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From the Naw. York Mercury.
Oh, there's a chirm In woman's yi
Sweat poiton in her tear!
To see her weep and hear her sljh,
Jfakea a perion feel about the gizzard
rather queer. QTurn steady, Ntuirod
O.youngLoehinrar it come out of the west'
With brrechea all torn, & no sign of a vest;
Hie hat ia moil allocking all Uttered hi
kni hie face is disguised by Jorig whiskers
ant dirt.
'Not. a drum wee heard, nor a funeral note,
As hie corpse to the rampart we hurried,
But we heard the squeslof a captured shoal,
And ccnfeis we fell flustered and hurried.
'Now is not a pity auch a pretty girl as 1'
Should, be laced up and stayed up to pine
away and die t
But I must be laced yes, I must beisced
1 as so fond of fashion that 1 must be laced
''When lovely woman stoops to folly.
And finds loo Ins that men betray,
She might as well be gay and Jolly
as make a dn fuss about'it Shocking
ahocking I moil horrible, Nimroil! Bo a
Utile more careful if you please.
'Afy pretty Jane, my pretty Jane,
Ah never look so shy;'
You think that you have modesty,
I think 'its al 'n my eye.'
'My wife aha(l dance and I will sing,'
The children all shall play;
We'll make the darn'd old kitchen ring
And thus drive care away.
AWhy dots azure deck the sky!'
Because 'tis rubbed with indigo;
Why is ted the roies dye!'
When I find out I'll let you kuow.
'When twilight dews were falling fsst
Upon the rosy sea,'
How ofi I've ran away from home,
And bad a glorious spree 1
Spoons, O. G.
It's true frien's, it's true,
And I'm wea, to confess,
That our joy ynicht fce mair.
An' our grief micht be less,
But we ay get a raoutliful'.
I ho we whiles henna whar
01' frien's b
- ..'It's wsel it's i
be thankful
ae waur.'
.ife'ti " dreet the giruin,'
0' cauld gloaesin' care,
Tet o' hops.s morning sang
Hea we no had aur share!
Tho' the eary be dark whiles,
There's yae some hit star
Taekeepus relsciin!
'It's weel it's asa waur
We've sieken'sl in sorow
At parting to-day,
But the aeeting te-smotrow
Can chase it away;
Ad if soma frien's hae wither'd
Sin ere were afar
We ken whar their banes lie
'It's weal it's mi waur.'
Our ills hs'e been rnpay:
We'tl al had our shsrs,
- An' use doubt we'vs whiles lhacht
That could hae maK.
Bui yet there are thoutan'e
Mair wretched by far,
Then O! frien's be thankful,
'It's weel jt'e nie rnaar.'
vr W01DSW0BTH.
A pen la register, a key
That winds through various wards.
Are oft assign'd to Memory
Ay allrgorie bards.
As aptly alsa might be given
A peneil to hsr hand.
i na souening onjects, sometimes- even
Outstrips the hearts demand.
That smooths forgone distress, the
Of lingering care subdue,
Long vanished happi.iess refines,
And elothss it blighter hues.
Yet like a tool of Fnncy works
Thus spectres to dilate,
That startles conscience as she lurks
Within hsr lonely seit.
Obi that our lives, which ilea sa fast,
In purity were such,
Tlut not an image of the pssl
Might fear that pencil's touch.
Retirement then might hourly look
Upnn a southing eeene,
A" steal to his allotted hoek
Cuuteoted and serene.
With, heart as ealtn as lakes thai alesp
In frosty moonlight glistening,
.Or mountain rivers where thsy creep
Along a channel smooth and deep,
their wwitfareff pwnwtarijftUi.
Job L. O'SollitAH, Editor.
Bs sri Increase In the number of pages, and by an
alteration in its typographical arrangeriients, the
quantity of matler heretofore furnished to the rea
ders ol the Democratic Review, will be increased in
its future numbers about 1
The Editor expects valuable aid to his own efforts
during the coulse of the coming year, from a num
ber ol tho most able prns of tho great liemocrutic
Party together with that of ohcrs, in Its purely
literary department, to which the "same political des
ignation is not to be applied. Among' them may
be particularly named ;
Bancroft, Parke. Godwin, J. L, Stephens
J, L.Cooper. Hawthorne, Tilden,
A. Kendall, Davezac, Tasistro,
Whiltier, Paulding, Eamea,
Sedwick, A H Everett, Bryant,
Gilpin Brownson, Cars,
Butler, . Cambreleng, C. J. Jngersoll.
The Monthly Financial and Commercial arti
cles, which haro frequently been pronounced by the
most Intelligent criticisms during tho "pant ,year in
themselves alone worth the subscription to tho work,
will be continued from Uiu same able-hand.
An arrangement has been made, by uhich the
Baton Quarterly ileview, edited by Mr. .Brows
son. will be merited in the Democratic Review.the
alter being a frequent and tegular contributor to
ts page. . It ta proper to state, that Mr. mown
son's articles w'ill bo marked by his name tnough
to most leaders they would doubtless reveil them
selves by -their internal evidence; and that it has
been agreed, under the circumstance, that these
contributions shall be independent of the usual lia
bility to editorial revision and control the author
alone having a similar' responsibility ; for whatever
peculiarity of views they may contain, as though
appearing in tho original work which" has been
heretofore edited with such distinguished ability
by himself. t
Among olher attractive paper in preparation for
the forthcoming volume, will be found some person
al sketches, reminiscences, and nnecdutes of the
private life of General Jackson, from the pen of sn
intiniato friend and member of his Cabinet,
The Prrtraits of which it is intended to illustrate
the numbers of the ensuing year, and which will
be executed in a fine style of engraving, by J. L
Dick, ot this cijy, are .those of
Col. R. M. Joiinsow, of Kentucky,
lion. Silas WHioiiT.of New-Ywrk,
" James Buchaxah, of Pennsylvania,
" John C. Halhocv, of South Carolina,
T. H. Ukntox, of Missouri,
" R. J, Walixr, of Mississippi,
TniaDOHK Hiuowick, of Massachusetts
" C. C. Canbdiclsmo, pi New-York,
" Got. Dona, of Rhode Island,
" " Pobtbb, of Pennsylvania.
Whit' two or three of the most eminent memliers
of the great Liberia! Patty of Europe, from the dif
ferent countries; or clso ol others of ''home produc
tion," affording to the facility of procuring portrait
freia serosa.
The subscriber having assumed the pitblioattea
of tho above Magazine, pledge then.sclvt.-s that it
shnll be promptly issued on the first of each month
in the eiucs of New-York, Philadelphia, Boston,
Baliiaiorc and Washington. It will also bts sent
y the moat rapid conveyances to the jiiTerent
towns in the interior where subcribeis may reside.
l ira facilities auordud by the extensive J'ublishinz
business of the undersigned ensble them to msKe
this promise, v.lucli shall be punctvilly fulfilled.
To promote the proper abjections in view, and
relying upon the united suppott of the Democratic
party, as vell as others, tho price of subscription is
fixed at the low rate of Five DolUrt per annum,rn
all cstcs'in advances while in mechanical arrange
ment, and in site, quantity of matter, dec. the Uni
ted States Magazine will be placed on a par, at least
with Uis leading rnonhliw ot Kngland. Each
number will corfl&in one hundred and twelve pages
closely printed in double columns, from bourgeois
type, cast expressly for the purpose, and upon fine
white paper; thus giving to the worl an increase
in the amouut i.t matter or orer seventy-five per
cent. The Portmils for the coming year, one of
which will bo given to each number, will be execu
ted on steel in an effective and finished style; by J,
L. Dick, which will be accompanied with an origi
nal biography; a feature in the plan, which it would
be impossible to give in a wotk of this kind,without
the most liberal and exleusive support as thev
could not be furnished without an outlay of at least
$2,600, per annum.
Any persons taking four copies, or, becoming .re
sponsible for four subscribers,
Will be entitled to a fifth Copy Gratia,
Committees or Societies on'remitting to the Publish
ers t50 in current New-York funds, ".ea receive
thirteen copies of the work.
Persons residing in the country who may wish
to receive the work by "in ul, can have It punctually
foi warded, strongly enveloped, by i emitting the a
mount of subscription to the publishers.
Remittances mat be ma ie by enclosing the mo
ney and mailing the same in the presence of a Pott
master, Bank notes that pass current1 in business
generally in UioBlate of New-York will be received.
Th Democratic Review wifl be punctually de
liverco fiee of expense to subscribers In the princi
pal cities of the Uuion, on the first of the montb.and
forwarded to mail subscribers and . agents on the
3Stb of.the menth preceding publication.
All commu. icationj for the bditor to be address
ed (poit paid) to
H. G; LANGLEY, Publishers,
V Chatham-ilreeti New York.
To the Friends of the
Democratic Party.
The United States Magazine and Democratic
Review will require the energetic and cordial co
opeiation of every individual who wishes to eeo the
pure and sound doctrines of American Bedubliran-
best rpossible examples of American principles and
Ameican Literature. -The risk and expense attend
win ouvocbiou in sucu n wanner am io exuiDll IPO
ing the publication is so gient, that without a pre.
t4 (He woit on a BbeaA soda. worwrtortaV
jl inc cuuniiy, k iiicreiuru prcsi'ms tiiiii;ruiiyc
claims upon the support and 'patronage of the party
whose political tenets it is dcsigned"(o atlvbeates
and to thoso who are friendly lolho advnnci of our
PcrioJicsl Literature, itwillbd considered no less
Tliere Is no section of the country where, there
could no the. found one or more who would desire
to be suptiortern of such a work; ar.'d to bring I',. to
thektibwicdgo of s'ueli.yotir friendly nsslstarice is
respectively solicited.
The following means have been adopted to pro
mote the great object of this great undertaking!
It has, been put at the lowest possiblo rate. Fivo
Dollars n year for such n work, comprising neatly
1500 pages of cloiely printed rniittcr, In "double
columns, and including twelve finely engraved Por
traits of the leading members of the Democratic
party, it must be evident, is much cheaper- than
tho same amount ofsuch natter was ever before
furnished at in tho United States; were not '.he ays
tern of adtanee payment insisted on, and were it
not expected thit every Rcpublitim in tho country,
able to afford It, will deem it a" duty to take tho
work, and thus crea e. a very large subscription list,
it could not be published foi less than double the
The very first pens in the country are engageJ
ir. assistance and furtherance of the project, as will
be seen hy our Prospectus.
Its literary matter shall be the beat of lts kind
hat can be produced, and' it is the determination of
tthe 'loprictora to make this work unsurpassed by
any other periodical extant,
Its'typographicat execution shall be, in all re
spects, the best tint the present state of the art'will
enable, tho publishers to produce.
The Democratic Review is got up on truly nation,
al principles, ind with a disregard of expense never
heretofore attempted in periodical literature; this
has been predicated upon tho firm reliance of obtain
ing a very large list ofnaty:ig,Bubscribers,nnl until
this shall be accomplished, the onterpvue will entail
a certaiu loss to the proprietors.
Every cent of the profit, of the expected circula
tion, will lie required to sustain the work at its pres
ent Improved standard, anil enable it to fulfill the
destiny which is nssumed foi it that of being a truly
national periodical the organ and n worthy repre
sentative cf the literatureof American 'Democracy.
I he publishers ffaileesty throw themselves on
the Democracy of the Union for support. Upon
them ivill depend to a great extent the success of so
great an undertaking. The Publishers and Editor
can, and indeed wish, to do more than bring the
plan and the woik faiHy .before the public. This
they havo dono the numlers already publiihed are
auumieu on an siues 10 oe worinv or me cause.
Pe rsens remmittiug to the publishers a Ten Dol
lar Note in current N. Y. funds, will reeeive a copy
of the Uemoccattc Review for the ensuing two years.
And a Selofthe ffotkfor 1841;42.Grafs,
forming the two first volumes of tho New Sejieo,
which comprise contributions from many of tho
leading writers of the boun try together with a sei'iea
of beautifully engraved portraits of the following
prominent members of the Democratic party and
others, accompanied with biographical notices,viz:
Gen.Andre.ui Jackson, Atari in Van Buren,
Henry Hubbard Marcus Marton,
Washington frvin, George M. Dullai,
Jrilliam C. Bryant, Charles Dickens,
Francis Thomas,
Ja L. Buhner,
Alex. H. Everett.
Garret D.Wall,
JSew (subscribers will lie rntiilryj to receive ! set
of the above Portraits gratis, in addition to those of
me cumiugymr.
Any person forwarding Twent" Dollars in cur
rent N. Y. funds for Four yoatly ubscriptions,will
to entitled to receive
A rijtn Vopy of the Work fur the current year
and a Set fur 1811-42 Grcfi.
Anypersons remitting the publishers Fifteen
Dollars in current N. X. funds.will be entitled to re.
ceiveaset'of the Democratic lteviw for the current
year, a copy of the Madison Papers, three large
volume octavo, published at Ten Dollars, and also
De Tbcqueville's work, "Democracy in America,'
two volumes octavo, published at Four Dollars.
Any person forwarding Thirty Dollars in current
funds, will be entitled to receive Two Sets of the
aboTd works, and in addition, a copy of
The Democratic Review for 1841 12 Gratia,
The Publishers earnestly hope that the 'above
liberal inducements on their part win have the effect
cr bringing gicat accessions to their list of subscri.
Active mid rerponsible Agents wantrd for tho
above in the different States throughout the country
tn whom a verv liberal discount will be allowed. All
Postmasters throughout the United States' are au
thorixed to receive subscriptions for tho work. Anv
Postmaster' sending tho names of four Subscribers
and remitting Twenty Dollars tn advance, in cut
rent !i. Y. funds, will be entitled to
for moie than four twsstt na cit dibcourt,
Mew Marble
At Bloomsburg, Col. Co
STTqilEY would inform tho citizens of Columbia
JL County, that they have commenced the bnsi
nessat tho above place at .the public house of E,
HOWELL, where they are prepared to manufac'
ture to order, in the ticatest, best, and most durablo
qBAD and FOOT STONES, of all sizes and
ualities, MANTLES, WINDOW and DOOR
aiiil,, anil jjuuk r KUJVi iS.
Orders for Stone can be left with D.GROSS.who
li a . i e
wu uvi hs igeru uunngjour ansence.
They constantly keep on hand a large lot
Vermont, Egyptian and Itahon Marble at their
wnotesalo Alarole rard at oelins Grove, Unjo
county, i a.
Bloomsburg August 14, 1841. 16
Alth persons indebted to me must make pay
ment by tAo FIRST OF AUGUST next
' All who neglect this notice, will find their accouuts
intho hands, of a Justice of tho Peacefor col lec
tion alter that date.
New Store
THE subscriocrs inform tlio public, that they
havo entered into Partnership, under tho firm
nil have ust received from Philadelphia, and now
opened, at their NEW STORE, JVorlhieertCor
ner of Market and Jttnine Streets, Blopmsburg,
an entire new and extensive assornient of
QUEENSff'K RE, rc.
which they offer for sale, on reasonable terms, as
heir prices arc suited to trie times. Among their
assortment will tie found
Broadcloths, Cam.meres, Sattinelts, and
various kinds' of cloihs Jor men's
Summer wear; Calicoes; Ging
hams; Cambrics Muslins;
Silks: AJitslin de lanes:
and various other articles
for Ladies' dresses; Shatdls; Silk
and Cotton Jlandkerchtefs and Hose;
Bleucfjed arid Brown Bomestic Muslins;
ind a variety of other articles suitable for the season
mid believed, to lis ds-good and complete an assort
ment as is u silly found in country stores.
(TV-COUNTRY PRODUCE will be received in
exchange, and CASH will not be refused.
Our friends, and the public generally, are req
uested to call and examine for themselves.
Bloomsburg, June 25, 1812. 9
Be ye purified in your blood,
And Health will attend you.
The life of thi Flesh is in the Blood."
Leviticus, c. xvii. xi.
Thousands can answer this question who
know Jrom actual experience that
Are the safest, best, and most effectual Pills
now in existence.
JjGST you may be deceived s
ET is attempted by Quacks and Impoafora to in
troducc their vile and dangerous nostrums by
assuming for their name that of "BLOOD PILLS"
knowing that the Blood Pills manufactured by Dr.
l.ciily nave nlitaincd the tp-eatest reputation oj any
Villi in existence, and think by such trickery to
impose upon the public by. selling theirs upon the
popularity of Dr. Leidy's Blood Pills.
X he public are therefore particularly requested to
lie cautious when pnrchasing, to ask for Dr. LEI
The public arc assured that Br. Letdu's Blood
fills are the safest, best, and most efficacious
of any .now ia. use, containing neither Mercury or
ttie .Minerals, and may tie employed liy young and
old, male and female at all limes and under all
circumstances without fear from taking cold, re
straint trom diet m living or occnpation.
In all cases where a purgation may be necessary
these Pills will be found both effectual and easy in
their operation, producing no nausea, or Sickness
oi the Stomach, griping or any other unpleasant
sensatiops. v
i, utthcr comment is deemed unnecessary the
numerous certificates published from time to time
from Physicians and other individuals must have
convinced tho'incredulous, and for tho .further in
formation of all othcis, Dr.Leidy refers them to the
directions which accompany each Box.
They are prepare' anil old,who!c.le and retail,
at Br.JiElB Y'S HK.1t. Tit KMl'OniU.V,
No. 191 JS'OItTir 8ECOJYB Street, below
Vino street, (sign of the Golden Eagle and Ser
pents.) Also Bold at
Lutz'g Health Emporium, Bloomtbure.
nor xu, itm.
OINTMANT. An infallablfl remedy for
various affections of the SKIN, removing
Pimples, Pustules, and Eruption of tho
SKIN, anil particularly adapted to the cure
This ointment has been used in numer
nits schools throughout the city and county
as well as Fact6ries, employing numerous
girls anil boys.and among whora Tetter and
Itch, as well as other Affections of tho Skin,
prevailed, with the, most unexampled Suc
cess, Names of School Teachers, as well
as stipetintendantB and Proprietors of Fac
toiieg, could be given.cnnfirming the above,
ut for the delicacy they feci, in having their
namcti published in connection with such
loathsome; and disagreeable affpcii'jns. .
Prepared and stild at Dr. Leidy's Health
.Emporium, (Sign of the Golden Eagle and
Serpeants,) No. 101 north tecond street, be
low Vine; alsO sold at
Lutz'slieulth Lmporium, Blopmsburg.
NawSO, fdi. ae
Formerly opi ned by D. S, TOBIAS.
ME3rECTFULLV jiiformB his friends, ami
,WM the aublic, generally, thttt,ho. has just recciv
d from Philadelphia a new and extcnslva nun,,
mcnt of 1
Drugs, Medicines, Oils, Paints
varnisucs, tiass, llycstiiJI'H,
which, in addition to his former stock, comprises c
complete assortment of articles in his line of businesa,'-
A M . - 1.1-1 1 r . i .
t I'cBius wiHuiuy iu pureiidse uuy oi inc auova
articles arc particularly invited io call and price th
articles in hfs Storo before buying elsewhere as ho
is determined to'sell as low, and by a little Jewing,
lower than can be bought ony where clso, in tie.
surrounding 'neighborhood.
Thn SllbRr.rilinr rnnnbtpr. ll hnr.ttw nn.e.a.M
. . , " , ""'"V "wfa,j iu
mention tho aiticlcs in particular bs he is confident
mat no one can come amiss uy enquiring to rany alti
clo belonging to a Drug Store.
N. U. Merchants and Physicians will find it
to their advantago to call and buy such articles as
tney may stand in need ol, as they shall be accom
modated at a very low percentage.
tn fmv wont nil am rnanartfntttf invil A.l n II
, ' .v .v....H..j iu villi,
see and judge for themselves.
Bloomsbnrg, July 10, 1842. tf S9;
TM.corner of Walnut Third slreeft
HE subscribers return their sincere thanks to
-A O . their friends for the favors so liberally benimr.
cd on 'Mem, and beg'lcavcto assure tlfem that no
efforts shall be wanting on their part to merit a
continuance of their patronage, both in reference to
workmanship and cheapness of price to suit the
It is, highly advuntaceons to Gentlemen and In
stitutions having Libraries, to apply direct to tho
.Binder, making at least a saving of 10 to 20 per
cent, and. sometimes more.
All descriptions of Binding neatly oxecutcd.
Gentlemen's Libraries fitted up and repaired, Mu-.
sic and Periodicals bound to pattern. Ladic'a scrap'
books, Albums and Portfolios, of all descriptions
made to oider. ilmding done for Libraries, Insti
tutions, Societies, &c. on advuiitagcous Terms.
They aro also prepared to manufacture
of every description, such ns Oockets, Ueccrdt
Deed Books, Bay-Book, Ltd'gcra, Journals
Memorandums, Ch'ttk-IloUs; &c. of the finest
quality of Paper, j(Rob"inton's Ivory Surfaced) iir
...l -, . 1 - .1. - -.-.- - T,. . .' . .
n nijic c,uu, niuy jiicucill lie lyllJOS Ol l Ullaael-
phia or New York', on themost rcasonublc terms.
Blixk Wobk Rctr.n to ahy. PattkhV.
N. B. Old Books rebound with neatness and
dospatch; also Files of Papers.,
arrisburg, Mafh 20, 1842;, , , Cmo. 48.
All orders for binding.or fpr blank books.
ibii ai uiib (inru, win oe iorwarueu, anj
returned as soon ad edmnleicd. '1
XiA?l:lsa.t.l'VirA ITairctnn&l
The Ketstoxk Will, as usual, bo published
twice a week duringnbesegsion of the Legislature;
and ns we shall spare neither pains nor expense in
giving full and' accurate reports of the proceedings
of tho two Houses, together with sketches nf tho
debates on all public and important, questions, vie
hope to receive a liberal support, from the reading
public. The coming session or bur Legislature will
be one of more than common interest, and pcreonn
desirous of obtaining early and correct information
from thb seat of government, will 'find it to their
advantage to take the Keystone. To lawyers,
jadges, justices of the Peace, and public ofiicers
generally, it will be invaluable, ao all the laws of a
public and general nature drc published in it isimo.
diatcly after their passage,, and fully three month
befoie they will ie promulgated in any other man
ner. We shall also have an ablo correspondent at
Washington city. who will keep tho readers of our
paper apprised of all that is doing at the scat of the
National Government.
Tho terms of the Keystone are as follows:
For the whole year, $8 00
For the session only; (twice a week) 2 00
Any person sending us five subscribers for the
session, accompanied by ten dollars, shall receive a
copy gratis for bis trouble. All-payments may be
transmitted by mail, and all Post-masters are nermit-
ted to frank letters containing' money for newspaper
Harrisburg.Nov. 18, 1842
Broke into Ithe enclosure oftho sttbstri
ber about 3 months since, a,
droopping a little in his horns, and about
four years old, The ownor is requested to
take him away ant! pay charges,
Madison Oct 1st.
Notiee. .
ALT, persons knowing themselves indebted la
the late firm of Rupert & note or
book are requested (o make immediate paymcnt-as
no longer indulgence can ba given. Those who
neglect tho call will olone be responsible for conse
quences that will certainly follow,
Broomsburg Oct, 22, !64J.