Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, June 13, 1857, Image 2

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LEVI tate, editor.
BlOOinybUl'g, JlinO 13 1857.
Democratic State Nominations.
roil novnuNon,
Of Lycoming County.
Of Chester county.
Of Herts County.
Of Erie Ctwitt.
Tho Crops. High Prices.
Wo aro now enjoying tho most dolightful
and refreshing weather. All nntnro smiles,
and everything around us augurs a plouti.
ful harvest well-filled barns and overflow'
ing granaries, from present appearances,
will reward tho tiller of tho soil for his
labor, A month since, and news from all
quarters, of damago to tho growing crops
''by tho sovcro cold weather, filled many
with alarm. Itut tho scene has changed
Now our exohanges bring us tidings of
splendid crops thoy toll us that tho pros
pect of a boutviful harvest was never so
encouraging that over tho land tho angel
of plonty has spared her broad wings, and
from East to AVcsl, form North to South,
como cheering accounts of a glorious
harvest. In our iinmodiato neighborhood,
wo havo seldom seen n moro healthful
condition manifested in tho growing crops.
Within a few weeks, tho dreary waste of
winter has given placo to tho boautiful
spring, and now as tho summer comes upon
us ladon with delightful fragranco wo aro
rejoiced to learn that the croaknrs who
havo beenbusy promulgating highly colored
reports of tho damago douo by tho unfa'
vorablo weather, &o., aro about to bo
deceived. From present appearances our
farmers will bo Well repaid for their labor,
and tho enormous yield foreshadowed, will
wo hope, bo, tho moans of reducing tho
prioes of provisions, which aro now at
exceedingly high figures. Tho greatly
enhanced prices of all tho nccessatics of
lifo, fall oppressively, not only upou that
class of pooplo usually denominated poou
but upon thoso who havo stcadyjemploymcnt
and good wages. Much suffering and
many piivations havo been cnuurcil by
thousands, who, until tho last winter, have
never ospcrioneedtho effect of want. AdiI
yet the crops of last season wero abundant,
rrad farmers from every quarter wero sohci-
lingholpsufficiont to onablo them t o harvest
-their produco. If, therefore, this bo true
of tho past year, havo wo not reason to hope
that season of plenty will bring about a
reduction of tho prices of provisions ? If
tho general speculations upon this point bo
correot, wo may safely hopo for some
moderation ; but if thoy be crrouaous, then,
in all probability, tho high prices will Jon
tinuo unabatod. Tho farmers havo boon
charged with being tho solo causo of the
continued oxhorbitant prices. Hut then it
lias never been shown that any combination
existing among them, in order to perpetuate
this condition of things ; and'without some
concert of action no uniformity of prices
coold bs maintained. Farmers, like every
other class of traders or producers, always
regulate their prices according to tho de
mand ; and so long as farming produco
continues in groat demand, thus long will
high prioos continue. Again : tho fault
has been charged to tho account of specu
lators or "middlo men." This might, for
s Ehort time, under some circumstances, bo
tho causo ; but it could not continuo for
any groat length of time. That'speculatlon
which buys up and witholdo any plentiful
article from tho public, for tho sako of
exacting oppressivo prices, is like darning
up a rushing stream, to keep its waters
from entering tho great river. It may
answer for a short time, but no barrier can
bo strong enough to withhold tho accumu
lated weight of waters thoy will soon
break through and recover their wontod
level. Tho great difficulty wo think, is
neither with the farmer nor tho speculator,
but is tho result of an entirely different
cause. Tho statistics of our country will
jhow that cvory year, tho proportion of
consumers of agricultural products is
growing greater than tho portion of produ
cers. Honce, as this continues, tho demand
must increase, and tho farmers bo unable
to moct that demand. With this inability,
prices will naturally ascend, for tho pooplo
must havo provision no matter how groat
tho cost. Wo watt moro farmors. There
aro millions of acrc3 of ground through the
country which might bo placed under pro
fiUblc cultivation ; and until this is done
wo need expect no pcrmanont reduction of
democratic Stato Convention.
Tho Delegates to tho lato State Conven
tion convened on Tuesday last, at Harris
burg, aud nominated Hon. William
Strono, of Berks, and Hon. James
TiiosirsON, of Eric, for tho Supromo Bench.
Wo uro 'gratified to know, that thoOonven
tion was full, its action very harmonious,
and tho nominations entirely acceptable to
tlie Democracy of Pennsylvania, Our
State Ticket, with racier, Strickland,
biron-, ana JiompmijVn ars. boumt to intelligence of "saintly" fraul fare, in
win by from 30 to 50,000, decency and cruelty
Tho Administration.
Tho President ana bis unijnctnro reap.
Jng golJenoplm'ona from nl!l EoctionJ of
tho country from both friend amUoc. alio
j dctcrimantlon on tho part of the ndmini-
'nation to secureilo every section of tho
Union all tho rights rind privilege? thoy
I possess, cannot but moot tith the.npproval
of tho people'
Tito nffairs of Kansas arc already begin
ning to show a master hand at tho helm.'
Everything thero is quiot. Slavery in
Kansas has bccouio an obsoloto idea.
Tho fresidont has grappled tho groat i
Mormon question, end will not unlooso his
hold until tho polluted monster is straugloil
I to death. Already largo forces aro march
ing to that hell of wickcdncss andcorriip
tion. It must soon givo way in tho unequal
Tho appointments, always tho nicest and
most difficult labor for tho President to
perform, aro nearly completed, and that,
too, to tho genor8l satisfaction of tho people.
Tho political futuro is indeed bright.
Fortunate will it bo for our country if
futuro Presidents fhall posses tho wisdom
and Statesmanship o'f James Buchanan,
Creasy's Now Storo.
Tho Messrs. Creasy, of Light Street,
have one of tho handsomest Stores in this
section well filled with choice Goods
and what is bettor, in these times of "high
pricc3," they sell Goods very cheap. Wo
spoak Irom esporience, aftcv having givon
them a trial, and adviso our friends to
price their groceries, especially Sugar and
Molasses, anil thoy "will find it so."
Messrs. II. W. & W. N. Croasy ava very
enterprising young gentlemen affablo and
accommodating and merit tho bucccss
thoy have met with.
Increased Egos.
A bill passed the late Legislatnvo to
onlargo tho foes of District Attorneys
throughout the State. 'i'Iu'3 inoroaso will
mako tho oflico of District Attorney worth
having, The feo for drawing an indict
ment and prosecuting offences in tho Oyer
and Terminer, which was 61, is now 810;
a bill in tho same Court returned " ignor
amuscd," which formerly cost tho county
83, will now cost S5; itdictmonts and
prosecutions in tho Quarter Sessions, for
mcrly S3, aro now 8-5 ; a bill "ignoraniuscd"
in tho same Court, which was 81 00, is now
83. It will thus bo seen that criminal
costs Ti ill bo largely increased.
Prom Kansas.
Gov. II. J. Walker arrived at Lccomp
ton, Kansas Territory, cn tho 23th ult,
Ho wan received very quietly, and road
his inaugural. It is a lengthy document,
and declares that tho territorial laws shall
bo enforced. It criticises tho action of
tho Free Stato men, and dclarcs that tho
position already taken shall bo maintained
by tho whole force of tho Government.
Gov. Walker passed through Lawrence on
his way to Lccompton, and assured tho
people that overything would bo fair.
At tho nominating Convention held for
tho election of n candidato fcr delegate to
tho Convontion and a Surveyor General,
Mr. Calhoun Jone?, of tho Union, and a
man named Boiling, alleged pro-slavery,
wore chosen.
Utah AfMra.
Wo learn from Washington that tho
troops ordered for Utah will concentrate
and tako a position upon tho government
reservation, forty miles south of tho Salt
Lako valley, and await orders and events.
It is suggested that Gov, Young has taken
moasurs to resist tho federal authorities,
and to inoreas his largo military forco by
an alliance with hostile Indians. When ho
shall be superseded as Governor, his autho
rity will bo paralyzed in the Territory, and
ho must cither leavo it or bo subjected to
prosecution for his flagitious aots. If ho
holds his ground ho must mako opon war,
and that is said to bo his intention. Ilis
abuses havo boon so long tolerated, that ho
has gathered undue confidence in his
position, which may fcoon bo diminished
after tho goverment thai! tako a decided
stand in opposition to him.
tsr Col, J. D, Miles, was last week
elected Brigadier General of tho Second
Brijado, Philadelphia, which has gained
considerable notoriety throughout tho Stato
lately, from tho fact of its being tho Brigado
over which Gen. William F. Small,
under a commission erroneously issued by
tho Governor, undertook to excroiso com
mand in defianco of tho decision of the
Supremo Court declaring his election void;
and for which act ho suffered an imprison
ment of many months.
Daily Paver in Reading On next
Monday tho Heading Gazette will bo
changed from a weekly to a daily paper.
Mr. Gets fools confidont that tho entorprlso
will bo successful, end wo seo no reason
why it should not bo. Hoading is now tho
third city in tho Stato in point of population
and enterprise, and should certainly bo
ablo to maintain a good sized daily paper.
ComcZ Postponed Itis announced, that,
by an orror in figuring, tho expected Comet
in Juno need not bo expected until Juno
or to of nest year.
ES Every arrival from Ut'h brinaa
Sorious Railroad Acoidont.
A porious accident oocurred on tho Erio
Road early this morning, Says tho Elrair;a
GatcttCf 'ol Tuesday last, by which one
person was instantly killed, and a number
moro or less injured, Tho Night Express
from Now York, wlion about two miles this
sido of Addison, was thrown from tho track,
causing almost a compluto wreok of all tho
cars. Dr. Peek, of Cincinnati, was instantly
killed ; a young lady had bnthliinbs broken j
tho engineer was very seriously injured.
Threo gontlomcu from Pennsylvania,
Mr. James Hutchinson, of Philadelphia)
and Messrs. John 'Sharplcss and Walter
Scolt, of Catawlssa, who wero on tho train,
wero brought back hero by tho Day Express
to-day. Mr. Hutchinson has both limbs
injurod, near tho ankles, ono bring frac
tured ; Mr. Scott is severely bruised, but
has no bones broken ; Mr. Shar pless received
souio bruises, but not of a tcrious nature.
Ho described tho crash as most terrible,
and truly miraculous that no moro lives
wero lost.
Norn by the Eniron. MessrsSharp-
loss KriMr. nml llufnliinsoti. "returned on
last Saturday, to Cattawksa. Tho first
named gentleman all right. Tho other
two somowhat tho "worse of tho ware," but
aro doing quito well. Columbia Democrat.
. .
Tho Predicted Comet is now visiblo
in tho north western part of tho heavens,
near Ursa Major. Tho assertion of tho
French astronomer, that this comet would
striko tho earth, scorns to havo met with a
general skopticism. "It is useless to specu
late," says Professor Mitchell, "in reference
to tho possiblo oonscquonces of a collision
with a comet, as thero is scarcely ono chanco
in millions that it can ocour. Science has
as yet discovered no guarantco for a planet
against tho possiblo shock of a comet, but
an examination of tho dolioato adjustments
of our ovn system and thoso of Saturn and
Jupiter, would seem to indicate that in all
past time no dorangeracnthas over ooourrcd
from such a cause"
A Patriotic Family. Judge Butler,
tho distinguished United States Senator of
South Carolina, who died a few days ago,
was a ton of General tWilliam Butler, of
Virginia, who served in tho revolutionary
war. Hlsjnothcr was also taken prisoner
during tho revolution. Of sis brothers,
(all now (load,) ono was an officer in tho war
of 1812; another, was a surgoon in tho
United States Navy andja member of
Congress, and a third, Pierce M,, wns at
ono time Governor of SouthJCnrolina, Tho
latter was killed whilol. leading on the
Palmetto regiment at tho battlo of Cheru
busco, whero a relalivo of Judgo Butler
also fell) and in which his nephew, tho lato
Pre3ton S. Brooks, participated.
"Evou Handed Justice."
Tho Mormon papers aro mourning deep
ly over tho death of Pratt, who was killed
by McLean, whose wife Pratt seduced and
carried away to hisj Jiaremj at Salt JLako
Liity. Thoy represent him as a "great and
good man,andono of tho fathers in Israel."
That ho wa3 a "father" in Israel, nobody
doubts; but that ho was cither a "great or
good man," is probably a great mistake,
Ho was just what ovcry other "father" in
Utah is, a mieorablo irapo3tor and unsancti
fiod &camp. Ho was a cheson emissary
sent out byBrigham Young to seduce moro
credulous and depraved men nnd women in
to his stupendous brothel, whore alltho del
icate relations which exist between husband
and wife, all of tho pnro affections which
enter into that relation, aro trampled under
foot, and women niado slaves to these beast
ly "saints." Tho husband who Killed
Pratt, will bo sustained by ovcry Christian
in tho country, and deserves tho approving
smilo of tho Power above. If ovory one
of theso "fathers'' of Mormonism wero ser
ved in tho same way, it would bo ah ex
cellent thing for their doluded followers
and tho world at largo.
How to Beiiave. A pocket Manual
of Republican Etiquctto and Guide to
Correct Personal Habits. Embracing an
exposition of tho principles of good man
ners ; useful hint3 on tho caro of tho per
son, eating, driuking,oxerciso, habits, dress,
self-culture, and behaviour at homo ; tho
etiquctto of salutations, introductions, re
ceptions, visits, dinners, evening parties,
conversation, letters, presents, weddings,
funorals, tho street, tho churoh, places of
amusement, travelling, etc, with illustra
tive anecdotes, a chapter on lovo and court
ship, and rulos of order for debating socie
ties. Prico, post-paid, paper, 30 cents,
IIUIIUl, Ull liUlllHl)
muslin 50 cents,
Now York: Fowlor &
Wells, 308 Droadway.
' ' '
What do you think of itP
A lato number of tho Stark county, Ohio,
Democrat, says:
"John Harris, Kso.., an old and respect -
cd citizen of this city, aud a bitter oppou-
ont of tho Democraoy, returned from Kan-
Jsas a few days ago, and says "tho Kcpub -
lieans thero aro making every effort to havo
Kansas a slavo State whilo tho Southern
mon generally aro in favor of it being free."
The object of this is apparent. If Kn-"
sos should bo made a slavo stato, tho He-
i publicans would continuo their "shrioking;"
I but, if she becomes a free btato, then tho
1 last plank ia knocked out of tho Hepub
j lican platform.
Cay Tho lato rains have been goncral
aad heavy at tho West, and aro said to lo')jy catlt)g cgi,3 whicll hA hcm
worth millions to thj fields spiinc'! and ' iyatar in whioh Prussian bltio
0(ii orjtiuo Convcnlloit-Itesolutlonsc 1
AVu present below tho Resolutions adopt-
cd unanimously by the Dcmcratio Stato ,
Convontion, which assembled at Harris
burg, on Tuesday last;
Resolved, That tho Judicia character of
Pennsylvania has dcrivod additional lustro
from tho eminent abilities and learning of
Judgos Lowis aud Black, whoso successors
wo havo this day nominated, That tho
ono who retires to private lifo, carries
with him tho respect and esteem, both of
tho profession with which his dutios associ
ated him, and of tho pooplo whom ho served,
and whito wo did regret to loso tho other
from tho Bench, wo express our gratifica
tion that his omiuent abilities havo been
brought into requisition in tho Natiunal
llcsolvcil, That wo fully approvo of tho
policy of tho National Administration, as
thus far exhibited, ard havo undiminished
confidence) in its distinguished hoad, aud
in thoso associated with bun in tho conduct
of publio affairs.
Jtcsolval, Tiiat tho prompt and decisive
action of the President of tho United States
in defenco of the elective franchise in tho
city of Washington, ot tho recont charter
cloction in that city, merits aud roooives
., .. ,11 i i i
tno sanction ot an oruer-iovinj "uu iw-
, bidinff citizens
Resolved, That in tho eminent publio
services, tho high moral worth, and tho
, sound legal learning of Willian Strong
I and James Thompson, tho nominees of
I this Convontion, for Judges of tho Supromo
Court, tho best oyiocncos aro mrnisneu oi
thoir fitness to dischargo tho responsible
dutios to which thoy aro about to bo called
by tho people
Resolved, That tho principle contained
in tho recent decision of tho Supremo Court
of tho United States, in tho oaso of Drcd
Scott V3. John F. A. Sanford, in regard
to tho political rights of tho Negro race,
meets tho hearty acquicsconco of tho judg
ment of tho Dcmoeratio citizens of Penn
sylvania, and is as much commended to
tho whole people of tho United States, by
the forco of truth and patriotism, as it U
cquajly binding on all by tho highest sano
tiona of law.
xicsolvcd, "That in the opinion of this
Convention, tho last Legislature, whose
general courso was so repugnant to tho
feelings, policy and principles of tho Demo
cratic party, that it cannot bo held respon
sible for any of its acts, demonstrated in
an especial manner, its total want of ro pect
for tho right of tho people to demand from
its government a safe and sound currency,
by tho enormous, indiscriminate and un
necessary incroaso of tho banking capital
of tho Stato.
Resolved, That tho passago of tho Act
by tho late Legislature, entitled "An Act
to provido for a sale of tho Main Lino of
tho Publio Works, was a wanton disregard
of tho best interest's of this Commonwealth,
nnd of tho principles of sound legislation.
That whilst in name it purports to bo a
sale of works whioh cost tho Stato nearly
twenty millions of dollars, it is intended to
bo, in reality, a gift of thoso works to a
Corporation. That in permitting tho aban
donment of a largo portion of said works,
thoio is a groat Baonfice of tho interests of
tho people, especially of thoso in tlio West
ern part of tho Stato. That tho bill contains
nono of thoso tafoguards for tho futuro
management cf the line proposed to bo
consolidated which ore required for tho
protection of tho trado and commerce of
the State, and that in tho ontiro exemption
and release of tho Pennsylvania llatlroad
Company from all taxation upon its capital
slock, business and nronorty forover, is
established a dangerous precedent, of
doubtful constitutionality, ami an odious
distinction between a powerful corporation
and tho tax paying citizens of the State.
Tho Coin which UcU-ayctl Jesus Christ
Wo give a fac-similo of this Coin in this
issue, in advance of our new Coin Book,
which is not quito ready. Tho groat de.
mand to sco this curiosity has induced us
to havo a sot of dic3 mado, so as to catt
tho piece an exact fac simile of tho orig
inal. Any person remitting us 25 cents
will rcccivo one of tho pieces by mail, post
paid. A full history will bo sent with each
piece. Wholosalo prioe, 815 per hundred,
or 88 for fifty. Of pure silver it will cost
81,50. Dye's New York Broker.
ITowspapor Postage.
Tho Post Mastor .General has rocontly
decided that bona fide subscriber to wcoHy
newspapers can rcccivo the samo free of
pastago if they rcsido in tho county in
which tho paper is printed and published,
oven if tho oflico to which tho paper is sent
is within tho county, provided-it is tho
ofiioo at which thoy rogularly rcccivo their
(inilmattor. This will bo an item of inter
I est to newspaper subscribers living near
county lines.
National Hotel Poison.
Dr. Dahamcl nnd Dr. Antisell, of Wash
ington city, givo their written opinions on
tho disease at tho National Hotel as not
being produced by miasma escapements
from tho sowers, but that tho truo causo is
, , , ,
, , ,. ' . , J 1
fn fe7.r, 1100 ilfimnrrMa nn thn n inrn Qui.
,r 7 . ,,
Valuabw Cows. At tho Agricultural
i Fa!r in Wost 0hestcr on Saturday last,
j John D, hmitli, drover, of Chester county,
sold to Mrs. Jones, of West Goshen, two
1 tw;n cows six years old, for $170 00.
i ,h bo(l j LanMStcr oountJ. hy
Abin, Zook.
Journal and Parmor.
Tho Juno number of tho Farm Journal
and Progressive Farmer, is on our Table
It is. a valuablo work devoted to Agricul
ture, norticulturo and ltural Economy.
S. Emlon & Co,, Philadelphia.
CSS A lad was poisoned in Now York
bulled in
had been
di lived io an H roljr the ejg't,
The following named gentlemen wero
elected Dirootors, of tho Columbia county
gricultural Society
llloom Eli Barton,
Berwick Enos L. Fowler.
Benton Ell MotulcnUall,
Beaver Isaac Davi9.
Catlawissa John Keillor.
Center Gilbort II. Fowlor.
Fishingcrcck Henry Bittondonder.
Franklin B. 1. Fortner,
Greenwood Elisha Hayman.
Hemlock Sylvester Purscll.
Jackson Thoodoro W. Smith.
Locust David lteiubold.
Mifflin Win. L. Brown.
Montour Elias Dcitrick.
Maine- GcoriiO Shuman,
Madison ltoubeu Wilson,
Mount Pleasant -J. II. Vondorslico.
Orango Goorgo W, Lott.
Pino Jnmcs Masters,
lloaringcrcck Samuel Eclc.
Sugarloaf Andrew Laubaurh,
Scott Thomas Crivling.
JCgrScth Klntnnn,tho California hunter,
who prcsonted a buckhorn chair to tho
l'rcsidont a short timo ago, has received
an appointment for nssisting to rcniovo
certain Indians on the Paoifio coast, Tho
salary U about 01, 800 por annum. Kinman
is a nativo of Union county, Pa,, from
whoneo ho omigrated about 1880.
tar A terrific hail storm passed over
Half-Moon and Bald-Eaglo vallics, in
Center co., on Sunday last. Tho Ucllfouto
Whig says : Hams were unroofed, treeos
uprooted, fences blown down, window3
broken, and much grain destroyed.
C3? Tho Mclodcon, a place of amiuo
mcnt in Chestnut street, Philadelphia,
adjoining tho Arcade, was distroyed by
fire on Tuesday night. It was formerly
kept a3 a llestaurant, under tho name of
tho Bolivar.IIouso.
At Willow-Grove, on Sunday, May 31st,
by Jesse Hicks, Esq., Mr. Lymass Crouv,
of Union twp., and Susanna Loiisian, ol
I.imo Bidgo, both of this county.
In Blooinsburu, June Oth 1857, by
Thomas Painter, Esq.,Mr.William O'Briau,
to miss Christian j Glassmiro.
On the 27th ult-,by J. T, Dawson, Esq,,
Mr. Samuel Dunlap, and Miss Clara X.
Raigucl, both of Lycoming co.,
Kotlli Grancii Canal.
CoLLKCTon's OmoE,
Bhacii IIavkn, Juno 8, 1857. )
Col. Tatk : The receipts of Canal
Tolls, at this office, aro as follows :
April, .
?9I 04
10,585 70
80,058 00
Total 531,000 13
Itcspoctfully yours,
John S. Foi,T,MEn,
Hairs . . . .
.1 00
Buckwheat. .
Whito HoanM.
.1 75
Dried Apples. 2 00
Arrivals auti Bcpartiiro of Blalls at
riiUarielriliia ranillettvcs Aiily, (Suiidjy(uxcc;leil) nt
I'JM., arrive at 4 P. f.J.
Willjiinsport and Western mill leaves doily, (Sun
days excepted) nt 2 I'.M., arrive 12 M
Wiiktislmrraiu.-til arrives dally, (SunJiya excepted)
at 11 A M.lcaveH-1 IV M.
Cambria and Orangey i lie mail arrives every Mumluy,
Wednesday and Friday, ut 11 A.M., leavta tame da yd
Dt 4. 1. M
JN1 jtlvillo mail arrives cvory Mond.iy and Tliurttday,
at 11 A. JI., leaves sainc days at 1 1. M.
Jersejtown and Wliltc Hall rnnil arrived 'cvcryTufs
day, Thursday andfiaturday, at 11 A.M., Juvcj baiuu
djyBQt J.l'. M.
i. uxawost, r. m.
rjMin siitiscrllinr announce Hint lie will carry on tlic
jl uwuk-itinu nusiriLiDn ni in uruwcryin nop
Mnsvllte, wlicrc lie will ninlcu
Barrels, Tuls, Kegs,
An.l everything in that lino of liiuliicss. lie n ill also
rci.ilr work olall kl nils, and will ito il slit lully an J at
uir iiiicc.
nioomsliurc. June 13, 1 FIT.
D E N T I S T It Y.
lUslilcnce, first Urirk liulldini; lidow llartinan's store
oii-.-juiii ririti.
RtarCCTrUI.IA' o.Tjrs Mil iirolcislona! services
In the laities anil gentlemen of Ulooirisburg anil
vicinlly He is prepared to attend lon'l tliovarious
opi-rniiun in jiciiuEiry, uuu i proviuea wiin iuc la-
lesi nupiuv en
Porcelain Teeth,
Which will ho inicricil on pivot or gold plate, to look
as wo It a tho natural.
jCf A superior article of T00TII I'OWDRIt, al.
way on hand. Juno u, eo7 nov. 15, '53,
rt- Yr.Aua ui Jtuc, navinir lost hi fullier, two
1 1 lirotncrs. daughter, ou ni-nw, ticpiicw and
meet', by that dreadful UlSLane Concmi'Tion, unil suf
fering with rt Covgh himself, ditermined tu visit thu
Uast liuiies, njrypt andJapan, where he discovered a
preccnlietfand ccrlain cur for UolUa, Coughs, Uronchi lis,
OiiisuinpUoB, N'ctoiis Debility and Asthma. Iliscoush
wa cured immediately; ha returned, cured hi tela
thu, who Inherited the discaso. nnd in connection
with hti roii have employ id il in their practice, cuilnj
thousand of cases considered hopeless by others
1'or tho purpose of reseuiiis B8 many of ills suffo ring
fellow-licing as poasililc, tic 1 sending Ihe Recipe lu
lit! who wish it for ten cent; 3 of ll to pay the poet
age, and the balance priutliiH.
Addres nil IIGATII,
101 Kprlns St., opposite Si. Nicholas Ilmel,
Netv York.
June 13, l-i7.
Hall's Young AmcricaFirc Cracker Pistol!
THIS is ndmittdd to be the most amueingr Toy ever
circled to Young Aiiicilca, suitable for all nines a
jear, It make u report equal lu the common rinol,
and carries n ball w lib Ihe same precislou for ten pace,
though not Willi loice enough m kill, unking it Hie
only rheap and liiirmlctB f iiM for taratt practice in
esistenro. IH0,0W) eold in four week I lUlall price
!!5 cents and upward, nccordiLn lo Hie markii. Trade
price, 8ll per 100 pistols, cash on delivery. Bom by
Lipiess to any pan olho country.
Inventor and Solo Maniiljclurer,
. , , , 3J5Uroadwny,N. V.
A lull ucacrlptlou, with enjravins,scrit t any adore-
on receipt r.f a pottaeu sinum
I'lHIi UKACUIUtb eonst iniiy on Mini trj-juoo
Aiellta wnnled. A belllllfill tlneeimn ,1 Pl.rm. u,.,,t l.u
Lipres ur Mail p; ,J -n ricipi nl .11
June 13 1M7- .it
C0NC,!?JnlAA,Tr nirrmVrUN" F,A'" i
For IU'dtti ff IU lUitMrr, Kldntyi, f7ra, )rf,,y,
U'rakntt'ti nb.lmiuvt, f'citi wun, icmait ,
CtmphMt, anil all Vlttnitl of Ikl
AtUmf from Uiccir nml linprmlrnrir In nml
rrinnvlng nil Improper Diirlinrecs from Hit- lllnMor,
Kidney, or Sojiinl orpnn", whrilicr cilsllnj In
l-mm .vlmfevnr lnv iimv hnvc nrietflDlfil. ntiil
.illALl, UK 1 l.MlbU.
no inntier of how long iin!iiil. tlvliig heal lit nml
vlt'or hi the frame, nml bloom In the pnUiil rhcik,
.inr TO tup. JUFI.ICTKl) 1 1 1
ItciircNrrvoiMnmtnoullitntcilBii"rrcr,nnil remove
oil the syinptoin. nmoiift which wilt ho fonnit Imliflpo'
r.lion In ilxeiilon, I,om of Tower, Lou of Memor".
lilmcuiiy nt minium;, (lencrni w 'ukiich, oi Wcnk Ncrvo, Trembling, lirmilful Horror of
Death, Nithl Bwcal, Cnhl l'ciii Wnkel'ilnens, nim.i
1 ne or Vinlon, I. n ncuor, Unlverrtl Laiilluilo or the
1 Mntenlar gjttrni, Oilon nnnrmniii Appetite., with
lly. peptic Binipioiim. Hot ttanil. riuslitngorihelliidy,
I) rv nee of the Kk in Pai 1 1.1 Uuiinieniiicennit llruptlniia ,
nn the l'uco. I'alii In Hack, lle.lilne ol tlm I.yi"
.tut, frrnnenlly mack Hpoti lljing beforn Ihcl.jei,
1 with Tcmpoiarj Hiillmlnii unit l.oi ol Sghtj want Of j
Attention, ureal nii.i.iuiy, iicticiie, in """
ofSocloly Nothing i more ilenlrablelninfi lallcnl,
than Bohtuilu, nml nntiilug they tnoro itrtmt for rear ol
I IHIM'clVUk , IIU l''l.," Vt lljtl II l,T-1 , ll tui
peculation, but a llurrlcil tranjlllon Irom one nuc
lion tonnorliei,
Thoio yiiiiloai. if allowed to go on which tills
mciiicinn inrniinMy remove foon f.iltou I.03 or
l'owcr 111 1 11 111-, n .1.1 Upilrntic I'll In one of which
the patient iiuiv ell Ire. vbg rivtliot tlicic ev
ccseck nro not fi-uipienlly lolioued by ihoao direful
dltcasc lii-Qilltyeutl Oniieinnptioii ? The recutita or
the Inaano Ami nun, nml the melancholy death by
Uonilmptlou, bear n-i ilo tvllilCM lo I lie tlih ol tlieif
nertifiiis In Lunatic A.yliiiu Ihu mol uii'laiirliuly
exhibition njipiara. Tho cuiinleu.nice I actually od
ilen mid ijuliii ileiill tile ne'iihi r mirth or cilefa eiiir it. t'lK.iiU ,'i aouud of ilia voicooccur,lt I
With wooi'ul MCBitrc8nn dc'palr
fiow sullen oiluil hi grief begiiiti'il "
1h t.llllv . i.mel 1,-rrilile I nntl li.i. lirnlleht IllOUjanil
upon thoiisnnila lo iiittiniclv grave, thus blasting tho
ambition of ninnv noble v'oiith. It can bs cuicd by
I lie use cf till
1.1.1 BI.V. REMEDY. ,. ,
If vounre iiii! wl,h on ol luenbovo distressing
nltmcnH, (ho V uid Dxt nil Iturhii willcurc )oil. 1 ry
It nntl ho convilico I nl it tfilcacv.
falioty hontornb'lilieatilioleence ciiiieiu Know
anil avoid them and tavcton; nifTo ling n.oni'y, niiil
exposure, by teniUnr; or celling for a bottle of this
ponutar and ep.'cific lOnicdy.
t nllays nil pnin nnd inllnuitiiition, la perfectly
pleasant In lis tnsto nnd odor, but immediate In ll
Ile'vacc or tin -c.k Nolrnni mill CI'IICK linriors, win.
Is prepared dircct'y according to 1110 mica of
Villi natu and Clicmlttt it.
With the rrrcaU'st nccuracv nnd chemical linowieit?o
nnd rnro devoleil In It combination. Pco I'loressor
Uewee' Va'iiRble Work on Ihe practice of nlisic, and
niosioillici lotiana-ir.i wnrx n .lleilicine.
K3't).L iii;mui;i;ii l)Otil,AI!Ba
Ono hundred dni..i, wllben.nd to nfv iihlf inn
wliocan provo mat Hie Medicine nyor injured n P.t.
proprietor, viiurhiiig iu virtues end curtllvc powers,
ik mime, i:,e, (.uiuraciiig iiamui wuu iinuwu to MClenco
in i nine.
100,0011 bottle havo been sold nnd not a single in.
Innce of a (allure ha been repouul I
rersonnllvnniic.ircitlieroronic.nn Mnr-nnn or the
citv of l'hilailetnliin, II. T. IlLtDOLti, Chemist, who
being d.ilv sAorn doe icy, that ill preinralion ton.
tains no Narcotic, Mercury or irjurlou 1)1113, but are
purely vcgeiriiio.
ii. i iiiii,u;(LU, lolo
Pwrrrl nnd subsciibed lielme Hti. en , ,.v r
vember lc5I. W.M. 1 HliiUARu, Alderman.
Ptict St per holtlt or .c for fi. drlisircil to e i ml.
dicss ui oiniiniiiul by reli.-'ble nnd responsible re lin
cate rmm 1'iotossors of Mediial Colleges Clerjyrncii,
nnd other.
rrcpircdnildroldby II. T. II CI.M 1101,11,
I'rectic-il end Arniiticnl Cbetnl.l.
Vu its Eolith TCNTII HI., below Clicslnut, Acmblv
lliiilding, riiilaileiplil-.
r. j" To lit hod ofj. It Mnrnn. r.loomthurii . nml rf nil
Divisists end JlteUra tltrcvrhoitl tkt llnilrd SlHlf.
Cunutfas and Hritlah Provinces.
iicw.tKc or coiJNTnr.rr.iTH.
asi: ro't 'i'aki: no otiirk.
June 13, IF",7.
A "Substitute fcr Lincced OIL
rplin unJartijniM iUt toilu ptitiMc HuirOiritni M
X iuor ns tin elUciiMit sulistiiim; fui MiikurJ Oil, ns a
thinner Hr nil sorts ol I'ainia u round in oil, except
Vf nctinn Ufu.
Wltun Utinncil i tli ihe tMtrm ihe Paint will cntrr
heller ilry 'jtiickur aiul will lu mure tlurjllc, nnd whin
arntslicil, tho piiint win Iiavii nnd nttin (lie innt
glotay Hppearnuco; and the, uKielicity of tho Ihinncr
will tnalili; ihe ;ilii: m ji ild t the artueli ; mid the
cracktna and peeling nlT, bo common In ordinary vai
n is tied oil pa In In Is cnlfrcly nvoidtd.
For lainthiR Tin ItmiEi fiual cannot Uc iotind.
Tho Oleum can lio uil hy iiwir, or In ronuurm wlili
I.liiHixd Oil, Vuriiihh, Jnpin nr Tur)H!itJiij al tho op
tion f the I'amtt-'r
Its l i Mliotit niic-hilf of.jhit of i,inii'il Oil.
tlMM cuiiff.dcral'ly nMiiciiij Ui1 uxpi-nsa ot pa j ti 1 1
Vc f.iitti tally rt-'romnit'iul it Tor ml purpnst'ii intiita
ted and w.irranl It to give natisfaclion . A liberal did
count to Uiu trade.
II1KI:UI10.9. TJnn thn paint with the Oleum I.i
fjuor and work II wl I, uiitil it Ilo a ts (rtly Irom tlitr
hnifiii .
Tho hrisli must L-c ler irn'iialt miitnni und inn
rlalilv ought to Im xoaUid well with tho Olutm Uquur ,
previous to piiintiiij.
1 trail or placiuz thcliruslics ftiun'rrovcr I'lghl,
nn painters fiiiif rally i!.. tlii-v oiilii to ).c jiut in Umj
OhMinT Ihtior, which will gristly urii!flit; (! work.
The paint mixed with tliu OJ urn Lirjuor will uoik
Ii utter i f it ho allowtd to Maud from 1 1 to i hours pru
vioiiu lo its biin iicil4and 1 Urn I hi i tied to eutn a
co t.FHtency ni to woik Ireo u Hti My un.Jcf tlic In us It.
I'-y thn tiiii! or Japan, tlio paint will Lc rendered Kill
firmer. M-x tin; Jnpnii firi wiiu Hie paint und ilien
thin it with tho OUiiin Ji'iuor in the manner mon
Honed above.
10') pound of I'nint thi'inrd wjtli the Oleum Li
fiior, will cover a lircr suiiacn ttian (JO pounds tin li
ned with oil
Tlio Oleum Uiuor is pot to tie used uilli Veniiian
Hcd, nor with i'alnt rnntiltiini any wnnnrtin'i of it.
A nit n cm Taint and Cofer Workn.
CoruerVlth pud (Iieeu t?ts,, i'liilailclpliia,
Ofllce N 11 cornej Tli ird utid Wood via., rillaJcl
plun Pi.
QVfi nUn nmnuficuro Chrome Yellow Chrome
f! i cell, Chinese find Truman llhin, Vtrmiljon and
tfcnrlct Ited in various tli.nlt'a nml fiuahiie-t, either dry
or hi oil, nnd warrant them to be eual to any other
ni'iko, ri"hcr heie or ahrivndi
Juno 0,
ttial.n'iil Inve fouiul it nu efiicieiit subttilulo for Lin
seed OH, Inr superior to itin every respect, nl a cost
of only nliniil bill ns i.iudi tjjusconnlilertiliiyfeilucini'
tlic eipense nl iiilntinr. Wo woulil llicreCira recoiu.
ruenil ihe put. lie to its general uce.nml nrier il has
been tried its superiority over'I.tnsceJ Oil will bo at
tested lo by all.
niMKI.rB auinit.
KinVAKU DUNllAltn.
June 13, 1B:7.
IIIEUEHY certify tbat I Lave had
IIouso I'ninllns .roseeulcil lately Willi the above
nanu',1 Oleum Liquor, ami concur in till respect wild
the recoritiieii'.uion of the nbovu nanieil uunttciiicu
nnJ will here iiilJ, 'hat in future 1 will have no paint
ing opeiatioiis peifurmcil willioul the aduilxturu ot
the uliovo named valuable luiuor Thoso who may
desire to view it el.'ccis, n ill call nt niv residence,
where Ihey can convince iticmsclve of all tnst is rc
lirescnteil of the Oleum Liquor In regard lo boaulynud
Juno 13, 1357.
rpliriunilcrsii'licdproposo issuing about the first of
x uiiooer. idji, u'joa uuuer tne nuovo l lie, to
Cunluin ubom
1'irTUIlN llUNDrtlill l'AGESI
(Sio ofpiso lo by SI) inches )
The fihlect of the UllllCll t?,ntcs Hi reclnr v will l,n .
Isl.To lve .he name nnilin.tollicc addres of every
umiu ,cibuh .i. oB , w u,,u uiKiaiui; lu iuc
UnlLud States.
S!d. To c'no tlienamo of every pott olHto nnd post
riinslcr in the United Rlatcs.
3d. To Blvo tho name mid place nf publication of
everv uaiiy, vveesiy, wiuiimy nun iiuarieriy rapcr
and Magacluo published in Ihe United tiiatiB.
uacu niaie,ruy, town, vinaso uau post orhcu will
be nlpliabelicaliynrranccd,
Q'ho name of each pcrscnwillbu alphabetically ar
ranged under tho head of their respective post otuco
As luoUnIM States Directory will ber a matter of
interest to every resident in America, we respectlully
solicit tho aid of post mastersand olliers, in all pari
of the country, in obtaining ijames und bending them
on a soon ns possible.
In making up 'mi, write tho name of Tout OuVc,
County and Stale, al the heiil of me sheet, llien fill
the remainder with distinctly wiitlen names, uf malo
pcrsoi.s only, of tLo age of filteeu years and upwards,
and a soon naymi iiave snhleieiit lo nil an envelope
forward them on Immediately,
A 1'rospcctus will be sent post pail to any person
who ra-iy order it.
To mnvFtiT MisTsria Writo distinctly Ihu name,
port oruco,countynnd State,
Monoid, uAiiiwcn ti tvinir.3,
Cincinnati Ohio.
7V, U.ruhlithers inserluiit the abate 1'ruspcvius,
inrluilmg thenotice three liutes in their weekly paper,
nnd 4iill nil, nliiiii M ttio .-iiuu n tlietr cititoiial col
umn, will rt eel vii n copy of ihe U, S 1)1 reel nr dolivir
cdiit their office free ui rhumo. linen all tichimc
i p-iper tuiliu UiiitidPtniss liirsiinry
June 13 it-ST
WE, tits umlorsignod IIouso Painters,
hereby certify thai wo lnvo Given llio new Iv
invcntei) Oleum Liquor, iinnuructiireil by llreiuii:
Gittmin & IWelni2, in riill.iilelnlili. nn liitunriu'i
a VAttM mrnm the iiejicii or r.tunr .
rrllll ItirmWAY PAHM COMPANY hn, ,.,,
MtiKcmerUliy which Ml whoileiln 1.
,,,itrlii,R n liomc rail ilo n.
Tho I'nnm
rOMRIrt rtftlin licit lltneKonii rM! ,.t ..
inom sujurlor qunllm for Diimiiie in in p.:iy
proving i Incn, lulo which in 1111 n-m imifai,
la now lonrlnj. Tho ir .pfny I louiij ,u j,
coipii)'. riniujrlvnnn in in nmtM "r n n,n.
population nf " JO.noa, Tim rii nnt. 11 ,.,r,
..nir nntviii 1 1 fil.n ha an nlitimlance til rln
healthy, till icrriuio pinpiin ill mr C,
my ol t!onl nml iron The prko to hut .
SI lo $10 per act a, pay able by IniUlmi in-,
icitciint 110 timo Ol piirciiiisiiiH. "r "iiari oi .
(.muling In locate I lie name for pninlile $
n,nntli,or l'2,ncre payable 1 per month, Di.i
lie aiii lor .iu", peinmi' xil
mrevcry uoi of Sinn ami utnler pnhl Inodtnnre.n
,,. count or a percent will bo niioKcu.inu tor our
a ,ilcr,unt 0 III per cent
j conflicting Itin advantage of emigrating to
j, torn II tv 'he following are prsienlrdi
yint The mill I n rich llmotone, capable cfralj.
K ,, l(avot rropa nwlng lo which Hit uttlc.
m,.nt jm. nttalni'il It present great proiperlty
stttind-ll I the ei ntrn of tho grcnt North Weil
i;0 iu.i,,, oul mli'tlncil roon to become onu nrtho
crealest limine pl.iee In l hn Htate, II will tupy
iiie great I.nku ninikol rnrroriimg to population nnd
,rnvc ,, prcntet In the Union ) It li.n lite work,
ve)ni) 0f ,)Q beet liltuniiiiou Coal, amounting q
Hie necrrirnlo lo nvir tij feel, which mise S2.ct.ii
ion nfcnnl iiiulor cicli ncre Thi will iii.iko the
land of Inestlinaliliivnliie. . K-
Tho'cmlnciit nutosroloeUl, Dr. CharlcsT Jsek.
son. of lloatnn, ha maile n ccnlojlcnl tuiviy of tho
land, nml nmlyicil the coal, the Iron ore nnd thn
limestone. This report, together Willi map, will i
furnished lo Inquirer, ,
Three rnllromi are laid out through till property
ThoSunhuivnnd r.rle Railroad give u n niatkit rot
our conl to thn takc-lt run from Dtle to 1'ln Indcl.
phln. A larsn pari nf thi road ha hcen Hr.lihc ,
nnd i now in ruiinlng cnler. A hinvy forco I now
working from lino loHiird our tnnd In the wistcin
dlrcclion, theintnni for liiecoiiiplelion of which lin
been rniv d-ll will soon bo flnliheil. The Allighany
Vallev linllmad connects us with New York, Itoston
nnd Pittsburg. Iho Venniifo Head connects us with
the West.
There nro already ?ood Turnpike Road rttnnlnr
thrniiith this propeny, viirlou ther road have en
oiieueil to accommodate i lie i niicrnlion nnd settle
incut which hnsn'reaily taken pinre.
Therels no oppnrninll ennal to It new offered In
the man who want to provide ti tinsel f n home in an
easy way, nnd innku n si'tili ment when ho can llvo
in prosnerlty nnd independence In a climate TLit.
No case nl lh fever ever hiving- been known lo
occur In this eetllciiient It is not like going to tho
baekwood of tho Weat, unmig perh ip inmlernnt
propla.w here there la no society, ch l relies or schools,
where the price of land is lush, and where the enii
grant, nfler being meil In the hunlhiel cllinatu In
the woilil, Im to end iro sickness and pain, nml per
hap ruins his health and Unit of hi family nut here
Isnlhrivlng ttlemem having three town, contain.
Inn rhllrrlll .. KCtlOol. hotels, S lOTC , SB W lllils,Sri,t
I mills, and cvcrtthlng dolred. There Is u cash mar
iket nt linnd The lumber trade Inst year amounted
- : ,,.. ),,ln,ir,..t million feet of lumber In ,
.i,n.i ilme owIiili in Hi" will Income still
I M?1"-..? ' n A? iV n... . -J'
to over two hundred million ieei oi luinner
r" '.' ,J nl '.on'n bo started I they aro ot nrc.eei
tenco by the llsr which will take pi lico In the vniuo
or mnit. nyon outlay scarcely iiiuh'u," suuiiau
tlal provision can hn made.
Persons sbeiild move enrly npplicallon. nrpiy or
wriln 1. 1 i: jr.rrnitlRS.Pecti'tary, No KI3 Wnlrut
Blrert. I ilow I'lflh. I'liiladelpliia Letter carefully
answered, giving full inrornntinn.
filnreii or tra"U of lindnn be bought or ccurcil
by letter rnclnsing tho first inslnlmi'iit of five drllars,
wlion the fulicriber will Im furniehul wltl books,
map", Ac. W.irrjnteil Deed given. Persons c.111
ntso puiclinse linm m'r Acenl.
lloute Iriim I'hllado phia loTyronenn lhePeni sl
vanln Centrii1 llailroad, and thence liy stage to tho
land This is a delightful season f visit fl Mary'
tho Lest hotel aecnmuiiulalion I iilfurdtid. Knquivo
for ll. C! fcliuli2, 157,, the Agent for the propiny u
SI. Mary's
June ti. t 3m
n 9i it oTasnivzifi ,
Tlltt uudcrsl.rnfd rCFpeclfully invites tho atlontioi
ofthu Puhlic to his extpii!ivcngortineni ofCnliim t
Kurnniireiitid Chaim which he will war ran t to tentailo
of pun I uiiterlJlanml In n uotKminhke mariuei. At
hi MstaUisIiini'oti cnuntwayi he found o good nsEOtt
inont of
Which i
LiJL ndelphia
U hicii ifi cjuai in hij lenun tinuii m inni oi ma
nia or iicw oi k cities, onu ai as low pricev.
SO PA S rfwpryiw
of difrrrntl rtyUr und pneet, f r tm hife& jlffi
J5?5 to ui), )ivtu. I.mnifiKt j V I -il) "" tJ
nut and Matidjiny, r.ulor chairc UocKinc and t-nry
clnlrF, 1'iina BtooN, mt.l a uricty of nphotttcrrd wi-ti
with jireeeincrand (inrloiburcaiu. fo'a, card cenlri nnd ihiLflfclnitj, c licfletilfrtt w not
di's . nudkall kind ol .f twliiontillo woik. Hi xtetkef
Itrrcauii, f-iicloLMt and tumiiiuii wnuli tntntrt, iht-n
tnlile i.rorner rui'hnaiilH to fan liakfiH tnl.tfu. Int.
stcails. cane fcr nt ami rniuiiion chnirF, ic the (arc t it
tlil4 sjctirtn of Ihe rountry. Mo will tiro kep n poo
nf orlnicnt ot'lookiu; t'laixen wilh l.inry cMI and r
mon fri-iiH-H lie will ak't fnrnlfli nprlna nntr.
titled in any si an of 1 1 .tdftead which ire hiiirm I
durahility und roiulorl to ,tny Ih.i1 In dm-
si.mun v. niivi;.
HliKinuhurH, Apiil tJih, 11
rpiIK umlcvfigncil ioni?tfulIy nnnouncci
j thntlK'enntlnnL't. the Jihomsbutff ttooK Ston an.i
S'aiionaty ltaUihwtnt, Lit' fy rniiiiucted h) In r den luted
liuxliaud M.iji-r (Mark. in all their armtiu hrnnrhi h,
at lint old tt.imi in Km lUclune Ilui Mings lirHtrinur
K.idtof thn (UrliaiiK" Hoti I. nud having replenikheif
her esiahlisliiiieiH with n rhoitt- tttork ol JVVw Jtooki
ami Stationary,' tho iv prepirt'd to nccommodale all
whoniuy (;ivu In:r a call in litrlfue,
The IteMniirant Pa I no u, iittlnjliaitutntof thonhovu
o R iltlishini'iH, wl lie coiHinutid na usual hy ihfj stili
si.iiiwr. w hern tli pulihc ran 1 timei Im Miipphfd
with the c!i'ici'ji HLmnc and llrJKf.tiMt.NiB, sucli
an Mlnrtral..Sirx.ipirilla, U"(.r. Ale, Ato . Yardmen,
t'picetl -ind I'lfkle,! (jy irn, I'uklfd Ctaiuy, et.
The pnhlic custom in r'p'Ttlully foltcited
Sacc$$vi to Jttit (, Clark.
IJt.ionnburp.Mny '1, It?'.?.
'llllll iinder.iiiiiiil ri spect,uily infniin the riti7en
X of l!.iomburg und the public in genirnl, thai t
lull oiieni'd a
Boot and Shoe Establishment,
III itll wlii'iiilliuf.'i it Main Btroel, obnvo T.lsc's
ic Wilson's tttkery. w.iero ho nn coustnnily on baud
n lure tissuituicnt of
lioots, Sltocs, Gaiters, &o.,
And will make up work in order on short notleo III
long erpiuicnce in the business, nml general know
ledae nftlie uanto, theiieople, will enable him In
reni'er ' athruriiuii to all In cuslomer, and should
secure him pitromige which lie hopes In merit.
n .... IILNftY KLEIM.
Itloonisbiirg. May 2, IFS7
Stoves and Tinware.
TIIII subscriber having creeled n largo new brick
Foundry and Machine Shop, In plncu nf the old
one, la prepared to make all kinds of casting at tho
lowest pner. flow constantly on hand. The sub
scriber has nlso rcmorcd In Tin Phop from Mam 61.
to the Foundry Im, whero he has creeled a building
aliogether forHtnvca nndTinuare.
i.iiB,uuKiii!;!nvcs consist nrthe WM.runw
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nioomsbiirg. April 11, ieS7.
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llloounburg, Dec. C,ie5G.
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lllonmsburg. AprilSii.JMS ly
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May 30, IF .7.
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