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Wireless Operator Only One
of Five to Escape
Norfolk, Va., Dec. 14.—Two enlist
ed men were Instantly killed and two
ensigns injured yesterday when a
large hydroalrplane crashed Into the
Willoughby Club, on Willoughby Spit,
.about twelve miles from the city.
The dead are Radio Expert Thomas
Vincent JoJnes, U, S. N., and Machin
ist's Mate I.lewellyn W. Allexander.
Ensign Palmedo, who was driving
the machine, was slightly injured and
a second ensign, whose name could
not be learned, escaped with minor in
juries. A wireless operator aboard
the machine was uninjured.
The .Misses Sanderson, of 1512
Whlnut street, entertained the D.
D. B. Society at their home last eve
ning. Refreshments were served to:
Miss Elsie Hill, Miss Amanda Haver
stock, Miss Florence Shader, Miss
Hyacinth Beard, Miss Anna Boyer,
Mrs. Ruth ' Wells, Mrs. George
Updegraff, Miss Janet Sanderson,
Miss Isalielle Sanderson and Miss
Agnes Sanderson.
Seasonable Cat Flowers
Decorative l'lants
Christmas Greens
Our Christmas circular Is
now being mailed. If you
have not received your copy,
ask and it will be mailed.
Bell Phone 3799-M.
t = 1
Christmas Day without candy
r would be like a circus without pea- . 1
nuts. Young and old together asse
ts ciate the day with candy. 1
j Our assort- mfak J
ment of Fancy -..
t Boxes and Pack- 1
ages surpass any
■r thing we have 1
ever carried and
w the contents of same are of the best. 1
He A Few Suggestions 1
Assorted Chocolates Hard Mixture
|fea Chocolate Bon Bons Assorted Mixture 1
Clear Toys French Fruits
Candy Canes Chocolate Straws
n Nut Caramels Walnut Straws '
Nut Bars Ribbon Candy
H Special Prices to Churches and *
Sunday Schools. Deliveries to all
IT parts of the city.
| Greek-American Confectionery ]
gc- 409 Market Street -3
I • M
' <
TDETTER and helpful ways to
J-) make practical and* useful
gifts arc found in the service \vc
Be y° u have friends or relatives
A?- y in need of Glasses, or if the rims,
frames or mountings of the present glasses are unbecom
ing and out of style, give them new ones for Christmas.
They are useful, helpful and practical.
No. 22 North Fourth Street
Holiday Greetings
Name Cards or
your Stationery
jg| The Telegraph Printing Co.,
I®s ____ Sttilii
1 > ~
University Club Issues
Cards For Victory Ball
The University Club,has Issued In
vitations to a "Victory Ball" to be
held in honor of its men now In the
service of the United States, many of
whom It is hoped will be able to at
tend this affair.
The Victory bill will undoubtedly
be the largest holiday dance. It will
be held Junuary 2 and will formally
open the Penn-Harrls ball room.
"Suds" Sourbeer's ten-piece or
chestra will play for the dancers
from 8.30 util 1 o'clock. There will
be cards for those who, do not care
to dance.
The committee in charge Includes:
Elmer E. Erb, William H. Earnest,*
Henderson Gilbert, C. Frederick
Kammerer, Dr. H. M. Kirkpatrick, C.
H. Mac Donald, Ehrman R. Mitchell,
G. Wolford Quiley, P. B. Rice, J.
Douglas M. Royal, Dr. Karl Sehraf
fle and C. O. Shaar.
Children Are Giving
Annual Holiday Benefit
The children of Mr. and Mrs.
Ralph Irving Delhi, of Paxtang, are
giving their fourth annual Christ
mas benefit entertainment on next
Wednesday afternoon, December 18,
at 4.15 o'clock, in the Paxton Pres
byterian Church. The proceeds will
be used for the children suffering
through the influenza epidemic.
The programs are always Inter
estlng, comprising music, songs and
stories, with this year special Mother
Goose songs by the smallest of all.
Assisting will be the Misses Helen
Cordry, of Paxtang, and Elizabeth
Miller, of Paxtang, with her brother,
William Miller
No tickets are sold but a silver
collection is taken. Every one inter
-ested Is invited to attend.
Mr., and Mrs. Charles Simmons, of
117 South Fourteenth street, are
home from Scrnnton, where they were
called by the death of Mrs. Simmons'
mother. Mrs. U. S. Washburn.
Program of Interest Arranged
For December 18, With
Local Musicians
. Musicians of the Wednesday Club
taking part in the working, recital
next Wednesday morning at 10.15
o'clock in Fahnestock Hill will be
Mrs. John R, Henry, Mrs. William K.
Bumbaugh, Miss Mary E. Worley
and Miss LeNora Fry.
The program will include:
Automere, "Etude de Concert"
(Chamlnade), Mrs. John Henry;
aria, "As When the Dove Laments
Her Love" ("Acts and Galathea")
(Handel), Mrs. William K. Bum
fa) "The Angel, (b) "The Land That
I Love" (Rubenstein), Mrs. Bum
baugh and Miss Worley: "Sonatn"
(Nadermann), "Uue Lerme" (Ru
benstein), "Impromptu" (Oberthur),
Miss LeNora Fry; "O Love, but a
Day" (Protlieroe) "The Fairies' Lul
laby" (Buzzia Piccis), "Pilgrim's
Bong" (Tschaikowsky), Miss Worley;
"Mother Dearest," Russian folk
song (Kurt Schindler), "Ballata"
(Blbella), "An Irish Noel" (Holmes),
Mrs. Bumbaugh; "Drifting" (Friml),
Mrs. Henry.
Tech Holiday Dance
at Winterdale Hall
The pre-Christmas dance held last
evening at Winterdale by the Tech
nical High /School Social Dance Club,
was a most successful affair. Deco
rations of patriotic streamers and Al
lied flags added to the attractiveness
of the hall. "Suds" Sourbeor and his
"Jazz" orchestra furnished (he mu
About two hundred and fifty
dancers were present.
The committee in charge included
Victor Bihl, chairman; Charles Lin
gle. Ross McCord, Lester Bell, Fred
Morgan, Frank Fellows, John Hous
ton and John Richards.
Col. Kennedy Returning
After War Work Abroad
It is understood that Col. M. C.
Kennedy, president of the Cumber
land Valley Railroad Company, who
has been actively identified with rail
road operations in Europe during
the war, will return home during the
first of the year. On the staff during
his absence has been Lieutenant A.
G. Houser, of this city.
Red Cross Asks For
Quantities of Salvage
The Red Cross Salvage Committee
needs more newspapers, old maga
zines, rags, metal, etc. The work of
this committee must go on until the
boys come home. So call up the Red
Cross, 4884 and notify headquarters
that you have something for the sal
vage collector. You may if you wish,
drop a postcard also to the chairman
at 105 Locust stret. Salvage is need
ed regularly for months to come.
The Federation of Industrial clubs
held a meeting last evening in the
Y. M. C. A. after a supper. Miss Mar
ian Marts told a delightful Christ
mas story at the Open Forum "gym"
and educational classes followed.
Present at the supper were: Miss
Lois G. Scott, Industrial secretary;
Mrs. Lillian Whipperman, Miss Mar-
Jorie Bolles, Miss Esther Gardiner,
Miss Riith Arnold, Miss Mary Fink,
Mrs. J. C. Lusk, Miss Anna Whipper
man, Miss Irene Fetrow, Miss Marie
Button, Minnio Stabnau, Miss Ruth
Sauder, Miss Mary Fenstermacher,
Miss Fannie McClain. Miss Katherine
Lerch, Miss Fanny Albert, Miss Elisa
beth Elliott, Miss Anna Frye, Miss
Amelia Jamison, Miss Lillian McClain,
Miss Helen Forsythe, Miss Hazel
Etter, Miss Helen Rltterr, Miss Esther
Fink, Miss Elbe Smith, Miss Aurel
lia Buser, Miss Emma Stabnau, Miss
Iva Maus.
Miss Margaret Landis, of 1522 Green
street, entertained the C. A. O. Club
at her home last evening. The fol
lowing girls were present:
Miss Getha High, Miss Gertrude
Weston, Miss Helen legvy, Miss Eliza
beth Watts, Miss Carolyn Hshn, Mtss
Mary Alma Allln, Miss Romayne
Boyer, Miss Martha Cresswell.
Clarence B. Bishop, son of Mrs. W.
O. Bishop, 1681 North Second street
has been appointed assistant instruc
tor of the Electrical school at Wash
ington Barracks. Mr. Bishop Is a
graduate engineer of Lehigh Uni
Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Corl, of Luck
now, announce tho engagement of
their daughter, Miss Ruth Corl to
Raymond Tritt, of New Cumberland.
The wedding will be a Christmas
Lieutenant Marks, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Albert Marks, of Steelton, who
has been home on a furlough visit
ing his parents and Mrs. Marks, for
merly Miss Vera Van Horn, return
ed to Fort McPherson, Atlanta, Ga.,
Howard Fraim, of 2229 North
Sixth street, is home from Fort
Thomas, Kentucky.
Miss Jean Chamberlin, a Vassar
student, is at her home, 321 North
Front street, for the Christmas holi
Miss Amelia Durbin has returned
to her home after several months
absence at Chatauqua, N. Y., where
she was studying social service.
Kenneth Downes, a student of Le
high, is at his home, 1811 North Sec
ond street.
James Carey, of Lehigh Univer
sity, is at his homo for the Christ
mas holidays.
Miss Charlotte Grove and Miss
Mildred DeShong left this morning
for Gettysbug where they will at
tend the Students Army Training
Corps dance to be given by the stu
dents this evening.
The Itev O. Wiler has returned to
his home, In Gap. Pa., after spending
a few days with S. C. Boyer, of 1619
North streets.
Dr. F. K. Downes, superintendent
of Harrisburg schools, is ill at his
home, 1811 North Second street.
H. B. Major, of Tunkhannock, who
has been stationed at Wood's Hole,
Mass., for several years, has been re
leased from the service and will spend
a few days in this city, enroute to his
N. R. Buller, of the State Fishery
Department, Is on an inspection trip
to Bellefonte, Pa.
Sergeant Carl 11. Strait and Corporal
Frank Doblln, of Camp Meade, ore
the weekend guests of Mrs. Mary
Hmyser Klnier, 2127 North Second
Missionary Society
Hears Interesting News
The Women's Missionary Society
of Immanuel Presbyterian. Church
was entertained yesterday afternoon
at the home of Mrs. T. E. Munce, of
1034 South Eighteenth street.
Mrs. William T. Schelter spoke on
"Keconsecratlon in Mission Work"
and the Rev. Archllle told
of the mission among the Italians
Tho women's adult Bible class
taught by Mrs'. Everett H. Hallnian,
presented sl6 to the society.
Those present were: Mrs. R. T.
Zook, Mrs. Ann Morrow. Mrs. Owen
Ross, Mrs. Piatt, Mrs. Rohrer, Mrs.
Riche'y. Mrs. Hershey, Mrs. Anne
Camerer. Miss Muriel Ross and Ed
ward Munce.
Saturday Dance
at Hostess House
At the dance to be given to-night
by Mrs. Jesse E, B. Cunningham at
the Hostess House, Mrs. EdVin S.
Herman and Mrs. Lesley McCreath
will assist Mrs. Cunningham.
The Sunday evening hostesses will
be Miss Caroline Pearson, Mrs. Louie
B. Kap and Mrs. William R. Bailltc.
Trie canteen committee Includes
Mrs. J. Meily Jones, Mrs. John Gra
ham, Mrs. Andrew C. Sherer, Mrs.
A. W. Greely, Jr., Miss Matilda Hies
ter, Mrs. B. Boyd Harrington and
Miss Anna Henderson.
Seventh Birthday
Happily Celebrated
A delightful little party was held
Thursday evening in honor of the
seventh birthday of Florence E.
Dare, at her home. Nineteenth and
Regina streets. A Christmas color
scheme was carried out. The eve
ning was spent in games and music
and refreshments were served to the
following little guests: Elizabeth
Hopkins, Jean Dclweiler, Rachael
Craßbe. Charlotte Clark, Anna Mar
garet Smith. Ethel Spangler, Rosalie
Dam and Florence Dare.
Governor to Address
the Civic Club Monday
The December meeting of the Civic
Club will be held at the Clubhouse
on Monday, December 16, at 3 p. m.
Members are requested to note the
change in the hour of meeting, the
usual hour being thirty minutes later.
Governor Brumbaugh will be the
speaker of the afternoon and as he
must leave at 3.50 to keep an impor
tant engagement in Annapolis, the
hour has been changed for the club
meeting. The departments will meet
at 2.15. '
Sergt. Stephen Anderson has re
turned to Cornell University, Ithaca,
N. Y., where he is map Instructor in
the officers training school, after
spending a fourteen-day furlough at
his home, 122 Verbeke street.
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Waßers, of
Saratoga, N. Y., are stopping for a
while with their relatives, Mr. and
Mrs. Hugh S. Baldy, of State street..
Mrs. George F. Watt has Just re
turned home to Chicago, after spend
ing a fortnight with old friends In
this city where she formerly resided.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer F. Lowe and
small daughter, Kathleen Lowe, of
Cincinnati, are in town for a holi-.
day visit with their relatives, Mr.
and Mrs. Howard B. Emmons, of
North Second street.
Miss Celeste Walters went homo to
Philadelphia this morning after
spending ten days with her cousin.
Miss Annette Richardson, of Green
Miss Lillian Dece'vee, of Brooklyn,
is spending several months In town
with her cousin. Miss Alice M. Dec
evee, 1503 North Second street.
Mr. and Mrs. Lew Russell Palmer
and little Miss Christine Palmer, have
removed from 2135 Green street to
New York City, where Mr. Palmer is
now connected with the Equitable
Life Assurance Society. •
Miss Elizabeth Boher, of Second
end South streets, is spending a week
In Philadelphia.
Mrs. J. A. Mattis, of Millersburg,
Pa., has returned to her home after
a visit with Mrs. Elizabeth Enterline,
1428 Liberty street.
Miss Beatrice Hennlng, of Lynch
burg, Va., is a guest of her aunt,
Mrs. Sybllla Gray, of Market street.
Thomas G. Miller, of Watertown,
N. Y., is visiting his aunt, Mrs.
Charles Francis Etter at 208 Pine
Miss Elizabeth Tack, of 127 Herr
street, 1B improving in health after
a severe attack of influenza follow
ed by pneumonia.
H. Oscar Ulrieh
Will personally be In my IIARIIIS.
Bit KG OFFICE, lloont 1, Spooner
Building. U N. Market Square, sec
ond floor, U a. in. to H p. m.
Two Days Only
DEC. 16 AND 17
I offer you this visit a line pair
of glasses, llrst quality spherical
lensea for either dlatanee or rend
ing, gold-ftllcd triune and elegant
ense. Including my acientlflc eye
exumlnation, nil for an low as
$2.00 Complete
Don't fall to nee me thla visit
and have yone eye trouble iidjuat
ed nt a moderate cost.
Will be In my CARLISLE OF
FICE, 14 West Main St., second
floor, one dny only; Wednesday,
December 18, 0 a. m. to 8 p. m.
15,000 TROOPS
Speed to Be 30,000 Duily
When Demobilization Plan
Is in Full Swing
By Associated Press
Washington, Dec. 14.—Demobili
zation In the United States now Is
proceeding at the rate of 15,000 men
released from the Army every day,
General March announced to-day. It
still is anticipated that a rate of
30,000 a day will be reached when
full momentum is attained.
51 list Await Turn For Homo
Tho War Department now has
designated a total of 824,000 men in
the United States for discharge, an
increase of nearly 200,000 during
the last week. General March made
It clear, however, (hat designation of
troops does not mean immediate dis
charge, but severance from the serv
mobmJ&on. tUFn 18 reached o*-
Porto Jticans Ordered Loose
Armv°tlfh 1 n . 6W hranch es of the
Army to be included in demobiliza
ton orders are 12,000 Porto Rican
000°mn f ,e . d dlschar Ked. Of 82 4,-
designated, 352,000 are In
and similar batta ons
ana similar limited units. In ad
? u 'v lß,ooo men on industrial fur
lough have been ordered released
at,on of offl eers Is pi-o
wl thtL m m™ aP A d ' y than is u,e < ase
U 203 nffll • l Ge , ncral March said
17,203 officers had been honorably
signed!" 8 ' 6 BlnCe <he ar mlstice was
Surnmarl Y" ~kS I/CnVC F™"™
Summarizing the flow of return-
Ma tTl , Fr °" Ce ' General
and 111 9 to l nl of s'6r>3 5 ' 6r>3 oncers
for return n ad bee " dea 'Knated
roi return by General Pershing un
372 r"®" 12 ' ° f that "umber 1°
3 3 officers and 30.708 men actu
ally have sailed from France.
I, HATS ' °" 5 "" " " ' °HATS~"|
I $ 1 00 Astnch s$ j 00 1
| MONDAY 308 Market Street MONDAY |
n 9100 91.00 si.oo 91.00 91.00 9100 9100 91.00 91.00 91.00 9100
9100 91.00 91.00 91.00 91.00 9100 9100 91.00 91.00 9100 9100
a 91.00 1— ———— 91.00
1 One More Dollar Hat Sale |S 1
I 11:82 - FOR THIS MONDAY %\Z |
I 81 00 For the benefit of those who could not get to our Dollar.Hat Sale last Monday, we |j.oo |
|l!oo will have one more sale of these Hats this Monday—giving you exactly the same values 91.00 |
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81 00 There will also be another lot of Children's Trimmed Dress Hats in this sale, to be 91.00 v.
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lUntrimmed Ready Tailored Hats ;
-V> u, t' ill
Goes on Sale This Monday—Placed on Fourteen Tables and Six Showcases—To Be Sold This Monday J
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Genuine Heavy Nap Velour Hats <tA fifi Large Black Silk Velvet Hats CC
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Two Numbers of Feather Turbans /KA a n
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Hata trimmed free if Hat Materlala are purchased here, except Dollar Hata.
B ■ ' v *_ "LI la
With Choir and Organist
At Messiah Lutheran Church to
morrow evening the music Is to bo
especially 'good. Henry Oadsby'B
beautiful composition, "I Will Lay Me
Down In Peace," will be the anthem
number and Director Abner W. Hart
man will sing Eugene Cowles' setting
of Tennyson's "Crossing the Bar."
The music of "St. Ann." the glor
ious hymn tune of the church mili
tant, always is inspiring. Many or
gan writers have used it to brighton
their compositions. Interpolating its
melody Into majestic passages that
thrill. Bach, the incomparable, has
woven It Into a massive fugue num
ber, which Is to be played by Edwin
B. Wasse at Augsburg Lutheran
Church to-morrow evening. "St. Ann,"
"St. Stephen," "Duke Street," "St.
Peter" and other familiar hymn tunes
find a place in the modern organist's
The Advent season is here and
choir and organ will tell the story
In many churches prior to tho
Christmas festivnl. Soon there will
ring out the gladsome music of Bnrn
by, Simper, Tours, Sullivan, Shelly,
Buck and Field. Caleb Simper's
"Sing, O Heavens," Barnby's "King
All Glorious," Shelley's "Christian, the
Morn Breaks Sweetly O'er Us," will
Millerstown Friends at
Deckard-Beaver Wedding
MUlcrstown, Pa„ Dec. 14. Mr.
and Mrs. Perry Ulsh and Mrs.
A. H. Ulsh and granddaughter, Mary
Rounsley, Mrs. Thomas 'Diffendafer,
Misses Sara Kipp, Ida Ulsh, Kath
rvn Uickabaugh and D. Gilbert
Rlckabaugh attended the Deckard-
Beaver wedding at St. Samuels on
Saturday.—William F. Rounsley j
and family, of Penbrook, spent Sun- \
day with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. j
William Rounsley. Harry Klpp j
and family, of McAllistersvlHe, were :
guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
J. C. Klpp on Sunday.—Mr. and Mrs. j
Meryl Page and little daughter Jane, j
of Lewlstown, and Mrs. Hulda j
Knights, of Duncannon, were guests
of Mr, and Mrs. Banks Page on Sun- j
day.—Charles Allen and family, of
Mifflin, visited his mother, Mrs. Mary
Allen over Sunday.—D. A. Lahr,
: Miss Mame Kepner and Carolyn
Reisinger were recent Harrisburg
visitors.—Miss Alice Alexander was
DECEMBER 14, 1918.
be beard In all their glorious Uar
mon:ca. There will be selections
from the "Messiah,',' Gounodis ••Re
demption" and others of the great
At Reformed Salem Church tomor
row evening Bennett's "God Is a
Spirit," a beautlfully-arrantfed an
them. sung by the splendid
choir. In the morning an anthem, pe
culiarly popular in Reformed choirs.
"The Hun Shall Be No More Thy
I.lght By Bay," will be the choir of
"Hail, Gladdening Light," one of
the best of the. Field Christmas an
thems. will be on the choir programs
of several Harrisburg churches on
Christmas Day. The tenor solo' in
this work is especially striking.
Stults' setting of the exquisite
poem, "Havlour, Whom 1 Fain Would
Love," has been selected by Choir
muster Howard F.. Gensler for use In
l)erry Street United Brethren Church
to-morrow evening. The melodious
works of Stulls find particular favor
in the churches of the country that
are fcec from ritualism, and this
.number likely will prove to be a gem
\n the Derry Street Church to-mor
called to Rochester, N. Y., on Tues- j
day by the serious illness of her j
brother-in-law, the Rev. Herman j
Flckcs.— Miss Stella Goodman, of
Harrisburg, attended tho funeral of;
Mrs. Thomas Nankivel on Tuesday, j
—Miss Nan Kinter, who has. been i
visiting at the homo of William C. i
Moore, has returned to her home at j
Chambersburg.—Burton Allen was a |
Harrisburg visitor on Wednesday. — j
Miss Maude Shover, of Newport, j
spent Sunday with Miss Olive j
Dirhm. —Mrs. Mary Allen and grand- j
son. Vaughn Deitzler, spent several
days at Mifflin with Mr. and Mrs. C.
M. Allen. —Miss Jenrffe Lease, of I
Reading, spent Sunday with Mrs. |
Harry Hopple.—Mrs. J. C. Kipp,
made a trip to Thompsontown on |
Monday.—rs. A. H. Ulsh and daugh- j
ter, Mr 3. J. E. Itounsley Were at
Harrisburg Tuesday.—Williard Dif- i
fenderfer, of Nanticoke, is visiting I
his our.t, Miss Minp Kremer. — I
Louise Rounsley, of Penbrook, is |
visiting her grandparents, Mr. and j
Mrs. William Rounsley.—Miss Es
tella Hogentogler was a visitor at I
Newport Tuesday evening. Levi
| Kepner, William Rounsley, D. A,
i Lahr and Elmer Relsinger attend
] ed a Sunday school institute at New
-1 port on Sunday.—Second Lieutenant
iA, .T. Holinan, who had been sta
tioned at Camp Lee, Va„ has re
turned home. —Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liam C. Moore, Mr. and Mrs. J. C.
Ktpp, Mrs. Charles Mitchell, Mrs.
Oliver Wright, Mr. and Mrs. George
"Fry, Mr. and' Mrs. Harry Rinehart,
Mr. ftttd Mrs. Chester Ulsh.
Fortnightly Chib to Study
the Reformation in France
The Fortnightly Club, which wilt
meet Monduy evening at the homo
of Miss McOinnes on South Fourth
street, will have as its subject. "Tho
Reformation in France." The fol
lowing papers will be read: "The
Regency of Catherine dev Medici,"
Miss Crouse; "Calvin and the Hiige
nots,". Mrs. Davis; "The Massaero
of St. Bartholomew's Day," Miss
Pearl Hill; "Henry of Navarre," Mrs..
Costs no more than
ordinary coffee—
I and it's SO delicious—
32<? lb. at all grocers
:j R. H. Lyon
I Importer Harrisburg