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Wednesday Morning, Sept. 21, IS6L
A Fw bushels of potatoes -wiil be ; taken
at this office on subscription, at the market
price if brought this Ceik or the beginning of
Roucrt F. Clarx, Esq., lias agreed to
addren a series bf'meetings for the Repub
lican party, in this county. Mr C. is a
good Mump oraror, but hi talk is -on the
Vrong side of the house 10 win.
Tht Democratic Ticket is printed at this
office and ready for distribution. The wole
'ticket and notb:ns but the ticket, headed by
.Woodward and Low me.
W are informed that the "Chan-man "of
' the U no ii Standing Committee of Ihia coon
' ty has repeatedly said, he never wouhl
support Akdbew G Ccr-mn for reelec
tion. A change must have come over
Via .reams, for he is now supporting Cur
tis with all brs might. Probably when he
aid he would not support CbrTin be
, thought, like many 'others, that Any would
not ask a reflection There are a great
many people who declared their intention
not to support him again, and they are carry
ing it out.
Ir Abraham Likcol is the ,jGovern
, tnenl," i some of our Abolition friends
would have yon believe, we have a very
weak one and it ought to be changed ; or
if be is .nly the administetial portion tf the
"Government" it is equally weak and defi
cient, .and ouht to be changed. It has
been paid of Mr. Lincoln . that be played
-cards and drank liquor, but there is not
ont of us who would be pleased to hear it
announced that ocr 'Government" was a
" ' black-leg and a droracd," no, not one. -
But, then, s-orch might be the vase did we
persiv-l in it 'hat a man was a 'Government!
Coi John G. Fhc.zb has for safe, at the
Recorder's Cffice, Blournsborg, Fifty Copies
of "Saeppard's Constitutional Text-Book,"
recommended by the best Judges and Law
yer of the countTy, for the use of the pub
lic Different editions come al from 75 cts
lo $1 25.
He ha bsen induced to send for them
because they have been so frequently in
quired after. They are the same edi.ione
he Dees in his speeches. Call and buy one
It is rather a mean piece of business for
ny person to be guilty of defacing or tear
'ing down hand bills. One day last week
we caused some bills lo be posted up about
Town, announcing a political meeting to be
field in the Court House, the evening ot t'ie
tlay which the bills were ciTcnlaied, and in
he course of a few hours after they were
posted, there were -carce!y any 10 be seeii
up ; and those that remained were defaced
arid marked with such epithets as "Copper
fcead," Traitor," "Tory," and ' Secession
iets." This is mighty small business ; and
whoever practices it is a coward, sneak,
and a violaterof the law. If this thing is
repeated much oftner we shall endeavor to
have the guilty ones suffer the penalty of the
law. Mark that I
Thsrt are two or three young men in this
place, who have had a slight taste of Gov
ernmenl pap. who are sanguine as to the
success of the Shoddy and Tonnage - Tax
candidate, A. G. 'Curtin. One of them is
styled by tome people as a last young man.
He wager money on almost every election :
and we are told he is bantering people
now-a-days to meet ' him in some wager
two or trree hundred dollars, on the pres
ent election Abraham's jobs will not al
ways last, boys Our word for it, this bet
ting young man will. find a customer, an-'
one who vill win bis money if he dare
oPiake it on this election against Woodward.
Tfl Abolition papers have been publish
ing witn great gusto, letters from Jame
Buchanan and others, fonnd among the pa
pers of Mr. Jefferson Davis. We don't
think they have made a great deal out ot
dirty work so far. Bui while they are about
it why don't ihey print the letters of John
V. Forney, Daniel S. Dickinson and others
t wh'ch will be found in the same place.
We can imagine nothing richer than the
1 picture which these letters would portray
of Forney down on his knees for crumbs
before the "slave oligarcy,". whom being
spurned, he makes months at when at a
distance, but trembles at when tbey get as
near as Harrisburg is to Philadelphia. Come
fentlemen be even-handed. Print all
you've got.
Fbak Boukd, the Republican Senator of
t bin District, was at this place, on Friday
vening last, for the purpose of speaking
Defjre the Union League. " The League is
not much heard of here. It is a slim affair.
We presume Bound did not nnderlake to ex
pla n l ow bis friend Andy Cnnin excuses
himself for signing the repeat of the Ton
cage Tar, which he pledged himself to the
people he would not do. Curtin had money
in fiis pocket, received from the Pennsyl
vania Railroad Company, for the purpose
of lecuriog his election, if Senator Bound
represented him correctly a short time after
that election. The matter of repealing that
tax caused the defeat for re-election of many
!em6ers throughout the State who voted
for it ; now, how does it come that men are
supporting Curtin, who signed that Bill,
raea who bitterly opposed the re election of
thce Members who passed it in the House.
f31 ueh i the case. I their memory on
tb matter so poor '.bat they have to be re
mmdeJofihe transaction 1 The Taxpay
ers of tVss Commonwealth should defeat
any ntan for office who favored that re
peal, aucl we mistake the people this Fall
tery much if they do not do that very thing
to ,ha tana of 50,CC0 at the coming election.
Democratic Mass Met ting.
On Thursday, the Anniversary of the adop
tion of the Constitution of the United States,
"September 17, 1863, the Democracy of Col
ambia co.met in Mass Meeting at Orange
ville. This was the largest political gather
ing we attendad in this county since 1856.
There were delegations present from nearly
all parts of the connty, swelling the crowd
up to between our and fioe'thovtaahd persons!
The ladies, too, God bless them, turned out
in respectable number; they manifest their
due portion of interest in the coming elec
tion. The meeting was held in a splendid
-Grove, -about one quarter of mile from the
town. The people began to gather early in
the day, and continued until two o'clock in
afternoor. At one o'clock the masses re -pared
lo the ground selected for the meet
ing, and organized by appointing lbs fol
lowing gentlemen as officers :
President. HON. PETER ENT, ScOtt tp.,
Vice P-esidents. Jacob Kvans, Jorm Rob
ison, Henry Delong, John Megargell, Jacob
Young, Jno. McHenry,sr., Iram Derr, Jack
son Hower, Steph. H Miller, Sam'l Rhone,
Jos R. Patton, J. K. Sloan, John Fester, N.
Flaketisfine, John Achenbuch, Wm. Kline,
John Herring, Abner Welch, James Edgar,
Jno. Mordan, Samuel Omaus, Sam'l Snyder.
Secretaries. W. n. Jacoby, J. S. Sanders,
Alem B. Tale.
The organization being completed, the
meeting then came to order, after which the
President introduced to the audience Col.
Victor E. Piollkt, of Bradford, who had
been invited and was present to address the
people. He made them a good speech,
dwelling principally upon the State Govern
ment, showing np much of the Abolition
candidate's political trickery and corrupt
doings, since in public life, and clearly es
tablishing the tact that A G. Curtin is total
ly nnfi; to govern the affairs of this great
Commonwealth. Mr. Piole! understands,
folly as well as ''any other man" in the
State, bow things have been- managed un
der "handy Andy" at Harrisburg, and he
has the independence lo tell the people
wherein this administration has swindled
the soldiers and plundered the Treasury
Hia speech was well received, and will do
some good, ft was just what the people
wanted to hear.
Alter Mr Piollet finished his remarks.
Daniel EbmknTrout, E?q ., of Berks, was
introduced, who spoke over an hour to the
people, in a fervent and earnest manner;
making himself perfectly ''at home" with
the audience and entirely master ot the
issues of the campaign. He discussed the
actions of the Federal Administration at
Washington, the prefer.! war policy, and
the hope of a reconstruction of the Union
under the preheat management of affirs.
The importance of electing a Governor this
Fall be deemed far greater than at any oth
er period since the formation of out State
Government. We need a man who will
look alter the interesu of our own State,
and not neglect his duty by becoming be.
fogged and crazed with Abolitionism, as in
stilled into the minds of many men by those
fanatic and political demagogues at Wash
ington. We want no man who will tody to
the authorities at Washington, tut him ply
do his duty to the Gi.enwnent, and stand
aloof from their iral vreies. The
speakers were repeatedly cheered, and all
seemed pleaded with tint addresses. At the
cioe of the speeches, several air j
were sung, wneu -he meeting adjourned, j
giving three cheer lor 'he speakers, and ;
three cheers lor fW.'u: :r, Laurie end Civil
PETER ENT, rrss't.
Wm. H. Jcobt, j
J. S Sahdicrs, Secretaries.
Alem B. Tte, j
lion. Charles R. Backaltw.
The Boston Courier, one of the ablest pa
per published in New England, of Old
Line Whig proclivities, and conservative in
its present political views, in noticing the
letter of the distinguished Senator to the
Hughesville meeting, calls it "the noble
lei er of Mr. Buckalew," and it further says:
"It is a great thing for thai Slate to have
chO!eii such a Senator. However a sat ser
vient majority may vote in the ol which
he is a member, sentiments like his, frankly
proclaimed will lead the popular mind and
effect due reformation in time."
The compliment is well deserved and
coming from the source it does, will no
doubt be gratifying to our Senator, and to
all those who took an active part in secur
ing his election. Mr. B jckalew is one of
the ablest men and soundest statesmen in
Pennsylvania or out of it; and we predict
that the State, already proud of him, will
have stronger reasons to be so before the
expiration of the Senatorial term than she
has now. If our government survive the
present crisis, and his physical vigor shall
prove equal to the duties imposed by his:
position, a glorious lutcre ia before him.
rati iot and Union.
Gas. McClellan on Retired Pat. The
National Intelligencer states that Gen. MX'Iel
lan has been put on retired pay. It does
not, however, add what is equally true, that
every member of hia staff has been taken
from him. It is thus that the nation repays
our city's son for organizing, disciplining
and leading the gallant Army of the Polo
mac in its darkest and brightest hours. It
is thus that the Savior of Washington and
the victor of Antietam is rewarded for his
labors, his sacrifices and his devotion.
We have not beard, as yet, that Gen. Fre
mont's or Geu. Butler's or any other Gener
al's staff have been taken from either ol
them. Indeed, we are authorized in saj
ingthatlhey are still on duty at home,
lecturing on loyalty, or parading their pa
triotism with glorious gusto. That tbey are
at their posts in the performance of the ar
duous duties allotted them may be all right
enough but, in contrast with the treat
ment of McClellan'a stafl, there in a smack
of partiality and unfairness in the business
that cannot be escaped. Phil'a. Sunday
Dee notice will be given of a Democratic
meeting which will be held at Jorseytown
between this and the election. JosH C.
Bitch er, Esqr , of Lewisborg, has engaged
to address a meeting at that place as soon
a convenient.
CO 91 31 UX I CATED.
JUr.. Editor
I have for a long time noticed that after a
man -has been elected Governor of Penn
sylvania, and has occupied the Gubernato
rial Chair for a term ol three years, and the
acts of his administration are not a sufficient
recommendation for his re election, so that
he considers it necessary to canvass the
State a second time to secure his re-election
by patching np his old work and exhibiting
himself, he may rest assured of a defeat.--There
is an old saying that patched clothes
are nannerly but patch npon patch is beg
garly. We hare noticed it to be the cafe
since the days of our good old Francis R.
Shunk. previous (0 the death of this illustri
ous patriot, it was not customary for a can
didate for that eminent position, to travel
the State, sounding his own trumpet. Judge
Woodward is not out stamping the Stala,
and why Andrew G. Curtin thinks it neces
sary to travel through the country, singit g
Vis own praises, is a mystery, as his acts
are well known throughout the Common
wealth from ;he commencement of the war,
and the whohs population has (eit an in
tense interest in the affairs of our State
Government, particu'arly eince the inva
sion of a portion of Pennsylvania. Many
of our citizens tiave visited the battle fields,
some viewing the destruction of life and
property, some looking for their slain sons,
some lor their bro;hers,somd watching with
their wounded son" or brothers, and in some
caseb wounded fathers, until death relieved
them, and then wanted to be taken home
for burial j others went home with tears in
their eyes, saying, I could not find my son,
and why all this misery? I will answer
this question, it was for the want of an
efficient commander in -chief, the Governor.
Does Mr. Curtin go out to defame the char
acter or ability of Judge Woodward? It
has been said that he requested that Judge
Woodward should not be personally assail
ed. If that be his object now we will re er
him to Republican tes:imony, viz: 'he edi or
of the Philadelphia Inquirer, who says :
Ufiii'nA IVnnil ira ril is a tt 1 7 trt t I uniiti.
peachable character, an able jurist, and a
patriotic gentleman." What more dees
Curtin want? Judge Woodward has never
been accused of intemperance !
Vox Pofuli.
Democratic Heeling at Serena.
We would announce to the Democracy of
Greenwood and adjoining townships, that a
Democratic Meeting will be held al Jchc
Leggoi's, in Sereno, on Tuesday next, the
29ih inst., to which the citizens of Green
wood and adjacent township? are invited.
The meeting will be addre&ed by . H. Lit
tle, Eaq , and Others'.
Damel Ermkntkout, Emj , having finish
ed the series of meetings he engaged to ad
dress, in this county, went, on Monday la.t,
to Lewbisurg, Pa., where he addreed a
meeting and then returned to Berks. He has
the thanks of the Democracy of Colurr bia
lor the good service rendered them, and as
some encouragement for his labors here, he
may look tor a good report from the old
Star of the North on the 13 h ol October.
Th Premium List of the Columbia co..
Agricultural, Horticultural, and Mechani
cal Society, will appear in our next, came
too late for this paper.
Fuiiiion.iry CoiiKiunpf ion A
Curable Disease !
THE undersigned having benn reslcred
to health in a lew we. k, ty a very lim
j;le remedy, alter having sufT-rd t-everal
year with a sever lung affection, and that
dread disease, Consumption - anxious to
make known to his lelJow stlerers the
ma in of cure.
To ail who desire ;t, he will sr;d a copy
cf the pre-crit;uii n-ed (free of charge),
with the directions for preparing and u-in
th same, which ihey will find a sure cute
lor CoKMimpiio'i, Aihma,,
Coughs. Cold, &'. The orject of the
advertter in sending the Prescription i to
benefit the afflicted, and spread the infor
mation which he conceives to be invalua
ble ; and he hope" every suffemr will try
his remedy, as it will cost them nothing,
aod may prove a bleeding.
Parties wishing the prescription will
please addres
Wilhameburuh, Kings county, M. Y.
Sept, 23, 1863 tmos.
With your permission I wih to say tn ihe
readers of jour paper that I will send by
return mail to all who wish it, (free) a Re
ceive, with lull directions for making and
ning a simple Vegetable Bairn, that will
effectually remove, in 10 days, Pimples,
Blotches, Tan, Freckles, and all Impu rities
o.' the Skin, leaving the same soft, clear,
smooth and beautiful.
I will also mail free to thote having Bald
Heads or Bare Faces, simp'e direction and
information that will enable them to start
a fall growth of Luxarient Hair, Whiikers,
or a Moustache, in less than 30 days. All
applications answered by return mail with
out charse Respectfully yours,
No. 831 Broadway, New York.
August 26, 18C3 3in.
A GENTLEMAN, cured of Nervour. De
bility, Incompetency, Premature decay and
Youthful error, actuated by a desire to ben
efit others, will be happy to furnish to all
who need it, free of charge, the Recipe and
directions for making the simple Remedy
used in his case. . Those winning lo profit
by his experience and possess a valuable
renwdy will receive the same, by return
mail, carelullv feled by addressing.
No 60 Naisau Street, New York.
August 26, 1363. 3m.
Thfl Aaricultural, Horticubural anr1! Me
chanical Society will hohf their i.ighth
Annnal Fair, Thursday, Fridy and Sat
urday, the 15th, 16th, and I7h daya ot
October, 1863, on the grounds of the Soci
ety, near Bloomsburg, Pa.
By order of the Executive Committee.
L. B. RUPERT, Secretary.
BlooEubnrg, Sepu 9, 1863.
The Great
Since i s organization, has created a new
era in the hisior of
MholeMilins Teas In this Country.
They have introduced their selections of
TEAS, ard are selling them at not over
TWO CENTS (.02 Cents) per pound
above Cob!,
Never deviating from the ONE PRICE
A noth er peculiarity of the Company is
that their Tea Taster not only devotes
hi lime to the selection of their TEAS a
to quality, value, and particular tjles for
particular localities of country, but tie
helps the TEA buyer lo choose out of their
enormous stock such TEAS as are best
adapted to his particular waiiis, and not on
ly this, but points out to him the best .bur
gains. It i efy to see the incalculable advan
tage a Tea Buyer has in th.s eMablishment
over all others.
If he i a Judge' of Tea or the Market,
if his lime ix valuable, he has all the bene
fits of a well organized sytin of doing;
busines, of an immense capital, of the
judgement ol a Professional Tea TaMer,
and the knowledge of Miperior talemen.
Tins enables all Tea buyer no matter
if they are thousands of n.iles fiom ihi
market to purchase on as good terms heie
as I he New York Men hauls.
Parties can order Teas will be served by
os a well as though Ihey came themselves
being sure to et or'mina' packages, true
weights and tare; and ihe TEAS are war
rantlsd as represented.
We isue a Price List of the Company's
Teas, which will be be tit to all who order
it ; comprising
I! 5' sot), Young EIyoii, Impe
rial, Ci mi podcr. Twankay
and Skin.
JAPAN TE of every description, col
ored and uncolored.
This list has kach kind of Tea divided into t
F0UII Clas-o. namely: CARGO, hi3h
CARGO FINEST, that every one may un-der-atnd
frcm description and the price
annexed that the Company are determined
to nnderpeli ihe whole Tka trade.
We enarntee lo ell ALL our Teas at not
over TWO CENTS(,02 Cent) per pound
above co-t, believing this to be at'rac ive
lo the many who havo heretofore been
paying Enormous Profits.
No. 61 Vesey Street, New Yoik.
Sept. 9, 1863. 3moi.
North Central Ilailivay.
TWO TRAINS DAILY to and from ihe
North and Wet Branch of the Susquehan
na, Elmira, and ail of Northern New York.
On and after Monday, 20iH, l63,
ihe Parenger Trains ol ihe North Central
Railway will arrive and depart from Sun
bury, Hrrifeburg and Baltimore, as loliowi:
Mai! Train leaves Suubury daily
excent Sundays, at 10 10 a m.
Leaves Hairi-burg, 1.15 p.m.
Arrives at Baltimore, 5.35 11
Express Train leaves Suubury dily
except Sundays, at
1 1 07 p.m.
Leave" Harril!r2,exrept Monday 2.00 a.m.
Arrives at haltunore daily except
Monday, at 6.15 a m
Accommodation leaves Ilarrisb'ig 6,30 a. m
Mail Trail leaves bakiiiiore daily
except Sundays, at 9.15 a m.
Leaves Harrisburg, 1.15 p rn.
Arrives at Sunbury, 4.05 p m.
Exptess Trains Baltimore daily, 9.15 "
Arrive"at riarriburs, 1.35 a.m
Leaves Harrieb'r except Monday 3.00 "
Arrive at Sunbury, 5.3H "
For further particular apply at the office.
I. N DU BARRY, Supt.
Harrisbnrs, Aug 8, 1863.
National Foundry,
ISIoom.oniirir, Columbia Co..
flhe sub"tibjr, proprietor of the a
named extensive establishment. U
prepared to receiva orders for all kinds o
machinery, for COLLERIF.S. BLAST FUR
He is aUo prepared to make Siove.-, all
size and patterns, Plow-irons, nrid every
ihing usually made in (irj-l-clas Foundries
His extansive facilities and practical
workman, wairant him in receiving ihe
largest contracts on tbe most reasonable
Ce" Grain of all kinds will be taken in
exchanae for caMmy?.
This establishment is located near
'he Lackawanna Railroad Depni.
Bloomsbnri, Sept. 9. 1863.
Secrets For the .Tlillon !
A most valuable and wonderful publi
canon. A work ot 400 paL'". and
30 colored engraving-. DR. HUNTER'S
VADEMECUM,an original and popular
treatie on Man and Wcman, their Phys
iology, Functions, and Sxnal disorders of
every kind, with Never-Failing Remedies
for iheir speedy cure. Ihe prac'ice of
Dr. HUNTER ha long been, and still is,
unbounded, but at the earnest solicitation
numt erous persons, he has been induced
to extend his medical usefulness through
the medium of hi "VADEMECUM." It
is a volume that should be in the hands ol
every family in the land, as a preventive of
secret vices, or as a guide for the allevia
tion of one of Ihe moid awful and destruc
tive scourge ever visited mankind. One
copy, seourely enveloped, will be forwar
ded free ot postage to any part of the Uni
ted States tot 50 cents in P. O. namp, 3
coiis lor SI. Address, post paid, DR.
HUNTER, No. 3 Division Street, New
Sept. 9. 1863.
Monthly Journal, devoted to the Prin
ciplea of 1776, Designed to unmasic
the Usurpation, Deptirn and crimes of
this . '
And to defend the doctrines of State Rights,
and of Con-titoiional Liberty, as held by
our Revolutionary Father.
Publiched by C- CHAUNCEY BURR &
Co., saa street, New Fork.
PRICE Single numbers 15 cents. For
warded by mail or express to all parts of
the United Slates at $1 a yar, in advance.
Any person sending ten subscriber will
receive an additional copy for one year.
Aug. 26, 1863.
Ayert Sarsaparilla.
Brave Soldiers and Sailors
. r I"" "9
AH who have Friends and Relatives in
the Army or Navy, should take especi
care, that they be umpl'y supplied with these
Pills and Oinfmenl ; anil where ihe
brave Soldiers and S.'ilors have neglected
lo provide themselves with them, no better
present can be sent them by thsir friends.
They have been proved to be the Soldiers,
never-lailing-lrieud in the honr of need.
Will be relieved and effectually cored by
using thei e admirable medicine, and by
pa ing proper attention lo the Directions
which are attached to each Pot or Box.
Those feelings which so sadden us,usual
ly arise from trouble or annoyar.ces, ob
otruced perspiration, or ea'ing and drink
ing whatever is unwholesome, thus dis
turbing ihe healthful action of the liver and
stomach. These organs must be relieved,
if you de-ire to be well. The Pills, taking
according lo ihe printed instructions, will
quickly produce a healthy action in both
liver and stomach, aud as a natural conse
quence a rlear head and good appetite.
Will soon disappear by the ue of these
invaluable pills, and the soldier will quick
ly arquire additional btrenjin Never let
the bowels be either confined or unduly
acted upon. Il may teem strange that Hol
loway's Pill should be recommended for
Dyseniary and Flux, many persons suppo
sing thai ihey would increase the relaxa
tion. Thi is a great mistake, for these
Pill will;' correct the liver and stomach
and thus remove all the acrid humors from
Ihe system. This medicine will give tone
and visjor to the whole organic system how
ever deranged, while health and strength
follow as a matter ot course. Iothing will
stop the relaxation of il e bowels no ure as
this famous medicine.
Sores ar.d Ulcers, Blotches and Swelling"
can witn certainty be radically cured if the
pills are tifken niaht and mornirm and the
Ointment be freely used as hated iu the
printed instruction. If treated in any oth
er manner they dry up in one par 'obreak
ont in another. Wnerea this Ci'ilrnent
will remove the humors from the system
and leave the Patient a vigorous ami heal
thy man. It will require a '.title peiserve
ranee in bad cases to insine a lasting cure,
To which every Soldier and Saik r are li
able, lt:ere 3re no medicines so snfe, sore
and convenient as Holloway's Pills and
Ointment. The poor wounded and almost
dvini; sufferer miuhl have hi wound
dres-ed immediately, it he would only pro
vide hirn-elt with this maichles Ointment,
which should be thrut into the wound
and smeared all rouud it, then covered with
a piece of linen from his knapsack and
compressed wiih a handkercheif. Taking
iiiht and mornin2 6 or 8 pill, to cool the
svs'em and prevent inflamaiioti.
Every" Soldier's Knapsack and Seatnari's
Clie-i shjnld be provided with these valua
ble Remedies.
CAUTION ! None sre gennine unless
ihe word "Holloway, New York and Lon
don are discernahle as a Water-ma;k in
every leaf of the book of directions around
each pot or box : ihe same may be plninly
seen bv holding the leaf to the liijht. A
handsome reward will be given id any one
renCeritii such information a may lead to
the detection of any party or paries eoun
lerfeitini the medicines pi vending the
game, kniiviii2 ihem to be spurtou.
Sold al the Mannfnctor v of Professor
Hollouay, g0 Maiden Lane, New York, and
by all respectable Druaaits and Dealers in
Medicine, throughout the civilized world
in boxes at twenty five cenis, tixty two
Cnts and one dollar each.
' W There is consi derable savig by ta
ki"2 the Jarser sizes.
N Jj Directions for the guidance of pa
tients in every disorder are affixed lo each
April 9th 1862. ly.
100 of the most severe Battle Scenes and
Incidents of the war now ready (size I8x
3tj inches) highly colored, m finerard pa
per, 4 for 25 cnis, or 25 for SI, postpaid.
Also, just published, the Official Union
Volunteer Directory (400 payes), siviri"
the name of every Officer and private in
ihe Lfi.ion Army,wi'h their commands, &e,
toaether wi'h a large amount of other val
uable information, sent, postpaid, on re
ceipt of 25 cts, To Agents and the trade
no better opportunity was ever offered.
Address HENRY B. ANSON. Print Publish
er, &c, 49 State St., Boston, Mas.
OTP pets copying, paid in the above.
renJ toall who wish it (free of chirge)
the Recipe auji full directions for making
and using a beautiful vegetable Bairn, 'that
will effectually remove Pimple, Blotches,
Tan, Freckles, &c, &c, leaving the skin
smooth, clean, and beautiful ; aNo full di
rections for using Pelatreau's celebrated
Stimolant, war'anted to start a full growth
ol Whiskers, or a Mustache, in less than
thirty day. Either of lht above can be
obtained by return mail, by addressing
fwith stamps for return postage) DR.
THOMAS F. CHAPMAN, Practical Chem
ist, 831 Broadway New YorK.
January 15, 186?. 2m.
Ocncral Commission Mer
chant. Bloomsburg, Columbia county Pa.
Particular mtention Riven to Patent rights.
Sept. 2, 1663. 3mos.
Attorney at Law
Office en Main Street, Exchang Block.
On Main street, twodoorsabovelhe'Arner
can Hotel.'
ALL persons indebted to the late firm ol
.Miller'tf Eyer, Merchants in Bloom
hurg, are hereby notififd, that the Books,
Notes and Accounts ol said firm. are in the
S ore for collection, and must te settled
by the first ol October, wirhout respect to
those concerned.
Bloomsburg, August 26, 1863.
Neur Clothiiig Store.
IHE undersigned respectfully informs
his friends and the public generally,
that he has jusi received Irom ihe Eastern
Ciliec, a large assortment of
Fre.h from the seal of
sorts-, sizes and ouantiiies,
Fa-hion, of
which will
sold cheap lor cash or country produce
-A L SC-
Together with a variety of no
tions and thing too troublesome lo numer
ate, to which he invites the attention of pur
chaser. CSCall and examine our stock of 2ods.
Blonmsbnr?, Aug. 26, 1863.
Another Arrival of Good.
Now is Your Time to Buy.
FTMIE undersigned hnving bouaht out the
JL Grocery of David Stroup, has re'noved
hts Hat and Cap Siore up to Stroop's Old
Stand, where in addition to a superior as
sortment of
SPRING And summer
Comprising every son and, quality, which
will be sold at unusually low prices.
He will continue trie Grocery and Notion
business in all i'.s forms as carried on by
Mr.Stroup And solicits a continuance of
the old customers.
ALSO:-A fine lot of KIDS, MOROCCOES,
ar.d LININGS to which he invites ine at
tention ol Shoemaker and the public.
Rlnonrshurrr. Ang. 26. 163.
P i: L A T U 12 A C S
HIS celebrated article is warranted to
bring out a full set of Whiskers on the
smoothest face, or a fir.e groftth of hair on
a Bald Head, in Ie! than six Weeks, arid
will in no way stain Or injure the skin.
The French Cream is manufactured by Dr.
Pelaiieaus ol Pari, and s ihe only reliable
article ot the kind. Ue no other. War
ranted in every case. ONE BOX WILL DO
THE WORK. Price SI CO. Imported and
tor salt Wholesale and Retail by
Chemist and Druggist,
C31 Broadway, New York.
P. S. A box of ihe Ongoeni sent lo any
address hy return mail, on receipt of price,
and 15 cents lor Postage.
Au'iist 26, 1S63 -1m.
Miller's Store.
OPrci2SS .irf.3rcsall
fHE subscriber ha just returned from
the Cities w ith another large and seieit
assortment of
purchased at Philadelphia ind New York,
at the lowest fin'e, ami which he is
determined ose!l oti a moderate terms s
can be procured elsewhere in Bloornsbiirg.
His stock comprises
Ladies' Dress Goods,
of the choicest styles and la'.esi fashions.
3& 3CZD!8,
Boo's and Shoes, Hats and Caps, &c , &c.
In short, ev ery tfiin usually kept in country
stores; to which he invites the public gener
ally. The hihesi price will be paid for coun
try produce, in exchange for go-ts.
Bloomsburg, Aug. 26, 1863.
Jrcic Stock of Clothing.
?I 1sLP11V- cr?
3JV2!3 LW17S. .
T N VI I ES at eiition to his stock of cheap
arid Insfi ionable Clfdriiriij af lts S me, on
two doors above the .ivurhaii,
where he has just received from New York
and Philadelphia, a full as-ortment of
lUcn and Roy's Clothing,
includiug the most fahinnab!e, durable and
handsome, DRESS GOODS, consisting of
liox. Sack, frock, Gum and Oil Cloth
Coats, and Pants,
of all sorts, sizes, and colors. He also has
replenished his already lare stock of Fall
and Winter Shawls; slrij-ed, flu:ed and
plain Vest-, shins, cravats, stock-, collars,
hands ercluefs, glovesj suspenders and fancy
N B He has constantly on hand a larae
and well selected assortment of Cloths and
Vetiri3, which he is prepared to make op
to order, into a iy kind o clothing on very
short notice and in the best of manner.
All his clothing made to wear and most
of it is of home manufacture.
C-cjI1"cL C;3 .! 23
2tiix3 r .
Ol every Description, Fine and Cheap
Hi Case of Jewelry is not surpassed in mis
place. Call and examine hi general a
srvtrrent ol Clothing. Watches, Jewelry,
Bloomsburg, Aug. 26. 1863.
We will pay from 25 io $75 per month,
aud all expenses, io aciive Agents, or give
a commission. Particular sent free. Ad
dress Erik Sewing. Machinb Company, R
JAMES, Gei eral Age.n, Milan, Onto.
Blooiiisburg, Aug. 21, 1861.
ents Balmoral Lsce Boots, will b hold
low. Also. Boys Shoes, at
Oflice near WiUons Carnage Shop.Main 5f
The cheapest and best New York News
paper. Only "one dollar per annum. E'ght
pages .forty columns. A complete record
of events, Benjamin Wood, editor and pro
prietor, Pi.hlished at tid. 19 City Hall
Sq-iaie, Daily News Building, Ne Yoik
unrivalej in its ability aud enterprise as a
public journal, and in
is mot effiiNenily conducred, so a to form
a weekly record of events political, com
mercial, firianci j I and literarv, ihroghout
the World. In addition to thi it contains
all the Domestic Intelligence of each week
and full reports ol every ixat'er of public
As a political Journal The Weekly News
will be lound on the side of lha Constitu
tion of the courlry as it was framed and
establi-hed liy ihe Fathers ol the Republic,
and will tcftn whh care and fidelity every
public act that may lend lo the violation of
the letter and spirit of that instrument ol
our liberties. It prefers th
to a ruinous and exhaustir.g system of VVaT.
Insisting upon the imUi of the principle
embodied in ihe Declaration ol Indepen
denee, that Ihe jsi powers of the Govern
ment are derived from the consent of ih
governed, il urpe the preservation of the
lundamenial pr nciples of liberty, inviolate,
a of more sacred rnportance than national
gTandeur or ronsolii'atrd power under des
potic rule without Ihe pale of established
law. On all qv.eiion of national impor
tance it is the inflexible champion of tho
rights of citizens, as guaranteed under the
instruments by which they hav edecided to
be governed, it therefore boldiy avows its
purpose ta sustain the Freedom of S, eech
and 'of ihe Pre-s, with thfe view lo protect
the people from Ihe encroaching dogmas ot
theorists who conlempelate a modification
of the democratic principles which to this
time have been so;ained against every ef
fort to overthrow ihem. In all matters per
twining io Government the purpose of this
newspaper is to protect the people from in
considerate and rash legislation, and to
hold our public servaids io a strict account
abil'uy for their conduct while carding ou
the machinery of power. To thi end the
most cue fnl attention will be given tv ill
Federal and Legislative U'vs, arid a firm
and impartial examiuat alion of every new
yolnical proposition may be expected a
the only means of protecting ihe people
from ari abridgement ol their rights.
are given in itie most succinct yel complete
manner. They claim particular noticn
for thiMr fidelity and truth, and all tho-e
who desire to comprehend the exacl finan
cial condition of the coneiry should not
fail to examine ihe views which will be
foonn in this department of the journal.
will be found especially interesting and in
struct'ue and being derived from some of
the ablest minds in Europe mut be read
with the utmost avidity by thoe who desire
to carnpreheml thai diblomacy of the Gov
ernment of the Old Wo-ld.
In all odier respecis THE WEEkLY
NEWS will be found to meet the public de
mand. It is the especial object ot the Pro
prietor to render it a vaiuatie and enter
pure in i's moral influence, ennobling in
us character, a;id satisfactory to that large
class in the community who desire to see
the Publie PreM treat ail public question
with arguments apressed in coure-v and
candor thought, at Ihe same time, with the
spirit due to the themes discussed
By reference l the terms of Tne Ne
York Weekly News it will be noticed that
it is by lar th cheapest newspiper in Ihe
world, and the Proprietor feels that he may
invre those w ho appfove of it principles
and conlJct io n-e their influence in adding
lo us yrese;it lare cueid-inon.
Eight Pges Frty Columns
For One Year On Dollar
Eirven Copies ta one Addrea for One
S i n I cnpie Three Cents
th:: new york daily kkivs.
A fi si i-u- Metropolitan J n rnal devoted
tr Pestce und Coiisiitutionat Liberty, and
contaiiiir.g -Il the he ot the day, Politi-
Ifrtl, J r Irld MI lull, iifr il mi atiu .
i the cheapest daily paper in the metropo
T E U 31 S !
One Copy, 0; e Y'ear
Six Dollars.
Ttire Dollars,
Tnw Cents.
WOon. Editor
dy li-i'l Square,
j One Cone Six Month
Sing'e Cnpi-'S
j Address BENJAMIN
arnt rropne'er, u
New York.
!150 BEST PIANOS. $150
GKOVESTEEN & HAI.fc, having re
moved to their new waretoomf,
1T0. -IF-CVrAY,
are now prepared to ofTer the public a mag
nificent new scale foil
7 Cclavc 1-oscwooil Piano
containing all improveaients known in ibis
country or Europe, over-strung bass,
French grand actiou, harp pedal, full iron
frame, lor
S150 CASH,
Warranted for 5 Tears.
Rich moulding cases,
$175 TO $200,
all warran ted made ot the best seasoned
material, and 10 siand'betier than any sold
lor S400 or 8500 by the old method of
manufacture. We invite the best Jodgfes
10 examine and try these new instruments;
and we stand ready at all limes to test them
w ith any others manufactured ia thisCoon-
478 Broadway, Xew York.
June 4ih 1S62. 3m.
Victory Perches I pen the stars and
New Stock of Goods jnsl received b
Fine a-sotment of Dres goods, Ualicoea
atlO, 12, 16 & 18 cts, Flannels, Shirting,
&. cheap, by m1aRPLkSS.
Ladies La!ing Balmoral Shoes & Gaiters,
and a targe stock ot shoe aud toots of all
kinds, tor sale by ,
Ladies Balmoral skins, Hoop Skins,win-
dow t aper etc, sold cheap. tv
1 ' ' L. T. SHARPLESS.
Solars and Syrups cheap. Excelsior
Syrup at 5c which cannot be excelled, lf
so tower priced a' 50c pr gallon ai
L. T. SHAKPLti-S' cheap can store.
To those wanting to buy goods lor cash
or coumry produce, or grain of any kind, I
wooht say call and see the goods before;
purchasing eke where
Bloomsburg, Sept.
17, 1862.