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    I have worn upon the Alter f ;!. eternal hostility ti evry form of Tyranny ovor the SlinJ of Man." Thoina J.Tnroo
Volume .
OFFICE OF Til K DEMOCRAT .there would nol bn room fai her hay al thai lives close by, lives with his mother. John
,iir.. , M.,v itvr docks BitViid.lhai he had rail some of her h-v under lived half a mile from (l is brn. Where
T!u cir.irMnr.1 DEMocn.qruiiiu
published evert Saturday inominr, at
T l'O DOl.ljlllS per annum pay.ddt
half yearly in ndvunrt, or 7'wo Dollar
Fifty Cents,if not paid within the year.
Yo subscription will betaken for a shorter
period than nix months; nor any diseon
tiivmncp. vernuttel,until all arrearages
are discharged.
HI) I'KItrSK MUXS not trending a
square will he conspicuously inserted ni
)ic. I) dfttr for the first three insertion,
an I I we.nty-fme cents for every subse
quent nsertion. irf.-J liheral'disroun
ma le. to those, mho advertise hv the year
'jyrrKRS addressed on bus iness,inust
he post. paid.
J-tMUnY 30, -847.
Trial of Jcsm Eiohm,
Of Grenwaod township, Columbia conn
'.'l)r 'lit murder of his brother
Conn op Otkr and Ti.rmixf.ii.
Before Judge Anthoxt und his A rnc'alt Oaks
Tri-fDAY Mormno, Jan. ID, 1347.
Commonwealth vs Jesse Vroorni Inflict-
d for Murder. True Hill.
The prisoner being arraigned, plead 'i;.tj
guilty,' tnd fur trial put dims 'If upon Uif
country, j
Charles li. Hucimlkw, Ksq IWpmv
Attorney ("Jencral, HinlCiGonan G,
Esq. for tire Commonwealth i John (Junr
er and Joiim C2 , Montoomkry Esq's, fur
After a number of rhallei'grs the follow
ing Jurors were sworn
Martin AuAllisicr, Jonas Fall ringer. Ja
cob Keynulil. W ilium Morgan, retcr it
Missel, John Ziegler, Reuben Vori. (Mber
Fowler. Samuel MnlnVy, Jesre Coleman.
James AeNinch. IJarman Labor
. Mr- Waller opened forCommonwealth:
Ira Johnson, sworn. Jcwe ttnbins mid
1 were hauling cornstalks wenl over thai
morning to Jesses, we went into torn fit I.) ,
we had part of a load on. I looked down in
the field saw John Robi is and son trying
lo catch their horses, After a short lime
saw John and his son in barn yard, horses
with them, we finished loading our stalks,
drove to barn, or near tin barn, there was a
pule fence. Jesse laid it down lo drive
lhriiU;:h While we were there, John came-
from below ihe bm and begin lo talk to
me lvnit ihe horses, hen J"sse got fence
down JfSi told me to drive in. As I drove
in John wcni on up toward Jhs'p's .omj.
When we went into biro Jexfe told me to
go up on '.ho mow and he would pitch si . ke
up tome. I got up and Jus.-e begn I"
piich up the stalks. Afo-r ho had pucl.e.l
op some, John cair.e to the door and s iid
'what are yon pitching them up there for'
J.-sBe said 'there's where 1 ii.Khd lo pm
theAi' John said -you re not going lo pu'
them up there' Jesse says '1 will put them
up there' John told him ha (J.'iseJ could
ce some raiis and put them over thfl tliresli
iog floor. Jesse said 'I'm not going to do
ii' John sod il yo,i put them op there I'll
tnrow mem right down atfam,' John then
c'.tunh up mi he mow aiol stood where Jesse
had been throwing the stalks. John svol
'now when you throw them up I'll throw
them dovrn again,' Jesse told him 'to slant)
buck or he'd knock him down with the fot
John whistled at htm. Je se to!d him ag-i'o.
to stand hick ! he'd knoek him down with
lork.John whistled et him again. John th-''
euid he had some hay there ho wankd lo
lake out. Jesse Snid he. did nol believe he
had any hiy diere. II is mother came to
the b im and asked John what business lo
ll ,d with any ly Oieie. She said she
thought if he had divided the hay right he
would not have had any hay there. J.'sse
allowed ho did'ul believe ho had either.
John siid 'its none of your business for
I've got lo keep you both any how.' Jesse
called him 'an infernal rascal,' told John
thai John had said he would'nt have any
thing lo do with thai end of the barn. Jesse
said ho had gone and got boards to fix that
an oats slack ml put some of his hay in
the same mow with heis. There ivere two
pari to the mow, one p"it three fjet highei
ihan the other John told n.e to get ovei
on the highest pnrt aid we would put ihe
sulks thero The two parts were separat
ed by upright boards, Jifse called hnn ct
interna. raera!,he'd (old an infernal lie uiioti
nonie walnuts he had lei In Johnson havt
thai John hud lol J him he'd sold thorn W
Ale's gills. Jesse told John thai lie belong
ed lo th B.ip'.ist.ihat he had beer dipped in
lo the water snd if he did not do better that
ho had done, he would never enter tin
Kingdom of Heaven. Jesse ei'ltd him at
irifcinal li-.r and a ilanined Imr Jisss gait!
John had been used to haul away nil loose
hoards about the barn, John said they hat
went cut of the hind end of the o''en, Jcse
said thtre had been a pro'.ty good door !
bv brn and thai had been taken away
lohn sai I it had gone out of hind 2nd of it e
)ven. We got s'Jks unloaded Jrsse threw
ntalksto J-ilin anil John lo me on this lii'ii
r part of tl.o mow. J.s:e got down em
waggon end w,dkd ihe floor. II is
mother came, Jeee had iho foil; in his
hands she took it from him and s.arted
toward the house with it. Js?e loht me lo
aeli ihs Horses ami wtggoi out of barn
lohn told mo the sina, 1 gol down and
a kel ihe in out. John was still tip on thf'
now. Jesse fctepped near the door anil
aid now when you come down keep away
Iroin me or you may get a scalp yet. II"
repeated this 2 or 3 times, Jes3e walken
in about miilnle of floor, John oltimb down
in J slopped toward Jjste. As he did so
Jesse turned toward the door from John.
lohn said 'now Jess it you had a club,'
Jess walked rig'it on out toward the dour
loot and stooped down.Jrhn folio .vcil.Jes-
jiickedupa club, Jul) r. Mncprd st IIogs
tend, ar.d Jesse alruck him twiee, tuc blow
wero as quick as he could trikn thorn, John
si-iggeird in nnd fell on his back, ihe way
he plank laid, I stpped in beiv;en them
md said 'oh Jcsso you've killed j!:n'
ft;r he strneli stepped kack and Suid 'keep
nwy me, keep away from mn don t
come al me again.' John when loi came
to crept on hn Irinds and knees across the
tjarn' and leaned ag'ii'isi the wir.d-onll still
on t.ii hands and knees, h then crept the
other wy aeros ihe floor snd ly down on
he cornfodder. His mother eamo to door
mill said must I be seared to t'ehlh wi b
such miserable wiet:'lien,iook hold ol Jesi-e
oy pantaloons and told him to come home.
Jesse was on floor nc,r iho dour then, they
sti.rfil to the house and just ai lhry got
outside of ihe th'or, the club was thrown
lown. I walked up In John and ad;ed il
m w;.i hurt. He said he was'nl. Ills
r.inilier eanu) v.-till Some'l.tni' to put round
iis head: lie ilieln,td having it p"t on.
she wenl bac k then lock the t ilth wiih her
hc examined his head. John walked across
he floor ami sat down on box near hogs
head. He io'd me to feli h him his hat, 1
lid gn. lis asked rat if th-.t was hi h .'.l
told him it was, he put the lint on. II" got
op and begin to Inuk, saw blood,
jo asked where that blood camo from. 1
t , . l . I It !....!
tolii turn u catn trom ll ; - ueno ii-i
mo what had hm i Ins head. 1 to! J bin
Jecse had mrnck it with a dub. I!u rkeL
me where the club wa- 1 fbowed !.
where the club Uid. lie started ot.t ni hil
i ,. h heiiol Oil'. si.ooneiLl osl.ed lool n In
, n r
would ii--t gel i-.i and rt I ). ilrf Paid !
vonld not. Uo said hn could walk ho i,'
icrorH the field. He star;.-1 home then
ind drove oil' to Jfse"s ho, s ;
While I whs io the mo v, 1 told Jr'KS.
nol to gel into huc!i a j-.wi,,t,, i.ji j inn
wll.ri fil .vis i.'.ii -ii i'ic.-s feel long
three inches wide and io inches illicit
I'heic wai a p;inier fl -w idf when he
struck J'.hn, ll the i !oh in t.oUi ol
Itts hands. They v:e l",.. together.
Thrn w;.H blood IKl Ut the door. Jessi
stooped bcfoie John did. Thai was the time
when .esso picked the club up. There
wns a einal! boy there eight years old. No
body else wps about there- The place over
John lived ho owned a small lol. Johi
Urmed the place where this bnro was, hi
had usrd it several years. Saw John aboil
sundown same evening. II.) appeared l
'io poorly, ho was i.bed. He said nothinc
m mo nor 1 io him. He sji.l nothing ex
cept when they ssked him. 1 was 6enl fm
i physician, etailid in iho afternocn, for
I)r I'aike.
The blows and doalh nil occurred in
(Irecnwood township Columbia "county
I'he strokes were 13th Nov. .,st, I think
leiwcen 9 and 10 o'c.oek in forenoon. II
bid next ifav in ill? nlierr.ooii. I he corn
ind stalks belonged to Jul :i Ilohbir.s am.
Jesse cut llie n up on sliarts. Jsse had
mthiiiiT lo do with firming ihe place.
John appeared to bo in nil ill humor.
I'hey bolh wilkcd fast, h asnot like a
tin. J jhn did not draw his fuls at hiio
ltd no'.hiiig in his h indi when he ram,
I own from ihe mow. J, din muda no ihreais
hrt he wo'ild heal hi:n.
CVois LxJinincJ.. Joiin was tho sUnt-
st man (d the two an I was i.bla to handle
esse pas, I siw nothing in the hogsheail
bin h ll nl sliiff. ; was peihep-i throe fourths
i,f an inch through a, top, the small en I,
,ior.'; know how long, il was lb? tistial sizr
is far B3 I aw of il. At the 'ime John was
struck be was standing by hoshoad his
head le.ning forward, did not seo where
I mi had his luiiiihi. I think t : its head w;i-
rather over iho edge of hogshead whet
murk, s oo'J ftuthesi in ih-j lj.,rn, J .in
next to mn eidewise, Jei-pj fu ll est witt
his face toward inc. As coon as John turn.
down ho can e toward Jcsi.c, then Jessi
turned, neither of litem bail snyihirg thei
in ilieii hindi. John i ppr.irt'd to he in
lin'.iioii when he sptko u Jess on floi.r
Vo ' i c 0 ''j vfi f1''Wr direct I.
leaninr over hogshead. I don't lino
wl;al wood the ll iil was of.
The club Jcse struck with I think w ,
.one, the s lin'.er thai flew otf white,
r.-s? did not (oilo-.v John sftrr uiril.tu him
John said he was not much bort.
I havo known Jeose Uubbuis ( veramce J
M I ... !, .
can rcmeujtier. J ewe is aimweu u u
..tnpoiihlii man amnn? hia neip'ihi'rs alt:-
sirangers far as they know hnn Yip 1
,hole of the mow where wn put tta ks wa.
tvhsre t'Mv used to be. It was Jer-t
sh'.ie r f stall s we were hauling in '.oat day
Ie6i-e, his mother and Jo-eplt l obliiua liv
oil loethcr soiiib liton. The mother is o'o
pretty well in yens I was then at J'-r.-e-
frcquei-.tiy, I suppose Jesse had lb;! m.ui
ifcmenl ol hii mothers iifnirs Jesat! ?p
peaied to bo in a woiuL'ifol paasion v. her
no striiik John and all the lime Jess.
Mepped hack :.s John cjute .'.a John lano
to !i"ghheaii they wer,) in raadi ;i r-ub
mher I think the club was a pice 3 of pui'
ji!.itik Titc i.'owg wirj n wry short line
after John came down liwaai q-iick a.--.
. . . , i . . .
ihp.y ciiiiU wn.:; across i:.e noor j.
o.ood about tl'.e middle, of tii.t floor ' 'I11
loor wlrn ho spoke to John Jidtn ebiinb
lown the logs at f id;' I In.d backed lb.-
waggon o'.il !:f i''.'D .louti came umi n--., ohm
Jesse Said lo J.du the words aboal J tiing
i scalp yet J'sse had not!.i:ig in bis hand-
ft ;.... r.t .,'.. I: u.- .a I...-' ill ll. !:l Cl!
I III" i.i ' ,. j-. tin " i' -
d floor The. ht'ti! head '.vis t!u.-o in lot
?ijrn-f il.o coor,
1! I (:r,,;nt)of,t':ca!lh.'Yia liog-'iead
was ci niiicou heighih fiio ta was a bi
le higher than the hothead, the staff pro-
LV. Mussel Parke. MWvi.-Ahnut could have easily been srraiij;. d for a cbe. k-u though
') o'clock on S..iurday morning Mil. mow. jh(i(. of j( , Q
Nov. list, I saw John Uobins al bis Crosex(tmiieil;l l0- ke.l fnr the hour.
se wah lo ak5
there about half m
where lhy pLl up iho s'al!, u; the
hogshjaf1; I i , e r e wis o fi-il-slpffin it snd
nothing else; I los'ttd fur ll.t? club, Inii'
i-ooliJ not find it; Jhn robins !n ! rem
ed tho farm, 1 l.vo about a n;';!a Irorr,
th? hr.;is9 and bun, Jes-e did oot do
any farming woi !; on the p!ic;I Ud
not look for the blood, di.hi'i tvaot !
see it.
tVof?-Examined -Tia wi.JowV
lurrt of the p'rin j; pat in
ihit end cf lha ba.n, whero tf.3 con.
ioi,se. J la was in bf( Me was cluh around tn the bain and upp r si.N
ireathifiR with difiieuliy. I fsaminrd of ihe barn, I WkeJ n0 tlw re (Nefoi
.is head. On riRbuitle, over : he car il.
n I upon the te.siple was a bru;se ;il w; J'm. Johnson, sia:irn: wis at ihr
Cui sulersbly lurrt. fit d snd discolored bar n jusl I wo wee a afier iheburi.ld
I had InriiKl blsrk. Ctuld rot discov- Uobins, I looked nn b rutin.! iIp? mow
r thb lemporil tone was frictureil
or rlrpiip-ed; Iheie u.ihl have been a
fist'ip. On txurnining the bark pi r I of
the hetd, 1 ihoujit t her e was o fl "hi
dfprfssion of one cr two ii.clus l.u
earn? lo '.h 3 conclusion lhat ihtrc'.va
no fracture there. I felt cj wound
ihrre. lie by upon hij bar!:. I put 0
few drops cf waior in his mouth, nru1
thought he would almost strangle. I ftl
hn )u'.-p, if wn There
were many people about ha honsn. I
bought thoi he nun I c! io nnd would die
I did nothing for him, I thr ujb.t hs '.vac
bej end ni t, I cbservti od epismodie
ictivns in mtiscli s ol' hatr.l.i. Cooiprf's-
.on of iho brain, I b-lie it, wmiIiI pio
luca tliu sympto.T.j !3 tvas cfilicied will .
It wa9 my opinion tkft ha musi di
fro?.'i comprt.'sir.n cfil.a- I rain. Surl,
blows might produro it. I tbiuk i' t
blows produced Iho co.7ip.css;o;i cf i!n
brain in i!,..t c i3t. I staid tii, h dier.
l)t. Scott cam? about ooor. II:; a;',-; c-i'
v i ? I me tint we could do r.cihir.rr.
:oiui '.r ibtt blo-.'s i.'pon the lt;.::ora.
nay be nioie fai;,l ,ii.;n i-pon the ui. '
til bii s c' Iho l.u'!, 'i'iia inner ton.
l Ihe s;;til! ni ,y br? hir.hf.-n, vvil.iout tl,'
1 lltpr tifir ! ; r," ; !u ' ci!,
l)f, Ihu'A A'. ll:.'il, iwurn- I
iouad ,! -'I.o ii.L.iiiii;s Dr, Parke h.
- v "rbtisvpM. I..-
i.iid, on his ii;;hl twmjile, Out wr.lion'
dtprosion; there was soxo externa
wfl'i'm Ihe pru'erior patl cf the head
.era pu'; Jos. Jiobir? pnotl,
brother, !ivc;3 b.'js wiili J,e mother. -J u
01 too!: :aro of ;:i3 c:..I womsiH share
iftlu farming pio.-!i.,-e; Jesse is the
...... r . - p -i t
-"'," " ll-3 ia;nil'.-; Jo,.:l wes p
ren d;s! :;euier mso ihno 2?sp: tln-l wsi C3;nracn itia-t, this h
Jac ,b Mannon, n called Witness
produced the hatJohn hd on a!. llie lime.
I'liere was some blood 01 it. I got it
l iho widow Itob;n's, (bin is ihe hat ha
med to wear, my father fetched (he hat
'usi Sunday evening.
ha Johnson, aain This lonkn
lil3 J3I1Q Robin's hat he Itml on the dy
hn was struck, I believe if lo ha Ih4
ime ha!, I picked it up and banded it
'o him at the time.
Comajonwealtlt hera closed evidenca
in chief.
J. CoorEn, q. than opftnsd on part
if 1 ha a few appropriate) r.mjika
Delt: llisr. called
Sabrin.i Robins, sxoorn: live.l
with old Mr, Uobins, father of Julvt :ir,
ese; in his lifotims. I hit .l a can
vcrsation between the old man andJobu
ibout the rent of Iii3 farm; grand lih
r vaj to haca tin third of all the pram.
Crandfslhe!- vas to hV3 half of tho barn
l5"lin'l 't-- V.lf U I t u..
is id tv.r. f-.t!.nr, ,ir,,iHl, T I I "'& uu..i.n,
krtJiivn oi;.'r.,i sir. 23 !;3 iv.-.a a boy of on:
years ae; al.vay.i h-, vit ..i'?b!;cr, h
a pcaceao.e ruan, c.;d b-?jrs a -rood
uhai'scter in f,n( i-a!.
. . 1 1 ... ....
a,:unnc 1 nomas, svn:n;-
John I.otKfis iho e::cr.o day be was iu.-i;'r , t r
,,. , , . . ' , 'iliJie; John never put anything ov
i! hi.-: .isu.. ; ho was v;n nn I ;? bef : !' , . , . . . .
ti;l djik. then weal heme for half ,. , . ..
I fuuo'I a biti se, '.vhich 1 fci', :.nrl d
uvered a yielding softne.'s winch i b
' ..- veJ w.u a depres:n':-n of bo.u. A bt:on,
.,.,1 . upo'i prod'icad si;;na ol
.iillviii:' in ihi piiirnt; 1 was ther,' in
.bout 0113 o'clock 3. r3. " 'bat d.iy.
1 !elt him in th.; b I t o d "crihed. Unt rot
1.1.,!: t:.e mm co:;!d livr. I bJieva t't
raus'Mif Ins ilcaih lo havo been thes.
vour.ds on ''.:'. I.tad; '-ic!i es':n..l iir
iuiics as th.m..' I (Xuiimed v.o;:lu pn;-
; uo.i a co.T.pi P s;-it'ri of lli hisiii. Coin
ur c .1 of tiic brim is f;Ul ii;icit- ;uci
'tiliev 2d.
Crois-RramiiiccL'titi ti'i v" '
bruid or grazed on I Its leinplc but no
,:ui. Cn.'l s.y wlH'iher t-li i ( wasbiu.ien
,t back of head. T.tcia v.- 1 verj
videmoof a brur.e no buk of l!)0 bean
If weird bavj bicn b.-.iwr if he Iv.d S.i'J
open won adj.
('niiMiiOiiwssl'h called,
Jucji .'iunnou, .sivurn. l saw John
tiubins ti.a; hs nctivul ihe in
jur'; be ..ppcaicd to bo io "rest misei
,a liis Ik:.-'!, 1 !:.'.!: d t Iho btiii-ef.oiw
was jos! jIjjVo tl..s rt.'.l'.t i . 11.
c'.har (.0 i!.f bat.; p- .: iitao;
0, how my I.e. 1 bur:-, me. ii
I 'ti'-, snd then cj::ie beck aod s'ntd
il ho died lha nej't d-y; ha
pi lined ut his head end t-yt-?, ho eaid
ie wjs bidly hurl, ha wf.j a.i ;;-,, hrdj
l-j ivo. ld tj,et wc.l, l.'J 01 vet-',
Counsel for fi isomer cd.j e'ed fo ic
cuvii in i'V i' ivi9 (!ei ! ri ion ol
he n..",, in3iflinf5 that v,cro nnc n 1
njde tir.ilera behof of i'.ipendini; d.t.'o
uiio.i' Co'jrt nvrriuled the objr ctiou..
Ho sa:,l ') hi. wife, that he want to
ii:r iin.1 Jjol.'on (his son) should !;-t (
ha chihliM'i, ft r he coulda'i live co
:ould.,:t bj wiih flier.', I Faw lb.
.vou-ids on Ihe bek p.tM of l.u hi ad,
1 was cu1 open 2 or 0 in"';.'', am! on li'
1 . -. t letr-.'e lli.;re .. !ntts.v, (.lid I-
. . i
on) n black wi w' ""' '-'- i 1
w-s open cn bail; cf heatl; 't !oi,l:. il id.
a.) v.'HU in tc tl m.r."ry,'if j i ked i:: l.r '
iis aims about, ha a2 i..'a,ii.)g '.hm a feu
pieces cf stewed pcaci.-s. about or !
ai.H'es; lhry uffored hun fuo 1 'o r.: bu'
Grnrnlfathcr tv9 10 have the partover
ihe stable, and Jyhn thai oa tho o.her
bide; and osch to have half tba over
"dioot, I lived witli "randfiiher until his
!(":i!i; ll; 3 old man had the whole timo
ho ii;;J, that part cf the barn I said ba-
over on.
ot.iinued j occupy his r.wn part as he-
.01.-, I.o put iandljii.eii share over
th': sloble, and whU it would.i't hold
ho ptil in tba else!; eulcl doors, I re
;-!a:r,Pil uitb m nranlmniK.r Adorn
list sprirg, John kept ilia griin and nay
sep.irjtj up lo the time I loft, Jttso was
a penceaV.!3 nan, I lived with him about
IG yeais in tte saaio home, my gra.iJ
i i'.hir Chi 3 years ago this wiDter.Jessa
mo!; ora r.f i;ru!.c!i'.)olher ?hings, and
nad corinol of l.ertnd of ib bam,
n !,c:s.
V' won hi '.!. Kama
all the '. 'no 1 lived
md ;:f ihe liarti
Lore, the stable v;s oa the !i ft tJ3 of
.lie I. "to front the hmxn otr.
L'.oss-Ezai'lhieil. Joh.i U;'ed tho
hr.ff-s stable, John had a bun wheia
it- lived, not a Isitje cna, i-d!;i':? smallj
t:urs w-st 9 jdase fcr huises. Uu tod
uf i!:'j ti-st'a ii taken t?i, snd lha
mow 3 & j dov.i) 10 the fijor. This pait
w:j taliea a'.v.iy nbcut 3je:rs sgt). It
.- IJ or 4 years b.foru g.rsndfailiei 's dsalh
,!,ji toe coi.vaieation took p!acs balweeu
. ...... . T
ie rci'ustd, it v: ; 1 bc-l'i;'j mo ilm-'o iSit-tiiiin which t !iivo poen. 1
;lS1,!,, it uns tl'.oa bilietvd 1L..1 !,, .0. 17 yeurs n.-t Jaae; J.s-u is my utl
.vou'd not
url hiio.
M l (I
t Wt.i
r , .
! W O Jllllll
uac-j diCiA.u.', ilium. j -sw it v
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. t.;a mi,tt,ii,'i Ufiv tn il. itiiit lhalilfie IIOJI C0U1H II3VC lieen n xe.l lor r had said when hauling IB hay that Here vn,re no there. Jesse
jet leil up-! did not e?Mm'.ne in ho:.'-he:ul
o know if anything elso was in 1
n.ido any close examination of
ihoul it, I never co ached r.ny for ilia club
I have been so I could fro w tiers c.ih
Ii ws not ihere .'.'n en.-ii'
lawn mil of i:i'w ha b-ek !' tic mid
lie of fbor Adm i ) v.i'.ki.:;; M .1 ' .si
ind hog-head w:n wy'.kic,;; towi rdj '.be door
The whole dcor p:o:?;i;.- wsa op on ' b
baui floor wes wider ilmn d. door,t!;.-hoj.v
ha ad stood in corner .esse was in i p
sion all the lime till blows while ,obn wa
thcie It was not a great while that .obni',l'"
l.vilched and jaked Irs mh Be
I was nil b- dii d, he i.u eat v.'.o i
.tand co In.-, fotehead e.d t. is hie.:- I )
.pells, when he was nsked tjutstiuaj i..
madu ecu nin'-vei---; It? did nol talk '
wise; I did h.ct: for Uu tioa -boat tin
m'.ddlu t i the iioxt week, but could nvo
sa:: ii ; I saw bljed on lbs barn floi
Ja'Uh'i'iJih:ion ,t:vjrn:-A s . w J on e
ilobltta hbol - bens -il'ei he !-;::, j
I tiu:.! a intle hi', and It. en saw hrn ,
no. it 2 bouts nfi'-r that abuui 1
i, lurk; 1 In: .1 taw him aiu in the
trn. on; I was tht ie h.jiio ab( lit 4 1.'
. .,,. 1; i;.b tit xt morning;, on the d y be
ir.', I t-l ;d wrh him when i t . 1
,n:, i saw a l.rm3 on bis ten'ple,
liich looktd fwelled, Ihi-
I. 1 ...w him be '-.s lying be-
Otiid tl'-e '(..' "ii s bed, lie iNn no' tan
, lie, lit l.'i i.e,.d Ol at that 'ime.
ti,,. I, it 111 he Vftni'M1, hi: S-.i I la
!t II I jd nboul hi sunn Cil uaO hli
ind eyes.
CrosscruiuineJl h--'Vf t r.o.vo Je
,h Robins ever Miue be w .s rhtld, fir
1 .
. c-.itir.'i t
near the ede i f iho bam I'.oor; i got 3j character in tho neighD-i notu is ,i.-(.i'di-foil;
from Urn house thai day jerally peae-ab.e, .Iso os st 3in
when baubi.eo.n; I tov John Kob.i,Vho'..e heroic bin h, Jefe w? vei
.... t. .:. . .1... i... I lr.... iI.h niil ivi,mn'i.'ii,neb il o-t reS"d . i.o I'jlii'.1 lb tie eal I-.' if
l -..ill "'Viuili . . v.... , .. - - -
ihouse. Toe iiltio bcy.ChnS. K. John-' iho enoiniot! the u?x' ..I y, herti.Mi
I . l.. ...1....: ,.e .i.'t i,.. 1 .,.! in v,i Sits rvll ti bio
1. ci). who was ct ai 1 in- tun" u. .i j.iiiii, . - r(
wonted h.;'. I
d,.a beother i.i.d
, . . 1. . ..1.. 1 ,:.,ki 1. . m. .
.1 7.... i.u.u;,, , m nicws, steins 10 v, ut in 1 1 ...
I .. ... ... I.n. , .1 ,i ,!., .. i:,n nan (if. .)t'(. lulrt lUS hlSOtJ,
John had b wifo and six ehiltlien vve tl ,, , , , , H.u t. tr, 1,,1 f,f the ba .; i.u.i.;i to uid '.on time in t ie , or
t oftil-3 CC-aSoti,1!) jU'. OiO -vii) liuiii
zoii-uimi ball i ricr J boards and sa'ul
H2 wsnted Ihcm io cover h-s haymow
.sot '. timi el' cr l. s brother John iimo
,otl h.-uied them Lt him, bis brother
jjhn o!-Iu-d mo whether 1 Iiad any more
I lold him I had none of the sam" h tiIl
io said any ether leng h wo-ibl not doj
s-ti.l ho wanted to &el 'he p rl
,!): bara i-( pail a d. all v u t e d rrpaif
g. H" IV'1 ",1"J (loz " :;l l,l,wnic
10 said were too shot!. I p iss?.! lha
i.m i:d ta.v the Siq 0 slabs on iho ham
.ii ih:-'. ji .i I J. so claimed. I think it
v.ij on lha west end of ihi barn, sia id
i I'ne house il would bo on the right
,.. sidf of lha barn, 1 hove hnowa
Jfss-j T'obins rfbout 3 yntrs. Ila is a
.-.n c.i!hl; i .in.
C;o i-Exanitud. John hauled only 1
i;.i!,l ehnr,-..'! JB.e ZO cunts for the b "i.Ja
:.-gut. 1. ii not paid yet, It is ab-uta
,. ,., Je.'- from the plaeo I live
; D. fc. dunt.ivstb't pari of lb . or
:s on iv bsnd fioai ihobo'tse.
,V:,':. ;.V6i;ii, ca'lcd ogam
., . . t j i . . ', ... !,.!.., I..,'i.l 1 tl.tii.l
put stalks on lower pari ol mow nil Johni""' '",-' i " ' . . , . r r ,. ,-!, , . .t WMna floor in John'
Le, then on highest-Jesse did not strike in- on his bed; over the bar,' floor .hereto p. isooer 9ene o b, v, y j, l a a vrM no floor John,
with fork while piiching tip. jwese three or four j-olc. mossj ih.sU.t.ied, the, tun down h.y.n of ihe