Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, May 26, 1860, Image 2

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WVI Li TATE, Editor.
" in ii i i.iiiiii
John 0. Breckinridge,
Charles 11 Buckalew,
Suljul to tkl Democratic .Xhtlonal Cvnrtnllon.
if. fir1!1"-'!! m1 1 'MiniicMJWAiiyviv)mtwMmjmmi
Ca7 Hon. Henry M. Fuller, deliver
ed a telling Speech at tho Union Ratifica
tion Meeting, last week in Philadelphia
which wo tbiuk of laying beforo our rea
ders through tho next Columbia Demo
crat. 2r The Mauch Chunk Gasttle, pub
lished by Messrs. Rauch & Iliaaixs, has
been renewed and materially improved.
It ehiucs with a new head nnd new typo,
and is indeed, a good country newspaper.
Mr. K. II. Rauch, ono of tho Editors of tho
Gazette, was Chief Clerk of tho late House
of Representatives of Pennsylvania, and
has been namcd,by his Republican friends,
in Carbon, as a probablo candidate for
Stato Senator.
mi, T St "R TJntl "I?nnri
. , ,, ,
Wo aro happy to announce, that the I
Lackawanna nnd Bloomsburg Rail Road
n t ii.-!- l?ft
Rail Road I
company, uau uowmuiuu uiiii luwi
tlit-mml, in Vni-flmmTiprl nnd . .1 disr.inr-n of
VMv from Seranlon to that noint.
. : . .
nn.l form! ml rr-r-f. rommiiliinfitinn from
anu terming u uuect u. Uii
"7 tT":, : i
Col. M. W. Jackson, the General Super-1
. '. , . , ' .i
Adams, aud a few other gcntlement, ran
tlicir iiEgine, on Tuesday last, lrom Dan
villo to Northumbe:
back trip up grade in 40 minutes
l . : 1., i.l
r 1 '
early nest week, tho Road will bo formally. . , , ,i p i .
0 Cn j tho P31 nicu of Soutllt!;lrol"la cuW nt
' cffind MinrnATi I
Geo. G. EVANS, Esq., the originator of
o Gift Book business, nnd ono of tho
,.t fl l?nnk urorMi.mH in ilm
tho Gift Book
most successful Book Merchants in tho
New World, to-day, Unites tho custom of.
tho county to his Stock of Books, through '
tho "CUunMa Democrat," a channel
throush which many advertisers have mado i
fortunes. Mr. Evan's Philadelphia House, 1
. . . .... . . .
is tho largest in the city, Keeps tno great
est variety of Books in tho United States,
and offers purchasers inducements unsur-
passed in the known world. Moreover ho
unifonnally gives a present with tho salo
. . - I
of every dollar book worth from 20cti to
C100 00, and sometimes, worth much
;noro. And all who over dealt with Geo.
O. Es'ans, uuito in pronouncing him a
;entleman of irreproachable character and
honorablo ubovo suspicion.
A Serpontlsh Symptom.
At tho Republican Convention, nt Clu-'
caco.whcn tho Statcswcro called for dele-
gates to present their credentials and take (Iowa) l'oor ll0usc- NoUithstanding tho fl weapons at their command, or they did long Congressional career Mas devoted cn, dtilute condition oi this woman, this , not want to havo Cameron nominated tirely to tho encouragement of abolition
did not answer, havinc appointed no dele-
cates. To manifest their lovo of tho en-
tire Union, which they to stoutly claim,
and their present feeling toward theso
.ytatc3, tho Convention hissed when South
Carolina, Alabama and Mississippi were
t-allcd. Honest men will require no other,
bvideiwoto believe that tho Republican
nartv. notn t hstand n-' the r profess ons. s
sectional, and that its object is to oven idc
mid crush out tho independence of t,u
Houthern States, or divide tho Union.
Vcs, thoso States which stood sido by tide
with New York and Massachusetts in
l.nnr f r!nl. xvrn l,!ssml W l,n Aor.
ato sons of tho North, who now claim to bo ;
Tl,- mv hn ltnnl,i;nnna
-"-J J
fcitr n-itnnil Inif Tint in ni-lnflnli
n i,. , ., . . P .1 iug his attention, or rcccivin" any of his
Republicans respect tho opinions of others, . ... .
and honor every sovereign Stato of our boad cd chTT Ut "l''bMh V,"am
glorious Union. Let them hiss. I US 'OT"3y by a political clergyman.
And as if tho moro determinedly to show
their contempt aud disregard for tho South,
they retire to tho extreme eastern limits of
tho Union, and select one of tho most vio
lent, wrong headed and contracted aboli
tio-iistsin tho country for tho Vico Presi
dency. Tho South degrades herself by
sending a partial delegation, and tho Con
vcution, instead of thanking thoso who
oauio, insult them by a contumelious re
ccption of tho names of thrco sister States,
entirely and coDtcinptiously spurning them
and their wishes, and at last equal right
I.) defeat.
Perhaps uo man has licked tho dust so
disgustingly ns Cassius M. Clay, to ingrati
ate himself with tho Republicans, and
moro fully deserved tho Vico Presidency
than he, und yet able, and gallant, and
fearless as bo is, ho is thrust nsido for
Hannibal Hamlin, of Maine. Sectional
ism, hatred and contempt for tho South in
A Word of Encouragomont.
It must bo peculiarly gratifying to tho
majority of tho Pennsylvania Delegation,
in tlio De'mocratio National Conrcntiou, to
eco tlio staid ami reliable papers in our
old combionwcalth cordially sustaining
their courbo. Thoso papers which for
tbrco years have battled tlio combined for
ces of Douglas and tlio black republicans,
aro now as then clear and explicit in their
opposition to this now abolitiouizing pro
cess. Thoy havo not forgotten that in 1858
every republican in tho land, proclaimed
himself a Douglas democrat, and aband
oning tho congressional prerogative, asser
ted tho territorial.
If a National Convention had assembled
about that time whilo his apostacy was
recent, and tho republicans loud in their
praises of him, how many votes would ho
have received as a democratic candidate? 1
Not ono I In what particular has Mr.
Douglas changed since then ? What her
esy has ho disavowed ? llo is tho same
man with the sanu sentiments as when ho
led tho black republican cohorts in tho
Senate, as when ho assailed tho positions i
of tho Supremo Court, as when ho pro
claimed that a territorial legislature had
more power than congross itself.
Why thon shall Douglas bo nominated?
Shall John W. Forney avow that ho will
tupport no democratic candidato but Doug
las, ami for what reason 1 Is it becauso
Douglas is a better democrat than any oth
er man, or because John W. Forney is a
worse ono ? No person who has watched
the late course of tlio two men, can fail in
a correct answer to that question.
Tho solid, substantial, reliable portion;
of tho democratic party is with tho ma
jority of that delegation. Here and thcro
is a paper following Forney ones ia a1
while a man of easy virtue, in position by
sum - ranui. - , puiimu uia luuiumuiu vuuujr
I fn nvrrrnmo. Ms indfiiiont. nrl hr tr.ivs In- 1
j o ; j .
.. ..
tVnU in tins connection we should IiKo to
;!. r Pnl. 1Wi,.l,t
a delegate from 1
...... . . . . t
th.s d.s net, how ho can square Ins com.uct
- ,
tat Charleston, witti tlio spirit ana tone ot
t, l j t th Dmoerats of 1'hil
addPLitt on i8'
ot winch reads as follows. Ilia demo-,
cratic creed is broad enough to embrace
the wholo Union, and tho democratic plat-
fQrm 0j- p(
'cnusylvana should be so framed
d mado th;,as to meet tho views alike of the party men
inulcs Th;3of3IaS3acllusoU3ani1 South Carolina." It
apletcd, and undorstoa ,CL WriSU
1 ' assisted so to narrow llio idnlform. that
assisted so to narrow llio idnlform. Hint
But where arc tho men and tho papers,
t0 whoso 6uiuanCB i" sunshino and iu '
torm tho party ha. for years looked to,
trusted and followed f As ono man against
thU hVCf " " ? , ' W "ot,
" aa 1Ilcku,!l and I'r,.cy,aro
f"3 .T;lth tto on enemy ; while en-
r (inviiritirt tr teizt utinti wib n-tir H.r Im
' f ... A " 1 J , . , , 1
rev rnv in i inrr v. ni i t in iv,Mn inni-mi I
Lovejoy's Inhumanity. ThoBurcau
n t-. . 1 1. . i . .
county jjcmocrai, puuiisucu at rnuectou,
tho residence of Owen Lovojoy, says that!
during his boisterous and abu-.ivo speech
tno other day, lio rcterrcd to the killing of
his brother at Alton, a few years ago, and
declared ho would, bo avenged. But, adds
the Democrat, ho was very careful not to
mention now no ueirauueu the ditconso-
lato widow of his brother out of tho small
; estate lelt her by her husbaiul, loaving her
'dependent upon tho cold charities of the
worla- Tho sister of the unfortunate wid -
ow is also nn imnato ofthu IjCe count'
"oisieious iijpoemu is constantly prating
that 1,0 taccs iu avA Prctccis aIul cxult-
"'S'y proclaims that the hungry shall m
ver bo turuwl luva' "P'y from tl10
ll"la"t"ropio doors of his homo. This
rJ" Herons and Christian man is too
Sat to fmilo or look upon the poor objects
.a1 ....! I.!... 1... 1
i 1 1 i ?i ii . .
" "3 ' euiiaaiiguim.
0 ,P t"om m,Sut uliICIt ""S1'1
s"''!"-'5) but 't would not carry him to Con-
SrCM wliero ho can preach the most offen-
"ve abolitionism, and boast of his nigger
'"-'""'S upuiiuum uu.ier me pica oi nu -
aild loVO tO the IMCC. llissolfl aim
bcinS offico ho l wi.IliB2 to rido any hobby
"" " aequuu , uuu m5 poor Sister-
J i, ,,-. ... , ,, .
"'" '") " milium iiiiraei-
l.i., ..:..! .n-
TitUE. Wo do not pretend to say that
thcro is much poitry in tho following, but
that thoro is truth in it all will agrco :
Tim itvectcvt flowrri that on t-ariliJotb bcar,
Tuile, wither and dcctiy ;
E'en though they're wutrhej wilh tenJtr care.
And watered cwry da,-.
Tho highlit Joyi that carlh dah ih
To man fcince Adam fill,
Are tho0i alai, which bborteit lite.
And with u seldom dncll.
For all of which an articlo is foind
and valuo received, by thoso who exchango
their monoy aud produoo, and get Cheop
Goods at Bcttle's Now Store in Light
Street, " 20 per cent, cheaper than tho
Hannibal Hamlin. The Black Re
publican nominee for tho Vico Presidency,
Mr. Hamlin, is a regular Frea Trader.
What do the Tariff men of Pennsylvania
think of this I Is that the feast to which
they were invited wo mean thoso of them
who havo heretofore bcon acting with tho j
The rcnitsylvanln Delegation at ( liicago
Tho delegates from Pennsylvania to tho
Republican Convention at Chicago wcro
instructed tovoto for Oou. Simon Cameron
and urgo his nomination as tho best cal
culated to carry Pennsylvania. Indeed,
tho Stato Convention that assembled in this
place last February, announced in their
address to tho peoplo of Pennsylvania that
Gen. Cameron was tho only man of all
thoso mentioned for tlio Presidency wh
could unite tho entire body of people oppo
scd to tlio present Administration. It was
announced from tiino to, time that tho vote
of Pennsylvania would bo cast as a unit
for Cameron, and that Pennsylvania was
sincere and determined in demanding his
nomination. Any intimation that the
leaders of the Opposition were only play
ing a selfish part to promote their inter-
cits, and that tho namo of (Ion. Cameron
was used as a cover for ulterior operations
and dosigm, was always repelled with in
diguation. To all appearances tho news
papers that talked Cameron meant Cainc-
rou, and a majority of tiie delegates from
tho Stato weru sincerely wedded to his in
terests. It is unnecessary to say that a very largo
proportion of the Opposition of the Stato
wcro persuaded that Gen. Cameron's
chances of a nomination were as good as
those of any other candidate except Sew
ard ; and that as Pennsylvania was a
doubtful State, tho necessity of satisfying
and conciliating her, would ba a powerful
argument in favor of the man she put for
ward. Arguing in this way, tho sincere
fiiends of Gen. Cameron regarded his
prospects as highly encouraging.
Hut with all tho arguments of position
and availability in favor of their candidate,
tho conduct of the Pennsylvania delegation
at Chicago was mo-t curious, and iucx-
pucauio upon any omcr nypouicsH tuau
tl.of l,oor..t t..nni . T... . i r
mi. I. il.U .i.,?icu VIUUIIUJ V. .LHStUiUI Ul
. ,
r0n aud make his name tho point of con-
centration aftnr dianruinn- ni" tiiurnnl. t.lmir
i o ' ,
first aim seem, to have been to put him out
of the wa v. and all their e
ui UK. way, .iiiu .ill iiiur t.
exertions direct
ed towards securing the nomination of some
other candidate,
When at ouj time tho
delegates wcro bu-y to- ascertain who was
tno strongest man alter acward, wo uo not
soo that tho Pennsylvania demanded the
noraiaati0 0f Cau.eron-thcy let the op-
'potoeu.ent c!thcr throuli stu-
p;a;ty or design, und informed the Mas-
, sachusetts delegation, In answer to an in-,
n.,. ,.. 4i.:
n.,. i , .,,..,, ,.. 4 . ..
'iu"-'T 1 """"8"
first choice, they had a second and a third
! ATM T ! 1.. rpt.: .
UUU1L-U ill 'i XiL'UU UllU JJLI1UU111. XI1IS lllUL
vUUlkU 111 ItllU 1 lli-1
have convinced delegates from other States ,
that Pennsylvania did not want Cameron ; '
for men who aro ean.ct in desiring tho
nomination of a candidate do not have a
second aud a third choice. Had they said,
"Cameron is our first, our second and our
third choice, and wo will stick to him to
....... . . .
taa l!Ut tll delegates would nave regar-
.... . n . ...
ded him as a real camiwate, supported by
real friends, and his ultimate nomination
would have baou not only possible, but
..i- r : i..
Appearances indicate that the Pomi -
sylvania delegation became parties to tho
Lincoln combination bcloro a ballot was
had, and that tho withdrawal of Cameron
after the first vote was intended to con-
' summato the arrangement. Whether this
early capitulation was competed by tho
er,.n r.e ,n.,M,i,i, ,.:
not, it is certain that tho delegates from
this Stato displayed su-pieious alaciity in
' Imuling down their colors. They weto
i unequal to the effective use of thu power-
nnd tho character and antecedents of somo
of the leading members of tho delegation ful imprecations ugaiiist tho South, rival
suggest tho latter conclusion as the truo ling iu ferocity those of Gariisou and
one. Phillips he has repeatedly declared with-
What part Mr. Cm tin had in bringing
about tho result of the Convention, tirao
will show. As tho candidato for Gover -
nor, in a btato which will decide
,111 U k3lUlU IUeJl Mill UeCllie IUU
Presidential contest, his wishos wcro cer-
tainly entitled to great weight. Wo loam
that ho was vociferous in deprecating tho
nomination of Seward, but do net learu
that he exhibited very great anxiety for
' the success of Gen. Cameron. If he did,
it is certain that his wishes wcro much less
respected in the Pennsylvania delegation,
and in tho Convention, than his position
- entitled them to.
laking all appearances into conidera
tion, wo cannot avoid tho conclusion that
Gen. Cameron has been deceived and
betrayed by tho Pennsylvania delegation,
at thu Chicago Convention.
8 The coolest picco of impudence wo
have seen for somo time, is John W. For
ney's assumption of tho office of Censor
over Democratic delegates from Massachu
setts to tho Charleston Convention. A
man whoholds one of tho most lucrative
and influential offices iu tho gift of tho
Black Republicans as a reward for bis
services in their behalf, to impugn tho po
litical integrity of any Democrat, must be
as brazen as treacherous. Boston Post,
J Gen. A. L. Roumfoiit has resign
ed tho Supcrintendency of tho Eastern
Division of tho Pennsylvania Railroad,
which he has held ever tinco tho road was
opened, and tho duties of which lie has
discharged with raro energy and fidelity.
Tho Company will not easily mpply his
Procoodinga of tlio Columbia
County Agricultural, Horti
cultural and Mechanical As
sociation. Pursuant to publio notice tho Associa
tion met in tho Court House, at Blooms
burg, on Saturday, May 10th, 1800.
Tho President, Dr. John Ramsay,statcd
tho object of thu meeting to bo tho election
of officers to servo during the ensuing year;
to propose amendments to tho Constitution,
and to hoar tho report of tho Secretary as
to tho financial condition of tho Associa
tion. The secretary being called upon, read
proceedings of last meeting, and alo a full
and complete report of tho receipts and
expenditures of tho Association for the past
year: which exhibited tho fact that Fve
Iltiivlrnl and 'Jiglity Dollars had been
paid for fencing tho grounds of tlio Asso
ciation, erecting sheds, pumps, &c, kc,
which were now tho property of the Asso
ciation, leaving a nitt balaneo in the hands
of tho Treasurer, of 'Jivo llundiel and
Tidily one Doltitrs ami JZishty Four cents.
Tho meeting considered tho financial
condition of the Association, was very flat
tering to it-J success, and thought tho Exe
cutive Committe would therefore) bo war
ranted in offering much higher rates of
Premium! for tlio next annual exhibition
to be held in October.
After some discussion, on motion of Col,
L. L. Tate, tho Third Articlo of tho Con
stitutiou was s-o amended as to read One
Dollar in-tcad of Vifty CVis, for Admi3
sion to membership.
On motion of Wm. Xcaltho Association
proceeded to tho election of President.
Caleb D.u ton jr. nominated Dr J. Ram
Wm Xcal nominated Caleb Darton, jr.
Alter fonie discussion the name of Mr. ton was withdrawn and Dr. J. Ram
say was unanimously sleeted President.
On motion of Dr. P. John tho Associa
tion proceeded to elect four Vice Pros!
dents. The following persons were nomi
nated, and there being no oppo-ition, were
unanimously elected : Johnson Ikclcr,
Greenwood ; Elias Dieterich, Montour j
Gilbert II. Fowler, Centro ; Reiij. F. Foit
nor, Franklin.
On motion, Elias Mcndcnball was clect-
ed Treasurer ; A. J. Sloan, Secretary j I,
v irnrhn,i -,ri, . ,1 f',1-1. u-..
ton, jr., J. W. lIendcr.,hot, and Willi
Neal, additional members of the Executiv,
0u mow of Wm. Noul it Wft4 ull;iui
mou-dy Jtesolccd, That the Secretary li
allowed Fifty Dollars, annually, for his
On motion of Col. L. L. Tate.
lletovcd, That the thanks of the Asso-
iation be tendered to to thu Board of 0 Hi
cers for the faithful, aud satM'aetory, per
formance of their ouorou-, and responsible
duties, and that they are eminjntly enti
tled to the respect aud confidence of said
On motini, tho proceedings of this meet
in ' he published in all tho papers of the
couuty. JOHN RAMSAY, Pra t.
A. J. Sloan, heo y.
Mr. Qurtin afllliatins with Gid-
, dings at Chicago,
' The character of a man is ju.-tly ostima-
ted by tho company ho keeps. After tho
nomination of Lincoln at Chicago, Mr.
Cuitin, of Pennsylvania, appeared on tho
same Platform witli Joshua, R. Giddings,
ol Ohio, to endorse the nomination. Gid
dings is well known as one of tho mot
violent and uncompromising Abolitionists
in the country, who has douu as much to
create and promote this anti-slavery agita-
tion as any other man in tho land his
fanaticism ho has uttered tho most fear
' the past year that he and his followers
lu 'ho cstern Rc.-crvo would not support
. auJr ",;ln 110t kuown to bo a sound and
. ""4'1, uitti.lllLLU uu II1UII
orateor conservative views.
The notnina
tion ot Lincoln, a man of tho s.iniocxtromo
stump, proved entirely satisfactory to Gid-
1Ie appeared on the platform and
I endorsed Lincoln without tho slightest
! Hesitation ami ho was followed by Mr.
Cuitm, tho " Peoplo s Party ' candidate
for Governor of Pennsylvania Mr. Cur
tin who has hesitated to avow himself a
Republican tho same Mr. Curtin who
could not support Fremont in l8ofi, and
who professes to bo opposed to tho radi
calism of tho Republican party. This as
sociation with tho most bloody and vin
dictive Abolitionist in tho West is a beau
tiful commentary upon Mr. Curliu's pro
fessions of moderation. Uo seems to havo
forgotten tho part ho was to play in his
joy at tho success of tho plots ho went to
Chicago to promote, aud in tho first flu-h
of excitcmout following successful trcach-
cry,he embraced old Giddings and shouted
congraulations from tho samo platform at
tho nomination of a candidate who has
surpassed even Seward in anti-slavery
fanaticism. Since Mr. Curtin has recog
nized Giddings as a friend and fellow
worker m the samo cause, we hopo that
ho will not coma back to Pennsylvania,
and labor to play tho tole of moderation
any longer. It will bo tho worso for him
if ho docs, for after his performances at
Chicago, that man must bo blind and deaf
who docs not know that ho Is a Republican
and nothing elso-a Republican of the
Giddings Lincoln " irrepressible conflict"
Log Floating A. Man Drownod. I
Wo aro again cnllcd upon to record
another painful accident, which occurred
about four miles from this plaeo, in tho
Loyalsock, on Friday of last week. Tho
heavy rains which fell during tho week,
swelled tho waters of tho o reck to a groat
extent, and on Friday a gang of hands
wcro sent to the stream for tho purposo of
plunging in and floating a largo quantity (
shore. Tho work was under the suporvis-
ion of Col. James Df.eha and Edward
t. c . ... , . . . ,
j. otevksso.n, who, wiiu a uoai iioateu
uunu uiu uiuuiw. iuu Biiuaiu una itij
high, rapid and rough, ami many dangers
were encountered by tho whole party. At
ono point, known as the "hay stacks,"
(where tho bed of tho stream is full of pro-
jeeting rocks,) a "jam" occurred, and a
largo number of logs lodged. While at-
tempting to pry them oft", tho whole mass
started, and ono man, Mahtin MokiumJV
was carried over tho falls and down the
stream full three quaitcrs of a milcjicforo
he could roach the shore. Ho clung -to a
largo root which chanced to bo near him
at the time ho started, which undoubtedly
saved his life. It was indeed a miracle
that ho gained the shore alive.
About an hour after this occurrence
Stkvknson and MoiuussY attempted to
cross the creek in a boat, and before they
had got ten feet from tho thoro, the boat
overturned precipitating both irto tho wa-
tor. Tho boat loged for a moment on a jiaswell
projecting rock. Mouuissv clung to a( -V iXmtliumUilind County.
log that was also lodged near by.and uh-1 j McCormick, Perry Geaihaif, ami
o-l Stkvk.vsov by the hand. A man jr ,; J-Hliott .
named Wilson, who chanced to bo near
sciZod Monu.ssv l.y the hand, and thus' a! Klay. May It, 1H0O.
tho three stiuggled for a lew seconds,! xiio Committee acting for 1-1 Iward Bates
when tho water whirled the boat, which h avu issued an addruis to-day giving va
caused MoniUS-sv to relinqui-h his grasp, rious reasons why that gentleman sh.mld
i m- Un....., .:i i i ,. bo nominated for President. Thoy sa
and iir. oti: enson wac.uiicd down by . , ,, . ., . . ,. ',
, Judge Bates. thoii!:h both a theoretical line!
the current. He was scon to rise to tho j)ralticai emancipationist, is a n itivo ami
surface twice, but all attempts to rescue life-long resident of a slaveholdiug section
him were in vain, lie floated about a of our country, lli-i nomination, there
quarter of a mile down the creek aud lodg-1 would bo a signal and final refuta-
1 . . . t i. i tiou of the charge ot sectionalism so uu
ed on tho point of an Island among some - . , . . n ,r .. , , . ,
, 1 . , fairly, and jet so effectively ur ed against
logs. He was an excellent siumer, but thu HipuMienU paity, and would rendet
being dressed iu a heavy overcoat, Was tin- tho lire-eating threats of disunion iu ta i
able to reach the shoro. Search was im- of a Republican tiiumph, palpable, futile
mediately made, but to uo nurpo o. On ridiculous.
ui... i... . .- . -.i . Ho i-the favouto candidate of the ertin
Saturday a largo portion ol thu town peo- 0 itiol ol- Mirtulr. nllJ wiU ,JU M
jdo turned out to make search for tho bdy. j 110rtl,a ,y tlum) llot lla,ruly itIl t,(m.i.
During the night thu water fell .-.bout a-m, but with a coufidencu of suect-s..
four fea, and ho was found as above state 1. We firmly believe Judge Bates' nomiiia
SheriirCeusol, with a jury, held an in. t'wn would nearly dksylvo tho orgahizu
,. i . ,,,-. I .,i.i tiou which has presented to the nation the
1 ',; ; '. iiij,),!,. r,.sl,uetablu names of John Hell and
verdict m accordance with thu above laets. i j.;(hVard Kvcntt, and induce niuu-tcnlh-The
body was interred at this place on ! of these hitherto known as Americain, Old
Stuvkkson was a young man, of about
years of ago, aud much respected by
all who knew him.
Anotiiut. Wo understand that a lad
some 11 or 13 years old,naiiiud Williams
was knocked off a r.ilt, between Forksille
and llillsgrove, on the same day, and was
ill owned. Wu did not learn the p.ii titu
1 a r.s . Sulliva n Dent ocral.
Popl'lah sovkiickixtt. This cxpres
sion is very common among politicians ju-t
now, but we doubt if its origin and its
meaning are well understood, It is ued
in reft rence to slavery iu tho Territories
of tho United States, about the govern
incut of which there is so much diversity
of opinion. The Republicans as-ert the
doctrine that Congress has entire power
over the subject, and may legislate slavery
into or out of any Territory. The Soinh
cm men and some Xoithern Democrats as
sert tliat Congress has no such power, that
a Teriilorial Legislature, established by
Congress, cannot havo any higher power
than Congress, and that consequently thci o
is no power to affect shuery within a Ter
litory until a Statu Government is being
formed. Senator Douglas and his friends
agree with neither of those notions. Thoy
say that Congress has no such power, but
that a Territorial Legislature has the pow
er and right to do so, and this they call
Popular Sovereignty, while by its oppo
nents it is nicknamed Squatter Sovereign
ty. In tho Dred Seott case, Chii f Justice
Taney, in delivering the opinion of tho
Court, did decide that slavery was in the
Tcnitories by virtue of tho Constitution,
that Congress had no right to legi-late
about it, and added: " and if Confess
cannot do this if it is heirud the poire s,
co'tl'rrrcd on the. Valerul Government U
will he admitted, we presume, that it could
not authorize a 'Ctrritnri'd Government
to excicUc them." The opponents of this
doctrine insist that, as that was not tho
point expressly decided, they aro not bound
by tho icws of the Court, and that a po
litical platform need not ho controlled In
judicial decisions. This is tho brief, yet
full statement of tho question of Popular
Sovereignty. rhila. .edgrr.
C.iAUACTEuiSTic.-David Wilmot, tho
thorofthn Wilmnt Trnvk. . wMl.i.
author of tho Wilmot Proviso, which was
tho commencement of the dissensions, not
only of tho Democratic party, but of our
wholo country, was tho temporary Chair
man of tho Black Republican Convention
at Chicago. Fit rcprcscntativo is he of
tho party. Discord, disunion and ruin
was his object and tho effect of his labors
in Congress. He is a fit leader and rep
rcscntativo of a party whoso object, end
and aim is now, ever has been, and ever
will bo discord, disunion and ruin.
New Postmaster at N. Y. Umi.
John A. Dij, has been appointed Post
master at New York City, in room of Mr.
Fowler, removed,
Assistant United Slates Marshals. tcnsiis of ISOO-Qucstlons to Answer.
Hon. James G. OAMi'nr.i.L, U. S. Mar- On tho first of Juno, tho work of taking
ehal for tho Western District of Pcnnsyl- "'0 census commences. It isdesirabl0
vnnia, has announced tho appointment of t'13' taken with groat accuracy, ami
tho following Assistant; Marshals, for to enable- tlio assistant marsiiail wiio will
tho purposo of taking tho eighth Census, bo engaged in tho pcrformanCo of this d.
duties to commence upon the first day of tyi to 'mvo lll(-'ir work well dono, it ha,
Juno, viz ! been suggested that tho publication of tho
i-ir Cvlumbu County. questions necessary ior an iioaus ot lami.
Levi L. Tati:, of Uloomshurg, for the lie to answer, would bo of great benefit.
townships of Uloom, Scott, l$riarcrcck,and WH'1 this view, wo publish the following
ho Horouch of Horn-ink. on tho West side
Oftho Susnuehaiina Hiver. and for tho
.. . .. ' . .. , . uown ino namo 01
townshq 9 ot Uattawissa, i' ranklin, ijocust, JUal placo of abode, on tlio llrt dav of
KoanngorcoK, Vyonynguam, .uain, .uiinin, juno, ioou, was in
ani ltuaVcr, (all) on tho East side of the
e!li(i Susquehanna. And
i iSAAC Dfi Witt, of Rohrsburg, for thu
halanco of tlio townships of Columbia conn-
tV) on th0 West side of tho Susquehanna
RiVCr, viz : Gecemvood, Ucnton, Sugar-
ios(t Fishingcrcck, Orange, Madison, Pine,
Jnekaon, Centre, Mouutplcasant, Hemlock
,Mn Jlontour.
; br Montour County.
d,., y, Caldwell, of Washingtomillc.
.'gr Lutim? County.
1 yy jon Sturdevant, Wilkes-Barro ;
J)r. a! Davi, Hcranton ; Edwnrd Dolph,
Pittston; Edward Mahon, Duniiiore; I'o
tul. Wabli, Art-hhald ; AVilliam Shirley,
Oonviham : William S. .Monroe, Muh-
icnmn.jj. II. Davenport, Lake.
for Lwomina County.
j Co)lbau"li, Jolin Piatt, and R.
Linn Whi.s, Union men, e , to '-oopeint
heartily with us iu risnimg the country
from the hands into which shu has been
permitted to fall.
We Let evu now by a united Oppo.itiun
Pennsylvania and New-Jersey will be
kept unit d, aud by the nom n i ion of E I
ward Bates. Indiana 11 inuU and Oregon
will he i-anied and a triumph iu N-nvni-her
thus d-iced heyoud eo.itro,-. r -y. p
eouelu-ioii we siy, we eiitrci.t you U pre
sent the name of 11 Iw.ird liites as the ol
ive branch lo the variou-i paities which
earnc tly de-ire to overthrow tho fillibu?
tering Slavory-extemliu 'ham Democracy
as a proffer of fraternisation and kindU
regard, Do this iu a generous, magnani
mous spirit, and you will have indicated
our eau-e from the in just but damaging
imputation of sectionalism. The address
was signed by F. J'. Blair, Horace Greeley
John J). Defrees, John 0. Vogel, Jame
B. Eads, Dr. A. Waiumer, Committee.
Such is a dispatch to thu Xcw Vork
Tn'nme, and tlio result of it all is before
our readers. In another article iu this
paper, wo speak of the sectionalism of the
Republicans, the nJJc ranee of which Mr.
Grtoly ibvired to avoid, hut did not do so,
as tho rejection of Cassius M. Clay, of
Kentucky and nomination of Hannibal
Hamlin of Maine proves. And to prevent
ail pos-ibility of doubt on the subject of
tho inmational spirit and determination of
Iiepiiblicau, Judge Jussoi1 iu thu conven
tion desired to amend "a eibal mistake in
the name of tho party." It was printed
iu the resolutions "National" Republican
ii-ivt- ITn tt'l.l,.,! .tH... ..i .1 . l
"National" as that ,e,n not ,he nm iu I '-" T " by
wide!, the panyurrnmrly 1 "'f'101 l"1"' IIU ftt0ck U f ""
Tlio correction v,-as accordingly niadu, and I VT?'bf ""a Wrk' . "" ,
the word "National" expunged. In less w,,,b1,.Lo 1,w l'01lal Mipcriuknd
than twelve months, tho broken pa, ty will ' " for ''ncssand mod
reform" under a new name, in which tJ"- ?"r, c,ll",w ''"'S-
word "National" will ho most continuous , luu' " "". w Cft P -,Jr-
and most false.
Biography of Hon
Vontor. A BioiiiiAi'incAL sketch
Henry D. Foster, thu Demooratio candidate In Chamberburg, heretofore stroiHy 0
for Governor of Pennsylvania, has been position, tho entire Democrats ticket w
printed at this ollicu and is now ready for elected by about fifty majority.
delivery. It is very well written and gives i
a concise and wry accurate account of tho Ar,r' Foil IIau.monv. An address i
publie history of tho geiitlcmaii who is des- 1,10 "tional Democracy, urging tin's'
tincd to occupy the Gubernatorial chair of CU,1-'M to return to tho Baltimore Conut
:l3 ilicf linnn nul.l! l.A.l I iLa V .
i r v ! , T , " 0 t0 n f " ;-, 1 , ,
i Co't.oii which placed hint in noiuiua- ,nSt CoiLtitiition, with approbator
tion. Intcrsncrscd here and Hierntlivn,,,),. remarks by that journal. It is simicd 1'
Interspersed here and there thi-umdi.
out this sketch aro appropriate comments ci6utccn Congressm en.
upon ,o public acts of General hVtor.and Don. Geo. Uli of (!., li
7Z i J Cvn.t,"Uf10n'',-? P1Iuy r 0Ur thank h neatly bound vol,.." that cl.vides tho political parties, of tho President's Message, aud acco.a,,
tho wholo terming an interesting and very ny iug documents,
readablo pamphlet. It contains forty-cight '-". ;r'?-.---rrCatfy:-pages
of closely printed matter and will .71 X it fit I ii It .
Do luriushcd at tho following rates, viz :
10 epics $15,00
uo " a nn
to :::::::::::: : Hiii-
sisi copies -'
ArrangemenU have been mado with V
isookscllcrs throughout tho Stato for its .!'., 1 "V"" HTi.ftiiirof n-v. u. isurn, of
6 uuv .uu uwiu inr US easier cny. ans Kuv. J, Huck, firihlinliernliurs i
sale. hW'l f'J yentr,
ot li
list :
In tho first place it is necessary to write
down tho namo of every person whom
tho family.
The ago of each, sex and color, whither
white, black, or mulatto.
Profession, occupation, or trade of cid,
male person over 10 years of ago.
Value of real estate owned.
Places of birth, naming tho statu, tori i.
tory, or country.
iMarriuu within tlio year.
Persons over twenty ycarj of nio
cannot read or wiitc.
Whether deaf and dumb, blind, imami.
or idiot, pauper, or convitt.
Namo ot owner, agent, or manager u
thu farm.
Number of unimproved acres.
Cash valuo of farm.
Value of fanning implements and ma.
Live steel; on iianu dunu 1st, imo, viz .
Number of horses, mules and asses, work
mg oxen, milch cows, and other cattle
swiuu and sheep.
alue ot live fctoek.
Value of animals slaughtered during the
T!!''- ....
rrouuee duung thu year ending dmti.
1st, lfcOO, viz: Number of bushels i
wheat, rye. Indian, corn, oats, beau-
peas, buckwheat, barley, Irish potatoes
sweet potatoes, pounds of wool and pouiiil
of tobacco.
Valuo of ore-land products in dollar.-,.
Gallons of wine, value of produce n
m-irkct garden, pounds of cheese, tolls m
hay, bushels of .-eed grass, pounds of hop--pounds
of sugar, gallons of iiio1.-is-,m.
pounds of hoii-jy and beeswax, valuo ol
home-made manufactures.
Names of corporation, company or in
dividual, producing aitieles to thu vahu
of f ."iilil.
N.imo of business, manufacture or pro
duct. Capital invested in real estate and pir
sonal ost.itu iu tho business.
Raw niatetials u-ied, including fuel, i
quanlities, values, kinds, 0f motive power
inaeliiiieiy, structure or resource.
Average number of hands employed
viz: malu, female, average monthly e i-tu
male labor, aver.iire monthly co-t ot
Annual product, viz : quantities, Mm!)
Nainu of every person who died dmiii;
the year ending Juno I, 1111), v,hu
umal plaeo of abndu Jwaj in tlio family
the agj, sex and color, whether whit,
black, or mulatto, mariied or wiiloweil
place of birth, naming thu state, tcirilon
or county, thu month iu which the per
died, profession, occupation of trade, ,i.v
i aies of death.
Tho Work To Bo Dono.
In order to achieve the triumph i!
awaits the Democratic party in IMjl), m.
ny things aro requisite, which should
once engage the attention of evirytin
Democrat. The.-u aro well summed up I
thu Bo-ton I'o I, as follows :
1. Kindly feeling and a conciliate
policy towaida tho,c who have hithul
been separated from ns rather by din-rues
of organization, or of pi rsonal prcfi
enee than by radical aiitagoni-iu of idea
and pui poses.
'J. Karly and universal organization, L
States, Counties, Town-hip- and 'ilbgl
or Kluctioii Di-trict.s, under the lead
men of worth and work.
:i. Prompt, p-iM-tent efforts by ea"
orgaiuzation to impel kindred oiganir
tioiis in every nciglihoiiug county ortovrie
-hip, but especially in thoso where we hn
hitherto been weak.
j. The systematic and iinivcrnl i irfit
lation and dill'u-ion of Democratic new:
paicrs and documents.
!i. Seasonable and effective prceai.ti-'i.
agaiii-t fiauds on tho ballot box cspo-inlb
in di-tiicts where our adversaries have a'
ot erwheliuing prepoiulcrance.
Ulikiant Boot and Siiok Sroni:.
3Ir. rr.Vu, 6'. Sunders, of Danville, km-
thu largest and best Boot and Shoo llou-
DnMocitATio A'iCTOitiEs. Iii Green'
Hoiiry D. burg, tho homo of tho Hon HcnitY D. IV
teu, tho Democracy on Monday la-1 elect
of tho Hon. 'cd their eiitini lid.-,it fn l,nm,,l, nfnr.
, v n
1'iit-tivjLui. lu ,Mi, ttou dtiuU, holh of ill
In 'e. I -i.
Ol til, l.lll ,11.1 I.W 11.. I- ...n.l.K.l it. It
uicmu are Hie dead lnat ii in Ih" I