Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, April 04, 1863, Image 4

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    FariTKiV's Dp.nnH.nip.Ti L
U pninn nny ono having the Orst cor
ml' view of oconomy, to sco valuablo
farming Implement exposed to the weath
er from Fall to Spring. And yet this is
tiuitu common in many parts of tho coun
try. It would not bo extravagant to nay
that such implements as plows, harrowd,
hoca, cultivators, scctl-sowcrs, mowers,
reapers, carts, &c, diminish in value ten
per o.ut. a year when not housed, more
than thop nou.d if always under cover
vrhen not in use. But ton per cent a year
m a heavy tax. Farmers would oomplain,
and justly too, if tho Government imposed
a tax of ton per cent on the valuu of ag
ricultural implements. But how many
inflicts this tax on themselves I A place 1
for every implement, under cover, out of)
Bun and rain, every ono on the farm to
know its place, and to put it there tho
moment they are done using it, should bo
the rule.
Wo see it stated in tho Western paporB
that yellow corn bring in market thice
or four cents n bui-hel moro than red. It
ia saiil alio, that the mixed yellow and
white, brings a like advance over rod.
We should not have supposed there could
bo intrinsically so much difference. But
we have noticed that ideas become stereo
typed in trade, generally have scnio truth
for a basis. If it is so in this case it would
bo well, not only for those who grow com
for ihe market, but for those growing it
forborne consumption, to substitute the
yellow, or the mixed, yellow and white,
for the red,
Horses, in consequence of the great
demand for ihem for tho army, arc con
siderable higher than formerly. Cattle
for meat, work, and milk, have not yet
risen much, but probably will advance
aoinowhut in price. Sheep can hardly
lail to bo in extra demand for somo years
to oorac. With these prospocts, farmers,
we think, will do well to increase their
herds and flocks. There can hardly be
a doubt that for some years to coino the
growing of ttock will be at least hand
somely remunerative.
Wrri. Van Loom, writiog in tho Prairie
Farmer, says that ho has practiced feed
ing boiled corn to his stock and hogs, and
is ''taticfiod that he saves one-half his
grain, and gains as much more in time;"
that one bushel of com on tho cob, boiled,
will produce as much as two fed raw, am!
in one-half the time. In one cxpetimeiit
he fed three bushels of boiled corn, per
day, to twenty-seven hogs, for ten days.
Tho average gain was two pounds per day.
Ho then fed the same lot of hoga on two
bushels of raw corn per day, for tweuty
days they gained a mere trifle ox or one
pound per day. Theee were small, young
hogs large onos would have fatted better
A few bright, warm days, fuch as at
ways occur tho latter part of April, are
usually safliaicnt to- bring on an attack ol
the planting fever. Tho garden must
bo plowed or spaded, beds laid off, and
in. go tho beets, carrots, parsnips, turuirs,
eto. They find a cold bed, tho soil is
packed over them by repeated rains, and
many of the seeds rot outright, and the
slender germs fail to lift the heavy soil
pressing upon them. It is far better to
leave sowing most seeds until tho ground
is dry and warm. A few of the hardy
sorts, such as early peas, potatoes, onions,
lettuco, tomatoes, spinach, salsify etc.
may bo put in during tho month of April,
May 15th is sufficiently early for the
gonearlity cf seeds. They will then come
up quickly and grow rapidly ; every one
knows, that a quick grown vcgctablo is
for better than ono which has taken a
whole season to mature. Beets for late
fall and winter use do best when sown
from tho first to tho middle of Juno.
T. Oliver AycrJ.a prantical Iiaraos3 i
ts 1 . . I
maker, Kent Co., Del., contributes to tuo
American Agriculturist, the following su
fastions :
''IltirnCSS sbotlltl bo kept IlUIIg ,
CJ t O
up on wooded pegs in a clean dry room
will, a plank floor, so that it may be free
from dampness. When soiled, it 8,ould
bo washed with Oastilo soap suds. liar -
ncss that U iu constant use need oiling
fniir l m a vnnr- it nnlir npnnstnn-ill n
lour lirav-S a year, II only OCOaStODdlly
brought out, as carriage harness, etc.,
twioe a year will bs sufficient, if the wash
infi be not neglected.
To oil harnesu, ueparato all tho pieces,
and lay them in water until thoroughly r HE Subscriber offers for sale the prop
wet through. Then wash thsm cloan, and VirtTlr?ul'M b'him in 1,lo(""'1"i!-cu'"
wet through
allow thorn to dry suflii'iently. To know '
when they aro in good condition (or oil
ng, bond a blrap, and if the water does
not oozo out, it is dry enough. Train-oil
(wlialo oil) in sometimes used, but neats
foot oil U much better. Mix with a littlo
tamp black, and with a brush apply it to
both tides of the straps, About six houra
after ollin'i wash tho wbolo with Oastilo
soap and warm water, let thorn dry, rub
well nirh a wooli'n cliflli."
iewopring(X summer
ix uonr, Columbia cuv.vrr, r.t,
HAS Jmt received Irnm Philadelphia, niul in Unix
openliu nt the old ulnnd life y cccuplcd by Marti
ii I'.nl, n plcndld nsorlmcnl of
which will tic cold chcnp tor
ltl of Ladlci l)rcs Uouds tliolccUt)'lc
and latest faihlon.
. Ginghams,
- Cottonatlc,
Kentucky Juaus,
Thread, Sic.
Cedar ware,
In hnn -texy thing uvmliy kept in n cnuntry More
The patronage ofold friend, and the public gcnoral
ly. I re.ucctfutlv t nliileil.
Tho highest market price paid for country produce.
Mght Street, March 1, 13'iX
look "mm
Cheap Spring- Goods,
(reasy's Store, in Light Sit ed, Pa.
goods r
Ready-Mad o Clothing
Sugars, Molases,
Syrups, CotTeo.s,
Teas, Fish,
Salt, Bacon,
Hams, Lard,
Tobacco, Separs,
Hats, Boot",
Caps, Shoes,
Drug.?, Oils,
Paint?, ' kc.,kc.
Iln addition to our larfio stock of Dry Cinndu, we linve
f largo anil full assortment of Heady Madi. Clothing
aor lcn and llnya xvcar which xv,j are deti-rniincil to
sell cheaper th. n ran be bought elsewhere. Call and
see, nnd Judge for yourselves.
ii. u'.cnr.APVfe co.
Light Street, March 1, 1803.
HOWARD ASSOCIATION, Philad-elphla-for
tho Relief nf the Sick and llitrcsscd
afflicted with Virulent ami Chronic Diiiciirca, and es
pecially Insease- nf the Sexual .Jre-am.
Medical Advice eIivii Graii-by lhe Utinc Surgeon
Valuable HIU'OltTS on fU'illlXIATOi.'ltllfllA or
iSHMlX I. xVIJAKXIISr?. nnd other lifelines of the Bex
n il Organ, mid on thv XT.W ItKMCDU.S employed in
the Diipunnary, sent in sealed letter envelopes, free of
char-rc. Address
llr. J. SKIM.IN IIOUfillTOX, Howard As.neintlon
N'a. SHoiitli Niuth.Street, 1'hiladelplii, l'a.
April. 5, ltfbJ-l-.'m.
fixf. aoi.n,
cold Axn vf.ut.t nF.coit.irio.vs, .ixi a.1 hm m-.coit.irioxx,
.YF.rr ai.nzF.i p.ipf.iis.
1'1.1XjIXI) ISlliailTCOMMOX 1PF.RS.
IIOItPKllI, F1IIF. 110.1111) PlllXTS,
swruF.s, bi.ixus, Fic, i:rc.
Will b sold at greatly reduced prices, at the paper
hanging rooms of the undersigned in Judge Ituperf
s"rorc House, on decond streit, a few doors below Mar
kel. Also
Ilisiis Exe-utcd
In thebcbt style, at Moderate prices and in mirk tim-i
.. . . , U. J. THORNTON,
llloomsburg, .May 3, IECJ :im,
SHIP C 11 A N D L R 11 S ,
Spun Cotton for Caulking, Ropes, Twims.Tar, Pitch,
Oakum. ISIucks, and Oars, &c
August I, IrilO- ISin.
Tliniindcrslgncd would announce, that he hasnn hand
iithisllatandCaii Hinporiuni, on .Main St., Illonins.
burg, iiiiasortincutof dill'erent kind nf leather, such -is
line, calf kius, morocco. (red andh'acK)aml linings rill
cf which hu w HI sell cheaper I Inn can be had else-whole
In this market. Call ami ex-einiiiu them for yourselves
llloomsburg. May 21, lSf,2, -"- ITU.Y. '
pttisiiiUUTii & iiiioi'iimts.
0 R A 0 0 0 DK A L E R p
A3.1051.VOlt'l'H TIIIKI) STItUET
Pivc dooribelow Rare.
Pittsburgh Commercial Coe;e.
Crittenden's Phlladolphia.
Siratton, llryant &. Co.. "
Tluss Serins, are in amounts of A1.T. m,,i c.o n.i .A
I iiiirii losii, iij i oe niuiieni oil eniriugeiilier ofth .
uovn oiiegos . loiing nulu.lesiring toobtaiu .ululsb.
'V1 -?'-'k''' iMcniion, win hr-ru nmi a sooa specula
tlon l.y njiplyiriat the otlicu. tifihn '
N,'v 1 coi.cmiii x hiimociiat.
TMIi: undersigned respectfully luforins his old friend
I ni I - t I sf "IH I I It-Ill
1 mere, inS
. tt-'olilKudVo?.
Z ffyAZVZ&iuS!! Xtf.
1 winnnii oioves, tc cc. s ovep po and
T1warc constantly on hand and inauufaclured to nrder.
rtii sum" i cepiiiring none, as iisunl, mi short until e,
Th patronj",! of 0, friends and new customirs rc
n.ctf'illy solicited. ,. M. RUPERT.
Hlonniiburg, November 3d 18C0.-'tf,
House ,111(1 Lol lor Sale.
7firi'c and Convenient House.
'JL and of a well.linnroveil Lot ofiihout two acres
of laud. Tlicpreinises arn in perfect repair Appli
ration may be uindetoC, It. Ilurkalew, it l Icmnisburg.
Reading, October M, lfCS-Jin,
Manufacturer nf
Nos. S ,tl N. ith St., PHIL A'l),
March 7 1803 3m,
,G 0 n STiTUTiOfl
AMI tiii:
' roil
I) I A B 15 T K S
anu i) op Tin:
Time Jitngtnni ami Trisubkstmt IHltattt, vhithharc
thui far Unified the bctt directed Trcatmtnt can be
Camptttily Controlltd by tht It I'MEDYnov btfvrcuil
tiii: cuiiATivi: .
properties of tho medii inc iliurt themselves to the or
pans oi serr jiion. ana ny so aueriug me rouuninu oi
tlu sto.nach and liver that the starchy principle of tho
food Is not converted Into sugar soloiig us thu system
is under tlu Influence of the
which give those organs time In recover tliclr keallhy
tone niul vigor. Wo are able to stale th ,! the t'nnslltu-.
(Inn Water has cured every case of Diabetes III which It
has been given.
STONT. IS Tlin llUDDI'll, CAl.CUI.'ff?, IfllAVI'.l.
rrnti'K dust ui:rorfiT, and mucouh or jiiticii.uiuuts Arrnn ukin'ati.vo.
Diseases orciirlug from one ami the same cause will
bo entirely cured by the Constitution Wator, Iftaken
foi any length of time. Tho dose should vary nith Iho
severity of the disease, from twenty drops to a Ira
spnoufiil Ihreeliuies n day, In water, During the pas
sage "ftliij Cakulus, the pain and urgent svuiptoins
should he combated w ith the proper remedies, then
followed up w ith the Constitution Water, as above di
Roth diseases arising from a faulty secretion of tne
menstrual fluid-in tho one case beingtoo little, and
accompanied by severe pain ; and the oilier a too pro
fuse secretion, winch will bo speedily cured by the
Constltntmu Water.
That disease known ns PAI UNO 01' Till: WOMI1.
which Is the result of a relaxation nf the ligaments of
that organ, and is know u by a sense of heaviness and
dragging pains in the back and sides, and at times ac
companied by sharp lacinal lug or shooting pains through
the parts, will, iual t cases, be rciuoicd by I he medi -inc.
There I-. another class of symptoms ari-ing from lit
ILirAno'Ol'Tlli: WO.UII, nhlih physicians call
Nervousness, which word covers up much ignorance,
nnd iunlnecases nut of ten the doctor does not really
know vvln ther the sjmptnius are the disease, or the
disease tip- symptoms. Wo can only enumerate them
hero. I sprak inoro particularly nf Cold I'eet, Palpita
tion in the Heart, Impared .Memory. Wakefulness, Plash
es of Heat Languor, Lassitude, and lljmuess of Vision,
suiTui'ssKi) .mi:n&tiiuatio.v.
Which ill the unmarried female is a constant recurring
disease, and through neglect the seeds ot more grave
and dangerous maladies arc the result; and as mouth
afler mouth passes without an ellort being made to at
sit nature, tho suppression becomes chrn'.ic, ihe pa-tii-nt
gradually looses her appetite, the bowels are
constipated, night sweats come on, and coiumttptiun
finally ends her career.
i.r.ucoi!iiu:A or whites.
This disease depends upon an Inll.imatlnu of mucous
lining oft -e vagina and womb. It is in all eases ac
companied by scere pain in tho, accrnss the
bowils and through the hips. A tenspoouful of the
medicine may be taken three times a day, with an in
jectlou of a tablespoonful of tin inedicime, ini.xed with
aha f-pint of soft water, morning and evening,
TARRH or tiii: iii,addi:ii, siranuurv 1
Tor thesodiseases it in truly ti sovereign remedy, nnd
too much cannot he sal.l In its praise A single dots has
been know to relive the uio-t urgent syptoms,
Are you troubled with that distressing iiain in the
small of the back and through Ihe hips ( A leapnonful
a day of Constitution Wall r will r-lievo on like in.'iyic.
It has no equal in reliex ing the Most distressing smp
toms. Also, Headache. Ileartlnrn, Acid ritotuach X'om
illng Tood. tec. Taken tea, poouful after dinner- 'I be
dose in all cases in ty be increased if desired, but should
be ilonu gradually.
Have lung since given up tin- use of hucliu, cuhehinnd
juniper in thetreatinentid'Hi ls" diseaees, audoiilyuse
them for want of a better remedy.
Cl)HTl'IIJTION w"ati:r
lias proved itself o pial tu tlu task that has devolved
upon it.
Irritate and drench i'Iiu kiilneys, andbv con.tant ue
soon lead tochronie. degeueratios'aud' coiiiriued dis
ease. iicad. Rca.
IliM-iLM-, Pa., Junes! (i;j.
Dr. Wm. H. Citcno Daer 4fc- In I'i bii.irj. lull, I
was afflicted w Ith the s ujinr ili.ilKt.-s.ainl for live moiiihs
I passed more than two gallons of water in iweutyfour
hours I was oh Iged to get up as often tenortwehe
times during tlu nmht. and in five mouths 1 lost about
lifty pounds iu wi-igth. Hurtling the month ot Jipj .
leol, 1 procured two bottles of Constitution Water and
iu twodays alter Using it I experieucvd relief, and alter
taklii' two boitlesl was entirely cureil. soon alter
regaining my usual good health. Vours trulv.
J. V. 1 Hi: WIIT.
IJoslou Corners, N, V., Dec. 27, ltd.
Win. II. Orcgg k Co.:
flouts: I freely give you lib -rty to make use of ike
1'ollowiiigi'irtillcatoofthj valu of Ciiutitutinn Wa
ter. whlrh I can reccouiuieiid in the lnsli.l manner.
My w lie, who was attacked with pain iu the shoul
ders, whole length nf the back, and in her.luubs, with
Palpitatlnn of the heart, attended with Palling of tin.
Womb, Dysiiieiiorrhoea. anil "Irritation of Iho Iliad
der," I called a phjsieiau, w ho attemleil her about
three .uontlis, when he lelt her worse than ho found
her, I then employed one of the he,t physicians I
could Had, who attended her for about nine months,
and w bile she was under his care shu did not sutler
quite nsuiuih pain; h.) finally gave her up ami said:
u:r case was iiictnuoie. i or, sain lie, "!ie was sllrb
n coiubinatinn ofcompl.iints.lhat nudicine iven for
one op -rale-uguiusl some other ofher dlllieullies,
icr dlllieullies."
miuui mis nine sue commenced in use i;on-in nil in
xx tbu, anu ,i our utter astonishment, almost the first
dose seemed lo have Iho dsired tiled, and she kent on
nnprni jug rapidly u -der its I real men t, ami now super
intends entirely he.- duiuoslli: all'ilri.. Shehas not ta
ken any of thei.iis riunox Watch foraboiit fourweck
andwearc happy tn say that it has pioduced a perma
nent care.
Mm man, Conn. Nov, HI, lEfil,
Tig. WH.II.OP.Kiin;
Dear Mr : I havofnr several years been afflicted
with tint tooublesnmoand daugeroiK disea-u Oravel
which resisted ml reineilies and doctors, until I took
Co-ismrno-nt, Wats r, and you may beassured that I
was pleased wilh the result. It has entirely cured me.
and j on may make any uso of my mime yen may see lit
in rogare to ilia medicine, as I Have entire coutidener
in its etlii ncy.
Yours truly,
Tiinsi: ah 13 i'otri:noiii:h
Thero is unclass ofdiseases that produce such ex
hausling eil'erts upon the liumaii conslilutioii us Din-bet-s
and diseases of the Kidneys. Illndderainl Crina
ry Passages, nnd thruuch a (also mndesly they are neg
lected until they aro snadvauced as to 'ho beyond the
control of ordinary rciuedias, and wo present Iho
To the publii: with the conviction that it has nncnnnl in
relieving the class of diseases for which it has h-en
found m eminently successful inciirlng; and wo trust
that xvn shall bo rewarded in our eil'orts in placing so
valuablo rcisedy in a form to meet the requirements of
patient and physician,
WM. II. rsilOlini: - CO,. Prnpnemrs.
Morgan & Allen, fieueral Agents, No, Hi CHIT Hi'.
Sept SI. l?"(l. i3ni
It X E: : E y
HLooMsnuna, rj.
innro III Court Ally, formerly occupied by Charles R
lllnonisbiirg, Dec. 4, US'.).
.MANur.icruRuit it wiioi.iisam: hi:ai,i:r in
MJL II I I A I -"' i
-s -ss -.. p ' i JU " 1-'
No. 3.57 North Third Street, Phila'd.
Nov. 29, leO'.'.
MILITARY CAPS ofi-vr ry sort, tiro and oinillly
fur sale cheap at the ll'oonisburg (lat& Cap Ihupurium
nomiburg. Sept. U. Ifdl.
IIP. subscriber would Inform his friends, that Iu i
I nnw prepared to put up, on short notice, nnd in a
ii'ientltli- manner, thu best
vlatiX'I roiXTM) i.iaiiTxrxa itovs,
at 131 cent! per foot. A work warranted.
Btootruburg Slay II, JfifO,
Look to your Interests.1' economy is wealh
Spring 1 11 11 3 1
rpllK nulls rlbers Just returned from Iho
JL With another large ami select nssortmct nXKit
ivivrX :m snxmnv.v mmuI.,
tinrchased nt I'lillmlctphln, at tho lowest figure, and
which they arc determined to sell on as moderate terms
nscan h-' procured elsewhere In lllooinsburg, Their
stork comprises' mtkss noons,
ofcholc-sl stxlesand latest fashion.
iinr noons, .ixn nitocr.itiF.a,
n utmriiiK Qy::.Mivn:,
CF.Mll ll'.lltt:, ItOU.OH' IMIIK
II1TS ,V MPS. Sit , .Vc, V-. . ,
' III short everything usunllv kepi In country Ftnrc
to whl'li llicy Invite the Jinldlr genernlly
The Highest price paid for country produce.
mii.i,i:ii ic nvca.
Ilincinisburg. March ISM.
JihW JIIHSLY LWito vo s-ai.i:,
auituble for flrapes, l'enches, Pears, Raspberries,
Strewberrlcs, Illackberries, Ciirrint., tit., nf l.'JJ.I,
It) na '.'0 acres each, a, the following prices for tho
present, via: '! acres lor SJno, 10 acres for SIM, ft
acres for Sl.ll, 21 ncres-for $1(1, 1 ncru for SiU Payable
by one dollar a week.
Also, gooil l ralililiry i an us, anu x mage iois in i iirni' ,
xvood. 'ii by inn feet, at Sill eneh, pnyanie ny on.i uoi. ,
Inr a week.
I he nbove Hind mid Inrms. are IMi;ite n l
i'h3atwooil,U'ashlni!toutnwnshli, llurllngtnn cniinty
New Jersey.
I'or further information, ripply, with
P. O Ptnitui. for a circular, to
n eriivi.-r.iv I'lAttg.
Vo. CO Cedar Htrcct, New York, N.Y.
January P
PnTrJ'lURCII, PA., Corner Penn and St, Clair Ftrcct
Thelargest Commercial Pchool of the United States,
with a patronage nf nearly 3,0011 Students, in five years
from Ml Slates, and thu only one w Inch atlbrds complete
and reliable Instruction In a'l the follow ing branches,
vix: Mercantile. Mnniifnitiiccrs, Steam lloat. Railroad
and llnok-kei-piug. I'irst P'omluin Plain niul Ornamen
tal Penmanship nlso, Survejlug, engineering uud
Malheiualics ginerally.
Pays for n roiiinicrclal Cour'ej Students enter nnd re.
view at any time
It "Ministers' sons' tuition nt half price
I'or Catalogue nf Mi pages. Specimens nf llusiness
and Ornamental Penmanship, and a benntlful Cullege
view of H spuare f et, contniiiiug a irood variety of
w riling lettering nnd flutirishlng, inclose St cents in
slampstu the Principals,
J UNIONS fc SMITH, Pittsburgh, Pa.
April 111, 18G2-lj
PIIi: Iltldersl2n.-iris.-itn exteri--lelv enenue,! Ir. the
-1- UuJertalwir llinitict. ami keepsconstaiitl on baud
no ior snieai ins narerooins, a large assortment oi
PlNlSllI'I) "- ( '(Hi'l-'l
USCjJJI w . . . . . ,
llv which he is .-nabled to Ml orders on presentation
A1.-0 Keeps a zmid Horse and Hears -, and will at nl
times he ready to alt -nd I'unerils.
Simon c. an i vr..
P.loonisbi'rg, January 2 '. l.J50
Aijy Cokti & IC, II
Ill SoLTiiTiiiai,Sten.T,
Philadelphia. Nov. 1. 1.-II2
The undersigned, having I i-i n nppi inled Sulin rip.
Hon agent by IheSecri tnry oflhe Treasury, is now pre
pared to l'u r n 1 - Ii at onie, lie:
iVrtr ticeiiti yrtu (i per cent. Points.
of the I'nileil Slal-'s ilesigealed as -I'lve-Twenties,' re.
deeinable at the pi, asure oflhe Covi riinient. afler li e
years and nnthori.eil by Act of emigre, approed
I'ehruar) 2i. Ifnj-
Tuecoiipoii bondsare issued in sums nf S."tl, Sim,
.lnn. $li)iti
Th Reglnter Roads in sums t.f $M, 100,801111, SIOUO
and rJ.VIOII,
luteic.tat r-ix per rent, per milium will commence
rum dale of purchase, and is
"cnii-.Xi'iiiially. which Is eiiial, at the present premi
um 011 gold. In nli, mi 1 lit per cent per Annum.
r.iriusr. Men ha m. Mechanics, Capitalists, and all
who have any inones to invent should know mid ie
mi uiber that the e llonils are Iu c d'ect. a I'irst xiort
gage upon nil l ull Roads, Hank Stuck and Soeuiities.
andthsiiiiiuense produrts ofall ihe Mauufart.ires,
Sec, in lhe country, and that the lull and ample proi is
ion made for the payment of tbh interest and liuuiilut-
, mn"', by cust s IMitles. Ilxcini ftamps and
mc rna. vi i,ur, srry in uiase niese l.onus tin-
iieU, Most Jlvttihbk and vwn popular
liivs inei.t hi il'ic Murlm,
Subscriptions rorcix oil at Par in Legal Tender Notes
or notes and chocks pareu bonks iu Phi-adelphla, Sub
ambers by mail will jrcvive prninp'. ulleuiion, nnd ev
ery facility andexplaiiatioii will Iu ulTordod on applica
tion nt this cHici..
A full supplynf bonds will be kept on hand for Inline-.liatodcliw-ry.
J YCOOKI3. Subscription Ag-nt.
Nov. 8. l-fiS-Siii.
2mcticaug l5otcl.
(Opposite liiue-cwientti Hall,)
iiip.sTNU'i s'i iip.i:t.i!P.twi:i:n pi niifc sixth
IVVATT u nr.m.iNos.
November 30, ii'.. Xlarch III, IH5t-
F. 0. IIAlUx'ISON, ,M. I),
WOI'1,11 respcclfull) Inform the citizens of I!on.
burg, and iiiuit , that he rout limes the practice
mf.dicixi: .ixn suimr.itr,
ml sollcitsa shun- of public patronage,
Oikick on Main Street, llrst house below tho Court
House, llloomsburg.
I'ebru-iry 3, !f.Vi-lf.
15RCK1 RUI0K11 HR1CK!:'.
Good Uriel;, just manufacture'
r nd for sale rbeno. w lintn l n, .n,l
IVUU.., At thu Itloomsliorl. Ilrirk X', r,l
p ply to the susenber.
Illoonikhiirg, Juno !?, I HOC
No.20 Sonth Oolawaro Avenue,
The mnnfacliirers are now prepared to simply a
largiidniiinud with Ibis valuable Miiiiure. Thuy would
tili'a'rs, that Iho prlco lias been advanced tn gin per
ri',peciloii aiioouiice in i iiriui'i, aou I'eaiers III I or
'.'(ID lbs. It need scar cell' be mentioned that ibis i ham,
has been r 'II lored necessary by the greatly increased
cost of maten.ll and labor, as well ns by Iho operation
oflhe II S. Tan upon manufacturers.
livery Parmer using a I', may hu assured
that the RAW HONH PIIOSPII ATI.' will slill maintain
its highilmracler for STRP.NII I'll uud Pl'lll I'Y. lhe
manufacturers Preferring to make a small sdvam e in
tliu price per nun, Hitlier Ih in allow Its merits tn fall
below Iheir farmer standard, under increased expense!
u ll is prepared from llarw Hones, and xvnrranled
tn contain all theii original organic matter-no buiired
or calcined bones are usud, und it is said under a guar
anty from Hie inuuuf.ii Hirers that it fs free Irnm adul
teration. 'Ihe demand for Haugh's Raw Ilonu Super Phnsplinto
last year ukxilv uniw.n that nf any previous ena
which H ii substantial evidence of its high standard or
PRIcV, 811 r -.000 1.'IS CASH.
Tho above may ba had of regular dealers, or of
II A t (111 tc SONS,
No. SO South DelawaroAvcnut,
Tcbruary? 1P03.- Dmo.
The. lies' ant Home ,ol' iuhcIi
ti lite If o III.
MADAM E V, "000 " ltTt: It K
XI A II AMI. 7..XI1WI' l-l u.
Tr.ll'rt Ciirnliv,! I'lilsnui l
wnrriinti il If ii.mI iccoMIng
to th i dlrei Hoik tu cure In
ell taes I'liui'lis, I 1 1 l,
Wl pi n jt mull. A'lhui.i
and nil all'-i lions of the
throAt'iud l.iings.
Madame Zadnc port -r's
I'alsani ! prepared with all
the re'pilslle sM I. Irom a
cemblnatloii nflhe h t rem
edies III" vegi table klnadoni
nilurils. Its reiiitdlal ipinli
tics nreb.ired on ll pow.-r
to assist the h. iilthy clrcii
lallon of III .- blood, through
the I. miss. It Is not u 1 in.
lent reined) . bill eluoilelit '
wnrtnlng. searching mulch
cctlve j can In- liikeu by Hi I
oldest person or Ihn )oung '
(M chill.
MailamZa.lne I'ort r's bat- i
sain has been In its by the
tiuMie for nv -r Ii" yeer. an J
lias arnrlred Its present sale ,
Implt In h lug reniiuini'li.
led bj those who have ued j
It to tin ir iiilllileil Irli nds i
and others,
.Mint Impoitniit, Jladame '..nine Port, r's ("iiratltc
llalsaui Is sold nt a prldi which tirl n " It III th riarh
of every one In keep it coui-eiil.-ul for use. The time- l
If use nf a single bottle will prove to be xiorlh 1 110 i
jmes its eont,
ri'('K, rax-p yntir money I
Do not be per--uaded
,,,,,., - , i. ,,, ji u.,i,i, ,i ,, eontaln I
1 . it,,K, f i:ir,Mt biitle'ofMa lam.' I'ort -r's I'll- '
n,t i t e P.,i Inliin. the rost orinaniil.irturiiig wiinn is as
gren a almost any other inedlrlne ; anil the verj low I
prenn nt whiclilt Hsohl. m ike in-prnni toiiiesiii
ernppi. utly siuall, mid iinprlni'ip iled dealer wl
snineiluies rcromiuend other medli lnes on w Inrh their
profits are larger, unless the cii-tomers I mist upon
li.ivinf .ilailarne forter anil none oiu-r. "-h ior ,
Madame I'ort-r's i uriitlve l nlaiu price neents, nnd
n large bottles at 'Jj oeuls. and take no other.
1 .-Sold by all tlr'lggl ts and Storekeeper' at Hts j
a,. I In larg"r bottles ai '.'." cents. i
II XI,:. Xi RUCKi.K. Pr prletors. Now York.
Janu.lry II. lrliM,
0, 11, 1!), 15, 17 Cointlttiitlt St'oct.
This oM.establih-d niul favorite resort of lhe l'u--i
uess Coiuniuiiiiy has been r -eoutlj
tilete In evenlhiiiL' that can mini.!
titt-il. anil is i oni
to lhe conilorls of I
families are speiiall) uudcarc- 1
is pairon- I..HUI
I'lillv orovlded for.
1t I, centrally located iu the lei ines part of lhe city,
and is contiguous to lb principal line i.t stiauiboats,
cars, oinuibusses ferries Kr.
In coiise.pienco of th. pressure caused by tho Rebel
lion, prices have been r.'-luei d to
One. Dollar a d l ijlij enh: per Put,-.
The table is amply ttppllcil w ith all the luxuries ol
the season, and is equal to tint nf, -in i ther liiitul in tin
Ample ar-coinino lotions are oil' r-d for upward r f -I'M
tr- Do not believe runners hacknien, and others w hi
may say "the Western Dot I i- full "
D. II. WINCIIHSn:!'., Propriiti-r.
l'eb. IJ.lftii!.
'Ihe iVcif omiiierrii I Ih'i tUnir-f tire 'net
leil opposite Court Home, corner of
Court ttntl Chcnunitn-Street 8.
i TbisColl .;je is in noway connected with any nth r
I In-titnliou.
I The enemies nf th" entire I'aculty nr e.xcluni ely c.'e
I ot--,l lothjs.
Th ide-ijn ofilils lustiiiiiioii into atlord lo Yoiinrj
Mu an oipoitiioity 'or iainriug a llr,.ugh I'nuticat
j Ilitsiiie.s'icittion
I Tin-linn!, and 1'- rins are carefully i.irnund bj
1 PmciI'-.iI i loiiutaiii-.. i-xpressy fur n,ls 1 n-i inn l, j,
I an. I III" con i -ii of I ii. true I mo is such to combine 'I h"i
I rj an. I Practice.
I COI, 1,1101 ATP. Ci'l'R-P..
This t'o'irse eiubiae-.s i:ook-ICe pinij: in all IU d
partiueiils. renniirinslilp.rooimeii 'rilliun llr I
s 1 oj,reprlti!euee, I 'olomerrllll Law , I'o illi 1. 1 I run
oniv. i-'iouui-ri lai Mine. 1 ariio-r-lnp sMtn,.l()f.,.fc( j
I he
Count -rf Hed and alt.ired Hank-Voles. 1
peril- rian .system 1.1 IVuiinmiiship is lauehl in
all its xarl
11 -
U 11.,
1110-1 ssiiiiiii uia-ii-r-01 Hi., art
lhe Look le,-iug ili'p'irtment l undi-i the
I up"rvisloii niul iiisirurtion of llu P1l.1cip.1l,
1 I.OWSI.I..
II. W.
Sl'idi'iits ranenn-r at any lime ; no x ri. I'sii: I
lime lo rump i le the Cuur'e. Iroinlilo Ii we, k-. At si--tincereudered
tojrailuates iu procuring situation
tirnduat -s ar 'pres -nted with an. legaut y eneraved Hi
plouia, '.y I'or oiit.ilogue of ;tlp-i3es. specimens .if pr nm.m-
,(., a,,, . n H-uc i M.-intnw anu auor' ss
a w Mt.vint.
Angus! .HI, I8C-J.
I a.v
:i, iM.i-i-.'io.
C 15 I T T E
N D K N ' S
COL I, K G E ,
A'. E. comer fiti e, -t I ( 'irs'.nti Stier i .
Tins IxsrircnnN, wlnrli va nttihlihr,l in IPJ t nnd
i HOW couse.pi.'llllv in III eighli.iith v,r of s exi.t
enee, numb rsinnong Iu graduat-s. Imndri-ds i f the
inotsiir,-essfiil .Mi-rih.ints -Mid leii nf our
TiiuOtuM-r ofth' Institution Issol.-ly tonirnrd vonnc
men facilniesfor thorough pn nrationfor b ism.'ss.
Thk lliiAMites i-u-niiTare, lluok.rrnsng, a annlie-.
ble to the various ilepaitmeni, f trade; 'n-,',',s.,',.,
both plain and t:ammernl imr .V,r!,V.
mattes, Xurigalioa On F.ogtorrriug , llrauinu, i Inn. ,
ogarplitj, and .Vo'ern Langr.ogei. ' I
Tri.Sv-iKM ov lAsrituLnov isn-rnii.,s .... ....
set lessons are made ii-e of. but en. h ,,i,eni is lauclit
Indni.Iuiilly, soihat ho luayioiiiniencr-at run time und
attend at whatever hours are most eonvjnii-nt.
CcTit.ooiis areisnied (raW;nf.r lhe l.-,th of nrll
conlaining uamoK of the stu lent, for th vear, an I full
pariicularsofirrni nny In obtained at run
time by adilrcsing the Principal. '
lyl.xrKxsixic AccoMMnn iins, iridr-tprrml rtputm,
an I th" irugihiieiperhnieofikr Vrinepl, tlii-s liirtitu
ti m oilers lacililjes wu.l)r t,v other in the ronn
try. foryouug n wi-hiug loprepar., fr hnsines
and In olitniu at th same tune f ,ni..ou, vl,irh mtl
prtten rerommendalhn for them thvm to any ,Merc,au.
til i House. '
ll7"CirF.Nnss's 'cries of on I'oon.K'ii v-I
i.nii now nore Hidi-lycirruluttMllhau nny oilier work'
on the subject, are for sale at Hie Coll,.. I
s. iioiKins ciipi"i'i:xdi;n,
.11 torncyntl air,
Jan. 2.7-lff,3 lint.
nviio.3, coai.nK.uiAi, oui:;i:s
s. iLccuvniiTni ami riir.aTxrr sts.
lCW I or; L ift, Ili'iOkltlu. A 'Prim
livjjalo. Ue'roit. ( hvt,uul. Cltiuiso,
,,. . ,, ' - .i iJ
awl Nt. Louis
llnok-ki-rping, r.-iiniaiishlp, Cuiuierclal Arllhiiu ili
(.iiinnii rilal l.iixv, furrim. Ciirrefp.iiileiicc, ttc, limit
call)' lauclit. '
J llt-'u nlli'gi-vi ln i ii c uti.lcr the .auie cciK-ral ami In.
fill nianai;iiiiii-ut,Ku.l aniitiitir iu each thu aihaiitaio
uf all, ml rirrc.iterf.i.'lliiic-a fur iiupnrliiij! in-trui! ; l
than tiny other iiiiiitniieu iu ciuiuiry.
A r5i holarsliii lmic-il by any mm iHguul iu all fti n
untliuitcil limu.
Thu I'hlliiilclplilalJnlleuu has h;cn rcceully cnlni ,
ami rcluriil.hcil iu a uperinr iiiamier. mil iuuxx-Ci I
l.irBi'.tiiuiliniitt prutpurnus t;uninii; I lie inn l inn .
thu rlatn,
llryiiut k Hlratlnn-i, serin, of Text Il uik i-iubrac
louk kcipiinr.oi,,, rclnl Arilliiiiitlc, ami Liuuiucr
Law, tor fjiilii, niul mini by mail,
ScTnbc" frJ,"lc,.;!llli',,,ri " CnCUUT-
I-xHUSIIOVftTIIIlf' ran huohtaliieil at all tunes, nt the
. I. alms Iluuui of tlm umlcrfJuui'il, on .Xluin i,irc'i t,
tlloonifljiirc. I'a., tti pt 13, ici'2.
Estate of Damtl Ileigel, dee'd.
f I'.TTr.llS ti-rtainenlary nn the citato nf Daniel Ilei.
I cel. lato nf I ocil.t mix n.liiii in i i,i,,,i,i r. ,.
pccc-aii'il, havchccii maiileil hy Ihn llcvl,ier nfi oluui'
bia county tn thu uii'lerfiuuri'l nlno rc.iillin In until
tnxvnililpi allper.nin havimf claim, atrriliift Ihai-nlali!
uf thu iliiconil iinra r'.pii'.tniltn iirniiiiit llicin tn the
l xerutcr ul hi rciiilenro in stil.l liivviithip, xxitlmn
delay and all pertain imlchtnl in make puyuiclit fuilli
with. I'liraiK, IICIII1UIV, Kucutor,
tUfmbcr.'iilr'fS, . I
! m
I1U1.1.U1P,II '
Are veil sick, fcble, and
cmiiplalnlnEl AlexouoiiUf
order, with "nr sjslcm do
tanged, and jour feelings un
comfortable! Tbcso sjinp
tetiisnieorteti tho plcludo to
H-iloiu IlliiefS. Sutno lit cf
tlekmsm Iscn-epltistipon yon,
and should be averted by a
Ihnely uo of the light i-vin;
Mil. Take Ajei's Pills, nnd
cleanse ent lliedlsordeieil hu
mot s pullfy Iho Llood,nd
lot Iho ilIJ move on unwj
sliucled In health again.
1 hey (Ihnul.ilo Ibo funcllcii!
t .1...' Into luototH nC.
SP V -i iMly. putify the slein from
- ' " (he oUtimtlons which tnako
,llseie. A foM selll" omc licit, m ins , oiiy, in., ucr
Uruels Us natuinl funi jlons. 'Ihcse, V net idle c-J,
react upon Ihcmselves and tho siuruuiidlng organs, pio
dudng general nuRtaxalloii, "'r,,'"r' s"".!..!?!!'
X bile In this condlllon, c ppiessed by ho detiingemcii s,
take Axcr's Pill", nnd sco how lliortly tliey re-lore
natninl action nr the system, and Willi It Iho buoyant
feeling or heallh ngiln. What Is ll no and so apparent lit
this tilvlal and common Is alo tmo ln many
or tho deep senled nnd d ingcious dl,leiHpcrs. 1 bo aaina
pitraatlvn effect expels them. Cnuscl bv slnillur obvlrue
tloni and derangement r tlic liituriil fiincllens or tho
Isnlv, Ihey are rapidly, nivl m-iny of Ihem snii-Iy, , cure,!
by thosnmo means. Notio who know lhe vliluss of llioi
Pills, will neglect to oniploy tlicm when sulfcilng from
the dl'ordeis llicy cine. ... , , .,
gnlenints freni leading p1i)sM.itu In Homo or tin
principal cltle, ami fixaii other well known public per
rout. nm a nirmrltna Merchant tSt. Lmti, M. 4, 1M.
Pn. Avrnt Your I'itU aro lie) pai agon of all that ts
great In medicine. 'J'hey havo cuie-l my Utile daughter
of ulcerous soics upon her hands and feet that Ii id proved for years. Her mother bus been long griev
ously nllllctc.l with l.lolchci and pimples on her skin unci
In del- hair, Alter our child was cured, Mio also trio'
your TilH, ami Ih.y Imvo ul lien MonanMBi
As a Fit mil ?Uylc.
From lh JX II. IhUwttt, OittaM.
Your l'illi nro tli" pflnro nf jtur. Tlielr oxcellMit
ninlltlc! Htirnn'-i an; rath.utiu wo Mse. They Are
milt!, but very cei tuiii nmi clfi'du il In tlir-lr ncll'Mi mi tho
lio.vt'1-., wlili li milieu thcin ItnaliMblo to m Iti tho il.uly.
ticatnu'ut of ilNoae.
IIcmlnclic,SlrUT.cnilnrlic,Foul fjlomaclu
DrUTtllno. T.nt Icnni nuer von t'-ViIcomrliilnti
I luivo curel with jnur V.U hotter thnti tn mynlUhnt irt
t it? twit with rt p'lrflittivi' nicrficine. I pliito prrut il' lvi
ilciico on tin MTcctii il ratlmth lu my tlally cotitct with
(, mi'l li'lieliu I lti tint jimr l'illi nfloid us the
best wa have, I of ixw llicin highly.
ritTsnvr.1, Pa , Mny 1, ISM.
Hit. J. C. Arm. Plr: T hfivn I.pimi tcrcatntly f uicil of
tho woist tmulach nnv rnn luuc hy n tl fto or two
of jnur L'itl. It wciu- tu ailfo (rum n foul iloiunch,
which they tlo:muo nt ourp.
Vours with great icppct, IIP. W. PIUTnLi:,
fltrfc i Sttnmtr Chi i an
ntltous DIsnrilci'fl Tilvcr Coinplnhito.
Fi-om Vr, Thtmhre Ikll, oXno loth C.t.
Not only nro our PilNiihniinMvii'l.iti"l tn Ihclrimr
pnso ni an aprrlont, hut I llml their hi'iiPJlrinl riT"ttiuiott
tho Liter wry maikcd imlonl. in my ii.ic
tlco proicil !iif)i('i-iri'ctunl for tho cmo of bttwns C"ii
jlainU than uuy ono utnt'ily I can iulmi! i-ti- 1 t-hiu'ii ly
n ji.leo tliat wu liiivo at Inigth n mit;.iMo wlikh (t ucr
thy tho coi)GdciK3 cf tho piott'iuu ami thu i0klc.
UahiiiKtoii. 1. C, T 111 1th., 18fi0.
Pint I have uel jimr rilU In my j;ruoinl nmi lumjuUl
piactlceccr since joti m lu thnn.timl tannot lii'silnto to
wiy thcyurotho hubt nilhmtic wtumi-hy:, 'J heir m'rii
l.itiiV action on tho liter U fjiiltk ami ilecileil, n)tM
fiiontly they nio an ml mi nil lo iimiedy for ih inurements
of tint org.ui. Imlent, I h:nc m'luiu fouiul a case of
littiotts tli&eusc so olMlnato It I i I tmt iftulily i M tt)
tliein. Irattinally iouis AI.O.N0 li.Vl.h, M. 1 ,
J'iist'cinn of' tht Mriut Ilosj'itjh
DywcntCiVy, Dlntrlurn, lltlux, AVorms. lh J. It Uittu, ttf CHOtgn.
Your PUN lmo hiul a Ions 1 1 i.t 1 lu my mart ice, niul T
lioM them In fptciin ns ono of the Mei ifiits 1 hato
ever fouml. '1 heir nlteiativo dTcr t ii) on tholl.n nmkca
them an excellent icmetty. wheu ien iu fiuwll iIihoh for
bihous tlyscnbry und tiutirttatt, 'llnir nipu-coathig
makes them eiy aewptaUu ami cotnciiicut xr thu tiro
of women nnd chlMieu.
Dysprpq In, Ttnpitrltj- of tlio Hlood.
From Jicv, J P. ltiinat itor of Ml cut Cftuc, It aim
Dr.. A ter: I Into tnn-il ywv PilNwiili p,liaonlin.iry
euccccr hi my family nmi hiii'iii tliuso I mn rtlh,il hi vinit
In ilitic"". To regulate tho organs cf diption mid
puilfy tlio htooil, they nro tho w-ry hct lemeily 1 hato
out kuoMi,:uid I can confidtutly U'CommcMid ihim to
my file nd-. You. is, ,1. V. IIIMI.g.
Wausvw, WyomlnR Co., N. Y., Oft. -4. 1."5.
Pr.AU Fin: I am u; jour Culh.n tic Tills in my prac
tl.v, and find thorn an ecellcut i'tirj::itivo todoaneo Iho
n-stem and vm ify tUt fvniidu'iH uf th? t
Con stlpntln;i, Cost Ivcnes, Snpprohlni,
lllirmiinl Imiii, foii1, A'curnl j;in, Drop-
I'nrulyfcN, XUn, i(c.
1 Vtrm Dt'.J. Vuttnlni, Mot.trrrt, dutirlct.
Too much cannot li wild nf your Tills for thf ruie (f
cnsli'MMS. If (.1 hois of our fiatemifv have f-uud tlicm
ns efficacious iw I hae, they f-hould jin me in jiiuMnlin
tiiftitfir tho h'-nt'df of tli mtdtltud"s who .nil.T fioin
that compl lint, whhdi. atttn.iij:li hud ruwiigh In iln-lf, fs
the pHvt'iiitm of othcis (list oie Moir-. I hclic-f cos
tiffins toorighnto iu the liwr, hnt yom, Pills nffect that
C'igui nnd cmo tlu dlsear.
Frcr.i Mrc. 77. Muait, IVntia'an nut Mwtrti, TJaton,
I find nun or two Iarjr dofs of your Till-. tnkni nt the
proper t hue. mo ( eflleut pnmiotlesof the Hittnutl mat'
Hon vIhmi wliullyor pull illy Mipprc-td, und alR'iiry
effectual hi c.Viour tlio $!oinm't and rrpcl "iiih. Tiny '
nio eo much tlio Vit ph.sic we (hut I iei.einmcu'd
no other to my patienle.
Fionl the Hew Dr. ILttdrs, tht MttJuuVs! rph. Cimch.
Vuaxj Ilir-r. .lanC, IK1C.
Itoyor.rn Put: I t-huiild ho misrule ful fi Ihe relief
yourekill has hrouht inn If 1 did imt icpit my ra-e to
j nil. A cold Mottled lu niv limbs nnd bivupht oh excru
rljtlns vfurttltic jwus c endr 1 in chiotii' rtiritma
tism. Notwithstanding 1 tho lio-f fif j ii vjIc inn", the
(li-eao piew worse and wniM, until hy the mlviro of jour
eteellent acrent In Taltinorf, Ir. Mm kcnzirt, J trlod jour
Pills, 'Iheir effects wcio slow, hut sme. Ity ierfcoerhig
In tho uso of tlu ni. 1 nm now mUrel well.
Fr.sTi: C!inrn, Pnton Kongo, T.a Tiec. TSf.3.
Dn, Aypr: I lii.o hei'ii entirely rmvd, by jour Pills, tX
llheumutic GoutA painful discao that bid aflllctcd mo
tor yeais VIXC1IXT EUUKhh.
Jfta-Most rf tho PiPs In mntkrt rontnln Mcrcurj,
which, nlthoufth a valuallo irmrdylti frkllful hands, ii
dangerous In a public pill, from th'j dreadful eonse
rjuonces that firrpiently tollnw Its incautious u-e. 'ihesc
contain no mercury or mineral subptanco whntcu'r.
PriQG, 20 cents por Tiox, or 5 Boxes for $1.
Proparod by Dr. J. C, AVER lu CO., Lowoll, Mass.
'-t i i. .it. M i nub ttoinii .Hi' .1 K i i jcr
I loi m-lMiri. ; .1ihutrr l!tdirl'Um, Mn-t rx & fMUi.
lilKill.-; T .Ma-t r-.llMit.,n, l..i..inu ft Pi-h- r, tr
.iM'jc ill-; (i V I'.iu h-r r I rv il! ; A Mill -r. Her
vvuk; l.itu ,V lli" , C.i ntT ille ; 11 V lb itdmit .t TCili -Pwi'V
; .M J rili" tn ik"r. Uurkhorn ; Ii' iluit to, Nu.f,
Mamvilb': .1 Mnrpli't.-. ( "alt.-.u in, ; L n-a) Co.
l.k'ht sltrri t : till firal.-rs ev r h hi-ro.
J ily :i . H)2- ly.
ri.t..MAXIli:il fAIT.H, nil
JIOVI'.I) in .Vo Ili4uni Fourth
.Vr-'f, P'tita'Ulp'ua, havo nn
niul n Inrrji- npfiirtini'iit r.f I'in-
. -?i
I hl.-r .m."f'r r-nf f.
Ifn, irc.ii ilniirs, fur I.. ink niul
slur (., imu shult -ri" imn k-iIi, nil
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, in the rnlt.'il Sliitra,
j Fire Safe lu o'ir frj,
1 tent in una I loittlition.
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Hint th -ir iii.'iiiiif.uiur,' nf H.ilnuiini,l) r f.if.-H h.-i '
tit IciiKtli fully wnrr.-inl ,1 ih r, pr n.-ntntinus xx lih li liuxo ,
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rhiht.i. Iphia April W. Ir'.Hl.
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' . 1 ."I1 Lunn. g ruins, vvh -r- Ih
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iiuseil th -1. ram plate tu
i:i"ii. xx e cannot luit reear.l th
pr. f. rialinu (,f th -ir xnl- i
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uaiiie cnuienin as uu si cm v mi in
curity nll'uiileil by your tale.
W'e i-h-ill tuke gr. at pi -nsiire Iu rccniuniDii.Ilns tlicm to
men nl li'i-inesf as a r lire r. Iianc ucaiiut lire. I
r,-.,., ,!i:IUli: H.J1IMMIIV.S& Dim., .letrrlltr: I
I limy haxe hince pnrchii.c-il .ix lame H.if.-n. i
July SU. Is'lV. AiiL'iihlW, IPS'!
G 1 1 J E N V 0 0 D SEMINARY.
MWville, Cohm.blu Counlij, Pemi'a,
Thiti well knoxvh Pihonl fnr both tuei will opon
NOVUM IIIIU 3d, led.,
Tim recent llililitinm tn the tin il .1 1 1 r,.,l. n
jT..jLiiim.i.' Jiv.Ji.imJ
nil.iiiomi fur inure llitiu flxtx boanli r. '
The eonrii of blinly vv ill 'eiiilirnce ibrce ilrpnrlincnti
- Ihn Xnriual, Iln, Heleiiiitle. and l'-e I onim'riial
I lii! I'r'iiiipal xx HI he as, if wl by cxp rienccd loach
cr. f Hy .mililleiifii th. ir r. rpi Hue p.,fitinnii. I
'arenl.iiuilolhc'rMiiayreitaiircil tliul nu uirnrls
xxlll bn .pared in iiiaki! ill, Mlioi.l xverlbyuf paliiiua"ii
ami that thu xxelf.ire of tho .tluiicntii. ii. Il, cturilfv
phyfically, ami uinrall). i ill rr'i i-i v n on r rniiki n n i r,r,,'
lor applicaiiun. i irmlari. i.r luilher pariiiulaif-. ml-1
prei. the unili-riifjiieil. nl Jllllmllr i nljimi m cuuuivPa
T. iXtAXWI.i I Pii'-H, '
Millvllle, ra Pep,. .3 IrfQ. l'r"'C"""'
ftlnaison fpt nnsc
Hnmu HicrDMoSr. riKTxvrLN Viiism ir Abcii.I'uit.,
.'nt- i Wl
PRllSll Mill IV A L
-f on-
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i fully inrurinii hlMiittutui'r nmi tlic pul.l Ic fcni-fnllr
Hint;t rreriti'il from tha Kimternc title., tli
lnr;i-8i uiu inim r.cicti smcic in
Si)rin' and Summer, lini y.l hccti iiii iii'il 111 llliioniiiliiir;, to which ha
Invlti-K th" nf his Crlc'tnlii, niul nanurea tlicm
tliul lli. tin- mr.-ri-il fur mli- nt ifn iil Imrgiilur,, lli
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tii:NTi.':.Mi:. H vi:,iuni Ai'iuni:!.,
Ci.ilf llll.i! in I-'Ai'limvXHI.i: IlnM I'iiati, of every rlr
cril.tlnni I'liiiln, Vc'Ftf, Hlilrln, tlrnvnti Stoik( t'l.ttxin
lliiiiilKcrchli-fi, (Huvcr.. SiH'licnilcm, &r.
A N I)
Of cx-i-ryili-ncrlplHni, nnc niul rhenp,
N. II. llciuc'iuh.-r " t.oirenbtrg't Cheap F.mporlvmf
call unit cc. Xich.irs fur rx.iiuliii! (IihiiIh.
DAVID LOU'IlNlinilrt
lllnninrtiurir, .Mnrrh Q. I SKI. (June lU )
IT In Iho ilrfiftii if thl Jl(irii:lnc tn prmUicc n il
(th nt aii,l puri-lit riKMri-, .uclitii villi culihnii- Hi.
tnti-, r. fiiii" lliu i.'r lint- t i.nnl.h-nil Ihr nlii.Mif
III-, l.lkrnry In Int: ii'i.'(iiitir. rtiiiUur lull,
loin- niul ihurarli-r Ithuul hliii try, II "III innki- Iln If
x Ici-inci Ii rever II l km.xxii. ,Vn ihaciii-luc In Ihf
i n intry i' h.'tl. r n 'npt.-il In thu fiunlly i In Ic, During
ll.- forth n.niiii' vnliiiui it will cniitinui In Innlnli In In
I'lmrai If r in "'I'll (lui c-ti nf tin.- .Xii.nthlli c" In ll.
iu ih.i.ilriil i'.Xi cutluii I.J the Hi '.i Hit; I. nr t r iji'altd
hy ,my liif iilni- iu tin- linn'. It j-1: l ir 1. 11 l'u in ttir.'
nt h nn tin hut rt vulriitii rcit ptipcr , niul i ar a
u i.iili -r . .tu i ic 1 ii n tix n nru Imn Mi-el cuf-ri.x tut", i-xi i n-t-.ll.llh
Illch -rlrttluiil'tlii l.rt Ly lirtlitr xx hn Held
lit th Ii ml nl tin-j r pri.t . Ii
In' llipoiii.,) 1. ii h i-p. 1 1 1' I ih'h iIoi'i I i the fi ii ily.-'
II f.irni.h.'ii a nr. at niiii iint i f . . m'ii n M'nilic! in nil
tin iu 1'iiih -in "I tlu' fan. 11 x . i s nici ilii-mt Ii.r
g -t 1 ii ir Hi - cliililn-ii- ll i in "'i. x ii' '.'il full cil Illi.
In li.lii'li.iif, :i .in In r.mni- n ii ri pics a i.irha cm h" lilh'il lu in. th. r n uj I'r g xxillct
III.' ll art a Ii ii "ul n.inU
AinuiiK lt innliibiiliiri. nre Inuinl film' rf the licit
xx rll-'T. in tin- Intnl. I In ir pnpi-r tlx i I. niiiin. r h .i
niilxari ixmih xxi-ll a liirliurliiiii In lit 1 1 r. c i r. ill.
Ih - Hit iitlnii uf tin- Ih I tor anil I'ulilliht'if tu ii. r 1. It
Ih - I i r -1 i iiL'.ilii ' nf li kl nit in Hu cuuntiy. Mi ilul
aii.'iitl'.u inx ituil In the x arid anil rc-tini: itti
1 nt-, .if the C in li'pailiiii'iit. xxhiih ij.lMl.ilr. ti il
tur.'ii nn xx here 1 1 d. l,t Iniin.l. It xv ill li t I iii.i- m rip. - al'lu.-t, i i.i.tali'ini- i..Miy ifii.irc- thuiiMx Mid
-xp.i'-ili..ui fur the ( hrUtjiiii rtritur itml n.-iitir
N'.il sun. I (Imn ii n ltt''rnr.x mill i.iiliui: u.cli.i.iy
hilily Hit r fling tn the H'.iilnlixi ; ,l u i i. c I N i i
I' il.IicHtii'ii-. -, ll i-i. , il.iurj Siiiiilllic Mil1 Hi Iii.ii u
K tu I., -ilv iu far Is iiirli'eiit-, mnl -li-lir tli t nl p. rn,i u i i,t
x .tin i r'l.i.-lii an- t..r ( r. li xxhiih xxjli Le f .il i.f
I'-riL-a niul iitir-,li'ti' l" i ul ir, 1 1) Ii il tu Ii Ir h rl 1 1 il
ni-tiuit rltlltireii ; I'.-ul' lial l,li aiiint v. niil. 1. 1 i.f
rich unit tiire p.'ir".ii: f iiiiu nm i iiltniu u li in. u.h
ll'iil'.r'i. reailiu;! ; and Ih.llor'a 'I ahle x-. ill tiltu t t..l i .
ijultii a v.iil.-ly.
There i an c-'-niiniuy lit laklric Iho Macrriiie, if xa
luuk at the ami. mil ef lhe r, iiiliui! ni.-ilti r. A hiic.Ii- x i 1
uiiii- ! i;-tiril tin i-ht . lu. n. x nl mm r xx hid, at i. m i.t
rate ct.fl SI enrli 'I hat In xmi eel Iu It.o
Ili'Pii'il. ry f-.r 'fix " Ilnllari- anil a linlf xv hat xv i ulu i mi
)ui leu lli.linr-i In the huik l.-rm ; lnid thi n a Ulpr
ii'iuili r.'l iiperl. .le, I ei'i:rr x ii-i h in lhe I aicaiii 1
iHltl--ln I' xx if ilie tiii rri-ih nt ii.rriiiFe In
Hi curt ir p.'ip'i li. i.i nil i.tltu r n ul- Mali i f u.niitilnc-i.
tur-, niul lu xl' xv fill-f.i't Unit I'lhliile rr. 1 1 ).i rka
a r i"i.i.i"'e.l tu ii't.l In.i.i tvx r-ui) fix i in llurl) p. r ci i.t
t'.th-p Ii flh ir Ki.i.l.f. xv e iuixe I'li'iiii il jt uiiimfi'
t alt nipt In-' pi, liln ulu h I the I!. " filmy I r .lie
i-i.niiiiL' y.'.-ir at I- than ixvu ami a Hall Dullarr. 1'hl.
nm I h pni-i ir. .I'.x.-iMri'.
xll Xliui'i.'r- nl in M- tli... il Kplfcei nl t hurcli rro
aci-r :it -.1 .Xf.-nii .ilul xvili r.i.ivi 1-ui riri lu n. ami
, r.ix'in nli I'' hy I', c .V l.iuhiiik, i iiiilhiMti,
. nni.-r nl X'nln v I l.'lilh i-llei Ih l lljlti ll I'lillc r. IX MV
1 Vurl:, J 1 1 xlulli'irv -Irut Tili-rn lii ci ix i il lij iu.
XI. I ..!(" lit v. t liliacn; J I' M.ict-i-, llurtc'ii: H Ijiruini,
riiil.i'ilplila: J I. ' k l!n 1 1 i.t.ti r-: J. I., limit, I it I h
Iiiui:. P n.i ; II ll. uiii. I iili'.ili., . V .; I nhi rt ,M Mlir x ,
riu I la-n-i-i' ii. i al ;'V II. r.-aruc. ri.rlinu.l.t'rrj.-Du; A
II .vli'i.'-' Piiti-rnii ter. Ili.vv , t.nmiiiii. t.uutbhtl. Aim
Ihr'iiii-li any an r.-i.ili-il trnx. litis mini lei nf iho VMli
n ImI V.ii hdrih,
dee I I, ld,-. lif.
J A ivl E S H . S W I . H ,
iMvoitrr.n .ixn mi"u:x.ii.K nr.ii.r.ii
;iv:i, ax 1 1,1 iron J,! m.i.v.
V-.. li.'H Wat- ul tits , bel..nrn :5 ' ,j-
I'lin.Aiir.i.' in a
( H. irii'HV. Tru.-llu: Ac-nt an 1
-.'""iin-i-m lltii'teiii-i.i.T r-'.ii.ii. i kii,
X'ix- iiiIit ii. i ci 'I. j
'it ri:.
A ll ' l v -I 111 I i.lltlitii.ll cru.'r.xxcil fr.r th. cure -4
'lir.'in. Mil a,--el vi ry it . r ri r.- i ml tn pr.-i, rt n n
li'-f ..rk a-xi Him r- niul iui ie 1. 1 r. t.n cli.-r-
' " ' xr-pi I' r i in . i, mil i u'.-i,, r m in if,,, it.y
ir-iu-p"! .ly r at nt f Xn X' iirTri
n is llr, iv; Uf".'. 'I'll I hx i. iaii h.ix e l.m lii'ic i.u,i
i iiMV i , . i 'in- hi th i.' p lv al anil I. ri. j .ul ma.
til". 'I'll f ll"VX ins an-mini' n lhe e,,u.p an, Is ti, xv 1,1 lift
p rial all 'iilii'ii i jiix-. u. All iIim-iik -s .f i;. lun,, l.utij I'.nrt Htr.itinr' , I.lx i-i. Ki.ltii j . fliaili'sr,
llh' atintn I'll-., fiii'i'.'r. I'H.-i-. Nirxi.its All.-nini,
Hi-, a" " ' f ih- -i-xiial itrc-ii'. r. miniil xv , akm s,
pit -in e ami Viral ul ! i . a .i r nf ex erj nnlure prx-iiix .
Iiciie,. i ien" 1 1 IViual. k ami all Irn rjiilarnlrJi
kiirriifsiull ir";,t .l. I limiii' arnl lie.-ilu. ih curix4
uilhinii pninlul up ratiniii.. I'ah ,m. lieM' il liy Ic in r.
h) -I'li-Hiic a ftati'in. nt -.I iln-ir r i'n '. He.nii in at 1.
any par1 nflh.- rmmtrx. I'mniiltaiinn fr-r in nil,
A lilr.-ff rt 'Hip I'lii-I.,-..-,!.
lilt I,, fill A V P Ceniullin; riiXFirinn,
l,n;i l:rnai:xvax, ,Ni xv Voik rilr.
Aprl'S Pl'-i- Uiii.
A DM LVI.ST U ATO It's NO TIC E .'tte of Jtl; on George, ''eccm-d.
i r.TTI'HS (.fn.'i.iiiii'traliiiii en thu I ?tatr of 'ink
I mn Onri'.', late nl l.i.riiFt tiilv li. hip. 'out it.t.i n
cr.untx, I'en r.n il, liaxe I.ei ii ncnteil hj ihe l!ipiift
.if f'nlii uliia rniiiitj tn Marx (ii nrse anil l'i lor l. i vr
Ii 'in.n.liiiiiiifiratori-, all p, ri'ii hax Ini i Iiim.f r-irainrt
thu I'flale if ihe ileceili ul are ri.juiMul In piefirxt
Iln in tn the iiilininiur.iturf al llnir roiih-iicet iu I .x-nui-l
inxi'ii.lnp. xv illinnl 1 1 in nmi all pvrnuiF Indc. toJ
in make pa) went furtlux i.h.
MAi;V (inOIlflH.
I'l.'l I.I! K lll'.IIIIIIIN.
Jiitnury 1?, l?f.1 -fxx-. JJ.'. .-dmiuutratori-
Th.1 (.'ulmnliiii Male anil IVmale Acam iny, xvill ppn
I If urxt leiiii iipiiii Tucfilay lhe Stli r l N'nv. IHJ.
Thlf f. hniil iilfcri fiipenur iuitucenicut tn rill vviir
arn ili'firinn i.f ai'iiirln an a' i I'rnilriil i ilucatinn-tx
prepai. fur teachim: nr to nl.tainn tliur-uch kimxvleils
nf any nf lhe nirvfern nr ami -nt Im r;uni,'i'fi,
I'or fit till, r lul'iiriuaiinii i ii'iiiire i.f
II K. IHXllllA.H, rrlmiial.
rr nf Jntix- Kovmi, ti c'Y
at rv (Viinnibtiii, I,ti7t-rn m., I'n.
Oct.'Jj. Idii.'.
I 111'. lerfipiii'il xxniiM inform the ritizi tif rv
1 liliioiiifliuii: ami vicinity, thai hi-Inn, jiift ri
rfgJ clvnl ami oil r lur mile nnu ol the tucmt cxti-nsix
r2 llffOllinellti, of t'tKIUlXfiaml I'AN' V HTllXT.i
i X'i'r i nt mil uci'il iivin Uiii ki . Thu I hri-luplier l
il ti i In . . Jnuii'f llobbnml III. bearu amnim the lirnt tin
rnnkiii" fHox-eH.all nl xxhiih are nir-tif.lit niiilirai. huri-f!
Ill I'ailor tnxi arc haml.oinc ami the m-furlim lit
r it'll. AI.-i) 1'arliciilar altiiiliuii m paiil tu Tin-Wpy.
anil llniifi. Hpnutiuu, upon ilmrt nulici-, .xll kimlr tf
rcpalrini: xxill he ilnne xx ith nentiieim anil ili-f patch,
Ev Uounlry prnilucc tukoti lu i.xrhaiifje fur xxork.' f, .movi'.h,
lilooniFLurc .Vny 10, IPCS
STIt A W ! STIU'W ! ! STli A W
1 S3 8 cepted, in xxa
UV, nf nil klmla. Dili kwh. nt if
anted immediately, at the .Ml
villi, ii. ar I. i2 lil Si reel, forxxhiili
cah xx il hu nalil.
. , THOMAS Tiir.xni.
Mill drove, August 9, 1502.
Thn inbiicrlber riff, r fur tain ur rent, the txxn f.illixf
I" Iff I'nriru, one of Ihem tiluatu ill I'mljiigcr'eK t..xx
kltlji, Colli iiibia i aunty, criiitniniiiR
Aji innro or lct, iibniit lllij-fivi) ucrci. of wld'
rlLiS 'Klearfil Inml. xxhenoii are i ricted u K'"l
Txxn Ctnry fll.i.VK hHF..l.l.SO liQl'lr
Mun-IM.Vi: HjiUX, Wuson lloime, Com Cub, eil
other ni!tbuililii!.
.1,A'0.--Onn i ther i'ririii. mtiiotulii nentnn toxri.ttnf
Cnlumbla county, cnntalnliii;
ONE II : Un7)REiT& TI11RT Y-Fi V B
JX, Acre, ahniit Thirly-l'ivc Alio, i f xl.i' h
(t. clcnred laud, nru i-rccli-d n J A'.J.uP
t 'T 1 1 1 ! iHrv.Lt.ixa iocak, tiu.hi: imix, ""9
uu.ik other nulbulldliisii. raid I'orin H limH"
llaviiigCrctik, about txxoiiilc ubnyi-Mill N nH-r.
.SO jTxvn other etiiull Lilt., litunte in Yi'blfi
creek tnxvnuhip lying on Fiililnpcrenl. ltouil, unil ou
milH fram etill Wntrr, otif rnntiiining rol'U AT lit
nnd the othi-r a Town Lot, mid unnd biilldlnii' nn r'vk
nf thorn, nC7"Torininndcondltirnminleknnxvn IJ'
f Uhlnjcrcck, Angntt 30, lt?C-J,