Pennsylvania telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1864-1864, September 09, 1864, Image 1

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    Tom:TELEGS .
.itORNING ANI) "EV.M2f6; ' -
laaflen.r TELSGRAPa is served to subscribers in tin)
City at 12 cents per week. Yearly stabs gibers will be
cdarged $8 001 n advance. Those personswbO negleetto
Pay in advance will be charged $7 00.
Puy IlliX3ll,l2lllsillelOpublisiiedWOekly - r uu4 to rartilltied
subzertbers at the felleigring cash rates
single copies weekly....
Three copies to one POSE Office
Teo to One Post Office
of tilt+
THE articles described in the following
schedule, having, been consigned to the Howard ai
Sops Express Company, and the consignees, a ter due
and I-gal notice, n t having taken thenPaway, nor paid
the costs and expens a of coinage, will be exposed to
public sale or outcry at the Market House, on SATURDAY,
ss.PTRItIetER 24 1884. no sale to commebce at 3 o'clock
iu the forenoon of said day : . .
1 box, Capt Jos Hutchinson 1 bdle, no name
I box, B Mo Mock 1 pkge,
1 box, meter Renshaw 1 ox, EltrabettilVitharting
1 box, il Coughlin 1 box, Mr S H T Brady'.
1 c bag, Geo L Kt id - r 1 bottle, Chas Bucher
1 pkge, Cate ll'Oarty 1 box, Taos J. Tomer
i sale, cost and boot ati 1 box, Chas Bebekehetser
no name I box, G W Mapes
1. lot pipe, A L Battles 1 pkge, M. L McDonald
I box, no name 1 pkge, Geo T Barkhart
1 box, H G Wolf 1 box, Chas Taylor
1 box. Capt W Harland 1 trunk, .1 W
1 box, tit 0 B Daily 1 trunk, R U Belly
1 peg, R F Lefsenriog 1 box, SD Fite
1 box, J P K hler 1 box, Wm Drebel
1 box, L P dials 1 box, .peter J . Warts
1 box, I' N Mutton 1 pkge, I Vogle
1 e bag, W H H Poiter 1 pkge, J Yoming
1 bale, Henry' binder 1 pkge, Lieut W S Boyer .
1 cast It Pittock 1 t0..g0, Win Ilorri
1 pegs, Geo H Russell 1 pt.. ge, W S King
1 pkge, Geo Vogbt 1 peg George Betchtre
1 box, B Ro-encrants 1 pko, John A. Damn&
1 box. Copt L H Rummell 1 sox, Patrick. Flanigan
1 box, it A Stevenson 1 bottle, Jane Schuler
1 pkge, Win It Moser 1 pkgo, no name
1 pegs, a o d, J F. Ebersole 1 wheel, Capt Dodge
1 box, A F Psnnepacker 1 box, no name
1 box, Leah Lees 1 p box, Isaac Herringar
8 boxes, G k' Elirdwier 1 box, no name
r box Capt J Keim 1 pkge, B Anthony
1 box, Ji slab R known 1 pkge, J A Nixon
1 box, Kola E Crisman 1 box, Wm L Ea le
I box, Jos Burggs 1 born, John Newcome
1 b ix, J E Spaluind 1 box P.b, t apt J J Johnson
1 box, Cart J toiwtier 1 psge, David Pepper
1 box, A L Bryant 1 do Win Carlisle
160 x, John W Hookins 1 no Ritter bleldiner
I box, Mary Radabaugh 1 'do Mrs S C Jones
1 peg oil ekith no name 1 do Louisa Sexier
1 pkge, W 0 Jack 1 do Aeon Schloss
1 kbap ant h ail, H Keely 1 do lam 8 Freeborn
1 pkge, Wm P Patterson / do Aoam Wolfinger
1 pk,e, Jostau De Boor 1 do no name
1a pug, no name . 1 do Cad Mayer
1 p g , Lient fi 13 Bally I do Theo Youperherst
1 c bog, Ea D Conrad 1 do John 11 Be:until
10 bag, Capt P - 3 {Vida I do Henry Silent • -
1 at, no name 1 do John IhTeastio
1 bile, deo blight _
The above articles will be exposed to public sale, as
aforesaid, according to the provi.ions of the ii st `section
of the act of As:embly of the Lommmonweadh of Penn
sylvania, appr vtd the 16th day of March, A. D. 1858 ;
With a 1 the me dremeuts of which the Howard and Hope
Expr. as Company have in all respects complied. The act
of Asiiernbly is d.SIOIIOW3
''Commission merchants and factors, and all - coruinon
carries, or other peit, no having a hen upon goiids Wares
and merchandise, ler or on account of the costs and ex
penses of cartia4e or storage, or any oilier charge ; arising
tram the transport.ition, keeping, or stor,.ge of such pro
perty, in case tee owners or COtie..Bl3o‘.'S shalt not pay or dis
charge toe amount due for such cost, expense, carriage,
storage, or cdoerchanes hereinbefore named, may, after
the expiration of ninety days from the notice hereinafter
pro ided, proceed co .ell tie same, or so much thereof as
may be necessary to discharge said lien, at public auction:
Provided, That notice of sale ml,ll be give - , as' required
for &ken:fps bales of personal property, and that thirty
days' notice of said lien b • given to the owner or
of the pr pony, if they cannot be eo found, that the same
shall be advertised weekly in some newepaper published
in the proper city or county to which the goods, war .s
or merchare ise have been consigned, forlbur coi.seca
tire crones before the sale, tne residue of, naoneynrising
from such sale, after deaucting costs of iransportatise,
charges aced storage, advertisin 6 and sale, to ho held sub
ject to the order of the owner or owners of suoh property."
GEO, nERGNER, Agent •
aus2T-Mel, Halyard and Hope Eaprma Company
Northern • Central Railway.
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that the
FREIGGT and BAGOAGP. described .in the follow
dog list remains unclaimed in the Warehouse of the
Northern Central Railway' Company, at Harrisburg. Con
gignetst are hereby notated to come forward, pay charge;
and take their property away, or the same will be sold.
according to law. J, N. DEJ WARY, Gail Supt.
Acor6r 15, 186-I.
No 1, Williamsport and Harrisburg• check 166, ohe
black trunk
No 2, Elmira and Harrisburg check 20, one box, ; Lient
A Miller, Harrisburg
No, Baltimore and Harrisburg cheek 20 one box '
No 4, no check, one box, J Barrett, Lockport, Niagara
Co, N
No 5, no check, one box, Lieut A Scott, Harrisburg
No 6. no cheek, one box, no marks
No 7, no check, one box, Jacob Weaver, Pittsbrirg
No 8, no check, one box, Reuben- Farriogor, Catia
No 9, no check, fair leather trunk, do •
No 10, no check, one Box, Copt Pnillips. Harrisburg
No 11, no check, black trunk, S S J, St Joseph's needs--
my, Philo ' •• - -
No 12, no check, fair leather trunk, no marks
No 13, no check, fair leather trunk, Cupt Lyman, Har
No 14, no chock, black lealior trunk, no marks
No lb, no check, black lost: cc trunk. no marks
No 16, no check, one box, Jno McGee, Harrisburg
No 17, no check, one box. Geo L Stephens, Harrisburg
No 18, no cried:, one box, Newport button, P tr.
No 19, no check, one box, Daniel Robison, Philadelphia
No 20, no check, black trunk, Joe Gemmel, Lewis
town, Pa
NO 21 Danville and Harrisburg check 512, fair leather
trunk, Wm H Barber, Milton, Pa
No 22, no cheek, blank trunk, no marks
No 211,. no check, thir leather/co S Scott, Hunts.
lle, 'Ohm
No 114, no check, fair leather tru Thos McDaniel
No '25, no ch: sk, black trunk; Sat' -
No 26. no check, black trunk, G S.Angill, Binghamp
ton, N
No 2%. Williamsport and Harrisburg chock 92, fair
leather valise, no marks
No 28, Baltimore and Harrisburg check 687,ttit leather
valise, no marks .
No 29, no ,hock, fair loather valise, no, marks
No 30, no check, black trunk., Jno E Monroe, Lanc e ter, Pa
. s o 31, no check„.one box, Michael-Trump, Allontown
No 32. no-cneck r onie box, no marks
No 33, Scrantort and Bar tsbarg check 259, one box
No 24, no Check, one box, Mrs :dock, Prosperity, Pa
No 05, no check; one box, Henry Will, Beading
No 10, noPcbcck, onebox, itomtuks
No 17, no check, bag of saddles, no marks
No 38., no maeck, Saddle, Ignatius Floomr.r, Portage
No 59, no check, black bag, no marks -
N u 40, no oh ck, black b.ig, Mary Foster, Harirshuth
No 41, no check, black bog, no marks
No 42, no check, black bag, no marks
No 43, no check, black big, no marks
No 44, no check, black bug, J Shad]; Jersey Shore, Pa
No 45, Williamsport and liarri4turg check 36, black
g, no marks
No 46, no check, black bag no, mark s
No 47, no en ck, back bag,no marks
No 48, no chi ck, carpet bag, no marks
No 49, no check, saddle, no marks
No 60, no check, hog, no marks
No 51, no chick, our box, HO marks
No 52, no check, one box, no marks
No sg, no check, bat-box, no atiok.s
No a no check, fair barber trunk, no marks'
F. J Fleming, one band e thilis
A L Babcock, 1 bale rope
N Frazer, eleven barrels nuts
-1) Fisher, six corn-huskers •
H. Gilbert, one barrel insulators
Nelson Brpne & Co, two boxes bitters
S Balkier, one box hardware
H Hawkins, one granite block
Nicholas B, one box .andries
J Alb rt, one barrel; ticc(thAfea
Tnos Hickok, one o!)x brtipirnre
No consignee, 204 brick, nci rks" ' „-•
consignee. IMO bay, '
"No consignee, 44 enema Iron,' marina "
No consagnee, package indlgo
No cougars% One brill raerChandiso, David Tilcaey, Bar
. .;.;;.....-• '.::•-•.-• , -•-•.: , .-.- ,7
..... ~,..
__ . - ---- -,- -- 7 .. 7---•••••-
-..,--• -- - -- - -
~ .
.. . ...------
______ ~...........:
t t .. •• ~ • I --..p.-) • ~,-, ~,, e
~:, ,- - , , ~,,,. ..,-,7it , .",.. - ' :C^ ': ' , , i . ' ' - I.' .:, , ,i . '..... ,:',..., %
''' -, -'. ' ' ' ...-' ..'•' ". ', , ‘"
-'".. ''l . :i '', Al ' --
lie,C.C7. -- C --- ..'7' . r• .:-. , ....." 1- -X , ICC3 • C. ''..::: ..c..1.1.... - ~....-. - .. -. . :
....: ; --.,. 4 - - .. ,
.. - - . ,-:- ~. -.-- •
.• . - --,• .
8 till PR ~11y10 0,410!,,,
4. . , -
: l.` , '4A - #.4 , :- •
.1. , :' >. ' lrf _ . ..1 ._ .. -"7 ' 7 . .: • . '
. i
- '.'- ,- s ' ' ' - • '-' - ' •- ' •.•...1 .• • :' ,-..- .1. - . - ..
.. A 4 -o,‘ '•••' .1r it. , >`.4; ' ,. •:: " -: . ' f..'t- •-• -:' ''• .-
-':' '''
: ''
: . • -,,,. . . . .:''.-. . . . : I . : '''' . ' ..;.. '-',.! t r! *, :r :',;.'' 'I •, •-"
tie '" ' " .' 7' ''' ' "''''
. -
• .• .„
~ .
. . .. ..... .
..;,., ..'!. .' - • •::,..-.. ~ :- ; :t fr:;:s .)' , 77 .. : ' , .....1 - •': " • A.,..' \- ' ''' ' . 4°--.4- :'' -:- ' '''' 1... . ..
• '''' . b ias $4ner --linee--or-less-coasattate c .. aP
....., .
.PR i . r _ :. .._ .
..... _ ~, ~.- r _ 4 . 4 , , ,,,,,, :r . H ..,,, : ,...,, _.. ~.„ • ...:.• • :•••-: .•._ •-.
....,. ::•1.-
..,. ._,..„.„.
....,..: It ~.::. i :_...,
~. _. ~..,..,T7 4r ow " --i m ir, I.s:rnst u
rizoia te o-84.,.. 00., - .
...,.-...„ ._ ..i.i : one day
:,.., . :. $ 30 -One dar $ 60
- - .... . 100
o ,-....-- -
. ,
....„?. ..:'." • 1 - . '
A 2. ._
"•-•:_-'7"--' , ...,♦( ' 'PZ:'...' -.....-... ~.;! . '7..• /Ct 17 r .":., :Three day s ' " 111. 4) 3 C ra412,13.,.. .. ... .1 25
, , ... ,".:- _ "two
.... ..... • 1. - 25 One-Weety:... - ..... 2 6 r:
' ' ._
, .
. 4 '•- , -,•-•' -- *"-= ' -' :':.• .. 2.1, , '. - --... - .7
... .. , ,
•- • -
~., .: - J ....„.2. ,; •;,i - i.-__ .._.
_:.......„......:;. . .. . Two maths. 4.50. Two.moiathe g.. 10
• .
. , . ' • 550 Throe ' ' . :he- -al 00
.. _ .
$1 SO
10 00
Pennsylvania Rail Road !
Arr _
349NDAY, 'may 16th, 1864,
THE Passenger Trains of the .Pentisylvania
Railroad Company will depart from and arrive at Har
risburg mid Philadelphia as follows:
THROUGH EXPRESS TRAIN leaves Harrisburg daily
at 2.45 .. m. and arrina at West Philadelphia at 6.65 A. sc.
FAST USE leaves Harrisburg daily (except Monday).
6.00 6 ar.., and arrives at'West•Pinlculelptda at 'A.0.10.4. m.
Paasengers take breakfast at Lancaster. , .
MOUNT JOy ACCOMMODATION, teaves Harrisburg at
7.20 a M., cennects at Lancaster with Lancaster accom
modation train, and and arrives at West Philadelphia at
1,2,26 P.
burg at: 12 20 P. at ; Columbia 155 P. is., and . arrives at
Lancaster 2.30 P. id, • connecting with Fast Mail east at
Lancaster for Philadelphia, and arrives at West Philadel
phia at 6.20 ,
MAIL TRAIN leaves liarrlebarg at 1.20 r. at.; Lancasfer
at 2.47 r oL and arrives at Wag kitfladaiphia at 6.30 P. tr
bia, Imam Haplabial , at 6.26 P. M., and suture at West
Philadelphia at 10.66 P..
BALTIMORE EXPRESS TRAIN leaves Harrisburg daily
(eacept Monday) at /10 A. L ; Altoona, 7.35 .i.. x., take
breakfast, and arrives at Pittsburg at d 2.80 P. IL
daily at 3.10 eat ; Altoona at 8.20 A. sr., take breakfaut,
and arrives at Pittsburg at LOO P.
MAIL TRAIN leaves Harrisburg at 1.30 r. x. ; Altoona
at 7.15 P. take:Supper,. and arrives at Pittsburg at 12.30
.L /L
FAST LINE leaves Harrisburg at 3.50 P. rl. ; Altoona at
8.35 P. M., take supiler t mid arrives at Pittsburg at• 1,00
st. _-•
MOUNT- JOT- ACCOMMODATION leavea Lancaster at,
9.30 se, arrives at Harrisburg at 11.10 A. M. .
FAiladeiphia at 2.45. r, at. and arrives at Harrisburg at 8.10,
MOUNT JOY ACCOMMODATION No. 2, leaves Lancas.::
ter at 6.25 P. M., connecting therewith Harrisburg Accoln.
modation West,,leaves Mount Joy at 4.00 P. IL and arrives
at Harrisburg at 8.20 r. nr. •
Supt. .sficiffie Div. Pens'a R. R.
ilarrieburg, May 13. 1.864.-dif •
Northern Central Railway
Connections made with trains onPeansylvanla Railroad;
to did from Pittsburg and the West.
TultEE TRAINR DAILY to and from the North and
West armieh Saaqueltantat, Elmira, and, all of Northam
Q r , anda MONDAY, ONDAY, M A.Y . I.6th;
• flit, Passenger . Trains of the Northern Oentral
arrive at and depart frore-Heirrieitit3
alintlliOrb as follons;vis
BAIL TRAIN leaven Sunbury. daily (except -
Sunday) - 1040 4. K.
leaves Harrisburg ' r. x.
" arrives at Baltimore 540 P. It
IMPRESS TRAIN leaves Sunlituy daily (except .
• . Sunday)
" leaves Harrisburg (excipt
Moaday)' IL
.‘ Arrives at Baltimore daily 416 A.
..(exceptlifonday) , 7,00 A. X.
burg7.ol A. X.
• • ' bury daily (except Sun
day) at . . .
• .... 7,00 ; A, Ai
MAIL TRAIN leaves. Baltimore daily. eicept
Sunday) ' 9.20 L. Y.
leaves Harrisburg - 2.36 P. sr.
di arrives at Sunbury '" 4.05 x. Jr.
3X.PRESS TRAIN leaves Baltimore daily.— 9.30 P. 11.
di arrives at Harrisburg ' 3.50 1. X
leaves Harrisburg daily (ea
eept Monday) ' B.IVA. x.
• 4, arrivesatSumbury 5.63 A. it.
HARALSDITHO AQr.701 , 134 - 01)ATTON" leavkx,SJl
Lavine deity (exoept Sua- -
:'.8:00-p. M.
" arrives at Harriaburt.........7.50 r.
burg daily (exceptSuagay)
at. .... .. 4;00 P. X.
Fpr further information . applyat th4i OfCCOO,, in Pennsyl-
vania Retread Depot. N. DuBARRY,
HasrLsburg, gay 16, 1884.-dtt • Gen, Supt.;
71 , 11 RUE rana,ins DAILY TO NSW YORK
N-1 16th, 1863, the Paarenger Trams wilileave Phila
delphia and Reading Railroad Depot, at I Wri4purg, for
New York. and Philadelphia, an-follows, viz :
EXPRESS LINE leaves Harrisburg at 6.30 A; X., on .ttr
rival of the Pennsylvaairt Railroad Express Train from the
West, arriving in New - Yorkist L 45 4. ix A sleeping ear
is attached to the train through Trom Pittsburg. without
Ohmage. -
MAIL TRAIN leaven Ilarrisbnrg at 8.00 arriving
in New York at 6.{to P. M., add Philadelphia at 1.50 P.
FAST LINE leaves Harrisburg at 2.00 P. M. arriving in
New York at 10.25 r sr., and Philadelphia atl.eil P. H.
FAST LINE leaves New York at 6.00 a. x., and Phila.
delphia at 8.16 A. M. arriving at Itarriabrirg at Ll 6 P. N.
VA, I TRAIN leaves New York at 12.00 noon, and
Philadelphia at 6.30 P. X., arriving at Harrisburg at 8.20
EXPRESS TRAIN leaves New York at 7.00 p, a., az ,
riving at Ilarrisburi, at 2.00 a. at., and connecting with.the
Pennsylvania Express Trails for Pittsburg.. A sleeping car
Is also attached to this train.
Connections are made at Harrisburg with. trains on the
Pennsylvania, Northern Central and Cumberland Valley
railroads, and at goading for Penman%
Wilkesbarre, Allentown, Easton, .&o.
Baggage checked through. Fare between New York
and Harnsburg,_ss 15 ; between Harrisburg Rd Phlbidel-
Ali, $8 85 tri"No. 1 oara i and $3 in No. 2.
For tickets or other information apply to
I„.A NORTH and Northwestfor Philadelphla,New. York,
Reading, Pottsvine, Lebanon, Allentown, Easton,sm., dm.
Trains leave Harrisburg for Philadelphia; New York,
Reuling, Pottsville and all Intermediate stationa, at .8.00
t and 2.00 r. u.
New York Express. leaves Harrisburg at 6.30 a x.,
arriving at New York at 1.45 the same day.
special Accommodation Passenger train leaves Read
ug.,01 • :15 A, a., and returns from Harrisburg atB r. x.
Parte 'from Harriaburg: To New York, $5.15; to Phila
delphia $3 88 and $2 80. Baggage eheeked:through.
Returning, leave New York at 6 a._ ar. 12 ,neen, and 7
u.,,ipittatinrg.Expietei arrlying - atHarrishurg at 2 A. x.)
Leaveladenibia at 816 a at.; and 8.80 r. X.
Sleeping caxxitthe New York Express Trains, through
to and fropi Pittsburg hout change. . .
Passengershy the Catawiesta Railroad leave Tamaqua
at 440 a, a., and s.minit.ol:ir Pilllwilelphla, New York,
- way ndite.
' Valid 'leave Potlayillitat9ls a. x., ins 2.80 r. x., for
Z1X0144.1P40,-garralburgAnd New York.
An Accommodation Passenger train teat* Readiog at
.1104, sad returns !Yelp PkiladelPtifria 7B . oo r. x.
uiL the slave Indus rat titian Sanday excepted.
PlasandeOltalMlNANllo.lll7o o f A. / 0'. 1 4.0
121 1 0,04 P
4110arrndi: -- tize- ,
>"110 ..hrtdats . .
Cleastal xe
Air 9, isei—airatt,
_‘.T 44. •U>l L - G1NN..,.0.,.1V:.A,N.D . - F 0 g:A,Y::EA.,"
a. a. CLYDE,
Omani Aeent. livilohnra
Philadelpitia anti Erie Rail
. .
THIS great line . traverses the Northern and
1 Northwest "
counties of Penitsy , traniii , to the eity of
Erie, on Lake Erie. • •
It has been leased by the Pszonivr.valwa itslimoo don•
resnr, and ender their auspices is hetig, repidir °Feud
throughout its entire length. '
It is now in use for Passenger and• Freight business
Prom Harrisburg to St. Ihiry's.(2l6 on the Eamon
'Division; and from Sheffield to :Eric (78 miles) on the
%Mem Division.. ; "
Leave Eastward.
Mail Trajn. 1.20. r. a.
Express Train ' 2 60 .a.. at.
Leave Nortb.Fard.
Mail Train., 1 , , , - 35 r ,
' . at.
ExpressTrMn 316 a. x.
Otratnis through ISTRRoureluircom,both.waya On these
trains bei.wpen .
_Philadelphia. and ; Milk Haven, and
tween Bidtimore Mid Lick Haven.. .. , ,
EleganeSieeping care on Exprewr.transa tooth way/ire.
tees Williamsport:and Baltimore t and Williainapertanti,
Philadelphia. .
For information respecting Passenger business apply al
the S. r...corner lull izca guitetiikeeo. • •
And for Freight basineesi of the oamistnrs Agents:
& B. 'Kingston, Jr. intoner 18th and 'Market streets,
Fbiladelphla. ,
J. W. Reynolds, Erie
J. M. Drat, Agent N. 0. ft. it Baltimore.
11. , Hr HOUSTON,:. -
tamer Prst'ah tAgent
LEWIS L.L. .1106P;, 1
General Mixt Agent Pkra.
• • Jos. D. pan% •- - •
'rey2B-dlij • Generat.Manager,..Waliaessport.
RAIL Ro4:lLt)*.
(SANG B OF HOURS -=-0n and aftei Mou-1
4..1 • day, April. 4tb, .18J34,' riaierigar ,Lridua will rul
daily, as followa,lStadarreacaptedA ' • '
Leave Hagerestown - 7:00 2.45
" Greendistle 7.37 3.34
Arrive at EOT 4.24
Chambersburg, • •
Leave Shipp3ilDeag St 9.3 1368
' 1 0 4 :0 a 0
" Newville 242 • 209
. . .
....-, mu1t;•42.4
~ claiLitsl4g - • 6.22; 10 4.2 2:1
Arrive alb:m . lB99yr - 666 . 11.1.6 a. .
Leave Harrisburg 8.06 1.32 4 31.
" , liviesbun 8.47 2.1.5 4.53
" Newville 10.22 a 29 —.,
" Sliippenstwg . 10.33 400
1100 4.30
.. 1.6
Arrive Etr'Eragerticeolin *1? . .;: f;
Jur vabiLlamiDy
: • "
Ofikte telvtag, • •mammarg- giv...kaw,_ _P. X, ruISB
xinAratiihr as LuLLO9•IO. e
3: Its:" Mei; Ohamberaburgi,lipril , i; 18U-1y .
• .
Cherokee _Remedy,
CHEIROKKEE;REMEDA thegreat /*tient Diuretic,
cures cateliseaseaotthemivargliffgams, suck as /neon&
nenae of the Urine, 1701tunitustron of the Ba44fer, inftain
mann; of tha *doer, ..Ftarte,in the Bladder, .7lrictufe,
Gitivei,Wket,'Wsnichea, 'and is egliegiattr:rocorUinin - dfa
in.those caw of Thor Aka (or Whites in females) arhpi
all Me &Inatome meitic4nea have 'Wet
Aar It la prepared hi a concentrated fonn, the
dose only being from one to tiro tinmperonfula three times
Par day
sss- It is diuretic and alterative in its action; parifylbg
and deanaing the blood, causing it to' flow in all 'stilts
Original purity and vigor; thus removing from the aystent
allpetnielOrla causeawhieh have induced disease. .
CHEROKEE.II4.IBOISOdis intendrd as axially or assist
ant to the OREROKER - REMEDY and should boused in
denial:Lotion with that medicine in all cases a(nt.4
.6rizet, Fulor. ,Afbus or 'Whited. Its 'etioots asp ~hatlinft.
ropthin.4: and demulcent;:. removing all scalding, , heap":
.iterdhe ; and pain, infanta:Of the burning and 1 0= 1 0
endurable pain that is experienced with nearly all tit'
cheap giant Ififectionr. • i•
By the use of the • .C.ICBMOIQE REMEDY Inta
OHEROKEEtkIatTiOIi•-th.e two Medicines at the size
time all imProper discharges are removed; nil theweak
eared organs are speedily veered •to full vigor and
t. oar For full particulars', `get-out paitiphlet from any .
rug store in the countr y; or write fs and we will Mail
free, to any address, a full treatise.
in- -
Prioe, CHEROBEF, REMEDY, $2 per bottle, .or
three bottles ipr $6.
p; Price CHEROin: tbintITION, $2 per battle, or
three bottles for $ 5.
si„,Sant by express' to any address on receipt of
sl6Sold by all druggists everywhere.
• Sole Proprietors,
, marls-eodly No. 59 Liberty street,•New . York.
.9934 4 ")!WeR, PROM•
dsa tatfatTing cure' ro s i,;4perwhatoirhsa,4notinid Weak
nest, Arodurnal Bfflaissions, and all diseares caused by self
pollution; such as Lemof Atones y Universal Lassitude
Pains in the :qack,-Diethoss of f r ision,, Premature Old 40
Weak Nereee; Difficulty of Rivaling; Trembling, Wake
nessdfroptiora on the Pace, Pale Covettenance,
Coraturiptitin;ansi all the Direful complstints caused bp do
parting from the pit of nature.
SfirThis medicine is a simple vegetableextracty Haden
n which all can rely, as it has boon used in our. practice
for many years, and with thousands . treated, "It has not
failed in a single instance. Its curative powers have been
sufficient to gain victory ever the most stubborn:case.
so-TO ,tease whdhave trifled with their , otnuitittdatost
until t ) ley uunk ihettaelves beyond. the reach of =diem
id, we would say, papa& net t the Otnotestut Oa= will
restores yoli to health and vigbr, and after Wl' quack doe
tors have tailed I . •
WFor lull particulinA n o t a araar,
~- front rt aP w i o Rrqs_
St2re in theptclang IF...:l 7l _,,,A l KlyPritt2 trause 7;
mail Min - to uty , MO , ale e a r nN a tall
.1, r el.,
Pamrtillet-ft":1 1:
or " th liti-iittles for s 6 i 'aid
gorw 4i risec fribea tizAppo Per 'Ll to parte di the world.
llirlip,„ ~,...odueuvi , - „ `..t.......r
• Nola rianneteak
asilatiodly Mk 69 Men/ 01 1 4 0 1 NoW 'MA
From the •Two Hundred and
First Regiment.
Correspontleneetf Te/egraph.]
. EDITOR TELEGBAPIE :--This has been indeed
. a gala day in Camp Couch—a lovely morn
atter a succession of rainy' days and
hts since Friday evening—a cool delight-
Jul autumn afternoon, that brought many
t visitors to camp from our native city—a
• • splendid "dress parade," and less than two
sword presentations by our worthy, patriotic
and gifted Cliaphtin--render.ed this one of the
most inilx?rtant days,that an ali-wise Provi
dence has'permitted us to enjoy since our
departure from Camp Curtin.
Among the Harrisburgers in camp to-day,
who came here to visittheir friends, I noticed
Messrs. Chambers Dubbs, Wm. Bostick, Jr.,
G. W. Basbore ,. Mr. - MaY," -Mr. Nunemaker,
(father of. Our:typo:sergeant. Samuel, QUarter
master-Seargent - ConaPanYl(aaae,) as they
drb:otir crowd,) besides a number of
Thia afternolm„ before conclusion of "dress
parade," thaiegiment was drawn tip in proper
position tO Witness' the "interesting ceremony
of a sword presentation. Major'John T. Mor
gan, a KentlemanlY and courteous officer of.
this regiment, was the recipient of a magnifi
cent sw rd; belt and sash, , from his numerous
friends and admirers;Of West Fairview, Com
herland.. county.
The sword was played in charge of Rev. Mr.
rkarpastraw, our obliging . and worthy Chaplain,
andlareeented to Malou Blinimmar by his Rev
erence, in the followbag words':
AWOR VORGAN — ii am happy to be the me
din& thiOngh - which your personal friends of
.West Fairview have been pleased to present
• te.pau this token of their esteem and love for
you as . a man and a soldier, coming as it does
froin your perional friends, who are repre
.sented hero by yonr townsman, Mr. May. It
560t11a give to you the assurance that those
whom you love and haie lett - behind, will be
protected and eared for in,your absence, It
reinarked to me on receiving this sword
and sash, "That theY had biiught you this
sword for service!'" We believe that their
confidence in you will not be misplaced, and
to their prayers and good wishes I ask our own.
,ifay .God liless the hand that wields this
trii -- ord; hot only in the preservation of your
own life , but the' preservation of this the
gieedes county which - ( ca ever gave to any peo
ptis.°,.:Trilreit,.nnd may Crod: bless-the donors!"
6illfortin replied': REvzinnua Si—"i. I
amcmat aeons med to public speaking; yet I
oannbt refrain frOm 'expressing my sincere
ttiiiiika to my friends of -West Fairview, for
t is olren of tXFO* esteem and anna win. I
lialgileyetherri my word and sacred honor, thait
f With a hand 'and strong
arm, should occasion rel . itlireo it."
Three cheers and a "tiger"were then given,
by !the' whole ' regiment,.. for: Major John
Morgan; after *hick the most interesting
dress parades we have: hadsinee our acquaint
amae,with Camp Couch was dismissed.
After gripper, another pleasant affair. came.
off the_shape. of a swordpreSentatioii. The
members,of company K; Captain-Landis,.pre
sented to Second Lieutenant J. H. Snow, of
that fine looking company, a beautiful sword
and fixtures, through -our obliging Qhaplain,
Rev. Bakestraw. Captain L. drew his com
pany tip intne, when Chaplain R. said:
"Lrsum. Sizow times of peace the pre
sentation ota sword simply meant something
to hang up as :a memorial of holiday soldiers ;
but in times like this 'it means something
more—it means war! Coming as it did, from
the men:of company K, it is a memorial of
great - respect; and should your 'gallant cap
tain fall on the battle-field, it would become
Toni dtity to, take his place; and, should oc
casienrequire it, we feel confident' that you
will not 'disgrace this ofrering at their hands."
Second Lieutenant John H. Snow, replied':
," That he hoped he might mover disgrace the
sword his' comrades in .arms presented to him
—that he should ever be willing and ready to
raise it in defence of his country and his
country's noble flag. He thnulred them for
their kind offering, . and, said he was unable
to command language to express his heartfelt
i. 6 .6I „lAA,
‘ 101.6 -4 '
Time:cheers were then proposed, and rang
out upoyx the air, from a hundred pa-
-, ',During. the afternoon a beautiful flag staff
was raised in front of Colonel Awl's quarters,
aid by to-morrow, I vresume, the .
fl--Star spangled banner in triumph shall wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of
the brave !"
4 10 / 1 1 doubtless; we shall have another pleas
* little episode of - military life in Camp
(buck to record.
It was remarked by strangers and . others
visiting here yesterday, .that the reghnent
;Tea under splendid discipline`; and there cer-
Umly is great credit dire „the officers of the
regiment for their untiring' efforts to instruct
'Me men under their charge ; for be it under-
ItocA that a large propertion of the Soldiers
~{iever had the least knowledge of even the
fOimentit of military tactics.
' The health of the regiment is, thank Prov
ence, remarkabty good: Only a few more ad
'tional eases of sickness of a slight nature,
ave been reported--and others, since I last
wrote you, have again reported for duty.--
Thanks to the prompt treatment and skill of
Dr. Wagonseller and his assistants.
I took a trip, a few days ago, to Chambers
'plug; and while there making a variety of
purchases for my feliow-Roldiers of company
I(saac,) I was enabled to learn from'prominent
business men much of the doings of M'Caus
land's "Virginia Robbers"
. (as the Chambers
burgers term them) during their twenty
four hours operations in July last.
Three hundred and sixty odd dwelling
houses, stores and public buildings were de
stroyed by the "chivalry,"
. (nay, fiends of hell
is a better term I) and their blackened walls
stand there, like so many skeletons, demnad
ing. the vengeance of a just and righteous
God upon the heads o fthe drunken, piratical,
infidel horde that wrought this uncalled for,
unchristian and diabolical piece of mischief.
A respectable and intelligent shoe dealer
informed me: "I had a large store--employed
Of:teen to twenty journeymen, made a good
liviiiig.fnd accumulated "a snug little amount.
a tree hours afterjhe rebels came here I
I pot-oveiCatablt 7 lnga a
mid' fork call
yincli.i. •.NoVratiztornitiief3'elitge basimibasement Elstore,withwithcar — tatekotalMeg, bought
~to . to .itnnpaniW3oo - kifirk - 11'.20Cis ng .
initiviixt' only. Ontidtiadi` Of abort' ihiron
the same fate. The loam, Mr. Sutton In
Septer r 7, 1864.
formed. me, .willreach.fowting244l
In manyinetanees the propel yof
`destroyed after . the “chivalry' . .' hier4tated
all the ready money that the
basely outraged afterwards, could comnitii i it
There are„Also mane 4.l B Pancei , r
recorded. Mk. Nin.,43.rgose r forpc 'pay "Clip;
tain of an amthilancejorps, fight, Wa
a "reb" near Chamberaburg skinakeihere,lMA"
placed .him hors .0,6 *Oat :On examination,
Mr. B. found some
_4900411.13 S.
and quite a large amount of rebel trash
(grey-backs included !) on_ his dehtnet car
case! .
The statement about Dr. Miller burnmg
two Johnnies, in, the otlice•of his drugstore,.
is correct f He floored them, some
then looked.them in, when they met;:t4e' flito
they so richly deserved!
Among the ruins of, one prirtioular house;'
we noticed a cooking stove that kaa4± 9 oo
down in the cellar, with all the cooling
.t rw•
paratug yet setting upon it, as if in prepara
tion for breakfast, coffee pots, pans, kettlei,
A . e., still in proper place.
The citizens say that if they had made any
respectable show etdefenee,or had had any au
thority to do so, they could have protected
the place, and they attribute their sad misfor
tune, alone, to red tape-ism. '
I have much more to communicate, but
muse "halt" for a more
letter. Rote anon,
A:" IL Se**
Corporal Company L
Letter from the 148th Regiinent.
CAMP I.B4TEL Rim r. P. V., ne risorrr or t
- FErmissurio, VA., Sept. 5, 1864.
To the Editor if the Harrisburg Telegraph.
The following is.a list of the officers of the
the 184th. Regiment P. V., now in d:Ewald
corps, under General Hancock. There areordi
seven companies now in the field. The °thee
three companies we expect on soon, with our
Colonel, John H. Stover :
Major—Charles Kleckner, commanding,
Adjutant—Sydney T. Mu.ffiy, prisoner
Chaplain—Joseph A. Bowman.
Surgeon—Wm. B. Brinton. •
First Assistant Sfirgeon—T. G. Morris. •
Second AssistantSurgeon—B. C. Marshal.
Acting Sergeant Major—Wilson Ploughman.
Company Sergeant--Charles Crotzer.
Que.rtermaster.Sergeant—john W. Young-
Drum Major--Enumuel Wise.
Captiiin—N. C. Evans, prisoner.-
First Lieutenant—M. B.litimson, sink.
Second LieutenitiahA. B. Carne,.sick.
commix a.
Captain—J. p. Gearheart, discharged.
First Lieutenant—A. H. Brown.
Second Lieutenant--S. H. Norman, died.
cabman' o.
Captain—lL A. Haines prisoner.
First'Lieutenant--0. inhn, prisoner.
Sexortelleiententinv—lit . 11 ..Staveranisonet
_ , .
• ois*Axtv D. - •
Captain—lL B. Huff, prisoner...
First Lienterian, C. -Dy_efud,„
Second. Lietitenant-r-. J.-. IL Tiryan, prisoner.
Captaizi-z-McKage,- prisoner.
First Lientenant,,A. V. Miller, wounded.
Second Lientenant•L-D. M.. Reynolds,
wounded. .•••
- 1 - company F.
Captain—H. K. Hitter,- woundcd.
First Lieutenant—W. D. Wilihungi, wolinded
Second Lieutenant—L. F. Brahm,wounded.
- I
Captain—J. L. Jenkins.
First Lienteriant--W. S. Johnson. •
Second Lieutenant---W. R. Bell.
Y. O. K.
Movements of a Pirate.
Tie - rAvAx, Sept.. 8
About 2 o'clook yesterday afternoon' the
steamer Franconia, when about 10 macs
southeast of Cape Sable, sighted a suSpicions
looking steamer, apparently under 'canvass,
which soon got,nnder steam and endeavoied
to head. the Franconia 0ff.... The-latter, hOw
ever,' succeeded in getting within proper
limits of the shore. The privateer Ant lioist
ed British colors and afterwards others which
those on the Franconia were unable to make
The supposed_ pirate was bargue rigged,
with fore,an.d main spencer, long lot ter masts
and one snioke stack. 'She was painted lead
Destruition_ of th e. Rebel Steamer
, _ _
• Nashville.
Pintta.nmaque„ Sept. 8.
Private letters just received in this city
from Mobile Bay, state that on the 25th ult.,
Captain Jouett, of the U.' S. steamer Meta
comet, sncceded in blowing up the rebel
goat Nashville. The expedition went into the
harbor in the night, and by the use of one
hundred pounds of powder, some nine inch
shell, oil, turpentine, faggots, &c., they de
stroyed the forward casements which were to
mount six guns. The Nashville lei at the
time within two hundred yards of two rebel
iron-clads. But so well planned was the ex
pedition, that it was an entire success.
The Metacomet, Captain Jouett command..
big, in the - late engagement in Mobile Bay,
engaged the three rebel gunboats, Morgan,
Games and Selma, at onetime, capturing the
latter and crippling the two former Sothat the
Captain of the Gaines ran her under the.forts
and destroyed her. The Metacomet mounts
but six guns, while the three rebel boats
mounted 24 guns in all.. The engageMent
hefted just an hour.
New York: Stock Bilirkets.
Naw Yaws, Sept. 8 .
New York stooks lower ; Margo Egolplook
Island, 1084 ;.111ifiois = ()antral,egarchi
-124 l.?Avuthette IA 43 , Newyork. 128
1 1 114-
4 Y lll axellirtin V;ENie; 4074. ;444 . tap
'31F134#1111, oite44Bkaeabfortfilk
threatty-4 - o***Aticp ott
Gold atm the Wind has
Six months - 8 W ... I
Six-months. 15 00
cate year. ... ..-. ' 15.00 One year 25 00
AdminiBtration ItioVices . .. 2 75
Marriage Notices... .- '
Auditor's Notices 160
Funeral Notices. each insertion. ' tiO
7 sa- Rtugstess notices tuseeted in the Local (lalestit, or
Ipefore Marriages ;spell:1114w staire lasers run Lois for
tad, nsertlos. .
The returns of-the-election on Tuesday
come in slowly;lll44rgy wein,chwing. The
indications are that. ihe orl on majority *ill
be about 22 / 960, or - iMBrly's;ooo over last year
—and - an" increase of 5;000 -Vermont is
equal to 75,000 in Nevi. - York. The &mate is
entirely Union, =dam:House will not have
'over twenty Qopperheads. We append the
votes of a few towns. -
1863. 1864.
Smith,' Redfield, Smith, Redfield,
Towns. tn. Cop. Un. EAo
Burlington. 481 11)8 .684 328
'Windsor ....159 55 227 47
!Springfield.. 350 45 . 455 57
;Randolph ...314. 52 324 .87 •
St. Albans ..367 - 81 412 121
Montpelier-318 67 298 97
1,989 08 2,400
Union maj .1,451
McClellan Accepts the Nanki*a...
lion of the Chicago Conven
tion. •
The dress says that the Committee ap
pointed by the Chicago Convention,. .presen
ted to General McClellan a copy - trf-the pro
ceedings of the Convention, and 'a hitter in
forming him of his nomination. He accepted
the nomination, and a letter to that effect
will probably be pre-Tented to the Committee
this evening.
Markets by Telegraph.
The only demand for flour to-day, is for
lower_erades, superfine . and extra at $ll 00
per barrel firmer, and- $ll 50®12 00 fot ex
tra. Saes to the trade range from' our - lowest
quotations up to $l3 00 for fancy lots '-The
operations in wheat to-day are limited, the
millers being mostly supplied, we quote_ at
$1 50(42 55 for old, $2 60(2 65 for new,
and $2 80@3 00 for white. Rye is scarce, at
$1 80@1 88. Oorn is firm with sales of
western mixed at $1 72. Yellow is held at
$1 73. Oats are in demand, at 90c. Bask is
dull at $571 per ton for quercitron. Small
sales of -clover seed at $l3 50®14. 00;- and
timothy at $6 00(4.6 50. Provisions are firin
but we have no sales to report. Whisky is
dull, at 1$185(® 86 for refilled and Prison
barrels', $1 87®1 88 for western.
Flour dull; sales of 500 bbl at $l3-forllow
ard superfine. • Wheat steady; sales of : 3000
bush of• Kentucky whitest $2 85®2 88. Corn
quiet at $1 8841 89. Whisky dultat $l - 85.
Provisions dull.
volll)4eer NOtiee
Captains et Comluaties stud reminders of
Squads :
lugrOltdet'refriggned are prepared to secure for
The BOW Local, Cash and Government
114auas f
Committees can be supplied with creel/W(lm their town
ship orcounty quotas.
tyly. Enlistment papers promptly mode out, and oleo
attended to until Mustered in, clothed and equipped, by
PairmAnaviia RAirmitittg Agency. HERTS . * CO,
...Office, Parke-House, M.aritet street, between Thin and
?earth etr.-ebi,'Herrisburg.
gip Two of the firm have ootruzilanons lu. rcortitt to
States in rebellion. wliet
115 South Seventh St., Secondfloor, linont No. 10
gar Drafted Men from the City or any part of the
State - will be furnished with dubstiintes at short notice,
and on liberal Wm:,
Aar Men Enlisting, either as Substitutes or Volunteers,
will receive the largest Bounties, which will be paid to
themin cash as soon as mustered in.
Agents will beltZeralty paid cif tAis
Philadelphia .
lAM happy to offer to the public a large
and splendid assortment of
mmeractored by
Those Pena are well finished, otaatio, and will give so.
tire satisfaction,
Second atreci, opposite Presbiteiiin Mara, Rarristaug
Pa. sip=
OE the Old Wallower Liao, respectfully hi
forms the public that Oda Old Daily Transportation
lAne (the only Wallower Line now in existence in this
city, ia in successful operation and prepared to carry
(tag tas low as any other individual line betweenPhila
delphla Harrisburg, Sunbury, Lewisburg, Wil li amsport,
Jersey Shore, lock Haven and all other points on the
Northern Central, Philadelphia and &le and Williamsport
and lilmlra Railroads.
. .
Harrisbarg, Penn'a.
tivxis meat Lk) WILIVIIOIIM of Messrs. Peacock., Zell
piinchman, Noe. SOB and 810 Market street, above sts
Philadelphia, by 4 o'clock, P. as., will arrive at Harris
two, sgs ay (or delivery, Reit mortdag. (sp3o-rdm 1
i s a pleasant, healthy beverage.
Very convenient and refreshing . for invalids taring
fever or great thirst.
Ile portability recommends it to travelers.
Its convenience at plc-nice will be appreciated.
No sugar required; one :table•spoonlhl simply dissolved
in a glass of cold water and it is done.
No. 91, Market street,
C LO A S s qr n E,
IN D. w. own , NEW BLOCK,
Market Street, Haartiburg.
1,000 DIFIMIEUMT ,137114/18
ow wismumuzwa
inn open oligie - Ist, of ApriL ' [marn-ay
PklteglMPllt. Aibusai.
Pilo pk- Albu p.
, InWpirtajWAsblixiis.
:41"a = • * Num i
16 1 t4 FIR
at [marl* HMENZIM I , • ,
NEW Yonki Sept 8