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In the above picture the ex-members of the City Grays are as follows:
Platoon Commanders:
E. Laubensteln Harman A. Perkins
John B. Fisher Philip German
In line—Prom left to right.
Robert Bender (fanner) William W. L>nch John Y. West
A. W. Davis Ed. Huggins DeWitt Fry
William Reese Albert L. Dunn, Jr. liarry C. Young
J. R. Poffenberger Frank D. Boyer Frank Fisher
James Fahnestock J. A. Orth Alex. W. Bergstresser
Charles Wennel William H. Slentz Wilmer Crow
Harry Davis William Bentley Christian fJauss
George Royce Monroe Cassell W. C. Henry
Charles Barnita Frank Bell A. G. Keet
Ernest A. Miller Thornton A. Bell J. B. Laurie
Edward C. Humer George Barnits Andrew Marshbank
Thomas S. Peters • T. W. Burd W. C. Shellenberger
William D. Block George Adams Samuel L. Killough
J. F. Rohrer Clinton Heyd John Bulger
H. Bender Frank Fahnestock William Eberly
James Reedy William M. Malley Domer C. Harris
L. Hippie J. J. Houser Ed. C. West
William H. Hoyer D. Miller Mailey Chas. Fisher
Frank L. Hutter
'Con>pil*c l by Lieui. Cbar/esP M«ck
\nmsT amvoAve ' art-ox**
L-" " 'I MEMBER OF C/TY MAYS 1 1 '.I
j| ~ |
|, I #- t /f jo*
President Veteran Association.
Major and Aide-de-Camp on staff of Major-General Thomas Jordan,
Fifth Division, N. G. P., under Governor Geary—lß7o.
Aide-de-Camp and Paymaster, with rank of Major, on staff of Major-
General J. K. Siegfried, Fourth Division, N. G. P., under Governor Hart
First City Zouaves and
City Grays Veteran Bodies
Veteran Associations of Members of
the First City Zouaves and City Grays
have organized at different
times, and reunions and banquets
have been held at intervals in order
to keep up interest in every way in
the work of the present active Na-
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tional Guard organizations.
The Veteran Corps, City Grays,
held a banquet at the armory April
21, 1892, attended by a very large
number of ex-members of the com
pany and Invited military guests.
This organization quickly went to
pieces and then several attempts were
made to reorganize at different per
iods between 1892 and 1905, but none
of them proved very successful until
a determined effort to form an asso
ciation of the two commands —First
City Zouaves and City Grays—was
made Just previous to and In prepara
tion for Harrisburg's Old Home Week
celebration in 1905. This organiza
tion became permanent and is in ac
tive work to-day.
The members of the Veteran Asso
ciation turn out on different military
occasions and keep in close touch
with the present excellent companies
of the National Guard, known as "The
City Grays"—Company D and Com
pany I, Eighth Regiment. N. G. P.
Among the ceremonies, parades and
banquets attended by the association,
may be noted:
Funeral of Captain Thomas F. Ma
loney, January 23, 1891.
Old Home Week parade, October 3,
February 6, 1906, attended inspec
tion of Co. D, Eighth Regiment, at
On Memorial Day, 1906, the Asso
ciation took part in the parade and
In the evening had a banquet at the
City Grays' armory.
July 26, 1906, the Veteran Assocla-
tlon visited the Division Encampment
of the National Guard of Pennsyl
vania at Gettysburg as guests of Co.
D and Co. I. The veterans were met
by the Eighth Regiment Band and es
corted to camp. Dinner and supper
was taken with the men of the two
active companies, half of the veteran
association going to each command.
Memorial Day, May 30, IS>O7, the
Veteran Association held a banquet
at the City Grays' armory, at which
General Thomas J. Stewart, Adju
tant General of Pennsylvania, was the
guest of honor and made the prin
cipal address.
June, 1, 1908, the Veteran Asso
ciation held a banquet at the City
Grays' armory, with Mayor Ezra S.
Meals as the principal guest of
On the one hundredth anniversary
of the birth of President Abraham
Lincoln, February 12, 1809, the Vet
eran Association took part in the pa
rade and ceremonies of the day and
in the reception to Vice-President
Charles W. Fairbanks, the guest of
honor and orator of the day.
Pwwent Organization
The following members constitute
the Veteran Association of the First
City Zouaves and City Grays at the
present time (.1914):
President—John T. Ensmingcr «-
Treasurer Christian Xauss
Secretary—Philip German
Attick, Oliver JicGowan, George S.
Bishop, William T. Parthemore, Matthias
Day. Peter R. Redifer. William S.
Demming, Henry C. Reinhold. Henry L.
Eby, Maurice C. Khoads. Joseph E.
Ensminger, John T. Stormfeltz, John
Heller, George W. Swope, A. Carl
Hippie, William H. Vaughan. Robert V.
Hoy, Francis H., Sr. Yingst, Frederick W.
Adams. George W. Hutter, Frank L.
Anderson, John O. Hutter, John R.
Backcnstoss, Ed. R. Hutchison, Harry C.
Bailits, Chas. H. Hutchison, Joseph B.
Barnitz, Chas, H. Kaulz, S. H.
Barnitz, George P. Keffer, Wash. B.
Bell, Thornton A. Lauhenstein, Ezekias
Bender, H. C. Laurie, J. B.
Bender, Robert S. Leonard, Joseph L.
Bergstresser, Alex. W. Lynch. William W.
Bernheisel, Chas. H. Macklin, William E.
Black, Harry Q. Mailey, William M.
Block. William D. McFarland, William C.
Booser, Harry W. Meek, Charles P.
Boyer, Frank D. Melvin, M. H.
Burd, J. W. Mikle, Frank H.
Crist, Uriah S. Napier, Robert
Crow, Wilmer Nauss, Christian
Dapp, John Orth, J. Andrew
Daugherty, H. L. Palmer, Albert S.
Davis, Albert W. Poffenberger, I. R.
DeHart, Elmer Perkins, Harman A.
Deimler, R. R. Peters, Thomas S.
Devlin, John Reedy, James
Dunn, Albert L„ Jr. Reese, William P.
Eberly, William E. Rhoads, Daniel
Ellinger, George W. Ritner, Henrv C.
Etter, Chas. F. Rohrer, J. Frank
Fahnestock, Frank G. Royce, George C.
Fahnestock, James W. Satchell, George P.
Fisher, Chas. S. Sawyer, William A.
Fisher, Frank C. Schell, Edward H.
Fisher, John B. Schell, Jacob
Fitting, J. W. Schlayer, William H.
Fritchey, Ross H. Schmidt, Charles
Frey, Jacob G. Shader, Fred G.
Fry, DeWitt A. Shellenberger, Wm. G.
Fulton S. G. Shrenk, A. H.
Gamble. Robert Slentz, Wm. M.
Garberich, Charles H. Sourbier, George H.
Garverich, Charles A. Spangler, John K.
German, Philip Stackpole, Edward J.
Hantzman, Charles L. Stonesifer, J. D.
Harris, W. Doraer Stroh, Daniel
Hartman, Jerry J. Swope, Harry R.
Henderson, W. H. Wennell, Chas. E.
Hippie, Lewis West, Edward H.
Houtz, Harry C. West, John Y.
Hoy, Francis H.. Jr. West S. A.
Hoyer, William H. Wiestling Wm. E.
Huston, Fred W. Young, Harrv C.
Huston, John W. Ziegler, Frank E.
In the opening chapter of this his
tory of the First City Zouaves and City
Qravs it was stated that this would
be "a series of articles covering part
of the work of this excellent com
mand during its fifty-two years of
service in peace and war"; that it
would not nor could not be made'a
complete record of all the operations
of the various companies in this long
period of service; that names would
be omitted that ought to be in and
some inserted having no right to be
there. This was unavoidable because
of loose methods used Jn some cases
and in the loss or misidying of var
ious books and-papers of e»>ly days
that would have been invaluable.
The data for the various sections
was collected from many sources and
in some cases required a great deal
of search, not only to find the mate
rial, but to verify names and dates,
and to correct errors known to exist
in some of the books and papers.
However, it has been made as com
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News Items From Points
in Central Pennsylvania
Heading. Their three-year wag®
scale being due to expire on March 1,
local members of the International
Brewery Workers' Association at a
meeting here yesterday decided not to
sign a new scale unless their demand
for a $2 a week Increase In all three
classes of labor In their ranks Is
Mahanoy City. James Shean, of
Mahanoy Plane, was ground to death
on the Philadelphia and Reading
tracks while attempting to board a
Reading. For the fifty-third suc
cessive year. Frederick P. Heller was
elected president of the Washington
Library Association yesterday.
Pottstown. "Good-by, folks, I'm
going to die," declared John Richards
as he lay down on a couch where he
was found two hours later by his
brothers. His body was cold and a
physician said that he had been dead
more than an hour.
Shamoidu. —There Is a serious fire
In No. 14 vein, Buck-Rudge Colliery.
One hundred employes were sent
home. A terrific explosion of gas oc
curred In the morning when prepara
tions were being made to flood the
burning section.
Norristown. —John Talap, convicted
of murdering his wife In the suburbs
of Pottstown, while being returned to
jail after hearing argument for a new
trail, struck Sherilt Schwartz on the
head while they were about entering
the jail. Recorder of Deeds T. Dar
lington Buckwalter hurried to the
Sheriff's aid and Talap was over
Shenaiuloali. —Fire In the storage
house of the Roberts Powder Works,
at Krlb's Station, caused a dozen fam
ilies to flee to the hills, fearing anni
hilation. The loss Is about $2,000.
Shenandoah. Two hundred em
ployes of the Locust Mountain Coal
Company colliery here went on strike
Rending.—Grief over the death of
his 2-year-old son, who died a week
ago, is believed to have hastened the
death here yesterday of Ralph I. Bech
tel. 30 years old.
Wllke^-Barre,—Ouster proceedings
were started by District Attorney John
H. Bigelow yesterday against Con
troller William T. Kelly, of Larksville
borough, the claim being that the or
dinance creating the office in Invalid.
Pottsville. Fire yesterday de
stroyed the cafe at Schuylkill Haven
owned by Douglass Kauffman. The
loss is about SB,OOO. The stock of the
adjacent millinery store of Mrs. Sei-
plete as the records and the ability
of the compiler permitted; and It is
hoped it may prove satisfactory to all.
In making plates from the photo
graphs, considerable difficulty was en
countered in producing good results
in engraving from copies which were
in many cases faded by age or
scratched and broken from handling.
This is not surprising when it. is con
sidered that many of themX were
nearly or altogether fifty years old.
Some of the late ones, also, were in
bad condition and could not be repro
duced clearly.
This ends the series of articles and
cuts in the history of the First City
Zouaves and City Grays so far ns pub
lication In the Telegraph is concerned.
The entire collection will be printed
In book form and wiU be sold to those
who wish to subscribe for copies of it.
Orders can be given to Sergeant Philip
German, secretary of tfce First City
Zouaves and City Grays Veteran As
sociation, 25 North Fonrtli street.
UEL WUH uamuKeU by smoke and water.
York. — In granting a charter to the
Modern Countrymen, an association of
citizens of Manhelm township, Judge
N. Sargent Ross yesterday announced
that the court will not grant charters
to alleged art and literary societies
which are Intended mainly for drink
ing purposes.
Catasatiqua.—With a marriage li
cense obtained last Christmas, Miss
i Carrie Fehr and John Posh, both of
Catasauqua, were married by the Rev.
i J. Sieger.
Sunbury. The grand jury In the I
case against Harry C. Strlne, a Mil
ton councilman, who was charged by
the State police with gambling, ig
nored the bill in court here. The
same was done In the cases of Hurley
Wllvert and E. L. McDonald, charged
with conducting gambling houses.
Fifteen Pennsylvania
Weddings at Hagerstown
Special to Tfcg Ttligraph
Hagerstown, Md.. Feb. 3. Fifteen
couples from Pennsylvania came, ap
plied and were married In this Gretna
| Green of Maryland within the past
j week. The Rev. E. K. Thomas, pastor
I of the First Baptist Church, maintained
Ills reputation as the "Marrying Par-
I son" by uniting five of the couples.
I Miss Eva M. Bowman and Harry
I Urlch, both of Lebanon, were married
|by the Itev. Mr. Thomas yesterday.
i Saturday evening he married Miss Marie
I E. Ranch, of Mechanicsburg, and John
B. Keeser, of Camp Hill. The other
couples married by the Rev. Mr.
Thomas were: Miss May E. Crlminel
and George J. Carolus, both of Lewls
town; Miss Frances M. Henry, of Scot
land, and P. Ray Shoemaker, of Cham
Miss Maud Miller, of Chambersburg,
and M. O. Dick, of Waynesboro, were
married by Elder O. S. Hlghbarger, of
the Dunkard Church.
Mrs. Maud T. Wagner, of Green
t'astle, and Samuel B. Horn, of Waynes
boro, were united In marriage at thv,
parsonage of Bt. Paul's United Brethren
I'hurch Saturday evening by the Rev.
Dr. A. B. Statton.
Mrs. Joseph Coover, of Shippensburg,
and Joseph A. Miller, of Ch&mbersburg,
were married by the Rev. Dr. S. W.
Owen, pastor or St. John's Lutheran
Miss Mazie C. Clever, of Greencastle.
and Herbert R. Cordell. Chambersburg,
also were married by the Rev. Dr.
Miss H. Maye Sword and John Se
crest, both of Mercersburg, were mar
ried in Olearspring at the Lutheran
parsonage by the Rev. W. K. Diehl.
Miss Marguerite L Davis, of this city,
and John T. White, of Greencastle, Pa.,
were married here Saturay evening by
the Rev. Dr. J. S. Simon, pastor of Trin
ity Lutheran Church.
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FEBRUARY 3, 1914.
Mme. DeSylva, Operatic Contralto,
Is Sent to College by
"Friends of Music"
Special to The Telegraph
Annvllle, Pa., Feb. S.—Through the
generosity of monled people In New
York city, among whom la Mrs. Rus
sel Sage, who have at heart the rais
ing of musical appreciation in" the
United States, an unusual opportunity
will be given the students of Lebanon
Valley College to hear one of the great
operatic contraltos. Mme. DeSylva, an
Austrian by birth, a protege of the
Roumanian poetess-queen, Carmen
Sylva. Lebanon Valley College is one
of the twenty-four colleges that will
hear this great artist. The society,
which is called The Friends of Music,
will also send to Ihe school later in
the season David Blspham, the well
known baritone, formerly of the Met- j
ropoliton Opera Company. Mme.!
DeSylva will appear in the Engle Con
servatory of Music Saturday, Feb
ruary 7.
Special to The Telegraflt
Newport. Pa., Feb. S.—Mr. ajul Mrs.
H. Munson Corning announce the
birth of a daughter on Sunday. Feb
ruary 1. Mr. Corning Is the principal
of the borough schools and Mrs. Corn
ing before her marriage was Miss
Florence Klsner, of Carlisle.
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