Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, January 27, 1866, Image 3

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Saturday Morning, Jan. 27, 'GG.
advertisements inserted must hand
in early on Thutsday morning to iusuro
their insertion lor thai wcclt,
Cur Tug Editor, of this Journal, lias
gone to tho Eastern Cities.
EST Friendly visit -tho lady who vis
itod but twice a year and stayed eix months
Cf Down in tho mouth tho "Niger
beads, " ainoo tho rcrcnt olcctionfl, in
Washington and Georgetown.
JX3T Dr. .ti!rJv)nd L,rY, arc Rojonrn
ing in Wilkes Barrc doing a largo busi
ness, nud trill again toon visit Blooins
tu'g. rjgjT" A protracted meeting js now in
progress in (ho Euptbt Church of this
place. So fir ihoy havo met wilh good
fiCff- "The flazleton Sentinel,'1 is a new
paper published in Ilafcloton, Luzerno no.,
by John II. Gtokcs, Ejq It, read? well
and makes a very good appearand. Suc
cess to the Sentinel.
&8F Mil, liiiANDAi;, Photograher, in tho
3solianje IMoek, i mnstrr of his Art.
Picture taken by him arc perfect gom,
nud compare favorably with the produc
tions of tlw best city artists. Mr. li, in,
we are informed, doinj; an extensive busi
" Tlx- f.r lumps Ihtel, 1 in Wilke-barro,
Jfppt. by MiB-ra, yhnnpf &, Sti'vens, is an
uzi'ollout House, fivnrjbody almost pa
troniz" it rud oro BaiifDcdi Our friend
caiiiiol do bi tter, on visa ng U ilkes-barre,
ihan to cs'l ntiho "Exchange.''
Dissolved Tho bloody pirincrship
that hai f::itcd betwrc'i Stanton, Holt k
Uaki-r, at Wc-liiuu'toii, for the past four
jrciP, wit." partly dissolved on the 11th
iiic!., by tin1 Prudent mustering l.tker
out ol tile ccuccru.
A u,ofl Wo havo inlorumtioa from
Watbington, to the tfi'iet that ftccrotary
itHiitc-n j like bis dog Huker, is 10 be mus
tered out ot the scrvieo by tho order of tho
rtciiOcnt, and that tho war portfolio ha3
Vnn cfiVrrd to General James 5. Stead
man, now comiiiiiiidur t .Mneon licorgia
.--- --
fieiy-Mfij. 1", 0. Ki-iLuoriijkecp a No.
KiMauiMit under the Exchange Ilotil, in
Wilkvfbnrre. Our youug friftid ii a Co
lumbia county Democrat, und will always
lu on band to r '.teivo hij old frtfii It an d
nrw ci,s'oturt G've h!ni a call.
Z-y We ve;e Miim-vriiitt disappointed
this week in g' ttiug paper on which to
prita thu Columbia Democrat. Cnpt
Ubulf.iiit at'coni.nodiiU'd in with mo'! of
1 lie prc-i-tit i--su a tiortiou of which, we
much regret to find when foo late, is too
umall for our form. Wo. hope to be ail
liht next week.
IIson Hlwts Although tits numbor of
bonsca in town increases a if by tnagio, we
bear of pei.ion daily urt-king "rooms to
lut ;" and fabulou piioes are piid for ront
of dwelling". No safer or belter paying' of money could bo mado than
to lots in IJ.oomsbnrg, and erect
buildings thereon.
C:.or.P at i.Asr Tho "fiiendly rcla
tioLs" csbting for tie past scvon years,
between Ib'nry E. Johnson, H.-q , cf llal-
timore, and .Vbs II drri'.t Lane nieoo of
JOx-l'restdent Dacl'.ar.aa were br'uirht to
u c!oii? on Tiiur.-dsy Uk, nt Whoatland,
by a tor. triage ceremony being repeated to
ttitiu. whereupon both said yes; and in
thin way -vttlcd the matter do doubt to tLo
rut'nc putif fiction cf the parties concerned.
MoviN'O.-We are plcaed to .-00 that the
cit s;-n of Washington, have, nearly uuani
inou'ly called upon President Johnson, to
remove the Post Master, Assessor and
other oUico holders in that city,
who f 0 recently took tuoh an hctivo part
t.'ain"t the white pocplo in favor of the
ni'gro, in tcft.iouco to bjael; EinTragp,
c;3" A Wa'hingtoii dispatch of a
ur two ng.i, eoutaincd tbi; plensaut tin
noupemcnt (to ncivpapcr moti) tlmt tho
Commissiotior ot Internal Kevctiuo bad do-
rided thai ptiblisln'is of uewspupcrs whoic!
lcceipU tbertl'rom o.cosd S10UU per an
mini, should be licensed as manufacturers,'
and Fueh ltoen-;o will cover all sales oi
their tnsr.uluctufos at cr from tho place of
publication, ai.d aUo the printing and eale
cf bill I.ra'l", circulars, .v
SoMETUi.'ia New. We call ntfention to
tbo ad vt rtlMot of tho Paplcx ElHplic
or tloublo spring skirt. 'I hough a recent
invention it has become popular and is
rapidly obtaining tho preference over
other hinds iu use. The rods in it are
composed caob of two dclioatc and well
tempered steel spring which are ingeni
ously braided together edge to cdrji'ilc-wcr
rods heavier and having a double covering
peculiarly of construetiou m ikes this skirt
very ttroDg and tturablo and also pxcopiI.
ingly flexible that it rapidly adapts itself
to t ho form ol tuo wearer nun attowsoi
lu.u ""-''V'
amount Ot UOUUlllip ailtl CrUSIIW!,'
without initirv to its Bhape. Thesu skirts
nro unqucbtiooably the lightest most de
dirablo eomfortabln and economical ever, Tlinan nrp nil vnntnuiis wbioll ia
tlioa who have cxporioncsd the ilisoomfoil
....1 ! a f aillP,!.. t.irlllirj Kill
I1UII lUVUUTUIIIl'VV w. w.jj.- .j-....,.
duly appreciate.
linn.. . jiiu'j.Luj
CO? A Washington correspondent Bays
lliat aolerk in tho Quiulcnnntlor Gene
ral's ofllco romarkod ilio other day that
Iio was not cxnotlv In favor nf ,mnu-
J'0"' in 1,10 ra9 of "1Ji11" Sumnor, but
In ann 1.1... ....... . .. I I
iu c, ,, tn,ul lo ln!j lOUIT
home." On bearing of it, tho Scrotary
or War immediately disohargod liim. So,
it scorns, that Slnnton, when ho goes to
hoaven, don't want to find Sumnor there.
Well, wo can't help agreeing with Ihu
''Uos"in that nnyliow.
Wo call the attention of our read
ers to Ilonipplcad's Ihotogrophio Card,
published in to-dny's pnper. Our road
era desiring good Pictures, will do well by
calling on Mr. II , at his room in Hart
man's Store, opposite the Post Office
!&r The Shoddy Stato Contral Com
mit'eo met in Ilarrisbtinr vcatcrdav nnd
" '
resolved to hold tho Shoddy Slate Cvention i
on tho 7th of March.
Hv-rry yniing Imly nmt grntlimaii In tlio Unllcil
States r.iii.liciir aometliliig vfry nmcli tn tholr mlvan.
tiigo liy romrii mall (frfo nf rliararr-.) hyniLlrrnalnj! tt1
imiliTHlgiifil, Tliuuo Imvins rca-i of being IminlniL'".
oil will otilljf hy nut noticing thin cnril. All others
will plcma oJiroaJ tlinlr olipitloni an rvant .
TllO-'.f CIIAl'MAS.
Kll Uronitiray, New Vntk.
Jan, fl. IPflfl -ly S.M p.
THE Mnaon it lloinlln Cblntt Orcaiia, forty dif
ferent atyl.ia, artnntoi! to ni ri-il ntul aoenlar for
j a0 to 8'00 racli. I'lI'TV-OVB UOI.K or PII.V ot:
Mni)AI,,or nllii-r firat preinlnin, awnnlml tlirin.
Illualrateil Ka'iilnguin frre, Adilroa, M.SU it.
II A MUX, Dnrrox, or JIABOX llttOTllIIRS, Nsw
Jan. 0. ll A) - Si'p 0. 'C.5. 1 j'. B.V.P. !
q-t) CoNM'Mi.ruiVEa -Thi- ttniliri(HPit linvlng bppn
X ri'at'in il iiili. uiili In u (,. ,,.C'k by n very sim
ple ri'ini'ily, nii-r li-ivltiu aiitrn-il aeveral year-i itlta
bcveni I (i us mr.-ciloit, an. I that ilr:ul ituun-i!. dm.
DUinpliiiii - la niixlmia
tn ma'io knnwn to his fellow-
t"ratha iih'hiu of euro
To nil who ill-lire It, In will .icn'l a ropy of the pro
criptinn.uacil.ffrpui m ( linrcf. Itb tlio illri itlona lot
preparing an.t u-tlng ilm aiiine, w hiili tin y will rtml a
avna irnu for Cnnsunipilun, A. tinny, llronrliiii,Cilil
Cmiglia etc. Tlio inl) nlijpct of tlio advertiser 1" '
i nilinit tlioprescijplion Ik to benefil llie nfflicte.l, nml
pro ni information wliirli Iio rniireivea to !m iiivnltialilo
niiJ lie linpp I'Vory Kinr. rur will try Ills rcmi'ily, as It i
Hill coat ihom iiutliinj, nnJ may proo a lieslinr.
r.irtltM withlnit tlieprpaiription.will plpase iul,rps '
ltuv. i:tiVAi:n a. wiiaux,
Williniiubiirg K iiiSj. CAiinty., lMit.-ly. p. New-Yurk.
To Die in a Bad Cause
na tliojrj Mho tall in llie rebel rjn';i undoubtedly do. Iliiton the other hmd
Dictiin; for u Onod Causo
n lb i.e ivlioare wlai ai'dtprudiinto nough to remedy
the defecta of nature Willi'
are (!. ingrvory day, in e ery City in the Union, ia
niniin ntly pra'apwortliy. T'iih ppaceful r-vo
union ia ,
filing mi lliniunlM'l! tint wlioln land nmi Hula bntiy
and haiiiiiiny a'ip,ilatit homolin rs and Incongruity
.Manufactured byjl Criala loro. Mo (1 Astor IIou.e,!Vevv
York, Isold by Drujsistn, Applied by all Hair llraH
aers JanU". I'Cd-lmo
i7"novledp;i! olioli Save-i Ltl'o,
gluing bmg has lt Ina ajrtein
,'cr y
It'Inn tliP'-o nro wiibln tli ir natural limit, our
health U good but wlnui tttey aro in u.xcei"., paina,
roldt, rhentiiatism.niit ibbility, ro-litouim-t, iliar
rb.'ie, dyai'iitary. cryalpolaa. &c , &e.. afflict . What
we have to do to recover our health it to t.iko oat
from the Unwi lann.l the ('in-ill tlin'i the i'.ii',.', of lui.
poritipa, 'I'hiadoiiR, lloaltli fjll of nee"Hsity,
I'.ltAMiliiri'U'S I'll l.S nrethonnly mmliiino
mn i'f, thu ith entire i it.ty to all lliu orf.ins iftbo
o ly.
llun.lreila of T'iousand nr now living who hive
adopted ttriiin i r--l Ii ' s Pill-, a., ilulr only leuu-dy for pn
rioili of from ihirly to (lily y- ar, an I whuo nvurti
health ia pnl lent. Th-yhivi alwayi cured tlietn
ai'lvea, xUn n nek by lining tlieso I mm or tin nri.t In.
fallibli I'itla.
Piiui i,i il olll re, P.rnudrclli lluildinj, ow York.
JanO, 1.HA.-H",,
Deafness, Blindness d-i Catarrh,
Treated wilii the utniiit auereaa by llr J. rAACr1
Diuli-t and Anriat (fi.rini.rly nf l-eyd'-ii, lii.llni.d,
No. alt) PI M: Hiri.' i. Iphia. Ti-liiuoiii ili frmo
the mnt reliabl.' n,ur''.' in tile City nud conatiy i.tu
b'- aiii'iiM hia nllire. 'I'll-- ini diral f.n-iilty nro riviied
t ei'i-i'iiiplinv llii'lr pallolila.aM ho Ii.ik no ar-Tel lu Ilia
priu tic,-. Ail'i'll'Il.'IAi. . I in.urtud williuiil puiu
No i h irg ' lii.ido fur exuniiiiatiuii.
July la. lend. I-Jiii
rr . - 1 1 i . , : t . .1 .1 . .1 .
Ji roi: rctuy n v puiru uowu. unnpi.
i-d fur 1 nu-ii-a, I'm tori- h i,."il lluibiiii-. nf dll liiuda
rniiMriirted of Slnteriala Mi-it baVJ tnod th tot of
fiftaen yeala. and iiiiiiiiif.icturu l mi nu entirjiy difl'-r-'ent
uud In-lttr plan liny oilier eoinpnaitinit rnnf
iigi'iiiao. F.'rured by pu-iit. Very iliirabl" and at
Ijw price. C'lrt'ular' and H.iuiplea joitt froe by mail,
iihahv noonxo c.
n. .a Miiido l.anc, New York.
Sept- 30 105-1 y
lilt. 'PUMA'
for the latt hvo yoars Iiiatutud in my
Ur. Tnbiii'a celebrated V' tn-tbin Liniment, and in
rtery l utanrr natu iminu it tuny equal to tii- r. roiu-
ineitdatioiis. I havu fnuuil it lo givu nlinnat IiipIi.ii-
tail' o'la relief in cane a o ti.ntltarhc, cioup, hilimis
coin', ami! throat. I'ain in tho ihett and buvK. und
rh-'iin b titni, and I cheerfully recouumuid it trial to
i t ry out; aflllctud with nnj cf t Iio above naiaud die
Ilim-man, ("oxs- Oct. 17th 1801.
Pricetufe 80c.-i.ti, Pold by nU ilru;;lst5. Offleu,
SoCnrllandt St . Natv York
Jan. o, Dti -tin
A seni'oiiian who aair.-rml for year frohi Norvons
Debility, Prematuru I)"eay,nud all the ell icla of youth
tut itiiliierelinn. will, for the saUd of miflWiili bit-
"';'''" (',t"-,,n 0,1 " it. 11.0 ..-.ii.o ou-t
uaarurel. H nr-run ivi tiling to profit by lliu iidver. b ttpcrRuco, can d bo by ,i.iireanw
JOHN' ii.ouims,
Vo 1.1 Clianibors - t , Now Vo rki
Jon. C. IPCO, Iy.-a..M.P.
, 7Yccn Pianj
J ,tlll r(.taills iu precduuee .m,i groat i
and nfler uiidervniiig iinproveiiionta for a pe
riod pi thirty yean, i now proiiomuoil by tlio muairul
ttorld la ho iinsnrpaiai'l an 1 oven uneiuulled in rlelu
nets, voluinu uud purity of tone, durability nnd I'hrap
neta. uur new acnle, llruiicliaclion, harp podul, iron
Iraiun, ovcr-triinu bar, eeveii octavo pi
inula wo are telling cheaper by from $1UU In S'.'UO
than the caiiir tt U' and oro aold by any uiller
flrnt'Claaa uiakera in tho country. Iliiiluis and all in
it ant of liood pianoi urn invited to ten.l for our He
Hcnptivu C'jtnlogite, Mliirlt routain i.!'n'ograph of
our ditl'eri-nt titylea, toijetliur With plin' .u imo
aliotild ptinhjo a piano without r-eolug thla t ain
logue. Medgal alinnn ui tliotil nu inti'.r, havo buuii
iitvnrdod to thu firototeuit Pi inn. and tho Colubraied
I Worln'ainir, thuugh piilinioiiipelitioii with oilier
,-roinallpartol lluropo unit Ihu U Si. it toul. the
I i;tablilled 1(133 Urovostrcil l-'o.,
July eti. leHW-. II. II. . & t'o.
C2QOA W-6-''51 ! Agents
W ' '''f."'l '. "''! i""'
iul out. Ad-
l diino 1 . t.Atita
lite .'3 I.-J iy
City JIuMrtlii If
lledfotd .Mtitiin
7i the Common Picas cf Columbia County.
Hwrnh II. Knmiay, And now, to wit 1
'7 '1(!r t friend, I Deo. -ith, 18(ir.,an
John Sharplesa, j.aiai suhpietia in
. Divore, h a v i n g
urorgo W. Tiatnsay. J been returned and
,u.t.?.n." ""'Iwviiilicpt! foun.l In tho Cmmly
on ino lort ont.,1,.,1 I'. i;inrk. Altrnry for LlbHI-
li . ( mot (irnnt h ltillo 1imii IlPupamiPiit to almw
'i' hy ij Dl vorr c a vim cm mithimo Plionl.l l
i",!"'1'!1 In llionlirnBdnlrd tft.o roliitnaliln tnthe
ill!, A I) ?nfl '"lmi"1 ''"'"I on "omlny. lVbtnary
, ! ' BAMHI'.li 8SVI), Ohentr.
lllonmtiuts, !)!. 23. liif.0.-lc,
rK',hp nndprsigned, offers to Fell at t.ri.
,S, vntf 'nlc r. VnlimMe IIDt'SB, LOT AMI) R 110-
III F l AMI. fcll.i it mi lk .-.t.n. TI I
1 Jliirk' l HtrjTK, l.fpy. kiimvn na ilm Milinnf pruiiirty.
I it In a itochI itniiil lor l.nnnl liurlni'-tlinra lioliic
gim.l Kluili., iiml olm ii juri'l t;onl H inrf.
JiTMiK win In. rcii-oniitilu, Anntv In tlw tniifctllicr
nt l.uwor I.Inii: It id go
I common runs nj u-lumbiu County
cu'an nanor. 1 Ami now. to w t
by her next Mend Deo. !tlt, 1(J5, an
Glmrlod Foster, alits subprcua in Di-
vs. vorco, having been
r.dward Sailor. J roturni'd and renpond-
' fin I'M Imvinj tiMfii fomi.l In ilm Conntyi upon mn.
linn nf IVIit (t. ttlalii'l, Attnnn v Inr LiVll im, I'nnrt
urn nt n ttulanpnn Rp-pntnlnnl t alimv riiilaiMhy a
Dlviircn A UMiiioMUMMnMi alimitil nut bo ilfcrwilln
tlin nlmve alntod cni'. ri liinmlplu tn llin anlil I'.mrt nt
i.oiiiiMuu i ieai, mi Jiii nny, f.'hfnrv ,iih. A. II. IHU),
1 . . S.Ml'i:i, s'VVUEl!, Wictlff.
Ilffif iinptiu ra-, J.un. fl, l-'utl. ic
nU'ilc oj John Cojn:, rtcc'th
otice is boie'iy given, that. Latter of
"iiminiMr-iTlt il nt, hip ptfll.-mi J. m i' 1,,.
"f Pine Inn uniip, Ci.luniliiii uniniii .luc'il.lmvo been
trmt'ii by (lip It, itiai.T ol i'ni!iniii.i r.ninty, IoIIhmih.
iler-Uneil j nil prra nia Ii.imii claim, or upiiiiiiiiN
nzuill-t Die palate ii'ti.. ..ii.l ,:,., Irnl nrp n.n i..,i: .1
t i pruai iii tliom 1 1 ilio Ailm I ulai ratnr ill hi oillc- In
li.oiiiiinlnii!!. without ibliy, and all porjmn indebted
to iiiuki.poynii.iit iorllmith.
, . , C. D. IIUOCK'.VAV.
January fl, lfi,ii,i,,- jn, Adm'r.
1 'Administrator's Notice.
Eiloti of Vifi'jrnt tticbarl, ilcc'd.
T I'Vl'Tl'vIlS olat'mitiiKt. :lion on the es.
Jl tnte of Viiii vnt Rivliurt. .ti.-h tlm will uniicToil,
lt" I'l'I'i-liiiiscrPi l. l p, t 1 1 1 1 1 , i 1 1 en , d 'c'.l.lmvH ii h n
BMiii.ifl by thu Ifiui.'. r in" t'. lunibi i louniy, to ttic
iiml'TsUneil ; nli porina li.iviin claim? iignitiat III"
i.l'c Ol' Uk ill
0 in .ii- renii'j'-li il lo pri iwtt tlii'iti
lu tit' tnii'i j 4)Kti
il. jr.. 9 1 1 x ii t4 in .ii 1 i-.iMii.lili. tv 1 1 ll
nflt ! Ii , atitt ul pirjtis niilclH' ti l j liilku Ui.J'iMi'Hl ;
(ill t IllU 1 I It I
oco.m. ttowr.u,,
Jan. fi, lfflO.-ntv. T O l. Adm'r,
Anclitor's Notice - i
Estate o Ritsscl If'hite i deceased, j
pilK nnderRignp'l, Amlitor njipotntrd '
i 8. by th i Ilrplijin' Court of C'duii.lii.i i i.miy. In '
make dutribotion nf the lituil in the luu.M ol Htiito.-
' Kfj baid ml tin ii ii tr it' r 1 1 lliij. -I U lulu. i!"i.'p.n,..d,io
i uud nmoiiii tlio rri'ilili'ii of i ho aaid iU'ei-ii-.i-il. n. i or-t-I
tin In tile rot'-- and pii-pnrliiin.-. al'divon Ir. I.iw. v. ill
attend at hii nPii-e, in I'ln-imvOari!, nil r.itnr.i ,y Ui
C'.ib day nf Januan m-xt. nl I'l , eloi.k A. M ni mill
' o.iy, fur thu piupiiM- oi'iiul, nu tb'.. . i-ti limiii'ti . I
( p rsnua, tia nig cl-ii !na urn.' ... m attain-.) tne .".lat -
I in ui'- otci-iii'iu nr.! inuillPO in prriuiu in -in in in
i Aii, lit,, r . i ll that d.iv. n to bo i!il..irr.
fiom coininif -
in lor a (hare ui thu lun.l.
An titor
Floanikhur:'. n-e.i. l.-tdS to 2
Jhlatc of Rolurt J, Lyons, dre'd.
" eltni"' of Altninitrntion on the eo'tto
S i,r Itul.eit J. Lyoiia lam of Pi'io Mtviiship,
foliuubiu county, di-iv.iai'd, li.ivo bm u gianind by
llie Itegiater i: dilti-blH en. to tin- lltliiei!-lifl..d all
persons ttavitn: i-l.ii.u-i ..i: iin,t llo',- of tit" dei-.'.
dent are re'ptealed to proactit iliont fir a.-ttle itii-nt ami
tlinn indi'l.t-d in the pii-ni will iiLi'io iiiiui! di.ito
paymeiit to i tic .tduiini,drntt'r
JOHN' r rotvu:rt.Adni'r,
Uee. a:t, ifii.'i (w s
Auditor's Hotice.
Estate if Jocoh M'.lh dfvtnse-l.
'"IIIE untli' Auditor.' ftpjiointetl
X bv tit" Orphan' fiur. nf Cnlit-niiii ronulv to
iiiiiIm' oi -tribmion nt Hi - in the liniuld ot Jni.n
Smith. ,.T,e f th" ll..itil'rs of Jacob VmMi, late of
aiaiiiann li'i nalup lu.iiliin run ii lv . di've.i-i':ii, ninotit
tho b-cat-ea nf ll.tmr. H ill I'liulid al 'il nllle.- nt
I'.lnntn-burg in e.iid i 'iiinty, ml ff'.'ViVil.i.i V, lll ,'i
I1AV. Hi' J VL'.VUV. Irnti. at III oVInek of : aid d.' i
tn make the dinttihiiiitm . hen and whine nil piiraou j
iiit.rrorl. ,. will u'li ml if lin y t u proper, "r bo debar
red fiom luiuiug in Ini a vb.irui.l 111,- t-iu.;.
Dee C3, i.o Auditor.
Jlsttrtc of Christian itj$lcji crcV,
TO t.'eur.'o
Mtitllf-v. nt Coliimttiii (Niui.ty, Thnuia
I Mulil y, of 'I lire
Kivt ra ; luilmmi'Mi Coauiv.
MH imuii. i iiar it4 .i.hiiifv. nun .tuiiti oiiinit'y, nj i nj.
huiiu fount v, MMiJiMii ; Kflit'cci lln.'t nlm-h, f
LiiihuiMif ti.wjtf Itip, .M'mtuur '-'i-ut'ty, 1"' 'hijW uii.i,
irul .Mi.ry Spt-:uni i lit hire u ntul Ifd n jr. t-m.i-vi
v k til I'll rial in ii MuMlt'V, tutc oi'L'ttiiti' touji.vlup,
Coin inl'ia t;onuty, IVun jyl v ani-t uinl CVtliai iu', wid,
ii o( ;utl lu'vrtfft, :
Vuu .ti'i li' ri' y tHcii tn Lo mit up; l'pfnru thu
Jiii1Sb nl' our urpliiniM i t.iirt, to 1m m I.l hi I'iicmim
hurt,', lu tunl CiHiMy, iu)i 'llii Mm avirt l' '.rti.irv
ltst. Ilitin i.ti t Hit re UiMicwpt r r'W'.i tu tuk' Ihu
r- .il Lt.Hi' of Hit' lit hriMi oi A1"'..! v. -f.i'-t t.t 'I -.t.
ii.Kti i Ui" am. I i titmtv o(' t i I hiiIimi. .it ih ; !j,iu . u n"V i ;init in nu (it .-l i,t, i: I by i
t.ii'( t'ourl, ai.i m mru-'ii iy Ihc s-li-'nu, lit (n ihii.T
'tvrni. A. 1- or biuitv j;aiiM' Uy ttio snuu: tdinuhl
Kiif, itm 1 1on. Willi am UUv.'ii, rr.iKMl.'rit of our
enid Cuurt ai Ulouuiaburg,, Di tftuU c t! uili, t?UJ.
Cle.k, 0. 7.
niooniabiirB, Pec CT, 1r'nS, S v.
IQoUgc in ParUtion,
Estate of ISlarqartl Salmon kceased.
rrto Pin-be VV. Joaeph. II irrl.d in I fanwlla, !
X tliililren ol Jnbii riuloiiiu, dienii'pl. nf laricii
t'nuniy, Ohio ; laiiali II. oa of Jnaepn r'at mou.d e'd, '
of llliuiiit- i Abr no Kaluioii, of New J.-r.' ; Jauie
r-aluiun, Wbit" 11 if ii, LiiKeriiu ihi.iniy i I' M'l 1
nio'i. nt Itrutlinr I t'.niuiy. pi iiu'a : pb, !u ial', of
Lycuiiiuir Coiiutv. Wiie ler M.iiumn, of M.iii!"iir'o .
Uh i Aim r-li 'llhuim r. t l.u 1 1 rb.-oit, of L'oluiublii ,
I'.'M'iiy. 1-liKa Win r'"Ub'r,t:iia Saliiinii i lnliiri'i. and '
tii in. i iliiiili'-n nl laaiiu Miliumi, di ri a-it ; Jumei,
Wlliiali'. Jnbn , Harub Ami (.'tint on, rio-ho Jnue... .i.l.'
.M.,r; ,ir i. n.ii.i,- nt hut-band iinkluii.'ii, i hililr'-u of
11,-ute leuliuna, d.-i-.-uaed, IteHidouou nt nil l,ie cull- i
ilri-ii null now n Heir and l.-unl repr"!Ututivea ui
Martiarei tsaiiimn, lato of tJemi i.,'wulnp, Cniaiubin
cuil.iiy, deei.:i!.,'d. 1
Vuu are pel' by citi-d to lit uud nppi ar befnre llr-!
JililSc. ol our Drpliun-.' Court lob" held al Ilm 'iu--burg,
in Held t'ouuH, on lu.' li.-: ..l. ii jnv m I'tbiu-
ury m M. th"ii and i!0,t to au . pt or i- iui- in i,ih- ;
Hi i real oi.t. it, i nf tin' t-.nd .Mai:'ui,-t Salinuu. n l'u ;' hi lb" rani e-niitty id i .M,iitii.i, til lie nppi na
id taiuati'iu put upo.i iibv an l.tipi.-,-. , dnl,.!
by th-' -aid t.'ou it. and ritiiiu,-.. b) lii- iJlt rul'tn b,-p-t"iui,
-r '1 i-im, A. li. looj, or rh-jtv u-uij vt by tin -.ami'
sh. ill ,1 lint ie ai.ld.
Witne-a, ilii. Hon. VVillnui i;i--.ll, Prt-j.liit bt our
taid Court ul Ui'ioiu-diiiig, tieueiiilu-r 'Jiil. Jiod
JhrtSli C, l.'OUu.MAN, L'l-iau. O. C.
Kloulllaburt!, Icroj. StV.
Notice in Partition,
Est'tte of Juhn Sankey, decease 4.
rpti .Mnrv A. eaiikey, tvidnw ; Jucnn H.iukey, S.tuidel
1 Sankey, J'diii -a,.kuy. t'yruk Sunk. :. , Jaiuoa t .
Paukcy, .Muv ' nipiiuarriinl u ith Inrou U'nlf.
J.ydm. I .iti nil in - -I ti ith Jauiu 11 I'lili P- lly, nun
d.'iuaauil. I'm no il Pit ! iiiuminl ivitn Ji'll i H-ifc nr.:
ii-aviug laaiii- Jua.iiiii.ili ana Mart t', ouiinri..
and hating no -jourdi.ui. U' Iny. iiilerioarrieii itn.i
Jacnb Mte(-lt- . Itch i'( .1, ilm. ileii-tsed. lut.u.-il in
t rmuriieil u uh J.uniis lllui.eiioi Ii-., v i u.' -i-'
ihild, iiaiuu an. I nga iiukiont u -ili lia au-i I n il pr -U
lltativoa of the .1.1 Juliu ,ink". del . .1 .
TAKE N'ultl E
That on Imtueat ill bu held on the r e-itnta n' the
aunl JnliU rankey, iyitiu 10 I'.'iuuitii'i i ouiii. in He
luw lllllip nf Sent uud .loil-lt PL aa.illt nil Tl li.-t.l V
Jniiiiur) lid, leiitt, al the hnu.unl Jani'-a tV. d-inkcy in
Light rlr1'. t. at iuni- n'tluclt. iu th- Ji.r, un m and In
coiitiiiue liuiil till lliu rLfjl oatuln o til'- lUei aae.l it. up-praiai-it
: fer tin- purpoau ol inakiuit paititimi of til1'
real i-atuio ul the auid iliicoukoU lo and aoioiig Ilia Hi ir
and I' l-al r.'.'iri i.uiiiuiiioB. if the aiuu mil bu riuini
without piejudit ii to or apuiling tbo wliolii : mlii-rni"
tn vain and uppr uu tho iaiiio iiciari.llig ' Un i ul
winch 1 1 me uud pliti'i) )uu nro ru-ju ircil tu utimu) il'yuit
Hunk prope.-.
SAMUEL BXV1ICI!, fcliorifr
Bhtirlif Ultlre, lllooiunburg. I
Dec. Iibj. So
A YHAU mado by nuy out
APil Willi lIS dlenul Toola Nuniiio-
lietice neceaaory. Tlio Pti'iidtint, Caililcrs. nud
'I'rvaaiirera nt a naiiHa in nrio Ilia circular, ouui ireo
ti Ith sjtupli . Adilreta thd Aiuvtirau dentil Tool
IVoik. 1 1, Viiuiont.
' in Ui l-o. Jiu
Court Proclamation
ttrili:lll:.P. tli.i ll,.v. Wh.iiam l.i.wu.t, Proaiibnt
in in- nrthp I ii itl ui liv. r nml 'I',.........- n...l ,1. ,.
ernl Jail li"i-iv, I ..mi i.i Itu irii r rt"-inin of the
Pe'ier nil'l I' mrl if I'.i.Mii'nil I'). , mil llrlih.tira I'nn.l.
In the I'll II J'liU' liil IHhIiiiI, cpiiii opi',1 of tlin rnufllli'
iifliiinlilii.Mnllli mi iiii.i vV).,iiiin, nml tin. Hmi. John
It' vnnl'1-.i rit-nli 'I' ii.u . ., ,i .1,1 w.nrrninm.
bii county, Inv. iS!.-i. ' 11i--ir r--c ' pt, lii iiinttrtiitP tin-13,
iiny ui .'ini in in :,t '.I .inr l.or-1 oiu llmnaanj I'ialu
llUll lri'd nil' ltli- II VP and In Hip din HpiI r,,r ImMI-a n
Cimrt nf l -r am1 Terminer iiinllji ni Jail di livery,
UPio rni niinii. r ?i'aoi m 1 1 1 I'. in p, Coiumoii Plcta
n.l f iri.l.n n. I '....-I 1.. 1,1.. I
" - . ....... ,.. ..i'iiir'i..if, ,, mi- ruiiilir 1,1 I
Ct.liiiiihln. on tlirtir-t Monrliiy, 0uin- tlio tli day; of
. i,x, n i inn.- i,ii ivit'n.
ntirii la hereby given, to tlin Coroner, tlin Jiutlrei
f,f Ilm lPf,lP 11 Mil I'r.l.afnl.lna ..f fllu ..IJ hll'nl.
iinibln that they l.p then nml th-r in llielr proper hit. !
anna nt III n VIorK in tlio fori'mii-n ofanlil da) with llielr i
retorrta, Inqnlaltlona nml oilier rtmeinbrniun to do llilnm which In tlielrome..npprtnliilo be dono. I
rtml tlnne limt are hinind by leiiignlaancn, to proreiuta
nu.iiii-i i iil 1'riai.iii'ra in.ii urn or liny on in m jrh nt
aid iniitit) nl L'.iliiuibiii lu be then and thero to inoao. ,
i nil- ne ii na ai nii w juat. Juiora nr requeated tnM
piinrtuni in men niif iiiiiuieo, aere'-tiMy loin.;ir tiniKoa.
S ) tinted
),. H, Jin the y
v-w ) iiiiii(ir"'il
natiiint illooniBbiirg, tliu SHtli day if Deo.
f. ar rf our l.nril ono tllouannd i llil
I no i MXtv-llvi'. ,Mid in tho nl liU-
ti'iitli ypnr of the liidi ppiiib nopnf tlm t'nitul MMea
oi .ineocn. ( tJi'i, no i' iiik I ctiiai i it ... )
MAMURt., Biicriir.
nioomabilrg, Jan. 0, Iwn.
Hcistcr's Notices.
TVTO 1'IOE !h hereby given to nil legttt
X.T iredii -r and other pnraona inlere ted intli
tii P,..
tnira i.l the leapeitlvo ilop'olenlii and minor, iliul too
fo'M'Mu't A'.ii.tiii -trntion and iJtiiriiin lu-eouni, irivj
In i"l HI 'I I I 111.! nlki' rf tho Heal'ter of I'r.lil'illil.ll.".,
nud pi - - nt .! fi-r eonflrinallon nn.i nll.i'VMH.:'i
in tne Orplt.iu'-. I'mi.t. t i b' luld ill lllooiii'lMiru, In tlio, on lin adny, tint 7th of IVb. lct.U
,it -2 o'clock, lu tlm nft -rnooii ol (Alii day,
1 Pirt ntiii nnrlial m count of George
Drown, (dui'r of John Rrownlntn of .Mlit'lii ttnviuhip
Acoonat of Thoiias Oilen, (itintdi-
nil of Inane Oliver minor child nf N'ntll.m Oliver IntJ nf
nreeltwnod twp, decd
.$ AOCOUUt 01 JODD iMatOUCi, tiliarru-i
in iifPi-t. r lletler. minor chlU of Michael llcllor. la'.o
iifMlKlin Inp, ti,'i,',,
A Account of ITonry irnilittghrfitl, arl
tiiinialrnlor 6f 11 (feo 11 llnIiurt Inio nf Unlaw last
tp ll.'ll'll,
" Account if John fnd A S Allen sd
mlnlatrnloM of Jainoa Allen lato of Madiaon towiiahip
tl jleconnt of ITairift V-rlmiii-
latrattlx ot William Ollluepy, lato of lltmloi k tivp,
dtxM. .
7 Aeeount of Willim K Loiter nherger,
ndiu'r of Franlillii l.ongetibprgi-r, lato of lleavur twp,
dec d, '
8 Aeeount of William B Wellivof ad-
nilut'trniof ot A brnlinri Welllver. lato of Mndiron
t p . i.i'r'.i,
'J Arfloitnt of Hi-nr j C-lIo,,a) rtilm'r of
Rcnjunni Pi'ti-rui.iii. lute of HitMib'uf tw p, ilve'dion
ante of lleuliy,
10 Final "cantit of Peter Rut, adin'r,
of Alem Marr, lair ofjicoit twp, rtorM,
11 iuni accoiiut nf 1 'titer Jhnt ono ol
( hu !(f'-r.Hi'r of
. ...
A'attlltfW Mcllunull l-le iif!
I twp, der'd
I 12 i''ir.-t and fulfil neonunt of Koahen
, I l'alirlngi-r, Kdm'r nf Petur Mntlsor lata of Loeuat Itvp
nr.- ii.
!J Fir-' neonunt of Thonirts (Irovolin;,
i 'I of tl' bi rrn (.'rnvclllitt lata of t?.;.itl twp . ileo'd .
ilm tm it' in fen LVpyoiin? tatuof ti.-,,itt twp
JOHN G KBtVH, Rristcr,
llloonitfcurg. Jan. b. IS'.n,
Unmd Jurors for J'd.ruarij 'lam, 1800,
r.lnotn Mnrrla I' t-in
ilm ... nUi-u- I'hua II I'.nvlor i"
K .1
r Win i nmoa
.Ml ! v, irli i
'. J Ali. r;--i i
i J n In i i.
.. k- r .i.iiu, I i
P. it,
1 at i'.i- i J i.. n In i i.nei'pr
t i.-l.l I.,-.. . k-r.i.iiii, I i liivi-, Mulhiaa ttllno. John
l'r.iukll:. -Jnjeph tln'I'T
111 Uttn.ol- UlUI u-l lv n-ll-ll 1
tl.'ininek Jaim - Ilnat li,id--nn flirlon
I.iiut- Win (i.iodmjii. i.aybc-iry Siiydor, Juoas
!li Pl".n.iot--t;iias lli-eiblebii ,
M.'iilia.lll - Jnn pt (' ..limit
J.llK-nn- J.ibii tii:st.-r
Itnaniit'eii.-k -llenrv llnffuun
feott Jji-nh Tori, liltper
Migarloiif Ju. ph U lloaa. Win 11 rowrmtn
Traverse Jurors Jur Feb. Term, I SOU.
Itloom- A M phpert
Hunter -Henry llniderNt.-r
liriarere' It J ie..ii i.'reaay, Ilaviil Hhnff.r, Koubeii
Milter, Xt'biil tiar!.
Ib-iitnii- St oil i: I'.dipy. T hoi n ide. John Dvi
I nt.iuH'i--Jutiib Kri'ijth. i.anicl 111-lttlg
1'unyiiiebaiit -ti.-p!ii-n i immaa
l'lsbiti.eri.i k lltteh Meliri le
I'raiiMin i'.inte llntti-r. Jacob l.oretnan
u-i nit m d - tieo V lilt, Jn rt Itlinn
lieiiiliK-lx-i-bmiah Uee.-e, Hugh 11 .Mclltidj
Jill k-OIII -.bdlll t ,, l4
la'uat llourv link, ticra llo'.vcr. Lliaa llclivij
.tllldll! - J.lfnb ii a ,
Sint t inr- l.-aii Wi'iiit-i r
Oiaiiso-Abraliain foioinan, Michael Vance, Jcfi n
But d, r
. Pin.' -Jacob :ii - niberliii, Vuleiitino Wintertlecn
Knurinirravk-It- iijauuu limick
ritM.iiin-.l An.'revt I.aitl.aeli ll.-ury O Ilvas I
8ontiPhilip T Ilartmaii, John Kroatlcr. Daniel U !
lunuury fi. lodil j
IM oi raises for Fell, Term HMO- !
I Hat I' lei Vturiiun oy her next fri-M Wni 11 Iloag-l.i.-.l
t- lliilMi I
3 fit. ph. 'i ((..ley v i.attauiiia IVilli.imstiort & ,
li - it H Co
a Win L I. "ton t ". tlannan l.'revellni. I
4 Yn i. Ui-iiov I ll'"-t-'n-vel.inj i
.'i, n Miiilrie l-iiidoriioo of Aaron H'olf vs Chrif
tl.ltl IV. II. '
fi Jamli llarriH v P"'ter ,'ucohy.
7 linn el P r-l.-k.-r, t' ".I'm IK-ler. I
r jai ob llopl r V illiuni luubiiri and Cliriutlan.
na 'ui , ii . '
'. Ji'i- I. e-hu.i -in va i 'atnwiai Railroad Conipauy.
ID li ilt-li ... K Va i Ll i. r Llllpu ml
Jl AOulil lilt Ii IK il t'-. .li I'i'ilil'lli J. in'iy I
l-J n.irtui'iii ts rJi'.i-. I) Ib-ijitr !
i.i il.njiiii'in IV -iiurin v -M V William)
I I t.- .i A l-ni'ig vs P"ti r dill.-r 1
'. 1 dt, .in It, H i, r t " tli l.u. i.jt M Kail Itoa.l k Irnu
t-'n A I.' I., i a: ! i'i il riiian
)) I ! i ii'i. ilm for IL-uo of llockenberg Vtirilail)
li Ji'liu Uioterllter VB Jnhn Jatncumi .
I J I P IMltiMl-i! t lleo Pi.ibr-oii.ii ul.
iu Aaron i!ioiiiivv Ituubi ii miiir
SU'Jo.ii'ii'.ui Wmt Indiraeo of G'oddia Slnrali it On
t a ti- nmo il 1 rtn 1
51 Joiioibau Wolf Indo'feo of Ueddi M.irall c Cu j
V tieiirgn il t'roaa,
."3 M ithltiH Trousiio va tho Toivnsliipof Scott
J.) Jac"b l'.'inil.'y Uuttawii4 tl lll'o
'.'I llilno. liiiifiin l U Co v I.ovi Itm.
MS Anna Haitiuia Drigliiuillur, v lUnry Uuigliniillerg
'in W.ltiani I .a i" "ii v P.-ii-r lluyuiau
il iu i.iuinn v John aiiHuli
Jd Adiiii'il'-rati"rB of Ju.i pu PifXton. doe'd v Win
1. I .tine.
SIMw. I'.nt-l &, Jr.iiiiu.-I K lhillippi v Joseph
;uj -reck ttu r or teputi-u imuer
,',l J.'Cnll -.llllliuil V Jnlltl it '.lllllli-lhiti r
:,j .'lbrul.a.i II .sikIi.'i t,. H.m. i.-l Itiiiiby
J ,'d 1 1. tli a. iJiitf .lilituii Hi ttill
:i Jto.ii rt Uurn ll t '1 iv i ..I O-iviigh-'n
jt. t'Al tt tin.. I .Vblintl 6 Uiunird H Jltnaglt
.1 , iHni.ii l!.-r v P' lur .t liuroer
Uretiitvued 'i'ntt iiilnp tal-uiuutr liogait
.IJ rvlvtt-r J t'anx v J,i4: Whitd
; eivlic.-ler J l'an t. Jajii-; VVuitu
.sli u i-ti.iu I'Knupp v school UireUora of Uionin
Tot. a tin it
10 IVii.abt llniihe V Poter iilller
li i-i-uij V (.r oil v Uoae IV Into
I'J .tjari, I. l,re, ll V laOUe IV llllo
-I.l All. In tt i-ntMcr V Jnlill rllnuilur.
Jl.rJ wOUUMAN rioth y.
Pr'-tbi'iint-'it)' O.'.c--.
111' iiiui-b'tM, Jail ti, Ui. I
Apniiofitioiis for Lioonse.
"V O'l'OB i lurebv gitcn, that the I'c!-
S. l-'tim named porauiloa hai e iludo appl icilloii
In tb" Pini..n ,iitty nf r..lut,i:.i i ent. lie, for Tavent
I,.ien.i-. to bo granted at tlw t'ebi uai y Ti-rm of Court,
ti .
J'tiimtnv St.ii, l-Cfi ,
N.tME. Town,iiim
J ihu I.'-ei'iti. Oii'i-Mtvootl.
Ml. III!. I ScuUy, Couyilgllalil .
ilint'ii Cun i iter ii, Po . iiir.tii'k.
itV,y. CUI.EM ,
lllnoi.'s'mr. J.m 13, uai -4t I'rnih i . h iry
The Barber Hho.
III! tlOi'l'l'-
tin i ilm ii, nf '.I
in -bur?
i .'I III
imblli: s--n -r-
'I i' ll !r. "p u a i
III ' n III ill line t ! 'itl
' nlil.i 111 I 1 i'ii. ' .,' tt .1
Hint ma ami fahion.ibl
ii X' bi"r t the i th' " . f th
i .- I- pit p .ii ,1 in tin in at
Hair l uitiue,, tt itli caru bun
titvo him a rail and aeu ill.- alilea
J Ai ll) it. WHITE.
ninomaburK. Jan 13, lend.
Estute if Tws, Stackttaust, dto'd.
I cltrrs Tciaiiieniary on tbo estate o
i , 'riiotuaa ataikiiouae. lato of I'lun laivnalllp, L'u
luaibU coiiutv, deceased, havo been uriiiilud by tho
Ileal trr ol Will k. tu the iini!i'ri(!ued, both reaid
inil Itl aald liitviialnp, nil ptrautia iLavlliR cluilin
oaaul tlio vatate of tlio dercili nt nro lunu.-.ti diu
prettut tlioiiilo tlio Uu'cntnr'd wilbout delay, nnd all
perio'i iniltl'lid to malto nayMent foitliwith.
i,. 5. I'fS (it ti, Fxtrutoi
Will Cure your Cough
U XCfl-
tiro, n . - ,
Will UltfU the JJllpaioe Of tllO
- r is, jr. jj jl. M Tl. & II Til I 75-
"' A H M KUj
Sue 1 aS fJoldB. C Otto hn. fJrniin. Aallmin
,. .. , ' . ,
JJronchtik C'atairh, Soro Thioat.
lIonrnenMB, Whooping
Coygh, ire.
It timely use will prevent
And even where thla fearful dlaoaao la fully devol.
oped it will afford mora leller than any other inedi.
J. LftWrenep rtnlx. pT.Hop.n1ri.a nf tho Ppni,avl..m,in
lloiiaeof hipr.'it-iitutivi', niya : "-1 rough renm-
ily It nuw i xt' ti, lv 'y !,nd la of ibe lilgbeat tnliin
tn Hip rmniiMiilly, it-. Miralivn qimlillea having been
teat' d by ilmii-anda Mtli the i-mat (irntlfjiiig reaulta. !
It !! ear. Iull and aklllfuly prep ired from Wild
t'Ui'riy li nk ind "iieka iinaie Ilm 1 bj Dr. I,ei Obor '
hnltler. n reputablu phyiielnn of Plioeniivilie, Pa.,
nnd 1 anld by nearly all dmgslat, and com.lry aloru-kei-pira."
II. P. Uroaby, ex-Poatmattiir unj cxdlilrgcasof l'oll. 1
town, cviilfli's na followa :
Pomrows, lPftVJan. 3,
Till'' retllflea that I linvo ihpiI llic Plioi nlt I'eetoral I
In my family, and I recommiiid It to tho public na tho ,
very beat remedy lor I'uiiah und I'olda Hint 1 have
avor Ilixi. I'no or iny children waa taken Kitii a. talk nnd luvattif. Dmliia heart! no
iniirh aaid nboiit the I'hnnilx Pectoral. I nrorur'.il a i
hntiln .f It. The llrat doan ruiiovea the dillicnliy of i
of the lintue it a entirely well. P.ierv family WinM
nne ii hi iin-ir iiuiiBii. ii. i i;kii?i: ,
J, (', H'lntti. dr.iKglst, of N'aiv Hope, lluckH tounty,
P.i. in lMiliu rii in-, (dmrliolizor, anya .- "A feiv
iinyi nil. I l.iiiubi two n.r.Bll cfyoiir viilitatilo rniish
r. ii, to try, nmi Und it v. ry good, and aa it la near-
y'',11' ' "mid like y.,u in a. n.l men groaaoflt. .
'i ii,... iii.'i'. r aau-iiiciiou man nuv .
other I liav-1.1 tit 'lore, I urn nip-in tor anmu nf im
moat fiupuiar u"i"'i pikparniioiia, bm jonrs toniit to
bll .lif im 111'' I'lni uno I.
The fnliMtl.iK h ,m pirnct from a letter from Itlrnm
I'.llia, un ri near I olt'totvii, I'a : "1 hate tried
the ri.ieiii:. pei tninl, nnd Dud il to be the buat ri.uah
nieiln no-1 t.nii. Il mi l l ilh a mure ri uilj aale than
an.' o.ii. r that I have i-ter hH'l In my ttore,'-
I be j.roptiiilor nf l iia looillellln ll la an niurh rnnli.
ilelieo ill Us l or itive pi. Her- Ironl Ilm t 'ktinimiy of
tliniie md t. ho Ii, ive ti.. -d it, that the iiiom v ttill bo
Piu f.ii.ii tn jny putrluar bull nut litiiiiad with
ta oll'-cli
Ills aonleajunt to tnke tint rbildren crv for it
I'ri.p I lllltl'V-l-'IVLi t.llX I'M i l,arKo liuiili.j OMI
II i' nil-nded for only one claaa i-f illieaaea, iiamo.
ly, tho-.- nf tho Thrnit and l.unga
flj Pri parud only by
I'i.icnlxvilio, p.i.
Sold by all flmsalft"
and Plnrekeenerj.
ittn.l.invAv. t riiwnr.v. v. oi
N'ot'lh UUi Siruot, I'liiladelpliia, and
r, 0. V, 1-11,1.9 ( n No. lis franklin Ptroct, N'atv
Vnrli. Opiictai Wlui ' .d') Ait.-ni-.
Hold hi K. P'IV. nnd IJVCU ic MOVPil, llrug.
yifta. I'doninaliiira, and by lo-arly pvi-rv driittQUl ami
con ill i y ptnrek cper m inlumhli eniiniv.
.v II.-It y.ei, n. er :at liruiigiator atorpkepperdoPS
not!., i J 1 1 ini'iliritii' do noi I i lino put you olt' will
'niu-oi hi r incilKiie. but a. ml nl unci! to one of tho
agpriia t it
J.iiitt ii , A I.-J i I'm
New Grocery Nore
(Formerly .' wm' old ISiand) on Hlu,:n
html, JJlnimsourg.
jpllE tindorfigiiod has just received a
1 A Rood atock uf
j i f all ki.idi, .Men' Heavy
! ?alp am IW BOOTS
Itio lics-t in ttw ni..rk t : n Omul ,An--oum',nt ol l.:iilnja
ami L'llil(!run, hlinisn uf .ill l ini!-..
i A FreslA Lot, of Grocovios.
I nf nil kiil'ls, sin.ll us
Hats and Oafs
Tobacco, Sngar.s, Oandier, ltazens, Lard,
Will bo rcci-ivt'd nnd lor which higho,t
inarkot p'ice will Iio paid.
i a t-rti intn.r""- i
0.7 11 IV r, I'cj-
.i:tl j.roiltioc giTtTiMy trtker
HlO'ttifhurt'. P1'
Hotsg il Gffl Pontes.
Knonn. ill thur
ii'iir'ilv rL'5nigorut'
VroLi n-tl-tw n und
lo. niritcd horjogt
ly btr nF;thcitnt;
mid rleaf-Ing tho
njuiacU tir.U inteii
It 13 a yure prc
ventive cf all (Un-
' ic-wjifi. raw
n-fa inL-iuont to
this animal, audi iu LVVO TEVnt, OLAXUERS,
V h I. -Ml tt, WA- ff
i li:. i: i: a v i:.
CO l'(. Itri, in.-.-TK.TPl'.K,
VKIt.S. I d ix in-it
l.O.-t-t UK Al'PK
ENLltilV.M'. lu
uk iinprov,--,- tlio
Wind, ittereai-. s
tbo appetite .piles
a amootli and,
nloaay fi,iu and -s
trail-forms l )
laiseinblu tue!
To lieepor of Cow tlili ineparatlon ii invaluable-.
It lucruam-s tho iaantityana iiiiprotei tlm iniality
lithe mux. itlrti
lueii pr.. .ri liy ac
tual txpi-rinient to
IricreafQ tb'.' rpian
tity ol milk und
cream tivt-nty per
cent, and make tbo
butter firm and
SKiet. Iu fattening
cattle, Hnivr Un m
no appetite, lo-i3ena
tlnii- bide, and
uaUa tUm thnvo
rauoh fa't'ir.
In all disas'.i of Swine
ueh as Couglm, Ulcers In
the J.tinrrf, Liter,
,(C tin? at ti, lo
nftt-i at a Fike.t'r.
Uy iHit'ini; treui
one ball a p i,u.r
tn a I'-ijur in it
barr-Iof-ui!! tho
.k . , .( . , ,
I.,..'. Ml-. . .- - B -rf-,
will hjiiadle.itod et
or I'utii'. ly nr. uuIihI. If iiiten In time, a certain
prei entne .u,,l care far lie: itirf fh'ileia.
Irtco 25 Cenu per Paper, or 5 Papers for SI.
. uV. TPOXJTV; c I5T0.,
wiitursAii: nraii axm .mkdiuxi; nrrnT,
No. 116 Pranklin 8t Baltimore, Mil.
Tor Sale by Itrniatj and Storekeepers through,
nut thu I'ulted Stauj.
I .,i .i.i at .,i i-.iia .-tore of
llloQittabiiru Ta.
tiloonnli'im. Jan. (1, Icbil. l-Jmo .
Who It'imo Hooka 0! Eli Orovoling, and
tlm.(( nl Crevclinj b. rauaey, ft? Minn Itiilgi',
air III tlm liumla (ii'tho uiidenmiiud for t'ollucilou
Tlliito Inl'-reiitud will pUaae take notice.
J03LPII J.lI.Lr.V, J. P,
Llijlit Etreet. JaiKi, ISCb-Juio $)
Of every dcboription, for .ale at tijis office
ive, ate.) o
1. ."'JJf Thl p-eparatinn,
tffSjwwtfTSC. iC.'0 Ion-.- and f.itoi.ildy
ff ... . 69
.-tun Into a fine looking and spirited
31 ff
1 & Saly
llieao Life, elvlnj reined na nro nuw, for the flmt
time, Riven piiblli ly t,iln World. for over n quarter
of ii rontury nf private rraUieo tho injrcdloiila In
Life-giving Fills,
Lavoliern itapil with tlio Kfcnteat mcreaa. Their ml
alon la not only to prevent rineiiae, but to euro. They
ennli intthe nrloiis mnlndlea by wbiihthe putielit
" mioniig. iinn r llnlioriilea ino ihiiiiir ay, lain.
'1 n Iho uncd and Infirm a few doaJil of tbeaa v.ilnubla
"'i'" wm Pmvo to bo
, l'or in evory ea-o thoy ndd now llfo nud vitality, and
I ic-tore the waning eiiereiea to their pitatlue alaln. 't'n
the yniiiiK and iiiiilnl'.- ngeii lin y will proto limit in-
nl nbli , na n ap-i id-. iiml aterllng modielne
I Her.' la a ilreatu (inlli.i-.i, that Ponce-do l.enn aoiiibt
for three hundred eara ago, and nevor follnd. Iio
j looked lor a fiiiintiiu would tealora tho old to
Vlffornnu mnko votit i nvmr
An Eternal Spring, ,
It wn left for thla dny and hour ti realize tlio dreniri, '
and ahou in gloriona fail. Ilia Magic that mado
I hose Fcimous RcniedieK.
(Iniinn. atay th ftiiiht of )enr, but Ihcy ran fores
hai k.nud hold nl inf. dlaenap tlint loiebt triiluiph oer
I In. iig''il mid Hie yrfdng. I,' t inino In aitain Ihuii, but
ai'ir.o th'. favoriibl : opportunity that oll'iira. VVhen
taken i :ia preiertbi'd ,
S.?or Biiious Disorders!
Xn'l.inif mn ln muff pr'iilurilve nf pure that, tliimu
I'M In. THcir nliiMint nnmlf! iritlufiidfl U fa tl tt ni : I
iliKeati nrt-ronioved. Tlie3 rutntjdiea nr hikJo froiii
tin i,nro, t
""hevuill not linria tin-nmat dtllcntn feniaV, and
ran bppmni uilli good i in liruacribcil duca to
be ullligerl babe.
For Cutaneous Dioordera
And all eruption" of tho akin, the S M.VU ii moat
Invaluable. It dnf-i not cxteiiially alone, but
n.-ii'-lralea wil i in., oal aenreni ii elleeta lo tie verv
root ofllluuvil !
Invariably euro tLo following Diseases :
liowcl Cnniplninla,
Coujiha, v
Uneit Uiapaaea,
1'etiiale CahipUtOU Kvcraml Aijiia,
Inward Wcnknoai.
I.lvcr Compl-il'it,
l.'jwneaa ol'Hpirita
, liiiiatvnriii.
Salt Itbi'ttin
UkIii Dlaaafoa.
I flT NOT1CC-Koei.ndlno tvltliutt tho ciifrnvod
i trade mark arniind curli pot or box, sijned bv lilt, J .
! M.MIOII.I., H.l Fulton St.. New York, lo lour.terltlt
wliidi ia teloiiy.
tl J r-'olil liy nil ri-rpectnbtc Uealcrs In Medicines
til runabout tho United rilrdes and Caksiltia- lit '.'5 ita.
per box or pot, -Ilec.
11, IHH.-.-1V.
npiTE Very l'latteriiifj; Support !iorrj?oli
H i, re piven l llie Lit" nriu ol lAJIlis B. Mt.
NIXOH tt i-'D . lu luu-ii tb.! tiuil.'r'igroil to outer tin
on the Im-diir-n nf
ii e ii an ANni 1 i-g
npnn a S'liueitltnt net,- plan, 'i'li-1 r.iilit avtem ha
been un injury to both bujir lellei.und therefore
v ( y.
propnai a In op -n ml
''All dav of tho motitli nf
rtovuint'i-r. lf-o, in
1 i
rpiri.t Ti.nicti criMiiT P'i'ij a vrt
Lllll .'a o a vv.ill. Ul. I ...
Ever offered in thi-3 ICountv ; consist
ing of every varii'ty and quality of staplo
Grocorio.?, Quoonsvare, Hard
ware, and all corts of articles kept in a country
-Store ; lob" sold
or in tsobuujco for
Tho hole busiuesi to be conducted an
tin, .- ii.-m ul pay in you so ,- and at cheaper ratoa
lllail ii ny ntbt r ilollai.
i.y t ail and judjjo foryouraelvca.
J. 8. MoNINCH.
,.v 11, 105.
. j.
Clothing Emporium !
Finn of Evmjs & Jlarlinan
ATE arrival of Tall & WJntcr Cloth!
j tu,' at tho old ht Hid of A. J. r.VASS. on Main
Stie.'t. Illoolii-loirj
Ihu beat ami
latest St iea ajid
a ajid
I aallinila,
r.v. ij thin;; iu tin O. nlk'iiliina. Mho of Clothlu;..
Hati-in iu our einnl'v the well Known and exponents
".! ' ait. r, V.i, (". L. Itnr!i.aii.,i'iitiii,.ily 01 lMnl. t
i rfel III i-i I'liariiteed, and tuoriior, un
-.'rlo.eitl ol Ucil maun
.Mun-iuinuortiii' nt o( I100T3, tho clioapett in thu
mail, tt,
Alio a rploudid .neorliucgt of
Clothes and CassarnerS)
Tor alu or to make tu or Jer.
Illnonitbiirg. fVt.H,
For Sale. j
jl.Farxn at Private Sale,
''r'be uodi'r-,irnril offer? to aoll at nrivate '
i aale, n I'AltM AV) Pl.ANTATICIV. il'.uato in
i iiilii'k low n-lllp, I'oluiilblH enillitv, P,i iibnut two 1
null u isi uf iiuek Horn, near too Jer.ejtOrtii road,,
Cnlltallilllif '
hcvonty-Tbreo Acres of Land, i
Win rcmi ia ericted a gnnil '
a lariio l'-aiin- llunU liaiu. and auita blc 1 ut-biillilii'E
luaetiicr with aa"oJ
Tor further partnulara, ei'.quiro nf tlm rubicrlbor, st
Itubbit.i.' lill. mi thu uiuii, ,
. Nov. Id, laaj-'Juio 8'l
Estate of Joseph HayhiiTst-, dtc'tf.
rpO Pelilou, widuw of dccoilelit, Mary, nit' riiiarned
I. with Iiavid llrohal, Huaail, liilerniarried it uh tlo.
Hiriih. r: Lll' i'.iaieruiarrled ttiih cvru- U Appl eman;
lli'.-..ii-iil, Uii.'.ibcth, uud Itciiujah. ttlm-. re.ldelicu ia
unknown who ar ' the h'-ir ami lejj.ii repfcbenta
livej nf aaid Jgae pli lluyllur.t. dt-ce'd,
i 2tnf Notice.
That an Inqueat will b held at the lata dwelling
Iinuau uf ibv aid Jo.nrii H tvnuR-i , lit uruuje t.nt n.
tlup. Cnliiiubli Cutiutt. I'eiin-i tho prun.iaua
Ml Monday, tin ."Jilt .lay. uf January iNio, at Id o'l-lucj
A M. of ihaii:a,. fur the purpoae of inukiii purtitibii
-nf tho real i fei'ii" of llie aald decuaied to and among
Ine lluira mid I'liU' representative, if Ihu aaiuo ran
lit done ttitll'int piijililleu to uf apoiUiig lliu tt holu l
lurui.- t" t. lii'' and iipprai.,1 the aaiuoaeenrdiniitu
law ; at tth.eli time uii.i jilaoo yon ar, H'l'jlred tuat
tend ifyim iliiuk proper.
' f lirnfl tilbro, Itbunthui, I
Dar .'3 If.'j tr. 1
i, mmm rim
Valuable Heal Estate.
TN pursnanco of an order of tho
JL phatia- Court of Columbia co-mly, fin
Thursday the tt of February, 180(1,
nt 10 n'etork P. M , llohert V. Clark, Atltnl ilttrnlnr of
Hllna 1!. Ton er, late ul ft ntt loivnthlp, In aald county,
ilec'd, Will otpnac to aale, hy public vendue, on Hit
preiniaea, a certain piece or
Piumtn In thu townahlp of rtrol'.hotindnl on tht" north
by the public mm), on the aouth by tlin l,'.in.l, on tlm
onat by nn alloy, and on the Wfat hy Inula of Jill
(..'reviling Cimiiiining about TWO AOnBrf, ttharoi
ara arreted a two atoty
Ji.'s asnt! EiVoUius: EHoitso,
Hum and other oupbuilrfinga
Tho undlvldiid onelhl.d part of a ecttaln trlnrf lot,
alluatc In Brrtl t p , on tbo L'annl, hoituilad by Unda
ni Juhn T rombtj, lonliilntii-j abo'lt one fourth of an
Ttidllndlvltiadnnii third part of SIX MMKBTUNR
LOTS, allu.He in thu aaitin tonmlilp bontide.l hy
land of Aaron Itoon, Jraio W Murrel and John Treio
bley, containing in uiutvholo aliuut
! Kiix Acres,
AI.PO, tho undlvldeil ono ililrd part of a c-tnln
lot aliuata In the aanie lowiiahip, bounded on thi
north hy lot of MrJ, Ilurliogaini., on Ihr woat by
Intida of Aaron tlouin', en the ouih hy lot hrretufura
aold and on the rait by a public road, containing ibnut
nne fourth of an Aero, on which la erected a atorr iitid
n half
Dwelling House,
lAla the Uatalo i f anbl dernaa.1.
Illooonhtlrg, Jan. tl, lPfltl--t
Specific performance Estate of Jnsqih
Hayhurst, dic'd.
Columbia County, SS:
. .The Coniraoiiit'ealth of Penitylvnnia tni'.
J I.. H. I iiina, tt tilow of a.jl I ileceaaed. ttary ini, i
' man rled with llavid llrm,t, s-'iiaau im r.
toarrlod ttlth Ueori-t! tlrichr. Klltn Intertnarria 1
ttilh (.yma H Applcni.i.i, 11, galeal llayhurat, H'it
b'jili llayli-iitt, auJ Ikiiajah liatharat, im- pres.nt r
lilenrc of llie l.m naioe't Ii.'Iok iiiikiintvii to ynur p' u
tiou-r I h"ira and legal reprcautitativeaof aald Jo a
(Jrtetlnf, ynu and each of yon are hereby ritcdn-' t
roiuiiiaiided lobe uud appear In your proper pcramia t
at Orph:i"a' Court t,i ba lioljeu nt 11 loom -bit re, in n -for
aald O .uiity nn tun flret Monday of P bruary ii"t I.
tit mi and ihorj to nniwer tho loll or petition n Wii
lum ec)iuyli.r ri uiug lortti that the .u,i Jo -ph llav
Imrat, dud eied of i.eitjin rt-al eeiete Intir.ioe- lit -
in t.'oliiinbla County, an I agie ;. wilh yur petition, r
l y arutlt nl aari'i-ini'liliii writlnir. dnte.l -j....i,..l, .
f th, lti'.t. to ael! .inn ronvay the i-nuie to the aanl Wii
nam Brnuyn r. nil in-irj or aaaig.m. Ami ju alio--.-cnuau
why tha aaiuC'uurl ahall not dtcroo the aperillj
potlorinance of thu said ruiiiracl arc'irillng to the trui
inteutniid inoaaiiii; thereof und tiiat a eutivetaiir." In
nnd under aald decree to the nforeaaid Willi na
cKlKiylar, of the raid pit-miar in leu almple.
m HAJIUEL SNVIJUii. Hbcriu-.
Ulnomibtirg. Dec. 33. laud. to.
specific ptrformunce-Ihnrij Smith's Es.
Columbia County, SS .
I, ( '''he Cniiiuioinveoth nfPennajttnnl.i, tn i:il-..
) 1 S. jlaih, widow of unid llnnry Suilih. ilec'd
t,."" 21ur"",1; ll"".i:irri...l with tvtor bunt,
U illiani Snnlli, John W. Sinnh. Illiza Doty, ttulnw, timith. Nettiu minor child of Slaty Ann,
now di tenro I, latyly liitprninrrled with William A h
Willi, un Smilli , ul', of Cnliitubii Uounty, ami Aimer ll
rimltli, Whose pr"cnt rcaiilenci) ia unkitowii. and
l'lioui.ii. II, Smith, li-ira of said Ifenry Hiuith, dec'ii :
Oreounr. y-o'iuii'l each nf you an, hereby cited and
imiiiii.uiiiMi a-, u'lort- j i ii wcro, in i,o and appear in
jour propi r pifoua at Mi Orphan'' Court tu he hold en
in. luouuianur-i. in una lur aai.i i.'ounty mi the hial
Monday ot I'c'irunry nuxi. thoii and there toansiter
the lull or petition orWi.lialu Slollh, Uxi-rtllnr of a ml
Henri biuliii, ilcc-naed, 90ttlu forili lliui lie aald on
cetleiii dli-d eli I nf certain reul citato, in lii'iii.ui.
toHin-hip, in ;..,id County, and agreed tilth Tlio Mai
II. Bniitli, by ai'reiiiii'iit in writing, dated mil li.x ,
lt-00, t, .. il and ront-i-y i h laud in tho raid Thomas
Il.k--iiiitn, bi h'-ii-t or iiaaiyiw.
And to Miotv tau-4" why lb,-) an'd Court .hall not . In.
cri.- the spi eido performai.c; l ibe .iid caiirart. ,tr
rording to tlu tn; intent and uieauliig UiLieof, nti.l
lint .icoiii-iaucL' b'.. t.riilo under caul decree bt ynur
p.titioii'-rtotiiu nforeaaid 'ITioiii.u II Suiilh, nf tlm
aid pmmiac-in uc umplc.
l!t.oom.-ibur5. He", a, K ,o -Ic.
Agents Wanted.
To acll prUe CVitilleate
SXI -ZslZjIW lZ ,
i.auiea Jov.elry, IJiaiuuu l Ilium, Plua. ,'ic .
Tor any r.rticle drawn. I'.ctail Prico Jrom $10 to
All Goods Wan anted Genuine.
Price of Cirtillintea 1Z cent,, earh Liberal Proral.
unib uud C'oiiiiina-'joti allot, ml to at'ents.
sAMPi.ti ci;,rnncATi.s) wcn't nmn.
l'or Circular and Terms addres".
.Ilesara. IIIVWAUn U CO
Jan lit, '. 0 .Im -J'J liroadway, e...,rls.
want nyenta cveryivuer tn ae our
I mi'Boied r'rtvin; Mnrbinefl. 'Jhreo ti-tv rlmla
Under 1.111I upper f . i d. Warranted live y. u . .bove
aalarv oi lain.-coniiiiiaii'n-iiud Tho om.t ..inhiuej
old lu L'nt'.inl .-tutea lur lesa ihan QiU, tt h'eh are ful
ly Utmnil ll Horc, H7(,rfr.v .Illicit, (hi: r .V Jlattr,
btagtr Jj- Co., and Jlachc'Jir. .'J.7 oilier Ii a nun n , .
are mjrtiii'imtaiJ and the s.-hVi- or. n-c km; ItaU to
arret' Ji.r, und uiifnoni,init. 1'iriiilnr- 'ic. rtnilr' n
or (all upon Sliatv it Ciuk, liiddtfonl tl.ilue. i,r at
No f!j:i Uioudnay. Autv Vorli ; No, 230 I'arler dire t
Phila Iclphi i. Pa l.ombard'a I Inrk. I Inc.iBii,
HI. ; No. l.u IVi .t Fourlli Htreet. Ciiirininiii, Ohio ; or
No. ii 8paul.lti(i' I'.xchanae, UiitlUlo, N. V.
Uec. !i.l, JBu3. ijt ly
v7c. riAiuTiToN7jiri.
W01''" i,r"-pecll''illv iiit'nrin theritlsena ontloo'tn.
T burg,ati I icinit.t. Hint he coiitiniiciithti piariiiii uf
. .,J(.(t J.t .11 BUM. f,itl ,
And .tolii-its a h'laie of public potrutinai-.
(lit li p., no Main Htn.ei, brsl huiiao below th. Cnur
otlae, llloo uitshilr.
Pnbfiiiiry S, Ir3,",-tf
NOTICE in PAirrmoN.
Estate ol James Ralston, decease I.
rpOMatlliln nnlton, Willamlna. widow nra.bert
' .uuimuii, nun j.imea.unnu.i v uiviru nun i n-irl-a.
i"i""r i iiiiur.'ii ui i.noeri n n.-i'iu. o-ce:ieu. ( -1 ! i ii 2
III Ilia I'olllllV 01 ll.lthibill. J.l'in Ital.ton. n-al ltn,. in
! Seiiuylkill Ciiun.'y, IVllliain ttalrtutl, recidln.' in li 4
' xil, motitli Aiiiciu-u, Jo.iah ItaUtoii. ot t.'utuuitn.i -!, n
; ty Ajii" inti.ruurrii.d ttith Mur-Iiai ?llv. rtii'in.. re
1 "liliilB in llrickiiiri lB.o, Cnluru'to 'I or rnory. 10
! teriuarried ttnli. MiinB C. Abb.'t, Manila Ini-1 i.i..r 1
ttlih UeiirSe Uidleiiinu, unit Llixabetti a ilann'ii' i f
1 Jlllliea Hjli-t ill, Jumiir. Ik'i j.Iau,I, who It.n. ..i n r
I guardian ll I1', Il.1rl111.111, h;r. .mil Im-al repre- in ,.
j tltte nl J.11111., U llvtoll, lato of I, loom tovviiilu; , i ,
I lumbia County, dec-'aaed.
1 Vuu a:o li;r-by cited 10 bo nnj appear hefnri- the
I Jungea of our Orphana' i'.mrt, t i bo del I iu li,:.-.n.-
bur.', iu .-iid iu inty, 011 the flrat Aloudav in IVnnury
next, thep and thereto accept or refue tn tal,.. me
j real eaiato nf tho aaldJume. Italatou, deceaae 1. cit-
uatu in tbo nun county of Columbia, at thu appn.iai J
! Vftliit. 111. 1 .,,.n,t 11 l.u ,n I .,i,w, .1,.1 .........I.. 1 1.., .1,..
, - p- "r --j i-- .hp
; touri, iniu returned ny ino rtieriii, to H ipiunib 1 i- nu
A. P. Itib5, or thow rauo tthy inu aaiuo ati.i.i.a n t
I bo aold.
1 Witueaa, thu Hon William Eltvell, President
said Court, at llloouiaburc, liecemb.'r !L l-r-j
Jti.S8E 0OLE31AN,
I Utile. O. C.
ninnrnabarf, Pce.W. Sw.
Notioe of Confirmatioa.
'jHE following appraiieoionts of rr-jl
I at'd peraoiial pmp.-rty ael apart to U - . r
Pi'r.odouia huvo liLea I'll", I 111 tho O.tieo ol tht lt.Bi-i r
of C dumbl l ronnty, iiiuler tho Uu'ua of I'
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1 Widow of Jacob IloaU, UterfU'i-
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2 Widow of Dr. James A Wilson, lata
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WidoiT of Wiobael Fry, lato of Miff.
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4 Widow of William M Ilobert,hte ol
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5 Yidow ot Uordon
II Goff, lato of
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Q Widow ot William
Gillaspy, I He of
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7 Widow ol Ynlotitin
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8 Widow ot Klias Dictterieh, htt? of
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