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SONS OF men !
Installation of Officers of Dills
burg Camp Will Take
Place on Monday
Funeral of Mrs. Frank Sheilar
Took Place at Dillsburg
This Week
By Correspondtnct
Dillsburg. Fa., Jan. 10.—Washing
ton Camp. No 777. Patriotic Order j
Sons of America. «>f Dillsburg. will j
hold an installation <>f officers on Mon- 1
day night which will be followed by a '
banquet at the Hotel Central. A full]
course turkey dinner will be served. \
—The Rev. <l. H. Eveler. pastor of the
J.utheran congregation, will begin aj
series of revival services in the Opera ;
House on Sunday evening. Grover |
Blausser left on Tuesdny for Lincoln.
Neb. where be will make bis future
home. John Leer. a well-known 1
farmer of Carrol township, is seri- j
ouslv ill with pneuoionia. Miss Min
nie Baish spent the week with friends
in York.—The Rev. H. T. Bowersox
will begin a series of revival services!
in Filey's Church to-morrow.—Mrs. J. j
Victor Jones, of York, is visiting her'
parents. Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Altland. —
James L. Williams is seriously ill at
his home, near Filey's church. with
heart trouble.—The funeral of Mrs.
Frank Sheilar, formerly Miss Baish.
of Dillsburg, who died of Bright's dis
ease. was held on Tuesdav.
Wiconisco Coasters Are
Injured While at Sport
By Special l crrcsp mdence
Wiconisco, Pa., Jan. 10.—Benjamin
Howell returned to Wyoming Semi-'
nary, Kingston, having spent the holi
days with his aunt. .Miss Mary Howell.
—The coasting in town the past week I
has been very good, although several I
of the coasters were injured, among
them being Laura Reigel. who re
ceived a very badly sprained ankle; ,
Louis Yergey, who has a lacerated
scalp and badly bruised face, and
Howard Miller, who had the middle
and index fingers of his right hand
broken.—Miss Clara Romberfeer re
turned homo this week, having spent
the Christmas season with frienos in
Ohio. The Rev. Frank McCorkel.
noted evangelist, of Coatesville, is con
ducting revival services in the Meth
odist Episcopal Church.—E. Leßov
Keen returned to his studies at Co
lumbia University, New York, having
spent the holidays with his parents. —
Miss Estella Howell, of Scranton spent j
several days of last week at the
Howell homestead.—Miss MaryDiefen
derfer and Miss Pauline Kissinger re
turned to their respective, schools on
Tuesday morning.—Miss Margaret R.
Taylor returned from a week's visit
to her parents ill Charlottesville. Va., i
on Monday. Clarence Orndorff. of
Steelton, returned to his home last
week, having spent the holiday season i
in town.—Edwin Powell visited friends ;
in Ashland last week.
Many Visitors Hospitably
Entertained at Halifax
By Spe. uii Correspondence
Halifax. Pa.. Jan. 10.—Mr. and Mrs.
Barnard Hoffman and daughters. Ruth
and Kathleen, of Enterline, spent
Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. Harvey
S. Bogar.—Mrs. Charles Bowman and
son. Melvin. of Halifax township, are
visiting relatives in Lykens. Mrs.
Mary Mather, of Springfield, 111.: Miss
Kathryn Mather, of Boston. Mass.,
and Miss Janet Reiff, of New Cumber-j
land, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. L.
W. Ryan the past week. Solomon
l.eitzel. Jr.. spent Monday with his
sister, at Millersburg. Miss Grace
Pike is spending the week with
friends at Millersburg.—Mrs. J. C.
Pease and son. Parker, spent Sunday
with the former's parents at Frank-!
lintown. York country.—A. E. Cook,
of Halifax township, who has been'
confined to his home for the past few !
months with a severe attack of rheu- j
rnatism. is slowly improving. Missi
Ruth Bishoff. of Philadelphia, is visit- j
ing her mother. Mrs. Ellen Bishoff.—
Mrs. Lewis Bowman and daughter, of!
Altoona. was the guest of relatives!
this week.—The Rev. C. A. Funk and,
family are spending the week with the
former's parents at Florin. Lancas
ter county.—Mrs. Wllmot A} res. of
Bedford Springs, spent a few days at
the home of Mrs. Sarah Pike.—Mrs.
Cornelius Kuons and grandson. Dal-1
ton Vanetta, of Harrisburg, spent a
days at the home of her daugh-
ter. Mrs. Luther Lehr.—lsaac Miller, I
of Sparrows Point. Md.. a brother
to Mrs. S. R. Noblet. Mrs. W. W. S\>.M-i
card and Mrs. Arabella Sweigard, died
on Wednesday. -Miso Marguerite Cal-i
lahan. who has been ill with diphthe
ria, is convalescing.—Mrs. L. S. Mar-;
shall entertained on Thursday evening
at the H. P. S. Club in honor of Mrs. j
E. L Shope, of Harrisburg, and the i
Misses Kohtus, of Millersburg.—Mr. i
and Mrs. Homer Dunkel and two
daughters, spent Christmas holidays'
with relatives in Penbrook.
The genuine
Kffvk Bakers Cocoa and
| ||\ Baker's Chocolate/
J have this trade-mark on every
||:E3T*buisheo WALTER BAKER & CO. LTQ
York Springs Widow Fights
For $75,000 Estate in Court
Property Willed to Her by Husband as Reward For Mar
rying Man 25 Years Older Than Herself
By Special Correspondence (
' York Spring?. Pa., Jan. 10.—Mrs.
Benjamin Watkins. a York Springs
girl, laughter of Mrs. Mary Lory, of
this place, is fighting in the New Jer
sey courts at Camden for 1 75,000 of
her husband's estate, which she says
was to be her reward for marrying a
man 25 years older than herself. Ac
cording to the widow, who lives in;
Merchantville, when Watkins pro-j
posed marriage to her in 1910 she re-1
fused him because lie was much older
than she. The woman was then 25
and Watkins more than 50. Finally
he promised that if she would marry j
him would will lier his estate amount-j
ing to $75,000 upon his death. Wat-1
kins died some months ago and had ,
carried out his part of the agreement
Two Masons Are Presented
With Gold-headed Canes
By Special Correspondence
Mifflintown. Pa.. Jan. 10. E. J
Pennell returned to the University of
' Pennsylvania on Sunday, where he is a
i student in the law school. Missed
, Berth# and Anna Scott entertained at
cards in honor of Miss Bettie Mayer.
I Miss Jane Banks gave a tea to about
j forty friends.—Mrs. D. M. Crawford,
1 son and daughter spent a day with the
former's sister, Mrs. James Speddy, in
Altoona.—Miss Euphemia Strouse has
returned to Drexel after spending a
week with her mother. Mrs. Philip
! Strouse.—Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hill re
turned to their home at Madison, Wis.,
after a two weeks' visit in town. —Mrs.
Stewart Keeling and daughter. Miss
Margaret, of Germantown, are guests
of Sirs. Van Irvin. Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas McClellan entertained at a
sauerkraut dinner.—Mr. and Mrs. Jo
seph McCauley and daughter spent a
day among Tyrone friends. —At a reg
ular meeting of the llifflintown Lodge
of Masons. John S. Graybill. formerly
of town, but now of Lancaster, and
Henry S. Scholl, of town, who have
been Masons for fifty years past, were
presented by their brother members
with handsome gold-headed canes.—•
C. W. Mader, signalman at JO tower,
Duneannon. has been transferred to
Mifllin on the new electric system, and
will move with his family in the near
Son of Mrs. B. F. Junkin
Honored by D. A. R. Chapter
Mifflintown. Pa.. Jan. 10. —General
Thomas Mifflin Chapter D. A. R.
of Mifflintown presented Master
William Jackntan Junkin. son of their
registrar, Mrs. B. F. Junkin. with a
beautiful colonial silver spoon. The
front of the handle contains the
names of the thirteen original States
and the spinning wheel, with the let- ]
N. S. D. A. R. with the engraving
"Home and Country.'*. On the back of
the handle is engraved the initials
"W. J. J.". the bowl contains a pic- j
ture of the new Memorial Continental |
Hall.—Twenty-four new class chairs |
have been placed in the recitation 1
room of the Mifflintown High School.
—Mifflintown Council has reorganized i
with these members: Guy Auker, G. |
Frank Bausum. C. Dorf Ellis, re-elect- |
ed: new members. E. E. Magtll, Sam-|
uel Hart. Robert Doty, William Zeig- .
ier. president, and C. B. Crawford, I
clerk and solicitor.—William P. Rit?.- |
man bought the late Christian Ben- j
der tract of land In Turbett township. !
with a house and barn, for $7OO. i
George MeClure bought a 19-aere
tract of woodland, consideration $l7O. j
—A 10-acre tract of woodland was j
bought by John Boyer for SSO.
Newton Hamilton, Pa., Jan. 10. —»'•
Mr. and Mrs. Hartzel Temple, of Al- j
toona. visited at the home of his par- ;
ents on Tuesday.—Mrs. James T>ath- '
erow and son Fred, of Altoona. spent
Saturday at the home of J. W. Lath
erow. —Misses Ruth Watts and Mil
dred Wilson visited Hsrrisburg on
Sunday.—Joseph Warum and James!
Clark, of Lewistown, spent Tuesday
evening in town. —Mr. and Mrs. Uw
retice Carbaugh spent several days
with John Zellers at Voungstown, ,
Ohio.—-George Albert Daniels and Miss '
• Mara Bowen. both of this place, were
married Thursday evening. Januarv 1, !
1914. by Dr. J. R. Dolling. Miss I
Martha Gearhart was a visitor to New
port on Thursday.—M. C. Craig, of
New York, spent the holiday season at
home.—Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Kauffman I
wtre v isitors to Millerstown.—Hazel!
Wharton, of Altoona. spent several i
days at the home of O. M. Sechrist.— ]
Mrs. James Smelker and daughter, of'
Bellwood. spent Wednesday at the !
home of J. M. Smelker.—The follow- '
ing are the officers of the Junior Or- i
der United American Mechanics for
the next six months: Past councilor, I
1... C. Bowen; councilor, C. C>. Smith;
\ ice-councilor. R. H. Norton: record
ing secretary. H. W. Bollinger; assist
ant recording secretary, L. C. Valen
tine: conductor. C. L. Anders; warden. ,
J. S. < 'arson: inside sentinel. N. S. '
Pressler; outside sentinel. S. C. Wil- I
son; trustees. E. C. Graham. S. C. I
Wilson and J. M. Miller: chaplain, H.
B. Shaver.—J. H. Leffard. T. H. Wilson j
and H. B. Shaver attended Masonic |
lodge in McVevtown Tuesday evening.
—T. F. Sechrist was a visitor to Al
toona on Tuesday.
Iby making a will in his wife's favor,
I but since his death three brothers
,! have put in a claim for part of the
Restate. —Guy Pearson has gone to New
i Kingston. Pa., where he will take a
course in a business college.—Alonzo
'Hoffman has sold his 67-acre fruit
i j farm to Edward Krouse, of Gettys
| burg, for J. 1.500. -Good sleighing Is
! now being enjoyed north of town
j about eight inches of snow having
I fallen in the last few days.—A number
I of the young people of the town held
a dance in the Bunk Hall one evening
recently. Those present were Mrs. Q.
'W. Hershey, Mr. and Mrs. J. Harvey j
! Neel.v, Misses Ruth Myers, Miriam
| Gardner. Rcba Emmert. Edna Her-
Bhey and Emma Pearson and Ralph
,starry, Karl RhenfTer. Norman Starry,
Raymond Starry and Ralph Lischy.
' Ex-President of Lebanon
Valley College Preaches
Sermon at Annville Church
By Special Correipondence
Annville, Pa., Jan. 10.—The R«v.
Dr. and Mrs. H. T*. Rupp, of Manas
sas Va,, visited friends here on Sun
day. Dr. Rupp was formerly presi
dent of Lebanon Valley College. He
preached the sermon at the evening
services in the United Brethren
Church. While here £*r. Rupp was
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H.
Kreider.—William Himmelberger, a
printer, employed in New York, spent
the week with his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Frank •Himmelberger.—D. G.
Brandt on Tuesday slaughtered a large
porker. When the hog was dressed, it
weighed 530 pounds.—The Rev. and
Mrs. J. Rauch Stine, three daughters
and two sons, of South Bethlehem,
and Mrs. Samuel Stine, son and
daughter, of York, Pa., were guests
of George W. Stine.—Allen and Mae
Meyer visited in Reading Tuesday.—
Miss Helen Brightbill has returned to
College at Poughkeepsie, N.
"1.. where she will resume her studies
after spending the holiday at the home
of her parents.—The Auf Weider Sehn
Club was entertained on Monday aft
ernoon by Misses Mayme and Florence
Christeson.—Prof, and Mrs. D. Albert
Kreider. of New Haven, Conn., were
the guests of the former's parents.
Airs. Joseph H. Kroider.—-
Mrs. C. E. Shenk and son Alfred, spent
several days with her parents ;it
Rachmansville. Z| o „ United Evan
geliep! Church elected the following
officers for the ensuing year: Super
intendant, Lincoln Rupp; assistant su
perintendent. Grant Blouch; secretary,
'rank Bussard: assistant secretary,
Sara Ensniinger; treasurer. John
Graybill; organist, Elsie Condran; as
sistant organist, Martha Long.
U. S. Army Cavalryman
Visits Father at Newville
hy Special Correspondence
j New villi-, p a ,. Jan. 10.—Mr. and
I Mrs. H. A. Snyder, of New Florence.
!1 a ; >r. and Mrs. John Handshe-w
, an,i daughter, and Mrs. Edward
| Shaner and son. of Harrisburg, spent
i a few days with their parents. Mr.
-and Mrs. B. Frank Hutton.—Misses
\ era and Mary Fleming and Miss
I -Minnie Snyder, of Mercershurg. spent
a few days with Miss Helen Killian.—
i Edward Xehf, son of Solomon Nehf
| who spent the past three vears as a
j cavalryman in the United States
Army, being stationed in the Phil
. lppine Islands and China, visited his
I father for a few days. He left on
Monday for Texas, where he has re
enlisted and will be in the Eighth
I'nited States Cavalry.—Mr. and Mrs.
Charles B. Kby and daughter have re
turned from a week's trip to Barre,
Vermont, and Quincy, Mass.—Mrs. J.
W. Skilling and children have re
turned to thier home in Austin, Pa.,
after a visit to the former's parents,'
Mr. and Mrs. Austin Mickey.—The
fourth entertainment in the Citizens"
Lyceum course will be held on Tues
day evening. January 13, in the opera
house, when the Hussar quartet will
be the attraction.
New Year's Dinner and
Reunion at Lingle Home
By Special Correspondence
Graiitvillc. Pa., Jan 10.—Dr. H. W.
Shirey sold his property to Dr. John
L. Groh, of Lebanon. Dr. Shirey Is a
physician of ability and his many
friends are sorry to see him leave.
Dr. Groh has already assumed charge
of his practice here.—Mrs. Thomas
Shuey has been on the sick list, but is
improving.—A New Year's dinner and
family reunion took place at the house
of Irvin Lingle. The following were
present: Mrs. Lingle and Mrs. Roe
buck, the grandmothers of Mr. Lingle;
also Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Lingle, Mr.
and Mrs. Ellsworth Hetrich, Mr. and
Mrs. Luther Litigle and son Charles,
and Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Hetrich.
Mrs. William Hetrich, of Shellsville,
is critically ill with pneumonia.—A
wedding dinner was held at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lingle in
honor of their daughter Annie, who
was recently married to Charles Boe
Adams County Poor Board Re
elects All Old Officers
For New Year
Prof. Roth Elected President of
Superintendent's Department of
State Educational Association
By Special Correspondence
Gettysbnrg, Pa.. Jan. 10.— J. Her
man Bream has leased the store room
and residence and purchased the store
of Jacob G. Slojaaker, in York street,
jiind took possession on Monday.— Ex
tensive improvements have been made
to the college gymnasium during: the
Christmas vacation.—The annual ban
quet given hy the management of the
Reaser Furniture Company ti> its em
ployes on Saturday evening was held
In the banquet rooms" of St. James'
I/Utheran Church.—The poor board of
Adams county met Monday afternoon
and re-elected all the old officers for
the coming- year.—Abraham Scott one
of the town's oldest residents died at
his home Monday afternoon.—Edward
Hewitt slipped and fell through the
plate glass window in front of the
Gettysburg Candy Kttchen.— Martin
and Albin McSherry have secured con
trol of the Garden Auditorium in
| York street, and will have roller skat
jing Wednesdays and Saturdays.—Pro-
Ifeasor H. Milton Roth was elected
[president of the superintendent's de
partment of the State Educational As
jsociatlon at its meeting in Pittsburgh
I last week.
Miss Mabel Loose Voted
Popular Girl of Jonestown
By Special Correspondence
Jonestown. Pa., Jan. 10.—Harry
Ritz ha* opened a cobblershop In the
j little room adjoining the Heilman
( House.—Mrs. Milton Kline is seriously
jill with blood poisoning and her son
George is ill with an attack of typhoid
I pneumonia.—Ralph H. Gerberich is
| confined to bed with an attack of
{pneumonia.—On Tuesday while John
H. Spangler was riding a horse to
water he was thrown to the ground,
injuring his left arm and side severely.
—During the past week a medicine
show )ias been in the hall, last even
ing Miss Mabel Loose was voted the
most popular girl in town.—On Wed
nesday evening the Glee Club of the
Annville College had exercises in the
! hall.—The play "Hezekiah's Country
Store" will be rendered Friday and
Saturday evening for the benefit of
I the high school.—The Rev. Mr,
jSehierer. of Northampton county, who
I was recently elected pastor of the
i \\ aimers-Jonestown Reformed congre
gations, moved here on Monday.—
Gerhart and Bachman are having the
two partitions torn out between the
two rooms in their hardware store
making it all into one large sales
room.—Miss Clara Nlssley, of Harris
burg, is visiting her cousin, Mrs. Wil
liam H. Bross, of town.
Lecture on "The House That
Jack Built" by Minister
By Special Correspondence
Newport, Pa., Jan. 10.—Charles E.
Bretz has returned to New York after
I a pleasant visit with his parents. Mr.
land Mrs. George R. Bretz.—Miss Ber- j
tha Keller, of Harrisburg, was a re-;
cent guest of Miss Ruth Irene Grubb.
I —Miss Mary Harris Irwin was guest]
[at a tea party recently given by Miss'
; Banks at her home In Mifflintown.—
Mrs. James Cochrane, of Philadelphia,
who has been visiting her father, Levi
Smith, has returned to her home, ac
companied by her father, who will re
main indeflnately.—Sunday guests of
Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Blatzer were Al
derman and Mrs. William Bayles and
Miss Katharine Reed, i f Harrisburg.
—Harry Myers, of Altoona, visited his
parents. Mr. and Mrs. George W. My
ers, for a few days.—Miss Ruth Jones
has gone to Johnstown where she will
spend the winter with her sister, Mrs.
Warren W. Worthington.—Frank P.
Whitmer. of the Whitmer News
Agency, spent Tuesday in Harrisburg.
—The Rev. J. C. Collins, D. D., pastor
of the Methodist Episcopal Church,
gave his celebrated lecture, "The
House That Jack Built," at Academia
last evening.—Eleanor P. Smith,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Smith, has been taken to a Philadel
phia hospital, where she will be op
erated upon for an affection of the
eyes.—George K. McCKntic visited his
cousins. Miss Jean Kerr and Mrs.
Mary K. Johnston, this week. Their
niece. Mrs. Harry J. Bentley, of Car
lisle, was their guest on Thursday.—
Joseph Miller, of Factoryvllle, visited
friends here.—Mrs. Samuel A. Sharon
is entertaining Mrs. Homer B. Ragan,
Mrs. Windham Phinny and her baby
daughter, Elizabeth Sherman Phinny,
all of New York.—H. Cheston Frank
of Harrisburg, visited his mother, Mrs.
J. C. Frank, on Thursday.—Mrs. Ed
ward G. Sheafer entertained her
mother. Mrs. Calvin Etter and her
sister, Mrs. H. S. Kelley, of Harris
Week's Special Services
in Lewisberry Church
Lewisberry, Pa., Jan. 10.' —W. S.
[Hammond is spending a few weeks'in
Washington, D. C.. the guest of his
sons, Edward and Bennett Hammond.
—Mrs. Laura Kline is visiting her sls
iter, Mrs. Howard Wright, of Harris
burg.—Mrs. Wilbert A. Parks, of
York, in spending the week in Lewis
berry. •»—The Rev. D. L. Dixon began
special meetings in the Methodist
Episcopal Church on last Sunday even
ing. The meetings to continue every
evening at 7 o'clock. —Mrs. Jacob Fet
row, who Is 111 due to paralysis, is
improving.—A prayer meeting will be
held this afternoon at the home of
Miss Elmira Foster—Walter Sealover,
who has been ill for som weeks, is
convalescent. —Miss Ethel Laird and
cousin, Miss Gertrude Updegraff, and
Bruce Nebinger returned to the nor
mal school at MiUersville after spend
ing the holidays with their parents.—
A farmers' institute will be held in
the town hall on January 30 and 31.
On account of the inclement' weather
the communion services that were to
have been held in the Methodist
Episcopal Church on last Sunday
morning, have been postponed until
January 18.—Mr. and Mrs. John H.
Shettel were recent gueets of their
daughter. Mrs. Ralph K. Elicker. and
Mrs. Shettle's sisters, the Misses Brat
ten. of Harrisburg.—Mrs. W. S. Nor
tenheim and daughter Caroline, of
Philadelphia, ar« guests of Mrs. Nor
tenheim's mother. Mr*. W. S. Ham-
L mond.
$373,661 Worth of Horses
Sold at Ephrata Stables
2,540 Head, or 116 Carload
Disposed of During
Ephrata, Pa., Jan. 10. —During the
year 1913. 116 carloads of AVestern
' horses were sold at public sale at Will
. Leber's sale and exchange stables in
! Kphrata, at prices aggregating $373,-
j 661.50. These horses numberer 2,540.
I Resides these. Mr. Leber sold 275 ac
i climated horses at public sale and 1,-
, Personal News Items 1
From Nearby Towns in |
Central Pennsylvania
By Special Correspondence
II ain uir l*t«M n Miss Katharine
Nissley lias returned to Smith c ol
lege, Mass.. alter spending several ,
weeKs with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. |
J. P. Nissley.—Mr. and Mrs. William |
IS. Ney spent several days in Pnua
delphla.-'The Men's Bible Class oil
Zion Lutheran Church, will hold • its
sixth anniversary on Sunday after
noon. January 11.—The Glee Club oil
the Rutherford Y. M C. A- sang in the
Lutheran Church on Weunesoay even-(
ing.—Ohas. Holsberg lett for Vort
avne, lnd., after spending several
weeks with bis mother, Mrs. Fidelia
Holsberg.—Miss Kditli Freed, of Ber
wln, Pa, spent several days with her
uncle, Dr. M. L. Nissley. Beed W ai
mer has returned to Philadelphia af
ter spending a week with his mother.)
Mrs. Elizabeth Walmer.—Miss Salliei
Henderson is spending the week ln|
Sunbury. Mr. and Mrs. Snow, of >
Harrisburg, spent Sunday with Mr. and.
Mrs. John S. Goshert. Mr. and Mrs.
George Hotter left for their home in
I lAfayetter. lnd., where Mr. Hotter is
professor in Biology at Purdue I ni
versity, after spending several weeks
wit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. George P.
Hoffer.—Miss Nelda Hummel returned
to the Cumberland Valley State Normal
School at Shippensburg. after spending
several weeks with her parents. Mr.
and Mrs. David C. Hummel. —Mr. and
Mrs. William Ruser, of Hershey, spent
several davs with Mr. Buser's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. H. Wells Buser. Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Rrinton, of Harrisburg,
spent several days with Mrs. Brin
ton's parents, Mr. an Mrs. L. W. Eber
sole.—Mr. and Mrs. Delos James re
turned to their home in Woodstock. 111.,
after spending several days with Mrs.
James' parents. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H.
I Walters.
| MlddlebiirK—J. P. Stetler spent Sun
day with friends at Mt. Union. D.
E. Kreanier, who lias been visiting his
family for several weeks, left for Du
Quense, on Sunday.—Mrs. Anthony Her
man. of Beaver Springs, spent Sunday
at the home of Jacob Herman. —Mar-
I garet Cooner left for Williamaport,
I Mondav, where she will resume her
studies* at the Willlamsport Commercial
College.—Miss Anna Steel, of Altoona,
is visiting at the home of Joseph
Oreese—Roscoe Steininger and George
Drees e left on Wednesday for Belle
fonte where they will attend the Belle
fonto Academy. Milo Ilassinger left
for State College on Tuesday. At
torney Emanuel Pawling, of Seliris
grove, was a caller at the News of
fice. on Saturday.—Dr. and Mrs. John
Amig spent Sunday at the home of J.
J,. Marks.—Dr. Joseph Sallada and
famllv. who have been visiting friends
in Middleburg for several weeks left
for their home in Benton, on Friday.—
Sue Toole, teacher of the Middleburg
'primary school, spent Sunday with her
parents, at Freeburg. Mr. and Mrs.
George Steininger entertained friends
at a turkey dinner at their home, on
Saturday night. Joseph Potter left
Monday for Philadelphia where lie will
resume his studies at the Medico-Cliir
urgical College. Fred Stetler, of
Northumberland, spent several days
with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Calvin
: Hindnnuclr The snow and rain
storm on Saturday did not prevent
I matlmonial affairs for two weddings
were celebrated. —Dr. Groh, of Leba
non has begun to practice medicine at
Grantville in place of Dr. Shlrey
Samuel Snyder, of Hummelstown. visit
led Professor K. K. Snyder.—Rudy
| Brehm lias a force of men tearing
awav the old lock at the Union canal.
! opposite Valley Glenn.- —A wedding
l dinner was served on Sunday to invit
ed guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Edward Lingle. in honor of thir daugh
ter and son-in-law. Mr. and Mrs.
| Charles Bashore.
Mexico Banks Kauffman, of Mi ft
lintown, visited Mr. and Mrs. William
Kurtz.—Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Frank
announces the birth of a daughter, on
January 6, 1914.—Thomas Übil visited
friends at Burnham. on Sunday. Miss
Vanarda Kurtz is ill.—Miss Naomi (pas
tier visited friends at Mifflin, on Sun
day.—Samuel Bashore. of Mt. Pleasant,
made a business trip to Mexico. 011,
Tuesday. Charles Farleman made aj
business trip to Mifflin, on Tuesday— l
Mr. and Mrs. Haas visited friends at
their former home, at Freemont.—
William Kleck, of near Center, socnt
Tuesday In town. Dr. and Mrs.
Long, f Mifflin, passed through Mex
ico, on Tuesday.
Dalmalla -Miss Ellen Messner, of
Tnwner City, visited her mother, Mrs."
Anna Messner. recently. Miss Lenore
Watts, of Harrisburg, spent Sunday
with relatives. Miss May Williams,
of Scranton. was the guest of J. O.
Paige a few days. Earl Deppen. of
Sunbury, visited his uncle, C. S. Dep
nen. on Monday. I. J. Batdorf, of
Harrisburg. transacted business in
town, on Tuesday. Miss Hazel John
son returned home after visiting at
Sunburv and Northumberland. Miss |
Mary M. Bubb returned to her books on
Tuesday at the Bueknell University,
I/ewisbiirg. J. B. Farley, after spend
ing a few weeks' vacation, returned
to Washington, D. C„ where he is em
ployed by the government. H. S.
Witmer attended court at Sunbury this
week as a juryman.—Michael Wiest.
of Harrisburg, spent Wednesday in
x™ Cumberland—Mrs. David Kie
bautrh attended a dinner at the lionie
of Miss Sallle Shets at Shiremanstown
on Monday.—Mr. and Mrs. William T.
Sinythe have returned to their home
at "Montandon, Pa.—Mrs. Schmidt en
tertained at cards on Monday night.—
Mrs. Hemminger, of Carlisle, is the
guest of Mrs. KeebaiiKh and Mrs. Lola
Oyster. Mrs. William Reed was at
Stiippensburg this week. where she
was summoned on account of the ill
ness of her father.—Mrs. Cora Draw
baugh, of this place, and John Markley.
were married at York, on Sunday, and
moved to a farm at Cly. York county
on Monday. Mrs. T. R. Nevin and son.
Traver, returned from a visit to her
parents in Steelton. —E. C. Dewey, en
tertained his Sunday School olas« of
young ladies at his home in Third
street, on Wednesday.—T. R. Nevin
was at Landsnberg to visit his nar
ents this week.—Mr. and Mrs. John
Loner went to housekeeping In their
nretty new house at Hillside, which
has Just been completed this week.
Hershey Mr. snd Mrs. R S.
Rutikle. of New York State, spent a
few hours here.—Mr. and Mrs. Earl R
Mavs, announce the birth of a baby
s:lrl. The Rev. O. G. Roniig will de-
Bta'e of Ohio. City of Toledo, Lucas Connty. *«.
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that be Is aeilor
fiartner of the firm of F. J. Cheney A. Co., do
ne business In the City of Toledo. County and
State aforesaid, and that said firm will pay :
the aum of ONE HUNDRED HOT-LANS for I
each anil every rase of Catarrh that cannot )>•
cured by the usa of Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Sworn tn betore me and subscribed In my I
presence, this 6th (lay of December. A. D., ISS6. {
Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally and
acta directly upon ibe bl'vd and mucous aur
faces of the system. Send for testimonials,
F. J. CHENET * CO., Toledo. O. j
Sold by all Drugelsta, 75c.
TaVe Hill's Family Fills for constipation. £ I
JANUARY 10, 1914.
s, of Fine Western Animals
1913 at Good Prices
220 head of horses to Philadelphia and
600 mules to PPottsville. J. G. Get/.,
another Ephrata dealer, shipped
twelve carloads of horses and mules to
New York and six carloads to Rich
mond. Va. He also had shipped to
Ephrata twelve carloads of mules from
Missouri, to be sold in this section.
liver an address on "Character the
<'hief Knd of Education," to the High
School scholars on Thursday morning.
—The Rev. Haul D. Witman, of Ann
ville. delivered an address at the Men's
Club, on Sunday afternoon. The
Rev. O. G. Roinig Is conducting revi
val services at luilon Deposit. Miss
Kdna l.andis entertained at luncheon
on Monday evening in her rooms at the
V. W. C. A., in honor of Miss Mary
Nissley, of Middletown. Miss Mary
Hurcli returned from Wllliamsport,
where she spent her holiday vacation.
—Albert Hill visited his parents at
Frostburg, Md.—Miss Lottie Conrad vis
ited relatives and friends at Dauphin.
—Mr. and Mrs. .Ino. Spancake announce
the birth of a baby girl.—Waller Asn
enfelter spent a few days In Phila
delphia.—The Rev. Joseph <\ Fields, of
Lebanon, will deliver an address at the
Men's Club on Sunday afternoon.— Miss
Margaret 1 .eit hetser and Clayton
Snavely spent several days in Phila
Thorn pnontovm. Mr. and Mrs. El
mer Smith were guests of Frank Smith.
—Miss Mary ,l<eonard. of Lewistown,
visited her parents. D. W. Hostetter
and Miss Florence Colyer were in
Philadelphia part of the week. Di.
and Mrs. Metz visited the former's par
ents. near Allenville. lrvln L Bare,
of New York, and Miss Martha KautY
man, of York, visited Charles Zelgler <>.
few days. Harvey Mendenhall. of
Harrisburg, made some calls in town
on Monday. Mrs. B. Harris is spend
ing a week with her sister, at Lewis
town. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Colyer, of
Loganton, are spending some time at
William Colyer's. Morgan Steele, of
Tyrone, is visiting Mrs. A. G. Logan.—■
Mrs. Lena Kramer, of McAUstervllle,
spent a day with her parents.
M«ry»vllle. Miss Mildred Rupley,
266 Peffer street, Harrisburg. spent
several days this week with her aunt,
Mrs. J. C. F. Geib. Miss Mary Taylor,
of Harrisburg, spent the week-end with
her aunt, Mrs. John T. Glass. Mrs. W.
A. Reamer and grandchildren, Cathe
rine and Eva, were guests of Mr. and
Mrs. A. J. Ellenberger, on Sunday.
Miss Mabel Eppley and Frank Roberts
attended a card party at the home of
Mrs. H. A. Hass, at Overview, on Thurs
day evening. Frank Leonard left
this morning for Lancaster, where he
will spend to-day and Sunday with
friends. Mr. and Mrs. J. 1,. Sellers,
Mr. and Mrs. W. L Roberts, Mrs. Addle
Lttlen and Mrs. R. L Adams attended
the funeral of D. M. Bailey, at Carlisle,
on Thursday. Miss Alva Shearer is
spending a week with her sister, Mrs.
James Martin.
Kreanier. Born, to Mr. and Mrs.
i barles Lent*. a baby girl. M. P.
Hummel. Herman Leitzel. Henry Saurs
and Amnion Benfer transacted business
in Middleburg on Tuesday. Reno
Ran, of Lewistown, transacted business
here on Tuesday. Roy Meckley and
family visited H. J. Fenton, in Sunbury,
last week. Mrs. W. E. Sampel is vis
iting her parents, at Selinsgrove.
Homer Hummel visited friends In Sun
bury over Sunday. Clyde Bolig and
family, ol Northumberland, visited
Thomas W. Dietrich, on Sunday, Dr.
A. H. Herman, of Middleburg. made a
business call on Monday at this place.
—A. H. Blouch and Frank Thomas were
at Middleburg on Tuesday. Miss Anna
Hummel left for Bloomsburg on Mon
day to go to college.
WorinleyNlHirK. Miss Sallie Geiger,
of Philadelphia, has returned home
after spending a few days with her
brother, Wesley Geiger. and family.
Miss Eckert, a trained nurse from
New York, Is spending some time with
her mother and sisters, in Second
street. Miss Edna Eckert is spend
ing her vacation visiting in the West.
—J. Ort lias been confined to the house
for some time with la grippe.
Mt. Joy. Milton M. Leib, who has
been serving as a juryman in the
Lnited States District Court, at Phila
delphia, for the past three weeks re
turned to his home. John E. Schroll
and Samuel H. Miller spent a few days
in Philadelphia. Miss Marie DeLong
spent several days with friends at
Harrisburg. William B. Miller, of
Altoona. spent Sunday with his sister.
Mrs. David C. Reist. The Rev. A.
Lehman, of Palmyra, was a visitor in
the family of the Rev. H. S. Gabel for
several days. Miss Ethel O'Connor,
of Pittsburgh, an J Miss Salome Feeser
and Miss Eva Steigelman. of Harris
burg, spent Tuesday with Mr. and Mrs.
Paul E. Getz. Mr. and Mrs. C. G
Rohrer, of New York City, and Dr. E
B. Wright and family, of Harrisburg,
spent a week with the family of Wil
liam Bigler Detweiler. Edward Rich
ards, of Coatesville. is the guest of bis
father. Dr. Frank L Richards. Mr.
and Mrs. Clinton S. Longeneeker gave
a party in honor of their daughter
Kathryn. on her eighth birthday.
George Trostle and Miss Ruth Stokes
won the prize for the finest costumed
SSHW®' a JV,',, Mias Trene B Sheetz and
\VUliam Ellis received the honors for
the best comic costumes at the mas
querade dance at the Mt. ,lov riall
Miss Kathryn Gingrich entertained the
Indies' Bible Class, of the United Evan
gelical Sunday school, at her home, oti
Tuesday evening. Dr. Paul Gabel. a
dentist of Dayton, Ohio, spent several
days in town with his parents, the Rev
and Mrs. 11. S, Gabel. J. Rouse Burns
and Mrs. Addie Knight, of Philadelphia,
were guests of the latter's parents Mr
and Mrs. John Hallowell. Mrs. Caro
line Martin, of Philadelphia, spent sev
eral days in town.
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Slides For Educational
Three Members of Stough Party
to Speak at Northumber
land Churches
Northumberland, Pa., .lan. 10.
Teachers ol the local schools havo
purchased a lirst-class stereoptlcon
machine for educational use. A cabi
net of iOn slides on educational sub
jects was also purchased. The teach
ers expect to Increase the value of the
machine later by (he addition of a
moving picture attachment. Three
members ol' the Stough evangelistic,
party, which is conducting a campaign
In Sunburv, will address the local
Lvangelical. Methodist and Baptist
congregations on Sunday morning.—
Misses Rhoda and Dorothy Lilac. 6f
WlHiamsport, were guests at the. homo
o r Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ruch and
Mr. and Mrs. George Cook on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. R. i'. Russell and son.
Ralph left on Saturday for a. pleasur*
trip to Florida. Young Mr. Russell
will also go to Cuba before returning
home.—Mrs. Lou Hartman. of Milton,
and Miss Janet Kerlin ha.v* returned
home after a week' visit at Quogue,
L. 1., and New York city.—Homer 1,.
Spangler. of Lebanon, Pa., spent Mon
day and Tuesday with his brother, the
Rev. Paul M. Spangler.—Announce
ment has Just been made of the mar
riage of Miss Sarah Kaler, of Coburn
Pa. and Frank Pinges, of Akron,
Ohio, at the home of the bride's unci"
p. S. Hackenburg, in this place, on
December 31. The ceremony was per
formed by the Rev. Paul Spangler, of
the Baptist Church.—Mrs. F. R Bat
ten, of Scranton, lias returned home
after a visit of several weeks with
relatives In this ulaee.—Jacob Straub,
of Point township, went to Philadel
phia, on Tuesday to reoeive treatment
for a cataract in his right eye. He
was accompanied by Dr. C. E. Rutter.
Lemojne, Pa., Jan. 10.— On Thurs
day evening the Ascholas class of the
Lutheran Church met at the home of
the teacher. Miss Mabel Baker.—The
L. S. Class of the Lutheran Church
met at the home of Leander Baker.—
The Philalathea Class of the Evan
gelical Church met in the church on
Tuesday evening. The Ladies' Aitl
Society of the Lutheran Church held
a meetinK in the church on Thursday
evening.—Beula Deck, of Bethel, re
turned home after spending some time
with her sister, Mrs. Harry Snyder.—
Mrs. L .M. Jones ami daughter Ivy
have reached home after spending a
month in California, returning by the
southern route and spending a few
days in Mexico.—Mr. and Mrs. Archie
Burke, of Harrisburg, returned home
after spending some time with the lat
ter's parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. A.
Kunkle.—Mrs. Harry Sharpe
ill at her home in Kossmoyne
Frances Sutton, who has
appendicitis, is improving.
Koker returned to his home in Myer.sT
town after spending some time with
his sister, Jlrs. Robert Stupp.—Bor
ough council met in the council cham
ber on Tuesday evening and elected
these officers: President, AA'arren
Fishel: treasurer. Harry Zimmerman;
secretary, Harry Leach.
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