Pennsylvania telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1864-1864, March 28, 1864, Image 2

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Pailg Etitgrafti
Philadelphia's Charges Against and Co.
guetings with the State Legislature.
The Philadelphia Bulletin is again indulging
in wholesale charges of corruption against the
members of the Legislature; bejr ! ,l;,oring its
own representatives, especially, her:Anse they
happen to think and act with a vis 4, i.o pro
mote the real interests of the people of the
metropolis. The Bulletin professes to be in
censed because a bill lies been ieported to
the Legislature, chartering a mammoth street
railroad company in that city. We have
nothing to do with the project of building
railroads in that or any other city; nor do we
care 'whether the bill in- questiori becoMesr a
law or not. But it does seem strange to us,
that these charges of corruption should al
ways be made; whenever the interests ofThil
adelptda clime before the Legislature. - Other
localities get legislation, and we have no
intimation of bribery; but thiv moment- a
Philadelphia project , comes up for considera
tion in the Legislature, one or more of the
journals in that city start the cry of fraud and
corruption! From the passage of the'first
street railroad, down to 'the intreduetion of
the bill to incorporate the present COmpany,
either the Bulletin or some •of its city cotem:-
poraries, he been insulting its delega
tion in. he Legislature with Charges of cor,
ruption. the hue and cry is petsisted in,
we shill soon believe•thatfraud and Philadel ,
phis are synonymous terms. Philadelphia
owes much of her present presperity to her
street railroads. Why, then, shorildthe Bul
letin oppose the increase of the enterprise?
Why, indeed, should the Legislature refuse
to grant any responsible company a Charter, to
builds railroad, wherever theta are people to
be accommodated or resources to be devel
oped? There is no reason to oppose such
action on the part of the legislature, except
what is offered in the jealousy of railroad
companies already in existence, who fearthat
competition Trill affect the monopolies which
they now represent.
While the Bulletin and other Philadelphia
journals are wringing tliemselves 'and their
readers with their spasmodic charges of 'cor
ruption against their Legislators, they never
even hint at the greatgrauds and stupendous
corruptions which are yearly perpetrated in
the councils of that city. Only recently the
city councils of Philadelphia passed a bill
appropriating 'a, million, of dollars as a bribe
to the'Legislature to remove the capital of the
State to a locality within the . corporabid limits
of that city. The Bulletin liaS - nothing
write or print in reference to this shapelesil
attempt at corrupting a Legislature. t4o't fe
word is said in defence of the - interests which
a removal . would destroy-4he ruin which it
would entail upon men of business and holders
of Rreperty in this vicinity. ' The . people,.end
the interests outside of 'Philadelphia are of
no account With the 'capital of the State
located in that city, millions of dollars would
be squandered to erect defences ostensibly;to
defend the capital, but,, really to protect
the commercial interests, local trade .. and
speculating fancies of Philadelphia.
ready Philadelphia is largely indebted to
State bounty for her prosperity;' Shis-hasnot
a charitable institution in her midst, - that is
not •fostered by State..:bountyparsEthe7.many
arteries through which flow Aallibt :marts
the wealth which is. fast. rendering her arro
gant 'and imperious,', have their sources
among a people in the interior-wheim 'She of
fects to treat with contempt aridWhCse rep
resentatives, she is oonstarit3.y chuiging with
dishonesty.. A small share of prridence .aitd
discretion on the part',of-our rneighbors would
do them no harm. Hence let the,. Bulletin re-'
serve its charges of corruption "for: Jliose .in
its midst who offer to givenxillions'of money
to place our Legislativeend ExecriqVehalls;
where the members therfi*n be rtifilli4f 43 4.
and used by the 'march** ‘ and
money changers of the metropolis.
MAJ, • EN. Lsw., WALtA.C.I3, who. recently
took charge of the Department'V lgarylind,
. •
in his speech, to thoseWhO'Welconied him to
his command, declared f`he a ' , rebel
and a traitor had no politicarights." l , This •
very emphatic language; and, Unless 'Gette - ral
Wallace is only jes44 he hits placed ...him,
self directly at issue with the Democratic
leaders inthis country. Bier sinee the attack
on Fort Sumter, the Dernocratic_lea'de . ii, and
orators,. in the. freeStatee, have been .conVtd
sively and persistently laboring ,to proteettthb
constitutional rights of the shtve-holderein:
rebellion. The 'Goviirnment has not
single movement or the army ; fonght a,single
battle, in which the great fear of the Demo=
crazy has . not. been evinced for the imperilled
pighticial - lights of the U r ea:pis. , fact, the
course-of the * Democratic leaders of the free
States, for' the last three 'Years; has been a
laborious effort todefend the Wigail rights
of the men' who are engaged in a 'etrifigle to
destroy all the rights 'and 'franchises of the
American Government.„
Of course, the copperliead"press - .o6ll.berate
General Wallace, for thus'denyineto traitor&
and rebels any and every pOlitical right
THE P.11001.611T10N. —the PrOWs*ation of
the President which appears i,n Turs..Tzr.f
zosesa to-day, is explanatory of the amnesty
which, in one or two instances,- ha's been so
foully abused. It will_prevent the repetition'
of suct,fMonstrous decisions as thio o f jidge
H o ff Man, of California, by whiclx a Final".
sentenced to twenty years inaprisonment, was
turned loote to perpetrate anew his ninnies
against his country. That decision is a
grace t o the_judielary, and itis incredible. that
a patrioti&judge should have' made it. But
the mischief is guardcd ag* future b 3;
the clear and explicit iiiteip - retalion of the
amnesty, [proclamation whitili we" publish
, . ,
Death of Hon. Owen Lovejoy
The telegraph, on Saturday, announc
ed_ the - death. .of Lovejoy, Th"-:iiP
reseniative in Congress from Illinois.
He expired in Brooklyn, New York, on
Friday last, in the fifty-fifth year of his age.
We believe the deceased was a native of Maine,
where l i fe was educated_ :for the ministry.
Frugi,;kl,4' on, 34; rernoved to Princton,
M.; :Where in 1638, ". he' took -Charge of the
pulpit of the . Orthodoxtongregatiorl church.
But the Agitation ai tronbles in;,qiisii part
of the country at 4 that period, induced - Rev.
Loyejoy to turn his attention to politics, as a
ineanivirherebyhe might be enabled to do
good to the oppressed; becoming a politician,
because it would bring him closer to the
enemies of truth, freedom and religion, so
close; indeed, that he eotddlght them face to
face.--1n.185.1.‘ he was > elected -to-Vie:Legis
lature of Illinois. In 1856 he was made a
Representative in Congress ; since which
time he has been regularly returned to that
hody. We need not refer to the course of the
deceased as a Congressman. Even his enemies
award him a character for purity above re
proach; while . his colleagues in Corigress al-
Ways recognizdldrn as an able, eloquent.and
indOmitallle opposer of wrong an advocate of
.right. -
- Mr Lovejoy's heilih had been preca.ribuS
for a year or more. Onr.readers in this city,
Willremember that the deceased.several times,
within the last year or more, stopped for' rest
and recreation, as he was en route to and
from tll6'National, capital, with some of his
friends . in3his vicinity, whervit was noticed . '
by many that the danntle,ss champion Of free.:
dom was sufferering'form And.yet,
none, of us, imagined that he was so near
death: It was hoped by himself and friends .
that lie might recover to see the Bind "of this
war and the triumph of the principle, •in
whose behalf he had made so many. •noble
sacrifices:- But flier Great Ruler of eventirdeL
creed otherwi*.' '7l,•Xly "Mai we write that
in the death, of OWCii Lovejoy, liberty has
lost one, of its bravest friends", and the nation
one of its Most devoted defenders.
The President's Amnesty Pro'clamation
WirFIRTI R, It has ' become necessary to .de
fine the cases in which insurgent enemies are
entitled to the benefits of the ,Proolamation of
the President'of the United States, which was
made on thel eighth day of December, 1863,
and the manner in which they shill proceed
to avail themselvis of those benefits; •
And whereas, The objects of that Proclama
tion were to suppress the insurrection and to •
restore the authority of the United States;
And vhereas, The amnesty therein provid
ed by the President MIX offered with reference
to - these objects, alone:
Now,' therefore, I, Abraham Lincoln, Presi
d.ent of the United States, do hereby proclaiiii
and 'ddclare that' the said proclamation does
not apply to the cases of persons who, at the
time when they seek to obtain the benefits
thereof by taking the oath thereby prescribed,
are in military, nayval, or civil confinement,
or custody, or ender bonds or on parole of
the civil, military, or naval authorities, or
agents of the United States as prisoners of
war, or persons detained. fbr offences of any
kind, either •• before or 'after
.00nyiction; ',and
that, .on , : the contrary, it 'does apply only' to
persons who, being yet at large and free from
any - arrest, confinement, or duress, shall vol
.lmtarily come forward'and takd the said oath,
with the purpose' of restoring peace andes:
tablishing the national authority. Prisoners'
excluded from the aninesty offered in the said
proclamation may apply to the. President for `
clemency, like all other Offenders,
,and their.
;applications will receive due 'consideration.
I do further' declare and 'proclaim, that the
oath prescribed in the aforesaid proclamation
of the eighth Of - December, 1.863, may be taken
and'stibscitilied before any ecierhissioned 'of
ficer, civil, military, or naval, in the service,
of the United Staab, or any ciyil or military
officer of a State Or Territory, riot in insurrec
tion, who, by the law thereof, may be qualified
for administering oaths. All officers who re
ceive Such oaths are hereby'authorized to
tiird certificates thereon to the persons respec-.
tively by whom . they are made. And such
officers are herebY 'required to transmit the
original record's of 'each oaths at as early a
day as may be convenient to the Department
of State, where they will'he deposited and re
main in the archives of the GoVernment.
The -Secretary of State will keep a register,
thereof, and will, on application in proper
• cases, issue certificates of such records, in the
customary form of such .certificates
In testimony where:of, I 'have hereunto get . ,
my hand and caused the Seal of"the United,
States to be affixed:
Done in the City of Washington the twenty
sixth day of March, in the year of
[suer.] our. Lbrd one thOusand.' eight hun 7
dyed and sixty-four, and qf the
pendence of the United States 'the
eighty-eighth. '
By the President:
Wio. H. SEWARD, Secretary of State. •
The Prospect, of the Liberals Brightening
The following advices, from Mexico are fur
nished by the arriyal.of the steamer Evening
Star, from New Orleans.
A fleet of nine. Frenchliigates had appeared
off the month of the Rio Grande, and an at
tack' on Metal:nom was expected. Particu
lars had been"received of ;the capture of Gua
dalajara 'by the Liberal. Mexican forces under
`Crap. .TWenty=four pieces of cannon and
. 700 prisoners, comprised of French troops
and renegade Mexicans, won" captured.
The traitor Massie is at San Luis Potosi,
with 3,000 men,. expecting 4m. attack.
Paeblaja.said to be besieged by the Libe
rals iuld'ipttit fall—the invaders haiing no
rehtfordehients that can reach there in time
to aid theifilTison•
Viclatiri has positively declared for the
Trench, and' Cortinas and Doblado with .a
strong force, are.marching to attack him, the
fromMatamoras and the latter from
Cortinas is very popular in Tamaulipas.
Before leaving Matamoras, he consecrated
his battle-flag, and tlie Liberal cause is bright-
ha :s4lfpuri . 14,; ,:q.tri 00 4,,
NzwloaK, March •26.
Part of the Town R 4 4.
Attack on the Fort Repulsed
label Loss .- from One Hundred and stay eta'_
Three Hundred Riled.
Reports were • circulated this morning, that
the rebels, under Forrest, attacked Paducah,
Kentucky, "fifty . r.teis - aboie hire, yesterday,
an#:bunie47,petr.tif.,, tt'oWil;::but;*thl'felet
voile com&liNcation.,•wast, cut piT, no ail
theait olitained:
The Stearner"Satan, froin-Nashville, passed
Paducah at, fr o'clogirAigxnoming t and steam
er Josepli . Pearce, which passed. two hours
later, brings the 'following aocounts of the
.Forrest, with an,' estimated • force of 5,000_
men, captitted the a
pis:cnt 2 o'clock yesterday
afternoon, and hackedandfired the city. Col=
Eficks, , 'Uommanding the - post, occupied ad
fortbelow the bity with about 800 . men. • The
rebels made fourassaulbron the fort, but were
repulsed each time. Three of our gunboats
opened On •the city during its occupation by
the enemy„--and. ranch of it was burned, in=
chiding the Marine 'railway and the steamer
Arizona. • • The whartboat and about 3,000 in
habitants of the city moved across the river
upon.learning.the approach of the rebels.
When the Pearee pained at 7 o'eli)ck this
morning, the enemy had left and the people
were returning:to the city. The ,fires were
dying out. The amount of public and private
property captared'is imknown.-at present, but
is , supposed to be large. ' •
Our loss waa twelve killed' and forty wound
ed. From one' htm - dred- and•tflfty to ,three
hundred rebels ate reported killed, and among
them -G eneral Thompson.
Twenty-five houses, around , the' fort, were
destroyed by outtroopsf, they being lised as a
screen for , the rebel sharpshooters. • -
The headquarters said-Government store
houses were•burned by the eftetay.
• A reporter has gone to Paducah; and will
furnish correct information-as soon as pos'n
blel - •
Ar I .
E'cirivest's Fore p. 4 Crippred.
Large Numbers , of Rebel Wounded at Illayfiel
Quito, March 27.--'4 dispatch from Colum
bus, Ky., says that Forrest and Faulkner are
between that place arid Mayfield. Their forced
are in a crippled condition 'but their sttength
is much greater than wan,at first estimated.:
Mayfieldis Med.:with:rebel wounded froin
Paducah. From 1,200 to: 1;500 ate said to
have arrived there., One regiment lost 100,
and one company had 50 killed.
The rebels were marching. owards Clinton
at the hist accounts. Should they.attack Co
lumbus they will receive a still warmer recep
iian than at Paducah.
The steamer Perry-was...fired; into 'while
gassing Hickman yesterday. A large number
of rebels were in the town, and a great num
ber of shots were fired, brit it0b . ,0,0 was hurt.
The steamer 'Graham brought up 600 men
from New Madrid, who' charged tErciugh the
town; bid therehels had fled. They belongea
to'Faulkner's command.
300 rebels were' killed at' Pad ifeah and over
1,000 were wounded. ' •
SeVeral citizens of: the , Pace "wore, killed
during. the fight, and 'the city _is' nearly in
EITAIOB*D C . 1171131E 01? cot,. gnossiax
A .dispatch from Paducah says the home
guard had surprised•lnd. captutd&Col. Cross
lan and seven , of his guerxillasamar 'Mayfield,
Kentucky. t '
XXIVIllth •QongiessL-First Session
Mr. Norton (Ills, )-intrbduced tijoint resolu
tion, proposing an amendment to the Consti
tution, prohibiting the existence of slavery in
the States and- Territories. Referred to the
Committee on4the judiciary: - ' -
On motion- of Mr. Garfield, (0.,) a' resolu-:
tion was adopted; calling on the Secretary , of
War to furnish the MUSS with tiny informs:-
.tionin his possession: with to claims.
for service rendered by State-troops at any
time Aiming the present war; stating. the
amount. of service 'and the amount of the.
Stevens (Pa.) offered a..= resolution pro
posing:a.nbw article to.the constitution which •
when ratified by the- . requidite number of
States, shall•be valid as a part of the constitu
tion, viz: Slavery-and involuntary servitude,
exeeptfor the 'punishment of crime whereof
theloarty shall have.been duly convicted.
Ashley (Ohio) .offered & resolution
granting the use.of the hall of the :Rouse of
`Representatives to -the Washington Lecture
Association on the 6th of,April, for the deliv
ery of a lecture brHon. George Thompson,
late a : member of the. British Parliament,- the
AsrocOds. after the payment of expenses to
be distributed among the families of colored
soldiers of the. District of :Columbia.
Mr. Holman (Ind.) xnoved . to lay the reso=
lntion on the table. , The resolution was
adopted by a vote of Q 3, to 48.., .
.IDaston. in on, 4nieksilver Case.
WASthaToil,Marerh 28
No decision was announced to-day hy the
Supreme Court of the Unit PtAtes, %lithe
On Sunda? afternoon Jaime; J., son of Geo. S, and
.Margaret Brady; and 4 years, 2 months and 28 days.
-.FuneracTuesday at 2 o'clock, from the residence of
his father, corner of t'oarth and Market : streets.' The re
latives and friends are invited without farther - notice.
Lancaster papers paperaplease copy. _
Pill be sold, by Public Sale, at the residence of NM.
GEETY, in North street, his Ihniseliold dud Kitchen Fer
niture, on Wednesday, the 30th' March, at 10 o'clock A. 3f.
niar2&d2t* . :"
JOHN t: 8. - xp
s , — T. ER & co.,
3f A R - KET S'i'l2•E'E I' 4 ABOVE FOURTH
'RASE'S 13 TJ .
. . , . . .
' Warr : anis, Claims, Government Securities, Checks
Vouchers, se., cashed. . trm2Bd2m*
A YOUNG SOLDIER in Col. - Wainright's
Brigade, Ist Artillery, would like to correspondwith
I 'pont° merry and intelligent young lady. Object; fun and
Unprovement, and perhaps matrimony, "When this crnel
• ,Wards over." Address J. N. QGLN
'Capt. Cooper's Battery, "B. - Ist Army Corps, Washinr
ton, B. C. mar2B4ll*,
Notice is lakiebj , given thai an applitption for tlittincet
ionition of he Sao:loud German Refoiineir .Ghttbtlk
city or Harri t shitrg, has been filett In the Gann of mo&
Fleas ofakaji bin county. and that a charter will be granted
a t the neap regular ter m or the said Court, unless Calla ,
be shown to the contrary. J. C. YOUNG
mar2B4l3t - Prothonotary.'
THE UNDERSIGNED xespectfullyinforms
the Public that he has purchased the
:HAT AND CA-P sTwirtz-
Caro,o, March 26
Late the property of T. J. BURNETT, deceased_, and that
he will continue the - business at- the:l4lCified; ercihe
w ill ceastaattl , k:eep on a a general assortment of
CAP - S';' ,
wbiettitsiirciaield at reasonable rates. ."t.
1 - Alitiertifsbitre of patronage is, rciport~'ult~• s olicited
, .
inar2B-d2m • . :11. IL LONG
moo well known in this-'city-to need corn
mendation. In use by ,
PgE q l P E tn:
J1.7 4 0G8 .IF,'EARSO.N,
And .many other . distingulsbid-etiiienS."The U 1), ,darSigned
Mfers,these superb , lustrunfents at ptlem: Oar; p i
to command•publie patronage. .• • • '
Also, Sole Agent for the unrivalled .
AlSe h ,
Chickerin - es and several other of tlia • very 1t makes.
None but perfect instruments sold.
Call and see la.* stack out of great. •
mar2B-tf — S. 'MAID, Third street music Store.-
RESRY BOIEVER, Ja.,) DAbIIM; Corsrr, sa. The COM
monwealth of Pannier - to -the
SUSANNAIrIiIIai:NER, J Sheriffof saidcoonty, greeting.
THERBAS, -. Henry Bcshnei,. Jr., did, gn
Ur the Ast day -of Septotriber; A. 11868, present hlh
petition to our Court. of. Common ..PlOatt of the Comity of
Dauphin, preying that;.. for causes therein set forth, lie
might be Avrirced from the bonds of matrimony' entered
nto with you, Susiumahl Bohner: We therefore tom
mend you the mid .Susannah:Bo'hner, that,' setting • aside'
all busine ss and excuses whatsoever you : lei and appear,
in your proper,person, before. our Judges ; dtAfarrislrdrg,
at a Court of Common • Pleas;-there to be held, for the
County of Dauphin on,the fourth Monday of April next,
to answer the petition or libel of your eaid husband, and
to show caw, it' any you have, why Hie said Henry Boh
ner, Jr., your husband, should not bp , divorced from the
bonds of matrimony'entered 'into with you, the said - Su
sumu& Bohner,= agreeehly to tho acts of Assembly in such
cases Made and provided:"
Witness the ELM. John Pearson, .. President of- et
said Coart,' at 'Tcaryipliuig", 14is sth day of February,
i D. iSfit - J. a,romo, Prothonotary.
, WM. W. JENNINGS, Sheriff . [grutr9.B-dltwat.
Sheriff's Mee, Hat burg, Feb, 5, . 1864.
LORE! A. WEBSTER, ParrmrCorsrv,ss. The Com . -
vs. ' 'monwhalth of Pean'a, to the
SARAH H.- WEBSTER. ' Sberiffofsaid'emuity,groeting.
AS, A. did, on the
• of October, 1863, prefer his petition to
our Judges of our Courtof Common Pleas for, the county.
of Dauphin, praying for the 'cartel* therein 'setforth that
ho might be divorced from the bonds of Matrimony, en
rered into with you, Sarah H. Wet star:
Wo do, therefore, commia you, the Said Sandi AWeb
ster; that, setting aside all' other' business mid excuses
whatsoever, you be and appear in your proper person be
fore our Judges atlfarrisbercitt . a Court' of Common
Pleas there to be held forthe county of Dauphin, on the
fourth Monday of:April next, 1864, to answer the petition
or libel of the said Loren A. Webster and show amse,,if
any you have, why the said Loren A:Webster shouldriot
be divorced from the bonds of matrimony, agreoably l td
the acts of General Assemb*- in such case made afid ,pro
vided .
Witness the Honorable John J. Pearson, Esq., Presidonl
of our said. Court; at. Harrisburg, the 2d day of March,
18611 ; YOUNG, Prothonotary.
. 1311.118A5, the Honorable Jo= J. PEAS-,
soar, President of the Court of Common. Pleas .lu
the TwelftlrJoditial *consisting of tho of
Lebanon. and Dauphin. Land the Honorable Saxon, LANDIS
-andHonomble Hogs K. YOUNG, Asseciato Judglails Dart
phin county, haring-issued their precept; binning date the
3d day of I.ebruary,qB64, to,mn, dire.eted,..far holding a
Court of Oyer and Terminer arid General Ja d Delivery and
Quarter Sessions ofighiPtiaco:of Hargislitirgiforthe county ,
of Dauphin; anti to countrencilownizArkHoaday4AFßlL
NEXT, being the 25th , :diaje 1864; and to continue
two Weeks. rx- " -
Notice is thereibrd Micky' given' to the Coroner,. Justices
of -the Peace Aldetmen and notatableiseil the saidembity
of D=l4 l lol/0 :thorbe theroanitatere ih - thille
persons, at 1044)elock:in.the .rotenoon of•sald day;-with
their records,tratUisitions, exanfinationa; and - their- own
remembrances, to do. those:-things which to' their 'Offen
appertains to be done ainda.hoseache are boand.ralledog
nizanees ,prosecuaagainst: the .prisoners that•ar4 br
shall be in the Jail of Dauphin county be then add there
to prosecute agaihst them as shall. bojust: •
Whi. W. JENNNPS,CrIt'•
Sheriff's Office • Hirrisburg lifnch.2,l /563,
Given under. my band, at. Harrisburg, the 28tlidayof
Ifarch, in the year of. our Lord, 1864, and in the, eiglity
ninth year of the independence of. the United States.
'Harrisburg, March-28, 1864.
The Measurehtent of Time and the • built' of
Dates — Combirigil, -
AF. F. Zl - 14t1VrEtti.1.94, No. 52 Market street,
Harrisburg, has reccivcdthe agency of the Com
bined Measurer of Time and-ReiOrder of Dates, •- ,
• • -
s .
to Nriticli*ndeyful piece of mechanlim 'he re4gictfelli
invites the attention et, the public„ ". Tile gr eat advantage
of this clock *Mutt the machinery of the calendar ,ts
entirely diecontreeted with,t3c; works of the clock; that-it
is simple in its conearuettok 'requiring-n(10 of the. clean
ing neceisary to the workaottm .erilintuy. clock, and it
can be transpoiteibwithout: the least liability to damage.
This Calendar* is self-tetting;:tha 24-hour wheel of the
.clock moves the Calendar , at midnight for :the ; following
day, and the niodnumini Or the Calendar hi such that it
sets itself for tinklong and short months, thus, without
any attention lexcept,to keep the•clock. wound) lt will fCt
only point out the of daY but also - the 'dity ef the
:week, day of the month arattnapin.of the year,_giving3),
days to Jan., March, may; Oct. - and Ree,..; 30
days to April, ..Tane:,Sept.sbtd Nov., and;to Vetituary it
will give 28 days fdr three successive years and on the
f o urth year 29- daYs,- thusiihaking . 'fill^ flit' changes,
'eluding sestilo or Leap, nia,23.42w
•,. • .
- ErADIS! HAMS!! - -:---Mi6l3.lmer's: Excelsior,
Just'eurey Receited dno
(SiNcey,pray• W. Docks 4r-, Aco 6
Steam Weekly
ber.) _ The well - known' Steamers or_the', Licerikal t
New York and Philadelphia . . StaamaktP,CoOlPanY, are in
tended to eanzeelollorya!„:
EDINBURG, Saturday, March 26; .CITY OF -WASin.
Saturday, April 9, and every amending Sattlrday;,, at - ,
krooty from &In' 44 , North River . , ' ' i •. • • • ,i •
, _
.. • , ~,, ..-
FIRST CABIN SSO 0 0ST ,STrifidiCe. "
e $3O 00
do to London. .... 65 00 do to London.-- 34 09
d o to Paris . '-93' . 06'
do to •Paris ' 40 00
do to Hamburg, „., -90 00 do to , Hearibum. ,
_,„ 3 7 00
Mangers. also , :forward ' to liatiit'llremer4` &tier
&pa, Antwerp, &a:, at equally low rates. '
Fares trove Ilverpobil .or QuelasiLlst, Cabin, $75,
so, $lO5. Steerage, so. T h ose WOO wish to send, for
• their friends can buy tickets here at then rates.. ' -''
For further information apply at the Conariany'S Offices
' JOAN G. DALE, Agent, 15.13rbadwaY, N. g'-or C. 0
ZIMISBRHAN, Harrisburg.- ...., - 023.07
ANOTECERAmortnuiii4)Z.Pooket eapll)eek-
Diaries for 18yi justroogivg - aod for sale tioapitt
feb2 80W.Mtl:I.VOKSTORE04.0buria—,
the6afailiEsikrictica,.Aurd,- of superior groaltb;
can befuintatied at falr'piic4., itgiOnyitone Nursery.
MVSI6 -2, - • • -
- -J!
r-rrr n_ ERS.
MONDAi; : 4 1.4._actt 29th, i 5 ,54
4 '. . .
. .
1: 4
- - Male .l
. :.1.114614-.srd al l i l e, .. It aril * M ilr'7 '" •
Atarillirt,liMsi E ~, . tith
I 'llankOr,"ilkii - - - t aN•3•* ''
5 a"P' 2s is e
.. „4. -,-,
.33indint, Miss Mary Ann Miller, itaniel,,
Mrg Anna Miller, Jant.----....
Bsrnes, Miss Mary E Miller, Miss Sarah J
Pt•^ l- itiv, Mrs Angeline ' • Msimen, Miss JAW E-, =-
Beatty, Mrs Rebecca ' - Herres, Rebecca
, Bear. Miss AIMS C Mayer. Miss Catherine
Bender. Mies Caroline Milier; Mrs Ellen E
Black, * Mrs Henryetta Macall, Mrs Lizzie_
__ _ . .
-Blade Mrs Mary TS - - - Maier, litrOirillisni
Bleyer, Miss Susie F.- t i - - • --Mies, Mrs - Lissem - 7-
Bigler, Miss Gairritioi.i ti -** Citailtiri rilisir*Giaioline 4 ' i
Bisand, Mrs Elizabeth Mo rle y, Mrs MahelaJ,
Biete,..Miss Anzilea - " - '22 7 ` - '
Boil, Miss Agnes _ 11 -* _ociarn,.. Henrietta
Bonier, Miss Hattie . 4 ..i. :, Mord, NW Latina
Bomgardner, Mrs B a il G . Morton Mrs Annie E
8=...11d" S --...- c,r-f:Mrs Anil . ~, p -
Bach ;I 4
Binl. 'itot _,. A MIA Sarah •.:‘
Burrell, Mrs Mary E Nest y, Miss Mary
• 43yerds, Miss Any .11 Patterson, Miss- Loiza
Burgan, bliss Maria Pearman, Margaret
Burns, Mrs Caharotte Phillips, Miss Attica
Carter —Annie M Pancake , Mrs Elizabeth
• Cole, Miss swam"; z - i.. *if rja i lava.
Comfort, illeinliritrA, 44 e ,• rY
Comfort, Miss Mary Polten, Mrs Amanda
Carplin, Mrs Sallie It Reiss, Mrs Barbary
Coyer, Miss Jane Riley, Alren
Caterin, Miss Elizabeth Russe4 Mrs Annie „E ~
City', llis ~f kiii72t 'l' (lk fi
Daridgegv- 3 -, Malialat li t , t ot .. i... 1
Ined, Mitts Ellett:win * .- Ree , Ira Samuel .
Dirr, Miss Amanda Ream, Miss Sophia E
Eshenower, Mrs Elisabeth Rigby, Mary J ,
I Eahenovrer, mimsElitaliatit, Ral3Pilig*• Maalfakett 1:. I :
1 &Mick Milli Hannah , . Slutendy,Alige Sarah..: 1-
Fitten, Miss Amanda Shoiith, "Nisi Matilda 2
Feltabarger, Miss Elisabeth Shaffer, Miss Eliza A
Finpoch, lirs Fil•tebeth Seibert, Miss Mary.A
Fortna, .-.•••,l..oUiria - a, :, ' . ' Shefact,-...-.4...111chel
I Forster,- Mrs Jtahua E 2 Sears, Mrs E L
Fortes, Miss Vergina Sheasley, Mrs Elizabeth
F abek, Miss Elizabeth Shultz, Mrs Mary _M
Fileman, —Hannah : ' Sicily, Mrs Ciatharin '
Garman, Miss Rose Snyuer, Miss Susan
Geety, Mrs Mary . ESmith, Mrs,Gatharine
Gilbert, Mari lierinia i' ',...,..i '.„ •
• Swartz, itra Mary A
Garrettson, Mrs Julia Stouffer Miss Annio
Gually, Miss Mary . Hwiutz, ' Mrs Elleabeth : ' a - i'
Gutelius, Miss Sallie 2 Taylor, Miss Adeline
Ginkinger, Kate 'Panty, Miss Mary
Grove, Miss Mare A Taylurats John
Grubb, Miss Lydia . - e... - i - . Turner'rlirs Ann
Gray, Miss Ellen J 2 Turner, Miss Lucy
Grove, Niim Cato Taylor, bliss Eliza J .
Hameton, Miss Catharin 2 Topley, Bliss Sarah E
Hand, Mrs Adam Tray, bliss Lillie
Halk Mrs Sarah . •-• Yanasdall, Miss Cara;.
Howe'difiss , Francis '. .. Watstull MeDatathene --.
Hummel, Miss Mary A...• , Wehey'airs Marla ' • ; ..
Hummel, MrSA E .: '. , WUtir,alfim - Mary A ' ..”
lralng, Missakinde :. ' '`: 2 WilltaMS.,- MrkJethinut '
Kirk, Missblary K • - ': • Wild,. Mrs Mary S'' " 'a .
Kible r NM Sarah, - , WORM,' Mrs Marital: , • '
Koine, Elizabeth • -"= .' wo lf , Mrs Hannah" - •-' - '
Lineks. Miss Mary . • ~ trydeniauf;:hliss Seralt'''' 1
Long, ars Flom' • •.:- ". • WY lult i'l ag 'm a t'q4 4 . - ;:a .
• coE lit i; v. atia - ift* , '" tiAor_. *, '„, •
Aker, W I. Leroy, S
Adams, Theodore Lengel, B
Atwater, Aenry . Lneas,7John H
Allen, Hezekiab, ' Lenard, James
Allen, J J Ismailia, Carrell
Battle iti Augustus S
~ liter, Samu el
Ball .
„.- . ...
&milkit 'xiiiitir :!- • : .arcraspin thew, -sr, ~,
Bing; Leonard . .
_, •WaraftiY, .14 1 1.1 X - -
Bartell, Lanai MdGrjanaglui, Jas : , ~B elford, 1. br , .. - =1,./regee,,•Beit) . a . , .u•,3 ,
Bendet, Raphael ' licßeywilds,,Gorp•l" •'1 , 4 ,
Bigler, Wm McGee, lil iii
Slyer, Henry H Mcllenemy, Chas
toyer, Saml W McSen, John
Boyle, Michael . ; ' _:. ldeßaynolds, Hugh F
Boop, Jacob 3 ' McQuinston, A J
Boyd, Win McNeal, David it
B adley, Win Macidenemy, Chia
_.Oreckinridge,,E . I:t • ' Martin i It J
Brass, Luke L .- ,• ' - - • Madden, Robert
Brooks, S B
Mead, Ebenezer '
, . .. . , ....
Brown/Min P' ' - "• :. ~ Metcalf, 'Wm ,
BroWn,ltieob ';--:-, •: 4 •''."? , . 'Met* litiodcire ' '-','' `...'"
. Buchanan, James '."- - .l*3fnlleal, Abraham=' "
Burbank, 'H A Miller, Harry N
Barkley, Peter Mingle, D L -
'Canty, F W
....,-.,_ ~ I • ......,,minera ir,_Eau%C . •
Campbell, Meer Cor '--- 1.- 'stiner, - Marria P '
Cain, Jacob ' Moore, Albert I.
Carman, Cap G P Morris, Wellington •
Charles, Simon '., , -, ,Morris, Jain ':. ',. '',
char_ I %aktilit. ...ia'.. - al ,!•,.101011eNtMblhash. c. ; . a..
talmatier, pity. ,:
In:- -. ..: •-•:',.... , Msliberry:Win• • a.- ,
.o.lark, ,Jqsepli-A, ,-, ; , 4 :,., N.:Musgrave, •Aaron T • •,,,•„.
Clink W-F ,„: - , ~. .-, Musser,lGorp•Wm H •,••••
Coray,, K A . . 2' Musser, John H'' - 44,
Cobaugh,..liavid W . - Nevin, Mat Jobn I --• '
Conner, James • Neiman; Et U • .
Oonen, Robert ',.: ' -•,, - Ortb,.Chtutel :•
Coere„ rtherlm..: .. . :.Or en , Jesse .; ,
Cramer, RD .. Oren, John ..:
, Currie, Julia • •••• , , • ; Pang , It ; ,-..•
Danney,..kmes ;.; -- ....• Page?Darilef , ' - -- 2
DaVia . 14.1.2, -.. .1 ‘....1: '-'. ,cPirtgae,.PlLt .., -.•
Daieupprt, hint ;. ": .....• -.•: Patterson , Andrew
Dee, Lewisi Peregoy Bdojz 1 .-
Derr, Wm 11 Peters , - Abraham
Detwniler, Stu*. - • - .Petersefilope K
; ::: ',' - ` , -L'.l
, ; ''Tfornaile, 'rhea - ' ' ''' "PCtriketi B , on
- Dougherty, Rata Peck, Conrad
bir, Cyrus • ' .. ' 'Ttonnti, Staten
Doherty, Jbhit • ' ''
Durling;•J A '.' ' ' " - RentObliti:- '
Duncan, J L Reed, John
• Ettinger, John Ricker, Jobe
Faucet, Daniel Rippman, CharlesFackler, Ben) F . „Rime,. Wrn;„*
Focht, George Richards, Wm S
Fox, John A . 2 Robinson, 11 ..
FreeseFloseptt- 1 • •-- 'a Rudy,:john . . .
Gerhart, John 't -•- : * ;,,, MANI Mut i
Gallaher, John :' ' ` ‘ I ltA „:' ries ” - ~ ,
hiltenty. Enumbe- - '-' olli erger,'.lll --T , , , * l-4n
Gimkirie, James B ' , r ' , o.frer; 3nngdk,
Gilford;Ttlitifley. -
„'•• ,-.- '• 'BiegYLTilter - _
~'_ "'
Gaughter, Simon : • , : . " 1 " ;',S*Rty, ELM?". ••-''. ' ,'.•°
Golitery Marton .• '- -• 'Sfrope,t ltas,,f`' '-,'„.-
Gtater; - Divid , '-f -- Shirk; Casper ' " ''
Griffith, Joseph Shoff; Frederick
Greenawalt, Aaron Seibert, Wm
Graeff, Henry Shurlock, Surgeon W C
Gutshall, William, , ..; . Slieaffer, John - gEt !.:
Graham, John ' ' -- Shaffner, &MI P. -
Hanultoz, Hugh Simpson, frank -
Baas, Johnatharr. • * - --i Sturdy, *George -
HAIVIVS, J P_• . --,-",--,, -.-,- Snyder, ED
Haul, Amos A: a :,; ' . , x . Snyder, Cl* W' -
Hazzard, Charles:H.. :• ~: : , :Smith, Aiens
• Hawk, John -,?.. i•"•:!ilcii'' - :Smith J ohn '
Maranon; Mr ' - a-i
• vrll il- Snavely, - Win ''
Hardt*, Geo Hl' g''-' 11,1 ;!-;''' , Srlifth di - Lentz
Harrisi•Theman , ; .... -I 'vr- , v - -.`Sitiltiti,'ll.
Heckert, - Peter.. 1.. • ',"-"' Spangles' A.
' Ilepford, David Spalsbaugh, Elijah
Hers, Christian E Sponsler, David
Hess, Christian • , :•,'Spangted, , ,John.
Herr, John Sailers, Charles
Heime, J _ . ..
- Spanger,D D
Hoffman, Josirph - " -• Spal4g,'Tliect'S ".• -
Hobble, Hiram - . ' --: '' - Spotts, Frank li n -
Howe. , -.1 - eihre- ....'" ' -,.' -
' Sohn, Calvin ~ '-, "
Howe; .Lieht ;Tan ' 1 . ' ',Sgt .. ..A - o'6la .., .'',.,
Hoke, Peter"' '.. '' ' ' ' Saeger, Aides* ..- *
Hecker, David _ . Stow_artrigent ' I I. ,
Howard; ~r, z.:. .:.'„ i. 0 ., 1,. ..- : w ok" Louis 4 ,........ , _ • ~- .
_Hough,. W.T' '
flortimht 1 '- ' , '''.- - giyartz,O*6l , 4
HughsPJaiiii r eS:" I ''. ---'''-' - ' &ober, Sant ''' - .
Hunt, .I 0 " '-- - '•' "- ---' 2 "StrouSe; - Jere * * '- -
Hydler, Thomas Stunts John II
Hughs, 0 C Thompson, John C 2
Irwin, Nathan L Taylor, Tom J
twin, Geo H Tracy, 4 - ehn
qacollt, Lewis Tally, Edward (ship)
Jaekson Tomslan Truesdalc Sergi. II ,_
-Johnson, Harry . .... . Unger, John -
J oice, John - '' - * Neocurrrio, C E , *:•;„,
Johns3sb, 'Lords -s , - '-'• ,FEertst, John,. -.., ,
['Keller, p:w• : , - f ••=1 -^ Wagner John 4 :,:;,...
Kenny, Peter •--!-• - ,-- -, Watmer, Charles ...,..,'
Kelly, Reynold L,- - - - ' '•Walston, Iluid:r.: - . ••••
Kelly, It L 4 Watermy, - Welit " ' '..
Kerr, Benton Walter, John A
:Herr, It H
Whaley Thos J
'Kaiser, Frederick (ship) .---- ' - Weiss, Jato H-,.„ , ,
_;.,, ;
:Kn D II
";Kinzer, Lieut - - Mike, Hon/edge
,-Kieepler, Adam Wertz, John .
1 . Kennedy, S• 11 '.". a. , . ', -' =Wiseman; Androw,;,
'annoy, I. A - -- Withenr, .15• N i .;,
Kimble, John Wr - . • ,•„ •• , Winand,Nny . „ . • -
Boon, Byron. ,•:• .. ''."- • , wiibtio;ras - :
Kurtz, David '....• -tit il• Williant.*:Matk l K - ''"
~E,pimer, John -- . ', ''•,, Wilsicittrßeultere. ''' ",':'
Kramer, Rohr: - ' - g , i. -- -II- • Merri ll Win ' ''
-Kunkel, Geo C . .• -,-• ', a W0M1,., Wt' P.
laninon t :Onol3 %'',' :' ,-' , ' Wat/Inlais , .', - Jd
;*Ladd, Mark; •.- : •••:. , •c• • .:Wrighki.lameiLK,'
I *lonictuin, _C. •.• •: ' - - • •-• - - Wtight;ch#leir, - , - „, - ,_
I 1ac0,. - Thdmag:' ,ll ••' - ' '- ' Vert ge r ; *64 l:ilti 4. ' --'
F•La nths,oPeter • •,• • ,• ,- r•s• EMMA. adage ,' r ,' "','
Lea l t i ledinitpd' , - -,,, t , '-t' . l 'Tattni;, - qttaileiflt...,"'
MI - Perseus enquiring:l;Yr latent* Plaae ru 'illyliii
are advertised. Ono cent due on each letter. •
- - s:;- I . .GEO:URIPtia4 i. , .) -- ir'- ',.
WEET CIDER —A small but very flue lot
of Emeet qtiat,3astrxesettred at - - •
, e =am &PRAlnt,e
(Succeizeis*.w, motti4o.3l,r,kpe)',
w,r. .
(14 ..ij k 0 142. 4 *,14:90 - 1711 - iirTot Th ad,: =4
;:• gikottre Of W7l: MoirADDS2I.:'
tv.l7 '
r 7.1
1 ,- :!;; , ..i.!-: -,- iri _:,-,.-_:i,-.21:::.; • :..(1-- 7,..1
4144:M!iri , tIrA , iriA/
W, r 4INTS.
NITANTEDr-A-,GEEW to do. gener a l 11 .0
Y . watt it £ sprOuidlyi. Apply to us.
Ir .-, •-- - - '-- -
-, Adams Expre z z: i 6fr.,
mir•23 i2t
ANTED--A WOiTI23I who is a good co o k .
W•and am dO general housework, and wh o can
(hide good reference& 4ly at ilr2, BEtENNf Pl :'-l'
-1 , t ; "
State street, a few doors below Fou r th .
tnar 2 9-It.K .
WAlinD to hire, for term of one
two acres of good ground well adapted to
growing, for the purpose of cultacating the Rhubarb
Plant. No objections to forming a co - parummh, p tvlv,
POMO reliable- party owhirtg land in or near ilarn,o-ftt%:
itc preferred, hground can be cleared in November, 1:4-21
Address JAMES LAIIENT, .Illiford,&Pike County, Pr
A GENTS wanted to sell the Standar — d j
li toffy - of theWnr. A: - rare chance to make tant ec.
Agents are clearing from $lOO to $2OO per month. 206. c.-,
pplgspes already sold. Send for circulars. Address
Publishers, Baltimore,
moving Moving _
AS the time to prepare for Mich._
it would be well if sit having to movt,
811.41/C4UVIIICIT surplus Furniture and send it to Bari',
Auction and Furniture Rooms, where the highe4
cash will be paid' for all iitut , F: of second-hand furD.:l;-•
or exchange for new. .
NEW . FERN'ITERE ,of the Guest. quality aiii l y s
. ,
hand. NEW
. Auct,Air
SALE:—That Stakiallieri residing FN noi. aNar.
Itarrisbarg,„on ... tV qtt.tqueNutpe.,riter. otter.
ftle'the following desualde..pruperty, all of ,
venient to, both the Canal, and Railroad, and ,a 1?.
best markets in the State, the city of Harris! , .l% ;
No. 1. A,TATER'II T3',ND, with fear -arres of 1 , r , ,
more or tees on 'Which - Is. 'erected iisubstantiali,, , ,,;-„: :
Plastered ROUSR, pantalping eleven rooms ; a lar - e Sia, •
Stablei capable of Wading 20 horses; Carriazc, 11:;:i-
SM6ke house, And One of the best Springs in the alar
Spring Roust., aud.cither necessary out hund im ,-,
No. 2.f klumoic containing 14 acres, more orb, o,
VfideltiS erecteda Grist Milt, Store:lionse, four riwtilia
H.OnSes - , The Grist Mitt is in reed t, s '
Bldg order, with plenty_ cf custom work, good s ate
power, and a fine harbor tintbar„ The Caaal sad Rad
kelt Paw through this property;
No. 3. A TRACT OE lel,lUl.containing 150
or lest, part tillable, the' baltrifere timber. on
erected two Dwelling HOUSES with Stables. ttio frau
a Saw Mill, a heat atottalCor2l34 within 4 14 i )ara
.of Canal and Railroad. This is a splendid fe , r
form. furnace, or factory. • -
No. 4. A. TRACT containing 10 acres, with It , , t - sr ark!
Stable, (the Railroad and Canal pass guatughA , •11 oarim
a good-Stone Quarry, a large`quantity of brick clAy,
'Best for an anthracite furnace, or steam Saw Mill.
No. 5. A TRACT' oiortaining 45 , 4 acres of Woodlltl.
large quantity Of which is chestnut rail timber, oak,
ory, km, on which there about four acres cleared, aa , i
110U311 and Stable thereon. The tract is mile fr. , ti
Canal and Railroad.
Thetaboce propertt gill be sold on terms to Out pu
chasers. It can be pOlll by - ratting' on the subscriber- 2 :
the property, or any inforniaton can be given b:,
dreesing. - JOHN C. M'ALLISTER,
Susquehanna, P. 0.,
Dauphin county, Pool
mare -11
Will be sold; on TmentAT, the 9th day t,l 3r, rc h,
on the prendses on which the sancriber newt
Snsquehanna township, Dauphin county",
Harrisburg, on the road, leatiME from Harrio , un , to ME'
phinj. -
35,000 Feet
- of Dry Llimher,
comprising Hemlock; JeteVand 'Scantling, Pue.
planed Flooring,.lloards,,Cedling Boards, Flack, uar
den Pa 200 mortisert - Locrst and Chestnut.
a lot of Beard-Fence Posr4:s;dozen bushel mud hale*,
basketsi 100 bushels of sued. potutot, of racial.; Unit,
and a variety of - garden. seeds and other articles over
looked at previthli sale.
Sale to t:ommeitcOait„Vo'likk, r. she:: t , rtni
will be made talcum b} " 11 W. 11011 - 111. N.
N. B.—A credit' of six. months will be gym on
amounts above $lO. taar234llw
be sold, at Public Sale, at the. resi
deuce of Mr. Samuel Bohr, on Second Area, be
low. Washington dynamo, _his entire stock of Household
. and Kitchen Fertianttre;"emi sailing of Sofa, Lounge, Set
tee, Marble Top Tabhki - Bode. and Bedsteads, BILIC2U.;
Cherry Dining and Breakfast Tables, Chairs, Stores and
Pipe, Carpeting,: &c mat many other artides too
numerous uf mention An the above ankles are nearly
new..-Sale to commence on Saturday next, at 2 o'clock_
raj . : r: V.4 9. I I ThgIER AD.P/S,..Aucuumers.
'Whereas, the Darlakership here
tottific,existi*batgreep.- imd..tosepirn
Shislen . tilider thtliuktne - and; orl4.Thaelt„ &
libilkoeen - diiiiolired by the treath of W. Dock, Jr.; art
'the store, as heretofore carried on by ,the said lirei,la;
beett purchased by the 'Undersigned', notice is hereby
'Wen, that all the business, as heretofore carried on by
'the late firm of W. Dock, Jr., & Co., will be continued at
the same place by the undersigned, under the name
"style of Shisler at Frazer,.whosettle and pay all the
• debts awd liabdities of thelate • 'tisk of W. Dock. Jr., S:
Co, sztli.imehre,air. , "^aurinidate. the said firm. Than: ,
-fat for past favors the new firm will be grateful rer tb,
continuance of the public
t't mar19 . 412w CALIDSTW,S. FRAZER.
" 0117' - 0 S 1 .
GottspjLidkVlraieivvell Concerti
' . y • - .
MAX STBAXOSGH ypectfnllg inform,
Um citizens of Einftionnig apt vicinity th2t thr
Mr•,7 31 ,
will give in Chis city
. .
ihII da,..Wednesijay, Mardi 2S
When pert - oda - Se - vend& his latest composaiew,
*hiclf have:caused so great a sensation in :New York, 80--
ton, Pheadelplda, and all the Westent "cities. Mr. 001 T
- SCIL4I.K *ill have on the occasion the valuable
- awe of
Singnished Prima Bonita - . t.s
1 1 , 6 4 .
'nem Tenor.
L'ATTI„ the - young: and high')
talented Violinift (tirothet:of Ad@intt and Carlotta Patti.)
MR. BEHRENS . ; NnsiCal-Director and Conductor .
AdOssion (includincreserced teats) akfpllowsi. inside
of tbee-Bak:sl-i td the , floor, The cents.,. The We of seats
commencingron Fridttr mcinaltmg, - 'atir.liChoche'sKuss:
Store. Doors open at Concert .commence at , 6
ceclock. ° • marl"-' -,dtd
rORTANT TO ALL.—ltwill restore the
s i il to health; the intempte to* Temperance. Tb ,
'Rhubarb. Wine will do it all. Don't think the reading of
the advertisement will de;, - Vl4 dor' :clafm that. But 11
yen will go to C. S.. KELLER'S Drug Store and get somi
of the Wine and examine it ftrx ...yourself, it wM set yeti
right; I will warrant you pri - ' - ithuht; Orders for wine ani
wine planteniken and filled- tfrtAinir authorized agent. C.
- KELLER, 44-,Shillitltet Stnilfarrisburg, Pa. For
full particulars apply to or address the above.
' • T
C s rik ci
Market Street} Haillstrarg.
or FAstuowEE - •
. • -
•wa Open on the Ist o April. fina-21-dly
, and Dap& Idirtitt's L'Onda'n' Baiting. pat
osered and for salt bp r . SHISLERA FRAZER,
fel ; lga&eagola to W:m.,l*k, Jr , & Co.l
. matrufactnrotjustreeived and 114 sale hg
fel (kecoleftora to Wm, :nook, & co. ,
riATSDPS AND BAUM, of the most Sri
-110 wrier and choicilirands;just received and for ata
pecan* tR Wnd. neck, jr.,& Co.)
. O BOXES ORANGES, selected from late
Importations, and the most, superior ever brought
tit.thiS market at this season, jestracejced and for rala
2'ol .
(ats; Wm. Dock, jr. k Co.)
a. We hare „Ina. receiyed a .Dine: selection of. APPLES, In
prime order. For sale by.. the : barrel, bushel or Eingl
quantity at SEMLER & FRAZEE,
febB ,(Succmcors to Win Dock. )
rbit4lidE§!o- 1 40113 - ES! !,.-20' . boxes in
OUP oidPt Juancared.wholandeimd
- .-75 a .-75a ret ,Eft Sr Flar
.reb2 E; tc •re°
'ILFESSM A 'O4ASOFS---41. amall but Su-
PetOr;PriOka of .11kstinetAbangerijust received at
uterl3 :BOY= /111.01111415.
u 's • 9f.
, •••• - c-L ,)
Q -)::.:`
"Mllftird, Pike collate, r.t..
Wtroleside Dealer in Wine Plaiits