Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, September 12, 1863, Image 3

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    Columbia Democrat.
- I
JC Splendid portraits of .Tudgo Wood
ward, tlio Democratic candidate for Gov
ernor, for sale by Col. Freeze, nt Thirty
cents cacti. Call and buy one.
lJji.t.8 arc out for a Polo Raising and
Mass Meeting on next Saturday, at Jonca'
Hotel, in Mount Pleasant. Good Speak
ers will bo there. Democrats, roll up tlio
column and maintain the structure of our
Common Liberties.
Tticc Crops in one season. Our Sybo
riau Crab Tree, which vc somo lime sinco
noticed as having had a second crop, has
haw nroducod a third crop of bruit.
Three crops thii season. 'Jruly " rare
WSrOharloy Shriurr, in order to tho
moro effectually deceive his bearers, took
special caro tho other evening, to reiterate
tho story that ho wa3 u Jaeksou democrat.
The Devil was once an Angel of Light, but
they have both fallen ! Wo pity all poor
CSr John Fiircira, the well known-Fur
ricrt of 71? Arch St., Philadelphia, is now
prepared to furni-h his patrons and tho
public with a largo and vaiiod assoitmeut
of Fancy Furs. His stock is supcrb.whilst
1 1 id prices arc really low. Read his ad
vertisement. Who toitUi il S u.itor Shcrmau
Cllcpublic.nO oi Ohio, in a speech at Day
ton, remarked thai
'A great deal is said about tho Presi
dent's Emancipation Proclamation. My
idea of it is, that this war would have been
proiccuted more successfully if the Prcsi-'
dent had not said anything about the negro
Ni:v Military Distuict.- Wo notice
that Maj. Gen. Couch, who commands in
I he eastern dWtiict of .Pennsylvania, has
treated a new military distiict, compris
ing the counties of 1 Jerks, Schuylkill, Le
high, Northampton, Carbon, Monroe, Lu
zerne, and Columbia, and placed it under
Ihc command of Maj. den. Siegel.
What the nccessit j for thi.i is we cauno'
C3y- Dr. John ttics to excise Clus.
Shriuer's gient failure at the abolition
meeting, on Tuesday evening on the plea
of ''bronchial affection of the throat I"
This Abolition tatlgc wont answer. Who
ever heard helorc, that Cameron's old
horse-leech, in addition to being sj:tvin(l
bad tho ''heaves," atid that Lincoln's de
funct horse contractor, was too delicate
to snuff the evening breeze ? Preposterous.
Admith;) 'io Law. Our talented
young friend G. Dauki.i'.y, E-q.,
County supciintei.dt nt, passed a creditable
nnd examination at tho hands ol
of a commitiee appointed by the Court for
that purpose, and was duly admitted to
practice iu the tevcta! courts of Columbia
county on Tuesday last Mr. Harkley i
talented, houe-t and energetic ami is des
tined to make his mark us one of tho fu
ture legal' men of noithern Pennsylvania
fe?" Ask any blatant '-Union Leaguer"
ihc question : "Aie you in favor of a
Union with Slaveholders!" and the an-
:n i, nv " tiA.. ..mi in fnvnr
,. I I
ol a Union with the institution
iircserved and protected by tho
J ;
( l.HlfltH.
i -lion,
as now," and the auswer, ol course,
nVn " nnd i't thov have the uublush-
is "jNo, ami jet me)
to accuse Democrats of
ing impudeiKO
AST The Pittsburg Gazette, tho leading
Republican paper iu the West, says that
dm "ELECTION of UUKTIN "is 1M-1
POSSIBLE." It brings a long list of,
charges against him, which we shall lay
before our readers at au early day. When
leading papers of their own paiiy are
thus compelled to como out against their
candidate, whero aro tho voles to come
from to prevent his utter and complete
defeat !
tor Huston, in proportion to Uer pop
ulation, is reported to bo the richest city
in tho United States. The total wealth of
that city, as recently valued by tho asses
sors, i3 three huudred and two million five
hundred and tweuly-.-cveu thousand dol
lars: Tho expenso of carrying on tho
alfairs of the Federal Government is said ous. Cut down in tho piimo of lile, and
to be four millions per day. if this bo iu tho midsi of her usefulness, thu Master
true, and ivc think il is, tho whole weallh n nd callert her. She has gone Io ,
' ', . that blessed world where there nosiilTer-
of Boston would not defray the expenses iuRi arrow nor ,,.nth, -''where the wick
of the Goveiument for a singlo year., cd ccaxo from troubling and wheru thj .
Only think ol it ! ' weary be at rest."' i
""""" , 7 ., Tho die used hud many excellent traits
Cor.. Fueeze has for salo, at the Re. of clmruc,ur Killll ami afl-eotioimto in
cotdcr's Ofllce, llloouisburg, Fitty Copies il0r family, benevolent to Iho poor and
of 'Shcnnards'b Constitutional Text Book,' needy. Mild in her dinnsition and even
recommended by the best judges and law -
yers of tho country, for tho use ol the
public, Different editions como at
75 cents, to 81, '-iS.
Ho has been iuducjd to sond for them
because they have boon so frequently in
quired after. They aro ihc same edition
ho uses in his speeches. Call and buy ono.
iu want ol money.
Maximilian Accepts the Throne or
Mexico. Tho Meiuoiial Diplomatique of
tho 15th says : llWo aro happy to bo
able to announce that his Imperial High
ness, tho Archduke Foidinand Maximilian,
accepts, with tho coiucnt of his nug'.tst
brother, the Emp ror of Austria, the
ri'jwu of 'ho uevv MoMcau Empire."
OTA 1MK I A Mite.
SatUttltiy ('Veiling, Sdpt. Gill, nt tilt-
nf .TnnM, flirlnh, l.y '' 11,
OnoMi.nv, both of L'oopor twp,, Montour
x a:A 'a1 saw.
In Ronringorcck, on tho lid insl , Mahy
Jane, datigthcr of David Kase,uged about
li years.
In Roaringcroek, 011 tho 21th ult., Em
ma E., daughter of .1. T. Knse, aged U
yra , 1 1 1110., and 11 da.
t Oraiipcvillc, on tho 123th ult., Mrs
SaHAII Ann. wife of Dr. Jacob Sohuvlcr.
I ill Imp .I"(ll vr.n,. nf nan. l. ,1i.l i .. ,
in iMnioo tVi., (Joi. co., on tun
CO, ,011 tlin 128 t., ,
Mj l..litr.. Ml r ,t, ...if.. C IJ.. Mill....
Esq.. aged about 01 yeas. '
Al r. oil. .,!. r.. T,,o.i,lnv 1..K, fl. '!!!
of a
. , ... , n
boverc wound r ccived on tho fiit
(lay (Wednesday, July 1st,) of tho great i
battle at that place, Sergeant Luuoy S. !
W AiuWoinH, ot uoinpany v , I lUth I'enn-1
sylvania tcgin.eut. He was the only sou
of 15. A. Wa.lsworth, of Town Hill, Lu-
zerne county, ami at the tune nt Ins death
was aged !i years and ten month.
This young man was one whose merits !
and iitues l-Lquirc soiiicthiug more than;
the auovo lo.miai notice oi ins depaiture i
from among the living. 1 lie opcniii'' oi
i'i . .. -t. ..
his life was one of much prumi.-u, and if
ho had lived he would doubtless have fill
ed au honorable place among his fellow
men. 11 is alloc. tons as a son and brother
were true and strung, and were steadily
shown in i ho domestic ciicle. lie had a
most kind and genial temper, uud a sin-
Mil t t 1 I
cere lienrt. l ne;e neuig untied witn goon ,
sense and intelligence, gained for him the
complete respect and warm attachment of
his associates, and attracted to him the j
good will and coiiUdeuec ot tlia entire
community where he was known.
About a Near since moved by a spirit of
patriotism he choaa to leave the fond em
braces of a weeping mother a kind father
and dear si-tors and loved fiit-uds to peril
his life in iic public cause.
His steady conduct and faithful perform
atiee of duty, sonii commended him to the
euiilideiieo ofjiis officers uud comrades; by
whom he was irreatly beloved. lie was
wounded on umucsuiiy stiortty ait.-r tue
battle opi ned. Happily while still in tho
ambulance, after reaching tho hospital his
personal appearance and voice attracted
the attention of a kind Catholic lady a
Miss Harriet Shilluai - who had come
there upon an criand of mercy, to admin
ister relief and comfort to the wounded
and ding. Ho remained in her care un
til his death, and she administered relief
io his wants both bodily and spiritual.
Piously im-litiod , and religiously educated
among Methodists, he received with a
ready uiiiid wonls of exlioi t.ition and cn
couragi iiunt from his kind attendant, and
was enall'd beloro hi.-- death to rejjiee in
a good hiipa of eternal lite. His la-t
words were. "O, how 1 s flVr 1 but I
would be willing to sutler a thousand time.
moie to glorify n.y Father iu Heaven."
lie died at the residence of the lady above
mentioned, and his body was brought home
by his lather for interment.
On the '-'lid of Auu'Uat, near Orango
ville, Columbia county, Mahy Ann, ;vifo
of Cornelius liollos, and eldest daughter
of Jacob Fitzgerald, of Town Hill, aged
Ul years r3 months and Ki days.
Iu the death of this c-timablc ladv, the
; husband has been dcniived of an aff'-c-
.tiona'c and amiable wife, tho four children
(of a dear mother, iho parent-" of a lovcls
(laughter, and the church and community
have sustained a serious loss.
,. . , ,
i lie nu
, niei ous concourse oi nei'iiuors ami
ll rela
tives attending her lait remains to their fi
nal restim,' place, on the occasion of her
'""' fvitl'd '"!' '"J
tikeu upon their afioclions while living
Tho silent tear (lowina down tin; cheek of
those who united to her by no oilier lie
tiK1I) f, i, ndship and christian love, showed
that though deutli was to her gain, her loss
was deeply felt.
The deceased was born iu Newpoit,
Luzirue con ty, and was united in holy
matrimony, to him who now mourns her
o-s, ou the Mth of August, 18-19. About
7 years ago, she, in company with her
hu-baiid, removed to this place. Soon
aficr they look upon Ibcin a profession ot
the religion ol I hrii-t, and united w'th the
Ocrinan Reformed Church of thi.i place
Hie lived a devohd christian life, and died
in tlio tiiutnplH nf :t living faith. Her
(li.-o.iae assumed different forms, and
fact a ehiiin of disea-es, which finally baf
(led medical jkill. In her last hours she
eujoyed her coii-.cionsne's, and made her
arrangements for her lin il leavo of her
children and family as one that calmly de
parts ou a jouruey.
Tho was of Hoi aro tin1
, i her temper, always calm she had en-
I limnm iiiHJnlf n frvil till til ! II It lt o Kill1
twined herself around iii'iny heartf. But
all theso traits of character received iheir
' peculiar chu'in and power Irom the hold
i the christian religion had taken upon her
lile nmt cliaraeter. I'laf her surviviug
friends imitate her, as she did f'hnst
.... ...,.! ,
0.11111 VHll-T HI1' I'tl.H.'Q l.U.U fWl. uw
a h- i i... .....,:,., :,, t. ,..,.,,
iiilluvvL-u u) agn iuimu-uiueu . ..V....U..,
Farewell. Early lost, early saved
Asleep in J 'stin' lilem,ed al'rpl
I'rnni which none ever vvnU is tu weep ;
A calm nud uuilitilil"'il repnsn,
Unbroken hy 111" dr.aJ of fm a.
Ailocp in Joins' 0 for uio
May such a blissful irfiiao fan ,
Sacrod shall my ash -s It -,
And wait tlte summons fioiu on lugli '
fci' Cyurt Proceedings noxt wctk
find. m M i I I I'M iI . II litllir.M Alio t, ,, .t i 1 1.. ' - ' 'iti in pin--.'
viurni, .'in vi.t. tv i-u-a, x,l0 Uu-wnic iiavnicins nave wen umuu h. i.t an , n,tun. t.t m. iimu (.t .m iiur.ui. k
Ann Pkuuy, all of Woom-burg, Col. eo, , ,ho Calambia Ih moeutl office, during "ife V'tU, T.rTnlA
mi',1 ,,t,v, ,'ft, .wi ;r; ,l';ytir' ",0 lno,lth of Aii!t!- TAS-MrTi' s-ii.r,-.,H,K.,s:i -..iii.Ti'.'i-:
1MNIEL II1,I3I1JACK, to iUISS JAMA .1. . iv,,,. ii. !.,... an ,-,u. II w HoMilus. 83 0 tlciiton nt Ih-nloit, Oct. II i Hiiitwlotf nt Colo's Hrlnm
to Tin:
COMJflliuiA , IisI1EC?It AT.
- iOi-
AiiiiihI llngatl,
Allium A Mine,
1 OU
1 u
1 .VI
I .Ml
1 li
I All
I ;a
Win l-'i.le, lio-l . ,? TO
Jomi IKim,(i'nruici)l 0(1
l'llltlli on
dipt J It Jrllllami,
Jliroh llrillllll' ll' T.
Mil, berry Snyder,
Ji 1 1 r I'.vuliuul,
i m U evi'iunlilcr,
H II Kennedy, nt .
list of John I'nulk,
i Levi A llutrhinn,
H.nn'l It Hutchison,
I IVilcritk MuMcy,
i'tit J .M HrUifv-,
1 A 0 llelilleiiim,
I I saic Wngu r. Hs-p,
i Win. J. Nephew,
! J'H-oli llciitott, Es1 .
I Win. Mullrldo, Eso .
,Mr. f. Knlnl.tull. I TO
himi w ai.miz, ? pj
JiiIiii Kclrlmcr,
Ailnm Keller,
I'lililtifhrlilnmii, S TO
Ciimniiil Mill, S
AlnJ JiiIiii -'ui Iiim", "U
list (if Alex Mnti. -f 0l
A U Ulllntil. 1 ,J
JiiIiii llrowii, Kr., BHD
Hinn'l Swi'iifiililj'r, a no
IVIit (Icailintt. ft,, I ult
A II I "5
lllchard & ln. !
Aiikk Tort imtMnl. 1
CI ,M W Jaiknuli, 4 tW
J SI Hower. '1 5
i ui 3 ,M Hull-, 5 "S
JhihiIi MIiI-r, I "
Iminr Iki li r. '-' 41'.
4 do
3 (Id
:i in,
l ;o
l v.l
I liu
1 .VI
1 (III
:i .vi
ninhi lieu
l.-tat,; ofJucoblllihllo.i 0"
I'li - ll.ird l'lll't, !..
I 50
li (III Uinlali Cliiniliorlln, 1 (HI
Ii (HI Col Kual Mcl'ciy. ! mi
73 MnJ fi.ilnu I Knurr. 1 U)
I 3 Jumu (;ooiunii. Ilfc'l, S (H
I, 00 Win J K r.i lu.-r, S (HI
I Ih) A J I'olk, ,M. II., I 7'.
11 I'lilllp I' C), r. 'J II
I III Jnini'i. Froi.u. OH
1 OD John Keller, I CO
Win linrltcr.
.M'lll" iii'iiuor nut,
Iv'mfi &
Juni'li U 1'nrkcr.
few J ll.ilil.uil, illl'liiia, lui iw' Duijiw. i.
,. ; . ' .....:.,.:..
11 in vi.11113 lu nuaiiiiu iinu uui-i kki ii"hih"hi
n yitEE PltESS." Keep the ball in mo-
ti0n and liberty will survive
l CiU -U Ul I U5 UlU 1UU
Illl'lnlh. ,,r. till.., nf I tin iin,lrrlpnrwl. Ill Mnll.
fur timnniiip. oiumiiiu toumy, niiout tun wcnu
AyTT!7$ti '' 'j'Ey
'I lie ownrr "1 fulil cmktp lire ri-liK'a-
lu'i tu cnnii- furw nrd. provo priprtjr,
ii.iv'ii mid Hike tlioin iiwnv.
ottii-rwluc llipy will ho pilil lis (lie imv iiirriK.
Hi-pt. 1-.', I?C3'- SI
'pill! pnrtr.i'rjliipli'-rctnriirn rnilna li-.twcnn llif mi
I ill r : i i' i ' I , mi-ri linnili.iiiji timlrr tin- iniini.- nnd llrni
of MUltr 4-in-nirr.iii JrrJi yloun, a dlolvi'd liy
miitn il coin -ill on Ikn llli or M pti'inliir, lctia. All per
rnn liiili-liti'd to tll! Inti' linn will pli'-M' ('.'ill nlnl act
d". Tic l.'ooks, &i'.. M ruin.iln In tlio riloro, for a
slioit llmu for tcttlrinciit.
j .v Mii.t.r.n,
a. awisumt.
Jirnojtortn, s-it. li, l"C:) Sin.
rpilll tiit,lorlutH"l. rctci-lfntlj n fnrnu his old frlcniU
X ntnl 1 1 1; v cujliimi rn, thai hu will cunlinuo lliu
Mercantile Hitiiutss,
nt Iho Ol t Slnnd In Jitji'S town, to hirh ho has added
il.l.KW MUCK Oh- xr.ll' (lOOI)S,
Inwliirh tlio .MUntion of cusloinoia .mil tho public ii
J.-rc)timn, P.-pl. 12. 101-310.
Agriculltiral Notice..
'PHE Agricultural, Tfoiticultural and
1 Mi-ihaiiicnl troLioty 111 liol,t tlioir UiijlMh Annual
l'.nr, on
TiiLiisnAY, Fit i day, t Saturday,
tiiu i.iih, lotii & i:ni days or ocronni!, i-i;:i,
on tlio groiiinisot (lu Soni'ty, near llloiniihlitir:,', l'.i.
I'.y order of tho t:ocuiiv- t'uuiinilti-o.
I,. 11. , Kecrilar).
Illnnni-djnrg, Sojit. 12, Ifill
L'siatc of J(rntrfi A. Ucss, deed.
j ctters ol admiiiLtrution dr. Innis nnn on
lj on tin- estate of Jeremiah K. Ilesi, lata of (Voire
lounship, Columbia CMimty, th-cvas'-d, have li-'iiifgit-n-I'-il
by tlio ilogut, r of (.aid i-o-iniy to the ;
ad person having rlmm against the estate of tlio rie-
edenl aro ri-'plt led io proei,t tin in to III - . ! nti n I - -li,
i lor . i tl bout del ty, an 1 all p.-r ous ltnloljtod to mat.,
payiuouti. torthnilh.
(H'Oltni'. K. HUSH, Centro,
j on .v w. iiiusnii. .-01,11,
.I'liiwiiatraton d& loujni.i von.
Kept. 1-', Idl'.a fiwSJ
" Time i'y Money.
HAH It not been full) it is groat fu.
y tu wait until you h.'n o a friend dead, beloro jou
coin look alter a place of au rial ; then ara j ou le:it pro
pared to solvit, your ii, in, 1 1,,-ing ju adi-trartoil tt.ito.) on
will a lik, ly g.t i had shape or had i. lotas good and
iloidr.iblo one. Ilix, moiiiii Ceinetry company otl'.-r-, a
oroat man) nil o I'-tated low lor alo ; ami now- whilst
)ou ami your lamity aro hi health la th t tin o t . po! -i t a
I, tntnl put it in i.r,l, r. by calling on Iho tiuilorsiiMioil j ou
i au h..-,-if'-uuipmiieil to (lie ground, oxauniio them ami ap
pertain tile CQ3t.
I. W. IIAIIT.MAN, Trcnmrcr.
lilomutsbiirg Sept. I J. liii.l. am
Min Milii'tribiT, propii-i'r of if 10 nliovi iiamcil o
I triif-ii cbliiblisliiiieiit, h nmv prt'imruil to rcccivo
i r ttrs lor
All Kinds of rdarhiuery,
for Cu'k ri, s, l'tirii.ter-s, Stalionary Engines, 31ills
TIlliESlllNU MACHIN I.S, k.V . &C.
lie is also prepared to make Stove, all sizes and
loitterns, pluw -irons, and Lvtr) thing usually Hindu in
tir-t-class I'oundri'-s
Ills uvtttisive faiilities nnd praitical workmen, wnr
jaiitt linn in recviving Ihc large.-! contracts on tlio
IT" 'I'll is e-labli-hnieiit is lin-a.ed near tho Lackawan
na lllouiiiaburg Railroad Depot.
lll.olllib'lrg, Sept. 1.', Ir03.
Sixeciiior's sale
-pll n uliseribeis w ill oiler nt Public Sal", on the pro
1 tnis'-h, near llielil's Hon I, iu Uust ltiill'uiu ton n.ltip,
Union tounty, l'.i., on
at 111 o'clock, A. 31., one half lie iittcrlst in the viitlivl.
tUd farm of tlm l.ito Aiuitew llageiiliaili. coiiUiiini';
louie or leii, ins sill v lnnetono soil, cleared all rxrept-
ill I lug two or tim e ai i. s, w u,l liuieil, and iu a good .uio
o CIIII1V aiioil. I lie iniiiruYfiiienia .1 nut u
15 In .5 f ( l. together Willi nil Iho necesmry nutbuild
i i.ig. tor the t'ai in . There aru two guu I Wills
I on tho premitis also a V.'va
young mi D
w nil goo I fruit of all kinds.
Persons wishing fiirth.-r information, may inquiru of
Samuel L.indback, on the
If ih-i-ii'-d l'i in her party, tlio wltulo farm will Ih put
' ut, TVkms nude known al sal".
.vr,iini,vv i . i;.Mtiii;ii,
Kept 12, 1-03, litetitvrj.
'," J)cmi'c'al, Hlonni.hiirg. copy three wvika. unl
send bill tu I.ewtsburg VI.iohicU:
John Farcira,
718 Atclt Strict, below 8th,
EOUtll illlo, PlIII.ADELl'IIIA.
Importer, Mauul'acturer of
and Dealer in all kinds of
for Ladies' and Children's
I to ii turn my thanks to mv friends of C'luiu-
ui.i .111,1 uiu . i -
patronage eAteui.odiu uio g ' V" '
' . ... .!.,?.,. , ,1 in.inula.turo a very exton.'ivo as
own importation linn in.iniitaiiuro a very
kiirlnlelit ol all tlio lliueroni imiiiis uim 'tnaiiiies oi
ancv Pi us for Ladies anil Children, that will ho worn
.i.,.i,, h,,. r.iit mni Wiut,
1(lrl,.r of all my Purs from Pu
rope, ttllt! Having men. ai. iiiaiiiiia.,,ii.-. t.,..iv, iu, u, ii
suiierv i.ion-eii.iblos nn- to oiL-r my cuslouier nnd Iho
public a much hand.oiuer Su of Purs fur tlio mine
lunacy. I.aili" please giv e tuu n i all heforu purchas
ing 1 1'leaso rcuieniber Iho nuineiinmbe.ind street.
Nn. 71S Amu Sirittr, PutLvum-uu.
N lil. 1J, IP03
il VM) good Silioi ) Tearln rs inCunynglnuu township,
I Columbia ruiiiily . S"ii' but ilium Willi gotul u r
iiin at' - need apply , I" sin Ii eood .nlaiies will bo paid
.lihooli to loiiinieiac about the I'll t of Sepleni'iri .
" J J HO.U1I AND, if.f
' oiivotlliiu ltp Auj kOj JW 41 00
ri'UIS Pxninlnntinti af T'Orh'r i Tir l luinliiit e-uiily,
J vvHI Hike place nt tho folh ,. in i tlri s tin I pi
Ccnlrii nt low! rvif' Si 1 1 Id r Jl In,,, lit
rntnulrcn, wiit 9t r rivl. kl i , i i nt
house, Oct till Bcott nt l.if lit Cfri'H, Oil U I Mndinftil
nl Jcneyioivn, Ut. I'll litinliMk nt liiak llurii,
Ui I. i!0i
Montiiiirnt lllcti'rlrk'a Kilinnl I bun!, Utt VI ; Mnnlil ;
I'll ns.nnt nt Jnni,' Hcliunl Imuio.Oi I. '."J t lltlnri revk nt
Mnilr.'a Btlioul limiio, Oct.i;:); (!rf i.ii ou.l nt ltnlin-t
liiltg, Oi t. ill) i Jnrk.'iii nt II' M' Jclimil homo, Oct. '17
I'inn nt Wnrimmvllli'. Oil. Ml I
Tho rxcrcic'i. ut nil tint tilmrc nlnces lu cinni!iicc at
10 o'clock, A. M 1
Toncliura tt III picnic lin punclnnl In nltnnilnncc. Ill- ,
rctlcr nru rcpetlfully riniii'flcd lolm prmi iit ;
i iIiii.i;s o. Iiahki.i y. I
lllooinnburi!, Sept. IS, I'lill. Va ii;f. I
'ntn.'. nni.'A'i'
si vi:iisi:v Hritrxr. NinvsoiiK;
Uln.flll. ...Hllnllml I.t. .nn(,t .. , i Ii.
hutory or liuIo(tallliti;TiuliiililMf)Uiitfy. 'Ilioy I
Illlt '""1"""'I '" p' " ' """B Ul
urr mUiiig tliciii nt not ovor two cciit-(0J
i.riiinj por pouii'i ini ti totii, in vor no- 1
viiiUiitf Irom the olio pilcr n' oil. ,
Annllior pociilinrlly of Ih" Cniiip.iiiy l tlnlr TV.i
'J'n.ti-r not only ilcololil linn.- to iho silciinu of,
tin Ir Tt-im into 'piallly, viilui-. mid ii.irllcutur rtjh-a
fur partlcu'iir locilillon of country, lint lie hr-lps tin- I'o.i
huyor Io ttiuo-o out of llilr unnriuoua ttock ench Tons
ns lire liont mloptod to his particular uantu, and not
only IhUhul polnta nut to him tin! In.,? I linrciiiliit.
It la i ny to kic tho iucnlculaldu ailvanta,'o u To a
lluycr liaa In this clalliliinciit un r nil oilier,
It' ho la niijudfo of'i'ou or tlio Mnrkct, If Inn titno la 1
viiluablc ho haa nil tilt In ticlita of a m il orcalil.",! )'
toui of doing baslui-aa cf liuintiiio' capllol, ut'tlio.linliu-1
i tne n t of a profcatltiual Tea Tuetor, nnd tho knnnloil-c
of aitpi-rior aaloauiaii. ',
I Thia oualdoa all Ton liiiyrra-nn niallrr If thry nrc !
tliiiui.iinls of miles from tills market lopurchasu on as
I good terms hero nallic New York merchants,
I'arltos can order Teas n nil will ha mirvcil hy u m
, well astlioiull they iiiiuo tln uuolvoa. being suretngi t
original packages true ui-ijihts and tarca ; ami lit j Teas
nrn Wnrrauleilna reprea-nleil,
I wo issue a I'rlcu Ida of tlte I'ompany's Teas, whlih
I will tu sent to'all who order it , coinpruiui!
I Ilisou, Young Hyson, Imperial Gun
powder livunlavj and iSkih.
ooi.ono,, OIlAN'dn & n vsox immcok.
Lilian Tea nfevcjy d'"-criilft'i. rnlorcd and uin-olof
oil. Tltla list haa no li kind nf Tv.'l divlilod into four
Classes, liniuoly Curgo, lni;li Cargo, I'lno,
overi jiio may uiiilcrtluuit from description uud tlio
pricoa nnnoxcii that tho Company ara ditoruiiiteiVdi
il ndor-ell tho wholo'JYv Irailo.
Wo guarantee to helt nil our tins nt not over two
n il's ( II.' con ts) pi r pound nbnte m.-t, lu lii v nig tliia
(ul,,., altr.ii.tivo to tin- many who have itcrtlufiro h-oii
pay intr ciioriuous prints.
iMi-iinjtrus sn joDari-.s,
Xo. 51 Vosoy blreet, Nuv.- York.
fept. is, lc-ja jino.
Public Sale
t"l7 I I.I. I" oxposeil In public Vendue nt tlio residence
V V of l'rnuklin 111 llriilo. Hcceatcd, ill Uouiluck town
ship, Col ii nilil, t county, l'.i., ot:
Thumdni,. ScpUmler 17, ISO!),
tin- lolljwmg valuable personal propenyto wit
Two Head of Young Cattle, a llotk of choice rih.cp,
and a lot nf Coi 60,.(Vin and I'.ye by tho loi.-hcl, also a
lot of Corn in tin. ground,
hay nv 'inn ton.
Our Two-llorsn Wagon, three t?t t of potiblo Harness,
Sled and Slt-iglis, l'lo ilan.iw Wind .lull, ic, iu
ciuding Ins entire fariiitug utetisilx. Mto.
logetlierw itlia arietyof liousi.liolil.ainl kitih. nfiirui.
tun, wool by tho pound.
ri'Saleto rominoncoal 10 o'llock, in tlio fo? noon of
said day, when terms uud lundiiimn will bo mad lin-m u
iicuii u Murium:,
,ugutt iV, isu.l i .iumr.
Holism and Lot
!iHl iiiivtorfiU'-d ollVr.s id s II hi privali' t-iilc, n ill
Htralilti mill plfiifinit n siilfim- lucut.'il In Light
Streti, Coltimlii to., ulnmt -i iniUs Xorlli of l!lmin
hur', on liiin Htn ft. anil m -;n J illayu. Tliciu
i'ii'jjji with a w ell-fitied Htoro I Ion -a altailo d, with
l-i'illi- au euoll"u well of wat r at tin- dour, .tatiie
and Irml trees ami all ettur nei-,:jsary conveniences, iu
a ptale of caliivatioo. 'I'll - L-t"io 1 lull -. and t.tau.1
at',.-i.1' Iho fust order, and promt no ece!li-ut and
.lieilile opom.ig for tho .'.Rriantili bunuofs. Tho
Imi lit hnr hai au open -las Irmit, innler Handsome awn
ing and oin in led hy iliri ing i-liado ln-t s
K-iid properly will be Mild at u l,ar;;nn, or exchanged
for a email farm or other real estate.
Light s'trcct, Aug. C.l, lsKI.
L N. ."loVEll.
New Drug Store
TM1 li utiili'ri'UM' "1 w Mit'l in Porn tti'-ir frioud" ami tliu
X juililir yi'ii(-rall .llt.ii liu y liavi taUuu tho iU;uitl fur
iin-rlv (M'ctniifil hv (iLit. A!. Hiijt'iili n li. Vi llic l'. haiu
upied by (Jlo. A!. Ilii.-eiihiih, iiilho Evihange
!tnil'iiii2, on .M.iiii htr'-d, in Uluuiunbur:.'i wliuro Jiu liu
jiit n'tcivcd a full upp.y t'f
ji'iigr,, Mt Ssfisat'!5, Faints Clils,, &CC ,
Wliii h w ill b mid on mo lerat" terms fur ready pay.
Aim, NOTIONS gein rally, of i very variety, sort and
si. '.
I'hybiri. His' prescriptions carefully compounded, at
all t nn.--' and on -hurl notice.
' 7 - Ci,uf,'ctioiioiy of tiiu best selections, and S'oua
Wat' r in season.
' f A sluru of the public custom is respectfully so
limed. EYElt Si. 3IOYER.
r.loonislmrg, April 11, Is'ii3.
Wilson's Albany
- w oi muse ion- new inn uni iiieii.u v,i-
, rtnlv iireiloelll
Sttawbernes irom 1 lu 11 inihc In
I : ,t-r,.,,,, .ieliliiio uit-r two hundred hustlils to
I au acre, 1 will sill ntlhc extreme low price of sjl.oilpi r
hundred, or ,ii,0il per Ihous-ini' plants to any one ad
dresr, as the'bo.t tune for planting is lieru.
I Orders should he soul immediately, w Hit cah, or it
I can he colleiteil at any Ixpri s. Ollico
j Address JOHN-P 1 RANK,
fUSItCtllAVN Ni'tisi.nns,
1H'3-Iin. belina (Jnve, Pa.
I Jewdry and Silver-1 fare.
' rpllE ittn'.erslsnod wnuld rr.piclfully invite your at
I trillion t" his well selected stork of Pino (lold and
i Silver WiiIlIios. 1'iuo Cold Jewilry, of every kind
1 mid varn ly of ttylos-coiuprising all of the newest uud
liio-l heailtll'ill designs.
Also, ri did Silver Ware, c-minl to Coin-mid tho best
niiko of Silver I'l.itod Ware. Each article i warranted
, "ii li- i as represent, -ii.
J Waulies "I Jewliy car -i illy repaired and sat
isfauiou guaranteed. j.,,,, ,kU:v,
(Suciessnrs e Siaulfor It llarlry.)
I No. OJJ 3I.HIKLI- Sr., PtiiL-A,
Sept, 5, l-,ij:i-3m.
A 1 T! I D ii' iJ
7 I t W W V I II
iii.oo.Msuuiin, conniiiiA co, pa.
Septeinbor 5, li'ijl-.lm.
.Mrurvr.Y llrsaiNnas ai ibmieii to 1'r.oMrrt.v.
OFFICII-In Court Home Mcj, unilcr Ucmoirat VJiec
Augurt 'JJ. ifb'3-t'iu.
Iiiforma!lt!i is IVontcil,
r V the wheroaboiiis rf n littlu hoy. tinned Jambs
VJ .Mi (lii.'iii. aged ahnut 1 1 years, fair h nr. spare lig
..: i .i.,.i,.i., r,. Ul.l i in l.n,. S.n , l.,jv is -nn
" " , H ,hV ,.;,:, as u lloat Hriver,
- probably between Pulsion and H.iuv ill,., ;r perhaps on
iho West llranrh Canal. A liberal reward will ho paid
lu anv person who will giv o information of his present
whereabouts, to his .Mother, tlm nuib r.lgned, nt Espy
tow ii. Columbia countyi or tutku Editor of this Journal,
atlllootnsburg. CATHARINE KEMPTOX,
Espytowii, Aug. 2J, ls03.-3iv
3R, o n E R. X
A U .IX v
Printir, HooKliiudcr A; I!;iiikliool.
.17 A NU FA (.' TUU E II ;
WllOLtS.U'. ANU IL-,-'.. I. HtlALtlttN
Mam Street, first doorbelmv tin- Public Spuaie,
Nov. 'Si. K'bl 1-Cui
Minll.ii.llln U. .. . It, . i. i 4' I. .
OAItllNftlt As lilniliW.N
i,,.,. J,.,,., ... ,,, , nMenmn u-
If 111 UAHl'flL 111 ljj'VJiUtJljU JkUl I tilt
on SATURDAY, SUP T. 1801).
Itlll-tlAAII ntitl Iri'nhlllll-
Doors open at 'I and 7 o'clock, P. M,
Performance to commence half an hour
After n Thorough liciiov.ition, Overhauling ntnl lie
fitting this (-stiibllnlinient lomes once more to furnish
I heap k Innocent !iinils"inoiit to their country frl-uds,
It has boon fitted out fur tlio trailing season of 1BS3
In a most
Iraiuoil, hi in thi country foremost niiiung
which is tho tlrent
Tat.kino House, Washington,
Who will bo intrndiiri-il in nil his (Jrent Tricks and
Kxploils at each exhibition, by hla Trainer. Han Gard
DAN mi.I DICK, will lc fomul tlio moil launlnMa pair
Illilinnl lloiutnliig, iMisa I'.l.a (lardiior,
llati Oardner, J hn l'mtor,
The 1'oliih llrothcra, Moan. Do I ouii.
Mr. T. Snyder, .Ilr. John Xallor,
Together villi
William II ill, lie, rgo King
Handy llrunson, .Motis. Iliildwiti,
Mad. Cinnllia, I.i I'otite Camilla,
Young Dan (inrdiier,
Atnl n host of othois, not forgetting tlio Educated Dog
j j: .v A' r , .v
Look Out lor this (it'iini) i'rucrssiun
Whicli will cnlor town upon the morning of exhibition
lien, led by ll.irltu.itrs rn-., Ilatnl, siatodiu Hi, -ir beau
1 1 1'u I Hand i or, drawn by a line of beautiful Cream
Colored Horses, gaily raparisoned, and followed hy all
tlio Horses, l'onic-,( arriages, U.tggago Wagons, tec.
JJon't forget tlte day an I dalej'or the Dig
Show in coming.
CT" Will alo exhibit iu
1) A VVI 1,1,11, l'nil.iy, sScptoinbui I'th,
CUUWICK, .Holiday, " 14th.
W. II OAIIDNRII, .li'tnt.
Septoinlier 5, I5M -et.
Estate of Uenncvillc K. Foil;, dcol.
LUTTKlia o( tut mill i-t ration on Iho Kstato of llenne.
lllo K. rolk.late oflloniloektwp Columbia co.,.ctW.,
havelieon granted by Iho Kiei-ter of Columbia tho
iiuilerigued ; all persons hat ing claim ugaiiiittlie es
tate of the dcredeiit are re, piloted to present them Io
the undersigned, nt I is residence in said towiislilo.
without delav, nn J all persons inilitted to iniiko nay
Hunt forthwith .
Aug.'-'J, l:oa-Gw $i.
Estate of Alexander Ahars,ilcccascd.
rETTEItrinf Administration nn the IMato ol'Ale'an
j der Menr, Into of Locust township, Co luiiibia coun
ty, decrareil, have been granted by the Register of Co-
luniliia enunly, lu the unilertigned, residing iu I.omst I
township Ci'luinhiu county, all persons having claliiis I
against the 1 stale of the decedent are ro.piostetl to pre- 1
sent them t,i the AiliiiiiiMrators, without delay, and all
persons iinloblod to make pavioeut forlhw ilh. i
Aug. '.'S, lSG:i.-Cw JO0. Mm'n. '
Estate of Frunlilia Nclh idc, dee'd.
T r.TI'EKS of niliuiui-tralinii oil the Hstate of Franklin
1 l.lleniiile. lat" ol II -ono
ol M -iiloeii tw p.,co!uiuhia io., dee'd.
nave been grunted tiy the l.egister ot ( olutnbia eo.. to
tho utiilcrsigueii ; nil pert-ens having cliinns aeatio.t tlu
estate of the tleeeib-ul an re'l loi-te-l to pres.-nt Ih ui lu
tin- Aduiini-ir.itoi s at their lo-ideiiL" in sanltowu--liip
w ithntit ih lay, j.ud all porsutib imltliteii to make
payment forthwith.
IllJfill D.3ICI1P.1UE, Adm'r.
August S, lrl',.1. nw $JJ OU.
Fhtatc oj 11. 11. Hogawl, die'd.
ETTERS of administration on the
J estate or it, ii. iiogciami. inle of Lon.t twp
Coluinliir. nuinty, deeeased, lnvo been granted hy the
liegi tor ol Coiuiniiia county Io tho uudorsigued ; all
persons having i l.iims ug:iiu-,l tho estate of tlu Ueco-d'-iit
are ro'pit-tt-il to present them lotl.e iidnitiiii-trator
ti, hi .,,hi,letii, in u.'ti.l 1,., ii sin i,. u ill., mt , I, ,l..i. H...l
i .,n t.r!.niis indebted to muku p.inient fortliwith. '
I- i. IILKIIUI, Aittn'r,
,tigu. t 8, l-Cll-f.w. i-i UO.
Est Uc of Sarah Stevenson, dee'd. i
ETTERS of administration on the
1 Edatu ofS'dra'i Stmuon, lute oftlia Stnto ofNew- I
Jersey, lite properly Iv ing in Cnlumbrt Co.. l'.i., dec-as
ed, have b.-en granted by Ih,- Register of Columbia co. '
(,. l'l.linr.l llimitl. .Mn, II. on t.iw t.slilt, I 'nl 11 inlii ,
couuiv. pi rsons having claims against tho estate of
tho deceased are ruuue.teil to present thorn to tho lull-
mi ti i -t i lit, r at his rosi'lonce In said township, wltbo
mil all persons imljlite 1 tu make payment lor
I ou.
Juno J". 1-113 - fiw
" ETTERS Testniueutary on th" estate of Snlor.iou i
I-I'.ckroth Into of Heaver tow'iiFliip.Coiitiubia county, !
deconsod, havu been granted by :ho Regintor of Wills i
,Ve., tu tlio uudorsigued al-n residing in said Heaver
township ; all persons having claims agant the es- '
tato ol Hie decendonl aro reuucstcil to present them tu
the Eveeutor nt his residence iu mid tuwindiip. with delay anil all persons indebted Io make payme'it
Juno 13, l?(13-0ts, Executor
Entitle a) I'clc.r Whiteitight, deceased.
f ETTER'S of Adsiinistration ou the
i j E.t.iti of Peter Whttetiight. hue of Hemlock twp
Columbia co . Pa., dti-earnd, havo been granted by tho
Itegitter of Columbia ro to Amsy Wl.ileiiitjhl, .llary
WhilenUht, of lleiuloik township, Coluinbi.i couuly,
persoui. havi ig claims neaiust tho cttato of tlio dee'd.,
are reipiested to pres.-iil tliom tu the Administrators at
tin-1 r residence iu mid towu-hip. without delay, and
all persons indebted tu make payuu ul forthwith.
lieiuloikiwj., July I, Ir03-Cvv.ii
EUate of llary Smith, deceased.
r UTTERS Toflainentary oil tiiu cjtato of Henry
j Muilli. Into of lleutou township, Columliia county,
del eati'il, have been granted by Iho Register of Wills,
A. e., In tlio undersigned also residing insald tuwnsliip,
nil persons having claims ngsinsl Iho estate of the tie.
rodent tiro reiptesteil In present them to the executor nl
his residence iu said township, without delay, uud nil
persons ihilLbted tu mako pav uienl fuitliw ith
June CO, 10!-Cw. SJ
A 1) M IN I S' 1' RAT OIl'S NOT I CE.
Estate of Henry Wunich, die'd,
f ETTERS of administration on the es-
yslato'of Henry Wunich. Into of Dlooni lovviikhip,
Colutnbi'l ruiinty, ilereasod, have bJen granted by Iho
Register of said county to the tlio undersigned who ro
sides in Iho iiuio town.hip ; nil persons having claims
again. t tho estate of Iho decedent are ro'pie.te,l tu pro
sent UieiA to the ailiuiuiitrator at his resilience Willi
out ilelny, and all persons Indebted to make p.'ijinoul
JACOll WAN1CI1, Adm'r.
Juno Si), l3-0w. ?J
CiAME into tho enclosure nf iho subscriber, some
three mouths since, ill .Miflliu township, Columbia
county, a
.'-TitfSin u,rse mte nSi
. trrlil siiuiviseil t weieh about 150 lbs., nnd Is in
VAtV.u&Sc good toudilinii, Tho owner is ri'Ploste tu
provo properly, pav charges and Inko him away or he
will bo sold uccuriluig t" law.
Aug. , ISiiS.
A large a.soitinetit of hole I'ig irs, Tobacco, ripfs'
1'ruils, ConlVclioiiery mid Notions goncrally, togeth
er vv ilh, i lull slock of HATS mui CAPS, criust.iully on
liauil and for salo cheap, at the "lilooiiikburg Hat It Cap
joiin k, uiiaos,
Uuoiusbutg, March 10, UC1.
IVcw York Weekly 'Vcws.
Tlio Choapcflt nnd ) at New York News
paper' Only one doll .r p r annu i
Eight pages lorty ci .. uiis A eo n
pb'te record of event-', U nj uniu Wood
Editor and Proprictoi Published nt
No. 10 City Hall Square, Daily News
Ruilding, New York City.
Tin: ni:w voiik wi:i:ia,Y ni:wm i imtivisd
In its ability and enttiml.c ns a tiublie louriial. ant In
ivory III partiiienl la iuot ( llli i"iilly co'iduMeil, ana,
tofuini ii weekly record ofrti nts
fn, miclal ami literary llnoiir Imnl the woild. In ml
dltloa to this It cout.iiiK all Iho lluuiesllc Intt-lllgciiii)
of each week nnd full repoils of erry Inilh r of pub
lie nil, rr si. ,i ti roinn at Jottrnul lliu weekly news
Will In found nil Iho ilile of Iho Constliiltinii of tlie
(niinlry aa It was fraiuod nlnl cstiilillshed hy tin- Pnlli 1
i ts i f tlio ll'-publie, nndvMll n nn with i are ami 11,1, 1- 1
lly i very piiMIc may tend to liu- l,,iti.,n of
tlio I. Iter nnd spirit of thai liittrutneiil of our llb. rtlus. '
it prn rs unu nuvvcuo, in u
ton rulnoua and exhiiiiillng system of War lii'lutlng
upon tho (mill, of the ptinrlple iinbodleil In tlio lie.
clnralinii of Indenenre, Hint the Jim poweis of Hie
(luverninetit lire u.-riv. d from the consent nf Iho Rov
er it urges Hi" presernitlon of tlio
piluclplos ol liberty, iiiMi latn, as of morn, I liu
owtniico ihnn national ar-inileui nr consol'ilal,-d nnw-i-r
uit'lor derpotit ruin, without (h pale of
aw. iin a i ' .1 ous oi national i in nominee it is tile
lull'-xlldo cliaiupion orth rights of citizen,, a, guar
ntitoed tinner the liistriliuent, hy whirl! they have di -cldcd
tube Ro"rnod, It then fori! hohlly awow, its
purpose to sustain Hi" freedom of I Speech and of the
I'ress, Willi Hie view tu pruteit tlio people from tlio
encrnachliig iloimas of lli"oritH who lontcniplato u
moiiiiication ot mo uemocruiic principles which to
tills tliui' have ben sit.tniin d ng.iin-t everv clHut tu
overthrow them, Iu nil matters pertaining tu (lovcru-
ineiil the piirtioso it this newspaper la to protect Ilia
eopiu iron, iiirousiner.iio ami ran legl.latlon, ntul to
lold our nubile servants tu a sttltl accounlabilliv for
their conduct while carrying on the machinery ur power
'l'o tills end tho must rnref'il attention will bs given to
all I'ederal nnd l.i gislativa laws, inula Ilr in and Im
partial examination oi every now politita1 proposition
inay no expected as tin! only means of prutciliug tho
people from an abridgement nf their rights.
la suntilloil by a corns ofronortera nn, I cnrresuondeiits
that I, nni surpaseil by any other Journal, and tlio
telegraphic Intelligence will bo full, complete ml re
Halite, nnu irom every point to wtilrli the electric wip a
nre given in tho mnt sucoinct yet complete manner
lhcy claim particular notuo for llioir lldellty nnd
truth, nud all those who ,1,-iro to i-oinprehend the
act 111111111-1-11 condition of Hi country should not fnl I to
ot, iniine tlio views wliirh will be fuuud Iu this dep-iit-iiiout
of Hi,- journal.
In all other resperts the weiklv news will bo found
tu meet Hie public ib-mmd. It is the espud il object of
the l'ropnetor to render it n valuable uud entertaining
pure In Its moral lufhi'-nce, ennobling In its character.
ami salisfailory to tli,i liire rlass In tho community
who lb-sire to s"o Hie Public 1'ross treat all public ques
tions with urgnnieiits expri-aiod lu courtesy and can, lor
though, at tlio mine time, with the spirit due tho
til-mej, dl-cilssed.
lly refer-ftico tu tho terms nf tho Xcw York Weekly
News it will ho notiood tint it is by far Hie cheapest
ncw.paptr in the woild, and tlio l'rnpiii tor feels that
ho may invite those who approve of Us principles and
conduct to uo tin ir iniluotioo In adding to its present
largo circulation.
TT.11M3 :
I'.imiT I'Aciw. roifrv coi.u.Mxa.
Issued Every Saturilaj , I'ur One Year Onn Hollar.
Eleven r.jpijs to oiu A Jrfreca Cno Venr Ten Hollars,
fciiiglo Copies. TilllEE CENTr).
A first cl.Ts Milropolitan Jonrnal. devoted to Pence
end Coiislitiitionul Liberty, and containing. -ill tin; news
of tlin day, Political. Tcleuraplile. Coiniuerrial and
Local, is the cheapi st daily paper in the metropolis.
TiinM-t.-Ono Copy, due Year, BIX H0I.LA1IS.
Ono Copy, Six Months. THHIli: HOLLARS.
Single copies. TWO CUNTS.
IT? AddrokS HEJAM!X WOOD. Editor and Pro
prietor, No, II) City Hall SJiiare. X Y.
Mew Yurk, August 1.5, ImS.1. tf.
Summer Time Table.
TWO TRAINS DAILY to and from the North nnd
west iiratun oi the Mis'iuehauna,
Northern Ni w York.
Llinira, mid allot
(H and afler Motnlay, April '-'nth lfiiH'the Passenger
- Trains ot tlio North Central llnilway will arrive at
and depart from Sunbury, llarrlsburg, and lJaltiinaro I
as loitows, mi-.:
' .Mail Train leaves Sunbury dally (ercopt
" leaves llarri.-bnrr, '
" arrives at llallimorc.
lO.lrt a. in.
1 la p 111,
5.:i. "
11.07 p. tu,
C 00 n. in.
0.15 '
0.30 "
Eitiress Train leaves Siiuliurv dallv fexcetit
. snti'lay.)
' loaves Ilarrlsburg (except
" arrives at Ualtiuiotu dally (ex
cept Moihlav.)
Ilarrlsburg Accoiiituodatiou loaves' Harris
burg. X O I! T I) W A R I),
.MnilTrain loaves llaltiinnre daily (i.cept
" leaves Ilarrlsburg l.l.'i p. in.
' arrives at Sunbury. - -l.u" "
Express Trains llaltiinnre daily, ti 15
" arrives at Ilarrlsburg. 1.35 a. ni
leaves IIarriburg(oxcept3Ionilaj) 3 nil "
" arrives at Suuliury. 5.33 "
I'or further iiilorinatluu applv at thuOtlico.
"1. X. nellAURY, Supt.
Ilarrubitrg, Aug. S, 16U3.
Aiioihu i' Aiivnl o 1' ftoods.
ii Your Time to Bui.
nlIE underslgni'il having bought out tho Orocery o
I Hav id Slrouti. lias ri lnov d hi-Hat uud Can Store
j ul to Stroup's old stand
rior nssurtunni ol
Where lu addition lu a supe-
I SI"'MiJ flVfi QnTillK't
Hats and Caps, gElf
Comprising every sort, size mid iptnlity, which will he
sold at Hiiiuually low- piiers, lie will continue tho (!ru.
eery and .Notion business as carried on by Mr. Mroup,
Alsu-A due lotof Uin-J, MOltOi COS and I.imnos to
vv hiili he invites the ut eittiun of Shoemakers and the
John ic girtox.
I'.loonisbtirg, 3Iny30, 161,3
Iloto Lost! How Ih stored ! !
Just published iu a sealed Envelope : Pries 0 da.
l.ri turn on tin- Vatiir.;, Treatment, and Radical
"A Curo of Sperm Hon Iiil-i or Seminal Weakness,
S"Xiie! Hcbillty, Xorvoiimoss. au I Invuluntarv Minis
nous, inducing Inipoten, y, Cun.ituiptiuu. uiid" .Meutal
Phvsical lielniily, by Rub -it J. Culvi-rwell, M. I). th awful cunsoiieueus or
solf-abifs may lu .tr.-itu.iHy r. ve, withutit inieriial
ui 'dirines or the daiu'eruils applieatiou or caustics, in
struments, uic'lleal Ii.iiiiiiks, an, mh r ilevi
cos. is II. r. clearly donn.uxtrated, mi 1 tlio entirely n.vv
and highly surcesst'ul lr atmunt us iidol'ted bv Iho eel-
ebrai.-il nutliur. 1 ul ly .xnlaiueil. bv means nf which
every ouo is enabled to cure himself perfectly, mid at
tho least possible mat, th roby avoiding all Iho or-
liscu iiosirnius ot tue iinj , leiture will prove a
boon tu IhujsauJs nud tlioits iu Is,
I'll AS. I. C. KLINE, & Co.
107 llroailway.Xevv Y, rk, PuttOllice hur, 45-li.
AuJI'i I SKI. (No, 1,1-i.J)
VT7II.L open n Select s'cliool in tho Ilasciuent of tho
W Uefurined Church, In llluoin.hurg, ou 31ond.iv.
the Tenth of August, IC03.
Tho School will be dividud
into three classes, vu:
MUMMY- Including ilnldrcn Just commeucln
per lluarti r of 11 weeks, gj OJ.
.W.'i.WEJ.-fV'J.'-lucluiling Rending, Wilting, Spell,
ing, and tlmso rouiuieui ii.g Oeogr.iphy, Cramniiir,
ami Written and .Menial Arithmetic, prlco per
(luaiter, 63 00. ' 1
7i77J.7;-lucluilnig ReaJiug, IVrltlng, Spclliue;, Oram,
mar, Coography. History of Hie United ritutci. ami
Written uud a.eiital Arithiu.'tic, s (,j.
Lessons in tho Ornamental branches, lr.: Italian
and (iroeiatiOil Paintiiig, Drawing, Needle-work, etc.,
at extra cliarg.s.
Pirsous wishing tu havo Halr-Wui!. dune, audi as
Hub uud (luard Chains, Kings, r.r Ear-l),op., etui bo
nioouisburg, Pa.. Aug. 8, 1G3 5m
'T'llE undersigned wants a few more guo.l Ai-eitts to
L canvass Columbia, Luzerne ai..' .Mentuiir counties
for the Susquehanna Nurseries local d nt s. lln-iirove'
Snyder county, Pa. Anil fur tills urposo he mil ac
cept of ii few volunteer Agents to "till tho nuola." All
necessary Iat'oriuaiioii, hooks, papers J.c , ran ho had
by nJdrosBlns j, f, l-uank,
Hi liusgrove, Pa.
17" Applications must he iiiade nni loiiiatuly,
boliiisjrove, Pa Aug. el, pii3-;iw 41 in.
'lMIE uildersiguod has on hand n lot of well Hunted
Jl Uriek of gr ut variety for snli. All persons vvliu
vviali good brick should apply nt otieo,
Illooiuiliurg, July, '.'j. ISG.I-31.
t'oi'Siitlu Cheap A first rate B ol:
Case and Secretary eoinblneil-npply lu J. C. 1 liLEZIl
Uloomabntg, rtusu.l 15, 1S03.
i on-
7111. undersigned, grnlcful for past patronage Ksper,
fully Informs hlsriislunicrs mid the piibllcgrnrrally
Hint he lias just r,-reived from tlm Eaiterne cities Hi
1,1'gest nnd most si lei t stock of
F all and Winter
I Tint has y.l hern openeil In llloonnljiirff, to which hn
Invites Ilio alt' iili-ui of I, is filends. nnil. ossuros them
! Hint they are oil, n , I for sale ut great barjalni. Ilia
' flock comprises a large assortment of
I (luNTi.'iMEN'ri WEAittNd ArrAnr.r,,
l.'ouristing nl t'i.mrx am.p. Co.ts, of every dra
rrlptlotii l'aiils. Vests, Shirts, Cravnta Htockt, Cotton
iijuuhcrcuieis.i.iuv'.s, rsurncuuers, ttc.
A N t)
Of every descrltdlon. flue and clictp.
i,"int;iiiii,'r i.uKznuzrji m v.r. -.Hiyifrisn.
call and aee. ,'o chargo for examiiig flnodr.
llloo tiiahii rg, August St). ieG3. (Jrtiie lestfij
o R
V Ii ii .. , i. . . r . ,
THE public ,re eautioiiod against tho spurious nrtlc
lea of lye for iiiRklug aoup, A:c. now otfered for sale
The only genuine and patented lye la that made, by tlio
Peiiui) Ivnnli suit tin ing company, thoirtrndu
innrk lor It heltig "Snpoultlor or lye "
'1 ho great success of this article has lod uiiprlucipalrd
piiilii-s tu onilenvor to imitate, it, in violation of tho
Company's patents.
All lu liiularturers hujersor sellers of lie" spurious
lyes, are hen by notified that the company luvo i-ui
ployed as llioir Attorneys,
George Harding. Eq., of IMii'a.. and
N llliam Dakcwell, Lst , ot Pittsburg.
And Hint nil riatiuf.ictiiriTS. users or sellers of lye.
lu v lolatloti of Hie rights of the Company, will b ptos
t-ciited ut once
or coi'ccutrated lye, Is for sale by
cers and Country Stores.
nil Draggiita, Gro-
Tito United Stiles Circuit Court, Western district of
I'einisvlvaula, No. 1 of .May term, in Ifiotf. in suit of
the lViins)lvmna salt luuutifncturitig company,
'I hos. (J, Chase decreed Io the Co i pany on Nnvoinh,r
I.i, lrii-2, the exclusive right grunted by a patoiitnwn.l
hy thrtii fur Iho Sapoititl, r Patent dated Uctobi r
lc.'iO. Perpetual iiijunctlnti awarded.
1-27 Walnut Street, Philadelphia,
Pitt St. and Duqttcusc Way, Pittsburg.
Aug. 15, liKl, 3in.
13. & II. T. ANTHONY,
M A X U l' A C T U It E RS OP P II O T O C 11 A P II I L
M A T E I! I A I, S,
501 liroadwuy, New YoiL.
Our iratalnguo now embraces considerably ovor four
tlioitMind dillcreut siilijocts (to which additions nre roll
tinually being made) of I'ortraits of Eminent Au.t rl
Colonels, el Lieut -Colonels. U17 other (JuUers, nil
Navy Otllcors, .1M Slato.iuen. 107 Divines. I Hi Vuttmrs
) Artts, lit! Stage, Hi Prouiiin tit Wumeii, 147 Prom-
I iuent l ur -ign I'ortraits.
2,000 6.i;)Va of Works of Art,
I m lu Jitis reproductions of the mot celebrated Engra
viugs, Paintings, Statues, &c. Catalogues sent ou re
reipt nf stiiiup. Au order for on : doiuti pictures from
our Catalogue will be Illicit on receipt tf 51 ell, nail
sent by mall, free.
piiotograTiTc albums
(Il those we iBasiifaittire a great variety, ranging In
in, i. "u ul-iiis c-.,, e.itn
our Alliums nave tiiu reputation or being sup- rior in
beauty and durability to any others. T!u smaller
kinds ran bo sent sately by mail at a posture rf stt
rents per 02. 1 he more evpensive can bo s-ul hy ox
IVo also keep a laro asiortmeul of Ftereserpcs and
Stcrescopic views. Our Catalogue of the.e vvi'lb.
sent to any ai'dro-s ou receipt of stamp. I'. A. II. T
Authuiiy, Jlaiiufacturers of Photograpliie -Mutinalj
501 llroadway. New- Yurk
1'ileiids or relatives of promiuoul military men will
rotifer a favor hy sending us their likenesses to topy
They will bo kept caicrulljr and rrturned uninlureil
Pino Albums made to order for congregations tu pre
sont to their Pastor, or for other purposes, with suita
bio Inscription, ice.
August Ifc03-0r.i.
II. C. II 0 W E R,
Ul'SIT.CTl'UI.I.Y olT-rs his pn f
ional services to tlio Indies an,
men of llloomsburi; and vicinit .
-r lirenareil lu ntlelnl to all lli v r
operations iu the line of his profession, mid i-
with the latest improved I'UUCl.UII.S TUI Tu . w
will beiiiM'rted ou cold, platinn, silvurnnd rubh r
lolookwi.ll ai Hie mitnral tottli
Mineral plsto and block teeth inanuf.ictin ! n
operations on toelh, rarclully and properly all, I -
l.cndeneo and ollico a few doors above tin.
Hons,-, same sldo.
Uloouisburg, JtinoO. l.C3,
ever lutiodlti oil into this mark, t
The ( hn-t
iiialni., James Robhntid ('.lobe nre
cooking r.(ov es,al of w hich are air-th.dit and gas burn,
l is Parlor Moves are hands,,,,,,, mui ,. , ,,t r
nod. ALsO-Particul,irattoiitioiiia pid to Tin U r.
and llniiso.-puutmg. upon short ntice. All k,a In
roymugvvill bo done w ith neatness and despatch -1D
Country produce taken iu exchange for w,k
Blooimbure. .May 10, itas. l'lnLlV '' M0V"LU
auioiig t,t, n t
.Per Pass boo'ks.' Lead. eVilnt'co u! It v 'Wt?
kM '"tJ!'"y n large inriiM! ,,;'
which is stuck purch.iaeil befurctiio
rise in p, it t.uu
..w,, avt.nij, wm ll CASH.
P.ookseller A- Pi. turn .
.March T, IiOM-3 moa,
cor. KA, Sf llico VhtiM-lphu
3Innufaclurer of
Nos. ii N. -1th St., PHIL AD.
3Iarch 7, ISUI-Jiu.
TAV!:.r''t'c",!'Pl'",''la ROOT AVI) SHOR n
1' ui LllllPf.vrK'i:i:T, Uuluml,,.-, nJ,, ,y .a ''a.
Pi imred io .In the test work on th i .1 o 1 ,,ot?
Consolidation ll.tnl; Huiiai
309 North Third Street betwtia Vine
JM.W.IBa-ly. I' II 1 1. A I) E I, C H 1 .1,
(Lato White Evvan.)
D. C. SIEGHISr" Piioi RiETOit.
Formerly fom Eutc Hotel Lebanon Pa
'P. V. RlltiAIM, runt;,
.Marohgi, lrt,3"l j.n.
T1FI0ATES A cup, rior lot of tho abovo artielet
wiih a I oth-1 kind of Blanks, for salo a
th T- ul the Columbia, Democrat
! I'V "mlBr3ljrn..a wnulil inform tlm rr
rVXt I lllnuinsliurg and vicinity, that h I
igaq clvcd and "llorstursiileoneof tli.-mns,
i. nssortnients ofcooicivr:.,,..! v iv ,