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tlook Is For Greatest Acre
age in History of State
For 1919
Prediction, of
Fy a //} <he greatest acre
\\ aße ever P ut ' n *
A rTv to corn' are being
T made for this
year by men at
tjmSyJcjra the State Depart-
JfIQOSSt men t of Agrlcul
ture who have
UnDuußK been receiving
" reports from vgr
ious counties as
to the unusual
ortunitles afforded farmers td do
plowing. Thanks to the weath
ind the use of tractors in larger
ibers than ever before available
■e was more land plowed last fall
i usual. Some of the report, in
■te that the land prepared for
iting with corn in the spring Is
iter than in years as far as
uers are concerned and that the
rest in gardening appears to be
' keen In the smaller towns. If
price of corij remains up the
iage will go considerably beyond
figure of 1,664,000 acres of 1918
n the yield, in the face of.dis
raging weather and other con
ins, was 63,500,00(1, bushels in
id numbers.
ate figures indicate that the
■age in winter wheat for >919
,568,000 against 1,420,000 a year
There will also be an increas
acreage in buckwheat In the
it that price conditions are good
pinion of men here,
imo experiments with spring
at were made in Lackawanna
other counties last year and re
s indicate intention to try this
iting in other sections during
id Praised— *
ajor W. C. Murdock, chief draft
er, has commended the work
Philadelphia local draft board
7 in a bulletin just issued, citing
s an illustration of the work
5. This board had a registration
921 and cases of men registered
i local boards in every State ex-
North Dakota and Nevada were
lied as wjU as men registered
i boards in Porto Rico and
ka. It had correspondence with
e than 1,000 local boards about
In the draft,
rath Rate For September High
f the 10,794 deaths which occur-
In Pennsylvania during Septem
of last year, 558 were attributed
nfluenia and 846 to pneumonia,
rdlng to statistics furnished by
State Department of Health to-
Intestinal troubles carried off
1 children under two years and
over that age, while typhoid fe
ktlicd 129 persons of all ages,
oping " cough 107, diphtheria
malaria one, tuberculosis of the
s 724, tuberculosis in other or
i 126, cancer 526 and kidney
bles 251. There were sixt>;-
t suicides during the month,
ty-seven persons died from in
-s In mines, 119 were killed In
oad accidents and 526 by other
ts of violence.
> Control Social Diseases—Closer
peratlon between the authori
of the law and the State De
ment of Health, for the purpose
ontrolling the spread of social
ises among criminal classes, is
ht by Dr. B. Franklin Roycr,
ug State Commissioner of
th. Dr. Royer to-day sent let
to physicians, judges and mag
tee In many sections of the
asking for their co-operation
he Health Department's cam
n against these maladies and
ng their attention to the fact
the department now has thirty
dlspensarles in operation
ighout the state.
men Are Praised in
Annual Report o1 the
R.R. Administration
By Associated Press
lahlnston, Jan. 17.—High praise
iromen railroad employes is con
d rn the annual report of the
>ad administration's division ot
, directed by W. S. Carter, made
c to-day. Between January 1
October 1 last year, the number
jmen workers on American rail
i increased front 60.000 to 101,-
:onstituting about five per cent
e two million rail employes, and
ally all of these are anxious to
In permanently, officials report
appears that whenever women
been given proper instructions,"
the report, "they have proved
value in practically all the cler
and semi-clerical occupations,
trejudices are rapidly disappear
and they are being recognized
any officials as permanent addi
to the labor force."
se Minstrel Show
to Be Given* Thursday
ns are progressing splendidly
be Moose Minstrel Show to be
nted. in the Orpheum Theater
Thursday night, it is reported
le committee in charge. Amos
t. professionally known as
• Davis and Grant Moore are
the production. Jack Sear
will act as interlocutor. Among
nmedians will be Harry Beck,
en Cupples, "Ducky" Chambers.
Lynch, "Charlie" Grler, "Ed"
kei, "Tommy" Burs and "Tom"
ntoek. Professor Watklns and
imous glee club from Steelton
e a feature.
ong the singers will be Robert
s, Charles Cohen. Carlton Din
\ James Collins. A number of
ville and minstrel features will
esented by local talent.
lesh ps Carrying
Troops Go to New York
By Associated Press
rport Xewa, Va., Jan. 17. The
hips Louisiana and New Hamp
bringing troops from France.
:heduled to arrive here Tuesday,
been .diverted to New Yofk. It
.nnounced to-day that orders
given tho ships by wireless last
Louisiana has aboard the
uarters and supply companies
atteries A. B and C of the 59th
New Hampshire Is bringing a
jarters detachment and Bat-
D, E and F of the 59th Coast
laberry, Pa.. Jan. 17. The
teachers of Falrview town
rill hold an institute at the Lo-
Qrove achooihouse on Satur-
Everybody Is Going to The Globe
' g, OA. M.to9P.M. ' 9A. M. to9P.M. ; i|
Gigantic Clothing Sale I
I SIOO,OOO Stock Sacrificed II
{I Due to the Fire In Our Basement Which Occurred on New Year's Morn 11
II Here Are the Prices That Have Set All Harris burg and II
11 Surrounding Towns To Talking About THE GLOBE'S Sale ||
Today we quote prices that tell a story of savings unparalleled in the merchandising annals of Harrisburg. Op all l|
sides you'll hear about THE GLOBE'S matchless values, and no wonder, the values are so great—so unusual, that people
cannot help but talk about them.
II Men s Suitßeductions Men's O'coat Re Men's Trouser f|
|| Men's S2O Suits Are $12.50 Men's S2O Overcoats $12.50 Reductions ||
IS Men'ss2sSuit*Are $ H ° VerCoat , s *— II
|| $16.50 Men Ss3s Overcoat $6.50 Trousers $4.00 h
|| Men's S3O Suits Are $20.00 Men's $45 Overcoats $30.00 I SIO.OO Trousers $7.00\ II
|| Men's $35& s4oSuits $25.00 Men's SSO Overcoats $35.00 s6.soßiue Serges $4.50 §1
|| Men's $45 Suits Are $32.50 Men's S6O Overcoats $40.00 SB-50 Blue Serges $6.00 ||
|| Men's S4O Full Dress Suits S3O Men's $75 Overcoats $50.00 $ 5 - 00 Corduroys $3.25 |g
|| Men's $55 Full Dress Suits S4O SIOO Montagnac O'coats S6O I $6.50 Corduroys s4.°o\ ||
Brown's Beach Vests $2.25 | S2O PatrickslA sß.soSheepskin &/r I Sheepskin Coats I $8.50
|| Brown's Beach Jackets Vests Are | ••• ||
II Boys' Suit and O'coat Reductions Men's Furnishing Reductions Men's Hat \ |
II $3. 75 %£%g%*™'2.sof^ Sa=| Reductions (I
Boys' SIO.OO Suits & Overcoats Are $5.00 Positively thp most wonderful Shirt bargain ever I to $4.00, at I| | Qnprinl T,nf nf Qnff A I
offered. Buy them by the one-half dozen. (N Y flfi opt-Ciai IJOI OI ftOlt and
Bogs'sl2.so Suits & Overcoats Are $7.00 ~ W 7T~~ star Hats that sold up t. ?5. at ||
V ' Signal Work Shirts at $1.60 —— l Hi Fi
/n 9 tKi r* r>t •. rt s\ . . rt*r\ s\s\ $1.50 Blue and Khaki Work Shirts at 90£ a—————— \ # /l/J
Boys $15.00 Suits & Overcoats Are $9.00 B ,ue Chambray Work Shirts with two collars Manhattan *
II \ Boys's2o.oo Suits & Overcoats Are $12.00 Men's a *.'.io? i $2, $2.50 Hats $1.50 11
- Men's 51.75 Work Gloves 5 100 All Reduced
Right-Posture and Wool Wear Suits Included. E 8 KKE? 85 $3, $3.50 Hats S9QQ
__ , .. 7" Blue and Red Work Handkerchiefs 3 for. 25 C £I I till *Lso aAat A s/\ tt
$1 Wash Suits At 50c Lisle Stockings ——— ' $4, $4.50 Hats, $2.50
Su?s n -°.H of It A t?** Eictr.or di na r y Underwear Reductions L t —7 $5 00 Hats <fcQ K(\ 11
Sty w S "^ all f 40C them 951.50 Boys' Union Suits at SI.OO . 50.50
Wonderful bar- now $1.50 Fleece Lined Shirts or Drawers
B ains - • $2.00 Wrights' Health Underwear, Shirts or „ , Suits tpP.UU aid la ....
Drawers $1.25 I I r I
————s2.so Peerless Union Suits $1.75 /)/) ——
Boys Pants Reductions Children ' s3o ° Peerless Union Suits , $2.25 jpOmUU HKp rna r*f\
All Boys'sl.so Cloth Pants..., 90£ *
All Boys' $2.00 Cloth Pants $1.35 55.00 ChHdren's Rain- Men's $3.50 to SST)O Sweaters $2.50 ' MM
All Boys' Cloth and coats $3.25* Men's $5.00 to $6.00 Sweaters $3.50 Men's 50c SI.OO LaOS ... (\Kn 1 I
Corduroy Pants $1.50 en. IJ#4 . u. a Men's $8.50 Sweaters t $6.00 Mnnito and ——————— |3 H
All Boys' $3.00 Cloth and %SX y SK Men's $12.50 Sweaters ... §8.50 J1 KA AA
Corduroy Pants $1.90 pcnder Waists, 40# Men's $2.00 Neckwear at $1.30 Holeproof Hose $1.50 ClipS ... $1 fIA
All Boys's4.oo Cloth and All Arrow Collars at 2 Men's $1.50 Neckwear at SI.OO ' ——————— cpXsVfV
II |1 Corduroy Pants . 77. $2.50 for 25 , it ::::: ! I! C!!!! ;:;;; OVC $2.00 CapS . $1.20 | ;
h i . COMHTIONS OF THE SALE—No Goods Charged—No Goods Exchanged—No Goods Sent C. 0. P.—None Sent on II
R B Approval—No Money Refunded—Every Sale Final—FßEE Alterations on Suits and Overcoats Only. B
I I 322-324 Market Street 322-324 Market Street I
- - • > X . •
JANUARY 14, 1919.