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    Wo announced in out last issue the arri
val of J. W. Bear, tho Buckeye Blacksmith,
and we must this week record his departure
for Or.vigsburg, attended by an escort of
one or two constables. His chargo is seduc
tion under promiao of marriage, The gill
is a resident of Fottsville.— Schuylkill Haven
Gov. Seymote of Connecticut, was inaug
urated on Thursday last, aud in his message
reeomrmir.d free bankiug, the abolition of
the death penally, and a homestead exemp
THK COMMITTER of conferenco upon the
apportionment bill have r.ot yet reported in
the Legislature. Best is tryiilig to gee
Schuylkill attached to Montour and giving
to district 3 me rabcrs.
TST I.UCKT CALIFORNIA —lt is stated that
Mr. James Bryant, a caipenter, who borrow
ed tho meatus California a year
ago in January, returned in the last steamer,
and has arrived in Boston with $90,000.
BFThe Rev. Canon Bowles, the poet,
whose controversy with Byron, may be re
collected by many, died at Salisbury, in En
gland, on the 7th ult., at the advanced age of
eighty-nine. '
CURE FOR BAD FITS.—Not by any pa
tent medicino, but by a good suit —not such
a suit as a man can get into at court, but such
a neat, well-made and fashionable suit of
clothing as every body should wear; just
such as you can find at A. H. Ellis', if you
will call aud cxamino his slock of coats,
pants, vests, and other articles of dress at the
lower door of the now Exchange Block near
ly opposite the Court-House, in Bloomsburg
His stock of ready-made clothing is not the
"slop-work" made up for sixteen cents a day,
but is cut with attention and made up to wear
and not only to sell.
Mr. Ellis has also 011 hand an assorment of
cloth, cassimeres, sattinets, and suitable trim
mings ; so that lie is prepared to make up
clothing to order at the shortest notice. He
will pay particular attention to cutting out.
In Union township, Luzerne county, on
Friday last, Mrs. John McCaulcy , formerly of
Harrisbuig, aged about 45 years.
In Danville, on Tuesday evening last, Mrs.
Ann Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Wra. G. Moore,
aged 23 years.
In Berwick, on the 27th ult, Mrs. Nancy
Stackhouse, in her 81st year.
Market Prices—Corrected every
Thursday Morning.
r |
Articles. § a.
Flour, per barrel, $4 751 $5 00
Wheat, per bushel, 100 106
Rye, " " 50 62
Corn, " " 50 56
Oats. " " 33 34
Butter, per pound, 16 11 als
Eggs, per dozen, 8l 28
Tallow, per pound, 10 8
Lard, " " 10 8
Beef, fresh, per 100 pounds, 55 as7l2 al3
Tork, do. " " Ssas6 11al2
Pig iron, anthracite, per ton, 25
" " charcoal, " " 28
AtteutiOu !
Columbia Artillerists!
ITHE Company will meet at Mifflin
Saturday the 18th of May inst.,
at 10 o'clock, A. M , armed and e
quipped for the drill and parade of
the annual Battalion to be held
By order of the Captain.
C. MARR, O. S.
Liglitstreet, May 6, 1850.
B riarcreek Riflemen!
The Company will meet at Mifflinville, on
Saturday, the 18th of May instant, at 10 o'-
clock, A. M., armed and equipped for the
drill and parade of the annual battalion to
be held there.
By order of the Captain.
Mifflinville, May 6, 1850.
YOU are hereby commanded to meet lor
Drill and Inspection, on Saturday, the ,Blli
day of May inst., in Miffliuville, armed and
equiped according to law.
A punctual attendance is required, as there
will be business of some importance to trans-
Act on that day.
\ aiicsale. "" ~l
In pursuance order of the OipJiaflfC
Court of Columbia ccuß4uj>n
Tuesday -he 1 lth day ojf J\ne next,
At 19 o'clock, A. M., Jacob R. Ytwvor, Ad
ministrator, Sec., of John Shearman, la<e.of
Beaver township, in said county, deceased,%
will expose to sale by Public Vendue, at the
Public House of Christian Shuraan, in said
township, a certain
In said tow- hip, adjoining lands of Daniel
Johnson, Peter and Jesse Roberts, Thomas
Shearman, and other lands of deceased, con
taining One Hundred and T co Acres it One-
Late the Estate of said deceased, situate in
the township of Beaver and county afore
said. JACOB EYERLY, Clerk.
Bloomsbnrg, May 6, 1850.—ts.
Corner-stone Laying.
The Corner-stone of the new English Lu
thern Chnrch, now building at the town of
Catawissa, will be laid on Monday, the 20th
installt. Several strange Clergyman have
been invited to be present. The Rev. Dr.
Yeomans. of Danville, will preach at 10 o'-
clock in tno forenoon. All friendly to the
cause are respectfully invited to attend.
Stephen Baldy,
John Hartman,
Peter Bodine,
Daniel Kuittle,
Francis Dean,
Building Committee.
Cattawissa, Majr 4, 1850.
OF Merchhandise within tjto county of
Columbia, PH, for the year 1850, as Ap
praised and classified by tho undersigned,
duly appointed Appraiser of Mercantile
Taxes, to wit :
Name Q. Li-
Residence g cense.
•Anthony Township.
Detr Si M'Bride, 13 liquor 15 00
Jotfn Crttvford, 14 do 10 50
E Winchester, 14 do 10 50
Saligtuan & Strouse, 14 do 10 50
Bloomsburg R R Iron CQ 0 25 00
William M'Kelvv Si Co 10 liquor 30 00
Leonard R Rupert 13 10 00
Sloan Si Mendenhall 43 16 00
Mendenhul! 4- Mensch, 13 liquor 15 00
George Weaver 13 do 15 00
Hartmsn 12 do 18 75
Matthew M'Dowcll 13 10 00
Light Street Iron Co 13 10 00
Peter Ent, 14 7 00
S I, Bettle 13 10 00
William Rnbison 14 7 00
John II Barton &Co 14 700
E P Lutz 14 7 00
John li Moyer 14 7 00
Cyrus Barton 14 liquor 10 50
Fowler fc Tiimbly 13 do 15 00
Samuel Wortman 14 do 10 50
Charles Conner & Co, 14 do 10 50
Simon Nathan & Co 14 7 00
R I'lummer& Co 14 liquor 10 50
Charles Lehr, 14 7 00
Millard & Trimly 14 liquor 10 50
Setli B Bowman &Co 11 15 00
Abraham Mdler, 11 liquor 22 50
George A,. Beam 14 do 10 50
Dodson 4* Stackhouse 13 10 00
Frederick Nicely, 14 10 50
Solomon Sterner 13 10 00
Gilbert H Fowler 13 liquor 15 00
Jesse Hicks 14 do 10 50
Michael Brobst &Son 13 liquor 15 00
John Sliarpless 13 do 15 00
Jesse K Sliarpless 14 do 10 00
John Schmick 14 do 10 50
Fincher & Thomas 13 10 00
Stephen BTaldy 14 7 00
Charles Hartman 4* Co 14* 7 00
Amandes Levers &Co 13 liquor 15 00
M'Cay 4* Paterson 13 10 00
Daniel Robins 14 liquor 10 50
George Masters 13 10 00
Elias Wertman 14 liquor 10 50
John Lundy 14 7 00
Marshal G Shoemaker 14 liquor 10 50
Jacob Harris 14 do 10 50
Cornelius T Stycr 14 7 00
Hugh M'Williams 14liquorl0 50
W D Widenhamer & Co 13 iquor 15 00
Baliet 4* Follnier, 13 10 00
James M*Henry 14 liquor 10 50
M'Henry & Edgar 14 do 10 50
David Clark 14 liquor 10 50
Smith 4* Boon,. 14 do 10 50
Maine. •
Geo. 4" RudolphShuman, 14liquor 10 50
Benjamin P Frick 14 do 10 50
Brewn 4" Creasy 13 liquor 15 00
Jeremiah J Brotver 14 do 10 50
Stephen H.Miller 14 do 10 50
Chiistian Zimmerman 14 700
John M Sheldon, 13 10 00
Fiinslon Jj* Dictfenbach, 13 10 00
James Masters 14 7 00
Boro' of Danville.
T O Van Allen, 0 25 00
Lewis Lung 13 liquor 15 00
William Donaldson 13 do 15 00
Henry F Baldy 13 do 15 00
John C Riiodes 13 10 00
George Leibrick 13 do 15 00
John Moore, 14 7 00
B F Goolbach 14 7* 00
B B Reynolds 13 10 00
Willimn M Bickley 14 7 00
L B Ensign 14 7 00
John Spuring 14 do 10 50
L Rosenbauin 13 do 15 00
Simon Dreifuss 13 do 15 00
Isaac May ' 14 do 700
U Uernheimer & Co. 14 7 00
Christian Laubach 13 do 15 00
vVilliani Jennison, 14 7 00
Lewis Kaulnian, 13 10 00
Isanc Roaenbaum, -13 do 15 00
Chairant 3* Hughs 14 7 00
A F Russel 12 12 50
M C Grier 14 7 00
Samuel Anderson 14 7 00
Samuel Wolf 14 7 00
Egber Thompson 14 10 50
Z Mnrkle 14 7 00
Bernard Collins; 14 do 10 50
Samuel Antrim 14 do 10 50
1. J. Atnerman 14 do 10 50
Samuel Koush 13 do 15 oo
Samuel Reed, 14 do lo 5o
C VVarford, 14 do lo 5o
TTosßrt-M"ore 13 lo oo
John M Fiesta* 14 do lo 5o j
Martin MeCallistef v. 14 do lo 5o
William A Murray, lo 5o
R vV J J,azarua 13 liquor 15 Q0
ReW-ts S,- Stewart 13 do 15 00
J W Yeager 14 liquor 10 50
John F Levan 14 do 10 50
Joseph Stronse <s• co 14 do 10 50
Adams Sf Price 14 do 10 50
Hamilton Fisher 14 do 10 50
Samuel B Dieiuer 13 10 00
Sugar loaf.
Parvin Masters 14 do 10 50
Persons returned for License under the
Act f Assembly passed the 10th of April,
1849, entitled "An Act to create a sinking
Fund, und to provide for the gradual and
certain extinguishment of the deb: of the
Commonwealth," to wit:
Names Residence. §" §* jj.
Anthony Dence, Derry 9 SBOO
Rickets & Stewart, Orange 9 800
Thomas Benfield, Valley 10 500
Roes & Lott, Greenwood 7 800
Charles Matchin, Danville 9 800
. Patent Medicines.
WmMßickloy, Danville 4 SSOO
M C Grier do 4 500
John Moore do 4 500
Chalfatit & Hughs, do 4 500
El' Lutz Bloomsburg 4 500
John U Moyer do 4 500
John Strapless, Caltawissa 4 500
Beer Houeos, Mating Houses, Restorants,
Oyster Sellars, etc.
Moses May, Bloomsburg 8 SSOO
Kobison Kay, do 8 500
Frcd'k hammers, Dan/illo 8 500
L.C.Wood, do 8 500
An appeal will be held at tho Commis
sioners' Office in Bloomsbmg, 011 Saturday
tho 15ih day of June next, for all who may
feel themselves agneved by the foregoing
appraisement and classification.
Mercantile Appraiser.
Limestone, April 25, 1850. 1850.-4ts.|
CalJ in and See !
The subscribers would invite the attention
of the public to their new slock of Spring
and Summer Goods which they have just re
ceived. They have a full and general as
sortment of all such goods as are usually
kept in a country store, and will sell at the
lowest prices for good pay.
I-adles can find in this assortment a varie
Ginghams, Lawns. Luslrcs and Beranges
of almost any desirable style and pattern.
For gentlemen, we can furnish
Broad cloth and Summer cloth, and almost
anything else that may be needed, including
Groceries, Hardware, Queeusware, Cedar
ware, Summer hats, &c.
Bloomsburg, May 1, 1850.
Peter S. Leidy
Can manufacture just as neat and fashiona
ble a suit of clothing as any other tailor in
these diggins. As a sample of hia work
manship, he refers you to the
To be found in the town, which is quite cer
tain to have come from'his shop.
He regularly receives the latest city fash
ions, and from his experience in the busi
ness can ensure satisfaction in his work.
He has also on hand an assortment of
At the lowest prices, from which lie will
make up to order coatf, pants, or vests of any
desirable style.
l3P*His shop is on the North side of Main
Street, a few doors above the Court-house.
Bloomsburg, Feb. 14, 1850.
Removal !
The subscriber returns his thanks to his
friends for their liberal patronage to him,and
respectfully solicits a continuance of it at his
new shop on the lower end of Main street in
Bloomsburg, immediately opposite the 'Star'
office, where he has removed his
He continues to manufacture all kinds of
Boots and Shoes in the best manner and nea
test style ; and keeps constantly on hand an
assortment of ready made work, which he
will tell at the lowest prices for cash or coun
try produce.
lie canfurnish any desirable style of Men's
uoarM or fina boau, bratfan&; tfaitor*. or
pers, and also Ladies' and Misses' shoes,
slippers and gaiters. J. B. WEAVER,
ap 10-50-tf
Thomas C. Bomboy
RespectfuUy informs the public that ho has
opened and arranged in good order
at the Pennsylvania Hotel, in the lower part
ot Main Street, Bloomsburg, where he will
be ready to furnish any kind of Firearms, in
good order and of approved workmanship.
He will also attend to
Repairing and Cleaning Gvns
and will repair and make all kinds of light
machinery, locks, &c., at modorate charges.
Guns and Pistols on hand for sale.
Bloomsburg, May 2, 1850.
Reform Your llabits*
Come ye, with garments bare and seedy,
Yebach'lors, widowers, husbands too,
If, iu the outward man you're needy,
We soon can make you good as new.
The subscriber respectfully informs his
friends and the public that he continues the
at the old stand, on the second story of the
Exchange Building, Bloomsburg.
He will be careful to see that his work is
made up in the best manner, and he flatters
himself that he will be able to give entire
satisfaction in point of cut, fit and style, as
well as in price. He therefore respectfully
solicits his friends and the public to give him
a trial.
Spring and Summer fashions on hand, and
nothing shall bo lacking to satisfy the wants
of old friends and new customers.
Bloomsburg, April 6, 1850.
To HAVE the best fitting suit in town>Aa
made by BERNARD RUPERT, who (R
does Eushionable Tailoring as cheap ft
a little better than it can be done in town by
any body else. He has just received the la
test Fall fashions, and with his experiene in
cutting garments, he can promise the best
satisfaction to thoso who patronize him. If
Was to be supplied with such garments as he
tuins ofT, a fair fortune might be made at
once. His shop is on Main street below Mar
ket, in the building lately occupied as an of
fice by C. R. Buckalew.
GTllis will take country produce for his
work, and gold dollars will not be refused.
Bloomsburg, Nov. 8, 1849—tf.
New Arrangements and Great Bargains.
The undersigned respccfully informs the
citizens of Bloomsburgh and the public in
general,that he has purchased Mr. Eraritz's
Boot if Shoe Store and has added largely to
his stock, and will continue the business at
the same stand in the Exchange Building,
on Main Stroet, where ho will be happy to
receive the calls of old and new enstomers.
Boots and Shoes, of every variety at prices
to suit purchasers, kept constantly for sale,
and customer's work made to order as usual.
HTHo nvites the custom of his old friends
and the public, and hazards nothing in prom
ising fat bargains.
t*"Store iu the Exchange Building, Maine
street, sign of the Golden Boot.
Bloomsburgh, March 28, 1850.
A. C. Smith,
Respectfully informs the good citizens of
BI.OOMSBUHC and vicinit), that he will re
main a short time to furnish thnso who wish
a fine likenpss either in Case. Lockets,
Bienst-Pins or Kings.
Mr. S., has recommends from celebrated
Artists in Baltimore, Washington, D Phil
adelphia, New York and Boston, tha' ho is
capable of furnishing a fine specimen of the
art to any favoring him with a slllingj. r
Booms at tne second door of iiiggS 1 Ex
change Buildings, up stairs.
Commence on Monday April 15th.
ry Instruction will be given in the Art of
taking likenesses.
Ltr Please call immediately, as I remain
but a short time.
A. C. SMITH, Artist.
Administrator's Notice.
Notice is hereby given that letters of ad
ministration upon the estate of Walt
man deceased, late of Sugarloaf township
have been granted to the undersignoi by the
llegister of Columbia county. All persons
indebted to theestateare requested tt make
early payment to the undersigned, atil those
having claims against it to present thoii prop
erly authenticated. Wm. WALTMAN,
Sugarloaf April 23d 1850.-6t
The Subscriber begs leave to itffam his
friends and the public in general thaLA*, has
taken the WHITE SWAN HOTEfc -AND
Formerly kept by J. PETERS T SON. The
House being large and convenient, atjd in
the business part of the city, he ho Its by
strict attention to business, that his fiends,
and all who may come to the city on busi
ness or pleasure, will give him a call.
He pledges himself that nothing sJull be
wanting on his part to make them at hefne.
TERMS — One Dollar per day.
Formerly of Schuylkill County.
Philadelphia, March 22, 1849.
THE subscriber respectfully informs his
friends and customers, that he has just re
ceived from the city, a large and select as
sortment of
Hats and Caps, of
SI'YLE, which he offers for
cheap, at his old stand, on Main Street, sec
ond door South of the t ourt house.
TP' He continues to manufacture Hats to
order as usual.
Bloomsburg, Nov. 15, 1849.
A Rouse & Lot at Private Sale. -
Jwt THE subscribers offer to pttr-
sjAchasers, at private sale, a house
[ J SIS and lot upon the Main Street of
tSSSRIiSKI Bloomsburg, in the business
part of the town, between the two principal
hotels, and only a little more than a square
from the Court House. The lot fronts 60 on
Main street and extends 2141 feet back.
The house is a large stone dwelling, and the
property in every way offers a fair dtance to
any person wishing a residence or business
location in the county-seat. For terms in
quire of A. H. ELLIS.
BloomsUtrg, or
Boot and Shoemaking.
Has removed his boot and shoe establish
ment, into the new frame building on Main
Street two doors above Albright St Mangel's
store, opposite the Forks Hotel, wlffere he in
vites his old customers and the public gener
ally to call and give his work a fair trial.
Ho will furnish all articles in his line of busi
ness neat, strong and cheap.
Bloomsburg, April 19th 1849.-ly.
For Good Watches.
jjSG } Henry Zuppinger returns
&2C. his thanks lor past palro
/> S " a ?e, and invites the pub
|w\ jHKT lie to examine his new
Up assortment of
Trimmings, Classes, and
Keys, Balance Wheels, Jewels, which he
olfers for reasonable prices. Ho will also re
pair clocks, watches, and inusiealr-mwF-opti
cal instruments in a satisfactory manner.
His shop is in the middle room of the Ex
change block, nearly opposite to the Court
Bloomsburg, Nov. 28, 1849.
The subscriber would inform his old friends
and the public in general, that he has taken
the well known Stand recently kept by Dan
iel Snyder, Esq., on the head of Main street,
in Bloomsburg, and will continue the public
house known by the sign of "THE FORKS''
where he is prepared to accommodate those
who may favor nim with their custom. His
arrangements are complete, quarters spaci
ous—location pleasant, and without promis
ing too much, he flatters himself he will be
able to do ample justice to his guests.
Stabling and the best fare for horses, &c.
Bloomsburg, April 26. 1849.
Invites'ilie attention of the fashionable in
Light Street to hisstsie of cutting garments
Ho makes them in the best and most tasty
manner, and, can can ensure satisfaction In
his warkmanihip.
He receives Ino latest fashions, end when
cutting onlp is desired, the work is marked
carefully for the maker.
tyAIl kinds of country produce taken in
exchage for work.
Light Street, Feb. 14, 1850.
The subscriber is now doing a large busi
ness at Tailoring in Light Street, and invites
all who wish for fashion able, well-fitting and
cheaply-made galrments to visit his shop and
give him a trial.
He has two shops in operation, turning ofT
work, (too is in the npper end and the other
in the lotver part of Light Street. Ha regu
larly receives the CITY FASHIONS, and
asks only for a trial to insure "tiUsfectioiH
Particular attention will be oaidW- cutting
out. B. F. TOLLMAN.
Light Street, April 12, 1849-ly
All persons having accounts or demands
against Matildas Kline, of Orange township,
are requested to make them known to me
immediately ; and all indebted to him to
make payment for such indebtedness to me
without further notice.
Committee of Matthias Kline, j
Orange tep., April >O, 1860. I
Of Seated Lands,'
In Columbia County.
LIST of Seated Lands situate in Col
umbia couttiy, on which ilie taxes assess
ed remain unpaid, which lands tho collec
tors of the respective townships in which
said lands lio, have returned tor sale, ac
cording to the 41st scuiiuu of mi Act T
Assembly, passed Aynl 28,1844, entitled
"an Act to reduce the State debt, &C,",
there not being sullicieul personal proper
ty on said lands to pay said taxes, and the
owners thereof have neglected and refused
in pay the same lor the space of 2 .years,
I'hc same will he sold at the Court-house,
in the town of Bloomsburg, county of
Columbia, on the second Monday in June
next, and to continue by adjournment from
day to day, for arrearages of taxes due
said comity, and the costs accrued on
each respectively.
Acres. Owners. Tenants, Taxes,
Fishingcretk, 1847
IS Haycock John M 1 7G
Bloom, 1847
I lot Doty (widow) Terwilnger 39
1 lot Powell William self 05
1 lot Reinhart Daniel self 85
Orange, 1847
Miller Peter Green Wm 3 60
1 lot MePhereon C self 207
Mahoning, 1847
1 lot Br - bst Daniel self 80
i lot Co ok Jonas self I 47
C ook \\ m W self 220
Greenwood, 1847,
120 Mcl'hcrson C 2 20
50 Morris Geo unseated 41
40 Yallurchainp A 121
Briarcreels, 1847
3 lots Davis John unseated 275
4 lots Prick Geo A unseated 22
318 Powlcr David self 724
3 lots Jackson Josiali 4 95
1 lot Knouse Levi D self 1 75
2 lots Roed Win Chamberlain 1 37
1 lot •• • Clerry JW2 20
2 lots Seibert -Sebastian ' 204
42 Smith S Heirs MastcllcrC 2 31
72 Snyder John Basin Peter 188
4 lots Soli Peter 3 16
8 -S'eibert H Brocltwny B S 165
Madison, 1847
100 Artcr William vacant 1 48
50 Bleecher Jacob vacant 27
100 Kline Lowry vacant 220
70 Orwtg Joseph self 119
100 Slackson 'l'hos sr self 225
Aliffln, 1817
10 Enoch Charles self 78
38 Ludwig Jacob self 140
1 lot Mclich Samt Wintersieinß 34
2 lots Situate I/enry self 58
5 lots Wintersteen P self 98
Briurcretk Township, 1849
35 Bowman Win 2 75
1 lot Bowen Dan'l not occupied 34
1 lot Brewer J W vacant 85
s lot Brown Hannah A Opdike 2 20
318 Powler Daniel 7 02
2 lots //eadly S P Shires Maria 220
100 Lance John P not occupied 82
Greenwood, 1848
1 lot Cook Wm McHenry BN 82
120 Mcpherson Chas 2 20
42 Utt David 71
160 Watts Benjamin 188
Mahoning, 1818
a l.i IV-11- U||j| ; n H7
1 lot Divert Susan vacant 40
1 lot //.ifley Thomas (widow) 205
1 lot Markle Abraham 82
1 lot McClure SB 2 25
1 lot Potcklidge Levi vacant 41
1 lot Robsnn Thomas 1 36
2 lots Weaver Catharine 165
ltoaringcreck, 1848
11 Lamberson John self 66
Lloyd Thomas 4 40
Beaver, 1848
105 Cox Charles Sherman J 275
350 Long B W Nogle Peter 212
3 Former B P vacant 09
3 lot Mears Wm 7?ees Solomon 27
15 Weikle Chas self 97
Mt Pleasant, 1848,
100 Jacoby Andrew self 2 60
Filpot Wm H heirs 480
Bloom, 1848
1 Riitenbendcr Saml be Co 09
1 lot llowcr John Kramer John 1 48
Derry, 1848
1 Allen Elizabeth 110
33 Raymatt Henry 10
45 Sieinman John 7 31
1 Smith H McPaddin WW 3 10
Bloomsburg, March 30, 1850,
Where msy always be found a very large
and varied assortmeiftof ffffc Watclies.El
egant Jewelry, Fancy Articles, fine Cut
lery, Silver and Plated Ware, $-c., oilers
greater enducements to purchasers than
nnv other similar establishment in Phila
In addition to my heretofore large stock
I have just added a new lot of VVatclies,
Jewelry, Fancy Articles, making my
present assortment one of the best in I'liii
ladelpliia. My assortment consists in part
of Gold and Silver Lever, Lepine, Quar
lier and other watches; a full assortment
of Jewelry, such as Cameo, Stone and
Mourning Broaches, Finger Rings, in a
great variety, Silver and and
Tca-spoods, Butter Knives, Thimbles anil
Pencil Cases, Lockets, Purses, Keys, n
fine lotof Razors, Penknives, $-c., with a
full assortment of Gold Pens of all the
difierent Makers at the greatly reduced
price of $1,25.
No, 238 Market St., above 7th, Pliila.
All kinds uf Watches and Jewelry care
fully repaired and warranted- My goods
are offered at the very loWeslcash prices.
Call uud sea, if costs nothing to look.
September 20* 1848,—1y.
OFFICE—Two doors below the Court-House,
North side of Main Street.
Nov. 8, 1840.
IL IF. Brown,
Has just received'the Spring & Summer Fash
ions, which he will use in cutting all gar
ments entrusted to his care for making. j
Bloomsburg Feb. St, 1860.
Dr, Kceler's Celebrated Family
Dr. Iveeler is rt regular graduate from one
of the beet medical schools oi the country,
and a practising physician of t! - city of
Philadelphia. \\ o take great p.. a.-ure 'in
presenting these remedies to the afflicted.—
i'liey are all of undoubted medical powers
mid hoi t out to the invalid a promise of re
lief, such as none others possess. They
each have been thoroughly tried in a long
successful private practice, and have estab
lished for themselves a reputation bnt few
possess, and given better satisfaction to the
afflicted than any of the boasted remedies
of the day. In offering them to the public,
the proprietor is influenced by no sinister
motives of gain, but feels conscious that
they are eminently deserving of public con
fidence. No medicines ever before the pub
lie have acquired such deserved reputation
upon their merits alone, or nppeal with such
irresistible force to the invalid.
moval and permanent cure of all diseases a
rising from an impure state of the Blood and
habit of the body, viz:
Chronic diseases of the Chest, Pleurisy,
Bronchitis, Catarrh, etc., Scrofula ill all its
forms, Tetter, Scald Head, Cutaneous affec
tions of the lace and extremities, Chronic
enlargements of the Joints, White Swelling,
Syphlitic Affections, Constitutional disorders,
arising from debility, Mercurial and Heredi
tary predispositions, &c.
CST hi every change that is taking place
in the body, it is manifest that it is brought
about by something having a substantive ex
istence. 11 we suppose the organs of our
body originally pcriect, they must continue
perlect unless changed by the intervention
of something that bears an unhealthy rela
tion to it. In all cases of disease, there must
be the mtorposi tiotwuf some new ingredient,
which by playing its part as a course served
to modify the properties bufore connected
with the body. It is absurd to talk of spon
taneous disease taking place in organs pre
viously healthy, without the interposition of
some morbific agent, as well might we ex
pect a piece of chalk to transfer itself spon
taneously into Plaster of Paris, without the
aid of Sulphuric Acid. In all disease there
is a prior cause which must be removed,
through the agency of the Blood. For this
purpose there is no remedy superior to the
CP* In the evidence the following is sub
mitted to the public :
PHILADELPHIA, June 9th, 1847.
Having been appraised of the nature of
the Panacea, it affords mo much pleasure to
be able to recommend it as a valuable reme
dy for those chronic. constitutional and glan
dular diseases, to which it is especially a
dapted. To those who are afflicted, and re
quire medicine as an alterative cannot obtain
it in a more agreeable, active and uniform
slate, than is to bo found in the Panacea. I
have used it in several instances with deci
ked and signal sufcees. Yours &c.
D. Allison, M. D.
For details certificates, &c., see circulars,
&c.—Price SI per bottle, large size, 6 bottles
Among all the remedies before the public
this stands pre-eminent in incipient Con
sumption, Bronchitis, Catarrhs, Coughs,
Hoarseness, Whooping caugh, Pleurisy, As
thma, spitting of Blood, and for all affections
of the pulmonary organs occasioned by cold.
To much praise cannot bo bestowed upon
this remedy, and the proprietor urges any
one afflicted with any of the above com
plaints to secure it at one. It is warranted
to cure or no pay. Price 50 cents.
Dr. Kceler's Cordial and Carminitive.
family whether rich or boor, who
anrt nH tto stl r>uill
have this invaluable remedy at hand. It is
infinitely the best remedy known for Diar
rhea, dysentery, cholera morbus, cholera in
fantum, cholio liatulency, griping pains,
cramp, ect., and for all diseases of the sto
mach and bowels caused by Teething. The
numerous testimonials from Physicians and
others unsolicited, has given it a reputation
as firm as adamant. Price 25 cents per bot
Dr. Keelcr's Vermifuge Syrup. —This reme
dy is pleasant to the taste, harmles to the pa
tient and all powerful in destroying and re
moving all kinds of worms from the body.
It is without doubt, the cheapest and best
worm destroying medicine before the public,
and will if administered according to direc
tions, remove them within sor 6 hours after
taken.—The dose is small, and each bottle
contains twice as much as similar remedies.
Price only 25 cents per bottle.
Dr. Keeler's Liver and Sanative
Although not recommended as a "cure
all," yet they arc the mildest and best rem
edy to remove Constipation, Jaudice. Dys
pepsia, Biliousness, nervousness, foul stom
ach, head ache, indigestion, etc. Unlike
other purgative medicine they leave the
bowels always relaxed consequently are the
firoper medicine for females and persons
eauing a sedentary life. Price 2octs,
Dr. Kecler'e Rheumatic Lotion.
A justly celebrated external application for
pains ol the chest, neuralgia, head-ache,
sprains, bruises, tic doloreaux swellings of
the joints, rheumatism, gout, sciatiea and
for all disorders wherein a sedative and ru
befacient remedy is applicable. Price
374 cts per bottle.
All of the above celebrated and extensive
y used medicines, are prepared and sold
Wholesale and Retail, 294 Market street,
For sale also by J. R. MOVER, Blooms
burg; Chalfant & Hughes, and Dr. J. A.
Moore, Danville; E. Franciscus, Jersey
Shore; and. by Druggists and Merchants
throughout the County and State.
Bloomsburg, Nov. 22d., 1849.—1y.
Foung Ladies' Seminary,
Muncy, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania.
Rev. John Smstlley, A. M., Principal.
Mrs. M. B. Smalley, Associate Principal,
Assisted by two well qualified teachers.
This Seminary is designed to afford as
good an education, in both tho solid and or
namental branches, as can be Obtained in
any schqol in Pennsylvania Hence, instruc
tion will be given in rill the branches usually
taught in tho highest order of female schools
The Summer Session will commence ou
Wednesday, the first day oi May, and con
tinue five months
For boarding, and tuition in all the En
glish and Scientific branches, together
with drawing, painting, und embroi
dery, per session, S6O
Extra —lnstruction on Piano, with use
of instrument, per session, 20
Latin, Frencji & Wax Flowers, each 5
Washing, per session, 4
HTThirty dollars must be paid in advance
and the remainder at the close of the session
For further particulars address Rev. John
SmallCy, Muncy, Lycoming County. Pa.
This house is kept by D. BLAIR, and is one
of the best in the city. Merchants and oth
ers visiting Philadelphia would do well to
give him a '.'all.
SLOAN aDD IH • (L :U..
HASjiist rocelvfed n fresh ... >i
tyring ni.dSr.mrner DryCi ■ .is,
riety which tliey arc now .'• i,
all there who may I'avir dp v. i-li
wo will soil on lair aim
terms. 'J hoir stock consh ;< ol t
of L)iy Goods.
Linen and Cotten fabrics and
wear of all kinds, Caliches Chintr
hams, Lawns, and Muslins, -V
Palnwleaf and ,->th. r Dr.
QiieenS-waro and Hard-wnre of a!
GROCERIES.—Eresn ■ ..
fine assortment, as chec;. v tii'• <. .
P. S. Country produce and I-n;
ways taken in Exchange for :n
at the Brick Store directly opposite ...-
Bloomsb'trg, April 13, 1850.
Rr-sPECTruLi.T invites thr ,/• ;■
public to his new •took of choice
Summer Goods, which he has jusi vpe ...
oders at the lowest prices, li.s assoi
consists of a full variety of Dry
And among these will bo fou 'd a v? '
Of the cheapest styles and best fai •
His goods are purchased at the "low,
uny'and will be sold at the lowest
Purchasers will do well to see fc'.o c 0(
prices before purchasing elsewhere.
Hia store is in the old stand u nor ft?
Bloomsbarg, April 19lh 1860.
Spring and Sumner Goods
AGAIN the undersigned tako picas:- ;
announcing to their friends an: 'the on'
that they have just received a eolect .
heavy assortment of choice
adapted to the season, and wants of die
pie, which they offer for sale, at 1. ,
stand at prices* "cheajHJr than the of sap. ,r
Their stock comprizes a full as ortmcnt of
kinds of goods, usuiilly kept id con 1}
and without particularizing each artic.. .
warranted in saying that those in v : ,
good goods have only to call to satisfy tb.iv.
taste and fancy.
Groceries, Quecnswnre, Hunt warp, Ti '
Snlt, .Molasses. Arc.
A Large ana beautiful selection of the
bove articles of superior quality, ' y i
ALSO.—Hats, Caps, Boots, She ic.,
every variety, sort, size arid pri< <.
l if Cash paid for qfaiu alwav's.
WM. McKE 1 Y" C<
Bloomsburg, April 13, 1850.
Brigade Order—i
Brigade luspceioPs Of ", )
Uuruiioltj AptiliiQ. t> *>o. 1
The First Battalion of the Fir' diigm.
Ninth Division, P. M., commando i vMa
B. S. Gilmore, are directed to hold •' ir r
nual battalion at Mifiiinvillo. oq
Saturday, the 18th day of May ir.>l,
and all the organized companies beiv .
to this battalion are required to bo rnne.:
equipped for drill at that time and nlu--
The organized Volunteer Con c
the 2d Bettalion of the same Brie j
quired to meet at Danville, on
Saturday, the \stdayof fane .: r
for the purpose bf holding their ainiu.
talion. The companies are direet"d tc >
armed and equipped for drill.
Brig. las. Ist Brig j/'.'i 7
Indian Vegetable Remedy->o Curt
NO PAY .—Read Physician*' opinion u.
its virtues.
I have prccribetl the abo*e Ithsdioine in
several cases of Primary Venerul I
es and Secondary Syphilis, hnd\lie cf
feci has been strikingly beneficial ; so
much so a to induce me to continue its
use in such cases with much satisfaction.
It is generally agreeable to the taste of
John A. Elkinoton. M. D.,
No. 102 N. Fifth st,
Phila., June 12, 1845.
I have prescribed "Dr. Cullen's R-m
--edy," In many bases of Gonorrhoe a, and
found it to effect n cure in a very short
time. A. Wir.soN, M, D.,
Cor. Twelfth <fe Sltipprn st;
Phila., Dec. 10th, 1845,
Messrs Rowand & Walton—C.-ntle;
men: 1 have prescribed your celd.-.ted
"Dr. Cujlen's Remedy," in several **
of of Gonorrhoea and Syphilis, • 1
can conscientiously recommend it
certain atid speedy cure.
Yours, itc„
Jos P FiTt.ER, A! D.,
Corner of Second <s• N L.
Wholesale and Retail, by ROWAN'.
Walton proprietors.2l sixthsn
and by the persons named in ati"hr
column as agents of Dr Cullen's
Vegetable Panacea.
Illoomsburg. Jan. 3d 1850.-ttnt
Administrator's Notice.
Notice is hereby given that letter* •>:
ministration upon the estate of Leo'nni
neaborg, deceased, late of Briarcreek t
ship, Columbia cdunty, have this dh
granted to the undersigned. All :c
knowing themselves indebted to tht .it
are requested to make early payment. ;u ■
those having accounts against thb tain ,
ministrator to present them to the subst :
Briarcreek, April sth, 4850.
proper and desirable forma, for sale At the
office the "Star of the North."
It. ffi VP a vim r
OfncE—On the Kant side of Main Street
fcaee afniw belew M.rlr*