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----''' FItUM AND FOREST l'ItE13::.
OM OM leisure of the young farmer—
especially when ho has erected n new res
idetigthould be eployed in laying out
a Mho guilett, and it T
planting his fruit and
slitiV*iWith oppropriatc care and taste.
That /Meg done, the trees and shrubs will
be Cl** on with annual increase of beau-
Visstkß:this and.produce, to enhance the COM
ortiir pf.hbolructil home, and solace the lan
guikliOur.s of and infirmity. This is
a fluty :which has been sadly neglected
hisiii*,llPennsylvania. It is really dis
tress.* to the eye of taste to witness the
inialber of farm-houses in our ancient
commipatrealth, which stand exposed, as
it were in the open field, without a shrub
orlisigraiwplot, to cheer the inmates, or
evigivormuch as a friendly tree to protect
them' . 'Avnin the glare of the summer's sun.
Nosealtient-of our naked villages, who
haii:e4Ored a promenade beneath the arch
ing ellamwhich adorn the avenues of New
Hired add other Eastern towns, can fail
to I)4i:humbled by the contrast, and lament
the - Nitrites, cruel negligence, the mei:ln
dio* want of forecast which has prevail
edOMong nor own people. This repel
siti &attire of barbarism should be no
longer tolerated. Every farm should be
mitlea beautiful country seat. Such or
namental feats, instead of interfering with
the - essential duties of agriculture, tend
rather', to animate and cheer the labors of
every 'homer who has a soul susceptible
ortrue enjoyment. The beautiful shade
trims which surround the dwelling, as they
grow Wld;becoming associated with plea
sant reminiscences in the family, and ex
ert" stpelightful influence. The children
wit, have grown upend disported beneath
their spreading boughs become fondly at
teclied to them, and strongly disposed to
guard and preserve them. The touching
song of countryman, Morris, owes its
poptilittity no less to a deep-seated princi
ple in our nature, than to the engaging sim
plicity: and pathos of its numbers. Every
one who has spent the sum merdays of youth
under :the lovely shade around the paren-
MTtlottemile f will be- as ready as the poet
to exclaim
-. Woodman ! spate that tree !"
Every descendant of the patriarch who
l it; wiU , interpoee to save the ven
erable tree ,which sheltered the home of
Childhood, and will remonstrate with
the Vandal who may threaten it, in the
earnest moving accents of the bard:
tqlfolictiliy.,iorefather's hand
That placed it near his cut ;
Them, woodman I .kt it stand—.
Thyomishan harm k
When brit asidle bay,
I isougittille paheild shade;
Io AlltlekigalinjoY. -
11eira,lko, my sisters played. -
My. mother hissed me there ;
„ Hy father mimed my hand.
~.Forgive this foolish tear—
Bat let that old tree stead!
SuAtverniaiseenees of our . purer &ye
deserves to be fondly cherished, and should
never be obliterated by the 'sterner pur
sOts of after life, The tasteful arrange
itteukotirees and shrubbery on a farm not
only conduces to real comfort, but is the
surest indication of a gentle, cultivated and
tridi'ciiillied people. It demonstrates
that boorish rudeness has been superseded
by refined_ feeling, and a just appreciation
of the beauties of nature. how delightful
to the toil-worn farmer, in the evening of
to repose in the shade of the trees
whieh:he has planted with his own hands !
dew grateful to the heir of the parental
mansion to enjoy the umbrageous shelter
provided by the care and taste of his rev
erend progenitor! The shade tree, thus
plaited, ;beeornes, as it were, a cherished
mernbernfai affectionate family. Its lon
gevity renders it an abiding friend of sue
eeeding geserations--a silent but most in
teresting witness of the advent and depar
ture of children, and of children's children,
I , tittic its aged trunk remains an emblem and
oecitins memorial of a long line of vener
ehle apeoFtry.—Dr. 7filliuni Ikrlington.
CAL MANDREL.—On a space of ground cul
tivated in 1843, by Mr. J. It. Lawes, of
licidosnaled, England, which had not been
mounted, the yield per acre was 16 3-4
bushels of wheat, and 1,115 lbs. of straw.
This may b 3 considered as the natural pro
dooe,uf the soil, sublect only to the stows
rzie infhienee of that particular season.
same space of ground was cultivated
AO moored for three consecutive years,
With the following results
Is 1644, the application of 560 lbs. of
burnt bones and 220 lbs. of silicate of po-
Wito produced 16 bushels of wheat and 1,-
113 lbs. of tow
la cwt. each, of sulphate and
eaudaWisiumamtia, produced 313-4 bush
.4llllt*lntd 6.244 lbs. of straw,
Ald. o ll ewl. of sulphate of ammonia
itipshisti Intl bubo& of wheat and 2,244
- "In- initiate experiment. a quantity of
ilailture was weighed into two
pertkist, at the rate of 14 tons each' per
~,ogini s enimiesitig burnt to ashes, and the oth
pi4lllo44 into the soil ; the product of
ffio soktrot t;lareg was 12 bushels of wheat
end 1.419111 n. of glom ; and that of the
ash, 16 WM* sintheat and 1,104 lbs. of
atrawC .
iteestattio kkoccooity of supply
log ottrastiV(dtli imarostid port of sumo
rile) to orombio tie food to predate store
toltootukras it code do Is I 'Murat state.
RESPECTFULLY informs his friends
and the public generally that he has
now on hand a large assortment of TL\'
fI:4RE of every description, which he
will sell at moderate prices—all warranted.
Persons wishing to purchase al low rules
will do well to call before purchasing else
HOUSE SPOUTING will be made
and put up at 121 . cents a foot,
Gettysburg, March 12, 1847.
11hoever wants a First-rate
CN be accommodated by calling at
FRAZER'S Clock 6t, Watch &tab
lishmeni, in Chatnbersburg street, Gettys
burg, next door to Mr. Buehler's Drug
Store—where a new lot of beautiful 24
hour and 8 day CLOCKS.havejust been
received from the City. They are of the
best manufacture, and will be warranted.
Give us a call—they will be sold cheap.
WISAIAS J. CULP respectfully informs
■ A
his friends and customers that he has
removed his
Tailoring Establighment •
to the room formerly occupied by Wit.
deceased, opposite \YOWLER'S.
TINNERY, in Baltimore street,.wbere
he will be pleased to attend to the orders of
all who wish to have work done up in
faidlionable style, and at low rates, Ar
rangements have been made to receive,*
Latest Fashions,
from Philadelphia and New York, so that
customers can rely on . having their gar
ments made in the most approved styles.
ocr•Country Produce will be taken in
exchange for work.
Gettysburg, Aug. 20, 1847..=.3m
Dr. Cuilrsea
NDI AN Vegetable Piles Remedy, M a domes
d_a_ tic preparation, which has beets used with ca
ttle success Cur many years. Being an internal
medicine, it has a decided preference over outward
applications, which arebut Ind not eu•
retires. This medicine acts upon tbe diseased
parts, producing healthy actioa and a persaussat .
curt—WSICII WS W 1,01 itarosn MM.
d..FSold, wholesale and retail, by itow'swn &
WA uroar, Proprietors, 370 ilarbet stnert,:Phila.,
and by S. 11. BUEHLER, Gettysburg; Win. Bit.
tinge:. Abbottetown ; LiUey dc. Riley, Oxford, and
T. J. Cooper, Franklin tp. [Aug.°, '4,l—ly
S lIEREBY GIVEN. 'That applica
tion will be made by the undersigned
and others, to the next Legislature of the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, for the
incorporation of a Company under the
name and style, or intended name and
style, of Tagßaat.txSAVlNGSlcesta TION,
capital Fifty Thousand Dollars, desikried
as an offir.e of-disamint_and . deposit; -and
to be located in East-Berlin, Adams coun
ty, Pa. • '
David Mellinger, John Dellone,
Wolf, , George Schwartz,
3. J. Kuhn, J. H. Aulabaugh.
Charles Spangler, Barnet Hildebrand,
George King, Isaaa Trimmer,
George 11. Binder, Abraham Trimmer,
John - Diehl. David Hollinger.
inne 23t •
Dr. J. laviirence
113 ESPECTFULLY offers hisprofes-
IX atonal services to the ottit
tysburg and surrounding country. He is
prepared to attend to all cases usually en
trusted to the Dentist, and hopes, by strict
attention to Dentistry •alone, to"be able to
please all who may see fit to entrust their
teeth in his hands. Office at Mr.3ltosh's
Gettysburg, July 23.—tf
OFFICE in the South-east Corner of
the Diamond, between A.B. Kurtz's .
lotel and R. W. M'Sherry's Store.
Gettysburg, Dec. 12, 18415.—1 f
OFFICE in the Centre Sqnsre, North
of the Court-house, between Smith's
and Stevenson's corners.
Gettysburg, Pa.
H E undersigned having , formed a
partnership for the practice of the
Law, will attend the Courts of York and
Adams, and also visit the neighboring coun
ties if desired. Office in York street, Get
tysburg, between the Bank and Public Of
fices, where one of the firm will constant
ly attend, and where communications will
receive prompt attention.
June 18, 1847.-8 m
allr • REED
(Of Carliele,)
PRESENTS his respects to his friends
and informs them that he has made
arrangements to continue to practice as usual
in the Courts of Adams county, under the
new regulation of the times for holding
Jan. 30, 1840. tf
.911orney at Late„
OFFICE in the S. W. corner of the
Public Square, one door West of G.
Arnold's Store, formerly occupied as a
Law Office by John' M'Conaughy, dec'd.
He solicits, and by prompt and faithful at
tention to business in his profession, it will
be his endeavor to merit, confidence and
patronage. •
ocr.D. Arc...Hy will also attend
promptly to all business entrusted to him
as Sgent and Solicitor for Patents and
Pensions. He has made arrangements,
through which he can furnish very desira
ble facilities to applicants, and entirely re
lieve them foul the necessity of a journey
to Washington, on application to hint per
sonally or by letter.
Gettysburg, 2.—tl
Philadelphia Advertisements
locks, \% atehes, Jewelry, &c.
THE Subscriber offers
to the trade, or by retail,
• „Pe a large assortment of the
i c following articles, being
all of his own importa
\4 tion or mairufactore.
Buyers of goods in this line are invited
to examine the assortment, and orders arc
solicited, with the assurance that every ef
fort will he made to give satisfaction and in
sure a continuance of custom.
Gold & Silver Les er Watchesofontinary quality
Do do do of superior finish.
Do do do Anchors & Impines.
Silver double cased English and Swiss verge
Watches, with light medium and heavy cases. •
Gold Jewelry in all varieties, fine and common.
Silver Plated, and Silver Wares.
Musical Boxes, playing", 4,6, 8 and 10 tunes
Gold and Silver Sp:041110e.
Diamond Pointed Gold Pens.
Mantel & Office Clocks, in gilt and other . ftentaS6
Watchmakers' Tools and Matitials of all sotto.
Fancy Articles, Fancy Fans, B,teel Heeds, ilke.
Having every facility forobtainiug gouda
on 'the moat advantageous 'teisus.-earres
pending inducements willheofferedistiour
chasera. C. - Fhin.R•'
112 Chesnut 4t. Phikulelyika.
July 16,
Watehei, Jewelry, Pizeo
[,jr ATCIIES, JeWelry & &dyer Ware
Ar- 7 mar be had wholesale and:tete%
guarandintbe,tter for' he p r ice than at any
other, stare in Philadelphia, at (lite Nieho
laa • Le'littray's) No. lit North 2nd street,
•-• above Arch, Philadelphia.
I t (c- WATCIIVA, all kindi. tine. medi
um and low qualities, among which are
Gold it/waled, 9140 to $lOO
Lepton 28 to . 40
Quattiero Imitation, , 8
Silver Laves full Jowellat,
_;,. 20 .to --80
.1 es 12 to 18
Quattleio fide •" 9 to .10
JEWELRY, Diamonds, Gold C hains,
Gold' 'Pens 'with Hold Ar' Silver 'Holders,
Pencils, Breastpins, Ear and Finger 'Ritmo,
Bracelets, Cameos of Shell, Coral and La
va, with every other. *Mete of Jeivelry of
the richest and most faslifiihahlo paperns.
.SILVER WARE,PIiie, Fbrks, Spoons,
Cups, &c:.. of staiidarsi.Siveril • -
PLATED WARE. Caliiirs, bake Bas
kets, Fans, Vases, Card Cases and other
Rich Fancy Goods in, great variety.
Wholesale Buyers milt save money by
calling herebefore porolotsing.
irriCeep thinadvertisement and cal at
No. 72. You will be satisfied the „goods
are really cheaper and better , than are of
fered in the city. For sale low, a hand
imme pair of SHOW CASES, suitable
for Jewelry or Fancy Store, apply as
Sept._ 8,
Cheap Watches and. Jewelry.
vertfor - .4o,ver
rented by - ' • -111;
Jacob Ladonsais
No. 248 Market street, AA- • \
adelphia, who '` l " '
EIAS couttautlfon hand a large assort
. meat of Gold and Shires Watches,
at the following loir prices:
Zull.4eivelle4 fkold. Levee,.. $4O 00
Y Silver. " 20 00
Gold Lepitel, Foil Jewelled, 30 00
Silver Lepines, 12 00
Silver Quartiero, 800
with a large assortment of Fine Jewelry,
such, as Ear Rings, Finger Rings, Breast
Pins, Bracelets, Gold. and Silver. Pencils,
Gold. Chains, &c. Has. ash on hand a
complete assortment of patent and plain
Watch Glasses, Main Springs, Verges, Di
als and. Hands, of every description—jo
fact, a complete assortment :of Watchma
ker's tools and Watch materials, to which
he would call the attention of the Country
Trade. Those wishing anything in 'the
above line, will find it to dieiradvantage
to call and examine 'his stock •hefore , pur
chasing elsewhere.
Philadelphia, Aug. 6, 1847..--flm •
WATONIZIE at araravaustar
.as ihe Philadelphia Teateh and Jetaelry
No. OA, North Second street, corner of Quarry.
Gold Lever Watches, full jewelled,
18 car. cases, -, $45 00
Silver Lever do full' jewelled, 23 00
Silver,Lever do. 7 jewels, , 18 Q 0
Silver Lepitte lowerd, Ist qual. 14 00
utterior Quaetier Watches. 10 00
Imitation do. not warranted, 5 00
'Gold SPectsclei, - 8 00
FineeSilver Spectacles, 1 75
Gold,Bracaleta, with - topaz stones ,.. 3 50
Ladies' Gehl Pencils, 10 carats,.,' 200
Gold Finger Rings, 37 Ms to $8 ; Watch
Glasses.--plain 12 cis; patent 18 ; lunet
25. Other articles in proportion. All
goods warranted to be what they are sold
for. 0. CONRAD.
On hand, some Gold and Silver Levers,
Lepines and Quartiers, lower than the a
bove pricea,
Dec. 4, 111148..,--ly
The latgest and cheapest Stock
AP— it ia tilaqataeip•
• at Plato and Fancy Jewelry,
Wholesale and
► , 413} Market street.
Gold Lever,, full jewelled, 18 carrel —'
case, gold dial, $4O 00
Gold Lepiois, do. do. $25 to SO 00
Silver Leven', full jewelled, 20 00
Silver Lepinea, jewelled, 10 00
Silver Quartier Watches, splendid
quality, 8 00
Silver imitation Quartiem 5 00
Second hand Gold and Silver Watch-
ea, at all prices, from $2 to 25 00
Gold Pencils, • 1 7510 200
Gold Dracelelz, with topaz and other
sets, a 00
Pure Silver Teaspoons, 4 50
Diamond point Cold Pens, with pen
cil and solid silver holders, only I 25
Gold chains, breast-pins, finger-rings, ear
rings and JeWelry of every description, at
the lowest Philadelphia or N. York prices;
gold and silver Levers, Lepines, and Quar
tier watches, still much cheaper than the
above prices. A call will be sufficient to
convince purchasers thif ibis is the place
to get good and cheap articles.
.All goods
warranted to be what they are soldfor.
Orders from the country punctually attend.
ed to. Old Gold and Silver bought for
cash, or taken in exchange. 'All kinds of
watches repaired and warranted to keep
correct time.
N. Al. I have a splendid gold independ•
ent seconds watch for timing horses. Also.
Gilt and Galvanized Watches, for traders'
use, and goods of all kinds in my line, at
Watch, Clock, and Jewelry Store, No. 413
Market St., above I Itb, north aid*, Phil..
Philadelphia, Aug. 6, 1847:-7m
To Country Merchants and Others
No. 420 .)larket street, above Ittth South side,
Ld Li' t)
HAS now on hand and is constantly
receiving a large and well selected
stock of every article in his line, consist
ing in part of Oranges, Lemons, Prunei,
Figs, Dates, Raisons, Grapes, and every
other fruit in season. A full assortment
of Bordeaux and Soft-shelled Almonds,
Filberts, Ground Nets, Cream Now, Eng
lish Walnuts, Cocoa Nuis, &c. His as
sortment of CANDIES are it lower pri
ces than can be boughtln the gity. He
requests an examination of his stock be
fore purchising elsewhere, u • he, offers
goods at a small advenie, being's nions
to do businren.for CASH.. -
o:l°TaiepX.:thiendiertisement Ind tip*
it with you.
Sept 61413 . 1847.-llm • "
( nothing Establishment
The non eatestsi!e Clothing Warehouse in the
flutjed Stutes.
1 oo,oock garments on hand, and newly for dip*.
0 11" pitions we would say, that having
II but one price, those who are not
dealers, or do not understand the real val
uation price of goods, will have an op,por :
tunity of purchasing ifirmentslut low as
professed Judges. Jobbera sod dealer) in
ready-made Clothing, can replenish their
stocks, for he winter. and we guarantee
the largest establishment in-• Philadelphia
to select froth. We attend personally to
the paelttngofgoods and see that* good as
sortment of sites and well-made articles
are put tip. single suits forwarded as per
per Our goods are for sale only at the
large btiilding, 128 Markel at. Southeast
corner of Market and Fourth streets, Phil
adelphia. C. HARKNESS.
Sept.'24, 1847.--8 m
First Premium Writing Ink. -
Ink has for'a long while become
T . established ita .11 , Tallorird article, and
the following. testimonials from Washing
ton City; prow its merits in that direction:
House of Representatives,
Washingtonng - C . oy, Feb. 24, 1843.
I state thatl have used the Ink, during
the present session of Congrese, manufac
tured by Joiteph E. Hover, Esq., of Phil
adelphia. andl [ninth: mud it to be an :tra
de or p r at excellent quality.
Spakrr *mare Repreireiststires.
----Patent rt e, Washlligtun;ff: C.
Fibruary 24. 1843.
SlR—..Your Histek.Writinglnk. has been
used in this Office since October last, and
is entirely approved.
I am respectfully,
J. W. HAND, Chief Clerk.
Mr. Josaeu E. Hovsa, Philadelphia.
Athunantlise Cement.
The following from Bieknell's Reporter
will best illustrate its value:
"Mr. Hover manufactures "Atamemtino
Cement" for joining broken china, gliss,
&c.; we have have tried the article and
found it to be excellent."
For Sale, Wholesale and Retail, at the
Manufactory, No. 87 North Third Street,
opposite Cherry Street, Philadelphia, by
ICr•For sale in Gettysburg at the store
August 13, 1847. flas
Feathers ! Feathers !
From lti to 45 Cents per round.
sterer and General Furnisher, No.
415 Market St. above 11th, North side,
opposite Girard Bow,Philadelphis, where
may be had at all limes a large assortment
of Beds and Mattresses, Curled Hair and
Feathers, Chairs, Tables, Bedsteads and
Looking Glasses, together with all other ar
ticles in the above line of business at the
very lowest Cash prices.
N. 13. Goods warranted to give satis
Sept. 2,1847.-3 m
Allegheny House,
Tus—aujoscriber (late of the
Washington Hotel, Harriaburg.°Pa.) takes
this method of informing his old friends
and the public generally that he has taken
the above named HOTEL. The House
is airy and comfortable, and has been ex
tensively altered and improved, and the
proprietor hopes by strict attention to bus
iness, and a proper care for the comfort of
his guests, to merit and receive a Mans of
,public patronage. The House is situated
very convenient for the Travelling Public,
being .only two -doors ttboire khe Harris
burg aid Pittsburg Depot, and within two
minutes walk of the Baltimore and Heed
ing Depous. Stabling attached to the pre
mises.' Termslll per day.
F.. P'..H UGHES," Proprietor.
Sept. 3, 1847.—tf
THE Subscribers have the pleasure of
announcing that they have completed
their arrangements for running a
between Gettysburg and Baltimore, via
Littlestown, Westminster and Reisters- :
town. An entirely new line of superior
and elegantly built , t ,
have been put on the route, which, togeth
er with trusty and aeconnnodating driyers,
they feel assured must give entire satisfac
tion to the Travelling Public. •
firJ'"Tho line will run through daily,
(Sundays - excepted,) leaving regularly at
7 o'clock, A. M.
September 17, 1847.
Jewelry, Watch-Guards,
W ATCH Chains, Keys, Spectacles,
w w &c. &c. can always be had at the
Clock & Watch Establishment of
Stanton's Extrrnal llesettly, I
lIITINT'S 14\131E:NT.
S now urtiversale aehri.w4eepod to be the
IA IN FA 1.11 EiLE: kVWI:DV Litescasat
spinal MT, con Zractint. co' rEe icassitlet, sere
inroat and go in 4y. eij eFtasi.. toms se the
track and chest. al:ue in the %imam wad fact snob
ache, sprains. Waite*. waft vihrinaa, boas. atop.
frosted tett. nod all IletwelndairaSell The trine
phial arenas t hick has attended the application
of this most srenderfialasetFaciee in caring the wont
mere cases of the ifilletent disessisabarenaawsg,
sal the hivit etanninetee that hew been ,seemed
upon it, wherever it has Ins nendhovd, ems
IMP the, right totall ea the spirted he twit at
oace to the sap ressaig Met con k 'Whiten.
The ilindhy mite I. reeersteerheretba ode;
heated Esteemed Renedy-_ Linineat 3
The fillepsiag genets ham the higbily a.
Physieleanwhisharreberps atnehed
Phoned Rule Trindi kr !nary yenaa ie ~tf slit
eviderne et theredeint
famin finsa„,
Mr Dion Sear-I neraisedynew wisest imam.
day, asking airy (vitls er Ilsors
.Liaissert. es
prepared by Mr. Gene E.ftwiteet. Kinerleg its
congiesition, biesperiettraned it, I as
recommend it I. yes as a wale Eineml ileseily,
and, be goy opinion, die len Unload maw is
Very truly and nwportisey pm%
Col. Irene Yen Coat en& Gone
1 fay main ia the about avian.
latrrenra. Jammer 1.11.11144
Sin "—ln may ws year bazar I wassid nay dot
I bane ward yew External Bawdy. allied limes
Liniment, in ar panne since ys made site ac
quainted with its expaspasi tira. and minsitatinglly
say tbat I behest it to bean ben Enema &m
-idi:in* Wine W . ' the esio*iimitslow yew
nnoansend it. __ Yawns senneetistly.,
BUM D. MILLE-11,1a. EL
Gasman E. Simms, Ewa.
Ike New Th& Sint.
Ameesqg the mom ef weethatesamides WNW
bogs that ere poured feeds N doe passe day op:
o a therms:tr, a really refresbmg to God sinter
thing of real practical many, semetliiag sisal
speedy, and eareteal in its operatina sea et the
tame time free Mum those Mperieme eartsaltich
generally attend preetfal semelbea. • ihmeslia
Main palpated by csorpe E. SemitemaiSitagVaig
though it has been ha a siert time hellos Om
public. bas ahead,- demised the essaieneq ant
only of nor nest mealary and isamatial citing's.
but oar must eminent phymesams. All ocksseirl
edge it to be a lasetriwa ham her many el the
ilia that lash is heir to, sesairig die adios* ask
end bry its genuine stiadaciag imamate. hribli
log disease from the system_
Ibis Liniment is sold at S'S and SO rests per
bottle by all the principal Dnogpsts and Meath
Groins addreeseet to me an 1 4 iac. Slog_ 28' T. mill
be attended to. G E :..47.11.14TM,Proprieteff.
117soksalit IPtielps & Co 142
Water street. lattabtom & Ces IIU Ilsoalla ay. A B
& D Sands.conser Fakes mall Williams. Asisowall
86 William stmt, tic Tor*: Cotlibest & Weds
erill 7 t Smith Aeeeted Pholool4kiw
AGENTS.—Sammiel H. Buehler & 8.
S. Fonley, Gettysburg; Abraham King.
Hunterstvira ;E. Zeck. lawn Ja
cob Hollinger, Heidlersteserg ; Hollinger&
Ferree, Petersburg. ( 5..); Jacob kohl
bangh,Ranyien; Geo. S. Iknteel. and J.
1 3. HildebraniTik C r o.. Bola=
June 11, 1847. [Her. 2-1 y).
And awl all Diseases of the sere attells soul
DYSPEPSIA, or hisfigestion and its
consequences.—An eminent Profes
sor says: "It chic" Ay wises in peness
lead either a }cry sedesuary or angular
life. Although not mania as a fatal di
sease, yet, if neglected, it may bring ea in
=aide Melancholy- Jaamdfice. Altdislals
or Vertigo, Palsy. and Apopleaygneat
singularity aura/taut on it is, that st may
and often does continue a great length of
time without any wet" siission oldie symp
CAUSES.--Grief and •
mind, intense study. profuse
excess in calory, excessive use of spir
itous liquors, tea, whores, opion sad
other narcotics, immoderate irpktion. o
ver distention of the Stomach, adefs
cieney in the secretion of the tide or
gastric juice,. exposure so cold and damp
air. are the chief cameo of this disease.
SYMPTOBIS.—Loss appease, ear
sea, heart-burn. mislay and timid einem
none. gnawing of the swam& what amp
ly, uneasiness in Lire &seas, pain I. the
sids,eostissasso. elvil/iaaso,lantwor, low
ness of spirits, palpitations, sad &samba
er failed in Jointing inambeitiase sad and
a radical cure kit this disease.
Principal Oct.ffi No. 77 N. Eighth at,
east side. Philadelphia. For sale its Get
tysburg by" S. S. FORNEY.
July 20, 1847.- Iy
Compound Medicated Candy_
- LI OR the Cure °Molds, roses, Spit
ting of Blood. Brorchetiv, Asthma.
Whooping Cough, Pains and Oppressions
of the brass, and all other Pamooary
complaints, and other &seises which have
a tendency to pavilion Conimmprion.
owes also as an eliFecrepal cleans id the
This Candy is entirely a regetalde re
paration, doe *Weird ingirtheens betty.
Horehound. Wild Chewy, sap a.
Boneset, Thwasipane, Lissiorix„ Flax
seed, leeland Moss, Pliikly Ash, ke. and
will, if taker in
. tio&-ndiese • dre system
frost these distressing idnie that told
to Consumption-.
One tea[ advastage is this valstalde
-medicin _e is its eliesmsenn o dis pshbe sat
being imposed epos hr the essemosdy
high rims which ans steserally szaesd
for Palma swlolheresgiirsi Areparations-
Each package minisins Garetinsa. Call
and try it!
Prepared and sold at the Confection and
Variety store of the Subseniber is West
York street, one square boss the Court
house, and nest door to Thompsos's Ho
tel. It can also be had at the Drag Stores
of S. H. licsurza, and S. Foessr.
per The subscriber as sand costinues
his Bakery, and is prepared to supply
parties at the shortest sober-, with choice
cakes, Ace.
Barber and Hair
F Dresser, has removed his " , Temple'
to the Diamorutradjoiniaz the Counts Buil
dings, where he can at all times be found
prepared to attend to the calls of the public.
From long experience he dames hintse/1
that he can go through all the ramifications
of the Tonsorieal departments, with such an
infinite degree of skill as sill meet the en
tire satisfaction of all who may submit their
chins to the keen ordeal of his razor. He
hopes, therefore, that by attention to busi
ness and a desire to please, he will merit
as well as receive a liberal share of public
patronage. The sick will be attended to at
their prirate dwellings.
For Consumption, Coughs, Colds. Bron
c.tit is, Asthma, Croup, Whooping
Cough, Spitting of Blood, Sore
7hroal, Pains and Oppres
sions of the Breast, DV . -
Acuity of Breathing,
• and all other di
stases of the
lipid IS following Certificate of Gum porionpod
trilihnian of Rara's Expectorant end city if you
will WOK neglect your calash, or doubt negate'.
- -
hs • Bala/sort, Mai& 2, 1841
: Reim
Dew Sis—Afratit, three weeks , ago my wife
elm& a erne cell, whith troubledlbm, A good ,
deal Ind gave hei gmat uneasiness; she . prepared
a game noisy iiitieles which *Me reco mmended
to her by her fries,* but without receiving the
hash fesarirry of them ; her sough was getting
groan emery den her appetite was fast fel ling
and to sleep was impossible: the win in bee
Inert and side became so severe that that she
bad ep sole beit'uld my friends advieed me io
eall is a Illysiefina. 1 thought I 'Mold all In
the stem whams you were engaged and tee if I
meld net get semething that would4qlliaselatr,
rebels yen gam me a honk" of yrs* kapeetomat,
as uO9 me that it would .cure her, she commit
cad taking it that night, nbt, honorer,' without
glum imposition on the parrot seism of ;Ili
friends. tabs said it was only: , sow. Nitpick
Maiden," and would do her, more harm
than geed. But I determinedto tike your advice,
and wow kt all know Air Result 1 From taking the
int dose she felt ruler, though unable to sleep
eitaccennif °fine quantity of.pblegm Mat.loosen
od and would almost choke her, but which Oho
amid spit up with but little difficulty; thi follow
ing day she continued it according to the direc- ,
boas, and that time, for the first time for ninny
tw'' weeks , she enjoyed a good night's rest add by
she time she had finished the first bottle, she was
et/timely - ears& Make what use of this you think
pamper, for such an invaluable medicine should be
made known to the afflicted every where. With
hem wishes for your success,
I remain yours dre.,
CAUTION!!! Beware of Cotinterfeite and
Sposiaas Imitations. See that the initials''J. R"
ant as the seal : also my Written Btigrtareon the
wrapper ofWeb bottle, without which bona is gen-
P l epared only by James F Rrisi,Druggist,
BaWiliam Md. For sale in Gettysburg. by,
SA4ICEL H. BUEHLER, and in Mahrsiosote by
May 2S, 1847,—1y
Will be ptddished in Washington, D. C
on the Seventh of December next.
The United States Reporter,
A Doily Journal of Gosernment, Legislative awl
General News.
THE subscriber is now enabled to announce
the completion of his arrangements for the
establishment of a well organized and Independent
Joann! of News at the Seat of the General Gov
ernment The leading feaiurea of "The United
States Reporter" will be the following:
1. Early intelligence of the movements of the
sariows Department, of the Government, an refer
ence to Domestic affairs and to the Foreign refs
lions of the country, aill be given with scrupu
lons fidelity. Possessing peculiar facilities (mob
tau sing inter/nation: the "Reporter . ' will be ena
bled frequently to communicate, exclusliely,
'Alia:mice of the most iinpoitant character.
IL Tim verbatim Reports of the Proceedings
-ani-Thibritilis-of-the-U,Stirtes-benste, - -wbietr - the
peeprialtor is bound to furnish daily to that body,
in accordance with the terms cif.thsconitart mane
at the due of the last session of t'inigrem. The
annutgani-ms now made will at once fully secure
to the Renate of the I.Tnited States an authentic
aadcomplete record of its debates ; and to the peo
pte—rn a greatly enlarged degree—the benefit of
the cinema:ice, sagacity, and statist:unship of
that body to whith they have ever looked with
solicitous and respectful regard.
111 The Proceedings and Debates in the House
• ...
seas. impartiality, and the utmost promptitude.
Each day's record will be completely made up,
and appear is the "Reporter" next , morning.
IV. A Synoptical View of the Proceedings and
Debates of all the State Legislatures will be regu
larly given. Members of Congress, and all clas
ses of readers, will thus be kept fully and syste
matically informed of domestic legislation in all
sections of the U. States.
V. Early intelligence of all important move.
weals in the Legislatures of Great Britain and
Franco sill be communicated by every steamer
from Europe, through Reporters i■ London and
Paris wits possess peculiar facilities for obtaining
cL Tbe General News of the Day will be giv
es in a condensed form, with industry and atten
Such is a brief view of what the "United States
Reporter" is designed to be. All the plans and
arrangements have been well mature& and tip.
Isopeiceordidentlys.hetiabed that ilse......Reportee_
will prove itself an energetic, industrious. dignifi
ed, and perfectly independent journal. It will
have no party views—no political bias. The pro.
primer, by the terms of his contract with the
Ste is the U. States, is bound to the condition
that 'the paper shall contain no political discus.
aims except the debates." It will be a vehicle of
.tress, not the organ of any set of opinions. The
grand aim of the subscriber is to:establish at'tbe
seat of Goiernment a faithful and prompt reporter
smste of intelligence—n responsibk agent. uo
which the politician, the business man, the menu.
tactuner,tbe mechanic,and every one interested in
the affairs of Congress and the Government may
rely at all times with Implicit confidence.
It is believed that the establishment of sock a
reliable Journal of lotelligence, , on terms which
place it within reach of the great masses of the
people, at the commencement of what promises to
be a meat interesting and eventful period in the
' biseery of Congressional proceedings; will be
girded with favor by all classes of the communi.
ty ; sod, having thus stated his objects, the sob.
, Imam respectfully solicits a liberal and general
' support from the enlightened public of the United
Stenographer to the Senate of the U. States.
Tbe.Usited States Reporter',' will be printed on
a large and handsome:sheet, 'lnd issued every
morning, except Sundays, at the rate of $8 per art.
swam ;Single copies,2 cta.
bt -
essnection with tint daily paper, there will
be loused from the MOO 11016111111 Meat,
This publication will contain exclusively 'the
repents of she proccedinca end debater,' of, this con
gress ef-thelltif. States.: It will be ivied MCA"
weettly,_in an elegant. quarto form, - ilithWit
isesaiesu of Congtgas_Nand Tiehunished to
sistinctibere at the rate of two dollars for the king
aeries, and one dollar for the theft seei4eet. ' if ie
bellevei that 'this great national worlrwill be
Awned indisperisable in the library,Of every pqb
he irititution, politician, and prefeseional man,
tlunechout the country; and that it will be re
canted by the great maw of the peoples, the very
best political text book for their own instruction
and that of their children. ' • ' •
breehtestrr Axtrilittscamxisr....Througluint the
session of Congress, Extra, will be issued from the
caste of the "United States Reporter," containing
the reports of all such debates as may possess par
ticularly exciting interest.
• All subscriptions and communications to be
postpaid and addressed to "J. A. Hoysrox, U. S.
Reporter, Washington, D. C."
Dr. C. W. rippleton's Celebrated .Remedy
IMAMS in, and discharge of matter from, the
ear, together with all other unpleasant symp
toms, which either accompany or announce ap.
proaching Deafness. This invaluable medicine is
the result of • long and faithfully pursued coarse
of experiments instituted with the sole view to
discover (if possible) a certain, and. at the same
lime, a safe remedy for this dreadfully afflicting
disorder, and after being extensively used in the
private practice of the subscriber during thelast
eight years, in very numerous cases with the most
remarkable success, is now offered to the public,
for the benefit of those who, from distance or other
causes, cannot have the personal attention of the
proprietor, in the fullest confidence of its efficeey,
and in the firm belief that it will not disappoint
the expectations of those who may haveoccasion
fee its me • in short, that it is the most VALUA
BLE article ever offered to the public for this di:
Sea Se.
al.For sale in Gettysburg by 8. H. BUEHLER.
in Abbott/acorn by Wr. !hr. - viols, in Oxford
byLos...l & Rucr , and in Franklin t0v.1410 by
Tsoins. J. Conan. (Au - g. 6,1847-1 y
Indian 111 , getable Panacea.
am__ experienced the extraordinary efficacy of
your Dr. Cullen's Indian Vegetable Panacea spies'
my own person, a feeling of gratitude for yaw
wonderful discovery, and a desire that your Med
icines should be known and sppreelated ity the
public, has induced me thus voluntarily .to
you en , aecouot of my case, hoping that ntbeiri‘
who may be so unfortunate as I have beim,
be induce.' to throw produdice eakittculiitirtfclef
Panacea a fair trial.
la Yebniary, 11146,4 Nip of tunny/ :Mt ar
peered Ellin, opine of ray right hrg, end tine*
et be l lower putt of my binastiesittiejtitio
Lion Of vibe; they intressiddinedeally militant
early part of June, about which time they beck.*
very paintel. ' July diet tomorin the' hely leg
ex.catt ism Ind Winne reiningeore,metimplialg
itself Until it Wee half the Mee df a ayes beedij
and 'had emelt kstd the home; hand one two Musk
ter dkeviiippeimid Sane the ands, My lays&
eta* and othrtni'prarnounted it Second". up to
this thin'tverrhismidy used pre' no relief; the
leg continued toyer wane; dining the eralywatt"
of August my enthrinp intensit; I adthier
went to bed or slept regularly for 'marl two
beleg - teithellitteethe ,
supported on a elude.. Alma ; Hi time My eon
brought home with hint from Cineinnati market
one of your eireulan,'lsiiith had bee. ihtNrltla
to'the Wagon. I reedit, and kninvingestivoil
the signers to the Certi6es.l of lb* cm OM*
Brooks, end believing from my knowledge oftbeAt
chnrecters that they would not lend timpietwitstes
for the purpose of palmist an-impeeitiew ere
the public, I conclude) to try what *feet It would *
have upon me. On the 110th of August triteu
red the fint bottle, commenced takier it semi.
ing to directions, and in four hours the pain itsi
intlehtiiMivisd eg)*Nfilkst
greatest of blessings,. Wet boon repose. I con
tinued using it until the 2fith`of Auguit, when I
sound myself as much better that I went teCin
einnati to your Agent, Mr. IDanenhour., with wheel
I made arrangements to take 20 bottles, provided
he would guarantee to core me. He sanded nude
so, and pro me the privilep of "topping thong(
the 20 bottles, wheiteveri considered enroll well.
I now It encouraged, and continued to use Wun
der Mt. D's instructions, until I had taken 12 lets
ties, (using no other nnedieiue whatever.yaihem I
found myself entirely well ; the tumor ea'.my
breast having softened. it opened, came out, sod
was healed up when I had taken 0 or 7 honk*.
I will here observe, that for many yeassl-ked
been troubled with a kind of dry Tinter ' which
greatly annoyed ma, particularly when b ested or
warm in bed ; I have felt nothing of this since ta
king your medicilke, and have no doubt !hit thy
system is vow entirely free from disease, my gen
eral health never. having been better.
(hi the 3d of December 1 again celled on Mr.
Danenhower. I then prononneed niyielf well and
offered to give him ■ Certificate tif that effect,
which I promised to send him in a few days. A
few days thenrafter, however, While killing hogs,
hurt the same leg badly, in consequence of
which 1 postponed giving the promised Certifi
cate, wishing thoroughly to test the permanency
of the cure. f now used nothing but the final
simple remedies for fres. h wounds, ard found my
flesh perfectly healthy, and in the usual time for
such cases my log healed. Sufficient time hes e
lapsed to eonvisce me that lam now a maid arm_
and that I hard been citied - by your Pummel - gone.
In abort, I have every confidence in RI vitiate—
Persons desirous of obtaining further IwniettlArs,
seal t grafifiscLAvralliim -
Muddy Creek, }families county. Ohio,
Personally appeared before me, the raberrillier,
mayor of paid city, DVITO Kumasi", who, Whig
sworn, deposes and says that the fastanet ford in
the foregoing statement are trite. In testrasour
where:4,l hare hereunto set my name, and teased
the Corporate Seal of the said City to be sJOied.,
this fourth day of March. I At -
1LE1. , 5Y-43C-Eire,AoPll.
whaleisideand rotaitilly RavraM4ll" Wm
roe, Proprietors, 376 Market street, Plidarletldtia,
and by the following Agents:
S. H. Buckler, Gettyaborg.
Bittinger. Abbottstown.
Lilly 4- Riley. Oxford.
T.J. Cooper, Franklin tp.
Angus? G. 1847—^_m
Protection against ,Loiloo by
Fore. ,
oCumberhied Valley Mated ProtectionMig Company," 'being incorporated by an Act of
the Legislature, and fully organized and in apes,-
tion under the direction of the following lioant•of
Managers, rig: T C Miller , James Weakly; pp IT
M'Cullough, A C Miller. T A 34"1Cinley. Pretty,.
Spangler, Samuel Galltraiik, Samuel Trite, Able ,
King, (Adamil) Jobe Zug. Semite! 'Huston. 3 , 1'
Gress, y , atikg--esil-thr emotion of the itnabir
ants of Cumberland aed Adams counties to the
t press et the ralesiriad many advantages
which this kind of instance bar over any mina
Ist. Evell person insured becomes a mamba
of the company and takes part in the Selection of
officers and the direction of its concerns. -
241. For insurance no more is demanded, thin is
necessary to meet the expenses of the Company,
and Indemnity 'taint losses which may happen.
3d. The inconvenience of frequent, renewals is
avoided by insuring for • term of five years,
4th. Any person applying for Itnerrasica must
give his premien- note for the eliespest elms at
the rate of-five per cent., which will 1,000 oath*
1000, for which he will bare to pay $2 30 IDEA , *
years and 111 SO for survey and policy. and pit
more unless loss be rustained to a greater onotiot
than the funds on band will cover, cod Drell so
more than rr pro rata share. These. rates an
much cheaper than those of other composiles,
cept inch as are incorporated on the some prioei
dles. T. C. MILLfiR, President.
A. G.•NillttAxii, Secretary.
112 - The following oamertperson have beeriap
pointed-Jonas for Adams Connty Pax
ton, Esq. General Agent for Adams county ,_.• .1 A
Thompson and D Ziegler, Doltisballg4 :ol .li 7 ln
It Ste Bert; Petersburg; Henry Myers,•Ntrw nee
ter; Henry Mayer,:Abhottstewo t_Daniel Com
fort, Suakin township; Abriham King, Huotgri
town; ~11)anki tythe, , Fairfield; T T Wienoltn,
Arendtaiilley_ m Morrison end Abel T Wright
BenAonville ; De. D Mellinger, Haat Berlio.;
Be* Cashtoito., -
efrallister's (100;lisftior f '-
. IvOR the Curd `or siterostBSitee, OPP*
Wei affeeimini. 'hirer Complaint,
Quinsy, Bore Thvos), Brooel‘itisMllid Ia
the Chest. tumors. Dimities of Oki BUN
Piles. Coins. theumatism, Ate., 4244 for
sate at Pie Drug Strife of
8. H. BUEIILit.
Gettysborg, June 25.--tf
WATCHES, of catkin
&A will be cleaned and repaired. ittleat
shortest notice, at FRAZER'S Clock
Watch Establishment. iu
July 16, 1847, , ,
Is publislied every Friday
Cousty Building, above the Nerisloi" -
end Recorder's Ofee, by
Tr paid in advance or wait , the yell , 9 2 4"
annum—if not paid within the year, $2 60, y ri
paper discontinued until all arrearages are raja.—
except at the option of the Editor. dingle comea
fi cents. A tailure to notify a discontiorance
will be regarded as a new engagement
lidwertistoirnis not exceeding a square inserted
three times for $l.-every subsequent inaertiega
25 cents. Longer ones in the same proper
All advertisements pot specially mitered J oe a gh
in time, will be continued until 'orbit'. A likeral,
reduction will be made tothose who id vat tier by
the year. ,
Job Prioritised all kinds executed peat a i l
promptly, and on reasonable terms. fl
Later+ sod Ceramairotema to the Erliror, (a x ,
reprint each tie contain Money or the names et
new subsenbers,) must be rosy rs CO. ip uidgr to, ,
secure attontifin,