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I bare wirnunii the Alter of Cnrl, eternal hnstllltv to every form of Tyranny ever the Mind of Man." Thomas Jemirson
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Volume X.
h i ucuns nu
wuuill siur. or
LOW Maiuut-stkkkt.
px'd'n'iel every Saturday morning, at
TWO DOLLARS per annum jiuyabh
h df yearly in advance, or Two Dollun
Fifty Cents,if not paid within the year.
Sro subscription will bt takmfor a shorter
period than uix month', nor any disron
tinuanr.e. prrmitted,until all arrearages
are dischars;fd.
A t) VER T1SEMESS not exceeding a
square, will be. conspicuously inserted at
()u Hollar for tnejirsi inreeinseriwny
u i Twenty-five cents for every svbse
nuent nsertion. ITTA liberal diseovn
nu le to those, who a lvn tise by the year
LETTERS addressed on business,must
he post paid.
.- .1 '.. .1 1 .. V.J, :-!! LI.:
The Mediu ranenn fqunlron baa not
been con'inued dining tbe lasi year, but
i projioiied to revive it at auon aa cir
cumaiances will permit. The aislion of
Mabon has been diaionlinued, at the
earnest rr quest of lb Poi tugue6e Gov
ernment, and measuris are in progress'
for the removal of ihe public stores at
ihjt place-Th Est India squadron, con
sisiinj; of the Columbia 74 and (lie sloop
Virvcenea, is sop)osed to have sailed for
Japan and Kamscrutka in the monih ol
My or June last, and lo have returned
lo Macao, aboi.t this time. Thty will
probably commence their homeward
cruise, via the North Pacific, in January
or Fehmry next.
Orders were sent to Com. Middle in
January I.imI, lo proceed to the West
Coast of Mexico and assume the com
mand of the squadron there, but no ac
knowledgment ol ihem has been receiv.
ed at inn Diriment.
Tin Brazil sq'iAdron coni-ls of i he
frig?t Cum. Ricihie, and Ihe
hr i c, ij'nbridg'', L;eut. Commanding
Reniing'onj und-r Commodore Rose
au. The African squadron cones' o'
Ihe friaie Uoi'ed Suies, the sloop M -rion.
brins Dolphin and Buxpr, and
store "hip Sjutramp'on 86" guns in all.
A full and inlere-ting narrative is
pivni of the operations of th Pi'ific
Kq .adron s'tic" th war, buth ConvSluii
and Com. Smck'nn, anil copies are an
nXH( of bi official reports rf tlipse
officeis. The Squidron now consists
of ihe Sivmnab, the Congress frigite','
the sloops Pnr'smou'h, Levant, Wa:rfn
anil C)aoe, schr. Shirk, and store pliij
E.ic The raz'e ImlepT.dence or.
In r wy out wi'hCum. Shubrirk, w!io,
on hi airiviil, will as-unie command 'l
the Fqiia.lion, and the sloop Preble ha)
sailed foi the same destination.
The do ngs of thtllome Aquadron are
plso fully narrated and copies are annex
ed of the ffficial reports of Com. Coo nm
in lefreuce to the blorkailr, the de
gigns on Alvarado, the affair at Tobasro.
and the taking ofTompico. Full jus
tice is done to the Commodores ol both
Ihfse scpn (irons, in whom ine contii-
t . i
dene ot th" oepariment seems uiijUai'
ed. Ex'racls from ihe instructions under
which they seed; show also a disposi
tion on the part of the Government to
evoiil all collision with Mexico, if pos
sible. Tho vessels composing the na
vy of Texas seem to have found unwor
thy of repsi r, wiih the exception of the
Aus'in, wnich is al Penaacola; Ihe oth
ers have been ordered lo be sold.
The estimate of Ihe department an
foiled en ti e employment of 10 000
men, though no more than 8, GOO t
jiow in service. Mitr.orry is a-k.l tc
build f-it-T fea e'eambots to be ernplued
in connection wilh our fquadroni
The practicability of Ilia al
- ! i
rvew Y oik is not ilotitiie.i. inn me woik
in u.ce.1 upon the favorable afention of
., , , , . r, i i
Congress. A dock at Fensacola la alhO
rtcomnipnueii, ami omer ini )rov'ii'-...s
. , . . ,
I I I . I . , '
to increase me tuiciency oi ine yai u . ,
, .
thai place. The restrtc: ions of Mem-
pnia vvoru adopted a; ine last session oi
... .i . . r
Corfres removed.
The exclusive employment of the na
vb! officers ss naval storekeepers abroad
is not thought to be wise, unit modi
fication of Ihe law on the subject is re
commended ,
TheNavalSchool is spoken of in tcrs
of approbation, and the sime appi opri
4) ion is asked for it as whs had lasi year.
A suitable notice is also given lo the ob-
er valor", where valuable operations are
'legining to attract the attention they
An addition to Ihe number of Assist
ant Surgeons is very much desired, anrt
the depailmtnl also recommends an in
crease in the rank and file of the maiioe
orps and in Ihe number ol warrant offi
cers. The report concludes with sdvi
ling that authority be given lo th"P.esi
!f nt to appoint one out of five or six
midshipmen at large, irrespective of lh.
ulace of residence of the prs ns ap
pointed, provisions might ihu b- mtdr
lor cases of peculiar meni whirl
ire now excluded. Nothing is said ii
the repoit of the system of promotion.
The Secretary confines himself to a
faithful narrative of the d )iog of :hr
Navy, with a few practical suggestion;
uch as are mentioned above. His re
port is a very interesting one.
Ii is chiefly occupied with a history ol
ihe commencement and progress of iln war operations, embracing the bai-
les of Palo Alto, A'esaca lie la Palma, tlx
;liree day's conflict a'. Monterey, the lei ini
tiation of the ai.nistice, the cnnqueal of iS.HU
a Fe and the Califori.ias, etc. eic
Satisfactory, though nut oflicial inform
ion had been received of ihe taking of Muii
rlua, but not of Chihuahua. Gen. Ivear
ley's detachment was expected to read
the Pacitii! ahaul the last of November.
1'he operations of Col. Fremont ami Coir.-
modure Storkton, west of the Rocky Moun
tains, are referred to with corrmcmlalinn.
uihemic information but no ollkial repoit
uad as yet been received.
The military force of the United St;.Uf.
lias been augmented from 7G10 lo 3D. 000.
I'l.e duties of ihe department have been ar
duous and f tnbai ratusing.
The department o! Tamaulipas, on tin
riijhi hank of the Rio Grande, or xiveul
tiundied miles from its rnuuih, New Jeon,
(-nahuila and Chihuahua have all in effect
tteen w rested from ihe Cential government
il lin. tlif Mvieun ui. i hurl ! i '
both rivil nd military, displaced in Ne
Mexico and ihe Californias, all in the short
pace of seven mouths.
The regular army created under ihe ,
if the I i-l si krion, when filled up, will o-
mount to IG.9J8 officers and nu t , but n
does not now exceed 10,300. The want
of suere-s iu filling up the ranks is aitribu'a
bio probably, lo ihe Urge number ol volnu-
itetrs called out since the natsaire of the in I
increasing the army. Ills impassible t.
I :.. .t, I... ii
icll what number of troops ihe exigencies o!
ihe war my require. The tolunuers call-
d out who have encountered the ene m
have more than justified the high expedi
tions formed of this drscrip'ioo of troops,
but it is no disparagement of them to sa
ihat a regulai lorce would he peiferred in a
war lo be prosecuted in a foieign country.
Considt rations of economy alto sre decid-
edly in favor of troops being engaged lo
serve during the war. The Perremry is
must soliciiuus that this subject should re-
ceive the early attention of Congress and
that a bedy of iroops should be rai.-ed to
uke it, e p ace ol .hose voiunieers wl.o will
olaiiu discharge Bt the end of tlreii year's
. f
A pl3 fctroma?DJed by Gin. MarombVf&V fo yw-, in lVhs!f of my rAii:rywlra
SI. 'XT J ".ijixSi
in bis report in 18:17, in reference to reBi-
MnRi..l &nA iJVu'ora it. annrntArl nf
" creiary. ami trie aueni.un u. ngrn.
directed to ii.
Ulirt" ,u "
ishment of oflenoes cominitied by our
. Pli'"i w. ...... ....
. .
troops and by persona connected with the
A further increase of the regular army W
The estimated appropriations for fortifi
cations lor the next year is $495, GOO, in
eluding their defence and ihe support of the
sappers and miners and topographical en-
jinners The present organization of the
ordnance bureau is deemed inadequate. A
deficiency exists in the medical staff of the
army, A hisloiy is given of ihe operations
ui mineral lands during the past year. The
number of pension agencies is forty-four.
exclusive of navy pensions, and the number
of pensioners about twenty thousand.
The independent treaatuy act romtem-
plales the employment of officers therein
named as pension agents, and renders it
Souhtful wheihei iliosa hiiherio employed
ire not ensponded. It is, therefore, recoin-
nandd that authoiity be given lo continue.
the present agents at a icasonable compen.
Tlrr'y-four huudred and lliiriy-four In-
bans have been removed from tho F.ast to;make no other promise thmi this: that the
ho West of ihe Mississippi, since the last! wilf do their duty as t iiizn suhiicr.-; am!
innnal renott.
Nh treaties with udi.ins are rrfened
to, and the solicitude of government
pressed for the promotion of the welfare f
he Indian tribe.
White Sulphur, Soott county, Ky.
August 21, 18 15.
Dear sir: We ate informed i.i every di
rection, by rumor which seems entitled to
tredit, that Mexico has declared war again'
he United Stales 1 ! And 'or what? l!e-
c.-iuse of the snnexaiiin of Texas I ! Fu
ture age. will scarcely credit this folly am1
ank recklessness and inj isttce, when wt
recoiled and connect wiili it thf late treat)
tillered into by .Mpxico and some of ib.
functionaries of Texas, by which Nh-xico a
;ieed to the indepen lence ol Tt-xaf, I iln
..tier would ledihO to become a pan id i'k
United Slates, from which Texas IijiI beet
separated, by a mysterious wain of s igaciu
in sagacious men upwards of iwentv
years ago- Thus Mexico withdrew her
ess than shntlu i of a claim to Texas, wi,l'
a proviso hostile to the United States, fur
which she deserved our in lignaiion and our
execration, if we did not Know thai sho was
irted upon by Franco an l Great Ilritain,
and, in her desperate condition, like a drown,
ing man caHiing at straws, acted tlie auto
maton of these great European powers
V V 1 1 n l was it to Mexico, heih?r Texas be
came a part of ihe United Slates, or remain
ed independent? The United Slates bail
lever wronged her, but bad coninved at in
juries received from Mexico, oui of out
sympathy for a power adjuient, which ex
hibited some desire for liberty, and to imi.
tato the United Sta'cs in her g'nnnns ami
free institutions; and Mexico knows iIim .-the
lias no stu b kind feeling in the bosoms ol
the kings of foreign Siates, ex"rj't that
which arises from a conviction of advanta
ges in commerce, or a simdaiity of ki'iglv
;iower and institutions. Then it is mure
than evident that our chuso is just no
shadow ot donbi, ihank (Jod, remains upoi
the most common mind, to the nghi be.
mg on onrsids, and a mnsi wsnion viols
of I'riends'iip and peace on the p'rl of Mex
ico towards us.
This is another proof fif ,ir, s 'a;v
tedj lo gatiffy lo us ihi ihe Uoitei) S'a ei
can never enjoy tranquility, ptospr ri v, bap-
'piness and peace, so long ns we are sur-
rounded by other nations not republics, and
ihe s of foreign States. This is oui
condition Let us not grieve or repine, bu
trust in that God who has given us ihe vie
lory in two wars wih one of the mosi pow
erlul nations of the earih. Jj war is u'e
clnrtU agunt vs hy Mexico, in toal dire
gaid of right, of justice, of friendship,
I tho laws of nations, I now tender my ser
'.L ji'.S jA-l"1.' JM'I'f!"L'i".LrL g3"L t jiljiiija
yon represent, to your credit and honor. I
flit tint wt h Ifl fltitnr tliP runlr urmv. I
II. r.. I I..
no. ..... . r..8..Kr .... ...u Uur...K ....
war, embarrassed ss am in my privati
' 7 ,
I -- - '
ment and the management of my priva.i
alT.iirs, so long as it may be our policy l.
defend our soil bIoiio from the foieign inva.
iter. These duties can be discharged with
out my aid, with eaio anil without diflieulu
hm if yon should feel it your duly lo pur
sue the policy of carrying the war inio tin
enemy's country, to plant our banner ai
Santi Fe. Vera Crua, Mexico, or Califor
nia, Bnd give liberty and atabdiiy to free
governtneni, where disonKr and anarch
now predominate, where no kindred spirii
of freedom can animate liioso high officers
who represent an oppressed people, and
who may have precipitated iliem into a war
to preserve the power which they seem pre
'ariuusly to hold; when that time shall ar
rivu'and that policy shall be deitrmined on
then I am ready lo raise a corpse of Ken
tucky volunteers, of any number from on
thousand to five ihous3tid cicn, to eeni
twelvo months from the commencement ol
muching orders, after organiziiiun, with t
promise lo re-engage alter the expiration ol
ihe year, if the honor and situation of tlx
country should requite it men who will
what God has alluiled fur man to do fur bis
country, they will try to do! and if I atri a-
ex-'giin spued lo rneet the enemies of my
couuii y in battle, in a wor on our pari si
just, and forced upon us by ignorance j am
hiiion, foreign influence, and selfishness, 1
will try lo see the duties of ihe citizen sol
dier handsomely, bravely, and gallantly per
formed, to the honor of the corps, and tin
benefit of oui country.
Tho crisis has arrived; war, I sitpposci i
declared. Vn know not who may be ti
me bolto n of it. Our countiy will soon hi
t unit, and iha voice of Treason will not !
'i card in our land, The discordant not. t
.f the press whether it was tweedle-dor.
or tweedle.dce will be lust in the geuer
dioui and huzzi of our country, for v i c t . i y
for our federal Union, including the addi
tional biilliant star of Texas.
As a citizen, 1 thank you, and congiatu
lite my country for ynur prompt action ii
concentrating the naval and military forces
of tho United Slates on the land and on I he
sea, ready to meei our enemy.
Accept this hasty letter, written in ttn
minis and bustle of busy private life, frori
one who wishes j on every blessing snc
every honor which results (mm a faiihful
discharge of your public duty to your coun
Must lespectfuliy,
Col. Jamk K, Polk,
President of tlio Untied Stales,
City of Washington.
Good Advice. Dow, Jr., in his sermon
uf last we ek, gives the following very ex
cellent advice to the young ladius of his
llock: The buxim, bright-eyed, rosy
cheeked, full-breasted, bouncing lass who
can darn a stocking, mend trousers, mkt
iier own frock", command a rciuiMnl ol po s
uid keii'esi feed the pigs, chop ool, mill.
O'.vs, wn.s'.le with the boys, and be a bdy
witlul in 'rotnpiny,' is juBt the fort of a g:i I
In n.e, and for any wenhy u.o.i to marry
hut you. ye pining, m.ip.n, lulling,
screwed up. wasp-waietedr putt -laced, r on
sumption mortgaged, music-murdering, r.ov
el-devourinj daughters of Fashion and Idle
isss you are no w-ye f.t for inatrimoti)
:rian a pullet is to look afttra farm) o! four
ieen chickens
The truth is, my dear giiU. yon want,
generally speaking, more liberty and les
iishioiiable resuainis inoie kitchen am
.to parlor mor trg and les sola rr.on
pudding and Irse piano more frankness,
and less mock-modesty mure
and less buttle. hjocen yourselves a IliiU
eijoy morn Iib. r y, mid less rrair.iiii I ,
- Masnnoi breaihe ine pure t.nnu-p'i .c n
nd,lrerdoin, and become so.inMng r.railv
- luie y i.nd btaiLlu! us i;u 6"jd U nr.t.jie
Use of a Nose. A good mory is tol.l
'f M. Eiri st ihe tim he was a pupil
il Il.ydn. The latier challenged his
oupil to compose a piece ol music which
he could not play at sight, Mnzirl ac
epfed the banter, and a rupper and a
ihampign ware lo be thefoifeil. Every
hing being arranged between the two
composer?, Moaarl took his pen sod a
sheet of paper, and in five minute dash
ed oil a piece of music and much lo
he of Haydn, haoded il to hin
'There is a piece of, sir, whirl
you cannol play, and I cau--you are ti
jive the fiisl tria!.'
Il.ydn smiled contemptuously at lh.
visionary presumption ol I) i s pupil, an.
rod placing the notes before him, sliuc!.
'he keys of tht instrument. Surprise.
t iti simplicity, he dashed away until
he reached the middle of ihe piece, wl.e.
stopping all atonce, he exclaimed
'How's thip, Mczin how's thii-f
Hrre my hands are fti etched out u
both ends of the pianoand yet there i
a middle key lo be touched! Nobody
can play such music not even the com
poser himself.
Moziri smiled at ihe half excited in
digestion and perplexity of tho greai
masliV, and taking Ihe seat he had quit
ed sliuck the inairument wilh such air
)f self asturance that Il.ydn began lo
think himself duped. Ruming along
he simple passives, l8 carne lo thai
;mt which his teacher had pronounced
impossible to Le played Mozart, as
my body is sware, was favored, or it'
least endowed with an ex.remely h ng
nose a prodigious nosp, which in mod
ro dialed, 'stuck out ahiul a feet.'
Reachingl'he d.fficult passage,he str. tch
. I ho h hands to ihe exlieme ends o'
he piano, and leaning for vard hubbid
lis nose against the middle keywhic!
no body could p! 1'
II ay il burst into an in moderate fi
.1 hiugbter." and alier ackuow 1. dgii ,
the 'cor i.' dtclarnl ihat na'u-e had en-
lowed Mizirl with a capacity for mus'r
which he had never before discovered
Deserters from the Jinny One ol
he editors, of the New (Ji leans IJ;ci
yune, who was nt ihe c piiualation o1
Monterey, speaks as follows of the de
serters iccognized in iheMex cm rank:
The rlesei tcrs we saw ouiselves a
i hey inarched out in the i inks of tht
nicmy,and more miserable wro'ch'S ti
oo k bt' or a mere m;s"rlde corrp.'H)
than that in which tbt uere fnnnr
t would be difficult lo imaii e, o.
iictl with in the wide world. On..- lV.1
'ow in particular, a worthless seined. t.
named Riley, who ladderitd fnrn
Capt. Morrill's compiny of ihe 3 1. !..
fin try, received a parsing saluie from
his old comrades as he went out ol tin
city, which ho will not forget in s
twelvemonth. lie hul n'f sei led from
ear Miiamors ecrly in the spring, hail
uci'tedcd in reselling ihe Mexican luiff
.nd was ?t onre taken into H.e aiti lery
ni l made esptain of a gon. Hr; was ;
ull, stalwur: frl.oa', jtiutt-r y worth
l-s . Di.f , quirrelseme, el cow
ra.liy wretch, and his riddance horn th
company was even s n.a i e r t! rsjiicti.
r'her than r grer.
On ihe second day o' 'he evacuaiiori.
sea'td tipur, the fi.?! ijuii as Ok cap'am,
cio.e H e renega.le Rley. The deserte.
vas ill at eaie, iiotwi.h-l an. ling his com
lorlable seatj as ihe ec; Inn n pasec
hrough the ihoroufcf .res which wen
lined wiih the Auk -no. is, hul it wis no
'ill his eyecau.;!.! soma of his old corn
fades the spirii ol il e n:c'i !:( him. The crppar y kr.f.v
e wt'o pass out. a -il i a.j st-it'onei
iu.iio- tn iear a b ii i trade, or po-i i
'!! rj'.isi iii then cccfpiid by Col. Dun-
tin, hi !o bist posit'iou ii&tn 'vh'ttrst'
Clumber 0
n giv him a broadside of reproache ,
'IMey, e desar in' thaTe, ain't j e a
shamed of yerself?' said one of his for
mer messmates, sn irishman, and one of
the best soldiers in ihe company. The
color entirely forsook the face of tho
runaway. 'Whin ye de'aried why
didn'i ye go smong dace nl white people
and not be belpin' these bloody nsgers
pack of heir varmin?' continustl the
speaker, his comrades keeping up a run
ning accompaniment ol groans& hisses.
Phis was loo much. Riley jumpied
from the gun, every limb trembling
with abject fear.and ss h passed through
he barricade the wrelch eupported his
tottering knees by placing s hand on,
the revolving wheels of the carriage.
Not nntil the barricade was passed, am
he was out of heiring of his former
omrades, did he remount his gun, end
even then, so utterly prostrate were all
nis faculties he hsd scarcely strength to
climber upon the carriage. Such was
one of Ihe scenes we witnessed at the e-
vacuatiou of Monte rey by ihe AJexicaris
Other deserters were in iha iauk of tha
-nemy - runaway negroes ss wellbut
none cf ihem was as well known as was
ihe 1 r ai lor It ley, not one of them re
ctived such a blighting shower ol corn.
emp', such a withering tornado of
The Dutchman's Dangeraus Qeete.
"There guts the old Dutchman who
had Ihe dangerous gpes. ' exclaimed
fiiendinthe country the oiher day,
calling our attention lo a Dutchman of
the oldest '.school' who wbs walking
owly a'oug the road. We aktd so
explanation. Why, when the Yankee?
fust begaj to se'tlu in here, he wgsj jirt
e I one morning by 8 sljb-6ided speci-
nen of 't-m, a he was picking up iha
j.iills Ihat his geese had dropped, in
there chattering morning waddles, by
the edges of an oblong pond at ; he. roa.l-
ide. Presently one of ihe gese stielch
d out his long neck al iheyank'ej vho
taried and ran as if a nia.J dog were at
lis heels 'I dold eim, said ihe old
Dutchman 'not lo be avraid dat da
-;eese wouldn't hurl urn any; but do
eese did lun after him dough, clear
iver de hill a ways; and none of 'em
wouldn't give up no rest any more,
whenever he came along de street, f
p'litve il y had pbbito ag'm Yankee.
Meim GM ! n'o curious, d jugh, bel da
geese always went away, and didn't
come back any more!' the secret of that
was, ihil the Yankee, who was so afraid
of the Dutchman's geersa, had ihrown
oui kernels of corn, among which was
oro wi h a fishhook attached. Onca
swallowed, the acgry goose was supi)
.it tow ofier the flying fugitive.
The Eldest JJaughht.Tht deport
ineni cl ihe older children of the family
is cf great importance lo the younger.
Their ohedi T.ce or insubordination op-
rrtl ek throughout the who'e circle. Ha"?
pecialiy in the slalion of the eldest
laughter of She drank tha
he firnt drafi cf the mother's love. Sha
ift'al'y enjoys much of hr council and.
omp.inionship. In her absence, tha
s naiurally viceroy. Let the mo'her
t Is Hcjble pain? to form fur s correct
nod-l ; io make her amiable, diliger,,
h.mesiic, pious- t ustiog that the imag c
f ihose vniurs msy leave impreior.
in the soft, waxen heartsofihe uupi
er onec, to whom she tha
t'rovidence of God, be cailtd to fill the,
,)Uce of ma'ernal guide.
A -jewepaper is like a wife, because eve
;y man ouhi to Ijjve one of his own.
A pettspjpsr ii ii like a wife, beceusa
ry raiij i'a,dks Le a' ay UjrrOtv Hi Roigi