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ogrICS THIRD 177'., NEAR TirAbli7l72l
cue Akio' Inicntarn-le served to eubscribere in the
Ay. et 12 ,cesas per week. : Yearly subscriber - a Will be
charged $6 00 in advance. Those persona who oegiectto
pay in advance Will be amazed $7 00.
Tal Talsesa#lita4oftiblished weekly, and le fertile hed
subecribera at tthefollowlnf, cash rates .
dingle c YP iee, weekl * . ••.y. , :+ , ..:t •
Three copiee to one 1 , :ost l
ten tOpics to one Post
A Cure' Warraniool_
Dyspepsia has the
. follmaiitg Symptoms:
Ist. A constant pain or uneasiness at the
pit of the stomach.
2d. Flatulence and Acidity.
3d. Costiveness and Loss of Appetite.
4th. Gloom and Depression of Spirits.
sth. Diarrhoea,with griping.
—. .-
6th. Pain is all parts of the Systerii.
7th. Consumptive Symptoms and Palpita
tion of the Heart.
Bth. Cough, with Phlegm in the Throat.
9th. Nervous Affection, and want of Sleep
at night.
10th. Loss of Appetite and Vomiting:
11th. Dizziness, Dimness of Vision, and
Loss of sight.
12th. Headache and Staggering in walking,
with great weakness.
Out of the thousands of cases of Dyspepsia
that have used Dr. 'cirishart's Great American
Dyspepsia Pills, not one of them has failed'
al a perfect cure. We warrant a cure in every
case, no matter if of twenty years' standing.
Sold by all druggists everywhere, and at Dr.
Wishart's office, No. 10 N. Second street,
Philadelphia, Pa. All examinations and con-s
sultations free of charge. Send for a thou..;
tar. Price $1 per box. Sent by mail, frail...Of'
charge, on receipt of money.
I, ELIZABETH BRANSON, of Brandywine,
Del., formerly of Old Chester, Del., do certify
that, for one year and a hall I suffered every
thing but death from that awful disease called
Dyspepsia. My whole system was prostrated
with weakness and nervous debility; I. ,could
not digest my food.; if I ate even'a craelter_or
the smallest, aznourit of food, it would return
j ust as I swallOwed it; I became so costive-in
my bowels that I would not have a passage in
less than from four and often eight 'days;rnn
der this immense suffering, my mind- -seemed
entirely to give way. I had a dreadful horror
and evil forebodings. I thought everybody
hated me, and I hated everybody; I could not
bear my husband nor my own children, every
thing appeared to be horrgr-stricken to me;
I had no ambition to do anything; Plost:
my love of family and home; I Would . rainble
and wander from place to place, but could - not
be contented; I felt that I was doomed*
hell, and that there was no heaven. fillur
and was often tempted to commit, suicide,
so near was my whole nervous system -de- .
stroyed, and also my mind from,tla#
complaint Dyspepsia, that m 3. friendillibujht
best to have me placed in Dr. Eirkbrides
.hospital, West Philadelphia. ' I reiliOned
there nine weeks, and theughtl ' Was a: little
better, but in a few days my dreadful com
plaint was raging as bad as ever. Heating of
the wonderful cures performed by Dr,,
hart's Great American Dyspepsia Pills and
his treatment for Dyspepsia, my husband
called on Dr. Wishart and stated my case to
hull. He Said he had no doubt he could cure
me. So in three days after I called.and,Placed
myself under the Doctor's treatment; and,in
two weeks I began to digest my food, and felt
that my disease was fast giving Way, and I
continued to recover for about thFee,months,
and at the present time I enjoy per - feet bealth
of body and mind, and I most Sincerely rePim .
my thanks to a merciful God and: Dr. Wie--
hart, and to his great American Dyspepsia
Pills and Pine Tree Tar Cordial that saved me
from an Insane Asylum, and premature grave.
All persons suffering with DYSPePsia are at
liberty to call on me - or write, - as lam willing .
to do all the good I can for suffering .hu
Brandywine, Del., formerly of Old Chester,
Delaware county, Pa. ".
Da. Wrs.ukur's Office, No. 10 Nort.WSOChnd
street, philadelphia.
Da.. Vfeurawr—l have been a constant sufferer with
Dyspepsia for the last eighteen years, during which time
I cannot say I ever enjoyed a perfectly well day ; There
were times when the symptoms were more aggravatild
than at others, and then it seemed it would be a great ye !
lief to die. I had at all times an unpleasant feeling in, ray
head, but latterly my sufferings so much increased_nttod,
I became almost unfit for business of any kind; inpinind_
was continually filled with gldomy thoughts and fore
bodings, and if I attempted to change their current by
reading, at once a sensation of icy cindaess in connection
with a dead weight, as it were, rested upon my brain;
also, a feeling of sickness would occurat the stomach, and
groat pain to my eyes, accompanied' with which was the
eoutinual fear of losing my reason.. I also experienced-,
great lassitude, debility and nervousness; istifch Made
difficult to walk by day or sleep at night. ' rbeearais
averse to society, and disposed only to seelniirm,.oo
having tried the Skill of a number 01' eminent'"phYsiciii*
of various schools, finally came to ihectinchiSlOn'thfar,'for ,
this disease at my present age (45, : ears)ttieT6i t tiistoi'ciirf.;
in existence. But, through. the Interferenhe' 6f- Divine:
Providence, to whom I devoutly offer my tlitii4 I at last
found a sovereign remedy in your Dyspepsia Pala and
Tar Cordial, which seem to have effectually removed al
most the last trace of my long list of ailments and bad
feelings, and in their place health, pleasure and content
merit are my everyday companions. ,
No. 453 NortirSecOnd street,Thiladelphia,
Yermerly; of Woodbury,- N. J.
Dr. Wistiart's Office No. 10,North Second street, Mat
delphia. •.. : • :
Earae WHAT mit. Jolts a nancocif asTa. ,
No. 1028
Philadelphia, January: 22d..1.8011. ' J
WtsEsnv—Sir:—lt is with much pie:laurel thif t
am now able to inform you that, by the use of your great
American Dyspepsia Pills, I havebitt.ii entirely cured of,
Mat most distressing complaint, DYsgetina: ' 1 had been'
gri:viously afflicted for the last tweuty-eightyeare, and
fur t,n years of that time have not been free Prom its
path one week at a time. I have had it in its wort
ant have dragged on a most miseratdeibsistcp?a—, pgioli
day a " Every kind of fetid - Chat rate" filled ate:
wiad and pain, it mattered not how light, or how
small the quantity A continued belching was sure to
.1 , 410 w. I had no appetite for any kinds of meats what
cver and my distrers was so great, for several mouths be I heard of your rills, that; I ffequently, ,wislacd for
death. 1 had taken everything &Intl .had‘hartf 6f'/di
Dyspepsia, without receiving any benefit; tilt on- your
Villa being recommended to me by one whiti , fffs.ff liegn
cured by them, I concluded to give them a tilat tdfffoligh
I had no faith in -them. To my astonishment, I found
myself getting better before I had taken onelouith. Of- A
and after taking half a box y I ant a weld man, and
can eat anything I wish, and enjoy. a hearty meal three
times a day, without inconvenience from anything I t
u r drug, I't you think proper, you are at liberty to ma
this public and•refer to me I will cheerfdlly give all d
iirable information to any one who may call'attme
Yours, losPectfullY, JOHN 11. BABCOCK.
For tale at Dr: Wishart's Medical Depot, No. 10 Nerth
Second street, Philadelphia, Ps. Price Ote',llollar por
box, Sent by mail, free of charge, ou receipt hf ptice. ,
samual D,Haven, have been Agereat2stifforte- with-
Chronic Dyspepsia and Inflammatiop.of the, aid ney
three yean. "I employed three or Mr .ttie 'Meet emt
ueutphyslotapsof Philadelphia, also of Bailing -to n count , •
N. J. They did all for me they could, but ail to no p 4.
Pose.line COlLatillaky filled with awfurPain and diet
urea, and With' conitant belching of wind and sour acid;
My tonne was covered with a white coating of mucus
until it gracked in large 'Airrowik and, wan dreadfully
.tore I GU I ofttimeg wished feet 'death 'to vrelgve. melf.
Lay sufferings, for I had lost all hope of ever thintivelP
again. I made it a subject of prayer to God( alts li e
would direct me to Nome physician
iwuni Oare Q. I wan iedd t() PNIu 'l 7l °l. tiflVTrio di lin Ct In n e en t t h eat at
• •
L• -.; i.: :: 2rl ' 4 ''. - -r ' ' '. 4 ' . ' .91.. , 11qF 3 •;:.1: ,'; ,- • •-• ; • .
' • , •••,••••••.\;,`.•.• , /1 .1 1511111. - 1 7( - -;•
I - • --...
"..."12 t\-.„; \
.. i . A_ , c k , _
4 C2' ;, t ' ' , ' . -.-- - ,' -•
4W ' ' . -'- - 's -'544.,''',..,
,X.0:0,..1 -,s. .1: J •,..., - .
..., ' . .
-',' 4 ' -• )\ L'er' '.-- -'• - ..._. il ' _ ,
• , , • vr :: ;;', - 1 3-, '. >. ..,-*r!' .J • .... :'.
-.;-;- , it, ,-.'• ..,. .. - - -
, , . "... .
. - -
....$1 BO
' Dr:Nish:es in the •libriladeltiltia Ledger, of a great cure
Made. upon hir,.4l4l4 ll l o lx l QlC , Of 1028 _Olive street, Phiia-
I Mph% by the greatiAmenicanDyspepala Fills. I went
to the octoOs Mice. 'and phibed myself under b treat
ment, and told him if he failed to sure Ma, it would be the
last effort IWentcl-niake. hatbeen weeks since I
commenced the use of his medicine, and. I ainnow a well
`Man, free frinii all pain and distress, and can eat three
!hearty meals a day with comfort, and feel perfectly:welt'
tDr: Wished; I want you to publish my case, as I' want
every poor dyspeptic suffering as I was, to call on me, 'and.
will tell them of. the ,great pure I have received, from.
your inialualnd Medicine . . " SAMIIFJ, D. HAVEN.
:Cromer Venattgo and Lanibert streets near Richmond'
street, formerly from Wrightstown, Burlington county,]
The' above area few awing the tlicraWids. Which' tills
great remedy' haSaaved.fring. an untiniely grave. - •
'We have thaustaitas - of letterifrom physicians and drug
gists whohaye.pAscrlbed and sold the Tar Cordial, saying
that they have never used or sold a medical which gave
such universal vatistaction.
Prepared only by the proprietor;
No. 10 North Second street, Philadelphia, Pa.
Sold by Druggists everywhere SmjylB-eod-dArw
U. S. 7-30 LOAN.
riIHE Secketary of the Treasury gives notice
1. that subscriptions will be received for Cou
pon Treasury Notes, ; payable three years from
August 15th, 3.6 ! 4,, T oth, semi-annual. interest
'at the"rate qf t ieieu ( cto, three-tenths per cent.
,per aguitini z -T ri lncipal, and interest,beth to be
paid 'in lawful money.
Theie notes conVertible,at,the: option
of the holder at Maturity into six per cent.
geld bearing bonds, payable not;less thanfive
nor more thln tw,enty years from thaitdate,
as the doveramel4,May Slept. , They will be
issued in d.eno.minagons of $5O, - $lOO, $5OO,
$l,OOO and $5;000; i . nx), all subscriptions must
be fot fifty dollars-,.0r .sotne multiple of fifty.
dollars.,' •
The notei"will be transmitted to the owners
free' : transportation charges •as soon after
tho Yeaeitit ofth origin' al Certificates of,De
posit as they can, be:prepared. Y
AS the notes drawinterest.from August 15,
iMiSOILS mating ,ne . posits subsequent to that
date must 'pay the interest accrued from date
of note to date of deposit.
Parties depositing twenty-five thousand dol
lars ma 'upwardOor these notes at . any . one
time will, be allowed a commission of one
quarter of one per cent., which will be paid
by the Treasury Department upon the receipt
of a bill for the amount, certified to hythe
officer with whoth the deposit was'made. No
deductions for commissions must be made
from the deposits. '
glieetai Advantages of this Loan.
higher tate than any other, and best security.
Any savings bank.whiCh pays its depositors
in U. S. Notes, considers that it is paying
in the best circulating medium of the country,
and it cannot payinlanything better, for its
owu assets are either in government securities
or in notes or bonds payable in government-
, ig l equally, convenient as a temporary or
Pqgualjentr,investment. The notes can 'al••
wayN 1.a4914 for within a traction of their_
face saa94 , JaCesimulated interest, and are the
4eStrfieellrio 'MAX banks as collaterals for ais-
Convertiblainto- a k -per Cent, 6-20 lifold 'Bond.
Inailditioni'fo' the vet liberal interest on
the notes for three years, this privilege of
conversion is now worth about three percent.
per-amitim,. forth. current rate for 5-20 Bonds
not less than itineper .cerd. premium, and be-. 1
ifore the- warthe premium on six per cent. V.,.,
iS. - stocks wit* , Vter . twenty per cent It wi4.11
;be;Eieen thatthe actual profit. Op `this loroi,
!the present inarket rate is net IeSS than ten
per cent. per annum. .
Its Exemption front State or ilanitipal
But aside from all the advantages we -have'
enumerated, a special act of Gong 'aueihjitS
at/ boasts and Treasury notes from local tan:tip:lL ,
,On the average, this exemption iSivortb abotit
two per pent. per annum, according 'te
rate oftaration in various parts of the coriuti7.
Il is , believed that no securities offer so
'great inducpmeribi!to lend Ors as those issued
by the.' Government. In all- other forms of
;indebtedness, the faith or ability of priiatd
Iparties i or stock companies, -or separate_ com-
Imunities, only, is pledged for payment, while
the whole property.of.' the country is held to
Iskire, the discharge of- all the obligations of
!the - lJnited States. •
I .
While the Governixient- offers the- m l . . •
liberal OrMS for its losins; it - believes-that .the
VikrY OtrongeSt appeallviil) be to - the :16Ykafr'
and odaiatiem :of thetipople. 1- , • ' ' ... , •
~Attoppipsexatffi, w ria..-atly, !...iitatittim' id. th 6
,Tteggirer of the United: Stated, it Wishing
iton. the several AssistanCTreasigers- and',
designated Depositaries, and by all the Na= -
tional banks which are depoultaries of public
nieney v iquiallpppectable banks and bankiati'
ffriitighout - the country will give . farther in
formation and 'afford every facility to sub
scribers. [aul9-d&w:2m
Volunteer Notice 1 , ..
11 - ptaio of . .CoinpagOs , 'and .Conunandeis . of
• . •'.
Squall% • ,
E' e ,
eizpvted - 40pifiTared*EfeggrQfox,
all till rtfeel '
' TAe OctelL 'and Governnimt
Bounties I
. .
-Committees can hredits for their tont-.
phip or vomit)" quotas.. .L
Enlistalo4 l APPrs. - zPß:tinPtlY 'made out„and.'tnen,
attended to until muster in t ;clothed and equipped,
penitsykania Recruging'Apw . & CO, . ;
, ro O u t i ll t e l f, et Pa r ! e t:: 10:4 11, 41111iidt:streeb Prly, 9qVr34 Third arid
' 44' Two of ' thn.lirra..-haeommissions to .recruit.
States in rebellion:" [aug23-ci&wlm
i ' ' - CIELIE r WrA.I.JEZIF.7I) •
C OACIN T R Ail. D L. E M• 041,11 D-E
. ,
rf 0.13/easant, healthy beverage.
FVery lioliVeniest and . rplreshiog for invaiids having
evgft origreari Shins::
12,,?n r t i g U " 7, X:ars PI; ft a v ptri La ad . . •
No sugar reqed; oito'LlbleF§poohful. Ef imply dissolved
e. isslaissloteoi wafer sod , li i§ dodo - - - -
43 . , ~ , ~.1 c, • No.. 91 , Mltrketnitreet.
Wait :,, Engine I' L , and- , Machine Shop,
.._ .._,, , ,-..r--- .
- 'F*-§- 1 . 1 *O n 7 4 . sr4Birr AND MARIC.ET. .
i -v: :' r(J. rc:.hiektsalkt,pland.) : - ~.:
THE undersig*a - -....iiiiviAgifaken, ihe above
A. Sqop,,lsispect.Vy Solicits a share of the public pa
tronagi. • „
I pusie tr ui A ttention*W be path to repail:gig cif Stearn .
11, !, girlee, and'att Mt diretYinehloery. , Alt miorli* hill r 6:
de my personal attentioti,MatpMisfactiob enfant:mil
..., i 'l . ti 5 IrNT aitt,i .w.rit , ;;;. lor; i. , ..c . fi i
'' T: . 11 Fi.",.;11 1 •bi.: 1 . 0 N—lst''(::)W.,,.,.;...4l',Z'!tiD::,,il.:Pijil:::ii.k;:**.:.-,,,l'Weiste?
FtTem the 2 . 010 Regimeitit
C..m' COUCH, NEAR CH Amisistrna, 22d, 1864.
Editor Telegraph:
To-morrow morning, (Friday) rsi'd ihove
again. Whither ?--I - catinot tell your readers.
But the impression is, that we will shape our
course up the: 'pike, 'westward, through Lou
to some point in the motintains. - • '
The following Orders from HeadirharterS,
read out to the 'regiment - *on dress parade,
P. (which I managed_to report in full) will
explain our movenients:-
Sept. 22;'1864,
Special Ordem No. 223--/Krtract.
Col. F. Asbury kwl, 201st regiment
Penna. Volunteers, is hereby placed in . coin
rnancl of all the U. S. troops' eneampeil near
"2.• CoL F. Asbury''2olst regiment
Penna. •Volunteers, commanding IJ. S. toops
near Back Creek, will march his entire C 0712-
andnd in the morning , Of ther , 23d inst.,' fbr
practice." •
By command of 'Maj. Gen. Couoir.
•• • : JOHN S. SHULT,Zt.
Assistant Adjutant Generfil.
, The following orders, were also Preinul
gated, and I repor,' , ed them'for the coluinns
of the DAILY "(UM, verbatim, 'think:
Special Orders, No. 10.
"1. In accordance .with special orders No.
2?3, Headquarters Dellartment of the SAsque
hanna, dated Sept. 22e0., 1864, Cot, Ir. Asbury
Awl, commanding 201st regiment Pennsylva
nia volunteers, hereby aosumes cOnunand; of
all the IT. S. troops encamped near
•"2: This regiment will be ready to, move
promptly at• 8 o'clOck, on to-morrow, Sept.
23d, 1864; with two clefs Oooked, rations in
haversacks, and 40 rounds of ammunition in
• cartridge boxes." ' •
"3. The strictest discipline will be observed
on the march—officers to be with their Com
panies. No straggling or depredations on
private property will tte allowed. The men
;will not be allowed to leave the raidts except
'at the time of .resting the whole command.
Camp-gaurds will be established before • the
troops stack their. arms on arriving in camp.
No officer will be permitted to leave camp, or
Iheir commands,' without proper...authority
!from the commanding officer of the - troops.'
"4. Assistant Surgeon,., James Hendetson,
will be left in command of the camp; and will
lake charge of the sick." ..
• By order ;of_ F. ASBURY,AIqr,
'Col. commanding . 2015 t ., regiment PBetingl
vania vohmteers, and ~force:s near Back
Creek." . • , „
The forces under Col. Awl's jurisdiction
consist of the five remaining coinpanies of 't..1144
201st—A, C, D, I and K—company B, lst bat=
'talon one hundred days' men, Capt. Wiltion ;
the Patapsco Guards, Capt, MeGewan ; com
pany A, of one". handred days's men,Capt.
-- , the Keyston(s Battery, Capt. astings
commanding, together with the 202d' -rev'
ment, Col. Albright, making, quite a formida
ble battalion on our .anticipated march.
. We feel very proud of the additional honors
conferred upon our ...officers. May ,brighter
laurels encircle the brow ~of our respect' d .
officers, and• higher honors await them, is-the'
Sincere wish of the-soldiers of this regiment,.
Permit me, in this connection to say that
George W. Reisinger, ilsq., Adjutant of the
202 st regiment is a most worthy man, an effi
cient officer—prompt in the execution of,
orders, unassuming in hiii manners, gentle.
manly and courteous in hits deportment, and
he is esteemed an respected by all who know
him. The Adjutant is a citizen of Harrisburg,
and well known at the Capital of the State. I
A friend writing to me from company G, . i
Capt. Ensminger, stationed at Bloody Run (
Bedford county, states that C9papany F,,Cript.- also encamped there,'and the men
are enjoying themselves vastly in that lo-
Cality. Of their march from here, he no : n
1 "We marched up the pike from Camp Conch
towards Campbelstown, near our first camp
ing ground'hf ten days ago, and in that vi i
cinity made. a , :wffb:- a, fain:Ler Ito haul
out knapsacks to 131(ind3r Run. We marched
On till we reached Loudon, where we stopped,
to prepare .dinner., From thence ,we cont.:
inenced to ascend dove Mountain, and reached
Use top about sunset: - I suppose it is five
' miles from Loudon to the summit of thesnonn::
Min. From the top of Cove mountain a mag
nificent view of the, surrounding country, 1,3
'obtained up and downi: splendid valhly, near
the centre of which is located the flourishing
town of M'Connelsburg." : : :': )
A smart. shower of fain fell:While we were
on the moutain, and we commenced to de
scend at a lively pacesagdr!fachedMcConnels
hurg and camped there,for the night, having
made eighteen 'miles 'Nib' first day of our de
parture from Camp Conch. Next morning we
resumed our march, crossing four more wain-.
tains, named respoSetiVely, the Three Brothers
and Ray's Hill," halting war a villages tyled
Fairview, encamping.for .the night, in front of
Senator Householder's residence. We started
next morning (S'ipt. 20th) and marched till
two o'clook, P. X,., encampiz in a field half-a-
Mile distant frc,m Bloody Run—making the
,march in two - and a half days,. while we were
allowed five days to do .it in. Was'nt that
'Wily for companies H and G ?
• We can he ,ar.,the engines whistle on the
Pennsylvanir;.. railroad: distine tly from here.
-While haltin g l en : the. mumstains, •the. Men- Of:
Iciur comp= y- (G). called •on hired. H-ght
Am a speec h. Fred mounted a stump and
said: , . '. •
"Fellow -soldiers—l never went to school
Much in in: y life, and have not enough in here
(tapp 1 its head). to spout Shakespeare.
[Hurrah fi n. It--glit. Go it Fred, cheered
the whole company.] Fellows, you can all go
to h----- a' hoisted Fred, if that is the way you
riregoing to interrupt me. ' And that is the
'Way he go t out of' the scrape of making a
speech to the crowd, and a donkey of himself.
A cheerful spirit prevails among the men'in
camp this evening, and. I have no doubt'they
will all come to time at 8-o'clock A. mr, to-mor 7 .
row, the starting hont From Camp Couch:
I i.:ball keep your readers advised" of our
move'cents. . •
The' inquiry was mode this evening . What
shall 'be done with Ike? Carry him idolig ye-'
plied, all hands, if we are obliged td stow hum
ioway in one of kaaysacks. Ala Ike will
tv sth the crowd, thats settled.
In. baste, AU MOW;
A. H. 8.,..,
Corporal company it
• •
I. l t
Froili Wasitingtou.,l
... „ .
1 3( YATS `atVll?' -11N-V4:11
Rebel Prisonets Yolit 'Lookout.'
Early's ibeireat- . Civatis • a Panic;
at Richmond. , ' '
Payinesteit - Left tor the _ to Pair the
My t tl,:g@GTON. Sept..
Cormacclore Perker,OfithePotont*
conniumietites the folAdjufmg to .the..„Segrsol7i
c4"11i4.114Yi the 16th
One of the'boats of ,steamer ,Ourri-t
tuck, while in sear,ch thliock4ler,runners at.
the' Mouth of ..thhjYrc'pi'; river; was fired
into from the ahte„.Vfla. Jigs, captain oil
the Hold; was • instantly ; Wed, and George:
McNeil, ? landsman,'Seyerely ~Nounded.i
The, are ‘wfA , Rroll4PlitAettmledJ..from the'
boa* and tile '9arritrAck . acting -,engineer,
Welkin, who eOmmencled.ithe boats,' .reports:
that a shell. exploded] in. midst of the!
party on Awe.,
There are now about prisoners ,con
fined at LoOkotit, - 1441; ;2 -.Twenty
gees ercissedlhe river,ftPmr"the Xirginin &ore
oclte.w ' s
and suddeeded repted4,44 Home
diem *) , re ' , trOnr 4,a9hmend; altdusaf the
diofeAt,tiad refolded-, that
city, arid .fused the ,greatest consternation
and alarm. .
The rebel officers, brought to, Washington
to-day from Point.LOoknut, to•be.transferred
to Northern EiF494 l :s, W 4 1.2 not .balieve, that
Sher:Wm .- I aplineyed• yictories in the. She
nandciak;figley, as h proclaimed -in the, official
The payniseterftinida aleavp e,seortrstailed
for Sheri(yin's army this morning, to,payoff
tile troops of that command.: They take a large
aniinint of money with.them, but have ample
nuiitary Prokction.f: 'Warrants to complete
ti4e;PftYlnellt [the raxmy 'and navy to date;
ha've do -day been:signed by Secretary Fessen-
The entire:armies- ofAlin..l3rnited States will
therefore receive payment inifull,; SO Soon as
the PaYmastere can arrange the details. There
are, no suspen ded requisitions in. the Treasury
other than those awaiting re-arrangement
by order of the proper authorities.
Serlong the. Philadelphia and
Erie RaiSid Depot''
A Numbq l l„gtitioll'eykily,q Injured:
t -
- ;
•About-two o'clodk . urfayra, serious.
cident took place':a s ' the rieti &pet . v of ,the
Philadelphia aniP'Erie railiOad, on Aterltel,
street liehAv'Sixteenth.',
off the northern end ei l ' i t,h'e lot therei4
space 86 feet`-i. width,a4,
. - ,,exPiticling along
the , attifig Filbert - street t ftont; *Lich the wink-.
wen 'were abWattO inuf - ovet. '
, , .
This , roof Witiintianded. t 0 be auttperted by
a serics'ofiron - raftUrs;'whiel3 eke deal e.
to span thiilentire spfteso . 4ingh!zkOr k ,feetAnd
to be- supported by is - Osten), fiE %rods au
braces. ' • ,
'f•Eight• of these ii#o4:iv i ek6 in" their placea
and snina ofihe !,putlilifeCcir wilgen. joists
upon _ winch the :root ' *AK Ost had boon
lid upon the rafters '
f .
Wouden liradek - iihiellhiii*rodithe iron
raftars'wereiggifivea ui the we§§Fern wall:
For some reiiciii; at present uttexoained,
the rafters canted .tn ,the east, dr9viraithe
braces out Enna placos, in, • the wall xind
throwing the 'lpti4e • • •
The Cat# iron 'wbrl'itita snapped* if itliad
beery se battle as'gfass, and the Wriniglippn
4ifuitlber 'ofYriep: ,qttilnipfoY,' or Mr.
Ilietinrtlift above
RppjuloPrf , o4 -
the' inmit, and some r *epe:sepougy
The hijnicidlierliory, were reaciied`na spegd
#onitha:f#64, and immediate
attentithisiiiiiiiiiesnt , t)Wikuirals:
The niuniktotthistlfrerats are as folio s
Wm.. Yon*, .terentnin, , for Mr. Alli Son;
thoUght to ,bif Tak.a4 . the
Pennsylinnute#ospitat - "
John'Belahair, alsb i3erkipsijrll4c4 r .
to the stintYliohilital.' r ‘•
11.• - ;01
Charlesltrighk•aghz(Kaify Johns Sep - " 10 r7
3on, Daniel' - limit, Balthazar. Amants,-,7m
more or less, injereci,, -WheY, ,'were 'lake?'
Latest .
front `.North Carolina. ,
By the arrived of the sViieer Apaia7, - we
lave reeeived'ilenith Carolina ittilfeo tb the
'22d nit
• : .
. ,
The steamer Faivitsithibh Was in&iitlir Cap:
tuied and burned by iihnOnemy;'cOntainedthe•
liiiston mail of the Wind . 61,1 i inst., Asialhe
New York Mall of the-sth and 6th - inst.' A
large portion of the Mails have been. received.
from the wrdOlcitind'bicit lit to Newherf4 '
A - flag oft tit iioleictine4 , nought , uto News
bern a large 4 iluffibiir of ' ' s; many! of
whom belong . to thl3 finitrini:dlies Of, the *its r `
Who are on:that iiii)r,r-iicirth; having istEit'.4r.
confidence in-the Conti:46ra° cause 034 . 4,'111,13,
fall of Atlanta - ' l' " ' ' ' ' -
Among the:Anna:kris thi wife ofthil,,',Tehej
General Martin.t The Wilmington and' Wel-. ,
don railroad las advertisedi dividend of teri
per cent. -.! ' '' ~ ,t
The Salesbury, N. C., Watchnial hal; the
following : IWe protest against the ul.ll:iiirtin
treatment extended to Yankee deserters who:
are subjected to a course of' - treatmenff,'' which
makes,life far more uncertain than tl ie battle
field itself. A general pardon from . Lincoln
would, doubtlege, relieve the Confedieracy of
at least 50,006 of 'these miserable beings,
proVided, theylave strength enough-to enable
them to mate their escape North: '
i• . .. . - .
Death of .ib WvillthyCith zell.
,_ „-__-_- , - 24 .
A wat
_.qt!r. Pmf;*Psacliers. aft Fishing
PtalaTo; olMn ni 1 4 1 1 -3:4) T. a..,i A f. - 11[,, , ,
, reiVin: SlOan eof the wealtid lest citi
zens of this county died to-day after 4a severe
Gen.Sherma,n 9 s
It 'Will Not Bo lritllidr-twn.
• mistrissra*.i, IN THE FJF. ATLANTA, GA., Sep-i
terab,er 12; 186.4.,—Jantepilt.Calhoun, Mayor
E. B. ; ItaWeon, and S. representing
City Connell of Atlantadentlemen jiavve
your; ;fetter of the 11th in the nature of ,:a!
petitien to revoke my orders removing.allthe
inhabitants from Atlanta. ~I have reed• itj
carefully, and give full credit .to your state-;
,raesits, o,f, the distress that will be occasioned.
'by alidi yet, shall, not, revoke my order,'
simply because my Orders are not designed to,
meet the lininamt(es of the. case, but to pre-'
liare'for theTutilie struggles in whieh millioas,
yea hundreds of millions of !good people out-,
side of_AtlanM, have, a deco interest.
We must have peape, not :only, at Atlanta,
'but in all America. To secure this we must'
close the war that now desolates our once
happy and favored conntry. To stop the war'
we must defeat the rebel armies that are
arrayed against the laws and Constitution,
which all must respect , and obey. TO;defeat
these armies .we must prepare the way to
reach . them in their recesses,
provided with
arms and i ltuitrtunents which will enable us to;
accOrripheli our purpose.
HO; I know the vindictive nature of our
enemy, and that we may have many years of
military operations from this quarter, and
therefore deem it wise and prudent to prepare
in time. The use of Atlanta for warlike pur-.,
poses is inconsistent its character as a
home for families. • There will be no man
nfactures, comma:tierce, or agriculture here
for the maintenance, of. families, and sooner
or later want will compel the inhabitants to
Why not gd now, when all the arrangements
axe completed. for , the transfer, instead of
waiting tillthe plunging shot of contending
armies will renew,. the scene of the past
month ? Of • course, -I do not apprehend any
such thing at this moment, but you do not
suppose that - will be here till the
war is over. I cannot discuss this subject
with you fairly, because I cannot imparts to
you what I 'propose to do, but I assert that my
military plans make it necessary for the in
habitants to go away, and I can only renew
my, offer of services to make their exodus in
any direction as easy and comfortable as pos
sible. Yon cannot qualify war in harsher
term than I will
War is cruelty,, and you cannot refute it;
and-tliose 'who brought war on our eountry
deserve all the curses and maledictions a peo
ple can pour out. Ilmow I had no hand in
making this waF, and I know I will make
more sacittleei tovday Then. any of you to se
cure peace.'.:yon cannothave peace and
a dialonn_enibouritrjr;t If the:United States
snlami4o to a cliviaton now, u aFS act stop,
but Wall go on till we reap the : n faterof Mexico,
iihielLis eternal war; The tf4teatiites does
and' assert its alithbritY.wllezaver - it has relaxes. one bit to. pressure; it is
sn4jtadwthAt saghlsaPt thaPatienal.
feeling. _ 'This feeling assumes val.:ions shapes,
but alwaysi domes back-to tha. of- Union.
'Once 'adroit the Union, once,Mpre acknowl
edge the authority of .the liationatGovern
nrent, and instead of devoting our houses
and streets and roads to the dread uses.of
War, I; and, this array, become at . once your
protectors and supporters, shielding you from
danger, let it come, from-what quarter it may.
I. know that a few individuals, offimot ; resist
a torrent of error and rpassien-suck as has
swept the South into- rebellion; but you can
point out,'. so that We,anay a know, those who
desire a Government and those who insist on
WO and desolation. , •
You.might as well, appeal, against the , thun
derstorm as against these terrible hardships
of, war. They' re inevstahie,
.and the only
way the peOple of Atlanta - can hope once more
to live in peace ancliirciet - at home is to .stop
the war, which can alone be clone, by Admit
ting that it beganin error and is perPetual
in , pride. I'Ve, d'on't ; Fent, yPTrt negroes, or
your houses Or your,lands, or,anything you
have; but ye do want. and will have a just
obedience to the laws of the 'United States.
That we will have, and if :it involves the der
titmctlcin of your improvements, we cannot
help it. You have heretofore read public sen
timent in your newspapers, Abat live by false
hoodand excitement, and the quicker you
seek for truth in other quarters the better for
I repeat, then; that, by the originai com
pact"of governinent, the United States had
certain rights in Georgia which have never
been relinqUished, and never, will be ; that
the South began warty seizinglorts, arsenals,
mints; ,custom houses, ac.,. &c., long before
Kr. Lincoln was installed, and before the
South hid one jot or tittle of provocation: I
myself 4"41*.e01l in XissPUri, h;entuokrY, Tea
netssee,„ andXississippi, hundreds and then.
1 4,ds of women and"-AlArePAleeing from
your .armies and, dePPOP,s4olShungry and with
bleeding feet. Meraphis c , Vicksburg, and
Mississippi.we fed thousands, iip,on:thousands
of 'UM families of Rebel soldiers left on ow
bands, Anitwhom we could not see Starve.
Now •tlmt war comes home to you, you feel
yery . ..differen4 you: depreeMe its horrors, but
did not feel them when:you sent, carloads of
soldiers and ammunition, and moulded shell
and. shot to carry war into Kentucky and Ten
iyesee, and desolate the homes of- hundreds
and thousands of good people, who only asked
to live in peace at their old homes, and under
the Government of their inheritance. But
these "comparisons are idle. .I Want peace,
and believe it can only be :reached through
Unkei and war, and I will ever ciinduet war
purely with a view to Perfect and early sue
But, my dear sirs, when that peace does
come, you may call on Me .for anYthing.,--
Then will I share with you the last cracker,
and watch with you to shield our homes and
families against danger from every quarter.--
Now, you must go and take With .you the old
and feeble; feed and: nurse thein, and build for
them inznore,quiet places proper habitations
shield against the weather, until the
mad Passions of men cool down, and allow
theTiniciii and peace once More toseale on
your tddliiimes at Atlanta. Yours, in;laste,
NV, T. BIEEKRX4N,Atid.:Oeii.
€4ll IC TIPP-MPCX,CT T EX ! " 413E 1 M.
vas Tmouratouri EAST POINT, Ga., Sept. 9,
864.—General Field Orders, No. 16.—1 t is
~~ i
. ,
The following are the rata for advertising in the TELE
GRAPH. These having advertiaing• to do - will find it con
venient for reference: • 'i. • .
gar Four linos or leas constitute one-half squats
Eight lines, or more than four,.censtitute a square.
POE • KALB SQUARE,. , :'.Hint ONE welts,
One day $--30 ne day_L
Two days 50 Two day 5,..... 1 00
Three daYs 76 Three days.. 26
One week ..... 1 25 One week ..... . .. 224
One month 300 One month • 600
Two months. • 450 -Two months 909
Three months, S6O Three months— .41 00
8 00 Ski.' A.S 00
One year 15 00 Ono year 25 00
Administration Notices 2 75
Marriage Notices . ......... . 75
Auditor's Notioes
Funeral Notlees, each insertion, _ _
la- Business notices inserted in _the iced" Column, or
before Marriages and Deaths, Eiauy CENTS PSR LIKE for
each mail=
with pride, gratification, and a sense .of Di
vine favor, congratulate this noble
army upon the successful termination of the
Your officers claim for you a wonderful rec
ord—for example, a march of four hundred
(400) miles, thirteen (13) distinct - engage
ments, four thousand (4,000) prisoners, and
twenty (20) stands of colors captured, and
three thousand (3,000) of the enemy's dead
buried in your front. • •• ..
Your movements Upon the enemy's , flank
have been bold and successful ; first upbn
Resaca, second upon Dallas, thirdupon - Eene •
saw, fourth upon Nickajack, fifth, via Ros
well, upon the Augusta railroad;' sixth npon
"Ezra Church," to the southwest of Atlanta,
and seventh Upon Jonesboro and the Macon
railroad. Atlanta was evacuated while you
were fighting at Jonesboro.
The country may never know with what
patience, labor and exposure you have tugged
away at every natural • and artificial obstacle
that an enterprising and confident enemy
could interpose. The terrific battles you have
fought may never be realized or oredited;, still
'a glad acclaim is already greeting . you from the
Government and the people, in view of the
results you have helped to gain, and I believe
a sense of the magnitude 'of the achieve
ments of the last hundred days will not abate,
but increase with time and history.
Our rejoicing is tempered, as it alw'ays must
be, by the soldier's sorrow at the loss of his
corupanions 7 in-arms. On every hillside, in
every valley throughout your long and circuit
ous route, from Dalton to Jonesboro, you have
buried them.
Your trusted and beloved commander fell
in your midst; his name, the name of M'Pher
son, carries with,it a peculiar feeling of sor
row. I trust the impress of his character is
upon you all, to incite - you to generous actions
and noble deeds.
To mourning friends, and to all disabled in
battle, you extend a soldier's sympathy.
Myfirst intimate acquaintance with you
dates from the 28th of July. I never beheld
fiercer assaults than the enemy then made,
and I never saw troops more steady and self
possessed in action than your divisions which
were then engaged.
I have learned that for cheerfulness, Obedi
ence, rapidity of movement and confidence
in battle, the Army of the Tennessee is not
to be surpassed, and it shall be my study
that your fair record shall continue, and my
purpose to assist you to move steadily for
ward and plant the old flag in every proud
city of the Rebellion.
(Signed,) 0. 0. HOWARD, Maj.-Gen.
Official: Saanma L. TAGGART, Assistant
Lock Haven, Jersey. Shore, Nitliamsport, Nun.;
ey, • Uniontown, Watsontown,;-Milton,
Lewisburg, Northumbuland,Atm-
Treverton, Ceorgetostv - .
Lykenstown,lilloisbur~, :_
Halifax, .Dauphiny- •
The Philadelphia Depot being' centrally: located, the
ara.rage will be at the; lowest rates. The Conductor goes
through with each train to attend - to the safe delivery of
all goods intrusted to the line. Goods delivered at the de
pot of WILLIAM E. BURK, 812 'Market - ttieet,
Philadelphia, by 6 o'clock r. x., will be delivered in Eat
risburg the next morning. :
Freight Always ma' Low nal liy Ala 'O hoe
Lino. . -
Philadelphia and Reading Depot. ,
Foot of Market street; Harrisburg:
OTHERS —The undersigned •uffere et -wiejteicile; t.
the trade. boire lot of the hest liouov , :ver bcppglA.k.
Harrisbuig, viz: French Brandies ' - Hoadrid Lint, Achich
Irish, Bourbon, Wheat and Old Rye Whisky;
and Domestic Wines, such as Champagne, ,araret, Catawba,
Ali 'liquors warranted, as represented. ' Landlords
and others will find it to their advantage to call and ex
amine the assortment at the, store, on South Second
street, two doombeloar Chestnut, • •
TLON. SAUCES of all the c*brated maiumfacturerE
omrz caT
o Ovary description. ' `-
and SYRUP of all grades and prices, and the best selected
stock outside of Philadelphia. .
All goods guaranteed as represented.
Particular attention paid to all orders from a distance.
Goods carefully packed and delivered to all parts of the
city free of charge. - SHISLER & FRAZER
myS -successors to W. Dock, „fr., &Co.
LIQUID RENNET yields with milk the
most luscious of all deserts for the table; the light
est and most gratehil diet for invalids "and, Children -
Milk contains every element of the beidity r rctitstitution
when coagulated With rennet it is always light and easy of
digestion, anti supports the system with the least possible
excitement. Whewstill greater nutritive power is desireet
cream and sugar may be added. A teaspoonful convert:
a quart of milk into s firm Cud. Prepared and sold
wholesale and retail by- S. A. KUNKEL,
jels4f 118 Market street.
11. C. OILTII,
7ectc,her of the Piano, Melodeon, Violin and
LOUR ! FLOUR ! Fine Faniily. Flour !---
.12 100 barrels of the best brand.of itourin,tbis city.
Every barrel warranted or money retorne.d,and delivered
to all parts of the city free of cbatge: For gale at
C .
PICKLES, a rare article for table use, just renewed
and for sale by - SHLSLER & PRAZEii,
fabl (succesaora to VOL: Dock, jr., &Co.)
JUST ARRIVED! , --A fine lot of CANNED
PINE APPLES, FRESH PEAS, &c., just reueiyed by
mvl4-dtt IF11:01 ftrePt: , fear W.lllllt.
A LAR GE assortment of Photograp et
Generals and fancy pictures foi sale CHEAP , ay $1
per dozen, at SCHEFFER'S BOOR STORE,
my2o Harrisburg, Pa
PORMIONNAIES, end Iktrelleral virietk of LEA
THEE GOODE, just received it r. - -
BuTT.E.R, BUTTER: Fresh roll butter
• from Snyder counWrer.eind every:week. Also
eggs at.. - BOY FR - Sr KOERPRR_
. .
aniprising licalilly, Chow lehew. l / 4 teuilKlower
lifted Pickles, parkin; Walnuts and Ordosls. Pas- sale
wholesale and retail by SIaSIAR k.4ltAtte,'
nlO . 'successors to W. Docl Az, =
um BEEP: AND_: TONGUES r ildli:esit
nice at . Evil": .9urcr,Fg ArZWPAS-1,
SAIMOV—Fine salt .Salmon:, at ~,t4
nnag SHISLF.R k FitAiLF.ll_
DRIED FRUIT of all kinds at
1 50