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jBL033IS3CR!?,iWED.ESDArt DEC'S 9, 1613.
S M. PicTT'tKGiLL &. Co.. 37 Park Row.
Nev? York; are duly authorized to solicit aod
tec ive subscriptions ai.d advertising lor the
Ftnt of the North, published at Bloomoburg,
Columbia cour ty, Penn'a. " -
Matkkh & Co.. 335 Broadway. New York,
are authorized :o receive subscriptions and
advancing fot the Star cj ih North. .
Subject to the Decision of the Democratic
.:' Na ioual Convention
Jlrcaters Ahead. .
, There are ominous signs that the fatal
rrauh in our. financial affair, which all
know is inevitable, sooner or later, is not
far off. Wall Sireet is more than usually
fevonsh and ai Congress is in session, the
anxiety for Mr. Chase to open his plans for
the future, knows no bounds. Every thing
now obeys the nod and beck of the great
Shiuplaster King at Washington He makes
and unmakes rortnnes as he pleases Ha
sets up one and pulls down another. He
hat been holding forth inducements that
the war would be of short duration, bat,
year alter year, he i compelled to increase
his estimates nd contests that he has been
vturly mistaken. Even his owu friends
begin to tremble.
The correspondent of the Ciucinnati Go
teitt, writing from Washington, has the fol
lowing ominoas paragraph ;
When the deluded followers of Abolition
get so they can see "breakers ahead," we
shall have t.dvanced one step towards
petes. So long, as the heartless villains
l. . u : i ! 1
wuu urge uu imo n ai see uoijr utiles, anu
weil'h, and luxnry before them, no matter
ho much d'r-ath, bloodshed, misery and j
tlet-olation ara before other people, eo long
will they cry oat lor slaughter and extermi-
longer be or the interest of these men to
.war upon the South, and how toon would
ail their pretended lore forihe Uuiou van
ish.. Why, it is not four years since that
Horace Greeluy was proving that the South
ws.s a positive curse and expense to the
North, and that it would be a good thins to
get rid or her, jet now she is so valuable
Unit we must, bnakropt our people and ruin
lion. The miry men now spending mill
ioi; cTraonev in an expedition to Texas,
wore the very ones who contended, with
all their raigbt, against allowing her to come
in the Union when she offered to do so
vriihont money and without price. And,
strange to say, Massachusetts, which was
the head and from of the opposition to (hat
measure, now furnishes the General and
most of the loldiers to compel Texas to do
that which, in 1847, she bo strenuously op
posed. Yea, and she actually parsed a
resolution to secede from the Union if I"ex
ai. was aonered, and only failed to do so
because the plack ol her Abolilieu bullies
was not equal to their bragging-. Since the
war broke out, however, she has made a
a gocd speculation by it. The withdrawal
1 the soatbern members enabled her to
piss a tariff tor the express benefit of New
England manufacturers, which she did at
once, withotitVaiiiag. Since then she has
b?ea mauaiiclurtug army goads, aud mus
kets, rifles, lie, &c. We all pay taxes to
hr in everything we wear, and she is gel
ling along ur.ely. Bat her prosperity is of
the cobweb order. A breatl will sweep it
away one of these days, when the grand
shinplaster babble explodes. All instinc
lively feel tlai this event cannot be far off,
bat each one sails along, hoping that it will
not strike him amidships. Wall street ia as
nervous as t borglar in a bank, who starts
at every st ond, aud is frightened at his
own shadow. Prudent' men will shorten
sail in theso times. Keep neat shore, and
nake port us often as possible; but Wall
sireet gamblers, like all other gamblers,
will venture until the Iat ehinplaster is
gone, and iiol see the breakers until it is
Do late. '
"The grea'est folly of my life was the
issuing of the emancipation proclama
tion." .:. . , . ; . :
Sneh weie the wordd of President Lincoln
to Wendell Phillips last January, according
13 the testimony of the latter in a speech
lie made al Masic Hall in new Haven.
liafore the issuing of thai document, Prest.
fleet Lincoln gave it as his opinion that it
iould be of no more e fleet than the "Pope's
bail against the comet and after he- had
jjiven it to the world he regards it as 'the
Ijreatest folly of his life," and did not scrapie
to bo interta one of the roost inflaential
leaders ci: the fanatical faction who had
forced him into the objectionable measure.
m t i? ri i . !:. : s
ISS3. "II Satan had been commis-icned to
ico3ri min&ind, he could have net better
:fu!i!ed his mission than by turning Abo
iiticn disaiiionist, and preaching the doc
;if!sthey j rsacb. They are desperate men
I'rcn aii prnies 'h litre, the frail, and
uSs blin gathered joseiher, and what are
t'.2j going to do? Going to help freedom!
Freedom for whom 1 Their every effort
j c Tirdizai freedom; ami if only their
e;I--r'-i prsrai'ed, we wca!J not havp a free
ot ernment." , ,-..-
Tits Printer, a verv useful and in!ere?t-
i2 typ"rapuical jonrnal, jha made its
v. sy i ao nor saiic'nm once more. It cer
IaImJ? is &n insfL-periLJe work to the craft,
rrfalfd in.fnod style, on wfci'e paper, wish
dsn iyj"e. Price, one dollar in advance.
IVwiish? rj Joho Greason tz Co.. 172 Was.
St. lis York.
Some cl the Features ofthe'TTar for the Union'.
The emphatic language in which the
Fathers ot the Republic deprecated the use
or rorce in the case of disobedient or refrac
tory Siaies has been completely lost on the
fcelf-styled Constiiutional men of these days.
i With a doggeri persistence that is proof
i . . . ...
ame againei reason and the tacts ot history,
they insist that the war shall go on until
the Federal authority is re established in
every State ol the Old Union. Well, their
policy has been tried . lor more than two
years and a half, and we believe even they,
or at least the candid portion of them, will
admit that we are worse off than when :he
trife began. We ask, then, if we have not
during this period, been guilty of acts to
ward the Sooth which wonld render any
other Union than that maintained by the
strong arm an impossibility? Have we not
6ought to carry oar point by sach means a
Knssia is now employing in Poland, or as
England has osed for centuries in Ireland?
Has the war differed ia any respect from
all other wars waged for- the consolidation
of empires? , Has ours not been characteri
zed by the same features bj towns and
dwellings given to the flames; by the deso
lation of extended -tract of country; by the
prostration of commerce; by scenes of plun
der and wanton destruction of private prop
erty ; by outrages on the weaker sex that
make the blood run cold to read or think of,
in a word, is not the record of this war for
the Union marked by just the same features
that are to be found in the history of all wars
waged for conquest and territorial domin
ion ?
Now, while these are facts which cannot
be controverted, is any man, be he a War
Democrat or Republican, so stolid as not
to see that a Union thus cemented can only
be held together by precisely the same
agency ? Military subjugation means noth
ing more nor less than military occupation
What the sword has acquired must be held
by the sword. The sequel is evident a
standing army of half a million, with an
outTay of at least two millions of dollars a
day, the overthrow of constitutional govern
ment, and the establishment of a centrali
zed military despotism, the oppression of
labor by excessive taxation, and the build
ing op of a privileged money class whose
very existence must depend upon the con
tinuance .of despotic power in the hands of
the Administration. Such will be the in
evitable result' of this monstrous fallacy call
ed the War for the Union.
Now, let us look at the character of the
men who direct and control the policy of
the powers that be. Have they not hereto
fore, in their party organization, sustained
principles and given oiterence to semi
menu utterly subversive of all law and or
der ? Have they oot shown themselves to
be disorganizes of the worst stamp? Have
they not eet cp their own opinion as above
and superior to the decisions of the supreme
tribunal of the country aud called it the
"higher law," fiom which they allow no
appeal? Have they not again and again
falsified their pledges to the people, and
under the plea of military necessity-, made
war apon every right made sacred to Amer
ican freemen by the bloody trials and sacri
fices of the Revolution ? Ail this they have
done, and yet a large portion of the people,
in complete abnegation of these facts, cling
with tenacity to a policy that the great
statesmen of the conntry have warned U3
again and again could only be productive of
one result the permanent es'ablishmant ot
a military despotism. '
We have never hesitated to express onr
convictions ia regard to the ends aimed at
by th8 party in power, and we now warn
the Democratic leaders that a longer per
sistence in their present support of the war
policy will lend to the complete extinction
of their party, and the absorption of all po
litical power in the hands ol the Adminis
tration. Do they not see that ev-ry Demo
catic voter who volunteers, or is drafted into
the army weakens oar strength, while it
increases that of our enemy and the enemy
of the country ? Have they not seen, in
the 'recent State elections, how this system
has been made to work how the Republi
can voters were sent home from the .army,
and the Democratic voters were retained,
unless they pledged themselves to vole un
der instructions, and the surveillance of
their military superiors ? The Democratic
Representatives in Coagress must insist oq
a full investigation and exposure of this out
rage upon citizen suffrage, and the party
acting in co-operation with them, through
their various organizations, must insist up
on a suspension of hostilities with a view
to reconstruction, or a settlement of the con
troversy on such ground as ruay lead' to a
reunion at some future time. One thing is
certain, ths.t the integrity of the Republic
can never be established by force. Mr.
Seward is oar authority for that ; and an
other matter is equally certain, that the pro
longation of this fratricidal conflict must
terminate in the destruction of the ouly
thing that rendered the Union valuable
Democratic Freedom. WiIl the Democracy
be earned in" time ?
American Auriccltoiust. The closing
number of this year, this quarto, is freighted
with neful matters for those engaged on
the far-u, in the garden and household.
There is a freshness ia the reading and a
practical applicability to the purposes in
tended that renders this publication of es
pecial value. To show what care and atten
iioaj8 bestowed, a recent article on fences
required a journey of some two thousand
miles. It is the determination of the editor
o make the Agriccltnmt a reliable jonrnal
in all it sets before the commnnity. It is
published in both English and German lan
guage. Oa'KGE Jcdd A M., Park Row New
York. "
Gt?n. John H. Morgan, the noted rebel
guerrilla who led the raid into Ohio last
Summer, escapell from the Colombo" Peni
tentiary with fix of his Captains, oi the
eight of the 37th, by cutting a hole in the
floor ol the ceil into a sewer, and theo scal
ing the outer wall. A felegram from Toron
to says he arrived there on the 30th by
railroad, would, to to IIa?ifax to take a
steamer for Na&sau.
JHeetinx of the National Union Committee.
Cincinnati, Dec 4. The National Union
Committee met, yeterday, at the Burnett
House, Ex Governor William 8. Campbell
ot Tennessee, acting'as Chairman pro tern.
Hon. Arnos Kendall wa3 chosen permanent
President, and William C. Hand, of New
York, Treasurer. A public meeting of the
Convention was held at 12 o'clock to day,
when addresses were made by Hon. Gar
rett Davis, of Kentucky, and others.
The subject of the next Presidency was
fully discussed, and the nomination of Gen
eral McClellan was urged upon the Advi
sory Committee ; which Committee, at a
meeting held this evening, postponed the
subject umil th 23d inst., at a meeting ol
the Committee in Philadelphia.
. Skreno Nov 30 18(55 .
Mr., -;.
Sir Three of the Subscri
bers fo your paper do not take there papers
out of this office, namely, Montgomery Cox
Urniah Chamberlin, and Calvin Halfpenny.
You would oblige very much by discon
tinuing them as they are "in the way"
Respectfully F. P. Masters
Sereno, Col Pa
To W. H. Jacoby
Bloomsburg Pa
It would appear that these papers have
not been taken out of the office, not '
continued, and of course as they are Demo
cratic papers, "they are in the way." One
ol iheae subscribers informed us that he did
not know the paper was sent, that he had
been at the office several - times, quite re
cently, and the Postmaster failed to hand
him the papers, or even inform him such a
paper was sent to his address, but allowed
them to lay in the office for a month or two,
and then sends them back to the editor,
stating in a very unofficial manner, "they
are not taken out of this office." Of coarse
they are not, after failing to perform his du
ty, as we are informed. The paper had
been discontinued on account of the draft
inviting the editor to Old Abe's Shoot
ing Match, and of course all our subscri
bers were not aware of our intention to
again publish and'send them the paper.-
These Abolition P. Ms. should be a little
cautions, and not do anything that might
look like taking the advantage of a Union
soldier, even if he does edit an orthodox
Democratic newspaper.
Congress went in session on Monday last.
As yet nothing has transpired of interest;
we are not even able to announce the elec
tion of a Speaker. The Abolition wng in
caucus nominated Colfax, of Indiana, lor
Speaker ; and the Democratic cauens ol the
House after some consultation adjourned
without making a nomination. The Mes
sage if delivered in time will appear in dur
next issue. .It will be short.
The yftung lady (?) who so civilly (?)
yelled ' Copperhead" after ns opon the
street, the other evening, will j)lease ac
cept, oar compliments. Fair eprig, lively
female chimpanzee! May she live to grow
a lofty as Cleopatra's Needle ; may f he
become as great in cirenmference as Strom
boli's base ; may sbe become as handsome
as Stheno ; may she grow so old that Time
can plough furrows apon her brow deep
and wide and long enough to serve as rifle
pits lor the Dirse, from which they can hurl
forth their snakes and lighted torches ;
may Lbreas fan her braw with ai icy hur
ricane ; may Jeapiter comb her hai:- with
forked lightning and bathe her tcmnles
.fcwith a water-spout : may every Abolitionist
in the land sue for her hand until they dis
cover her Gorgon features, then let them
fly hence in terror ; may she at last marry a
little old, lean, blind, deaf, domb, lame,
hunchtack mule-beef contractor! These
are al! the best wishes for he' welfare that
we can think of just now. We may think
of some more by the next time she dares
to hiss "Copperhead" at us upon the street.
We shall try and discover her name also,
and we shall give her the benefit CT a full,
unabridged, regular etiquelteical acknowl
edgment Lewisbui g Argu.
Sad Accident. On yesterday afternoon
Daniel M. Gearhart of Rush twp.. Northum
berland co. while in the stable of the Dan
ville Hotel, acridenlly fell and in his fall
stumbled against one of the horses in the
stalls. The horse kicked him in the head,
striking him above the temple, producing
concussion or compression of the brain.
At the time of going to press, be remained
in an insensible state, and great fears were
entertained that his injuries might prove
fatal. Danville lntellizenctr.
Is it true that Lincoln is going, in his
forthcoming messace, 'to recommend that
the name of the White llnuit be changed to
that of 3lack House, and that Congress ap
propriate a snm to alter the color of that
mansion ? If the Republican Congressmen
would vote to do this, and also vote that no
man should sit in his seat in the Hall of
Congress without ablacker.ed face, after the
manner of the negro minstrels, there would
be a fitness of things, and a propriety in
their acts which has not been displayed
since they seized the government.
Choice or Parents. In all case where
exemption from draft is asked, on the
ground that "two or more sons are liable to
military doty," the choice must be made
before Dec. 20th, and not postpond until the
draft has been made. Last draft, owing to
the law being new and imperfectly under
stood, parents were allowed to exempt one
where two were drafted. This cannot be
allowed in the January draft, and those in
terested cannot blame as if, through their
own neglect, tbeir claims for exemption
opon this ground are made too late to have
any effect.
Ikfaxticide. Last week a case of infan
ticide occurred in our borough. The moth
er of an illegitimate child, impelled by
shame or more devilish motive threw her
new born babe into a sink for the purpose
of hiding all traces of her guilt, bm.ihe in
fant by its cries caused a search to be made,
when it was rescued. It lived a mo
ment or two alter. A jury was enpannelled
by Esquire Brandon, who gave a verdict in
accordance with the facti presented Dan
villi Inltliigencer
.From Chattanooga semi-official accounts
ol General Hooker's repulse at Ringgold
represent his loss at Eve hundred. The
Federal army is row intrencbiag on the
eastern slope of Mission Ridge, their p'ck
ets being posted two miles in advance along
the western bank of the Chickamauga.
The Federal retreat from Ringgold, peven
miles to the Chickamauga, was quite pre
cipitate, and closely followed up, by the
enemy, who now picket the eastern bauk
of the stream. General Bragg'g beadquar
ters are at Ringgold, and his army is massed
in that neighborhood. General Grant ha9
not yet sent any report of the result of his
battle to Washington, bnt the number of
prisoners captured is said to be six thou
sand four hundred and fifty, and the number
of guns forty-six. The Federal loss in
kilted and wounded is staled at forty-five
hundred. Everything is quiet at Chatta
nooga. . v . .
From Knoxville we receive nothing de
finite. General Longstreet does not appear
yet to have raised the siege ; for if he had,
we certainly should have intelligence of it
from General Burnside. There is no com
munication between Cumberland Gap and
Knoxville yet. General Foster is idle on
the Clinch river, twenty miles from the gap
where he has but a handful of cavalry.
He makes no attempt to advance any
farther. A Federal force of three thousand
is said to have left Chattanooga to aid Burn
side, though the rorte taken is not very evi
dent. The Confederates are represented to
be in strong force at London, twenty three
miles west of Knoxville, and at Kingston,
ten miles northwest of Loudon. Cannona-,
ding has been heard in that direction ; so
that it would seem the expedition had
marched over the Cumberland Mountains,
and was in conflict with the enemy; no pro
gress appears to have been made by the
expedition beyond Loudon, the Confeder
ates having there a strong line of defence,
formed by the Tennessee river. We can
find no reliable intelligence of Longstreet's
retreat. The numerous rumors to that
effect are evidently manufactured at Cincin
nati. General Meade's army is at Brandy Sta
tion, with an outpost of cavalry at Culpeper.
On Friday afternoon a light division of the
enemy crossed the Rapidan at a point above
Raccoon Ford. General Maade will not be
able to drive them across, his line not being
advanced sufficiently to do it, ecd the Con
federate left being already pasted on the
north bank of the Rapidan. This crossing
of the eoemy indicates nothing beyoud an
adjustment of their position, however.
There is no certainty yet as to Meade's
successor, thongh it appears to be decided
that he shall be re-noved.
There is intelligence from north Carolina
that on November 25th, aa expedition made
from Newbern, in search of guerrillas, re
suited in ihe capture of seventy-foar men
who were brought into the town. Thirteen
large steamers successfully ran the block
ade at Wilmington in one night the 19ih
of November.
From Charleston there is news by a
Southern medium as late as Thursday last
The bombardment continued languidly and
with no effect. A few shells had been
thrown into the city. At night calcium
lights on the Ironsides, (which is surround
ed by rafts,) and in battery Gregg, are em
ployed to illuminate the harbor and dis
cover the enemy's woiking parties. The
siege has been in progress one hundred
and fify days.
Soa'hem accounts from Texas state that
General Banks' force at Brownsville is five
thousand s'rong, and that he had made no
capture of cotton.
A Confederate raid has been made from
Arkansas into the heart of the Cherokee
nation. The Federal General B!unt, whose
business it is to protect the Indian Territory
has lately been moving in 6uch an Incom
prehensible minner that even the enemy
cannot find him.
.The "loyal leagues" have become secret
organizations, and in Connecticut notices
were given to the initated by half a sheet
ol fool's cap, with a hole, in the shfpe of a
coffin, cot in the middle of the paper, which
is stuck up for a poster. The coffin is good.
But an equally appropriate emblem of the
"loyal leaguers' would be the picture of a
negro standing on the skull of a white
man." Union Argus. .
Cocrt is still in session as we go to press.
We will give proceedings next week.
Joooe EtWELLand Associates, Baldy and
McReynolds, on the bench. There is a
small tarn oat at this Court.
At the parsonage, in Orangeville, on the
?6th ult., by the Rev. J. Forrester, Mr. John
L. Parker, to Miss Elizabeth Rantz, both
of Columbia county.
On the 6th all., by Rev. P. W. Mellick,
at the house of Mr. John White, of Light
Street, Mr. William M. Mather, of Rohrs
burg, to Miss Rebecca Ann White, of Light
Street, Pa.
On Sunday morning, 29th u!t., at the resi
dence of the bride's father, in Bloomsburg
by Rev D C. John, Mr. Wil'uam Davis, to
Miss Fannie Bombot.
O.i the 26th alt., by the Rev. William J.
Eyer, Mr. Edwin F. Smith,, of Mahony
City, Schuylkill county, Pa., to Miss Hen
rietta Hughes, of Cauwissa, Pa.
In Bloomsburg on the 5th inst., Charles
Kahler, aged 61 years, ll months and 8
At Plymouth, Pa., August 8tb, 1S63.
Wilber Melick, aged 2 years and 3 mos.
Also, on the 26ih - of November, Frank
Dava. aed 3 months, both sons of N. W.
and M. E. Flecker.
In Hemlock township, on the 30th all.,
at the residence of her eon,Sylvester Pursel,
Mrs Mart PorseX, wife of the late Daniel
Purse! dee'd., aged 91 years and 28 days.
In Bloomsburg, on the 25th ult, Alice
Akn, danghter ot John and Sarah A. Brobst,
aged 1 year and 5 months.
In Danville, on the 22nd ult., Lizzie
Hcnteh, infant daughter of Rev. G. W. and
Kate V. Scott, aged 5 weeks. .:
la Greenwood twp., Columbia county,
on the 1st insCi Elizabeth Josehine, daugh
ter of Andrew Jackson and Matilda Watts,
aged 2 years, 6 months, and 14 days.
Tnk. attention of our readers is respect
fully invited to the advertisement of Messrs.
S. M. Ward & Co , which will be found in
another part of this paper. We are per
sonally acquainted with the members of
this firm, and can vouch for their respon
sibility in all business arrangements which
they may make, as we have a through
knowledge of their mercantile integrity and
their foil ability to meet all obligations.
This notice cf course, is intended for such
of our readers as have no acquaintance
with this firm ; to all who know them, no
recommendation will be necessary. Army
ar, Nny Gazette
Have received the warmest encomiums
from th press and people throughout the
Union as a vqluable tonic for the cure of
Dyspepsia, Flatulence, Constipation, and
general nervous debiliy, ii can not be ap
proached. Kvery day new cases of its great
effect are ceronicled through our principal
public journals. There is nothing equal to
the enjoy ment to that which the afflicted
experience when using this valuable epe
cific. Its mild tone, its sure and vigorous
action upon a disordered stomach, and the
cleansing of the entire human body should
recommend it to all classes of our comu
nity. tr See Advertisement,
For sale by Druggists and dealers gen
erally everywhere.
Dec. 9. 1863. 1 mo
We do not believe that even in this age
nfchenff Dubl'matinnn anu wnrtr ran ho
more reasonable than the terms of the
Scientific American at S2 per annum,
with 25 per cent, diseo int tor clubs of 10
to lorm a yearly volume of 832 pages
quarto, with an immense number of origi
nal engraving of patanted machines! valu
able inventions, and objects of scientific
interest. There is -not an industrial pursuit
which does not receive a share of its at
tention. It contains official lists of patent
claims, important stati-iics, practical re
cipes for domestic purposes-, aad has long
stood, both in this country and in Europe,
as the highest authority in the mechanic
arts and rienres. There is no publication
more valuable to the farmer, the miller,
the engineer, the iron founder, the mechan
ic, or the manufacturer. We have never
opened a number without learning some
thing we never ki.ew beforehand obtaining
valuable information for the benefit nf our
readers. The Publishers, Messr. Munn
& Co., of 37 Park Row, New- York, have
deserved the success which they have
achieved. No one should vis'n that city
without calliug at ihir. palatial establish
ment, 'hich is a museum ot inventive
genius, collected from the entire world.
If any of our friend do not know this work
and will take our aJvi?e, they will mail S2
and become frubwribera immediate!), nr
by applying to the PubHeh-rs they can ob
tain a specimen copy gratis, which will be
sure to confirm tin truth of our recommen
50,000 Agrciits Wanted !
75 COO JVatchen, Gold Pens 4- Pencils.
Seal Siotie Rjn4, California Rings. Chased
Rings, Masonic Rui2 and Pins, Gents
Ci!it(ftiia Diamor.d Pins, California Dia
mnnd Ear Drops. Beautiful Sets of Jew
elry, New Stles Nnd and Bu'.tofts, etc
WORTH S400.000,
To be sold for One Doilar each, without re
gar f to va'.'ie, and not to be paid for
till you know what you
are to ?et.
In all transactions by mail we shall
ch arge f nr doing the business 25 cento each
wruch must be enclosel when the request
is made to know what you can hav. After
knowing wat you ran have, trieo it vvil'
be at your oliou 10 feend SI, take the
article or not.
Fivn articles can be ordered for Si-eleven
for S2 thirty for 5 tix!y fire for 4J0
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With the information of what yon can
have wilt be sent a circular giving full in
structions to Agents and a luif Catalogue
of articles, and then it will be at your op
lion to send and get the article or not.
. AUu, for SI, 1 will send a fo!id Silver
Shield or either Army Corp. Pm, with
your name, regiment and company hand
somely engraved upon it. Adirets
S. M WARD & CO ,
Box 4876, New Yotk. 208 Broadway.
Dec. 9, 1863. 3w.
Magic Time ObserTers.
Being a Hunting or Open Face or Im.'
dy'8 or Gentleman's Watch Combin
ed, with Patent Self-Winding Im
provement, a most Pleasing Novelty.
One of the prettiest, mot convenient,
and decidedly the best and cheapest lime
piece for general and reliable use ever offe
red. It has within it and connected with its
machinery, its own binding attachment
rendering a key entirely unnecessa.y. The
cases of tbis Watch are composed of two
metals, the outer one being fine 16 carat
gold. It has the improved ruby action le
ver movement, and warranted an accurate
time piece. Price, superbly engrave!, per
case ol half dozen, Si04. Sample Watches,
in neat morocco boxes, $35.
First Class Hunting Time-pieces for accu
racy of movemert, beauty of material,
and, above all, cheapness in price, these
watches must insure universal approba
tion. Au imitation so. faultiest (hat it can
hardly be detected by the most experien
ced judges. The material being oi two
metals, the outer one first quality Sterling
Silver, while the innei one is German Sil
ver, it cannot be recognized by cutting ot
heavy engraving, making it, not only ir.
appearance, but in durabiliiy, the best re
semblance of Solid Sterling Silver in exist
mice. The sale of these Watches in the army
is a source ol enormous profit, retailing, as
they very readily do, at 525 and upwards.
Many hundred dollar can be made in a
single pay day by any one of ordinary
business tact
hunting cases, beautifully engraved, while
enamel dial, and fancy cut hands, in good
running order, by Jhe half dozen, $66. Sold
only by by the case of six !
Upon receipt of iwo dollars, as guarantee
of good faith, we will serwatches by ex
press to any part of the loyal States, col
lecting balance of bill on delivery. This
ensures buyers agaiust fraud, 'giving them
their watches belore payment is required.
Send orders to the sole importer.
GAIUS WH EATON, No. 12 Jeweler'
Exchange, Cor. CortlanJ St. and Broadway
New York
Dec. 9, 1363- 3m.
Iompound Fluid" Kxtract Bnchn, a posi--Viv
aud Specific Remedy for diseases
of 1I1 Bladder, Kidneys, Gravel, and Drop
sical Swellings.
This Medicine increases ih power of
Digestion, and excite the Absorbent into
healthy action, by which the Waterv or
Calcareous depositions, and all Unnatoral
Enlargements are reduced, as welt a Pain
and Iflamm Alioit.
IlhL31B(HiO' frXTirCT BUCIIIf.
For "Weaknesses arising from excesses,
Habits of DiKsipation, Erly Indiscretion
of abuse,atlended with the following symp
toms :
Indisposition to Exertion. Loss of Power.
Loss of Memory, Difficulty of Breathing,
Weak Nerves, Trembling, Horror of Dis
ease, Wakftfulne-s, Dimness of Vision, Pain
in the Bark", Universal Lassitude of the
Muscular System, Hot Hands, Flushing of
the Body, Dryness of the Skin, Eruptions
on the Face, Pallid Countenance.
Thee iymp'oms if allowed to go on,
which this medicine invariably removes,
soon follows. I M POTENCY, FATUITY,
EPILEPTIC FITS, in one of which the
Patient may expire.
Who can say that they are not frequently
followed by those "Direful Di-eases."
Many'are aware of the cause of their suf
fering, but none will confess the Records
of the Insame Asylums.
And melancholy Deaths by Consump
tion bear ample witness to the Troth of the
assertion. The Constitution once effected
with Oiganic Weakness requires the aid of
Medicine toStrengihen arid Invigorate the
BUCHU in variably does. A trial will con
vince ihe most skeptical.
In many Affections peculiar jo Females
the Extract Buchu i unequaled by any
other remedy, as in Chlorosis or Retention,
Irregularity, Paiiifulness, or Supp-ession
of Customary Evacuations, Ulcerated or
Scirrhous slate of the Uterus, LeuchorrhtEa
or Whites, S erility, and for alt complaints
incident to the sex, whether ari-ing from
indiscretion Habits or Dissipation, or in
the Decline or Change of Life.
Take no more BalaT, Mercury, or un
pleasant Medicines for unpleasant and
dangerous disease.
HELMBOLD'S Ex'racl Bnrha and Im
proved Rose Wash, cures SECRET DIS
EASES, In ail their Stages,. At I'ttle Ey
pense, Little or no change in Diet, No
Inconvenience, And no exposure.
It causes a frequent desire and gives
strength to Urinate, thereby removing ob
structions, preventing ar.d curing stricture
of the Urethra, allaying Pain and Inflam
mation, to freqn-ant in the class of disease,
and expelling ail poisonous, diseased and
worn oat ma.ter.
IhousHiiJs upon Thousands whr have i
been the victim- of Qnarks, and who have
paid heavy fees to be :ured in a thort
tinr,e, Lava found they were deceived, and
that the "poison" ha, by the use of "pow
erful astringents," been dried up in the
system, to break out in an aggravated form,
and perhaps after Marriage.
Use Helmbold's EAtrart Buchu for all
affections and diseases of the Urinary Or-
gans, whether exiting in Male of Female,
from whatever rause- originating and no
matter of h'Jv long standing.
Diseases of thee Organ requires the aid
of a Diuretic. Helmbold's Extract B ichu is
the Creat Diore'ic, and is certain to have
the desired effect in all disease for which
il is recommended. Evidence of the most
re!itie and responsible character will ac
company the medicine.
Price SI.CO a lioltlr, or Six for $5 00.
Delivered to any address, securely packed
from observation. Describ symptoms in
all communications. Cures gnaianteeJ !
Advice gratis. Address letter loi informa
tion to
II. R. Ill I.IItDI,f, t heml-t.
104 South 10th st., bel Chesmut, Phila.
HELMBOLD'S Medical Depot,
HELM BOLD S Drug&Chem'l Warehouse,
549 Broadtvay, New York.
I3?Beware of counterfeits and unprinci
pled dealers, who endeavor to dispose "ot
their own" ard 'other" articles on the
reputation attained by
Helmbold's Genuine Prepara'icrs,
do do Extract Buchu,
Helmbold's Genuine Extract Sarsapari'.ii.
do do Improved Rose Wash.
PP"Sn!d by all Drugi-ls everywhere.
Afrk for Helmbold's. Tak? no other. Cut
out the Ad vertisemer.t and rend for it, and
avoid imposition and exposure.
December 9, l863.-ly.
Secrets For Uic .Tlillon !
A rnott valuable rd wonderful publi
Oa cation. A work ol 400 pages, and
3 colored engravings. DR. HUNTER'S
VADEMECUM,an original and popular
treatise on M-wi and Wcman, their Phys
iology, Fuuctioi.s, and Sexual disorders of
every kinJ,with Never-Failing Remedies
for their speedy cure. The pracioe of
Dr. HUNTER has long been, and s'ill is,
unbounded, but at the can:e-l t-olicitation
numberous persons, fie ha been induced
to extend his medical usefulness through
the medium of his "VADEMECUM." "it
is a volume that should be in the hands ol
every family in the land, as a preventive ol
secret vices, or as a guide for the allevia
tion of one of Ihe mod awful and destruc
tive scourge9 ever visited mankind. Oiie
copy, securely enveloped, wi'l be forwar
ded free of postage 10 any part of the Uni
ted States for 50 cents in P. O. stamps, 3
copies for SI. Address, post paid, DR.
HUNTER, No. 3 Division Street, New
York 1
Sept 9. 1S63.
Public Sale,
WILL be exposed 10 Public Sale, ou the
premises, in New Media, Columbia
County, on
FRIDAY, HIE 2577 OF DEC. 1863,
a certain
Lot of Ground?
containing Six Acres, more or less, on
which are erected
one Stnne
And a name Weelwright shop, lnere is
o:i me premi-es a good Wed of Water near
the House.
The Lot is enclosed with a good post
and rail fence, aud the Land is in a high
slate of cultivation.
Sale to commence at 10 o'clock, A. M.,
when conditions of sale will be made
known by -S"f
Dec. 9, 1863.
Sky-Light Auibroiyiiifrf,
OOOMS in the Third Story ol ihe Ex
change Block, (entrance above the
Bonk Store,) Bloomsburg, Columbia coun-
ty, I
Bloomsburg. Nov. 23, 1859
4 pure and powerful Tonic, corrective
and alternative of wonderln! efficacy in
oes,f,e of lhe STOMACH LIVER AND
BOWELS Cures Dyspepsia. Liver com
plaint, Hea-'ache, General Debility. Ner. '
vousness. Depression of Spirits, Constipa
tion, Colic, Intermittent Fevers, Crampn
and Spasms, and all complaints of either
Sex, arising from Bodily Weakness
whether inherent in the system or produc
ed by special causes.
Nothing that is not wholesome, enial
and restorative in its nature entc' ino
the composition of HOSTETTER'S STOM
ACH BITTERS. This popular preparation
contains no mineral of any kind, no deadly
bota lical element; no fiery excitant ; but
"H is a combination of Ihe extracts of rare
balsamic berbs and plants with the purel
Slid mildest of all ditTu-ive stimulants.
li is well to be forearmed agiiint disease
and, so far as (be human system can be
pro ected by human means against mala- .
. ies engendered by an unwholesome at
rfiosphere, impure water and other extern-l
cause, Hostetter's Bitters may be rel'ed
on as a safeguard.
Ir. districts infected wi'h Fever and Ague,
it has b-en found infallible as a preventive
and irresistible a a remedy and thousands
who resort to it under appiehension of an
attack, escape the courge ; and thousands
who neglect to avail themselves of its pro
tective qualities in advance, are cured by
a very brief course of this marvelous medi
cine. Fever and Ague patients, after be
ing pl ed with quinire for months in vain,
until lairly saturated with llial dangerous
alkaloid, are not unfrequently restored to
health wi'hin a few days by the use of
Hosteller's Bitters.
The weak stomach is rapidly invigorated
and the appetite restored by lhi grehle
Tonic an.t hence it works wonders in ca
se of Dyspepsia and in less confirmed
forms of 1 ndiges'ion. Acting as a gentle
arus panness apperieni, a well as upon
l'e liver, it al.-o invariably relieves the
Cotistipaiion superinduced by iriegular
action ol the digestives and secretive or
Persons cf feebl- habit, liable to Nervous
Attjtki. Loiaiets of Spirits and Fits of Lan
guor, find prompt and permaennt relief
rtrom the Bitieis. The Testimony on ihm
point is most conclusive, and from both
The agony of Bilious Colic is immedi
ately assuaged by a single dose of ihe
stimulant and by orra-ionally re-ortingto
it, ihe return of the complaint may be pre
vented. As a General Tcmc, Hos'etter's Bitters
prodnew enVct- -hich rnnt be experienced
or witne-?'d before th cart be fnlly ap
preciated In rvfes of Co'iftiiutiotial Weak
ness, t:d Premature Decay and Debility
and Decrepitude ati-ing Imm Old Age, it
exerci-es the electric influence. In Ihe
convalescent -tages rf all diseases ii oper
ate? as a delightful in vigorarst. When the
power of nature are related, it operate to
re euforce and re-es' them.
La.-t, but not least, it i the The Only
Sife Stimu'ent, bei-ig r.nnnfaemred from
found and innocuous mat-rials, and en
tirel) free Iran ti e acid element present
more or le-s in all the ordinary ionics and
s'onachir; o! trie day.
No family rntd'Ctne l a4 been so univer
sally, and, it may be truly added, desert
eJ!y pnpular whh th m'elligent portion ot
in commit. iry, a- Hoa-eMer'- Bmers.
Prepared by HOSTETTER & SMITH,
Pittsburgh. F.
Sold by all DrusWts, Grocers and Store
keepers everywhere.
Due. 9, 1S61. lv-
(ffflce over the Wyoming Bank,
t"" Will insure againM loss or damage
by Fire on property in town or country, at
reasonable verms.
DIRECTOR G. M Hollenback, John
Reichard, Samuel Wadham, D L Shoe,
maker, Daniel G. Drie-bch, R. C. Siniib,
R. D. Lacoe, G. P. Sieele. W. W. Ketcham,
Charles Darrauce, W. S. Ross, George M.
I). L. SHOEMAKER, Prcs'l.
R C. SMITH, Secretary,
W. G. STERLING, Treasurer.
L H. CONOVER. Agent,
Beach Haveu, Pa.
December 2J, 1863 -ly.
WIYTCB Altl!AN(iL.lIi;T. .
GREAT Trunk line from the North and
North-west for Philadelphia, New
York, Reading, Pottt.ville.I.ebanoo, Allen
town, Easton, &c; &c.
Trains leave llarn-burg for Philadelphia
New York, Reading Pottsville, and all in
termediate Sta.ions, at 8 a. m. and 2 p. N.
New York Expre-s leaves Harrisborg ai
a. 00a. m. airiving at New York al 10 15; the
same morning.
Fares from Harrisbnrg: to New Yoik
S5 15; to Philadelphia $335 and S2.80.
Baggage checked through.
Returning leave New York at 6 A. M. l2
Noon, and 7 P. M. (Pittpburh Express,
arriving at Harrisburg at 2 A. 41.) Leave
Philadelphia ai 8. 15 A. M. and 3. 30 P,.M.
Sleeping cM4 iu the New Yotk Expreta
Trains, through to and from Pittsburgh
without change. -
Passengers by the CaUwisa Riil Road
leave Tamaqua at 8 50 A. M and 2. 15 P
M. lor Philadelphia. New York, and all
Way Points.
Trainsieave Poll-tville at 9. 15 A. M. and
2. 30 P. M. for Philadelphia, Harrisburg
and New York.
An accimo lation Papsenjer irain leaves
Reading ai b. SO A. M. and returns from
Philadelphia at 4. i0 P. M.
SAllthethe above tiains run daily,
Sundays excepted.
A Sunday irain leaves Pottsville al 7.30
A.M. and Philadelphia al 3.l5 P. M.
Commutation, Mileage, Season, and Ex
cursion Ticket, at reduced rates to aud
Ifotn all points.
. General Superinteudant.
I November 16, 1863.