Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, May 27, 1914, Image 7

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    Once again we tell this whole piano story
tHIS is a story of success—of UNPRECEDENTED success. It's a story of planning—then of con- C You get the strongest guarantee ever put on a piano; a joint guarantee signed by the manufacturer!
centrating unlimited power on working out the plan until it's a story of such stupendous success —Bacon Piano Co.—and ourselves, giving you protection for five years that is as safe as a government
that the telling is spontaneous. We could not help repeating it if we would or would not if we bond. j
could. It's inspiring. It runs off the pencil faster than we can write. The REASON for it, is C You get the privilege of returning your piano at the end of a thirty days' trial and getting YOUR
THE PLAN ITSELF. Here it is: Don't miss a single syllable. MONEY BACK. • *
C You get a piano which is worth and sells regularly at three hundred and fifty dollars, for TWO HUN- C Within one year from the day you get your piano, through this co-operative plan, you may exchange
DRED AND FORTY-EIGHT DOLLARS AND SEVENTY-FIVE CENTS, saving you at the outset one it FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER, without so much as a penny's loss,
hundred and one dollars and twenty-five cents. C All payments remaining unpaid are voluntarily CANCELLED IN EyENT OF YOUR DEATH—thus
CI When.you finish paying for your piano, if bought in the usual way, you will still owe from twenty-five leaving the piano free of encumbrance to your family.
to thirty-five dollars INTEREST. Through this CO-OPERATIVE PLAN, when you have paid your two C You get through this co-operative plan an opportunity to earn cash dividends for each and every
hundred and forty-eight dollars and seventy-five cents, YOU HAVE FINISHED PAYING. There are week's time the life of the co-operative agreement of one hundred and ninety-five weeks is shortened,
NO FURTHER PAYMENTS to be made, either on account of interest or for any other reason. Through this privilege it is possible for you to earn cash dividends, amounting in all to TWENTY-NINE
C Instead of paying twenty to twenty-five dollars tsa first payment and ten, twelve or fifteen dollars a DOLLARS AND TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. '
month as you will in a regular way, during this co-operative sale you pay but FIVE DOLLARS to join in C And finally you are given opportunity to secure others to co-operate in this plan This will further
this co-operative movement and then RUT ONE DOLLAR AND TWENTY-FIVE CENTS your instrument.
The whole plan applies to player-pianos as well HHff PUtS tll€
One Hundred player-pianos are also being sold on this same co-operative plan. VA
The usual price cf these player-pianos is five hundred and fifty dollars each. 1«7/|ll||
The Co-operative price is three hundred and ninety-five dollars, with NO INTEREST to be added. ■ 'J. Ml. ▼VFB ■ I IMI HI |P» CT l?Sf 1
The player-piano will also be delivered immediately upon the payment of five dollars. %/ UAk>JV
I lie payments are two dollars a week giving you one hundred and ninety-five weeks'time in which to make your payments, Let us make this olain It costs von nn more. oc <>„ i
v„„ = n ' i ™^ l "; condi _ ,ional is given on .he piano is given on the player-piano. put the PLAYER-PIANO in your home than it does ihe PIANO. The plLr!
You can also GET YOUR MONEY BACK at any time with.n thirty j . piano ITSELF costs you more than the piano-One hundred and forty she
v \ •-i r L •. • D AQunl thir* To ,ake a<lvftn,a * p ' ° r The balance on I ' dollars and twenty-five cents more. Your weekly dues are lareer also- Two
Uu get the same prmlege of exchanging within a year, as that KCBO IFIIS. ,h,s ""usual sale. ail the piano is pay. J dollars a week, as against one dollar and twenty-five cents a week for the
given With the piano. . J'°" have to rlo Is to able 1 dollar and 25 cents, weekly. nionn R,.t TlVfrri AI DiVMcvr j 7 i a wee K ror tn«
IB of the unpaid balances will be voluntarily cancelled in event of ° r * FIVK noM/ARs, for which we will at The balance on the player-piano pl " n °- t But y° ur INI TIAL PAYMENT and the LENGTH OF TIME given in
I Heath cancelled in event of „nce Rive you a receipt. is payable 2 dollars weekly, which to make your payments (one hundred and ninety-five weeks) are iden«
, . . , . . Thls flve dollars is credited to your account on the WITHOUT tically the same whether you select a PIANO OR A PLAYER-PIANO
Also, a player-piano bench and nine rolls of music (your own co-operative hooks. " INTEREST. . 7 c , . , iawu.
selection) are included without extra charge The co-operative nian then an™- h i This gives you \ h WOl ds -y° u P a y five dollars as a privilege to participate in thii
An arrangement will also he made with each purchaser whereby -«*. ».*„,■ Hm.'tn wj„ T™ Self MP Spn ' he "?* ? ""'t
be rrocured AT A COST 0F ONLY F,VE your ~p wTElK™hi s ZITV° P 2:
These player-pianos are standard 88-note players; that is, they kr-PIA\O. There are no further payments of any I————J doesn t it?
play every note on the piano when the music roll is in motion. " * met T T T /■ \ m JT . TV
These player-pianos have an automatic shifter, which compels the , * may make your selection at once—tomorrow— ■ 1 B I 1% /I • 5
music to play perfectly. Most player-pianos sold at from two UwifrbTTnvreH Z Ume convenlent to you - ~l I I I 1 Ivl 11CI C* HAII CO
hundred to two hundred and fifty dollars more than these will not month. The TIME you setece youTTnstrument"and"the • A AX\JIX Lr 1» * LllSlv JL
play perfectly. These player-pianos have lead tubing. Most player- DATE OF DELIVERY is wholly optional with you
pianos have rubber tubing THE LIFE OF RUBBER IS ONE If not convenient for you to personally select your ' 15 SOUTH MARKFT SOTIARP HA RRTQRT TRr* PA
YEAR—at most. LEAD LASTS FOREVER. It cannot wear out Instrument we will make the selection for vou under vour * lil MAuIvL 1 oUUAKL, OAKKIoDUKCt, XA.
and the tubing in these player-pianos is so placed it cannot be 15 South HanOVer Street, Carlisle, Pa. '
Y ° t:R na ' nstrumt ' n -- ' c s - FEW DRUG STORE, 205 South Union Street, Middletown, Pa.