The Columbia Democrat. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1837-1850, April 07, 1838, Image 2

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"The following is. the Hill as it' passed
lio. Senate on the ?Sth ult.
, The billys passed, is in the following
- (hA BILL to imposo additional duties, a?
depositaries, upon certain public affiecrs,
lo appoint receivers general or public
money, and to regulate the safe-keeping,
transfer, and disbursement of tho public
moneys of the United States.
t .JJeit enacted by the Senate and Home
ef Representatives of the United Slates
oJrneriea in Congress assembled, Tliat
there shall be prepared and provided, with
in' the new Treasury building now erecting
at the seat of Government, .suitablo and
convenient rooms for tho uso of the Treasur
er of the United States, his Assistants and
clerks; and sufficienrdnd secure fire proof
vaults and sates, lor the keeping or tho pub
lic monies in the possession and under the
immediate control of the said Trcasuror;
which said 1091ns, vaults, aud safes, are
hereby constituted and declared" to bo, the
Treasury of the United stales. "And the said
Treasury of. the United States shall keep
all the publirfitioneys. wjiicji shall come to
his hands in the Treasury of tiio United
States, as hereby constituted,, until the same
ate drawn therefrom according to law.
8$cS And Jc it further enacted, That
, the Mint of the United States, in the city of
Philadelphia, in the State of Pennsylvania,
and the Branch Mint, in tho city of Now
Orleans, in tho Stato of Louisiana, and the
vaults and the safes thereof, 'respectively,
hall be places of dopositc and safe-keeping
of the public moneys at those points re
spectively; and tho Treasurer of the said
Mintan'd'TJranch Mint respectively, for the
time being, s'hall have the custody and caio
of all public mdne'ys deposited within the
same, and shall perfonn all the duties re-
quired to be perfoimed by them, in refer
' ence to the receipt, safe-keeping, transfer,
" and disbursements of all1 such moneys, ac
cording to the provisions hereinafter con
tained. Sec. 3. Andbe it further enacted, That
there sliall be prepared and provided, with-
' in the custom-houses now erecting in tho
city of New'York, fn the Slate of New
t York, and in the city of Boston, in the State
-of Massachusetts, suitablo and ' convenient
fcooms for the use of the receiver's general
' of public moneys, hereinafter directed to be
appointed at those places respectively; and
sufficient and secure fire-proof vaults and
safes for tho keeping of the public moneys
colfceted -.and deposited with them, respe'e
t lively; and the receivers general of public
money, from lirne tbTime appointed at those
points, shall hava "the custody and care of
the said rooms, vault3 & safes respectively,
and of all the public moneys deposited
within the same, and shall perform all the
duties required to be performed by them,
in reference to the receipt, safe-keeping,
transfer, and disbursement of all such mo
neys, according to the provisions of this
act. ,
Sec 4. Andbe it further enacted, That
"there shall be erected, prepared, and provid
ed, at the expense of the United Slates, at
the city of Charleston, in the State of South
Carolina, and at the city of St. Louis, in
the State of Missouri, offices, with suitable
"and convenient rooms for tho use of the re
ceivers general of public money hereinafter
directed to 'be 'appointed at the the places
above named; and sufficient and secure tire
proof vaults and safes for the keepiner of the
public money collected and deposited at
those points respectively; and the said re
ceivers general, from limp to time appoin
'ifd'a't those places, shall have the custody
and care of the said offices, vaults, and safes
so to be erected, prepared, and provided,
'and of all the public moneys deposited
"within the same, and shall perform all the
'duties required to be performed by them,
in reference to the receipt, safc-keeninir.
transfer, and disbursement of all such mo
neys, according to the provisions hereinaf
ter contained.
Sec 5. And be it further enacted, That
me rrcsiuem snau nominate, anil, by ami
vilh the advice and consent of the Senate
appoint four officers, to be denominated
receivers general of public money," which
said officers shall hold their respective ofli-
ces for the term of four years unless sooner
tcmovca mereirora; one ot which shall be
Seated at tho city of New York, in the
.State of New York; one other of which shall
.1)0 located at tho city of Boston, in the
State of Massachusetts; one other of which
shall be located at tho city of Charleston,
in the Stato of South Carolina: and the re
maining one of which shall be located at
the city of St. Louis, iii tho State of Mis
souri; and all of which jsajd officers shall
give bonds to the United Stales, with sure
ties, according to the provisions hereinafter
Contained, for the faithful discharge of the
duties of their respective offices, .
Sec 0. And be it further enacted That
the treasurer of the United States, Ihe Trea
surer of the Mint, of the United States, the
Troasnrers, aud those acting as such, of
'tho various Branch Mints already erected
and now erecting, all collectors of the cus
toms, all receivers general of public mo
ney F;airttceiVejs; of public moneva at the
several laricl' ttinces, ancj all postmasters, ex
cept as wjictfiriafier particularly provided
Io and they -are hereby, required to keep
eafely, without loaning orusing.all the pub
lic money collected by them,' or otherwise
at any lime placed in their posspsaion and
custody, till the same is ordered by the pro
per department or officer of the Govern
JDttM to be transfered or paid outt and wlieu
such orders Tor transfer or payment are re
ceived, faittjifully and promptly to make
tho same as directed, and to do and per
form all other duties as fiscal agents of tho
Government, which may bo imposed by this
or any other acts of Congress, or by any
regulation of the Treasury Department,
mado in conformity to law; "and also to do
and perform all acts and duties required by
law, or by direction of any of tho Execu
tive Departments of tho' Government, ns
agents for paying pensions, or for making
any other disbursements which cither of tho
heads of those departments may bo requir
ed by law l6 make, and which arc of a
character to 1)0 made by tho depositaries
hereby constituted, consistently with the
olhdr official duties imposed upon them.
Sec 7. And be iifurthcr enacted, That
tho treasurer of the UnilccJ States, the
Trcasuror of tho Mint of the United States,
the Treasurer of ttin Min.otivr
Orleans, and tho rcecivors general of public
money hereinbefore directed to be appoint
cd, shall, respectively, give bonds to the
United Suites, in such form, and for such
amounts, as sliall bo directed by the Secrc-
-Tit., nv . - . J . .
wij uiiuc ireasury, oyaiul with the ad
vice and consent of tin? Prpsulmi, ,.
tics to tho satisfaction of tho Solicitor of
tiio Ireasury: and shall, from limo to time,
renew, strengthen, nml innrv.n ,,;, m,.;i
bonds, as tho Secretary of the Treasury.
,wiu uiu i-uusuiuui me rresiuent, may di
rect: anv law in refornn
cial, bonds of any ofthoiaid officers to the
contrary notwithstanding.
Sec 8. And be it further eiineti Tim,
It Shall be tllO dlltV orthn Rrrrntnrv nftV.n
Treasury, at as catlv a day as possible af-
mi, (.uooujju a, una aull lo require irom
the several dcnositnrW I
and whose official borids aro iiot"hsrciubc-
lorc provided for, to execute bonds new and
suitable in their terms to meet thenow and
increased duties imposed upon them respec
tively by this act, and with sureties, iii tiunis
such as shall seem reasonable and safe to
tllC Solicitor of tlie Trfinenrv 'nml (Vnm limo
to time require such bonds to" be renewed
i ? i . . . .
anu increaseu in amount ana strengthed by
new Sureties, to ineetrmv iiinrprisinirrnQrinii.
sibility which may grow out of accumula
tions oi money iinue nanus ot tho ueposita-
rv. Or OUt of anv Other dntvnr rnsnonsihili.
iy arising under this or any other law ofJ
Sec 9. And be it further ennrterl. fTlmi I
all collectors and receivers of public money,
oi every onaractor. and description, within
the District of Columbia, shall, as frequent
ly as they may be directed by the Secreta
ry of the Treasury so to do, pay over to'
tho freasurer of the United States at thej
Ij-casury thereof, all public, moneys collec
ted by them or in their hands; that all sucli
collectors and receivers of public moneys '
within the cities of Philadelphia and New
Orleans, shall, upon .the same direction, nav
i it. ri .. ... . t
ovur w wo ircasurers oi tne Mints in their
respective cities, at the said mints, all pub
lic moneys collected by them, or in their
hands; and that all such collectors atul re
ceivers ofpublic moneys within the cities
of NOW York. Boston. Chfirlnalnn. nnrl Si
Louis, shall, upon the same direction, pay
noy in their respective cities, at their offi
ces respectively, all the public moneys col
lected by them, or in their hands, to be
safely kept, by the said re'opeclive deposita
ries, until otherwise disposed of according
lo law; and it shall be the duty of tli'c said
Secretary to direct such payments, by tho
said collectors and receivers, at all the said
places, at least as often as once in each
month, and as much more frequently, in all
cases, as ho, in his discretion, may think
proper. (
Sec 10. And be it further enacted, That
it shall bo lawful for the Secretary of the
Treasury to transfer tho moneys in the
hands of any depositary hereby constituted,
to the Treasury of the UniipirStntps: m ilm
Mint at Philadelphia: to the Branch M i ii t nt
New Orieans; or to the offices of cither of
me receivers general ot public moneys, by
this.act directed to be armointml: to Up. tlmrn
safely kept , according to tho provisions of
mis aci, aim aiso to transtor moneys , in the
hands of any one depositary constituted by
this act to any other depositary constituted
by tho same, at his discretion, and ai the
safety of the public monoys. and thoconve
nienco of tho public service, shall seem to
him to require. And for the purpose of
ji.iiiitiu-j uii uiu jhiuiiu iiccDiiui, ii snau 1)0
lawful for the Treasurer of the Urjiled States
to draw upon any of the said depositaries,
as he may think most conducive to the
public interests, or to tho convenience of the
public creditors, or both.
Sec 11. Andbe it farther enacted, That
the moneys in tho hand.; care, and custody
of any of the depositaries constituted by
this act, shall bo considcred.and held a3 de
posited to the credit of the Treasurer of the
United States, and shall bo at all times,
subject to his draft, whether mado for trans
fer or disbursement, in tho same manner as
though thosatd moneys were actually in tho
Treasury Department of all moneys receiv
ed and paid by him at such time8 and in
Riicli foim, as shall bo directed by the Sec
retary of the Treasury.
Sec 12. And H it further tnacttd That
whenever public moneys shall accumulate
in the hands of any depositary constituted
by this act, other than the Treasurer of the
United States, the Treasurer of tho Mint
of the United Stales, tho Trcasuror of tho
Branch Mint at Now Orleans, and the re
ceivers general of pnblic nwney, to an
aniount beyond thvlgecnred by the bpivd of
the officer, or tth'ielt the Secretary oflhb tfea
euryshall, far any cause consider unsafe, tr it
shall not bo desirable io transfer the moneys
so accumulated to any other depositary, lt
shall he lawful for tho said Secretary to di
rect the said moneys, or any portion there
of, to be specially deposited in such bank of
tho Stale, or Teritory, wherein tho deposi
tary Who b to mako tho deposito is located,
as he, tho said Spcrotary, shall select and
name: Provided, The bank so selected will
nreo to roceivc and keep tho moneys depo
sited with it upon tho terms and conditions
in tho nextj section of this act prescribed
. Sec 13. Andbe iifurthcr enacted, That
the special deposites Of tho public monoys
authorized by. the last proecding section of
this act to bo banks, sliall be made
Upon the following terms and conditions,
and upon no oilier, namely. . - .
t First. All suifh deposites sliall be strictly
special'dnposhes; and the banks holding
them shall be"prohibitcd, in tho most effec
tual manner, from making any use of.the
moneys deposited, by way of loans, dis
counts, or in any other 'manner, or for any
other purpose whatsoever; and to secure the
fufilment of this condition the Secretary of
the Treasury is authorized, in his discretion,
to furnish tho banks selected as deposito
banks with safes for the keeping of the pub
lic moneys exclusively, and under the joint
control of tiio bank and some dislgnatnd of
ficer of the Government, or to adopt such
other guards' as ho shall prefdr.
Second. Nothing but gold or silver or
sucli notesiUiIls, or paper, issued under tho
authority of the United States, as may bo
directed by law to be received in payment
of tho public dues, shall be offered for depo
sito, or received by the banks as adeposite,
underlie, nrovisipns of this net.
Third. All deposites.shall be 'passed, up
on the books of the bank, to the credit of
the depositary making, the same; but no
moneys deposited in pursuance of this act
shall be withdrawn without the express or
der of tho Secretary of the Treasury for
the payment; drafts of the Treasur
er of the United States, or orders or war
rants of the Secretary of tho Treasury, for
ordinary transfer or disbursefnent, shall be
mailc upon any bank selected as a djposite
batik under; this act.
Fourth. A commission, such as' shall be
agreed upon between the Secretary o the
Treasury and tho bank, not in any case to
exceed one eighth of one per centum upon
mo moneys ueposneu witn it, shall be al
lowed and paid by the United States, in full
satisfaction of all' claims on the part of the
hank for trouble and risic crowinrr out of the
'receipt, safe keeping, and repayment of the
special oeposncs nerem authorized to be
made; all accounts for commissions to be
audited and paid at tho Treasury of the Uni-
leu oiaics.
Sec. Ii. Andbe it further enacted, That
in casein) bank within the Stato or Territo
ry wherein the depositary, directed to mako
deposites, is located, will consent to receive
the moneys of tho Government upon special
deposito, according to the foregoing condi
tions and regulations, then it sliall be law
ful for tho Secretary of the Treasury to se
lect in an adjoining State, or Ter
ritory, such as may be most convenient for
thu officer to mako deposites, and the pub
lic service; and in case no convenient bank
of either character can be found willin" to
receive stiSh deposites upon the terms pro
posed1, tlie Secretary may, transfer the same
to -flie Treasury of tho United States, to
the Mint, br Brnnch Mints, or to the offi
ces of olthqi of the receivers general of pub
lie nioney, as shall bo most convenient to
the depositary from whom the money is to
be transferred, or to the wants of tho public
service jn, referance to disbursements.
Si;c 15. And be it further enacled,TUat
the Secretary of the Treasury 'uball be, and
ho is hereby, authorized to cause examina
tions to be made of tho bcolpi, accounts, and
money on hand of tho several depositaries
constituted by this act and for. that purpose
to appoint special agents, as occasion may
require, with such compensation as be mav
think reasonable, to be fixed and declared at
the lime of each appointment, which said
examinations, in ail cases where the sum
on hand usually exceeds three-fourths of the
amount of the officer's bond, shall not bo
mado less frequently ihau once in each year,
and as much moro.frequently, in those and
all oilier cases, .as the Secretary in his dis
cretion, shall direct. The agents selected
to make: these examinations shall bo instruc
ted to examine as well tlie book's, accounts,
and returns of the officer, as the money on
hand, and the manner of it being kept, to
the end that uniformity and accuracy in the
accounts, as well as safety to the public
moneys, niay bo secured tiiercby-
Secj jp And be it further enacted. That
in addition to tho examinations provided for
in the last preceding section, and as. a fur
ther grtard over tho public moneys, it shall
bo the tluty of each naval officer anil sur
veyor, as a check upon tho receiver general
of public monoys, or collector el" tho cus
toms, of their respective districts; of each
register of a land offico, as a .check upon
Iho receiver of his land ofacc; and of the
director and stiperintondatit of each Mini
and" Branch .Mint when sepcrato offices, as
a check upon tho Treasurers, respectively,
of tle,saidMint, or tho persons acting as
such, at tho close of each quarter of the
year, and much more frequently aa they
shall bo directed by the Secretary of the
Treasury to do so, to examine the books,
accounts, returns, and money on huud, of
the weaker general of public money, col
IecWfRceivers ofland offices, Treasurers,
tl ilfirsons netinf 4 fcivh. Ahil in mukn n
full. llCcliralD. ife f:iithfnl rntum in tltn 'Prone.
urers, nnd persons outing ns such, and to
i t .ii . ...
inaive a iuii, accurate, anu laitlijul return to
the Treasury Department of their condi
Sec. 17. Andbe it further tnnr,! 'Pi,,
tho said officers respectively, whoso duty
u ia itiuuu uy una aci io receive, Keep, and
disburse tho public moneys, as tho fiscal
agents of the Government, may be allowed
any necessary additional expences for clerks
fire-proof chests, or vaults, or other neces
sary expenses of safn keeping, transfering
and disbUrsingsaid moneys: all such expen
ses of every character to "bo first expressly
authorized by the Secretary of tho Treasu
ry, whose discretions upon all the above
subjects, by way of regulation and other
wise, aio to be strictly lollowcd by all the
said officers: Provided, That the whole
number of clerks to bo appointed by virtue
of this section of this act, shall not exceed
ten, and that tho aggregate compensations
of the wholu nunihnr r!i:iII nni nv,,,! n:nl.t
thousand dollars, nor shall tho compensa-
iivu ui -ii "lit w--ij, ou ajijiuuilL'U, excecu
eight hundred dollars per annum.
Sr.c, 1 8. And be it further enacted, That
tho Secretary of the Treasury shall with as
much nronintituuo ss'tlio cnnvnnSniirn ndim
public business -find .tho safely af the public
lunus win pcniiii, wiinuraw ino balances
rcmainm? with tho present dcnn&itnrins nf-
tho public moneys, and confine the safe
keeping, translcr, and disbursement of those
moneys to the depositaries established hv
this aqt
br.c 19. Andbe it further enacted, That
all marshals, district attorneys, and others,
having public mpnoy to pay. to die United
States, aud all patentees, wishing tn m:.
payment for patents to be issued, may pay
all such moneys to the Trcasuror of 'life
llhitnil Rlnt'S. -it llui 'IVm.,,,,, ,n ,t...
1 . iktuuir, iu nit;
surer of either of tho Mints, ii; Philadelphia
or new wnuuns, io eiiner ol tlie receivers
irencral of nublic innnnv. nr in itr.)i
depositary constituted byMiis act as shall be'
designated by the Secretary of the Treasu
ry in.other parts of the United States, (o
receive such payments, and give receipts or
i-cruucaius oi ueposito tlicrelore.
SEC. 20. And be it further ennfli.,1 'l'!.-.
all officers charged by this act with hc safe-
iveeiiiiig, iransicr, anu disbursement of tho
public moneys, arc hereby required to keep
an acctlratB cnlrir nf o..,.!. cum ,,i
and of the kind of money' in which it is re-
cciycu, anu pi each payment or transfer,
and of tho kind of which it is
made ; and that if any one of the said officers
shall convert to his own use, in any way
whatever, or shall uso bv 4way of invest
ment in any I
disc, or shall loan, with or without interest,
l'oruon ci the public moneys intrusted
lo him for safe-keeping, disbursement, trans
fer prfor any other purpose, every such
act shsll be deemed and adjudged to bo an
cinbazzelmcut of so much of tho said mo
neys, as shall he thus taken, converted, in
vested, used or loaned, which i3 hereby de
clared to be 'a IikxIi miHilnmfnn,r. nml ,
officer or person' ennvictrfd thereof before
any court of tho United Sintcs nf rnmnntnni
jurisdiction, shall bo sciitonedd in i
ment for a term of not less tliau two. nor
more then five years, and to a fine equal
to the amount of the money embezzled.
Src 31. And be if furher entiel.l Plmi
'until the rooms, offices, vaults, and safes.
directed by the first four sections of this net
to bo constructed and prepared for the use
of tho Treasurer of the ITnitpil .Sinn it,..
Treasurers of the Mints at Philadelphia and
New Orleans, and the re'ceivcls gcnqrnl of
puone money at JNcw York, Uoston Charles
ton, and St. Louis, can be constructed and
prepared for use, it shall be the duty of the
Secretary of tho Treasury to procure suita
ble rooms for offices for those officers at
tiicir respective locations, and Jp contract
with such banks incoporations, or individ
uals, as'may be willing to contract for such
,use of their vaults and safes as may be re
quired for the safe-keeping of tho public
moneys in the charge and custody of those
officers respectively, tho expense to be paid
by the United States,
Sec. 22. And bA it further enacted,
That it shall not bo lawful for. tho Secreta
ry of tho Treasury to mako or continue in
force, any general order, which shall yrcato
anv difference btwecn ihn imn.i...
of revenue, as to the funds or medium of
payment, in which debts or dues accruing
to the United States may be paid.
. Src. 23. And be it further enacted, That
it shall bo tho duty of the Secretary of the
Treasury ,lo issuo and publish regulations
to enforco tho speedy presentation 0r nil
Government drafts for payment at tho place
where payable, and to prescribo tho timo,
according to tho different distances of thb
depositaries from .the seat of Government,
within which all drafts upon them, respec
tively, shall bo presented for paymont; and,
in default of &uch representation, to direct
any other modo and place of payment which
he may deem proper. ,
Sep. 24. And beitfurlurenaclcd,Thnl
tho receivera general of public moneys di
rected by this aqt to bo appointed, shall re
ceive respectively, tho following salarieii
per annum, td be paid quarter yearly, at the
Treasury of the United States, to wil: thb
receiver general of public money at New
Yoik shall be paid a salary of three limits
and dollars per annum; tho" receiver general
of public inouoy at Boston shall h paid a
salary of two thousand five hundred dollars
por annum ; the receiver general of public
riionoy at Charleston shall be paid a salray
of two thousand five hundred dollars pe,
annum; and the reqeiver general of tmblie
money nt St. Louis shall1 be paid a salary
Of tWO thousand fivn tinmt,! ,l1l.. . 3
..... Junius per
annum; and these salaries, respectively
dlinll tin 5n full Cnr tUn r.,,!... ".!. .
. A; v swucua ui jiic respec
tive officers ; nor shall cither of thcin be per
mitted to charge, or receive, any coinmis
fiion, pay, or perquisite, for any official ser
vice, of any character or description what
soovor; and the making of any such charm
or tho receipt of any such compensation, is
hereby declared to bo a misdemeanor, for
whiqli-'thc officer convicted tlrtucof, before
any coi;rt of tho United Slates of compe
tent jurisdiction, shall bo subject to punish,
ment by -fine or imprisonment, or both, at
tho discretion of the court before which tho
olTcnce shall be triciU
Sec. 25. And he it farther enacted, That
the Treasurer of the United Stales -be, and
is hereby, authorized lo-reco'ivo aufci
Treasury, fc atsuch olhcr points as I;o rosy
designate, payments in advance for public
lands, tho payments so made, in all case?, to
bo evidenced by the receipt of the saidTreas
urcr of tho United Slates; which receipts
Ko given shall bo current at the several land
offices of the United States, as cash, at any
public or private salo of lands, in the same
manner hs the currciley authorized bylaw
to bo received in payment 'for tho public
lands. Provided, however, That the re
ccipts given by the Treasurer of the United
States, pufsuant to the authority conferred
in this scctioil. shall hot bo nogotiable or
ransferriiblo, by delivery, or assignment, or
in any other manner whatsoever, but shall,
in all cascsybo presented in payment for
lands by or'fArthe person to whom the re
ceipt was given, as shown upon its face.
Sec. 20. Ajd be it further enacted, That
for the purchaSfe of sites, and for the con
strnctiort oftliFofficed of he receivers gen
eral of public money, by this act directed,
to bo erected at Charleston, South Carolina,
and at St. Louis, MUsouri, there sliall bo
and hereby is, appropriated, to be paid out
of any money in "the Treasury notolhcr
.wise appropriated, the sum pf.ten thousand
dollars, to bo cxponded under the direction
of tho Secretary of the Treasury, who is
hereby required to adopt plans for the said
offices, and the' Vaults and safes connected
tiicrewith, and to cause the sanio-to be con
structed nnd prepared for use with as little
delay as shall bo consistent with the public
interests, and, tho convenient location and se
curity of the buildings to be erected: Vo
vidtd, however, That if tho Secretary of
tho 1 rcasury shall find, upon inquiry and
examination, that suitable rooms for the nsc
ol the receiver general at Charleston can be
obtained in the custom house now owned
by the United States at that place, and that
secure vaults and safea,can be constructed
in thai building fpr-lho sufc-kdeping of the
public, money,, then he shall cause such
rooms prepared and fitted up, and such
vaults nnd nafes to bo constructed in the
custom-houso at Charleston, and no inde
pendent office shall be there erected.
S:c.27. And be it fufthtr enacted, Thrtt
for tlo payment of tho expenses authorized
by. this act, other than those herein before
provided for, a sufficient sum of money be,
and tho same is hereby, appropriated, to bo
pajd out of any money in the Treasury not
otherwise appropriated.
The following ludicrous, though
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pened lo a gentleman in the course of
a late visit to the celebrated Calhedral
of St. Paul, London. In his investiga
tion of the several curiosities of (he
place, he arrived at the turret which
contains the tmtchincry of tho clock.
Here (he dial-platq is accessible, .. and
on its inside is a, small square aperture,
for the convenience of the persons
shifting the hands of the clock. Our
friend being of a decidedly inquisitive
disposition, and particularly fond of
thrusting himself into every strange
and out-of-llic-wrty corner; immediate
ly popped his head through the invit
ing opening, lie was instantly ab
sorbed in the enjoyment ot the View
his elevated situation niTordcd him,
his position iii reference lo the hands
of the clock never costing him n
thought, when, guillotine-like, down
comes tile ponderous, bar .vlpch con
stitutes the larger hand: right over
his devoted head. j gentle nnd grad
ual pressure on the 'spine toon gave
himajunl of the predicament in which
he stood. But the organ of philo-pro-genitivenoss
being very strikingly de
veloped, it was too late. '
To draw, his head out was impossible,
and it beenme an unavoidable fixture,
while the powerful and steady motion
of the machinery was scarcely at all
impeded. Decapitation in its most
lineerincr and shock! lff fnrm mnef lmifn
been inevitable, had not thp bell rin
ger in thd exercise of his duty at that
moment arrived. He instantly peqeciv-.
cd how.. matters stood, and with thrj
ijuiuiuieus qi uiougiu stopped the ma
chinery. Tho bar was gloved up by
means ofleyern, nntj'the'tcrriflci' and
astonished man m
It is said ho has ever since been very
alii, if I II t11fil t?.. 1 I iV-.l -
B.ijr x,, in. uoiuij; lu IICUII Oil tllC J1CT-
pendiculnr, and gives nn involuntary
shudder when in looking out of a win-
mw i.iivu. iy uci-Kieui;, loijenes tlie
frame. Greenock Advertiser.