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Judge Puts Good Roads
Question Up to Constables
Bioomsburg, Pa.. Tec. 5.
den' Judge John G. lJarinan, ot t.io
Columbia county court, spoke ritn r
sharply in court oa tlie matter ot
constables returning roads n bad
condition, and then letting it >o .it
that He said: "If these returns
mean anything they mean that 'he
reads must be rep .Red. Tho people
ot the county are entitled to good
roads. If these roads are not made
bettei by Ihe next torn of court, if
weather conditions permit, we want
you to come into court with your wit
nesses and we will lay an indictment
before tire grand Jury. Now it s up
to you.
Dauphin. Pa., Dee. 5. —East even
ing the Mite Society of the Presby
terian Church met at the home of
Miss Margaret Brooks, in Erie street.
After the regular business meeting
the evening was spent in Red Cross
knitting. Refreshments were served
to: Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Shaf
fer. Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Green-a
wait, Mrs. Sarah Sponsler, Mrs.
George W. Heck, Mrs. Bertha Haw
thorn, Mrs. Jane E. Sellers. Mrs.
Freeman C. Gerberich, Mrs. J. D. M.
Reed, Mrs. Harry Reed, Mrs. Buck,
Miss Mary Umberger, Miss Anne R.
Miller, Miss Elizabeth Pottcnberger,
Miss Sarah Margaret Hawthorne, the
Misses Dorofhy and May Kline.
Sunhitry, Pa., Dee. s.—For the
first time in the history of the Nortn
umberland county criminal courts,
on alleged inurdere", admitted his
crime, pleaded guilty and threw hint- -
self on the mercy of the Court. Peter
Smollak, of Kulpmont, was accused
of slaying his wife with a hatchet.
"When the time came for trial his
counsel announced that the defend
ant wanted to plead guilty. I nder
the law, according to the attorneys,
the Court will now tlx the degree of
ciime, as to first or second degree
To determine this Judge Cunimings
and* Judge Moser, sitting together,
took testimony.
Danville. Pa., Dec. s.—Driving at
tiu rate of 174 miles a day for tniec
days, Mrs. A. A. Geisinger. 94 years
i,id. of Danville, arrived in Alarum.
' yesterday, in ner limousine. She
was accompanied try Mrs. P. P. My. r
and William G. Brown, aged "51. who
has been her chauffeur for' eight
years. The trip was made wihout
mishap and the aged lady stood it
Mr- Geisinger :s the donor of the
JtiO.OuO George F. Geisinger Me
n orlal Hospital a" Danville. c he
is also building a home for the Y.
\V. v. A. here and has given e-er ..':
thousands of dolla s to the V. >i.
C. J.
Columbia. Pa.. Dee. ". —The board
of directors of the Merchants' 'and
Manufacturers' Association, at a
meeting Tuesday night, endorsed the
mo' emer.t to erect a memorial tablet
and honor roll in the public park
which will contain the name of every ,
soldier who went out of Columbia
into the service of the country. The
roll will contain nearly seven hun
dred names.
A committee from the association
and the cine committee of the
Won.an s Club, will hold a joint
meeting or, Friday evening and take
action on the proposition to pur
ci ase a s-itabie building es a social
center as a memorial to Columbia
t- kj
lewittowii. Pa.. Dee. 5. Law
rente Burlew, of Lewistown. has ar
rived at New York from France
wounded. He lost two toes and suf
fer* i other wour.ds.
Word has been received that Pri
vate Wayne Crissm&n ar.d James
Harry Mitchell, of Lewistown. were
also wounded in France. Janie
Jones, reported missing some "ime
ago. is now reported to have been
killed in action c>n the western
Iront. Lieutenant Shatter reported
missing in action, is safe, as his wife
has received several letters from
him s'nee this report came.
Blain. Pa Dec. s.—Ten deer were
kilied in the state game preserve
in t* ■> upper end of the valley on
the * -t day of the season. Newton
F. 1 ..ckinger shot a three-pronged
buck. The Dutchman's camp fropi
Lancaster county, one: John Smith,
one; William Kennedy, one: Lewis
Robinson, one: Clark Robinson, one,
and the Mumper camp, two.
Camp Snore located at the South
mountain, near Monterey tannery,
reports a buck killed on Tuesday]
Rlnin. Pa., Dec. s.—The influenza
ban will be lifted on next Monday.'
whep the public schools will be
opened in Blain borough. Th?
churches will open on the foliowiing
Sunday when Sunday school, young
peoples' meetings and preaching
services will be held according to
If %u have been using sugar on a lot of 1
j| foods that do not need it.Thne to change some
jj of your food habrfs. No sugar i s required on gf
1 Shredded Wheat §
Sugar kills the delicious flavor of die
baked wheat Heat the biscuit to re- . I
store its crispness, pour hot milk over
|j it and sak to suit the taste .When you jj
do eat wheat be sure it is the whole wheat. ||
0 Shredded Wheat is the whole wheat, 1
1 nothing wasted or thrown away: |
1 Sliol at Nineteen Times ami Severely Wounded, Battling Animal Holds
His Own, Chases One Man Up Tree and Escapes to the
Mountains in Treaslor Valley
! Lewistown. Pa., Dec. 5.—A party
I of hunters in Trcaster Valley have
! had an experience with a black bear
! that they will not soon forget. Four
| local sportsmen were in the nrixup
• and although they tired no less than
nineteen slioftr at Mr. Bear at close
1 range, he led them a lively chase
over three mountains and made his
Bruin was encountered ly H. J.
Haubriek. of Lewistown. The hunter
was resting his gun on a log in some
bushes when the bear suddenly
loomed up before him and raising
[ on its hind feet struck with its fore
: paws at the man, who gave a shout
for help.
Louis Stannert appeared on the
scene in a few minutes and firod at
! the bear twice, knocking tho animal
over both times. The bear again got
Ito its feet and made a break for
Stannert, who ran in the direction
I of Charles Geihle, who was nearby.
: Geible's shot drew the attention of
the enraged bear and it made a
break for him. Geible went up a tree
| and escaped the clutches of bruin. I
Young Dillsburg Soldier
Killed in Battle in France
Dillsburg. Pa., Dec. 5.—A tele-j
gram from the War Department |
' has been received by Mr. and Mrs.
i William Stauffer, telling of the death i
of their son, Privr,e George Stauf- j
fer. He was killed in action. Sun-1
day. November 10.
Young StouJTer left here for Camp I
Meade. November 10. 1917, and I
spent several months there. Early,
in February he was taken to Chat- |
tanooga. Tenn., where he remained j
for more than a month and sailed I
from New York in April. He had '
been in several engagements in the >
bis drive. He is survived by hisj
parents, five brothers and six sisters.
: Frank, of Middletown; Harry, of ■
Lancaster; Walter, of New York; !
Charles and Chester of Dillsburg; i
•Mrs. Snoke and Mrs. Bollinger, ofi
Lemoyne: Mrs. Peters, of Harris- i
burg: Mrs. Singizer, of Mechanics-1
burg, and Bertha and Mary atdiome. !
He was a member of Calvary United
Brethren Sabbath School and an.
o:her golden star will be added to
t! e flag
l.owistown. Pa., Dec. s.—Mrs.
Lucien Wagner, of Yeagertown. j
while calling on friends in the west I
end of Lewistown, stepped on a roll- ]
ing stone, falling to the ground and i
} badly spraining her ankle.
Miss Frances Chilcote is suffering
, with a sore arm, due to a cat -
Jacob Metz. is suffering with a ;
painful injury to his foot due to
treading on a nail.
Isabeila Walter, of Alfarata, suf
fered a badly injured finger requir
ing the services of a physician.
Sunbury. Pa., Dec. 5.—A jury in!
the Northumberland county court j
batCed for eight hours to determine:
whether or not H. C. Miller, of Sny- ;
dettown. had wilfully shot O. G.
I Startzel's dog. worth probably sl. It j
finally came to the decision that Mil- j
ler was not guilty, but he should pay'
ail the costs, amounting to probably:
%:•>!. At a recent term of coutU it i
took separate juries a total of less
thc.ri two hours to men 1
of first degree murder.
Gettysburg, Pa., Dec. 5. —The Itev.
George W. Nicely, pastor of St.
Mark's Lutheran Church, of Han
' over, has completed his resident !
work as religious and social director;
of the Stu'M-nt Army Training Corps;
, at Gettysburg College and has re-j
'turned to his home to take full:
charge of his pastoral work.
— j t
Ulain. Pa.. Dec. -s.—An appraise- :
. ment of the personal property of <
1 the late William H. Martin, was! 1
held yesterday at the home in Blain 1
j by Harry C. Henry and W. Frank i f
' Staumbaugh, appraisers, and Wil-j:
liam C. Garijer and Harry M. Mar- ' i
tin. who are executors of the i <
estate. • \ 1
New Cumberland, Pa., Dec. s.—On j
Tuesday night the Order of Inde
i pendent Americans held an oyster i
{supper at their hall in Bridge street. I
j which many of the members at-
I tended.
Hearing the shooting another nieni
■ her of the same party, Reed Bach
• man, was attracted to the spot and
• began firing at the bear.
- The animal sized up the situation
and finding fos? crack shots bang
• : tng away at its form, took to the
woods and left ft trail of blood that
- was followed over three mountains,
i The bear by that time got his wounds
plugged and the hunters lost the
■ trail.
i | Bert Johns, a noted bear hunter,
| who was on the trail of the bear be
; fore the local hunters encountered
1 the animui, says its weighed at least
! 850 pounds and is what is known as
a black hog bear, the only kind of a
| black bear that will tuekie a man.
Johns is reported to have gone on
1 over the mountains on the trail.
James Gilbert. 16 years old. of
near Milroy. shot a large deer in
Treaster Valley on Tuesday. Three
more deer were killed by hunters
. | Janies Groninger. of Port Royal,
killed a three-pronged buck deer
I near Greenwood Furnace.
Marat Home in Paris
Offered For Wilsons Use
? ;—^ V ! |
Prince and Princess Joachim Mu
ral, who at the request of the gov
ernment have placed their town,
house at 28 Rue de Moneeau at the
disposal of the French authorities to
receive President Wilson during his
stay in Paris, according to a dispatch
from the Paris capital. The Presi
dent will rind in the mansion vari
ous souvenirs of President Washing
ton. whose nitee married Prince
Achilla Murat. Prince Murat entered
the French cavalry at the beginning
of the war. During the war one of
his sons was killed and another was
wounded seriously. Me is a descend
ant of Caroline Bonaparte, sister of
the great Napoleon. Princess Murat
before heft murriage was Cecil Ney.
Duchess d'Elehengen. If President
Wilson makes the Murat residence
his home during the Paris trip, it
will become, in effect, a new White
Carlisle, Pa., Dec. 5. Carlisle,
through its Chamber ot Commerce,
has taken up with the bureau of
aeronautics of the government, an
offer to supply one of the
landing fields which are to be estab
lished throughout the country ns a
stopping place,for aeroplanes. There
are several suitable locutions in and
near Carlisle and it is believed that
one or another will prove accepta
New lork—The American Jewish
Congress will meet in Philadelphia
on December 15 to discuss the revival
of Jewish nationality in Palestine and
a guarantee of equal rights for Jews
iu all Countries.
•BULRniSBTJRO tulegilajpii
Personal and Social Items
of Towns on West Shore
Mr. anil Mrs. Charles Grissinger.
of Mechanicsburg, spent Sunday with .
I Mrs. Grlsslnger's parents. Mr. antl,
i Mrs. C. A. Gribble, at Shiremans- j
'town. • i
Mrs. Bessie Mongrel and daughter j
i Pearl and son Carrol have returned:
jto their home at Shlreinunitown"
latter spending some time, with Mr. 1
j and Mrs. Frank Otstot, Mrs. Daisy j
I Mount.; and' Mrs. Lizzie Hrinkl y, at 1
Miss Susan Wise, of Harrisburg,
| spent Wednesday at Iter hon>e at
I Mrs. Wagner Sutton nnd daughter, I
i Mildred Elizabeth Sutton, of Camp
: Hill, spent Sunday with friends at
1 Shiremanstown.
i Albert and Kit-hart) Bates have re
-1 turned to their home here after
I spending some time with their grand
parents. Mr. and Mrs. .W. Calvin
Bates,, at Florin.
Slilrcmnnstown, Pa.. Dee. s.—'The
fourth annual convention of the Me
chanicsburg district Sunday School
Association of Cumberland County
is being held in the United Brethren
Church at Shiremanstown to-day
with afternoon and evening sessions.
The speakers are the Rev. A. L.
Kriner. the Rev. W. A. Dickson. M
J. Molly, the Rev. J. E. Belt, F. K.
Ployer. Miss Margery D. H. Lil'y, the
Rev. Daniel Barfiliinger. H. A. Gut
shall, the ReV. J. V. Adams. Bisiiop
S. B. Stoner, the Rev. J. W. Gable.
| the Rev. T. J. Ferguson, the Rev. .1
•A. Golin, und the Rev. J. llussel!
New Cnmbcrlauil, Pa., Dec. 5. —On
j Tuesday evening a party was held at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Randolph
!in honor of the seventy-seventh
i birthday of Mr. Randolph. An en
joyable evening was spent, after
which refreshments were served.
Those present were Mr. and Mrs.
Wil'iam Erney, Mrs. l-.rnoy. Mr. and
Mrs. Harry Kitzmiller, Mrs. S. F.
Provvell. Mr. and Mis. David Crum
lich, Mr. and Mrs. H. F. KoUr, of
New Cumberland, and Mrs. Kline, of
1 Harrisburg.
New Cumberland, Pa.. Dec.. 5.-
i John J. Jackson, Corporal Harry L.
j Glover. Gomez Alezads aftd Sergeant
| John C. Nelson, the colored soldiers
| who raised a com motion in the car
jon Tuesday night between Letnoyne
and New Cumberland, had a heading
'at the office of D. Y. Lenhnrt, justice
iof the yeace. yesterday. Tliey were
'sent up for thirty days for drunken
i ness and disorderly conduct, after
j which they will'be brought up for
Wtearing on a second charge of resist
ing an officer and carrying concealed
Shiremanstown. Pa., Dec. 5. —Tho
j fourteenth annual Bible reading held
i at S'ate Hill Mennonite Church, with
j three services daily, Monday, Tues
i day, Wednesday and Thursday of
! this week, are being largely atended.
j The principal speakers are Clayton
IF. Derstinc. of Eureka, 111., and
Abram Metzler, of Martinshurg, Ta.
Choristers, Elam Zimmerman and
H. C. Hertzler. People coming by
trolley are being met at Railroad
avenue. Shiremanstown. each morn
ing until 9 o'clock, each noon until
1 o'clock and each evening until 6.30
) New Cumberland, Pa., Dec. 3. —A
j number of new cases of Spanish in
fluenza are reported here.
Suburban Notes
E. S. Wenger. station agent, yes
terday moved from Church street.
J to the house recently vacated by S.
jH. Shriner in South Baltimore
I street.
The Rev. J. Harold Wolf, former
! pastor of the Presbyterian Church
j yesterday loaded his household goods
on two auto trucks and left last
I evening for Mt, Carmel where Rev.
i Wolf has accepted a pastorate. The
| church here is without a regular
j pastor at present. ,
Mrs. Elizabeth Crocker, who spent
I several months at the .home of her
i nephew, William Rounsley, returned
I to her home at lloutzdale on Tues-
I day.
Miss Anna McDonald, of Harris
jburg, spent Sunday with her aunt,
Mrs. Annie Eckels. Miss McDonald
I expects to go to France jliis month,
where Hhe, will he, engaged in the Y.
i M. C. A. work.
I James Rounsley was a visitor at
I Harrisburg on Monday.
Mrs. O. D. Winger was a visitor
] at Newport on Tuesday.
: Charles Allen and family, qf Mif
flin. visited his mother. Mrs. Mary-
Allen, on Sunday.
IMrs. H. E. House, of Altoona. vis
ited at the home of C. O. Ulsh this
| The Rev. VY. Nearhoof is visiting
lat his parental home at Warriors
I Mark.
I Mrs. Mary Pellow spent Sunday
; with her daughter, Mrs. Calvin Cox,
| at Newport.
The third quarterly conference was
• held in the Methodist Church on
| Monday evening by the district su
i perlntendent, the Rev. J. Edgar
| Heckmnn, of Altoona.
Mrs. Martha Neuman and son,
i John, of Lewislown, were in town
1 this week,
i Mrs. Sadie Wagner has returned
' homo from a visit to friends ut Har
j risburg and Steelton.
The borough schools will close
' down on Tuesday, December 24, for a
j vacation until December 30.
Arthur Enterline, son of Mr. and
Mrs. William interline, of Wayne
j township, is' in a base hospital in
| France recovering from severe
: wounds sustained Oct. 14. according
I to information just received by his
I parents.
Mrs. Marthu Kotigers. of Her
shey, . lias been the house guest of
j Miss Christine Xeidig, for
! days.
The Halifax National Bank will
| next week pay out to their member-
I ship over $4,000 uh the amount of
-the Christmas Savings Club for 1918.
Halifax plans to have its first Mu-
I nlelpal Christmas Tree tills year and
Burgess Chubb, in ft day or two, will
'appoint a committee to solicit funds
I and make necessary arrangements.
I The Rev. J. F. Stabley Is spending
I oho week ut Trenton; N. J., attend
| log a Lutheran convention.
Cumberland Valleu News.
Thief Takes Chickens, Oys
ters. Lard and Apples From
Sidewalk Front of Stores
Waynesboro. Pa'.. Dec. s.—Prob- !
ably the nimble-fingered artist who,
transferred to his automobile u can :
of lard, gallcin of oysters and a 1
bushel of apples from'the sidewalk:
j in front of S. C. Reynold's grocery j
j store under u glaring electric light
without anybody seeing him. and
• making a safe getaway, last week,
'is the same chap who made the
i successful ruid on O. M. McCleaf's
i ncstuurant, not far from Ihe Rey
j HoLfl's grocery ir. \\'est Muip street, a
I few nights ago. At all events the
| execution was up to the same high
-standard of celerity and technique.
; Tn the latter raid the loot wqs two
j gallons of oysters, two dressed
j chickens and a big bag of cabbage
j that had been placed temporarily In
| the yard in the rear of the cafe.
Carlisle Soldier Reorted
• Killed Writes From Prison
Carlisle, Pa., Dec. s.—After being
mourned as dead, Corporal Allan
J. Stevens, of Company G. 112 th
Regiment, formerly in Company G.
Eighth Pennsylvania, has written his
parents from Camp Rastatt, Ger
many, where lie has been for sonic
months, having been taken prisoner
instead of killed, as was reported
! in the official casualty lists. His let -
j tor. of course, tells nothing of eon
i ditions.'but he hints at some of the
| privations of the Aniericun soldiers.
Waynesboro, Pai, Dec. 5, Last,
(Sunday a family reunion was held
: at the home of Mr: and Mrs., John
' i Fisher, near Loy's, Md. This event
i was in l\pnor of Mr. Fisher's ninety,-
| first birthday by his children, who
j were all present, beside the grand
] i children and a number of greut
-1 grandchildren. f
Waynesboro. Pa., Dec. s.—Several
' • more deer were killed yesterday,
j George Needy, Waynesboro, bagged
] a seven-pronged buck that weighed
150 pounds, while H. B. Moats, Blue
| Rock, killed an eight-pronged buck
near Glen Furney.
Hammond, lnd.—Glenn Hansen. 15
: years old, who, unlike the person who
i fights and runs "away, Is a. boy who
j luns away to fight, is back ot l.is
I home in Hammond, after haying seen
i service on the battlefields of France.
! The youth brought with him thi rem
i pliments of General Pershing, who
! found the boy after a long search and
| sent him back to Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liam Hcnsen, his parents.
When he was 14 years old. the
youth ran away and enlisted in the
American cavalry. He ate ais Christ
mas dinner last year on shipboard,
i lie says, and has been in France ever
i since. He boasts that lie • has been
i over the top twelve times, l'he par
i ents have spent a large sum of
' money during the last nine months
; in an attempt to find him.
Boston.—Prices for furs are so
1 fantastically high thut it is profitable
for the trappers even to violate he
■ law and pay their lines, which proc
• ess fails o outbalance "the profits on
I Jlieir captures, even when extremely
j heavy legal penalties are assessed.'
j Game wardens returning from the
northern part of the state report the
demand for furs so greut that an
! army of officials would ail o enoreo
| the laws. The number of poachers
I arrested during recent weeks breaks
•! all records.
I A few years ago farmers paid a
: bounty for poultry-killing skunks.
I Now the once-despised animal's hide
' brings $7, while mink is $lO and up,
1 ! and red fox S2O up. A silver fox will
: will bring from SSOO up.
Admiral Jellicoc Praises
Great American Navy
J*rzxtss>.z, JTLVZiXCO-B
Admiral Viscount Jel'lcoe, former
communder-ln-Chief of the British
Orand Fleet, speaking as the guest
of the American Circle Lyceum Club
in London, said .the situation last
spring was critical, and had tt not
been, for the United States Navy be
was sure the dinnei could not be
held. It was that assistance, Ad
miral Je Lcoe continued, that had
made possible the 'onvoj system,
and it wus '■ that system that had
saved the situation
Prefers Jail Sentence From'
Carlisle Court to Sacrifice
of His Religious Beliefs • j
Carlisle iu. Dec. 6. —Sooner than!
puy u license fee of $1 for his dog, i
William Shughart, a farmer living (
in North Middleton township, near!
Carlisle, went t-o jail, declaring us
lie did that "The Lord will deliver
me as he did Peter and Paul."!
Shughart, who is well to -do, is a;
member of u peepliur religious sect!
and believes that going to jail for :
his beliefs is commendable. He was!
convicted in criminal court thi.e ]
week after r short trial, in which!
he declared that to pay more thanj
25 cents tot a dog license wns un-j
righteous ui d was sentenced to pay
i the costs, the fee and $25 fine, but!
refused to do so and delivered a 1
sermon while waiting to be taken to
[jail. Ho claims that the new dog!
tax law is unfair.
David Price, Carlisle, found guilty
! of the same charge, was sentenced
ilo pay the costs, a fine of $5. Ex
i Senator Fox and Attorney Pearson,
! of Harrisburg, were also present to
I make charges against two new fium
-1 berland boys. Earl Guise and llow
i ard Houels, who, it is claimed, ctt-
I tered their summer homes and took
i and destroyed property. They used
: a gun to shoot in the homes. .One
| of the Ifo.vs was previously before
j the cci rt on another charge. A re
. quest for clemency was not allowed
; by Judge Sadler, who stated that
: something must be done to teach
: the boys of the section respect for
; law and order. They were sen
; teneed to pay the costs, lines of $5
| each and were ordered, sent to the
j Glen Mills School,
j St. Clair Jefferson and Kenneth
i Price, nvo yofting colored boys in
; volved with William Belt in several
! robberies, were sentenced to pay the
! costs, fines $5 and to be committed
to the Huntingdon Reformatory and
j the Belt boy is to pay $lO and to go
| to the same institution.
! The cusp of William Gardner,
[ charged with assault and battery
! by George Musser was dismissed by
\ a jury and the costs placed equally
on both the defendant and the pro
i secutor. Both are from East Penns
| boro and the fight occurred over
! charges made by Musser's son, it is
I said, that Gardner was a pro-Ger
] man.
Mccliaiiloafourg, Pa., Dee. s.—Fu-
I neral services will be held to-mor
row afternoor at 2 o'clock in thfi
Brethren in • irist Church, West
Marble street, iur Mrs. Cordelia Hei
sey, wife cf Cyrus T. Helsey. Burial
will be made in Ihe Mechunicsburg
Cemetery. Mrs. Heisey. who lived
1n Kollerstown, about one-jialf mile
south of town, was oged 15 years
and was a member of the Brethren
in Christ Church in Mechanicsburg.
j She is survived by her husband and
■ tlre following brothers: Harry and
I Walker, of Harrisburg; Millard, of
I Mount Top. York county; Clarence,
!of York Springs; David, of York;
Russel, Amar and Charles, Mechan
- lesburg.
Waynesboro. P0. t Dec. s.—At a
meeting of the exeeutive committee
of the local Red Cross branch one
of Hie matters of importance for
consideration was the membership
drive thut- is to be made during tire
'week before Christmas. J. H. Ston
! er, cashier of the People's National
Bank, was appointed chairman of
j the committee to conduct this drive.
•The county chapter election will be
' held on Saturday.
New Cumberland. Pa., Dec. 6.—On
Sunday special services will be held
in Batighman Memorial Methodist
Church at 10.30 o'clock. The Wom
an's Foreign Missionary Society will
hold a meeting, and at 7.30 the Min
ute Men will have charge.
4444444444444444 4444440444444444>444444 , P444444444444444444#M'44444444444<i|a
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4 values to $30.00. at... Boy> . &uitß> . BtzeH 15> ac an<l 17 Ml . *
| $16.50 sr ,UMtomo :J3.4s f Jjffi ' I
* Overcoats, values to (Ifi Cf| Boys' Mackinatvs. val- AC 09#
% $25.00, at •lO.OU ues to $10; special. ..... W
4 Men's Work Trousers, values to Men's Heav'y Ribbed or Fleeced Men's Fleeced Shirts Q£ _ 4
v $3.00, spe- ff 1 QQ .Union Suits, dl an< j Drawers, special 4 j
ciul ... v special £
± Mens Trousers, val- $9.98 ' Men's Work Sweaters. *IAC ■ Men's Dress Shirts, val- Q/^ c 4
4 ues to $4.60. special... *"•*? values to *2.50, special. V ues to $1.50. special " t ; J
4 2VffSr y d " b #o° Vtf Men's Dress Shirts, values to Men's Hats, In brown, black or , 4
% $3-45 ..: p- si.4s xzur*"si.4B <:
4 Boys' Pants, valuta to s%Qr* "" 4 .
'X SI.OO. special .'... Men's Flannel Shirts, u $1.75 Men's Heavy Winter Caps, a t
1 Men's Sweaters, val- 4M QB value; •£! | Q SI.OO value; fiQs* 4
4 ues to $3.00. special... ' " special w special SJiJV
4 4
i Across from OUTLET CLOTHING CO. f
Y. W. C. A. 23 N. Fourth Street Famous For Low Prices
f ' .. • . t
I Columbia, Pa.. Dec. s.—Borough
; council Tuesday night declured out
' of order an ordinunce which came
I up for second reading and that was
| intended to bind Ihe borough to take
over nearly a mile of the Lancaster
and Susquehanna turnpike which is
i part of the Lincoln highway within
I the town limits. The consideration
named was nominal and President
h. B. Roop declared the ort'lnatice
j illegal on the point of order raised
by Director of Public Safety J. W.
' Houk, that the ordinance'was not
presented by a member of the coufi
j cil. but had been introduced by out
! side persons.
, I "
Pennsylvania .
;j Tax Laws (
WE have prepared a brief digest
of the Laws of Pennsylvania
covering the taxes of the individual
(i and his estate.
i; I
rj This digest includes the new
v Inheritance Tax Law, Collateral
! Inheritance Tax Law and the
N Personal Property Tax Law of this
a These laws are of interest to every
e one. A copy will be mailed upon
j ' request.
h *
Philadelphia Trust Company
415 Chestnut Street : : 1415 Chestnut Street
[; ! Philadelphia
r, iy—fa——^
|' k FORRY'SJ33
fflL Gifts of the
:j HB Highest Quality \yr
j Handkerchiefs. .25c to $2.00 Silk Neckwear. .65c to $4.00
RT i Mufflers $1.50 to $7.00 Knitted " ..75c to $4.00
a Gloves $2.00 to $5.00 Silk Pajamas, $5.00 to SIO.OO
s Lined Gloves. .$2.50 to SB.OO Night Shirts.. .$1.50 to $4.00
I Silk Shirts... .$4.50 to $12.00
Silk Hose 65c to $2.25 i \
f' Wool Hose 65c to $1.50 .J l \
EMI Silk and Wool Hose.. .$1.50 | /\
• i mm Ff ne Sweaters, $lO to $13.50 '. \
Will® Silver Belt Buckles, /*lld I
W $ l5O t0 $ 2 - 00 v Jill I i
PjPB- Golf Hose $3.00 to $5.00 I j fi
N. Third
t' • ■ ———
•I Day and Night School
n j Harrisburg's Greatest Commercial School
Itluiii. PH., Dec. s.—James f\
nickard and Mrs. Olivia Averill, boih
of Blain. were married yesterday
morning at 5.30 tit the Methodist
parsonage by the Rev. D.
Welble. Immediately aljer the cere
' mony they went by auto to Newport,
i to catch an early train on a wed-
I ding trip to Philadelphia and At
-1 lantlc City.
Mr. Richard has been a well
| known merchant here for past forty
j years. The bride is a daughter of the
late John Kistler and Mrs. Caroline
! Kistler, who resides at Blain. On
I their return the latter part of the
week they will live in Blain.