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BUYS $3,000 IN
Ambassador Harry P. Fletch
er Gives Big Boost to Loan
Quota at Grencastle
Guy Shifler Sends Word to
Mother of Arrival in Far
Northern Country
Greencnstlc. Pa., Oct. 19.—Ambas
sador Henry Prather Fletcher, as
another evidence of his great loyal
ty to his birthplace, has subscribed
for 13.000 in Liberty Loan Bonds to
b's credited to Greencastle's quota.—
Mrs. Estelle Shifler, of the Barnhart
Apartments, has received word of
the arrival of her son, Guy, in Si
beria, after a twenty days' voyage.
Private Shifler is the first young man
in this community to be sent to Si
beria.—M. D. Kauffman, son of Air.
and Airs. C. C. Kauffman, of North
Washington street, has been appoint
ed sanitary inspector at the Camp
Custer Extension and has entered
upon his duties. Air. K.fftiffman's
duties include the inspection of the
bunk houses, kitchens, mess halls,
storerooms, offices and food stuffs. —
Twenty women are employed at the
Greencastle evaporator, which has
been leased by Irving Hockenberger,
of New York. The evaporator is turn
ing out vast quantities of evaporated
apples daily.—Fred Schaff, son of
Air. and Airs. J. K. Schaff. of Lin
den avenue, has entered the Army
Training School, at Gettysburg.—C.
Elmer F"ries and son have returned
from the Chambersburg Hospital,
where they spent the last month un
dergoing treatment for typhoid fever.
—-Mrs. C. Earl Hollinger is visiting
relatives at York.—Miss Clara An
keney. of Clearspring, is the guest of
Mrs. John P. Stover.—Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Snively have returned from
an extended wedding trip, which in
cluded a visit to many of the western
cities.—Airs. Hugh P. Drysdale, of
North Adams. Mass., is visjting her
sister, Mrs. William R. Davison. —
Mrs. Annie Brenisholtz and daugh
ter, Aliss Ida, are visiting in Eliza
bethtown.—Miss Amy Shank, of
Washington, spent the week end at
her home in South Carlisle street. —
Dr. G. A. Soweli, one of Greencastle's
physicians, who was ill with influ
enza, is able to be out again.—James
Ebbert and family, of York, have
been spending .a week with. Airs.
Jennie Ebbert.
One Physician Caring For
Sick at Thompsontown
Tfcompsontown, Pa., Oct. 19.—Dr. S.
F. Metz is 111 with pneumonia. This
leaves only one physician. Dr. W. H.
Haines, to care for the sick of the
town and. many miles of surrounding
territory.—The Rev. Walter Brown
spent the weekend at
Mrs. Jennie Parsons, or Washington,
D. C., was a weekend guest of Air.
and Airs. Cyrus Carvell.—Air. and
Airs. Joshua Gross were at Harris
uurg on Saturday attending the fu
neral of a relative.—A daughter was
born to Alrl and Mrs. AI. E. Schlegel
on Wednesday morning. October 16.
—Airs. Schlegel and two older chil
dren are ill with influenza.— Airs.
J. G. Haldeman and daughter. Miss
Pearl, returned Wednesday from a
two weeks' visit with J. E. Haldeman
and family at Harrisburg.—J. Frank
Patterson, of Alifflintown. was in
town on Wednesday.—Postmaster and
Airs. Oscar W. Keagle, are ill with
influenza, C. R. Nelson Is in charge
of the postoffice.—A. G. Haldeman
was at Harrisburg on Saturday.—J.
E. Flelsher, of Newport, was in town
on Wednesday.
People Notice It. Drive Them
Off with Dr. Edwards'
Olive Tablets
A pimply face will not embarrass you
much longer if you get a package of
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets. The skin
should begin to clear after you have
taken the tablets a few nights.
Cleanse the blood, bowels and liver
with Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets, the
successful substitute for calomel; there's
no sickness or pain after taking them.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets do that
which calomel does, and just as effec
tively, but; their action is gentle and
safe instead of severe and irritating.
No one who takes Olive Tablets is
ever cursed with "a dark brown taste,"
a bad breath, a dull, listless, "no good"
feeling, constipation, torpid liver, bad
disposition or pimply face.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets are a
purely vegetable compound mixed with
olive oil; you will know them by their
olive color.
Dr. Edwards spent years among pa
tients afflicted with liver and bowel
complaints, and Olive Tablets are the
immensely effective result
Take one or two nightly for a week.
See how much better you feel and look.
10c and 25c per box. All drugcris"
"Xuxated Iron helps put avtOflitthing
strength and energy into the veins of men
and bring roses to the cheeks of pale,
nervous, run-down women," says Dr.
James Francis Sullivan, formerly physi- |
riao of Bellevue Hospital (Outdoor Dept.) j
N. Y. and Westchester County Hospital. !
"i prescribe it regularly in'cases of de
leted energy, anaemia and lack of
■ rength and endurance. There is nothing
tike organic iron-Nur.ated Iron-to quickly
ridi the blood, make beautiful, healthy
* omen and strong, vigorous, iron men:
ti "faction guaranteed or money
' Shoe Factory Employes
Cut Big Field of Corn
Halifax, Pa., Oct. 19.—Thirteen ;
Halifax men after completing their ;
regular week's work Saturday noon
in the shoe factory of town, went to j
the Ryan Bressler farm near Mata- !
moras, and assisted in cutting off a
big field of corn.—Washington Camp
! Xo. 576, P. O. S. of A., has on dis- \
iplay at their lodge room in the Baker
| building. Third and Market streets,
a new service flag containing eigltt 1
stars in honor of their members in J
the service.—Mrs. Elona Williams j
and children, John and Laura, of j
Linglestown, are spending some time
with her brother, Edward Weaver.!
! —M. J. Sheaffer and wife, George :
|Sheaffer and son, and James Sheaf- '
I fer, of Penbrook, spent Monday at |
the home of J. E. Zug.—G. O. Loom
jis, who has charge of the repair
work on the state road in this sec-I-
Ition, has had his force of men in-'
j creased by eleven prisoners sent out)
'from the Dauphin county jail.— i 1
| Robert Fields, aged about 27 years, ii
lof Lebanon, a son-in-law of the Rev. |
land Mrs. H. H. Fertig, has been |
; killed in action in France, according i 1
|to word received. Mrs. Fields died al (
ilittle more than a year ago.—Helen |i
Wilt is attending Irving College, at h
j Mechanicsburg.—A new entrance is
j being made to the front of the bor- 1
| ough building on Second street. Ce- 1
ment steps have been put down and ;
;a new door cut in to make access I.
'more convenient to' the fire com
jpany's apartment.—Miss Mary Van-i*
! ctta, of McClellan, spent Monday!)
with her sister. Miss Margaret Van- ,
etta, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. i
Luther Fehr.—Harry Noblet's fight- |J
ling rooster is no more, the old fel- ,"
'low, who has been the terror of all; 1
other fowls in the Noblet yard for '
:years, finally succumbed to old age] l
on Tuesday. It is said that neither! 1
'man or beast could enter the yard l !
during the day unless he be greeted; 1
with a stab from the rooster's j
spur. He was truly a game bird.— '
William Matter and son, Samuel •!
Matter, of Steelton. spent Sunday at
the home of his brother, Mr. and I!
Mrs. George M. Matter, near town. '
j—John Miller, of Duncannon, spent 1'
Sunday at the home of his sister, r
Mrs. B. F. Kling.—Harry Kline, of 1
Marysville, spent Monday with his J
family, near town. —Forrest Boyer, 1
accompanied by Raymond Guthrie, 5
of Minnesota, both sailors on the *
United States steamship, Montata, |
I spent Sunday at the home of the 1
former's grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. (
G. W. Bowman.—Guests at the home *
of Mr. and Mrs. William Thomas '
Willits, over the week end were: '
Mrs. L. I. Humpton. Miss Edith! 1
Seotter and Miss Winifred McEliroy, , {
of Parkesburg: * Miss Florence
Rhoads. of Coatesviile, and Miss 1 '
Lulu Evans, of Lancaster.—Miss 1
Mary Stoneroad, of Harrisburg, is 5
confined to the house of her father, i'
with illness.. —James Meckley and
daughter, Annie, who have been ill, I 1
are improving.—J. F. Sheesley and :
wife, spent Sunday with friends at '
Elizabethville.—George B. Hoffman }
spent over Sunday with friends at '
Harrisburg and Steelton —R. S. Kerr c
and his son-in-law, Roy Lehmar, of *
near Millerstown. Perry county, i 1
spent several days at the home of 1
Mr. and Mrs. John Mender. —Mrs. I*
Oscar Alvord, who has been serious- j
ly ill at his home, in South Front '
street, is improving.—George D. t
Reiscli spent Sunday at Camp Lee,' 1
Petersburg, Va., visiting his son,
Harry Reisch.—John Beitzel, of Car- ! I
lisle, spent the week end with his
parents. Prof, and Mrs. S. C. Beitzel.
| —Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Fetter- 1
hoff, of Milton, were week end ,
guests of his mother, Mrs. Aaron
j Fetterhoff.—Mr. and Mrs. W. L.
Pike, of Hummelstown, were week j
end visitors to the home of Mr. and !
Mrs. George Bowman.—Mr. and ;
Mrs. C. K. Comly, of Steubensvjlle, i
Ohio, were guests at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Percival S. Hill, Mrs. 1
Comly being a sister of Mrs. Hill. —!
William E. Cooper, of Philadelphia, i
spent several days visiting his pat
ents, Mr. and Mrs. O. G. Cooper.—
Mrs. Amos W. Dunkel is paying an !
extended visit to Mr. and Mrs. Wil- I
liant Straw, at Highspire.—Mrs. Ed
ward M. Kinter is confined to her |'
home with an attack of neuritis.
Visitors Spend Pleasant
Days at Linglestown
I'lnglestown, Pa., Oct. I^^-Roger
! Care, of Camp Meade, and Afrs. Care. I ;
and son. Ross, of Steelton, on Sunday | \
were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. \
B. Care.—Mrs. Elizabeth Reese, of ,
i Penbrook, on Sunday was the guest
of Mr. and Mrs. John Reese.—Dr. and !
Mrs. Goodman, of Pittsburgh, spent
I some time at the latter's home, with
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Llngle.—Mr. ;
and Airs. C. D. Lingle, of Harrisburg,
on Sunday, were guests of friends j
here.—Mrs. J. F. Hicks on Sunday, I
was the guest of Mrs. Cioyd Holland 1
at Paxtang.—Miss Sara Shriener, of i
Philadelphia, is spending some time ;
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. 1
George Shrelner.—Arthur Lewis, of
Camp Colt, Gettysburg, spent Wednes- i
day as the guest of Mrs. Fannie Care. I
—The Rev. and Airs. Gotschal and I
daughter, Frances and Airs. Parcells, !
formerly of Allentown, moved to the ! ;
home of Airs. Annie AI. Smith.—O. B. '
Leese, and the Rev. Gotschal, on Wed- !
neaday. motored to Allentown.—Wil-1
| liam Lingle and daughter, Aliss Moi
lie, of Harrisburg. on Sunday, were l
( the guests of Air. and Airs. George
Sheiner.—Airs. Bobbs, Airs. Thomp
son, Aliss Reichel and George Schaef
fer, of Harrisburg. on Sunday, were
guests of Air. and Airs. Harry Brehm.
—Aliss Grace Smith on Wednesday,
! visited friends at Harrisburg.—Airs.'
| Ida Shuey, of Harrisburg, on Wed-
I nesday, was the guest of Airs. Annie
Buch.—Mrs. Frank Hench and chil
dren, of Progress, spent Thursday '
with Mr. and 'Mrs. McClellan Hench.
—Elmer Zimmerman, of Monterey,
spent several days with W. G. Zim
merman and family.—Miss Jessie
Lenker spent Wednesday at Harris
burg.—Mrs. Fannie Backenstoe spent
Thursday among friends at Harris
burg.—Mrs. Blerbower and daughter,
Aliss Elsie, of Carlisle, spent several
days with Air. and Airs. Charles Koons.
—Airs. Shellenhammer. of Missouri, is
spending some time with the family
of John Bumgardner.—Mr and Mrs.
John Feeser, of Harrisburg, on Wed
nesday. were guests of Mr. and Airs.
W. G. Zimmerman.
Bhiin, Pa., Oct. 19.—The Lutheran
congregation at Blain have voted to
repair the parsonage.—Emory Rice
of New York, visited his sister. Mrs'
D. W. Sheaffer, and while here re
paired the lighting plant in the
Lutheran Church and of the slreet
lights.—Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Boyer
and baby, and Mrs. BoyerV mother,
Mrs. James Pyle and baby, ail ot
Philadelphia, are guests of Mr. and
Mrs. E. D. S. Boyer.—Mrs. Emma
Cornp, Mr. and Mrs. Newto/i Coinp
and two children, Mary and Pan) of
Churchtown, visited the familv. of
R. H. Kell.—Miss Edith M. Bisttine,
is home from Cumberland Valley
Normal school, at Shipper.sburz
Mrs. H. M. Martin, of Eiizaliethtown,
visited the family of W. ri. Martin.
—Mrs. W. I. Stokes and three chil
dren, are vlsitingVthe formc. s par
ents, the Rev. and Mrs. Israel M'eik
iley, near Ithaca, N. Y.
j Large Barn and Several Sta
bles Burned With 1,200
Bushels of Wheat
New Oxford Man Drives Car
Over Steep Bank to Avoid
| Gettysburg, Pa., Oct. 19.—Follow
ing the disastrous fire at Littles
|town of several weeks ago, when a
| half dozen business places were con
sumed by the flames, another blaze
i has visited the town on the southern
I border of the county. The large barn
[and smaller stables of the Shriver
! Canning Company were burned to
!the ground, together with 1,200""
j bushels of wheat, all the hay and
i fodder and much of the other con
sents of the buildings. Xo theory is
held concerning the origin of the
fire other than it might have been
the work of an incendiary. The build
ings, burned were on the southern
part of the properties on which are
located the factory buildings of the
Schriver company. The big canning
plant was saved through the efforts
of the Littlestowh firemen, who
kept the flames from getting a head
way anywhere except in the two
structures in which they first ap
peared.—ln avoiding a collision with
another car Justice of the Peace
Charles K. Yeager, of New Oxford,
drove his machine over a ten-foot
bank along the Lincoln highway,
near Abbotstown. In the car with
Air. Yeager were his wife, his moth
er-in-law. Mrs. Bittinger, aged 87
years, John Hersh and George Ner
rill, ail of New Oxford. The entire
party escaped injury when thrown
from the automobile when it crash
ed through a fence and turned on
U? sl<le - —The Conowago Game and
Fish Protective Association of Cono
wago township has received ten cans
of black baks fry and ten cans of-'
small frogs from the state hatchery
at Torresdale and immediately lib
erated. them at different places in
the Little Conowago creek. A ship- i
ment of catfish has also been placed
in the same stream.—Reports indi- I
cate that the chestnut crop will be !
only half a crop throughout the
county this fall, as the blight is fast
killing the chestnut trees.—S. F.
Lehman has enlisted in the Tank
i orps and has taken up his duties
at Camp Colt.—While Airs. M. E.
Comer, of Littlestown, was assisting
the family of Theodore Eline, who
are ill with the influenza, she fell
down the cellar steps, cutting a long
gash across the forehead.—The Rev.
Ira S. Ernst, for the past two years
Past**' of the L'nited Brethren
Church, at Biglerville, has resigned
his pastorate and will leave Novem
ber 10 for the Central Training
School for Chaplains at Camp Tav
lor, Ky. J
Girl Takes Place of Rural
Carrier on Vacation
Dauphin, Pa., Oct. 19.—During
the vacation of fifteen days of Sher
man M. Fertig, the rural dellvery
mail carrier, Miss Marian Peck is
takjjig his place. Mrs. Elizabeth
Moody and Miss Bella Long, of Erie,
Miss Verona Long and Samuel Long
of Renovo, and M. L. Long, of
Philadelphia, were recent guests of
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Fite. Miss
I-ucy Novinger, of Harrisburg, spent
the week with Mrs. J. W. Haw
thorne. Miss Elizabeth Poffenber
ger left to-day for a visit with rela
tives at Sunbury: Arthur Taylor
and Lewis Steese, of Baltimore, are
spending several days here. Mr.
and Mrs. Daniel Paul, of Penbrook,
were recent guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Daniel Bordner. Miss Helen
Louise Wallis is acting as an emer
gency aid nurse, at the Harrisburg
emergency hospital during the epi
demic of influenza. —.Mrs. Hoover
and daughter, Miss Pauline Hoover,
of Harrisburg, were recent guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Stuck. Miss
Clara Bergstresser has returned
home from a visit with her sister,
Mrs. Charles Swab, of Nerristown.—
Word has been received by Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Shaffer from their son,
Sergeant-Major Ernest Shaffer, who
has been ill with pneumonia at
Camp Sheridan, 111., that he is very
much improved. Mrs. J. E. Wil
liams and daughter. Miss May Wil
liams, of Harrisburg, spent several
days with Mr. and Mrs. Frank E.
Williams. Miss Anne R. Miller
has returned home from Bloomsburg
where she was the guest of Mr. and
Mrs. Wayne C. Singer. The Rev.
and Mrs. Francis G. Morrow, of
Marietta, spent several days here on
account of the funeral of Harry O.
Miller, at which the Rev. Mr. Mor
row officiated. Miss Ruth Miller
Lowman, a student at Goucher Col
lege, spent several days in town on
her way home to Pittsburgh. The
Misses Dorothy, Margaret and Pearl
Lebo, all of Harrisburg, are visiting
their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs.
James Dell.—Mrs. Robert Plunkett,
of Syracuse, N. Y„ has returned
home after spending some time with
her sister. Miss Carrie Dougherty.—
Miss Bertha Sellers spent Thursday
at Philadelphia. Miss Anna Jones,
of Philadelphia, arrived Thursday to
spend several weeks wtth Dr. and
Mrs. Thomas PofTenberger. Thg
Rev. J. M. Shoop has received word
of the death of his youngest brother,
Robert Curtis Shoop, of Shamokin,
from influenza. Miss Ruth M.
Shaffer, a nurse at the Pennsylvania
hospital, Philadelphia, who was re
cuperating here at the hohne of her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shaf
fer, from an attack of influenza, has
returned to her duties at Philadel
phia. Miss Marguerite P. Wil
liams, of Macon, Ga., a student at
Goucher College, Baltimore, Md.. Is
spending several weeks with Miss
Clark. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne
C. Singer and daughter. Miss Doro-'
thy Singer, of Bloomsburg, spent
several -days with Mr. and Mrs.
Frank J. Wallis. Mr. and Mrs.
Chester N. Smith have returned to
their home in Pittsburgh after a visit
here with Mrs. Smith's mother, Mrs.
Etta Kennedy. Shortly after her ar
rival home, Mrs. Smith took sick
with Spanish influenza from which
she is suffering now. John Baker,
of Kansas, and the Rev. George F.
Baker, of Ringos, X. J., spent several
days with the Rev. and Mrs. F. M.
Wilmington, Del., Oct. 19.—Detec
ting a bitter taste in the drinking
water at headquarters, members of
the police department started an in
vestigation, which showed someone
had placed a quinine pill in the bot
tom of the "bubbler." It was neces
sary to take the fountain apart be
fore the pill could be removed.
•■Jfkr WW** WHB2
itg •*- 1 ■
■ jEjSj *** i * s- 1 i| SL -
Slilromaiistowii, Pa.. Oct. 19. In the picture four generations of
the well-known Sheely family are shown. Seated —Levi S. Sheely, holding
his great granddaughter, June Irene Frey, and his daughter, Airs. Fran
ces Lambert, holding her grandson, Glenn Stone Laverty, of Enola.
Standing—Airs. Charles E. Laverty, of Enola, and Mrs. Harry D. Frey, of
Allen —-Harry Landis, who visited
his cousin, William Landis, at Spen
cer, X. Y., has returned home.—Mrs.
Ira Rider after being ill a week at
the home of her parents, has return
ed to her home at New Cumberland.
—Air. and Airs. Elmer Enck and fam
ily, spent Sunday with Air. Enck'SsSis
ter, Aliss Annie Enck near town.—
Airs. Kathryn Plank and Aliss Tura
Landis, spent Sunday with Aliss
Landis' brother. Air. Eugene Landis
and family at Enola.—Several new
cases of influenza have developed in
Alonroe township in the past few
days. Those who have ill with
the disease are improving.
Elizabeth—W. L. Stveenson has pe
turned home after spending the week
end at McVeytown. —Air. and Mrs.
William Auman and daughter, Rita,
have returned home after a two
weeks' vacation.—Alvin Enders, of
Harrisburg, spent several days here
with his mother. Airs. Adeline Wise.
—Air. and Airs. Heist Culp, of Harris
burg, spent several days with Isaiah
Swab and family.—Aliss Hlldah and
Jay Eby, of Philadelphia, are spend
ing some time here with their par
ents, Mr. and Airs. Charles Eby.—
Aliss Alary Kniley and sisters, of Ly
kens. are spending several days at
their cottage at the camp ground,
about a mile below town.
Florin —R. E. Will'ams, of New
York City, and Albert Lafferty, of
Reading, are visiting friends here.—
The Rev. O. G. Romlg attended the
monthly meeting of the United Breth
ren Alinisterial Association at Lan
caster on Monday.—The Rev. Harvey
Geyer, of Annvllle, spent several days
with his parents. Air. and Airs. George
Geyer here. —Thomas McKinley, of
Philadelphia and S. H. Stiles, of Har
risburg, were Sunday visitors here.—
The Rev. M. H. Aliller, of Denver, the
newly-appointed pastor of the Uni
ted Brethren Church, will move to
this place on Tuesday.—Frank Brown
has accepted a position in the bag
gage department at the Harrisburg
station.—Alls.s Esther Garber and
Clarence Nissley are ill.—Frank Lup
fer, of Harrisburg, was the guest of
A. D. Garber and family on Sunday.
Kllllnacvr —Daniel F. Hoy, of Cort
land, N. Y„ will spend a week or ten
days at the home of his mother, who
has been ill for some time.—Air. and
Mrs. William A. Wert left on Tues
day for Highspire, to spend a week
at the home of their son, the Rev.
Alark H. Wert.—Homer E. Alinnich
and F. W. Lenker, transacted busi
ness in Clark's Valley on Saturday.
—Austin Fogle and family, of near
Rife, were guests of Mr. and Airs.
Alontgomery Philips here on Sunday.
—Jonas L. Jury and son, Roscoe, Nor
man Zerby and Edward- Neagley are
confined to their beds with influenza.
—John E. Witmer, who has been
staying at the home of his brother
in-law, Mr. and Airs. S. B. Boyer, left
on Tuesday for Lewistown.—The
Aliases Virginia and Bertha Miller, of
Lancaster, are spending several
weeks at the home of their parents.
Air. and Airs. John W. Aliller.—Air.
and Airs. Benton P. Neagley. were
entertained at the home of Air. and
Airs. F. W. Lenker.
New Bloomflrld —Mrs. C. G. Weaver,
after visiting Mrs. J. J. Huebner at
Johnstown, returned home Monday
evening.—Miss Sara Rice, of Wash
ington, D. C., is visiting her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Rice.—Miss Helen
Fox left on Saturday for Fredrick,
Mr., where she will enter Hood Col
lege.—Miss Ca'tharine A. Bernheisel
and her schoolmate. Miss Mary Brack
hill, came here on Tuesday on account
of the influenza at Sbippensburg Nor
mal School.—Miss Edith Bistline, of
Blain, and Miss Olive Garber. stu
dents at Shippensburg Normal School,
came home Wednesday.—Mrs. C. P.
Humer, who was visiting Mrs. Mary
Barnett, has returned to Carlisle.—
Theodoras K. Bong has gone to Chi
cago.—Mrs. Daniel Briner, of Mount
Union, spent the weekend with her
sister, Mrs. F. D. Parsons.—Mrs. R.
iW. Johnston, of Selinsgrove, has
joined her children here and is visit
ing Dr. and Mrs. A. R. Johnston.—
Mrs. J. T. Alter is visiting Mrs. Theo
dore K. Bong at Chicago.—Miss Ida
Ruth is visiting her sister, Mrs. B.
W. Whitmore at Greensburg.— Earl
M. Whitman, of Pittsburgh, is visit
ing his parents here.—Henry E.
Shearer, pf Allentown, spent the
Weekend with his mother. Mrs. H. C.
Shearer.—Miss Ina McKee, after
spending the summer at Baglesmere,
is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
George McKee near town. —Mr. and
Mrs. Bee Whltmoyer, of Greensburg,
are visiting their parents here.
I'ilolw.—John Fauber, of Ellza
bethvllle. spent several days with
his grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Snyder.—Margaret' and Irene Snyder
t spent Tuesday at Elizabethvilie.—
.Charles M. Dockey and family, of
Biglersville spent the wa?l: with his
relatives here.—H. J. and
family, of Harrisburg, spent several
days in town.—The Rev. ar.d Airs.
' l'aso'd and Airs. W. 11. Deibler spent
(Mcnday at Alillersburg—Mr. and
jAlrs. Samuel Wlest and daughter,
|Stella, were at Herndon, on Monday.
-Airs. Sarah Witmer and daughter,
Anna were at Red Cross on Sunday.
Yeagtertown.—Mrs. Harvey Stew
art, of Lewistown, was a visitf r at
| the home of her sister, Mrs. Willis
i Bu*flngton.—William Woodman was
lat Tyrone recently.—W. R. Bachman
i left on Thursday for a vi3it at Fitts
jbuigh.— Clement Dale, of Belielonte,
jwas a visitor here. —James Miller, a
marine, stationed at Fort Crocket,
'Gdlveston, Texas, is ho-ne on a ti n
jday furlough.—Mrs. H. B. Hulch
ingson and son and daughter are vis
jiting at the J. L. Hutchinson lionie
in Stone Valley. Wilfred Coutey
received a message that his brother,
Leo Courtey, died in France, Septem
ber 20. J. E. Harman and daugh
ters, Elizabeth and Mabel Maurer,
;were Tuesday visitors at the home
of Jay Lawer.—Mrs. Catherine Al
iston, of Philadelphia, is visiting at
I the home of Robert Bauth.—Airs.
I Louise Beaver and Air. and Airs.
jAlilton Deamer were recent visitors
'at Alilroy.—Mr. and Mrs. Robert
! Grenoble, of Lewisburg, are visiting
| their parents, Bruce Gibboney and
-Air. and Mrs. John Grenoble. —Mrs.
[Clyde Wertz and son. Donalod, of
• Lewistown, were visitors at the
jhome of their parents, Mr. and Airs,
j William Fleishen.—William Filson,
'who is in the United States Navy
iservice and- located at Philadelphia,
.is home on a furough.—Miss Hazel
j Bottorff and brother were recent
visitors at the home of Mrs. Harry
jDell. —Mrs. Hugh Walker and moth
er, Mrs. Martha Fleker, of Lewis
[town, were Sunday visitors at the
: home of Edward Middlesworth. —
'Harry Smith, of Hazelton, and Miss
[Jennie Smith, of Beaver Springs, are
•visiting their cousin. Miss Lou Smith.
Miss Mary K. Lehn Becomes
Bride of Enos A. Boyer
I nlon Deposit, Pa., Oct. 19.—Miss
Alary K. Lehn, of Palmyra, and Enos
A. Boyer, of Union Deposit, were
married ort> Saturday evening at the
Reformed parsonage at Hummels
town, by the Rev. Arthur R. King.—
Air. and Mrs. Howard Peiffer, of
Steelton, visited the former's father,
John Z. Peiffer on Sunday.—Mrs.
Elizabeth Baker, daughter, Inez and
son, George, of Grantham, is spend
ing some time with Mrs. Baker's
grandmother. Mrs. George Greiner.
—Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Nye, Mrs.
Irwin Hughes and daughter Eva,
spent Tuesday near Grantville with
Mrs. Hughes parents, Mr. and Airs.
Kneldlch.—Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Pat
rick and two sons, Joseph and Horace,
of Campbelltown, were guests of Mrs.
Patrick's parents, Mr. and Airs. Joseph
Etter on Sunday.—Harold Peiffer, of
Steelton, is spending sometime with
his uncle, George Miller.—Mr. and
Airs. Frank Whltmyer, of Apnvllle,
visited his sister, Mrs. Abner Kellar
on Sunday.—Mr. and Mrs. David Ging
rich and children, of Manada Hill,
visited Mrs. Gingrich's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Emanuel Kline on Sunday.
—Mrs. Martin Smith, Mrs. Elizabeth
Baker, Miss Inez Balfer, George
Baker, of Grantham; Mrs. George
Greiner, Alias Sadie Greiner, Mr. and
Airs. Levi Smith and daughter, Estel
la, and David Hanshue, of Union De
posit, spent Sunday at the Blue Moun
Rules Women May '
"Wear Men's Garb
Lincoln, Neb,, Oct. 19.—Neither i
the law of man—at least in Nebras- I
ka—prevents women from wearing I
men's clothes when they are engaged
in war work, Attorney General W.
E. Reed ruled to-day. The opin
ion was given to the Rev. W. B.
Longpre, of Maxwell, Neb., who
wrote Governor Neville a letter, say
ing the wearing of men's garments
by women was against Bible doc
trine and asking if it was contrary
to state law. Governor Neville put
the question up to the state's legal
adviser, and the opinion followed.
New York, Oct. 19.—Maurice New
ton, an air mail carrier, finished a
test voyage from Philadelphia at
5.30 p. m. yesterday in the cellar
of a burned house in South Jama
ica. The flyer received only a shak
ing up and the piachine was not
badly damaged.
Tyrone People Up Against
Twenty-Cent Shaves and
Fifty-Cent Haircuts
[Trainmaster Freeman Trans
ferred From Tyrone Divis
ion to Phila. Office
Tyrone. Pa.. Oct. 19.—The "Bar
ber Trust" seems to have the town
In its grip, and the culmination of
the entire matter will be either long j
hair and a beard all over the face I
will be the proper style or else the j
barbers will go out of business. For,
despite the steady raises in prices j
at various times in the past twelve !
months, the tonsorial artists now j
announce another distinctive raise, j
The price is now 20 cents for a shave j
and BO cents for a hair cut. Jacob |
Hi Christine was one of the victims j
of the "flu" this week, and in him |
Tyrone lost one of her most promi- ,
nent and well-known citizens. For >
thirty-eight years he has been an '
engineer on the Tyrone division of j
the Pennsylvania railroad. Reu- i
ben B. Freeman, trainmaster of the !
Tyrone division, has been transfer- j
red to Philadelphia, into the office i
of the general manager. He en- :
tered the service of the company in
1876, and for nineteen years has'
been the trainmaster of the Tyrone j
division. Once again may it be re- •
corded that Tyrone went over the
top, and on this occasion it was the !
campaign for the sale of the Liberty
Bonds of the fourth issue. This I
time the borough's quota was almost \
twice the allotment of the third loan, j
The quota for the town was $235,326
' and already over $300,000 has been |
j subscribed. The railroad men of j
j the Tyrone division of the Pennsyl- j
| vania railroad far exceed their total j
I of the last loan. One more gold
' star goes in the service flag of the
! town. Hardly a week passes now
I that one of, the boys from here over
I there but makes the supreme sacri
fice for their country and humanity.
This week it was Paul W. Barrows, a
son of William H. Barrows, who is
the railroad mail agent on the Bald
Eagle Valley Railroad. Barrows was
of the One Hundred and Third
Trench Mortar Battery and lost his
i life on the 26th day of September.—
j Miss Nan Rhodes and Miss Gertrude
! McFadden, of Hollidaysburg, were
! guests of Miss Beryl Heverly.—Miss
! Robbie Yingling, of Osceola Mills, is
the guest of friends here. Mrs.
Molly Malady has gone to Harris
| burg where she will spend several
j months with relatives. Mrs. Sarah
I Blatatenberger, of Roaring Springs,
i is the guest of Mrs. J. G. Butler.
j Mrs. W. J. Taylor, of Emporium, is
| the guest of Mrs. W. E. Grafflus.
Miss Emma Montgomery has re
turned from a visit with relatives at
j Detroit, Mich., and Pittsburgh.
Lieutenant Paul Scollin, of Camp
Thomas, Ky., was a visitor with J. P.
Holleran. Mrs. Mary Dayton has
returned from Camp Lee, Peters
burg, Va., where she was summoned
on accounLof the serious illness from
influenza, of her son, Eugene.—Miss
Kathryn Lukenbach has returned to
her home after a pleasant visit at
Pittsburgh and Dayton, O. Mrs.
Daniel P. Ray, of Johnstown, is the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Ray.
Franklin L. McCanns, a special stu
dent at Lafayette College, Easton,
spent a short furlough with his par
ents here. John K. Templeton, a
Tyrone boy, employed at Johns
town, spent several days with his
parents. Miss Delia Walk and
brother, Charles W T alk, visited at
Camp Dix, Wrightstown, N. J., dur
ing the week, where another brother,
Paul, was quite ill. Miss Helen
Lewis was at Coatesville where she
was the guest of Miss Dorothy Wil
cox. Miss Nora Miller, grade
teacher, is visiting her sister at
Brookville. J. Robert McCormick,
of the United States Navy, just home
from France, spent a twelve-hour
furlough with his parents here.
Visitors Spend Pleasant
Days at Millerstown
1 Mlllerstown. Pa., Oct. 19.—The Rev.
i Victor Nearhof is at Warrior's Mark,
j where he will visit his parents, Air.
and Mrs. Nearhof. for several days.—
Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Spangler and son,
Eugene, visited at York on Monday.—
Ross Hopple, of Mifflin, is visiting
his grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Hopple.— G. Beaver Rickabaugh, of
Mount Holly Springs, visited his
father. D. M. Rickabaugh and family
on Tuesday.—Dr. A. T. Holman has
received a commission as second
lieutenant and left Thursday for
Camp Lee, Petersburg, Va.—Miss
Anna V. McGarvey, of Mount Union,
visited Mrs. S. C. Alexander and Miss
Margaret Alexander recently.—The
Rev. C. F. Hlmes, of Newton Hamtl
j ton, and J. Burton Allen, went to Mifl
dleburg on a fishing trip.—Miss Sa
lome Rhoads, who has been working
at the State Hospital at Harrisburg,
arrived home Sunday and has ac
cepted the clerkship in the Millers
town postofllce.—Miss Myra Farner,
who is teaching at Hunter's Valley,
returned home Tuesday, her school
being closed on account of the Influ
enza.—Ard Alexander, of Belleville,
Illinois, was the guest of Mrs. S. C.
Alexander on Tuesday.—Miss Mar
garet Alexander made a trip to Hunt
ingdon county on Wednesday.—
George Fry, undertaker, was called
to Philadelphia on Tuesday evening
to accompany home the body of Miss
Dorothy Tharpe, a trained nurse, who
had died with the Spanish influenza,
to her late home at Liverpool.—J.
Bank Lahr, a student of Temple Uni
versity, Philadelphia, returned home
lon Friday owing to the University
being closed,—Miss Mary Ulsh, of
Irving College, Mechanicsburg, spent
the weekend with her parents. Mr.
and Mrs. A. H. Ulsh. : —Miss Sara Kipp,
who had been visiting her sister, Mrs/
J. B. Parson, at Port Royal, returned
home on Monday evening.—Mr. and I
Mrs. Frank Wagner and grandson,
Donald Shover, were guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Ray Wagner at Lemoyne on
Sunday.—Mr. and Mrs. James Kipp
and sons, James and Kenneth, of.Har
risburg, visited his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. J. C. Kipp.—Grant Eppley. of
Carlisle, called on his tviend, D. M.
Rickabaugh on Tuesday. Aubroy
Patterson, of Brooklyn, N. Y., visited
his aunt. Miss Elizabeth Patterson
this week.—James E. Rounsley was
at Harrisburg on Saturday.—Mister
Jack Lent and baby brother, Irwin
Lent, of Perkasle, are visiting their
grandparents, Mr, and Mrs. Irwin
Crane, while their parents are on
an automobile trip to Ohio.—Mr. and
Airs. Charles Newbaker, of Steelton,
announce the bl lh of a daughter.
Freda May, Oct >ber 14, 191 S. Airs.
A'ewbaker was formerly Miss Flor
ence Hopple, of Mlllerstown.
OCTOBER 19, 1918.'
Surprise Party Held 011
Mrs. DeardorfPs Birthday
Lewlsberry, Pa., Oct. 19.—A sur
prise party was held at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Deardorft in
celebration of Mrs. Deardorff's
birthday anniversary. Refreshments
were served to Mr. and Mrs. E. J.
Bonner, Miss Ethel Shoop, Miss'
Nora Bonner, Miss Edna Deardorff,
Miss May Newcomer, Miss Esther
Deardorff, Mr. and Mrs. Charles I
Deardorff, Charles Hauck, William!
Downs and Harvey Eetrow, of Eewis-1
berry; Mr. and Mrs. Levi Miller, of!
Pinetown; Mr. and Mrs. Lester Up
degraflf, Mrs. Newton Beshore and
George Updograff, of Nev herr >' town ' '
—Mr. and Mrs. Edward' Hammond
and'Bennett Hammond, of Washing-1
ton, D. C., were guests of W. S. |
Hammond and Mr. and Mrs. Ches- '
ter Cassell. They traveled by auto- I
mobile. James Spangler, who has i
a position at the station at New j
Cumberland, is confined to the home
of Mrs. Ella'Byers with whom lie
and his father boards, being ill with
influenza. Miss Mary Burkhart, of
I Centerville, arrived Sunday and
spent four days at the home of the
Rev. and Mrs. Reuben S. Stair, of
j Meadowbrook farm. The Rev. Mr.
j Stair visited frirends at Centerville
; on Sunday, where he was a former
| pastor of the Lutheran Church.
j Mrs. Elizabeth IT. Laird left Wed
nesday evening for Steelton where
1 she went to see her son, Wilbur H.
| Laird, who is ill with influenza.
! Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Armstrong and
| daughter. Laurabel Armstrong, of
llarrirsburg, spent Tuesday evening
I with Mrs. Armstrong's mother, Mrs.
j Laura Kline. Mrs. Mary Foster,
; of Harrlsburg, was a visitor at the
. Foster home. Mrs. Harriet Greist,
j aged 85 years, is confined to the
I home of her daughter, Mrs. Alice
Stonesifer. being ill with pneumonia.
! Mrs. George Miller was at Me-
I clianicsburg attending her son,
| Aaron Miller, who is ill with influ
; enza. Miss Jennie K. Hammond, .1
j teacher of the York schools, and
j Mrs. ti® rdon Gray, of Philadelphia,
are guests oL Mr. and Mrs. Ellis
I Hammond. -j- George W. Smith re
j turned to his home at BaltimoM,
I after a visit with his mother, MiA
I Mary S. Myers. Mr. and Mrs.
Samuel Brenneman and son, Clair,
!of Brookside, were guests of Mr.
Brenneman's brother, J. L. Brenne-
I man. Miss Anna Sutton is out
I again after being confined to the
S house with sickness. E. E. Strom
! inger, of Mechanicbburg, was a
guest of Mr. and Mrs. John Gray.—
Mrs. Decker, of Carlisle, is a guest
of her daughter, Mrs. F. P. Straley.
—Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Zorger, of
Harrisburg, spent a day with Mrs.
; Ella M. Sutton.
Thief Stole Chickens
From St. Peter's Hennery
Elizabctlitown, Pa., Oct. 19.
Nearly all the chickens were stolen
from the hennery of the Rev. Fath
er Pohl, at St. Peter's rectory on
Tuesday night, only three were left
behind with nearly all their fathers
missing.—Harry Stoner, of Harris
burg, was the guest of his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Eli Stoner.—Harry
Sheetz left for the University of
Pittsburgh, and Elmer Wise for the
Carnegie Institute.—Ray Withers,
son of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Withers,
has enlisted in the Aviation Corps
and left for training at Call Field,
Texas. —S. J. Keisey, of Lansdowne,
was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. C. H.
Hilt, of Park street. —Mr. and Mrs.
Irwlii Brossey. were guests of leia
tives, at Milton Grove. —S. H. Heisey
has started a jitney service between
Elizabethtown and Milton Grove, to
accommodate the travel on Saturday
evenings.—One hundred and thirty
one employes of the Kreider shoe
factory are off duty yith the "flu,"
though no serious.cases are reported.
—Private Earl Kuhn, of Camp Lee,
Petersburg, Va„ spent several days
with his wife and parents, Mr. and
Mrs. F. K. Kuhn, in Washington
street.—Miss Mabel Charleston, of
Lancaster, was the guest of her
mother, Mrs. P. M. Charleston.—l.
H. Heagy was the guest of his son,
H. H. Heagy, at Lancaster.—The
axle works building, ■ in Brown
street, is being torn down to make
room for the new Kreider shoe fac
tory building.—C. H. Weidmun and
wife have taken apartments at 333
I .em on street, Lancaster.—Mr. and
Mrs. Leander Eadler have gone to
Mount Union, where they will spend
the winter.—Roy Fornwald, of
South Bethlehem, is guest of his par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Fornwalt.
Allentown, Oct. 19.—The Lehigh
county Liberty Loan Committee has
printed the names of nearly 100
Austrian employes of Northampton
industries who refused to subscribe
for Liberty Bonds. They have been
discharged and other industries are
asked not to hire them.
Allen town, Pa., Oct. 19. Mrs
Anna M. Taft, 72 years old, widow
of Charles F. Taft and cousin of ex-
President William H. Taft, died in
this city yesterday of pneumonia,
following an attack of influenza.
Two Nlgfrt School*: Monday, Wednesday, Friday Night*——Tuesday,
Thursday Nights
Women Should Work Now
, More Than Ever
MANY women who are skilled in some branch of work have
given up this work because their husbands are making
extra good wages. Their work is needed now more than ever
because the Government needs equipment. The Army must
have clothing. It Is a patriotic duty to help Bupply it.
We have a largp contract for shirts for the American soldiers
that must be delivered at once. We need power sewing machine
operators to make these shirts. Come and help us. You will be
helping Uncle Sam at the same time. If you are making less
than from $2.00 to $4.50 a day see us at once. We will also take
Call, phone or write to our office. We will gladly
explain our ideal working conditions and the kind
of work we have.
Or V. S. Government Bureau, Third and North Streftts.
If you are now on Government work, don't leave.
Boiling Springs Boys of Co. C,
112 th Bcgiment, Among
Killed and Missing
Red Cross Workers at Me
chanicsburg Make "Flu"
Masks For Use in Homes
Mechanicsbiirg, Pa.. Oct. 19,
I Among the casualties affecting this
! section, appear prominently those of
j Boiling Springs. They include Or
; lando Newcomer, killed in action on
j July 9, son of Mr. and Mrs. William
| Newcomer; Charles Clepper, missing
in action, son of Arthur Clepper;
I Emerson Minnich, missing in action.
I son of Mr. and Mrs. Levi Minnich,
j and C layton Kauffman, Jr., missing
in action, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clay
ton Kauffman. All the above were
members of Company G, One Hun
dred and Twelfth Infantry. Dur
ing the past week, members of the
local chapter of the Red Cross have
been busy making "flu" masks to be
worn In homes where the disease is
prevalent, and also pneumonia
jackets. It is the intention of the
Red Cross to place the masks at
some of the stores where those
needing them can be supplied by
making application. The Rev. J.
j Ellis Bell, pastor of the Methodist
| Episcopal Church, returned on WTed
| nesday from a visit to his brother in
I Lewistown. Harry N. Cromleigh
and 'family have been 111 at their
home in South Market street.
Cumberland county sent eight voung
men for special training through
draft board No. 2 on Tuesday morn
ing. They were'C. Henderson Hum
ridh, George R. Lawton, C. Victor
Boyer, E. E. Blac*<, EarJ F. Carroll
and Clifton G. Rebok, to the Univer
sity of Pittsburgh; Stewart P. Dav
to the Carnegie School of TechnoL
ogy, Pittsburgh, and Millard E. Lan
dis to State College. Miss Clara.
Cromleigh has accepted the position
of organist of the First. Lutheran
Church at Carlisle, succeeding Wil
liam Trego, now in the United
j States Navy. Mrs. David Watts
! has returned to her home in East
j Keller street, after a short visit to
Harrisburg anttprior to that, a visit
of several weels in Canada. Dr.
and Mrs. S. J. Zufall-and son, Wil
liam. are on the sick list at their
home in West Main street. Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Konhaus, of Rox
bury, about one and one-half miles
west of Mechanicsburg, announce
the birth of twins, a boy and a girl,
on Monday. - Miss Gertrude Kerr,
who has been spending some time nt
Harrisburg, was a visitor here on
Altoona, Pa., Oct. 19.— Ten thou
sand miners in the Central Penn
sylvania bituminous district
volunteered to work all day Sunday
to counteract a great loss In ton
nage due to influenza and celebra
tion of false peace rumors. Federal
authorities here have sent appeals
to all other miners to follow the
a w /rand Chafing
/ \ Soothed
y. yidHealedh}
Mothers, don't let yotir little ones
suffer because of eczemas, rashes,
irritations, itchings, burnings or
chaftngs. Cuticura will afford in
stant relief, permit rest and sleep
and point to speedyhealment often
when all else seems to fail. Bathe
with hot water and Cuticura Soap,
using plenty of soap, dry and anoint
gently with Cuticura Ointment.
These- super-creamy emollients are
a boon to tired, fretted mothers of
skin-tortured infants.
g&apU Eack Fig Vy lUIL Addwfoiiord:
"Cnttc*ra. Dept. 16A, lirtw." Boldcrgywh <w.
Soap 26c. Otfetment 25 and 600. Taloom Ko.