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Wc cin scarcely ifrffcjjinc how dolnocrats
arc induced to sanction thc,vlo message of
.Gov. Ritner upon thoImproM'nlcrtfbill, siftcf
his having siimcd the IMammoth Bank bill
especially when his reasons Tor vetoing
the former arc founded upon decerti. n and
falsehoods. "Vhrn the bill j-o'urteriog
the United States Bank was presented to
him for his signature, he could see nothing
to disapprove) -although it enrjodic(d a host
of other acts, both public and private ; and
yet when the Improvement bill is handed
him for executive sanction, he sets Iris foot
upon it, because, of the different appropria
tions in the same bill. AVhat glaring de
ception ! Arc not all the appropriations for
public purposes, and do they not embrace
the same objects of utility to the public ?
And were not the different acts attached to
the omnibus Bank "bill as various -in charac
ter and design as the kitchen-cabinet of his
Excellency! "Wc have not time for any fur
ther Temarks of our own upon this strange
document, and will therefore subjoin a few
-extracts from exchango papers to give 'our
leaders some idea of public opinion.
From the Lycoming Chronicle.
Gov. Ritncr, (not to speak profanely,)
cenqmaj Knows more man an xne worm oc
r p W, ","pCr-n"0US r i V' 'i . ' 1 16
of Pen.Hylvan.a is enlightened by the
of iu present br.llmnt ovo.el.Uve, to elect
men to legislate and make laws. .The ses-
Au u T" Jcsl. "
4Vir nil iln lnhmir. f linn mid rniionlniilinn r. P
' 1 a... i . 1.
"-"J VI
the senate, os it speaks of appropriations
which were stricken 6'ilf". But it is not to be
supposed that his excellency, WOiild so much
flnfFMfln lllirt tl P M flint tlln ft ll -rt tne-i -r-.i 1.!
powerful mind , examine personally a doc-'
umcnt coming fi
f , "J? lltanVC
of so much more important." The veto
nu1 il-u nc. wiiun nu is enira!rca on nmiinrs
was-handed to Gov. Rr,!.fVe'.cr:dd-.vR be-
fore the passage 6f. the bill abead, cut and ,
dri- d, with the injunction- that it should be !
t to the house lileralin, , ..lie of course .
P I,, ' 1' 1 J: "III "
uc su&pcnucti Diisincss paralyzed con
ductors made bankrupts' laboring men
thrown out of employ produce reduced
and pressure m tho money market increas
ed. The proclamation, which is tlic off
spring of a deep sense of the injustice done
the citizens of this htato, amounts to nothing
n mere declaration- tha there is a' sum of
monc-y in' the- treasury unexpended, but
which is in .rcalitv appropriated to specific
o'-iccis, emirciv uuconneeicu Willi Hie mam '
-. : 1 ......
lines, which tlic vetoed act contemplated
chiefly to benefit,
From the Grceniliurg Argus.
We would'bcg leave to observe that we
entertain some doubt of 'the governor's sin
cerity, when he displays such a "holy hor
ror" of the spirit of speculation, and .such a
drrad of ilsoflects upon the morals of the
community. When the charter of the U.
S. Bank was presented to him for his m;:-
naturc, he could discover nothing dangerous
III nnrl rr mnocitPA r vnv nrlnntiifl in
... .., .... ...... y,,, ,
j.i-ijniuni:i, i uuiicr rmeuiim-u 10 creuio
tion, than the erection of an institirion -wall
eo large a capital, and such immense rotour-
fs. It providcs-thc funds for the .t-c-da-'
or, and it controls the mtjrkot of our s'.uc; j
- ... uuuaw ugii Ul no uu guU
I" uui wiitu up is caueuupou xo
...ii ,. r 1 xi -
1 capitaimrrirnHjault to-state pnrpo-
efSj to ue exicuuuu iii anu omong our own i
I ill 1 I
citizens, lor xno ocneiu ami prosperity ot t
the state, he suddenly discovers iu it a irreat
sourer ot speculation, and all the dangers
attendant upon an overstocked market. lix
traordinary neutriipss?
"W hat are tho eonsoquencM of this veto?
hy thr progress of the public works will
most likely be retarded, if not entirely stop
ped; the enterprise of the community rfi
ceivo a sudden check; our common wealth
is thrown perhaps years back in the march'
of internal improvements, and tho credit of
thn state is likely to receive a shock, whose
inj'-rious effects may be felt many years
heir after. Let tho blame of all this, rost
wlir rp it ought.
So iiwfli was tho irovernor frightened at
the mischie f lie had dono, that he immdi
ately follows it up with a proclamalio'i
(which will also be found in this paper,) to
sustain the credit of the stato', sotting forth
her available funds, which display is rather
unfortunate, as it clearly shows their inade-
imrv in mnni um tinmrmns ni inn .rnsinnt
L"inn. 1 irim nnn Hnnnn nrp.vnnis us irnm
i. 11 - i
who inirouucuu mis cxuinsivuBysicin
nics. Was jt not the iCitner party who had
a majority in the last legislature? For the
purpose of chartering thp bank,, did thoy
notgive a bonus to almost ovary turnpike
road, evory railroad, in the state, and to eve
ZTTla I tho following passage ton&r. iVit-
u,.v. ......uw..H .... u . ,i niumi" uill, lirailill ,,,', I--, .,,, !....:.... V-
from Ihe governor the most formal manifes-, lZ 2 'C " '-i?lbor.
S. -r'r; la.ivc aid, the very apnro,.riatioi on which I M
iiunauiv wrmuu ueiorc mo uin una nnsspn
ry company that teas to be chartered by
them, to buy votes for a corrupt monlod jnon
storj ; rhon" thoy could appropriate near
thrccMiflilUoua of dollars, sacrifice every
principle ofdioiinr .arid integrity violate
tho mtrtt solemn pledges and laugh (o scorn
the .voice of 4he people lo carry a monopoli
zing bank. Ami why forsooth it aids our
public improvement roll-roads nnd canals,
the arteries of our wealth nnd prosperity
will be brought 10 eery man's door and
most contemptible, degrading and odious of
all apologies, the bank will eehoid our chil
dren. Then . wo had no squcariiiiIme?9 on
the part or ihc governor lie gh.lUid the
whole with dofrglH.-nnd bus1 been euloping
himself and the late legislature ever since for
tlmact. I lo could sanction u bank which
has been grindinii this people to iltist and
making crouching sla'cs of freanien he
could sanction every turnpike, railroad, ca
nal or rivcrimprotomont, and appropriations
for thorn; but when bis enemies have the
power (in the house) he hypocritically-talks
about economy, retrenchment and reform.
This Is consistency, indeed !
1'rom the V'ct Uranch Farmer.
The infamous law incorpararinjr llie U. S,
bank in this .state, was the beginning of tho
difficulty between the governor alul the le
gislature. That law, by way of bonus and
to enlistthc rechmrs of diflercnt parts of tho
state, for electioneering purposes, give to
turnpike and railroad companies the neat lit
tle sum or about $l,.r;00,000. Notwithstan
ding the people would not be bribed, but at
the last fall election plainly told Ritner and
his advisers that they plainly understood
10 0,1 1,10 othcr tfack alld wait till after
WKt filll cIocti nJ mattcr who auff
, i,cfiiro ,.. pnlls ., . ., ,
their motions, lie now seems determined
; ucturc nc rails an extra session expecting
iiiui iii cm; n in hi -t JIIUIJIUUIB iilVUrUUlU lO
any wild v i.ionarv scheme, Stevens and oth-
J . ' . T w l,u
l nrni l icoi'fc ninr tint ntn x
....j.jwi.j lltui 4.1V- IlllU L1IV II
rests ms objection to the bill in question.
uiiaisi-w-uj io nut uuu vi unvt. lUliier S
sins. ,
" Whilo oii the subject of internal. im-
; Z T ' " 'bll, n,
I lold not monopolize ouratiention and cart
! " "u.b .r Z X ,, IT
.1.- ..... ..
"V 1 .1 ' """"
i ,B Stt' ""f man' CU"'
"1," " " "J.1''0 m a.c?cs? t0
JA m T 'pSffi
Ad-, Yorh, luive bad,
"avc seyrcciynny other reliance. Tlie.fos-
tcrmg cure of the legislature con
tinued lo them, and an enquirv instituted
whether tho tuiumkc annronrtation made
by lha lat s'-moii', was siifiieicnt to relieve
Ihoo bcnefici:d comnanies. and to nut ihe
roads in a slate of rop;iir calculated io ron-
dcr them usoful lo the public. It should al
ways be kept in mind that the counties
which principally rely for an outlet to mar-
kct upon roads of this description, have do-
,;,.,ri:i :c 1 c. r. .1. ' 1 ,
rililroail oxriendiiiire."
Gth inst., proclaimiiiir "Thft tlu' lorirt .
hire had adjourned 1
witho'ut makintrai pro-,
vision for carrying on the internal imirovo
mcnt of the state, or paying . tho laborers'
for the work actually under contract, and for
which the faith of the slate is pledged" &c.
See the deception that he is' trying to prac-
Mlf IPI-itl tlin nrxttllaf To nnf iliA nUn......
l.. - . .. . .
lallnil ., prnr.'iioa ot the trutli! Yes! Did
ot improvement bill,
14,1 1 1. 10 vn cxncnueu on llie miurent
cr mv'imlam, &4..f ,,, Il0U60S oft,0
1(iisIaturc? al(1 :,r .KlMin(r was t t
6ent t0 hi, exce)r,cl. for eprovnl.' Did he
not vjii u il: Uiiluot the Iwisl.itnre
n hill amnlv reJaeniinf
llie plmhjc I i'tith of I
. r 1 " '
vr toed a
hv l,,m' l i. .tuj..-....
. 11 . . 1
Know that no
an( tfd he no
1 mo kxjow inai, in 'e:oiii''itr i
the improvement sy-teni would be c.nsiiuJ.'
Why all this deception.' Why did ho-not
say, (as he undoubtedly did do,) that ho pre
vented tho legislature from making a law
for the necessary provisions of carrying on
internal improvements, which he charges
that body of neglecting.'
. A dinner was iriven on Thursday last, at
die City Hi. ml, Philadelphia, to the Hon.
Gcohgi; M. Dam is, before, his departure
on his nii'bioir u ftussia. It was vorv Hu
morously attended, both by bis personal and
political friends. Fcnnal Jhpqrler.
The opposition of this state, are-oxultlng
over the election In tho city of Now York,
by the federalists, of a minority Mayor.
This is in' perfect .accordance with lho prin
ciples on which (hey elected Gov. Ititncr,
Tho democrats of New York ran two can
didattsrcoiiscfUontly tho opponents of Van
IJuren.'carn'ed their candidate, and at this
thoy shout victory as loud, as if they had
obtained a largc majority of all tho votes. A
victory is a victory to them, no matter in
what way obtalned.r--TZi.
In Connecticut, tho friends of Mr. Van
Duron, have re-elcclcd all their congression
al delegation", and tho democratic state
ticket is elected ontiro, by a large majori
ty. lb
Fncm-nicK IIuMJini. has boon appointed
an associate juuge ot uaupnm county.
l.,o.l -xr
tuctii nirnorx rtiii.
Sntm'tlny, April 21), IS 37.
On again assuming the control of a press
wc consider it unnecessary to make many
promises - in regard to ouf future course.
Wc were amongst tho early and zealous
supporters of the patriot Jackson, and coit
tribulod our humble efforts to sustain his ad
ministration, which so eminently added to
tho honor, prosperity and happiness of our
common country. Wo were amongst the
advocates of Martin Van Ihircu and Richard
M. Johnfon; and wc uniformly' supported
tho Democratic candidates for ofiico in our
state and county elections. The same prin
ciples which actuated ub in supporting dem
ocratic candidates and measures heretofore,
shall be our guiding-star in our present-undertaking.
In launching our little bark, whose tide"
indicates its character, upon the troubled
waters of the great political ocean, wc must
anticipate some severe gales; buthowevcf
much we may secure tho censure of politi
cal opponents, as a party; wc s-j' ll endeavor
...w. ua .ill iiiun lUllill UI1U
The "Columiiia Democrat"
fearless and faithful in sunnortintr
i those principles which the editor may deem
essential to an honest administration of the
government; Uiit shall strictly "avoid the vul
gar and abusive cant which characterize
onic presses of the present day, at the sne:-
lice of their own reputations, and the dis-
I Purc of their patrons.
"The Dkmochat" will contain as much
variety of subject matter as its limits will
permit; and having been influenced to estab
lish itbymany of the oldest democrats in
the county, wc solicit tho'patronage of the
public, and will promise every exertion on
our part to deserve their' liberal support.
Wc cordially extend to all lite right hand of
I fellowship', and shall feel grateful for their
lavours prosentincr t he nrcsent number n
a specimen of those wc shall issue hereafter.
tCpWc feel under maily obligations to
those friends of this establishment who have
used such efficient exertions in our behalf;
and it is with, feelings of gratification and
priJo that wc can already amiounce an am-
f'lB 11,,"lber 01 "amos On our list of aubscri-
ljurs t0 nsurc thd permanent establishment
of the 'Demociiat, and render bur labours
both pleasing add profitable,
tCJRei'Sions holding subscription papers
for the 'Democrat,' iu'11 much obligc-us by
sending them, or a list of tho names 'attach
,cd to them, as soon as convenient.
$C7lf any of our papers arc mis-senf to
subscribers, they will please notify us, and
wa shall promptly make such alterations as
! they may direct. Those of our patrons who
,nay ll!lV0 changed their places of residence
iioiice 01 uiPir nrffinnf niufoc Mrrtd r,ii n a
,,..., ,,,! , -t.w
lO-Wc return-thanks to those of our old
friends in Union county- who have attached
their names to our subscription list. Al
though debarred from a participation in the
political transactions of their Congressional,
Senatorial and Representative districts, yet
wc shall always feel an interest in their sev
eral results ; and wc shall always remember
thosp friendly associations, aside- from poli
tics, which gave a zest and pleasure to life,
during our residence amongst them.
ICpOur editorial brethren .to whom wo
send this number of the "Dumocuat," will
confer a favor by sending tholr papers in ex
change as soon as possible. Thoy proba
bly have experienced a similar difficulty in
selecting eopy.
1 un benoor. Svstjw. An election will
be held at the house of Jacob Keller, in the
township of Bloom, on Tuesday next, for
the purpose of ascertaining whether tho ci
tizens of said township are in favor 6f con
tinuing, or rejecting tho present system of
common schools. They -will also bo called
upon, if they continuo the system, to say
what amount of tax shall bo levied the cx
uing year for school purnosos. All taxa-
jble lnabitants arc permitted tovote.
Wc would be doing injustice to our vil
lagCjTas a faithful chronicler of the times,
waife-wo lb neglect -an' early notice of tlic
immense mineral wealth w lich surrounds
it, even should w poslpo'tlc a description of
its beautiful nndlicnWhy situation, until a
more convenient soason Rut the discove
ry of numerous and extensive strata of Tfon
Ore in this vicinity, covering a vast territo
ry and extending along the whole rangb of
ridges, from Fishing creek to Hemlock a
distance of about four miles has given an'
impetus to the spirit of speculation, and in a
few years will guarantee the erection 6f ex
tensive Iron Works on all tho streams pass
ing through the Onn heciok. In several
places a great number of hands are chlptay
cd in excavating these rich and long-hidden
treasures of the earth ; and, amongst others,
the Farrandsvillc company of Lycoming)
arc very extensively engaged in excavation,
upoll a tract which they 'recently purchased,
bordering on Hemlock creek, alld about two
miles distant from Rldomshurg,
Wc saw several specimens of iron" ore,
similar to that found in ouf neighbourhood,
which were dug from the same mountainous
range iu tho vicinity of Danville. It will
yield from GO to 70 percent; We congratulate-the
people of Columbia crtuilty on the
glorious prospect df" increasing wealth so
abundantly promised in the discovery and
use of thesd mineral treasures.
tC?pur Mechanics appear crowded with
the favours of their customers, and our mer
chants have been engaged al Philadelphia
in purchasing their Spring and Summer as
sortment of store goods. Wc anticipate a
lively season for lHoomsbufg, and art ad
vertising harvest for ourselves.
On the second Tuesday' in 'May next the
Delegates clcoled by the people to alter and
amend tho constitution of Pennsylvania,
will assemble at llarrisburg. Although we
apprehend -ilAit but few al.crations will be
made, yet the acts of so many distinguish
ed and- lakmloJ gendemen as" will occupy
scats in that bodyt must render" Ihe pro
coedingi of great interest to every citizen of
the commonwealth; and wo shall therefore
use our endeavors to present our readers
with an early and regular detail of ihcir do
ings. Jf nothing else be transacted, we sin
cerely hope the patronage of thu Executive
may bo curtailed that the time for the
meeting of the legislature may be fixed af
ter the holidays and that "all offices for
life may bo totally abolished, as Inconsis
tent with our republican form of govern
ment. These amendments would bo a be-
gaming at reform, and we have reason to
believe would lie sanctioned by two-thirds
ot the people of Pennsylvania, when they
vote for tho accepting or rejecting of the
amendments on the second Tuesday in next
It was currently rumorcda fewdayssincc
that tins institution had closcdits doors; but
the last "Union Times" contradicts the re
port, and adds "It ha's ceased for a while
to discount paper, but has not failed to re
deem its notes."
Now wc apprehend that this Bank never
had occasion to cease discounting paper in
(Us own neMibourhond.' for uT(s ft 1,.,
1 1 . - " i
is a com-;
jMeic "snaving shop," and (Jurm" the last
six months has used most of its funds in
tho hands of Philadelphia Drokcrs, where
two and three per cent a month is as easily
itjjoi liuurusi W0UU1 lie ill
the vicinity of Its own location. And from
tho following we are inclined to think that
its agents in the Cily arc amongst the "un.
fortunate" class who havo recently failed
for enormous amounts, and who are now
offering to compound with creditors by
paying io and cents in the dollar, in or
ffpr tit Itlfirnn.A limit. J..-.!!!'.! V
. ...wi..uu uiun lutuuius ior carrying
on the same game. Wo extract from un-
questionable authority.
I-ram Ihclm'U's Reporter of April 25.
Our Hanks refused yesterday to receive
deposite, as heretofore, the notes oT the
Manc oLewhtown, at Lewistown Pa,
Advcttisino. Tin's .paper will contain
tho Sheriffs, County Commissioners, and
Treasurer's advertisements, in order to give
our readers a full idea of our own county
affairs; and for the convenience of tho Bar,
wo shall insert tho Issuo Lists for tho dif
ferent courts In this judicial district.
lC7Wc learn from the Kemlone of last
Wednesday, that the individuals indicted
for an outrago upon a young female wero
j severally tried and acquitted..
It may b0 well enough, in the first um
bqr of'thO ''Democrat," to inform its lead
c'rVih-tt onS'oflltfc primary objects of Ihis
paper, distinct from 'tts political character,
shall be to urgo the removal of ihe scat of
justic'o from Danville, to some more central
iiiv wuuiuiiiuni n.,i--, 11 h;is ucen an 0
.(...... ... .
joct 01 deep concern for ntahy years-a
object dewvully wished and petitioned for
by a large mnjorily of the people of Colum
bia county; and the consummation 0f wHcty
'll!l tiTnnr. linrti, iii.-Ai.l.wl 1... ll... 1!
nary exertions of'ri few indfviduals whose
priatcintorcsis are indenlified with acontin-
uan'ce- of the prCsoirtoNn-coRNcrfED location.
We shall pureuo tho course dictated by our
prospectus, to ""ask nothing which is not
clearly right, and to submit fo nothing which
i3 wrong;" and if tvo do nolproyc our course
a just one, wc will freely give up the con
teat to our oppoiiclds.
It is with reluctance, however, that wA
! ar6 conrlr.i'incd by :i spnee df dutf, to com-
mence this campaign in ihc ti,-5l number of
ouf paper; but the course pursued by a few
cf the '"conservative'' party in Danville,
during the silting of ouf IaU term of court,
have rendered Ihis early tlcf-ncc of tho
fights and jnkrCsfs of the pe'opfp both 11c
ccssafy add expedient. Ify a system of
mireproceiih-tiftil, which li'ing practice has
rendered almost perfect, a majority ofthd
Orand-jury uero induced lo vole for the
erection of rms-rnoof iiiur.oivosi 'J'hcy
were told Hint C2000. were ing in thd
coilnly treasury, unappropriated, and not
needed by the comity, u hen, in fact, this
same !?'iOOO has bedn borrowed from the
Hank of Northumberland, and for which
the County must pay a regular interest of
six percent, per annum. Ihit a majority
of the Grand-Jury were opposed to t'u-erection
of lire-proOf building, in Danville, im
dcr am circumxlautts and as will appear"
from the following recantations Were de
ceived into a support of the measure by
means which we may hereafter state more
fully and more salisfaciorih-, 'Flic bill was
carried by a majority of two twelvi: vo-
; ting iu favour, and tun against il; and had
.Mr. Carty been present, (who was ab--cnt
on account of sickness in his family,)
and had not Air. Kressler, and some others,
been brought into the support of the measure'
by misrepresentation, the Avill of the people
would have been sustained, and the present
county buildings beeii considered sufficient
to retain the papers in the different offices
until after thd removal of the seat of justice
which, in all probability, will not bo .1
long time hence. Wc, however, submit the
subjoined notices to our readers, apologiz
ing, for want of time, for saying so little
on the subject, and promising a little more
when our leisure, and a better acquaintance?
with the subject, may fit us for a full detail
of these proceedings, and the privileges the
are intended to jeopardize.
TO THE 1'imi.lC'.
The undersigned, wishing to disabuse
public opinion in respect to his vole as a
Grand-Juryman, on the subject of the crcc--lion
of Fire-proof buildinffs at Danville,
will now state that he was influenced to do
so by misrepresentation, and that ho is not
only opposed to the project himself, as an
individual, hut feel, confident that a laroc
majority of i!U! people of Columbia county
are openly hostile lo the measure believing
it a mere trick in some euunin.r ones of Dan--
,.!,..Trp "uu ,"'i"''--'1"'gonesof Dan-
wiie (onrevcit :i i':ninv:i r tUr. r:..- .
. ut jus
tice to a more central r.nrt .r il,- :
conformity with the
nienco of its ciilz"ns.
..r, :., ., ' . .' " ""Vi "t-i
wishes mid convc-
Espytown, April 'ZZr
It was with no little surprise I received
the information respecting the vote of tho
Graud-Jury, at ouf last term nf court, on
the erection ofl'Irt'-proof Imildinrrg at Dan
ville, I feel confident that a majority of
t he.Ti.rv were onpoM-d lo tho measure; and
that if they h!lf lin,!er,ood tho question,,
would have voted against the bill, I was
member of the Jury, hut could not be pre
sent wheir this voitr was taken, owin-r to
sickness 111 my family. If J ,nil been
scnt l would bare recorded mv vote neaiiwfc
tho- iniquitous hill, nrfd by reprcaentiii" to
others ihrrnaluro and design of the proposi
tion, I have no doubt but it would have beeii
lost by a large majority.
Bloom township, April 25, 1837. .
jCJTho Reading- and Catlawissa' Rail
Road Company havo received a new im.
pulse to their enterprising operations. Mon
cure JRobi'mon, Esq. it is stated, has ef
fected' a salo of the stock in London to thtr
amount of one million of dollars, and lm
also obtained a loan of the samo amount to
further tho object. May success attend
their exortions in promoting the public wcl-fare.