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How he was buried for fifteen
minutes when a shell threw earth
over him, is told by Benjamin F.
Moyer, of Palmyra, who served in
Fiance with the . Seventh Infantry.
He pave special praise to u rifle with
which his unit was equipped, a
French weapon which was a cross
between a rifle and a machine pun,
capable of shooting 130 shots a min
Gorgas* Drug Store Besieg
ed by Impatient Suffer
ers Who Inquired For
Nu Vim in Advance
of Demons tra
tion Date
For the benefit of those who are
aifcxiously and impatiently awaiting
the coming ot "Miss Nu Vim" to
Geo. A. Gorgas' drug store, we are]
authorized to say this:
No one will be supplied with Nu
Vim until the date set for the open
ing demonstration. That date is
Monday, February 24.
This may seem a hardship to some
who are suffering with painful
stomach and bowels and disorders
of liver and blood —but it is only
fair to those who are awaiting
patiently for the day to arrive.
You have not long to wait—only
three days more before the demon
stration opens.
Be patient, everyone will have a
chancft to meet "Miss Nu Vim" per
sonally and hear from her own lips
the remarkable stories of the great
benefit she has seen Nu Vim bring
to all who have depended upon it.
The report is current that many
physicians who have had little suc
cess with mineral iron tonics are
also anxious to see these demonstra
tions of Nu Vim Iron Weed Tonic,
which is all vegetable.
For Colds, Grip snd
Call at Geo. A. Gorgas' 3 Stores for a box
ot King's Antiseptic Catarrh Cream. It
opens up the head and allows free
breathing. Wonderful results—Kills
germs—iiealj sore membranes.
Slf Iran '
V JmlrT
Run Down writes: "Is it possible 1
to find a medicine which by its tonic
or nutritive powers will bring the
glow of health and ambition back to i
a man who has everything in the
world but health and happiness? I
am dull, forgetful, despondent, weak,
trembling, short of breath and suffer !
more or less with pain In opine and
back of head."
Answer: Your condition indicates
the need of a strong, harmless tonic
nutritive to restore nerve equili- i
brium, which in turn fortifies and
strengthens the organs cf nutrition, .
thus vitalizing the blood and promot- |
ing new cell and tissue to cake care
of the waste forces. Three-Grain
Cadomene Tablets, packed in sealed
tubes with full directions, are recom
mended in all such cases.
Mrs. F. writes: "My husband is '
surely afflicted with some kidney
disease. He has become weak and
suffers with headache and pains in
his back and groins. Pains are like i
rheumatism. His ankles swell and
his feet seem to be tired all the time.
Pome days he has chills and no ap
petite. Please prescribe."
Answer: The symptoms indicate
derangement of kidneys and should
not Vie neglected. 1 would advise
Balwort Tablets, a compound well
suited to such cases. Obtain in seal
ed tubes with directions for home
Otello writes: "My hair is comb
ing out, my scalp itches and dandruff
is much annoying, and I want some
thing to cure these conditions.'
Answer: For hair and scalp
troubles I have never found anything
to equal the beneficial results of a
thorough treatment of Plain Yello.w
Minyol It is cooling, cleansing end
invigorating, and thousands now use
it regularly as a hair and scalp tonic.
Stop the pain! Give me relief! I
That's what you want when you're j
hurt. That's what you get with |
Sloan's Liniment. It not only j
"kills pain," but does it quickly, I
without delay.
If you're tormented by Rhcuma- ;
tism. Neuralgia, Sprains, Lruisos,
Backache, and body or nerve pain
—just seo how quickly a little Sloan's !
Liniment gives relief. The very I
Hist applioation rests apd comforts. I
I,* -. Jt '.■ - yu- "•*. '• ')>•*'"
Die World's lulif
Artillery I'nits of Old Penn
sylvania Guards Prepar
ing For Trip Home
New York, Feb. 20.—Unless some
anticipated occurrence should inter
vene, the 28th Division, Pennsylva
nia's former National Guard, will be
ready to depart flor the United States
about April 15. This statement was
made l>y Captain Augustine S. Jane
way, of Phoenixville. when he re
turned yesterday on the French
liner Touraine.
When Captain Janeway was at Le
Mans, near Paris, on February 8, he
asserted the artillery of the Iron Di
vision had already arrived and was
going through the removing process
preparatory to starting for the em
barkation port. The infantry was
then expected to arrive any day, as
other units were rapidly leaving to
make room for the Pennsylvania
Captain Janeway returned with
fifty other officers, who with the ex
ception of a few cbmprtsed the gen
eral staff of the Second Army Corps.
Enola. Pa., Feb. 20.—School di
rectors of East Pennsboro township,
at their meeting presented the
following books for use in the High
school library:
"Actual Government," Hart: "Fa
miliar Quotations," Bartlett: "Ro
man Political Institutions," Abbott;
"Society in Rome Under the Caes
ars," Inge: "Instruction to the Study
of Economics." Bullock: "History of
the United States," Eggleston; "His
tory of Music," Unterstciner: "Li
brary of Work and Play," (eleven
volumes'. Ereny; "Child Should
Know- Library," Ctcn -volumes), and
Ridjalt's "Lfbrary of Literature,"
twenty-five volumes. This total of 53
volumes, making a large addition to
the library.
Stop I
At first signs of a cold or grip take
Lane's Cold&GripTablets
Don't wait. Delay often leads to
pneumonia. Results are jnralee4.
At your druggists.
tyjPr. Zew/slßa/co3
I The questions answered below are
I general in character, the symptoms or
diseases are given and the answers
will apply in any case of similar na
Those wishing further advice, free,
may address Dr. Lewis Baker, College
Bldg., Oollege-Elwood streets, Day
! ton, Ohio, enclosing self-addressed
i stamped envelope for reply. Full
, name and address must be given, but
| only initials or fictitious names will
I be used in my answers. The prescrip
tions can be filled at an"y well-stocked
drug store Any druggist can order
of wholesaler.
• Grace writes: "Two years ago I
| used your great prescription for kid-
I ney trouble, and it wholly overcome
the trouble. I want medicine now
! for constipation and impure blood,
j for I am a sight with pimples that
make big, lumpy sores."
Answer: I would advise the taking
I of Three-Grain Sulplierb Tablets (not
sulphur) for several months to purify
the system.
Mother writes: "Can a sufferer
i from bronchial trouble bo relieved?
! Doctors do not seem to help me, what
I would you suggest?
; Answer: To relieve chronic cold,
; sore throat, bronchitis, I would advise
the use of Concentrated Essence
Mentho-Laxene. Purchase this at any
drug store in 2Vfc-oz. packages snd
| mix according to directions given on
| bottle and you will very shortly be
relieved of all bronchial trouble. This
will not only relieve, but will cor
rect. and is very pleasant to take.
NOTE: For many years Dr. Baker
| has been giving free advice and pre
| scriptions to millions of people
' —through the press columns, and
doubtless has helped in relieving 111-
j ness and distress more than any
I single individual in the world's his-
I lory. Thousands have written him
: expressions of gratitude and confi
! dence similar to the following:
Dr. Lewis Baker, Dear Sir:—l am
; glad I was recommended to your pre
; scription for medicine. I was pretty
I well run down nervous and loss of
ambition; felt tired all the time;
! could not sleep, loss of appetite, felt
I weak and trembled from weakness.
I I find Three-Grain Cadomene Tablets
! are helping me very much. I was
I writing to my sister about my run
! down condition and siie advised me to
| take yobr prescription of medicine,
: for she was as bad as I was and the
j Cadomene built her nerves up and
, I also restored her health. I am mere
I than thankful, etc. Yours truly,
■ | 6206 Pear Ave.,
. I Cleveland, Ohio.
i Seems to reach right down to the
I seat of the trouble, warming and
j easing the nerves and tissues. You
! can almost feel the inflammation,
i swelling or stiffness subside, as the
! pain grows less and less.
You don't even have to wait to
rub in Sloan's Liniment. It pene
j trates, and its clear, clean liquid
' can be poured right on the skin
'without staining. Get a generou
sizo bottle from your druggist to-
I day. 30c, 00c und J1.20.
I High ('lays Vuudcville "Little Miss
Manhattan, a Broadway musical
To-night, only The Messrs. Shu-
E, er \. °(*f r "The Dancer," with
Martha Hedman.
I- riday night and Saturday, matinee
and night, February 21 and 22
Naughty! Naughty!"
oJv. n 'Kht only, February 24
trs York Syncopated Orches-
I iM-sday, night only, February 25
The Celebrated Italian Lyric So
preno, bignorina Eufemia Gianntni
and Her Concert Company.
j To-day, to-morrow and Saturday
' x.,? t i nldine Farrar in "Shadows."
R. I an 4L. Tuesday Blanche
Bates in The Border Legion."
To-day Dorothy Gish in "Battling
and a. Sennett comedy,
Cupid s Day Off." '
' r . lda .y and Saturday Wallace Reld
in Too Many Millions."
■ To-day—"The Common Cause."
| Martha Hedman. who is featured
| "j Lee Shubert and J. J. Shubert in
I ii„ .. ... Edward Locke's com-
How Martha edy-drama, "The
Hedman Made Dancer." which will
iter start be the attraction at
. ~ the Orpheum to
night has the most interesting story
waS L™ ? r early staKe career . She
i n J 1 country village in
t'.Tfh* and she lived very simple up
if' From mV* IS. when she left school.
Confided "T J° St i childhood." she
actress lon S e d to be an
savlne when my chance eame of
?ffm t 1 wa nted to do with my
!i ,e ; I declared that I wanted to go
found thf e i' u I Parents, when they
i t made up my mind
a nf res ° lvei ! that 1 must have
ouahfv wen Preparing myself thor-
Wa e,| . ' , P .u! vln *. whether there
tnkLl y an >thing in me and of
wnrt .V, ptopcr position when I did
tn .L oug the training, so I went
to see Mrs. August Strindberg 'lt is
would nn s y av° l °Sb Ma n tha anything.' she
u listens all over —r
when new? 1 to'tell
quired. We had to learn several
anguages as well, for Swedish von
£??w. i- not unlike Russian." When
'."low, !!," *"
Wallace Reid, in his newest pic
ture, Too Many Millions," which is
... .. to be shown at the
Wallace Held Regent Theater -to
ot itegent morrow and Satur
. , day, plays the part
of a book agent, who suddenly in
herits $40,000,000, and when he is be
coming familiar with the joys of plu
tocracy, suddenly loses it again.
Dorothy Gish, in her first Para
mount picture. "Battling Jane," is be
ing shown to-day for the last time. A
'unny Bennett comedy, "Cupid's Day
Oft, will also be shown.
An encagemcnt, said to be out cf
the ordinary and wholly different
from any that Harris-
New \ork bur* has ever had be-
Syncopnted fore, is announced for
Orchestra the Orpheum next Mon
day evening-, when the
New York Syncopated Orchestra of
fifty negro artists, musicians and
singers will appear. The organiza
tion comprises talented musicians and
vocalists, and is conducted by Will
If Poslam holds any comfort, any
satisfaction for you in being the
means to relieve and eradicate ecze
ma or any stubborn skin trouble, let
it bring you these benefits at once.
They will seem ever so welcome if
you have suffered long. There is no
risk; Poslam cannot harm; its work
is known to be highly successful.
! Soothes, stops itching, brings quick
improvement. A little does much
because It is highly concentrated.
(Clears red, inflamed complexions
Sold everywhere. For fi*ee sample
write to Emergency Laboratories, 243
West 47th St., New York City.
•Urge your skin to become clearer,
brighter, healthier by use of Poslam
Soap, medicated vgith Poslam.
Advises Keeping Forkola Handy—the
Discovery of n Clever New
York Chemist.
The danger from Influenza is by no
means over, and the public are still
warned to be on their guard.
Infection proved only possible by
entrance through note and mouth of
vicious Influenza nefms.
Famous Forkola applied to mucous
membranes of nose and , throat not
only wards off Influenza, but also re
lieves severe catarrhal conditions,
soothing the inflamed membranes and
permitting the easy . expulsion of
germ-infected phlegm.
IMPORTANT Your druggist or
H. C. Kennedy can supply you. In
some districts the demand has been
so heavy that there is a temporary
shortage. The public are advised to
Insist on Forkola. as all wholesalers
are supplied and your druggist, If he
is sold out, can get it for you on
short notice.
vLdllfei / t "'' ■ *i'' \
"Naughty, Naughty" Girls With the New Musical Comedy
of the Same Name Coming to the Orpheum Friday and Saturday
Wj \:'t'', P . /SPHSJI* Si*
"Naughty! Naughty!" coining to the Orpheum, is said to be simply an innocent diversion, sparkling with
pretty girls and made entrancing by iti jingling ditties. There are thirty people in the cast, among whom is
Harry Bulger. "Youth" is the motto adopted by Messrs. Greeley and Middletor. in all of their productions.
Marlon Cook, negro composer. They
have just returned from their ap
pearances in London, where their ori
ginal programs proved one hit of the
theatrical season. It will be remem
bered bv many that this organization
was. last season, one of the big fea
tures of Ziegfeld's "Famous Midnight
Frolics." in New York, and later the
sensation of "The Cocoanut Grove,"
atop the Centuary Theater there.
"Little Miss Manhattan" is the title
of a Broadway musical revue to be
presented at the Majestic
At the the lattel- half of this week.
Mnjcatlc This is a tabloid presented
by a company of twenty
people; is elaborately staged and cos
tumed, and contains some good com
edy and catchy musical numbers. A
big feature of the show is the chorus
of Broadway beauties, who wear some
striking costumes.
Another episode of "The Lure of the
Circus" is an wdded attraction on the
To-day, to-morrow and Saturday,
Geraldine Farrar will be seen in
"Shadows." This is an
Geraldine extremely well-presented
Farrar at photoplay, which tells'
Colonial the conventional story of
an Alaskan dance hall
girl, fighting her way back to de
cency. This picture makes one feel
the strain put upon the girl who de
spises her existence there, and is try
ing to get away from it. The story
is one of love and passion, in which
this popular star wears some very
gorgeous gowns and hats. Monday
and Tuesday, Blanche Bates will be
seen in "The Border Legion."
Music lovers of Harrisburg will be
afforded opportunity on Tuesday
evening, February 25. at
She Has a the concert to be given
Golden at the Orpheum Theater,
Voice to hear the celebrated
lyric soprano, Eufemia
Giannini, and her concert company on
well known artists. •
Eufemia Giannini was born in
Philadelphia twenty-one years ago,
which makes her an American by
birth. She comes of a very .mutical
family. Her father, Signor F. A.
Giannini, who will assist her at the
concert, is a well noted tenor through
out the United States. Her mother,
Signora Antonietta Briglia Giannini,
is a violinist and singer, and the first
lessons in music were given to Eu
femia by her. She was sent to Italy
to complete her studies in singing,
and after four years she made her
debut in the opera. "La Boheme," as
"Mimi," and sang the leading roles of
many operas in the most important
theaters of Italy with a great suc
cess. During the war she did much
patriotic work for the Allies, singing
for the soldiers at the fronts and in
the hospitals. With her wonderful
voice raised more than $50,000 for
Liberty loans.
A unique scfieme of decoration la
worked out at the Victoria immedi
ately over the main
"The Common entrance, within the
Cmuae" at lobhy, where decora
the Victoria tors have created a
scene in miniature of
a tank in action. A model of one of
fhe machines of death which drove
back the Huns is to be seen in the ar
The decorative scheme is in connec
tion with "The Common Cause."
whicli finishes a four days' run at the
Victoria to-day.
To-morrow Virginia Pearson is the
attraction in a William Fox picture
of society life in the metropolis. This
film is called "The Love Auction."'and
treats the problems of to-day in so
ciety. Houdlnl will also be on the
bill in the ninth chapter of "The Mas
ter Mystery."
Wounded at Chateau-Thierry on
July 20, Private Wilbur Gruver, o'
Enola, who served with Company D,
One Hundred and Fifty-first Machine
Gun Battalion, Is soon to have a
portion of his shin bone removed
and grafted lntc the arm at the elbow
joint, at the hospital at Rahway,
N. J., where he is now undergoing
treatment. This will tje one of th-s
most remarkable instance of plactic'
surgery employed by army physicians.
Final preparations are being made
for the sixth anniversary celebration
of the pastorate of the Rev. E. Lu
ther Cunningham, at St. Paul's Bap
tist Church. The celebration will
be held to-night in the church edi
fice. Prominent speakers will be
present and refreshments will be
Chambemburg, Feb. 20. J. B. Car
ruthers. Philadelphia state secretary
Y. M. C. A. met the general committee
here last night and helped lay plans
for the campaign to raise 1200,00'>
for a soldiers' and sailors' memorial
Y. M. C. A. building already nearly
half the sun) is promised. H. J.
Schmidt, field secretary will come
here to head the drive.
Camp Hill, Feb. 20.—The Parent-
Teachers' Association will meet on
Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock in the
high school assembly room. R. L.
Myers, president, presiding. Officers
for the new year will be elected,
Wonderful Musical Organization, the Only One of the
Kind in the World, Comes Here Next Monday
—Will Marion Cook the Director
The most unique of American musi
cal organizations is coming to Har
risburg. This troupe is Will Marion
Cook's New York Syncopated Orches
tra. It is an orchestra which features
rag-time, although capable of play
ing the most difticult classics. South
ern airs, modern syncopation, those
airs which bring memories, cause
whistling, stir the feet to these taps
'which mean that music is touching
the right spot, in fact all the. musical
sensations which bring delight, will
be dispensed when this unusual or
chestra appears at the Orpheuin Thea
ter Monday evening. Fifty colored
musicians and singers, directed by
one of the greatest negro composers
and conductors, will be here. "Buddy"
Gilmore, greatest of all trap drum
mers. the "jazz purveyor" of the or
chestra which supported Mr. and Mrs.
Vernon Castle and other noted artists,
is in the company and the orchestra
has been praised by some of the
really great musical critics of the
United States and England.
The Chicago Evening Post, through
its musical critic, Karleton Hackett,
"The New York Syncopated Orches
tra is out to show how the music of
the negro should be played and sung,
and it does it. The players have tho
syncopated rhythms in their bones
and they make them sound like an
expression of the instinctive elasticity
of their spirits, a something genuine
which grew with their growth and is
a part of them. There is a buoyant.
Jtealthy joviality about their music
Hhat is simply Infectious.
"They even give some specimens
of what is known as 'jazz' with the
jolity in it, but the vulgarity left out.
You smile good-naturedly because it
is amusing, and you have none of the
feeling that you have been dealing
with something unclean.
"Will Marion Cook, who directs the
organization, is a,tip-top muslcia#, who
has had strength of character to
keep all his racial instincts untouch
ed by the white man's knowledge of
the technique of music. He has learn
ed this technique and applied it to
bringing out with the sure touch of
the skilled workman the melodic and
rhythmic characteristics of his race.
The way in which they responded to
him was joyous to watch as well as
to hear. This wds their own music,
and their hearts wore in it, while
they had been taught by Mr. Cook
how to make- it effective. There was
the spontaneous joy in the doing
which ccmes when men have learned
to do well the things they love to do.
"Then, the singers have that soft,
mellow quality which appears to be
the birthright of the negro. They did
some soft singing of which any choral
organization would have been proud
THE MESSRS. SHUBERT OFFER Engagement Out of the Ordinary
™l A p The Musical Sensation That Swept New York
I J and London Off Their Feet
SEATS, 50# to $2.00.
ITM SATURDAY race ever brought together
nlvtVnee SATURDAY 25c and 50c PRICES, 50#, 75#, SI.OO, $1.50. I
The Latest Musical Sensation . „„ I
XR VKTOKY JWsermJD (Y /(A __
JT AMutkal Melahto SIGNOR F. A. GIANNINI, Noted Tenor, Presents
Swpkiiw wmiTiireamANa'\t^^^^GlßLS-f\)N-MUSIC ENFEMIA I
Laughter, Music, Singing, Dancing and Real lyric soprano
Live Chorus Girls Predominate New Star of the Grand Operatic Singing
Pfirac Nicrlifc Orchestra, SI.OO. AND HER CONCERT COMPANY
I IlCco lilgllld 8a1.,75#, 50#; Gal., 25#. oftcHESTRA, $2.00, $1.50, sloo.
'■. 1 I
and they did not do it as a technical
stunt, but because it expressed just
the sentiment that they bad in mind.
You probably will not believe this,
and it does- not make the slightest
difference whether or not you do, but
they had a trombone player with a
beautiful tone, and when he played
he played the melody of Way Down
Upon the Suwance River." while the
men sang the accompaniment, it was
just for the tone of it as lovely as
anything I ever had heard. You think
the combination banal?. Well, you
should have heard them do it and you
would have learned better."
Harrisburg Man to Bring
His Play Here Friday
Milton T. Middleton, owner and
producer of "Naughty, Naughty,"
will celebrate his lifty-fourth birth
day by bringing his new musical
comedy to the Orpheum theater Fri
day night. Mr. Middleton is a Har
risburg man and for several years
sold newspapers on tho streets of
this city. He claims the honor of
selling the first copy of the. Inde
pendent which was later absorbed
by the Harrisburg Telegraph. He
left Harrisburg thirty-flve years ago.
NEW 7~
Rob't Ross Jones
Harrisburg, Penna.
FEBRUARY 20, 1919.
Americanization Class
to Give Entertainment
Members of the Americanization
class at the Central High School will
enjoy an entertainment to be given
this evening In the school auditor
ium, the second one to be given slince
the school opened only a few months
ago. Three nights a week men ard
women of many varied nationalities
gather at this school to study and
learn the English language and Am
erican customs. The pupils range in
age from fifteen to sixty years, fath
ers, mothers and children attending
many of whom will take an active
part in the program tonight.
The program will include "Amer
ica" by the members: "Marseillaise"
in Yiddish by the Woman's Club; se
lections from Russian operas, by
Davi/1 Freedmun; solos by Miss Lil
lian Wilenski and Isaac Cown, son
of one of the members of the moth
ers' club; and Miss Lois Booker, one
of the teachers, who will sing a He
brew song as a surprise; reading,
"Barbara Krlrchie," Benjamin Shell;
violin solos, Carl Styles; history of
life of Washington, by A. B. Walize,
one of the instructors.
Twelve farmers have been en
listed by H. G. Nissley, Dauphin
county farm agent, in the Cow Test
ing Association which he is form
ing in the county.
A cow testing association is form
ed'by a group of about twenty-four
to twenty-six farmers, interested in
economic milk production, who band
together and hire a "cow tester."
This man assumes the official posi
tion of tester, and it is his duty to
visit each member about once a
month for the purpose of weighing
and testing the milk, and the food
fed to each cow in the herd. The
tester will thus determine how near
the farmer is feeding a ration that
should net the most economic re-
If Your Stomach
Is Out of Order
Take Bi-nesia
If you don't, feel just right after
eating—if you have that full, bloated,
uncomfortable feeling the chances
are 100 to 1, that three Bi-nesia tab
lets will relieve the pain, discom
fort and distress in less than five
minutes. It's guaranteed to do this
or it costs you nothing. Just de
posit 50 cents for a package of Bi
nesia with Geo. A. Gorgas or any
other reliable druggist in whom you
have confidence and give it a thor
ough test. Eat too fast, too much,
too late at night, food that's too rich,
or do anything else that usually up
sets your stomach; then take 3 or 4
Bi-nesia tablets. If you aren't de
lighted and astonished with the re
sult, the test will cost you nothing—
you can have your money back for
the asking. Always ask for Bi-nesia,
the little tablet that's guaranteed to
bring comfort and relief to dyspep
tics and stomach sufferers every
TODAY ONLY—Finn I Showing: of
"The Common Cause"
The Motion Picture Wonderful
Marks An Epoch In the Art
With An All-star Cast
Tomorrow nnd Saturday
HOI 1)1 NI In
Next Week—Evelyn N'esblt Thaw
"Salome," Starring Tbedu Hurra
10c and 30c ami War Tax
k _
rnioiviai startin s T ° da y
VJ KJ MJ KJ JTtL MJ For Three Days
The third Goldwyn picture in which this star has appeared.
A gripping story of the Alaskan dance halls and gold fields
which culminates when the girl happily married has to
choose between having her past exposed, or having her hus
band invest in an operation which she knows is worthless.
How she extricates herself is told in the film.
turn. If necessary, the tester mak<
suggestions regarding the changir
of the rations.
Should not be "dosed**
outside" treatment-"- H fIIVJ
NEW PRICES—3Oc, 60c, $1.20
A Lively Musical Comedy
Little Miss
Pretty Girls in Pretty
3 Other High Class
Keith Attractions.
First Evening Show 7.10
Second Evening Show 9.10
Regent Theater
Final Showing
Dorothy Gish
in her powerful play
''Battling Jane"
"Cupid's Day OH"
Wallace Reid
in his breezy new play,
"Too Many Millions"
An adaption of Porter Bmerion
Brounr'jt fniuoun novel.
"Someone nnd Somebody"
Benefit Dance
Ry Emplnyeea of Boiraan & Co.
Assisted by Knlghta of Colum
bus nnd Hnrrlaburg Operatic
For Children's Industrial Home
Day Nursery
Sylvan Height's Orphanage
Tables for thoae desiring to play
Mimic by Two Orchestras i The
llanjo nnd Snxo nnd Updegrove's