Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, August 10, 1861, Image 2

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llirco Rtatoi fihonlil not liavo been rcprc-1
routed, although, oven this need not have
happened ; lnjl .better tint, rt thousand
Sines, tliaiijlbfttf tjio Constitution should
lo repeatedly nn,d flagrantly violated, and
public liberty arid privato light traniiilcd
undor foot. Asfor Harper's Ferry nnd
the Norfolk nav-yard, tlioy rather needed
protection ngninst tlio Administration, by
whoso orders, millions of property were
wantonly destroyed, which was not in tlio
slightest danger from any quarter, tit tho
dato of the proclamation.
Hut, sir, Congress was not assembled
at onca, as Congress should liavo been
nnd tho great question of civil war submit'
ted (o their deliberations. Tho rcpreicu
tatives of tho States and of tho people,
wcro net allowed the slightest voico in this,
the most momcntuous question over pre
sented to any Govcrnmout. Tho cntiro
responsibility of tho wholo work was bold
ly assumed by tho Executive, and all tho
powers required for tho purposes in hand
wcro boldly usurped from cither tho States
or tho pcoplo, or from the legislative de
partment j while tho voico of tho judiciary,
tho last rcfugo of liberty, was turned away
from with contempt.
Sir, the right of blockade and I begin
with it Is a bcligeront right, incident to
a stato of war, and it cannot bo exercised
until war has been declared or recognized;
nnd Congress alono can deelaro or rccog
nizo war. l$ut Congress had not declared
or recognized war. On tho contrary, they
had but a little whilo before expressly re
fused to dcclaro it, or to arm tho Presi
dent with the power to niako it. And
thus tho President, is declaring blockade
of certain ports in tho States of the South,
and in applying it to tho rules governing
blockades as between independent powers,
violated the Constitution.
Hut, if on the other hand, ho meant to
deal these States as still in tho Union, and
6ubjcct to Federal authority, then ho usur
ped a power which belonged to Congress
nlouc tho power to abolish and closo up
porta of entry; a power, too, which Con
grcs had also but a few weeks beforo re
fused to exercise. And yet, without tho
repeal or abolition of ports of entry, any
attempt by citkor Congress or tho Prcsi-
dont to blockade these ports is violation of
tuc spirit, if not of tuc letter, of that elauso
of tho Constitution which declares that
"no preference shall be given by any rcg-'
ulation of commerce or revenue to the
ports ot one State over those ot another.'
Sir, upon this point I do not speak with-
out the highest authority. In tho very
midst of tho South Carolina nullification
controversy, it was suggested that in tho
recess of Congress, aud without a law to
govern him, tho President Andrew Jack-
son, meant to send down a fleet to Charles-
ton and blockade tho port. But tho baro
suggestion called forth tho indignant
test of Daniel Webster, himself tho arch
enomy of nullification, and whoso brightest
laarels were won in throo years' conflict in
tho Sonato Chamber with its ablest chain-'
pions. In an address, in October, 1832
at Worcester, Massachusetts, to a national
llcpubliean convention it was beforo tho
birth, or christening at least, of tho Whig
parly tho great expounder of tho Con- !
ttitution said :
Wo arc told, sir, that tho President
will immediately employ tho millitary
force, and at once blockade Charleston 1 A
and nothing clso has been suggested, ns
tho intended means of preserving tho Union,
Sir, thero is no litllo reason to think that'
this suggestion is true. Wo cannot be al-
together unmindful of the past, and there-j.
lore wo cannot do altogether unapprehou-
sivo for tho future. For ono, sir, I raise
my voico beforehand, against tho unautho-
- L j . v. j ,jww, uuu
ngainst superseding tho authority or tho
Intra lur i n nrmnr fnrnn iinilnv m-nlnnjn '
laws, by an armed force, under prctenso
ot putting down nullihcation. iiic JitESi
1je.1t has no aftiiobity to blockade
Jaokson I Jackson, sir ! tho great Jack
eon ! did not dare to do it without autho
rity of Congress ; but our Jackson of to
day, tho little Jaokson at tho other end of
the avenue, and tho mimic Jackson around
him, do blockade, not only Charleston har
bor, but tho wholo southern coast, thrco
thousand miles in extent, by a siuglo
ttrokc ot tho pen.
''Tho President has no authority to em
ploy military force till ho shall bo duly
Mark tho word :
1 required so to do by law and tho civil
authorities. His duty u to cause tho laws
to be executed. His duty is to support
Tin; civil autiiouitv'
As in tbo Mcrryman case, forsooth ; but
I shall recur to that hereafter :
"His duty js, if the laws bo resisted, to
employ tho military forco of tho country,
for their support nnd execution ; uur to
UNAL3. If, by any ingenious devices,
thoso who resist tho laws escape from the
reach of judicial authority, as is now pro
vided to bo exercised, it is entirely compe
tent to Uonqhess to mako such now pro
visions as tho cxigenoy of tho caso way
Treason, sir, rank treason, nil this to
day. And yet, thirty yoars ago, it was
truo Union patriotism and sound constitu
tional law I Sir, I prefer tho wisdom and
stern fidelity to tho principlo of tho fath
Such was the voico of Webster, nnd
such too, let me add, tho voice, in his last
speech in the Senate, of tho Douar.As,
whoio death tho laud now mourns.
Next nftcr tlio blockade, tir, in tho cat-
rdoguo of daring executive usurpations, '
comes tho proclamation of tho !ld of May,
ami the oidcrs of tho V ar nnd Navy
partracntsin pursuance of it a proclama-
tion and usurpation which would have cost
r.ny English t-ovcreigu his -head at any
time wilhin tho last two hundred vcari.
Sir,tho Constitution not only confines to
Congress tho right to declare war, but ex
pressly provides that "Congress (not tho
President) shall havo power to raise and
buppoit armies;'' and to "provido and
maintain a navy.'1 Iu pursuauco of this
authority, Congress, yoars ago, had fixed
tho number of officers, and of the regiments
of tho different kinds of scrvico ; and also
tho imubor of ships, officers, mariners, nnd
seamen which should composes tho Navy
Not only that, but Congress has repeatedly,
within tho last fiva years refused to in
crease tho regular Army. Moro than that
still ; in February and March last, the
Houso, upon several test votes, repeatedly
and expressly refused to nuthorizo tho
President to accept tho scrvico of volun
teers for tho very purpose of protecting tho
public property, ouforcins tho laws, nnd
collecting tho revenue. And yet tho Pros
ident, of his own will and authority, and
without tho shadow of right, has proceed
cd to incrc.iso, and has increased, tho
standing Army by twenty-fivo thousand
men ; tho navy by eighteen thousand; and
has called for and accepted the cervices of
forty regiments of volunteers for thrco
years, numbering forty-two thousand mon,
and making thus a grand army or military
force, raisod by executivo proclamation
alono, without tho sanction of Congress,"
without warrant of law, and iu direct vio
Jation of tho Constitution and of his oath
of office, of 60,000 soldiers enlisted for
threo and fivo years, and already in the
field. And yet the President now asks us
to support tho Array which ho has thus
raised ; to ratify his usurpations by a law
cx 2'ost facto, and thus to mako ourselves
parties to our own degradation, and to
his infraetiou3of tho Constitution. Moan-
while, however, ho has taken good care,
not only to enlist tho men, organizo tho
regiments, and muster them into service,
but to provido in advance for a hordo of
forlorn, woruout, and broken down politi-
cians of his own party, by appointinc ci-
jtber by himself or through tho Governors
of tho States, major generals, brigadier
generals, colonels, lieutenant colonels
majors, captains, lieutenants, adjutants,
quartermasters, and surgeons, without any
ljmit as lo numbers, aud without so much
risonco saying to Congress "13y your
leave, gentlemen."
Beginning with this wide broach of tho
Constitution, this enormous usurpation of
tho most dangerous of all powers the
'power of tho sword other infractions aud
1 assumptions wcro easy ; and aftor public
pro-'liberty, privato right soon fell. Tho pri-
vaey of the telegraph was invaded in tho
search after treason and traitors ; although
it turns out, significantly enough, that tho
only victim, so far, is one of tho nppoint-
cc3 and especial pets of tho Administration
J. he telegraphic uisnatchcs, preserved un.
dor every plcdgo of secrecy for tho protec
tion and safety of tho telegraph companies
wcro seized and carried away without
search warrant, without probablo cause,
without oath, aud without description of
tho places to be searched or of tho things
t0 lo s(.hci and in I)lain violation of tho
nShi f tL P00P1! 10 h Curc 1U their
houses, persons, pi;ws and effects, against
unreasonable searches and seizures. One
Btep more, sir, will bring upon us search
awl Ecizuro of th0 puWic mail3 . an(1 fina.
n5 . . . - . mnrna
' "
,fin as m the times of the Russolls and
the Sydnoys of English martyrdom of
ujatiiiio uuA oviLiaiivs mu mi,.ibu
citizen; though even then tyrantd had tho
grace to look to the forms of tho law, and
the execution was judicial murder, not
military slaughter, nut who shall say
that tho futuro Tiberius of America shall
havo the modesty of his Itoman predecess
or, in extenuation of whose character it is
written by the great historiau, avcrtit oc
culox.jussitquc scclerj non spcctavil.
Sir, tho rights of property having been
thus wantonly violated, it needed but a lit
tlo stretch of usurpation to invado tho
sanctity of the person ; and a victim was
not long wanting. A privato citizen of
Maryland, not subject to tho rules and ar
tieleaofwar not in a caso arising in, tho
land or naval forces, nor in tho militia
when in actual scrvico is seized in his
own houso, in tho dead hour of night, not
by any civil process, but by a band of ar
mod soldiers, under tho verbal orders of a
military chief, and is ruthlessly torn from
his wife and his children, nnd hurried off
lo a fortress of Iho United States aud
that fortress, as if in1 mockery, tho very
ono over whoso ramparts had floated that
star-spangled banner immortalized in song
by tho patriot prisoner who,
.'By'tlu dawn's early light,"
saw its'folds gleaming amid tbo wreck of
battle, and invoked tho blcsiingsof Heav
en upon it, and prayed that it might long
O'er lh'3 c J r ilini aud the homo of tlio brave."
And, sir, when tho highest judicial offi-i
ccr of tho land, tho chief Justico of tho
Supremo Court, upon whoso shoulders,
"when tho judicial orinihc" fell, it touched
nothing not as spotless ns itself, tho aged,
Iho venerable, tho gontlo and puro minded
administered to tho President tho oath to
support tho Ooustitutiou and tocxecuto tho
laws, i-ssucd, as by law it was his sworn
duty to lnuc, tho high poroallvo writ of
haheas corpus tho great writ of right,that
Do-.main bulwark of personal liberty, com-
mantling tho body of tho necmcd to bo
brought beforo him that ,jutico and right
might bo dono by duo cdursc of law, and i
without denial or delay ; tho gates of tho
fortress, its cannon turned towards, aud in
plain sight of the city where tho court sat
and frowning from tho rampart', were
closed against the officer of tho law, nnd
tho answer returned that tho officer in
command has, by tho authority of tho
President, suspended tho writ of habeas
corpus. And thus it is, sir, that tho no-
cused has ever siuco been n prisnoncr with
out duo process of law ; without bail ;
without presentment by a grand jury ;
without speedy or public trial by n potitt
jury of his own State or district, or any
trial at all ; without information of the na
ture and causo of tho nccusatiou ; with
out being confronted with tho witnesses
against him ; without compulsory process
to obtaiu witnesses in his favor; nnd with
out tho assistance of counsel for his defense.
And this is our boasted American liberty!
And thus it is, too, sir, that hero, hero in
America, in tho soventy-third year of tho
Itcpublic, that groat writ and security of
personal freedom cost tho patri
ots nnd freemen of England six hundred
years of labor and toil and blood to ex
tort and to hold fast from venal judges and
tyrant kings ; rittcn in tho great char
ter at Iluunymodo by tho iron barons,
who made tho simplo Latin and uncouth
words of tho timc3, nullus liber homo, in
tho languago of Chatham, worth all tho
classics ; recovered and confirmed a hun
dred times afterwards, ns often as violated
and stolon away, and finally and firmly
scoured at last by tho great act of Charles
II,and transferred thence to our own Con
stitution nnd laws, has been wantonly and
ruthlessly trampled in the dust. Ay, sir,
that great writ, bearing bv special com
mand of Parliament, thoso other uncouth
but magio words, per s'atutum triccssimo
primo Caroli secundi rcgis,v;hhh no Eng
lish minister, no king or queen of England
daro disobey ; that writ brought over by
our fathers apd cherished by them as a
priceless inheritance of liberty, an Ameri
can President has contemptuously set at
defiance. Nay, moro, ho has ordered his
subordinato military chiefs to suspend it at
their discretion ! And yet, after all this,
he coolly comes before this and tho
Senate and tho country, and pleads that
ho is only preserving and protecting tho
Constitution ; and demands nnd expects
of this Houso and of tho Senate and tho
country their thanks for his usurpations of
power; whilo outsido of this Capitol, his
myrmidons aro clamoring for impoachmcn'
of the Chief Justico, as engaged in a con
spiracy to break down tho Fcdoral Govern
ment 1
Sir, however much necessity tho ty
rant's pica may bo urged in extenuation
of the usurpations and infractions of tho
President iu regard to public liberty ,there
can bo no such apology or defeuso for his
invasions of privato right. What over
ruling necessity required tho violation of
tho sanctity of privato property nnd pri
vato cufidonco? What groat public danger
demanded tho arrest and imprisonment,
without trial by common law, of ono single
privato citizen, for an act dono woeks be
fore, opculy and by authority of his State!
If guilty of treason, was not tho judicial
power amplo enough aud strong enough for
his conviction and punishmont I What,
then, wa3 needed in hh caso, but tho pre
cedent under which other mon, in other
places, might becomo tho victims of exe
cutive suspicion and plcasuro f
As to tho prctenso, sir, that tho Presi
dent has tho constitutional right to suspend
tho writ of habeas corpus, I will not waste
timo in arguing it. Tho caso is as plain
as words can make it. It is a legislative
power ; it is fousd only iu tho legislative
aiticlo; it belongs to Congress only to do
it. Subordinato officers havo disobeyed
it; Gcnoral Wilkinson disobeyed it, but
ho sent his prisoners on for judicial trial ;
General Jaokson disobeyed it, and was
reprimanded by James Madison ; but no
President, no body but Congress, ever bo
fore assumed tho right to suspend it.
And, s'r, that other prctenso, of neccsiity,
I repeat, cannot bo nllowed. It had no
oxistenco in fact. Tho Constitution can
not ho preserved by violating it. It is an
offense to tho intelligence of this Houso and
of tho country, to protend that all this,and
tho other gross nnd multiplied infractions
of tho Constitution and usurpations of pow
er wcro dono by tho President and his ad-
visors out of puro lovo and devotion to tho
Constitution. But if so, sir, then they
havo but ono step further to take, and do-
clare, in tho languago of Sir Boyle Bocho
in tho Irish Houso of Commons, that such
is tho depth of their attachment to it, that
they nro prepared to givo up, not merely
a part, but tho wholo of tho Constitution,
indeed this pretext of nccsssity bo well
founded, then let mo say, that a cause
which demauds tho sacrifice of tho Const!
tution and of the dearest securities of prop
crty, liberty, nnd life, cannot bo just; at
least it is not worth tho sacrifice.
Sir, I ran obliged to pass by, for want
of timo, other gravo, and dangerous in-
fractions and usurpations of tho President
cisually to tho quartering of soldiers in
privato houses without tho couscnt of tho
I owners, and without in any manner having
.liccn prcfcvibcd by law j to tho subversion
in a part at least of Maryland of her own
Stale government and of the authorities
'under it : to tho censorship over tho Rela
graph, and tho infringement repeatedly, in
ono or more of tho States, of tho right of
tho people to keep and to bear arms for
their defense But if all these things
ask, havo been done in thfc first two months
after the commencement of this war, nnd
by men not military chieftains nnd unused
to arbitrary power, what may wo not cx
poet to sco in thrco years, and by tho sue
cesstul heroes of tho fight t Sir tho power
nnd rights of the States and tho pcoplo
and of their llcprosentativcs, havo been
usurped ; tho sanctity of tho privato house
and of privato property has been iuvaded
and tho liberty of tho person wantonly
nnd wickedly stricken down ; frco cpccch,
too, has been repeatedly denied ; nnd all
this under tho plea of necessity. Sir, tho
right of petition will follow next nay, it
has already been shaken ; tho freedom of
tho press will soon fall after it; and let me
whisper in your car, that thero will bo fow
to mourn over its loss, until, indeed, its
ancient high and honorable character shall
bu rescued aud redeemed from its present
reckless mendacity and degradation.
Freedom of religion will yield too, at last,
nmid the exultant shouts of millions, who
have seen its holy temples defiled aud its)
white robes of a former innocoucy tramp
led now under tho polluting hoofs of an
ambitious aud faithless or fanatical clergy.
Meantime national banks, bankrupt laws,
a vast and permanent publio debt, high
tariffs, heavy direct taxation, enormous
expenditure, gigantic and stupendous pecu
lation, anarchy first and a strong govern
ment afterwards, no moro Stato lines, no
moro Stato governments, and a consolida
ted monarchy or vast centralized military
despotism, must all follow in tho history of
tho futuro as in tho history of tho
past they havo, centuries ago, been
written. Sir, I havo said nothing, aud
havo timo to say nothiug now, of tho im
mense indebtedness aud the vast expendi
tures which havo already accrued, nor of
tho folly and mismanagement of tho war
so far, nor of tho atrocious and shameless
peculations and frauds which have disgra
ced it iu tho Stato governments aud tlio
Federal Govcrnmout from tho beginning.
The avenging hour lor all these will come
hereafter, and I pas3 them by now.
I havo finished now, Mr. Chairman,
what I proposed to say at this time upou
tho message of tho President. As to my
own positiou iu regard to this most unhappy
civil war, I havo only to say that I stand
to-day just whero I stood on thu fourth of
March last ; where the wholo Democratic
party, and tho wholo Constitutional Union
party, and a vast majority, as I believe,
of tho pcoplo of tho United States stood
too. 1 am for peace, s-pcedy, immediate,
houorablo peace, with all its blessings.
Others may havo changed : I havo not. I
question not their motives nor quarrel with
their course. It is vain and futile for them
to question or to quarrel with mine. My
duty shall bo discharged : calmly, firmly,
quietly, and regardless of consequences.
The approving voice of a conscience void
of offenso, and tho approving judgment
which shall follow "alter tome time bo
past," these, God help me, aro my trust
and my support.
Sir, I havo spokcu frcsly and fearlessly
to-day, as became ah American licprcsen
tativo and an American citizen ; ono firm
ly resolved, come what may, not to Iojo
hU own constitutional liberties, nor to sur
render his own constitutional rights in tho
vain effort to impose theso rights and lib
erties upon ton millions of unwilling people.
I have spoken earnestly, too. but yet not as
ono uumindful of tho solemnity of tho
scenes which surround us upon every sido
to-day. Sir, wheu tho Congress of the
United States assembled here on the 'M of
December, ltJGO, just seven months ago,
tho Senalu was composed of sixty six Sen
ators, representing tho thirty-threo Statos
of tho Union, and this House of two hun
dred and thirty seven members every
State being present, it was a grand and
solemn spectaclo ; tho embassadors of thrco
and thirty sovereignties aud of thirty-ono
million pcoplo, tho mightiest republic on
earth, in general Congross assomblcd. In
tho Senate, too, and this IIouso,wcre somo
of tho ablest and most distinguished states
men ot tho country ; mon whoso namos
were familiar to tho wholo country somo
of them destined to pass into history. Tho
now wings ot tho Uapitol had thou but just
recently been finished, m all their gorgeous
magnificence, and except a hundred man
nos at tho navy-vard, not a soldier was
within forty miles of Washington.
Sir, tho Uongress ol tho united states
meets hero again to-day ; but how changed
tho soouo. Instead of thirty-four States,
twenty-three only, ono less than tho num
ber forty yoars ago, nro hero or in tho
other wing of the Capitol. Forty -six Sen
ators and a hundred and soventy-thrco
Representatives constituto tho Congress of
the now United States. And of these,
eight Senators and twenty-four llcprosen
tativcs, from four States only, linger here
yet as deputies from that great South
which, from the beginning of tho Govern
ment, contributed so much to mould its
policy, to build up its greatness, nnd to
control its destinies. All tho other States
of that South aro gono. Twenty two
Senators and sixty fivo Representatives no
longer answer to their names. Tho vacant
scats arc, indeed, still here ; and tho es
cutcheons of their respective States look
down now solemnly and sadly from theso
vaulted ceilings. But tho Virginia of
Washington aud Henry and Madison, of
Marshall and Jefferson, of Randolph and
Monroo, tho birth-placoofClay,tho moth
er of Statos and of Presidents ; tho Caro
linas of Pinckney and Sumter and Marion,
of Calhoun aud Macon; and Tennessee,
tho homo and burial placo of Jaokson ;
nnd other States, too, once most loyal and
truo, arc no longer here. Tho voices and
tho footsteps of tho crcat dead of tho past
two ages of tho Republic, linger still, it
nfii,:, rwinl l,nt ilinlr descendant? iYn
nearly ono half of tho Slates of tho Ho.
publio will meet with us uo moro withiu
thoso marblo halls. Hut in tho pnrkt and
lawns, and upon tho broad avenues ol this l
spacious cuy, sutumy uiuuum
havo supplfoil their places ; anu mo morn
ing drumbeat trom a scoro ot cnoauipmuiiis
t !t.i -T ll.!., 1.AAn.invn.l nl1ll!rtl.
Wlllllll blgnt oi tins uuungu.'".
givo melancholy warning to tho rcprcscn-
tativfs ot the atatosanu oi luopcopiu, iuuv
Sir, somo years henoo, I would lain liopo
somo months hence, if I dare, tho present
generation will demand to know tho causo
of all this; and some ages hereafter the
grand aud impartial tribunal of history
will mako solemn nnd diligent inquest of
this tcrriblo revolution.
Cnliuiilmi Jetmraf
1 S 4.
r-l'-irn-irn-" i r. ' '"-'i niii.'nuAJiiiWisniisisiMl
Aimrt.H 1, Cnncrcin l-lnll makp no Inw ri'.pccUiiff
nn taf:ililUiiiiciit i.f rulicion dr lirnlilbltlna till1 Irou IX-
miutlicri'uf i or Abridge tho freedom ol Speech, or
of the Frsisj or lliu right of tho people peiici-ality to
nseiiill.) atui to pennon ino i.overiiinem ior n min-p
of crietnnces.-CWwwfoii fiftht UnttrJ blatts.
Amitlt: fl. That the printing presses shall lio free to
otery person l no to ixtuiiinc un-proceedings
of tli j l.-gUl.ittiro, or any hrnnrh of poernini'iit i and
no law thall ever ho made lo rtstrohl tlio richl thereof.
Tho I'rje communication of thoughts nml opinions Is
oinoftlu Invnlilihlj rU'iits of man ; Bill every ritl-z-iii
may frei-ly speak, M rife and print on flliy suhjert J
helm: r.'spniHiliIe for the aliiMo of tli at liberty. In
pros-rnti-iiH for tho piiMication of papers Investigating
ino nun connnciol nilieers, or men in piuiiic rnpacii) ,
or wheru tin nialtrr published Is proper lor pnlilie in
foniiitlnu. the truth tlK-reof may be jtucn in el Idencc;
ami iu till ilMietuicut fnrlilicls. tho Jury shall haven
rielil todi terniliie tho law nu 1 tlio facts, under the ill-
r -clion of tho court, as In other cases. Conititution v
We need money h.ully, nn I It will ho n tery great ro
lief to us If our friends and patrons ttlll furnl-hus with
a little of tliu "needful" ulthout delay. If tl.l-y cannot
ay all, lettliciil nt least gitu us a ptrt of that to whirl
wo are Junly entitled, in order to relievo us fromour
cmuarra'ftinctits. lVe think wo havo hern very indul
gent, nnd therefore hope to meet with ft rendy response
to what we conceive tohou reasonable request We shall
ho prepared to recilve our friends at the oftice. nnd fur
niih llu-ni promptly witli receipts for whatever amount,
tli--y may dtfiire, Persons nt n dMance. mid those re
piiliug out of tlio county, ran remit by mail at our risV.
Come, friends, give us u lift without longer delay, ns
wo mil t lute money to keep tin ol I Colcmsis Dkmoiui
In motion.
5?" Mr. RonniiT PunsBL, of tho Val
loy,has deposited in our office several stocks
of his Oats, measuring full six feet. Who
can beat it I
$& Captain John WniTiiNiaiiT, our
woithy Democratic fellow-townsman, has
our thanks for a lot of fiuo early roatting
JC" lion. Philip Johnston, M. of C,
from Northampton, has our thanks for a
copy of Mr. Vallandigham'a Into Speech
in Congress, on Executive Usurpations,
which will be found, in ex tenso, in this
ilCvlumbia Jenmcrat."
1ST Dr. Biioweu, of tho Montour Amer
ican, accompanied by his sou, Will. G
lSuowEit, the Local Ijditor. md us a eocial
visit on last Monday. The Doctor is a
clover follow, but ho no', mako his
appearance, tho provioui Thursday, on
"Quick's Summit."
Vallancligliam's Groat Spoccli.
Having last week, publiehed tho AViir
Speech of Col. Wright, iu Congress, wo
to-day print tho Pcaco Speech of Mr. Val
landigham, (which elicited tho Bpocch of
Col. Wright,) and now ask our readers to
read nnd examine both sides of tho ques
tion. Mr. Y.'ii speech is unanswerable.
Let the people havo light frco discussion,
freedom of thought and a free Prc.s, and
tho country is safe.
Moanuos3 Cousummatod.
Two weeks tinco, owing lo iho war
movements with which our business had
became somewhat deranged, wo requested
and obtained of Dr. John tho re-publication
of his war news, for the use of tho
Columbia. Democrat. Wro wcro absent
from homo when it was issued, as wo aro
now for wo write this article in Philadel
phia and conscrjuently had no opportunity
then of acknowledging tho obligation. But
what did tho valorous dr. do in tho premi
ses? Act tho gentleman. No! Like a
ninnic, ho proclaimed abroad that wo had
used his type ah! good UNION typo,
too, said pigarlic, without even saying
by your leave, Sir,
W'o did uso his typo, but not without
first removing from its head, tho standing
libel of" War for the Union," with which
Greeley and ra'cmon, ct. al , with tho cn
tiro abolition hordo attempt to deccivo tho
world, for all their teachings directly tend
to the unerring result of " Dissolution."
If theso scape-graces wcro as honest ns
they aro old, thoy would head their lead
ers : "lVarfor the Dissolution of the
Union," as thoy aro now known and un
derstood. AVo avor that, such fellows
''War for tho Union," is a libel upon the
truth of history and so will it be recorded
by tho futuro historian.
fleyTho Democracy of Sullivan County,
mot in mass meeting at Laporto, on Tues
day tho 30th ult. Tho meeting was or
ganized by electing Hon. Geo. D, Jack
son, President addressed tho meeting in
his usual elegant etylc. Tho Democracy
of littlo Sullivan, wo are pleased to know,
aro aroused and at full work. They will
givo n good account of thcuisclvc3 at tho
approaching October clcctiop.
... . 1 .i.t il.,.H tTrm-.r1t
AOtS spenii i.uuuur liiuu v uiu,
On tho 1st J.'curunry, inov, ocuaioi
.JOlill 1 . Iiaio, ui huh iiiuiijiiiiu, jnu
Muled two petitions from Isocc dcllrics
and other citizens of Pcnnsyluania, and
John F. Woodward nnd others, prnying
that "somo plan might le devised (or the
.l:,ihii!ni rt th lm-riV-lM 'fit'.tH.'' Mr.
I ,
Webster, of Massachusetts, was unsparing
' ' . . .
in his denunciations of tho patitions, and
, ,
1I2VC bCCn a
- , , , ,
preamble to them in thCJO Words I j
. '
"Gentlemen, members of OongrOPS:
' ... t
Whereas, nt tho commencement ol tlio
....!. ,.,1 o,ol, of T-n,,. look ur
solemn oaths, in tho presence of God, and ,
tho Holy KvanceliUs, that you would sup
port the Constitution of tho United States
now, therefore, wo pray you to tako im
mediate sttps to break up the Union and .
overthrow tho Constitution ns soon
M you
can "
Yet this petition received threo votc3,
John P. Ilalo. of Now Ilampdnrc, il-
linm II. Soward, of New York, nnd Sal
mon P. Chase, of Ohio. Tho two hut aro
CabinH Officer.'. -ca .Vcuato Journal,
1st SctHon !lst Congroj, pngo 120.
Day Book.
Accinr.NT. On last Saturday, ns Mr.
Knhraim Stincr was crossing tho 1 ridge
over FMiing Creek, nearly oppo.-ito Iron
Dric Furnace, Jiloom town-hip, wi.ii a
load of ore, the bridge gave way, precipi
tating Mr. Stincr, four horses and wagon,
somo twelve foot into tho crock, and rcsul
ttdin drowning ono hors . Fortunately
Mr. S. csenpod with slight injuries, M'tr.
Democratic County Convention.
NOTln; Ishi-relie given, that the li-iinrrntlr r.h-ftors
in and for tliu s'-vt-Ml lioroushs nnd Klertiou li--trids
of l.' t.'ouiitt, will mctl nt (lie rctpeitivu
places of holding sahl mictions
cvMitiwi', Tiir.zuh my ov.ivnrsr,
ni-tweenthe hours of 3 and To'cloek, V M., of sail day
fur the pilrpme of ciioo-iug two lh l.-gntos fiom each
Klertion lIMrirt, to mei tin t'DUNTV CU.NVII.VIiON',
at the Court House, Tsi Idooiufhurg
O.Y MO.V1 1.1 V, T1IF. Slit D.1V OF .1CCWST,
At one o'clock I', M., of said day, for tho purpose of
mnkiiiL' the ii.ual peiiiocraticnoiiii-niions, to no suppor
ted hy the Electors of t.'n)uiiil-i i (.'otinty at the t-n-mng hii-illen, and tlietrin-acllon of other hii.i.
nes-t pertaiurii-t lh tTm iiil"rei-ts of Iho lk-iuocratic party.
JACJOIt II.Mtlllit, Chairman.
Rinunn, ) I'sihrt (i. CiMrnttt,
.M. I). Woonwisn, ) I'sit,
?Iami ki Cbkaiv . I riMt'M t luiisivR,
WlUtAM T. MIlMllf.
DemnTrntU tfttiHtUnr Cutiimilttfi.
At lln ri'KiilLMicc of llit Itrl leu fillir-r. tn sWiinla -Till
nil, by thu lit-. II .V Di-torlrk Mr, I'murA. Kline of
Ui-iiton, to Mb Maktu Mem n or licit y tuwiuliit
.Montonr Vo. Va.
On tlti .:tli of Jalr la'll lv MonttroinTy Vol; Vm .
Mr. Win.UM "ArniKU, to Mls CiiiuKixs Axj
Bituiz, both ofaiiS-irlnif Colutiiliifi Co. lh
Iii ll'vifh n.mii, -rue rointty., on thij VI, of An
piict . unit hnnU h ijicii of .n gliirimin imuiurt.ility, Mr.
Jtt;a Camtllll, used ahout til jenr.
Canilidates Depnilinciit.
I'lllNTnil's l'EIl ?2 ItAfll.
7'n rAfl Klfdon of Columbia t'wi'w :
Thu un leruiiml, .ilti-r a fintlifnt ffrvicfj of ori rttv n
t tuc )c.iri in tin hiiKb oftlitf Iijniorr.iry uf Col.
utiil'M. ri'siicttfully nitnoiiiirrti to hit irifinlH nn-l ft-l
lm .riti."in, that lie w ill u rmi'Ii for Ui' l,vn
I itur al lli'i .iiiiiroiirliiiie (iiiicrnl r.Icrti m, ciilAc-rt to
tin us.igcauf tlKColumbu County lijitmcrrttic C'Hivfn--
i.i;vi I TATU
Iilrmn twp.t July J3.1W.1.
I'hT it Hit i xKvrni, of Htoonulitirif. un nrc initliMrla1
i t-i lillliomirt'. will Im n railiii'I.ilt1 ti.r SIIKIEIIT. nt tin-
1 jmiw"'''1 cL;",'ri'1 J'-'cti-.n. ii.'ft to iiu dcri-rmoi
i th i ( oiniiilii.t Comity Dumocralic Lomuition.
July 13, l:fil.
Jusnil It I'l HMsf. ff Itloiiin tow luliip, twi nrrniiltmr-ir.-il
tu ittiiKiiinc. Mill lie n ruihliitatu f. r HIIJJKll 1'. nt
tll'iiiiiri'irliiiii pt'ii.irsl .lurtli.n.siilijf atu tliu i!iCliioii
i.l mu Liiiiiiunii i,uiini jroillutralic uultvclillun.
Julyn. I -lit.
.Mill" Miliri'ntinw of in-iiiv rrlrn.U IhiiiiI.I iii.iw.i.iii-..
totiK. uiiPrsnf I'oltimhiiioinitv, Hint 1 willh-j a raiMli
iliitn fur III.! a' rimrlihit cnii r ikl- rlimi
sai'JL-ct Iti tliu ilccltluilurtUd Luluiiibi.i i utility Dsmnrrbtir
July 20. 101.
i iiuion .niii ii now nfmocnii. jwjoii hnu tivvn niL-n
(iinriim-u uiri-eyiNir .10, lliroiili our rf.tihr County
Colli HltlOII, Illltl ,l ;iiltrltll!t(ltll! IM.Ii.r thr. tton...
rrutlro.irlv iitl mj life .hue, wlnrh iiulur" iiinynm to
oll.-r inotll an.t rnmlnlatu fof thu oilice ot HIl.KUT
this fill. "nhJumothvuVrmyii of iho iMnoriaiic Conn
tv Conviiiiiou,
J. U. (JttOUL.
Cloutn tuwnship, July W, HJ1.
candidatk vow tiuoasukkr.
James H. ii. of ('altais.;i inwn.liip, f nro
nnlliorisoil lo nmiu'ince. ..ill Ii" n r.-imli laic inr 'I'lillAH llm niru,irhin (.'ciivriil4.ltTli.iii, ml.jicl in
lliu ilt-cisiuii of llic CuIuiuIji.i cuumy Uciiiurrulir. Cou-
Jiily'.'O, l-l'.l,
J.ton i:ss., r firrcnwornl low 111.11111, wiire nullior.
ir.i-il lo niuiniiTtrc. illla a rauili'latu Inr ASriOL'l.Vi'lJ
JL'Dl.r,, nt tjMiiir(i.iriiii; i-IitiIoii, suljirltd
tlia ilcd.iim cf tlio Coluinliu Luunty Ik-iuucratic Uonuil
lion. JulyS-.lMt,
fiunLt. II. II, ss, of Jlidllu tonnshlp, we nri" nmlior
liiil los.iy, nl l,un rainliil.itu lor l.'UMMISriol;il,at
tlio .'.kuIiii; Btnera.1 s-lor 1 1 .in , siiIJitI to tin ilscltioii cl
lllci (,'oliliiiln.i Culllily Htuwiratic Ciilltculioll,
July 87. l-i,l.
MoiuriiuMuuK, nfllcnvir toivmlilf. wo nru nullior.
IZ'ilto nnnoiitiri', will ot 11 rniitli.l.ilu for ..(nil&.s.
lUMjlt, at tin ciHiiini! uni' rnl . Iriti sulijort to tin
lil l.iou f lluil lolumlod County IJoiiKs-rullcColltLlltlun
yiuru.i a, itu.
rr.Ki.ii I.. Hni Aus, of lli niT tonnsliip, no nro
niillinruM lo liunoiincf, will I,., a r.nidi.lote forl'OU-Mlr-eiONI.!!,
at tlm ciisulnit e nural tin-lion, suljcct
lo lliu ilccision of tlio Columbia County Democratic Con
vention August 3, Irl'.l.
W ilium T. Piilmsv, of Malno townsliip, wo urn nn
i n ii oiii.iict,l 1,0 a for Tlli;U, altlio lipiroirliiii! scnorul llcrtlon, sulijirt to
vciilion Columliia County Uuuocrauo Con.
Au;ust3, Hfil.
Jont Mi Rivmii.0., of Hemlock tmin,l,j,,, iT0 nro mi.
.'.?..!';., .'.'.'.?.'"",".r,C1'' "'" l'a cnnili.lats for AXtOfl.
Alb IV IX'Ual llie niMiroarlilns cenpral . Icrlion. suh.
',. , ?? , Utcl!lu" ' tliofoluiuuia County Democratic
Auuust a, ieci.
Hrtnullu,Y,ofCdttawis,n, we nro auiliorir.,l to
nn noiince, wil be n caudnlali- for ASSOCIATI. JUnni!
nt tli ni'iirnncliiiijj.tncralclfrlion. vnl.jt.-ct to tlm (Ui
" Au,i,',,.'3.1M:,,,,l',i, CUU'"y L'ouumio,,.
Jinej i.iKS,i,r?,i,tttUttii,hii, wenro auiliorU".l to
nuiiounce. n canili.lale Mr Hill ln h tlionn-
ITiucliing cenrral .-led il,je t" 1 i'e Vc ion if tfo
Coluinuia County Democratic Connlioi ,
Ausuit n, itiii,
i UR A.V 1.. Al 111 .
i.uan;?,!;',!',,,,i,i;l!,,,r!'!"r.l!U'.1, ;.r. '"'" rrknjs.
1 Hill.ndeotonosorvo my coi,t, . fmiro .,?J i
iisimyne.iiiuri, lo socurj a r iduiliim in in., i ,o ,
lh members.
Special Notices.
Dlipntico's Goltlcn rills for IVmalrg,
Maimit l ecrrntlnf. rifttaltnr nn.l rrMi(n ..
i ttrktltontitfton vhaltttr cavte, nntt alvnut
I i itettisful hi a prtitnUttt
Tlio Coml.lnntlon nf IngrrdlriiU lii In. Iiutinneo-.
fii.l.loii I'l In nri' fi'lfi-illf li.itiMto;. ''li') linvi. ..,'
uai.J lii tlii. iirlviitr nrnrllci' IT olil IT. Illlliotirn r...... '
Hiltly pts, nnd tln'iiiiiiits nl" hdiei tnu i.'M,fy
tiiclr sniiil iinil lu'M-r fjillim niters In iilmnit tcl,
rnii.,in tirrttiii irrccui.iriiii a. ruiiohii! )nirui a, J
ituinuMliiiT niL'ii-lruntliin tutrtl(u1.ir1v tit tliu rltmln.. .1
1 1. . rrum run to tm puis iiirnio ruw ,,j
tirftlHI HI rniiiiuuiii. in. tiniii--. ..i-iuij i-.t-fy riMimV.
t,c n, ,.iiV.ti trom tills complaint. Tin- nl,,,,,.
ptirilllll" l'J r.lliu iiiiMoiiHiie, (, "III turj )Mf
v u.nlhcm, Tli rammt lurm ) m, on lliu i'iiiitr.1,.,
.Km. n I iih.trllrtloli. tJBtlir.l lintlir,, t li. . '
rrrlnnnd. nml flltipnrnli' lllulml s,-in.
I. anlii. ntll n,,t itiTinll nil Inrri-iMii i.f V
u ,.,iii, n on. rue ion-, ii'suirx linn ri, in Ma ......
errhmnel. ami llirigoraie iuwnoie sst'-in, l.vlii,
m unatin-.o fin. inm-rui ptuvintin.. ''
. i ; - v-" "in
Holu Ajmit fur UlrtmnRlmrjf, fn
Tii whom nil oAct mnl irnt. I.uli-i 1 ,y kc'j
Ins 1 1 1 in 9I.UD In tin lilonmali.iM 1'nnl Uilicv, ran Ii.ivq
thect litlln "rut tnnny part nfllm country, (uMifUthiif.!
I inn! "frep nf rontnife" 11 miiil. Hoi. I ttlgci liv. i
u.uiDanviih, .;. I.
Itv in (lis Tinted PlntoiS.
N. It. -ook out for counterforts. Ihiy nn UuliUi,
of and kind, unless every hot Is rdjrneil !. II. Hour, jj
othirs nro a baso imio-ition nnd unsafe, therefore, ,
yon value your lives and health, (to say nnlhiiu,. (,r .
Hmhuuihugecd out of )our inuney,) buy only of tli,,
wlro show lh signature of (, It. Howe on otiry
which has recently b ten added, on nccouut of 11 remit
coiinlerfcloftliol'llls. ,,,.,
Solo rroprietor. New vih
Dec. 52, IcC0-Iy.
Tho Whlto Halt Clothing Storo
The nrilfpinffni'il, hui In? Itm wdlKnn-jrV
U'Jiito UallClotliltijf i:moritiiii,"i'ituatu oti Uw p,,j,
WVi-t Ciht of fc'nurtli nn I Market Htrt-it, I'hilnh ,
ri'iitTtrull in for iim ihoullie riiol lormer ciikIohh r of
thu IfoiiHf.lhfit hu ki'i'jMCoiiftnntly for mle tin 'I make
up to onlrr, till ildTiijitiou of (Iftitk'it'H'M wenr, i,fnp
TU fil ni Him lie "i, ..... 'iiri', 1,
tiif n rHAiiii'AL 'I Alt.oR, In cun MM I'M food ta t.n.i
wi'll iuiolo (jjiia'.'iit. tfltiit iiltcntloii tojuUmg
A fontliiuatlon of thtt riKtom nf tlm ho-ic, whlrh tso
uiil t).iri no uaini to ni'jrit, t very Mepcrifully nT.
tel. 1'. r. m:vrk.
May i, l-oi,-y
Tut fiRFAT Ciorutin ',mi'orilm or tint t'.f.
PltiHilrlpliI i pnft58 tin nioHt vplfinilil CI' tiling Hi,,
poriotmi In thv country. It In fpitiipiJ m rffi.infn tiia
pitatlM Ktructuru In which Vv itiim,iin liiii-iiicfi,. (f ,.
nftjilillfihinriit H romluctcil.uihl it I HjiUtnlnl n,
r.'Hpcct to in crtat f tnlttlis nml ul n-courii n. Itntttt
its patron j Uf chuf nttrr ctioiii utv, fir tit, Urn (.l'.iiict1
of Ho' e.-iriiii'iiti for Ccutl en 11 fid Voutlif, iit.inur.ti
ttircil there; tL'Coinll, tlo ho.'iuty aixl tlitrn Uility otthr, nnd the mjuTior Lxcclknru of the lit, unj
lisily tli niodt' pncf ut lurli tlu ooiU mm k, i
we rt'i.T, in mi iK'drripuuii, lo none oiner man tLf
llrrnni Stoiw Clotlilltir Hull of UocWiill & U ilmm. ,u
Ct)3 and CU5 Clipsunt struct, 'hilaiklphla.
Unlformltr of Trices! A M.'w Wntury In Itntin
ViVvtv rne Iim owii HilfHmaril J()N:H t. Ctl .r o.i.
Cr'auut One I'rir.j CMInng t tore, No. 2 U MtirKcl rtrett
nuosc ruui, 101 imp pina.
In tuliliiioit to li.iiiii; the lirc''ft. in opt mrioi t.n.1
fa!iioiiahlc Htock of Clothlni; i i'lnladc'phi i, lu-olu
pri'nly for rt'Iail mien., h.xyc roiiciitntidtfrj ntn lt
nv, 11" lm insf tonrkcil In fleun-M, on i :ti &r
ticlo at tluii cry lmi'it price it ran lw oM fr ft Hi y
ratmot pon.ih'y vary -nil nmt Imy nlikt
i no cooih nr' wii fpoiiKoii utui prcpari'il, nn err-
piilnnt.ikm uth tin ni.tklnf m ttoit all innluiy nlilitl,e
Oill aiiirniiri (if c',tMni: n cooil ortulo at the virfl.
vrt prict'. AIo. a InrKc ttork of po cc ttnodx on li.tml i'-nt Ptvlu nnd hit ipialltlej, wlnrh til Im nml.
to oritur, In titii mot f.uVi'uj.iliIc nnd l.uat inatnnir, ,
ptr rent., tchm credit prm .
iti'iiH-iiuior ui-.' iri-HCtrm, in si,irM.-t, above l Ftr
(T'TIIOMAH . ".LU-rfiOV. It-rciu'd tho rtt
M iltil nt 1 1 i'l Wotld'j' Vmr in l.ftn.loii Ir.'il. inr Tit I kj(
CAltl'KT HA(!H. Ilodtsi, rliocti and lintin. tirrat until..
in -nta nrt' now oliorptl to mirr i H-'r- ir the ti)io f mu
rlt-fi, Thi i inurli tin.- largi'ht htork of trunk. Canut
llaiii', Valift'p. Ac., in rinl.oh Iphti wiy rlivnp f'rrolt
No. Vii Market Strott, out) door alou -Itli, South ajt
M'llliainsporl PirKiiiMin Seminary
yon nor it sr.xi:.s.
I'TIIP. Fall Hi-H-tionof i,U Iictltniloii. lupntfil nt Wil
li.ituxp'.rt, l,j(oniinrMUtity, I'a., Icftju vtii'Ufl
- -" - J . A (nil cour-o' of ftudy in Moral llnloHopliy.ini
II.-II f I.( ttr -h, Matliomntirt, A in i 'lit aim Modem l.iu
;nni;n. Natural f i''nrr. Mimic, touiiiirr I lriu'li,.
Coiimiioii Cns'iih ii ptci, A N' CI.-ih-" mil li-i
ftirmcd, if ilcf rrfil, fr muh an h.tri th- iiuMirtiiiitdiiti a
of 'IVnchmi; in 1 1 -w, T nun,.
i'or Cat ilopii- or fnrth-r p,irliriilr apply to
It Ii V Tll(JMlaU. MlllIIU'.I.I., A. M
U"illiauiii.ii l l'a.
Auutst 10, 13''.I-3t.
Normal Iii&tiluf e rnd AfodfM.r,
ur ni:w coi.UMnuH, m'.ukm: car sty. va
I'MIlnuU Tnii of tin Iiutl utioii Mill ujih'ik hu
rndfrlli'i ihnitloii of Trof. II. 1. kh, ho. -
Stliolar, .iTt'itcliir. mid n l.uilurrr, it too wtdily nml
Uo f nr.ihly kuoun to lo't-d ait) rtroiniM'iidittoii funlilJV to thohf lo ri'loi.irrt
tiut'U nts Hill l. rir.iihd diirlotr lh t'-nn jm.l j.'.tr
liintriiitiMiit, iu nod I tifltmitL ulal iMu.iu iill
bj if t veil by mi acLoinpiiihi-d 'I'.-arhi r.
1 or Hu Trueti un.
J JllN KUO.XB, frifl h
Atiiit 10,
Just Published) in a Seal Envelope;
A I (.rt nro on (,f ii.ittir. trcatnu ut, nnd radirtil rur r
Hpcrioatorrh'iM, or N-imnal Wi .ikno,'ih
NcroiiMiiriiH and iimdiitilary cinietioiiit. irodiinne )
poiency, Coiitfiiinplioii and Mental ft l'n nictl il lo tit
v.y uoirr. J. CUI.VCIUVKI I M. II.,
Tho I'lipi-rlant fut th it llu u.fnt roiist'iU'-nct's
s'-'lf nbtipc may ho rtfi-runH)' ri'iiiovud without iniurnnl
m-'tliciin or Hi'1 ihiijcroiii application! of riuit-iirn. in
KlrtniH'iiti, liifidicated hongi-B, and otht r cjujuncal dt
Hcit, i li-;r! d-:arly ilrnioiiclrnted, ami tho cutiM;
n! nnd liivMy Kiirrmturnl tr.-itliiieni, adoj-tctl hj tin
ct'klir.itril nullior fully 1 iil,ihird, dy iiiMnn of lot It
i',i;ry one i tiiiihl --t tn nro lilnici If purf'-rtly, an I nt
llu kntst poKiIdii cost, tloTiltv a? oidins all the ndwr
tixwl noirumitor Mm day. 'ihij KilurJ will piot
huon to thniiri.iinlti jriHd thoiiinilH.
tunt tuidiT n.'iil,in a pljiin i ovlupc, t any aihlri.-,
post piid, on th't rt,n ipi nf th-i tn o poai.ii't btunpe. l-y
addrjssing lf.Cll. J. KhlM'., itin,.i) ,s. ,
I'lod Oitieu ! i 1 i-t
AtiSit,t 10, I8iil. April SM, Icol Uut
Sheriff's Sales.
BV irtuu of n writ of .llins Urnrt Farias, 111" i'l
n rtil, i.sucil out of tin t'uult of Common I'lcisi'l
Columloa counly, Pj , will lio exixi.od to public .it, it
tile Court HoiiKf, in lllooubiirK, 1111 MONDAY Tllll
hcconii D.w tirri:m:Miii:u, h;i,.u oiieuviork ;
Un allcmoon, tin- fullowing ilcscrlbcil propcily lo wit
A certain tract or picco of land, situate
in J.icksonlownsiii, in the counts-1 f Columbia, boun
ileil nml ilescribfii ns follows 10 wif llririnnini; at a
lio.l, tboiicu by Inii.l of Hamuol Acl bach, i-a.t tnu
Jiuiiilrt'il nml Mti-cti prrrll,'s to a no. I, tin-lire I.) lb"
same sontti liliei n pi-rrli", tn a nt, tlrnro by Imol
Josliua fcavatje tasi sixty lour nerclK-s to a i lie. unit
tlieuto by lanilof Jnlin Friu ami ll.nin l Itobbius riortli
Uireo linnilreil perrli'-s lo a rli.Kin'ili ok. tli -lice by lanl
of Josepli Coin nml U illi.iui llriuk, wist Iwu buiiilri',1
nml seventy four nrrlii-sto a, llii-uco by laiol "( w. Voiilie iimll.iiidof Jolin tliulls, south ti"
liiinilreilnnit nshly live perches tn the plicc of lb 1:111
mug, containing I' llinolruil anil siily-lliree aco.
anil oneliuuilreiluni! twenty pcrrliesnnil ullowaiicc, Ur.
Heit'il, taken 111 ei-cution uuil 10 bj silil as lliu pri'V
crty of'l'iioinj, v. Young
ALSO: At tho mtno timo nnd place,
by 1 lltuo ofa writ of Acinci Tonai, iisueil out of Hw
Court of Common I'leas, 10 muilirect -il, w ill bo epost-l
tn public sale, all llint ono ami a Inlf flory I'raiii"
liwelliiijrlloiisu or buibliu, simile in tli vlllaeif
l.iiilit fclrecl, in the township of ricott, in the roiisty of
tJoluiiilna, ami f tuta of I'cuiisjltanir, wbi- li snlil bttiM
lull Is on a lot formerly ownoil by l.aar, Honerwona
nml which Is sni.l lot, is noun lej anil ilecrilieil af
low s, namely, on tho norlh by lot ol liinl, 011 lbs
oast by an alley, on tho smilli by lot of sail. Isaac Son
crswnnli, nml on th- wc.l, by lot of I'cler rVliuij. win'"
salil buil.liu; I. In sl.n on Ilia croiiiol about smtcenb)
ilfhlein leel, mid tlm ,aid abnto il. si-nbed lot or piec"
of Briiiinil nml mrlilatw apimrUnani 10 said huililii'S
.""i,,.!lk"1 '" culiuii and tuba sold ns Iho w
perty of Ldward Jones.
,., . . joiin axviinii, giurur.
Lloonnliurs, Aug. 10, Ic'Cl,
Tlm County Ciiiumi..ionerswill rtccivc propnsnls nl
tbe liomo of James .Matters, In I'me tow nslnp, Coliun
bia Counly, until 3 n'elou 11. 111., on Tliday, Hi" '
iln) of Ausuit nut, for buililinii 1111 open Truss limit;
our l.lltle I i.lilncrretk, near the ren lelicii of Ibo fil
James Mn.lers, said brideo to bo 57 felt li-lweeil nbiit
meiits, wldlli Hi feel, Infill d f..i t 0 Indus, from low
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lirutionimi be seen 011 the .lay ami pi ire of letting.
Uy order of C10 Counly t'oniuiissioiiers.
, , K.C. rill'IT, Her
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llloomsb'iri!, Aiieusl 3, 11. j
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