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Let UNNW",iik who may of the battle fray,
And the deed; that have long since past—
Lskthentehant in Tailor ofihe tar whole days
Am upetti*lkk Win* Out. :
I would Tender to, thaw. all tlw worship you please,
L poQW hoottit them even uow,
Ilut.N4siwsAU mom Imp my heart % full gm -
Teals Iguittofthe goold o►d Plough.
tbetiiitthetheltott i s that iti musir float
r~lril bright aMI giittering hallo,
armorous twirl or the hair's bright curls
ROMA - lIW 14iouhler of beauty falls—
BIS #lll7r to awl thn sung from the tree
Aud t tho tiocitattd blossoming bough
0, Owe mst ',yr oda which the rustic garb'
Am ha follows the good old Plough.
ThMrtiowjeamnd the 'wow as it cornea ra k ing
From the ploughman's hnry thtoat !
DidtfU; hunter's shoot ever yet give out
To the brown Woods a merrier note!
Tho' he followed no hound yet his day is crowned
Withu triumph as good,' trow,
As though gnittaria -het& at' his Feet layllatal, ,
butted of the good °hi Plough.. . •
Full tisk, there he that we laity ace
With Anil hollow pride,
Vt'hallitifaillightnitn'a tot in his humble tot
# . 4 1 a lir OrnfUt look deride;
YetriAitather take, aye. a hearty shake ,
!into his Itaraltltsu to wealth I'd bow—
For the honest grop of that band'. rough, clasp.
kiathilhatatilitthe good nlit Plough.
'All honk" : ha then to these good old men
When at last they are bowed with toil
Their warfare then o'er, why they battle no more,
For they ve conquered the stubborn soil—
And thitkE I*llifeaeh'wesitame Lie sitrartati
ipol-nrcirvite4l4lw. vidsealacenv
With a'laureli crown to the grave go ilmait
,Like bursa SOWS of the'rod old Plough.
Froniihr Fanner' Bait
IiARVVITINO.-With the exception thr
late 041194 youhave, wisps
aware, not only cut bet,secured alt yoUr
gra in, pod grass. .So, therefore; i,truty,
ly ha "treasury to jog your memory u to
these, and with, that view we would to
mind you that both should l,e cut beford
they = &Ante dead ripe; 'Aruithi*lttbili
is sued by ailing . thein - earlY,'inthe pre
venticin from shattering, a source :of veil
loss to farmers, and against which 24 . ** .
dent men should guard.. • . • . .
tso.--.The seenceyou get 'your
%Oita thrashed and cleaned, 'the bitter:,
clienee *ill you stand of being, able init. : .
♦ail' yourself of the rising of ihe, inar)tct.
FAI.LOWINO.—AS soon as your harvest
shall Imre, been Atecured it will be tiotefor
yes to. begin to plough your fields for fall
sowing. Your Rye, it should be your ob-1,
ject to - get ln ltr orptettitmi, and - thpreflinc'
if you do not intend to sow in corn-fieldi,
you hare but little time to delay. • Our IN
via, in ploughing,ls that you go as deep
as your teams will allow, whether the
grou • lie, pioughed be a cluget-leyot
• trkt fi eld; as we think there Mi
no 7 re demoninrable than ilitiLiktt
deep pWsturage always tends to promote
healthful vegetation. Should the ground
deetheetl for your fall grain be an old fieldii
utikeithetied with a grass carpeting, tie
would, by all means, recommend that it
receive two ploughings, the first to be very
deep, so as to completely bury all weed-,
seek," and the second shallower; each
ploughing to be followed by harrowing.— , 1
(hound appropriated to either Wheat or
Rye cannot be too minutely pulverized—,
it eerves to fructify the earth by extracting'
ftwettrein the atmosphere, and enables the
pleats totake good roote before frbet—the •
latter *it% a matter of importance alit ett.
trenches the plants against freezing out.
TiMiVny.—Get yoor grounds ready fur
sowing Timothy seed, and remember that 1
you cannot make the filth too fine, us-no
thing re.mires it more, or will better pay',
for labor thus bestowed. Besides good
ploughing and thorough harrowing, reeol-
. kik that, unless your land is strong and
rich, manure is essential to ensure a good
crop of Timothy, In seeding a peck and
a half to the acre should be taken, as by to-'
king a sufficient quantity you fill your land
with timothy plat ts . instead of leaving room
for weeds; clean meadows will be the con
sequence. If the field is infested with bri
arerroot them out thoroughly—this is the
month that it can be dune with the shiest
proSPect of killing them. If the meadols
anr wet; they should be ditched or drained,-
as tweet herbage will not 'grow on such
mile, .01 all months in the year this is
the hest adapted to draining , and ditching.
Therefore, attend to it at once.
.Poirstrose.---Give your- fall potatoes
their heti . wiiikitig i do it effectually ; leave
neither woods nor grass behind you.
Itelkittrr•This is the . season when the
fii *dose egg-deposites in the nostrils of
skilik*:, - 16 * prevent them, get equal quan
tiliecut alt and tar, mix them together,
notllthikelt in a trough where the sheep
aisiSsinameetut to it. In seeking a lick at
theialt; they still smear their noses, and
tilnltertift *barrier against the approach of
the di s t° their noistrilt, and sane them
4 ,
froiv consequence; or worm in the
, 'Tausut be e xamined m fur in
imeetai and the latter exterminated. If a
& Ai
4 • iiipt ft!, Ow% oil end fixed upon
ii'. 441(*iii'tiestroy, eery insect Irktlt
' '''''
' ill ii ly so ci -b
,.,, „ pap u nag t am
Oils *tau kmmla are fetal to
thlraeliiieoliemitit Itibe. • Haring attended
Zitloll 4o % pato the bottles of your trace
* imixnues of soft soap and dour of rut:
that: , .
Be it ea:feted by thr Town Council of the
Borough of Gettysburg, said it is here
by ena cte4by the atahorittrof the sante:
tclxcriofi Ist. That - it shall and may be
`lawful for any person or persons, at any
time between the eighth day of July, 1847,
and the first day of September, 114(7, and
tietween the teeth day of June and the first
day of September in each year thereafter,
to kill any dug,hiteh or slut, which shall be
found, within the period aforesaid. running
or going at large in any of the streets,
lanes or alleys of the borough of (-legs
burg;, and for every such sere ice in killing
and burying said dog, bitch or slut, the
persOn so killing and burying the same
•.,shall be entitled to receive the sum of Fifty
Cents, on due proof thereof, to be paid tcy
the owner or actual possessor of such dog,
bitch or slut, if he or she can be ascertain
ed—to be collected as other Borough penal
ties of like amount are by law recoverable;
and if suehuwnero ractualpossessorcaunot
be known or ascertained, then the same
shall be paid out of the Borough Treasury,
on orders drawn in the usual Planner ; and.,
in addition thereto, such owner or actual '
possessor shall, on due proof of %helm%
and actual conviction thereof, forfeit and
pay a fine of five dollars fin? eyery Mich of
' fence, to be collected as siMilat'penalties
tire by law recoverable; the one-half 94.
said fine or penalty to go into the Treasuq,
ry of the BorMigh, and the other'half to
the use of any wenn Who way proadetite
for the ; same..:.- .
• Start& '2 n; And be it fiirther Cow
-1 ed by the authority aforesaid; That any
person in or about 'whose premises any
such do bitch or , slut, shsil harbor, and
.0108 iir."7"."7", frown
harbor, and frequent his or, her premisesha
bituallY; shah he considered and held as the
*ewe!' owner thereof, for • the purposes-of
this' rdinance ; and such fact.--4 satisfac
torily shown, shall be sufficient evidence
twoharge such person or persons with the
penalties hereinbefore provided.
Enacted Jkly 8, - 1847.
- I.' D. NV-PHERSON,- President.
Attest:—.R. 13. HAUPtilt. Clerk. -
Just re4c'ect •
g, !}:t BXKER
Chambtiotesrg strtet,
ciP i Trin9ii#3 4 3. P
subseriger respectfully informs
his,frictids and the .public generally
that, he Continues the Tailoring business at
'hie stand, in Ohamlmrshurg street,
where . he may at all timei•be found, ready
)o accommodate all thoie who may want
garments made.; Ile has just received the
last SOW
and'he promises • ill who may favor him
.withlbeie patranageohat he will give them
'entire saisfactinn, both as regards the fit
'and werkmanship of alkgarinents entrusted
to him.; and etas moderate prices as they
eau be obtatned anywhere else. He hbpes
by strict attention to business and - a desire
to please, to merit a continuance of public
tronageand support. err Country pro ,
duets rokon tax rocrthoogo for work.
J. p. BAKER.
.April 46, 1847.-3 m
A Commentary for-the People.
iloW publishing. the ECLECTIC CO ti M EN
TALLY on the bible, from the erotic. o
Henry amlBcois, and above one hundred oilier wri
ters. Toe It urk is p int.d on tine palter, aid with
large clear type. It Hill be completed in 14
parts, of bit pages/sub. imperial By 0, all of which
are now reieotyped ski stilistoe bealatifully ides
tmted by accurate views of *capture) scenes, de.
signed expressly to embellish a Commentary,and
'executed by the moil emliient, artists. Tables
and charts arotiltiiwlei idled. whettruttessary
for purposes of illustintion,ind - lhosnhole edlnpu
sing as valuable a aeries of ilhutnitiye engreyitots
and embellishments. as has ever been united in a
ny similar work. It may be used with any grit.
Lion of the Bible.; Will be published semi motstilly
at 25 cents each part.
The design of the
,Committee of the London
Tract SoeietV, under whose supervision the Eng
lish work yeas ystereutd, bits been to cover that
ground where alfmrangelicai dendminationsmeet:
and to make a plain and praetiodexposition of re
ligious truth end duty. , _ ..---
This work is based upon tie commentaries ciL r ,
Henry mind r cutt, and more than 'one hundred nth
er renters in the vartioda demtrtments of Biblical
I Literature ; the Most iMportant °herniations of
' these eminent donne" being quoted, constituting
a digest of MS; mitt vet wable reedy; at %Inch the
learned men of all ages have sailed, in their crit
ical study of the Holy scriptures. Refetence has
been had to the warms 01 Sunday Sghool teachers ,
and of families engaged in the systematic study 0 r
1 the scriptures.
Perhaps there never was a juncture of lime %hen
true religion more greatly needed a saistsguard a
gainst attacks u hich are both boldly sod Milli.,
ously. - aimed at her y•ifiritriiielpfr it ; pertiapslnie
religion was never in a more perilous position ne.
toeen open enemies and pretended friends, than at
this particular crisis ; and surely twice Was IP
more incumbent than now, on every true frtond of
her holy precepts, every cortscientieuit mater of a
house-he'd. every anxious parent, guardian mai
protector, to be provided with the antidotes to the
poison, which is an ileac. upuluusly scattered a
broad• or an argument sanitud each dangerousial
hay which is propounded to thialninry and detri
ment of that religion, wbieh is the faithful oracle
of the Bosh e Creator, and the best exponent df his
I will:
' The object cif the compilers has been to provide
a roam:moat) compact in size, moderate in price.
and suited to earistians of every station, rank and
.The family into whose hands this work comes
hare it, their pusseerion **toren, Biblical acieuee.
and prsrt,cal instruction ol more saluithati gold.
The re publication is a great underteking, and we
hope it will mama an adequate support.”—N. T.
Obsei ter.
"Phis commentary hss enjoyed an extraordina
ry popularity as a piaetteed exposition of God's
%void. It differs from any Miler, presenting the
Beet evangelical illustrative and practical com
ments which the editors acre able to select from
the hest scholars, on each passage in course. The
text being . onotted, it is enabled to iiresent a vast
amount or learning in a small space. The sour
ces Isom it -is compiled afford a perfect
guarantee alto soundness, both of doctrine and
interpretation while the advantage of haying the
option of different commentators is apparent and
very great. - -N. P. Erangehst:
'We tepid the Eclectic Commentary, now in
course of publication by Mr. Shannon, as esperiel
•ly deserving the patronage of Protestant Christ
ians. Its cheapness, beautiful finish of mechani
cal workmanship, and its comprehensivenesecem
brae ng. as it does, the cream, of all the ablest com
mentaries. all entitle it to very high consid,era•
tion."-r•Chri s stion Parlor Magazine.
We have received the most favotabla notices
from many distinguished clergymen of varioustle:
nominations in this country, and also frein the re.
ligious piers, which cannot be inserted in a newt
' paper ad% ci thpment on account of their length—
they will be found on the cover offset) part.
• 118 P:8•1411 street, N. York.
0 ..• Booksellers and agents supplied at the rep-
War trade •prices. The numbers, as publi s ahed.
will be sent by express to any part 01 the United
i States- by remitting the amount for the tante, at
the time of osmium the rrolvr.
I June IR. 1947-11. t
1 - 10 Es PEUTIIII,LY informs his friends
ft and the public gentrally that he htia
now on hand a large assortment of 'T/11'
11.1 RE of every description, whiih.'he
will sell at moderate prices—all warranted.
Persons wishing to ptirehase at low teller
will do well to call lteforti Intrchattlitg - blse-
Where. •
HOUSE S'POOTiNG wslr, lib made
and Out - tip itt 121 - • -
irzrAn Apprentice Tinning
hominess will be takeit.ilemilittififon, with
good rCoommendatione,..fixt made soon.
One betwitionto 21417103 re of agitt-wili
March 12.'1047.
lig min
00000 MIXTXD
AVING - succeeded in *hipping the
Mexlean Armiee at. Vera Cruz and
Buena de.signing 'to march
agaftst the city of Mexico to meet the en
-ettytittierffit valti - oftheie.owapiutl,
the subscriber would imitate their exam
ple by waging war against Rage and' Na
kedness,and he has accordingly recently
visited he cit of Philadelphia for the
purpose o pure asing aa or o .
hich he can sell at prices so ow as to
'enable any person calling at his establish
ment to clothe themselves from head to
foot, at astonishing low prices—his mot
to being "Quick sales and small profits.—
Nly stock embraces the largest assortmentof Ready-made Clothing and
3 C .0 1 2 * (eVtZ ttl
, we • ../i)
evi;toirered iu this country, has been se-
VeCreilr — tiith Peen
iurelissecl for cash entirely, will be sold
Cheaper for Cash;
than they have ever before been sold ini
this place. In professing to sell cheap
er than ever, I wish it to be distinctly un
derstood that I do not do so because it has
become fashionable for purchasers to.inake
such announcements ; 1 am sincere, and,
only ask • a visit from „„titiase wishing to
purchase to convince them, of its truth.--
Among the stock will be found COATS
of Fine Black Cloth, Habit Cloth, Alber
tine, Tweed, Cashmerette, Casainel, Lin
en, Check and Gingham; Sack and Frock
Coats, &e..—Also, PANTS, of Fine Fan
py'Cashmere, Cassinet, Linen, Cord, and
Cotten,—fancvenlors and styles. Also,
VESTS, Fancy kiross-Bery — Silk, Satin,
Cashmere, Merseilles and Cassinet. Also,
Shirts, Bosoms, Collars, Cravats, Hand
kerchiefs, Men's Lasting gaiters, Suspen
ders, Gloves; Stockings—in tact every
thing belonging to a gentleman's furnish
ing line ; all of fashionable cut and mate
rials, and as well made as can be made
anywhere. Also on hand a Inv, assort
ment of fancy and useful articles, Pins,
Needles, Thimbles, Jewelry, Perfumery,
Arrnyntvio, Comb., PO &IL lIIV es.
.Rough - and Ready" Hats, &c.
I have also fur sale a lot of BOOTS &
MIPS, -made in ibis county, a lot of
IRON, and a lot of Calfskin, Sole and Up
per Leather, which will be sold MICA/111-
mm cheap, as I wish to clear off the stock.
Also, on hand a new Rockaway, two
second-fiend Buggies, a second-hand Car
riage, new and old Harness, which I will
.pose of at-tziretnely low- prices.
111 Those wiahing BARGAINS will
remember to call at the old-established VA
RIETY STORE, next door to Kurtz'
afid inimediately opposite the Rank.
' Gettysburg, April 30, 1847.
THE undersigned has connected with
his Coaclinfiking Establishment a
large Smith shop, and is prepared to do all
kinds of '
including ironing Carriages, Buggies.
Wagons, 4'e. lie would say to those who
hare to shoe, that he has in lid em
ploy, ftrat-lrate.,hands, which, with'hht Per
sonal attention, will enable him to give en
' lire aatiefttation to all those who may favor
itim with a call.
Carriage flr Mtge Npritecti
warm' led) will be promptly made to or
tier at all times.
ScrAll kinds of IMP:WRING done,
both in Wood and Iron, at the most redu
ced prices.
Thaakfid for plum eneouragement, the
subscriber solicits a continuance of patro
nage, and invites his friends to call at his
,Establishment in to'? west Chambershung
street, a few doors below Thompson's
Oetly4biirg, Feb. 6, 1846.
rirng Committees appointed by the
11 . Trustees end Synods are reminded
that the regular Examination of the Clas
ses in Pennsylvania College, will com
mence on Monday,..quguat 2d, and con
tinue during the whole. week.. The public
generally' re also invited, to attend. The
following is the programme of the exercises:
Monday. The preparatory Deparunent will be ex
amined from 9 a. at. until 12 la., and
' from
. 2 r. a. to 5 Ir. u.
,Tuesday. 9. Junior Clam—Greek.
10. Sophomore—Mathianatics.
11. Freshman—Latin.
3. Sophomore—Greek Teatunent.
9. Frarhinan—Algebra.
Wed . day 9r . Junior—rvidences of Chriatianity.
10. Sophomore—Rhetoric.
- rreshmah—Greek.
Thuray 9. Junior—Optics.
10. Freshman—Modern History.
11. - Sophomore--Archmology.
3. Freahman—Geontetry.
4. Senior German Clam,
Friday 9. Sophomotio—Latin.'
10. Junior---ChembarY & Meteorology
11. Junior German Clara.
3. Junior—Rhetoric.
4. Freshman—Cuasical Literature.
Satuniay 9. Sophomore—Greek..
10. Junior—lAttim
7 4 c4 ,, 17 I.! i llß e F E A s S q.
p th r e esi l d l e o l i i i t . o r th u e .
s e
N e; l rsa - i
Courts of Common Pleas, in the counties
composing the 19th DistriCt, and Justice
of the „Courts of Oyer and Teintiner, and
General Ind Delivery-, for the trial of till
capital and other offenders in the said dis
niet---amt Gummi: - SmiusEß and"Jahis
IVPHiverr, Esgsi; ludgerof the 'Courts of
Common Pima, and General Jail Delivery,
for thntrist of all capital and ether offend
ers in; thecounty, of Adsms—have is:uid
their pniteOpt, bearing date the 21st day
of Aprils •In the year of our :Unit% . • •
thoniamii*ht hundred inid forty-six, and
•IP 111 1 t for holdi ' a Court of Coin-, 1
i llnod'l9oWrtie '' - 1404,
of 'the 'll ) Slco..and General Jail Delivery,
'and Courtin( Oyer and Terminer, at Get-. '
tylibtlit, of - Monday - the - it)th 'day - Of ..12ii• - •
gnat tiest4-',
N 01 4 , 1 69 HEREBY GIVEN 'ro
all '." .01 the ' Peace , ' the "Comber
tiiiss , lig' *Ain' the' itaid County of
Athscrui, di* theY" be thiw . and there in their,
roper . peinons, with their Mills, Records,
Inquianinq, Exaininadons and other Re
membifinn.s, to do those things which to
their of and in thit tielialt appertain
to be dittu,,and also...they who will prose 7
cute a,githst the prisoners that are or then
shall it the Jail of the said County of
Adams aul to be then and there to pros
"ecutc ' et them as shall be just.
Sheriff'. ~ Gettysburg.
11: 1847.3 t
« )
Ili ft Ett-..tialtio
N roncE is henby given to all Lep
/11 atees and oilier persons concerned,
COUNTS of the leceased persons herein
after mentioned wil be presented at theOr
plians'-.o*urt of Mama county, for confir
mation aid allovance. on Monday the
161 h day of .thigni next, viz:
The aceonnt of Joshua Motter, Admin
istrator with the rill annexed, of Lavinia
The Recount o William Wanly, Isaac
Weagly and Verge Weagly. Executors.
or the htst.lo am Umlaute* of JOllll Waag
The account i Jacob Sanders, Admin
istrator M . the este of Alexander Ewing,
The account i Jesse Little, Administra
tor of the estate.f Andrew Little, who was
Administrator °Ann Little, deceased.
The account - if George 11. Binder, Ad
tninistrakor of he estate of Charles A.
Fronk, decease,
Thu account f John Wolford, Admin
istrator of the state of Abel Walker, de-
The account& George Robinette. Ex
ecutor of the-la will and testament of J
cob ShoIL-domed.
The accounal Andrew Lohr, Adminis
trator of the este of Jacob I,uhr, 4eceased.
The account& Henry Myers and JOhn
B. Hoffman, kecutoo, of the last will and
testament of Irnhart Hoffman, deceased.
The semi' of Moses Lockhart, one of
the Executor of the last will and testa
men( of Jati.eLockliart,'ideceata. "
The scrod of John- Dickson, Jr., one 1
of the Execurs of the last will and testa
ment of join . Lockhart, deceased.
The seems ofJaines Cunningham, Esq.
Executor of te last will and testament of
James IV list, deceAseil.
• ,qII.F..ItT COI.IEAN, Registrr.
Register's 011iViettysburg. tc
July 1f4&17.
C 11E-1 P
At the Philalphia Watch and Jtu•eivy
No. 913, Northerond street, rorner of Quarry
Gold Lever 'atches, full jewelled.
18 car. car, $45 *OO
Silver Leven). full jewelled, 23 00
Silver Lerero. 7 jewels, 18 00
Silver Lepinilo. jewel'd, Ist qual. 14 00
10 00
Imitation of warranted, 600
Gold Spe cs, 8 00
Fine. Silver lectaelgs, ~ 1 75
Gold Bracel, with topaz stones, 360
Ladies' Goleencils, 16 carats, 2 00
Gold Fini Rings, 37 cts to 118 ; Watch
Glasses—pls 12 cis; patent 18 ; lunet
25. Otherrtteles in proportion. All
goods warralal to be what they are sold
for. 0. CONRAD.
On hand, One Gold and Silver Levers,
Lepines and partiers. lower than die a
bove prices.
Dec. 4, I
' ell -
The Cls.ape Gold and Silver .Wati.hes
.. IN lajiini s lil4.
Gold Levers all jeweled, $45 00
Silver Leverdoll jeweled, 23 00
Gold Lepinee.eled, . 30 00
Silver Lepin 4 jewelid, 15 00
Silver Qua nio, fine luality, 10 OO
Gobi wetchemplain 15'00
Silver Spectates , • 175
Gold Pencils/ 2 00
Gold Bracelei ,--, 4 00
—FAO ON KAND..... , •
A large aidrusient of Gold and Silver
llair- raceleil Fix ger-pigs, Breastpins o
lloop ar-Riir. Gold Pena, Silver Spoons,
Suga Fonges Thinibles, Gold Neck,abd
Fob haute,
t turo i. i xe ca y u s :to an c d on i v e in vr c e e lr e y u a s, t
ti r
equal rup s.. .
lkinds w
atches and -Clocks -re.
. a nd 4 . led to keep good time
1 5-cif. ' Gold and Silver bought
.., 11, or a in exchange.
1 e some , and Silver Levers, at
eager /nit than the above.' A lib
isnionst pods to dealers. Call and
f yourselies. •
0 sale, Ekht- { lay and Thifiy-hour
s locks, a '
ket St.. Dove 1 ids, north side, Phila.
r a ,
er Cleek,arid Jewelry Store, 1 , 41.413/
' delphia,t3ept. 4, 1840. tf
Arsx spoirriNG
ILL be lade and put up. by the
-subseribr, who will attend pronipt-
II order, and upon as reasonable
• .can bqprocured at any eittablish
n the eosity.
tysburg,darch 13._
_ .
. i _ . & ~ .i.RUTIIRAUFF
x OULD all-the attention of persons
IV to the stock of GROCERIES,
whi are not opened at their Cheap
Sto immediafly opposite David Heagy's,
Cab et Ware louse. Call and exatnur
for arselves. '
y 7, 184;
6 , 1 wLs of every description can be
.ad very char at W. & C. ltuihrauff's
Chop Slope ii( hataberphorg Flrcet.
Sl6ll ONS,
ILVER MEDAL awarded for the best
1.71 pictures ever exhibited. Strangers
visiting the city should mill and examine
the various , specimens of colored ,Daguer
reotypes, at M. P.,Sioxons' Gallery; and
those wishing likenesses, may rely upon
Yeceiving perfeet satisfaction in every res-
peel. 'Whole families can be gmuped to
gether, which forms a most invaluable
keepttalte: Miniatures set in bracelets,
Medalious, Breastpins, &c. An assort
ment tirthe above Jewelry, selected for
urpose, always_on hand, Examine.
and then decide. Materials used in the
Art for sale, at the lowest rates. loottne
lime given by letter or personally. All
communications must be post p*itL
' No. 170 Chistnut'Street
, ,
Opposite the State House, Phila
April 30, 1847.-3rn
First Premium Writipg Ink.
14m Dr. Hare, the celebrated Profes-ol
sor of Chemistry in the University of Pcnu
sylvania :
Philadelphia, Octi 11, 1843.
"Dear Sir—!laving tried
will thank you to send me another
as 1 find it to be excellent.
1 um yours, truly,
Prom Dr. Locke. of Ginciminti, distin
guished fur his numerous scientific re
searches :
"Med. Col. of Ohio, Cincinnati,
Jan. 17,•1&14.
"Having used Mr. Ilovee's Writing Ink,
I am satisfied that it is the best which ha •
ever tome to my knowledge, and especial
ly it is excellent for the use of the St . eel
Pens, and will not corrode them, even in
long use. JOHN LOCKV.,
Prof. of Chemistry."
11loyeeN Adamantine Cement
From a well. known ,:eientitie gentleman
'•Philadelphia. Feb. 27, 1846.
"Mr. Joseph E. Hover—Sir: A use of
your Cement and some practical tests of
its stiperionty:iiasinauced ine to recom
mend it to others as an invaluable article for
mending China; Glass. or Cabinet ‘Vare.
CAMPBELL Niolifyr.
Analytic Chemist,"
For Sale, 'Wholesale and Retail; at - the
Manufactory, No. 87 North Third Street.,
opposite Cherr Street. Philadelphia, by
lic7 . l'or solo in Gettysburg at the store
of S. 11. BUEHLER.
May 14, 1847.
FASHIONABLE Barber and Hair
Dresser, has removed his "Temple'
to the [Lamont',adjoining the County poll
dings, where he ran at all times be found
prepared to attend to the calls of the public.
Front long experience he flatters himself
that heeingivthrongh'all the rainftleations
oldie Tonsorteal departments, with sue h an
infinite degree of skill as will meet the en
tire satisfaction of all who may submit their
chins to the keen ordeal of his razor. Ile
hopes, therefore, that by attention to busi
ness and a desire to ple ase, be will merit
as well tie receive a liberal share of public
patronage. The sick will be attended to at
their private dwellings.
Oct. 10. tf
Protect &ohs ogreitist ALoAs
/Vs re.
HE "Cumberland Valley Mutual Protection
lac , Company, - being incorporated by an Act ut
the Leeiblature, and fully organized and in at:ela
tion under the direction of the follou n g Board of
Managers, via: TC Miller, .11.1 Me t, Wetikly, 1) %V
M'Cullough, A G Miller. T A IWKinley, Philip
siatngle , . Samuel Galbraith, Samuel TUG. Aka'
Kure. t Adams.) John-'Lug. t ,, atrtviel Hutson: J T
Grern. J the *Gillum' of „the inhabit.
ante of Cumberland a , d \darn• counties to the
cheepneen of the rates,-and the litany advantages
which this kind of insurance ha , oter any other.
I at. Every person insured lx•ennies a member
of the company and takes part in the selection of
officer, and the direction of its cum erns.
2d. For iusurance no more is demanded than is
necessary to meet the expenses of the Company,
and indemnity against losses which may happen.
3d. The inconvenieneg of frequent renewals is
'avoided by insurin g for a term of line yet rs.
4th. Any person applvir.g for insurance must
give his premium note for the cheapest class at
the rate of five per cent.,
which will bessso on the
1000, for which he will hat pay PQrw'li v e
years] and $1 PO for suriey and policy. and on
more unless loss be sustained to a greater varmint
than the fends on hand will cover, end then no
tuore — than a pro rata share. These rates are
much cheaper than those, of other companies, ex
cept such as are incorporated on.the same princi
ples. • T. C. MILLER, President.
A. G. Mt uten, Secretary.
IrrThe following named persons have been sp.
pointed Agents for Adorns County —Wm W Pax
ton, Ear', General Agent for Adams county; J A
Thompson arid D Ziegler, Gettysburg; .Dr. Wm
it Stewart, Pelersbuig ; Henry, blyers, New (-hea
ter; Henry ilayer. )bbottatnwn; Daniel Com;
forts St n tpwnehip; Abraham King, Hunters
toWn• , +Sid Blythe. Fairfield; T 1' Wiegman,
Ate' ' lle •
V. Mullion and Abel T Wright
Bender* ti Pr. D Mellinger, East Berlin ; A b'm
Scott. Csaitoun. •
Sept. 13, 1846.—1 f
SAND'S SAItbiIPARILOW—..The , amount of
suffering relieved by this invalutiblerprepe ,
ration is without a parallel in the history
of me4iente Thousends lure been resto
red to healt hy its healing anti regenera
ting efficacy, who were considered peat the
reach of remedial means, as various certifi
cates heretefore published thundamly es
tablish. It has' received the esttreappro
bation of many prantitioners in this and
other eities, and tts sapid growth in the es,
timationlif the public has placed it beyond
the reach of, detraction or the, efforts of
competition. Diseases which arise from
impurity of the bloodor vitiation of the hu
mors ge.nerully, such as Scrofula or King's
Evil, Rhenmatiem and Incipient Gout, Salt
Rheum and other •cutaneous diseases; Fe
ver Sores Internal Abscesses, Fistulas,
painful; Affections of the Bones, Chronic
Inflammation of the Kidneys, Female De
rangementi,-General Debility and Prostra
tion of the System, are all removed by its
fErFeir (notify particulars and conclusivp evi
dence alto sops eflieacy. see Pamphlets, which
may tie obtained of agents gratis. . Prepared and
sold. wholesale and retail, by A. 8.& D. Sands,-
76 Fulton street New York. Sold also by ap
pointment Of the Proprietnr. by S. H. BUEHLER,
Gettysburg, Pa. Price $1 per bottle. Six bottles
for $5.
June 18, 1847.
I iiiTeTiiiOn of the Ladies is directed
111 - to the very hindsomo assortment of
White °odds, (p1841,04d-Ind striped,)
unusualy lairis'afthe Cheap tBore of
HANDSOMEMahogiany-fram'd Look
ing Oaxaca fban be had cheap at
1 1 41:1v 7. W. tk. C. It 1:111 itA txrs.
((i) r all the remedies recommended, in Iste
year., for the cute of COIVeCAII7I()N,
Coughs. Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis, Liver Com
plaint. Spitting flood, Difficulty of
Pain in the'Sidtiatid . Broast,'Patpitation of
the Heart, Influenza, Croup; Broken
Constitution, Sore lbroat, Net.
vows Debility, and all disea•
sea of the grease
and Lunge: '
4 , :one has been foinicPrnom clial•AlS and rXIINIA•
Nene in its curative power over thebe.,fro general
and alien fatal diseases, than the slxivi,preporit.
tion. The' Compound Syrup of Tar und Wood
Ilaptha is an unparalleled remedy. In addition to
the healing power of Tar—the virtual of which.
in affections of the lungs, is tativersidly acknowl•
edged—there is combined with it in this prepaid.
tion the active principles of some of the most ter.
taro Toole Vegetable Pectorals, which unite to
rnke it the most valuable medicine . ever °Rica
to the pubkic for the cureof the diseases for which
it is emplo3ed, so that it near pits, if taken in
time, to produce the intended effect: •
„Apirng tholeatimotthas to ale One M the o
bore inb.7icind. sre several from distinguir /led PhY
sicians cd Itiladelphia. Read The lollotrit lona
Dr. Young, the eminent oculist :
Philadelphia, Jan. 18, ISI7.
Baying used in my practice, as well as in my
own family."l homsou's Compound Syrup of Tar
and Wood Nuptha," l lit,itatior. in saying
that it is the best preparation of the kind in use
for personirsutfering stool Consumption, Coughs,
Co:ds, and all affections of the Throat, Llrettt,ikie.
so prevalent at this season of the year.
i 152 Spruce street.
Reath also the following from a man who will
at any time corroborate its *lint ernent
Philadelphia, Dec.'4, I 5.117
Penetrated with a deep sense of gratitude for
the benefit experienced by the use of Thomson.
Compound Syrup of Tar, an that others who,
like me, have languished through years at affliction
and suffering, without being able to find a remedy
maj.knale-where it can be obtained, I voluistsrtly
make the following statement.
About four years since, alter being affected with
a violent cold, it left upon me a troublesome and
severe cough. Whilst the cough continifftil, which
was with scarcely an intermission during this
long period, language fails to tell %%kat I base suf.
fered from debility, pain* in the breast and side,
night .sweats, Alidicult expectoration, oppressed
breathing, and in fact all those symptoms uliich
murk a skiver« pulmonary affection. 'the relief
occasionally obtained by tileil,orliarge of the mat
ter which ob muted the hediliy action ut sty
bystenwhot itierenspl as the purulent
matter ilischaivd \\JS Ir<vjneutly streaked with
Dating this time I was under the treatment of
several physicians.and tout:, many of Oldie prepa
ration.. icoann•rtaled as sca icesble In the cases
of others. but without rebel' nod I at length con
chided that a cure in my case was hopeless. Hut
how agiessably changed is not. my opinion!
have used lor about three e.teks Thomson s Com
pound Z•yrill'l of Tar. tly the me in 0110 bottle my
cough has been relimed mat nay system reinvigo
rated, and by continuing the use or it up to this
time. I am satittied that my complaint is entirely
rimmed and eradicated.
R. K E Nry •242 S. Setenth st.
Itt — This bitaluable remedy is prepared only by
Angoey s Dielszon, N. E. Corner of Fifth uod
Spruce Creels, Philadelphia, and can be had of ILO
billowing _agents:
S. S. Forney, Gettysburg.
R. .thigney, Carlisle.
D. I'. Lange, Hanover.
Pricy 01 large bottles I PI% Betvale of irnita
tiotod [April A,
*statism's Rearteel.y,
Its now onisersally acknoh ledges! to be the
ENFALLIBLE It F. 41110 for It henitiatirrn,
apinal Mire' iut”, contractions 01 the thiaclet, ',ore
.11104. and usuea, old lilt ets. puma NI the
hack and cheat, ague in the tirriact and hu v, loath
ache. sprains. Inintes. salt !hewn, hoine,. eititip,
hosted (tot. and all lief %MIS dir . ...S. • ir 01....•
it./rli ...W.f.., 1111101 1145 attended the application
ot thin tnoi4 watiti.r, o o/ 01,0 1 1 tor Ai coring the moat
severs. caia, ot the a thirent alatias4 saliose named.
and ilie high racoai ~,,, s that lint e been besittoeil
opuo it. Si 'scissor it has Fleur intioduceth cti‘ea
toe the r 1.41.1 to Call 011 the olllicicti to ',int at
once to the only remedy that C.. 641 I tilts/ out.
East lictlta, i'u., May 26, tb47.
Gr.°. F.. ST SeXTute,
Dear str,l consider it my duty to express
my sentiments, in behalf of your invaluable wed ,
icine called Aiwa's Lininiitst.
I have for some dine past used, the Lii.itrirtit
in illy practico, for cations ihreaises, end fret
isnot, limn the success iittenihng its application,
that it merits all flint sibssakt.ta its: behalf.
I consider. it one of the hest txterno/ refordits
I have ever awed in cases of Teter, Hinge tw,
,alt Rheum, pants, bruises, cuts, swellings,
The cheap rale at which the articles is to he
had, places it within the reach of all. It shook',
form the principal external remedy of every la y.
Ilampton, Adorns Co., Fa. May ttv, 11147...
Gso. 1.. ST•I2:ITON,
Pear feel bound to the atil;cted to give
publicity to the extraordinary ettecte of your in
valuable External Remedy, called ilunta
My daughter, acid twelve of twee years had
been a ffl icted with'White Swellings, in one LI her
legs, 'tiredly below the knee joint, forwereral
months. during which time her sufferings have
been excruciating and deplorable. - I called on a
Physician. who, during frequent virile, mode use
of every means in his power to wriest the tell do.
strayer. but 4lt.without ONO.- The lelcontinuad
swelling, .until it opened, forming various dish.
greeable ulcers, reiidering amputation I.ecearary
unless immediate relief be had. Fortunately. how
ever, on the.first day of December last, your agent
having been in our village r and hearing of the inn . -
tierinp of •nly 'daughter, he sent me one bottle of
hour Liniment, the uye of which atone, thank God,
as not only arrested the further progrees of the
disease, but has Aired the leg perfectly, removing
ell pains and swellings, and restored the leg to its
prapertee. •
1 am under many obl iget ions to your kind agent,
who thee, by one bottle of 'your invaluable medi
eine, saved the leg of my daughter from omputa.
ties. Your Liniment should find its-may into ev ;
ery family. ItIOSES PRILLIPB.
.May 20, 104 7 .
"We, the undersigned, eitisemi at llaurptan, are
germairingi with ltimialtillips, ant know him to
be a man of truth. ari tat the facts as set forth
in his certificate; are collect."
Tit Liniment is sold et 25 and 50 'gents per
bottle by all the Principal Druggists and Iderch
"chants.. •
O 0 eat *int gingi-N Yi
beat ui te g n r ci s' el i tt7 ssedlrn
G Io.e.TANI'ON, Proprietor.
Whausets Arse ls—lleatily, Phelps & Co-142
Water streekllupliton & Co k,ll
& I) Fands,cortir,Fulfon Bad William, Aspinwall
813 William street, File York; 'Cuthbert & Weal.
erill 76 Smith second, Philodelphio.
AGENTS.--Sarnuel 11:•Bucbler & S.
S. Forney, Gettysburg; Abraham. King,
Bunteratown Zuck,,.Finetown; Ja
cob Hollinger, - Heid/eraburg; Bollinger&
Ferree, Peteraburg, (J: S.); Jncoh Aula.
baugh:Earriplon ; Geo. S.Bentzel, and J.
S. Hildebrand & Co., Baal Berlin.
June 11, 1847. f tHee.l-1y)
.Shovel' Cultivat ors _—
VAN be had for Cut - 1314011nd township
.at C. W. Horststsses Coacki-Sliop,
Gettysburg, Pa. Please pall and sett them
and judge for yourself.,,
Gettysburg, May 29,
.1048. '
THE subscriber having associated with
him in the Mercantile 'Wei - twea his
brother, would respectfully ask ull persons
indebted to him to call and make imme
diate payment.
WM. Itli It A UP'
111 \ICI v• 1,•• 1 / 4 .
a• t •
.szs.,. • 2,4
For the mare of Ilipatittotor Liter( • Aa
plaint Dyspepsia and Sick ifead-Aelte.•
remedy has been for 'is,e4 . 4l yt t re
by the oriortelor pis a
very large kcale in ithmorigulie, ['steno. Bei ham,
and Randolph counties, in V irgibia, , basidea neon ,
al other placesa 1111 d taring been attended isith
the moat happy demo, he lots beeu tat ni lie to
time solicited to take such a mimeo le 9VOWII give •
it it morn e4ieusile circulation vs ilk a%iav• kra
liell the amount. of human , eullasrusg• , Aapie of !
the fact that many µmartinis lime item palautd
upon the public, he hesitend for 6evetal yeura,issa
ttl thoroughly tenvinced That the abkoensediaMis,
if properly us 4 would not fail to effect cotes a, s „„
great musysinstarra y anatpron to alle. , ,slVo 'Mose
cases whieti lire' . quite fiteurable.
j; ymptoms of a divaseilLiver.—Pain in the right
side, under the migirof the ribs, increased en pros.
sure; sometiines the pain id in the left able; the
patient is raiely able tali, op the left side; some•
times the pain is felt under the ghoulder-biasie,, it
fremtently extends to the 'lop of the shoulder, and
is somethings mistaken( frit a thegmatisin- in the
right arm. The'stoinach'ls greeted with loss of
appetite and sicknes; the howeli; in general. ale
costive. souletitnesehemating with'ltit,the head
is troubled with pain accompanied with • dull,
heavy sensation in the back pert. There is gen
erally a considerable loss of nienSofy, accompars
'ied with a painful refutation of having left undone
something •wilich ought to have been done. A
slight dry cough is sometimes an attendant. The
patient complains of weariness and debility ; he is
easily startled, his feet ere cold or bu/ning, and he
complain!' of a prickly sensation of the skin ; his
spirits are low; and although hb is Satisfied that
exercise would be beneficial to bim, yet he cim
scarcely summon up fortitude enough to try it .
' In tact, he dist rusts every remedy. Several of the
above symptoms attend the itiiease,but caves base
occurred where few of them existed, yet exami
nation of the body after death has athwart the liver
to have been extensively deranged.
This is to certifi, that having - been essoctiTed
with DC. ittl.tine in the practice of medicine for
nearly two and a half years, I had many opporiti•
nities of witnessing the good effects of his Liver
Pills, and I believe they have cured end relieved
a much larger proportion of thelliaatikeiafthe liv
er, than I have known cured and rel eved by any
other course of treatment.
Oliver Morgan, IM. D.
Dec. 7. 1836.
Mr. in lithe - a
- Liver Pills.
This is to certify that I hate been afllicteafor
six years with the Liver Complaintould applied
to different phystcians. obtaining temPorary
On hearnig.of Dr. IWLine's Liter Pills I obtained
and used two boxes. 1 now ft-el almost fully re.
stored to health—The Liver Pills have given our
surprising relief. S. DAVIS. near Pittsburg,.
Observe—Nate are genuine without a rue simi
le of the proprietor's signature. Prepared for the
proprietor by JON ATI! A N K 11)1) ai to, Whole
sale and Retail Druggists, No. 60 Wood at. Pitts
N. IS --loonier that there roily be no n4istake,
be pi rticillar and abk -Dr. NV Lane If Lo c r
Lrilie above medicine can be bud of the mol
IoNN int! agent.; :
S. 11. Buehler, Geilysburg : J. Lower,
Arerltsrille,; .1. & 0: Nl'Kitiglit,
Icrsuillr; J. S. Hollinger,
Holizinger & Ferree, l'eler.sborg ; Jacob
Aulehatigh, Hamplon: .r.'l". Hildebrand,
R. Berlin ; Peter Miekly, Mumnanaburg ;
Wm. Biltinger, Abbott:down ; (;'oukon k
Co. Wholesale Agents, Liberty at. Bahl
more, Al.
Feb IY , 1:•.11 _u m
A 12 HY
For Corittany roughs, Colds, Bron
chitis, .latlnna, Croup, 111tiviag.
Cough, .S . pittirt,tt rf Bkod,..Sure
• 7hroal, Pains and-Opprev
sions of the Breast, it
fcrrlty of - Breathing,
and all other di
seases of the
Rrad the tolloo aiu 'et titieute of IU I pertionnt
by the n-e ut Ro.r's Kr/0d0r...a Mid nay
%%ill longer neglect your cough. on douht Its I.IIIC,
Riikimorr, Matt It 11, I b 17
Mr. Jas. F. Roes
Dear Sir—About three weeks ago my wife
caught a ae%ere cold, which troubled her a good
deal slid gave - her great uneasiness; she ptri.ared
a ;; mauy- art iplea which sere recotunc mica
to her by her trimly, but without teeei%iug the
benefit from any of them . ; her cough was getlidg
vase may day; her appetite was laut tai hug
and to sleep - nut- imposed) e: the pa as -in her
breast and side became so severe That !hid 'be
had to go to butt, and - my Diem:* advatil n.e io
call in a Physician. I thought 1 would cull its
the store uliire you were engaged and pee II I
could not get something that would reline her,
when you gave me a bottle of your figpectorunt,
assuring me that it would cute her, she cowmen
red taking it that night, not, however, without
great opposition on the parr al some of her
Itiontle, who said it was only sume -titlark
Medicine," and would do her more .burro
than good. But I determined to lake your advice,
and now kt all know the Remit / From taking the
first d ose She pelt easier, though unable to titers
un account of the quantity of plilcaterthat loosen
ed and would almost choke her, but,n filch she
could spit up w ith but little dillicaltyobe tollou
itirdayi she con - tinned it according to the direc
tions, and that lime, for the first time Inc neMiy
two weeks, sip enjoyed a good night'', test andly
the time the had finished the first bettlet,ehe W/16
entirely cured. Make what use of this you think
proper, for such an invaluable medicine should be
made known to lite afflicted every where. With
hest wishes for yogi SICICCeSS.
V1%4111110' yours Etre..
.CAUTION hit Beware of Cownterftite and
Spurious, Imitations., See that the F. R"
are on the seal : also my , Warren SyrfamtertMll the
wrapper of each bottle, wthotit which none is gen
nine.P rept - rid' only by lartiallr gist -
Baltimore. Md. 1.:4 For sale in Giffgasurg by,
SAMUEL 11. 111/ENLEN., and in Abilernown by
May 28, 1847.—ty
lIIABELLA 301711884 r,
RUIT TRF,ES, of all kinds, (grafted
in the root,) can be had of the sub
scriber on reasonable terms, Please call
and judge for yourselves, ; •
Gettysburg, May 20, 1840, _
VIU E have just received a handsome
v assortment of plain and fringed
PARASOLS, ivhieh we'will be'pleatted to
show to ail who-favor us , with a
May 7,:.
Is ptiblished preiy
Co' unly Ilitildozg, above the lieginter
^and Reeordeto;OPe,
Ti paid in advance M. tKithin the year, f pet
annum-, if not paid within the year,
piper ditwontititteti until all mreattiget are
except at tho option lifthe I.:Alter. Stagier:oora
cents. A failure to notify a diacontinuenee
will be regarded. IA anew engagement
Wipintrtiteranef got exceeding a equate ineacto
three tiptoe for f I.r-every attlmetreet intertion
23 cents. Longer uneb in the name rano)! f; on ,
All adverth•entents not spethillt articled 11 , , 1146 V
in time, will be continued until turbid. A 1114791
neddetlon will be made tothnee mho advettlee by
the year. •
jab Printing, o! all kind's executed neatly slid
promptly, and tin reabonaltle tome.
Lelteks told Coniniu t iiiiiiinui to ti
ceptin4 ouch is contain 3f.opesk L ir dm Amu (,
!how PUbsl4 be, 'VAT r t .g.lll Unit!! in