Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, December 05, 1918, Page 9, Image 9

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Democratic Leaders Virtually
Give Up Hope of Holding
Necessary Hearings
Washington, Dec. 5. The next
Congress, a Republican one, will de
termine the future of the railroads.
This was assured when Democratic
Senate and House leaders, aware of
the legislative task ahead of them,
v irtually gave up hope tf being able
to hold the necessary hearings In
rommittee to thresh the matter out
thoroughly In both branches of Con
gress and to pass a bill to cover the
railroad situation.
It was considered by these leaders
that as many big appropriation and
reconstruction measures as well as
Ihe revenue bill, on which there Is a
bitter fight, will have to be passed
upon between now and March 4, ma
ture deliberation could not bo given
to the railroad problem which it de
There Is a possibility that the Sen
to interstate commerce committee
will begin probing into the railroad
situation. If it does the railroad
question will go no further this ses
sion. So far as the House is con
:erned it Is the intention there to let
the railroad matter rest until the next
Congress is called.
In their decision to let the railroad
worn in connection with W. B.
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x l |
question alone until the Republican
Consreae can take hold of It Demo
cratic leadera were guided by the
statement made by the President yea
terday Indicating that he did not ex
pect a formal declaration of peace
until the spring. The present rail
road control will extend automatically
for twenty-one months after thoj
event, giving time for full investiga
tion Into the financial situation of the
railroads, the effect of government op
eration on the various lines and the
wisdom of following the various
courses which have boon suggested.
When tho matter Is finally taken up
It Is expected to occupy attention for
several months. There la no opposi
tion discernible against giving the
railroad problem full consideration, as
the President, has virtually assured
Congress that he will approve what
ever couise Congress takes. It Is the
desire of Congress to hear the Rail
road Administration, the Interstate
Commerce Commission, the railroad
executives and the railroad owners as
fully as possible.
Traffic conditions on the railroads
'under government control are such
that no general embargoes such as
those placed for many winters past
are probable thlrf year, according to
a statement Issued yesterday by Di
rector General McAdoo.
The Director General declares that
comprehensive plans made last winter
for freeing congested areas of addi
tional freight have resulted in excep
tional freedom from congestion during
the heavy business this fall and that
there are not now outstanding any
general embargoes against the free
movement of traffic.
Washington, D. C., Dec. 6. —Recruit-
ing for the Marine Corps will be re
sumed at once, under an order Is
sued by Secretary Daniels. Enlist
ments will be for four years, former
standards will be maintained and
there will be no limit on the number
of men to be accepted.
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1,161 FALL OR
34 Pennsylvanians Reported
as War Victims in Over
seas Conflicts
Washington, Dec. 5.-—Thirty-four
Pennsylvanians were killed in action
as reported In to-day's lists of cas
ualties given out by the war depart
ment. A total of 3,030 names ap
pear in the lists, with 421 killed in
action, ami 741 died of wounds and
disease. - The completo summary
Killed in action . 421
Died of wounds, 310
Died of accident und
other causes, 21
Died of airplane accident, 12
Died of disease 431
Wounded severely 34 4
Wounded (degree unde
termined) 398
Wounded'slightly 619
Missing in action 474
Total 3,030
Perry G. Benson, Lumber City.
Corporal ,
George W. Reber, Reading.
' Privates
Demetreos Benekos, Verona.
Theodore Borowskl, Philadelphia.
Harvey Grill Steffy. Denver.
John M. Mathews, Newell.
Harry Miller, Scranton.
CamlMo Trorana, New Castle.
John Grleco, Tarentum.
Annibais Barbara, Jeannette.
Joseph A. Brogan, Pittsburgh.
Arminio Ferri, Allison.
William K. Galloway, Pottstown.
John Krouz, Jr., intoona.
Andrea Pisanl, Shamokin.
Ira ,T. Cato, Wtlltamsport.
Jacob E. Hehnly, Sheridan.
Ona H. Lewis, Keermoor.
William C. Llndenmuth, Ring
Pete Patrenakos, Franklin.
John H. Rylander, Sheffield.
Luigi Varanese, West Chester.
William J. Wlrhanowcz, New
! Britain.
Walter 11. Frillk, Indiana.
Isaac L. Noye, 609 Peffer street,
1 Harrisburg.,
[ William E. Murphy, Braddock.
Jesse lioovifr Stoy, Beallsville.
Harry J. Walsh, Philadelphia.
James H. Hitch, Philadelphia.
• Privates
Charlie E. Barnhart, Sandy Lake.
Marshall Armstrong Boyd, Pitts
Thomas Bradey, Summit Hill.
M illard Ilretz, 106 Harris street, I
Joseph Gtonfirddo, Dysart.
Louie Montana, Homer City.
George A. Moyer, Emaus.
Albert Rehovlch, Barnsboro.
Harry Williams, Johnstown.
George F. Zimmerman, Trevorton.
Louts E. Haller, Folcroft, Dela
ware county.
Mearl C. Lyda,' Black Lick, In
diana county.
Earl C. Wood, Philadelphia.
William Bush, Glenlyon.
Clarence G. W. Hetriek, Reynolds
Gsant E. Stone. Elkland.
David M. Benedict, Philadelphia.
■William F. Broderick, Johns
Frank S. Cherry, Bridgeville.
Harry J. Dlas, Monessen.
Raymond H. Feight, Pottstown.
Harry L. Gilbert, Pottstown.
Edward P. Hannay, Roxborough.
Walter J. McGuire. Chester.
Vincent! Mazaika. Minersville.
George Z. Plttakas, McKeesporf.
Frank Edward Riley, Pittsburgh.
Francesco Rio, Tyler.
Howard S. Stanley. Coatesville.
I Anthony G. Hess, Erie.
Howard D. Israel, Pittsburgh.
1 William H. MacMeekin, Philadel
l phia.
Tony Myklich, Philadelphia.
; Earl Smolcy, 2041 Logan street,
I Ilnrrlsburg.
Carl D. Albert. Dußois.
Mike Bendle, Belle Vernon.
Gerald A. Brocius, SummerviHe.
Vincent P. Dolan. Girardville.
Andrew Kolaba, Philadelphia.
Frank Gaydos, Clairton.
Lewis Lamoreau, Plymouth.
Harvey MerlU Bowley, Wilcox,
Walter S. Bruce, Philadelphia,
j William J. Davis, Pittsburgh.
Vincenzo De Simone, West Phila
Lewis Finley, Tarentum.
James B. Hoover, Meyersdale.
Philip E. Barrickman, Butler.
Joseph Charles Bengel, Jeannette.
Emanuel Henry Billman, Leba
Zygmund Dutkevicz, Duryea.
Michael George Fahley, Oil City.
Tony Balchaitis, Philadelphia.
Max Robert Burke, Westford.
Gus Festenstein, Philadelphia.
Robert Fisher, Reading.
Michael Halincheck, Hazleton.
Frank Hahn, Reading.
Louis B. Helnlein, Erie.
John A. Htckey, Danville.
Nicola Leone, Clifton Heights.
Clement J. Melhorn, Ashvllle.
William Conrod Myers,. Fleming
Joe Samolunsky, Pittsburgh.
John T. Riley, Revesvllle.
Henry L. Wilson, Philadelphia.
James P. Craven, Philadelphia.
Rodey Gibson, Tannery. y
Leo A. Aonlo, Carrlck.
William R. McNulty, Pittsburgh.
Edward L. Tiedt, Clarion.
Henry Charles Stone, Mount
August John Quering, Glassport.
Chalmers Lawson Harmon, Brook,
Vincent Yodzls, Pittsburgh.
William P. Family, Philadelphia.
' Privates
Joseph H. Cherry, Philadelphia.
Herman E. Bishop, Lewis Run.
Arthur Black, 1940 North street
Harrisburg. '
Norman J. Blankenhorn, Potta
John Budrovitz, Edwardsville.
Joseph P. Cernlc, Johnstown.
Clarence E. Fahnestock, Newvllle.
David S. Grumblne, Fredericks
Peter Demko, Dunmore.
David D. Eckels, Walkers Mills.
Albert A. Pinchock, Brockway
Randolph A. Wonders, Pitoalrn.
Andrew J. Dennis, Falrchance.
• Nunziato Garantlne, Wyano.
Peter P. McManamon, Sugar
Joseph Pllottl, Sloyan
Harry Staufter, Spring Grove.
Sealon R, Morgan, Philadelphia.
Lemuel W. Munibower, Waynos
Wlncenty Piciulla, Pittsburgh.
l<ouls A. Repsher, Philadelphia.
Howard M. Smith, Berwick.
Noah John Logsdon. Hyndman.
Andrew Pezoldt, Allentown.
Tony Romeo, Hollsopple.
Harry Tuttle Rogers, Philadel
Hubert A. Roe, New Mllford.
Fred Schmerfeld, Mahonoy City.
Paul Benjamin Kahlbaugh, Han
William J. Lambert, Kingston.
Michael C. McGrogan, West New
Achllle Pardlnl, Hoovervlllo.
William H. Stewart, Greenville.
Roman A. Wojczynskl, Philadel
phia. ,
Re.ported this morning are the
John H. Qulnn, Philadelphia. *
Edward R. Gernert, Wilkinsburg.
Herbert L. Kreps. Philadelphia.
Oscar E. Snyder Fishers Ferry.
Cecil Herman Sprong, Butler.
Lawrence Warner, Plymouth.
Lewis E. Wetmlller, Sand Patch.
John Ayre, Jr., Philadelphia.
Frank Merrtam, Philadelphia.
John D. Aaron, Slatington.
Allen O. Delke, Slatington.
Stephen Miricki, Philadelphia.
Joseph A. Kennedy, Chester.
Luigi Adams, Pittsburgh.
Walter A. Arnold, Dorranceton.
Walter E. Grove, Red Lion.
Elwood E. Schlarb, Ashland.
William D. Slusser, Nanttcoke.
Francis H. Handwerk, Slatington.
William F. Murphy, Girard, Erie
Matenz Soblevaj, Windber. •
Howard Alinus Stahl, Indiana.
Bozo Stipanovic, South Pitts
Stanley Skroubul, Shenandoah.
Clyde W. Trowbridge, Mehoopany.
Thomas E. Whltcsldes, Spring
Alaster W. Duff, Mahafty.
Norbert J. Finegan, Chester.
John P. Fleming, Sharpsburg.
Daniel E. Gann, Jersey Shore.
George J. Schmidt, Pittsburgh.
Frank Carns Siner, Philadelphia.
Willard J. Leach, Philadelphia.
Anthony Abroitz, Philadelphia.
Edward M. Belghtol, Tyrone.
Guy Bryan, Robinson.
Antonio Ceccki, Conifer.
• Joseph Halas, Philadelphia.
Harry N. Altmeyer, Pittsburgh.
Daniel t3. Durbin, Wind Ridgo.
Earl Howsare, Ralnsburg.
Elwood J. Jones, Philadelphia.
Hay Everitt, Montrose,
Joseph Failaice, Pittsburgh.
Richard P. Fyock, Penn Run.
Steve Gasper, Btahlstowm
Andy Levandeskt, Pittsburgh.
Walter J. Market, Adelaide.
George F. Richard, Philadelphia.
John C. Schumacher, Johnstown.
Lynn Stone, Columbia Cross
Andy Medwlth, Oliver.
Steve J. Paddock, Wilkes-Barre.
Frank M. Trebino, Philadelphia.
William Hugo Zewe, Duquesne.
Ponato Tempesto, Tyler.
Joseph T. Smith, Scranton.
Daniel Frederick McCarthy, Brad
John R. Kennedy, Pittsburgh.
Roy A. Douglass, Smithport.
Arthur M. Draper, Philadelphia.
Frank E. Gardner, Idaville.
I-larry M. Gise, East Berlin.
John A. Kennedy, Philadelphia.
Salvester Ptaskiewicz, Philadel
William J. B. Rehrer, Middletown.
George B. Simpson, Greensburg.
William H. Kruse, Albertus.
Michael J. Geaver, Philadelphia.
Frank Gusski, Arnott.
James G. Harter, Berwick.
Ray W. Walclsworth, Erie.
Norman B. Werner, Berlin.
Harry L. Aurndt, Lewisburg.
Theodore O. Dale, Scranton.
Claus R. Edgren, Munson.
.George Elliott, White Deer.
Spencer M. Evans, Lititz.
William C. Fuge, Houtudale.
Guerney Haven, Campbell, Wil
Jacob Gelßler, Broad Ford.
Ralph E. Workman, Pinegrove.
Edward F. Welsh, Philadelphia.
Irving Lindemuth, Mount Carmel.
James P. Dobbins, Philadelphia.
Richard T. McCartney, Ben Avon.
James B. Heckman, Apollo.
Stanley Nealse, Pitcairn.
George L. Turns, 11. F. D. 4, Hnr
E<l win C. WelLs, 1108 Penn street,
John J. Martin, Silver Creek.
Joseph O'Connor, Heckscherville.
Cllne Porter, Duquesne.
Augustus F. Stetner, Philadelphia.
John Veselenak, Rossiter.
•Cleveland S. Walters, Smithfleld.
William J. Watson, Philadelphia.
John Budko, Philadelphia.
August Glowenecs, Braddock.
Joseph F. Irwin, East Conemaugh.
William Frederick Neubauer,
Floyd C. Strick, Coudersport.
Martin J. Sullivan, Munhall.
Joseph Talkowsky, South Bethle
Nick Rartoline, Conshohocken.
James L. Harrison, Pittsburgh.
WOUNDED (Degree Undetermined)
Aloysius C. Dodwell, Philadelphia.
Ward B. Foltz, Sunbury.
Joseph L. Fowler, Philadelphia.
Harry Hobbs, Pittsburgh.
Albert E. Morris, Minersville.
Kenneth E. T. May. Wllliamsport.
James O'Connor, Philadelphia.
Patrick F. Ryan, Shamokin.
Albert A. Hilderbrant, Pittsburgh.
Gilbert Faull, Wilkes-Barre.
Clair L. Naugle, Shillington.
Elward C. Punch, Wllliamstown.
John T. Woolensack, Pittsburgh.
Harry Doris Figard, Huntingdon.
Robert T. Williams, St. Charles.
• Musicians
Salvatore Longo, Pittsburgh.
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Chester L. Mulil, Wllliairtsport.
Mechanic 1
Leigh E. Patterson. Fnctoryvillc.
James R. King, West field.
Privates ,
John R. Foley, White Marsli. I
Lewis J. Grubet - , Philadelphia,
Norman A. Hlllbish, Pottsvlile.
Dennis Holleran, Shnmokln.
Matthew J. Lambert, Philadel
Ebbert C. McSparrln, New Ken
Joseph T. McSorley, Philadelphia.
William E. Moore, Chester.
Max F. Kanke, Scrhnton.
Harry C. Hcanlon, Philadelphia.
I Israel Shore, Philadelphia.
Alonzo R. Smith, Philadelphia.
John Tracers, Bridgeport.
Norman E. Weller, Uloomsburg.
Wallace 1-1111, Jr., Berwick.
Ray C. Jayne, Tunkhannock.
• John Koshko, Clarence.
Michael Koshock, Beaver Mead
Hugh C. Leaver, Clifton Heights.
Howard L. Pyle, Coatesvllle.
Peter sherotskie, Dickson City.
James C. Snyder, East Strouds
Charles IL Taylor, Christiana.
Hugh L. Wilson, Wellsboro.
Vincenso Caruso, Scottdale.
Joseph A. O. Charlton, Pittsburgh.
John R. Flexer, Macungie.
Adam Lesinski, Penn Station.
John Joseph Vasely, South Beth
William F. Hedgelon, Monesdale.
Harold D. Heiselmeyer, Bethle
Thomas J. Huston, Pennsburg.
Stanley S. Scherer, Emerald.
Walter L. Solomon, Philadelphia.
Francis Joseph Bird, Philadel
Bernurd J. Ferry, South Bethle
Methodjous Stout, Wilkinsburg.
George Young, Tunkhannock.
Wesley W. Harting, Germantown,
Battalion Sergeant Major
Bushnell Di'mond, Philadelphia.
James Davis. Pittsburgh.
John Joseph MacVeigh, Philadel
Harold E. Irvine. Philadelphia.
Emil C. Reiter, Pavis.
William Edward Greensmith,
Robert L. Hawkins, Bernharts.
Walter C. Devore, Monogahela.
Joaeph D. Collum, Wilkes-Barre.
Albert P. Demaine, Philadelphia.
John C. Grimm, Greentown.
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ton. v
Dorsey J. Burkholder, Newberry.
Harry Richards, Wilkes-Barre.
Irvin Stott, Phoenixville.
Benny Visawaty, Dickson City.
Marcus A. Greer, Philadelphia.
Frank Gunshore, Wilkes-Barre.
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Joseph Turocy, Pittsburgh.
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William R. Vebclunas, Home
Roy C. Lash, Philadelphia.
Alexander Lipsie, Desire.
John Metka, Schwenkviile.
James D. Potts, Beaver Falls.
Frank L. Przywarty, Pittsburgh.
Bright Green Vest Was ,
Undoing of Man Wanted
to Face Murder Charge
How a bright green vest brought
Philip Goslin, colored, of Sykesvllle,
to the bar of justice to answer the
charge of murder which he is said
to have committed two years ago,
was revealed this morning by John
C. Metzheiser, police of the
Bethlehem Steel Company plant at
Steelton, who hired the negro to
watch the sweetheart of Willie Pal
mer, who is wanted for the murder
of Joseph Gordon, in Steelton, sev
eral days ago.
According to Metzheiser, Goskin,
I who was living at Locust Grove and
forking at the Steelton coke plant
under the name of Joseph Stillwater,
was standing at the Pennsylvania
railroad station resplcndant In a
bright green vest, watching for the
dusky maiden who was to lead him
to the lair of the hunted alleged
murderer. According to bystanders,
the Pennsylvania station itself wasn't
any more conspicuous than that
green vest.
Mr. and Mrs. John O. Brown en
tering the station on their way back
to Sykesvllle, "where they live, saw
the green vest, which riveted their
gaze, and then their eyes traveled
up the brilliant vest to the flare neck
tie, up the dusk> neck until—
"Why, that's J*hll Goskin!" ex
claimed Mrs. Brown. "And he's still
wanted for murder at home.
So Patrolman Hollands was called,
the negro was arrested and Sykes
vllle authorities notified. When
Sheriff Edward Miller, of Westmin
ster, Md., arrived at the Jail he iden
tified the man at once and took hint
back to the Westminster jail.
• Hey Are Always cn Top
la Every Y/alli cl hilo
It Ii a fact that red blooded men
end women are at tlio top in every
walk of life. Men and women with
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tliey get results.
lisd blooded women are the heads
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homes, they havo the will and the
desire to bo real companions and
Leadership and happiness li only
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willing to keep their blood and
nerves strengthened and nourished
with Iron and Thosphatcs. s
A prominent doctor says, '7t Is a
erii.io that so many men and women
lack the rich, rod blood and strong
steady nerve to ochlcvo their am
bitions. It is nil the more so bceauso
thin, watery blood Is unnecessary, as
rich, red blood or.d strong nerves are
within the grasp of everyone
I'liosphated Iron makes puro blood
oy making new blood. It Rives
'trength. brings color to the cheeks,
increases the weight and appetite,
Irivcs away the blues and those
sleepless nights, steadies and renews
vour nervous energy, makes you feci
like a llvo ono once again".
There must be something to *ft.
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•raise of Phosphated Iron, and you
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isHsnts receiving the genuine phoe
hstcd Iron it has heen put up in
"spatiles only. Do not allow dealers
give you pills or tablets. Insist
on capsules,
G. A. Gorges and leading druggist*
ovary w tiara.
Crowds at Christmas Time
Are Liable to Spread In
fluenza Abroad in Land
Shop early, avoid crowds and
nvert Ihe dunger of contract
ing Influenza, Is tho warning sound
ed to tho Christmas shoppers of the
state by Dr. B. Franklin Royer,
Acting Commissioner of Health.
With tho approach of tho holiday
shopping season, said Dr. Royer, too
much stress cannot bo laid on tho
necessity for tho public to avoid
crowding*, in the Btores, many of
which are poorly ventilated at best.
Tho influenza danger has not passed
and reports from various sections
of the state show that the disease
1B continually flaring up in many
communities and will probably be
with us throughout the entire win
ter. I doubt if there is a com
munity, large or small, in the Com
monwealth that can truthfully bnaßt
that it is absolutely free from this
Influenza is spread largely by
droplots caused by sneezing, cough
ing and spitting and it is a disease
spread in crowds and in poorly ven
tilated places. Therefore, the un
usual and unnecessary crowding so
common tn the stores during the
Christmas shopping season is sure
to result In an increased number of
influenza cases unless the people will
protect themselves. Let the Christ
mas buying begin at once. Those
persons who are habitually eleventh
hour shoppers will do well to re
member this warning. The store
keepers should co-operate by be
ginning at once to display their
special holiday goods and to hire
a sufficient sales force to handle
the Increased business without tax
ing the capacity of their clerks and
necessitating their Risies being
crowded with anxious people.
A recurrence of the recent terr
ible epidemic would be a sad \ end
for the approaching holiday sedson,
and this can be prevented if the
people will avoid conditions which
tend to spread the Influenza.
Show Little Desire
For Old Home Towns
Cnnip Meade, Admiral Md., Dec. 5.
Having failed to see France many
men ure acting upon an impulse to
try Baltimore, Philadephla and Wash
ington flrst as a .place for employ
ment rather than to go directly back
to their home towns. Of 600 who
bought tickets 137 decided to go to
destinations other than those from
which they came. By doing this they
had to pay the full rate. That so
many men, rejoicing in the opportun
ity to go hack home, should decide
to venture elsewhere was a surprise
to many.
There are men from every state in
camp now, many especially from the
far west and far south. It is certain
that many home folks are going to
be disappointed.
Pennsy Rewards Girl Who
Fought Train Wreckers
Vniontown, Pa., Dec. s.—As a re
ward for her bravery in dispersing
train wreckers who had piled rail
road ties on the tracks near a signal
tower at Mount Braddock. Miss Stella
Vensel, a Pennsylvania railroad tele
grapher, has been awarded SSO by
the railroad company.
Miss Vensel engaged In a pistol
battle with the two men and through
her valor brought assistance before
the arrival of an ammunition train
which the suspects sought to wreck.
Washington, Dec. s.—Charles R.
Page, of California, was nominated
yesterday by President Wilson to |
succeed himself as a member of tho
United States shipping board.
Giving in
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DECEMBER 5,1918.
By Associated Press
I'rklng. —• LU Cheng-llslang, For
eign Minister, who will head China's
delegation at the praco conference at
Versailles, left last night. After a
short may In Japan, the party will
proceed to Paris byway of America.
I.onilon. Fourteen women were
Included among the candidates for
Parliament nomlnuted yesterday. They
include Miss Christuhol Pankhurst,
daughter of Mrs. Emnieltno Pank
hurst, suffrage leader.
Berne. A dispatch from Agrarn
says the National Assembly of tbe
people of Montenegro, which deposed
King Nicholas unit voted In favor of
uniting with Serbia, was elected by
universal suffrage.
Paris. Representatives of the
Polish, Jugo-Slsv, ltumanlnn and
Czecho-Slovak National Councils are
In session here to study the reorgani
zation of Central Europe.
Buenos Aires. Earth tremors,
supposed to be caused by the serious
earthquake In Northern Chile, this
morning, were recorded at the Da
Plata seismograph station lust night.
Washington. All requisitions of
the Fuel Administration for the ship
ment of bituminous coal to Individual
plants have been canceled. The ad
ministration to-day announced that
Its policy In the future will be to leave
to the plants thediselveu the work of
obtaining fuel.
Amstrrdnm. Kurt Eisner, the Ba
varian Premier. Is reported to have
privately declared himself ready to
;; The Quick Way to j \
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Splendid for bronchitis, croup,
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Pinex is a highly concentrated com
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resign when the National Assembly
had regulated the country's affairs, ao
cordlng'to a Munich dispatch.
Carlisle, Pn., Dec. B.—■ A change
took place In the personnel of the
stuff at the Dickinson Collego Stu
dent rmy Training Corps Just as the
period of formal dciuobollzatlon be
gan| Date yesterday afternoon,
Dieutenunt Furby, the combatant,
a native of Chicago, who hoe been
In chnrge since ugust, was relieved
and transferred to the University of
Pennsylvania nt Philadelphia and
was succeeded by Dleutenant W, ID
Hit'chler, a former Instructor at the
Dickinson School of Law.
fr ~
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