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    TnFc01AJMMfAI)?M0CItAT. "
S.iTVtWJiV, JVIjY 20, 1S30.
In compliance with tiin request of a number of
Dcraocraiifl citizens, till' Dkmuciutic Staniuso
JCoMMifrsn of Columbia County, recommend tho
"TioWing of .a
.tt liic house cf Dauld Cross, in Bloomsburp;, on
Saturday, the 10i of August next,
'for the pu'poio of mal ing arrangements for the fall
election, and to take into consideration the situation
of tho party, and adopt such measures as Khali con
Juco to it bent intaicst, and that of tho County
DemocraUcStandingCommittec of Col Co'
July 17, 1830.
By a notice in our paper of to-day, of the
Democratic Standing Committee, it will bo
tccn that a County Meeting is to be held in
this town, on the 10th of August. As eve
ry democrat should tuko an interest in the
primary arrangements for the" fall election,
:mi r.s su meets ot a mini t' lmnnrtani nature
to the wellfarc of lliu party, will probably
come before the meeting, wo hope to sec a
general attendance.
j - - - - rj 1 -
The " Berwick Sentinel" is out against
the removal, and in favor of tho re-election
of Maj. Colt. We think ho will find it
rather an uphill business to sustain him in
tho upper section of the county, at least.
The people have too much at stake to elect
a man-this fall who is decidedly hostile to
their interest; and besides, a large. majority
of the democracy of the county arc anti
bank and anti-corporation men, and have no
Idea of having a hank, or a stock-jobbing
corporation in every nook and corner of the
The contract? for building Bridges on the
lower division of tho North Branch Canal,
have finally been awarded as will be per
ceived by the following from the Danville
Intelligencer. The hows, the whys ana
tho wherefores, are best known to the select
council. If 1C7 is more 225; and if no ex
perience 13 belter than long experience,
then it i3 perfectly fair and honorable in a
public '.fr-srlo disfranchise a portion of the
county, to gratify personal hostility.
TV,- JYi'hrn to !.e rt.-l:ui!t this season on
jt"' N..t!i Uranrn Division of tho IVnnsyl
,i una eruvi!. under 1I12 mmnrvisnrshin nf
avid j. Kownover, have been allotted as
1 Ws :
ios. 55. nn, GO, GO, CI and 73, to Ow
ens ox r , , Bent irk.
.us. 01, 07. 70, 7-1 and Snonebcnr;
& co, Uri'iv (Vic-I:.
N). u.i, to 1 '"i Fioa,, Briar Creek.
No. f. i: M.t!o:i Hicks, Briar Crock,
i.o. 05, t-i A. A. Bowman. Briar Crep!:.
nr. ! 0-, itonb mid wood, mid
03. C5, Q"j :inJ biiiierstrticture. to
iam-"s C !'.-.". & co. Lknvlllu,
N-- 03. ;)3 nad 102. stone, toltlarlin
W'Alistcr, D'i.Mile.
ho-. K 105, 100, 100 and 109, to L.
iinem ''.i co. of Liberty.
I Nos. 112, IIS, lid and 115, to Cook
Ipf Danvilb, and Like of Northumberland.
The Law. prohibiting under a penalty of
p0 circulation of Denk notes of smaller
Kcnomisation than 03 wcnl'mio opereartion
i Ohio on the A., Any Bnnk that viu
'tea rhis law in its issues, forfeits its char
It r.
'lost HtrribliTne Memphis, Ton-
Btti'" fnnin-.-n- nf n ln! iltjlrt Btva . 'Plin
J ' " '"V" "
J'ly of a man was diseotcred on the 20th
jjlt'i iing in tho Mississippi, about three
11 "i hclow Hits place, tied to a lojr, i Jiu
rcat was cut from ear to ear, and the ub-
fl'.ien open the bowls ripped out.
Suicide from Joalouiy. A Miss Eliza-
Icih Kobedeo of Brooklyn, aged 10, who
ff js engaged to be married soon, on the 2d
' July in a fit of jonlousy 6wallowod a
prtion of poison, which terminated her ex-
The agitation of the removal question, as
was to bo expected, has created quite a sen
sation nmong the Danvlllo interest, and thoy
are at their old tricks again, to " divide,"
aud by that means " conquer." To effect
this, their game lias heretofore been to
bring into tho controvcrcy, somo extrane
ous mailer, wholly irrelevant, to prevent a
united action, and a fair expression, of the
people of the county, upon " this exciting
question." And, if I am to judge from tho
tenor of a communication in a lato Berwick
Sentinel, the same game is to be played at
the approaching trial of strength, with less
scrupulousness, if possible, than heretofore.
This writer, over the signature of " Epis
copus," asks " Is lhi3 the proper time" for
the question to be brought before the peo
ple? and then very gravely answers, " It is
not." This is such an answer as I should
of cocrso expect from a man living in Dan
ville, or from one of their "hired scriblers,"
whose interest it is never to have the ques
tion agitated at all, much less at tho present
limp, when the minds of the people are so
much " excited" tpon the subject as they
nrc now. It is not only not die " proper
lime" now, but the " proper lime" never
will arrive with them, because they well
know that if the question was fairly brought
before the people, it would be decided
against them by more than three to one in
tho county. It therefore remains with the
friends of the removal to decide when is the
" proper time" that this " filthy business,"
as H is styled by " Episcopus," should be
agitated. When done, I can assure the ed
itor of the Sentinel," and " Episcopus"
too, that it will be neither a "useless," nor
a " filthy business" on tho part of the
friends of the removal, unless they use the
same weapons of misrepresentation and de
ception, as those used by their opponents,
and adopt tho same method of hiring tools
to advocate their cause.
Of the far-fciched simple idiotic story of
the wiiler about the next candidate for Con
gress, I know nothing mid care less. The
election nf member of Congress has nothing
to do with the removal question at this time,
and more than that, the i.ext candidate com
ing from Luzerne, we are bound to sustain
whoever the democracy of that county shall
present to us for our support; and whoever
they do regularly present to us, will bo uni
tedly sustained by the parly here. If I am
riijht as to the gentleman referred to by "E
piscopus," I believe he once did act side by
side with him in the federal ranks, but unlike
him, has left the party, not for the sake of
office, but in sincerity and truth. He now
acts, and has for ears, with tho democrats,
and is now the particular favorite and right
waupporter of tho exclusive friends of
" Episcopus" in Luzerne, and should he
be brought forward as a candidate for Con
gress, it will bo through their aid and coun
tenance. Thus much for " Episcopus' "
fears on this head. Hij .insertion that the
removal parly wish to diido the democrats
is equally unfounded. So fir from it, we
are anxious 10 unite the party, by putting
this " exciting question," which has al
ways had more or less to do with every
election since tho organisation of thu conn
ry, at rest. And there is no other way lo
do this, but to effect ihe removal, Thi
done, and the party is united, and all the
arts of the Danvlllo interest cannot again
disturb its harmonious action.
I now come to tho question, " IB THIS
THE PROPER TIME ?" and I affirm,
without hesitation, that " IT IS." All
real friends ot the removal, will give the
same answer. Why not ? Are wo hot
now menaced by two projects for divisions
of the county, which, if cither were effected,
would take off a portion of the county, that
will eventually be the richest and most pop
ulous part i And is not the Danville inte
rest aiding and abetting in these schemes ?
And arc not the surrounding counties alike
convulsed to ihe very centre, with similar
projects ? all of which would to put at
rest by tho courts of this county being re
moved to the- Centre. Such aro tho facts.
Then why fchould we delay? Why should
we put oil' ihe trial to a more " convenient
season;" or, until the Danville interest shall
say " iioto is the timcV Tho horso will
then bo stolen, and it will not be of any
use to lock the stable. Tho county will
then bo cut op and destroyed, for much
r.uher would the anti-removal party hate
this done, than that tho courts should be re
moved from their present location. They
care not for the interest of the county, or of
the democratic party, any farther than the
advancement of their own personal interest.
Cvery act of theirs for years show it, and
particularly those within the last few months
prove it. They have done all they could to
excito angry feelings in the party,and when
ever they could give a afah at the removal
causc.Jthcy hesitated not, They never stopt
to enquire, Is this the proper lime ?" and
that too, during the past year, in defiance
oflheir sacred pledge that nothing should
be done that should in the least have a bear
ing upon this " exciting question." I say
then, " NOW is the lime," " now is the
day of salvation." The county is threaten
ed with a division that will eventually take
place unless a removal is eflccled. Our
limits aro already sufficiently contractsd
and were ifje Courts removed to the Centre,
no county in tho Stale would bo more con
veniently situated for doing their county
business; but as it is, none arc more wick
edly and basely imposed upon, and none
labor under greater inconveniences.
I say then, lo the true and real friends of
the removal, go ahead in the righteous cause
of asserting and maintaining your rights. Let
none of the far-fetched and cunningly de
vised fables of your opponents divide your
ranks, or enfeeble your acts bo united and
harmonious in your action and my word
for it, you will comeolf victorious.
The Register man calls upon the whigs
of Sugarloaf to disavow the authorship of
my communication published in your last,
and calls it "calumncy" fdr a whig to be de
nominated a removal man. No doubt he
considers it so when applied to himself; but
the whigs generally in this portion of the
county, do not think it such a " filthy bu
siness," I would advise the certificate men
to give us the veal name of iho Register's
eorrespoadent, before they attempt to aseci
tain mine. If they, or the Register, will
ilo that, I will not put them to the trouble
of procuring certificates to prove a nega
From the icw Haven Herald.
Fitty Ykaiss Aoo. In these degenerate
days it is sometimes useful to review the
past and compare the present with our for
mer state. A fiiend has handed us a file of
the " New Haven Gazette, aud Connecticut
Magazine," for the year 1787, published
by Joseph Meigs, lormerly Professor ol
Mathematics in Yale College which con
tains a great many curious rcniinhcouces.
Among others we observe the following.
" A healthy, strong and active Negro
Boy, about 1 1 years of ago. Inquire of
the Printer."
" A likely young Necro about 18 years
of age. He is banged for no fault, but for
want of employ, and lo preserve him from
the greater evil of being sold as a slave
for life."
The Rumors which have brer, afloat of
a new invasion of Texas by Mexico, now
that the French difficulties are tcitled, anil
the Federal parly crushed, ore beginning to
assume a mure definite shape. The Now
Orlciim True American lias received intelli
gence, from a quarter declared lo be enti
tled in credit, of Hie inteniibns uf Mexico
towards Texas in small detachments simul
laneoiuly, and lo rendezvous on tho R;2
ikazi3 until die grand body thall number
nboui H.000 won. Tim centre is lo be sup
ported by a detachment of cavalry, strctcli
vd to ihe right and left, s-o as to'uwecp the
whole country. Tho invading force is not
lo bo less than 12,000 men. An extermi
nating war is to be waged. No qumierM to
man, woman, or child will bo tho watchword;
not a house to bo left standing in the conn
try. Universal pillage i3 to be allowed, lo
incite the soldiery to action. The whole
command is to devolve upon Biislamente;
and should ho be wore ted in his march by
the Texan?, Santa Anna is to take thu fi?hl
in pcrtou, at the head of 10,000 men. The
campaign is to begin in September.
JJullimorc American.
Old Times. The following is extracted
from nn old number of tho London Maga
zine, of October 1775. It shows the march
and piogress of matrimony amidst the tur
moils, battles aud strifes of '70 :
" Fairfield, Jug. 2Dlh. Last evening,
was ma.ried, the Hon. John Hancock, Esq.
President of the Continental Congress, to
Miss Dorothy Quincy, of.Bonlou,"
Jlaiding in Columbia County.
Their money duo them on the fit day of July
1830 in ready. It can bo had at any time by cal
ling or sending.
THE Bloomsburg Artillery will meet at
the hose of Charles Docblc'r, in Blooms
burg, on Saturday tho 3d day of August
next, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon in com
plete uniform, lor exercise and Drill.
By order of the Captain,
Julv 20.
Mew Supply
Bruggs and Medicines,
Wilis and Toys,
and numerous othi r articles in my line of business,
which again renders my osaoitmcnt complete.
I. ft. MOYER.
July 20.
Es it possible!
THE Fifth Now Supply for tliis summer, in
tho highly recommended Drug Store, with
ttuj suitable iiamo HEALTH EMPORIUM.
TI10 subscriber has made arrangements with all
tho Importers of Medicines, Patented and others,
Toys, Perfumery, &c. in tho city of Philadelphia,
anil lias received an appointment of Agency fot
most oi the Patent .Medicines now in existence in
Pennsylvania, which ho oilers for sale as cheap as
they can bu obtained in tho State, at the Health
Emporium and Family Warehouse, Uloomsburg,.
Columbia County. D. S. TOI3IAS.
July 0.
SNFORMS tho public, that ho has located him
self in Liloouisiiurj.;, at the house of Air. L.
l.ijht, where ho will at all times be ready to at-tv-nd
to all calls for his professional services.
July 20.
FW0 all Legatees, Creditors, and other persons
X2 interested in tho estates of the respcciivo de
cedents and iniiiurs. that the Administration ac
counts of the said estates, havo been fded in the Uf-
lico ot the ltegister ol thu County ot Columbia, ami
will be presented for conlirmaiiou and allowance to
tho Orphans' Court, to bo held at Danville, in and
fjr tho county aforesaid, on Tucsdjy tho 20di day
of August next, at 2 o'clock, P. M.
1st. The account of John Ycttcr and Jacob Yct
tor, administrators of tho estate of Samuel Yctler,
late of CatawLsa township deceased.
2d, Tho account of Thomas V. Iddinjs and
Sydney Kreijher, administrators of the estate of
Oeorge KrcUher, late of tho borough of Berwick,
3d. Second supplementary account of JohnFoust
and Christian Duahl, executors of the last will and
testament of Peter Deahl, sea. lato of Mahoning
tovhi deceased.
4.h. ri;st supplementally account of Casper
Hurtman, uxecutor of tho last will testament of
John Toruhnson, late of township, de
ceased. 5lh. The account of John Mench and Peter Hine
bach, administrators of tho estate of .Michcal Hine
bach, late of .Montour township, deceased.
fith. Tho ncciuntof James Strawn and William
Hartman, administrators of tho estate of George
llartmau, lato of Hemlock township, deceased.
7th. The account of Jacob and John Fry, exec
utors of the last will und testament of David Fry,
late of Montour townsnip, deceased.
8th. The account of Samuel and John Rcichard,
administrators of tho estate of Frederick Rcichard,
late 01 Madison township, deceased.
9th, The account of David Uochcr, administra
tor of the ebtato of Joseph Hans, lato of Briar Creel:
township, deceased.
10th. Tho account of Henry &. Daniel G:r;pr,
Administrators of the estate of Henry Giger, latoof
Hemlock township, deceased.
Illh. The nrcount of William Cirton, Admin
istrator of tha csUto of Thomas Girton, late of Mad
ison township, deceased.
12th. Tho account of John Pitncr and Ellis
Hughrs, administrators of tho estate of Isaac Tom
liuson, Lite of Cattnwisa township, deccai-cJ.
Register's O.Tice, Dauvd'.c, July 12, 18U0.
Remaining in the Post Ofirr. at Blooms
burg, July st, '1830.
Baylor Elia, Meyer L. Dr.
Bittcnbendcr John, McDowell M.
B..ker Aseneth, Philips Cf. V.
Barns Mr. Poor oterscors of
Cresslor John, Montour township.
Dreher Frederick Tclrikin Wiuslow &
Davenport Ira, Co.
Everett Obed, R-isenherer Bej
Emmons Mr. Rilter William,
Firman Capt, Smith George or
Fleck Daniel, Daniel,
Ciaskins Rachel, Smith A bin. II.
Ilowcr John, Squire E.
Hagohiieh Mr. owner Squire Ebon
of Boat Superior. Squirn Mr.
llefioy Charles, Smith George,
Keller John Esq. Shipmati Jacob,
Ktauda Jacob, Stonn David,
Kendig C. Thomas Charles 2
kromor Polly, Thatcher John M.
Long Joseph Sr. Y.ili.ircharnp A.
Larshy Ruben, YV'ertmnn John,
MelliJk Andrew, Workman John 3
Mandchll John, Wells Henry,
Morton John, Waller Rpv. Mr.
M'lntosli Alexander, 50.
Mier Lou is Dr.
Persona calling for letters on the abovo
list, will please say ihcy aro advertised.
Bloomsburg, July 0. 1830,
THE subscriber has on hand, and will
keep an assortment of
French Bedsteads,
a superior article, which he will sell cheap
for cash or countryproduco.
Bloomsburg July 13, 1839.
Carpenters Attend.
PROPOSALS will bo received by tho
ubscribers, in the afternoon of Saturday,
the 20th inst. at the house of Daniel Sny
der, in Bloomsburg, for Weather Hoarding,
Repairing, anil Building a Tower, on tho
German Reform and Lutheran Church, in
Bloomsburg. The Contractors to find Ma
terials, and completo tho work by the first
of October. Plans and specifications will
be exhibited on the day of letting, and tho
day previous.
Bloomsburg, July 13, 1839.
fX pursuance of tlic Constitution of tho Com
monwealth of Pennsylvania Notice k hereby
wealth, that they and others, will make application
iv. uiu iiuAi j.cisiaiuiu, mr iuc creation oi a corpo
rate Dody with Banking and discounting privilege,
of the named and stylo of the
Farmers and Mechanics Bank of Colum-
bia County,
to bo located at such ito or place within said Coun
ty of Columbia, as shall bo fixed upon by Com
missioners appointed in such manner as the Legis
lature shall direct for fixing tho location of said
Bank, and with a capital of two hundred thousand
dollars. Said corpnrale body to bo created for tho
object of sccminij to tho citizens of tho Common
wealth, and of tho County of Columbia, the beno
fils of a banking In-titulion, with the rights, pow
ers and privileges of the Bank of Northumberland.
S, E, CRAIG.. '
ALL persons aro hereby cautioned a
(rainst purchasing TWO NOTES of hand,
for JL7 dollars each, given by us to Ithiel
S. Richardson, dated the Gth day of De
cember, 1838, as we have received no val
ue for them, and are determined not to pay
them unless compelled bylaw.
Bloom, June 22, 1839.
Will be paid to any person that will givo'
informaliti?. of Ahg.nprsor' or persons that
ly below McKeFvy's dam, in Fishing creek,
so that tho scoundrels may be brought to
justice. DANIEL GROSS.
Juno 29.
The Subscriber, in pril last, gave a Nolo
to WILLIAM EDGAR, of Greenwood,
Columbia county, payable the first davof
April next for One' Hundred aad five Dol
lars. All persons aro cautioned against
purchasing the same, as the title to tha
land for which it was givon, is incumbered
and in dispute, and I am determined not to
pay the same till the title is clear.
Dallas, Luzerne county, June 13, 1S39.
(Comer of Main and Market-street.)
j HE Subscriber informs his old custom
ers and fticmb, and tho public gonarally,
that he has added
RY Shop, and hating just returned from
Philadelpiiic, he oilers for sale, a general
assortment, consisting of almost every arti
cle made use of in Families, or by Physi
cians; as also, almost every dcrc-Ipiion of
J9!e3:l E!ied2CL2iCS. ' He ha3 also,
and various kinds of PERFUMERY and
SHAVING SOAP, together with almost
every article usually kept in a variety store.
Having madn arrangements for a constant
supply from the city," ho flatters himself
that ho ihall at all times bo able to furnish
his customers wi'h every article in his line,
that may be called for, of as good a quality,
and upon as reasonable terms as any of his
Bloomsburg, Juno IS, 1839.
A preserved Fruit to cat.
PEPPER SAUCE, fur sal at
Tobias' Health Emporium, Bloomsburg.
ENGAL Indigo; Spanih do. Vordigric-s, bluo
Yitrial; White do, for salo cheap and coed, ai
the Uloomsburg: Ware House, by