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Local Societies on Honor Roll of
Presbytery Meet in Cham
bersburg in 1915
The Woman's Foreign Missionary
L/ Society of the Presbytery of Carlisle
concluded its thirty-seventh annual
meeting yesterday afternoon in the
second Presbyterian Church of Car
lisle. The thirty-eighth meeting will
take place April 3-4, 1915, in Falling
Spring Church, Chambersburg. Dr.
Anna J. McKeag, president of Wilson
College, spoke on "Foreign Missions
and the College Student." Honor roll
announcements disclosed that among
red letter societies were those from
Harrisburg —auxiliary of Calvary, aux
ilary ,of Westminster and of Market
Square, the Auxiliary, Young Women's
Auxiliary, Girls' Mission Band. Mrs.
William P. Stuart gave a talk to the
The officials for the year are: Presi
dent. Mrs. William Jennings. Duncan
non; vice-president, Mrs. A. J. Hall,
Harrisburg; Mrs. William T. Main,
Shippensburg; Mrs. A. N. Pomeroy,
Chambersburg; Miss Mary H. Irwin,
Newport; Mrs. W. P. Peck, McCon
nellsburg; Miss Fanny B. Coleman,
Lebanon; Miss Margaret Kerr, Gettys
burg; treasurer. Miss Mary W. Kerr,
501 Witherspoon building, Philadel
phia; home corresponding secretary,
' Mrs. Gilbert E. Swope, Newville; for
eign corresponding secretary, Miss
Elizabeth Shumaker, Chambersburg;
young people's secretary, Miss Wini
fred S. Woods, Carlisle: secretary - of
literature. Miss Alice M. Brown; re
cording secretary. Miss A. Margaret
West. Waynesboro; committee on
nominations. Miss Anna C. Weir, Har
risburg; Miss Cynthia J. Eckels, Car
lisle, and Mrs. Henry McCormick,
Among those present from Market
Square Church were Miss Anna C.
Weir, Mrs. Catherine Chayne, Miss
Ella Laßue Hart. Mrs. Thomas M.
Balin. Mrs. F. Roy Croll. Mrs. Gilbert
M. MeCauley, Mrs. M. Harvey Taylor,
Mrs. J. Ritchie Smith, Mrs. Herman P.
Miller, Miss Caroline Retly Moffitt,
Miss Margaret Oyster, Mrs. Wilbur
Fisk Harris. Miss Margaret Miller,
Miss Isabel Kelly. Miss Alice Young,
Mrs. A. M. I.indsey, Miss Maryland
Gourley and Miss Katherine Margaret
[AD Easter cluirch music should
reach the Telegraph editorial rooms
not later than A o'clock Thursday aft
ernoon. Because of the great number
of special concerts and recitals to be
given throughout the city It is aluso
lutely necessary that no program be
sent in after this hour.]
An audience of 300 gathered Thurs
day evening at 8 o'clock to welcome
the pastor, the Rev. R. W. Runyan, to
St. Paul's Church for another year.
The following program was carried
out: Hymn, prayer; vocal solo, Miss
Belle Pancake; piano solo, Miss
Blanche Raine: vocal solo, Miss
Adams; duet, Miss Rohrer, Mrs. Ed.
Drinkwater; vocal solo. Miss War
dorff: duet, Eddie Stroner, Bobbie
Michael; reading. Miss Keene; vocal
solo, Mr. Morell; songs, Moll brothers.
Then the Rev. D. L. Dixon, Lewisburg,
delivered an address of welcome and
the Rev. Mr. Roundsley, of Enola,
presented a lily in full bloom to the
pastor and his wife on behalf of the
congregation. After a fitting response
by the Rev. Mr. Ruuyan, refreshments
were served.
AT THE Y. M. C. A.
An attractive meeting, for men only,
will be held under the auspices of the
Young Men's Christian Association,
Second and Locust streets, to-morrow
afternoon at 3.30 o'clock The speaker
will be the Rev. Harry Nelson Bassler,
oastor of the Second Reformed
Church. He will deliver a special ad
dress appropriate to Palm Sunday.
There will be an interesting praise
service, with special hymns, under the
direction of the association chorister,
W. H. Kautz.
Pastor Moves. The Rev. Rhein
hokl Schmidt, pastor of St. Michael's
Lutheran Church, State street, has
removed from 1334 North Second
street to the new J7,000 parsonage at
208 North street.
To Preach First Sermon.—The Rev.
J. D. W. Deavor, who came here from
Catawissa Avenue Church, Sunbury.
will appear for the first time in tlie
Epworth Methodist pulpit to-morrow.
. Go-to-Chureh Downtown. —The re
sult of advertising campaigns con
ducted by pastors of downtown
churches will be apparent to-morrow
when the go-to-church Sunday of Cal
vary Presbyterian, St. Paul's Metho
dist Episcopal, the Nagle Street
Church of God and Trinity Lutheran
Churches will be consummated, and
large congregations are anticipated.
At Onrtin Heights.—At the Curtin
Heights Methodist Episcopal Church
to-morrow, special music will be the
feature of Palm Sunday. In the morn
ing John H. Poor will sing "The
Palms." The Heavens Are Telling"
will be sung by the choir this even
Elect Officers. —Election of officers
of the Epworth League of Epworth
Methodist Church resulted as follows:
President, Harry Motter; vice-presi
dents, Mrs. M. Fox, Miss Margaret Fil
son, Mrs. Harry Motter; secretary.
Miss Elsie Davis: asistant secretary,
Mrs. Clarence Filson; treasurer, Clar
ence Fllson; organist, Miss Viola
Smith; junior league superintendent,
Mrs. McElhoes. Resolutions of re
spect in memory of the late Mrs. Susan
D. Burleigh were passed.
Preaches Strong Sermon. The
Rev. John M. Warden, pastor of the
Bethany Presbyterian Church occn
pied the pulpit of the Market Square
Church last Sunday morning. His
■sermon was impressive and strongly
evangelistic. •
It is our duty to avoid tlie proximate occasion of
sin. We must not go where there is danger for
us. The skater who daringly glides upon ice that
Is thin we call a fool, and we are not surprised
nDnf to see him in the freezing water. When we en-
WW >% gage a man to drive for us, we do not want the
fellow who boasts that he can bring our carriage
|n wheels witliln an Inch of a precipice, and yet
By 'wSi* IPR'', not plunge over the brink. How foolhardy is the
HL* «IS man who, with eyes open, walks Into a swamp!
4 True, he maj- escape from It, but what a useless
iMfj " risk! A mist enwraps the swamp, and a false
. I *mfW .1 step will plunge the Incautious adventurer into
I— ' '• the mire. We may go near to a fire without being
burnt, but the smoke blackens and dellies us. Too
. ' i i; many of us close our eyes, and linger In our peril,
forgetting that he who loveth the danger shall
perish therein. Too many of us -\re like the un
lucky bird which put its head unJer a fence-rail,
and thought Itself hidden froin the hunters, till a
til shot rang out that was the death-knell of the poor
W. W. WHALEN quail. God will assist us to flee from temptation,
but He will not help us If we remain In the
dangerous occasion.
Nor must.we lose heart in our temptations,. be those temptations never
so sore and troublesome. W. W. WHALEN
| Pplm Sunday, in memory of the
I Savior's . triumphant entry into Jeru
jsalm. when the multitude strewed
' palms before him. is celebrated by the
| Catholic churche.s with the blessinp
of palms and palms also are carried
lin the processions. The day will be
| fittingly celebrated to-morrow when
there will be three masses, 7, 9 and
10.30 at the Cathedral. At the last
mass, a high one. the palms will be
blessed by Bishop Shanahan, assisted
i>.v Mgr. M. M. Hassett, the Rev. T.
B. Johnson and the Rev. W. H. Wha
len. After the blessing of the palms
there will be a procession around the
j church composed of the children's so-
I cieties and priests, after which the
| palms will be distributed to the con
-1 gregatlon. Suitable services also will
j mark the day at St. Ijawrence's. St.
j Francis', Church of the Sacred Heart
and St. Mary's.
Not only by the Catholic churches,
but by the Protestant as well will
Palm Sunday be fittingly observed.
Special music will be one of the big
features among the various Protestant
Congregations, many choirs being
scheduled to give special music both
morning and evening.
In many churches special programs
will be held throughout the coming
holy week. New members will be
taken into other churches of the city
to-morrow and the sacrament of the
holy communion will be celebrated.
Big Week at Stevens
Holy week at Stevens Memorial
Methodist Episcopal Church. Thir
teenth and Vernon streets, will be
marked with unusual activity. Begin
ning with special services for men to
morrow night, there will be meetings
in the church every night during the
The pastor, the Rev. Clayton Al
bert Smucker, D. D., will preach an
appropriate sermon every night. His
subject Sunday night will be "The Su
preme Leader." The services will be
in charge of the Men's Club and will
start at 7.30 o'clock. There will be
| special singing by the men's chorus
under the direction of Ross K. Berg
stresser. On Palm Sunday, the day of
] triumph, confirmation services will be
held in the morqing, starting at 10.30
I o'clock.
1 The Senior and Junior Epworth
j League meetings in the evening at 6.30
: will be of unusual interest. The ser
vices during the week will start at
I 7.45 p. m., and the subjects will be as
| follows:
Monday, the Day of Authority—
"What Did Jesus Believe"; Tuesday,
the Day of Controversy "Missing
! Jesus, on the Road of Life": Wednes
day, the Day of Retirement —"Listen-
ing to Jesus Talk." The choir will
| sing "Gallia" on Thursday, the Day
|of Fellowship—"New Views of Life";
j Good Friday, the Day of Suffering—
"Jesus Before Pontius Pilate."
Easter Sunday—the Day of Resur-
I rection "The Resurrection," by
Charles Fonteyn Manney will be sung
!by the choir at 10.30 a. m.: morning
| prayer and praise service, 9.30 a. in.;
j reception of new members. 11 a. m.;
Sunday school, Easter carol service, 2
p. m.; young folks' Easter joy meet
ings, 6.30 p. m.; Easter day closing
service, 7.30 p. m. Pilgrim Command
ery. No. 11, Knights Templar to attend
in a body. An attendance of 1.000
and a collection of S2OO is the slogan
for the Sunday school workers for
Easter Sunday. -
S|>e< ial Services
The Fourth Street Church of God
will continue to have the usual pre-
Easter week services, commencing
to-morrow The pastor has arranged
a series of sermons with services coin-
I mencing on that date and ending on
! Faster Sunday. The program as ar
ranged is as follows:
Palm Sunday, 10.30 a. m., "The
Church and the Christ": 7.30 p. in.,
' and Eternal Punishment";
holy week, Monday. "Christ, the Life
Giver"; Tuesday, "Satan, the Life De
stroyer"; Wednesday, "Following
Christ"; Thursday, "Why Do What
Jesus Did?," quarterly ordinance
meeting; Friday, "Light in the Dark
ness"; Easter, 6 a. m., sunrise prayer
service; 10.30 a. m., "Our Risen Lord";
1.40 p. m., Sunday school rally; 3
p. m., Junior Christian Endeavor: 6.30
p. m., Senior and Intermediate Chris
tian Endeavor; 7.30 p. m., Easter can
tata by double quartet.
St. Paul's—The Rev. Dr. Floyd Ap
pleton. Holy communion, 8 a. m.;
morning prayer and sermon, 11; Sun
day school, 2.30 p. m.; evening prayer
and sermon, 7.30.
St. Stephen's—The Rev. Rollin A.
Sawyer. 8 a. m., holy communion;
111 a. m., morning prayer and address
! bv John W. Wood, of New York: Sun
j day school, 2 p. m.; evening prayer
and Maunder's cantata, "From Olivet
to Calvary," 7.30.
I St. Andrew's —The Rev. James F.
i Bullitt; morning prayer, 10: holy
communion and sermon, 10.30; Sun
day school, 12; evening prayer, 7.30,
j with illustrated missionary address by
jjohn W. Wood, of New York.
I Mt. Calvary, Camp Hill—The Rev.
O. H. Bridgman; Sunday school, 9.15;
morning prayer aind sermon, 10.30.
St. Chrysostom's, New Market—The
Rev. O. H. Bridgman; Sunday school,
2; evening prayer and sermon, 3.30.
Fourth—The Rev. Homer Skyles
May. 10.45 a. m., "Jesus Is King";
7.30 p. m., "The Lesson of the Palms";
Sunday school. 9.30 a. m.; special mu
sic morning and evening; C. E., 6.30
p. m.
Salem—The Rev. Ellis N. Krenier.
10.30 a. m. and 7.30 p. m.; Sunday
school, 1.30 p. m.; young people's
: service, 6.45 p. m.
Second The Rev. Harry Nelson
! Bassler. 10.30 a. m., "Behold. Thy
King Cometh;" 7.30 p. in., "All the
i City Was Moved Saying;" Sunday
| school, 1.45 p. m.; Christian Endeavor,
1 6.30 p. m.
Golden Jnbilee of Organization to j
Be Celebrated at Session
May 12
The General Synod of the Reformed
Church In the United States will con
vene In Lancaster, May 12, in its
eighteenth triennial sessions.
The Synod represents a confirmed
and unconfirmed membership of 431,- |
000 persons. At the lust meeting of
the General Synod, In Canton. Ohio,
three years ago there were reported
eight district synods, .60 classes, 193
ministers. 1,756 congregations, 1,726
Sunday schools, 27,930 Sunday school
officers and teachers, 266,8 44 Sunday
school scholars and 226 students for
the ministry. During the last tri-en
nium as reported to the Synod of Can- t
ton, Ohio, $1,503,418 were contributed
for benevolence and $5,555,994 for
congregational purposes. There will
be about 350 ministerial and author
ized law delegates present, as well as
about the same number of visitors.
Reports of the activities of the fol
lowing Church Boards will be received
at this Synod: Board of Home Mis-;
sions, Board of Foreign Missions, Pub
lication and Sunday School Boards.
Board of Ministerial Relief of the;
Reformed Church in the United States, i
Educational Boards, Board of Trustees J
and many committees.
A great deal of legislation will be'
denoted in behalf of the Reformed
The golden jubilee of the Synod's i
organization will be celebrated and;
the 350 th anniversary of the Heidel
berg Catechism will be observed. Dr. I
Lange, of the University of Hale, Ger
many will be a distinguished visitor
in behalf of the anniversary of the
Heidelberg Catechism. In this cele
bration the three great religious or- i
sanitations of the world that use the
Heidelberg Catechism as a standard of
faith will be represented. Dr. Lange
will represent the Reformed Church in <
Germany; Doctor Berg, the Reformed
Church in America, and Rev. C. E. !
Creitez, the Reformed Church in the i
United States. There will also be two j
papers read, from two distinguished i
German scholars.
State Street —The Rev. E. A. G.
Bossier. _ Special services at 10.4 5
a. m.; 7.30 p. m., "The Resistless
Christ;" Sunday school, 9.30 a. m.;
junior Christian Endeavor, 6 p. m.;
Christian Endeavor, 6.80 p. m.
First • The Rev. J. T. Spangler.
10.30 a. m.. "Some Easter Thoughts;" |
i.30 p ,m., "The Gospel's Resurrection
Note;" Sunday school, 1.45 p. in.;
Christian Endeavor, 6.4 5 p. m.
St. Paul's. Wormleysburg—Professor
Sprenkle, of New Cumberland, will
speak at 10.45 a. m. and the Rev. Mr.
Hutchison, New Cumberland, at 7.30
p. m.; Sunday school. 9.30 a. m.;
junior Christian Endeavor. 5.45 p. m.; j
senior Christian Endeavor. 6.30 p. m. i
Otterbeln—The Rev. S. Edwin Rupp. !
10.30 a. in., "The Great Refusal:" 7.50 I
p. m.. "The Mission of Christ"; Sun-1
day school, 2 p. m,
Enola—The Rev, B. P. S. Busev. I
Preaching at 10.30 a. m. by the Rev. I
J. W. Young, D. D.: 7.30 p. m„ con-J
ducted by Secretary Barnes of the
"ioung Men's Christian Association; i
Sunday school, 9.30 a. m.; Christian
Endeavor, 6.30 p. m.
Sixth Street —The Rev. P. H. Bals- !
baugh. 10.30 a. m., "Birth of the
Gentile Church;" 7.30 p. m., "Soui
t light; praise service, 9.45 a. m.;
Sabbath school, 1.45 p. m.; junior
Christian Endeavor, 5.45 p. m.; senior
Christian Endeavor, 6.30 p. m.
Derry Street—The Rev. J. A. Lyter,
D. D. Public worship and sermon by
the pastor and holy communion serv
ices at 10.30 a. m. and 7.30 p. in.;
Sunday school. 2 p. m.; Christian En
deavor, 6.30 p. m.
Grace—The Rev. J. D. Fox, D. D.
9.30 a. m., class meeting; 10.30 a. m.,
reception of members and the Lord's
supper; 1.45 p. m., Sunday school and
men s Bible class; 6.45 p. in., Epworth
League; 7.30 p. m., "The Grace of
I* aith ; holy week services every even
ing except Saturday at 7.30 o'clock.
Stevens Memorial—The Rev. Dr.
Albert Smucker. Confirmation ser
vices. 10.30 a. hi.; reception of new
members, 11 a. m.; Sunday school. 2
p. ni.; men's Bible service. *7.30 p. in.,
large men's chorus, Ross K. Bergstres
ser, director; James W. Braker will
preside; the minister will speak on
"The Supreme Leader"; Senior and
Intermediate Epwortli League, 630
p. m.
Curtin Heights The Rev. A. S.
Williams. 9.30 a. m., class meeting;
10.30 a. in., "Jesus the King"; 2 p. in..
Sunday school; 6.30 p. m., Epworth
service: 7.30 p. m., temperance ser
mon, "The Citizen and the Temper
ance Reform."
Harris The Rev. I. B. Turner.
10.45 a. m., "Lauding Christ": 8 p. m..
Bishop A. Walters will preach: Sundav
school. 1.30 p. in.; 3 p. in.. Dr. C. A.
Leftwitch will preach; 6.30 p. m..
Christian Endeavor.
Asbury—The Rev. Dr. C. A. Left
wich. 11 a. m., "Marching Orders";
Bp. m., "The Riddle,of Samson"; Sun
day school, 2 p. in.
St. Paul's—The Rev. Silas Swallow
will preach at 10.30 a. m.; 7.30 p. m.
by pastor. "Christ's Earthly Corona
tion Palm"; Sunday school, 1.45 p. m.;
Epworth League, 6.45 p. m.
Bethel The Rev. U. G. Leeper
10.30 a. m., "The Mind of Christ";
7.30 p. in.; Sunday school, 1 p. m
Epworth—The Rev. J. D. W. Dea
vor, Ph. D., will preach at 10.30 a. m
and 7.30 p. m.; class meeting. 9.3f
H. m.; Sunday school, 2 p. m.; Junior
Epworth League. 3 p. m.; Epworth
League service, 6.30 p. m.
Harris Btreet —The Rev. George F
Schaum. 10.30 a. m., "A Costlv Gift"'
j 2 p. m., Sunday school; 6.40 p! m. K
*'■ C. E.; 7.30 p. m., "A Startling Visi
Park Street—The Rev. J. A. Sellers
Worship with sermon at 10.30 a. m
md 7.30 p. m.; Sunday school, 9.30
a. m.; Jr. C. E., 5.45 p. m.; C. E., 6.30
p. m.
Park Street —The Rev. J. A. Sellers
10.30 a. m„ "The First Palm Sunday"
7.30 p. m., "Chrlßt In The Storm;" 9 30
a. m., Sunday school; 5.45 p. m .,
junior Christian Endeavor; 6.30 p. m!'
Christian Endeavor.
[ltems for the Telegraph church
page must be received before
3 p. m. Friday. Unsigned con-
I tributtons are Invariably rejected.]
Board of Home Mission Will Rec-'
omraend Wholesale Reorgan
ization to General Assembly
The Presbyterian Board of Home
Missions, into whose hands Presbyter
ians intrust almost Ji.OOO.OuO a year,
making it one of the largest mission
ary societies in the world, has .lust
made public recommendations which it
will make to the General Assembly of
its church, meeting in Chicago in May.
These recommendations call for a
wholesale reorganization of the board
itself, and are held to be the outcome
of attacks upon it, made last year and
this.. The contention has been between
administration of home mission work
by Presbyteries, each in the local Held
and at little or no cost for secretaries,
o'' by a national body, at what many
holtl to be heavy expense
The board now states that it will in
eifeet surrender its entire commission,
so to speak, to the General Assembly,
and ask for such new assignment of
work at the Assembly seems lit to give
it. At Atlanta last May it was ordered
by the General Assembly to discontinue
I eld secretaries, Mexican and Indian
departments, and a department of
Church ana country lifo as soon as
Practicable. The board thought two or
three years might be suftlcientlv early,
but many Presbyterian leaders thought
otherwise— and said ro. The board now
announces that it will discontinue hll
on June 1 next.
New commissions of work which the
board announces that it will ask the
I h lea go Assembly to give it to do are
social service and work anion* immi
grants. It offers to classify salaries of
ts executive officers, complaint havins
»een ma'le about expenses; to establish
a branch office in some city in the
West, either Chicago or St. Louis; and
to increase its membership to forty, of
whom fifteen shall bo laymen, to the
sented Synods may be repre-
Augsburg The Rev. A. Aiaxwell
Stamets, 10.„o a. m.. Palm Sunday
saeru.m_ent of infant baptism and ser
mon: 7.u0 p. m ., sermon and recep
tion ol new members; Sunday school,
- p. m.; L. E., 6.30 p. ni.
u . T , rl " lt - v : C«mp Hill—The Rev. E. D.
a ' m " "The Triumphal
Lntrj , i .30 p. m., "No Escape to the
Neglectors of So Great Salvation";
Sunday school, 9.15 a. ,m.: junior
catechetics. 2 |>. m.
Holy Communion— The Rev. John
Henry Miller; 10.45 a. m "Tri
umphant Entry"; 7.30 p. m ., "Second
Uord , Sunday school, 9.30 a. in ;
Luther League. 6.30 p. m. Services
e\erj evening during Holy Week at
i .4
Redeemed—The Rev. E. Victor Ro
ni V d a ' m " "Recognizing
Ist s. .Royalty' ; 7.30 p. m ., "Leaves
and Not Friut ; Sunday school, 9.30
Cv" /on °' E " 315 1 } - m -: Senior
t.. b.30 p. m.
Bethlehem The Rev. J. Bradlev
Markward, D. D.; 10.30 a. ni con
tinuation address; 7.30 p. m "The
w°- V ° Kver> ,' Xa *»e"; Sunday
school; L 4» p. m.; C. E., 6.30 p. ni.
Ph tV 1 n 7n le Rev ' Thom as Reisch.:
of nMnl <s a - - A Manifestation I
of Divine Sorrow"; 7.30 p. m "The'
Attitude of the Multitudes": Sunday!
I. m°'V" V ' ?V„ Me "' S Bib,e t'aSS. 2 !
p. m., C L„ b.oO p. m. There will be!
Passion Week services every evening
during the week at 7.45 o'clock '
in 2™"' Enola — Th e Rev. M. S. Sharp;
l.:J m -' reception of members;
preaching, < .30 p. m.; Sunday school,
St. Matthew's—The Rev. E. E Snv
der; lo. ? 0 a. m.. "A Victory and a
Warning : 7.30 p. m„ "A Year's He
%iew , Sunday school, 2 p. m.; C. E„
6.30 p. m. '
Trinity The Rev. R. L. Meisen
helder; 10.30 a. m., "Going to Jeru
vi 'a'* 3 , 0 p ' ra " " An Appealing
0 cfn nday sch °o', 1 and 2p. m.;
C. E.. 6.00 p. ni.
Messiah The Rev. Henry W. A.
Hanson, 10.30 a. m., sermon to the
coniirmatlon class and reception of
new members; 7.30 p. m „ -The Prince
01 Peace.
D i n en vi'on^~~ The Uev - U c - Manges,
in on Prayer meetting, 10 a. ni.;
10.30 a. m. f 'The Coming of the
King, and reception of members;
<•3O p. m., The Power of His Resur
rection '; Sunday school. 2 p m • Jr
Luther League, 5.30 p. m .; Sr. Luther
LeaKiie» f0.3.0 p. m.
Zion—The Rev. S. Winfielcl Her
man. 10.00 a. ni., "The Mind of
Christ." celebration of baptism, con
ftimation and reception ol' members;
(.30 p. m„ The Gloritied Dead;" Sun
day .school, 1.45 p. men's class.
l.i>o p. ni. •
Calvary The Rev. Edward H.
? u r
Fourth street—The Rev. William N.
Phlt h." 7»A"* m " 'Christ and the
Church, <.„O p. in.. Christ and Eter
nal Punishment;" Sunday school 1 40
p. m., junior Christian Endeavor 3
P. m.; senior and intermediate Chris
tian Endeavor, 6.30 p. m
, Street—The Rev. C. S. Rice
10.30 a. m., "The Meaning of the
Lords blip per; 7.30 p. ~,. com
munion; Sunday school, 1.30 p m-
Christian Endeavor, 6.45 p m
Wormleysburg The Rev.' G W
Getz. Sunday school, 9.30 a' m •
junior Christian Endeavor, 6.15 n m ''.
senior Christian Endeavor, 6 45 p m ' :
7.30 P. m., "We Are His Witnesses'." "
Maclay Street The Rev. Jay C
Forncrook; services, 11 a. m. and
7.30 p. 111.; Sunday school, 9.45 a m '
Senior and' Junior C. E., 6.30 p. m. "
Shiremanstown—The Rev. E. Aurice
Mell. Sunday school. 9.30 a "1;
preaching, 10.30 a. m.. "Jerusalem
Taken by Surprise."
Enola —The Rev. E. Aurice Mell
' unday school, 2 p. m.; Christian En
deavor. 7 p. m.; preaching: at 7.30
p. m„ at which time the holy com
munion services will be held.
C*thedral —Mgr. M. M. Hassett;
low mass, 7 a. m.; children's inass. 9
a. m.; high mass, 10.30 a. m.; Sunday
school. 2.30 p. m.; vespers and bene
diction, 7.30 p. m.
St. Lawrence—The Rev. P. D. Hue
gel; low mass, 8 a. m.;; high mass,
10 a. m.; Sunday school, 2.30 p. m.
vespers and benediction, 3.30 p rn
St. Francis— The Rev. D. J. Carey;
low mass, 8 a. m.; high mass, 10 a. 111 •
Sunday school, 2.30 p. m.; vespers and
benediction, 7.30 p. m.
Sacred Heart—The Rev. William V
Dailey; low mass, 8 a. m.; high mass!
10 a. m.; Sunday school, 2 p. m.; ves
pers and benediction, 7.30 p. m.
St. Mary's—The Rev. John O'Don
nell; low mass, 8 a. m.; high mass, 10:
Sunday school, 2 p. m.; vespers and
benediction. 7.80 p. m.
Sylvan Heights Home for Orphan
Girls —Low mass and benediction, 7
a. m.
Market Square—The Rev. J. Ritchie
Smith: communion service, 11 a. m.;
at 7.30 p. m. Stainer's "Crucifixion"
will be given.
Pine Street—The Rev. Lewis B.
Hiawatha Indian Village Exhibition
Specially engaged for one week beginning Monday, April
6 t and continuing until April 1 1.
It is without doubt the most wonderful and educational exhibition of its kind be
fore the American Republic.
The Hiawatha Indian Village represents a beautiful woodland setting and pre
sents a complete and entrancing picture of real Indian life.
Il is a true reproduction from the green grass of the forest floor to the woodland bowers
that screen the native Indian sky—from the native tepee where the squaw and her papoose
tarrv, to the scenes of the village industry, wherein the stalwart native Ojibway exemplifies the
tanning of leather, the making of baskets and moccasins, the fashioning of arrows with their
deadly poisoned tips, everything, in a word, which American people have heard about their
forebears, but which they have rarely really seen.
This exhibition, free to everybody; bring the children to see this beautiful Hiawatha Indian
The greater part of our Third Floor is given over to this great exhibition.
Have you ever known a man, woman or child who did not want to see a real Indian?
They bring to your mind thoughts of adventure and carry you away back into the dreary
Come and see this educational exhibit and by all means bring the children.
There is old Chief Shoman, 94 years old, the famous Warrior chief. "The little Papoose
who will afford the children the greatest delight.
Nawana Douglas, a half-breed school teacher gives talks about the Indian life.
An Indian brave who is the most skilled Indian in America in burning leather.
You will see the wigwams, the campfires. the canoes and the paddles.
You will see the native maidens all in native buckskin and bead attire.
Genuine hand-made Indian baskets of every description, bows and arrows, war clubs,
blankets, canoes and hundreds of other things offered at interestingly low prices.
Children must be accompanied bv an adult. Exhibition each day from 9a. m. to 5.30 p. m.
'Third FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
Mudge, D. D.: services, 1.30 a. 111. and
7.30 p. 111.; Sunday school, junior de
partment, 1.30 p. m.; senior depart
ment, 1.40 p. m.; C. E., 6.45 p. in.
immanuel The Rev. H. Everett
Hallman; 10 a. 111.. Lord's Supper;
preaching, 7.30 p. m.; Sunday school,
11.15 a. m. _ _
Westminster —The Rev. E. E. Cur
tis; 10.30 a. m., communion service;
7.30 p. m., "Eternal Life a Gift"; Sun
day school, 1.45 p. in.; C. E., 6.45 p. 111.
OUvet —The Rev. Francis H. Laird;
preaching, 10.30 a. m. and 7.30 p. m.;
Sunday school, 2 p. m.; C. E., 6.30
p. in.
Bethany—The Rev. John M. War
den. 7.30 p. 111.; Sunday school, 9
a. m.; Christian Endeavor, 6.45 p. 111.
Covenant —The Rev. Harvey Klaer.
10.30 a. 111.. "If Thou Hadst Known,"
a Palm Sunday sermon; 7.30 p. ni.,
"God's Last Call;" Sunday school, 2
p m.; Christian Endeavor, 6.30 p. in.
Calvary—The Rev. Harry B. King.
10.15 a. *lll., with sermon also to the
children; 7.30 p. m.; Sunday school,
9 a. m.; Christan Endeavor, 6.30 p. m.
The. Rev. W. S. Booth; 10.30
a. m., "Changing Men —The Unchang
ing Christ"; 7.30 p. ni., "Oaiaphas :
Sunday school. 11.30 a. 111.
Wen'. End—The Rev. W. W. Clip
plnger- Irvln P. Bowman will deliver
an address at 7.30 p. m.; Young Peo
ple's meeting. 6.45 p. m.; Sunday
school, 10.30 a. m. „ lt
St. Paul's—The Rev. E. Luther
Cunningham: 10.30 a. m„ covenant
meeting; 7.30 p. m.. "Bearing His
Cross'; Sunday school, 12.30 p. m.;
B. Y. P. U„ 6.30 p. m.
Second—The Rev. Albert Josiah
Greene; 3 p. m„ "The Signlticance of
Baptism"; 7.30 p. m., "Perils at the
Lord's Table"; Sunday school, 12 111.;
B. Y. P. U.. 6 p. m.; 10 a. m., regular
monthly prayer and praise service; 3
p. rn., baptismal service.
Wesley Union At 10.45 a. m.
Bishop Alexander Walters will delher
a special sermon. At 3.45 p. in. a
special educational mass meeting will
be conducted by Bishop Walters. \\ .
J. Carter and Bishop Walters will be
ainong the principal speakers. The
meeting will be called at 2.30 p. m.
Fifth Street —The Rev. I>. H. Hart.
Praise meeting, 9.30 a. in.; 10.30 a. m..
"A Day of Farewells;" Sunday school,
with missionary offerings, at 2 p. m.;
Junior Ijeague, 3 p. m.; Epworth
League, 6.30 p. 111.; <.30 p. 111., Re
hold, Thy King Cometh Unto Thee."
Church of the Brethren, Hummel
c treet —The Rev. Adan Hollinger will
preach at 11 a. m. and the Rev. Abra
ham Hollinger at 7.30 p. m.; Christian
Workers, 6.45 p. m. Mission Sunday
School, Fourth and Maclay. 3.16 p. m.
Middletown appointment, the Rev. D.
H. Widder, 3 p. m.
International Bible Students Asso
ciation —The regular Bunday services
will be held at 3 p. m. at Cameron's
Hall 105 North Second street. Dis
course by J. Rowe Pike; subject, "The
Mission of the Church." Berean study
ttt Church of Christ —The Rev. F. J.
Stinson. U a. in.. "The Day of Trl
-1 umph:" 7.30 p. m.. "The Hour of
Action;" Sunday school, 10 a. in.;
Christian Endeavor, 6.30 p. m.
Christian and Missionary Alliance—
The Rev. William H. Worrall. 10.45
a. m. and 7.30 p. m.; Sunday school,
9.45 a. m.
Zarker Street Church of Christ —L.
V McGarv. speaker. 10.30 a. m., wor
ship and Bible study; 7.30 p. m., "Op
posing Elements" (Eph. 6:12).
The Full Gospel Assembly, 926
North Sixth street, the Rev. Andrew
L. Fraser. Meetings. Sunday, 2.80
and 7.30 p. m.; Tuesday and Friday,
7.45 p. m.; the Rev. Frank M. Boyd,
of Pittsburgh, Pa., will preach.
A meeting for worship will be held
to-morrow evening at 10.30 o'clock by
the members of the Society of Friends
at their headquarters, 319 North Sec
|ond street.
i Messiah's Pastor Entered
College When 14 Years Old
It is said that Erasmus, when but
a child, astonished his preceptors by
his intimacy with the classics, and
there are other instances of precocity
among men in the church who have
afterwards risen to great heights, but
it remains for a Harrisburg pastor,
the Rev. Henry W. A. Hanson, to hold
what is possibly the record in this
bSwe mm m
9QH9B , ■
**o JH»S|
Hi JjaflS Hj|
connection among Harrisburg clergy
The Rev. Mr. Hanson, who is pas
tor of Messiah Lutheran Church. Sixth
and Eorster streets, entered Roanoke
College, Roanoke, W. Va., at the age
of 14, and after b«lng graduated from
the Southern college, entered the Lu
theran Theological Seminary at Get
tysburg, and was graduated from that
institution when at his majority, and
age at which most candidates for the
ministry are just entering. The early
completion of his theological course
at Gettysburg gave Mr. Hanson en
viable opportunity to devote a few
more y°ars to finishing his course of
studies, and so we find him, following
his Gettysburg graduation, going
ibroad for a two years' course in the
great German university at Lelpsic.
His First Charge
Upon his return to this country to
take up his chosen work, he became
pastor of St. Luke's Lutheran Church,
Pittsburgh, where his success was
oronounced. During his pastorate of
St. Luke's Church, which lasted seven
years, the Rev. Mr. Hanson Increased
the congregation from 150 to 500
members and a new church building
was erected during his administration
in the Smoky City. Mr. Hanson camo
to Messiah church only a year ago,
but already his influence has been lit
tle short of phenomenal, and the
membership of the church has gone
forward by leaps and bounds. In
fact so greatly Increased has the mem
bership become that already plans for
a new church are tentatively com
It would be extremely difficult to
analyze the causes that contribute to
Mr. Hanson's efficiency and popular
ity.' It may be inferred from the ac
count of his scholastic training and
hi# -youthful proficiency as a student
that his forte lies In the mighty In
tellectual appeal of his sermons. Yet
while it is true that the young clergy
man—and he is now but S2 years of
age—does possess a grasp and ac
quaintance with wide areas of thought
and does exhibit a profound knowl
edge of a wide range of subjects i:i
his sermons, it is rather to his per
sonal charm and earnest sincerity thut
may be attributed his remarkable suc
Simple, Direct, Forceful
It is in the fact that his simple, di
rect and forceful sermons ring so tru<»
that will probably be found the secret
of his success oh a pulpiteer, yet by
no means does he hely on his work
as a sermonizer to attract and knit
together his congregations. His so
cial and personal service Is unceasing
and while popular with all classes, ho
has a particular appeal to old folks
and children, a winning charm of
manner and an underlying sincerity
that is mujiifestly free from a m*r»
perfunctory discharge of hifl duties.
First Church of Christ, Scientist- -
Board of Trado Hall. Sunday, 11 a. m.
and 7.30 p. m., subject, "Unrealty* ;
testimonial meeting, Wednesday, S
p. m.; reading rooms. Kunkel build
ing, 1.30 to 5 p. m.; also Monday and
Saturday evenings.
i ' L V er'I•«I 1 ll■■ I I l l-j
Palm Sunday Evening
• Stevens Memorial Church -
1 Thirteenth and Vernou Streets I
| 7.30 o'clock |
I The |
Leader i
i by r
j Dr. C'ayton Albert Smacker *
i Mr. James W. Barker Will |
' Preside
Large Men's Chorus j
! | I toss K. BerßStresser, Director »
| Holy Week Celebration j
1 Special Addresses by the j
j Minister „
Week Night Services t
j 7,45