The star of the north. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1849-1866, September 20, 1855, Image 3

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Dr. GXISSNKR'S Celebrated Menstrual Pills
have been long and widely known as invati
ably certain in removing tiny stoppage, irreg
ularity, or suppression ol the menses.
In the female hospitals in Vienna, Paris,
and Betlui, Ibey have entirely superseded the
use of all other remedies; because, where a
core ia attainable by medicinal agencies,
they are certain of success. Their astonish
ing efficacy would be almost incredible, il
not vouched for by indubitable testimony, in
numerous instances producing returns of the
monthly period alter all hope had been aban
In every case, from whatevercause the ob
struction may arise, as also ro prevent preg
nancy where Ine health wilt not admit ot in
crease of family, they are elways efficient;
for which reason they most not be used du
ring pregnancy, though always mild, healthy,
aale and ceuain in their effects.
Married ladies will find particular instruc
tions in the directions, in which are slated
the various symptoms by which the cause ol
the suppression may be determined.
Price, One Dollar .per Box, containing ex
plicit directions.
Each box will be signed by Dr R. G Geiss
Principal Office, 127J Liberty Street, New
Yotk Coy.
Responsible agents will be appointed for
their sale as soon as practicable. In the
mean lime, all otders ure to be addres?e I to
Dr. R. G. Geissuer, 1274 Liberty Street. New-
York City, or to box 2456 N. Y. Post Office,
and a box will be sent by return mail, as (
they are pnt up in sealed envelopes, and can
be sent with the strictest privacy to any part
cf the United States.
As various not only ineffective hut injuri
ous compounds purporting to be " Female
Pills," under all kinds of names as " Iron
Pills." "Silver Pills," "Golden Pills," " Peri
odical Pills," &c. are attempted tote palmed
off upon the credulous or unwary, it is only
necessary for ladies to be on their guard
against the attempted imposition, and in all
cases where there i no authorized agent lor
the sale of Dr. Geissner's Menstrual Pills,"
to order direct from him by mail, by return
of which a box will be sent. f29 —Iv
Agents— Geo. Ross, Lebanon ;E. T. Mil
ler, York; S. Austrian, Harrisburg; It R.
Jones & Co., Harrisburg ; C. Weighty, Mill
~~££aa.Si3?.JSi££Ga _
On the I till inst by the Rev. W. H. Coop
FRANCES DOEBLEU, both of Williamsport.
In Bloomshurg, on Thursday, the sth inst,
by the Rev. I. Balil, Mr. CHARI.ES W. HB
SXRD, and ELIZABETH ISSIER, both of the for
mer place.
On Saturday last, by tho same, in Briar
creek Mr. DANIKI. WENNER, and Miss RE
BECCA KOPE, both of Fishingcreek township,
Col. Co., Pa.
At the same time and place by the sarre,
At the same time and place, by Ihe same,
Fishingcreek township, Col. i'.b. Pa.
In Bloomsburg. on Monday of last week,
Mr. JOHN CLAYTON, aged about 55 years.
In Orange township, Col. ro., on the 2nd
inst., Mr. DAMEL LOW KEY, aged 73 years, 6
months and 12 days.
lit Bloomsburg on Sabbath morning, the
k 9th inst., MARY ELLEN, Infant daughter ol
Joseph and Mary Ellen Sharpless, aged 10
month? and 23 tlays.
In Lewisbttrg. on Sunday, the 9;l> of Sept..
at half past 9 o'clock, Mrs. MARY MARIA GE~S
NER, surd about 33 years, consoit of Francis
Joseph Gessner. On Ihe same day at halt
past eleven o'clock, FRANCIS JosErtt GESSNER,
oged 36 year-—both of Dysentery.
Mrs. Gessner died about two hears before
his death. A short time before bis death ! e
was carried to Iter bed, end on afkitig if she
kr.ew him site replied, "You 3re my dear hus
band." After her spirit was gone, she was
carried, at his request to his bed and laid be
side him. Taking Iter bend in ids, and call
ing her by name, he said, '• I will soon be
wilh you then requesting the bystanders
to carry tier away, he sank calmly to his rest,
retaining his senses to the last.
The fnneral of both took place at two o'-
clock, P. M , on Monday. An address by-
Prof. Bliss, was delivered in Ihe Methodist
Chapel. Thence the procession, composed
pf the body of Free Masons, lite Singing As
sociation—of which Mr. Gessner w a? leader
—and such n (rain of men and women a* is
scarce ever beheld at arty time, moved to the
Cemetery. Wide must t.ave been Ihe Infill
euro and strong the sympathy which could
gather such a crowd to bury the dead. He
was consigned according to the rite# of Free
Masonry, His Honor, Judge Jordan, reading
the burial srtvice, and the Singing Asncia
lion sang their farewell, over all that rental: -
ed ol him they loved.
Mr. Gessner, with his family emigrated
from Durkheim, Bat aria in 1838. Union Ar
Candidate Tor Sheriff.
7'o the free Elect us ef Columbia County.
Fiirro's and fellow citizens:—At tho solid
ration of many friends and in coneonsnce with
my own wishes. I Hi <ll bo a Volunteer Can
ilidste for tho (flice of rtllElilFF or Columbia
County, at tho gtneiul LUction in Ortolan
' next, for which I irsyet(fully solicit yoursuf
ftsses. promising, that if elected, 1 will dts
, •? duties of sa d cflfi-e with fidelity
siioigi ii, " ~>v ability.
•no to tiio bent ot m. " V DER HUGHES.
Btiercrcek twp.. Sept 6, 185t>. .
County Treasurer.
THE subscriber, at the urgent solicitation
of many of bis Fellow Citizens, respectfully
offers himsell as in independent randidate
for Hie office of < OUNTY TREASURER, at
Iheensuing election. I pledge myself if elec
ted to discharge the duties of said office to
the best ol my ability. WILLIAM COLE.
Benton, Sept. 6, '55.
*> li-hers and Blank Book Manufacturers.
P. K E. have constantly OH band an assort
ment of Impot'ed and American Books and
Stationery of the finest quality, which can
be supplied AS LOW AS BY ANY Of HER
ESTABLISHMENT in the City. Having an
connected wilh o!'r business we are enabled
to furnish BLANK BOOKS either Irom the
shelves or made to order 31 the lowest manu
facturer's prices. .
Persons wishing to purchase to Philadel
phia will Aud il to their advantage to give ue
• call befote making their selections.
All orders by mail promptly attended to.
Jpt. 20, 1856— fim.
riMIE undeisignej reupeoilaily informs his
-I Iriends urn) the |iit<lio OIHI lie bus taken
InoatH on Main Sheet. directly opposite lite
Court House, which has been Ihorouishly re
paired end improTed, where he is prepared
to accommodate his customers wilh good
fare and to general satisfaction.
lie has uiso in connection with the EX
CHANGE HOVEL. an eeellont
GDss3D.aafntooa.S3 EEaGixia&g,
running regularly several limes per day, to
HIM! from llio Depot on the arrival of the
Cats, by which passengers will be pleasant
ly conveyed to the Depot fetation, or taken
Irom and returned to their residences, il de
Ho will always be happy to entertain
end accommodate hit friends to the ut
most of his abilities.
Bloomsburg. Sept. 20, 1855.
fjnHE advertiser would respectfully an-
XI. nourice to his cusiomers and the public
generally that he continues to supply ihe va
rious MAGAZINES named below at the pri
ces annexed, per ae.nnm. Harpers $2 25;
Putnam 82 25 ; Knickerbocker 82 25; House
hold Words #2; Blackwood 5-2 25; Godey
52 25: Graham 52 25; Horticulturist, colored
plates 53 60; Horticulturist, plain edition,
SI 63; Liltell's Living Age 85; Frank Leslie's
Gazette of Fashions 82 25; Ballon's Pictorial
82 50; Lathes' Repository (Cincinnati) 82 63;
Peterson 81 63: National 81 63; Arthur's
Homo Magazine $1 63.
He is prepared also to fill orders for stand
ard tint? miscellaneous books and the current
literature of the day. whether from Ihe trade
or persons in oilier walks ol industry. Hav
ing had an experience of fifteen years in the
Book and Periodical Trade, he believes that
tie can give entire satisfaction to fall parlies
intrusting him with otders.
Specimen numbers of the Magazines sent
on receipt r.f six Post Office Letter Stamps for
the S3 or 82 Magazines, and lor twelve such
! stamps a sample of the 85 or 86 works will
be sent. Letters of iuqniiy must contain a
stamp for the return postage. Books sent
post-paid, on receipt of publisher's advertised
prices. Address
Bookseller, Hoboken, New Jersey.
RT Publishers of Newspapers giving the
above advertisement, wilh this notice, a few
insertions and sending marked copy to adver
tiser, will be entitled to any one of the Peri
odicals in the above list for one yoar.
Sept. 6
3R\'HEKEAS, by Ihe laws of this Commo
n* v wealth it is made "the doty of the Sher
iff of every county to give notice ol the gen
eral elections, by publication in ono or more
newspapers nt the county, at least twenty days
| before the election" and to enumerate there
in "the officers to be elected." and to "desig
nate the place at which the election is to be
held 'Therefore, I, JOHN SNYDER. High
Sherifi of Colombia county, do hereby make
known and proclaim to the qualified electors
ol Columbia, that a GENERAL ELECT ION
will be held throughout said county, on
'IUESDA Y, the MM 11 tiny of OCT HER,
being the second Tuesday m said month, at
Ihe several district# within the county to
wit :
| Benton twp nt the house of F.zekipl Cole.
! Beaver township at the house of Christian
I Shtiman.
| Bloom township at the Court house in
i Bloomsburg.
I Briaicreek tp. at the townhouse in Berwick,
i Cattsiwi-sa township at the house of Stacy
I Margeium in Cattawis.-a.
| Centre township at the house of Jeremiah
He#?. deceased.
Fishingcreek township at the house of
! Abraham Kline, now occupied by William
Greenwood township at of JOB.
Hemlock township at the Bitckltorn.
Jarksoti township at the house of Joshua
Locust township at the houee of David
Franklin township at the house of Benja
min Drum. *
Mifflin twp. at the house of John Keller.
Madison township nt Ihe house of Jacob
Welliver, now occupied by Fulper.
Mount pleasant township at the house of the
late Frederick Miller.
Montour township at the house of John
Richards now occupied by Jesse Hullins
Main township at Ihe house of Isaac Tel
Rnaringcrcek township at the house of G.
W. Driesbtioh.
Orange township at the bouse of Peter P.
Pino township at the house of Albert Hun
Sugarloaf township at the house of Linas
Scott township at the house of Henry
Trernbyin Kspytown.
It is further directed that the election at
the a tid several district# shall be opened be
tween the limits ot 8 and 10 o'clock in the
Inretioon. and shall continue open without
ciertupiion, or adjournment until 7 o'clock
in tge evening when the polls aliall be clo
The officers to be elected at the time and
places ulorernid, are
It is lutlherdirected that tin' meeting of
the return judges, at the Court House in
Bloomsburg to make out the general re'urns,
shall be on the fir-t Friday succeeding the
general election, which will be die 12th day
ol October.
The return judges of Columbia and Mon
tour counties will meet at the Court Houso
in Bloomsburg, on Tuesday the 16th day of
nc.tober next to make out teturnhior Member
ol /. bv the said arl, I am further
And in a- *• "that every person
directed to give >. nj-roe, who shad
excepting justices ol n.- H ' ' .irofit or
hold any olfioe or appointing. ' ljni ';d
trust under the Government of Iht. i
, Slates, or of this State, or of any city or .
corporated district, whether a contmisnoned
officer or otherwise, a subordinate officer or
agent, who is, or shall be employed under
the legislative, or executive or judiciary de
parimenl of this Sato, or of any incorporated
district, ami also that every member ol Con
gress, and of the lelect or common council ot
any city, commissioners of any incorporated
district, is by law incapable of holding ot ex
ercising at the same time the office or ap
pointment of Judge, inspector or clerk of any
election of this commonwealth, and that no ,
inspector, judge or any other officer of any
such election shall be eligible to any office
then to ba voted for.'
Given under my hand at my office HI
Bloomsburg, this 6th day of September, A.
bloomsburg. Sept. 6. 1865. Sheriff.
-FANCY GOODS, of everv description and
variaty new styles, and fresn Irom Now York
and Patludelpiiia, for sale at the cheap atore
Or, the Model Republic, its Gloiv or it* F.dl:
with ateview of lite Causes ol the Dee ne I
and Failure of the Reunifies nl S. Amer
ica, Mexico, and the Old World;. applied
to the Present Crisis in the United States.
One volume, J2mo., about -100 pages, cloth
gill, 81 25.
Contents of the. ff'ork.
The U. S Prospective and Retrospective.
Ttie Ancient Republics—Early Civilization.
Sparta and Athens.
The Fall of Rome.
Italian Liberty in the Middle Ages.
Mexico, apd the South American Slates.
The Heroes of Liberty.
The boundaries ot countries—how established
The Angle Saxon race, the only one capable
of sustaining Freedom.
The rights of Conscience. <
Religious Toleration.
The Bible, the Charter of Liberty.
The Principles and Perils of our Common Ed
What constitutes Ihe light to vote.
The right of the Majority to rule.
The effects of Romanism and Proteslautism
on civilization.
The Political power of the Pope.
Romanism and Freedom. j
Folly of supposing American Institutions need
no safeguards.
American Citizens—mativo or adopted—
Romanist or Protestant equally interested in
resisting foreign influence.
Evils of Military organizations exclusively of
nalmalized citizens.
Secret Societies, their use and abuse.
The Citizens of a Republic.
Naturalization laws of the United States.
American Nationality.
The Common Cause.
This work, written ill an earnest American
spirit, by able and experienced writers se
lected (or their eminent fitness for the tusk,
will be found worthy the attentive pe
rusal of the whole American people. Il
condense# a prodigious amount ol most val
i cable information relating to our social and
political economy, and the dangers to which
our civ il and national liberties are exposed,
together with illustrations drawn from the his
tory of the classic and modern republics.—
This production must become the great text
book lor American citizens; since it is so thor
ough in its investigations, and of such deep,
stirring interest, that it cannot fail in making
its direct appeal to the heatls ot Ihe people.
Comprising the Colonial, Revolutionary and
Constitutional Records ol the Country ; ba
sed upon, and including the Documents of
the Federal Government, &e. By Benson
J. Lossing and Edwin Williams.
In two volumes, royal Bvo., profusely illus
trated with fine engravings on steel and
wood, muslin gilt, Seven Dollars.
It is a work unique in its character and of
intrinsic value as it standard authority for.lhe
statesman, historian and general reader; and
i:o less important as the exponant of the po
litical ethics and progress of the Confedera
cy. It will be regarded as the National histo
ry of the country during its three grsal epochs
—Colonial, Revolutionary and Constitutional,
condensed from the national archives. The
work is splendidly illustrated by original views
' ot the national buildings, offices ol state, &c.
1 Now Ready: The Statesman's Manual;
Containing the President's Messages, inaug
ural, annual and special, Irom those of
Washington to the present lime : witn their
Memoirs and Histories of their Adminis
trations. Also, valuable Documents and
Statistics, Complied from official sources,
by Edwin William*.
The new edition brought down to the present time.
4 volumes Bvo., with portraits of all the
Presidents, cloth, exlia gill, 510 00.
This great national work lias received the
highest commendation from the Press
throughout the country, as well as from some
ol the most distinguished personages connec
ted with the Federal & State Governments. It
is iiulispensable to ail persons in any way con
nected with official or governmental affairs.
A full analytical Index accompanies the work
by which immediate reference can be made
to any great question—political, social, or le
A new and enlarged edition (.'.he 20 th thousand)
Of Itomnnism;
Com pile J Itoiu Romish A uitionties : with
Supplement, bringing the history down to
the present time: with 50 engravings.
1 vol. Bvo., 800 pages, cloth gill, S3.
The American and Odd-
Containing Gems of Literature, prose and
verse, by eminent writers: with over
thirty engravings on steel.
2 volumes Bvo. muslin gilt, $5 00.
A nobler compendium of choice literature
could hardly be collected—an elegant bonk
(or the centre-table and (or presentation—it
is equally fitted lor the librury.-A'. I'. Mirror.
tjf Active and responsible Agents for the
above works, wanted in every State of the
Union—who will please address
EDWARD WALKER, Ptddishe r,
Aug. 30. 114 Fulton St.. New York.
The Scientific American.
The Eleventh Annual Volume of this use
ful publication commences oil the 17tb day
of September next.
The Scientific American is an illustrated
periodical, devoted chielly to the promulga
tion of information relating to the various
Mechanic and ChemicArts, Industrial Man
ufactures, Agriculture, Patents, Inventions,
Engineering, Millwork, and all interests
which the light of Practical Science is calcu
ated to advance.
Reports of U. S. Patents granted are also
published every weelc, including Official cop
ies of all the Patent Claims, together with
news and information upon Thousands ot
other Subjects.
The Contributors to the Scientific American
are among the most Eminem Scientific and
practical men of the times. The Editorial
Department is universally acknowledged to
be conducted with great ability, and to be
distinguished not only for the excellence and
truthluluesH of its discussions, but for the
learlessness with which error is combated
and tulse theories are exploded.
Mechanics, Inventors, Engineers, Chem
ists, Manufacturers, Agriculturalists, and
people ol every profession in lite, will find
the Scientific American to be of great value in
the.r respective callings. Its counsels and
suggestions will save them hundreds of dol
lars annually, besides affording them a con
•:„ual source ot knowledge, the experience
'<• ■i, ig Jyevond pecuniary estimate,
of whin.. r. Antfricon is published once a
The Scisufi/s.. gpiitaine eight large
week ; every numb*.. u„ a oO , n ,,| eU ,
quarto pages, forming am.- ... . , RVBfa |
and splendid volume, ilhisirated v.
hundred original engravings.
BP" Specimen copies sent gratis.
BP* TERMS —Single subscriptions, S2 a
year, or Sf for six months. Five copies, for
six'month* S4 ; lor a year, iB.
For further Club rates and for eiatemenl of |
the fourteen large cash prizes, offered by the
publishers, see Scientific Amerioan.
Southern, Westerri and Canada money, or
Post Office Stamps, taken at par for subscrip
tions. Letter* should be directed (pot paid)
to MUNN & Co., 128 Fulton street, N. York.
OT Messrs. MUNN & Co. have been for
many year* extensively engaged in procu
ring patent* for new inventions; and will ad
vise inventors, without charge, in regard to
the novelty of their improvements.
K"o woman of dcltawy l wIIHup to d!*rlG*e thr |y r iv
liar Incident to her aex, oven to a moat inllinato
fumlly ]>iyl<.tnn. . , , . .
TLi* T'lodchtv and delicacy la by nature,
NN.L neither ID>UUI Rr NEED be *ulfrrtl to the rudo
Kliorkfl lno\liable In uu'.klr.ff known to the other BOX
tho*> ailment* 1 clungim; wrclinivi y to the femtile.
Kxoept In cxlime enact, lur * i.tdtlveneva will anen
flic her health rathor than her delicacy.
The conoequuucee aro ecrlouf, lumen table, and lifo
Tim* what nt flret could bnve been en-lly rcmniWNl,
or ]>erliut>(i U tier ulil not incurred, become* a comul!-
oation or dlwarn*, not only rulnin* the hesiith of thn
mother, and embittering her day* hv* and euf
ferlnp, hut ei.tallhi* broken conßtltuiloL* upon her
children, an.t emharrnMlng, if not dlntrviMlntf, the hunl
noH* and pecuniary pronpecla of the huaboml. IsCt every
eoiudhlo woman
(an thourand* have done) by tho hitter experience nnd
autlbrtnge of other*, of the dreadfhl con-wiuencea the
entalla upon hereelf and tho*e endeared to her, bv her
Ignorance of the ulinpleet aud plalneat rule* of health na
connected with tho marriage plate, the violation of
which entalla dlaenaC, auft'erinir, and misery.
liow many are fluttering from obetructione or irrcgti
larltlea peculiar to the female ayatem, which ondennlno
the health, the effect* of which they are Ignorant, and
for whlob their delicacy forbid* aeeklug inndical ad
vice I How many Buffer from proltibans uteri (falling of
the womb), or from Jiuur < dbut (weakneea, debility, fcc )l
How many aro In constant agony for many inor.tha pre
ceding confinement I How many have difficult, if not
dangerous deliveries,and alow auu uncertain recoveries!
To the question, how are those to be prevented! what
•bail be done? the answer I* HI tuple.
I*'t every woman ascertain lor herself, without vlo-
If 11 cc to her delicacy, the nature and character of tho
ailment (to which she aa a female Is subject), the causes
from which It may arise, and tho proper remedies for
its cure and future prevention.
Tills she OHM do by posseting a little volume (already
iWM-w d by tbousandsX WHICH TEUUi EVER V
TELLS rih'li WIIAT TO DO FOR IT, in aimplo
but cbasto wo:.U, and -. ii su alio can undersUnd.
Tide little volume la entitled
paorvasoß or maiAars or WOMEV.
One Hundredth Edition (500,0GC) 13 m0., pp. 250.
A standard work of established reputation, found
classed In tho Catalogues of the Trade galea In
New York, Philadelphia, and other cities, and sold by
♦he principal hook-eflers In tie United States. It was
nrat published In 1847, since which time
have been sold, of which thero wore upwards of
attesting th*high estimation in which It la held aa THE
| OSLY RELIABLE, popular nu'dloal
the author having devoted, and still devotes, his exclu
sive attention to the treatment of complaints peculiar to
female*, in respect to which ho is y?arly consulted by
thousands, both In person and by letter.
Here every woman can discover, by comparing her
own symptom* with tin*o described, tho nature, charac
ter, causes of, and the proper remedies for her com
The wlfo about rtccontinara mother lins often reed of
Instruction and i dvlcc of the utmost Importance to
future I.eelth, will find sueh instruction mid advice, and
aipo explain many symptom* which otherwise would
occaaien anxiety or alann, us all the peculiarities inch
dent to her situation are doaerlled.
It 1* of course impracticable to convey fully the va
rious subjects tieated of, as they are of a nature strictly
Intended for tho married or tltoee contemplating mar
riage. Tho revelation* contained in its pages hve
proved a bieViiig to thousands, H the innumerable let
ters received by tho author (which ho i* permitted bjj
the writers to publish) will attest.
Extract of a Utter from a gtntieman in Dayton, Ohio.
DAYTON, May 1, 1847.
Dr. A M. Mauriceau:
"My wife has been perceptibly sinking for some three
years or more, in consequence of her great anguish and
fluttering soine months l<ofuro and during confinement:
every successive one more nrd more debiiita*ed and
prostrated her, putting hor lifo In Imminent danger, and
which was on the last occasion despaired of. 1 u pi toned
tliat this state of things was lur v. table, and resigned
myself to meet tho womt. At tlda timo (now about two
months), I heard your book highly spoken of, as con
taining some matters renchiug my rate. On It* receipt ,
and perusal, I cannot express to you tho relief itrrt'ordud |
my distressed mind, and the joy its rages imparted to
my wife, on learning that the groat discovery of M. M. |
Ilesnmeaux provided a remedy. It opened a prospect
to me which I little conceived was possible. No pecu
niary consideration cau ever repay tho ohllgntions 1 am
under to you, for having been t-e means of unnartlni? to
n- the :natlore contained in "The Married Woman's
Private Medical Companion." Hut f<r this, ore another
year would have passed over my head, lu all human
probability my wile would have been In her grave aud
my children 1 eft motherless.*'
In consequence of the universal popularity of the
work, as evidenced by its extraordinary hale, various'm
position* have been attempted, as well on IM-OlD oiler* ua
on tbo public, by liidlothms of tide pace, s|Mirlou> edi
tions, nnd surreptitious Infringement* oi' copyright, and
other devices anu deception*, ll Lu* been iound necessary
to buy ro bock unless tho words "Dr. A. M. MAURI
CRAC. 12U Ltbci ty street. N. YJ* 1* on (and the entry iu
tho Clerk's Office on the back of) the tide page; aud
buy only of respectable and honorable dealer*, or send by
mail, and address to Dr. A. M. Mauriceau.
Mir Upon receipt of Ono DoL'ar " THE IdARF.IED
sent (mailed fret) to any part of the United States, the
Canada*, and British Provinces. All Letters most be
post-paid, and addrcesed to Dr. A. M. MAURICEAU,
box 1224. New-York City. Publishing Office, No. 129
Wberty Street, Now-York.
J]gents in Pennsylvania.
T. B. Peterson, J. M. Moss & Bro., and T.
Cowpeithait, Philadelphia—Mrs. Cynthia
Williams, Honcsdale—Wentz & Stark, Car
hondale—E. Flint. Williamsporl—S. Tuck,
Wilkesharre—S. Leader, Hanover—B. Hall,
Fil'sion—J. S. Nickson and A. K. McClure,
Clutnbersbiirg—E. Benner, Sumiieylown—
Joseph Swariz,- Bloomsbnrg—G. W. Earle,
Waynesboro—J. H. Cornelius, New Berlin—
G I). Main, Mainsburg—Potter & McMann,
lleilloute—H. A. Lance, Reading.
July 20, 1858.—6 m.
Public Sate of Ileal Estate,
rpHE heirs of Jonathan Hasronbuch deceas-
I ed will on SATUHDAY, Ihc C>lh thy of
October next, expose to public sale upon the
situate in Centre township, Columbia county,
bounded by lands of John Hagenbneh on the
East, of Datiiel Hagenbueh on the North and
West and of Dauiei Neyhard ou the South,
more or less, whereon are a frame ilwellina
house, a barn, a shop, a good apple orchard
and a well of good water. The property is
situate in the iron ore region.
There will also be sold at the same lime
and place a
I,ot of Woodland,
containing 2 ncres more or |ps* annate in the
same township, adjoining lands of Jeremiah
Hagenbueh oil the Eal, Jacob llageribuch
on the South, John lliigenhneh on the West
ami Henry Delong on the Noith. The land
is well timbered.
The widows dswer will remain in all the
land. Sale will commence at 1 o'clock P. M.,
when the tern.s will be made known
for tiie heirs of Jonathan Hagenbueh.
Centre twp., Sept. 5, 1855.
WILLbe exposed to sale at public vendue
upon the piemixes, in Centre township,
Cnlu rnbia county, on B.VI UKDAY, 13th day
of Oct olier next, tho following described valu
able real estate as the properly of Delila Boone
and 1 fauna tehive, and late tho estato of Ben.
jamin Baone. deceased, viz:
aituatein Centre twp., Columbia county, lying
netween the Wusquehanna river and Lime
Ridge, through which the public road 4" North
Branch Canal, pataes fiom Bloomsburg to Ber
wick, uoar 4 Milled above lh first named place,
containing about
all of wtiij' l '* improved and iu a high state of
lime kiln, and other auitabla outbuildings
ted upon the piemises.
Two good Orchards, and a novcr-failing spring
of water near the ddor, with a running stream
through l K e meadow, some twenty.acrea of
which ia excellent meadow land.
Bale to commence et 1 o'clock, P. M.,on
said day. when attendance will be given and
terms n ade known by
\ 8. C. SHIVE.
Bloomaborg, Sept- 8,1855.
Srjnom nrtrr^.vtyry.
HAVE just received nnd opened their slock of merchandize for Fajt and Winter sales,
which comprises the LARGEST, CHEAPEST, and HANDSOMESP assort mm. I now
offered in thislTOWN! Huvin^-paid great attention to the selection of tnetr entire s.oclc,
as to price and quality, lliey flatlet themselves that they can compete with Jbe cheapest,
and all those wishinir to buy cheap, oan 6ave money bv giving us a call. \\ e have all
kinds of Goods und Wares to supply the wants or the People. A very largo lot ot
ladies dress woods,
French merinocs, wool plaids, alpacas, bombazines, de bages, poplins, parametta cloths,
mohair lustres, tntisliti de laines, Persian cloths, Ginghams, Calicoes, &c.
WHITE GOODS OF ALL KINDS, Sieves. Collars, Spencers, handkerchiefs,
flouncing*, hands and trimmings, laces and edjing*, bonnet ribbons, in large variety, vel
vet ribbons, and braids, kid, cotton, and lisle thread gloves, mohair milts, &c.,
All kinds of SHAWLS, broehe, Bay State, Waterville, black silk, cashmere, Embroder
ed, &c. Also a very large assortment of cloths, cassitners, eattinelts, vesting*, tweeds;
jeans, beaver cloths, coating velvet, &c.
We have a large assortment of Hats and Caps of latest fashions. We have also Hard
ware, Queensware, Cedarwara. &c. Very cheap carpets, carpet bags, floor, table and car
riage oil cloths, mats nigs, baskets, &c. Muslins flannels, tickings, diapers, towelings,
drillings. &c., in abundance.
We invite our friends and the public generally to give us a call before purchasing el-e
--where. We have bought ourgoods at Lowest Cash Prices and will not be undersold by
anybody, or the rest of mankind.
Bloomsburg, October 28, 1855.
Ss3a.caacE>m EE>upcsa£PaQSSSß <£S <33®,
Fashionable Spring and Summer Clothing !
tn the Exchange Block next to Sivartz's Book Store. They have on hand a large and
full assortment of
of all sorts and sizes, that the present enlightened age knows any thing about. Of Pants
and Vests they have every color o( the rainbow, besides some black, blue, grey, striped
and fancy ; Vests of satin, silk, bull, casimere. Marseilles, linen and worsted of all fash
ionable cuts and colors ; Working Pants and boys clothing. Also fine while, figured and
striped shirts, Pocket and Neck Handkerchiefs, Stocks, Ties, Scarfs, ail kinds of gentle
man's dress goods ; Hats, Caps, Trunks, Traveling Bags and Umbrellas ; and
I They have Undersleves, Spencers, Collars, Rignlelt, Gloves, Mitts. Ladies'a bead-hag
I Handkerchiefs, &c., &c. Also Jewelry and Noiions'sai has Rings, Rrenst pins, Gold and
Silver Pens and Pencils, Medallions, Vest and Fob chains, Porlmmue.*, Spectacles, Knives
Razors and a well selected assortment of Aecordeons
BP* Remember the cheap store iu the "Exchange Block" opposite the Court house.
Bloomsburg, May 18th 1855. 8. DREIFUSS, Si Co.
1855 New Fall and Winter Goods! 1855
INVITES attention to his slock of cheap and fashionale vlothing at his stum on Market
street, two doors above the "American House," where he has a fuli assortment of inen
and boy'a wearing apparel, including
gox, sack, frock, gum and oil cloth coata of all sorts and sizes, pants of all colore, shawls
stripes and figure, vests, shirts, cravats, stocks, collars, handkerchiefs, gloves, suspenders
and fancy articles.
N. B. * He will also make to order any article of clothing at very short notice and in
I the best manner. All his clothing is made to wear, and most of it is of home manufac-
I lure.
Bloomsburg, Sept. 20th 1855-3 m.
WASHBURN'S Great Indian Amphithe
atre and Citcus, the largest and most
splendid establishment in the World, com
prising a large company of Indians, com
posed of Chiefs, Warriors, Brave 9, and Fe
males, from the" Plains and beyond the
Rocky Mountains, together with the most
talented Troupe of white Equestrians of the
age, who offer the mo-l interesting and in
structive Exhibition ever witnessed by the
American people, given under an immense
Pavtliion, accommodating 5000 persons, will
exhibit in
Bloomsburg, on Friday. September 2 Isf, 1855;
at Berwick, Sept. 20th; Danville, Sept.22d.
The Chiefs accompanied by their Warriors
will make a Grand Entree iqjolownatlO
o'clock, A. M., mounted on their Indian
Horses, dressed iu full native costume, pre
ceded by
Hick Willis' Bugif Band,
the largest and most complete travelling
Orchestra in the World. The Chiefs and
Warriors will appear within the Pavillion in
datiug Equestrian Feats, Feme of Strength,
Foot Races, Prize Shooting with bows nnd
arrows, Ceremonies, Historical Scenes, &c.
Among the large Troupe of while Equestrians
may be found the celebrated AYMAU FAM
ILY, with a reputation unpquelled in the
annals of Eqnestiianism,consisting of WAL
TER B. AYMAU. the onlv baro-back rider
in the World; WM. T. AYMAU, the great
arobatio leaper, the only person in the World
who can throw a somerset over ten horses;
ALBERT AYMAR, the intrepid and daring
perlormer on tho double bridge of ropes, also
scenic and gymnastic rider; FRED. SYL- I
VF.STER, late of Frunconi's Hippodrome,
Paris and NHW YO.V: JOB. HAZhLErr, TRM I
originator ot the douole somerset: Mrs. W
R. DF.UU i" the great hurdle Act de Mange:
Mr. W. R. DF.UR, the great trainer ol horses,
FRANK- C. PHELPS ami four Pupils, in a
beautiful act of Posturing; also, the Great
American Clown, GEO. O. KNAPP, the
lather ol all fun, who will make an audience
laugh and grow fat with his old sayings,
trite aphorisms, touches on the ,imes,
Come one, come all, and witness the great
est Exhibition ever given in the World.
WILLIAM AYMAR, the Greatest Perform
ing Clown of the Age.
Admission to the great Double Combina
tion, only 25 cents. Doors open at 2 and 7
o'clock P. M. For full particulars *ee bills
at hotels. C. C. BACKUP, Agt.
Public Sale of Real Estate.
rplU'-RF. will be sold at public sale upon
-A the premises, on FRIDAY, the ttSth day
if September next, at I o'clock, P. M., the lol
luwiog real estate, to wit :
situate in Franklin township, Colutr.biaceun
ty, adjoining lands of Conrad Fensiermacher,
Thomas Clayton, Daniel Yetier, Jacob Cus
tenbauder, John Hower und others, contain
r Ja.L83333
more or less. There are erected on the prem
ises a two story frame DWELLING HOUSE,
a good BARN, Grain Houses, Cider house,
and various other buildings; and Fruit Trees
of all kinds. A never-failing
Spring of Water
is at the doot. About 110 acres in good (ar
ming order, and thn balance in firslrate tim
ber. About 10 acres are gooJ meadow.
The property will be sold as the Estate of
William Clayton deceased, by order of hie
w.mam y T H OM AS CLAYTON, •
Franklin twp.. Aug. 25, '55 Executors.
TRON STEEL, and every kind of Hard
'"'"'W, NEALfcCo
100,000 COPIES !
Steamboat Pinasters on the Western
Waters, and Steamboat Directory,
fl> H C undersigned have now in course of
X preparation a new Steamboat Directory,
w hicli will be issued in October next, the
book will contain over two hundred pages, ib
"lustraled in the best style, and neatly bound
in a durable manner. It will be one of the
most interesting books ever published, and
will be a book that will be iiiterealing to all
classes of people. The Steamboat Directory
will contain a complete list and description of
all the Steamboats now atlnut in the Weitorn
and Southern waters. The length, model,
speed, power and tonnage of.cach boat, where
and by whom built, the name of the L-oat,
with the trade she has in. Also, the names
of Captains and otficars, her age, &e. The
Directory will contain a History of .Steamboats
nnd Steambonling on the Western waters,
since tbo application of steam: also, a sketch
of the tirst boat built for the Ohio River, with
the name of the builder, commander and own
*'• ' • .
The River Directory will contain a list and
description of alt the Steamboat Disasters
that have occurred oil the Western and South
em waters, beautifully illustrated, with a list
of all those who have pcri-hed by tllcir burn
ing, sinking and exploding, on the western
and southern wilers. The Directory will
contain Mops of the Ohio, Mississippi, Mis
snuri, Illinois, Arkansas, Wliile, Bed, Ouachita,
Yazoo, and other rivers, with tho towns and
cities laid down, with coirect distances; also,
many other River and Commercial item, 0 f
interesi to the people at large. The w j||
| contain tbe cento of the various U. S. Mail
' Boats, with the trade they are in, &c. The
'. Directory will also contain a complete list of
I all the responsible Steamboat License.l Org.
I vera, their ploccs of residence, &c. <fcc., the
I new steamboat law its lequireiuei la, with
( comments, showing wherein it benefits the in
l competent officer, and injures the competent
officer, &c. &n., and all tho important U. S.
Supreme Court steamboat (Incisions up to
date; tbe Rates and important Commercial
. Privileges, Bills of Lading, important decis
[ ions of the various U. 8, Courts in regard to
I Freights Lost and Damaged, dec. &c., with
i many other things of interest,
j The Directory will tie illustrated in the beet
style, and printed in the best manner. *J'| )e
author lias for ail years been gathering
together all the facts und items in regard to the
numerous steamboat disasters on 'he Western
and Houihern waters, and now intends pub
lishing* them in book Grin. The price of the
work will be put at tbe low tun) of One Dollar.
Ten thousand copies will be issueJ for the
boutmei.; all others desirous of subscribing,
will hvu to do so at once, as none will bo
priuleil unless ordered in advance. Tnie work
is destined to have a circulation of over eight
thousand copies, as the publishers are receiv
ing la rge numbers of aubsciibera, per mail,
from ull parts of the country, daily. Some of
the oldest boatmen, as well as most scientific
men of the times, aro contributors to the
Steamboat Dnectory.
I The Directory will be issued in October,
und will be an ornament to the parlor as well
as steamboat. By remitting Ono D.dlsr, post
paid, you will receive a copy of the above
All communiculions and letters should be
addressed to J AS. T. LLOYD + CO.
Post Office Building, Cincinnati, Ohio.
July 12, 1855.
Stray Mi oat!
CAME to the premises of the subscriber
in Greenwood township about the 15th of
July last, a stray spoiled barrow, weighing
about 8(J pounds. The owner is requested
to prove property, pay chargea and take it
away, or it will be sold according to law.
Greenwood, Sept. 6, 1855.—3t.
Fresh Arrival!
ANEW lot of cheap muslins and print*
just received by railroad and for sale by
Fancy Paper*
Envelopes, Pane, Ink,*
M be found .tthe cheag Book^eof.
Let as Reason Together.
It his been the lot of the humin race to bo
neighed down by disease and suffeiing. HoU
lowoy'a Piils are specially adapted to the relief
of the Weak, the Ncrvons. the Delicate, and
tho Infirm, of all ciimee, ages, sexes, and eon
atilutinne. Professor Hulloway personally su
perintends tho manufacture of hia medicines in
the United States, mid offers thein 'o a bee and
enlightened people, aa tho beat remedy the world
ever aa v for the removal of disease.
These PHls Purify the Blood.
These famous pills are expressly combiners
operate on the stomach, the liver, the
tho lungs, '.he skin, and the bowels, correcting
any derangement in'thcir functions, purifying
the blond, the very fountain ot life, and thus cu
ring disease in all its for.n f.
Dyspepsia and Liver Complaints.
Nearly half the human race have token these
Pilla. It has been p'oved in all porta of the
world, that nothing has lit en found equal In
them in cases of disorders of tho liver, dyspep
sia, oud stomoch cotnplninla generally. The*
soon give a heathy tone lo these organs, how
ever much deranged, and when all other means
have failed.
General Debility. 11l Health.
Many of the most deapotiu Governments
have opened their Custom Houses to the intro
duction of these Piila, that they may become
' the medicinn of l lie masses. Learned Colleges
, admit that this medicine is ihe best remedy ev
er known for jiersons of delicate health, or where
the system has been impaired, aa i s invigora
ting properties never fail to afford relief.
Female Complaints.
No Female, young or old, ahoulJ bo without
this celebrated medicine. It is correct and rrg
ulatoa 'lie monthly courses at all periods, acting
in many cases like a chaim. It it also the best
and aafcat medicine that can. lie given lo chil
dren of nil ages, and for any complaint: conse
quently no family shoulu be without it.*
Ilolloway's Pills are the best remedy
j known in the world for the following
j \stbma Diarrliura
Bowel Complaiutt Dropsy*
Coughs Debility
ConU Fever ami Ague
Cheat Disease* Female Complaints
Costivenes* Headache
Dyspepsia Indigestion
Influenza Inflammation
Inward Weakness Liver Complaints
Lowness of Spirits Piles ,
S'one and Gravel Secondary Symptona
Venereal Affections Worms, of all kinds
Sold at the Manufactories of Prof. HOLLO
WAY, 80 Maiden Lane, ffew-York, and 244
Strand, London, and by all respectable Drug
gists and Dealers of Medicines throughout
the United Stales, and the civilized world, iu
boxes, at 29 cents, 62j cents, and 31 each.
IST There is a considerable saving by ta
king the larger size.
1 N. B Directions for the guidance ot pa
tients in every disorder are affixed to each
I. 8. Insurance Annuity & Trust <o.
S. E. cor. ol Third & Chestnut Sts., PHIL'S.
CAPITAL 250,000.
MONEY is received on deposit daily.—
The amount deposited is entered in a
Deposit Book and given lo the .Depositor, or
if prelerred, a certificate will be given.
All sums, large and small, nre received,
and the amount paid back on demand, with
out notice.
Interest is paid at the rale of five per cent,
commencing from thu day of deposit, and
ceasing lourteen days previous lo lite with
drawal of the money.
On ihe first day of January, in each year,
the interest of each deposit is paid to the
depositor, or added to the principal, as be
may prefer.
The Company have now upwards of 3,-
50'J depositors in the City of Philadelphia
Any additional information will be given
by addressing the Treasurer.
S. R. Crawford, Pres't. Wen. D. Godwin,
L. Johnson Vice Pres't. Paul B. Gotldard,
A. VV. Thompson, George McHenry,
Benj. VV. Tirigley, Jamea Devereux,
Jacob L. Elorance, Go-tavua English.
PLINY FISK, Secretary If Treasurer.
J. C. OEHLSCHLAGEU, Teller tf Interpreter.
September 6 1855.—1y.
Orphans Court Sale of Real Estate-
IN pursuance ol an order of the Orphan*
Court of Columbia County, the uiitiur
signed Tro'tee appointed by 6aid Court irt
the matter of the Estate of Mary Applemanj
deceased, will on SATURDAY, the 13th day
if O tuber next, at 1 o'clock, in the afternoon,
expose to public sale upon the premises a
certein ! IECE AND LOT OF LAND situate
in the town of Bloomsburg, Columbia coun
ty, containing about
Irontii g on Third Street of said town,on the
south side of said street, adjoining lane of
Kobnrt B. Arthur on the east and south, and
land of Daniel Shive'a beira on the west
Conditions of sale.—Ten per cent, of lbs
purchase money lo bo paid on the day of
sale; one hail on the confirmation of the
sale by court ; and the balance on the first
day ol April next, with interest from the day
ol confirmation. JOHN SNYDER,
Bloomsbttrg. Sept. 13, 1855. Trustee.
Private Sale!
THE undersigned for sale hia prop
erty eitua'e in Mifllinvillo, Columbia county,
unnai-ting of a dwelling house, store house
and four contiguous
being the same premises conveyed to him
by Peter Billmyer, late Sheriff of said county,
and now in the occupancy of Nathan Snyder.
The properly will be aold reasonable and the
terms made lo suit the purchaser, A good
title and possession of Ihe premises will be
given at any time the buyer may stipulate.
Apply either personally or by address ot
tho subscriber residing in Pelersville, North
ampton county. JONAS SNYDER.
Petersvfile, September 6. 1855.
Street, Philadelphia, are now prepared
to offer to their customers, and lo ihe trade,
(of their own importation,) the largest ana
handsomest assortment of Millinery Goode,
in this city—consisting in part of
Bonnet Silks. Ribbons, Velvets, Fancy Feathers,
Flatters, Laces, d*c. tfc.
Which will be sold at the lowest ptleee,
on the most favorable term*.
Philadelphia, Sept. 13, 1855.—am.
1 THIBET SHAWLS with aUk fringe, e
. fine lot just and leby