Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, January 13, 1866, Image 2

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" Onr Constitution Eniirrl ll evert
Our glorious Unionhold tt dear I
Our Surry riig forsako It novcrl
The proud Caucasslan our only peer I
Saturday Morning, Jan. 13, '66.
Another Special Notice.
Tii Distant Subscribers Wo addrosu
this notioo, to our non-paying distant sub
scribersnot loth oso who VAY and havo
our .hearty thanka and sincoroly .trust
thoy will givo it their early and .prompt
Gentlemen, wo havo sent tho Dem
ocrat, to many of you for several ycar,
on tho faith of your horotoforo good nntno
and repeated promises to pay, as honost
men should. We havo, also, Ecnt you
your bills and regr t to say, that many
of you havo totally failed to respond.
Again, wo will ask you to pay up, liko
!.... 4 :r..... .1. . ..
I1UIIUSI, llll.ll, uuu II )uu iiu uoi want 1110
paper, wo will cheerfully relievo you of it
in the future
We shall make out bills to next March,
tho end of tho 10th year since wo assumed
charge of tho Democrat. Our subscribers
will greatly obiigo us by paying to that
timo. Wc intond then to make important
improvements upon the paper, and will
only send to tboso who pay in advance.
Democratic State Convention.
Tho Demooratio Stato Convention
(or tho nomination of a candidato for
Governor of Pennsylvania, will meet in
tbo hall of tho IIouso of Representatives,
at Harriabnrg, on Monday, the fifth day
of March, 180G, at 3 o'clock p. m.
Tho headquarters of this Committco aro
in tho Democratio Club Itooms in Harris-
burg, which are open day and evening.
Dcmoerats visiting this city aro invited to
By ordor of the Dcra. State Committee.
Ben. L. Foster, Scc'y
Uarrisburg, Jan. 1), 1800.-
Bloomsburg and Cambra Mail for tho Union, and it is our consistent re
Route, jgard for tho groat charter of tho republic
Mr. W. F. Piattj has becomo tho Pro- whioh oau3CJ U3 to opposo ovcry move.
pnetorof tho Mail ltouto (whioh runs tri-'monfcj op9n arj(l bold or in3idios and basa,
w.jry uoiwouu loomsourg unu wm-
ora. air. I'., is a very pleasant anu ac
commodating young man, keeps excollcnt
Coaches and Horses, and will sparo north
er pains or expense to accommodate tho
travelling publio. He v has also reduced j
tho faro on his Route and should bo liber-,
ally patronized. j
body of usurpers, ,
Congress. This body of
styled the "Rump Congress''
ously legislating for tho negro. Nino out
oi every ten acis proposca-anu itiey an
pass muster, are exclusively for tho '
"colored cuss of Africa." It is no part of
their business to aid tho suffering poor its entire time, thus far, taken up with tho
white men and women of tho country. 'Freedmen." Congress has given them
Tom Williams, a-fanatio from Pitls- buroaus, tohool?, bounties, lund, pensions,
burg, last week, offered a Resolution, de- farming implements, and is now trying
claring that it was the sensooi tha House, hard to givo them tho ballot and the right
"that troops should not be withdrawn to conirol the white man. One thing has
from the late seceded States, until tho ' been forgotten, which must be done beforo
two Houses of Congross shall havo as- the thing is compIcte-CoDgrcss must make
oortaincd and declared their presence an appiopriation to buy a lot of baby jum
there to bo no longer necessary." This pors for tho littlo nigs. Wo bclieyo this
resolution passed tho II. orR. by a vote AVOuld be a saving to Iho "Ilureau." Do
of 0-1 to 37." Wo had supposed that tho ie0uietbing for tho Frcedmen." If some
President of tho Unitod States, who is tho thing be not done for tho whito raau prot-Cammandor-in-Chiof
of the Army and ty soon, the negroes will havo it all, and
Navy, had tho right to recall the troops, there will be nothing left for him.
at pleasuro, but radical abolitionism, has
insulted his authority and apit ia his faoo ' Where the Money Comes FnoM.
by usurping that prerogative; ' j Sometimes Democrats wonder whero tho
Uully Brooks Sumner, offered a resolu-i money comes from, which tho Republicans
lion, to prevent kidnappiDg Froodmen in 1 nso in such profusion to carry elections
tho South, and admitted that it was and eorrupt the ballot box. If wo over
dono by federal (yankoe) ofiieors. had any doubt on tho subject, that has
Mr. Davis (Ky ) had'no doubt tho Yan- been removed lately. The third annual
kees wcro endeavoring to reopen the slavo report of tho Philadelphia 'Union Loaguo'
trade. Ilo know thoy would do so, if they ! 'how that in 18G5, tho income wa 134,-
thought they could make money out of it. j
He was in favor of tho resolution,
Tho resolution was ndop'tcd.
c . r, ,
Secretary McCul ooh says wo can nover
. . . . - . ,
cxpeot to seo prices go down aga n to tho
,, - . . ... mi . ,
old point, booauso of tho taxes, Tho and-
tii . ... , ,
lord charges tho axes ,n h.a rent, tho
luauuiaiiuuui iu iuu pneu ui ma articles ,
tho merchant upon his goods and thus
tho poor mon in (ho end pay tho taxes.
And thus has it ovcrbcon in tho way of
taxation, tho great burden falling upon
tho men of toil, and yet beoauso a tax col
lector never visits thu poor man's cottage.
there are those who claim that ho pays no
taxes, when in reality, the poor being in
tho great majority, thoy pay moro taxes in
the aggregato than thoso whom tho world
calls rioh. They pay duties on tho im
ported goods thoy consumo on tho do
meatio goods thoy purchaio thoy pay tho
premium unwise laws givo to tho rioh
manufacturer, and in almost every con
ceivable form thoy are taxod to pay tho
National and Stato debt, while tho bond
holder, who gets more than lawful interest,
is exempt from National and State taxa
tion on his wealth inveatod in Government
The Chicago llepublican, having
proved a great failure, its editor, 0. A.
Dana, is in Washington applying for tho
New York Colleclorship.
Taxation. I
Whilo England Is removing lior laxa-(
lion whioh sho is taking off tho burdons
irora tiio laboring o'asscs wo aro greatly '
Increasing ours. Tho wholo oxpoiises ol
tho English Government aro 81150,000,-j Sonata, and Mr. llammcrslcy, of Phlla
000 a yoar, and of that one-balf goes to dolpbia, clerk. Mr. Kelly, of Washington,
pay tho interest on tho national debt. J was elected upoaker of tho llouso,and Mr.
Tb oxpenscs of tho Unitod States Gov Jlonodlot Ohiof Olcrk. A inessago was
crninouts, Fedoral and Stato, will bo at road from tho Govarnor, after organizing,
least Hvo hundred millions of dollars a ' whioh is nothing more than an opolo-gy
yoar, including tho interest on our debt, for his abscnoo, aa follows :
in oinor wonts, ureal untain, witn tier
lumjfinu uiuuaiuiu uiiiuuus m la.Miuiu
property has a much oheaper government
than tho United States, with its twolvo
thousand millions of taxable property
,, , .... H .
Tho latter pays one third uioro taxation
than tho former on one-third tho means.
Tho United States, under tho llopublican
narttr disnnnnntinn. nrn nun Hm mnat
I abominably taxed communities on tho face
of tho globe. Tho most iron despotism
existing nas never wrung suoh tabuloos
amounta from tho hoards of tho laboring
rl AftQflrt lltia Qn.nnltntl thnt ntwl imtaf
narental CWnment." Tho out hiui.
, . , ,
neBs our legislators havo to do now is to
provide for tho negroes at tho exponso of
the whites, and othcrwiso exert all tbeir
ingenuity to incroaso tho taxation, which
. i.i i .i
goos to supply tho capacious maws o( tho
1 J 1
bond anstooraoy and tho Government
Tho right of tho two Houses of Con
gress to judgo of tho qualifications of
members is a very different thing from
. . i . i t
that assumption of power advocated by
,r r r , , , . f
Messrs. Sumner, Slovens, ct al.. by which
iney proposu 10 uisirancuiso oiaces. xi
an improper person bo sent to roprcsont a
Stato or a district, they may with propriu
ty send him back, but they cannot find a
word in the Constitution which gives them
authority to say to a State, "you havo
been a sinner, and cannot have any roprc-
sentation here." If the States of the J
jsoath aro in tho Union their representa
tives havo a right to bo iu Congress, and
if they aro' not, tho stars which represent
them on the flag should bo stricken out,
unless wo intend tnat tho "star-spangled
banner' bhall be, as some of tho radical
faotionisls havo called it, la flaunting
Ho." We havo not chanced in our love
WW0U aims at its destruction.
1 A Good Joke.
The best joke of tho season was latoly
pofpotrated in Baltimore by the Friend,
At a lar6 and respectable moeting of this
denomination a petition was prepared to
bo prescntod lo Congrcss,asking that body
to uo something tor tUo D rccumcn, it tuts
wa3 donQ in :ronv , m03t y.v thc R,sa.
I rf j ,
, . . . ' '
enn on n huf
'60mcthiLg for the Frcedmcn
OU1UULU1LLT ilJl L UiZ A' TUt'll III Ull i ni'll.
we would
uld ask, baa anything been dono for i, ,n fll,,6ent "h'to women many oi whom hold their up: mcotinj- to-morrow (Tues
, ., , n t. l i i , uy ouuoatiou, intelligence and rehncnient, dav.) when it is hoped tome proress will
lute men Congress has had almost j hayo a , lo niado jn tw irapnrUnt buiaiie's that is
tho white
OIJ.tM, of which they expended, (carry
ing tho elcolion last fall) 891,978,38,lcav
ing a balance on hand of S13,7G5, 50.
looming Governor's e oction, to br bo
1 , ., ,
votors, or any other purposo that raav
j . , ,,' m ,, v ,. y
J givo them success at tho pol s. With tboso
. ,,, .. . t , "
i fact3 hoforo their eyes Democrats cannot
' ,00
H& A Washington special says tho
President will tend in a message on the
assembling on Congress, in reply to a res
olutiori of tho IIouso, stating why Jeff.
Davis has not beon tried, In tubstanoe
it will bo tho samo as contained in his
first messago Ho elaborates upon the
matter somewhat, by showing that ho al
ways opposed his trial by military oommis
sion, and gives his roasons therefor. As
soon as tho necessary legislation is com
pleted by Congress, for tho holding of
United states Court in Hichmond.tho trial
will bo immediately prooocdctl with. Tho
Prosidont ia anxious for tho decision in
tho case, as any membors of Congross can
SSy An important lottor from tha Treas
urer of tho United States, in relation to
tho undivided profits of national banks, is
published. Ilo decides that theso surplus
es must pay duty as deposits, and favors a
provision exampting from duty or tax sur-j
plus funds of banks, to tho extent of 20.
per ccut. of their oapiial, j
Meeting of tho Legislature.
Tho two Houses of tho Lonislaturo of
Pennsylvania convonod at Uarrisburg on
Monday of last week. Mr. Fleming, of
JJaunhiu, was ro-oluclcd sneaker of tho
Gentlemen t Tho toils and anxiety of
iuo ins; lour years navo irom timo to time,
brought on thu sovero attaoks of disoasc.
i 'I0m tho tnost scvoro of these I am slow-
? "WB recovery. i nutl
'hat to givo my constitution an opporfuui-
ty to coiuue struggle It is absoluloly
J necessary that I thoulu make a short soa
'yg and sojourn in a milder climate,
1 Under tho pressure of this nocossilv I
' j i, ?0ilj!,ld of((J,lba: II l' m hoP
' wcoouto you on your arrival at tho seatof
government, but if it should bo found in-
1 iltspansablo that my visit to Cuba should
bo prolonged to tho latter end of Februarv.
mmB rvo lo Ibv before you
tuo cause oi my abscnoo at the oommonco-
mcnt of vour session. In this oaso I (eel
sure that you will adopt mob courso as
oliall consist with your wisdom, and with
lb affuctionato consideration which I havo
i always received at vour hands. It would,
, ., J . , ! , '
IiOWCVur. not hannrnn inn rn fnrnnl ili.if tl,n
iS8lll!3 0f life aro in tho hands ol that One
above all and that many have death wait
ing for them on the foreign shoro to which
jthoy bavu been sent in search of health.
I Should such bo my fate, I shall draw
j my last breath wilh a seiiao of tho deepest
. grotituda to tho pcoplo of the Common.
wealth and their lloprcsentatives. for tho
Li.-p-f..! ,i .,1
clicertul, manly ami unfailing support
which they havo given during tho last four
years 10 mo general oauso ot tue right
anil to rue m my cilorts to maiutaiu it
and with a prayer of thankfulness to Al
mighty God, that ho strengthened till tho
end of the cruel rebellion, and thought me
worthy to he permitted to continue that
timo as Chief Magistrate of tho paoplu of
Pennsylvania, and to havo ray name con-
cc!ed iu ,hat relation with suoh a people
uuring gucn a timo, ought to oo enough to
till tho highest measuro of any man s am
bitiou. Andrew O. Cuiitin.
Executive Chamber, Nov. 27, 05.
Aftor the reading of tho messago tho
Houso adjourned until 10 o'clock A. M..
on Wednesday next.
As tho Abolitionists are in thrr mijority
in both;branches of tho Legislature, it is
not probable that Democrats will bo held
responsible for any of tho doings of thoso
bodies, and the many schemes of plunder
and speoial legislation whioh aro expected
to bo brought before our representatives
this winter will have to be laid to tho door
of the dominat parly. Wo shall endeavor '
, , , .i-ii i
to keep our readers posted in all matters
of interest acted upon. j
"" !
Women Voting.
Mi.'S Lucv Stono and other Mrono- min.l
ed women aro petitioning the Lunatics of "
Cougross to give (hem iho right to vole
Th0J say thoy rcpre3Cnt Fjftcon miom
... ... . .
or and ignorant raco of negroes, Sure
Enough ! Would it not be better for Tbad
Stevens to get a whito mistress and devoto
his attention in part to Miss Lucy Ftono
and tho white folks ?
An Inquiry Answered.
Mr. Editor ,- Pleaso tell mo how many j
blates seceded from the federal Union and
joinod tho Confedcrato States, their names,
and tho datCB of their separation from the
Federal compact. A SUBSCRIBER.
Thero wero eleven States whioh eecod
ed, as follows :
South Carolina, December, 1800.
Mississippi, January, 1801,
Florida, January, 1801.
Georgia, January, 1801.
Louisiana, January, 1801.
Alabama, January, 1801.
Ttfxas, March, 1801.
Virginia, April, I8fil.
North Carolina, April, 1801.
Tennessee, May, 1801.
Arkansas, May, 1801.
ES?" Bradley, tho mulatto ex-lawyer
the Boston bar, who was ooudemncd
l..l.. 1... ...til OI...I . I
i.v-.j u iiiiiuuijr tuun at unauesion,
S. C. to 000 Year's irnnrisnnmnnr !n PnJ '
O. U 10 000 year S impriSOUmont in Lort
Pu ask , for noitino the slaves lo raise
i.ivi.3 to raise,
in iniurreotton and toko possession of ,
tauus anu proporty, lias been released on
parole bv order of IlossStaninn. Aiilmii..!.
thousands of whito men havo suffered:7""" " .'. uoioraao
, .. , . . " ' 1 aguimt the recognition of that State, on
months and years in prison for no offense account of i.jutue to tlair race the
whatever, unable to oatoh iho ear ;ir the) newly Jornttd Constitution " That i3 ihey
CVO of the SocrptAro nf Wnr nr T.i- inn 1 aro not allowed to Villi!. U'Wn il. i i-nn.
means to excite his sympathies iu their
behalf, not a siuslo twist of wool in any
part of tho Union can be put in jeopardy
without his notioo and tho interposition of
his succoring offices. That shows tho ad
vantago of being orthodozioally colored.
Hard to FiND.It is hard to find an
eulogist for tho lato President Lincoln.
Mr. Stanton and Mr. Holt havo both re
fused to deliver tho address commcmora.
tivo of his lifo, eorvioce and doath before
tho two houses of Congross on tho 23d of
lobruary next. Whether they oan't do
julioo to tho eubjeot, or tho subject will
not do justioo to them, is left to oonjeeture.
Is it possible that thoso two worthies, bo
soon aftor their lato master is dead, re
fuso to do rovoronco to his memory
What baso in l'ngratitudo toward tho doad
Prosidont. If wo wo wero allowod to sug
gost, wo could namo a proper eulogist for
Mr. Lincoln. For inslauco, "Brick"
Tcrrlblo Murder.
A most fiondlth tnurdur was onmmitod
in Gormantown, Philadelphia, Saturday
morning exceeding in atrocity any which
havo preceded it lor a long timo. Tho !
victim was a womou of suoh advanced
... ... .
nua as to ha ina.intitiln ol mukinir roiainnrn
0110 Who had lived to thu nlloln.l nnrln.l :
of thrccicoro and ten and wbo3c nrav
hairs and feobloness ought to. hava saved
hor from violonoo o( any kind, Sho was'
a maiden lady namod Mary Watt who .
oocunicu a-iwo-aiui-a-na t-storicil stono
cottage with n roughcast front on tho low
. . . .
cr sido of Queen Stroot bstwecu German
town avenue and Greou street. Thoro sho
had lived In quiet and repose for many
yca9, and thcio hoped to die, as in tho
courso of uaturo sho soon would havo
done. But littlo was known of her oir
cumstanocs though she was believed to bo
welt off and as is often the ease, stories
wore in circulation to tho cll'oot that sho
had speoio about tho house. At ono timo
Miss Watt had livinc with hor a wftlowml
sister, and after her death sho for several
years lived alone. Robbers, however
getting at ono time mto tho homu sho be
came frightened and mado arrangements
to havo a sleeping compniou and for a
year or two sho has had as aueh a Miss
Kliizabcth Lippincott, also of advanced
ago. This lady did no inoro than sloop at
tho houso, leaving it early overy morn
ing. Tcsterday sho left it at a vrry early
hour about half past six o'clock and at
seven o'clock Miss Watt was discovered
to have bfion murdered. There can bo
little doubt but that tho murder was com
mitted by cue who hail a full kaowlcdgo
of the mode of life of Miss Walt, and who
had waited a short distnnce from thu house
for the departure of Miss Lippincott.
Tho murder was discovered through the
son of Mr. Smith Hughe?, whoso place of
buisness is a short dunoe off. The boy
wont to the cottago on an errand and not
boing able lo get in by the usual way, Ins
returned to his resilience and communica
ted tho fact to his mothur. Shu went
to tho cottajju and liuiliiii! the door look
ed looked through the window and seeing
Mis.-) Wult Iini; on the fbor supposed her
to bo sick. Mr llughus then sum
moned and Ilo entered by iho back door
which was ajar. An soon as he reached the
prostrato form of Miss Watt ho was hori
fiod to difoover that f ho ha I been murder
ed. Iler throat was cut from car to ear
and thoro was a bruise over the right eye,
evidontly caused by a blow that must have
stuued her.
Tho policed at once commenced a ihor
ough search of tho prcmisos but no trace
of tho murderers could ho found.
Mayor MoMichacl has offurod a reward
of fivo hundred dollar for tho arrest aod
conviction of tho murder the highrst amount
ho is permitted io offer tinder tbo ortlin-ani-o
giving him that authority. No doubt
the citizens ol Gcrmantown will increase
the reward.
Prom Washington.
Radicals in the ascendant.
Washington Jan. 8. The house
. AbmM u, 0 a,u aT "Ous0 (0
(lay seemed to bo comp ote y in posession
ofhe Ka(! mcmh. Tom Williams
of Pitt-burg got iu a resolution against
withdrawing tho troops from tho rebel
, States until Congress were faiitfied of the
reconstruction noliov Lis tlmn ten Un
Fli.c,!u' fj,"owod tllu loa(I f ,Il"yulu"l
111 lAinillii liliiuiriMnla in nnU il , ,.
. - w ... u, .! uvnikuitivb it a u iu
I he rccou.-truciiDti conuuiitcc
beforo ibem. At present all is conieetuie
as to what will be the result ; but 1 notioo
that there is a lar belter feeling ;ciior.illy
upon the subject than was evinced at any
time prior to the Christinas a- journnicnt.
It ii reported thrt congress will order
nil inftnirv intn tlm Inrr n'nr in. Alvnn-
i,;f l,5n n.,i t.-i ....
v...v. . v wbjt,t,i ukiuj fcv i.iuuv w.iiiiu. uut,
of ihcm.
It Was full V (leeidud to tlav hv tho
Committee appointed for thu purpose; to!
I o ir ... n, i r. ...
tbo oration upon our late President. j 1 llG Sicil'DCl MlO.
TUB NEW MODI! 01? nEl'ltnSEKTATIO.V. !m,, , . ,
., T), . r m - , i I ' I 'HI'j nnticrsioiit'd rrspectfull v informs
Mr. lilaino ol Maine, produced some, J tho citizens of i loom.imrg nr.) tho puuiiCScncr
facta and figures that somewhat demoral nl'y. "' i "poncu
izod tho3o who aro hopiii'' for tho pas-1 Mf!W SAIif?!? SnAn
.( n,,l.,,I .Tl,.f!...:,..I.J
UUW U. M.4 uuivunuii-m V IUU WUUOLlllUIUIl
making voters a basis of representation
arid not population. lie showed that it
gavo tho proponderanco ol power to the
West wcro votora are in larger proportion
than anywhere cUo.
Tho Prcbideut pro. tim. laid bcfoie the
Senate a Coiiiuiunication from tho Mayor
01 H asUlIlglon transmitting tllO result of
the late elections in tho city on tho subject
of negro suffrage. Ordered to lie on tho
"MnllPRTV 'P'rl.lnw'. n,nn..t!n... f
J " t"-.v'.ii-'
tllC boiiaio braiioll of the ltllinp C())gr0S3
dJv0t040 lhrl a f mouVtvhat :ilt
i-. i t .1 I u ?at-'7 ltial " "Sut
jj0 mistaken by old fashioned peoolo lor
brazened effortery.
J-o nrsc was a oaso ol negro "modes-
. "Mr. humner preecntcd a 'note it
''d that tbo white population of Col-
ii. .J ,'T .V l,IU "vr" VK
tuo uarKio "protest' is lullv
protest ' is fully apparent
Stop that Stato at onco from cominc into
mo union until mo'o jorii-six nogrcos
shall have adopted a Constitution .'
"Mr. Morgan offered a memorial from
tho Now York Uuion Loagua Club, asking
that Mrs, Lincoln be paid the full presi
dential salary for four yoars.'' It was
stated, a lew day
ttgO, by a "loyal"
journal that tha advocates of that measure
hold olaiuis againEt tho Lincoln estate.
A year or two ago it waastalod that heavy
presidential billc for rjueensware, &o , wero
owing in Now York. Will not tho 25,
000, already donated roaoh tho claims
held by tho Club membership ?
''Mr. Trumbull ofibrod a bill to enlargo
tho powers of tho freedmon's Bureau."
This is about as oool as tho memorial of
tho Baltimore Quakers asking Congress
"to do loincthiog for tho froedinon.''
Patriot Union,
J6SyQov. Ourtin will not return homo
until tho middle or end of February", De
layed letters from Jiim so announce
Wlir.AT, per bunhcl. 3 CO
nvi:. 1 oo
lU'l'KWIIHAT, 1 00
noTrnrt.. . . 4.1
i:o(ia 25
I'OTATOP.S. 1 00
nniim Arrixd, a oa
hams . -20
iiauon, ... is
HAY l.y Itin Ion. 10 00
UlllCKUNa, per pair. CO
c' i&vKnn, " ra
.'"ti.r.W;.". i ....
nui.!iiiiAi i lour, u w
coantcTKn wtrnLY rem rim "dsmociut."
F,,V.r pcr doa,relrimny.......'!an
ityo....! V.'.'.'.'.'.'.riso
"'VJ"1' Wu2f: pe do,,hel V"V".b.'io
to $10
In U
to 3.C0
tu 3,3.1
to 1,00
o Amiier m
ilu .
Corn yellow, ilo
(In Wlilt'i' ili
Oat ilu
Iluckwliont Mont
,5 pr 100 Ilu,
In Danville, on tho SOth of Deo. 1800,
by tho ltov. 1). M. Honkol, Mr. Uco. M.
heagle, and Miss Hobeoca J, Whitcnight,
both ol Columbia county.
At Kinntown Station, on tho 2Cth of
Di'o. bv llev. J. S Hennincer, Mr. Unh-
rnim ' Kramer, of Oatawis.-ia, and Miss
' J,no Iteinbnld, daughter of Daniol ltcin-
bold, Esq., of tho former place.
On Sunday, the 3l8t day of Deoombor,
1805, by Montgomery Colo, Esn.. Mr.
I Parvin E. Klino, of Fishingorcok, and
MissiMinm b. Lintler, of Benton, Colum
bia county.
On Thursday evening, Dec, 28th, 1805,
at tho residence of Nicholas Snybert, in
Salem township, Luzerne county, by Rev.
P. W Mclliok. Mr. haao Londerbaoli,.of
Berwick, and Miss Kate Fowler, of Hri
arorcck township, Col, oo.
On the !28th of Dcocmber, 1605, by
Rev. JamoJ -S. Ferguson, Mr. John T.
Brink and Miss Mary E. Lulz, both of
Sugarloa'f township, Col. co.
On tho 25th ult , at tho residence of tho
bride, by Rev. R. K.-UMNon, Mr. Smith
W. Kimble of Williamsport, and Miss
BjcL MoIIenry of Still Water, Col. oo.
On Thursday, tho 4th iiist. at the resi
dence of tho bride,by thu samo, Mr. John
Furbor of Bloom township, ami Miss Em
ma Djitriokof Morgautowu
In Espy town, on Thursday ol last week,
Nathan Case, aged about 57 your.
On the 1st inst.,iii Nosoapcck township,
Elias Miller, aged '21 yean, !i mouths and
27 diys.
In Liyht Street, on tho !1J jnsr. Mrs.
Sarah liliziboth, wife of Mr, Mason John
son, agod about 25 years.
I'ht'Ue of Tnniav IVilJwr, da d.
ctlcrs of Administration de bonis non.
JLJ i t'i! lMat'i of Tluu ViMiii,t. I.iti. of 1'ifliinR.
rrock tVi. rnlumliia cn. ilcroiifeil, havo Ijcch Kruii
te.l liy tliu l.i'gisler ol Cnlinnlii i cvnity tn tha innler-
simiud, if-IiUns In lli'iilon tnnntlnp, All pi-rjona
liuvini; olnims ;igiiiiit llio Cftito il Ui ilecoilcnt aro
rr"ui-tlal tu prt'si iit llicm to llirumlerslijni'.l. niti.
imt ilnUy, ami all pursous Jinli'bltil lo inuku i.nymcnt
Ailm'r. de bonh non.
Jan IXJoCtj. Cw SI
Applications for License,
7J O'l'CE is hereby L'ivon, that the fol-
X lowing naiiieil iii'rhOiiM have mailt.- application
iu tho rrollionotury gf C'oluiulii i county, rnr i',v rim
l.lcunsef,, toui! grant",! at Ilu ftbruiry I'urni of Court,
Al'l'i.lUANTS POIt 'I'AVF.HV l.UJUN'rf:',.
rEllllllARV.S.'SJloS, lOlil)
N.IMM. Ton-iinii-i
J lim l.BTou. OrOMiwoo,!.
JliJniil Scully, Co iynh ini .
Ilirain Binvllivr', p,, , ,cr.vl."
JlJir-r. I.'DI.IIM V,
iilo.uiigl.nri;, Jnu 1:1,1801-118 rrntlioiiotiry
Agents Wanted.
lo eillprir.n Ccrlillcatcs for
IriiTlM.rri I Whmf. i.tni.,.nic
'aa on.' viiii vyji " 'Jjj-Jisa
Ladles Joivulry, lllaiiuu I ltingj. Pin
, St,
rorany article lra n. Itrtnil I'nco Irom 3:0 to ,i'0.
All G'oo'ls Wnn anted Genuine,
"5? f 111 ce,".s cl Liberal
i uioa nun lyoioiiiiMiiou aiiniiQii to aijiitn.
, sa.mi'lu ciiaTinuA'ri.s"ar:xr
rorClrciilnia nml Terun uiMronH.
Jim n, '00--3m
.Messrs IIAIUVAIU) ,t I'O
SM UroailiTiiy, Srw Verk.
' " " .M. KJHUl
In Court 1 tuiei Alley nml ncit door to tho onko of tint
(.oliiiiiln.i, when hn 19 picparo.l to ila mat
dcVpal'dr'' ml''! ":''r C"1,l" 'H' care and
ID" iivc him a call anil seo tlm stiles,
Moomslnirg, Jan I.I, IdtIO,
Established in 18 13.1
A Unotljlltcip, ami very Valuable Tajier
for Lvt-ry Mm, Wnmail, .lllil Cbilil,
' CJty, Villajc, ana Country :
TPEii A tyi A trxAow i i i it;
Uij AlU' 1C"tUl Ibl
Farm, Garden, and Housoho'd,
..' . .. u ,
inciucin a spccjoi lutercitins 1,11,1 Inntrnctiva Ha
partmont for CIIII.DUIi.V and YOUTH.
Tio AKriailliirl-tisnlarso periodical ofSlpagcf.
oii i nted, hu iiiimI w.ii. pia.n. practical, Jii.Ti.m
l'r'aiui luatier, inclining hundreds i beantiiui and
11" 0'lr
The n.ousanin or ihuu ami fii;KoMnii!i tivcn in
...lui.iu uic iiiipariu oy piacuiai intelligent
workinir mini, who tuow what they write about.
I'lio lliiiiiehuld I)rprtnicnt u valuabln to every
IIoikii. keeper, nll'ordins very many luefiil Iiinf- , a'l
work calt"'0""1 u"i!l'ter. and facililato in door
The Uepaiiment Tor Children and Youth ia n repar
ed ulih special care, to not only aimiioincnt.
Circulation Term.. rim ri.nlmin.w,r n, i
can Akii -uliuri-t (-o una to 100.100) j so larfo that it
can b furniflicd at llio low prlcu of 31 50 a year :
four toiiics, for 5 j tun copien. for 8Ui twenty or
eJch ; "",a "'tibcr, 13 cuiiti each.
uj jij 11 j jear.
OllAXCn JUDU ti CO, l'roprletord,
Jan 13. ISCd
11 Park How. New-York Cily.
H'nsh. 011:1 bio Tailoring.
TITR iiniTrrelfnnrl rnar,niir..ll.. : e
tho public in general, that 'ho hasopened a now
Tailoring Jblstabliohment, vi
11 Light Siren, Columbia county, wliers ho Is ftrV
lircpurc.1 tnexecuto all kinds of Tailorm In -ll'T,
't1"w "Vie. with despatch and on tenu7
Will bo tha nkfull for nharo of public patrouao
, c A. J. NEW11AUD.
I.lf lit Slrcct, Dec. 3, 16C3.
Skyliglit Piodu-G Gallory.
Bej.leml.crS. eci-y,
Of every dtjcrijilton, for ku!s at this oflioo
rPHE undersigned having taken tho
1 commoilloiu Sloro Homo nml Staml uf l. V
Hughe, In llrnlon, Unliimblii connty, li. reipotllully
Inrorm liln frlinilmiiiil the niibllo In g.-nnrAl, Hint li o
lina rcplrnltlicil it Willi tho l.irgos t nml mutt ncuacnn
hU ntiortmcnt of
Lately Introduced Into llilfl section of country, nml
which ha Ift scl'limnt such low price, nonroonly equal
led hy Iho Immcnslly of Ills daily sales,
III. Block consists In part ur choice
Hats and Caps,
With tha usual variety of
Dross Goods,
Domcstio Goods,
Notions and
S!l03!SlEIS!8!Pfl!ia IDS
eoois siloes
Of all patterns, material, styleand price, for
and Bo) s
This stork w.H bought in llio Halerii Market iu
lnrR. tha I.OWIISI' I'lUUltKt), and Mill
be sold accordingly. A Iso,
E5:ady-ni:ile ot!iuy,
The altcnllon of tha public 11 rixp ictf illy luvtu
to tho
Advantages offered at
this Es-
tabliflhment I
Tho highest prices paid for
fft 1T1 It I r.M S? tT V rr rr 11 m m m m
U W u u IU U IT Ui 'J IU U tu lib T
nenton,, Idtlil 3 inn..
, ;
Court I'roclamatwiu
T7III:RI:AS, tlm llnv. Vttii.uMi:i.wtit,. President
VV India of tho Court of Over ami Terminer and den-
ernl Jail IMivery, t.'eurt d Uuarler Sensinn-i of tbo '
t'enro ami uourt nt l ommnu 1' ami (lrrhan's Court,
tn 1110 vuin Jiiniciai District, composed id the counties I
nf Columbia, Sullivan nnd Wtnimiiir. ami 1 1 1 . - lion. John 1
.ll'lteynnldsic Stephen ll.ildy.Ani iateJudjesof Coluin-1
bia county, have itmed th.-i r pri ci pt. bcariiiC'latu llio 111, '
day of M ly in Hm year i.four Lord one tliouniud eifht .
huudreil and sixty- live and tn moilircrled for hidulnga j
Court nf Oyer am' Terminer and (li ni riil Jail delivery, I
Oener'il (luartir .Sessions of the lViice, Ciuiiniou I'lejs
and Orphan's Court, In lllonm-unrK, In tin ruuuly nf
1.1'iumnia. on uie iiri iioiiaiiy, kn nig thu .ilu il.i) ; ol
1'i b. ae.t, la iiuitiiiuo one week. i
Nntiiu l hereby tr'ivcn.lo thn Cnin'irr. the JunicesJ
t.f Hid I'eaee and Constables of the r.ii.l rouniy ufCnl. I
iimbia that they be thru ami tin n- in their proper cr-
r.- nrii, impin-itions nml ..tiler reimiiibraueu to iio
those thiUMH Inch lo their olheesupperlaln to In .loiie.
And tlst.-tu lint are bnui y leiot-nuance, to pioseruti.
ngaiii.t tbo prisoners bo in thu Jail of
Jn. . .1 . , i h 11 1 ' 1 "'rL' !r"".U'
lunciuai 111 men aitciiii.iucu, nsri i to tln ir untie.-
Dali-dat ItliHHilaburL-. the i;lli due 1,1'ller.
iu the year el' our l.or.l one ihuusaud eichl
hundred ami t i Mi tivn, and in tin- iulitv-
ninth year of U11 lndepiiiJeuce of tho LFnilod stales
of America. ( Coo saw: in i'ommunw i-ALrn. )
HA.MUlii. a.NYDUK, Sihiriir.
lllonirihburg, Jan. 0, lb'Cll.
List f( auses for Ftb.
Tf rm I6CG.
I llachael .llorgan iy her next fiied
laud vs Uiibnrd Morgan
Wm II llong.
2 Stephen llulny vs (.aitav. is a Willi imspott
lino 11 St Co
3 Wm I, l.unen vs llnrmau Creveliug,
I Win 1, l.jucu vs I bos C'relellnu el ,11
S Clijah McMuiuli: Uuuorseu of Aaron U'elf vsChiU
tl.ui Woir.
IJ Jacob llarils vs Peter 'acoby.
7 Uus-el I" fctoker, vs ui lkeler.
8 Jacob llnpltr vs William Slatibaili and C In IsIliii
11 a bis w He,
- !i Jac b .Shutnnn vs ( nlauiss llailroad Company,
l'J Hugh Mtlle) nobis s IVIi r Uliphaut
11 Allans llieteiirh v. Iireuuah J cu'iy
12 Abraham liartman vs nUt II Caver
13 lienjauiiii Werlmau vs .11 A Wi li.uus
It (Jeo A Herring vs Peter Mill, r
IS 1 ilu an! Uc iliicr vs thu Locust SI Hail In 11
Co A W Ilea & S 1' ruiau
10 I haniberlin for ILc use ol llockcuberg vstilas D
17 John lliuterliter vs John Jameson
IS II 1' lieigeard vs Ccn I'iitli r-n, it al,
19 Aaron lllooi.i vs Iteubeu Hitler
2U Joiiothnii Wolf lnderstc of (ieddis Marsh &. Co
vs Oioigo II l'reas "
21 Jonothau Wolf indo seo of Geddis Mur.h it Co
vs Ceorgu 11 l ieas,
22 iMathlas Truusuu vs Iho T'o.vnshlp of Scott
2.1 Jacob lleiuley vs Catlnwiss.i It K Co
21 Uiiiiii, ilniguil tt Cn is I. en Kill.
25 Anna barLiir.i ll. ighuiiller, vs Henry Ueighiuiller
20 William Laiuoii vs ivti-r llayman
27 Win 1auioii vs 'John Yanpell
2d AUiiiluiblialiurs of Joseph Paxlon, dee'd vs Wm
L l.anco.
29 Moses l'aut &. Samuel IC 1 lilllihpi vs Joseph
SO 1 icck on r or reputed on nor
31 Juiub t-huuiun vs John ll lluulihgcr
3J Abraham 11 Snishcr vs Saiuuel ltimby
:i:i J ,M I reilt JiUovs Clihtuu Dewilt
31 Hubert llorrell is Twp ot Conyngham
a UI) Jones vs .Miles O Abbott c Itichard 11 Meirigh
.bill il I la 111 Uyer vs Peter H Harbor
Ureenwooil Townhii vs r-ainue! Uogait
J7 r-jlvetler J r'uux vs l.nae Wbitu
.1 Sjlicsier J I'anx vs Isaac Whltu
3J Christian !' hnapp is School Uireilors cf Dloom
10 Wright lluglies vs Peter Miller
11 l.eis Cllreeu vs Isaac Whim
4i.Mary U ilieen vs Isaac IVhito
43 Andrew Bnyder vs Jolin Sheatler.
1. .1 . . ,.'";eSi;.ot.l!.MAN Pioth'y.
Prothonotary's Oilicu,
Dlooiiiiburg, Jan 0, 'Co. 1
Grand Jurors Jor J'ebruarij 'lam, 16(50.
Hloom Morris C Sloan
lior Ilerwlck-Cluis D I'owlcr
llriarcreck Jacob Modeller. Win I.ainon
Heaver Daniel llearhart
llentou i; j Alberlson ,
l.'atauis.a-Jjcob Druiuiiellcr
J lluu'l" sornCk-SamllC' fclllVl'' Ma,lllaa Kllnc Jullu
franklin Josoph Uidlcr
Ureenwood llithard Kitchen
Hemlock James lloat, ilud.on Cirton
ruetriiiaiTWm liooi""a"' -"ayuiy Bnyder, Jonas
Mt Pleasant lllias Droiblebis
Madison-Joseph C Winitli
Jackson- John Kcsiler
llooniigcreek Henry Uoffiuan
Scoit Jacob Tcrwilliger
fcugarlouf-Josepli o lless, Wm U rctcrniau
Traverse Jurors Jor Feb, Term, 1800,
Jlloom A JI llupert
lleavcr-llenry IllnderliUr
m MiarCwCi?.k"'J!?"1' Creasy, David SlialTer, r.ouben
Miller, Nathan Mart
llcnton-Htott 1J Collcy, i ,0s 11 Colo, John Davis
Cntawissa-Jacob Krcigli, Daniel llclwi
tonyiugliaiii-Sleplieu Thomas,
lisli nicrtek-llugli Mcllrido
J rankliii Mosos llowcr, Jacob Lorcinan
.reeuwood-Uco W Ult, Jos S Kllnu
Ileiulock-Neliininh lleoso, Hugh 1) Mcllrido
Jncksou-Joliii Yorks
Mrfillnljffiu'i's"- eura,l0W"' '"
Montour-llvon Welliver
8iiydUe"rS,)-AI"al""" Uoloma"' M,e"' Voncc, Johu
Koaringcreok-llciijainin llauck n
Hs.".tll!mi7.A"n f?w I-BUbacIi. Henry C IUsi
KvcriutT 1 , T,,a,,nia" Jo"' Ktiilcr, Daniel I.
JanuuryO ldOO
Valuable Keal Estate.
IN pursuanco of an ordrr of tho Or
phaii.' Oouil of Coliiinhla enmity, on
Thursday the lit of February, 1800,
nt 10 c!nrk V. M., Holier! Clrtrk, Ad'ml llitrolor of
f.Ua' n. 1 owler. Into or Bcolt township, in said cniiiily,
ilec'il, llloM'"" tnsalo, by public vendue, on tin
premises, n certain piece or
Sltuatri In the towns hip of ricot'.lioumleil on tho north
oy .in. pi.uiic (u.iii, in inn fouiii uy me uanai , on thu
I cast by an alley, and on tho wr?t by lands ef ;n
CrcvcllnB I'oiilalnllig about TWO AUK IIS, whereon
I aro erected n two story
I'lanic S)wcMinf? ISoiho,
! Hani and other out hultillngs
I Tho undivided rino thl il part of a ccrlaln wharf lot,
situate in Bcntl twp , on tha, hounded ty land!
, of John Trcniblj, cnntalnltij about ona foutlli of on
1 Aero,
Tho undivided nno Ihlrd part of Hl.X I.IMI'.STONn
LOTS, slluatu III Hit! tamo tnwnrlilp bounded If
lands of Aaron llonu. Joso W Mcrrel ami John Troiu
blcy, containing In thowliotu nhout
ix Acres.
Al. SO, the undivided nno third partof n ccrtnlil
tot situate In Iho samn township, bounded on thu
north hy lot uf Mrs. llurllngauiPi on llio west by
lands m Aaron lloouc, on llio south by lot herctoforn
sold and no the cast by n public road, containing about
nno fourth uf uu Acru.ou which Is eluded a story and
n half
Dwelling House,
l.ato Iho L'elato of said licensed,
nio'iniibnrir, Jan. 0, 1800-ts
Specific performance IZstato of Joseph
Haijhurstt dte'd,
Columbia County, SSi
. .Tlw Coiiimonwcalth nf Pennsylvania to To.
J I.. B. nlna, idow nf said deceasu.l. Mary inter
v inarirlod with David, Susan, Inter
married with (looro Strlcher. Illlui Intermarried
with Cyrus II ApplHiuan, liezaleal lloyhurst, dir..
belli ll.iylrint, and llennjah llayhurst, the pros.'nt rc-j.
idenre nf the last named lie in 3 unknown to your pell
tinner ; lairs and legal representatives r.f said Joseph
(.rtftino, you nnd each nf you aro hereby cttedand
commanded tnbo and appear In your proper persunint
nt Orphans' Court to bu liolden at llloniiiluirg, ,1, and
for said Comity rm tho II rat Monday of t'ubrinry noil,
Hi 11 and Hut. tnuniwcr the In II or petitioH o H'll
lum t uliiiyl. r sitilm: Inrtli that the s.ii.i Juj.'rli ll;.v-
1 liuii-t, dii'd si i.en of u'ltuin ri'al ostalu In 1 Irani. ! tw,i.
1 111 L'nluuibi.i 1 111 nl an 1 iur, .'d Willi your p-liliuu r
,iyar.irl. id r. j; 1 tn -1 1 1 i riUu. dati'.l i ptemli. r
! Mb. I'.i.l, In sell nml c nvi')' Urn Mini.' tu thi nald Uil
haul i-lIiuj lor. hi beirb nr ashluiM. And li. slituv
iiiudo uh) tlw sain Co irl t-hiill not dicniMthu iip.Mifi'
piTlorm inco of tho said nm ract urcoriliui to the trim
luti-uluiiil iuimiiiu? tui'ri'Ol and In it u i-uuv. y.inen b
iiiaitu on ler taitl dicico tn the nfori said William
ailiiivtcr. uf thu said piemlsi's in lo.- siuijde
SA.MUIll. H.NVUUK. tflierilf,
llloomsburil. Di'C.C), lrtj. tc.
Specific pe formuncc Henry Smiths '.
Columbia County, SS :
l j 'I he Comninnwonth of rennjlvanl-i, to llllr..
j I.. M j belli, widow nf said Henry inlth, dee'd ;
- .Marjrarit Interniurried with I'i ter l.utr,
Willi 1111 rS.oiili, John W. Hnilih. Id17.11 Uotv, widow,
Klla I'.l'zabitli Plinth. Nettie minor child of.Mnry Ann,
now iIi-ciiiso I. Int. ly Intermarried with William ,Uh.
William Smith . al. of Cnlinnld . 1,'iiiinly, and .Miner It
Smilli, whine present resi l.-nc- is uiiMiown, and
I homas II. rimith, heirs of 3.11. 1 ll.nry rfinilh, dcc'.l
tlrei iiiik, y.j.i ind each of imi nr linn by cited an i
couiuiaiMli'il m lieforu you wero tu bn and appear 111
your piopcr I" r..uns nt an Orphans' C'ourltu bu lioldrn
'.'! lll'"i"biiy. in and lor uai.l l.'qm.ry 011 Hie first
aionuay "I l eiiruary next, lli-n ami tln-rn ti).inse
I Henrj Mniiii, dicensed, soitiii)! I01II1 that tbo said ,W
i eilunt died seinud of certain ruil ulale, iu ileiiton
! town-hip, in s iid l.'ounty and nrcul with Tliniuu
tht, l.lldr l...litl, lV..I,n. W...III, I-.... ...
11. Hiiiiin, oy aree lit iu wriliuj, dated nth l). r, ,
ti""!JZZVXA ''" ",a r"""""
1 A,V."" I,",w. '-'""!. hy tli.i said Court .hall not de-
. lIrr, l'eie pi'rnirm.iucu of the said i-onlrait, a-
riiKliug to thu Ir 1J intunt au l 111. ,1111111; thcieol. ana
that 111 nit vey.ince In 111 iile under said decree by your
luliliiiiii rtotiie ulnrrsai.l Tlioiuas II rfmith, of thu
Mini pieioisuH iiiilo simple.
f.iAlur.I, f.YI)i:il, Sheriir.
lUeoinsburg, Dec. 211, 1"5 -tc.
In Iho Common I leas i f Columbia Countit .
Surah II. Kamsay, And now, tn wit :
by her nest friend, Due, -lib, I8(i.',an
. , .., . .
"OIlU Cliarplc'J.S,
( aliai subj tuna ia
I uivorc, it a v 1 n g
1 urorgo . u.imsay. J boon returned nml
1 liehponilcnl not having I ecu found in the t ounty
upon moiioii (beit 1'. Cb.rk, Attorney for l.ibelt.
, unt, Con t tiant a Itule upon Itesromlent to ,liu v
' ''n'" " "ione a visiui.ii ma-ihiho.nii sluaild not
he ileen e.l in the above elated rnso returnable to tlm
said Couit of I oiniuu.i I'lua ,011 . omiay. I'ebruary
'ilh, A. il. Iclu.
SA.MI.'IK, SXYIinit, Shenir.
Illoomsburg, Dec 2.1. Idiii.. Ic,
3hl nlllll'fuii.llnit nlV.ii. tn Cf.1l at r,i.
vaio M.iln. ii lalu.ib'u IIOI'SI!. LOT Ax'licnn
II. I. hi AMI, situate on the e, nu-r of Mmn ami
.Maikel Striets, l.sly, know 11 nsllie Millard property.
It in a Uniiii lor t'amil l,uiine,s-tin re being
gi ml .beds, and a Iso a good t 'oal u harf.
Terms iil he n nuinable, Apply 10 llio .subscriber
al l.onur l.iuiu iliJij
0 W CltCVUI.lM!.
Jan 0, IfSO -lit??:
In the Common Picas nj Columbia County.
Su-1111 .Sailor, 1 And now, to wit :
by her u xt frieud Deo. -1th, ISOfl, an
Charlcn Foster, j- alias subjiujiia in Di
vs. I vorou, having heen
Edward Sailor. J returned and respond
ent not liaviuir been found iu tho County ; upon inn
liounf ivter S. Huhtl, Allorneylor l.ibcllmi , Court
crania llule upon llehpondent to show cuuso why a
Dunne ,1 1 imi i.iima ihimo.mi should unl bo decreed in
tlm above muled mse. returnable to tho snid Couit of
Coiuiuou Pleas, on .Monday, I'ebr.i iry 5th. A. 1). lc('(i,
, . SA.MUW. hNYDUIl, SbcrilT.
1! nnnnl urg, Jan. fl, IfSIO. tc
Est ite oj John Cospcr, dee'd.
IV "tifo is hereby given, that Letters of
J 1 Adiniiiltlratini on llio estate of John t'o'per, lata
ol line township, Columbia county dcc'.l , havo been
granted by tho Register of Columbia t ity. tolheiiu
ilersigneil j nil persons having claims or demand
again t Iho estate of the said iiecedcut aro requested
tri present tbeui 1 1 tho Administrator nt his olhco in
ll uoiusbutg. without deliy, and all persuna indebted
to makepayment forthwith.
, ,., C. II. UUOl'UWAY.
January 0, lt?fi0.-0w S3, Adsi'r.
Adminiatrator'3 Notice.
Estate of Vincent llichutt, dee d,
ETTEUS ofadministratinn on tho cs-
tatc of Vincent Hicbnri. u iih ii ill .i.,.,..i
lato ofl'uhingcreek twp, Columbia co , dec'd.hsvo nccn
grained by lim Register of Columbia county, lo tho
undersigned ; all per.uns having cluims uguinst tlm
estate ul llio decudent aro requested to pres. nt Ibem
to tho underi.isne.1, residing in suid township, with
out delay, uud all parsons indebted lo uiaku payment
forthwith. '
, lt. cno.M. UOWF.LL.
Jan. 0, lHjfJ.-fiw. 33 00. Adm'r.
IVJC'I'ICE id hetoby givt-n to all persons
JL i iulcrested, tliat tin- Partnership heretofore ex .
isllng, under tho lirm of lluiiyau tt IIoo, inCa(a
Hisst, was litis day dissolvud by mutual consent
, , - J, D ItUNYAN.
Cittwlisi, Jan, I 1SC0, 3w. SI 00,
rp ho Limo Hooks ol Eli Orcvcding, and
JL tboso of (.'reveling Si l'ausey. o( Limo Ridge,
iiro In tho liands of tin uudersignod fur collecilon
11)086 interested will pleaso take noilco.
, . , , josprii i.iLLuy. i. p.
Light fclrcct, Jan 0, lSO'i-lmo Si
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