
Florence's tenth birthday. Mrs. Ira
Brinser, of Highspire; Miss Bowman,
of Lemoyne; Paul Aller, Miss Sara
Troup, Miss Katharine Wynn. and
Miss Agnes Smith, were present.
Enola. Pa., March 10.—Burial was
made in the Zion Evangelical Luth
eran cemetery here this afternoon of
the body of Samuel B. Donache, who
was killed in the railroad wreck on
the Trenton cutoff last Thursday.
Enola, Pa., March 10.—Memorial
services were conducted for the late
Clyde Campbell at his home in South
Enola this afternoon. He was killed
at Heaton Station last Thursday.
New Cumberland, Pa., March 10.—
Martin Purple drew the prize for se
curing the most donations at the
Boys' Brigade festival recently held.
The prize consisted of a military
flashlight. Samuel Fisler drew the
prize in points for selling the most
New Cumberland, Pa., March 10.—
The band will go to the army re
serve depot this evening where they
will give a concert.
Marysville, Pa., March 10. —A
box social will be held by the Cove
Union Church on Friday evening at
the church. Mrs. J. A. Plank, of
Cove, is in charge of the arrange
Marysville, Pa., March 10.—The
membership of the Bethany United
Evangelical Church was increased
to 196 during the past year, the
I Rev. C. D. Pewterbaugh, pastor, an
j nounced before leaving fdr the ses
sions of the conference at- Baltimore.
' An addition is being planned for the
building in order to relieve over
crowded conditions.
Millionaires Don't Buy Pearls
Most of them buy synthetic pcails
which cost one-quarter the price, but
which even experts can't detect from
the genuine. Same with butter.
Thousands of housewives today buy
Benefit Brand "Sweet' Nut" Margarine
because it has the same delicious
flavor, the same golden color when
served and the same nutritive and
' energy values as the finest creamery
butter. But Benefit Brand "Sweet
Nut" Margarine costs only 94c a
lb. while butter costs from 50c to 60c
a lb. This new table luxury is made
from the creamy white meat of ripe
cocoanuts, churned with pasteurized
milk it contains no "oleo" or ani
mal fats whatever we positively
guarantee that. Try a pound of
Benefit Brand "Sweet Nut" Margarine
I nobody can tell it from butter.
! Sold only at 331 Market St.. up l
| flight, Harrlsburg. the Tamsui Tea
C'o.'s yellow front store. where
Benefit Brand Teas, Coffees and
Grocery Specialties are retailed at
wholesale prices.
Look for our store in your town.
Shiremanstowti Young
Folks on Strawride
Slilrciiianstown, Pa.. Murch 10.—
A merry party of young folks enjoy
ed a strawride to the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Tolbert Rider, at Sporting
Hill, on Thursday evening. After
spending a pleasant evening with
games, music and duneing, refresh
ments were served to: Mr. and Mrs.
George K. Eshleman and son, Kcn-v
netli, Mrs. Mary Zimmerman, Mr.
and Mrs. Carl Bomberger, Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Rider, Mr. and Mrs. Ira
Rider, jfr. and Mrs. Tolbert Rider,
Miss Rhoda Beamer, Miss Ruth Zim
merman, Miss Myrtle Baum, Miss
Belle Patterson, Miss Ruth Slium
berger. Miss Mary Deckman, Miss
Rachel Baum, Miss Esther Shaull,
Miss Maude Shaull. Miss Cora Nauss,
Miss Nellie Stone. -Miss Dorothy
Stone, Miss Eletha Shearer, Miss
Esther Rider, Miss Mabel Rider, Miss
Catharine Zeigler, Clarence Zinuuer
j man. Chester Beamer, Russell
Sheaffer, Cecil Baum, William Baum,
[Sr., William Baum, Jr., Clyde
Adams, Guy Rupp, Clarence Shaull,
George Nauss. Robert Rhodes, Thom
as Baseliore. James Coble, Samuel
Speidel. Richard Rider, Daniel Mov
er, Clair Smyser, William Zeigler.
Personal and Social Items
of Towns on West Shore
Miss Wilson, of Marcus Hook. Pa.,
is visiting friends at New Cumber
Miss Mary Crabil, of Dillsburg,
spent tlie weekend with Miss Eliza
beth Gardner, in Fifth street, New
Miss Marjory Mclvor, of New
; Cumberland, spent several days at
| Newville.
' Mrs. Beaverson. of New Cumber
land, is visiting friends at Middle
Herman Wilder . of the United
States Army; stationed at New York,
spent a short furlough witli his par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Wilder.
Sr.. in Bridge street. New Cumber
Mrs. Howard Oren. of Elverson.
I spent Sunday with friends at New
! Cumberland.
Miss Edith Nevin, of Washington,
: D. C„ spent the weekend with her
' father, James Nevin, of Marysville.
Hobart Gosnell. of Harrisburg, vis
i ited friends at Marysville on Sun
i day.
C. A. B. Clouser, of Marysville, is
) in attendance at the annual sessions
.of the conference of the United
1 Evangelical Church, at Baltimore.
W. L. Rider has returned to his
I home at Marysville after visiting
, his parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. W.
i Rider, of New Buffalo.
Miss Emma Roberts, of Marysville,
i is the guest of her cousin. Mrs.
! Gilbert Hosier, at Chester.
Miss Helen Shade, of Duncannon,
! visited with Mrs. Ralph N. Henchi
j at Marysville.
| Mrs. J. Shumaker, of New Buffalo,
! is the guest of relatives at Mays
| ville.
j Miss Mary Smith has returned to
I her home at Marysville after spend-
I ing a day with relatives at Newport.
28-30-32 North Third Street
I 1
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MARCH 10. 1919,
Methodists Ask For
Return of Their Pastor
The Rev. James Cunningham, pas
tor of the Methodist Church. will
leave on Wednesday for Philadelphia,
where he will attend the annual East
Pennsylvania conference of the
Methodist churches. Tlie congrega
tion has asked for liis return. He
has been stationed in town for the
past three years. The Wednesday
evening prayer meeting service will
be in charge of Mr. H. R. Brinser.
The Women's Home and Foreign
Missionary Society of tlio church will
hold an open meeting of the society
at the home of Mrs. O. M. Swartz.
North Spring street, on Thursday
, The Missionary Society of the St.
J Peters' Lutheran Church will meet in
the Pariah Home on Tuesday evening.
Tlie Ushers' Association of the St.
Peters' Lutheran Church, has con
tracted for a concert by the Gettys
| burg Glee Club and Orchestra soine
i time in May.
j The Wincroft Stove Works has re
celve'd r large order from Watti'r
; man Company, of New York, for a
number of parts to gas stoves. The
moulding department is down for
j several days owing to changing the
floors on a new style of stoves.
Mrs. Annie Hawk, who was knock
ed down by an automobile at the
Ann street crossing on Friday night
and removed to iter home in Royal
ton, is somewhat improved. Upon
tlie examination of Ifr. C. 13. Bowers
it was found that, no hones were
broken, but was bruised about the
A meeting of the members of the
Union 1-loso Company was held yes
terday afternoon and after some dis
cussion it was decided to reorganize
tlie old Union Drill Team, and who
will attend the convention of the
firemen to be held at Keyser West
Virginia. July 3, 4. B.
John Hippie, who spent the week
end in town returned to his home
at Lancaster.
Sergeant Gerland Steck. of Camp
Custer, Michigun, is spending a fif
teen-day furlough with his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. George Steck, Race
The school board and borough
council will meet in regular session
this evening.
James Seltzer, of Pottstown, is
spending several days in town.
Mrs. A. K. Wallace, has returned
home from a week's visit to her son,
William Wallace, Pliiladelpria.
Tlie reconstruction service offering
in the St. Peter's Lutheran Church
for the distressed Lutherans in the
war zone, uncounted to $263.89.
W. W. McCreary, sold his two lots
in East Einaus street, to W. H. Lan
dis, and has purchased the building
at Union and Brown streets from
Walter Furneisen. The price was
The Middletown Car Company will
start Monday morning, March 17 on
the eight-hour shift The day men
will start at 8 a. m. and work till 5
p. m. the evening shift, at 12 m. till
6 a. m.
During the month of February the
Middletown Car Company made a
shipment of 900 cars to France. Mr.
George Keener and Joseph Raile, two
men employed at the local car plant
will leave shortly for France, where
2,500 cars will be reconstructed.
George Dasher, who has been or
ganist at the Presbyterian church
for a number of year, has resigned
his position as organist and accepted
the position as organist of tlio First
United Brethren Church. Miss Theo
Laverty will be the successor to Mr.
Blind For Seven Years,
Farmer Regains Sight
Ivewistown, Pa., March 10.—After
being blind for seven years, John
Kreider, a farmer of Krataervtlle.
Snyder county, near here, awoke
several mornings ago and gazing to
wards a window was surprised that
he was able again to see. While
cutting wood at his home about
seven years ago, he was struck in
one eye with a chip, which pene
trated the eye. He went to a hos
pital in Philadelphia and had the
eye removed, and but a short time
afterwards ho was unable to see
with the other eye, going stone blind
in it.
Mr. Kreider was almost over
whelmed with joy when he looked
out of the window and saw the
lields and hill and the familiar fur
niture of the room. The news spread
and .<oon the house was crowded
with people who came to congratu
late Mr. Kreider and talk about his
wonderful recovery. Mr. Kreider ex
pects to get down to active work on
the latm again after seven years in
Marysvlle, Pa., March 10.—The
! I .allies' Mite Society of the Trintty
Reformed Church is preparing for
the annual experience social whicli
will bq held next Monday evening.
Hot water, \
i KZ bt Sure Relief
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essences, highly con
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Each dessert tastes like
j a fresh-fruit dainty and
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You will change fromi
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