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V 3 V1D31.03 113 ED
Ins Mum , TXLIGRAPLE is served to subscribers he the .
civy at 12 cente per week. Yearly subscribers will be
charged $8 00 in advance, Those persons who hesitate
nay in advance will be charged $7 00.
Tax fli.EilltAPHißalsopublished weekly, and le furnished
subscribers at the followbag sash rates
6iny,le copies, weekly
Three copies to one Post Office
Ten e01 , 1..5 to one Post Office
of the
THE articles described in the following
i schedule, having been consigned to the Howard &
Hope Express Company, and the consignees, Wier due
sad legal notice, n it having taken them away, nor paid
the cots and expeus,s of carriage, will be exposed to
public sale or outcry at the Market House, on SATURDAY,
Skt'Ts.lli3Eß 24 1864. Tbe sale to commenceatS o'clock
is the toranoon of said day :
I. box, Capt Jos Hutchinson 1 belle, no name
1 box, H Mo elock 1 pkge, John Shulthouse
I box, Peter Heusbaw 1 • ox, Elizabeth Wiginning
I bux, 11 Ciaighlin ' 1 box, Mr 8R T Brady
i c bag, Geo L grid - r 1 bottle, OWLS Bucher
t pkge, Cato ill'Garty 1 box, Taos J Tomer
I vale, coat end boot att / box, Chas Bebekeheisee
nu name 1 bus, G W Mapes
I lit pipe, A L Battle; 1 pkge, M. L McDonald
1 box, no name 1 pkge, Geo T Barkharl
1 box, HG Wolf 1 hos, ag Taylor
1 box, Cara, W Harland 1 trunk, J /V
1 box, Geo B Daily 1 trunk, R C Bally
1 peg, R F Leisenriog 1 box, SD Fite
1 box, J l K. hler 1 box, Wm Drebel
1 box, L P Mills 1 box, Peter J Warty
1 box, F N Menton 1 pkgo, J Vogle
1 c bag, W H LI Porter 1 pkge, .1 Yoming
1 bale, Henry Lander 1 pkge, Limit W 8 Boyer
least li. PiLLuCk 1 tigge, Wm Morris
1 pkge, Geo H. Russell 1, W S Ring
I pkge, Geo Voght I imp, George Betclitre
1 box, B Rogionerantz 1 pk , John A Dantrich
1 box Capt LM. Between 1 sox, Patrick Flanigan
1 box, It A Stevenson 1 bottle, Jane Schuler
I pkge, Wm It Moser 1 pkgo, no name
1 pgge, cod, J F Ebersole 1 wheel, Capt Dodge
1 box, A F Pennepacker 1 box, no name
1 box, Leah Lees 1 p box, Isaac Herriogcr
ii boxes, G P Hardwick 1 box, no name
I box Copt J Kean 1 pkge, B Anthony
I box, Jr Mall It Blown 1 pkge, J A Nixon •
1 box, 1 , Crisman 1 box, Wm L Ea le
1 box, Jos Suggs 1 born, John Newcome
1 b ix, J E Spalding 1 box teb, t apt iT J .1011116 - 66
1 box, (apt J i etwiler 1 pgge, David Pepper
I box, A L Bryant 1 do Wm Carlisle
I box, John W Hopkins I. do Elbcr kteMiner
1 iios, Mary Radubaugh 1 do Mrs S C Jones
1 peg oil cloth no name 1 do Louisa Beater
1 pkge, w D Jack . 1 do Aaron e'Chlour
1 katip owl h art, AI Keely 1 do Jam 6 Freeborn
1 pkge, Wm P Patterson 1 do Aoaro Wolfinger
I pk o e, Joo,an De Door 1 do no name
1 o oak, no name 1 do Cad Mayer
1p- g , Lieu K B Daily 1 do Theo Youperherst
1 c bag, Ea D Conrad 1 do John H Beryhdl
1 c bag, Capt P-, Willa Ido Reury Itch'
1 COul, no Udine I do John Diacasho
1 belle, ueo Hight
The abo,,ye articles will be exposed to public sale, as
afdresaid, according to the pruet lone of the ti st section
of the act of Assembly of the t_ ommmonweafth of Penn
sylvania, appr ved ihe ltito day of March, A. P. ISIS ;
with a 1 ihe req arteuenta of which the Howard and Hope
Ex p r so comp,my nave in ail respects , orni , ded• The “el
vr Es ..,s ICaluts, I . -
"Commission merchants and factors, and all common
Caine 5, or other pers. us having a lieu upon goods, wares
and merctiandste, for or ou account of the coots and ex
pauses of carris or storage, or any ocher charge arising
Pram the transportition, keeping, or stor .ge of such pro
perty, In ease ice owners or cousigneesshall not pay or dis
charge tee amount d :e for such cost, expense, carriage,
storage, or otter chur,.es hereinbefore named, may, after
the expiration of ninety days from the notice hereinafter
pro hied, p. et:cud to cell toe same, or so much thereof as
may be necessary to discharge said don, at publ c auction•
Avoided, That notice of sale en 41 be giveo us required
for ,sheriff's balm of personal property, and that thirty
days' notice of acid lien b. given to the owneeoreoosig .ee
of the pr Tony, If they cannot be so found, that the same
shalt be advertised weekly in some newspaper published
in the proper city or county to which the pude, war
or merchaueise have been consigned, for four cocsecn
Live weeks before the sale, the residue of money arising
in such sale, after deducting, costs of transpos tatitib,
charges and storage, aiveruSing and sale, to be held sub
ject to the (mkr of the owner or owners of such property."
aug:ll-dtsl Howard and Hope Express Company
Northern Central Railway.
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given. that the
FrtElGriT and BAGGAGE deacribed in the follow
ing list remains unclaimed in the Warehouse of the
Northern Central Railway
Company, at Harrisburg. Con
signees arehereby nutitied to come forward, pay charges,
and take their property away, or the same . will be sold
according to law. J. N. DU BARRY, Gen'l Supt.
Gaalavu, Sr. eaum'asolt.NT's OFFICE, 1
Autisar 15, 1864.. J
No 1, Williamsport and Harrisburg check 146, one
black trunk
No 2, Elmira and Harrisburg check 20, one box, Lieut
A Miller, Harrisburg
No 3, Baltimore and Harrisburg check 20, one box
No 4, no check, one box, J Barrett, Lockport, Niagara
'7o 6, no check, one hox, Limit A Scott, Harrisburg
No 6. no check, one box, no marks
No 7, no check, one box, Jacob Weaver, Pittsburg
No 8, no check, one box, steuben Porringer. Calla
No 9, no check. fair leather trunk, do -
No 10, no clock, one box, Copt Phillips, Harrisburg
No 11, no check, black mink, S S J, St Joseph's acade
my, Philo
No 12, no check, fair leather trunk, no marks
No 13, no check, fair leather trunk, Copt Lyman, Har
No 14, no check, black leather trunk, no marks
No 1.6, no check, black leateer trunk. no marks •
No 16, no check, one box, Jno McGee r Efarrisburg
No 17, no check, one box, Geo L Stephens, liarrisburg
No 15, no check, ono box, Newport station, P K 11
No 19, no check, ono box, Daniel Robison, Philadelphia
No 20, no cheek, black trunk, Jno Gemmel, Lewis
town, Pa
No 21, Danville and Harrisburg check 512, fair leather
trunk, Wm El Barber, Milton, Pa
No 32, no cheek, black trnk, no marks
No 23, no elicit. lair leather trunk, W S Scott, Hunts.
lie, Ohio ^
No 24, no check, fair leather trunk, lhos McDanirn
No 25, no cli ck, black trunk, Sarah •
No 26, no check, black trunk, G 4 Abgill, Binghamp.
ton, N Y
No 27, Williamsport and Harrisburg check 92, fair
leather valise, no marks
No 28, Baltimore and Harrisburg check 687, fail leather
valise, no marks
No 29, no chock, fair leather valise; no marks
No 30, no check, black trunk, Jno E Monroe, Lancas
ter Pa
No 31, no check, one box, Michael Trump, Allentown
No 32, nu cued; one box, no marks
No 33, Scranton and, Bar isbarg check 259, one box
No 34, no cheek, one box, Mra "lack, Prosperity, Pa
No 35. no oheek,-one box, Henry Will, Reading
Nu 36, ncecheck, one box, horealks
No 37, no chaos, begot saddles, no marks
No 38, no check, saddle, Ignatius Floomter, Portage
No 39, no check, black bag, no Mark/ 7 •
Nu 40, no ch. ck, black Airy Foster, Harrisburg
No 41, no check, black nag t. nomarks
No 42, no check, black bag, no marks
No 43, no chock, biack big, no;Marks
No 44, no check, black bag, J Ghadle, Jersey
,Shore, Pa
No 45, Williamsport mad Thumbing check 36, blank
g, marks
No 46, no check, black bag, no marks
No 47, no co ck, Mack bug, no marks
No 48, no m
cb,cit, morn bag, no marks • •
No 49, oo saactle, no marks
Nu Si,, no chock, bag, no marks
No 61, no chink, one box., ao marks
No 52. no check, one hi, no marks
No 63, no cheek, hauboa, no marks
No 54 • no check, fair loather trunk, no marks • '
N J Fleming, one bond a thilh7
A 1. Babcock, / bdlo rope
IC Frazer, eleven barrels , nets
D Fisher, six norn•botkors • •
11 Gilbert, one barrel' bisultnOrs
Nelson Bryne & Co,:tWo boxes bittern
S &rifler, one box 'hardware •
H Hawkins, one emitui block
Nicholas & B, one box , arniries
J Albs tt, one Mitre!, two bares
Tbod Hickok, ckrocs. balsware • •
No consigner 42134 brick, no marks
Magnirnee• iasau • 0 , 0 marks
Nop 4 il w 4.1111,100 a, oo marks
440 CoxigNommo. '
MO S 2,
Z t ° Oso -114tiisa
NI TFJltrs
• -- . . . ____,....... . --- - -..-- -.----:---- ------ --- - ---.7:7777, - .„ - ._:7 - -- 1: -- 7 •----- — 7, -- 7, — = ,•,::,-- ----"'""""
-.. • :.: ....;.-.'.' I.". f ''. .1. -•:::. . ' i
. :1:' ' ' . ''' i ''-' ' - -•-' - ' t "
.` " ' A 1yt,,,, 4 , : :,, -...,_....-..,, :•:-. . ;;;- ..... - .:, -__
,:_.. :::- - .......... . . ..
..- -'. - ::',- -, ....t ---, ..," .;.: ~ . .7- ... .5 , VV1P;,/, ' <-... ...- •
. ,
, - 1 , ... 41 • . ,
.......- 1..-IC•c ii ii . . - -- . 5 - ._::-...
..-:- . . , ! I ,I , & j?.17 R
1- ,
. -. 0,,A '41. 4 .•‘ ,...',, 1
4 . •, A :.-; •, t 41
, - -=-.,,,--r.4 . * --•— 5.,...i. , • . ', ', .." 2..:C j.f.i.l" ..
, _..,
. .
$1 60
. 400
10 00
Pennsylvania Rail Road
r r,r 7 # , reTRI4
MONDAY, May 16th, 1864,
THE Passenger Trains of the Penssylvania
Railroad Company will depart from and arrive at Har
risburg and Philadelphia as follcrim:
at 2.45 a, m. and arrives at West Philadelphia at 6.55.&,/a.'
FAST LINE leaves Harrisbur# daily (except Mondny) at
8.00 , and arrives at West hiladelptda at 10.10 A
. M.
Passengers take breakfast at Lancaster.
MOUNT JOY ACCOMMODATION, leaves Harrislitirg at
7.20 A. at., connects at Lancaster with Lancaster aecom
ma:l%ton train, and and arrives at West Philadelphia; at
-12.25 r. a.
burg at 12 20 P. m. ; Columbia 1.55 r. , and arrives at
Lancaster 2.30 P. a.; connecting with Fast Mail east at
Lancaster for Philadelphia, and arrives at West Plailadel•
phia at 5.30 P.N.
MAIL TRAIN leaves Harrisburg at 1.20 P. X. ; Lancaster
at 2.47 e at, and arrives at Philadelphia at 5.30 P. X
bia, leaves Harrisbterg at 5.25 F. and arrives at West
Philadelphia at 10.60 r. at t,.
BALTIMORE EXPRESS TRAIN leaves Harrisburg daily
(except Monday) at 2.10 A. M. ; Altoona, 7.35 A. take
breakfast, and arrives at Pittsburg at 12.30 P. AL
daily at 3.10 A.m..; Altoona at; 8.9 D A. take breakfast,
and arrives at Pittsburg at 1.00 e. a.
MAIL TRAIN leaves Harnsburg at 1.30 e, ; Altoona
at 7.15 P. at., Lake supper' and arrives at Pittsburg at. 12.30
A. M.
FAST LINE leaves litarilsbarg at 3.60 P. M. ; Altoona at
8.86 P. M., take supper, and arrives at Pittsburg at LOO
A. M.
3[OIINT JOY ACCOMMODATION leaves Lancaster at
9.80 a. arrives at Harrisburg at 11.10 a. tr.
. .
Philadelphia at 2.46 P. x., and arrives at Harrisburg at 8.10
P. M.
ter at 6.25 P. at., connecting there with Harrisburg Accom
modation West, leaves Mount joy at 7.00 P. if. and arrives
at Harrisburg at &20 P. at. a
Supt. Middle Div. Penn'a R. R.
Harrisburg, May la, 1.864.--dtf
Northern Central .Railway
' AND •
Connebtiona made with trains on Pennsylvaniallailroad,
to and from Pittsburg and the West.
THREE TRAINS DAILY ta....d at...-worth and.
West Branch susquebanna, Elmira, and all of Northern
New. York.
ON and after MONDAY, MAY 16th, 1864,
the Passenger Twine of the Northern Central
Railway will arrive at and depart from Harrisburg and
Baltimore as follows, viz:
HAIL TRAIN leaves Sunbury daily (except
Sunday) 10.25 A. X.
leaves Harrisburg.. ........ 1.20 r. a.
arrives at Baltimore 6,40 r.
EXPRESS TRAIN leaves Sunbury daily (except
Sunday) 11.46 r. a.
leaves Harrisburg (except
Monday) 2.50 A it,
ar ( rives at Baltimore Monday daily
ext ) .
7.00 A.
burg . 7.00 A. a.
bury daily (except Sun
day) at 7.30 A. X
MAIL TRAIN leaves Baltimore daily (except.
Sunday) . 9.20 A. a.
leaves Harrisburg 1.36 P. a.
arrives at Sunbury 405 P. X.
EXPRESS TRAIN leaves Baltimore daily...—. 9.30 P. X.
cc arrives at Harrisburg......, 1.50 a.
•• leaves Harrisburg daily (ex
cept Monday) 3.1.5 A. a.
arrives at Sunbury 5.63 A.
timore daily (eveept Sun
day) 3. MI P. X
arrives at Harrisburg.. —7.60 P.• a.
burg daily (except Sunday)
at • 400 F. a.
For further information apply at the Mee, in Pommy!.
Vania Railroad Depot, J. N. DuBARRY,
Harrisburg, May 16, 1864.-clif Gen: Supt.
4s►;sc~~►w~csrar sa,' P *;~
16th, 1888, the Passenger Trains willleave the Phila
delphia and Reading Railroad Depot, at Harrisburg, for
New York and Philadelphia, as follow; viz :
EXPRESS LINE leavei Harrisburg at 6.20 d t , on ar-
rival of the Pennsylvania Railroad Express Trail:lft= the
West, arriving in New York at L 46 a. it. A tdeeping oar
is attached to the train through from Pittsburg without
MAIL TRAIN leaves Halrisburg at 8.00 a. st.,l arriving
in New York &BO r. ' and Philadelphia at 1.00 P. 11.
FAST LINE leaves Harrisburg at 2.00 P. it, arriving in
New York at 10.25 . P IL, and Philadelphia at 7.00 r. x.
NASTIENS leaves New York at 0.00 A.- 1m; and Phila
delphia at 8.15 A. a.; arriving at Harrisburg at 1.15 P. a.
NAIL, TRAIN leaves New York at 12.00 noon, and
Philadelphia at 3.30 P. at, arriving at Harrisburg at 8.20
P. It.
EXPRESS TRAIN leaves New York at 7.00 r. x, ar•
riving at Harrisburg at 2.00 A. at, and connecting with the
Pennsylvania Express Train for Pittsburg. A sleeping car
le also attached to this train.
Connections are made at Harrisburg with trains on the
Pennaylyania, Northern Central and Cumberland Valley
railroads, and at Reading for Philadelphia, Pottsville,
Wilkesbarre, Allentown,Easton, &o.
Baggage checked • through. ••Fare between .New York
and Harrisburg, $5 15 ; between Harrisburg and Thiladel.
phle; $3 85 in• No. 1 cora, and $3 in No. 2.
For ticketil or other information apply to
.014,Atf turnayal Agent FbuTishurs.
ejl NORTH and Northwest for Philadelphia, New York,
Reading, Pottsville, Lebanon, Allentown, Raston,&c.,
Trains leave Harrisburg for Philadelphia, New York,
Reading, 'Pottsville and all interthediate stations, at 8.00
a. JL ,Bad 2.00 p.
New York tress leaves Harrisburg at 6.80 A.
arriving at New York at 1.46 the same dat.
• A *whit : Accommodation Passenger train leaves Read
returns from Harrisburg at 5 P. h.
• "Pirtle from Harrisburg: To New York, $6 16; to Plana
•-•deippa sit 86 and $2 80. Baggage checked , through.
• ' Itehirning, leave New York at 6 a. st. ,12 noon, and 7
0. (pittslittrylfipma arriving at Harrisburg at 2 a. K.)
Philadelphia at' 6 164 a., and 8.80 r. a.
Sleeping ears in the New York Slimness Trains ,through
to and from Pittsburg without change.
Passengers by the Catawba& Railroad • leave Tamaqua
, suer* 10 P. aG, for Philadelphia; New York,
and all way point,. •
• • Van= leave Potteville - at 11., and 9.80 P. x,, for
Philadelphia, Harrisburg and New York.
An Accotamodation Passenger trans leaves Reading at
3.00 a. and returns from Philadelphia at 5.00 e. it. •
egyfAll the above indite run "daily, Sunday excepted,
Sunday traiwleaves Pottevillest 1,50 a; at., and Mt
adelpkis at 8.0 P. m. • , •
CbOupktittoz4 Illicem Bessayeactittairsiou tlaktiii at.
ifi lmw ito.Me g =rwArt4 ll ; - ;
, gr e e •
. -.!
" THE N:aii4rO W AND FOREVER ."---Webster.
1864. 1864
Philadelphia and Erie Rqil
~l~i[~ll_l - ~1
T ins great line traverses the Northern and
Northwest counties or Pennsylvania 'to the city of
Erie, on Lake Erie.
It 'has been leased by the PEMBIZTAN/A RI/LIKIAD,COII
- and under their auspices Is being rapidly opened
throughout its entire length.
It is now in use for Passenger and Freight business
from Harrisburg to St. Mary's (2aemiles) on the Eastern
Division, and front Sheffield to . 'Stie ( rs miles) on .the
Western Division.
• Leave. Eastward.
Mail Train
Expreen Train - •i - • • ***********
Leave Northward.
Mail Train , • 13&1'.
Rlpreas Trial ' • • .
Cara run through:wain= unantt - bothWaYa.on 0,6341
.trains between Philadelphia and _Lock Karen, and be
tween Baltimore Mid Lbujc.ffaven. . I -
'Elegant Sleeping dire' on ExPrees trains lioth.waya be
tiveen Williamaport and Baltimore, and Williamsport and
Philadelphia. •
For information respecting Pasant,
.4,gerlnsineuu.imply at
the S. E. Corner and Harket'aireets: ;
And for Freight tanthmes_ofFthe Company's .e,genta:
S. B. Kingaton, Jr. ,corner. 13th and. Harrel. street;
S. W. Reynolds, Erna ,
J. It. DeW, Agent N. C. R. R.-Baltimore.
General "ivied Agent,
General Ticket ..40.nir Ffill'et
mrd'i.dlyj _ :G eras Manager, Williamsport.
F R A_ N KY. I N
fiErANGE OF 110IIRS.:--On and a ft er Mon
day, April dtb., 1854, Passenger trains will run
daily, as Mows, (Sundays excepted :)
Leave Efaiiieiton
" Greencastle .
lA rr iv a at
Chambersht?rg,_ i o n ve at
Leave Shippewieutg
" Newvillo
M. I
" Carlisle 8 6r, 10.14 2.42
Arrive at Harrisburg 55 11.1# 2..410
Leave Harrisburg
, meetaniesburg
" Carlisle
siainTriakiirg.. • • •-•f
oho , •••••••bura, tLealirrivvea4
Leave Greecastle
Arrive at Hagerstown 12.86 6.10
/Or &Lasing apse connections at Harrisburg with trains
for Ptilladelphia,•.. New. York : ands Pittsburg ; and with
rains for all•paints West. .• - • ,
Apat-Thel`nlin 'Harristaug' fct 20?. at., tuna
only as tar as Oarilale - •0: t -LULL, Hupt.
R. R. Office, Chamberabarg, April 4,-.1884.1p
Cherokee Remedy,
CHEROKEE& REMEDY, the great Indian itiurstic,
cures all diseases of rive urinary organs, such as ifiscisti-
Hence of the Urine, inflammation of the Bladderi inflam
mation of tin Kidneys, Stone in the Bladder, Stricture,
Gravel, Glad, GonUothees, and is especially recoMmented
in those eases* of Fluor alb= (or Whites in females), where
oistnauseous medicines have failed.
Nip It is prepared in a highly concentrated farm, the
dose only being from one to two teaspoonfuls three tines
Per . day.
W It is diureLio and alterative In Its action; Purifyk
and cleansing the blood, causing it to flow in all of its
original prity and vigor; thus motoring from the system
all pernicious causes which haye induced disease.
CHEROKEE INJECTION is intended as an ally or wit
ant to the CHEROKEE REMEDY and should be used in
conjunction with that medicine in all rases of Conorrhsts,
Gleet, Pular Atka or Whiten Its effects are healing,
soothing and demulcent ; removing all scalding, heat,
chordee and pain, instead of the burning and almost un
endurable pain that. is experienced with - nearly all the
cheap quack lnjectionr..•
J ta. By the use of the. CHEROKEE REMEDY atO
CHEROKEE INJECTION—the two medinines at the minis
time—all improper discharges are removed, and the weal
ened organs are speedily restored to full vigor ant
strength. • . ' •
ga-For fall Particulars, got our pamphlet from an
rug store in the:country, or write us, and we will mail
free, to any address, a full treatise.
tm Price, CHEROKEE REMEDY, $2 per bottle, or
three bottles for $5.
101:4116i) QBEROKEt INJECTION, $2 per bottle, of
three 6ottlis for $5.
Ilei..Sett , elpress to any address on receipt o
yea,. t.Sold•by all druggpsts everywhere.
Sole Proprietors,
No. 59 Liberty street, New. York.
zatte j
An unfaaing cure for Siierniatorrlosa, &mind W
MSS, Nocturnal Emissions, and al/ diseases caused by
pollution; such as Loss of Memory, Universal •
AWN in at AZCA:DheMedf of Vision , Premature Old Ag
Weak braces, Difficulty of Breathing, Trembling, W
new, Emptiest: on the Face, Fide Genntensm.w, Znansityl
Consumption, and all the Dircild complaints caused by dd
parting from the path qf nature.
sir This medicine Is a simple vegetable eatmcts andon
n which all can rely, as it has been used in our Practice
for many years, and With thousands, treated, it has nor
failed in a single instance.. Its curative pOwyre have beep
sufficient to gain victory over the most stubborn case.
4a-To those who have trifled with thip li caniditution,
until they think Dormlvei beyond the rat* of medical
Id, we would say, Impair not 1 the emotomni Cu= will
restore - you to health and vigor, and after all gawk doe
tom have failed
dirFor fell yartioularr, gat a Circular tram any DIVE
Stare In third:may, or write the Psophlior, who will
wed deo to say GOO derldat 8REQ411,4111111 trablee b
Efirbiwiddit per bale, or three • „for =5, and
forwarded by =mato all pada of the • „.
Addr'Bold 6y &II ratmtaAlle - • • •i - •
" DB. W. FL • 1.4 , & ....!
viusioriadi - 19 Morro% ✓
8.06 /82 420
... 8.47 /16 4.64
~.. 9.27 2651 . 6.29
..10.22 2/-4-:
...:78.33 4.00 1
4.80 '
11.66 6.;0.
ittNIPtUA L.
a , A , :% , I I MIPPM PROM
Hon. Joseith Bally Nominated
At a meeting held in GAT!) Curtin on Mon
day forenoon, September 12th, Captain B. F.
Miller, of the 208th regiment, was appointed
chairman, and J. E. .k"alm and Lieut. S. T.
Buck, secretaries. The following preamble
and resolutions were unanimously adopted:
L2B P. M.
2.b0 L. N.
Wakams, We, four htuidred citizens of
Perry county, now organized into four volun
teer companies, at Camp Curtin, city of liar-,
risburg, and about to march to -the front to.
hazard out lives in defence of our country
and institutions, against the attempt of
armed rebels to - destroy our unity and
and subvert our Federal Oonstitation, feeling
the necessity of the cordial support of our
friends at home and of our representative in
And ithereas, A portion of the citizens of the
15th Congressiphiti District have put in nomi
nation, as representative in Congress, Adam
J. Gloisbretiner, of York county, a -man
whose associations and antecedents war
rant us in distrusting his friendahip
for the soldier, to question his desire
to preserve the integrity of the Union,
and, therefore, to censider him unworthy the
support, of eithersoldiers or civilians who lovo
the Union and are determined to- restore it •
Abd toile, eas, Tho Hon. Joseph liaily, our
present representative,dnring the whole of his
terra in the 37th and 38th Congress, did, iu
his °Moist capacity, and by his person 1 at
tention to the soldiers in and out of the hos
pitals, and by various acts of generosity and
benevolence, Show himself to be the ardent
supporter of the cause of the Union, and the
warm, sincere and devoted friend of the sol
dier ;
A. IL P. It
7.00 2.45
7.87 8.88
8.17 420
Therefore we, the follow-citizens; neigh.
bore and friends of the Hon. Joseph
(without distinction of party,) now composing
tour volunteer companies, .trom Vorry county
—one of the counties in the Said 15th Con
gressional Distact—attached to the Otipti
regiMent, do nominate and Present the !Hon.
Joseph lsaily to the citizens and soldiers Of
the said district as a candidate for Congress
in opposition to the said-Adam J. dlossoren
ner. .
8.3 Q 1266
9.00 L2B
832 2.00
Ivc.(l, That we present the Bon. Joseph
. 8414 , to - the,qualilied ;voters of the district
agenthmaktiworthyOl.their support; as a
*l:tte Who' uas never
awervedrn. the truce
oracy, and never betrayed a trust reposed in
him ; As a public servant who has proved
himself, in perilous times, in favor of the in
tegrity of the Union at any price ; the friend
of the, soldier and of his whole country, and
the advocate of peace as soon as it can be 0.0-
tamed upon honoralile terms, which shall in
clude-the restoration of tile Union, and make
us again one nation ; but in favor of war,
also, if only by war such lasting, peace arid
Union can be attained; and. we call upon
every friend of the soldier, and upon oar rela
tives, friends and acquaintances, of all par
ties, in the 15th Congressional District, to
support by their influence, their exertions and
votes, the lion: Joseph Baily, as the true
Democratic and Union candidate for Con
gress, and as a man who can be relied upon
in all emergencies to support the honor, dig
nity and interests of the nation—of the peo
pie, at home and the soldiers in the field.
Resottli, That the officers of this meeting
be a committee to inform the Hon. 'Joseph
Baily of his nomination, and solicit his ac
ceptance of the same.
[resolved, That we, as soldiers engaged in
the cause of our country; request all the pa
pers in the 15th District, - the t'atriot and, Union
and the TEnsamtim, Harrisburg, the Press
and Inquirer, l'halacielphia, and the Chronicle,
Washington city, to puvlish these proceed
7b Captain B. F. Miller and others, Comoiliee.
GENTrxm - rx :—Your note informing me of
my nomination for Representative in Congress
ITOICI the Fifteenth Congressional District,
by the four volunteer companies frcina Perry
county, now in Camp Chitin, has been receiv
ed a
• ttld considered ' .
I tank you,- :gentlemen, and the gallant
Men, associated with you in those four compa
nies, 'tor this act Of partiality, - evincing the
truest friendship and most: generous confi
dence, and accept the - omination in the spirit
in which it is tendered.
If the nomination which you have made
should prove acceptable to the•voters of the
District, and it should be my fortune to be
re-elected to Congress, I shall endeavor to re
tain the good opinion you hams been 'pleased
to express of me by performing in the future,
as I have endeavored to do in the past, my
whole duty to our common country, to your
selves and • fent,* soldiers, to my constituents
in civil lite and to the people at large.
In the past--and my term Of service in Con
gress has been a time of great peril to the coun
try, and great responsibility to every man in
official position—l. have hied to perform my
whole duty, as I understood - it, conscientious
ly. If I have erred, or at any tune fallen
short of what fidelity to my oath and duty to
my country required, my judgment and not
my heart was at fault, and I can with confi
fidence appeal to Heaven for the rectitude of
my intentions. Bat, however good his in
tentions, no public man can expect to
escape censure. My course has, been
aspersed by, men who profess to be
Democrats and to speak for the Dem
ocratic party. I think they do me wrong
who thus assail me. They misconceive my
Motives, and either misrepresent my action
entirely, or place it before • the public in a
light m which it can be but partially, and
therefore unfairly viewed. Every vote I have
given on important national questions was
given After mature reflection and Under the
mllest conViatioit - of its rectitude. If it had
-been otherviso,Af I had, in violation of my
oath and duty, knowingly cast a , vote or
spoken a word inconsistent with my professed
principles and detrimental to the intesests of
the Union, there would have been no need
of assaults from my enemies to injure me in the
estimation of my constituents; dor I should
have stood before them self-corulemned. my
own conscience being the aecus4r. As it is ,
unless voting as judgment. and patriotism
dietated r bow ai m , I h ave eaanaitted none_
andrazu toad". ,do join ism whir oppo
nehtaiiiion laysefAokil =or& Judged fairly
by that, I so wain to storicVorle t lll, as the
N. 1
intelligent home votera'nrid'the . ettizen-sol
dieta ofthe -15th rriateatatiadeteiznine.
toretterly; gentleman, that I
am ; emoerat • of the Jackson solionl; and
-permit -tee add that - I: itareasver been true
' tia'the'isitlil - professed. - My_ first vote was
cast for that great isoldier, patriotiand states
man; hisriYelitinient—"The.linerlotin 'Union,
it shag be' preaervell"has bitten my motto
during berigressicinal career, and will be
to the end: off my life.
To you; soldier§ of the Republic, who' have
left your pleasant homes-and all the comforts
and eedearments of domestic life, to breast
and turn back the tide ofirripionii rebellion,
the gratitude of . your country and the services
'of your representatives in Congress are espe
cially due. It is; perhaps, -but a.-poor reward
for the hard services you wilt.' he called upon
to perform, and 'the many Una terrible risks of
life and limb,. Of captivity andqMpriseinment,
of hunger-and thirst, of sicloteith and suffering
you will have to encounter. But let the knowl
edge that you are in the line of dray, that you
have come forkard at the call of your country
to sustain the Union, the Constitution and
the laws, cheer imd sustain you in the darkest
hours and amid the greatest dangers. Re
member that the "Lord tempers the wind to
the, shorn lamb;" call mien. him to lie your
"shield and buckler;" put yotfr trust in his
protecting providence, and cherish a living
faith. that the same Almighty area that deliv
ered Daniel unharmed from the den of lions,
and led the childronof Israel in safety through
the Red Sea, will guard and protect you.
Knowing your worth as citizens of my own
county, appreciating fully the patriotism
which led you into the army, and the courage
and determination which will sustain you in
actual conflict and carry you on from victory
to victory, I shall take a deep interest in
your future movements and actions, in einry
thing that affects you as individuals or in
your capacity as organized companies. May
that benign Providence who governs the fate
of men and nations, and beneath whose all
seeing eye not even a sparrow can fall unno
ticed, guide and protect you in the path of
honor and danger you are about to tread, and
soon restore you to 'your hometcwith the sun of
peace smiling upon your habitations and the
whole country rejoicing over a restored Union,
strengthened by the mighty perils through
which it has passed.
Here I might close; but the deep' interest
I feel in the, great struggle, now impending
between constitutional gifovertunent and de
spotic sway, impels me to proceed.
If we would continue to enjoy the liberties
Which the blood of our fathers won for us,
and which are secured to us by the Constitn
tion -which they framed and the laws erected
under.* that Constitution and, those; laws
must bd 6 1 - 03 : urbantiv enatained ag,ainst the
erinecrlaosts in rebellion a e ,..inet teem. .
As I remarked upon a former occasion, in
my place in Congress, the Government of the
United States is the trustee of the rights of
man throughout the world, and mankind have
a right to bold it to a faithful execution of
that trust. Bat to be enabled to execute it,
the Government must be sustained in its ef
forts to crush the wicked and formideble re
bellion which threatens the Overthrow of our
Republican'institutions. If' it is not so sus
tained by the American people, the voice of
the world will heap scorn upon them for their
incompetence to guard the liberties entrusted
to their protection, or curse the faithlessness '
through which they a ere lost.
Impressed.with this opinion I have hereto
fore, in my official capacity, voted men and
money to prbelcute the war against rebel
lion vigorously, in order that it might be •
speedily and successfully terminated by the I
suppression of armed resistance, and all the
States brought again harmoniously together
under the Federal Constitutionnrid the glo
rious banner of the Union. My future course
shall be the same, as I am convinced that our
liberties will live or , perish as the Govern
ment shall succeed or fail; and the Govern
ment can only succeed while its different
branches act in unity, and all are supported
by the people.
There can be no peace—in fact there must
be interminable war, in at, y settlement of our
difficulties which does not include a restora
tion of the Union, bringing the seceded States
again in subjection to the Constitution and
the ants of Congress consistent with it' pro
I am happy in this respect to agree with
Gen. PtrOlellan. That , distinguished soldier
and gentleman, o.nce ,Gonimander-in-chief of
the.armies of the Ui/igni and now the candi
date of the Democratie, party fOr the Presi
dency,' in his letter of acceptance, says:
"The existence of More than one govern
ment over the region which once owned our
flag, is incompatible with the puce, the power rod
the happiness of The people."
And again:
"I could not look in the face of my gallant
comrades of the army and navy, who have
survived so many.battles and tell them that
their labors and the sacr ifice! of so many of
our slain and . Worinded brethren had been in
vain--that we had abandoned that Union for
which we have so often periled our lives."
No, my friends, whatever sacridoss may be
required to restore it, the 'Union Must not be
abandoned. It was bought by the blood of
our fathers--it is the ark of our safety and
liberty—and it must not be permitted to fall
beneath the blows of i traitorsnrrayed in armed
rebellion against it.
If we are wise, if we are just to ourselves
and 'to posterity, if we consult the future
grandeur, prosperity 'and. happiness of our
country—in short, if we obey the promptings
Of pure patriotism, and are true to liberty and
honor, we will neither make nor receive over
tures for reconciliation which do not make a
return of the rebellions States to their allegi
ance to the Constitution a condition precedent
to negotiation.
Weinust look upon this rebellion, and treat
it as it actually is, the most flagitious and damn
able rebellion that has ever occurred since
Satan and his - legions made war in Heaven,
and aspired to the throne , of the Most High.
All prior rebellions of which I have read,
have had their origin in arbitrary acts of gov
ernment. In such cases the people have risen
to resist the oppression of their rulers to cur
tail the prertigatives of power,and maintain or
enlarge their own liberties. The!Senehere re
bellion had no such origin.: Frani the Gov
ernraent-the South had reaeiVed 'lasi wrong; on
the contrary, it had been. Idghly favored. It
was conceived., planned- d.eonsnmmated by
a few beldnien
•talent:add 'wealth, whose
soiNfiPliplited for , *monger and more
splendid W?erraneitt,:or* - ido Utoy would be
t "- PallgAXTer. Ork of a heart-
143 .8 1 4 1 , ariatberti4,.. grown tired
A.•ReZtbliean simpliety x • • • ,theides
maii'm**filfty for _ .• • Itudmed.
mewau m o re rti r . ';and'riottlin
Si Ilffilll4l - 1 Oil L
41 12 ttr"
may tt d ait coo
wiled %theoretic*: s "••••••"' ' • •
sta- Pouf - lines or less Commute one-haft. squire.
Med line 0,-or more than-four r conattate asgaaro.
FOE • iIAL2 - 801JARE. - -
One day $ 30
Two days .. 50
Three days 75
One week .... ..... - .1 25
One month .- 3 00
Two 111001113. 4 50
Three months 5 50
Six months 800
One year.. ..... ... —l5 00
adminlstraticor Notices....
Marriage lsotices
Auditor's N0tice5..........
Funeral No”ces each rose
oar RukinessllOUC Eo 3 lUSI3
before Marna' gee and: Dea •
each nsertion.
with hereditary succession. In short, the sole
purpose of the leaders of the Southern rebel
lion was in the beginning and is now to curtail
poppies liberty, and concentrate all power in
the hands *of the few comprising the lailded
If we, then, adopting the views, or acting
upon the advice of ultra peace men, should
permit a permanent division of the Union,
such would be the form of Government estab
lished in the South. With institutions so
different from our own, with the ambitious
and reckless men who miginated, and con
ducted the rebellion at the head of public
affairs, their hearts rankling with hatred of
the North and jealousy of its wealth and
power—who is silly enough to beliete that the
peace bought at so great a price would he
more than temporary ?
Let ns indulge in no idle dream of, peace
purchased at the expense of Union. The
utterance of such a sentiment should be con
sidered treasonable. The moment a line of
separation is permanently drawn between the
North and the South, that moment tha ques.
tion of disintegratien will be agitated, and ere
long we shall see the Northern States divided
into several republics, and in the course of
years as many independent governments as
there are States, and these always wrangling,
ono with the other, and all the prey (as
the case with the South American Republics)
to constantly recurring'war.
May the Almighty give wisdom to Govern
ment and people, and avert from this nation
se terrible a calamity.
Death of a Well Known Minis
CARLIL- - LE, Pa., Sept. 13
Rev. Robert D. Chambers, a prominent
minister of the Methodist Episcpal Church,
and well known for the fearless advocacy of
Union sentiments, died here on Friday last.
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