Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, January 21, 1865, Image 2

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Saturday Morning, Jan. 21, 1065.
" Our Oonstlltitton guard It ever !
Our "lorlou Union hold It dear !
Our Bta-ry Flaj fortake It never I
Tht proud Caucaslan--our only peer!-
( AFTEtl JANL'AliV lr, 13. )
'$3 00 per Year, or
2 50 if paid strictly in advance.
The negro sohools now sustained by tho
government arc ievenly-siK in numbcr,willi
iwo hundred and .nineteen teachers and
five .boused one hundred arid rJinrty
oubolars Abolition Richangc.
Negro schools sustained by the govern-
tmntl Whero do tho Uuitod States au.
tborities get tlio' power to take money out
nf tlin rrnnS.,rn th mli.nnt,. .,nr T
How can they use tho people's money for.
J" raS,v""
...I. ir
buoii a purpofo as mis ( Verily ,tlieso aro
Btrango times, when that provision of tho
Constitution (or any other) whioh says no
money shall be taken from tho Treasury
except by appropriations niado by law, is
wautooly violated. Havo wo no.Constitu-
tion to gutde'us I noiavf but iho will of the does uot prove them to be oowards,or shou
Administration? no cheeks upon the ac- that tho republic should be entirely d
tion of those whom we havo r looted .n our spaired of. It is ouly because they do uot
official agents tocouduo tbc ulTain of our realize the extent to which the adtnini?tra
goTommtnt? Aro our lives, and fortunes lion has gone, and that they permit, only
al tho mercy of despots and fanatics, who
thirst for blood.and cravo wealth and pow-
cr I Aro our rights and liberties 3d aside
to build up aiV inferior race of beings?
J hen, indeed, is revolution justifiable, a
revolution to establish a Constitution, aud
make laws, and securo our liberties, "lie-
6istanoe to tyrants is obedience to God."
If theso things bo true, then tliu timo' for
submiSiion is already passed, aud the hour
for tho people to move for their deliver-
enoe from tho edicts of tyrannv , at hand,
Xegw children educated by' 'the govern,
ment ! If (ho government baa money to
sjiaro for this purpose when her fair fields
aro deluded with tho blood of her children,
and when tho is groaning under the debt before the hcul of t lie tyrant is too firmly
and misory entailed upon her by a fanati-' placed upon their necks. The fanatics aro
oal, abolition war, in tho namo of Heav- ( having their day woe be unto them
m, are thero no white childun to educato, ( when ibe tide turns.
whoso advancement iu kuowledgn would ! ""'
be an honor to tho country aud a benefit lo ' h ls statcd tbal G,'u- D s hi3 Euccedt,tl
tho race ? Is tho nrgro tho prestige of in Cndine out cvcr incendiary engaged
this govcrnment.upon which it must lavish thu iltte",l't o & tlio hotels iu New
nil its care, and squander tho people's , York' Th' arc 1101 t0 bo brol,gllt !"
money i' Is ho better than our children, nnco t0 Punis"lllant' for (he public Welfare
that ihey iLust be iH'gleeted,defpized,thcir ,cq"a that no revelaiiong- ol tho facts be
God-givca rights trodden uuder foot, their luudo Ul,ti11 aftcr t,,(i war- Whal
- own free govcrnmont.givcn them as a her- 031140 of ,Li31 Cortaiuly iho deed wa
ntage by our -fathers, taken from them, to not dono uy Southern' rebels or through
liberate, and fondle, and educato Ami!- tl,uil' 'ligations. If to, why are ibey
Are wo fools and blavos.that we stand idly not P1'6'1 as General Dix aid thoy
by aud permit these things ? j would be if found out. There is some-
, , a . , j thing behind the scenes, as it always has
The Diurr. A JXcw Quota to be As- uccn a niy story why, aftcr so much and
zigncd lo rcimsylvaim.Nnyn It. I. so ruat a preparation for a great confl'a
Dodgc,Pro70st Marshal-General of Pcnn- graliou thero was so little mischief done.
pvlvania.jaa issued clrculiiM minnnnnirm
- ' b
that by dircctious received from Provost
Marshal General Fry. tho district quotas
assigned by him, under the call of Dec.
10th, 18G4, and announced to tho district
Provost Marshals 6f the State, by letters
from Major Dodge, dated December 20ih,
ore repealed, and that now quotas will be 1 e .1 . . UIU uauiuum V. Ul IICIUIUIU, uu Will Ut! hi ni jui'LUiail. Wl VyUII"lL'.-i3lill11UUUSUrU
established for tho different districts by , . , ;,. , , Tn- i i .11 -.,-.. 1
r . , re-elected ; ltichardsou, of Illinois, who has not only become ju.-tihalilo but nee
January 31, up to which tune corrected , .. , , , , ... , , J . 1 . r 1
enrollments will be received. They should 1,1 b buC0CL'dt'd b Kwhurd latest essary, in order to prevent a further con
be forwarded immediately. It has here- Gri,U(iS' ol IoW3 alld Anthony, of Rhode linuation of the inhuman barbaiitics prac
tofore been the custom for the Provost' hhl)d w,1 Iiave bec" rc-clccted ; Hale, tieed upon our men whom iho fortune of
Marshal-General of the State lo a.ssb.n tho f New IIan,Pshiroi who will be succeeded ( war sometimss throw into their hands,
distriot quotas, aud tho district Provost ' by Aaron lL 0rain " IIarlIinSi Ore- The time of iho House has been mainly
,ii 1 1 I......: 1 1 son, who will be succeeded by Gooriio II. taken Up with debate on the promised
.-.Mimiuig ut,,, vutunuicui uuuius .isaii.ueu 1
tho quotas of their sub dittriola.
Mjssouui 18 Free. Tho Tribune dc-
elares that Missouri is frec-becauso J
clique or traitors iu that Slate has decreed1
tho emancipation of other people's slaves ! 1
Missouri is free! Free from law and or-1
a f, ff, mill , t, f I
t: f p, ll f r "8r ' ni
Irom freedom of ('Ipntinn. Iren fpnm nil 1
. . . . : . '
liberty of thought, word or deed. Poland I
s. e .i. ..I : : i.. . '
,f,nr, i.hai, I tt r;SU0WdUitllcroi,-cU',7)7S5 pupils iu thu
Y It ho I f -ar,S Slat . "I"'" of Philadelphia,
frce-w.lh the i.ou hand of Au-tna des- Le lh of scLools fiv0
poiism pressing down iho throbbing, of tetnb,a,s t avnrnn noU nf .,, nnlnJl
her heart. Maryland and Missouri aro ;
free-to stund by with the sojwliii2 brows
..i. .. i ... .... ,i,.i. i:i ......I
while their property aud their liberty aio
alike crushed under tlie chariot wheels ol
. - " ,
u out-throat fanaiieisna.
Nearly twowccksa,o the abolition I
State of Massachusetts, bv ncrmusion of
Stanton, had recruiting agents down at
Savannah, Georgia, catching niggers to fill I
,, ,i. iL. .i, i
her quota, on tho last call,
' ji, ... i mi ,, I
Uy and by, we shall bo paying another
"special Income las," to pay somebody
for those Ma'sachusotts darkiest What
cay you, Pco John Is thero auy such
special five per cent, tax on incomes ?
ThQ Toonessco Convention" of orazy
beads hu7c nominated Parson Drowlow,
for Governor. An honest, good, or do
cent man would uot have tallied with ihe
calibre of tho "convention."
CaT Wo direct attention' to- tlio pros
pectus of The Any York Daily JWit-a, on
fourth page. Its a high touu aud ably
edited journal.
X" An abolition paper in York State
raics the nauio of OJd Ueu Uullor for
President iu 180a,
I 5?- The recent conduct of Col. Chiv
ington, in Colorado territory, in attacking
a defenceless Indian village und maisaorc-
ing its inhabitants id about to be invent
gated in Congress
Tho n.assncrc is-pronounced by Judgo
Hnding.of Colomdo, iko mott cruel that
history records. He says that the "in-jtivo
dians bad previously given up their arms j
they molested no travelers ; (hoy claimed
lo bo quiet and peaceable ; yet they wcro
suipriscd by a miliary force, coming .t)mb
ber of other balfbrecd.s that were stopped
at tlio lotijjcs. Not a soul was epaied
man, woman or papoose that fell into tho
hands of tho soldiers Tim Indians lo
more expected an attack from tho troops
,i, ,i. ... , c .i. . . i . i
did from those at bort Lyou,
wbom Aey vlsltcd cvory
ltow ""rnful is the fate of the poor In
u,uu ' VjOH'P'jr0 11 01 ,llu '"can,
"050 wc" ' H'o daily concern of so
I'TgO ll pOTtlOU OI OUl' people, aUll WO Uiay !
.... i , ... .. . . . ,
wo11 col,uludo poet that
' .Uiiii b ill ll uiilil II II V iu Inall
, fliakc. countic miuioa, mourn,"
; -
A" Tho masses iu tho North havo long
submitted to the usurpations and disunion
'schemes of thj administration and tho ab
olitiouiats. I3ecauo thoy havo done this,
for the sako of poaoo at home, thaso impo
sitious upon theirrights. It is their groat-
est error thai the first dcpartuio of those in
power from the chart ol our liberties was
permitted to pass unrebuked. The per-
nnsion to exercise one usurped power I
gives a licctitc to wield another. Tho I
longer they go unrcproved ths moro nu-1
mcrous aud the moro tyrauical ihoy be-
come. We believe the time will come bo- j
foro mariy days, when iho people will a-
waken to a sense of their couditioo,- '
when they will see the great error they
have committed in not being more lonao- j
ions of their perogaiives. Wo hope they
may got waiked up before it is too latc,and
ivasuan cuori oi tno administration to
cet un a liitlo- iud.Vnation a-ainst the
git up a nine- maignation against ue
Was it an c ffort of the administration to
Southern refugees in New York.
looks that w.iy
1 uT- The NeW U.mted States Sena-
Tons. Tho United States Scnators.whoso
terms expire on tho -ltli of March nest,
..,lT,..., .( ll,.! ... ...1 ....11 1...
7... . "
W 1 ami . ITnmnr.l M!l.;
Wilson, of Massachusetts ; who havo been
.. 1 v. .- . u 1. , mi...
ro'clccted 5 Lowell of KcnlUdky, who will
b succeeded by James Guthrie; Fare-
wellot lHalDG ! "kinsou, of Minnesota ;
Tcn EJck' of Ncw Jer'e'. aud 'Wo, of
11,0 Sule of yirS"'
Tl,B QW SuU0''S F TnK
t- .
otaxe. a. ro ion irom tuo suncrintenti-
ent of the Common Schools ol tho State
C0 p(jr UJ0,h TllQ total cut of t,1Q
...i n.. ..m n :
Bvoieni is o-,-ioi 1 increase over lliu
- '
year previous of S07,O73, this docs not
include tho czpunsc of tho Philadelphia
Common Schools. There is a decrease of
307 u.lo tenebcr., owing to the war, and
au l"oruaso 01 " teacUors.
,' " 7", I
"'''"el. 1 rowncll, D . D ,;
Presiding Dishop of iho Protestant Enis-1
copal Church, died at his residence in
1 in . .
two hundred miles for tho purposcy..t dead for , ho saeriQecs and calamities that bavo 1 ,t'l0lU ljllttur- iit no meat. Give cat- ,irovhionB on boaid, and freparcd for a lb" result oi it lias not yet out. Iho victim include.: were ' followed the failure of that oauso and are mp lea as elten a. tho patient w th.r,ly,- E,coml ntltick When Uutlrr was ro- jOcmooriU iVn itl-o eouo Co iucliVuoiid and ' y
men, women and children. Gen. Dent, (0 bo-retrieved by its uocess. There arc Give physic when neeossnry. Ifthealiovo moved from notiiinamKGenoralTcrry was it umlcr'i0od that bo will assist iu the lleasod tliat I
OUIl Ul VyUI. JCIH, BUS 1.1I1CU. Willi 11 II UU1 ,ie 11 t U a t All llC lIS'll KG
ia-.iiiiiiu,wvuii, i'u uis iuiu uiiuuuiy, , . . ., . ,, ,,, ,
.i.r.r it .i on ti. -".hest erguinont could possibly be
Ib0.r. He was in the SO year of us aeo ; . , . . . ... . , ,. .
. , . , , . brought against bl.oJdy as n i olitical ccon -
und was consecrated Bishop nf Conncoti. '
cut October 27, 1810. Tl roughout his
whole EpiBcopalc,bis Diocmo was happy,
united and profperous.
Dy his death the venerable John Henry
Hopkins, Uishop of Vermont will bo iho,
Prcsidinir Dishop.
tgif Some u i istocrnts iu Philadelphia,
who always rido in their own carriages,
havo called a meeting to force tlio poor
pcoplo who rido in street oars, to allow
niggers to bo hauled round with thorn.
We pity tho poor addlcpates, if tbay want
to ride wilh the greasy wenches, lot them
I tako them in iheir carriages.
finvnrnnf Rnvirtmir.
The Albany Arg,,ma n well merited
iuuto of p'raiso to this distincuijhcd gen-
tribute of p'raiso
tlemab updn his retirement from au oflico .
which bo has eraccd abd honored. "Ho
i8 ti,u mah U)0tl wl)0m ,bu eyes rf all the
I pcbplo D0W C(incontrato as tho rcprcsonta-
cf Dcmoontio pjinciplos, and tho
Champion of constitutional liberty. The
,.. n oomiI)L. a,,.i 80011. ,..,cn ,.V(.rv ad-
vocato of this great cause will bo dear to
u,o beartB of the American pcoplf dearer
crow stronger cacli
timo they touch tho earth : and l.'ovcmor
IScyinour will find this defeat but the pre-;
. I , . e . , . ;
ludo to a fresher and more vigorous career.'
TI , , . , . a ,1 . rr
Ho has exhibited so lniich hoDosty in offico
-so much firinticss when that quality
was needed to defend popular liberties or
rnr1 wnll Imnn.rn.l ind,-
i u ' "w 1 J n
mcnt and a moderation that averted oeri
oils collisions: he has been so indefaliira
ble in tho details of duty, that all who will
fnCin.v nnlinlv l.ia niltniniAtrntinn. must
admit his high executive capacity. His
Slntn tiani'i-it niul tnililin nnrrn.nonilnnr.o
, .... , , ... f . .
huvo exhibited an elevated tono of state-
maiiihip; atul his occatioual tuldrcs-efi and
' ' , , , .
speeches havo been among tbo biM epect
r.A ...... o .i.
Ids public reputation
His fellow eitizcn!.
who had opportuhitieo to apprcciato hi I m: Gk.nusek 1 AltMEn. The January j moemefiti of Iho land aiid naval lorccs
social qualities bis chivalrous courtesy and number of this well known agricultural1 harmonious. On Tliuisday tho first ves
grace of manner, and the charm of his journal is received. Wo cordially rec- scls of tho fleet appeared off New Inlet,and
couveroation, find hardly lo9 to adiniro oiumciid it to all our readers who arc iu on F.itlay il!-,niing filly Federal vessels
than iu his public eliaiactcr. Above all auy way interested in agricultural or hnr- were in c:osu proximity to Kort I'isher.
thoy kuow him to bo above all eordid
temptations, free (rom vice, his mind di
vested of cam, his soul above bypocriry.
Such a n an can f.ock honor iu the walls
of private life aud Dud it thcic. And wo
'i -. .
know Uiat uov. beyinour uooh not loou
bejond. liul if tho day should como whfn
patriotism and statesmanship lire wanted
in the Ic i.lorship of States and Nation-)
that day will oall him forth from retire-
incut, lor the Time will demand the .Man.
Tho Saturday Evening Post.
We would call the aitcutiou of tho:o
who with to subscribe to a first dais Lit-
crary Weekly, to the Siturday Eveuiug
Post, published iu Philadelphia. Tim
.''.. ,, , 1 , .
l'o,t contains weekly a largo and very
terc.mng assortment ol Storieo, Sketches,
Aneedot s, ko., calculated to amuie aud
inttiuot its readers. A family cf children
who lead a paper liko Tno Post.can hardiy
. . , . ,
fail in being bettor informed than ihoso
who do not. Of couro every man should
take his own county paper; but, alter
that, vo would commend The Post to his
attoutiou. Wc observe, that Wheeler &
Uilsons oulebrated fauwiog Maehines aio
given as Promiujis with certain clubs of
The Po-t. It.-, terms arc S'2 50 a year,
nine for 10, &o. Sample copies are sent
is -
" k -n -,,,.ri
Address, Deacon Peterson, Jl!) Wal-
uut Street, Philadelphia.
-"-" --
Phochedinos in Co.n'oiikss. The Sen -
ate Military Comimlteo havo instructed
Ponator Howard to r.porl a joint rcsolu-
lio" iu-ructiDg the President to place the
......".. , ,. ' .
ntuiii uiuiuia unu nuiuiera now 111 out
j hands iu charge of our returned piisonen,
I who i-hall have power to treat thcili as our
soldiers aie treated in the Southern pris-
oos; that their ofliecrs should be fitst
made to suffer as our's have done ; that
il, tllll !.,l,...,r..,. f 1i,....... ll.!. .
r,.,.r.A ....., n. i.:t.:. J
ing slavery iu all tho State".
v u v. w u . ,w .vi.ia.i.uiiu.i, i"iiiuil
has yet been reached upou it, and as the
discussion is prolonged, tho promts ol
,.,I:I?U'r" J" 3J' CoNVMi:iAM of,
Wilksbairc, who was coiitincd n the Con-
I"' " t Ob.rloi.on, 8. C, for
' I ' u
i,ml .nnili. i,,,.... .,.i,...o...i .i
reached home on ihu 4ih of December.-
Wo are informed he looks wall.butis quite
thin, owing doubtless to the poor fare re-
ceived at That ...hosnitable reso.t
at that ...hospitable reso.t.
Hesi meii.-CoI. W. W. II. Davis has
rninmcil iim mi;inr;,.t nt tt... n..
- ...,,.iU,6UUiiUk uunu.
lovoi JJcmovrul alter an absenco in Iho
.. . . .
army ol more tbau tbreo years. Dr. Men
Ueulia" w'o had control uf tho paper du
rig the absence of Col. 1) , retires from
" "
" - ' -
New Jeusey is tho ouly Democratic
-u (h(J N(m, ud - h ,
., ,. ,, , , ,
I... I la ,,,.( rl ,1,.l,t I . I. 1...1
, ,. ., , ,
ou baud m tbo Treasury. Plus is tho
ItSr Tho reports laet week of "Peace
' movements iu Georgia," disbanding of
11 III IM . i
the ueorgia .Militia,' Aso., iVo., havo been
contradicted by den. Sherman iu a letter
lo the President.
C Tho mouther's of tho Pennsylvania
LcgUlaturo intend raising their pay to
51200. Some years ago wbon iho dem
ocracy ruled, tho pay was 91)00,
- -
The inercaso in tho population of Wash
- vtfc-
ington oity,siucu tho varbcgnn,is remark-
ablo. In 1800 ils population w 75,000
1 it is esliniMod how to reach 100,000.
L'urr. for the. Small 'nr. Tho foltnw.
log prescription is vouched for by tho
knstport (Mo.) Sentinel, as a euro for the
81,18,1 Pox ll 'li wort" ,r)'ipg now:
"Oivu to llio paticuttwo tnbioapoontfull
f inixluro of bop yca.-t and water,
cetencd with mouses, so as to bo pal-
Utablo, equal parts of eaob, three times a
, day Children undor twelve years of age
h1,ou1(1 laku two ''po'onB full threu times
a ''ay. Diet Uoilcd rice and milk, and
t0!,stU(' bread '"ois'oned with water, and
.uiijuU nu nnuti oi
suull pox will remain.
. ' .
5 II.MIAM Al'l'fiKMAN, OU0 of tllfl
n , ,. ... ,
Columbia county prisoners who was found
.. . ..... .
to tho dralt, Gued five hiiuilrcd dollars and
... . ...
("dL,rud ' P 'sonment UUt,l the payment
of the fine, has paid the amount and bu n . . , . " i . ui ,1 ' ylvama volunlcors havo been oonsolidal
r, lnn.(l ll i.,. n,l,i,..-.i . " contained nearly one hundred and filty . c,j owi t0 xho MnMM of their ra)U
rucaseu, lie lias aildresicu a petition to
Congress, recounting tho hardships of bis
I'VIWil'llitiffl tf hi n tltlflir ri-i,itt n..I ....I.!....
tint I in
amount of bis fino btl refuuded to
. . '
torted from bun. yenator Huckilcw has
,. . , ,
his easo in band, and all who read his
. ... , , .
memorial will ho convinced that then:
tlcVer AVas a more righteous call for leis-
. ' i
ticu lure. Il coils ouly ono dollar a year.
Itis one of the best aud cheapest journal-. I
published. Sand a greenback in a letter t
to the publisher, Joseph Harris, Uoclie-I
tcr, .N. i., aim you will receivo the paper I
r .. . i 1 1 . i . i
lor .i ye,u , aim toon snow luo January
number to your neighbors and they will
subscribe also. The publisher of the Far-
mer offers to send a copy of tho paper tc
all who wish to csauiini; it before sub-
" -
uJT'l w tVk"! "fml ,' bU home,
ju F.iii iniiiiiit, tlii oouuty. a uonplu ol
months ago, by unnu soldiers and thrown
into a Liuoolu ba-flilc, lia been condom
n"V MX ,ml CJU'J,D(,,"ll!1)t ' Fori
Mifilin, and S'JOO fine. Tho 'head aud
ffont of his o)r(.nning- is ,, mr llui.lh
js a democrat, and as a minister of the
(.Jospel, would uot preach Aboli tioui.-tii !
I,e disloyal to his government As well
IniS,,t GVCTS man ruf'""'--' ' Mihstituf
an "anti-si.u-erv 13ihl" for tho B.bla ct f
U ftH.ors, nn.l worship hat the la. an
tiC8 wollu Mt upas an 'aim slavery God,'
bo impri-oiied for disloyal practices.
-J,uzcrne Union.
nr nT o"
of New Columhu-, the other day. Ho w.v
iu town attending- to miium in
30.llr'- Mr, U., is crippled and almost
fro"1 lli-"nB eoi.lin.Miieut in a Lin
coin batilc. Lour months in Fort. M lilin
r"0r'i'"e, told sadly up-uj an other-
wise vigorous coustitutiou. I thero no
day of reckoning in the future, for tin-
outrages this admioiitra-ion has com mil
tcd upon unoffundiujj cit:zens llbbl.
rf ' , P K' Mt nn l.'ur.'! 1. I
.wlj0" lcft a Lng.ish po rt Pomct,me ago.
is now.undcr tho namo of i in Slmnnmlo,,!. 1
is now.unucrtbo namo of the Shenandoah,'
actively at woik in destroung American
shipping on tun Atlantic. Sho has already j
captured the ship Kate Piince, the b.irks !
nun i,u, uouney, antl the hi
Stisau and tehooner Charter Oak, or San
Francisco. The English merchauls and
aristocracy have now another m nive Ibr
II J m r ....
chuckling over the destruction of our com
JKa- Tho new board of Directors of the 1
Uauk or Danville, are as follows : I
ittou in .uanviiic, are as lollnws I
From Danville, E. U. Ikldy, Peter
laldy, George A. Friek, W. G. Scott,
. C Kbodcs, George U. lirown, Thomas
Lr,ia n m '
Haldy, Georae A. Friek. V. i S,.nti
Woods, ft. M S'linnn
ii.,, i. 1, ,.i -., o, .
ley; George G. Piper ' ol Milton, John
Sharplcss of and William (J.
i nui jjiiiiui unu i.e. jiau9 01 thn r :,
nurley of tJloomsburg.
" "Alby, President.
C.i miming as the newest "novti
"ulJ11u A& rili. MwfcsT io ei.
"Dillon of Webster's
ti:..!.. : ...
inouary is a monument oi literary a-
hor, which will attract tho attention of the
learned tho world over. It is uf chunn
ink CIS the newest HOVtl. f turn nvnr nnim I
, - w
iHr nnn M.irt l,,i,t. ,, .I ,.,lmn 1. ..1 ll
..w. ,,u, 11 nun .u umac ll,
I hope that the day is not far distant
when every school in our Slate will have
. " i n .... i ... ..
u j. oui i.jhihs. inn. out) i
Cm. Schools of Pan.
Anothuu Steamship Wulckbu, We
have to record
another terrible disaster at
I ..J "u
Elcnmship Melville, which loll
Mn.i, V...1. n.,
, encountered a
, having her bo
New York ou tho 5th inst. for PoitUoyal,
sevcro ttorm on the 7th,
bows stove iu by tho sea, and
, about noon next da) she suddenly went
' .. e e ,
uunu. iuus 1111 uuiv iuui t liuuw to
, , , . 1
havo been saved two passengers, ho mate
1 ,,, . , 1 C1 b . '
and the third engineer, is he had 50 pass-
IIUIO L1UI1 -v.J UlllUClil UUll VIWlTi
6?" Pennsylvania furnished 67,000
- n n ., . . . .
men,acco.uing to uov. uuruos statement,
.1.. n ,1. . rw. . .1
year 1601 and
'd as JO 000
to me uorernuiciH iu tuo
yet our quota is announce
Acoording to, ibis stylo of flouring Pcnn-
svlvania riuota is more than double what
it should be if properly calculated.
J82? Persons who complain of tlio rear-
. . . ....
city ol colits lor supplying ohango, will bo
glad to know that tho noW Ihrco-cout
? . ... .....
iractional currenoy will soon ib usuou liy
.he Sccretaij of tho Treasury
Tort Fisher, tho work defending New
Tn0t. North Oarolin.t, has been captured.
It was takeu on Sunday n combin-
ed land and nuvnl txpoifiiioti, undor tho
command of lirevct Major General Alfred
II. Terry, and; Hoar Admiral David D.
i'ortl r. When Duller' returned from For'
1 Uhcr,altur tho previous nttuck,hu brought
,i8 (mops to Fortress Montoo. Admiral ,
pCrlor took iho fleet to Ueaufort, North
Carolina. Here the vessels took coal and
tlaeiu at tliu lieau oi tne iroops wi i un-
rt,ss Monroe, and under orders, From
Wmliinnion, ho at .ailed to 13eafort, '
,Vt this port, on January 8th, all tbo land
troops and naval vessels were assembled,
prepared for a second expedition against
Wilmington The land Urces numbered
-i.-... i..i.. ,.,. Ti n flCI!t.
vesscl9. i
On January iHh the cnitibibed c3:lcdi-
f,m n,.-.,..inri. 'I lin weather I
was good at the sea smooth, and on Janu
ary 1 1 th, lust Wednesday, the licet all nr-
In V Inn
tno Atiau-,
1 H 1 .. T . 1 i
perience of the previous attack matlo the
! At davliglil tlie lion-eladt and frigates
advanced to tho attack, and at about eight
o'elock the boii.bardii.oiit was begun.
Tho shelling rivalled that nf llm former
attack mi iutmit) . and was kept
.... ....
1'iy. Tlii- f.nt .-eldom rep'ied, the storm
ul sli'.'H bjilij; to.) heavy lot tlio nun to la
(ior at their g'lin. About nonu, under
lie irolretiou cf a fl :et of gunho in, jiro
p trillions v.'i're made to hiinl (JrUJial Ter
ry's tronpj, A .wtrip ol wood.- o:i the haeh
.ibout ibrte miles abovi Furl fi-iiur, w.t-.
helled, to ilrivo iho Coufederitcs oil, and
the landiug began nlmost on the uie spot
where Uuticr ilcb.ifked twH weeks before.
The l.iijdin,r was uuoppoted and during
i Friday and Friday nilit L'i rry sueceeed.
ed iu g'ttin his oniiro force nf eight
thouiTind men on hoie.
During all this tii'J-i the bombardment
of Furl Fi Iwr coi.tinued. li was renew
d on y.ituid.iy with equal fnrce,and Ter
ry beau lii.i prepcratinus for au iivault.
A lino of eaithvi rks was coiittructed
icros? the narrow bench, b. tt ecu ibe ocean
and Cape L' river, aud a portion of the
Federal troops placed iu'tliein. These"
works feed towards the north, rod wfre
intended av a protection against auy as
sault which might bo made by tiie Confed
erates, li om Wilmington, tipnn llie Fede
ral rear iluiiii the attaek ujioij h'ori Fish
er. Gencial 'J'erry ul.-o began iho con
struction of '.vorkn tinvur lj the sniitli, to
ao.-ist him while the asau!t wad bein
made. During all llii- tinu: lliu ho hbard
inout of Fort l'isher In iho 11 et wa kepi
i i
p, and tUa.eely
i:..i I,,,- ;,...,
a "un iva
iJuinu thus imoiuotfil tno Federal labor
ing panic.- progr'M-d i idl ,and l noon
ou Saturday last everything . ready for
the attack. An aaultini: eolumu of in-
r.vcu near .ua.ouuoro, on ... ha( rut nc.aurrar,, in 00lnmand of
tio coast, about thirty milo3 n rth cast of; ,ije ,l(.(cnocs ul Itichuiotid, intending him
FoitFinlier. The dups were at once pro- tolf to pn eted to South Carnlina, to con
pared for a battlu,aud the unforiuoatc rx-! ccntrate the rt-bul forces iu dial quarter to
1 fautry was at tinco tout lorwsid against j Fresidrwtial Inau;'u anon ba'l A preiiy
'the uoithwustern angle of Fort Fuller. ' ti'nu 'u f"uit1' "f March will ho m lioh
j Another a.-saulting pa.f, con.pujed 0f!,,icl) 't'rualia. while tho laud i-i.,
Lailors and marine,., was advanced a ain-t ' "rlili.'.lr -'.
'thu norths
stern a'l'k1, Al half pal
three ibe infantry reach d the fort, and
i,IUr a lo" mA lr"'ih 8uccecd.
11 l,d 1
cJ "' l'li,5l",S a lodgement. I he sailori-
anu marines w no auvaneeil aguiut Hie
other anlo, wore rcpul-ed with heavy los.
ey were accordingly withdraweu, and
to assist the infantry cobiinu.
Having cTeeted a lodgniMit, the Fede
ral troops gradually worked their way
along the ramp iris, driving iho Confide
rates from oim b.nub-pioof aud tiaverse to
another, until, uS Un o'c'ock in ihc eve.
uiug, the entire fort was captuicd and tht
garrison diivni out, Central Whitney
and Colonvl Lamb, wilh the Confederate
troops, retreated south along Federal Point
In V1.1v Tut, 'I. 'I'.in.. i.onlrl;.i.t nn
-ainivi , iw.i nu 111 icii.ii;. , mill nuiu UJIJ
Hath Whitney and Limb were
wulldtd. All the works belong to our
Seventy two cannon and a uuin
i c . i.. ........ ...i
uer ui irauii.-u. .iriuuiv esti ill lieu at
from ono thousand to twi.titv five lutnilrnil
" - luu jiiujiusu m iieimg as icaeuers in uegro
have becu capluit'd. Wi'urugton is not! schools.
taken, It is thirty miles noith of Fori t,j AiTn,,, i..,irTiT,TTr.. -." . ..
... . ,rl m i. . - ,i,i ni"01" "all the coinpoMtors in the
1 slier. fho Capo lear river is not elos- f Pross office, at Hartford, Conn., are girls,
ed bv this canturfi i for it has aflotb v nn-i - -
trauce south of New Inlet. Uy jad.cious
.. ,r ... n ,. , .
lunuiuuv ii.'B, uin ivi a , it tuu vouieuenites
havo no large force ts oppose him, Porter
may bo ablo to effectually olo.-o eiitranec,
though two largo forts havo yet to be taken
before he c
an have undiluted possession
or. Tho Fedoial loss in the
., .,.
of the harbor
lSfauli upon rort l'ishcr is lopor'ed at
I....I ttii r.l.. ..'
nine uunureu. i ne magazine oi me iorti
,a liln.nn .. n nll.r !t ,..o n... .l
"" 7 ",
tivri h li nil ml ll o hrti cnlillr.u tv.m l.l
two huodrrd Federal soldiers were killed
.ind wounded. There is a report that tho
ullaliasseo anu tuo lyincuaniaiiga arc shut
UP 'm G'd)0 oar ivcr.but (Irs is cxtromc -
ly doubtful.
Tho removal of General Duller from
command has niado yarious changes uc-
... ... .
cessary in General Uraul's army. (Jen.
Ord in couiuiand of the Twenty-fourth
.... '.
corps it is tniti mat ucnoral JIuntcr will
he Blkflcr'. pcrinanen, tu,w.,r If ,1,1,
bo so, it will bo scarce ly ait improvement
ucrQ!6 ,), (;tjtn mittco thai it was
impossible to capturo Port Fisher. Tho
only item of intolligrucc from Grant's
oamp Is that tho Uonlc.leratca arc labor-
JJSg JjYhi'nf Ui"l3"o o"3in JumM
above Dutch Gap, which will mako the
canal, if ever opened, perfectly useless.
jvj- iin-.r .,..., :,, inL,n0nd nn Mnn.
day, and since then has had a consultation
with the Cohfi'derate authorities, though
pcaos ncuotiaiiorH I lioro ate all sorts
of rumors il ing nl-out, hut notbiug deQ-
Ul.icas " P"uaw- ti-juii, out oi incso
:;Tlutms( f1)iot , rol,m nIollg tbo
JiDe ju front of the Army of tho Potomac,
and even p'eket filing seems to havo been
s'v up' ,
TIo'tIi and 81lb Regiments, l'enn-
The new onfimization will be conwnanilcd
by Lii ut Col. IJuiupus and will bo known
na t" 57ih I'onnsylvaiiia volunteers..
. ,
83?" It is rumored that Leo has boon
command of all tho rebel armie-,
.... . , .. , i
ciicck aiierinati s prono-cl niovcineiit
nor'hward. iShermaiij UKivou.cut was
considered by Leo ns more imp 'i lanl than
any Grant can mako upon It'chniond in
four months.
&3r Public Speakers. M litary M.'ii and
Singers, and nil snfferihg Irom Irritation
uf the Tluoit end Ho.irnu'S4 will bo
agreeably surpri-i-d al the i ii'0-t imme
diate relief afforded by the m-o of 'Diown's
llrnncliiai Trrekc..' 'Their dun u'ceni in
gredii uts 'illay Pnlmnnary irritnti 11 and
fli r -nr.'ikii'u or siiil'ii l. w In 11 llm il.reiii
Ij, w,.,,n,d nd wekeiio I bv tot in
ueh 1 x-
eiei"", ib. ir me iviil ivc re e vcl strui);t!i
in the vocal irgtn.
. . .
Coin. Wilhct' Xit!ccc RnnUtet ' he
President has remi ted tliu si-ntuneo of
Commo'lnru Wilkes, who win seuteucod to
, .th .t.taum 111.11 u
u. mrji. n-,,111 iiiiiii iiju reiviee lor itireu
years, on account of bavin-' e'ipt.ired M.t
UIM..II .... 1 I .1 1 : I .
on .....I 01 11 mi 1 01 r 11 me jri iu 10 1 in
er I rent
llli Seiitl t.Ci' ha-i been -u iii, ul
ificil as to make hi t-uspcusiou cou'.ni'ie
only fur a petiod of one year frmn it. date.
With what diffidence nu du ciawl about iu
humiliation at the f. et of fonign powuis.
A loyal leaguer, named M. G
Allen, one ol the i-lioiidy nUieer.i at t!.'
Cu-iom llou-e in Pliil..delphia, has been
arrcfrtid cu a charge ol i-tnuling e'ghl)
thou-eiid dol ari of iho ublic fiimU. -.Some
months ngo ho .-.lole i. or oiihl
thoiH.ind dollars, llo was'a g eat hnw'ci'
lor war ! war !
OCT From S.ivaiiiuih e Karn that dn
S'heriiliin is p.:ruiint a vi ry com-ttitoi y
policy .and ha.i isni.ed ;i pr. c!ani:.t'on per
mittinc p'ai.teri lo brim? iu tht 11 n oduee
1 ; 1 ,. .! ... " ... - . ;.
.13 uaiiii, .inn iiuiiis nut lun'icii'ii'.'iH 1 1 r
tlicin In ilno. ThU looks as if he le.-i
pcrfeo ly securo. au.l means to inalio 1. 1 1
the friends he can,
- - - .
To he Huso littwiid IS. iV.oitj.wa
irird and convicted iu tlie Nnriliumher
'and oiinty Court, at fSiiifmny, la-'
we.'k, for tho murdir of Mis Chamber
lain, wifo of Lewis ChnmhiMlain ol Slia-
i moki'i toK iHlop, N )ri!iuuil)i;rl,ind couniv
lUi! li ne ol Ills i-X'ieu'lOU IS ut to
:t liv G iv. (.'uriiii.
CSy The large ronn in tho uoith wine
ol the Patent Oliics is to be ucd for the
ihc North.
A bill has p issed both hou-ei ol
('oiiitres-iuoreasiug the duty of liiokuy
lo two dollars per j'allon. The law Well''
into cifi'et on the lsl uf January, 1 -J ti.1
it ttoes not apply to tho kipc!: on hand, hut
only to liquor manufactured after thin
123 The ('oinmi-sionors of Nortlul'ii
berland county have contracted for tin
building of a new Court House, to he erict
ed at Sunbury, with the I) S Ili-jel, o'
Williamspor', ut (.00 Mr, llb-scl
built tho Court house at Willinmspoit.
( JScS1- A lady who vuited the Contraband
Camp, at Norfolk, Va., roeently. wak
astonished lo find near all tbo little ii'ggei
babies, of both icx, named "Abraham."
The stockholders in National Hunks arc
individually responsible to the amount ol
their rcspecivo shares of stock for tUbl-
1!1 l... ...
' or Hnb'liticj of every kind.
ISdy A number of young ladies have
nuiiu iu i.niim irnm i,',.., ...i r.
o. i . . .
il... ,',,.,.. .. ..- . .
, - --,. j..,iiiihi, iur
' ., CSr "c''Ward Hjechcr's salary for
una j'uur mis oecn nsou at Siy.OUl),
Ou the 22dof Doc. IcflU, at tho Par-
. JJ.JJ Or.npvlllo. by the , Hov. , W
nov . m ii i i r m .
HObAN.S A IU. llOUhl.Elt, both of Flailing,
creak tu-n flol en P-i
. ' . . '
On tho Mih iust , at tho Parsonao in
C 111 1... li..' 1 - - .1 . . .
yiu ,,, uoouncii, r.
JOHN 1 1. ill I N II1 K -Ot ft I Inlt'ihiti ti. tn l J.o
Jons H. ftliN.NK'K,of Sliiokshinny,to Mis
J.I'IN1,A I'kai.uii, of Fishingoreek twp ,
' "
1 lgaet"iT,J-1TTriVtfT
Iu Suuhurv. Oil tho lOlh imt.. ftnneuT
w, . i .i , m tt , 1
" i "ly child of Col, Tiuinan H. and
Mri. li' l.,,,l ,i i i k
juui , mm u mu.
. Tu Munoy, nu Saturday ovening, 1 lth
inst 1 IIOMl'SON MlirilK.l.r.. e dint el.i il
of n' H,milci siiumm. ... rl ,,
J' a,,"U,Cl &"""UgU' "a,d "b,mt "
l'irtiR Columliii Dtmo, mi
A Card.
0il 'rislni'is Lvo.whilfi our Satmih Schol
was holding thrir Christinai Festival i
Hloomsburg, and wlilile tho children wetc
lnnk!llS l,,c,r l"l''uin offering for th,
tancOl of their library, by tho present,
li,,n of purse of 80I) 00, by Mis Lizzie
l'KTrtKi:.v, in behalf of it, Babbalh
febool teachers and niomheri of tho con',
gregatibn and friends as a chratmis ntl)i.
1 his expression of cstoo u I appre-
my laborn in the go!ic ll0
may in bmo humble iIoltcb
"" uiuuhi. ii muuig unf kiuu Hot,.
ors in tho reception of tho great ehriat-
mas gut to our world, which U Chri,t J.
born in th. hope of .lory.
NcU) 3vDucriiocnicuts(
EUiUf if Wil'ltuii tntl, Lfcensrcl.
' r i:rn:iiS'f i.iiiiihi.trnt
' ,f rf. ' 1 ' .l' ' '.t i" .r..
trntinii n the Knintn nf V,
I il t: tllH II. hill. !..! ..... .
Iiuvulifcii;tiilcil li Un- lli'Kl.lcr 1 1 T Co I ii in ki .t cl','., t t ),',;
j...... .,, , mi,,: ii.miii. ii:;iiniitlioi'i.
l.Uc ol llm iirtcu ut ri' r '.'i...t. -, tiipri'.i'iit llietnlii
ti: ,ll"k-r"l-''''.'-'' r""' i n tuwnniun. witimut
SuT' "" ,'c, iMlc'1 '" ,'"'ku '"'"
I'liia tn'p , Jan si 41 (H),
ryilK Irionrl-. of tho Jev. J W. Lf.i-
iiim pniin.H mitliiiic ,lpl n vi'iov VI-.' I'
nt lil. rul Iunc iu Ili.i.iiiiKl.iir, on
TllUul)AY, J.nUA.).lV 20, 180.5.
N..r furtlier uirllMiun l,y tin! I. tl sIit iac...Ury .
'ICII Mil, II (MS,
Tit.uii ..Ax H-nmu.-ii:.
II. fCIIWUI'PilSlltrttu,
CIIAIIW'.-t II 111:
1 iiaku.m suniAw,
Ja Mi. ''" "lJU"1 1"'''H't
PKI VA'l" iViSALli OF .
Two ViihiiibSo Fantw,
! Tiik iindersigtiod, do- rouq of niov:nt'
Wmtoir.'r In m.-li t j.ri ulf hit TWD r.Mti.H.
KllUn'5 in JS.-11 toil tn 1 1 -b n ('"Iu. i,Ui,i riMlnly. I n.
'I Iw I nrm 1111 h In, li l:o nun r IiIl-s. cimliiiuin nhunt
pomn pcvi'iiiy A f mh is i l.'iirod Lrtii I h
; ".u;1l" nju-nutrm: . .ny h.miii . i r ,v ,t.
j ,,,, en,,,!,, nMl ,, v.-r-f 1 1 1 j r-.nn,' 1,11 .llm pri.,11
iii 1 1 1 1 1 u 4 11 1 iu kim;v iivvi: .Lit'j.
"OH "UUT li'il l llli; Uoiil ill 1 a l.'li mil..
mil ! rtiioiiii; h runni liy Hi Uiur Wet. AlilU(!
HWltfrt IIAi.X, r.U x till f it, null II i.imimt i,,..,
ile-ol iiUulIi 'J Willi mim s Aim. --
T' '! Aj3;c llrch.'ti'dK,
of mm, illi nil lie- iipcrsidrjr improvo
Intnl. in a 1 1 1 -1 1 ,-ulj if 1 uliiiuii 111
Another Farm and Plantation,
liimti'it il'inut niK q.nil.Ti1 a iiiiIj iinrtll-KU-t of 111
lirnl iiiiiii il I'.i rin, Kiiul.iirinii!
""'t llorli 11 inn arr.n ul v, hi. li n cl. i-i il anj unitu r
V'uutl tultiv.itiui).
ly" I'ur mil lilli.lin nntl fnille'r pnrli. iiliin. I ! y
Uc 11 ton, r.i., Jjinuury iU lf2.
Valuab'o Personal I ropcrty.
? I! L unli-ci ih' r, a-! mtui-tr
t pn..u. uf iviit iim nn'. .iic i i.i
tll, 'lul M.M, Mlllrllllai' !! iai,l.l
of till
i .. 1 -tn 1.,rii
llw I jl.lL.ih.J
I l llluw 1,1. illlt, 111 l ul IHU.3 I'll . nil
I UrSIMY, Till: '2 1 1 1 1 UK JaMAHV I" .j
Tin1 'i . 1 1 . . . inj; -r.liinblii iii-rin'iiul jiriiiriy vu
Udh Uiy Male, one Cu ri. ge, one fjon
V.igoti. Sleigh. Huri an, D -.k li.d- mil
lieilding, two .Stoves, Olniir-.TuliI. ,i, Set
iee. Stands, oils! Gull,'-nt U'.ih'i
innt'litii'-. srt o( Uuv'j -!iuinrs (!oip r
.iif.le. 'lnear, a l.uge I'Vli-tel Pola
oej b .lie Ii'i-h . togiilier uiiii I ly"
.iri ty i f llou c hold ml K telun Fuiu
iturir tuo niiiiiuruii- to iiieini oi.
l tin fririu t.riliu il ua.'-.I. in t it., i-a loin.liip
On Wednesi av, Januah. a.Vni, 10.1
Tin folluv.oia limp Itv Hill III' 1 11" fll I'm -U I J .
Tivulvi! S pen, one two-hor.o Wag hi,
alid aet ol Y, Plows, Ilat -
os, Ciliivaiors, four wainu ol Uji-j,
Wheat, Hick-wheat. Corn aud Oats by
lie huslul, Corii-Sli'ller, two Fanning
Mills, one ti.riiiiij; Laths, Pigeon Net,
! Gi.dn in. the Ground, tog'ther Willi lie)
tit iro Famine; Utnsil.s of tho deceased.
iMii-isting ot unifies too numerous to
Ty" Sjii' tu rniiiir.i iirc nt 10 o'cio. k. A M , nn omh
''J'. lien Ut.h ;i ul in ii utn, n,. wilt Ijj uih.Io I.'iium'i,.
Ailiiilnittrniiir oI'Uiq Estate Titer llo.lniv, ik'cM.
J.imiari' 1 1. Ici3
Public Vendue.
Valuable Personal Property.
ILL be expired to Public Sule, at
tin' ti'tn.i'Hci of the tuUrritiir. in .l.ul.a"i.
uin iiiliip, Col. ro., on
Tin' d'll.mjut viilii.iiaii prupi-rty, vii
Five Milch Cows
(Iwo ul which nn' fr".li. ) Onu riiiw nml I'iji, N
.-lii'i'li, llii) hy lliu Inn Hlraiv .nel t'nru IihIiKt liy 111 i
Huiiillo, liyo aii'l lldili-itlii il by lliu tiiiilii'l .m l I'ur1.
Ill till' l'Uli,
ll'tigoiis, Plows. Uarrowt, Slch, Com
Shelter, Potatoes hi the Ihish.l,
Tegrlli.-r mill hii cnlliu lli.tisrlioh! ami Kilcle'ii
J. .ili't'i cniniiiiMiii' ut !i ii'ilurU n. in. ol'tnlil d.iv.
w hull nlK'i'.liiiicj (i Ud giv nil uiiii coihIUiuik bu niinU
liinoi ii by
JOHN Me-11 EN I! Y. Jr.
I It AM DKUU, Auitiouccr.
juiniar' l, IM'.3.
! rpnK uml,rsi 0uoriljan fw ,ll0
- iinr .miJruiil.r j...,.h Mtnrj. .i,r...
i ill oilur to lent, (fur twii yi'.1i .rum tit tlrtt "f
' April iiext.) m imiiiic om c y, un
'I'linrsiliiu llm 'iifl ilni. nl l'Vlru n r u lHfirt'.
A Store llousc, Dwelling Uomc.uith th'
1 . ... 03 . 1 .
Out'builtliiigi. and Tw ac. of l.'vts
Siluatv in fi-Untt I tn tmvi'liii, t'ohi il.i:i idiinly, I'n ,
on tliu .Mil) Komi, nbuiit mi. nay LdvVcin (Jiniwi'mii
nml Mi i n v i I i-i .
Paiil iriierty I iM In t"oil niniitinn, itil.i ftoiy
cniivuiili'iicii Iur a ri'.iilmnc .iml bun mix Him, I, in n
.'icellunt nelslituilKMiil, an 1 ull'-'ii riru ni.liaoiniiiiu
furi'inliiil.liis In thu .Murium llu hU-iin'iiJ.
VJT 'I'u bu Ki iiti'il on tliu, an, I In tiilnmdM t
ill unu . ii"in, i , ,.i , nil lain uay, liir-ininiu ....
01110 b '". ',,, ,tt,., o
Al. UlU'jAai . or
nt unu u'clnck, 1', ,M .nil lanl ilay, Iijii iiiiu iilimi'l
January h iiT'S.
LiQUieb 1' 111 S.
''""'' vr..iyn mum
; llm brkl I "u r J at
(,i nun Iim i