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State Department of Health
v Gets Results in Fight
ing Disease
ords in comhat
\\WA H/ diseases were an
j nounced by Dr. S.
Franklin Royer.
act ing commis
sioner of health.;
j ttnw®OT(|r i n con ne c tion
i with a study of i
the causes of,
death in May, for
• w jji C h data has j
;ust been completed. There were!
but eighteen deaths from scarlet:
fever, the best previous record for;
May having been twenty-four, in
1916, and twenty-eight last year,}
whereas in 1910 there were 115.
Typhoid fever caused forty-nine
.i'-- v, hioh was only equaled!
by May of 1915. In May of 1906.1
soon after the late Commissioner;
Samuel G. Dixon took up the fight
against typhoid, there were .142'
deaths from this disease, falling to;
237 in The following May. then to
129 in May of 1908 and steadily de
clining since. Last May there were
fifty-seven deaths from typhoid.
All told there were 10.219 deaths<
in Pennsylvania in May and 19,063 j
births and, as in April and March,}
pneumonia caused more deaths than I
any other single disease, the total
being 1,331, with tuberculosis having'
1.089: Bright's disease, 781; cancer,!
552. and diphtheria. 108. Eighty-!
eight persons committed suicide,!
eighty-six were killed in the mines!
and ninety-six died of railway in-1
To Report Tomorrow—All local
draft boards in Pennsylvania have}
been notified by state draft head-!
quarters to wire to-morrow tne num
ber of white and colored men of tne
classes of 1917 and 1918 remaining
in Class 1 of the draft as of .Yu-'
gust 15. This information is asked
by the Provost Marshal General.
Crop Estimates Estimates re- i
ceived at the State Department of
Agriculture from county crop re
porters Indicate that the potato crop'
in the counties where potatoes are'
given much attention will fall short,
of the average for the last ten years.
the big potato county,
the crop will be S3 per cent., andj
Berks 72. while Columbia, which is,
not as heavy a producer, will show
90 per tent. Increases in acreage
of various crops are reported as ex
tensive. The whole buckwheat area
increased six per cent., but in some
counties where this grain has not
been tried, such as Lancaster. Dela-i
ware and Mercer, the farmers set
out a fifth to a half more than ever;
known. The average yield of wheat
in Lancaster and Chester counties
will not be up to the mark of last'
year, it is feared, while corn is gen-'
THE GLOBE "Keep Your Eye on the Clock" THE GLOBE
Over the Top--And Then Some
One Thousand Suit Campaign
Scores Its 7th Great Success
We went over the top with a rush on
Saturday. Today the clock says 1070
Just like our boys fighting "over there" we've t
won our objective in a decisive, conquering I \Atlf
fashion. We've routed high prices just like the 3 ;ff
Yanks have made the Huns retreat. ' / | j|fl
With practically three weeks more to go, THE f pw|
greatest of all clothing sales, offers you the finest made, * I ;> M \
distinctively styled clothes in the land at prices no man
can afford to ignore. • ij
And in addition to the greatly reduced scale of prices
quoted below, a 5 per cent bonus is now assured to all
SIB.OO Suits Reduced t0... $14.50 $28.50 and S3O Suits are... $24.50
$20.00 Suits Reduced t0... $16.50 $32.50 Suits Reduced t0... $28.50
$22.50 and $25 Suits are... $19.50 $37.50 Suits Reduced to. $32.50
And Now, hi Connection With the Great-
JNf est Shirt Sale We've Ever Had Comes
Ur mi "^ Illlua l Sale of
I 2 -°° Manhattans $1.55 $3.50 Manhattans $2 g5
\fr I ,\_s2.so Manhattans sl.gs $4.50 Manhattans $3 J 5
M' 1 *1 $3.00 Manhattans- $2.15 $5.00 Manhattans $3 g£j
All Other Shirts at These Reduced Prices
Silk Shirts Shirts Shirts Shirts Shirts
Worth to $5.00 Worth to $3.50. Worth to $2.50 Regularly $2 Worth $1 75
$2.85 $1.95 $1.65 $1.35 $1.15
Owing to the remarkably low prices at which these Shirts are sold—None sent
on Approval—None Charged.
. erally behind. Chester Increased Its
! tobacco acreage thirty per cent, and
| Bradford twelve. Lancaster, one of
j the great tobacco producers. In
i creased seven per cent. The state
j authorities are urging farmers to
raise turkeys to kill off the grass
hoppers, which have been more of
a pest than usual in many districts
of Pennsylvania this year v
Listing Cases —Arrangements aro
being made to the heading of as
many complaints as possible by the
Public Service Commission in Sep
tember. The Reading Transit and
Light and other trolley systems;
which increased fares will have I
hearings, as will the big electric in- 1
crease complaints.
Permits Granted. —The State Wa-j
: ter Supply Commission last nignt' an- i
nounccd that it had granted permits
! for the Martin C(#hstructlon Cora
-1 pany to build a pipe line and plat
; form on Shamokin creek near Sun
: bury; Lancaster and Chester coun
ties for a bridge over the Octoraro
} creek at the boundary: Lancaster.'
i Petersburg and Manheim Railway
I Company, for pier in Little Cones-;
1 toga creek; Eagle, Inc.. and Paxinos;
Coal Company, for works at Sharao
kin: Pennsylvania ra-ilroad for a!
change in the bridge at Tyrone: j
Huntingdon and Broad Top Moun-i
tain Railroad for piers in the Rays-|
town branch of the Juniata.
Snyder Gets Semaphore.—Auditor |
General Charles A. Snyder was to- J
day presented with a toy semaphore,
because 'no had established traffic j
regulations for the corridor leading }
to the offices of himself and his depu- j
ties. John Tress, of this city, the}
messenger, is the "traffic cop" in;
charge of the newly-built gate and
movement of people. The Auditor;
General, who had referred to the!
corridor to his office as "the peo
ple's highway" during the campaign;
days, says the precautions are due I
to the war.
Nearby Charters. The Sayres,!
Scheid & Sweeten Company, depart-1
ment store. Lancaeter. capital $50.-
000; the Schwartz Motor Truck Com-)
pany. Reading, capital $5,000, and
the Reading Chain and Block Cor-1
poration, Reading, capital $200,0001
have been chartered.
Foust Goes Further.—Dairy and :
Food Commissioner James Foust hasj
demanded of Chicago newspapers
and packers who is meant by refer
ences to men who have secured fa
vors in the administration of the
oleo law.
Boimlwell at Capitol.—Judge Eu
gene C. Bonniwell was greeted by
dozens of people on a visit to the'
State Capitol to-day. The Demo
cratic candidate for governor spent
an hour calling on State Treasurer
Kephart and other officials and ati
each department the men in the of-}
flees gathered to greet him. It was'
an unusual tribute to a Democratic
Fire Marshal Busy. State Fire
Marshal department officials sent
sixty-eight persons to trial on,
charges of arson in the first seven
months of 1918 and won the cases,
while eighty-eight are still being in-}
vestigated with eleven awaiting trial, i
In every case arson is the charge, j
Over 5,000 inspections have been I
made and hundreds of investigations!
made. One accused person commit
ted suicide. The number of fires the
first seven months Is less than a
third of the number last year which
Was 15,271, but the remaining
months may Increase the record.
To Trace Trouble. The State
Fisheries Commission has detailed
wardens to locate the sources of pol
lution of the Susquehanna In the
Willlamsport district and to provide
means to check the trouble although
It Is expectod to bo difficult because
Ot the war expenditures.
" )
~'Cont Fp 1,035 Per Cent.— J. C.
Kerbaugh, president, and G. C. An
j drews. secretary of the commission
ers of Lower Merion township. Mont
| gomery county, to-day filed com
' plaint with the Public Service Com
piission that the new rates for fire
service made by the Springfield Con
solidated Water Company ,of Phila
delphia, at orders of the commission
increased the cost to the township,
by reason of pipe line charges, 1,035
per cent. The former bill for fire
service for 175 hydrants was $2,625
and it is claimed that while the rate
per hydrant has been cut from sls
to $7 the charges for eighty miles of
pipe line make the bill r . f28,-
577.50. which it is declared tees-;
More Roads.—Bds for construc
tion of thirteen mles of state high-!
way In Lancaster, Lebanon. Fayette,
Warren, Westmoreland and Venango <
were ordered asked to-day at the
State Highway Department. Bids
for an almost similar amount will;
be received later In the month.
Appointments. The Governor's
Governor's office announced these |
appointments: Mothers pension
trustees: Mrs. H. I. Morris, Dußois ;
and Mrs. L. C. Xorris, Clearfield, for!
Clearfield county; Mrs. J. S. Bean.;
Eau Clairs. for Butler county; Mrs. I
John C. Judson. Washington, and j
Mrs. C. C. Wright, Charleroi, for|
Washington county. Frederick Nea-j
mand was appointed Justice for
Rockland township. Bucks county,
and Joseph Cuziolick for East Van
dergrift borough.
The more intensely you have suf
fered from Irritated, itching skin,
the more grateful will be your sigh
of relief when Poslam has been ap
plied. Soothing, cooling, pacifying,
now that you KNOW, you will never
be without it should the need arise.
Try Poslam for any Facial break
ing-out. for clearing inflamed
plexions or red noses, for Scaip-
Scale, anv form of Eczema, Pimples.
Burns. Barbers' Itch. Tired, Itching
Feet, to drive away all eruptiona!
troubles before they spread and be
come seriou3.
Sold everywhere. For free sample
write to Emergency Laboratories,
243 West 4 7th St., New York City.
Urge your kin to become fresher,
brighter, better by the daily use of
Poslam Soap, medicated with Pos
I "The Live Store"
Thiirs&y [ St at r Noon eS [Thursday
Last Thursday was a day long to be remembered at
this "Live Store" and we all enjoyed a Half Holiday after the busy morning.
We enjoyed it aH the more because our Customers came out early to do their buying at
our Semi-Annual
Mark-Down Sale
1 Where Everything in Onr Entire Stock Is Reduced, Except Collars 1
There wasn't a dull minute You want the merchandise we
throughout the entire morning and our have to sell, for our low prices are bringing
salespeople worked with a double effort to serve „Anl fl *k;. "I ci. il
you which resulted in doing a "big day's work" in a ™° Pe .° P '? t0 thl ' L ' v ® Store lhan , we ? ver
half day. We want our Customers to KNOW, how °.~ yOU se , e ' the ' e are ac ' ual Bavms
much we appreciate their co-operation in coming waiting in exchange for cash, which we
I out in the morning—it helps US as well as YOU. MUST HAVE to take eve of our Fall shipments;
Now, let's have another ''Get-together" Holiday by and, besides, it saves YOU money on known-quality
a little extra effort in the morning. merchandise.
Hart Schaffner o Kuppenheimer 1
& Marx Clothes |
It's.a lucky thing for us that we started our semi-
Annual Clearance Sale ten days ago; if we had not, we don't know what we
would have done-—our wareroom was brimful, almost bursting; for already manufactur
lers are sending us Fall merchandise. So you see there's no alternative. We MUST SELL
OUR SUMMER STOCKS—and during this "strictly cash" sale you can buy at less than
to day's actual wholesale prices. Don't Delay! Store Closes at Noon To-morrow.
All 20— Suits . *l&2
I AII *2.V"" Suit* . *l9=2 J Light Weight jj I
AH *3o= Suits . *23:2 Coats 3
All Suits • We have had a "land office" business ij I
All S/in.oo C, *t c 5Q0.75 I! in lightweight Coats during the hot jj
" lU = UllS ' ii weather . We have them in light and ij
All $45:2? Suits . $ 36.Z2 | dark colors, as well as black. All sizes, | I
! 34 to 48. i
SBRS ... r , a jj LightweightCOATS $ 1. 89 jj 3
All $3.50 TROUSERS $2.89 jj $3-5Q Li g htwe ig ht COATS . $2.89 jj 3
All $4.50 TROUSERS $3.39 jj $4.00 Lightweight COATS .. ]9 jj |
I AU $5.00 TROUSERS $3.89 jj $5.00 Lightweight COATS . . $3 89 i 11
All $6.50 TROUSERS $4 95 ii '
■ T rninn —nmmiiiTiir*i*ii**i*i*rmiii*i*rmrrininiiinmnj|
I Sweet Orr OVERALLS Lee-Union I
I Signal reduced rreeland I
AUGUST 14, 1918