Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, April 21, 1914, Image 11

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    •ehrlver, Borah a, till Rogtaa, ho
Sheer* and Market. shoes.
Shepherd A Myers, 407 Market, shoos.
Sherman. H, 1228 Bailey, groceries.
Bible, B. M_ 1100 Market, dept. store.
Slgler, M.jL, Allison Hill Mkt, roeata.
Blltier, Andrew. 1010 Market, groceries.
Smith. B. F., 1401 Market, druse.
Smith A Kloffer. 412 Market, wholesale
Smith, R. A Oo» 411 Market, dry
Suavely, H, W.IMI Derir, grooerlea.
Qpringer,Mra. Bmma, 1388 Vernon, gr®-
cerles. • .
Star Supply Ca, 1334 Mulberry, oyotors
and produoo.
Stevens. C O. I*SL> Market, mgaro and
Stevens! <£ loft restaurant
Stoneselfer, C. IX. 1410 Reglna. fruit
and oysters, .
Sprenkle, C. R, 14th and ICarkM. «T»-
■welgert, JM W» UM Darry, dry
Star Supply O*. ltM Mulberry, whole
m)s urodaoc
ftellbets, Jaa, • N. 4th. restaurant.
Stouffer. Chaa, lIIU Mulberry, 3f*o
fehoffer. 1.1,4 1 Uth, oeflee and pea
SoEoSer, J, K. 4 l> l*th, wholesale
ooffee and peanuts. _ _
■potts. A. W, ISI7-13 Market, 'wall
■tease, A. M, S Cameron, produoe.
Sbeesley, Chas, 601 Walnut. milk.
Bheesley, Chas, «01 Walnut. wholoaale
hi Ilk.
■tellbet*. J as., • N. 4th. eigaro.
Tauslg Sons, 420 Market, Jowelry.
Tauslg Sons, 420 Market, brokers.
Thomas W. D.. 1247 Walnut, meats,
•he Union News Co., P. R R- Depot,
papers and periodicals.
The Union News Co, P. 6 R, Depot,
papers and periodicals.
United Clear Store Co, 411 Market, et
Yog-el, El l», It 8. 16th. grocertoo.
Weast, Geo. B, 101» Market, hardware.
Wallace Coal Co, 7 8. 4th, coal and
Wltman-Bch warts Co, 411 Walnut,
wholesale rrocerlea.
Weber, J. N, 160 Sylvan Terrace, medi
Wltmoyer, H. El, II N. 18th, oigara.
Witmoyer.H. E„ 68 N. 18th, pool.
Windsor Hotel, 418 Market, eating
Woolf, J. C, 1438 Ghoop, milk.
Woolworth, F. W. & Co, 408 Markot, 6o
and 10c goods.
Wltman Bros, 46 N. 10th, wholesale
Witcomb, Geo, 14th and Walnut, pro
Willis. C. F„ 1600 Market, groceriea
Warner, Chris, 1233 Bailey, loe cream.
Yeager, F. C.. 1638 Market meats.
Yohe, C. E, 1264 Derry, cigars.
Eelderß-E. E.. 81 N. 18th. groceries,
erby, W. H, Derry and Mulberry, real
Eelders, Wm. W„ & Bon, 1486 Derry,
Harrlsburg Taxi Cab & Baggage Co,
Aberdeen St, gasoline.
Helnlnger, Geo, Allison Hill Mkt, pro
Solhelm, H. A.. 1238 Mulberry, saddlery,
restel, W. Y, 1248 Market, window
Atlantio Refining Co., Tha, N. 7th. oil.
Atlantic Refining Co., Tha, N. 7th,
wholesale oil.
Bingham, J., 610 Maclay, groceries.
Bates. E. P., Jr., 2210 6th, produce.
Bates, E. F, Jr., 2210 6th, wholesale
Beshora, J. W. I», 526 Seneca, produce.
Bitting, Mrs. M. F., 650 Maclay, to
bacco and candy.
Bratton, Landls, 2252 Green, groceries.
Bender, Henry, 7th and Mohantongo,
Eharles & Co., 412 Woodbine, groceries,
etling, Clayton, 528 Emerald, oysters
and milk.
X>eppen, Irvln, 6th and Emerald, gro
pltmer, Geo., 2539 6th, groceries.
Fisher, Clarance A_, 2126 6tlC cigars and
and tobacco.
Fisher, Clarence A, 2126 6th, pool.
Galbreath, D., G„ 7th and Cur tin, lime
and cement.
Oarrett, Mrs. a S„ 621 Wloonlsco,
Guyer, R. C., 1148 7th, groceries.
Harris, D. C., 2864 6th, groceries.
Hoffman, B. P.. 2169 7th, Ice.
Ingram, Daniel, 611 Mohantongo, gro-
Jenklns, B. H., 2800 6th, drugs,
ones, Ambrose, 560 Woodbine, oonfeo
Kink, J. E., 2801 N. (th, cigars and oon
Fink, J. E., 2801 N. 6th, pool.
Keene, Mrs. A, 524 Maclav, groceries.
Keener, E. F., 2541 6th, tobacco and
Klnßinger, Samuel, 4th and Woodbine,
Knoenig, A, 6th and Maclay, cigars.
Kreamer, J. H„ 6th and Forrest, pro
Xreamer, J. H, Bth and Forrest, whole
sale produce.
Lauver, W. E. & E„ 2280 6th, gas fix
Levlnson, Philip, 2184 6th, confectlon
Llpnian, George, 682 Mohantongo, meat
Mock & Hartman. 7th ad Emerald, feed
and grain.
Mock & Hartman, 7th and Emerald,
wholesale feed and grain.
Penna. Milk Co., 2118 Atlas, wholesale
Patton, E. G., 622 Emerald, meat.
Keif, J. Fulmer, 565 Woodbine, gro
Reed, Mrs. A V„ 622 Maclay, cigars and
Zteese, Harry, 2200 6th, groceries.
Heed, Mrs. A. V., 622 Maclay, restaur
Schreckengost, a A, 615 Schuylkill
Bhoebauer, W. J„ Front and Reel's
Lane, produce.
Smyser, Mrs. Geo. W., 889 Woodbine,
ffl 11 k,
fpangler, A E., 2110 «th, pianos,
terrick, L A, 2250 Jefferson, milk.
Smith Bros., 612 Wiconlsco, groceries.
Bmith, A. C., 4th and Heel's Lane, pro
duce. '
Uhler, W. H., . .17 6th, groceries.
Wagner, Mrs. M. S„ 633 Woodbine KTO
cerles. B
Wlngert, G. H, 818 Woodbine, gro
Wittenmyer, Lumber , Co., 7th and
Schuylkill, lumber.
West End Electrical & Cycle Co., 284
Maclay,, electrical and blcvole sup
Winter, W. R., &. Son, 2537 N. 6th. ci
Webster, C. O, 2168 N. 4th, pool.
"Webster, C. C., 2168 N. 4th, cigars and
Wittenmyer Lumber Co., 7th and
Schuylkill, wholesale lumber.
Van Wagner, C W., 232 Emerald, gro-
Orrls, O. W., 232# N. 6th, groceries.
Althouse, H. B 1840 N. Brd, drugs
Bowman, David W„ ISIO N. 4th, cigars
and tobacco.
§lnk, A. G., 1940 Green, meats,
eaumont, H. U. 1819 N. Brd, pool,
eaumont. H. I*. 1819 N. Brd, clgws and
Brunner, a 6th and Kelker, *r»-
cerles. ■
§otteral, J. W„ 1800 «th, drugs,
•vis, H. a, 806 Muench, produoe.
lCtsnderfer W. EL. 1846 Cfreen, cigars
and confectionery.
Slicker, a W., 1930 6th, Jewelry.
Fornwald. H. J., 1807 Srd, dry gooda.
Fralm, A H, 2032 6th, dry goods
Garland, a H.. 2000 N. 6th, grocerlea.
Gibbs, W. H. 210 Muench, groceries'
Gordon, Harry. 1918 N. 6th, shoes.
Harris, & «'l®Gre e n, grocerlea
Hoover. F„ 1901 3rd, cigars and oonfeo
Harrlsburg Brokerage
brokers. '
teller, Jacob, 148 Peffer, grocerlea
efkln Lillian, 2020 6th' groceries
oft man * McFall. 188k N. Brd, gro
cerlea "
Johnson. Steward, list 4th, oysters,
.flsb and produoe.
J. 1821 N. 4th, rrocex-les and
Klrkla.nO. J. A. 218 Peffer. grocerlea.
greig, A L., !2i Kelker, grocerlea
Kulp Mrs W. A. 1828 fth, Ice cream
and confectionery.
Loeser, J. EL, 600 Kelker, tobaooo and
Ics cream.
u ?e&£:?y. im N ,rd -— ~»-
Lang. Alex. 1816 N. Brd, pool.
Logan Drug Co.. 1102 if. ith. drugs and
Landls, C. F„ 1(16 Ird, fruit and pro
duce. "
(Ant*. W. U, 1948 Bth, grocerlea.
Lappley, J no., liqo 4th. shoe*
Lehman, D. 0., 1184 4th, oysters
McFadden, Bfllsabath, ITIJN. jrd.
Mehrlng, Chaa. A, 4th ma* Peffer
drugs and clgnrs.
Jfeff, A C., 1820 6th, produoe.
Olewtre, B. 1820 6th, grocerlea.
Btt. Chajj, 1928 Fulton, milk,
elbert, Homer G.. 1902 6th. Jewelry
Smith, C. W„ 1806 Srd. milk
Etnlth. I. D., 834 Dataware, mtlk.
Snook, W. H., 114 Kelkor, itcrta and
Strlne & Klso, ISO 2 Susquehanna, pro
Swart*, C. W, 144 Muench, groceries.
Weiser, J. M, 847 Muench, grooerloo.
West End Garage Co, 1803 Logan, au
to supplies.
Wltman, Wm. W, 1t46 N, 4th, lrroeerles.
Rex Auto Garage, 1117 N. 3rd, auto
supplies and oil.
Ammon, J. 8, Susquehanna and Ham
ilton, pool,
Ammon, J. 9., Susquehanna and Ham
ilton, cigars.
Balser, Louis 4k Son, 1706 4th, real es
Bates, E. F, Sr., tt Son, 1714 Bth, gro
Buehler, J, B, 1704 <th. confeotionery.
Beshore,.Chas, 844 Harris, produce.
Beshore, Theo, 362 Harris, produce.
Beshore, Theo, 361 Harris, wholesale
Blair, G. M, 816 Hamilton, rrocerlea and
Bon Ton Shoe Shop, ltll 3rd, shoes.
Brown, J. F, 1744 4th, tobaooo and
Bates, J. B, 1687 N. Brd, cigars.
Conover, C. JL, 1720 4th, groceries.
Crownshleld, H. E., 1632 4th, gro
Devan, H. C, 1724 N. Brd, grooeries.
Elkwood Poultry Supply House, 1701
3rd, wholesale poultry supplies.
Fortenbaugh, W. H, 1618 3rd, restaur
Franta. Joa H., 1701 3rd, grooerlea.
Good, Geo, 1722 4th, notions and nov
Handshaw, O. 8., 1641 3rd, ooal.
Harrlsburg Auto Co.. Hamilton, autoa.
Hiney, W. H, 1730 4tn, books.
Hess, B. H, 1630 6th, drugs.
Hull Bros., 1718 3rd, meats.
Johnson, Joe, 1710 Wood, produoe.
Koons, H. C, 1629 Penn, meats.
Kuntz, L A, 1636 3rd, candy.
Koozents, IL, 1627 Fulton, groceries.
Lodge, G. H., 1622 4th. grooeries.
Maloney, J. H., 1619 Green, real estate.
Martin, L. G., 1726 4th, groceries.
Matthias, Jno. W, 438 Hamilton, wall
Marsh. H. L. 8, 1602 6th, meats.
McCormlck, Walter M., 1628 tth,
Mehrlng, B. T. 1601 4th. groceries.
Miller, J. F 1732 6th, hardware.
Marks, Curtis & Bros, 1600 North, pro
duce and groceries.
Parfet, J. A, 1541 4th, confectionery.
Ralston. Miller, 1701 4th, groceries.
Redmond, Andrew. 3rd and Boyd autos
and wagons.
Sherman, David, 601 Hamilton, shoes.
Snyder, Mrs. Maggie. 1788 N. 3rd, con
Sneer! ngor, J. R., 334 Hamilton, gro
Sollenberger, S. J., 1638 4th, groceries.
Sllbert L., 1642 N. 6th, confectionery
and ice cream.
°lewlne A Patterson, 1788 N. Bth, oon
fectlonery and Ice cream.
Trlpner, G. C, 1640 6th, groceries.
Wagner, J. H, 1639 Brd, cigars and to
W t > le f a >rd ' Howard J - 1808 3ra . gas man-
West End Pharmacy. 1601 3rd, drugs.
Jefferles, W. A., 224 Harris, groceries
Bover, Leach, 164 S. 19th, lc*
cerfes Thomas - 1849 Derry, gro-
Coldron, Lyman D„ 1932 S. 20U rro
cerlea. 14
Ca a P n,i a coffe e e* C °' 1888 BBrryhUl - tea
Cooper, C. E.. 901 S. 20th. milk
°fectlonefy 918 S ' 21st ' whole Bale con -
E "uml?el : ' er Lumbor Co - 28tl * *nd Derry,
E "»T,;a L r m t Co -' l6th ana Dorry -
W V B i 19^h Derry. druirs
Gable, W m. A., 2022 Derry, groceries
estate J ' Garneld ' 192 5 real
HO tObMCO. Wm - 1910 Derr 7' <"»« and
s°!l and ' 1910 Derry, pool
ant." " Wm - 1919 Derry. restaur-
HO tton n e d iV MrS - Wm '' 1919 Derr V. confec-
K ce l Xs n ' °" & S ° ns ' 2328 Derr y. gro-
K ce e rles ar ° n ' 1954 Ke "B'n«rton. gro-
Ijewis, E. W, 1903 Derry. groceries
Levi, Snmuel, 962 S. 21st l?oc"lel
ce Z rles° * S ° n3, 1852 Derr y. gro-
Me t&y AlbaUffh ' 1847 H Derr y. confec
list m
u"®J er ' H - G., merchandise.
Hartman Bros., feed.
Hoover Bros., furniture.
Kenry. produce.
Keboch, Isaac, produce.
Keboch John, produce.
i'-V'r, H. H.'cS;;.'
Miller, W. H., aaddlery.
RnrnK 1 * 1 merchandise.
Romberger. J os . p., Kenera , merch(ln .
OnnroA u e ; eneral stor «.
Conrad Jacob, Jewelry.
£ r ?A' s6 ' K - meats.
S° L e ' A' c -' drugs.
Morris? 'flfh. neral merchandls *-
L L •• merchandise.
-Malehorn, J. D., pool.
Malehorn, J. D,, cigars,
R»»rt er W J ' r?"' confec tlonery.
Thomas u„ groceries.
Tall C y kl^^, rn ßh °e' B &rocerleß -
Hauler, x\ . A., groceries.
Bu'r'HSion. I. x.. furniture.
£•• e'ectrical supplies.
R!f» ? r i o ' mer chandlse.
Dietrich, S. A., Jewelry.
Dubensdorf, J., oil.
gasle Tanning Co- hides.
Iby': SzmuJ^'%S 8 conf ®°tlonery.
Eiizabethvllle Milling Co feed
E 'feed ethVlUe M,lllnar &°« wholesale
Flcklnger, Jacob, medicines,
rorney, Chas. E., post cards.
Hoke. Ch A "ga R rs? CerleS n ° t,ons -
Hoke, A. W v pool.
Hoke, Ira M., hardware.
Hoke, Ira M., Star Theater.
Hoke James & Son, plaster.
tloneVy'' Ge °' M "' wholesale confeo-
Kerstetter, Geo. M, erocerlea
ICeefer, Chas., cigars.
Lentz, T. 0., flsh.
Lenker, Wm., produce.
Lyter, J. H., groceries.
Vf if' K ei »eral stora
Matter, W. E., meats.
Naylor, M. A., notions.
Romberger, D. W., hides
Romberger, J A., coal and feed.
Romberger, J. A., wholesale feed.
Romberger, A. M., wholesale general
Romberger, Joslah, medicines and soap.
Romberger H. L., garage oils.
Romberger, C. T„ auto supplies
Romberger, D. W.. harness.
Smith, Messrs. Geo., wall paper
Snyder, C. T., cigars.
Stlne, D. M., clothing.
Stroup, J. C., drugs.
Smith, P*. W., teas and coffees.
Schreffler, Chas. E„ furniture.
Uhler & Co., general store.
Weaver, H. H. & Son, coal.
JVlse, Wm.. tea and coffee.
Watson, G. S., pool.
Watson, G. S., cigars.
Zeigler, L. H. & Son, stoves and tin
Zeigler, Mrs. F. A., millinery.
Bowman, C. T..general merchandise.
Buffington, J. J., saddlery.
Bufflngton, A. G,, produce.
Daniel, J. E., groceries.
Gross, Abe, general merchandise.
Hartman, F. E„ general merchandise.
Hepler, Geo. E., produce.
Hoffman, B. E., hardware.
Klinger. N. E., produce.
Koppenhaver, N. E., produce.
Kratzer, C. U., merchandise.
Miller & Bros., general merchandise.
Rltzman, F. N„ cigars.
RitzmtLn. P*- N., pool.
Ritzman, F. N„ restaurant.
Rltzman, A. S., papers.
Rogers, W. 0., cigars.
Rothermel, Ira, merchandise.
Hhlro, Jacob, twine.
Smith, Harry, motion ptetnrea
Smith, Harry, cigars.
Smith, Harry, pool.
Smith, Harry, restaurant.
Tobias, Chas. H., oIU
Umholts, H. H., produoa.
Welcher, Daniel, feed.
Weloher, J. A., produoa.
Albord, John, pool.
Albord, John, cigars.
Baker, C. C., furniture.
Bltterman. W. P.. plaster boards.
Bowman, G. W_ moata
Bogar, a. D. & Son. lumber.
Cooper, O. J„ feed.
Cooper, O. J, wholesale feed.
gilders, Mrs. A. F, millinery.
Fetterhoff, H. L & Bro, general store.
Helsler, W. C., groceries.
Kopenhaver, C, stoves and tinware.
Lebold, J. H, general store.
Lighter, J. E„ teed.
Nace, Mrs. W. R, drugs.
Nelson, Jas. M, cigars and tobacoo.
Nelson, Jas. M, restaurant.
Novlnger. Jlras, Jeweler.
Prenzel & Ryn, Lyrlo Theater.
Richter, C. M, cigars.
Seltzer, S. C, meats.
Smith, A. M„ general store.
Smith, A. M., wholesale feed and grain.
Snoop, H. R., Implements.
Robblns, J. & Co., clothing.
Wert, G. L, general store.
Zimmerman, Ira, general store.
Bodmer, Edwin, cigars.
Booser, Ira, feed.
Booser, Ira, wholesale feed.
Breshler, Mrs. C, cigars and confeo
Coover, C. A, meats.
Durburlo, H. R, hardware.
Greene, O. P, cigars.
Grouver, Theo. L, restaurant.
Grouver, Theo. L, pool.
Grouver, Theo. L, cigars and confeo
Keefer, J. E., meats.
Hocker, J. o„ general merchandise.
Letdlg, C. E, general merchandise.
McDanlel, H, drugs.
Ranshaw, J. C, groceries
Shelley, C. B, restaurant.
Shelley, C. 8., cigars and tobaeoe.
Shelley, C. B, pool.
Sauders, JOB. M, feed and flouf.
Solders, M. O, meats.
Selders, Geo. E, groceries.
Steelton Store Co.. Ltd., merchandise.
Sauders, Jos. M., wholesale feed.
Palmer, J. A. groceries.
Walmer, J. H, milk.
Wolf, Geo. A, groceries.
Yeager, Charles, news agency.
Blessing, F. D., general store.
Brlghtblil, J. M., lumber.
Brlnser, Dudley, meats.
Brownstone Store Co, general store.
Burkholder, Jos., feed.
Bordner, J. P, cigars and tobaoco.
Earnest, R. 8., real estate.
Ehrlck, L. H, meats.
Etter E. Z, groceries.
Engle, J. S, groceries.
Engle, Morris, groceries.
Ettele, W. H„ groceries.
Ebersole, H. G., candy.
Gravenstlne & Co.. milk.
Freese, Ralph, milk.
Froom, G, milk.
Graupner, F. 8., cigars.
Gebhardt, H. T, meats.
Hoover, A. D., cigars.
Hoover, A. D, restaurant.
Holler, Chas, coal.
Holler, C. I, cigars.
Holler, C. I, restaurant.
Hocker, A. C., confectionery.
Hummel, F. L., saddler.
Hummel, L. G, general store.
Hummel, O. G„ gents' furnishings.
Karmany, W, furniture.
Kilmer, J. A, Jeweler.
Kilmer, J. L. confectionery.
Karmany & Kramer, moving pictures.
.Ylentch & Harbell, cigars.
Mentch & Harbell, pool.
Miller, Cyrus, real estate.
Miller, M. T„ cakes.
Goodman's Millinery, millinery.
NUsley, N. F„ general store.
Nye & Conrad, general merchandise.
Relgel, D. N, sewing machines.
Ruff, J. 1., drugs.
Swope, Harry, milk.
Shenk, J. R., cigars.
Walter, J. H., agricultural Implements.
Wheeler. F. G., confectionery.
Wise, A. W, snoes.
Wolaver, Henry, stoves and tinware.
Wolf, Samuel, merchandise.
Wagner, Morris, real estate.
Zeller, G. A, cigars.
Zeller, G. A, pool.
Zlters, Samuel, groceries.
Zerfoss, S. B, plumbing.
Arnold, A. C» cigars.
Atlantio Refining Co., the, oil.
Boechler, Henry, merchandise.
Boedde, M. 8., millinery.
Bowman, Henry, meats.
Budd, R. J., moving pictures.
Budd, Geo. W., tobacco.
Budd, Geo. W., pool.
BUgler, S. E., cigars.
Coble & Sons, general merchandise.
Cook, Asley, groceries.
Cooper, W. H„ pro'ceries and meats.
Cooper, W. H., wholesale produce.
Cooper, W. H., coal.
Delaney, J. 1.. groceries.
Cook. Askley W„ groceries.
Coster & Sheesley, opera house.
Dietrich, Geo. W., cigars.
Dietrich, & P., confectionery.
Eby, John H„ cigars.
Eby, Geo. W., wholesale confectionery.
Fisher, J. F., general merchandise.
Grow, B. H., confectionery.
Hoffman, Emanuel, feed.
Hoff, Chas. A, hardware.
Herb, Chaa. D., green groceries.
Herbine, Harry, notions.
Hawk, E. G., groceries.
Heckler, Wm., cigars.
Hoffman, Jos., clothing.
Hensel, T. A, clothing.
Hoffman, Lewis, cigars.
Jamson, M., groceries.
Krobath, John, cigars.
Koppenhaver & Sons, meats.
Kosler & Sheeley, opera houlso.
Lebo, Eddie, hardware.
Lykens Supply and Manufacturing Co.,
building material.
Martz, J. E., cigars.
Miller Estate, John C., general mer
Miller, J. M., real estate.
Miller, J. M., groceries.
Martin, S. G., Jewelry.
Myers, J. F., confectionery.
Manhattan Supply Co., teas, eto.
Mlnich, Robert, confectionery.
Manufacturing Clothing Co., clothing.
Parfet, Geo. W., carpets.
Relff & Helt Furniture Co., furniture.
Reidlnger, Samuel, pooL
Reidlnger, Samuel, cigars.
Romberger, W. H„ moving pictures.
Rudlslll, A. A., groceries.
Romberger, W. H., cigars.
Sheesley, H., groceries.
Stine, C. M-, general merchandise.
Smith, E. G., millinery.
Smith, W. G., drugs.
Sheeler & Kosler, opera house. t
Stadmar, John, cigars.
Shelley, Paul J., groceries.
Seal, Harry H., pool.
Schoffstal juuther, builder.
Summit Branch Mining Co., supplies.
Schoftstall, A. P., cigars.
St. Clair, Chas. w., groceries.
Snyder, N. E., Jewelry.
Steadmar, John, restaurant.
Twin Aroh Theater, moving pictures.
Uhler, W. H., drugs.
Wallace, S. T., shoes.
Wagner, Geo. W., 5c and 10c store.
Wagner, Geo. W., confectionery.
Worthlngton, H. W. cigars.
Worthlngton, H. W., restaurant.
Wltmer, J. W., saddlery.
Wltmer, C. J., cigars.
Wynn, Frank, stationery.
Welker, BenJ., cigars.
Zerby, Wm. G., cigars.
Arndt, A. P., groceries.
Antrim, T. J., confectionery.
Antrim, T. J., restaurant. •
Antrim, Tilly, groceries.
Atlantic Refining Co., wholesale oil.
Ackerman, J. M., meats.
Berman, M., clothing.
Brlnser Milling Co., fe*4.
Brady, Jos. meats.
Blecher, Simon, milk.
Brlnser, Isaac, groceries.
Belstllne, M. H., confectionery and
Belstllne, M. H., pool.
Belstllne, M. H., restaurant.
Blumson, David, groceries.
Baker, A., junk.
Bank Bros., notions.
Bauder, A. & Son, feed.
Bauder & Bro., groceries.
Barbush, Frank, cigars.
Beard, C. F., groceries.
Blumeson, JoS., merchandise.
Baumbach, Valentine, shoes.
Croll, Abraham, paints.
Castllla, Eugene, cigars and groceries.
Cain, Levi, cigars and groceries.
Christian, Harry, • cigars.
Condran, Edward, moving pictures.
Conklln, W. W., cigars.
D'etwiler, H. R., meats.
Detwller Bros., confectionery.
Davis, Frank, oysters.
Doutrlch, I. H., clothing.
Delmler, H. E., grocer.
Dupes, J., cigars.
Deckerd, Mrs. J. 8., feed.
Dlmeler, J. E., green grocerlea
Espenshade, 1., cigars.
Espenshade, 1., restaurant.
Etnoyer, C. C., clgara
Etter, David, imcer.
Erlsman, C. N., meats.
Ebersole, M. D„ machinery.
Friedman, R., merahandlse.
F*w. C. S., drugs.
Follinrer, Jaoob, cigar*
Glnrlon, 8. 8., cigars.
Haas. J., cigars.
Harrlsburg Gas Co., gas itsru and fix
Huntsberger, B. W., groceries.
Hippie, Jno. H., coal.
Hartman, E. F., groceries.
Hartman, E. F.. wholesale grocsrlss
Hippie, R- G.. coal.
Hendrickson, A. K.. br«a<L
Hoffman Mrs. J. E.. milltnsry.
Johnson, R. J., confectionery.
Kovachek, Andrew, Jeweler.
Klawansky, Sam., junk.
Klawansky, Abram, dry foods.
J »o- A., groceries.
Klahr, E. H., Jeweler.
Kupp, Amos, cigars.
Laverty, Eugene, drug*.
Lloyd C., cigars. x
Longsdorf, Harry, tobacco.
Lenheart, H., merchandise.
Leggore, W. M., produce.
Long, Carson, coal.
Lewis, J. K., grocery.
Longenecker, C. E., confectionery.
Longenecker, C. E., restaurant.
Long, O. E., groceries.
Manfred Bros., motion pictures.
Martin, A. C., grocery
Middletown Roller Mills, retail feed.
Middletown Roller Mills, wholesale feed.
Myers, H. W., lumber.
Mattis, Edward, tobacco.
McCreary, W. W.. cigars.
Middletown Furniture Co., furniture.
Mayes, T. E., estate, drugs.
Nelgle, Abraham, oysters.
Ober, Christ, hardware.
Orth, Chas., grcerles.
Orth, Jno. &, shoes.
Peters & Weiler, coal.
Prosser, Samuel, Junk.
Prosser, Albert, Junk.
Pollosky, Jas., Junk.
Parthemore, F. A, cigars.
Peters, J. G., merchandise.
Payne, Samuel, notions.
Roop, J. S., groceries.
Frodfong M. E., notions.
Reife, J. F., hides and leather.
Rank, W. J., cigars.
Richardson, H., groceries.
Reitzel, W. W., groceries.
Rodgers, J. P., cigars. •
Rodgers, J. P., restaurant.
Rodgers, J. P., pool.
Roth, H. S., furniture.
Raymond, R. P., hardware.
Reitzel, W. W., wholesale groceries.
Seiders, E. M., butterlne.
Solders, W. E., grocery.
Seidets, E. W., grocery. •
Snavely, E. M., garage autos.
Snyder, Martin, cigars.
Shlreman, J., cigars.
Smith, L. C., groceries.
Schwetz, Fred, meats.
Stoufifer, H. W., sewing machines.
Schadt, O. H., stationery.
Schultz, W., shoes.
Silverman Bros., wholesale coal and
Silverman Bros., coal.
Snyder, J. H., restaurant.
Snyder, J. H., pool.
Snyder, J. H., cigars.
Shi reman, E. L,, coal.
Sauders, Mrs. J. X., notions.
Smeitzer, Jno. P., oil.
Shellenberger, H. H., saddlery.
Seltzer, C. A, saddlery.
Selser, S. S., tinware and stoves.
Seiders, E. W., groceries.
Shoe Co.. 20th Century, shoes.
Stager, John, cigars.
Tripp, T. W., groceries.
Wagoner, William, groceries.
Wise, E., grocery.
Waliower, E. J„ tobacco and cigars.
Wallower, E. J., pool.
Waliower, E. J., retaurant.
Young, S. C., rrtl*
Toffe, M., clothing,
young, Leah, millinery.
Wilson, B. H., pool, restaurant, cigars
and tobacco.
Atlantic Refining Co., the, wholesale
Alvord, J. M., cigars and tobacco.
Alvord, J. M., pool.
Balr, A. Q. & Sons, groceries.
Bowman. K. 8., stoves and tinware.
Barnhart, J. F., merchandise.
Barnhart, J. F., restaurant.
Barnhart, J. F., pool.
Campbell, P. A., stoves and tinware.
Carmany, Chas. A., general store.
Colters, F. S., coal.
Coldren, E. B. & Son, general stora.
Chubb, Jas. M., jewelry.
Ditty, J. F., ppol.
Ditty, J. F„ cigars.
Doubden, P. M., Co. A., lumber.
Dreibelbls, J. W. Sons, meats.
Elshenour, George E., confectionery.
Elshenour, George E., restaurant.
Ettlnger, D. W., oil.
Frank, John N., general merchandise.
Frank, J. E. & Son, furniture.
Fairchlld, H. M., furniture.
Gilbert, H. S., cigars.
Gernert, J. A., cigars.
Heckert, J. H., cigars.
Hoffman, Henrv. notions.
Hearld, Wm., real estate.
Hoy, H. H., general store.
Hetherington, T., drugs.
Herold, Rebecca, groceries.
Krause Bros., clothing.
Krauss, S. A., moving pictures.
Kirk, F. 8., supplies.
Kepner, H. T.. milk.
Kepner, C. J. & Co., meats.
Knouft, F. L, restaurant.
Kawell, S. N. & Co., general merchan
Knouff, F. L., cigars and confectionery.
Koppenhaver, H. G., cigars.
Llghtner, A. 8., millinery.
Lenker, Geo. M., flsh.
Lebo, Chas. N., groceries.
Mattls, M. M„ hides.
Mattls, J. A., pool.
Mattis, J. A., restaurant.
Mattls, J. A., cigars and confectionery.
Mattemas, G. H., produce.
Maklfflc, Wm., restaurant.
Meclc, J. E. & Sons, shoes.
MUlersburg Hardware Co., hardware.
Mlllersburg Fifth Wheel Co., coal.
Mlllersburg Manufacturing Co., lumber.
Makaffie, Wm., cigars.
Novinger, Frank V., merchandise.
Novlnger, R. 0., furniture.
Neagley, E. E„ general stora.
Orndorff, H. A., notions.
Plcke, S. S., clothing.
Poffenberger, Grace M„ millinery.
Richard, Elmer, millinery.
Row, J. H. & Sons, real estate.
Romberger, Thomas O. & Sons, restau
Romberger Thomas O. & Sons, cigars.
Rutter, Paul, clothing.
Snyder, Mrs. Clara E., millinery.
Seller, J. A., produce.
Snyder, C. J., coal.
Sausser, F. A., saddlery.
Starr, John W., drtigs,
Shetrom, C. G.. general store.
Seal, J. 8., stationery.
Troutman, H. N., meats.
Troutman, J. 8., feed.
Uhler, C. EX, general store.
Voss, Mary A., merchandise.
Watts, 0., Jewelry.
Williamson, A. N., cigars.
Booser, J. L., groceries.
Blngraman, J. H.
Dlehl, H. A, cigars and tobacco.
Dlehl, H. A., restaurant.
Eslinger, C. E., milk.
Flshburn, S. A., general store.
Flshburn, S. A., coal.
Flshburn, S. A., feed.
Fox, Miles, retail cigars and confec
Fox, Miles, restaurant.
Haverstick, G. H., .lardwart,
Houck, H. 0., real estate.
Hicks, J. W„ shoes.
Hoak, Chas. A., milk.
Holler, Sherman, grocery.
Heckert, E. F., real estate.
Hartman, M. H., general meichandlse.
Hoover, Geo., groceries.
Hoover, Geo., restaurant.
Keystone Milling Co., wholesale coffees.
Keystone Milling Co., retail coffees.
Kishman, John, pool.
Klshman, Jno., cigars.
Jno., restaurant.
Levan, C. D.. milk.
Ludwlck, E. S., groceries.
Lentz, D. V. M., groceries.
Mumma, J. E., milk.
Martin, J. M., Jeweler.
Mcllhenny, Alex., meats.
Packer, J. C., milk.
Powley, Chas. E., cigars.
Powley, Chas. E., pool.
Rlckert, Jacob, pool.
Rlckert, Jacob, cigars and confection-
Rlckert, Jacob, restaurant.
Bhaeffer, Jerome, groceries.
Blders, Jno. H., milk.
Sheafter, N. J., real estate.
Bhenk, Jos. E., tinware.
Weaver, J. W., milk.
Werrlck, Mrs. Mary, meata.
Wert, Wm., real estate.
Wert, Chas. L., saddlery.
Walburn, Edwin L., produce.
Wagner, R. N. & Son, supplies.
Boghter, J. S., Juuk.
Davis, Mrs. A. 8., potions.
Oore, John R., poultry.
Granger, H. 8., cigars and confections.
Housh, 8. K., groceries.
Holland, T. H., groceries.
Leggorre. H. 8., cigars.
Landls, S. 8., groceries.
Landls, H. P., groceries.
Rutherford, Mrs. J. M.. general m«r
Rutherford Wm.. fish and produce.
Wolf, W. H.. mllW.
Abrashoff, M., 488 Myers, pool.
Abrashoff, ill Myers, meats.
Brlnser, O. L. i Son, 140 N. Front
Beldel, J. H„ 16 8. Fourth, groceries.
Bosnjk, Frank, 632 8. Third, millinery.
Blackwell, P. S., 116 Adams, cigars.
Brajkovlc, Cellka, 241 Frederick, gro
Bailey, Frank E„ 7 S. Front. Jewelry.
,Baker, John A_ 101 a Front, restaa
Baker, John A., 101 8. Front, cigars.
Bakor, David P., 644 S. Fourth, general
Barlch, A, 730 S. Third, drjF goods.
Baer, M. M., 169 S. Front, florist.
Beldel. Chas. H., 46 S. Frppt, cigars.
Brandt, Mrs. E. G., 373 S. Front, cigars.
Bratino, F., 619 S. Second, frrocerles.
Burgots. S., 628 8. Third, groceries.
Cumbler, G. W., estate, 1000 S. Front,
Cohen, Harry M., 29 N. Front, Jewelry.
Cohen, John, 214 Frederick, groceries.
Coleman, H. F„ 28 8. Front, cigars.
Couffer & Sulzberger, 258 N. Front,
coal and feed.
Clousky, Wolf, 464 Myers, groceries.
Carrikats, Terest, 327 S. Third, cigars.
Cramer, H. J., 266 N. Front, tinware.
Detweller Bros., 40 S. Front, coal.
Daron, E. L., 41 N. Front, Jewelry.
Daylor, W. J., 267 N. Front, restaurant.
Daylor, W. J., 267 N. Front, cigars.
Dubbs, Grant, 182 Front, theater.
Deluca, R., 200 S. Front, cigars.
Duffln, Wm. F. 371 S. Front, cigars.
Duftln, Wm. F., 371 S. Front, restau
, rant.
[DlmltrofT, 8., 143 Matn, notions.
Dundoft, John, 602 Myers, groceries.
Dlmltar Cordes, 702 S. Third, groceries.
Davies, Wm. H., 162 Lincoln, groceries.
Eckels, Lawrence, 328 N. Front, meats.
Eckels Bros., 144-14S S. Front, meats.
Elloff, Alex., 263 Franklin, meats.
Elioft, Alex., 263 Franklin, pool.
Fortney, Harry, Front, cigars.
Fortney, Harry, Front, pool.
Fortney, Harry, Front, restaurant.
Frumln, Max, 37 N. Front, jewelry.
Frey, Ross, 19 N. Front, shoes.
Falrlamb, R. V., Front and Locust,
cigars and tobacco.
Fallor, Andrew, 101 Locust, wholesale
Farlman, Mary, 681 S. Second, gro
Fuerlclis, S., 16 S. Front, cigars.
Furl Peter, 247 S. Front, groceries.
Fletcher, J. A., 117-119 S. Front, cigars.
Flnkelstine, S., 441 Myers, groceries.
Fencli, N. S., N. Front, stoves and tin
Galloway, A. H., 107 Adams, cigars.
Gallagher, Mrs. & Son, 683 S. Front,
Garonzlk, M., 377 S. Front, furniture.
Glttlln, 1., 671 S. Third, groceries.
Gittlln, I„ 671 S. Third, meats.
Gittiin, N., 602 S. Third, cigars.
Glad, Adam, 865 S. Third, milk.
Guttman, John, 638 S. Third, groceries.
Guistwhite, Geo. M., 329 S. Front, gro
Gerber, 8., 310 Lincoln, groceries.
Gordes, J. H., 347-349 N. Front, cigars.
Harrlsburg Gas Co., 14 S. Market Sq.,
Harrlsburg, gas stoves and mantels.
Harland, M. F„ 163-165 S. Front, gro-
Hartman, Geo. N., Trewlck, cigars.
Harlan, H. H., 171 S. Front, cigars.
Harlan, H. H., 171 S. Front, restau
Heller, Chas., 323 N. Front, fruits.
Holler. Wm.. 539 N. Front, wall paper.
Hetzel Bros., 265 N. Front, cigars.
Hetzel Bros., 265 N. Front, pool.
Harlan, M. F„ 163-165 S. Front, gro
Helle, L. 8., 109 S. Front, flowers.
Hess, John, 400 North Front, coal.
Houck, John, 4 S. Front, shoes.
Horwath, Jas., 600 S. Second, general
merchandise. _
Herman, E. E. & Bro., 141 S. Front,
retail cigars.
Herman, E. E. & Bro., 141 S. Front,
wholesale cigars.
Hess. A. R., 28 N. Fourth, groceries.
Isroellt, B„ 587 S. Third, groceries.
James, C. R., 202 Adams, groceries.
Jackson, Wm., 139 Adams, groceries.
Jones, H. E., 638 S. Second, confection-
Jassel, Mrs. F., 612 S. Third, notions.
Jiras, Jos., 263 S. Front, cigars.
Keim, Chas. E., 379 S. Front, groceries.
Katzen, Lewis, 686 Front, furniture.
Kofalt, Marko, 844 S. Second, groceries.
Keller, J. G., 32 N. Front, merchandise.
Kelste>r, W. A. & Son, 187 N. Front, gro
Keim, J. S„ 361 S. Front, groceries.
Koncar, Steve, 662-664 S. Third, cigars.
Koncar, Steve', 662-664 S. Third, pool.
Kolarov, Mladen, 84 S. Second, shoes.
Krstoff, Geo., 473-475 Myers, groceries.
Keim. L. G., N. Front, cigars.
Kostoff, Milon, 445 Myers, pool.
Korac, Joco, 702 S. Third, pool.
Lanze, Gaetano, 143 N. Front, cigars.
Levltz, M., 40 N. Front, wholesale pro
Lehrman, Samuel, 863-865 S. Front, gro
Levltz, M., 40 N. Front, groceries.
Lepslc, Sarah, 651 S. Third, clothing.
Lipslltz, Marcus, 201-203 Christian, gro-
Llpslitz, Marcus, 201-203 Christian,
Llpsshltz. N.. 586 S. Third, fruits.
Leln, Max, 506 S. Third, groceries.
Lipslitz, L, 463 Myers, produce.
Levin, Jacob, S. Front, Jewelry.
Levltan, I. J„ 389 S. Front, Jewelry.
Levintan, L. & Son, 67# S. Third, no
Lehrman, A. J., 37 S. Front, clothing.
Lau, C. C., 106 Trewlck, confectionery.
Laborwitz. Lewis, 2 S. Front, clothing.
Lacob, S. W., 555 N. Second, groceries.
Lacob, S. W„ 555 N. Second, groceries.
Loncalre, M„ 622 S. Third, groceries.
Lehrman, Lewis, 300 S. Second, grocer
Martz, W. K., Bo N. Front, drugs.
Maglnnis, W. F., 13 N. Front, hardware.
Mars, Mrs. A., 38 S. Front, millinery.
Margolls, N., 274 Frederick, groceries.
Malegoff, 'Pony, 261 Franklin, popl.
Malegoff, Tony, 261 Franklin, cigars.
Marslco, Joe., 355 S. Second, groceries.
Marsico, L., 259 Christian, groceries.
McNear, B. F„ Jr., 301 Main, groceries.
Markley E. & Son, 346 S. Front, meat.
Marslco, F., 121 S. Front, fruits.
Mandl, Geo., 387 S. Front, cigars.
Marvetic, Marko, 802 S. Second, grocer
Matjastic, M„ 556 S. Third, groceries.
McCurdy, John A., 9 N. Front, drugs.
Mellon, BenJ., 143 Adams, groceries.
Melman, A, 67 Conestoga, confection
Ney, Mrs. A., 180 N. Front, millinery.
Nlckolas, P. D., 1571 N. Front, cigars.
Nlckolas, P. D„ 157 N. Front, pool.
Nelly, Thomas J., 94T S. Front, cigars.
Mumma, Mark, 15 N. Front, real estate.
Neblnger, Richard, 51 N. Front, pool.
Nebinger, Richard, 51 N. Front, cigars.
Orth, J. G., 11 S. Front, confectionery.
Obercash, N. A., 243 Main, cigars.
Parks, Geo. W., 177 S. Front, sewing
Porr, J. L., 147 N. Front, drugs.
Pollock, Daniel, 109 N. Front, groceries.
Polston, L, 119 Adams, pool.
Prowell, T., 385 S. Front, drugs.
Prowell, Wm. M., 204 N. Front, grocer
Peters, D. A., 189 S. Front, drugs.
Pilsltz, Mike, 422 Myers, meats.
Rashinsky, Sarah, 302 Conestoga,
cigars and clothing.
Rheam, John, 663 N. Front, groceries.
Robblns, Jos., 557 S. Front, clothing)
Roden, S„ Harrisburg and Ridge, gro
Roehllng Bros., 302 Myers, general
Harrlsburg Light, Heat & Power Co
N. Front, supplies.
Shelley, Kirk, 131 S. Front, pool.
Shelley, Kirk, 131 S. Front, cigars.
Shelley, John P., 185 N. Front, restau
Shelley, John P., 185 N. Front, pool
Shelley, John P., 185 N. Front, cigars
Sellers, H. I*, 17 Pine, Standard theater
Serblc, Andy, 606 S. Second, cigars
Smeigh, W. C., 35 N. Front, confection
Smith, Joe, 642 S. Third, cigars.
Sharousky, M. & Son, 184 Main, grocer
Sharevsky, M„ 635-637 S. Third, mer
Sastal, M. A., 526 S. Third, meats
Silver, Lewis, 714 S. Third, general mer
Shore, Wolf, 759 S. Fourth, groceries
Smith, David. 227 Christian, groceries'
Silver, Joe, 755 S. Third, groceries
Sprobrlerl, Gaenano, 529 S. Second
cigars. '
Shoop, J. E„ Front and Mohn, pool
Shoop, J. E., Front and Mohn. dears
Strlne, C., 383 Main, cigars.
Slavlnac, John, 231-233 Main, meats and
Sherman, S., 419 S. Front, candy
Snavely, John H., 553 S. Third, grocer-
Settlno, Peter, 23 S. Front, Orpheum
Starasinlc, M„ 596 8. Third, groceries
Sobel, B„ 602 S. Third, groceries
Steelton Planing Mill, N. Front, lumber
Singer, David, 317 S. Front, furniture.
Spoopern, Abraham, 512 S. Third, meats
Sugar, Joseph, 238 Myers, groceries
Sharavsky, E. N., 202 Frederick, gro-
Steelton Store Co., ltd., Front and Lo
cust, coal and wood.
Steelton Store Co., ltd.. Front and Lo
cust, tobacco.
Bteelton Store Co., ltd Front and Lo
cust, dry goods and boots and shoes
Bteelton Store Co., ltd.. Front and Lo
cust, wholesale flour and feed
Bteelton Store Co., ltd.. Front and Lo
cust, general merchandise.
Bharavsky, Jennie, 102 Frederick gro
Bharowsky, M„ 151-188 a Front gro
Salvatorl, Palmerl, 561 a Second, cigars
Toomey, E. C„ 854 Locust, cigars.
Toomey, E. C., 354 Locust, pool.
Teperson, Samuel, 537-539 Mohn mer
Ulrich. John A., J3» Lincoln, milk.
United Ice ft Cool Co., Conestogm and
Frederick, coal and wood.
Wells, J. C., 179 N. Front, confection
Woolworth, F., 21 N. Front, 8c and 100
Whitebread, W. H., 159 N. Front con
Wetgel, Kalnh, 105 S. Front, •eddlery.
Wleger. Frank, 827 N. Front, groceries.
Wilts, H. & Sons, 60 S. Front, furniture.
YoselowlU, Theo., 868 S. Second, mer-
Yovanovloh, \6OB S. Third, groceries.
Yorsh, L, 054 8. Third, groceries.
Young, C. J, 201-203 S. Second, gro
Zachs, Jos., 25 S. Front, clothier.
Zlegler, W. L., 284 Main, drugs.
Zimmerman, P. A., 41 S. Socond, gro-
Zimmerman, J. M., 35 8. Second, confeo-
M.. 817 S. Front, furni
Boyer, Levi & Son, feed.
Bonner, H. M.. feed.
Bohner, Wm., meats and produoe.
Boyer, Wm. R., furniture.
Dockey, E. E., general merchandise.
Kocher, Henry, agriculture Implements.
Oessner, Elian K., general merchandise.
Latsha, J. J., produce.
Latsha, George, restaurant.
Latsha, George, cigars and confection-
Lalir, Ed. E, tobacco.
Lahr, Ed. E., restaurant.
Moyer, H. J., general store.
Noblet, J. S., saddlery.
Reitz, D. W„ cigars.
Snyder, Lydla, merchandise.
Schmeltz, Daniel, produce.
Welsts, S. T„ meats.
Adams, R., groceries.
Adams, Chas. M., supplies
Berry, Edward, restaurant.
Berry, Edward, cigars.
Blannlng, Wm., hardware.
Blamiing, J. R., stationery.
Budd, C., pool.
Budd, C., cigars.
Bordner, Wm. C.. groceries.
Balrd. Robert & Co., carpets.
Bottomley, Mrs. J. A., restaurant.
Bottomley, Mrs. J. A., cigars.
Buggy, M. E., groceries.
Boyer, W. Henry, 5c and 100 store.
Bowman, C. groceries.
Clemmer, H. F., dry goods.
Cohen, Lewis, general merchandise.
Condell, John, pool.
Chaster, R. A, general merchandise.
Cooper, W. H., produce.
Condell, John, cigars.
Cash Store, New Erie, merchandise.
Davis, F. 8., drugs.
Durbln, J. W. & Son, general store,
Day, R. W., furniture.
Day, H. G., pianos.
Eby, A. N„ Jeweler.
Evans, Roy C., groceries.
Edward, 1., cigars.
Frish, C., clothing.
Flcklnger, S. T., feed and coal.
Flckinger, S. T„ wholesale feed.
Fitzpatrlck, S. Z., millinery.
Gross, Barney, Junk.
Griffith, J. W„ grocer.
Griffiths, John, cigars.
Grim, Ellas, candy.
Graham, Thos. W„ cigars.
Glace, Chas., can,d!es. ,
Geist, J. E., cigars.
Haas, C. J., hardware.
Harner, J. R., drugs.
Hancock, J. R., general merchandise.
Higglns, Lizzie, candy.
Hummel, Mrs. C. E., groceries.
Hughs, W. D„ groceries.
Baddorf, Chas., lumber.
Dlcken, John, shoes.
Ealinger, BenJ., clothing.
Hall, W. T., cigars.
Hoffman, M. M., produce.
Jenkens, Howard, groceries.
Keem, R, Frank-, cigars.
Katych, Geo., cigars.
Klinger, H., wholesale confectionery.
Kllnger, H„ retail confectionery.
Klinger, L S„ restaurant.
Lebo, W. H., meats.
Morris, J. S., cigars.
Moyer, J. R., groceries.
Morgan, Mrs. Chas., millinery.
Meehan, J. L., cigars.
Miller, Jere, oil and candles.
Makalks, Jno., general store.
Messers, Jos., general store.
Moegen, Chas., groceries. ,
Mace. J. L, meats.
Morris, Lizzie, groceries.
Miller, E. C., retail groceries.
Miller, E. C., wholesale groceries.
Melraldo, Jno. P., tobacco.
Maiden, Albert, cigars and confection
Messner, Wm. P„ grocer.
Newton, Jas., grocer.
Nace, Daniel C., milk.
Nash, Chas., groceries.
Pritchard, F. E., millinery.
Phara, Chas., cigars.
Ralph, Aaron, furniture.
Row, E. S., stoves and tinware.
Row, W. 0., meats.
Roberst, Mary, cigars
Ralph, Allen, cigars.
Samuell, H. E„ groceries.
Sandon & Flshel, theater.
Stokes, W. S., pool.
Stokes, W. S., cigars.
Summit Branch Mining Co., supplies
Thompson, J. C., general merchandise.
Thompson, D. S., clothing.
Whittle, J. H., general merchandise.
Walkinshaw, M., notions.
Walkinshaw, A., Jr., groceries.
Williams, D. W., pool.
Williams, D. W„ cigars.
Williams, W. G., cigars.
Welsh, R. T., pool.
Welsh, R. T., cigars.
Walhey, Wilson, groceries.
Wommer, Jno. J., confectionery.
Wren, R., notions.
Zimmerman, J. F., cigars.
Zimmerman, A. D„ cigars.
Buck, Wm. G., groceries.
Eshelman, Jacob, groceries.
Fultz, C. M., general merchandise.
Heisey, D. F., feed.
Tschudy, T. S„ saddlery.
Miller, Samuel, groceries.
Bonfantl, Frank, groceries.
Brownstone Store Co., general mer
Blngingman, A., cigars.
Curry, John B„ coal and feed.
Curry, John B„ wholesale coal and
Domes, Padone, groceries.
Denato, Gennoro D., groceries
Erb, Wm. C., merchandise.
Fortl, Felix, groceries.
Hershey Store Co., alleys.
Hershey Store Co., restaurant.
Hershey Store Co., general merchan
Hershey Co., feed.
Hershey, A. E., feed.
Hess, J. C., restaurant.
Hess, J. C., tobacco.
Page, Jacob, cigars.
Sheafter, H. 8., saddlery.
Saudadio, Mary, groceries
Basp, Jno., groceries.
Vltanga, Q., groceries.
Weltmer, Ulrlch, produce.
Witman, F. S., carpets.
Wagner, C., meats.
Wolf, C. J., milk.
Yingst, Geo. W„ grocery.
Boyer, H. A., furniture.
Boyer J. A , general merchandise.
Cassel, J. H., hides.
Hess Bros., furniture.
Keiffer, J. 8., feed.
Kuntz. J. H.. general merchandise
Llngle, J. B„ feed.
Llngle, T. M., stoves.
Llngle, J. D., cigars.
Laudermilch, Mrs. Henry, groceries
Hummer. S. J., meats.
Moonshine, Jos., merchandise.
Neater, Philip, cigars.
Runkle, Irvln, feed.
Rhoads, E. N„ general merchandise
Theal, Samuel, feed.
Bowman, Cornelius, general merchan
Bowman, Cornelius, wholesale produce.
Bower. S. M., groceries.
Cornenltz, P. E., feed.
Cooke, A. E„ produce.
Cooke, A. E., wholesale produoe
Enders, J. 0., retail produce.
Glace, Charles 1., general marchandlae.
Hoffman, Geo., wholesale produce
Lebo, George, wholesale produce.
Kitchen, Frank, milk.
Meredith, D. F., general merchandise.
Meredith, J. E., confectionery and to
Rutter, H. W., produce,
Sponsler, H. M., produce,
Sweigard, C. C., wholesale produce
Tobias, Jas., wholesale meats.
V* olfglng, F„ retail produce.
Wolfglng, F„ wholesale produce
Bordner, Jacob., merchandise.
Enders, a E., merchandise and pro
Paulia, George, produue.
Baddorf, H. F„ meats.
Bixler, J. C, merchandise.
Bowman, ft V., wholesale UMU
Rndera, C. C, merchandise.
Enders. G. W. D., merchandise.
File. Oliver M., merchandise.
Mclaughlin, HL, cigars.
Helt, Ira M., repairs.
Miller, Ed., meata.
Marsh, C. A., cigars.
Spanneth, J. J„ feed.
Travlti, Simon, oil.
Zaring. Sam., confectionery.
Brlnser. S. C„ feed.
Kbersoll, ft ft, grocerlea. .
Gingrich, a M., machinery-
Hoffman, H. A., milk.
Bri«htblll, jr. U.. milk.
Care, C. B. it Sons, general merotuute
Care, Brook, real estate.
Cassell, M. 8.. meats.
Fishburn, S. A., feed.
Farling, Michael, pool.
Farllng, Michael, olgars and mbi*^
Hassler, Collins, mitt.
Hawkins, E. C., meant-
Lazzarine, David, cigar*
Loese, O. B„ general store.
Mlxol- F., pool.
Relth, Carl, cigars.
Rudy, Davli, oi:c.
Sample, Mrs. A. I)., notlena.
Seise", Elis».. ui t tinware.
Shoop, Wm. J., groceries.
Sheesley, B. F., retail feed
Sheesley, B. F., wholesale feed.
Zimmerman, W. G., furniture.
Bonitz, Anthony, produce.
Mumma, I. N., milk.
Nlssley, J. L, milk.
Nlssley, A. H.. milk.
Ranshaw, J. C., general merchandise
Zimmerman, S. A., milk.
Bufflngton, I. M., feed.
Gunderman, Frank, produoe.
Hartman, Amos, produoe.
Heller, Howard, milk.
Hocker, Chas., oils.
Hoover, Chas. A., produoe. v.
Kessler, C. H., merchandise.
Kluck, Albert, produce.
Relgle, John H., produoe.
Smeltz, D. H., cigars.
Smeltz, W. H., produoe.
Troutman, David H., prodooe.
Umholtz, John cigars.
Welker, G. A., produce.
Davis, Geo., produce.
Fitting, M. C.. groceries.
Frazer, Jonas, grocerlea
Lebo, John, produoe.
Lebo. James, cigars.
Maeder, Mrs. Itobt, groeerlea.
McKce, H., groceries.
Peters, W. F., Sr., moats.
Peters, W. F., Jr., jgrooerlea.
Shaeffer, J. L, produce.
Logan, Arbour C„ groaerlea.
Snyder, John, groceries.
Strlckler, H. G., meats.
Shoop, D. S., feed.
Swelgard, Michael, g suss si BMks»
Spees, Howard, grooertes
Wert, Wm.. flsh.
mifflin iwinnr
Harraan, J. A., oil.
Henninter, J. E„ produo*.
Koppenliaver, F. £•., produo*
Mlnnlcli, Homer, proauo*.
Miller, J. A., meats.
Romborger, H. A., estate, rtDMll •«•*%
Kombergor, Harry H, meat*.
Romberger, J. E.. produo*.
Stlne, P. E., produce.
Weaver, D. A., seeds.
Weaver, Oliver, produo*.
Garman, Samuel, general
Lukens, Geo. 8., general merohandls*
Fackler, John, groceries.
Fasnacht, Uriah, meats.
Fasnacht, John, cigars.
Hetrlck, D. A, merchandl**. ,
Hess, W. E., meats,
lsonhour, Israel, stoves ta< ttnwar*.
Keller, John, feed.
Kuhn, A. M., fencing.
Kaylor, Harry, cigars,
Landls, C. A, meats.
Loudermllch, Geo. M., oyster*,
Miller, Wm. X*, saddlery.
Peltier, H. P., groceries.
Rapp, W. H., general raerohandls*.
Rhoads, Simon, meats.
Relgle, J. 8., meats.
Shiftier, Geo., meats.
Shiftier, Geo., produce.
Stuckey, Jos. P., produoe.
Shakespeare, H., produce.
Shakespeare, Wm., general merchan
Albright, Geo., groceries.
Bates, R. E x produce.
Barnes, R. E., groceries,
Bollinger, U. u., cigars.
Byers, Russell, produce.
Boger Lumber Co., lumber.
Dare, J. H., produce.
Dey, Paul, meats.
Kramer, Frank W., produce.
Cresswell, J. W., produce.
Enders, A. E., produce and seeda.
Fry, John & Son, peanuts.
Fredericks, W. J., meats.
Garman, Mrs. Mary, produce.
Gelger, C., milk.
Gruber, S., produce.
Gladfelter, H. 8., cigars.
Go wan, Theo., produce.
Hassler, E. 0., milk.
Harlacher & Bonltz, cigars.
Hicks, Wm., produce.
Hershey, H. F„ produoe.
Hetterman, Mary J., groceries.
Hepford, W. L., produoe.
Hepford, D. G., produoe.
Hargast, J. S., produce.
Horstlck, E. M., pool.
Horstlck, E. M.. cigars.
Hoover, J. E. and H.. groceries.
Hoover, C. E., general merchandise.
Hess, D. D., meats.
Horst, L. H„ meats.
Jonston, Wllbert, groceries.
Kramer & Hassler, wholesale feed.
Kramer & Hassler, retail feed.
Kramer, C. M., produce.
Loeser, H. A., groceries.
Longenecker, D. R., produoe.
Mader, Dan, produce.
Meckley, S. JT, produoe.
Manning, H. C., milk.
Memmlnger, J. G., grooerle*.
Myers, W. H., milk.
Miller, F., groceries.
Matslnger, Wm., nroduo*
McNeal, D. R., meats.
Miller, Mrs. W. H., groceries.
Orr, L. G„ groceries.
Paxton Flour & Feed Co., feed.
Raber, Jno., meats.
Rudy, W. W., meats.
Raffensberger, A. T., milk.
Relchert, H. I*. produot.
Runkle, G. E., groceries.
Rauck, H. J„ feed.
Rudy, J. H, Jr., meats.
Rudy, Wm., meats.
Schrelner, W. J., groceries.
Sturtevant, 8. C., milk.
Smeltzer, Samuel, milk.
Shoop, Mrs. H J., produce.
Snow, Mrs. Kate, produce.
Smith, Sebastian, grooerles.
Spongenberger, F., produoe.
Stahler, H. M., pool.
Stahler, H. M., restaurant.
Shoop, Jacob M., meats.
Douglass, R. L, cigars.
Radle, W. T.
Smith, David, produce.
Schmidt, Charley, produoe.
Turns, Eve. cigars.
Trulllnger, S. W., milk.
Trimmer, R. E., paper.
Wengel, Geo., produoe.
Wayne, W. van, grocerlea.
Wevodan, Wm., produoe.
Zelgler, Jno., groceries.
Aungst, M. J., milk.
Attlck, J. 8., milk.
Attlck, Geo., milk.
Attlck, A. T„ Jewelery.
Bomgardner & Bro., meats.
Bishop, W. J., milk.
Berkhelmer, J. E., milk.
Bonny Meads Farms, produoe.
Bonltz, Anthony, produce.
Benney. Mrs. B. N., groceries.
Bltz, Tobias, pool.
Bltz, Tobias, tobacco- and cigars.
( Dunn, Thomas, cigars.
Fought, J. H., milk.
Fry, Geo., groceries.
Fry, Jos.jgrocerles.
Grenler, Wm., cigars.
Greenawalt, C. W., milk.
Geary, Evans, grocerl*-
Greenawalt, A.,
Greenawalt, A., cigars.
Gorman, J. H., pool.
Gorman, J. H., cigars.
Horstlck. J. F., produce.
Helllg. H. C„ cigars.
Hanlch, Steve, groceries.
Hicks, Chas., groceries.
Jones, H. W., meats.
Kline, J., restaurant.
Kramer, H. F„ groceries.
Kempf, Peter, groceries.
Kramer, R. S„ groceries.
Kline, J. K., candy and cigars.
Loeser, F. H., general merchandise.
Ijongenecker, Mrs. John, soaps.
Livingstone. J. W., produce.
McNeer, B. F., Sr., groceries
Morris, James, grocerlos.
Martin Bros., groceries
Plkelhaupt, D., jntisk*
Peck, J. H., pool.
Peck, J. H., cigars.
Paul, Elmer, groceries.
Rupp, C. F„ milk.
Rutherford, Marshall, coal.
Rutherford Bros., coal.
Bolomon, 1., grocerlea
Sherman, Harry, grocerlea.
Btauffer, H. 8., meats.
Stair, John, milk.
fltengle, Geo. A., general meistissia—
Thompson, Jos., olgara
Tlttlnger, Christ, produo*.
Teperson, 8., grocerlea
somlsl, Frank, grocerlea
oblas, Morris, groceries.
Wagner, Abram. cigars.
Waldley, Mrs. Annie, confectioners.
Wllsoaugh, Frank, produo*.
Yosolwlts, J. F., grooerles.
lOosttnued ok Waal