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You Know It Always Rains in April By "Bud" Fisher
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During a Short Stay in Harrisburg
Today President Graham
Hands Out Cheer
President George M. Graham ol' the
League, was in Harrisburg
t'o-day. The league leader stopped off
to see his Harrisburg friends. tie
van on his way to York where he will
pttend the booster banquet to-night.
President Graham was not in Har
risburg long until his presence was
known. Baseball fans in Harrisburg
pre well acquainted with "George,"
mid when they see that familiar smile,
they know some good news will be
forthcoming soon. No sporting writer
Jn Pennsylvania has done more to
lioost the Tri-State game than George
Graham, and this year he is to be the
chief booster. •
While in Harrisburg the Tri-State
president had a conference with a
»i umber of Harrisburg officials and
vill in all probability come to this
city at an early date to participate in
» mass meeting similar to the one
to be held at Trenton on April 14.
Speaking about the season's prospects
President Graham said:
"I have been in every city on the
Tri-State circuit and found en
thusiasm strong. I feel confident that
It is going to be a great season. It
xvill be a season for youngsters and
the clubs that give their attention to
developing future stars will find it a
profitable investment.
"One thing that gives me great con
fidence is the interest manifested by
the business men in every city. That
is what counts. Every club ought to
cater to the men who will lend their
support and I believe that with the
slid of the business men, and various
Irade bodies, the game will receive
Mrong backing. Give the fans some
thing to talk about and the game will
be popular." President Graham be-
Sore leaving for York said he would
Jiave something more to say of inter
iest to Harrisburg later on.
Atlantic City
Cape May, Wildwood
Ocean City, Sea Isle City, Anglesea
Avalon, Stone Harbor
Saturday, April 11. 191-1.
$4.00 from Harrisburg
26 cents additional to Atlantic City
via Delaware River Bridge Route.
Tickets will be accepted on reg
ular trains ,and will bo good re
turning until April 25, inclusive.
Slop-over nl l'liilnilel|>liiii
Full particulars of Ticket Agents
or A. K. Buchanan. Division Pas
senger Agent. Harrisburg. l'a.
Pennsylvania Railroad
Get the Coal in
Before Housecleaning
The Spring schedule of
cheaper coal is in effect and
April prices are 50 cents low
er on ICelley's nut, egg\ stove,
rind broken sizes.
Now is the time to buy
next winter's supply and cut
down the cost of living. Fill
the bins before housecieaning
time. j
Order Kelley's Coal and,
save 50c a ton.
1 N. Third St
10th and State Streets.
Cumberland Valley Railroad
la Effect November 30, 1813.
TRAINS leave Harrisburg—
For Winchester and Martlnsbur«- n.t
6:03, *7:52 a. m.. *3:40 p m. ,oour * «
For Hagerstown, Chambersburg Car
lisle. Mecnanicsburg and intermediate
stations at K:O3. •7:52, *11:63 a. m
•8:40, 6:32, *7:40, •lHltf p. m . m "
Additional trains for Carlisle and
Wechanicsburg at !):48 a. m . 2:13 3 27
S:!iO, 9:30 a. in. ' ' "
For Dlllsborg st 80S, *7:62 and
•11:63 a. tti.. 2.18. *3:40. 6:32 and 6:30
•Daily. All otli«r trains daily except
Sunday H. A . ridDLE,
J. H. TONGKj g. p. j
Lebanon Valley Teams
Play Ten-inning Game;
Rutherford Is the Star
Special to The Telegraph
; Annville, Pa., April 7.—ln a fast
[ten-inning game the first of the sea
j son, the Lebanon Valley Freshmen
J anil the Lebanon Valley Academy
j teams yesterday played to a tie, score
i 4 to 4. Darkness prevented a con
: rinuance of the game.
Rutherford. a Middlctown boy,
I pitched superb hall for the Freshmen,
j fanning five men and scoring a home
I run. triple and single. The score fol-
I lows:
j, R.H. O. A. E.
Loomis, 11, 1 ] 10 2 0
Rutherford, p 2 S 3 4 0
Speraw, 3b 0 0 2 ft 0
! Rupp, 2b 0 1 0 2 0
i Albert, ss 0 1 2 fi 0
j Evans, c 0 0 fi rt 0
Swartz. cf 0 2 3 0 0
I Fink, rr 0 0 2 0 0
| Snavely, cf 1 i i o 0
Total 4 9 30 14 0
I R.H. O. A. E.
, Backert, lb 1 2 9 1 0
j Wine, 2b 0 0 0 3 0
I\\ rlghtstone, p 1 l 2 1 0
Berger, ss 0 0 3 6 0
Wheelock, c 1 2 8 0 0
Reber, 3h 0 0 2 1 0
Baker, cf 0 0 2 0 0
Addinger, rf 1 o 2 0 0
Holman, If 0 0 2 1 0
Total 4 5 30 13 0
Freshmen 012000010 o—4
Academy 001030000 o—4
"Rube" Marquard yesterday signed
a three-year contract to play with the
New York Giants.
Harrisburg will be ell represented
at the Booster banquet at York to
Tlie Carlisle Indians defeated Cor
nell in a hard fought Lacrosse game
at Carlisle yesterday, score 2 to 1.
Secretary John A. Heydler of the
National League is home from his
month h vacation and has started a
busy season. Secretary Heydler will
keep close tabs on all records this
Wllkes-liarre started preliminary
work yesterday.
The Krall A. C. lost to the Paul
A. O. yesterday, score 32 to 11.
The Highspire grandstand will be
enlarged and the field improved.
Thomas L.vter. of this city, the star
catcher of the Lebanon Valley base
ball team who was threatened with
appendicitis, has recovered and ex
pects to be back in the game this
j The .Muscovies dropped from sec
.ond to fifth place as a result of their
, defeat by the -Mallards, margin 179
| pins.
! The West End A. C. defeated the
i Camp Curtin team yesterday, score
j 10 to 1.
The Athletics defeated the Phillies
| yesterday, score C to 1.
I The Mrs. H. B. Dull class in the
j Pine Street Presbyterian Sundav
| school bowling league closed the sea-
json last night, defeating the H. B.
AlcCormick class, margin 14 pins. The
I victors close the season in first place.
J The Snipes defeated the Gobblers
' and Wrens in the Bird League last
j night. Th<* Wrens defeated the Tumb
lers and the Tumblers defeated the!
! Gobblers.
] The llassett Juniors won from the
Steclton Midget basketball team last!
night, scoro 50 to 11.
irp to date And
newly furnished
Hid Muaic wHh Lunch,
Iprepare for office work"
Enroll Next Mondnv
Harrisburg Business College!
Day and Night. Business,'
Shorthand and Civil Service. In-'
dividual Instruction. 28th year.l
329 Market St Harrisburg, Pa. i
Brooklyns Are Dark Horses of National League—Robinson
Thts rotund manager of the Brooklyn Nationals, who declares that his
team is the combination that the New York Giants will have to pass in or
der to again win the National League pennant. Hobble declares that he
lias positively the best infield in the National League, and that his outfield
is just as good as the best. He can't see any catchers but liis own, and
expresses himself as being entirely satisfied with his-pitching staff. "Uncle"
Wilbur was for many years associate malinger to John J. McCJraw with
the Giants. He knows a whole lot about the game of "glorified rounders"
and is a natural leader of men.
West Fairview Shots
Organize a Gun Club;
Officers Are Elected
I Sportsmen of West Fairview last
night completed plans for the organi
zation of a Gun Club, and will have »
series of target and live bird events
during the season.
The new organization will be known
as the West Fairview Gun Club. A
clubhouse will be erected and traps
will be Bet on the Rupley grounds, an
ideal spot for events of this kind. At
the, meeting held last night in W. A.
Cripple's pool parlors the following
officers were elected:
President. Jlorace Myers; treasurer,
W. A. Cripple; secretary, W. N. Haw
baker; trustees, John Wagner, W. A.
Miller, E. D. Givlcr: auditing com
mittee, D. H. Wagner. E. D. Givler,
Irvin Bretz; membership committee,
C. E. Yarnall, W. A. Cripple, C. M.
The club has purchased a Western 1
automatic trap and 5,000 white flyer!
targets. Included in the membership
are a number of crack shots who ex
pect to make good scores.
The Harrisburg Juriors are in the
field again 'this season, and will play
any juvenile aggregation whose play
ers average thirteen years cf age. The
manager of the Juniors Is George
King, who can be found at 1114 North
Second street. All games will be play
ed at Island Park. The lineup will be
announced along with other amateur
lineups within the next ten days.
COLLAR 2 for 2s*
Clwtt P«»body yCaJnc. Mtlun
Motorboat Race
Over Longest Course
San Francisco, Oal., April 7. —Motor
boats will race over the longest course
ever laid for craft of their class when
the start from New York in 1915 to
reach San Francisco by way of the
Panama Canal and win SIO,OOO in
prir.es, the authorization of which was
anounced to-day by the Panama-
Pacific Exposition.
The start of the race will be ar
t-aimed so that the finish will be at the
exposition grounds when the motor
boat regatta, to be held in October, is
in progress.
The boats entering the contest must
have a minimum length of sixty-five
feet on the water line. The United
States authorities have been asked to
co-operate by detailing two or three
destroyers or revenue cutters to fol
low the races on the Atlantic and Pa
clflse coasts to lend assistance to any
disabled craft and assure security to
the contestants.
Tech high school will have two new
teams on their schedule next season,
Allentown and •Greensburg. Football
outlook at Tech is bright. Elscheld
will be out of the game as he grad
uates along with Tittle and Ebner.
The schedule which will be submitted
to the athletic association for approval
is as follows:
Sept- 26—Pottsville, away.
Oct. 3 —Lancaster, away.
Oct. 10—Sunbury, home.
Oct. 17—Steelton, away.
Oct. 24—Greensburg, away.
Oct. 31, Lebanon, home.
Nov. 7—Allentown. home.
Nov. 1 4—Williamsport, away.
Nov. 21—Steelton, home,
Nov. 26 —Central High. home.
Annual Call to
Amateur Managers
Future errata are warming op for
the coining baseball Hann, an< |
will soon be In the Held for hon
or*. The Harrlaburg Telegraph
desire* to keep In cloae touch with
all aninteur> teama and names.
Managers are requeated to aend
In nt once the namea of their
team, manager and captain, with
their addresses.
Athletic Club Had a Rousing Meet
ing and Elected Officers
For the Season
Special to The Telegraph
Llnglestown, Pa., April 7.—This
town will atrain be on the baseball
map this season and all teams with
any standing must play the Lingles
town A. C. If they are in the race for
the championship.
Members of the Athletic Club met
I last night to talk over plans. There
will be games until the latter part of
September. Most of the games will be
plaj ed oil Saturdays, but, of course,
there will be the usual holiday games,
J and arrangements will be made to
| have a series of twilight contests.
The manager of the team this sea
son Is Ross A. Look. Manager Look
will have as his assistant Harry Gru
ber. The officers this season are:
President, Michael Farllng; vlce
presidenl, Dr. K. L. Shank; escretary,
Paul Kreider; treasurer. Fleck Meix
ell; directors, Michael Parling, Carl
Reith, Dr. F. L. Shank, J. H. Schraner,
David Lazerene, O. B. Leese. On
A pril 16 the club will hold on enter
tainment to raise funds to start the
season with new uniforms and a com
plete new outfit.
To-night—"Mutt and Jeff in Panama."
To-morrow, Matinee and Night—Neil
O'Brien Minstrels.
Tuesday, April 14—Afternoon, concert
by Russian Symphony Orchestra.
Evening, Harrisburg Choral Society
will sing Mendelssohn's "Elijah,"
assisted by the Russian Orchestra.
The offering at the Majestic this
afternoon and evening is "Mutt and
Jeff in Panama." Everybody knows
of Mutt and Jeff and their adventures,
i In this stage vehicle they have plenty
to do. Owen Davis wrote the book,
I while Will H .Cobb and Leo Edwards
I are responsible for the jingles and
j tunes. Mutt and Jeff are carried
through a series of scones and sit-
I uations with a melodrama tinge and
I flavor.—Advertisement.
Neil O'Urien and his "Great Ameri
can Minstrels" will be the attraction
at the Majestic Theater to-morrow
afternoon and evening, presenting for
his second annual pilgrimage a brand
new entertainment from the first part
jto concluding features. Encouraged
by the brilliant success and wonderful
I favor with which his tlrst season's
j tour was greeted, Mr. O'Brien and his
| able young manager, Oscar F. Hodge,
| promise many loyal admirers a per-
I formance of minstrelsy this season
i even more classy, relined and enjoy
! able than the splendid show of last
I year, which at the time was conceded
I to be almost perfection in minstrel
j production.—Advertisement.
With Iljams and Mclntyre, of mu
sical comedy fame, heading a flne bill
of Keith vaudeville at the Orpheuni
this week there arc reasons why Lo
cust street should bo one of the busiest
spots in town. For while these two
] stars are really back to the scene of
I their tirst triumph In Harrisburg, they
have been immensely .successful in
I first-class musical comedy ever since. I
'one of their most successful ventures
i being "Th" Girl of My Dreauis" that
I played the Majestic Theater tVice last'
'season. To-day they are fast favor-1
I ttes with local theatergoers and when'
I .the reasonable prices in \ o;j c ;i the'
■ Orpheuni are taken into con.- . .ation
jit is only fair to say that 11 a us and
j Mclntyre are in themselves \v rta the
j tme nnd price. But the- excellence of
the Orpheuni bill supporting them re
mains up to that playhouse's good
standard. For Lou McConnell and
Grant Simpson, great favorites of sev
eral seasons back, are here this week
in a new comedy called "The Right
Girl," and then "The Girl in the
Moon," a vocal spectacle, is one ot
the most artistic "sight acts" of the
season. Comedy, novelty and variety
are all happily blended in the remain
ing attractions. —Advertisement.
"Who Owns the Baby?" Is the title
of one of the best mirth-producinfc
dishes that has been served up to
Colonial patrons for some time. It is!
a comedy vehicle of the tlrst water |
and splendidly played by Cartright j
and Eldrldge. A song, dance and pat- !
ter duo and a clever singing comedian
round out a bill that is above the i
average. "Above the Law" is the title 1
of an excellent Lubin feature 111 m In
two parts that will be presented at the
Colonial to-day in connection with
some other Interesting features of the
first-run licensed films. Advertise
Special to The Telegraph
Lewletown, Pa., April 7.—Mr. and
Mrs. Thornton will sail for England
next week, where they will make their
home. Mr. Thornton, during his stay
In this section, was one of the best
known musicians In Central Pennsyl-1
vania. He was the leader of theThorn
ton orchestra and taught instrumental j
Baseball Decision
Is a Long Way Off
By Associated Press
Grand Rapids, Mich., April 7.
There was nothing to Indicate early
to-day whether or not Judge Clarence
W. Sessions, of the United States Dis
trict Court, would hand down his de
cision in the case of Catcher William i
J. Killlfer, Jr., to whose services both
the Philadelphia National League club
and the Chicago Federal League club
have laid claim.
The case was argued late last week,
the judge reserving his opinion with
the anouncement he would not ren
der a decision before to-day and pos
sibly not for a week or ten days.
Special to The Telegraph
New York, April 7. —Martin J. Sher
idan, the former world's champion
and all-around athlete, has started
training with the expectation of win
ning back his lost laurels. Sheridan
has been out of athletics for some
time, and it was believed that he was
out for good. Sheridan hopes to not
only regain the championship but to
set a new record.
Since his retirement from athletics
Sheridan has put on considerable
weight, and it is believed that this
will aid him in the discus throw. He
will probably enter several meets dur
ing the summer.
Special to The Telegraph
Lancaster, Pa., April 7.—When
Johnny Greiner, of Lancaster, and Ty
Cobb, of Philadelphia, met at the
Lancaster Athletic Club several weeks
ago, Cobb shaded Greiner, but the lat
ter turned the tables last night by
besting Cobb.
The Phiiadelphlan had a trifle on
Johnny in the earlier rounds, but ho
went after Cobb so hard In the fifth
that the round closed with Ty groggy.
The final round was also to the good
for the Lancaster kid.
Hyams&Mclntyre Cartright & Aldridge
D bkbam"» "™ k GIIU ' OP MY PETER F. BAKER
V_ —^
Mmiger> I
|To-morrow~-Matinee and Night
Glilont'lo 'Mui'll aI y H £ ucreaa, | o " c * r F - Hodge Preaenta
MUTT & JEFF Neil O'Brien
!«•■ a Record Run of 14 Montha in All llarrlsburg I.lked and
New York, 6 Month* In Chicago, 4 T,,"' d *'T" n ' Everything
Months In Ronton Shining New Thla Season. Now rec
nwrv <-1 Ifioo ... ..... OKnlieil an Antrim's Leading Mln-
F,f T* ~K* *;R PEOPLE strel Organlmatlon.
„ . "° *™ O ' '" ory IPrices. Mot., 25c to fl| Night, 2Be,
Prices 25c, BOe, 76c and »1.00 1 to 91.50. '
*■' ' i—.——,>
A good cigar like a good egg is not
only good in parts—but all over
KING OSCAR 5c Cigars
are good all over—good wrapper,
good binder and good filler
• .
Regularly Good For 23 Years
Home Destroyed By Fire
During Absence of Family
Waynesboro, Pa., April 7.—During
the absence of Omar Shockey and
family, of Highfleld, Md., near Pen-
Mar Park, who were visiting relatives
In Creagerstown, Md., the house occu
pied by them was burned to the
ground, together with all the. furniture
' and clothing belonging to the fainili
1 The house was two stories and w;ir
owned by Splelman & Shockey, butch
ers, who occupied the lower floor at
a store. The building was valued at
about $1,600 and the household furni
ture at SBOO, with small Insurance.
Come and greet our new styles
for boys.
Never better in cloths, colors,
make and fit.
Never better quality for the
94 to 912.50.
320 Market St.