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I liavo sworn upon the Altar of God, eternal hostility (o ecry form of Tyranny oVcr the Blind of Man.Thomaa Jeffi
VoSsunc II.
Numlicr a.
.1 11 li
Ni"xt book to Roihson's Stage Officii
published even Saturday morning, at
TWO DOLLARS vcr annum,
bulf yearly in advance, or Two Dollarr
. Injly uenls, if not paid wilhpx the year
J'o hibscription will betaken for a shorles
pericd-thdit six months : nor any disco7is
, linuancc permitted, until all uneuragee
are discharged)
ADVERTISEMENTS not exceeding a
square will be conspicuously inserted ul
One Dollar for the first three insertions,
and Twenty-five cents for every subse
quent nscrtion. ,Cs-A liberal 'discount
made to those who advertise by the year
LETTERS addressed on business, must,
be post paid. ,
Tho'tribitfc to a good Mother, which fol
lows, well serves to express tltc feelings of
many who behold time's ravages upon their.
-most dear and highly prized pavctit':
.Air Mo-rimi t thou art growing old:
i Thy locks, as whito as snow,
Pr claim thy j cars arc well nigh told
And thy checks have lost their glow.
O, must thou fade s'ijvsoon'awLy,
My best and only friend 1
Thou who first taught my lips to pray,
My infant knees to bend!
Thou who forsook thy couch at night,
To watch around my bed-
And deemed it still a fond delight
reputation, had sunri into the character of a found the spirit of the bottlo had departed;
common drunkard. Poverty had entered but I have found thee deceptions an'd un-
his domicile, and ho vu3 lrcquently the DTatefuU. Thou didst dc3trov mv.reritiin-
subject of the most pressing want. His tiqn, thou didst rob my nockct. Y'tn eavc
wife's jewelry had disappeared at the pawn- me disease instead of health, made the
browkers, and his own extensive and valu- heart of my wife pulsate with unhappiness.
aide library had shared the same fate. Arti- My children wept at the min you entailed,
cle after article of furniture had disappeared, and my houso you made desolate and sor
& nothing now remained but which was se- ro.wful. Twelvo months have I parted
cured by law. His wife, who in her per- from you, and I now renounce you forever,
sou had presented all that ebon point of ap- thou agent of destruction! ibou demon of
pearancc which marks health, had wasted despair! thou accursed alluring poison!'
away to a mere shadow. Her disposition With that ho "hoisted the window, throw
which had formerly been lively and viva- the Imtiln inin the
cious, was now sorrowful ami melancholy, tho victo.ry won.- His wife rushed into
unu inu eiiuurcu uxmuuuu uiuk ruguueas iu9 aims, joy beaming in hcrcountc
of dress, which distinguishes tlic olfsprings nance. She could only utter, l my hus
of those who are intumperalc, band!" who tenderly embraced her, and
A, moro aiiccim scene can naruiy do im- sealed her forehead with a kiss. The chil
agmctl tlian that Avliich occurrcu on a cold uren rall t0 Uieir father, climbing on his
andjblcak day in December, when tho rriolh- knees, and told how they partook of the
er was seen pressing an infant t6 her breast, sympathetic joy. Even Neptune on the
ciutiiuug ui u iuw umuurs mai sun luiuuiii- nearm rug, raised IH3 Head, andavo an en'
cuonine ncartu. several small c liuiren cournging look to his master, and waited
luiuiuiiutuirai ving m,u niu v' i " i ins tan wiui c viuciu ueiigiu
uufiliiuir uieir niuuiur iu ;iivu . muni aunii;
bread; but, alas! she had none to give them
Alonside in one corner, covered with a
Of Columbia Couktv.
( Pursuant to public notice, tho Democrat
ic Committee of Correspondence of Col
umbia county met at the house John Rhodes,
on Monday, the 10th or April, 1838, at 10
o'clock A. M.
Tie Committee was organized by the
appointmentof ABRAHAM YOUNG.'Esq.
of Sugnrloaf, Chairman, and EVAN 0.
JACKSON, Esq. of Berwick, as Secreta-
jug of tho fatal poison at his -head n more
'distressing and heart-rending scene cannot
Education of Femulcs. There is'a sea
son when tho youthful must cease to be
young, and the bcautilul to excite admira'
To kis.i my feverish head!
Thy kindness in'my lender youth
I never can repay; .
In sickness ever near to saoth,
' ' . And comfort evety day.
MyMothcr ! I can never tell "
Of all thy tendernese;
For thou hast loved loved much too well,
And watched "too oft to bless,
When weary, arid my toil is o'er,
I'm sinking to my feet,
I ccm to feel as years licforc,
When nestling at thy lircasf.
But as thy evening hours decline,
With all lifu's labor past,
N'ojbys shall be a's great as min,
To cheer them while they last.
My Mother ! cvciy nerve shall strain
To tako away thy care.
Couldst thou but live thy years agiin,
I would thy rials isWe.
An AiFectmg Story;
. It was in tho year 183 that a gentle
man distinguished lor his talents and intol
''leutual abilities, suddenly resolved to aban
don tho habit of intemperance, to which he
had long been addicted: He was a rcmark
ablo and extraordinary .roan. His talents
were of the fust order, and his attainments
of tho most extensive character. In person
he was .handsome, and possessed every ex
terior graco that could please or attract the
(,cyc. His manners were of the most picas
jmg and fascinating kind, and his conversa
tion was that of varied and eloquent nature,
vso that his company was in every condition
of society desired. No man was more
'.deeply versed in classical learning, and in
tho various branches of scholastic philoso
phy ho was deeply versed. In the lighter
.branches of polito literature he had consid
erable auquirementg, and indeed in every
'branch of intellectual knowledgo ho was
Ideeply read. Ho had been compared to
'JJoltngbrokoi who it was well known by
Hhd profoundness of his philosophy, and the
;cleganco of his manners could graco and
give a charm to 'tho drawing room, and
teach lesson's" of wisdom in tho Academy or
Lyceum. At an early ago ho had married
.a beautiful and charming young woman,
:and from tho union, of two persons so well
adapted to each oilier, it might readily bo
supposed that tho stream of happiness
would continue uninterruptedly to flow !
but alas! it was soon discovered that tho pos
session of tho highest attainments, and tho
most oxalted genius, afforded no security
'X ngainst tho encroachments of a vice, whoso
course is marked by misery, and whoso
?fcnd is death. For years ho was a com
plete victim to this degrading and unhappy
vice, and from a considerable loftiness of
euuno cumuli ... t u... r..n.
baeonccived-it was one calculated to draw "r L T.S Ty! 8
lCart mid Soft- 11 1 "" " Miimvob unu uiuqi aiuauiu
tear!? from the most obdurate heart;
err tho most adamantine soul. Th
n !..-. Mini ln tmi.Ilft h A ...I :
i ill ia uiiu in: i.iu'iiii ,i viiiu;iii. t mi ii
re.- lay I ?. . u .... :
,i i i r. i n . i i i imuai ul r uouiussuu, u is a most severe iriai
the man whose lofly intellect and splendid r , ,,., ; u , , ,,
. ,, ' . , . t. lor thoss women to lav down beauty, who
have nothing elso to take up. It is for this
sober season of life that education should lay
talents wcro well suited to adorn a Senate
and rule aviation, a victim To the intoxicat
ing draught, that has destroyed thousands.
What 'lias inst.-bccii described is no Jtc-
lion. It is truth, '-without the aid of'imagi-
liation or the colonncs of lancy. '1 welvc
up Hs ricn resources. However disregard
ed thev may have been, thoy will bo want
ed now. w ,
"When admirers fall away, and flatterers
.. . i . .-I . . .. i i ii
"".!". ' 1 V . , . . . , become mute, the mind will ue driven to
" Vi"" , . r:..V"" I ictiro into itself, and if it find no entertain
oo jbwi m a uuou uu. ..uu Vaw, nelU at hom(!) wjll b(J dr.von bac)c
cd in a manner that iiulicatpd that ho had
not quito fallen a martvr-to that poverty
whicli is the invariable result of that habit
to which he had heen addicted. His brow
was thoughtful, and-nn acuto obscrvcrmight
perceive H shade of melancholy pass' over
his countenance. In the aamo room, scat
cdat a centre table,, was his wife, attired in
a'tM?nt.,.nnd tnstnfnl dres?. -vitHnor oijc of
upon the world with increased force. Yet
forgetting this, do wtfnot ecm to educate
our daughters exclusively for the transient
period Of youth! Do, we not educate them
for a ciowd, and not 'for thumsejves? for
show, and lvot for use! fof eternity.
those beautiful annuals of tho season.
A gentleman delivering hn oration in fa
vor of " woman, dear" ' ended it
'Sev-pv'ilh tnoso words: Ob,' nolhiiijr' heats a
On motion of S. P. Ilcadle'y, Esq, a
Committee was appointed to draft procee
dings for consideration, viz;
, r F-Hca,1Icy. V. Best, Stephen
Baldy, Esq. John M'Henry, Daniel Gross,
John Rhodes, Mai. B. S. Wolverton, Isaiah
Blue, Hugh Mc Williams, Esq. Cornelius
Clackncr, Jeremiah Wcllivcr, Iram Derr,
Johh Lazurus, Col. Eiias M'Henry, Hen
ry Petit, John Keller, jr, Jacob Shul'lz.
Whereupon, Committee adjourned to
meet at tho samo ' place in the afternoon,
immediately after the adjournment of the
Democratic county mceling,
Afternoon. Met pursuant to adjoum-
mcM, wuen tne ooninntleo appointed to
draft resolutions, &c. 'for consideration, re
ported the following, which wcro unani
mously adopted:
Resolved, That wo approve of the nomi
nation of Gen DAVID R. PORTER, as
the democratic candidate for Governor of
Pennsylvania, and we will irive him our
cordial .and hearty support.
Because, wc believe ho is a friend in p..
qual rights and the 'principle's of democracy
as laid down and ' inculcated by Jefferson
and Jackson, and their illustrious compeers.
Because wo believe he is opposed to the
increase of ovcrsrrowti mononolics. and
in favor of a sound and well regulated sys
tem of credit which will enable every one
who possesses industry, integrity, and hab-
u ui uuuuuwy, iu uo uusmess as wen as
the idle speculator who is favored
oral beautiful children were playing in the
room, and their choerful looks aim comlort'
able clothing indicated that poverty had no
"residence there. The little pnrlon indeed
displayed no tokens of wealth, but evident
ly snowed signs ot comlortablc enjoyments.
1 wo beautiful vases adorned the mantle
good wtiol
tiic company, 1
' I beg par'don," said one of
a bad husband does'.
A caution-. A man in New Orleans,
lately, in paying for a theatre ticket,' gave a
hltv dollar bill instead ot a htty cent shin
plaster The Picayune says he came back
piece, and underneath was seen the vivid when too late for his change, and the way
light of an animating coaliiro.berorc which, "u iaih,JU rmuon was ninny
is lavored bv
Resolved, 1 hat wo will ;oppo'so the re- lataiuissa ftncfiai! Tornwald, Jacob
on a ruir, lay a lavorilC'doit who seemed to
participate in the happiness which 'appear
ed to pervade the apartment. The wife
looked up, and casting, a glance at her hus
band, observed a gloominess of counte
nance which at onco riveted Her .attention
She closed tho book which' sho Iad been
reading, and going to him, threw herarms
around his neck, and tenderly inquired if
any tiling disturbed him? It was some
."How old are ye?" said Mr. Major Kip-
lihs to a dwarfish young man. "Twenty
I wonder you arn't right down ashamed
of being no bigger; you look like a boy of
ten." " All come of being a dutiful child."
" How so?"" When I was ten, father
put his hand oii my head and'aid, ' Stop
moments before he made her any reply, and there,' and ho then ran away; I've never
then lie said, ' my dear, I must have a pint seen him. since,- and didn t think it right in
ol brandy. ' me to 'go on inowinff without his leave."
' I ' I . . .. : ; .. ... n n .. ; i .1 1 w w
1 11U Willi ULV.UUU JUHUL'UIiUtlV tlUtlUlL'U,
i :.. -v...- i i. i7:.
to send for that poison which had formerly p f cat.-Q day at the table
been nearly his ruin. Sho who but a few of lllB late Dr- Pcarse, (Dean of Ely) just
moments before had been rcalizingdho feel- as the cloth was being removed, tho subject
mgs of perfect security, was now convulsed of discourse hannonod to ha that of an ck-
...r.i. . ir. i i ' i i
w. m sorrows i muICiuuu.. unu a re iu y; . traordinary mortality among the lawyers
of her husband's former nomicioii3 habits J . 'J
.., ni,n,ii t (nlro r,tnno TW hnanm Imnv. ' Wo "avo. lost," said n gentlc.nian, " not
cd with alarmt-and the tears gushed from less than six eminent barristers in as many
hor eyes, sho implpred him whom she had months." Tho dean, who was quite deaf,
adhered to with a devoted fidelity, through rna nq i,':- frio,i fi:,,,,i i,;a romi,a' nn,i
Soon a m cvu report, m ywamvv auu iu uov- ., . ,
b . I . . " . I rrnvn iht nnmnnni. trmnn. l Kii nil mill
ertv. that ho would nolvacam tomnt bv a 6 u. .
sinirlfs iiiilnlffencc. a recunenco to lmbits every other mercy, the Lord's name
V 7 n - ' - . ; ; . '
which must destroy their piesent lelicity, piaised." The efiect irresislablc.
anu lorevpr anninilatc tpcit inturo napes.
J hu children iiartool; ol the sorrow ot their a aPnUm. Imvi fnllon ;tn ihn nvnr
i,.r. , I. -"o-' ' b - -
iiiuiuci, iiiuy lull inuii iiiiiiiv&iib, uuiiiQU- v. l i"t i l i.-r .
men'ts, and with tears in their little eyes', Exc' re,at,h- tl,c cidcnt, said, "o
besrffed their papa not to get any inoro bf will suppose I was pretty wet," " Yes,'
that stuff which made them poor and their said.his. friend, ' wet, certainly in the Exe-
mamma crv. Hut tho husband annearcd to c.r.
be insensible to the atlectionato remonstran
ces of his wife, and the artless persuasion of
his children. His eldest daughter, who oh
former occasions had gone this errand, was
A gentleman not very courageous, was
once so far engaged in an affair of honor as
now compollcd to perform this; tho brandy l u draw to Hyw Park; to fight a duel ;
-was obtained, and his wifo looked with a but just as he camo to tho Porter s Lodge,
fercful and painful foreboding upon tho de- an empty hears? came bv, on which was
cantor which contained the fatal poison.- anlagoni8t ,10 wns droll officer, well
Mn lnnl:nil nnnn llir hr'iililw nnnrnin ipm ( in &
..,!.i, 0 i. cnt .L known, called out to the driver, Strip hqro
tho decanter in his hand ; ho held it up to tny good fellow, a fow minutes, and 1 11
tho light, and observed hqw beautiful its sond you a far?. This operated so strong-
coior. no men apostropniseu tiius : uiy on tl)C gentleman's norves that ho begged
how I have loved theb, thou nnd ... ff H . . d ,,omc
imauiv uianciiaiii HiiiriL . iiuiii ii:inl uifiii I -
my bosom companion from morn till night, w'tu a w holo skin.
and from nijiht till morninir. I liavo loved s
thee wiih a lovo surpassing that of woman, Read good books, seek on t good comnan
and I liavo erievod as a mother grieves ions, attend to (rood counsel, and imitate
over the dead body of her child, when 1 good examples
election of JOSEPH RITNER. to tho
Gubernatorial chair.
Because he has not carried out in prac
tice what ne promised in his inaugural
liccause lie lias show.n lumselt recreant
to all the principles of democracy by si
ing a law to incorporate the United States
Bank with powers highly piejudicial
to the interests ol the people, and m viola.
tion of his own declared opinions in his
inaugural message.
Because he is thoadvocaVe of a National
Bank, and other hightened federaj meas
ures; and the opnoser of tho democratic
administration of President Van Bufen.
Because he countenanced by his signa
ture the passage of a law unequally and un
justly dividing the State into, districts for'the
choice of Senator and Representatives, so
as to deprive a large number ofsitizen3of
some districts ol their snare, ol represents
tion, and Laving to .others more than thei
share, thereby violating the true principles
of republican government,
For these, and various othor cogent rca
sons, we will support ucn. Porter, and op
pose Joseph Jutner,
Resolved, That wc have undiminished
confidence in the stern iutegiity and eapa
city of MARTIN VAN BUHEN, and his
devotion to tho best interest of the people
of these United States; and that, like the
worth' Jackson, his predecessor, ho wil
never consent to propose a measure he does
not believe clearly right, nor agree to
measure ho believes wrong.
Resolved, That we approve of the Pres
ident's recommendation of a separation of
tho Government Irom the llanUs
Because wo believe that the money of
the people can no whoro be more safely or
profitably kept than in the custody of men
solccted from among themselves for their
integrity .and capacity.
Thalwhon collected in gold and silver,
tho constitutional currency of the country,
andsokopt, in the calamities of a war, as in
prosperity and peace, it will at all times he
dcnlly looked for a hasty accumulation of
wealth by gambling speculations.
Resolved, That wc nro in favor of "an
Independent Treasury." i which the mo
ney draVTn from tho pockets of the people
can bo safely kept, and held always ready
for the use of tho Government.
We deny the soundness or truth oT the
assertion that a National Bank; or a Na
tioiral Debt, is n National Blessing,
We equally repudiate the idea, that It is
either justice, or common honesty for the
ZLcl mamj i0 1,0 Placed in the
hands ortfioeto to speculatenpon, be those
lew oither individuals or Banks.
Resolved That in the mnmentuous
strugglo with the aristocracy of wealth, wc
vie w with -pride and pleasure the ardent
and unshrinking support given t& the lea
ding rneasureo of the administration by the
Hon DAVID PETRIKIN a true Repre
sentative of his constituents, .he does not
falter or hesitate, but boldly contends to the
ultcruost for the accomplishment of the
importantchanges imperiously demanded
by ilia exigencies of tho times.
Or. motion of tho Chairman, the follow
ing resolution was adopted:
TTI,at tho nomination of Gen.
Hmt:ngdon county, as the democratic can
didate for Governor, by the 5th of March
i-onvennon,.at narrisburg, meets .with the
entira approbation of the Democratic Com
mitteo of Correspondence of Columbia
couiny, who have the most perfect confi
dence in his capacity, fnmness, integrity,
and correct democratic principles, and that
wc pVdge ourselves individually, and col
lectively, to use every .fair and honorable
mean:; to secure his triumphant election.
Le ohed, That the following named per
sons ,e appointed Committees of Violence
for the different townships and distrfets of
the county.
Dloom Chas. Katiier, EsqT; C. B. Fish
er, Jonathan Parsell, Jacob. Hagenbuch,
Simon Wertman.
. Bfiar . Creek Andrew Prnnq.i Tni.n
Woikheiser, Henry DeilrlckvMoses Davis,
&'ei,y Sult' Nalha.11 Seal-v iSamL Atkm?
Shultz, John Nuss Reuben Kniltld, Thos.
Merry Joseph- Craig, John Younir,
Neal M'Cay, Jacob Seydlc.
Fishing Creek John. Lazarus, Mdses
M'Henry, Sam!. Kline. Philin Dndfr.
John Parks. .,
Greenwood E. G.
available when required by the public
wants, '
That neither its safety, or its value, will
ho effected by tho vicisitudes of unsuccess
ful, or successful, Banking.
That it will cease to be regarded as bank
ing capital; and thus do away tho desire
for accumulating n largo surplus revenue.
That tho system will tend to chock the
mania ot wuu spequiauoii win tend to
make our citizens anVrp rational in their
business pursuits wjihtnduco thorn to pa
tiently Boek wealth by H steady persorver-
ance in woll directed efforts iu tho various
departments of productive industry; and
willdisolve tho fatal delusion which comV
Rickets. Esa. Jnn.
McHcnry, jr. Jno. Battiin Esq. James De
Witt, Geo. Kooder,
Hemlock Jno. McRovnolds. Esn. Ad.
am Stiaub, jr. Henry Oh!, Esn. Danl.
Woodsidc, Jamos Everett.
Limestone Mm Flood. Samuel fi;A-.:.
Danicd Shurtz, Joseph Gibson. .
lAueny John M' Williams, Richard
Wilson, Andrew Bvllmver. Hush APEI-
Madison Samuel Kisner. lAbrahnm
Veliver, Levi Bisel, Phinca3 "Wclliver.
iohn Kisner.
Mahoning Daniel 'Hoffman'. Win. firiv-
der, John Reynolds, John Mowrer, "Win.
Kitchen, Wm. Henrie.
Mifflinr Peter tohc, Danl. Hulchlns',
Marshal kinney, Ilonry Miller, (Tailor)
Samuel Smith, John Keller, sr. , y
Montew George Kaufman, Esq. job
Eyerly, Henry Rishel, Peter Rupeit, John
Mount Pleasant Isaac AV. ' Mus'grovo,
Esq, Eli Kline, John Mordoi), John Jones.
OrangevillclsaM Wolsh, Peter Auch
enbauch, Henry Bittenbender, A. W.
Kline, Einaiiual Lazarus.
Paxton Adam Michael, William Mann.
Jonl Bradbcndor.
Roarins Creek Sebastian HoWVi'.Eso.
Jolin Adams, Peter Kline, John Harner,
George Feddermau, Jacob Yocuni.
Suearloaf William Roborts. JeW
Kline, (Smith,) AVilliam Klins. '
im Motion, ..I.. ,
Resolved, That wo reeomm&nd 'to the
Democratic citizens of Columbia county to
hold public meetings at Mooresburff, Wash
ington, Jerseytown, OraiiErevill.'Befwiek.
Bloomsburg, CaUwisaa, Ronving Creek,
Mifflinville, aud Danvilla.-at such timo as
it ni3y suit their oouvonifence, for tho pur
pose of giving public expression to their
political sentiments.
Un Motion,
Resolved, That a snb-Corrrmitles of
Correspondence bo appointed, viz: Major
Win.. Colt, V. Best, S. F. Headloy, Esq'.
Stephen Baldy, Esq. Jaxemiah AVolliver,
leo. G. Dq Puy, Samuel CreaBoy, Esq.
and Dr. "Wm. II. Pcirikin, juid that Major
Wm. Colt, the Chairman, and V, Best,
Secretary of said committee.
Un ftiouon.
Resolved, That the proceedings be aim
ed by llie Chairman and Secretary, and
published in the Democratic papers of thi