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    The Reception of the President in New-j'orJl-.
The President of tlic United Slates
arrived at New York on the 2d insf He
yras received at -Castle Garden by the au
thorities of the city, the militaty, and an
iminenso llirong of citizens, amid the tre
mendous roar of cannon from tlio Ports in
the harbor. After rcviowing the troops, a
procession was formed by the military and
citizens, and passed up Broadway, and
through several streets to tho City Hall.
In speaking of tho reception, the N. Y.
New Era says, thai,
. President Van Duren was rcceivcd,ycs
terday by tho people of the greatest city of
the new world, upon his political principles
and character alono with a degree of pub
uttachnicnt and devotion, as evinced by tho
countless numbers that expressed it, at least
-equal to that which was displayed towards
his truly illustrious predecessor. It was a
proud day for the Republicans of New
York, and as honorable to thctn as the faith
ful Chief Magistrate whom it so emphati
cally hpnnicdV"
On the 4th, tho President attended at the
Chatham street Chapel tho delivery of an
oration by W. R. Maclay, and afterwards
was present nt a Sunday School celebration
on Slatcn Island, where from 15 to 18000
Rnhh.ith School children had assembled to
celebrate their nation's birth day, accom
onicil hv nnarlv G0000 citizens. This
must have been a very interesting spectacle
The Keystone says that the course pur
sued bv tho opposition members of the late
legislature added thousands of dollars to
tho expenses of the state, and now their pa
pers are charging this additional expense
i . ... i PI.; : n
upon tlic democratic pany i
shallow device to mako votes,
in the community knows that
sition' had acted in conformity
1 ins is a
Every man
if the oppo
to the laws
and the constitution, there would have been
no necessity for an extra session nor of the
investigations which arose from the viola
tion by them of all law and precedent.
Drowning men catch at straws.'
The Supreme Court on Saturday last, en
tered a judgement oulsing and removing
Judge Collins from office. A able opinion
vra3 delivered by Judge Kennedy, in which
he set fotlh the ground of removal and on
the same principles Judge Darlington would
have been removed from office also, had ho
not died before the case was determined.
It-is. understood that Judgos Gibson, Ro
gers, Kennedy, and Sergeant assented to
the opinion o"f the court, and that Judge
Huston dissented. Keystone.
Exploration. Silas E. Burrowes, Esq.
an active and enterprising merchant of New
York, has created quite a sensation by lit-
ting out au exploring expedition, and
successfully re-discovering in person the
Aurora Groupe of Islands, that had been ox
punged from the charts. The Now York
Star, says. "He must be made an Admi
ral." Electricity. In Lehigh county a Miss
Ileilths, was struck down by lightning, and
strange to relate, a child in her arms at the
time, was uninjured by tho fluid.
Jlrmy Worm. Tho army worm is
doing great damage among the crops in
the West. Whole fields of oats are dis
trayed in one night.
1 Horses are now shod with intlian rubber
in England.- It is said to be far preferable
in every respect to iron.
Panama Canal. The Republio of Gra
nada, has empowered a company, lo mane
a canal, rail road or macadamised road over
the Isthmus of Panama. This was the
work that the late Charles Diddle had in
Emigration. It is stated by Toronto
papeis that a great deal ot emigration is ta
king place from Upper Canada, to the U
lined .states, this is a natural result irom
the tyrany of tho British Government.
Military An impottant caso is about to
be tried in Philadelphia, involving the
rights and privileges of militia men on
training days. It is a prosecution for as
snult and batterry against a Captain of t
Company for striking one of his men with
his sword for disobedience on the day of
training. Eminent Connsel are employed
on both sides.
ft i r i .
stuvamages oj Jiaverimng. man
in Philadelphia advertised for a situation,
and in less than two days had no less than
one hundred and soven notes left for him
An act has passed the Legislature author
ising (hopcoplo of Philadelphia to elect their
On Wednesday of last week, the Mayor
t?f Philadelphia gave his opinion in tho caso
of Jacob Kidgway, Daniel Mann, and Sto
phen Simpson, binding each of them over
to appear at the next court of criminal ses
sions on a charge of conspiracy to defraud
we community, i lie two lormcr were held
to bail in the sum of $5000 each and tho
lattor In the sum of 1000. We hear that
Messrs. Ridgway and Mann, aro reputed to
bs twff of ' the wealthiest men in Philadelphia.
Wc understand that the Supreme Court
have pronounced judgement of ouster on
tho quo warranto isscd out of that court
on the relation of tho Attorney General a
gainst Orisius Collins, Esq. who was ex
ercising tho functions of President Judge
of tho Common Pleas of Lancaster county,
under one of the bargain and sale appoint
ments of Governor Ritner. Divesting this
caso of all legal phraseology it amounts to
this, that the resignation of his old commis
sion by Judge Collins after tho adoption of
the amendments to the Uonstilution and tnc
acceptance of n new commission before the
first of January when those amendments
went into operation, was in fraud ot the
Constitution and therefore illegal. This is
a most righteous decision and is another re
buke ol the high handed and uncostilulion
al measures of that party which is always
prating about the supremacy ol the laws.
This result ol his Honor s grasping love
of office reminds us of the fable of tho dog,
who, having a picco of meat in his mouth,
was crossing a creek, tho clear surlaco ol
which reflected a perfect representation of
his nnzo JNot content with what ho had,
ihe greedy hound ralaxetl Ins jaws to snatch
at the delusive temptation when, lo! tho
meat and tho shadow vanished and were
lost forever. Jefferson Bern.
The opposition appear to bo in a quan
dary about who among their great men shall
have the honor ol contending lor the Presi
dential chair, against Mr. Van Buren, the
Democratic candidate. The Anti-masons,
or, what is left of them, and the modern
Abolitioiiistc go for Gen. Harrison, inas
much as he is considered tne most uueiy a-
mong those named, lo carry out their mcas
ures. The Whigs, as they lerm themselves
go almost in a body for Henry Clay; these
two seem to constitute the prominent op
position candidates. Messrs. Wcbstcr,Scott
&u. are spoken of, but wc think not scii
ously. To the democracy of the Union, it
matters little who the opposing candidate
may be, as there cannot bo a doubt of Mr.
Van Buren's re-election for another term;
but for the honor of the country, it is de
sirable that tho opposing candidate may be
sucli an one as may havu respectable preten
tious to such an office! As to the fitncs3 of
Gen. Harrison to preside over the destinies
of this republic, we presume none will at
tempt to claim that the possesses the icqnis
qualilications. That he would make just
such a President as such a man as Thad
deus Stevens would like lo have, we do not
doubt. But a true to this.
AH wc ask is that our opponents may
furnish a candidate who can lay claim to
some ability, in order that our victory may
be entitled to some merit.
Nbrristoivn Democrat.
The Easton Sentinel says that, the anti-masonic
piints aro complaining loudly
that ihe democratic members of the legisla
ture refused to vote for giving the election of
Canal Commissioners lo tho people. How
circumstances alter cases. During tho last
threo years, not a word was said, by the
party then in power, about giving the elec
tion to the people. It was all right that
Governor Ritncrshould appoint Canal Com
missioners, but as soon as he and his friends
are out of office, then it is all wrong that
their political opponents should have the
same privilege; and even our intelligent
neighbor of Ihe Whig has made the discove
ry. The proposition lo have the Canal
Commissioners elected by Ihe people, was
introduced in tho Senate by Fraley, a feder
al member from the city of Philadelphia.
I his is truly a great source lor a proposi
tion to popularize the government, to come.
The city of Philadelphia gave some live
thousand majority against the new constitu
tion, which proposed to take patronage Irom
tho governor, and now before the people
have tried it, an cllortis made to givo them
that which never was asked or petitioned
for. Some years ago, a law was passed
providing lor the election ol canal Uommis
sinners, by a joint vote of both branches of
the legislature. This was dono one year,
but it was found not to work well, and the
next year it was repealed.
Keokuck murdered bj young Black
uawlc. l ho uinchago Democrat says :
"During the absence of a nephew of
young Black Hawk, Kcokuck got his wife
drunk and passed the night with her. Be
ing thus detected, it fell to Black Hawk,
as tho nearest relative, to avongc his neph
ew's injury, which he took ihe earliest
opportunity to do, anil stabbed Kcokuck, at
tho entrance of Ins nephew's wigwam.
IveokucU, it will bo remembered, was al
ways the friend of the whites and opposed
tho celebrated Black Hawk of Sac war and
was promoted chief through the instrumon
tally of tho United States Government. He
was about CO years of age and at the time
of his death was this side of the Des
Moines river, about 125, miles, (four days
journey, the Indians navo it west ol the
Mississippi, l oung ulacic Hawk is now
chief of the Ssacs and at last news, was al
tho head of 2000 warriors marching from
tho Sioux country."
dicjU in am. ncasant township, on
Thursday last, Mrs. Catharine Melick, at
an advanced age, wife of Mr. Andrew Mel
THE subscriber has on hand, and will
keep an assortment of
French Bedsteads,
a superior article, which he will sell cheap
for cash or countryproduee.
Bloomsburg July 13, 1830.
Carpenters Attend.
PROPOSALS will bo received by the
subscribers, in tho afternoon of Saturday,
the 20th inst. at the house of Daniel Sny
der, in Bloomsburg, for I Teat her Boarding,
Jtepairing, ami Building a Tower, on the
German Reform and Lutheran Church, in
Bloomsburg. The Contractors to find Ma
terials, and complete the work by the first
of October. Plans and specifications will
be exhibited on the day of letting, and the
day previous.
Bloomsburg, July 13, 1839.
N pursuance of tho Constitution of tlic Com
monwealth of Pennsylvania iNoticc is hereby
given liy the subscribers, citizcii3of said Common
wealth, that they and others, will inako application
to the next Legislature, for the creation of a corpo
rate liody with Hanking and discounting privileges,
of the named and style of tho
Farmers and Mechanics Bank of Colum
bia County,
to bo located at such silo or place within said Coun
ty of Columbia, at shall be fixed upon by Com
missioners appointed in such manner as tho Legis
lature fliall direct for fixing tho location of taid
Rank, and with a capital of two hundred thousand
dollars. Said corporate body to bo created for tho
object of seeming to the citizens of the Comraon-
ucalth, and ot tho County ot Columbia, the bene
fits of a banking Institution, with the rights, pow
ers and privileges of the Rank of Northumbeiland.
a. E. CRAIG.
gNHOULD reccivo a preference over all Pills now
3 in existence:
First Because they aro composed of Vegetable
extracts, free from minerals; and may bo taken at
all limes with pcifcct safety by young and old, with
out restraint from occupation, temperate living, or
fear of taking cold.
Second Because they are composed of such
medicinal extracts, as havo been employed by all
the mot celebrated and respectable Physicians for
morothm n century pat, m puutyin the Blood
anil Animal Hum ot the body.
limit liccausc they may be employed ns a
mild or active purgative, according to tho quantity
taken, and their operation will not lie attended Willi
nping ol tho bowels, Mckncss at the ftomnch,
prostration of tho system, &c, as are produced by
other pills.
r ourth Because they possess a combined action,
not possessed by any oilier pills, mixtuie or prepar
ation whatever. Their first clfect is in correctins
all impurities with which tho blood and fluids of
tlio body may be aflclcd,and by their gently opera
tive eflccl, removing such impurities from the sys
Fifth Bccauso they aro tho terror of Quacks
and Impostors, for most persons arc obliged to take
the Sarsaparilla Blood Pills, afler taking their vilo
and destrucjivo nostrums, lo counteract and prevent
uicir mischievous and banclul cllects.
Sixth Becau-o they are the only pills in which
Physicians havo sulficicnt confidence to recommend
to their patients, and employ in their practice, as
lliey Know they aro Anil ljuack, Ami Mcrcurnl,
Anil Uillious as well as a good and safe purgative
and purifier of tho Blood and Animal Fluids.
isevcuth and last But not the least important.
bo becauso they aro prepared by a regular Apothe
cary and Physician, attested ny Drs. Physic, Hor
ner, Chapman, Dcwees, James, Gibson, Jackson,
Coxo, Hare, &c., tec., which alono is (.uificicnl to
entitle them to great confidence.
Ccrtiucatos and Recommendations from Physi
cians ami others accompany tho directions around
cacn uox.
$C7Pricc Twenty Five Cents a Box3$
Prepared only and sold Wholesale and Retail at
Dr. LEIDY'S Health Emporium, No. 101 North
Second St., a few doors below Vine street, Philadel
phia, also, sold by
J. Gilbert & Co., North Third street ahovo Vine.
u. h. Clemens, do 3d do do Wood st
J. It. Smith & Co. do 2d do next tho Bed
Lion, and all reepectablo VVholesalo and Retail
Druggist s in Philadelphia.
They aro also sold by:
J. F. Long, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
J. W. Itolucr, do do .
W. Eberman Litiz.
J. W. Oakly, Reading.'
J. B. Mozer, Allentoivn.
P. Pomp, Easton.
And tho principal Merchants and Drugists in tho
unucu states.
For salo at tho Health Emporium Bloomsburg
by D, o. TOBIAS, Agent.
Bloomsburg July, 13, 1S39. 11.
The Subscriber, in April last.gavo a Note
to WILLIAM EDGAR, of Greenwood.
Columbia county, payable tho first dav of
Anril next for One Hundred and five Dol
lars. All persons are cautioned against
purchasing the same, as the titlo to the
land for which it was given, is incumbered
and in dispute, and I am determined not to
pay the same till the title is clear.
Dallas, Luzerne county, June 13, 1830
For Chaps, Tan, Sunburn, Sore lips,&c
tor sale at
) Tobias' Health Emporium Bloomsburg,
The life of the flesh is in the blood,"
so sailh the scriptures.' Leviticus c. xvii.
It. LEIDY'8 DLOOD TILLS. What belter
than scripture testimony can wc have of the
hto of the flesh denendimr upon tho condition of
tho blood I If impure or diseased, the flesh must
of course bo diseased thereby, and the whole sys
tem partako of such disease. If the doctrine be true,
and there is not a doubl of it f for it is a fact accce-
ded to by all, that tho scriptures, are truo beyond a
uouL't,) ihcn it behooves us to guard against tho
consequences of such impurities, and thus preserve
mo ucsii healthy. 11 tlic llcsli bo heallliy, consti
tuting as it docs tho principal portion of tho human
yody, then must tho whole body bo healthy.
in vegetables onlj can wo find the medicine where
by all impurities of ihe blood may bo removed.
Upwards of one hundred years experience of tho
most celebrated, tho wisest andbctt physicians have
proved ccitain vegetables to possess purifying prop
erties. These vegetables will not hero bo named,
and Dr. Leidy wishes to remunerate himself, and
profit by tho long, laborious, and cosily experiments
necessary to bo made, that the active princ'nlcs of
those vegetables might bo retracted and reduced to
such form as makes them easy, safe and pleasant to
bo tuken.
Tlieso vegetables nre contained in the justly cel
ebrated B'ood Tills, manuianturcd only by Dr. N.
Leidy, a regular Druggist and Physician, attested
by Drs. Physic, Chapman, lacksoi , Horner, Gibson,
lievtecs, Jamcsj Hare, Cox, &c.
The above Pills may bo employed as a mild or
active purgative. Their action is easy, and may bo
employed by all persons under all circumstances.
They will at all limes bo found serviceable, when
tlio least sickness is present. They require no
change of die', restraint from occupation, or fear of
tal.ingcolu lioin tlicirusc. They aro daily present
cd by numerous physicians; certificates of the fact
accompany tlio duections. They are tho most allec
tivo purifier of the blood and other fluids of the hu
man body ever discovered. Persons having once
used, will ever after, as occasion may acquire, have
rcsourse to them.
Price 'Twenty Five Cents a box.
Sold by all respectable Druggists and Mcrchanst
throughout tho union, and in tins city only at
Dr. Leidy's Health Emporium, Second street be
low Vine.
J. ft. Smith & Co.'s 2d st. near the Red Lion
J. Gilbert &, Co.' 3d above Vino.
C. Clemens' North 3d above Wood.
F.IClclt's 3d and Callowhill.
For tola at the Health Emporium Bloomsburg
by U. iS. TURIAS Agent.
Bloomsburg July, 13, 1833. 11.
TIOMMUNICVnON. How few they are that
happen to bo alihclril with Uoughs or Colds
pay attention to them. How many thousands irom
such neglect shorten tueir days, and hasten their fi
nal dissolution. Parents neglect them in their chil
dren, and thus form tho foundation for Consump
tion, and Hundreds ot parents annually follow their
own children to the grave, havins died from somo
alTcctiona of tho Breat and Lungs, which wcic neg
lected in their first stages.
Coughs and Colds, whether existing among vounc
or old, ought at all limes be attended to early, and
not Biilitrcd to continue any length of time, for tho
ljung3oncoallcctcd,dtscasesoon makes rapid strides.
ending in tho most fatal of all diseases, namely Con
VATIVE for Coughs, Colds, Catarrhs, Influenzas,
Shortness of Breath. Whooping Cough. Pain in
tho Breast or Side, all affections of lhoErca-t and
Lungs, and arrel of approaching Consumpt'on, is
tho most popular mcdii-ino used throughout all Ger
many is becoming equally popular in the Pnitcd
otates, and has established lor itself n reputation
not possessed by any other medicine for the same
class of di-icasos. (See certificates and recommen
dations fro'iii Parents, Physicians, and others, acrom-
paning tho dncclions.) It u a preparation perfect
ly safe and harmless, pleasant to the taste, and may
be given to the youngest infmt. It is warranted
free from mercury and tho minerals, and is a prepar
ation of a regular Apothecary and Physician, attes
ted by Urs. 1'hysic, Chapman, Gibson. Jackson,
Homer, Dewccs, Coxc, James, &c. a ciicumslanco
alone sufficient to induce a trial of it
Dr. N. B. Leidy, Proprietor of the above medi
cine, confidently recommends it to all, and assures
all most positively that it is an invaluable medicine,
and would not himself recommend it, but for its
known efficacy.
Prepared only andlorsaloWholesaleand Retail at
Dr. LlilDY'S Health Emporium, No. 191 North
Socond street a low doors below Vine street, Phil
adelphia also, sold by
J. lulgeit oc lO., r orth I lu-d street ubovo vine,
G. S. Clemens, do 3d do doAVoodst.
J. It. Smith it Co. do 2d do next the Red
Lion, and by all respectable WhoIcsnJo and Retail
Druggif-ts in rhiladelphia.
1 hey aro sold by:
J. F Long, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
J. W. Itohrer, do do.
W. Eberman Litiz.
J. W. Oakley, Reading.
For fcalo at tho Health Emporium Bloomsbur:
by D. S. TOBIAS, Agent.
Will be paid to any person that will give
information ol tho person or persons tna
broke the subscriber's Flat loose immediate
ly below McKelvy's dam, in Falling creek
so that tho scoundrels may bo brought to
justice. UAmtih ukuoo,
June TJ.
THE subscriber informs his friends and
tho public generally, that he continues to
carry on the BOOT and SHOEMAKING
BUSINESS, at his old stand, in Blooms
burrr. and that besides tho hands ho has
employed on common country work, ho has
a first ralo Citv workman on fine Boots and
Shoes. Those who favor him with their
custom, may depend on good work, and
neal fit insured.
Jnne 13. 8
MIFE Subscriber hereby announces
to his friends and the public, that ha
has purchased that old and well known
lately owned and occupied by STOUFER
iy ujiuiiMJlJS, situated m Bloomsburg,
Columbia County, whore ho has com
menced tho business, and intends to carry
it on in all its branches.
He will shortly have a number of elegant
various patterns, finished for sale; and will
Stazc Coaches, Coaches, Coachces,Giggs,
Sulkies, Ihtggies, Dearborn Wagons,
Sleighs, eye. .$-c. c. iyc,
of every variety of pattern to order, on
short notice.
tCT'Renairs of all kinds will be nromnt-
ly attended lo
He also manufactures ELIPTIC and
other CARRIAGE SPRINGS, and will
warrant them to be equal to any made in
this country.
As ho has made arrangements for pro
curing tho best material, and will employ
none but first rate workmen, he hopes to
bo able to turn out good work, and thereby
obtain the confidence of those who may
furnish themselves from his shop.
Orders from a distance respectfully soli
Bloomsburg, June 4, 1830. G if.
ALL persons are horeby cautioned a
gainst purchasing TWO NOTES of hand,
for dollars each, given by us to Ithiel
S. Richanlson, dated the Gtk day of De
cember, teas, as wc nave rccciveu no val
ue for them, and are determined not to pay
them unless compelled by law.
Bloom, June 22, 1839.
Remaining in the Post Office at Blooms-
uurg, July 1st, lSiiU.
Elia, Meyer L. Dr.
Bittenbender John,
McDowell M.
Philips G. W.
Poor overseers of
Montour township.
Fetrikin Winslow &
Rosenbergcr Bej
Ritter William,
Smith George or
Smith Abm. H.
Baker Aseneth,
Barns Mr.
Crcssler John,
Drehei Frederick
Davenport Ira,
verott Oheil,
Emmons Mr.
Firman Capt,
Fleck Daniel,
Gaskins Rachel,
Ilowcr John,
Hagebuch Mr. owner
Squire E.
Squire Ebcn
Squire Mr.
Smith George,
Shiptnan Jacob,
Stono David,
Thomas Charles 2
Thatcher John M.
Vallarchamp A.
Wertman John,
Workman John 2
Wells Henry,
Waller Rev. Mr.
of Boat Superior.
Hefiey Charles,
Keller John Esq.
Kcanda Jacob,
Kcndig C.
Ivromer l'olly,
Long Joseph Sr.
Larshy Ruben,
Mellick Andrew.
Mendonhall John,
Morton John,
M'Intosh Alexander,
Mier Lewis Dr.
Persons calling for letters on the abovo
list, will please sav they are advertised.
Bloomsburg, July 0. 1839.
IMS 3S3:2'iil33L3ISEISSS5!rs'9
(Corner of Main and Market-street.)
HE Subscriber informs his old cu.slom-
ers and menus, anu mc puuuu guuorauy,
that he has added
i . i .i i.i ii.
RY Shop, and having just returned from
I'lnladolpius, no ouurs mr saic, a general
assortment, consisting of almost every arti
cle rnado use of in Families, or by Physi
cians; as also, almost every description of
patent medicines. Ho ha3 also,
and various kinds of PERFUMERY and
SHAVING SOAP, together with almost
every article usually kept in a variety store.
Having made arrangements for a constant
supply from the city, he llatlers himself
th-it he shall at all limes be able lo furnish
his customers with every articlo in his lirte,
that may be called for, of as good a quality,
anil upon as reasonable terms as any of his
Bloomsburg, June 15, 1839.