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    For the f otTMBtv Di-.Mocp.'vf,
To the Ctltstm of Columbia county. 1
, U in now about 30 year since the crec j
un of Columbia counly out of a part of :
Northumberland, and mmco which time the
'tti'uiityhas nearly thribled in population.
Portions' of the county which were then a
.Jivildermws have now berdrae thickly pop
vlatell and doing au extensive Farming,
Mechanical and Merchantilo business, and
-ofveourse the court and county business hat
increased, at least, in like ptoportton. The
greatest inctcasc of inhabitants haa been in
-tliai portion of the county, the furthcrsst
Israoved from the county seat, which ren
tiers Hi present location more and more un
just and inconvenient.' It i alike detriman
yjfter'to the interest of all classes of the com-
auiiily, thousands, yea, lens of thousands
"of'tfollars have already been ,paid in ex
Rinses attending coult, more thar. there
would have been, had the courts been loca-t-fad
originally, near the centre of the coun
ty, instead of Danville, and this extra ex-'jimse-is
annually increasing as the popula
tion anil business or the counly increases.
Tlio dianuier of the county, is about thiity
miles, as Danville is situated upon one
extreme edg:, many of our citizens have
How to travel 30 miles the whole width of
the county, tit attend to business, when if
tie cpunly seal was removed to the centre,
tbt? (ravel would bo divided, and the further
ist would have about'fifteun miles to travel.
Under the circumstances, who can doubt
the injustice of the present lucation of the
seat of justice. And as the public build
ings are in a dilipaled situation, and new
ones will soon be required to be built, or at
least a heavy expense must be incurred in
repairs, what better time can there, be
than the present to effect- their removal t
i jJclieving that now is the lime tv make an
' effectual exertion; I shall, from time, to
time, as my duties on my farm will permit,
give' my reasons, more at full, fur urging a
united action upon the subject, at the pies
ent time.
.i Citizen of Columbia county.
A Mr. Dabney, a Teller in tho Bank of
Vffgtaia'has fjeon discovered to be a dcfaul
ter'to the amount of 580,000 dollars, He
- has left the country.
A 'Ml has passed the Legislature authori
sing t.ho Governor to appoinl Notaries Pub
lic, for tho term of three years,.
At a lato trial before a Justice of the Peace
in Mount Vernon, Ky a lawyer, who was
concerned in the case, bad the temerity to
cill'the Juetico a meddlesome fellow and a
mijl iinun which tho dicnilarv arose. and
.. ? - o .
taking up the bench upon which ho had
been sitting, with a singlo sweep brought it
in contact with the sido of the lawyet's
hea,d, with such judioial forco that the learn
ed counsel was prostrated and the trial clos
ed. When thoy fight duels in Mississippi, it
appears that a general invitation is given to.
tlio public to he present to witness ine
rport. One was fought recently opposite
Yicksbursr, between Mr. J. A, Richardson
and Mr. Murray, both of Louisville. A
-shot was givsn without effect, when the
affair was suspended. A large number of
the citizens were on the ground. Another
meeting, between two political parlizans
..from, Jackson, is in contemplation.
The Anli Slavery Nominations:- AV
"learn from Albany that the National Ami
- alamy Couvpnlion at that place have mint-
ipated an independent Abolition Ticket,
wilh Janles G. Dirney as their candidate
for the Presidency, and Thomas Earle, nf
Philadelphia, as their candidate for the
Vice Presidency of the United States. In
quirer'. 4
It will be seen from the abovo that so far
as nominations go, honors have fallen upon
our townsman Thomas Earle.who has been
remarkable in Pennsylvania polites.for h
number, of years past, and who was the
drier cause'of the call of the Convention to
anBnd the constitution, of which hody he
d a I I. 1
"was a memner. e count, nnwever,
wlmtlivr tlin aforesaid nomination is likely
Ho raise him to the Vice Premdency. -Penn
Tfoyr exhiditixo, exhibited, or "being
txhbittd.', in New Orleans, two portraits,
one of Adam and tho other of Eve; the jonly
torrid likenesses ever shown in this coun
iry. Adam is represented in the act of
mending a wheel-barrow, and Eve is Enga
ged in grinding coffee and frying rouple
of moccasins for the old gentleman's break-
f flie
Dublin Ueiiister slate's that, the tia-
tiol church of Gieat Hittain and lreland pro-
-duces a revenue of jG8,800,00O. . The-rev.
enues ot all other ostahluhcd -churches, in
rKuronu and South Amrrica-is J?8,!i2;000 !
f. ,u .t,, .!, r r"nnlmil PTrnndinir all nth-
W CM pul tosclher by &l i,00D a year. .
l u mcnuun ilut there '
will h Preaching
in this towrt to-morrow (Sunday) afternoon
at 4 o'clock, by one of tbo Circut Preach-
Frost, the chnrtisf,has a family-or-a wife,:
a sou, and five daughters. .":
t A decree has been' proposed in tbo Mex
ican Congress, to prohibit, on penalty of
confiscation,- tho importation of cabinet fur
niture. The Cumanche Indians, according to an
official report, have committed ht-rrible dep
redations in the State of Zacatccas.
It is said that emigration to Canada from
the Highlands of Scotland, will saoii lake
place upon a largo scale.
It is stated that thfrty-lwo persons have
been appointed Aids-de-Camp of the Gov
ernor of Georgia, wilh the rank of Colo
nel. Gbvomor Mortou of Massachusetts, has
refuted his signature to the Abolition reso
lutions puei by both Houses.
New York city has been divided into 73
election districts, under the new Registry
Young potatoes were offered for sale in
ihc Cincmnati market, several days ago.
The Dritish Queen took over thb largest
quantity of luiters over sont from this coun
try by one vessel. Messrs. Gilpin & Halo
received 33,232 in postage.
Fifty-five thousand barrels of flour reach
ed the Ltallimore Market, by way of the
Washington rail road, during the month of
The value of cattle imported into Liver
pool from Ireland in ih'e first eleven monihs
of last year amounted to 2,900,000; and
the value of the insignificant article of feath
ers, imported into. England from that coun
try is estimated to amount annually to 500,
000. Wild pigeons are selling in tbo Buffalo
marset at 00 cents a dozen,
.Strawberries were selling in Now Orleans
market on the 17th ull. at twelvo utd a-lulf
emits a piece.
A comic singer at the Natchez theatre, is
singing a song called, " Brandeth's Pills.".
V under how many boxes will be taken for
his benefit.
We kara from Bangor, (Me.) that
the ice evacuated the Penobscot on the first
inst., being a fortnight earlier lhan usual.
1 he navigation to that city is therefore now
Tlio National Intelligencer says, 'We
learn, by letters from the West, that we may
expoctby every mail to hear of the decease
of the venerable Judge White.
A young man named Hiram Warner,
says tho Dover (O.) Democrat, fell Irom
the belfry of tho Presbyterian church, on
Wednesday last, and but for the passing of
a person on whom he fell, would have been
instantly killed; as it was, ho was much in
jured. The Westmoreland "Pennsylvania Ar
gus," has changed owners. Mr. Steck,
the former vigilant editor has disposed of it
to Mr. J. M. Bunnur.1., by whom it will
hereafter be conducted.
Here is a good wellerism, from the Buf
falonian : 'I'm working hard for you,' a?
the new cider said to Gen. Harrison.
MARRIED On the IGlh inst., by the
Rev. William J. Eyer. Mr. SAMUEL
HUIJER, nf Danville, to Miss ELLEN
STILL, of Mahoning.
DIED On Sunday the 5th of April, in
Briercreek. Mr. JAMES SLOAN, a re
spectable and very exemplary citizen, aged
about GO years.
His remains were interred in tho Pres
byterian burying ground at Bloom, on the
following Tuesday, when and where his fu
neral termon was preached by tho Rev. J,
Ewiuj. Tkxt: Well done sood and
faithful servant; enter thou into the joy of
thy I.ara,
pmllK Ul Battallioii of tin 71st Urgimout are
JJ. notitird to meet at Orangeville on Thurmlay,
tlio 3 If I day of May next, and tho Volunteer Com
panies attacliotl thereto, to meet at the nino lima
and (dace.
Tlio 2d Battallion of the 71st Hcgiment, with
tlio Volunteer Coninante attached, wilt meet at
UattanisM, n Friday, the 22d day of May. The
htuliimi will met fir parade and Inspection
with nniiK nud aceoutiCMicnts in good orderat 10 o'
dot k, A.M. '
Aa there H a proapect'of War, the Colonel hopes
a military iltit will pervade both officers and men,
and ahofild their counlry require it, tliey will ba rea
lly and willing to serve her with promptiludo and
It taejiecte: that ono or both of tho Oenerali
will lie present.
7lr 1st Brig. 8th D;P. M.
-aiti nf ur pral will bo held on tho second Mon:
A,k- f .limn, for tha lit ilattallion at Oraneeiillo.
aod for ibc-5-1 Wittaljlon at Roaring t'rwk,
Vb .re reduced to mcnuun lliut fl,
lion wilt beihelrJw 'at the housd of Robert
Hagenbucli, ont-' t '
' rHesda;pViem day'bf May f"ext,
rXr" " iiTli WJ,e,lier ,hc tJommon
Schbbl Sysloft sll be.continued in thq dis
(nct 'of Illpdfor'ihe ehsuiug three years.
ckornWBS'nZhhiwee&, one and two o'
clock in theijifusr.noon,
Sec. B. Directors.
Bloom, April. 18, 1840.
New Store.
rilHK Subscribe 'would 'respectfully inform the
ft public generally,-Mat he has purchased the
Dtick. Houveon thscomerof the Market auare in
tbo tovyn.of Jllcouuburg, latctlie estate; of Henry
and thus permanently, as he hopes, established him
Belf in thii placo. He has on hand a
neat and general assortment of
ffi E)&9'
Groceries, liquors,
Marduye, luccnsware,
which ho olfdrs foV to' sell at very Reasonable rates,
for cash or county p'rodnce; 'and intends slid'rtlv to
ndd to hia general-assortment by 'new supplies from
He tendere h'ii, tlwiAks, for. tl -Jibcral tncournc.
ment he has received nco his'establisbinent in
Bloombnrg, and r&peclfutly solicits "u continuance
ot public lavur.
v ' . ,! JOHN HORTMAN..
Bloomsburg, April ll.1840; 60 6t
ILL' be exposed to Public Sale, on
Monday the 7lh of Jlnril inst.
at the house of Henry Wanick in Mount Pleasant
township, at 10 o'clock A. M.
of well
belonging to the estate of Mathias feliipmnn, (ate of
Mount I feasant township, deceased. 1 ho above
described property is situated on the west side of
t islung creek, on a stream called Grindstone-run,
about one mile and a half from M. M'Dowcll's Mill.
Due attendance and terms made known on the day
ot bale, by the subscriber,
April 11, 1810.
ILL be exposed to Public Sale, on
Monday the 27A of .Ipril inst.
at the house of Joseph" 'Culp Ih Mount Pleasant
township, at 3 o'clock In ibe afternoon, 0110 lot of
ana containing about .o-'vtin - -.
and allowance, unimproved, adioinirifr land's of An
drew Melick, jun. Joseph Culp and others, and the
road leading from Greenwood to Bloomburg passes
tnrougli it.
AUo, another small lot containing about
1 1-2 AeeFes,
part cleared with a number of beating
All belongingto'the estate of Michael Hittlclate of
.Mount Pleasant towmlup, deceabcu. Duo attenu
and and terms made known on the day of sale, by
the subscriber.
April 11, 1840.
For sale, or in smalr quantities. Gnv
lien Seeds from a lOTATOE down
to a MUSTARD SEED. Also, Two
WEDGES besides a' few Cabbage
iieaus :
Hemlock township, April 4.
Sometime last wixlernear "Cloomsburg
lasin( a ' r '! "
liOR Chains
. The finder shall .V? r'so'riauly. rewarded
by giving information' to Uti'a ipffie where
li niajuo ioijiiu.
U .l)st
'- iM!
Bloomsbtifg Artillery
A" 'tB hercuy'cooimanded to'mett at BLOOMS
.. 13UKG,n
Monday , the Athof May liext,
at ten o'clock, in the forenoon, fir company drill.
By order of tho Commandant.
E. AftMSTRONO, Oi ti,
April 18, 1840. -
ARB hereby commanded to meet at the hoUse
of Mrs. WORMEN, in Eepytown, on
Saturday, the 18th of April next.
at 10 o'clock, A. M. lawfully equlpt for drill) with
arms and accoutrements in good order.
15 j order or the Captain.
March 2l, 1810.
THE Subscriber informs the public that
lie has tatcen the well known
lately occupied by Daniel Gross, in Blooms
burg, Columbia county, and solicits a shaie
ot puunc patronage. His UAK and LAU
DER will always be sunnlied with the best.
and having good stabling and attentive host
lers, lie flatters himself that he shall bonhln
to give satisfaction to all who may call on
Bloomsburg, April 11, 1840.
Orangeville, Columbia County, Pa.
THE subscriber informs the nnblic. that
lie has taken the above well known stand
lately kept by Samuel Richer, and invites
his friends and the public generally to give
him a call. Hia
shall at all times be supplied with the beat
-j.r i . tt i
anu cnoicesi oi juitquors, anu ins
whh all the choicest delicaccs of the season.
With good attention in the house, and at
tcntive hostlers, and good stabling, hopes to
merit and receive a share of public patron
April 11, 1840.
THE celebrated and Well bred horse
INDEPENDENCE, will be kept forser
vice at tha stable of the Subscriber, in
Bloomsburg, the ensuing season, to eom
mence on the first of April and end on the
nrst day of July next, on moderate terms
INDEPENDENCE, is a beautiful bright
liay, having a black list along Ins back, and
black legs, mane, and tail. lie stands us
ing sixteen hands high; and for symetry
and movement, he can have but very tew sit
penors on this continent, it is tormer own
er kept him for the turf, on which he nev
er lost a race, for six hundred yards, and a
quarter of a mife. He is well known in
this neighborhood to be a sure horse; and
his stock of more value, than that of any
other horse that has been, kept in the county
lor many years past.
The Sire of INDEPENDENCE, was
the celebrated imported horse, Printer, the
swiftest horse, at that time, in the United
States. His Dam was got by the imported
horse Whip; Grand Dam, by the imported
horse Quicksilver; all first rate horses; that
were the noble progenitors of what is now
considered, the best blood, and most valua
ble stock in Kentucky. .
Bloomsburg, April 7th, 1840.
THE pcbltc are hereby cautioned against
purchasing a certain house and lot ot ground
situate in Bloomsburg, advertised to be
sold by the Shcriifof Columbia county at
Danville, on the 20th day of April next, as
the properly of Philip Jstetler and George
Lilly. A? tho title, of the said House and
lot is in the Subscriber and not in the said
Stetler or Gcorgo Lilly, the right of a pur
chaser will uo contested.
.Bloomsburg April 4, 1840.
THE Subscriber wishes to hire a Jour
neymau Cooper, to whom good wages and
steady employ ment will be given,'
An apprentice to the Coopering business
is wanted immediately. A emart active lad
will receive good encouragement upon ap
plication to , WILLIAM KELLY.
Uloomsburg, March aa,. 1B10.
Fresh Garden Seeds
THE subscriber has just received a sup
ply of Fresh Gardeu Seeds, from the United
Seciely ofbhakers in the state of New
York, which are considered the best and
cheapest offered to the public.
March 21.
HE subscru!e?hfJrfatt CANAL BOAT
of about 0. tons" furtben lnrt been In UJ
onyear,jnd would be sold tm reasonable terms asf
iu price ana payments, or wouiu ia.c puv ui wiujiu
Coal or in freighting produce to Balthflofffor Phil
adelphia. Address tho subscriber. ,
m. McDowell.
McDowell's Mills, (Bloom,) Col. ctf, Mri?ch'14.
The Wilkesbarrc Republican Farmer wift pleasrf
publish the above three times, and fowrd Uie)t
bill to this jffflce'. '
r iUti subscriber intending to close bis business
B in Bloomsbura and move out of town, orl-ttie
first day of Aprtil, calls upon all persons indebted to
him to come forward and close their accounts before)
that time, or they will be left with n justice to ecttio'
according to law, . REUBEN BOMBOY.
March 21, 1840.
THIS is to Certify. IIirI t have hired to
Silvanus Stephens tliftfollowing.prbpsrty:
one bav Maid and one white Horse, ana
two Horse Waggrin, alsoone sett of, .har
ness anu gearing lor two norses, .dining rr'
pleasure, df which ihe public will .ple
take notice.
Sugarloaf, itarch 28, 1840. ' 'r f; " '
TO all lecatees. creditors nnd other ner.
sons interested in the estates of the teepee-
live decedents and minors, that, the admin'
istration accounts of the said estate's, havei
been filed in the Office of the Register o(
county .oi uoiumuia, and will be psesented
for confirmation and allowance to the Or-1
phan's Court, to be held at Danville, in and
for the county aforesaid, on Tuesday, th6
21st of April next, at 2 o'clock. P. M,'
tnt - .....
i i lie account ot Ucorge Hidley arid
Levi Aikman, jr. Administrators of the cg-
tate oi Joan W. Amman, late of Hlooirt
township, deceased.
i he account of .lohrt Fruit, Adminis-t ,
trator of the estate of Catharine Vni
late of Madison township deceased
3 The second stinnlementr.rv ahnotfnt of'
Jacob Millor, administrator .of George Mifi"
ler, late of Cattawissa- trwnsKipTdeceased.
4 Ihe account of William Clayton, Ex- .
ccufor of the last will and testament or '
Thomas Clayton. late of Cattawissa to why
ship, deceased.
5 The account of John Rhodes, admin-',
istratorof the estate of Caster Rhnrl?sriatk
of Roaringcreek township, deceased! "
o ine account ol William Welliver and
John Gilaspio, administrators of tlie 'es'taiff'"
of Francis Rote late of Madlson-lownsliioi
deceaspd. ' a
7 The account of Jacob Demolt anil Jo'rirP
Manninrr. administrntnrs nf ihn a.t-iio nt.
Francis Rote, late of Madison township, de
ceased. '
8 Tho account of fliVlmril ni.m'n ttA'-
Nancv Kitchen. HVi-ciilnr nf thn lui Will
and.testamentof John Kitchen, late "of Ma3
isnn townshm. deR3tpil. - -
U The account ol Jacob and MicHeal S:(
Rishel, administrators of the estate df Jacofj,
Kishet, late of Hemlock township, deceaV-
ed. . . ' f
PHILIP BILLMYER. l?et?iattr.
REoisTEn's Office, Danville,
March 13, 1839- $
For April 2'erm, 1840.
Bloom Benjamin Boone. Rnbnrt HV.
genbuch, Charles Kaler, Samuel Lttdwigi
Lewis Maus, John R, Mover. Samuel Me
7narce;.--Jolin Snvder Josefeh Pin.
kerton, John Martz, Jacob Hilt, John P. r
Freage, Lewis Deitrich.
Cattawissa. Joel E. Brndlev. Dsvirt
Clark, Daniel Keefler, 0. D. Leib, John
zcrrv. Georee Bi Imever. William
Brailey, John Craig.
Greenwood. John R. Alberson.
Jlcmlock. Robert Russel. :
Jackson Thomas Hess.
Limestone. Joseph Gibson. '
Liberty. William Campbell.
Madison, Richard Fruit, Reuben Wit
Mahoninr. Geonre B. Brown. John
Dean, Samuel Gulicli, Jacob Sechler.David
Stuart, John Wilson.
Mtffitn. Robert B. Brown. Josenh Kir-
kendall, Nathan Snyder.
Mount 1'lcasant. George Applemsn.
William Kitchen, John H. Vanderslice..i'a
Monteur. Mathias Girion. Thomai
Harftnan, David Kissel.
Roaring Creek. Jonas Benningcrtgaxa
Sugarloaf. Elexander Colley, Bonja
min Keclcr, Tunis Kerns.
For April 'Perm, 1840.
Briarcreek. Samuel Adams.
Cattawissa. Philip Seasholtz, Georgs
Berry. John Bleo,Solomon Gise.Evaa
Fishing Creek. John Garraan.
Zifieri.John M' Williams.
Mifftin. David Davis, Charles Hci.
William Savage, Jacob Yohe,
Madison. John P. Eves, William Hen-:
Mahoning Peter Briglit.David Philips
jlfonur.-John Richards,
Mt. Pleasant. John. Ale, Isaac Mu-'
Roaring Creek. 'Peter Herbeia -, -Henry
Melz, Jacob Harner.
Sugarloaf. CotntYtts Colem3n,Ezek'f
el Cole. " "