Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, May 16, 1914, Page 3, Image 3

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    Mechanics Trust Company
Capital $300,000 HARRISBURO, PA. Surplus $300,000
For the information of the public, the Mechanics Trust Company, recently incorporated under
the laws of the State of Pennsylvania, and which took over the business of the Mechanics Bank, makes
this voluntary statement of its condition as of the close of business May 15, 1914
~ 1 his Company acts as Executor, Adminis
_ Mechanics Trust Company trator,. Guardian, Trustee, or ill any other
T : Third and Market Streets, Harrisburg, Pa. 1
>fjr! f! ( i,-i -I be Safe Deposit Boxes are of the most
Statement of Condition as of the Close of Business, May 15th, 1914. modern construction and conveniently lo-
Y E| RESOURCES \ LIABILITIES cated. Fhey provide, at a nominal cost, a
C- jLjW m .Sssßtj P*y Xotes and Bills $651,289.10 j Capital Stock $.300,00u.00 place for the safe-keeping of securities, leeral
■ :\J fiSti r;fc . rw *Stocks and Bonds 203,877.00 Surnlus ... ... 30000000 •
P 1 IM- H Mtn 3 wffi ill Mortgages and Judgments 178,215.00 Individual Deposits subject J>apci soiam t ling ot value.
Hu! llii EV Due from Banks. Bankers to check 582,363.63 a „ '
%<-■* Jbpj pj :JUP iln 'Si w and Trust Companies 22,120.44 Time Certificates of Deposit 357,731.08 ™ 1 lle Company maintains an Investment
f 'kg. (£ ~ K ! Sfb! Cash on Hand and with Treasurers' Checks 10.412.68 Department which is conservatively man-
H Reserve Agents 519.111.20 Certified Checks 197.40 ' . "vauveiy man
l^lLsk s li- ■'lfM- rS * PgMßp l fcH : Miscellaneous Assets 8.904.33 Due to Banks. Bankers aged and lias at all times a list of securities
- IB m SHftiKW US®' ill «i sot ah" o7 1 . f ? nd n Trust C( ? mJ ? a ! lies 27 -'™f- and S uarantee d mortgages, from which its
> * SSI ■' Jpgl P« !»"<-' fCI ItahL Jbl,3oJ,oU/.U/ Miscellaneous Liabilities ." 1 .3/0.4?
' '"I fuk' fISIH patrons may select desirable investments.
j:|MB jS!' f®! W- m safifir Ihe Company receives money on deposit
i' i
I* j J ' r"** ' f®?! Sr I '* ar -\ame of Security Hate Mntur- ,
- r lh|il Ij mm i , \ rtrff, *ai..e '»> ot s M «rit y i« a «c M»t..r- posit, payable on demand or at a specified
>< il iHlli f IIKi Sw l„i I ««» . sin.oon California State Harbor Imp. 1 's 1985
si|>i i 5,000 Npw ovk Stutp 4 1 2 s 1963 $11,700
yM| M|-j 10 - 000 x nnp? rleans : Loul . Bian . a P ! lb : 5•, H, 28 5.000 Hmrisburg ught* power future time, on which interest is paid.
i ' 10.000 Waynesboro, Pa.. School Dis- " K,,f '• 5 1 y.".2
::::::: S"| Mi M 3! n s, s?"".'. Pow " ,■. „„ will conduct a Savings Department in which
Steam Railway Bonds I>Pm> ... . I . rar . t . i ? n . .. C °.'... c - 8 m 7 deposits of any amount will be received from
, i »>'. , £ X K "~ „P. nr • Vnn "' of frourKj- Kocr Mntur- 10,000 Monongahela Valley Traction tiiiin to timn on "11 u
l : rl i fill IK llfei ;vm ffl M value ity 00.. ist 5•„ 1942 tune to tune on wnicn interest will be com
• I ——' — •'
J js> |f Virginian ItaliwftV Co.. Ist.'i -- litfi; chine Work.. Ist a > tail ';' HN E. FOX. Vlce-Hrealdpnt
* . . A m JH jUA 5:000 i?lw X Y r ork' 9n Central ,Ul tiiies * W * 1922 80 ehrs. Harrisburg National Bank stock. ' JOHN C. MOTTER, Socrotary and Treasurer
' *(K 05 .* j BP * i tfil Equip 4' 2 's ij»2i 68 shrs. Chestnut Ktrtet Market Co. stock. DIRITTOR^
W x m W 5.000 Reading Company General... 1 s 1307 JOO shrs. Pennsylvania Railroad Co. stock '"^iwao
, • |r p The above securities arc carried on the books ot the Trust Company at or below their mar- JOHN E E! FOX KEL b°p S BURNS AC,br
- x — s t:-> !«.' ket value. JOHN C." MOTTER DAVID KAUEMAN
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Special to The Telegraph
Allen, Pa.. May 16.—0n Thursday
•vening the Ladies' Aid Society of Jit.
FJhe Cheerful Ufa
_ — ,♦ ♦ U '■ th f right everyone to llye and enjoy the cheerful life. We owe
It to ourselves and those who live with ua to live tho cheerful life. We
cannot do so if ill health takes hold of us.
. . T, ! e *'*«> mother and daughter suffering from hot flashes, nervousness
Headache, backache, dragging-down feelins, or any other weakness due t/> Hit™*?™
£ r n t ir^ro, vX^. tbe dclicite femal ° orKans - i8
Th "* " " ramtJ y- Forty years experience has proven unmistakably that
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prejudice, envy and malice. Sold by dealers in medicine inltouid or
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•tomach, liver and bowels. Sugar-coated, tinygr£, u fe£
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j|^ Wholesale L.OVCI & TdyloV NEW YORK^fi
New Series of Building and
Loan Association Stock
The Franklin. Building and Loan Association of Harrisburg, Pa. Is
now issuing stock In a nnr serlap. .Shares can now be taken at the
office of the treasurer, S. VV. Fleming, No. 26 North Third street. This
(association .ias been doing a successful business for twenty-six years
bharen can be cancelled at any time, and interest at six per ,em. will
be paid on all cancelled stock that is one or more years old.
J. H. MUSSER, Secretary
- *
J - * -*•, «* v > v " * ' v ' " )*" 4 • . '-'
Zion Reformed Church gave a very
pleasant reception in honor of the
newly-elected pastor, the Rev. Mr.
Kehl, who lives in Carlisle. The fol
lowing program was rendered: An
them, choir; invocation and address of
welcome, Dr. A. R. Kremer; violin
solo, Guy Enck; address, the Rev. Mr.
Kehl; anthem, choir. Refreshments
were served to about seventy-five
, y°„ u knew the mans - evenings of
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Marrisburg Telegraph is distributing
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Committee of Men in Charge of
Forging Plants Discusses
Standards Here
Another committee representing an
important branch of industry met at
tho Department of Labor and Industry
late yesterday to discuss plans for
safety, being particularly interested in
safeguarding of machinery. Over a
dozen such committees, each repre
senting a separate branch of industry,
such as textiles, baking, electric power,
machine tools and the like, are at
work on rules and standards for safety
which will be submitted to the State
Industrial Board. This work was in
augurated by Commissioner Jackson
and bids fair to mark an important
The committee which met yesterday
represented the forging interests and
consisted of L. E. Hickok, the D. Wil
cox Manufacturing Company. Mechan
icsburg; Carl B. Auel, Westinghouse:
11. E. Derbyshire, Chambersburg En
gineering Company; W. H. Kaiser
Metric Metal Works, Erie; Walter E.
Chick, Pennsylvania Steel; G. S. At
kins, Scranton Forging Company,
Scrunton; George T. Fonda, Bethlehem
Steel, and Lew R. Palmer, assistant
to the commission.
The Derry Street United Brethren
Church begins a week of special serv
ices in commemoration of the twenty
fifth anniversary of the founding of
what has become one of the large and
Influential congregations of the grow
ing East End. On Sunday the Rev.
Dr. George E. McDonald, pastor of
the United Brethren Church at Seattle,
Wash., will preach at two services and
address the Sunday school. Special
programs announce a series of very
interesting and entertaining addresses
and musical nunibers'for each evening
during the week.
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a Package
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whole world. Don t suffer! Relieve
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Millions of men and women havij
found that headache and neuralgia
misery is needless. Get what you usk
for.- —Advertisement
f Trespass Action Against N. C. R.
R. For Decapitating Husband
Brought by Mrs. Getkin
s fMU'K c f* et 'ause of the
t| L Northern Central
f j Railroad Company has been post
i poned until .Tune 8 In the United
. States Court for the Middle district.
i Mrs. Getkin is the widow of a man
t who was killed during an accident on
the road. His head was crushed from
his body when several cars piled up
jon the engine, it is said. Because of
i the fact that the railroad company in
| question operates cars, etc., that travel
i into other States, the case comes with
|in the jurisdiction of the Federal
j Court.
Charles H. Bergner will serve as
'counsel for the railroad company in
j place of Mr. Gilbert. Paul G. Smith
jWill represent Mrs. Getkin.
Alton Coal Company Ousted. —In an
. | amicable proceedings yesterday, be
- gun by the Statfe against the Alton
Coal Company, a decree in quo war
-1 rantc was handed down yesterday by
" the Dauphin County Court, in which
" it wae set forth that the company,
, because it is no longer doing business,
be ousted of its charter privileges.
May Common Pleas on May 25. —
; Although the whole May term Com
mon Pleas list, with the exception of
j a State case, was concluded after a
. week's session to-day by Judges Mc
r Carreil and Henry, the par.el of sixty
, traverse jurors was directed to return
, May 25. Then a jury will be selected
' to consider the Commonwealth Issue
in question.
. ] Admitted to Bar. —Edwin E. Barnltz.
i Carlisle, for several years associated
' with the George R. Barnett law firm,
was admitted to practice at the Dau-
I phin county bar on motion of Mr.
I Barnett.
I l„ v '. e^S etf „ a Road-—Joseph Umberger,
i Paul G. Smith and IS. Clark Cowden, a
I board of viewers appointed by the
I I Dauphin county court to view a new
road from a point on the Gratz-Kllng
erstown road to Millersburg, went over
. the ground yesterday with a number
» of interested citizens.
At the Itrßtntrr'H Office.— The wills
of Louisa E. Hummel and Lizzie Goss
were probated to-day and letters were
granted respectively to Fred J. Hum
mel and George stauffer and Carrie
lv Hummel. Letters of administration
were granted David K. letter on the
estate of Sarah Ijtter, East Hanover
Deputy CoiiHtablcM Appointed.—Fol
. lowing: are among l the deputy con
: stables appointed for duty on Tuesday,
•primary election day: Third Ward—
Hanson Stewart and C. Frank KefTer,
Suggested liv Isaac Grove; Seventh
i Ward—-Charles Reese, Andrew Under.
Augustus Storof, Augustus Krelder and
: .ihSilencer, suggested l.'y Richard
1 Reese.
Eleven peopje will be baptized to
morrow afternoon at 2 o'clock in the
Susquehanna river at the foot of
Broad street. Elder W. Roherson, of
Philadelphia, will conduct the services
which will be under the auspices of
the Church of the Gosepl of the King
At the close of tiic evening services
at the St. Paul's Methodist Episcopal
Church to-morrow the following offi
cers will be installed: William Hare,
president; Miss Helen Tilghman, first
|S§§ The Gasoline of Quality Hi
The manufacture of quality gasoline is a modern
|WjmjgH science as yet unknown to many refiners. Only the HWflm
m ° St methods ' these highly expensive, WtmM
With the care of a chemist filling a prescription, we
imm&m remove every trace of impurity, and by the most exact-
* nS " 3eC^on our con * laboratories, we assure
Atlantic Automobile Gasoline is made to a definite Mffrffßj
standard. That is why it gives satisfaction—the satis
faction of maximum mileage per gallon, cleaner, better MjCjgvM
iP§SiMggi Atlantic Automobile Gasoline can be obtained any
where, in any quantity, and it is uniform in quality j
wherever you buy it. Our tank wagon service is the
Pennsylvania. Ask for "Atlantic Automobile Hpgfl
mm The Atlantic Refining Co.
vice-president; Evart llartz, second
vice-president; Miss Nan Kraber, third
vice-president; William Mell, fourth
Nice-president; secretary, Clarence
Kirk; treasurer, Miss Margrette Klaiss;
pianist, Mrs. Edward Drinkwater;
junior league superintendent, Sarah
E. Mardorff.
Eight Properties Are
Sold in Park Area
Eight properties in the Capitol Park
extension area were sold to-day by
the Board of Public Grounds and
| Buildings for $502. This is the eighth
| sale and over 320 properties have been
disposed of.
The sales were of materials con
tained in buildings and were as fol
lows: 707 North street to John Rusa
at $198; 507 State to W. J. Reeves,
Hlghspire, S3B; 508 South alley and
127 Short to David Jackson at $5 and
$26; 522 and 524 State, N. G. Gates,
Tyrone, at $141; 411 Filbert, Karl
Schnabel, Penbrook, at sl3, and 630
Walnut to Bruno Mariano, at $Bl.